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Emma Jane AMES + Levi BUCK - 1869 Wellington

Who was Emma Jane Ames

She married Levi Buck - he was from a family of early pioneers in Wellington, Henry Gregory BUCK & Elizabeth Frances COOSE who had originally emigrated from Somerset on the BIRMAN

Time line for Levi Buck

* In October 1841 when he was 2 months from his 3rd birthday, Levi left for New Zealand on the BIRMAN with his father, stepmother Elizabeth, 4 of 7 step siblings, his father`s brother, George and family

* In March 1860, aged 22 he played in the first interprovincial cricket match ever played in the colony. In the eleven aside teams he played for Wellington, the Auckland team travelling down - a long and difficult journey in those days... Auckland won with four wickets left in a 32 overs match held near the Mount Cook Barracks...I will post a list of the Wellington players on this site at a later date as a lot of them are on this tree

* In January 1867 aged 29 he was working as a Post Office Clerk, he was also at this time the Treasurer of the Central Fire Brigade in Wellington

* In October 1869 aged 31 he married Emma in St Paul`s Church, Wellington, she was 27.

* 2 months after marriage, in December 1869 he was made the Postmaster at Lawrence, Otago ... see notes under daughter May

* In July 1870 aged 31 his first child, May was born in Lawrence, Otago

* In October 1872 aged 33 his second child, Percy was born in Wellington

* In September 1873 aged 34 he was `removed` to Westport - which is in the South Island, 392 kilometres south west of Wellington .. he was given a gold watch as a testimonial from his well wishes in the district

* In 1875 aged 37 his 3rd child, Alice was born in Wellington

* In 1877 aged 39 his 4th child, Nellie was born in Wellington

* On 1st November 1878 aged 39 Sub-Inspector Goodall and others found an illicit still in the bush at Mongonui Creek near Karere - which is 134km north of Wellington, near Palmerston North. The still was on Mr Walker`s land and was traced to the possession of Fritz Von Schluter and Levi Buck, who were fined 100 pounds each or twelve months imprisonment. According to an article in the Wanganui Herald, what they found was only part of the apparatus and a few days later Mr Walker was burning some fallen bush when he found the rest of the plant and handed it to Constable Gillespie at Palmerston.
In about 1880 aged 42 his 5th child Ernest was born, town unknown

* In the 1880-1881 (aged 42/43) City of Wellington Electrol Roll he was living in Molesworth Street, which is in Thorndon, a kilometre north of Wellington City. He was recorded as a clerk

* In about 1881 when he was aged about 43 he went to the
KING COUNTRY, which is an area of about 7,000 square miles that today contains Taumurunui, Pio Pio, Te Kuiti and many other towns near the Waikato ..

In 1881 the King Country was isolated, uncivilised and without roads - HE WAS NEVER SEEN NOR HEARD OF AGAIN


But what of his wife Emma ? - she lived for another 50 years.
Did she remarry? Who were her parents? siblings? etc

They had 5 children at the time of his disappearance:
May Maud Buck 1870
Percy Ames Buck 1872 - married Jessie Harris
Alice Mary Buck 1875 married George Keeling
Nellie Ames Buck 1877
Ernest Buck 1880

thank you to angelbaby69nz (see 2nd comment below)
Burial of Emma Jane:
Last Name: BUCK
First Name: EMMA JANE
Age: 88
Deceased Date: 00-00-0000
Occupation: Widow
Service Date: 13-11-1930
Service Provided: Burial
Cemetery: Karori
Section: CH ENG2
Plot Number: 15 B
Record Number: 76283

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McINTOSH from Larnak, Scotland to New Zealand 1840

Alexander Sandy McINTOSH was born in Lanark, Scotland in 1799
Alexander died in Christchurch on 29 October 1881
ALEXANDER married Margaret Oliphant MacFARLANE 16 Nov 1827 St Paul's Church, Perth, Perthshire
- Margaret was born about 1803 in Findo Gask, Perthshire
the 1st of 8 known children of Henry MacFARLANE & Christina JACKSON
Margaret died in Christchurch on 19 Feb 1881 - 8 months after Alexander
- they are buried in Addington cemetery

Alexander & Margaret emigrated to New Zealand on the LONDON which sailed from London August 13 1840 - arrived in Wellington December 12 1840
- the children with them were:
* John Mcintosh aged 10
-- and triplets:
* Henry McIntosh aged 8
* Lavinia McIntosh aged 8
* Catherine McIntosh aged 8
* Margaret McIntosh aged 5
* Mary Ann McIntosh aged 3
* John Alexander McIntosh aged 9 months
... ALSO on the London
* Henry MacFarlane aged 21
Mary MacFarlane aged 29
... AND
John McIntosh aged 24
Mary McIntosh aged 20
... AND ...
* Thomas Maxwell Henderson aged 29
Catherine Henderson (nee MacFarlane) aged 32
& their Son aged 15 months who died at sea 20 Sep 1840
* see notes below for the connection between MacFarlane, McIntosh & Henderson

The children of Alexander McINTOSH & Margaret MacFARLANE:
1/ 1829 - 1830 Mary Ann McIntosh
- born in Falkirk, Scotland
MARY died aged 10 months in Scotland


2/ 1830 - 1900 John McIntosh
- born in Falkirk, Scotland
JOHN died in Lower Hutt, New Zealand
- John married Arabella FIRTH
- Arabella was born 1839 in Mirfield, Kirkless
ARABELLA died 1884 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand
- Arabella arrived in New Zealand on the GEORGE FIFE with her parents James FIRTH & and Hannah RHODES
John and Arabella had 15 children in the Lower Hutt/Wellington areas:
... 1
1855 - 1917 George McIntosh
- born in Lower Hutt
- George married Johanna Catherine GRONNEBECK in 1883
- daughter of Joegen Lorenzen GRONNEBECK & Bodil Marie MESSEN
- they had 10 known children
GEORGE is buried in Dannevirke

... 2
1857 - 1937 Christina Jane McIntosh
- Christina married James CATTELL (1856-1934) in 1878
they had 2 known sons:
* 1879 - James Albert Cattell
* 1886 - Charles Percival Cattell

... 3
1858 - 1929 Edward Jemingham Wakefield McIntosh
- born 19 October in Lower Hutt
- Edward married Sarah Edmund 'Ada' MUDGWAY (1866-1894) in 1881
they had 7 known children:
* 1883 - Maud Elizabeth McIntosh
* 1885 - Florence Arabella McIntosh
* 1886 - Lila Gladys McIntosh
* 1887 - Edward Edmund McIntosh
* 1889 - Alice Mary mcIntosh
* 1890 - Minnie Gertrude Rose McIntosh
* 1891 - Thomas John McIntosh

... & twin brother ...
... 4
1858 - 1922 Peter James Lang McIntosh
- Peter married Deborah STANFORD (1864-1944) in 1884
they had 7 known children:
* 1885 - Nellie Mary Deborah McIntosh, born in Wellington
* 1886 - Walter James McIntosh, born in Wellington
* 1888 - Peter John McIntosh, born in Wellington
* 1896 - Doris Ada McIntosh, born in Dannevirke
* 1897 - Alexander William McIntosh, born in Dannevirke
* 1900 - Henry Transvaal McIntosh, born in Dannevirke
* 1902 - Edward Fraser McIntosh, born in Dannevirke
PETER & DEBORAH are buried in Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke

... 5
1869 - 1897 Alexander William McIntosh
- Alexander married Emma Rose MOORE (1863-1918) in Wellington 1881
- Emma was born in Wanganui, a daughter of Henry Moore & his 3rd wife Amelia Elizabeth HART
- they had 9 known children
* 1882 - 1961 Alexander Frederick McIntosh - born Wellington, died Palmerston North
* 1883 - 1954 Ada Amelia Rose McIntosh - born Wellington
* 1885 - 1976 Arabella McIntosh - born Wellington, died Karori
* 1888 - 1920 Lucella Winifred McIntosh - twin born Wellington, died Taumarumui
* 1888 - 1957 Percival Gordon McIntosh - twin, died Wellington
* 1890 - 1976 Walter George McIntosh - born Wellington, died Dannevirke
* 1893 - 1950 Eva Gladys McIntosh - born Dannevirke
* 1895 - 1977 Dorothy May McIntosh - born Dannevirke, died Feilding
* 1897 - 1897 Hope McIntosh - born Dannevirke
ALEXANDER & EMMA are buried in Dannevirke -

... 6
1861 - 1942 Arabella McIntosh
- Arabella married George Henry HARBROE (1854-1926) of Hobart, Tasmania in 1879
- they had 6? known children born in Wellington
* 1880 - 1942 Gertrude Grace 'Dolly' Harbroe
* 1883 - 1883 George Henry Harbroe - died aged 10 months
* 1885 - ? Gewitha Harbroe
* 1887 - ? Margaret Harbroe
* 1892 - 1975 Dorothy/Dorothea Glasgow Harbroe
* 1904 - 1959 Lorna Myrene Harbroe
ARABELLA & GEORGE are buried in Karori

... 7
1862 - 1920 Thomas Maxwell McIntosh
- born in Lower Hutt
- Thomas married Mary ann CLOUTT in 1891
- they had 5 known children
* 1891 - 1959 George Thomas Charles McIntosh
* 1894 - 1956 Eric Edward Maxwell McIntosh
* 1895 - 1912 Harold Vivian McIntosh
* 1898 - 1984 Marjory/Marjorie Rose McIntosh
* 1900 - 1900 Erl Transvaal McIntosh - died aged 8 months
THOMAS died in Greytown, Wairarapa

... 8
1864 - 1914 John McIntosh
- born in Lower Hutt
JOHN possibly married Elizabeth BROWN ??

... 9
1866 - 1937 Emma Catherine McIntosh
- Emma married Charles CUDBY in Lower Hutt in 1882
- son of John CUDBY & Janet NICOL
- they had 3 known children
* 1885 - ? Olive Florence Cudby
* 1890 - 1960 Albert Basil Cudby
* 1892 - 1892 Ernest Gwynne Cudby - died aged 2 months
EMMA died in Lower Hutt

... 10
1869 - ? Margaret McIntosh
- born in Lower Hutt
- Margaret married Daniel McCALLUM (1855-1939) in 1885
- they had 3 known children
* 1886 - Margaret McCallum
* 1888 - Mabel Myrtle McCallum
* 1908 - Gwendoline Mary Mavis McCallum

... 11
1870 - 1947 Henry Albert McIntosh
- Henry married Isabella Murray SORBIE in 1909
HENRY died in Taita

... 12
1871 - 1880 Frederick Joseph Plimmer McIntosh
FREDERICK DROWNED in the Hutt River aged 9
the COLONIST 23 March 1880 ... Frederick McIntosh, aged nine, a son of Mr John McIntosh, proprietor of the Railway Hotel, Lower Hutt, was drowned in the Hutt river on Saturday afternoon. He was standing on the bank watching the flood, when the earth suddenly gave way and precipitated him into the water

... 13
1873 - 1874 Mary Eleanor McIntosh
- born in Lower Hutt
MARY died a few months old in Lower Hutt

... 14
1875 - 1933 Maude Alice McIntosh
- Maude married George William James TASKER (1873-1910)
- son of George William TASKER & Eleanor Martha KNOWLES
GEORGE died aged 37 when their 7 children were aged from 2 to 14
- Maude remarried to Duncan Blair McINNES
MAUDE died in Wanganui

... 15
1877 - ? Alice Mary McIntosh
- nothing known about Alice


3/ 1832 - 1906 Henry McIntosh
- a triplet with Lavinia and Catherine
- he married Edith Atkinson SPURR
- her parents were Reverend Thomas SPURR (1801-1856) & Elizabeth SINGLETON. Dismissed as a clergyman, Spurr advertised as a drawing and painting teacher before going on to become an architectural draughtsman. A position he was consequently also sacked from, this time for alcoholism, insolence and incompetence. He emigrated from Rotherham to Hobart, Australia on the 'Fortitude' in 1840
- Henry died in Christchurch & is buried with his father


4/ 1832 - ? Lavinia McIntosh
- a triplet with Henry and Catherine
- Lavinia married James COOKE in 1853
- she married Henry BENNETT in 1863


5/ 1832 - 1894 Catherine 'Kitty' McIntosh
- a triplet with Henry and Lavinia
- Catherine married Captain Charles August KNIGGE in 1860
from the WELLINGTON INDEPENDENT ... KNIGGE-McINTOSH - On the 23rd December, in the house of Mr John McIntosh, Welington by Rev W. Kirton, Mr Charles A. Knigge, Licensed Victualler, to Catherine, second daughter of Mr Alexander McIntosh, Lyttelton, both of Wellington
their known children (possibly others)
* 1862 - Augusta Lavinia Knigge
* 1865 - Christina Martha Knigge
1867 - On the 9th Oct, at Wellington, the wife of Mr C. A. Knigge, of a daughter
- Charles was a Publican in Wellington at some time, owning the New Zealander
DEATH of CATHERINE ... KNIGGE, August 26 1894, at "The Bungalow" Roxburgh street, Wellington, Catherine McKells, the dearly beloved wife of Charles August Knigge, aged 60 years; after a long and painful illness. Her end was peace


6/ 1835 - ? Margaret 'Maggie' McIntosh
- born in Scotland
- she married in New Zealand to William HENDERSON (he drowned at sea)
- she next married Captain Charles 'Karl' Ernest IFWERSEN in 1863
- they had a daughter
* 1866 - Christina Ifwersen
- Christina married James William SHAND in 1889
- they had 3 known children
* 1891 - 1948 Allan Linley James Shand
* 1892 - 1965 Gipsy Avis Shand
* 1904 - 1962 Gwitha Ifweren Shand


7/ 1837 - ? Mary Anne McIntosh
- born in Scotland
- Mary married Samuel Edward GRAHAM (1833-1918) in New Zealand in 1863


8/ 1839 - 1899 John Alexander 'Jock' McIntosh
- born in Glasgow
- John married Sarah Frances FODEN (1859-1937) on 7 May 1879 in Timaru
- John was the lessee of the 'Winchester Hotel' in at least 1893-1894 & the "Arowhenua Hotel' in at least 1895-1897
- they had 9 known children
* 1880 - 1956 Margaret Matilda McIntosh
* 1881 - 1947 Mabel Gertrude McIntosh
* 1883 - 1944 Harold John McIntosh
* 1885 - 1967 Ethel Christina McIntosh
* 1887 - 1964 Daisy Catherine/Katherine McIntosh
* 1889 - 1949 Gordon Alexander McIntosh
* 1891 - 1987 Ellen Millicent McIntosh
* 1893 - 1967 Norman Edward McIntosh
* 1895 - 1979 Dorothy Gwendoline Frances McIntosh
JOHN died in Gisborne Hospital 23 Dec 1899


9/ 1842 - 1902 Thomas McIntosh
- born in New Zealand
- Thomas married Janet McCLUTCHIE (1840-1890) in 1866
- he married Henrietta Elizabeth RUTTER in 1891
THOMAS died in Christchurch 19 July 1902 age 59
- he is buried PLOT 731C - BLOCK 0 at Addington cemetery


10/ 1842 - 1933 Christina McIntosh
- Christina married Andrew Fraser McLEAN (1832-1913) in 1868
- Andrew was born in Nairside, Inverness-Shire, Scotland
they had 9 known children (possibly in Hawkes Bay)
* 1869 - 1950 William McLean
* 1871 - 1952 Margaret McLean
* 1872 - 1952 Katherine Fraser McLean
* 1875 - 1961 Annie Edith McLean
* 1877 - 1879 Christina McLean
* 1879 - 1964 Alexander McLean
* 1881 - 1974 Andrew McLean
* 1883 - ? Lily McLean
* 1888 - 1981 Lavinia McLean
ANDREW died in Gisborne

If you can add to, or correct any of the above please leave a comment below

* Thomas Maxwell Henderson written 1993 by Anthony G. Flute, entitled 'Pioneers in a new Colony'. An extract follows but go to the link for more ...
- In the year 1840, the London and Provincial newspapers carried large advertisements for tradesmen and women to emigrate and settle the new fledgeling colony of the British Empire called New Zealand.
Thomas Maxwell Henderson, a blacksmith by trade, met his future wife and brother-in-laws, Henry and John Macfarlane in Perth. He was married to Catherine Macfarlane in 1834 and had a son, born in July,1839.

* After a family conference, Thomas and Catherine, John and Henry Macfarlane and their sister Ann Taylor and her husband, were to join the Brigatine LONDON at London dockyards on the 10th August, 1840, for the long and arduous voyage of 121 days to the other side of the world. The journey was to take until the 12th December to reach Port Nicholson, Wellington. Sickness on board during the voyage was unavoidable in the cramped conditions and salty basic diet. A bad bout of dysentry spread through the passengers.

* Catherine's 15 month old child became sick and the ships surgeon, Ralph Johnson, was unable to save him. He died on the 20th September and was buried at sea. This was a bitter blow to the family beginning their new adventure. The Henderson and Macfarlane families headed north for Auckland, arriving just two months before the land sales of 1841. Both families were fortunate to have capital which they had brought with them.

* The township was to be split into one acre lots, selling for 595 each.
Early in 1842, Thomas and Henry formed a partnership and bought a block of land from Dudley Sinclair. On this they built the Commercial Hotel at a cost of 2000, a very large sum of money in those days. The hotel was a good investment, catering for the numbers of immigrants coming into the colony to settle and begin a new life.
The partners also began selling merchandise, ships chandlery and provisions. In 1843 they offered bricks for sale at 1/17/- a thousand and firewood at 4/- a ton. Catherine and Thomas had another son in 1841 called George and a second son in 1843 named Henry William. Thomas Henderson became a driving force in the company of Henderson & Macfarlane and decided to buy a schooner he had seen advertised in Auckland harbour named the LUCIDAN. She became a regular trader to the Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand

more on Henderson & Macfarlane
Henderson's Mill by Anthony G. Flute

children of Thomas Maxwell Henderson

Thomas Maxwell Henderson on facebook

Thomas's 200th birthday

Thomas Maxwell Henderson 1860
* arrived with the McIntosh on the London

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Looking for the passenger list for the STAR of INDIA to NZ 1874

Can you help with the passenger list for the STAR of INDIA that arrived in Wellington, New Zealand from London on 10th November 1874.

A report in the "Wanganui Chronicle" dated 11th November 1874 reads:
Arrived - 'Star of Inida' from London wit 375 Goevernment immigrants, 103 days passage, apparently all well.
During the passage 5 deaths occurred; three were children and two were father and child (further research reveals that one of the male immigrants seized his child one day and jumped overboard in a fit of dementia. Both father and child were drowned.) - there were three births. No sickness now.

From the EVENING POST dated 12th November 1874:
The immigrants by the Star of India were landed this morning. They seem a respectable well selectd lot of people and in excellent health. An old Wellington settler, who was a cabin passenger by the vessel, gives them an excellent character.

Another article on the 14th Novemeber 1874 reports:
The immigrants ex the "Star of India' were landed to-day and, taken as a whole, presented a very respectable appearance, though perhaps there was a good deal of the city element amongst them.

And on the 17th November 1874:
At the Police Court this morning, John Smith and George Ford, charged with refusing duty on board the Star of India were dismissed with caution.

From the EVENING POST dated 20th November 1874:
John Clement, charged with absence withour leave from the Star of India, was committed for three days with hard labour.

From the WANGANUI CHRONICLE dated 21st November 1874:
Some forty more of the Star of India immigrants arrived last evening (into Wanganui) by the Stormbird

From the OTAGO WITNESS dated 21st November 1874:
Thirty nominated immigrants for Otago who arrived at Wellington by the Star of India, there being at the time of that vessel leaving London none by which they could be forwarded to Otago, are now on their way down the coast to this Province in the Lady Bird, and will probably arrive today.

BUT, so far, no passenger list - can you help ??

Mark WOOLMER/YAXLEY (1864-1936) New Zealand

MARK WOOLMER-YAXLEY was born 1864 in Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, England
- a son of Emma PUGH & her first husband Thomas WOOLMER
- his father died when he was about 2 and his mother remarried to Cornelius YAXLEY and 2 more sons in England before they emigrated to New Zealand on the Cathcart, arriving into Lyttelton 29 Aug 1874
on board were:
* his stepfather Cornelius aged 31
* his mother Emma aged 32
* sister Eliza aged 12
* Mark aged 10
* brother Frederick aged 8
* stepbrother Arthur aged 6
* stepbrother Ernest aged 2
(the ages given on a ships list are usually from the time of registration)

they settled somewhere in the South Island

Mark married Agnes Caroline Coventry DALZELL born (19 April 1869) on board the Caroline Coventry on the way to Christchurch. Her parents, William and Margaret (nee Orr) Dalzell emigrated from Northern Ireland as did her grandparents, Thompson DALZELL & his second wife, Susannah STEELE (total of 17 children)

MARK & AGNES had 10 known children (see his link above)
- a son, Henry Yaxley, was born in Kaikoura in 1893
- a son, Horace William Yaxley, died aged 27 in Egypt WWI

see also Yaxley message board

thank you to Warburton for the info on Mark's father (see comments)

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John DEW + Ann DAVIS - Kingston-upon-Thames to Taita, New Zealand 1841

William DEW (1804-1862) was born in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
He married Annie Rebecca DAVIS (1801-1884) in 1829

They had
1825 - Ann Dew
1830 - Harriet Dew
1831 - Thomas Dew
1832 - William Dew
1834 - Martha Dew
1836 - John Dew
1839 - Charlotte Dew
1840 - George Dew

When George was 5 months old, (in January 1841) they all boarded the LORD WILLIAM BENTINCK to emigrate to New Zealand.
They arrived in Wellington on 19 May 1841

ALSO on board was Ann Dew (aged 15) - seamstress, possibly William`s sister.

If ou can help with any further descenants of this family please leave a message

I would especially like info on Ann Dew, did she marry ?

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Samuel John GAMMAN + Eliza WOODCOCK - Canterbury & Manawatu

Samuel John GAMMAN was born 1834 in Sheldwich, Faversham, Kent.

He was a private and later a corporal with the Royal Engineers, stationed at Shorncliffe and Chatham in Kent as well as Port Louis Mauritius.

Samuel married Eliza WOODCOCK (1840-1930) in 1859 in Brompton, an ancient village near Chatham, 37km north west of Sheldwich - it was once in the Kent county but now is in the Medway Conurbation, England.
It is the home of the Royal Engineers and now houses the
Royal Engineers Museum

He emigrated to New Zealand on the 1st March 1859 shortly after marrying Eliza and arrived in Lyttelton on 11th July 1859, on the 'CAMEO' which left from London. Eliza followed him in 1863

All their children were born in Canterbury, New Zealand:
... 1
1863 - 1959 Francis Henry Gamman

- Francis married Ada NEILSEN on 16 Oct 1907

... 2
1866 - 1932 George Albert Gamman

- George married Jessie Mary MURPHY in 1890

... 3
1867 - 1939 William Alfred Gamman

- William married Annie Matilda TERRY in 1909

... 4
1870 - 1960 Charles Walter Gamman

- Charles married Flora Beatrice BROOME in 1902
- he died in Tauranga aged 90

... 5
1871 - 1958 Rosina Gamman

- Rosina married Samuel SERGEANT in 1891

... 6
1873 - 1874 Elizabeth Jane Gamman

- Elizabeth died aged 10 months

... 7
1874 - 1874 Thomas Gamman

- Thomas died aged 6 weeks in West Oxford, Canterbury

... 8
1875 - 1935 Ernest Edward Gamman

- Ernest married Alice TURNER on Christmas Eve 1906
- Ernest died aged 6 days from 60 in Tauranga

... 9
1877 - 1966 Laura Gamman

- Laura married Arthur William CARMICHAEL on 16 April 1906

... 10
1883 - 1971 Arthur Frederick Gamman

- Arthur married Delilah May COLE on 20 Dec 1906 (4 days before brother Ernest)

SAMUEL JOHN Gamman died 27 May 1901 aged 66 & is buried at
SETTLERS CEMETERY, Dannevirke OR Ormondville Cemetery
Manawatu Times, 30 May 1901 A sudden death occurred at Makotuku on Monday evening, when Mr S. J. Gamman, sen., contractor for the Hawke's Bay Timber Company died at the Makotuku Hotel
... Quite a sensation was caused this afternoon when it was reported that Mr Gamman, senior, the sawmiller, had died at the Makotuku hotel. It appears that Mr Gamman had been in Makotuku since Thursday and Dr Francis had been attending him the last day or two. The cause of death is stated to have been heart disease
Bush Advocate, 1 June 1901 ESTATE OF SAMUEL JOHN GAMMAN, of Smith's Siding, makotuku, Sawmiller, deceased. All Persons having claims against the above are hereby requested to furnish particulars forthwith to T. H. G. LLOYD, Solicitor, Dannevirke
ELIZA Gamman died 23 May 1930 aged 90 & buried at Plot 323, Block 1 at Ormondville cemetery next to 5 month old granddaughter, Lilla Joyce Gamman, daughter of son Arthur

List of the Wellington, NZ wounded at war, for September 1915

An article in the EVENING POST, New Zealand
dated 22nd September 1915


The following Wellington men are mentioned in the latest hospital and progress reports:

COOMBS, Arnold 11/982, Sergeant
MORGAN, James Moncur, 11/902, Trooper
BIRRELL, Oswald George, 11/974, Trooper
HOWSE, James Hayward, 11/1009, Trooper
GRIFFEN, Eward, 13/808, Trooper
SPOONER, Gerard Edmund, 11/1060, Trooper
JAMESON, Noel Rutherford, 11/301, Trooper
HUNT, William George, 11/775, Trooper
THOMPSON, Herbert William, 11/932, Trooper
WILSON, Thomas Emerson, 11/556, Trooper
BALDWIN, Charles Cameron, 11/529, Trooper
WISE, Gilbert, 11/840, Trooper - seriously ill enteric
DOUGLAS, James, 11/736, Trooper - seriously ill, enteritis and septic sores
GRAY, William Roy, 10/2164, Private - seriously ill, enteric

GOSLING, Thomas, 10/1497, Private
HEATH, Arthur Ernest, 10/1842, Private
ROGERS, Charles Alfred, 10/733, Private
BRICKELL, Paul Francis, 10/2080, Private

BATH, Frank Herbert, 4/593, Sapper

EDWARDS, Victor Clive Stuart, 11/38a, Trooper

CAKEBREAD, Edward Eric, 10/2093, L.Corporal - seriously ill

HISS, Percival George, 10/406, Private - enteric

HOWIE, William Gladstone, 9/557, Lieutenant
(John Howie, Waikiwi, Invercargill), 13th Sept.
WILSON, James Gilmoure, 13/153, Trooper
(Mrs J. Wilson, Whatawhata, Auckland)
BISHOP, Kenneth, 13/19, Trooper
(Benjamin Bishop, King Edwards avenue, Epsom)
WILEY, William Robert, 10/1701, Private
(Mrs David T. Wiley, sen., Fulford Street, New Plymouth, mother)
O`DONNELL, William Henry, 6/924, Private
(Mrs M. O`Donnell, Greymouth)
BOLLARD, John Henry Allen, 6/2452, Private
(W.A. Bollard, Moray place, Dunedin, father)
SMITH, William Ernest, 6/1722, Private
(W. Smith, Mount street, Nelson)
WALSH, Amos, 6/735, Bugler
(T. Walsh, Queenstown, Tasmania)
FITNESS, Robert Duntan, 8/1976, Private
(Charles D. Fitness, 24 Cecil road Ilford, London, father)

SHUTKOWSKI from Gdansk, Poland to Carterton, New Zealand 1884

Peter Joseph Shutkowski was born 1851 in Gdansk
- (on the southern edge of Gdansk Bay (of the Baltic Sea) Poland)
- his parents were Peter and Kathleen SHUTKOWSKI
- he married Rosalia Christina LIPINSKI
- Rosalia was born 1846 also in Gdansk
- her parents were Francis and Catherine (nee REDMAN) Lipziski

- Peter died in Carterton, Wairarapa 10 April 1918 aged 67
- Rosalia died in Carterton 5 February 1938 aged 91

Peter & Rosalie married about 1875 and had 3 children. They then emigrated to New Zealand on board the * VICTORY which left Plymouth on the 29 March 1884 and arrived in Wellington on the 30 May 1884. They were nominated by her brother Franz Lipinski who was already settled in Carterton
- I would like the passenger list for this voyage if you have one
- It brought out 470 passengers including 370 Government assisted immigrants.

6 months after arrival in New Zealand Peter and Rosalia had another 4 children

The children of Pete and Rosalie:

1875 - 1957 Francis "Frank' Shutkowski
- born in Gdansk
- Frank married Annie HARGREAVES in St Mary`s Catholic Church, Carterton, New Zealand on 27 June 1905
- they had 10 chidren (see 2nd comment below)
- he died 16 June 1957 aged 82
- Annie died 19 August 1953 aged 73
- They are buried in Clareville Cemetery Carterton
... 26 April 1910 - An oat stack belonging to Frank Shutkowski, South Carterton, was damaged by fire this morning. It contained about seven tons and had been sold to a Wellington firm at a fair was no insurance. The cause of the fire is unknown

... 13 February 1929 WEDDING, A wedding was solemnised at Carterton when Florence Catherine Gibson, of Armagh, Irelan, was married to John Shutkowski, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Frank Shutkowski of Carterton.
The bride was escorted by the bridegroom's father, and wore a lovely gown of beaded silk marocaon, with uneven hem. Her veil was held in place by a coronation crown of orange blossom. She carried a handsome bouquet of white roses, carnatins, and asparagus fern.
Miss Anastasia Rosalia Shutkowski (Carterton) and Miss Elsie Burcher (of Masterton) were bridesmaids, the former wearing a frock of bois de rose silk marocain and black crinoline hat, and carrying a bouquet of roses, carnations, and asparagus fern to tone. The latter wore a frock of peach silk marocain with black crinoline hat, and carried a lovely bouquet of dahlias to tone.
Little Mary Burcher (Masterton) was flower girl, wearing a blue frock of mariette and a head bandeau of forget-me-nots. She carried a dainty basket of flowers to tone.
Mr Clifford McPhee was best man, and Mr Francis Shutkowski groomsman.
The bridegroom's mother was in a beige frock of marocain with hat to match, and carried a posy of dahlias. The reception was held at the residence of the bridegrooms parents. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a toilet set, bride's present to the bridegroom being a set of gold sleeve-links. Each bridesmaid received a gold cross.
The future home of Mr and Mrs Shutkowski will be in Wellington. The Rev Father Keavey performed the ceremony

... SHUTOWSKI, On January 15, 1944, at Waipoi, Otago, Francis William Carroll, beloved husband of Mary Russell Shutkowski, and second son of Francis and Annie Shutkowski, 3 Grey St., Masterton, and late of Carterton; aged 30 years. R.I.P. The friends of the late Francis William Carroll Shutkowski are invited to attend his Funeral which will leave St Mary's Church, Carterton, Tomorrow (Saturday 22 Jan 1944) after Requiem Mass at 9am for the Clareville Cemetery, King's Funeral Service, Broaway, Carterton

1876 - 1930 Constance Anastasia Shutkowski
- born in Gdansk
- Constance married Herbert GREATHEAD 16 June 1903
- Herbert was a brother of George Greathead who married her sister Francisca
- (sons of John GREATHEAD & Mary BRIGHT married 1872)
- she died 11 August 1930 aged 54
- she is buried in Clareville cemetery Carterton
- Herbert died 4 June 1938 in Greytown, Wairarapa aged 63
... CARTERTON. Yestrday, (16 June 1904)) Mr Herbert Greathead, of Gladstone, was married to Miss Shutkowski, of Carterton, and the ceremony was the first of the kind to take place in the Catholice Church in its new position

1883 - 1937 Francisca Magdalena Shutkowski
- born in Gdansk
- Francisca married George GREATHEAD 28 Jan 1904 St Marys Catholic Church, Carterton, brother of Herbert Greathead who married her sister Constance
- she died 10 Sept 1908 of tuberculosis aged 25
- George died 29 years later on 16 Oct 1937 of tuberculosis aged 58
- They are both buried in Clareville Cemetery Carterton.

1884 - 1929 John Michael "Jack" Shutkowski
- born 23 November in New Zealand
- Jack married May PAASKE 21 April 1909 in St Mary`s Catholic Church, Carterton
2 children found to date:
1909 - Walter Douglas Shutkowski
1911 - Myrtle Annie Shutkowski
- May's birth and death dates are unknown - do you know who she was?
- Jack died 2nd June 1929 aged 44
... 22 April 1909 A quiet wedding was soleminised at the residence of the bride's parents, Carterton, yesterday afternoon, when May Paaske, daughter of Mr G. J. Paaske, was married to Mr John M. Shutkowski, second son of Mr Peter Shutkowski. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Father Bowe, of St Mary's Church, and the young couple will reside in Carterton

1886 - 1904 Rosalia Shutkowski
- born 22 August in Carterton, Wairarapa
- Rosalia married ? GOUGH, unknown year
- she died on 18 June 1904 aged 17
- he is buried in Clareville Cemetery Carterton
Do you know who her husband ? Gough was?

1894 - 1942 Joseph Shutkowski
- born in Carterton
- Joseph's marriage (if at all) details are unknown
- - do you know who he was?

1891 - Barbara Shutkowski
- born 9 January in Carterton
- Barbara died 11 August 1897 aged 5
- she is buried in Clareville Cemetery Carterton

* N O T E S

24 May 1884 - WELLINGTON
... The Shaw, Saville-Albion Company's chartered steamer Victory, Capt. Elcoate, arrived here from London via Plymouth at 9 o'clock this morning. She came direct from Pymouth and the passage, which was uneventful, occupied 56 days. The Victory brings 50 steerage passengers, and 370 Government immigrants (including 117 single girls) for all ports. Two deaths occurred among married immigrants, those being Wm. Harrison aged 40, from apoplexy on 11th May, and Bathilde Pearson, aged 38, from an abscess on 24th May. Dr Miley in his report speaks highly of the attention paid to the passengers by the officers of the ship, and he states the provisions and water were in abundance and of good quality. The health and behavious of the immigrants is mentioned as having been exceptionally good. The Victory has 2000 tons of cargo for all ports. The single women were landed this afternoon, and sent to the immigration barracks

29 May 1884 - AUCKLAND NEWS
... The Auckland portion pf the Victory's immigrants arrived at Onehunga to-day. The whole of the Victory's immigrants have been engaged. One hundred were sent to the country districts

GDANSK coat of arms

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looking for McGUORGUODALE - anywhere

Private John Cooper went to war on the 17th April 1915.
He was with the Otago Infantry Battalion 4th Reinforcements.
He left Wellington New Zealand for Gallipoli where he was killed in action on 27th September 1915

As is next of kin he had put: Mrs M. Cooper (mother) care of
M.A. McGuorguodale, Waikaka Valley, Otago, New Zealand

ALSO: Son of the late Jesse & Mary Ann Cooper of Waikuahuna Gorge

I cannot find one person of the name McGuorguodale anywhere in New Zealand - or for that matter, anywhere in the world - so the spelling must be wrong.

Do you know anyone in New Zealand with that name?
Do you know how it should have been spelt?

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Who was James Andrew HUXTON ? married Maria Greathead in Greytown New Zealand 1883

James Andrew Huxton was born in 1827 in Deal, Kent.

When did he emigrate to New Zealand?
Who were his parents?
Did he and Maria have any children?
Where is he buried?

He apparetnly married Jane Anderson - unknown when. She died in September 1867.
He remarried to Maria "POLLY" Greathead who was born in Nelson, Marlborough in January 1847.
Maria's parents were George Greathead and Dorothy Turnball who had emigrated on the MARTHA RIDGWAY arriving in Wellington 1841 - they both died in 1885 in the Wairarapa, buried in Greytown.