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In a letter to Sir George Grey dated 3rd April 1852, the settlers of Wellington and neighbouring districts wrote:
... We, the undersigned Settlers and Landowners of Wellington, in the colony of New Zealand, beg respectfully to express to your Excellency our strong sense of the serious evils to our interests and injury to the colony, arising from the Act to regulate the affairs of certain of the New Zealand Company's settlements, passed during the last session of Parliament
... The Act of Parliament revives the Terms of Purchase and Pasturage of Land, issued by the New Zealand Company in Wellington, and in force at the date of the surrender by the Company of its charters to the Government, which fix the price of rural land in this settlement, in blocks of 25 acres, at ?2 per acre; (2012 equivalent of about $250) the effect of these terms, when in force under the Company, was such that no rural land was sold in this settlement. But since that period so much additional land has been granted in compensation to resident and absentee land purchasers as to reduce the price of rural land, except in particular situations, considerably below 20s, per acre ... (more at next link)

The full letter and the original list of settlers can be seen at

* names without any address are for the most part settlers in Wellington
* names are spelled as found
* some settlers signed their name with an x

... A
George ALLEN, boatbuilder and landowner
Eli ALLEN, (1821-1889), arrived in New Zealand on the BIRMAN in 1842
William ALLEN, land and stockholder
Thomas ALLINGTON, landowner, Karori (1804-1853)
David ANDERSON, landholder
J. ANGELL, settler
Thomas ASHBOLT, settler On Tuesday 11th March 1862, at Christchurch, Canterbury, Mr Thomas Ashbolt, late of Wellington, aged 52 years. 5 March 1897 Another old colonist passed away at Wellington on Wednesday in the person of Caroline Ashbolt, widow of the late Thomas Ashbolt. The deceased lady, who was in her 86th year, was one of the best known of our earlier colonists. She left England on the 17th June 1841, in the ship Gertrude, commanded by Captain Fisher Stead, and after a long passage of 136 days arrived in Wellington on 31st October 1841. One of her sons, Mr A. Ashbolt, is foreman printer of the New Zealand Times
George ASHDOWN, land and stockowner

... B
James Henry BAGGERLEY, settler (1813-1856)
Richard BAKER, J.P., landowner
William McLeod BANNATYNE, J.P. and stockholder. Founded the business W. M. Bannatyne & Co. Ltd in the 1840s and was joined soon after by his stepson, Arthur Rowsell Baker. In 1877 Harold Beauchamp joined in as salesman and became a full partner 12 years later.
Edwin BANNISTER, settler
R. E. BANNISTER, landowner
William BANNISTER, jnr., landholder
John BARB, labourer
John BARBER, settler
David BARHAM, settler
John BARNETT, landowner
William BARNETT, settler
Charles Charles Desimus, settler (1822-1898)
James BARROW, x settler
Richard BARRY, settler
Thomas BARRY, x settler
N. BARTLETT, landowner
R. BARTON, land and stockowner, River Hutt
William BASSETT, landowner
James BAULF, x settler
N. E. BEAMISH, settler
Francis BEE, settler (1820-1902)
William BELL, landowner, Porirua Road
J. BENGE, landowner
Frederick Augustus BENKENSTEIN, landowner, died in Australia in 1904
George BENNET, landholder
Thomas BENNETT, settler
William BENNETT, settler
William BEST, land and stockowner
Joseph BICKNELL, x settler
C. H. BIDWELL, stockowner, Wairarapa
Frederick BILLS, settler
Edward BIRCH, settler
Joseph BISHOP, land and stockholder
Richard BLAKE, x settler, married Elizabeth Matilda CONSTABLE 1836, had a son Richard, then on 5 Feb 1841 they embarked on the CATHERINE STEWART FORBES arriving in Port Nicholson 24 June 1841
George BLAKER, settler
Edward BODDINGTON, settler
Anthony BODEN, settler (1825-1907)
Frederick BOLTON, stockholder
James BOOTH, settler, Karori
Edward BOULTON, stockholder, Pauatahanui
William BOWDEN, x settler
Joseph BOWLER, landholder, settler
William BOWLER jnr, landowner
H. BOYTON, landowner
Francis Henry BRADEY, settler (1816-1888)
Francis BRADEY, jnr., landholder
Francis BRADEY, stock and landowner
Frederick BRADEY, landholder
John Edward BRADSHAW, settler
Henry BRIGHT, x settler
William BRIGHAM, settler (1798-1886)
Thomas BRIGHTWELL, settler
William BROADBENT, settler
Joseph BROGDEN, settler
E BROWN, settler
James BROWN, landowner, Upper Hutt
John BROWN, landholder
Charles BRUCE, settler
James BRYANT, gardener (1812-1902), worked as a gardener, a carrier and a hotelkeeper, (he was employed as forman gardener of Sir William Molesworth's estate at Pencarrow in Cornwall and was for a time, superintendent of Francis Molesworth's estate in the Hutt), then he bought 3 acres in Ohariu
John BRYCE, landowner
Henry Gregory BUCK, blacksmith (1808-1879), arrived on the BIRMAN
William BUCK, landowner
James Nelson BURCHAM, landowner
James BURKE, settler and stockowner
John BURNES, x land and stockowner, Porirua Road
Joseph BURRELL, stockholder, Paikakariki
Thomas BURT, settler (1818-1888)
Thomas BUTLER, x settler
Thomas Charles BUTLER, carpenter and landowner

... C
? John CAIL, landowner
? Dugald CAMERON, landowner
? George CAMERON, ropemaker
? Robert CAMERON, miller
? Thomas CAMOREY, settler
? John CAMPBELL, landowner, Karori
? Charles CANNING, stockholder
? John Davis CANNING, stockholder
? Robert Holt CARPENTER, Bookbinder, local politician, bookseller (1819-1891)
? George CASPER, storekeeper and settler
? John CASTLE, settler,
? Edward CATCHPOOL, landowner
? William George CHANDLER, settler
? James CHAPPELL, carpenter, landowner
? Robert S. CHEESMAN, solicitor, sheep & landowner
? Edward CHEW, stockholder (1809-1891)
? Peter CHRISTISON, settler
? H. CLA?TEN, boatman
? Hugh CLARK, landowner
? John CLARKE, settler
? Richard CLIFTON, jnr, settler
? Richard CLIFTON, sen, x settler
? Adin COCKROFT, land and stockowner
? John COLE, landowner
? Joseph COLLIER, stockholder
? James COLLINS, land and stockowner
? John Power COLLINS, settler (?-1859)
? R. COLLINS, stockowner, Wairarapa
? David COMPTE, settler
? Alfred COMPTON, landowner
? Daniel CONACHER, bootmaker
? James COOK, baker
? John COOK
? George COPELAND, landowner
? William CORBET, settler
? Edward CORDING, landholder
? James CORKING, settler
? William CORNER, settler
? John CORY, landowner
? Pierce COTTER, builder and landowner (1816-1894)
? R. COULTER, settler
? Donald COUPER, x stockholder
? Peter COUPER, stockholder
? William COUPER, land and stockholder, Porirua
? James A. COURT, landholder
? James George COX, assistant
? W. COX, settler
? James CRAIG, x settler
? Robert CRAIG, landowner
? William CRAIGHEAD, farmer
? George CRAWFORD, merchant and landowner
? Thomas CREED, settler
? George CROOKE, settler
? Thomas CROSBIE, land and stockholder
? Thomas CROWTHER, landholder
? C. CUNDEY, landowner
? George CURTIS, settler

... D
? David DALGITY, settler
? John DALY, settler
? James DAVIES, landowner
? James DAVISON, landowner
? John DAY, x settler
? John DAYSH, landonwer
? Jabez DEAN, plumber
? Richard John DEIGHTON, landowner
? Thomas DELF, x settler
? William DEW, landowner, Karori
? Davy DICK, landowner
? Charles DIXON, stockowner
? Joseph DIXON, settler
? William DODGE, William - settler
? Robert DONALD, settler, Karori
? Robert DONALDSON, book-keeper
? Peter DORREEN, jnr, settler (?-1870)
? Peter DORREEN, sen, settler (1775-1875)
? Edward DOWNEY, settler
? John DOWNEY, landowner
? Andrew DUNCAN, landowner
? Frederick Abbott DUNCAN, storekeeper (1827-1884)
? Richard John DUNCAN, merchant and stockholder (1823-1894)
? W. DUNN, dyer
? Samuel DUNSTER, sett;er

... E
? William EARP, William - settler
? George EBDON, x settler
? G. EDMONDS, settler
? John EDWARD, settler
? Giles EDWARDS, settler
? John EDWARDS, settler
? John EDWARDS, x - landowner
? Benjamin EGLINTON, settler
? William ELL, settler
? Edward John ELLERM, cooper, landholder
? William EVERETT, landowner and stockholder

... F
? Stephen FAGAN
? William FAGG, settler
? Edward John A. FARRANT, settler
? John FARRANT, settler
? Alexander FARMER, land and stockholder
? Benjamin FELGATE, settler
? John FELL, settler
? Bernard FERRERS, settler
? Daniel FILPOT, x settler
? James FIRTH, landholder
? William FISHER, settler
? John FITCHETT, landholder
? J. P. FITZGERALD, J.P., landowner
? George FOSTER, x settler
? John FRANCES, settler
? Alexander FRASER, sheepholder
? Thomas FRASER, stockholder
? Thomas FRETHEY, landowner
? Joseph FRY, landowenr
? William FUDGER, settler
? Smith FURNESS, settler and landowner (1825-1884)

... G
? Daniel GALAVIN, x settler
? William GALPIN, land and stockowner
? Samuel GASKEN, x landholder (1810-1886)
? Mathew GASKIN, settler (1821-1867), brother of Samuel
? Samuel GAWITH, cabinetmaker
? John GELL, landowner, manager of the telegraph station at Wakapuaka
? J. H. GILLARD, landowner
? Charles Haggerty GILLESPIE, landowner (1832-1897)
? O. GILLIES, land and stockowner, Wairarapa
? James GILLIGAN, settler
? John GILLMAN, settler
? John GINSON, landholder
? Robert GLASGOW, land and stockholder
? Donald GOLLAN, settler, Ahuriri
? O. G. O. GOOD, settler
? Leonard GOODEN, x settler (?-1853)
? Phillip GOODEN, x settler
? John GOODER, landholder
? B. GORDON, landowner
? Alexander GRANT, shepherd, Wairarapa
? Alexander GRANT, storekeeper, Turakina
? George GRAY, landholder
? Harrison GREEN, sett;er
? James GREEN, landowner
? Robert GRIGG, settler
? Thomas Leman GRIMSEY, settler
? John GUNN, stockholder
? D. GUTHRIE, stockholder

... H
? William HALBER, settler
? W. H. HALE, settler
? Charles HALES, landowner
? John HALL, carpenter
? Mathew HAMMOND, landowner
? Richard HAMMOND, landowner
? William HAMMOND, settler
? John HARDING, land and sheepowner
? William HARDWICK, labourer
? E. A. HARGREAVES, settler
? James HARLOW, settler
? A. HARRIS, settler
? David HARRIS, landowner
? George HARRIS, x settler
? H. S. HARRISON, land and stockowner
? George HART, land and stockowner
? Robert HART, solicitor, sheep and landowner
? George HEDLEY, settler
? August Adolph 'Albert' HEESE, landowner (1813-1864), arrived on the Slains Castle 29 Jan 1841 with wife Theodore 'Pauline' Adelgunde (1817-1850) & 2 sons, had the Freemason's Tavern, Lambton Quay & 'invented' in 1847, the Prince Albert's Cordial for his 'tee-total friends who have taken the pledge'. He later moved to Upper Hutt where he was found dead (30 Aug 1864) in a water-hole near the side of the road, which he had fallen into the previous night. He was 51
? Frederick HEINEN, settler
? John HEMMINGS, landholder
? Francis Henry HENRYSON, landowner, Nelson
? Joseph HERBERT, settler
? Peter Morrison HERVEY, merchant (1824-1860)
? D. HEYMAN, landholder
? W. HICKSON, J.P., merchant, land and stockowner
? George HILL, settler
? John HILL, settler
? Sidney HIRST, landowner (1814-1961), arrived on the GEORGE FYFE 7 Nov 1842 when there were about 30 households, a carpenter and joiner, he built the Christ Church Taita church (now a historics place)
? George HOBBS, landholder
? Walter HODDER, x land and stockowner
? John HOLMES, x cabintmaker
? William HOLMES, settler
? John HOOPER, x settler
? Charles HOWE, landholder
? David HUGHEY, landowner
? John HUGHEY, settler
? William HUGHEY, sen - landowner
? Peter HUME, land and stockowner
? William HUMPHRIES, settler
? Charles HUNT, landowner
? Henry HUNT, carpenter
? John HUNT, settler, Porirua Road
? William HUNT, settler
? George HUNTER, J.P., land and stockowner
? Edward HUTCHINGS, landholder

... I
? William ILLMAN, settler
? William INGLIS, settler
? Archibald INGRAM, blacksmith
? Charles INKERSALL, x stockowner
? Kendrick IRONS, settler
? Thomas IRVING, settler
? David ISAACS, settler

... J
? J. JACKSON, tailor
? Walter JACKSON, landowner
? John JARVIS, x settler, Porirua
? Thomas JEFFERIES, settler
? Benjamin JEFFERSON, landowner
? George JEFFS, settler
? W. JENKINS, landonwer
? John JOHNSON, landowner
? Richard JOHNSON, settler
? D. JOHNSTON, landowner
? William JONES, settler
? William JONES, x landowner, Upper Hutt
? Thomas JOYCE, settler
? John JUDD, x settler
? William JUDD, landowner, Stokes Valley

... K
? H. T. KEMP, J.P.
? John KEMP, settler
? Henry KENNEDY, settler
? Catherine KERNS, settler
? C. KEYS, settler
? John KING, solicitor, landowner
? William KING, landowner
? William KIRTON, Minister of the Scotch Church
? John KITSON, landowner
? William KNIGHT, settler
? H. S. KNOWLES, landowner

... L
? Peter LAING, settler
? Robert LAMBERT, clerk and landowner
? Robert LANGDON, stockholder
? James LANSDALE, landowner
? W. P. LATHAM, landowner
? Joseph LAWSON, x settler
? Thomas G. LEMMINGTON, engineer
? John LEVERTON, landholder
? N. LEVIN, merchant, land and stockowner
? Lipman LEVY, settler
? Edward LEWIS, settler
? Benjamin LING, stockholder
? George LISMORE, settler
? Thomas LOCKYER, land and stockowner
? F. LOGAN, landowner
? Charles LONDON, stockowner
? Henry LONDON, landowner
? Isaac LOVELOCK, landholder
? Edward LOWE, landholder
? W. S. LOXLEY, merchant and stockowner
? Thomas LOYD, landowner
? A. LUDLAM, J.P. landowner
? William LUDWELL, settler
? W. LUMSDEN, murseryman
? G. D. LUXFORD, land and sheepowner
? William LUXFORD, land and sheepowner
? William Nicholas LUXFORD, landowner
? W. LYALL, bootmaker
? Robert LYLE, carpenter
? Henry LYNCH, landowner

... M
? Charles MABEY, landowner
? John MABEY, x settler
? George W. MACE, storekeeper
? Alexander MACKAY, settler
? James MAGINITY, landholder
? Jonathan MANNING, settler
? William MARSHALL, schoolmaster
? John MARTIN, landholder
? William MASON, land and stockowner
? William Frederick MASON, storekeeper
? A. MASTERS, landowner, River Hutt
? John MASTERS, settler
? Joseph MASTERS, settler
? C. MATTINGLEY, landowner
? John MAY, settler
? Samuel MAXTON, baker
? James McBETH, storekeeper and landowner
? J. C. McDONALD, land and stockowner
? H. E. McDONOGH, J.P.
? Thomas McDONOGH, landholder
? William McDOWALL, settler
? Gregor McGREGOR, stockholder
? A. McHARDIE, settler
? Alexander McHARDIE, landowner
? David McHARDIE, jnr landowner
? John McHARDIE, x lndowner
? Francis McIVER, stockholder
? John McKAIN, landowner
? Thomas McKAY, settler
? James McKEEVER, stockholder, Porirua
? Dugald McLACHLAN, landholder
? A. McLAREN, settler
? Donald McLEAN, J.P., settler and landowner
? J. D. McMANAWAY, surveyor
? Angus McMASTER, stockowner, Wairarapa
? John MEADS, labourer
? William MEADS, settler
? Henry MEECH, shipbuilder
? William MEECH, settler
? Richard MEREDITH, carpenter and landowner
? William MILLER, settler
? Charles MILLS, builder
? T. M. MILLS, settler
? Thomas MILLS, settler
? Alexander MILNE, landowner
? William MINIFIE, landholder
? Joseph MIRCHELL, land and stockowner
? Henry MITCHELL, x stockholder
? J. MITCHELL, landowner
? James MITCHELL, land and stockowner
? John MITCHELL, land and stockholder, Porirua
? J. MONK, farmer
? G. D. MONTEITH, surgeon, stock & landowner
? W. MOODY, settler, River Hutt
? George MOORE, J.P., merchant, landowner
? Thomas MORAN, landowner, Porirua Road
? William MORGAN, land and stockowner, Porirua Road
? D. MORRISON, stockowner, Wairarapa
? Daniel MORRISON, landowner
? H. MORRISON, stock and landholder
? John MUDFORD, sailmaker
? Daniel MUNN, land and stockholder
? Philip MURCH, landholder
? Alexander MURDOCH, settler
? Thomas MURRAY, settler

... N
? C. J. NAIRN, settler
? William NATTRASS, tailor and stockowner
? William NEAL, watchmaker
? Arthur NICOLS, landholder
? Charles NICHOLS, landholder
? William NICOLS, stock and landowner
? William NOEL, watchmaker
? Caroline NORTHWOOD, land and stockowner
? James H. NORTHWOOD, stockowner, Wairarapa
? William NOTT, landowner

... O
? William O'NEAL, landholder
? J. O'REILLY, J.P., Catholic Pastor
? F. ORMSBY, stockholder
? James OSMOND, settler
? Nicholas OXENHAM, settler

... P
? George PACKMAN, settler
? F. J. PAGON, cabinetmaker
? Thomas PARKEN, x settler
? S. D. PARNELL, landowner, Karori
? R. W. PATTEN, settler
? J. J. PEACOCK, master mariner and landowner
? John PEARCE, settler
? Daniel PECK, landowner
? George PEGLER, x settler
? Joseph PERCY, landowner
? Joseph Hewlett PERCY, landowner
? Benjamin M. PEREIRA, dealer
? Edmund PERRIN, stockholder
? B. P. PERRY, landholder
? A. PETHERICK, plasterer
? A. PETHERICK, carpenter
? J. PETHERICK, land and stockholder
? Francis L. PHILIP,
? George PHILLIPS, x settler
? Henry J. PHILLIPS, surgeon, settler
? Thomas PHILLIPS, x landowner
? John PHILPS, landowner
? William P. PICKERING, settler
? Gilbert PICKETT, storekeeper
? William PIKE, x settler
? George PILCHER, storekeeper
? John PIMBLE, landholder
? Charles H. PIPER, settler
? John PLIMMER, landholder
? H. G. PLOWMAN, settler
? Thomas POAD, landowner
? T. G. POPE, landholder
? David PORTER, x settler
? Christopher POTTS, landowner
? Samuel POULTER, landowner
? W. D. POWELL, settler
? Edward PRINCE, carpenter
? Richard PROUSE, jnr landowner
? Richard PROWSE, land and stockowner, Wainuiomata

... Q
? Michael QUIN, landholder

... R
? J. RAWLINGSON, x settler
? H. READ, settler
? James READ, settler
? John READ, landowner
? John REDBY, settler
? James REED, landholder
? William REEVES, landowner, Porirua Road
? Thomas REID, settler
? W. R. RENALL, settler
? S. RETTER, landowner
? Daniel RICHARDS, x stockholder
? Thomas RICHARDS, x stockholder
? George RICHARDSON, landholder
? Thomas RICHARDSON, landholder
? Edward ROBERTS, landowner
? Duncan ROBERTSON, settler
? T. ROBINSON, J.P., land and stockowner
? Thomas ROBISON, x settler
? Samuel ROE, landowner
? H. ROSS, landowner, solicitor
? H. W. ROTERMUND, landholder
? William ROWETT, stockholder
? W. ROWLANDS, stockholder
? F. D. ROY, settler
? T. S. RUDD, settler
? James RUMBLE, settler
? Richard RUSS, settler
? Edward RUSSELL, landowner
? Henry RUSSELL, landonwer
? J. P. RUSSELL, land and stockowner
? John RUSSELL, landonwer

... S
? J. D. SALTER, settler
? John SANCTO, settler
? Robert SANSON, settler
? Henry SARGENT, settler
? T. SAUNDERS, land and stockholder
? William SAXBY, settler
? Burgess SAYER, settler
? Charles SAYWELL, setler
? George SAYWELL, landowner
? William SAYWELL, settler
? Isaac SCOTT, settler
? Walter D. SCOTT
? George SCRIMSHAW, settler
? Richard SEED, landowner
? William SEED, landowner
? John SHALLESS, landholder
? Henry SHARLEY, landowner
? Mathew SHARLEY, landowner, River Hutt
? Charles SHARP, stock and landowner
? Robert SHARP, settler, River hutt
? John SHAW, settler
? William SHEARER, landowner
? Thomas SHIELDS, settler
? Thomas SHIRLEY, settler
? Thomas SHIRLEY, x landowner
? James SHORT, settler
? Job SHORT, x settler
? Joseph SILVEN, x landholder
? William SIMPSON, stockholder
? Francis Robert Estoteville SKIPWITH, land and stockholder (1820-1855)
- Francis 'married' Hinenui Te Po Te MATIA (maori Princess) & had children
- he married Emily Morshed SYMONS in 1854
- he was 1 of 12 sons & 6 daughters of Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Baronet
he was a brother of:
* Sir Thomas George Skipwith 9th Baronet (1803-1863), Capt 4th Dragoon Guards
* Judge Fulwar Charles Skipwith (1810-1883)
* Commander (Royal Navy) Sidmouth Stowell Skipwith (1825-1872)
* Capt (Royal Navy) Grey Skipwith (1811-1894)
* Col (43rd Regiment) Henry Skipwith (1815-1886)
* Capt (47th Regiment) William Skipwith (1807-1907)
* Dr Lionel Skipwith (1816-1886)
* Rev Randolph Skipwith (1822-1899), Rector Whilton, Northamptonshire
* Rev Humberston Skipwith (1823-1911), Rector Hampstall Ridware, Lincolnshire
NOTE see also Skipwith baronets
? William SLEATH, settler
? J. Valentine SMITH, land and stockowner
? James SMITH, x settler, Upper Hutt
? John Elisha SMITH, landowner
? John S. SMITH, storekeeper
? William James SNODGRASS, settler and landholder
? John SOUTHEE, settler (1798-1892)
? G. SPACKMAN, landowner, Stokes Valley
? William SPAIN, settler
? John SPEEDY, settler
? William SPEEDY, settler
? Richard SPICER, x stockholder
? William SPINKS, land and stockholder
? Ashton St HILL, stockowner
? Henry St HILL, R.M. landowner
? T. St LEIGHT, sett;er
? Timothy STEPHENSON, settler
? John STEVEN, settler
? Charles STEVENS, land and stockholder
? John STEVENS, landowner, Porirua
? Stephen STOCKBRIDGE, landowner
? James STODDART, landowner
? Robert STOKES, printer and landowner
? Robert R. STRANG, J.P., landowner
? James STRATFORD, landowner
? George STRETTON, settler
? H. S. STRONG, settler
? C. H. STUTFIELD, landholder
? Alexander SUTHERLAND, stock and landowner
? John SUTHERLAND, stockholder, storekeeper
? Nathaniel SUTHERLAND, land and stockowner
? George SYKES, farmer, Upper Hutt
? George SYKES, x landowner
? William SYKES, landowner
? James SYMONS, settler
? Jane SYMONS, landowner

... T
? James TAINE, merchant and landowner
? William TANDY, landholder
? J. W. TANKERSLEY, landholder
? William TANNAHILL, sett;er
? James TAVENER, settler
? Henry TAYLOR, stock and landholder
? Mary TAYLOR, landowner
? William TAYLOR, x stockowner
? William Waring TAYLOR, landholder (1820-1903)
? J. TELFORD, stockholder
? William THOMAS, landowner
? H. S. TIFFEN, stockowner, Ahururu
? Jonas TOCKER, settler
? Algernon TOLLEMACHE, landowner
? William TOMPKINS, bootmaker
? William TONKS, stock and landholder
? Joseph TORR, storekeeper
? Chauncey Henry TOWNSEND, settler
? Patrick TROTTER, settler
? William TROTTER, settler
? Peter TUTCHEM x stockholder
? John TUTTY, landowner
? Robert TYLER, settler, land and stockowner

... U
Hart UDY, landowner (1808-1890), Hart, his wife Jane and 4 children left Plymoouth 5 Oct 1839 on the DUKE OF ROXBURGH, had another 5 children, lived in Wellington & worked for Sir Charles Molesworth on the first house built of NZ timber. Udy Street in Petone, Wellinton is named after him. Moved to Waiwhetu, Stokes Valley, Matarawa & later built a sawmill in Greytown. His namesake grandson, Hart, of his son Hart, became a New Zealand All Black player from 1884-1885, as did his grandson Daniel, from his son William, from 1901-1903

... V
? C. A. VALLANCE, stockholder
? John VARNHAM, stock and landowner, merchant
? James VAUGHAN, settler
? Charles E. von ALZDORF, land agent

... W
? Robert WAITT, merchant, land and stockowner
? Daniel WAKEFIELD, J.P.
? William WAKEHAM, x settler
? J. WAKELIN, settler
? Thomas WAKELIN, builder
? James WALKER, stock and landowner
? Robert WALKER, settler
? Anthony WALL, landowner
? George WALL, stockholder
? James WALLACE, landowner
? R. D. WALLACE, settler
? W. E. WALLACE, settler
? Thomas WATERS, settler
? J. E. WATKIN, storekeeper
? James WATKIN, Wesleyan Minister, Manners street
? James WATSON, settler
? John WATSON, land and stockowner
? William WATT, x stockholder
? Robert WEATHERHEAD, settler
? George WEBB, landholder
? William WELCH, landowner, Hutt
? James Balfour WEMYSS Esq., J.P., landowner. On Feb 6 1853, J. B. Wemyss & 4 servants caught the schoomer 'Wellington' from Wellington to Waipapa
? Samuel WESTON, landowner
? Edwin WHEELER, clerk
? Samuel WHITE, x settler
? John WHITEHOUSE, settler, land and stockowner
? Joseph WHITEHOUSE, stockholder
? W. M. WHITEWOOD, settler
? George WILKIE, landholder
? John WILKINS, x land and stockowner
? David M. WILKINSON, land and stockholder
? James WILKINSON, landowner
? D. WILLHELM, stockholder
? James WILLIAM, landowner
? Thomas WILLIAMSON, settler
? Edward C. WILLS, settler
? James F. WILLS, settler
? James WILSON, land and stockowner
? Thomas WILSON, stockholder, Pauatahanui
? Charles WILTON, stockholder
? Robert WILTON, stockholder (1796-1869), arrived on the ORIENTAL 22 Oct 1841 with wife Elizabeth (nee Denman) & 7 children. They had a total of 19 children
? Henry WINTERINGHAM, stockholder
? J. WOODWARD, land and stockholder
? Samuel WOODWARD, stockholder
? George WRIGHT, settler
? Thomas Gilliam WRIGLEY, carpenter, Landowner (1825-1867). Thomas was a cabin boy on the ORIENTAL, to the Hon Henry Petre, son of Lord Petre, a Director of the New Zealand Company

... Y
? Arthur S. YOUNG, landowner
? Charles YOUNG, settler
? George YOUNG, landholder
? John YULE, merchant and landowner

Christ Church Taita

the church that Sydney Hirst built in 1853

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- Original list was taken from Papers Past
From the WELLINGTON INDEPENDENT dated 1st August 1863

Wellington, 30th July 1863
The Officers of the Militia of this District are posted to Companies as follows:-

Captain James Coutts Crawford
Lieutenant John Knowles
Ensign Frederick Arnold Baker

Captain Stephen Carkeek
Lieutenant Alfred Hickson
Ensign Houston Francis Logan

Captain John Hugh Bethune
Lieutenant Robert Hunter
Ensign Frederick Hickson

Captain George Hunter
lieutenant Richard Septimus Ledger
Lieutenant Edward Pearce

Captain Charles William Schultze
lieutenant Samuel Deighton
Ensign Joseph Godfrey Holdsworth

Captain William Robert Edmond Brown
Lieutenant John Tully
Ensign Joe Dransfield

Captain Charles Bonneythorn Boroise

Captain John Johnston
Lieutenant Walter Johnston
Ensign Richard Collins

Captain Edward Battershee
Lieutenant Chares Daniel de Castro
Ensign David Brown

Captain James Cruickshank
Lieutenant Pierce Cotter
Ensign Richard Barton, jun

Captain William Beetham

Captain Alfred Ludlam
Ensign E. Riddiford

By order
Captain and Adjutant
Wellington Militia

WELLINGTON , NZ STATE SCOOLS - Drawing Certificates 1885

The following pupils of the State schools in the Wellington Educational District in June 1885 obtained certificates of merit at the examination for their respective schools.

- further information on the schools or areas of the time can be viewed at the links at the site WELLINGTON, June 1885 - also includes links to some of the following pupils


KAIWAIWAI (8km SE of Featherston - 10km NW of Martinborough - 71km NE of Wellington)
- Alfred Bicknell

TAWA FLAT (16km N of Wellington)
- Eliza Nott
- Emily Nott
- Emily Morgan

FERNRIDGE (4km NW of Masterton, Wairarapa - 100km NE of Wellington)
- Clara Crosbie
- Stephen Tankersley
- Alice Harrison
- Francis Vibert
- Mary Dagg
- Lois McGregor

WAINGAROA (Raglan, Waikato)
- George Daysh
- Ernest Reynolds
- Walter Reynolds

MOUNT COOK GIRLS (2km S of Wellington)
- Florence Gill
- Eliza Scott

NEWTOWN (4km S of Wellington)
- Edith King
- George Jones
- William Britland

KAIWARRA (4km N of Wellington)
- George Cropp
- Stewart Nairn

LOWER HUTT (17km NE of Wellington)
- Kate Scott
- Ada Cudby
- Edwin Speedy
- Jane Mudgway
- Wesley Knight
- Walter Pringle

PETONE (13km NE of Wellington)
- Alice Manning
- Edith Hollard

FEATHERSTON (64km NE of Wellington)
- Nelson Bunting
- Ernest Vennell
- Wallace Smith
- Amelia Bennett
- Flora Bunting
- Mary Toogood
- Norah Monckton
- Catto Cundy
- Isabella Viles

GREYTOWN (77km NE of Wellington)
- Alfred Press
- Pierce Cotter
- Percy Cotter
- Eva Whilkie

UPPER HUTT (34km NE of Wellington)
- F. Schwartz
- Charles Haybittle
- Dennis Jack
- Phillip Davis
- Frederick Woodman

JOHNSONVILLE (7km N of Wellington)
- Lily Hobbs
- Helen Hobbs

THORNDON (2km N of Wellington)
- Florence Willis
- Agnes Willis
- Percy Buck
- William Drake
- Alfred Daley
- Arthur Glover
- A. Gregory
- Edward Jacks
- E.E. Maginnity
- Alexander McColl
- F. Staples
- G. Tipper
- W. Whitton
- David F. Skinner
- May Hickson
- Annie Chew
- Eva Liddle

TERRACE (Wellington Central)
- Maria Evans
- Minnie Lawson
- Alice Wright
- Charles Gore
- Frederick Judd
- O Barber
- R.W. Anderson
- James Clark
- Charles P.Powles
- Henry Littlejohn
- Robert Wallace

- William Archibald
- John Odlin
- Wesley Pearson
- Alfred Phelps
- W.F. Warren
- G.E. Hunter
- Charles Ralph
- G. Sommerville
- John Flynn
- Hy Marchant
- George Dutch
- Thomas Flynn
- Gilbert C. Gill

TE ARO (2km S of Wellington Central)
- Herman Jessop
- Mary Lowater
- Peter G. Clark
- Mary Jane Moar

CARTERTON (85km NE of Wellington)
- Ethel Horn
- Mary Broadbent
- Clara Rutherford

MASTERTON (100km NE of Wellington)
- Herbert Vile
- Frederick Nicol
- John Johnstone
- David King
- Edwin Langton
- William Livingstone
- William Fellingham
- Herbert Bogg
- Walter Baillie
- Thomas Bannister
- Edward Bennett
- Joseph Boddington
- John Cole
- Evangeline Sage
- Rosa Wilkin
- Ellen Wrigley
- Ada Woolcot
- Minnie Holdaway
- Harriet McKenzie
- Alice Gallaway
- Mary Gillespie
- Arabella Browne
- Eliza A cole
- Jane Donald
- Ellen Preston
- Annie Walton
- Annie Hoar
- Lettie Jago
- Sarah Jenkins
- Fred Carman
- Artur Hathaway
- David A Pickering


- F. Schwartz

- Nelson Bunting

- George A Downes
- Frank Young

- William Bagge
- Alexander McKenzie
- E. Holdaway
- Jamesina Gray
- Rody Gray

- Alfred H. Press
- Louis St George
- Pierce Cotter
- Percy Cotter
- Adam Montgomery
- John Dockery

CLAREVILLE (3km N of Carterton)
- May Booth
- Grace L Braun
- William McKenzie
- William Eagle
- William F. Wallace
- Emma E Smith
- Emily Gaulton
- Agnes Francis
- Agnus Smith
- Walter H. Bugless
- Reginald J. Foss

- Thomas Applin
- Alfred Callister
- Robert Dannock
- Frank A Grantham
- Augusta Gustoffson
- Harry Murwood
- Herbert Moon
- Ellen N. Armstrong
- Winifred Armstrong
- Martha Carter
- Agnes Hall
- Johanna Mathison
- Ada Rutherford
- Ethol Rutherford
- Etheline M. Teal

- Ernest Balchin
- George E. Hunter
- C Ralph
- William Somerville
- Arthur Blair
- George Dutch
- Thomas Flynn
- John Flynn
- Gilbert Gill
- John McCallum
- Morris Manthel
- John Odlin
- Wesley Pearson
- Alfred Phelps
- Septimus Strike
- W. Warren
- Herbert Edmunds
- Henry Marchant
- Arthur Mowate

- Sydney Allen
- Walter Bastin
- Charles Crawford
- Walter Cross
- Charles W. Earle
- W.E. Fifield
- C. Gill
- Charles Griffiths
- John W Jones
- Harold Liddle
- Michael Myers
- Stewart Martin
- Robert Miller
- Robert Pownall
- John Plimmer
- Samuel Parsons
- David Skinner
- Frederick Staples
- James Steele
- George Topper
- Ernest Upham
- Walter Whittem

- Maria Evans
- AliceWright
- Laura McCredie
- Nellie Barron
- Edward Duthie
- Robert Wallace
- Walter Muir
- William Muir
- Arthur Davis
- Robert Shaw
- George Judd
- John Moreton
- Charles Reeves
- Steart Campell
- Charles Gawith
- Earle McKenzie
- Arthur Bethune
- James Curtis
- Samuel Kirker
- Oswald Bendall
- Simon Fraser
- John Clark

ART SCHOLARSHIPS, Wellington New Zealand 1897

A list of the PRIMARY DRAWING SCHOLARSHIPS from Wellington Dec 1897

- listed in order of merit

* Constance Le Sueur - Terrace
* Percy Dement - Mount Cook Boys
* Thomas Glen - Kilbirnie
* Edith Innes - Mount Cook Girls
* Fanny Thorton - South Wellington
* Charles Bolland - Mount Cook Boys
* Gladys Haggett - Kilbirnie
* Elsie Williams - Mount Cook Girls
* Totti Briggs - Mount Cook Girls
* Charles Hill - Clyde Quay
* Annie Newall - Clyde Quay

* Alfred Newson - Mount Cook Boys
* Charles L. Pettit - Clyde Quay
* F. Foster - Maynard, Petone
* Arthur V. Ilewitt - Kilbirnie
* Lottie Ogborne - Thordon
* Emily M. Tustin - Terrace
* Harry Mace - Thorndon
* Eveleen Browne - Thorndon
* Alex Brown - Clyde Quay
* Dorothy Brockett - Mount Cook Girls
* Lewis Silver - Kilbirnie
* Bertha Mowbray - Newtown
* Ernest Easton - Mount Cook Boys
* Ivy S. Scott - Terrace
* Thomas Johnstone - Mount Cook Boys
* Arthur Woolcott - Terrace
* Herbert Moir - Mount Cook Boys
* John Eteveneaux - Mount Cook Boys
* Thomas Barnes - Mount Cook Boys
* Alexander Halley - Mount Cook Boys
* Gordon Gavin - Thorndon
* Clifford Crowther - Mount Cook Boys
* Francis Roberts - Mount Cook Girls
* Percy W. Staples - Thordon
* Edward Hitchcock - Mount Cook Boys
* Florence Platt - Thorndon
* Henry Moschine - Newtown
* Mary E. Tasker - Mount Cook Girls
* Walter F. Clark - Thorndon
* Alfred Murdock - Thorndon
* John Cairns - Petone
* Charles Caddick - Mount Cook Boys
* Andrew Williams - Clyde Quay
* Arch. G. Henderson - South Wellington
* Walter Frethey - Thorndon
* Daisy Carmichael - Terace
* Gertrude Baldwin - Newtown
* Annie Armitage - Petone
* Nora Dick - Terrace
* Thomas Meston - Te Aro
* Elsie Benbow - Terrace
* Reginald Hickson - Thorndon
* Joseph Hart - Mount Cook Boys
* Ella Gill - Terrace
* Florence Moran - Thorndon
* Haldane Griffiths - Petone
* Duncan Stout - Terrace
* Alice Roadley - Te Aro
* Maud Mowatt - Te Aro
* Ethel Underwood - Mount Cook Girls

* Louis Hyams - Terrace
* Winifred Wallace - Thorndon
* Leila Tabuteau - Terrace
* John Fraser - Petone
* Violet Edwards - Mount Cook Girls
* Elsie May - Mount Cook Girls
* Ernest Rawson - Terrace
* Frank Gamble - Petone
* Ethel Anderson - Terrace
* Walter Ballinger - Terrace

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some residents of NELSON, New Zealand in June 1859

Nelson, June 30th 1859

AMBLER, Charles - Aorere

ANDERSON, Andrew - Stoke

AVIS, James - Pelorus

BARTLETT, J. - Waimea west

BATCHELOR, G.H. - Takaka

BEAUMONT, G.H.B - Australia Bank

BELFIELD, H. - Highfield


BEST, Job - Suburban South



BRIMER, Joseph

BRIMNER, Mr - Stoke

BROOKS, Mr - Wood
BROOKS, Mr - Collingwood

BROWN, Mr, shipwright

BURD, Alfred

CANNING, John, carpenter

CARTER, Mr - Wood

COLEY, James (registered)

CORNWALL, Mr - Toi-Toi Valley

COOPER. William

COWPER, James at Hooker and Kerr`s (2)


DAVIDSON, Mr - Stoke


DUNN, John - Diggings

DUTTON, James R. (registered 6)

EDEN, Mr, carpenter - Waimea Road


ESDAILE, James, - Ben-Opai, Wairau

EYLES - Daniel

EVANS, Captain, cutter Supply

GILES, Mr - Toi-Toi Valley



HAMMOND, A - Wakapuaka

HAMMOND, James, - Wairau

HARFORD, E - Waimea

HICKS, Mr - Stoke

HOOPER, Mr, ship-master

JUSTICE, James care of Edward Wilson


LILLY, Willam - Motueka

MANKS, Mr - Wakapuaka

MANSON, Mr - Wakapuaka

MEINEKE, Mr - Wakapuaka


MORAN, James, K., surveyor



McDONALD - Waimea Road

McKENZIE, Mary Ann
McKENZIE, Charles



NOBLE, Mr - Wairau (2)




PLATT, R. James

PORTER, Mr - Haven Road

POWELL, Mrs Henry

RAYNER, Mr - Wakapuaka

REYNOLDS, Mr, farmer

ROYDS, Thomas

SCOTT, Richard B, - Suburban North

SMALLEY, William

SMITH, William - Gaol

STANTON, Mr - Waimea Road

TAYLOR R. - Collingwood

TEAR, Richard - Stoke



VALLER, A - Haven Road

WALLIS, Robert A - Happy Valley



WATSON, Mrs - Stoke

WHITE, Henry

WILLIAMS, H - Wakapuaka

WILKINS, T - Wakapuaka

WILSON, R, farmer - Grange



B. WALMSLEY - Chief Postmaster of the Province

Abraham DOWSETT 1813 - 1870 Blackmore Essex to Wellington NZ

Abraham DOWSETT was born 4th November 1813 in Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex
- he married Ann MEAD in 1838.
Ann was born 1814 in Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex
She died in England in 1848
They had 5 children.
Ann Mead Dowsett was their last born ( November 1848 )
- both the baby and mother Ann died that same month.

Abraham remarried the following year to Eliza Suzannah KING
Eliza was born 1816 in Clapham Parish, Surrey, England
She died in New Zealand 1881
- they had 4 children

Children from Abraham's first marriage were:

* Charles Edward Dowsett 1838 Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex
- he married Ann ?
- he died on the 27th October 1910 at his residence, 11 Stoke-street, Wellington, after a short illness

* Frederick William Mead Dowsett 1841 Herefordshire
- he married Mary Ann HARRIS - she was born 1844 in Johnsonville, daughter of Luke Harris and Charlotte Newman
- in the 1897 publication of The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District] it stated they had 10 children and that 5 children were still living in 1897. I have 14 children for them so would like help in verifying these children - visit their tree at the above link ...
- he died 15th September 1914 and is buried in Newman Cemetery Eketahuna

* Sophia Ann Dowsett 1843 Essex, England
- she married Henry NEWSON in 1873 in Abraham's home, Wellington
- she died ?

* Jessie Levina Louisa Dowsett 1846 Essex England
- she married James Henry OVEREND in St Paul's Thorndon, Wellington in 1864 - he was born 1838 in Leeds, Yorkshire, died 1905 in Wellington and buried Karori
- they had 9 children

* Ann Mead Dowsett born November 1848 in Essex died November 1848

The children of Abraham's second marriage were:

* David Dowsett 1850 in Clapham, Surrey, England
- I have no further information on David except he emigrated to New Zealand with the rest of the family when he was 6 OR he was registered to leave but didn't ?? he is on the ships list

* Emily Susannah Dowsett 1852 Clapham, Surrey
- she married George WEBSTER in 1874 at St Johns Presbyterian Church, Willis St, Wellington - he was a cab driver

* Charlotte Eliza Dowsett 1874 in Clapham Surrey
- nothing else is known of Charlotte except she emigrated at the age of 2

* Sarah Ann Dowsett 1856 in Clapham Durrey
- she married John WILSON (6 known children at this time)

On the 14th February 1857 Abraham and Eliza emigrated to New Zealand on the ALMA arriving in Wellington on the 15th May 1857
With them was
Charles aged 18
Frederick William Mead aged 17
Sophia Ann aged 13
Jesse Lavinia Louisa aged 10
David aged 6
Emily Susannah aged 4
Charlotte Eliza 2
Sarah Ann an infant

In New Zealand in about 1859 they had another daughter
* Alice Louisa Dowsett
- she married Herbert FREEMAN - from page 1097 of the Otaki section of the Cyclopedia of New Zealand, a "Mr Herbert Freeman was a Coachbuilder, Wheelwright, and General Blacksmith, Otaki Coach Factory, Otaki.
He was born in Norwich, England, and served his apprenticeship in Placton-on-Sea, in Essex. He came to New Zealand in 1873, per ship "La Hague." Being a competent workman, he readily obtained employment on landing, having no less than six offers of work before leaving the ship. Mr. Freeman has been a very busy man ever since his arrival in the Colony, and on no occasion has he been without employment. The Otaki Coach Factory, which was established in 1879, has turned out a great number of vehicles of all descriptions. Mr. Freeman, having had a large experience in connection with the trade, purchased the business in 1880, and under his energetic guidance a considerable trade is done. The factory is a building of wood and iron, which contains some 2000 square feet of floorage space. A staff of skilled workmen assist in the work. The trade extends throughout the large district of which Otaki is the centre."

Abraham Dowsett died on the 23rd February 1870 by drowning in the Wellington Harbour - he was 57
His wife Eliza died 11 years later aged 65

ZENOPHOEN BAILEY 1837-1920 in Dunedin New Zealand

Who was Zenophoen Bailey ?
Where was he born ?
When did he emigrate to New Zealand ?

He married Emma Bridge Candlin 1840-1913

He was living in Borthwick St, Mornington, Dunedin at the time of his death in 1920 and was a bootmaker
Emma was living i Havelock St, Mornington, Dunedin 7 years prior

I only have 2 children at this time:
Samuel George Bailey born 1878
Susannah Bailey born ? - died 1944
- she married Gustave Forsyth born 1858 in Sweden - he was a sailor

Do you have any info on this family ...

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Who was ASAPH GRIFFITHS - UK to Canterbury, NZ 1859

Charles Griffiths aged 35, with his wife Mary aged 30, emigrated to New Zealand on the ZELANDIA, arriving in Lyttelton on November 14th 1859

In the Geraldine District (Canterbury) in 1876-77 a Charles Griffiths had freehold Section 8202, 80 acres, at Orari

With them were 3 children
* 14 year old Eliza Griffiths (sister or daughter ?)
* 7 year old Ephraim Griffiths born 14th June 1852 died 1915 in Timaru - he married Emma Beckingham
* 2 year old Asaph Griffiths

I would very much like to know what happened to Eliza and Asaph
their spouses, lives, burial details etc

Cannot find Asaph Griffiths in the New Zealand BDM so he may have changed his name or he may have died at sea during the voyage ...

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The booksellers, librarians, printers and those that worked in the industry in Wellington, New Zealand 1866

Bannister E Printer Cuba St
Blundell J Printer Taranaki St
Bull C Bookbinder Thorndon Qu ay
Bull E Printer Ingestre St
Bull J Printer Cuba St
Bull J "Advertiser" Lambton Qu
Burrett R bookbinder Manners St
Carpenter R. H. Bookseller Molesworth St
Costall J Printer Hill St
Didsbury Printer Johns St
Grigg E Printer Taranaki St
Johns S Printer Ghuznee St
McKenzie T Printer Ghuznee St
Muir J Printer Ghuznee St
Muir W Printer Wellington Tce
Oakley J Printer Thorndon Quay
Ramsay G Printer Cuba St
Smith E. G. Music Seller Lambton Quay
Standwell T. W Printer Wellington Tce
Stark J Printer Ingestre St
Stoddart J Printer Hopper St
Stokes R Printer Woolcombe St
Sutherland N Printer Pipitea St
Waters J Printer Courtenay Pl
Watson J Printer Hawker St