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Charles James & Martha Elizabeth OULSNAM, Woodville, New Zealand

Martha Oulsnam died at the age of 38 as a result of an accident while driving the horse-driven milk cart

She was the wife of Charles James Oulsnam
They are buried together in the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville

- 2nd February 1899

(columns 4, 5 & 6 make wonderful reading, an insight of the Woodville folk of the day)
- on column 6 of above ... etc etc and:
Powdered butter, hand made, Mrs C. J. Oulsnam, highly commended
Powdered butter, separator or hand made, Mrs C. J. Oulsnam

- 1st March 1900

(very long article - read at the above link)
.. Mr Harris ran the inside luncheon booth with great success, Mrs Oulsnam being in charge of the outside booth

From the STAR
- 25th July 1900

The courage and fortitude with which women bear heavy affliction in silence is wonderful and admirable. Read, for example, the ordeal undergone by a brave woman in Woodville, the wife of a sturdy and respected settler. The following particulars were obtained as a result of a reporter's visit to Mrs C. J. Oulsnam, at her residence, Pinfold Road, Woodville.
Mrs Oulsnam modstly stated:- "I came from Staffordshire thirteen years ago ... read rest at link

- 12th December 1900

Mrs Oulsnam, wife of an old settler, was killed in the street this morning. While driving a young horse in a milk-cart the horse bolted and the trap struck the kerb and capsized on top of Mrs Oulsnam, who was so badly injured that she only lived twenty minutes.
Deceased leaves a number of children

- 22nd February 1912

On the motion of Mr J. W. Macdonald, the Supreme Court has granted to the Public Trustee probate of the wills of the undermentioned persons.
Administraion was obtained by the Public Trustee from the court in respect of the estates of the following:-
... etc etc Martha Elizabeth Oulsnam, late of Woodville, married woman

O'NEILs in Old Gorge Cemetery WOODVILLE New Zealand

The O'Neils that are buried in the
OLD GORGE CEMETERY Woodville are: (in birth order)

1858 - 1921
- John O'Neil aged 63

1864 - 1945
- Ellie O'Neil aged 81

1889 - 1958
- Catherine O'Neil aged 69

1890 - 1960
- James Alexander O'Neil aged 70

1891 - 1975
- Kathleen Agatha O'Neil aged 84

1897 - 1917
- Ellen Vera O'Neil aged 19

1898 - 1922
- Charles O'Neil aged 24

1920 - 1926
- Martin James O'Neil aged 6

1923 - 1929
- Geoffrey Richard O'Neil aged 6

1926 - 1936
- Margaret Ellen O'Neil aged 10

1956 - 1956
- David John O'Neil aged 7 weeks

1960 - 1960
- unnamed baby O'Neil - born still

James KAY & Anne Hogan - Dunedin, New Zealand

JAMES KAY (1845-1918)
- was born in Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland
- he emigrated around 1878 - details not known
- he was a Head Porter/Train Guard with the railways and, as a railway guard, was involved in the Minnie Dean story - (the only woman to receive the death penalty in New Zealand)
James was the guard on the train one time when Minnie was thought to have been "collecting" children. James appeared at her trial.
(thank you to 'Patog' for providing that information about her ancestor)
- he married ANNIE HOGAN
- on 8th January 1876 in New Zealand
- Anne was born about 1848/49 in Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, Ireland.
- she emigrated around 1878 - details not known

- James died in Dunedin, 7th September 1918 aged 73
- he had been living in Driver St Dunedin
- Anne died aged 89, 20 years later, on 23rd Aug 1938
- she had been living at the Wharf Hotel Dunedin

James and Anne along with 2 sons and a grandson are buried in the Northern Cemetery Dunedin

please note some of the dates and/or ages differ from that written on the headstone.

Their headstone reads:
In Loving Memory of
Died at Dunedin, 7th Sep. 1898
Aged 15 Years
Accidentally drowned St Kilda Beach
St. Kilda 25th Feb 1917
Aged 29 Years
Father of above
Died 7th Sep. 1918
Aged 73 Years
Also ANN
Beloved wife of JAMES KAY
Died 23 Aug. 1938
Aged 90 Years
and this Grandson
Died 3rd March 1924
Aged 10 Years
Deeply Mourned

- Children of James & Annie were:
- he was born 6th August 1878
- he died ?
- nothing else known at this time

- he was born 20th April 1880 in Dunedin
- he died aged 18 on 16th October 1898

- he was born 10th January 1882 in Dunedin
- he was a labourer
- he died aged 57 on 2nd September 1940
- he had been living in Cumberland St Dunedin

thanks to Patog for this extra info (12-12-2009)
Here's some info on Robert Joseph Kay who is my grandfather
- he was born 10 January 1882 Dunedin.
- he died 2nd Sept 1940 Dunedin.
- he married Margaret Mary Ann Rodgers 16 June 1914 Dunedin
- Margaret was born 23 April 1883 in Oamaru
- she died 7 May 1962 in Wanganui
- Children of Robert & Margaret were:
.. 1 Annie Alexes Kay
- she was born 12 April 1915 Dunedin (or possibly Oamaru)
- she died 16 June 1983 in Wanganui
- she married Brendon O'Brien 24th Jan 1953 in Wanganui

.. 2 Loretto Mary Kay - twin with Andrew, below
- she was born 2nd November 1919 in Oamaru
- she died 25th May 2001 in Wanganui
- she married Thomas Burt 22nd Nov 1944 in Wellington
- Thomas was born 5 May 1913 in Millerton, (Westport)
- he died 29th January 1986 in Wanganui
- Children of Loretto & Thomas were:
Robert John Burt born 9 November 1945 Auckland
Denise Isabella Burt born 29 November 1946 Auckland
Andrew Michael Burt born 11 June 1950 Taupo
Teresa Margaret Burt born 25 January 1955 Upper Hutt

.. 3 Andrew Robert Burt- twin with Loretto, above
- he was born 2nd November 1919 in Oamaru
- he died 31 December 2000 inMosgiel
- he married Janet Brown Grant 27 September 1941 Dunedin
- Janet was born 28th March 1916 Kirkcaldy Fifeshire Scotland - she died 31st Dec 1994 in Dunedin
- she is buried in PLOT 4 - BLOCK 110
of the Northern Cemetery Dunedin with:
- Alexander Burt 1840-1920
- Emily Burt 1872-1944
- John Robert Burt 1875-1933
(not known at this time what relationship they were to Janet)

- (his marriage details say Augustus)
- he was born 10th March 1884 in Dunedin
- he was the manager of the Fairfax Dairy Factory
- he played football for Otautau, at least in 1909
- he died of Hepatitis/Hydatids aged 37 on 19th Oct 1921
- he is buried in Otautau Cemetery, either in Otautau Hodgkinson or Otautau Old
- he married Elizabeth "Lil" Annie Scott in 1914 in Feldwick, Southland
- she was born 17th May 1889 in Makotuku - 77km north east of Palmerston North, Manawatu
- she was the daughter of George Andrew Scott of Lincolnshire and Isabella Collie of Waikaia Souhland
- she died aged 84 on 25th May 1973, 52 years after Lot(t) and is buried in Mangere Auckland
- Children of Lott & Lil were:
.. 1 James Augustine born 1915
- it is this James who is buried above with his grandparents and uncles
- he died aged 9 on 3rd March 1925 cause unknown at this time, 4 years after his father
- in December 1922 he was attending the Otautau School. He would have been aged about 6 and attended the school's
Fancy Dress Pageant as a sailor
.. 2 Isabella Anne known as Isabelle was born 27th Jan 1918 in Fairfax Southland
- she married Allan Frederick Mason (1920-1980) in Dunedin
- Isabelle died from cancer in 1978 aged 59
- her ashes are buried in Hamilton, Waikato
.. 3 Ainsley Kay born 1921
- Ainsley married Steve Donaghue

- Lott's wife Elizabeth had a business in the town of Otautau before moving to Dunedin, which is where young James died. This means she moved sometime between January 1922 (after the school pageant) and February 1925.
- Sometime later ?? she moved to Auckland

- she was born 1st January 1886
- she died 7th September 1900 aged 14
- research continuing on Mary Ellen

- he was born 21st June 1888 in Dunedin
- he was a telegraphist
- he died aged 28 on the 25th Feb 1917 by
drowning at St Kilda's Beach, Dunedin
- he had been living in Driver St Dunedin

- she was born 13th July 1890
- she died aged 83 on the 23rd Oct 1973
- was living at the Sacred Heart Home in Dunedin
- Annie married William James Bevis in 1925
- William was born in 1885 in Tasmania, Australia
- he moved to New Zealand as an infant
- he died 29th January 1961 aged 75
- he had lived in *Sidey Street Dunedin (see notes)
they had a daughter Mary Ellen Bevis
- born 1926 - died 3rd January 1939 aged 12
- she lived in Rattray St Dunedin
Annie, William and Mary Ellen are buried together in Plot 22, Block 82 of Andersons Bay Cemetery Dunedin
- they had a son William James Bevis
- he married Barbara Margaret Donald

miscellaneous notes
1 - A George Mathieson KAY, served in WWI with the New Zealand Troops
- he was with the Otago 4th Reinforcements, Field Engineers
- Serial Number 4/767
- he had listed his next of kin as:
Robert KAY (father) 29 Aitken Street, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

2 - *Sidey St, Dunedin was named after Thomas Kay Sidey

Please leave comments or send a message if you can help with further details of this family

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ROBERTSHAWE - Dannevirke, New Zealand

The Robertshawes buried in Dannevirke cemeteries

1901 - Mary Hannah Robertshawe (b.1815)
died aged 86, buried in Settlers Cemetery 31-12-1901

1917 - Edward Roberthawe (b.1857)
died aged 60, buried Settlers Cemetery 4-10-1917
- next to Ralph

1918 - Ralph Hopton Robertshawe (b.1885)
died aged 33, buried Settlers Cemetery 14-11-1918
- next to Edward

1925 - Margaret Dawn Robertshawe (b.1917)
died aged 8, buried Mangatera Cemetery

1962 - Ella Robetshawe (b.1891)
died aged 71, buried 19-1-1962 Mangatera Cemetery
- with Kenelm

1962 - Kenelm Frederic (b.1888)
died aged 74, buried 2-5-1962 in Mangatera Cemetery
- with Ella

William Henry Nelson - Managing Director WOODVILLE Bacon Company

William Henry Nelson was born in about 1867

In 1914 he was the Managing Director of the
The company was formed in 1909 and established the "Morepork" brand of hams and bacons.

- Mr J.H. Cronin was the works manager with a staff of 30.
- Mr J.M. Calder was the secretary to the company

"Mr W.H. Nelson took a real live interest in the business affairs.
His pretty home, surrounded by patches of native bush was adjacent to the factory and consequently he was invariably within easy call should any knotty problem puzzle the mind of this popular and efficient manager, Mr Cronin"

A very interesting read on how the machinery was operated - by steam and gas, with photos, is at the above link.
An engine room and extensive machinery plant was under the charge of Mr H.D. Cronin, a competent engineer

William died aged 88 on 2nd May 955

His wife was Mary Violet (maiden name unknown at this time)
- Mary was born in 1872 - she died in 1953 aged 81 and is buried beside him in the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville

VOSS family buried Pahiatua-Eketahuna

The Voss family buried in the Eketahuna - Pahiatua - Woodville areas:

Jorgen "Emil" Voss 1848-1911
- a farmer of Horoeka Dannevirke
- is buried in Pongaroa with wife Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Voss (nee Aston) 1858-1934
- of Rakaunui, Eketahuna
- married Emil Voss in 1881
- she is buried in Pongaroa with husband "Emil"
Cissy Jane Voss (nee Kirby) 1881-1943
- is buried in Old Gorge Woodville
Rose Elizabeth Voss 1882-1971
- of Pahiatua
- is buried in Mangatainoka
Margaret Voss 1898-1969
- of Pahiatua
- is buried in Mangatainoka
Edward James Clarence Voss 1908-1993
- sheep farmer of Pahiatua
- is buried in Mangatainoka

Their son, Emil Rudolf Theodore Voss, on 2 April 1943, supplied the death details of his wife Cissy (nee Kirby) Voss, whom he married in 1910
- Emil was born 28 July 1884 and died 1976
NOTE The first son of Emil & Sarah, also named Emil Rudolf Theodore Voss, died aged 1 week from 1 year old (14 months before the birth of the son they named the same) and was buried at Bolton St, cemetery Wellington

Emil Voss married Sarah Ann Aston in 1881 and they had 10 children

Emily Mist Jones & Harris - Woodgreen Hampshire to Woodville New Zealand

Emily was born in Woodgreen in Hampshire, England
she was a daughter of Vincent MIST and Mary Anna BAILLIE

Emily emigrated to Napier in 1877 at the age of 9 on the ship
Renfrewshire with her parents and 1 year old sister Mary.
The ship sailed from London on September 29th 1877, arriving in Hawkes Bay on the 4th January 1878.
It was placed in quarantine on account of scarlet fever having broken out

Emily married David JONES on 29th April 1886 at Waipawa at the home of Thomas Wooster
- David was from Cardiff, Wales
- they settled in Woodville

- they had seven children
Eva Jones 1887
- she married Charles Avis LYNCH
- she died in 1979 in Auckland

Emily Jones 1890 in Patoka
- she married Frederick William EBBETT
- she died in 1972 in Palmerston North

Charles Jones 1892 in Woodville
- he married Margaret Mary HANRAHAN
- he died in 1982 in Palmerston North

Percy Jones 1893 in Woodvile - 1984 in Havelock North
- he married Elizabeth Cameron McBain

Alice Jones 1894 in Woodville
- marriage unknown
- she died in 1981 in Palmerston North

Walter Jones 1896 in Woodville
- he married Lillian Trixie MORGAN
- he died in 1980 in Woodville

Annie Jones 1901 in Woodville
- she married Joseph HUNT

David Jones 1903 in Woodville - 1991 in Palmerston North
- he married Irene BERKAHN
- he died in 1992 in Palmerston North

Husband David died in 1902 aged 44 of pneumonia & quinsy
- Emily was then about 2 months pregnant with their 8th child David

Emily remarried in 1908 to John HARRIS, a farmer in Woodville.
- John died in 1927, 27 years before Emily

Cecil Leopold Jackson - 1882 Woodville, New Zealand

Cecil was a son of:
Alfred Benjamin Jackson and Susan Simson
- they married in 1866 in Nelson,
- Alfred, a saddler of Greytown declared bankruptcy in 1876
- he was on the Waiapu Electoral Roll in 1893, as a sheepfarmer at Rotokautuku (130km north of Gisborne) Poverty Bay
- Alfred's father was Benjamin Jackson, a shoemaker of Trafalgar street Nelson
- he had emigrated to New Zealand on the PHOEBE into Nelson on the 15th November 1842
- he had married Mary Ann Baker

Cecil's mother Susan was born 2 April 1844 to:
Emmanuel Ambrose Simson - about 1800-1871
- he had married Caroline Julian in 1843 in New Plymouth, Taranaki
- Caroline was born 16th Feb 1821 in Helston, Cornwall, England, a daughter of Richard Julian and Elizabeth White
- Caroline remarried on 25th May 1881 in New Plymouth to Henry Bailey 1820-1886, he is buried PLOT 3, LOT 19, Te Henui
- Caroline died in New Plymouth 1898, and is buried at St Mary's

- Susan had a brother, also named Emmanuel Ambrose Simson
- he married Elizabeth Emma Luckin and had 2 daughters and 7 sons

Cecil was 3 months old. He is buried in Od Gorge Cemetery, Woodville

PARMINTER - Woodville, New Zealand

There are 3 PARMINTER buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville

Caroline Izetta Rose Parminter 1885-1885 age 5 weeks
PLOT 18 - BLOCK 19

Caroline Maria Parminter 1863-1885 aged 22
PLOT 18 - BLOCK 19
- she was the mother of Caroline above and the wife of James - it is stated in the last link below that she died in childbirth
- baby Caroline died aged 5 weeks

James Parminter 1850-1886 aged 36
PLOT 75 - BLOCK 15
James died 18 months after Caroline in an accident

- he left 2 boys aged 3 and 4 without any other family in New Zealand

- 3 years later there was a call for a Government Investigation concerning his sons

Oswald Fyffe LAMB - Auckland New Zealand

Oswald's parents were Archelaus Lamb and Mary Ann Fyffe

- Archelaus was one of 12 children to James Lamb and Mary Goddard who arrived in New Zealand about 1861 and established 'James Lamb and Son,' Funeral Home in Auckland

- Archelaus married twice
- his 2nd wife was Grace Marion Whitelaw
- Archelaus died on 14th June 1938 in Auckland, age 77

- Archelaus and Mary had 3 children:
Gwendoline Isabel Mary Lamb
- she married Oswald's wife's brother, Eric Smith Badger

Reginald James Lamb
- he married Irene Herriott

Oswald Fyffe Lamb
- he married Kathleen Aldam Smith Badger