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Who were the children of Adolph Adwin Amundsen & Anna Mara Southee in New Zealand

Adolph Adwin Amindsen was born in Ormondville, in the Manawatu, New Zealand
His father was Amind Amindsen MALDERSEN Amundsen from Grue, in Norway
His mother was Elise LARSDATTER Waalberget also from Norway

Adolph married Anna Maria Southee in Taihape, New Zealand in 1919

Anna Southee's parents were George Southee b.1864 in Lowry Bay, Wellington and her mother was Emma Hedges from Chakrata, India

I believe that Adolph and Anna had at least 10 children
I would like to know who they were

Can you help please

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Maisy Edna Minnie KEMPTON of Carterton, Wairarapa

Maisy Edna Minnie KEMPTON
was born 1907 to Frank Valentine KEMPTON & Minnie SULLIVAN
her father was 1 of 16 children of Thomas KEMPTON & Elizabeth Mary HODDER

DEATH of her grandfather Thomas KEMPTON
Dominion, 2 May 1910 A PIONEER SETTLER

Another pioneer settler has passed away in the person of Mr Thomas Kempton, of Elm Grove, Greytown, who died on Friday night. The deceased came to this Dominion in the ship Adelaide, with his parents, in 1840. This is the same boat as Mr T. W. McKenzie, of Wellington, came out in. Mr Kempton lived in Wellington from that date till 1854, when he travelled to the Wairarapa district, which was but little known in those days. He arrived there on march 23, 1854, and one of his first actions was to get a spade and turn what he claims to be the first sod in the Wairarapa. Recently, in going over his experiences, he said the road at that time was formed to the summit of the old Rimutaka Road, and from thence it was only a bridle track to Featherston, from whence it was a poor track to Greytown.
The communication between the Wairarapa and Wellington was abruptly ended for some time by the heavy earthquakes of 1855, which brought down the hillsides and blocked the road. He drove the first four-bullock dray over the road on July 7, 1856, with one tom of merchandise on board and three weeks later the second load was driven over. Regarding the old Queen's Wharf, he claimed cutting the first pule for that contract in 1862, but owing to the difficulty of haulage the piles had to be obtained nearer to Wellington. Among his other experiences he owned for a time the old "Rising Sun" at the south end of Greytown, but in 1860 he left that and took up the homestead bow owned by him, the "Elm Grove," and practically lived there ever since.
As a horticulturalist he was for many years a leading light in the Wairarapa, and kept the association going by his large number of exhibits. He was the first to traverse the Tararuas, and the Natives said he would never come back again. He used to tell of his experience with the Maori, and how he gained their confidence, and could go out and work where no other pakeha dared go. When Dr Featherston came up to the Wairarapa to form a defence corps, he first consulted the deceased, and there was great excitement when the first lot of rifles and ammunition reached Greytown. Mr Kempton was called on to store and protect them till proper arrangements were made.
He married the eldest daughter of Mr W. Hodder, who had the Golden Fleece Hotel at the Pakaratahi (sic, Pakuratahi) in the early days. He was married in June 1859, and the issue of the marriage was eight boys and eight girls, twelve of whom are still living. There are fifty-six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. At the time of his death he was 74 years of age, and his wife had predeceased him some three years.
The deceased had been in bad health for some time. and passed away as stated at a nursing home at Carterton, but will be buried from "Elm Grove," Greytown, in the local cemetery

MAISIE EDNA MINNINE Kempton married Ralph Oswald RAYNER (probably in Carterton) in 1926
I would like to know if she had any siblings and names of any of her children

Ralph Oswald Rayner (1906-1962 )was born & died in Carterton
His parents were:
* 1865 - 1943 Richard Benjamin RAYNER, born in Carterton
* 1871 - 1921 Maria Elizabeth COMPTON, also born in Carterton
- they are Archer Street Cemetery, Masterton

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Evelyn Bellevue COTTLE (15th child) born Taita, NZ 1888

Charles Joseph COTTLE (1838-1918)
was born 22 Feb 1838 in Swainswick, Bath, England to:
Charles COTTLE (1811-1841) & Mary DIAMOND (1811-1841)
- they arrived into Wellington 11 June 1841 on the 'Catherine Stuart Forbes'
- his parents both died in Wellington in 1841, shortly after arrival. Charles and his brother William were then bought up by John & Amelia Gill who were later to become Charles's inlaws

Mary Ann GILL (1844-1905)
was born 22 Jan 1844 in Wellington, New Zealand to:
John GILL (1818-) & Amelia TURNER (1807-1876)
- they had arrived into Wellington 30 Nov 1841 on the Gertrude
- her parents died in Wellington & buried Bolton street

Charles Joseph COTTLE married Mary Ann GILL
on Christmas Day 1861 in St Pauls Church, Thorndon, Wellington

CHARLES & MARY ANN had 15 children
9 boys & 6 girls and a gap of 26 years youngest to oldest
4 of the COTTLE brothers married 4 EDWARDS sisters
* they were daughters of Robert EDWARDS & Eliza BENGE of the Hutt Valley
* & grandaughters of David Benge, pioneer of Taita & Mangaroa

... 1
1862 - 1943 Joseph Japhet Cottle
- born 28 Sep 1862 (the name of his maternal grandfather Japhet Turner)
JOSEPH married Rebecca GEORGE (1863-1918) in 1888
the 10 children of JOSEPH & REBECCA:
* 1890 - 1965 Henry Joseph Cottle
* 1891 - 1981 Ada Elizabeth Cottle (+Percival Samuel Lett)
* 1892 - 1963 Charles Robert Cottle (+Bertha Florence Beech)
* 1894 - 1961 Annie Rebecca Cottle (+John Frederick Westhead)
* 1895 - 1955 Eileen Lillian 'Nellie' Cottle (+John Bruce Millar)
* 1897 - 1873 Maud Mary Cottle (+Arthur Caesar Cretney)
* 1899 - 1965 Winifred Florence Cottle (+Walter 'Leslie' John Hale)
* 1900 - 1977 William John Cottle (+Pearl Daken)
* 1902 - 1972 Olive Grace Cottle (+Allan Campbell)
* 1907 - 1908 Thomas Edward Cottle (aged 20 months)
REBECCA Cottle died 3 Nov 1918 in Masterton aged 55
Dominion, 4 November 1918
... COTTLE - On November 3, at her residence, Kopuranga, Rebecca, beloved wife of J. J. Cottle (suddenly). Deeply regretted. Funeral will leave Masterton 1 p.m. Tuesday, November 5.
... The death is announced of a well-known and greatly-respected old resident of Kopuranga, Mrs Cottle, at the age of 55. Mrs Cottle, who leaves a husband and grown up family of nine children, was the youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Thomas George, of Tinakori-road, and sister of Mrs Slight of Paekakariri, and Mrs George Carter, Russell-terrace. There are also several brothers resident in Wellington and the Wairarapa district.
JOSEPH next married Ida Lillian CARTER (1891-1974) in 1923
- daughter of George Petoni CARTER (1840-1919) & Emma GEORGE (1848-1939)
...Ida's mother Emma was a sister of Joseph's first wife Rebecca
...see more about George Petoni & Emma Carter at footnotes below
the 3 children of JOSEPH & IDA:
* 1924 - 2007 Joseph Petoni 'Toni' Cottle (+Edith Lillian 'Joyce' Southee)
* 1925 - Thomas James 'Tom' Cottle (+Lourdes 'Lulu' Cruz)
* 1928 - 1949 Dorothy Ida Cottle (+Maurice King Phillips)
JOSEPH JAPHET Cottle died 22 Aug 1943 in Masterton
- he is buried Plot JJC, Row A, Old Ground at Archer street with Rebecca

... 2
1864 - 1894 Frederick Charles Cottle
- born 7 March 1864
FREDERICK died 28 January 1894 aged 29 in Belmont, Lower Hutt
Wairarapa Daily Times, 30 January 1894 Suicide At The Hutt
- he is buried in the Old Taita cemetery

... 3
1865 - 1942 Hannah Jane Cottle
- born 26 December 1865 in Wellington
HANNAH married James William FOX in Belmont, Lower Hutt 3 Jan 1894
- son of James William FOX & Helen Burns TANNAHILL
the children of HANNAH & JAMES:
* 1895 - 1958 James Charles Fox (+Mary Catherine Florence)
* 1897 - 1957 Charles Joseph Fox (+Ina Phyllis Hancox)
* 1898 - 1899 Alfred William Fox (died aged 5 weeks in Taita)
* 1900 - 1969 Mary Ellen 'Winifred' Fox (+Alexander Hutton Kidd)
* 1902 - 1972 Leslie George Fox (+Evelyn Beryl Una Hancox)
* 1903 - 1985 Elsie Evelyn Lavinia Fox (+John Dafter)
* 1906 - 1993 Helena Henrietta Daphne Fox (+Alexander Robert Callander)
* 1911 - 1994 Ida Annie Rubina Fox (+Ronald Nigel Dugan Strickland. Died Canada)
JAMES WILLIAM Fox died 21 Feb 1916 in Palmerston North hospital aged 56
HANNAH JANE Fox died 11 Nov 1942 at daughter Winifred's in Levin aged 76
- they are buried Plot 16, Block 6, Terrace End, Palmerston North

... 4
1867 - 1946 Edward William Cottle
- born 1 July 1867 in Taita
EDWARD married Hannah Mary PEARCE (1869-1945) in 1893
- daughter of James PEARCE & Letitia LAWSON
the children of EDWARD & HANNAH:
* 1893 - 1945 James Charles Edward Cottle (+Agnes McGiffe Rennie)
* 1898 - 1986 Mary Letitia Cottle (+William Charles Edwill Huse)
* 1904 - 1978 George Henry Cottle (+Dorothy Margaret Jackson)
HANNAH MARY Cottle died 24 March 1945
EDWARD WILLIAM Cottle died 25 March 1946 aged 79
- they are buried in St John's Anglican cemetery, Trentham

... 5
1868 - 1956 John Robert Cottle
- born 29 Dec 1868 in Taita
JOHN married Bertha Evelyn EDWARDS (1879-1966) 11 Dec 1895 in Wellington
the children of JOHN & BERTHA: (born in Taita)
* 1897 - 1974 Victor John Cottle (+Elsie McLeavey)
* 1901 - 1971 Alexander Vernon Cottle (+Mavis Leta Hawkins)
JOHN ROBERT Cottle died 3 June 1956 in Palmerston North
BERTHA EVELYN Cottle died 23 August 1966 in Palmerston North
- they are buried in Otaki

... 6
1870 - 1943 Charles Henry Cottle
- born 14 Nov 1870 in Taita
CHARLES married Alice Jessie EDWARDS (1873-1947) 4 July 1894 in Wellington
the children of CHARLES & ALICE:
* 1895 - 1987 Alice May Cottle (+Ward Richard Milton Pearce)
* 1897 - 1978 Horace Record Cottle (+Adina Beatty +Elizabeth Mason 'May'' Eagle)
* 1900 - 1992 Rosina Blanche Cottle (+John Maurice Parsons)
Ward Richard Milton Pearce who married Alice May Cottle was a brother of Hannah Mary Pearce, Alice's aunty (her father's sister) - see link at Hannah above

... 7
1872 - 1942 Mary Amelia Cottle
- born 20 Nov 1872 in the Wellington area (Taita?)
MARY married Ernest Edward GOSS (1866-1950) in 1891
- son of Samuel George GOSS (1835-1915) & Sarah STAMP (1835-1918)
the children of MARY & ERNEST:
* 1893 - 1976 Charles Ernest Samuel Goss (+Amy Ruby Elizabeth Cadwallader +Ella May Shannon)
* 1895 - 1961 William Edward Goss (+Jeanette Nicols)
* 1896 - 1977 Violet Selina Goss (+Walter James Hooper)
* 1897 - 1976 Ernest 'Arthur' Goss (+Ida Emma Northcott)
* 1900 - 1970 Stanley Norman Goss (+Myrtle Evelyn Herrick)
* 1901 - 1992 Alice Mary Goss (+William Henry 'Bill' Lawry +Alfred Charles Williams)
* 1904 - 1982 Albert Henry Goss (+Esther Irene Northcott)
* 1907 - 1982 Sarah May Goss (+Walter Erle 'Hutch' Hutchings)
* 1909 - 1984 Edward 'Digger' Goss (+Claire Salisbury)
* 1910 - 1989 Harry James Goss (+Adelaide King)
* 1912 - 1996 Alfred 'Claude' Goss (+Isabel Mary Rossiter)
MARY AMELIA Goss died 11 Dec 1942 in Levin
Evening Post, 11 January 1943 The death occurred recently in Levin of Mrs Mary Amelia Goss, who was born in Wellington 70 years ago, being the second daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Joseph Cottle, pioneers of Wellington, She was married to Mr Ernest Goss 51 years ago, farming first at Upper Belmont, then at Mangamaire, and later ar Nireha, where she lived for 32 years. Four years ago Mr and Mrs Goss retired and went to live in Levin. She is survived by her husband and eight sons, Messrs Charles, William, Stanley, and Claude Goss of Mireaha; Arthur Goss of Rata, Albert Goss of Shannon; Private Edward Goss, Rotorua and Gunner Harry Goss who is a prisoner of war in Italy; and three daughter, Mrs Walter Hooper, Newman; Mrs William Lowry, Pahiatua and Mrs Erle Hutchings, Eketahuna. There are 26 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Mrs Goss also leaves six brothers and four sisters
ERNEST EDWARD Goss died 20 Oct 1950 aged 84
- they are buried Grave 50B, Block AB at Mangaoranga, Eketahuna

... 8
1874 - 1912 James Viller/Villa 'Jim' Cottle
- born 12 June 1874 in Silverstream, Hutt Valley
JAMES married Elizabeth 'Liz' MacINTYRE (1877-1966) in 1897
- daughter of Charles McINTYRE (1835-1902) & Isabella Mary WATSON (1844-1924)
the children of JAMES & ELIZABETH:
* 1898 - 1918 Donald Charles Cottle (Killed in Action Le Cateau France)
* 1900 - 1979 Malcolm McDonald McIntyre Cottle (+Flora May Chalmers)
* 1901 - 1986 Isabelle Mary McIntyre Cottle (+David Joseph Welsh)
* 1907 - 1997 Ida Elizabeth Cottle (+William Patrick Marshment)
JAMES VILLER Cottle died 15 April 1912 aged 38 in Silverstream of Influenza
Hutt Valley Independent, 20 April 1912 We have to record the death, at his residence Silverstream, of Mr James Villa Cottle at the age of thirty-eight. Deceased was the sixth son of the well-known pioneer, settler, Mr C. Cottle of Wellington. His is the second death in the family of nine sons and six daughters, his brother Frederick having predeceased him a few years ago. Deceased married Elizabeth, (daughter of Mr. Charles McIntyre, a Wellington veteran), who bore him two sons and two daughters, the elder boy having recently left school.
Mr Cottle has been in failing health for some two years, lung trouble having followed upon a severe attack of influenza. He was sitting outside in the sun on Monday afternoon, and at 11.20 the same night was no more. The immediate cause of death was haemorrhage of the lungs.
The funeral took place on Thursday, at the Taita cemetery, the service being performed by the Rev. J. H. Sykes. "Jim" Cottle was deservedly popular, and the thirty-odd vehicles of friends which followed his remains to their last resting place bore testimony of the esteem in which he was held in the district.
ELIZABETH next married David JUDD (1855-1916) 20 Aug 1913
- son of William JUDD & Anne SAYERS (arrived Wellington 1840 'Martha Ridgway')
- David Judd 1st married Sarah Jane Parker in Wellington 1878 - 12 children
DAVID Judd died 10 Sep 1916 in Masterton aged 61
- he is buried in the Otaki cemetery
Wairarapa Daily Times, 11 September 1916 Mr David Judd, of Jubilee Rd., Otaki., died yesterday. The deceased, who was 61 years of age, was well-known throughout the Wairarapa, where a number of relatives reside. He leaves a widow and a family of eleven.
... The late Mr David Judd was born at the Hutt 61 years ago. As a young man he was a great athlete, and figured prominently on the running track, winning distinction time and again, especially in long distances, from one to three miles. On more than one occasion he defeated the professional J. Moran. He was also a first-class cricketer and footballer. He settled at Belmont, where he resided until about twelve years ago, when he purchased Messrs Jones Bros.' farm, Otaki, and went there to live.
ELIZABETH Judd died 8 August 1966 aged 89 in Wellington
- she was cremated at Karori

... 9
1876 - 1936 Alfred Belmont 'Pat' Cottle
- born 25 Jan 1876 in the Wellington area (Belmont?)
ALFRED married Alvina Louisa Eliza 'Teen' EDWARDS (1883-1957) in Masterton 1901 - they were farmers at Mount Bruce, Masterton in 1915
the children of ALFRED & ALVINA:
* 1902 - 1976 Alfred Roy Cottle (+Mary Ann Graham of Masterton, 11 children)
* 1905 - 1972 Ruby 'Rita' Cottle (+Hugo Nicol in Masterton)
* 1907 - 1959 Henry Frank Cottle (+Edna Florence Haliwell)
* 1910 - 1973 Eric Charles Cottle (+Margaret 'Joy' Donald)
ALFRED BELMONT Cottle died 25 June 1936 in Kopuaranga (near Masterton)
- he is buried Plot ABC, Row 22 at Archer street cemetery
ALVINA LOUISA Cottle died 24 May 1957 in Katikati aged 74
- she is buried Plot ALC, Row 26, Plan II at Archer street cemetery

... 10
1877 - 1957 Selina/Salena Frances Cottle
- born 2 September 1877 in the Wellington area
SELINA married Hathaway Valentine FUTTER (1871-1963) in 1896
- son of John FUTTER & Mary Ann HATHAWAY
the children of SELINA & HATHAWAY:
* 1897 - 1963 Florence Mary Futter (+Gordon Cunningham)
* 1899 - 1990 Alice Gwendoline Futter (+Clarence Edward Good)
* 1900 - 1987 John Charles Mafeking Futter (+Mavis Wilmot Estall)
* 1904 - 1968 Albert Valentine Futter (+Alethea Arabella Cook)
* 1909 - Daphne Noeline Futter (+Philip Lloyd Page)
SELINA FRANCES Futter died 25 June 1957 aged 79
HATHAWAY VALENTINE Futter died 24 June 1963 aged 92
- they were cremated at Karori, Wellington

... 11
1879 - 1945 William Albert Cottle
- born 11 August 1879 in Taita
WILLIAM married Catherine DOULL (1885-1973) in 1905
- daughter of Alexander DOULL & Catherine SINCLAIR (both buried Bolton Street)
the children of WILLIAM & CATHERINE:
* 1906 - 1977 William Alexander Charles Cottle (+Edna Myrtle Parker)
* 1907 - 1975 Hector Sinclair Cottle (+Kitty Maud Brooker)
* 1908 - 1973 Eileen Bellevue Cottle (+Charles Okeover Anson +Colin Leonard Wilkie)
* 1911 - 1982 Vivian George Cottle (+Hilda Joan McAllister)
* 1912 - 1996 Arthur Charles Cottle (+Margaret Jean Dalton)
* 1915 - 1964 Vena Catherine Cottle (+Frederick Wedderburn Moore)
* 1917 - 1994 Gwendoline Melba Cottle (+Robert Edward Shannon)
* 1919 - 1992 Ernest John 'Jack' Cottle (+Audrey May Beatty)
* 1924 - 2006 Albert William Cottle (+Phyllis Josie Wilkie)
WILLIAM ALBERT Cottle died 23 Feb 1945 in Taita aged 65
- he is buried Old Taita cemetery
CATHERINE Cottle died 26 December 1973 aged 89

... 12
1881 - 1964 Ellen Winifred 'Nell' Cottle
- born 16 Feb 1881 in Wellington district
ELLEN married Thomas Michael BURKE (1879-1951) in 1907
the children of ELLEN & THOMAS:
* 1907 - 1989 Tom Erlyn Burke (+Inez Theresa Haggarty +Phyllis Meaclem)
* 1909 - 1986 Charles David Burke (+Daphne Ellen Aitken)
* 1913 - 1982 Edmund John Burke (+Patricia Agnes Turner)
THOMAS MICHAEL Burke died 24 October 1951 aged 72
ELLEN WINIFRED Burke died 10 September 1964 aged 83
- she is buried in the Old Taita cemetery

... 13
1883 - 1950 Arthur Ernest Cottle
- born 29 September 1883 in Wellington district
ARTHUR married Olive Blanche EDWARDS (1888-1948) 1902 in Levin
the children of ARTHUR & OLIVE:
* 1903 - 1981 Ivy Myrtle Cottle (+Eric Edward Detlof Olivecrona)
* 1904 - 1954 Gilbert Arthur Cottle (+Mavis Zena Jonson)
* 1905 - 1994 Elsie May Cottle (+Peter Edmond Thawley)
* 1907 - 1924 Olive Blanche Cottle (aged 17 in Levin)
* 1911 - 1993 Harold Ernest Cottle (+Zita Louisa Mary Elliot)
* 1916 - 1981 Vera Mary Cottle (born Woodville +Benjamin Allan Newnham)
* 1921 - Ronald Charles Cottle (+Dolly Beatrix Bates)
OLIVE BLANCHE Cottle died 2 Aug 1948 aged 63 in Levin
ARTHUR ERNEST Cottle died 9 May 1950 aged 66 in Levin
- they are buried Plot 58, Row 48 at Old Levin cemetery

... 14
1885 - 1958 Alice Emily Cottle
- born 4 October 1885 in Wellington district
ALICE married Herbert Stranach 'Bert' WRIGHT (1885-1945) of Durban, South Africa in 1909
the children of ALICE & HERBERT:
* 1910 - 1990 Nola Barbara Wright (+William Donald Bassett)
* 1911 - 1992 Evelyn Bellevue Wright (+Ronald Edward Pirani)
* 1919 - 1995 Charles Joseph Cottle Wright (+Eunice Mary Elizabeth Norman +Peggy Helen Horn)
* 1922 - 2013 Gloria Elza Wright (+Douglas Hamilton Rowe)
* 1924 - Donald Stranach Cottle Wright (+Alma Jane Carruthers)
HERBERT STRANACH Wright died 7 Jan 1945 in Wellington aged 59
ALICE EMILY Wright died 9 June 1958 in Wellington aged 72
- they were cremated at Karori

... 15
1888 - 1983 Evelyn Bellevue Cottle
- born 17 September 1888 in Wellington district
EVELYN married Gilbert Stuart REID (1884-1969) in 1911
the known children of EVELYN & GILBERT:
* 1911 - 1976 Stuart Charles Reid
* 1919 - 2006 Mavis Bellevue Reid (+Albert Foster Hall)
GILBERT STUART Reid died 12 June 1969 aged 85
EVELYN BELLVUE Reid died 18 January 1983 aged 94
- they are buried ?

Mary Ann Cottle died 30 Nov 1905
Charles Joseph Cottle died 20 Feb 1918 in Wellington
- they are buried Old Taita cemetery

about George Petoni CARTER & Emma GEORGE (for Pauline, see comments below)

GEORGE PETONI CARTER was born 22 Nov 1840 in Petone, Wellington to:
Joseph CARTER (1811-1875) & Sarah Ann BRIANT (1812-1881), although a surname of Cosgrove has been seen. Joseph & Sarah were married 5 April 1831 at St Marys, Le Strand, Westminster, London
- their children born in England were:
1832 - Richard Carter
1833 - Cecelia Sarah Carter
1836 - Isabella Mary Carter
1839 - Emily Rebecca Carter
they emigrated into Port Nicholson (Wellington) 22 Jan 1840 on the 'Aurora'
- their children born in New Zealand were:
* 1840 - 1919 George Petoni Carter (+Emma George as above)
1843 - Ellen Edward Carter
1846 - 1905 Joseph Thomas Carter
1848 - Briant Frederick Carter (note name)
1851 - 1925 Walter Pullen Carter

EMMA GEORGE was born 1 January 1848 in Wellington, the 3rd of 11 children of:
Thomas GEORGE & Mary WALL from Wales who married 26 Oct 1841 at the Cheltenham Parish Church in the County of Gloucestershire just 10 days before emigrating on the Martha Ridgway, arriving into Nelson 7 April 1842.
their first 2 children were born in Nelson:
1844 - 1932 Thomas George (+Elizabeth Yule 1866 - died Carterton)
1845 - 1933 Mary Ann George (+Charles Sleight 1877 - died Paekakariki)
then Thomas & Mary travelled on the cutter 'Johnnie Walker' to Wellington where they permanently settled. The family lived in Willis Street and then a short time later at Tinakori Road, opposite where the present botanical gardens are. Thomas was the Turnkey at the Terrace Gaol for 22 years. Mary ran a Tea Garden called "The Cream Horn Garden".
their following 9 children were born in Wellington:
* 1848 - 1939 Emma George (+George Petoni Carter as above - born Willis St)
1850 - 1922 William George (+Mary Ann Sayers 1873 +Marion Joseph Hooper 1887 +Ellen Boyce 1901 - died Wellington)
1852 - 1889 Elizabeth George (+Herbert Henry Kilminster/Kilmister 1870)
1855 - 1948 John George (+Sarah Ellen Gillard 1876 - died Pahiatua)
1856 - 1904 James George (+Mary Amelia Skipper 1878 - died Wellington)
1858 - 1942 Frederick George (+Melena Goss 1882 +Catherine Mary Stanton 1917 - died Masterton)
1859 - 1924 Robert George (+Elizabeth Campbell 1881 - died Victoria, Australia)
1861 - 1937 Henry George (+Mary McDonald - died Auckland)
1863 - 1918 Rebecca George (+Joseph Japhet Cottle as above - died Masterton)
- more on this George family at the Martha Ridgway link above ...

* George Petoni Carter married Emma George in 1865
the children of GEORGE & EMMA:
(not extensively researched so treat as a guide only. Number in brackets are their children but again, number is minimum & not verified)
* 1866 - 1931 Annie Carter (+ Charles Jacob Sisson in 1888 (4) - died Dargaville)
* 1868 - 1919 Rebecca 'Beckie' Carter (+ Charles Graham Richardson in 1894 (3)
* 1870 - 1949 Mary 'Polly' Carter (+ Albert Edward Jeffs in 1890 (5)
* 1872 - 1959 Isabella Sarah 'Bella' Carter (+ Duncan John McGregor (7)
* 1873 - 1873 George Carter (aged 19 hours)
* 1875 - 1932 Gertrude 'Gertie' Carter (+ Hamilton Graham in 1904 (6)
* 1876 - 1947 George Joseph Carter (+ Mabel Annie Monk in 1906 (3)
* 1878 - 1953 Emma Alice 'Emmie' Carter (+ Charles Richard Fuller in 1908 (2)
* 1880 - 1968 Edith May Carter (+ William Leighton Short in 1901 (4)
* 1882 - 1938 Walter Percival Carter (+ Jessie May Petrie in 1906 (6)
* 1883 - 1986 Cecilia Carter (+ August Anderson in 1904 (5)
* 1886 - 1886 Ada Elsie Carter (aged 8 months)
* 1888 - 1968 William Henry Harold Carter (+ Ethel Jean Jameson in 1912 (2)
* 1891 - 1974 Ida Lilian Carter (+ Joseph Japhet Cottle as above (3)

Evening Post, 6 October 1883 - FOR SALE
A House and corner Block of Land 100 feet x 205 feet, in centre of township of Petone. Apply to George Carter, Petone

Evening Post, 17 December 1889 - IN BANKRUPTCY
ESTATE OF GEORGE CARTER, PETONE. Tenders are invited for the Purchase of the undermention Property in the above Estate, viz.:-
Equity of Redemption in sundry Freehold Property;
Shed known as Carter's Workshop;
Sundry Doors, Moulding, Timber, Nails, Locks, &c.;
Book Debts
For full particulars apply to George Carter, Petone, and the undersigned, to the latter of whom Tenders are to be forwarded not later than Monday, the 23rd instant, at 12 o'clock noon. C. C. GRAHAM, Official Assignee, Wellington, 17th December, 1889

Evening Post 16 June 1919 - OBITUARY of George Petoni Carter
Mr George Petone Carter, who it is claimed was the first European child born in the Wellington district, died at his residence in Russell terrace, Newtown, yesterday, aged 79. His parents were among the first lot of immigrants to land at Petone. For many years his father was in the Customs in Wellington. The late Mr George Carter was at one period of his life a builder, and afterwards engaged in farming at Reikiorangi, but for some years before his death he had lived in Wellington. He has left a widow (a daughter of the late Mr George) and eleven children

Evening Post 15 Dec 1931 A FINE COLONIST
Mrs George P. Carter, who celebrated her 84th birthday on Saturday at the residence of her eldest daughter, Mrs Jeffs, Palm Grove, holds a unique family record (says a correspondent). She herself bore a family of ten girls and four boys, two of whom died in infancy. She is now the grandmother of sixty, the greatgrandmother of forty, and the mother of twelve, while sixteen grand children are deceased. Mrs Carter was formerly Miss George, of Tinakori road. She was born on 31st December 1847, but, for the purposes of convenience, celebrated the event on Saturday last, the 12th, in the presence of over 100 of her descendants. It has been the old pioneer's custom for years to give each of her descendants a Christmas present, and Saturday's birthday function was thus a happy opportunity for the custom to be carried out, as well as an opportunity for the large family of descendants to pay their birthday respects to a revered old lady. Mrs Carter was married in 1865 to Mr George Petone Carter, son of the late Mr Joseph Carter, who landed in New Zealand in 1840, and worked in the Customs office, his demise occurring in 1873. His son was born in Petone in November 1840, the first white child to be born there. He went gold digging in 1859, and in 1861 started the pit sawmills at Karori cemetery. At the celebrations on Saturday Mrs Carter was surrounded by her descendants, young and old, and from a Christmas tree came the first present, a gift from her family. A birthday cake was a feature, and the honoured guest also received a handsome bouquet from the hands of a greatgrandchild. Mrs Carter confesses to having been a constant reader of the "Post" ever since its inception.

Evening Post, 25 August 1934 PETONE LANDMARK
An old Petone landmark, the building at the corner of Jackson and Fitzherbert Street, which used to be the Central Hotel and is now the headquarters of the Petone Relief Committee, will shortly disappear. The Petone Borough Council has been granted permission by J. Staples and Co., the owners of the building, to have it pulled down in connection with the Jackson Street widening scheme ...
... The building is about forty-seven years old. An old resident who came to Petone fifty years ago said that it was built a few years after his arrival. It was first used as a boarding-house, but was afterwards vacant for a considerable time. The builder was Mr George Carter, who also built several shops between the hotel and the present site of the Self-Help grocery shop. Messrs Ward and Williams used to own the building. While it was still vacant a barber named William Scoones had a shop in a corer of it. The first licensee was Mr Thomas Wrigley, who came to Petone from Masterton ... (more at link)

Evening Post 19 Aug 1939 - DEATH OF EMMA
The death occurred recently of one of Wellington's very old residents, Mrs Emma Carter. In the past eight years Mrs Carter had lived with one of her daughters, Mrs Jeffs, 12 Palm Grove, Berhampore. Mrs Carter was born at Willis Street in 1847. Her parents, Mr and Mrs Thomas George arrived at Nelson by the Martha Ridgway in the early forties, later crossing to Wellington, and eventually settling in Tinakori Road, where they lived for many years. Mrs Carter's late husband, Mr George Petone Carter, was born at Petone in 1840, his parents, Mr and Mrs Joseph Carter, having arrived there in September of the same year by the sailing ship ?Aurora?. In spite of her great age Mrs Carter had a wonderful memory and interested many of the younger generation with her tales of old Wellington. Of the 153 descendants of Mrs Carter 140 are still living.

GEORGE PETONI Carter died 17 June 1919 aged 78
EMMA Carter died 8 August 1939 aged 91
- they are buried Plot 747 X, CH ENG at Karori cemetery

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SYDENHAM OXENHAM Somerset to Poverty Bay

Sydenham OXENHAM was born in Somerset, England 16 July 1848
- he emigrated to New Zealand on the 'Inchinan' leaving London 14 Jan 1852 arriving into Auckland 27 May 1852 with his parents Sydenham William Oxenham (1809-1892) & Mary Ann (1826-1884, nee Oxenham) and sisters, Fanny Oxenham (1850-1852) and Jenny Oxenham (1851-1852) who died enroute
* his parents Sydenham & Mary Ann married 4 Jan 1847 in Bath, Somerset. Sydenham was a Fencible who was settled in the Onehunga Village and had a further 6 known children
1852 - 1933 Edwin Oxenham
- note that the name of the ship is incorrect at that link. The Berhampore arrived in NZ in 1849 and their name is not on the passenger list
1854 - 1925 Selina Oxenham (Mrs Joseph Scott)
1857 - 1934 Frederick Oxenham
- moved to Poverty Bay for a time with other family members. He married Agnes Jane Williams in 1889 and they had 11 known children, one of whom was named Sydenham John (1895-1980)
1859 - 1860 Ellen Maria Oxenham
1861 - 1875 Henry Oxenham
1863 - 1864 Mary Malinda Oxenham

Sydenham married Emily TRIMMER on 18 May 1878 in St John's, Napier
Hawkes Bay Herald, 21 May 1878
OXENHAM-TRIMMER - At St John's Church, Napier, on May 18, by the Rev John Spear, Sydenham Oxenham, to Emily, second daughter of Mr George Trimmer, baker, Coote-road. Auckland papers please copy
Emily was born 21 March 1856 in Howick, Auckland
They had 9 children, all born Hawkes Bay & Poverty Bay
...1 1879 - 1880 Sydney John Oxenham
- Sydney died 11 May 1880 aged 10 months
he is buried plot 100, block MKOLD at Makaraka with Frank

...2 1881 - 1954 Clara/Clair Oxenham
- Clara married William MAXWELL in 1911
Poverty Bay Herald, 20 Sep 1911
At Holy Trinity Church this afternoon, Mr W. Maxwell, of Matawai, was married to Miss Clair Oxenham, of Motu. Two sisters of the bride acted as bridesmaids, Mr Shanks was best man and Mr Holschier was groomsman, The service was partly choral. The Rev Dawson Thomas conducted the service. Miss Hyett presided at the organ
they had 2 known children:
1913 - Marcia Heather Maxwell
1915 - Fiona Esther Maxwell

...3 1883 - 1955 Selena Violet 'Cissy' Oxenham
- Selena married Clifton William ROSSER (1880-1966) in 1906
Observer, 6 Jan 1906
A marriage interesting to many Aucklanders was celebrated on the 20th ult., at Waerenga-a-hika Church, when Miss Cissy Oxenham, second daughter of Mr Sydenham Oxenham of Makauri (Gisborne), was united to Mr C. Rosser, second son of Mr W. Rosser, of Auckland. The Rev. M. W. Butterfield officiated, in the presence of a large congregation. The bride, who was given away by her fahter, looked very graceful and pretty in a creme dress and the customary wreath and veil. She carried a beautiful bouquet and wore a gold brooch, presented by the bridegroom. Misses C. S and E. Oxenham, sisters of the bride, acted as bridesmaids, both wearing dainty white muslin frocks trimmed with lace and they carried bouquets. The bridegroom's gift to each was a pretty gold brooch. Mr McKenzie was best man and Mr J. Oxenham, groomsman. After the ceremony the guests were entertained at the residence of the bride's parents, where afternoon tea was dispensed in a large marquee.Mr and Mrs Rosser left by the evening steamer for Auckland, where they spent their honeymoon.
they had 1 known child:
1907 - Mildred Iris Rosser

...4 1886 - 1896 Frank Oxenham
- Frank died 8 May 1896 aged 10
he is buried plot 100, block MKOLD at Makaraka with Sydney

...5 1888 - 1943 John Oxenham
Poverty Bay Herald, 18 Jan 1910
NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION - Notice is hereby given that the Partnership theretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, Sydenham Oxenham of Gisborne, Brick manufacturer; John Oxenham of the same place, Brick manufacturer; and William John Baty of Kaiti, Settler, carrying on business as brick, tile and pipe manufacturers, at Kaiti, Gisborne, under the style of OXENHAM AND COMPANY, has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the 17th day of January 1910. All accounts owing by the Partnership will be paid by the undersigned, William John Baty, who alone will also receive all debts due to and assets of the Partnership. Dated at Gisborne this 17th day of January, 1910.
- John married Marion Gladys ROBERTSON in 1923
Marion was born 23 May 1891, she died 1975 aged 84
- John died Dec 1943 aged 55
They are buried at Old Gorge cemetery, Woodville

...6 1890 - 1967 Mary Ann Oxenham
- Mary Ann married Henry John Holschier (1884-1969) from Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, who was very involved in Rowing in Poverty Bay (as was his brother Herbert Francis Holschier 1886-1966) and served as Lieutenant Corporal 10453 from Motu in WWI. Their parents were Herman Joseph Holschier & Margaret Walsdorf, originally from Erbach, West Germany. They are buried with her mother, see photo

...7 1892 - 1966? Sydenham Stanley Oxenham
- Sydenham married Ruth Natalie McFarlane (-1973)
* In 1918 he was with the Public Works Department in the Merriwa Shire, NSW. He was appointed Engineer to the Nambucca Shire Council in 1921. He resigned in 1924
* In 1928, Sydenham was an architect in Cairns, Australia when he designed the Hides Hotel. At the time of construction it was one of the largest buildings in Cairns and was one of only two three-storeyed structures in the city. The Hotel is now heritage listed.
* In 1935 there was a right-up in the 'Albury Banner and Wodonga Express' (NSW)...
Mr. S. S. Oxenham,. A.R.A.I.A., A.M.I.E. Aust., architect and consulting engineer, is commencing the practicing of his profession in the Albury district and has established an office in Commercial Club Chambers. Mr. Oxenham was born and educated in New Zealand and trained at architecture in New Zealand and Sydney. He was for a number of years engaged at designing and supervising large city architectural works in important city offices, including the Government architect 's office of tho Public Works Department. He went to Canada and America for experience and was engaged at large water supply and hydro electric works and at large steel buildings. Mr Oxenham qualified as an engineer and was appointed shire engineer to Merriwa Shire Council and shire engineer to Nambucca Shire Council and then city engineer to Cairns City Council, Queensland. He resigned the last position to engage in private practice as architect and consulting engineer. Mr Oxenham visited the city of Napier immediately after the great earthquake and investigated building and earthquake resisting structures. He was a member of the Cairns Rotary Club. He is settling in Albury and should prove a valuable citizen.
-- whilst in Napier they had a daughter, Joyce Natalie Oxenham --
* In 1938 in was an Architect in Albury when he designed a handsome masonic Temple at Albury. That year he also redesigned the old Tawonga Hotel, Victoria
* ~ there are many, many documented works over the following years
* In 1946, at his mother's death Sydenham was an architect in Sydney, Australia
Sydenham (possibly) died 29 June 1966 in Springvale Victoria Ruth died at North Bondi in 1972

...8 1896 - 1964 Esther 'Effie' Oxenham
- Esther married Harry Jones Priestley (1902-1963) in 1936
From about 1938 until the mid-1940's, Harry and Effie taught at schools in the Bay of Plenty and on Matakana Island - they didn't have children. After the war in 1946, Harry and Effie were teaching at Mohaka Native School in Hawkes Bay. It was here that Harry had an accident while chopping wood and injured an eye. It was more serious than first thought and led to total blindness. They moved to Auckland for treatment and Harry joined the St. Dunstan's School for the Blind where he learned leather work and started making sandals from his home factory in Manukau Road. Harry's sight started to improve in 1950 and he eventually regained total sight. By 1957 he was back working as a Clerk. They are buried with her mother, see photo

...9 1896 - 1907 David Oxenham
- David died 20 May 1907 aged 11
he is buried plot 973, block MKF at Makaraka cemetery

Auckland Star, 20 July 1892
OXENHAM - On July 20, at his residence, Inkerman street, Onehunga, Sydenham Oxenham, pensioner 13th Foot-Regiment, in his 84th year. The funeral will take place to-day (Thursday) at 3p.m. Friends please accept this invitation.
Another old identity passed away last night after a lingering illness. He had been ailing for a few weeks past of bronchitis, in the person of Mr Sydenham Oxenham, pensioner of the 13th Light Infantry. The deceased was in his 84th year and had resided in Onehunga for the past forty years. During the Afghan war, Mr Oxenham served under Captain, afterwards General Havelock and was one of the "Havelock's Saints". Oxenham was at the defence of Jellalabad, under Sale and witnessed the arrival of Dr Brydon under the walls of the fortress, the sole European survivor of the Cabul expedition which had set out 16,000 strong. He was at the taking of Ghuznee and had three medals, won for services performed. The late Mr Oxenham arrived in Poverty Bay in the early seventies and had been engaged at carious pursuits, principally those of contracting and brickmaking. The very difficult work of carting the pipes of the Gisborne water works was carried out under the deceased gentleman's supervision. The funeral will leave his late residence, deLautour road at 11a.m. to-morrow. Deceased leaves three sons and one daughter

* Sydenham Oxenham jnr was very innovative, inventing a couple of labour saving devices ...
known Patents:
1888 - at Makaraka, for a portable combined seed and grain cleaner and separator
1898 - #8671 an improved guard to protect house guttering from the intrusion of small birds and the deposit of refuse matter
Poverty Bay Herald, 3 Nov 1898
TO THE PUBLIC OF GISBORNE - Having obtained the patent rights for my inventions, I wish to invite the Public to inspect them at Messrs Wade and Erskine's yards. It is claimed that they will do away with at least 50 per cent of typhoid fever and dysentery and therefore they are deserving of public consideration. SYDENHAM OXENHAM
1899 - #9369 an appliance for straining water before it enters a storage tank

* Sydenham was in Bankruptcy in 1892
Poverty Bay Herald, 28 July 1892
IN BANKRUPTCY - Tenders are invited for the Purchase of the Debtor's rights and interest in the Stone Crusher, Embankments, Hoppers and plant in about the Patutahi Quarry , including:-
1 Blacksmith's Shop
1 Cook House
1 Sledge House
2 Trucks
3 Loose Truck Wheels
5 pairs Truck Wheels and Axles
1 set Duplicate Jaws for Stone Crusher
Tenders to be sent in by noon on Saturday next, the 30th inst., to my office, Gladstone road, Gisborne, where conditions of Tender may be seen. John Coleman, Deputy Official Assignee

* thanks to sjaneo on 23-8-2010 who wrote:
I am in the middle of researching the Robertson family tree of which Marion Gladys Oxenham is a member. Her husband was a John Oxenham so I assume this is the same one buried in the same cemetery. I have found that they had a son Douglas and possibly a son Troy
- thank sjaneo, research reveals that John OXENHAM married Marion Gladys ROBERTSON in 1923

Sydenham Oxenham died 12 April 1910 in Gisborne
he is buried plot 973, block MKF at Makaraka cemetery
Important Note There is a Sydenham William Oxenham (1848-1927) who died 25 Jan 1927 and is buried at Makaraka cemetery, plot 1303, block MKF with Sarah Oxenham (nee Lander 1852-1911), married 1870 in Onehunga, had 9 children from 1871-1888, lived in North Shore for a time and whose birth/death details match the above Sydenham?
Emily Oxenham died 25 Aug 1946 aged 90, 36 years after Sydenham and is buried at Taruheru cemetery (plot 45, block 14)
In memory of EMILY OXENHAM, died 25 August 1946 aged 90 years, widow of Sydenham Oxenham.
In memory of HARRY JONES PRIESTLEY, 1902-1963; and his beloved wife, ESTHER, 1896-1964.
In memory of MARY ANN HOLSCHIER, 1890-1967; HENRY JOHN HOLSCHIER, died 9 September 1969 aged 85 years.

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"J" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Cecil Leopold 1882-1882
- Harriett 1842-1918
- Mary Jane 1865-1930
- Thomas 1827-1907
- unnamed baby 1916-1916

- August 1855-1925

- Arthur Edwin 1869-1928
- John 1849-1928
- Robina Harriett 1840-1921

- Alice Theresa (nee Poole) 1877-1933
- George Glasgow 1906-1939
- Noel Glasgow 1944-1945
- Paul Thomas 1947-1949
- Thomas Glasgow 1871-1955

- Alice Marjorie 1915-1952

- Ellen Maria (nee Smith) 1864-1950
- Samuel 1854-1942
- Walter James 1917-1919

- Robert Roy 1890-1943

- Alfred Shire 1929-1984
- David 1858-1902
- Eileen Mary 1917-1925
- Helen (nee Newton) 1865-1964
- Jack 1893-1966
- Lloyd Campbell 1925-1925
- Mabel (nee Williams) 1897-1965
- Mary Ann 1855-1916
- Muriel Jessie 1914-1934
- Peter 1960-1960
- Robert Henry 1876-1931
- Simon Lloyd 1867-1928
- unnamed baby 1943-1943
- Vincent Mowlem 1848-1920
- William 1855-1895

- Alistair James 1961-2000
- Annie Faulds 1900-1938

"I" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- unnamed baby 1886-1886

- Helen (nee Hilton) 1887-1964
- James David 1872-1949

- Louisa 1858-1933

- Betsy 1827-1910
- James 1834-1901
- William 1826-1908

"P" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Annie (nee Houlden) 1871-1939
- Arthur Alfred 1866-1958

- Elsie Marie 1859-1938
- Ferdinand 1852-1928
- Harry 1892-1961
- Margaret 1883-1883
- Thomas 1889-1939
- Verna Ida Elizabeth Annie (nee Tyler) 1893-1938

- Henry Lyall 1847-1929
- Margaret Joan 1861-1908
- Margaret Moffat (nee Campbell) 1854-1900
- William Jamieson 1881-1918

- Mary Johnstone (nee Shearer) 1865-1927

- Alice 1988-1988
- Percy George 1896-1955

- Caroline Maria (nee Drinkwater) 1863-1885
- Caroline Izetta Rose 1885-1885
- James 1850-1886

- Ronald Huntley 1903-1957

- Margaret 1903-1903

- James 1894-1894

- Mary Ann Jane 1891-1959
- Robert 1858-1954

- James 1883-1969

- Daniel 1879-1965
- Elizabeth (nee Peck), his wife 1881-1921
- Frances "Fanny" (nee Stent) 1857-1938
- Samuel (husband of Fanny) 1850-1931

- Marjory Jean 1916-1916
- Mary 1906-1953
- Betty Ella 1919-1919

- Oskar Emmanuel 1892-1892
- unnamed baby 1919-1919
- unnamed prem baby 1915-1915

- Alexander
- Clara (nee Read) 1868-1933
- George 1869-1947
- Jane 1848-1919
- Keith George 1905-1948
- Mabel Gertrude (nee Schmidt) 1896-1949
- Madge Millicent 1896-1982
- Roy James 1899-1968

- Emily Mary ?-1944

- Arthur harles 1876-1892
- I.A. 1891-1892

- Agnes 1866-1886
- Doris Emmeline Gertrude 1898-1898
- George John 1833-1909
- George John 1858-1915
- Gladys Emeline 1896-1896
- Margaret 1834-1883

- Peter 1863-1929

- Dorothy Eleanor 1933-1998

- Helen 1890-1903

- Alice Elizabeth (nee Milroi) 1876-1954
- John Andrew 1877-1978

- Benjamin Welshman 1832-1914

- Dorothy Jean 1915-1941
- Emily Janet Eliza 1890-1975
- Gordon Whiteford 1931-1941
- William Henry Jervis 1880-1947

- Arthur Montague 1883-1948
- Elfreda Joan (nee Dixon) 1881-1943

- Harold Alfred 1897-1972
- Margaret Nancy 1926-1973
- Nita 1923-1985
- Olive Evelyn 1901-1976

- Ellen 1883-1888
- Harriet (nee Farley) 1856-1899
- James Frederick 1889-1936
- John 1837-1901
- John 1851-1930
- Mary Jane 1844-1922

- Leniel Allen 1954-1947

- Alfred Elvery 1915-1915

- Andrew Stewart 1845-1896

- Randal Septurirus 1871-1893

- unnamed baby 1920-1920

- Alice (nee Budge) 1854-1935
- Mary 1886-1897
- Patrick 1857-1941

- William 1852-1910

- Mary Jane 1880-1894

- Agnes 1876-1940
- Arthur 1850-1928
- Edward 1881-1938
- Ellen Elizabeth (nee Hynes) 1876-1911
- Frances Wilby 1910-1917
- Sarah Jane 1849-1931

- Alice (nee McKinlay) 1889-1989
- John 1876-1955
- John Andrew 1911-2005

- Frederick Arthur 1885-1887

- Edna Grace 1910-1913
- Florence Louisa 1882-1919

- Matilda 1890-1890

PLOT 62, BLOCK 14 - Daniel & Elizabeth PECK

kindly taken by Selwyn Stevens, Sept 2009

"V" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Raymond George 1930-1955

- Joseph Aristead 1865-1958
- Mabel (nee Ruscoe) 1877-1958

VOSS - Cissy Janes 1881-1943

"U" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Doris Stella 1913-1931
- Mary Ann (nee Bryant) 1888-1964
- Olwyn Lorraine 1951-1962

"T" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Margaret (nee Brown) 1878-1917

- Alfred Charles Monkhouse 1867-1891
- Samuel William 1857-1923

- Daniel Blamey 1851-1925
- Eliza (nee Paterson) 1844-1919

- Charles Carnegie 1851-1921
- Ellanor Mary 1906-1952
- Elsie May 1892-1919
- Emma 1834-1913
- Frances Mary 1874-1896
- Henry 1828-1898
- Jane 1883-1954
- Margaret Alice 1909-1953
- William Michael 1880-1956
- William Henry 1892-1915

- William John 1964-1964

- Muriel Edith 1884-1905
- Robert Collings 1849-1939

- Mary Ann Pierce 1836-1904

- William Tillick 1906-1906

- Alexander George 1891-1891
- Alice Agatha 1893-1894
- Elizabeth Jane 1829-1907
- Frank 1908-1908
- George William 1906-1999
- Ivy Gladis 1896-1896
- John 1869-1949
- Myrtle 1895-1895

- Ethel Amelia 1927-1997
- Neil Lewis 1935-1953
- Paul Garry 1940-1953
- Pearl Myrtle 1909-1986

- James 1848-1884

- William 1839-1891

- Stenson 1908-1913

- Edward George 1889-1889

- Elizabeth Alice (nee Stanford) 1860-1922

- Leslie James 1892-1893

- Edwin Dannatt 1891-1905

- Marion Christie (nee Hulme) 1866-1902
- Michael Bell 1857-1928
- unnamed baby 1902-1902
- Walter Alexander Huia 1900-1900

- Jane 1885-1885
- Margaret 1895-1902

- Arthur Wellesley 1903-1904
- Maud Mry (nee Partner) 1877-1907

- Alan Beatty 1915-1991
- Jane (nee Pagan) 1879-1964
- M.A. 1912-1969
- Philip Sydney 1913-1932
- Sydney 1877-1961

- Leonie Ellen 1938-1939
- Myrtle Hannah 1918-1956
- Thomas Edmund 1906-1994

- Harry 1871-1929
- Katherine Becks (nee Waldmann) 1880-1954

- Berkley 1854-1916
- Rebecca Mary (nee Tyerman) 1858-1936
- unnamed baby 1917-1917