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Elizabeth Ann DAPSON + Thomas AVERY - Taita New Zealand

Elizabeth Ann DAPSON was born in 1798 in England
- she married Thomas AVERY in Staplehurst, Cranbrooke, England about 1820. Thomas was born 5 August 1802 in Staplehurst, one of at least 12 children of James AVERY & his 2nd wife Ann KITE

In November 1839 they boarded the "BOLTON" with 8 children, arriving in New Zealand in April 1840 - see them on this site:
Thomas AVERY.

Their last child Eliza, was born in New Zealand in 1840 not long after arriving. Eliza died as an infant

Their 1st child, Elizabeth, (1820-1877) was 19 when they emigrated and she stayed behind - maybe she was married or was about to be

Their 2nd child, Harriet, (1822) married Dr Jonathan MANNING/MANNERING

Their 3rd child, George, (1824-1903) married Charlotte TANDY

Their 4th child, Charles, (1826-1866) did not marry

Their 5th child, Ann, (1828-1906) married Peter HUME

Their 6th child, Mary, (1830-1912) married Isaac Mason HILL

Their 7th child, Sarah, (1832-1871) married James Baberfeild JACKSON

Thier 8th child, Ellen, (1834-1919) married Charles SAYWELL

Their 9th child, Stephen, (1839-1902)
- he partnered with Eliza HOOPER (1832-1912)
- read her 'colouful life' at her link above
- he married Marion STEWART (1834-1895) in 1869
- he next married Sarah Jane COLLARD (1854-1931)

Any further information on Thomas and Elizabeth and their extensive family is always appreciated
REMEMBER to visit the above site from time to time to view their family tree and check what info is required

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Henry DRYDEN and his wife Mary Ann EAGLE married in New Zealand in 1865. He was from Scotland and she was from Poplar, West London
- Mary Ann died 28 March 1880 aged 35, leaving 5 children aged 5 to 14
- Henry remarried 14 August 1880 to Frances Sarah McCREDIE (1847-1921)

See their lineage here HENRY DRYDEN

the 5 known children of Henry Dryden & Mary Ann Eagle:
1866 - 1958 Henry Ernest Dryden
- married Mary Braithwaite
1867 - 1949 Janet Hannah Dryden
- married Alexander Ramsay
1869 - 1953 Alice Mary Dryden
- married Wakeford Cox
1871 - ? Zoe Dryden
- married Percy Simpson
1875 - 1912 Lena Dryden
- Lena did not marry
- she died in Craigielea, Karori, Wellington after a long illness aged 37

thanks to "Ryder" for the following ...

about their 1st born, Henry Ernest Dryden:-

1866 - 1958 Henry Ernest Dryden
- Henry married Mary BRAITHWAITHE (1867-1943)
- they were both cremated at Karori, Wellington

the children of Henry Ernest & Mary Louisa were:

1891 - 1971 Orlando Dryden
- Orlando married Edith Mary LYNOTT

1893 - 1959 Leslie Roy Dryden
- Leslie married Dorothy Helen HAMMON

1896 - 1973 Hilda May Dryden
- Hilda did not marry, she was cremated at Karori, Wellington

1898 - 1976 Daphne Mary Dryden
- Daphne married John Hamilton MILES

1899 - 1977 Edwin Gilbert Dryden
- no spouse found

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ALEXANDER RAMSAY - father and son - New Zealand

Any information please on Alexander Ramsay born about 1834, don't know where, emigrated to New Zealand. don't know when.

His wife Elizabeth Woodman was born on board the BOLTON in 1839 on the way to New Zealand.
Her parents were Thomas Woodman born about 1810 in Farleigh, Maidstone Kent and Mary Lovelock born 1809 in East Farleigh, Maidstone, Kent.
Elizabeth was also married to Frederick Russell - unknown in which order...
Alexander and Elizabeth's son Alexander Ramsay was born about 1860 in New Zealand.
He married Janet Dryden at St Mary's Church in Karori, Wellington in 1892
Janet's parents were Henry Dyrden from Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland and Mary Ann Eagle form Poplar, West London

Do you have any info please on the Ramsay line of descendants

See them here on my tree and maybe you could contact me with more


Thomas WOODMAN was born 1809 in ,Kent,England, and died 19 NOV 1849 in Tawa,New Zealnd
- He was the son of Robert WOODMAN and Elizabeth.

5. Mary LOVELOCK was born 20 NOV 1808 in Tonbridge,Kent,England, was christened 9 APR 1809 in Tonbridge, Kent, England and died 24 FEB 1883 in Tawa, New Zealnd
- She was the daughter of Levi LOVELOCK and Charlotte BRISENDEN.

Children of Mary LOVELOCK and Thomas WOODMAN are:

John WOODMAN LOVELOCK was born 29 AUG 1831 in Kent, England, was christened 23 OCT 1831 in East Farleigh, Kent, England and died 9 FEB 1911 in Pauatahanui, NZ.

William Lovelock WOODMAN was born 1 AUG 1833 in Kent, England, was christened 13 OCT 1833 in East Farleigh, Kent, England, and died 25 AUG 1900 in Wellington
- He married Elizabeth SMITH 5 APR 1862 in Wellington,NZ. She was born 1837 and died 31 MAR 1920.

Thomas WOODMAN was born 26 APR 1835 in East Farleigh, Kent, England, was christened 26 APR 1835 in East Farleigh, Kent, England, and died 13 NOV 1902 in Wellington, New Zealand..
- He married Jane MITCHELL(NEE STAGG) 1859. She was born ABT 1819 in Wellington, New Zealand..

Susannah WOODMAN was born 1838 in Kent, England, was christened 4 FEB 1838 in East Farleigh, Kent, England and died 1854 in New Zealand
- She married Edward HUNT 19 JAN 1840 in Bearsted, Kent, England, son of Henry & Ann HUNT
- He was christened 17 APR 1818 in All Saints, Maidstone, Kent, England
- died ABT 1860 in Reefton

Elizabeth WOODMAN was born 1840 in at sea enroute to NZ and died 25 JUL 1910 in NZ.
- She married Alex RAMSAY. He was born ABT 1835 in
- She married Frederick RUSSELL. He was born ABT 1835 .

Eleanor WOODMAN was born ABT 1835 in Wellington
- She married John JONES 1870 in Wellington
- He was born ABT 1835 and died 25 APR 1891 in Pauatahanui

Richard WOODMAN was born ABT 1835
- He married Elizabeth MUIR. She was born ABT 1835.

Robert WOODMAN was born ABT 1850
- He married Selina FURSE. She was born 1856 and died 17 JUN 1938.

PRICE: Ezekial Hartridge (1826 of Kent, England) son Stephen John Price 1851-1918 emigrated to New Zealand

Ezekial Hartridge Price was born 1826 in Kent, England
- he married Sarah SIMS in 1851

Their son Stephen John Price was born about 1851 in Brabourne - 18km W of Folkstone, Kent
- he married Evelina Carolyn Dryland
- Evelina was also born in Brabourne

They emigrated to New Zealand on the WENNINGTON on 21st January 1874 and arrived 28th April 1872 in Wellington.
They decided to settle in Masterton and took the wagon ride which took 2 to 3 days back in 1874, (today it takes less than 2 hours)

Their first residence was in Opaki Rd., then Upper Plain Rd., then Cornwall St., where they remained

Their known children were:

... Ezekial George Price 1873 - 1946
- born in Brabourne, England
- emigrated when he was 1 year old
- he married Elizabeth Ellen Cade in 1895
- they had 9 children

... Esther Marsh Price 1876 - 1958
- she married Martin Casy Andrew in 1898
- they lived for a time in Te Awamutu
- they were living in Cobden St Auckland in 1954
- they had 12 children

... Annie Price 1877 - ?
- she had Leonard Charles Price in 1898
- she married Reginald Shaw in 1900
- they had 3 (known) children

... John "Jack" Price 1879 - 1904
- he died in Masterton Hospital from injuries received in the Boer War

... Stephen John Price 1879 - ?
- he married Lucy Brown in 1902

... William Alfred Price 1883 - 1898
- he died aged 15 in Masterton

... Beatrice Louisa Price 1884 - ?
- she married William Dally
- they lived for a time in Dannevirke
- they moved to Australia
- they did not have children

... Rose Evelyn Price 1885 - 1967
- she married Patrick William Reardon in 1902
- in 1918 they were in Palmerston North
- in 1938 they were in Taumarunui

... Charles Frederick Price 1887 - 1965
- he married Muriel Fayen in 1917 in Masterton
- he served in France in 1918

... Benjamin Thomas Price 1891 - 1978
- he was in in Upper Plain, Masterton
- he married Nina Reece in 1921
- they had 7 children
- At the time of his father`s death in 1918 Private Benjamin was in a hospital in Glasgow
- In 1938 he was living in Mamaku, Rotorua
- then later moved to Thames

Check these people on this site PRICEs in NZ
and all their descendants to see if you recognise anyone.

I would appreciate any help with any more info or mistakes

Information please on JOSEPH POLGLASE b.1847 at ? d.1929 at Pahiatua NZ

Joseph Polgalse b.1847, married Caroline Tannant b.1851, in 1873 near Motueka New Zealand.
I would like some information on how they got to NZ - where they were from - (someone was from the Channel Islands) and their children and childrens spouses etc.
Can you help?

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GIUSEPPE AMADIO - Piedimonte d'Alife, Italy - Northampton - Wellington

GIUSEPPE AMADIO was born 1705 in Piedimonte d'Alife by Piedemonte di Matese - 41km north of Caserta, Italy
- He married ISABELLA MALATESTA on 19 Oct 1738
- He married Giovanna Giacoboni on 9 Dec 1759

Giuseppe and Isabella had
- Angelo married DEMENICA LUCIA GERTRUDE SANTAFEDE on 23 June 1790
- the children of Angelo and Demenica:
FORTUNATO GIUSEPPE LUIGI (Antonio) AMADIO b.14 Oct 1801 in Rome, Italy.
- He emigrated to England and married twice
- his second wife, ANN MORRIS he married on 31 Aug 1840 in Northampton, England.

Fortunato and Ann had
FORTUNATO ANTONIO AMADIO born 13 Apr 1847 in Castle Ashby, Northampton, England - died 11 August 1885 in Wellington
[of interest: Fortunato is buried in Bolton St Cemetery along with the BLISS family - do you know who they were ??]
- He married FRANCES CAROLINE PHIPPS on 14 May 1866 in Birmingham, England.

Fortunato and Frances had 4 children then emigrated to New Zealand (with the surviving 3 children), sometime between 1876 and 1879

... 1
1886 - 1943 Henry Antonio Amadio
- he married Jean Hogarth
- he married Elia Helen Wilson

... 2
1870 - 1963 Lucy Anne Amadio
- she married Rob Coltman in 1890

... 3
1872 - ? unknown child Amadio

... 4
1876 - 1963 Albert Fortunato Amadio
- (died 3 weeks after sister Lucy)
- he married Marie Louise Tarr in 1899
- he married Elizabeth Keen in 1920

They had 4 more children in Wellington:
... 5
* Frances Maude Amadio b.1879 - d.1973
- she married William Bowick in 1898

... 6
1881 - 1963 Samuel Clement Amadio
- (died 2 months after brother Albert & 3 months after sister Lucy)
- he married Lucy Norman in 1904

... 7
- born 22 April 1883 in Wellington died 19th August 1874
- She married *EDWARD STENT on 6 Oct 1908

... 8
1885 - 1960 Florence May Amadio
- she married Frank Howie

* Edward Stent's parents were
- Emma was the daughter of the mariner-whaler
JAMES HAYTER one of the first 50 settlers in New Zealand
- He spent the early years on Kapiti Island, Wellington with the Maori chief, Te RAUPARAHA before setting up his own whaling station in Jackson's Bay, Tory Channel, Marlborough, New Zealand

Emma's first husband was John LYNDS - they had 3 children, the first 2 were a set of twins, Thomas and Louisa Lynds
Their third child, William James Lynds, died aged 16 in Jericho, Queensland, Australia, from wounds received in the Boer War

Emma Lynds-Jacksonand her 2nd husband, Charles Stent had 11 children from 1876 to 1896 before they married in 1904,
(1896 was also the year Emma's first husband John Lynd died)

Their last child, Richard Stent b.1896 was killed aged 20 in WW1.

Charles Stent was the 1st child of 8 children to
Charles STENT and Sarah PECK of England.

See all these names and their spouses, ancestors and descendents on

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Two young men from the same small town - Martinborough, NZ - killed in the same place - on the same day

William Holditch RADCLIFFE born 1897 and
George Pain Hutchisen HARRIS born 1891

Both born in Martinborough, Wairarapa, New Zealand.
Both sent to fight in the SOMME, FRANCE
Both killed in action on the same day, 15th September 1916 - on the same field ...
Both buried in Caterpillar Valley, Somme, France.

Letter of thanks written to the Captain of the "KATHERINE STEWART FORBES' that arrived in Port Nicholson (Wellington NZ) in 1841

A number of people sent a letter of thanks to Captain Hobbs through the Evening Post newspaper, dated 10th July 1841

James MARSHALL+ Mary Ann MOSLEY - from Warwickshire to Wellington

Can you please fill in the gaps for James MARSHALL (born 1823 in Warwickshire), emigrated with his wife Mary Ann Mosley (1824-1876) on the Thomas Harrison which left London on the 16 May 1842, arriving in Nelson 25 October 1842

They had 15 children in New Zealand, the first 4 were born in Nelson. They then went to the Australian Goldfields and had 2 more children in Bendigo. When they returned they had another 9 in Wellington...
- (see notes on the 16th child i have here, Mary Hannah) -

Help would be appreciated on the birth place of Alfred James, 1866

Their children were:

Mary Ann Marshall
born 1845 in Nelson
Mary Ann died in 1845 aged 2 months

Elizabeth Jane Marshall
born 1847 Nelson
had a daughter, Mary Hannah Marshall in 1871 (see last entry)
married Patrick McLOUGHLIN in 1887
Elizabeth died in 1887 aged 40

Ann Marshall
born June 1849
twin with Susannah
died Sept 1849 aged 2 months

Susannah Marshall
born June 1849
twin with Ann
died October 184 aged 3 months

Emma Jane Marshall
born 1851 in Bendigo Australia
married Charles Vivian HOBBS in Wellington 1869 and had 6 children
- Charles died in 1878
Emma remarried in 1880 in Johnsonville to George Henry CROWE
- they had 10 children
Emma died in Woodville aged 62 & is buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery

John Isaac Marshall
born 1852 in Bendigo Australia
married Emily TAYLOR in 1877, had 9 children in Marton
John died in 1936 aged 83

Sarah Kibbler Marshall
born 1855 in Johnsonville
married Henry Thomas MARTIN in Wellington 1872
- they had 11 children
Sarah died in 1902 aged 47 in Cheltenham, Feilding

George Marshall
born 1856 in Wellington
he died in 1865 aged 8

Aice Marshall
born 1858 in Wellington
married Patrick CROWE in 1873 in Johnsonville
- had 12 children
Alice died in Levin in 1933 aged 55

William Marshall
born 1859 in Wellington
married Carried ?? and had at least 6 children

Thomas Edward Marshall
born 1861 in Wellington
married Laura BROWN in 1881 in Otaki
- had 9 childrenin Johnsonville
Thomas died in Johnsonville in 1921 aged 59

Edward Marshall
born January 1863
died November 1864 aged 22 months

Fred Marshall
born 1865 in Johnsonville
married Eliza Jane KNUCKLEY in 1886 in Wellington
- had 9 children
Fred died in 1945 aged 80

Alfred James Marshall
* born 1866
married Agnes Bridget O'BRIEN on 30 March 1891
- had 17 children from 1892 to 1910
- some were born in the Manawatu areas of Woodville & Feilding
Alfred & Agnes are buried in Whakatane

Anna Maria Marshall
born 1868 in Wellington
- nothing known

Mary Hannah Marshall
born June 1871
child of Elizabeth Jane Marshal (see above)
Elizabeth was unmarried at the time so probable that James and Mary brought Mary Hannah up, at least until ELizabeth married the following year. I leave her here for now
May married John GRAY in 1892
- they had 5 children and brought up Clifford James (Westbury), the son of her mother's sister Maria
- he died in Wellington Hospital in 1903 aged 33
Mary married Percy Leopold SWAN (1871-1956) of Australia in 1905
- they had 3 known children
Mary died in 1938 aged 67

* ... a message on 15-1-2011 from Martin K... asking if it could be verified if Alfred James Marshall was really born in Taita. As most of his siblings were born in Johnsonville it does seem a little strange. Can you please help ??

Do you know of Alfred James Marshall and his wife Agnes O'Brien and their children (I have one)

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William RADCLIFFE - Liverpool - Masterton

Do you have any information on the Radcliffes of the Wairarapa please.
Mainly the spouses of these Radcliffes:
Some were born in the Wairarapa, some in the Hutt.

William RADCLIFFE was born 18 July 1857 in Liverpool
he married Amelia "Minnie" BRAY 11 Jan 1892 in Masterton
WILLIAM died in Petone 13 Feb 1935 & buried in Karori

I still do not know the ships on which he or wife Minnie emigrated on.

Thanks to all who helped me find all the children
- they were:

... 1
1891 - 1979 Olive Dora Radcliffe

- born 22 June 1891 in Masterton
- husband not yet found
- she died 22 July 1979 in Silverstream Hospital, Lower Hutt
- buried in Karori cemetery

... 2
1892 - 1943 Minnie Louisa Radcliffe

- born 25 Dec (Xmas Day) 1892 in Martinborough
- Minnie married Søren 'Samuel' ROIGARD (1870-1946) in 1943 (before April)
- Søren lived in Mauriceville, Wairarapa in the early 1900s
- the 6 children of Minnie (kindly provided by Pauline below):
* 1910 - Clifford Samuel Roigard (born 24 Aug 1910 as Roigard)
* 1912 - Ella Mavis Roigard (born 2 November 1912)
* 1913 - Gladys Evelyn Roigard (born 11 December 1913)
* 1915 - 1987 Richard 'Dick' Roigard
* 1919 - 2001 Kenneth Mervyn Roigard
- In Sep 1939 Kenneth Mervyn Roigard enlisted for war at the Hutt Valley recruiting Office in Petone. In June 1941 Kenneth was missing in war, his next of kin was his father, S. Roigard of Mauriceville. In Nov 1941 Kenneth was a Prisoner Of War, his next of kin was his father S. Roigard, c/o Mrs C. Smith, Rangiwahia (23km west of Ohingaiti, north Manawatu). In March 1945 he was reported safe in Odessa, his next of kin was his father S. Roigard of West Street, Greytown. In Oct 1945 he returned from war on the 'Dominion Monarch' to Whiteman's Valley, Upper Hutt
* 1924 - 2006 Pearl Yvonne Kempton/Roigard
- born 6th Oct 1924 to George Walter Kempton (born 1864 Greytown - died 1930 Carterton) & Minnie Radcliffe (they did not marry).
* George Walter Kempton had married Alice GRAY (1863-1931) in 1885, had 2 children & separated.
* George Walter Kempton & Alice Amelia PRICE (1885-1961 fomerly FARMER) lived together for a number of years, had 2 children & separated.
* George Walter Kempton & Minnie Louisa Radcliffe lived together, had at least one daughter, Pearl 'Paula' as above & separated before 1943
- Pearl's name was Roigard in at least 1933 when she was 8 and lived in Masterton. She was living in the Hutt by 1936. She was at the Hutt Valley Memorial Technical College in 1938. She married in 1944 to Alexander McHATTIE (1920-2007), buried Masterton

MINNIE died 30 April 1943 in Wellington Hospital aged 51
30 April 1943 The Friends of Mr Samuel Roigard are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved wife, Minnie Louisa, which will leave the Salvation Army hall, Sydney St., Petone, on Saturday, May 1, 1943, at the conclusion of a Service commencing at 2.15 p.m., for the Karori Cemetery.
30 April 1945 In loving memory of mother, who passed away April 30, 1943
Always in our thoughts.
- Inserted by son and daughter-in-law, Dick (overseas) and Violet

... 3
1895 - 1933 Annie Elizabeth 'Nancy' Radcliffe

- born 29 June 1895 in Martinborough, Wairarapa
- married Henry Prout ROBERTS in 1916
ANNIE died 10 May 1933 in Petone, Wellington
- buried in Karori cemetery

... 4
1897 - 1916 William 'Willie' Holditch Radcliffe

- born 25 Sep 1897 in Masterton
NEXT OF KIN: William & Minnie Radcliffe 59 Esplanade, Petone
EMBARKMENT DATE: 4th March 1916
PLACE OF EMBARKMENT: Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL: Willochra or Tofua
LAST UNIT SERVED - New Zealand Rifle Brigade
- KILLED IN ACTION Somme, France 13 Sep 1916
MEMORIAL: Caterpillar Valley (New Zealand) MEMORIAL

RADCLIFFE, In sad but loving memory of my dear brother, Rifleman William Holditch Radcliffe, 24/2078, C Company, 4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B., who was killed in action in France, September 15th, 1916 aged 19 years
...His country called and he answered
...As all good and willing boys did.
...Now when we see old familiar faces returning,
...And our dear little Willie returns no more.
...Oh, no one knows the pain we bear,
...And how our hearts still ache,
...For God and His loved angels
...Have gained what we have lost.
...How sweet your memory still,
...Your loving ways and smiling face are pleasant to recall,
...But there's nothing left to answer now,
...Only your treasured photo on the wall.
- Inserted by his loving Sister, MINNIE ROIGARD

... 5
1899 - 1908 Percy Clifford Radcliffe

- born 13 Sep 1899 in Kuripuni, Masterton
- he died 14 May 1908 aged 9 in Mauriceville

... 6
1902 - 1997 Florence Frances Darlington 'Florrie' Radcliffe

- born 29 March 1902 in Mauriceville
- married Carl Edward LARSEN in 1921
- she died 14 March 1997 aged 94

... 7
1903 - 1993 Clarice Evelyn Blundell Radcliffe

- born 10 Dec 1903 in Mauriceville
- married Alfred Reuben BUCKLAND (1893-1958) in 1926
CLARICE died aged 90

... 8
1907 - ? Gladys Darlington Radcliffe

- born 6 April 1907 in Mauriceville
- nothing else known

... 9
1909 - 1980 Darrell Clifford Radcliffe

- born 12 Dec 1909 in Lower Hutt
- died 20 Aug 1980 in Ngawhatu Hospital, Nelson

... 10
1911 - 1988 Percival Henry Fowler 'Val' Radcliffe

- born 2 Oct 1911 in Lower Hutt
- he died 16 Dec 1988 in Wanganui
- buried Aramoho cemetery

... 11
1913 - 1997 Amelia 'Milly' Radcliffe

- born 9 Oct 1913 in Lower Hutt
MILLY died 6 Aug 1887 in Aroha Rest Home, Taita, Lower Hutt
- buried Karori cemetery

more information would be appreciated ...


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