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This year in the UK alone - people will spend 320 million UK dollars on Easter eggs

This equates to (roughly)

... 5.26 UK pounds per person in the UK
... 34.60 AU dollars per person in Australia
... 2.10 US dollars per person in the USA
... 19.45 Canadian dollars per person in Canada
...194.00 NZ dollars per person in New Zealand

. . and I didn't even have one this year :(

TWINS - Thomas and Louisa LIND b.28-12-1872 Blenheim NZ

It would be interesting to find out more about these two.

Louisa Lynd married Charles McINYRE in 1897 and they had 10 children
- Charles was born in 1872 in Drury, South Auckland. He died in 1941 in Wanganui
- Louisa died aged 62 in 1934 in Ohingaiti, Rangitikei

Her twin, Thomas Lynd married Eleanor PEARSON in Waitotara, south Taranaki in 1896
- I have 6 children for them at this time
- Thomas died aged 87 in 1960 in Feilding

Their parents were Emma JACKSON (1855-1927, daughter of whaler James Hayter Jackson & Eliza ROIL) and her 1st husband John LYND

Emma's second husband was Charles STENT
- Chalres was a son of Charles STENT & Sarah PECK

... message from Malcolm on 22 Feb 2011: Emma Jackson married John Lynds and gave birth to four of his children - the fourth was born after meeting Charles Stent as she arrived at Foxton from Picton heavily pregant. Charles registered Harry Herbert as a STENT rather than his conception name LYNDS. Then living with Charles in his small cabin they had another 10 children before they were married much to her daughters discust!! The children slept up in the ceiling of the cabin. Emma is buried with her second husband Charles at Ohingaiti Cemetery

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would like info on BEAR family of TIMARU NZ

I have one BEAR on my family tree - his name is George and he was born in Timaru NZ in 1875 and married Jessie Sutherland.
Can you add more to that?

List of landings on the AUSTRALIA COAST from 1606 to 1814

A very informative site on the ships in the 17th, 18th and 19th century that landed - or attempted to land - in Australia and brief narrative of those who tried to make contact with Australia from other nations

JUSTICES of the PEACE - Auckland 1868

Auckland J.P.s
In the New Zealand Gazette of July 6 a new Commission of the Peace is issued, in which the names of all the Justices in the colony are given. We print the names of the Justices in the province of Auckland who appear on the list for the first time:-
? Alan BAILLIE, Thames
? Jame BELL, Port Albert
? William Jesse COOPE, Papakura Valley
? Robert Telfer CORBETT, Tuakau
? James FARMER, Epsom
? Robert FARMER, Mangere
? William Bleckly FARRAN, Te Arai
? William A. Graham, Tamahere, Waikato
? William JACKSON, Rangiawhia
? Thomas JACKSON, Maungatawhiri
? Samuel Bloomfield LUDBROOK, Bay of Island
? Daniel Henderson LUSK, Mauku
? Richard Henry MATTHEWS, Kaitaia
? Murdoch McLEOD, Waipu
? Richard OLIVER, Opotiki
? Robert PROUDE, Maungatawhiri
? James ROBERTSON, Mangere
? Henry Richmond SAYCE, Te Arai
? William Henry SIMCOX, Tauranga
? James SKENE, Opotiki
? Charles John TAYLOR, Opotiki
? George Popplewell WALKER, Opotiki
? Charles WALTON, Whangarei
? John WILSON, Cambridge

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A good site for GENEALOGY help

Visit this web site for your general genealogy queries and join the chat room to research your ancestors

New South Wales CEMETERIES

A searchable database of Cemeteries for New South Wales, Australia
.... All the following cemeteries have their own link at the above


Aberdare General - 2,020 (complete to 2008-09-09)

Aberdeen General - 883 (complete to 2006-10-30)

Aberfoyle General - 51 (complete to 1998-12-31)

Albert General - 92 (complete to 2007-11-15)

Albion Park Anglican - 454 (complete to 2007-10-31)

Albion Park Catholic - 442 (complete to 2007-10-31)

Albion Park General - 407 (complete to 2007-10-31)

Albion Park Pioneer - 71 (complete to 2007-10-17)

Albion Park Presbyterian Columbarium - 10 (complete to 2007-10-19)

Alectown - 100 (partial listing)

Allman Hill Historic - 3 (complete to 2010-03-07)

Allynbrook Anglican - 206 (complete to 2010-02-28)

Alphadale - 432 (complete to 2012-03-31)

Alstonville - 1,986 (complete to 2012-04-08)

Angel Close Historic - 7 (complete to 2013-09-19)

Anna Bay Lawn - 558 (complete to 2002-08-31)

Apple Tree Flat General - 50 (complete to 2004-05-27)

Arakoon General - 552 (complete to 2005-12-26)

Armatree Sunnyside - 8 (complete to 2005-03-24)

Attunga General - 295 (complete to 2006-08-13)

Avalon Anglican Columbarium - 57 (complete to 2009-10-15)

Back Cullen - 18 (complete to 2012-08-27)

Bailey Family - 16 (complete to 2011-06-09)

Bandon Grove - 93 (complete to 2007-09-04)

Bangalow General - 1,536 (complete to 2009-06-30)

Baradine General - 874 (complete to 2006-03-02)

Barham Memorial Park - 368 (complete to 2013-05-05)

Barooga General - 261 (complete to 2007-08-29)

Barraba General - 2,164 (complete to 2006-09-21)

Barrington Pioneer - 66 (complete to 2009-12-12)

Beechwood General - 345 (complete to 2009-05-31)

Belford Anglican - 42 (complete to 2010-04-30)

Belgrave General - 119 (complete to 2000-04-30)

Bellata General - 83 (complete to 2006-03-30)

Bellbrook - 125 (complete to 2010-09-03)

Bellingen General - 2,208 (complete to 2010-07-19)

Belltrees Private - 16 (complete to 2010-04-05)

Belmont General - 3,112 (complete to 2006-12-31)

Beloka - 316 (complete to 2010-08-20)

Ben Lomond Catholic - 72 (complete to 1989-12-31)

Ben Lomond General - 52 (complete to 2004-09-08)

Bena General - 78 (complete to 2007-04-30)

Bendemeer General - 313 (complete to 2007-11-06)

Bendolba Anglican - 207 (complete to 2013-09-09)

Berkeley Pioneer - 321 (complete to 2002-10-19)

Berridale - 878 (complete to 2010-08-20)

Bethshan - 435 (complete to 2010-08-31)

Bexhill - 290 (complete to 2012-04-07)

Bingara General - 3,032 (complete to 2007-04-24)

Binnaway General - 667 (complete to 2005-11-17)

Biraganbil Private - 9 (complete to 2011-09-16)

Birubi Point - 70 (complete to 1999-12-31)

Bishops Bridge Anglican - 129 (complete to 2003-08-14)

Black Hill Uniting Church - 56 (complete to 2006-01-31)

Black Mountain General - 125 (complete to 2010-07-12)

Black Springs New General - 128 (complete to 2006-10-19)

Blackmans Flat General - 39 (complete to 2004-11-24)

Blackville Catholic - 4 (complete to 2008-06-17)

Bo Bo Creek General - 268 (complete to 2008-11-04)

Bodangora General - 150 (complete to 2002-11-05)

Bogan Gate General - 252 (complete to 2002-01-31)

Boggabri General - 1,311 (complete to 2006-03-31)

Boggabri Lawn - 67 (complete to 2006-03-31)

Bogolong - 4 (complete to 2010-08-30)

Boloco - 316 (complete to 2010-08-20)

Books Ferry Catholic - 40 (complete to 2011-06-09)

Booragul Pioneer - 13 (complete to 2010-08-31)

Booroolong General - 22 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Bowenfels Catholic - 91 (complete to 2007-11-14)

Bowenfels Old Presbyterian - 407 (complete to 2007-09-19)

Bowling Alley Point General - 89 (complete to 2009-12-14)

Bowna General - 28 (complete to 2009-08-30)

Bowraville General - 1,205 (complete to 2010-07-04)

Branxton Anglican -189 (complete to 2009-05-15)

Branxton Catholic - 997 (complete to 2009-05-31)

Branxton General - 664 (complete to 2009-05-15)

Branxton Uniting Church - 50 (complete to 2009-05-15)

Bredbo - 159 (complete to 2012-07-05)

Breeza General - 73 (complete to 2007-09-27)

Briars Flat - 18 (complete to 2012-08-27)

Bridgman Anglican - 56 (complete to 2009-04-26)

Brisbane Valley Catholic - 17 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Broke Catholic - 11 (complete to 2011-07-14)

Broke General - 337 (complete to 2011-07-09)

Brooklyn General - 278 (complete to 2004-12-31)

Brunkerville Uniting Church - 217 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Brunswick Heads Pilgrim Memorial Park - 10 (complete to 2013-10-06)

Bucca - 32 (complete to 2006-07-31)

Bugaldie General - 15 (complete to 2006-03-01)

Bulahdelah General - 1,220 (complete to 2009-02-28)

Bulga Anglican - 204 (complete to 2012-03-25)

Bulgandramine Mission - 11 (partial listing)

Bulli Anglican - 472 (complete to 2010-06-25)

Bulli General - 5,763 (complete to 2010-09-06)

Bundarra General - 600 (complete to 1954-01-01)

Bungwahl General - 231 (complete to 2007-07-31)

Bungwahl Old - 10 (complete to 2009-05-24)

Bunnan Anglican - 42 (complete to 2005-10-27)

Burraga General - 126 (complete to 2006-11-09)

Burrawang South Private - 10 (complete to 2006-05-31)

Burren Junction General - 68 (complete to 2006-03-28)

Burrendong Valley - 110 (complete to 2004-06-14)

Buttai Elliott Private - 55 (complete to 2008-04-18)

Buttai Price Private - 23 (complete to 2008-04-18)

Buttai Wilfred Elliott Private - 7 (complete to 2008-04-18)

Bylong Anglican -44 (complete to 2002-06-05)

Bylong Catholic - 4 (complete to 2002-06-05)

Byron Bay - 1,059 (complete to 2013-10-20)

Camberwell Anglican - 225 (complete to 2008-01-31)

Camden Catholic - 916 (complete to 2009-06-30)

Camden General - 1,793 (complete to 2009-06-30)

Camden War - 23 (complete to 2009-06-30)

Capertee General - 178 (complete to 2002-08-14)

Cargo General - 457 (complete to 2008-06-07)

Carinda Historic - 6 (complete to 2008-07-31)

Carlingford Anglican - 700 (complete to 2011-02-27)

Carrington General - 21 (complete to 2000-07-31)

Carroll General - 136 (complete to 2006-09-23)

Carwell Private - 36 (complete to 2002-02-12)

Casino General - 3,732 (complete to 2011-01-23)

Casino Lawn - 5,015 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Cassilis Anglican - 208 (complete to 2004-05-13)

Cassilis Catholic - 143 (complete to 2004-05-13)

Castle Hill Anglican - 160 (complete to 2011-01-22)

Castle Hill General - 2,632 (complete to 2012-01-13)

Castlereagh General - 75 (complete to 2011-11-23)

Catherine Hill Bay - 956 (complete to 2011-11-27)

Cawdor Uniting Church - 793 (complete to 2009-04-30)

Chatswood Pioneers Memorial Reserve - 125 (complete to 2012-01-31)

Chatswood South Methodist - 125 (complete to 2012-01-31)

Cherrybrook Uniting Church - 415 (complete to 2009-01-31)

Chinderah General - 27 (complete to 2008-06-17)

Chinese Inscriptions Various cemeteries - 62 (complete to 2006-05-28)

Clarence Lawn - 7,383 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Clarence Town Anglican - 61 (complete to 2007-07-31)

Clarence Town General Cemetery Fire Road, Clarence Town NSW 731 (complete to 2007-07-31)

Club Forster Columbarium Strand Street, Forster NSW 336 (complete to 2009-04-30)

Clunes Cemetery Rd Clunes NSW 719 (complete to 2013-09-28)

Cobbora General Golden Highway, Cobbora NSW 109 (complete to 2005-02-17)

Coffs Harbour Historic Coff Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 4,750 (complete to 2010-07-31)

Coffs Harbour Lawn Coramba Road, Karangi NSW 2,613 (complete to 2010-06-30)

Collaroy Station Private Golden Highway, Cassilis NSW 30 (complete to 1995-12-31)

Collector Anglican Bourke Street, Collector NSW 108 (complete to 2012-07-24)

Collector Catholic Bourke Street, Collector NSW 138 (complete to 2012-08-07)

Collector Uniting Church Bourke Street, Collector NSW 77 (complete to 2012-03-30)

Collie General Trangie Road, Collie NSW 31 (complete to 2004-03-24)

Colly Blue Off Coonabarabran Road, Colly Blue NSW 14 (complete to 2008-07-21)

Comboyne General O'Sullivans Lane, Comboyne NSW 316 (complete to 2010-12-31)

Condobolin General Maitland & Boona Streets, Condobolin NSW 4,206 (complete to 2007-04-30)

Condobolin Sacred Park Cnr Molong & Station Streets Condobolin NSW 55 (complete to 2004-01-31)

Conjola General Princes Highway, Conjola NSW 87 (complete to 2009-01-01)

Coolabah General Cobar Road, Coolabah NSW 18 (complete to 2005-04-14)

Coolah General Walker Street, Coolah NSW 1,021 (complete to 2004-07-01)

Coolongolook General Pacific Highway, Coolongolook NSW 267 (complete to 2007-09-28)

Coonabarabran Anglican Dalgarno Street, Coonabrabran NSW 1,080 (complete to 2005-11-19)

Coonabarabran General Dalgarno Street, Coonabarabran NSW 987 (complete to 2005-11-16)

Coonabarabran Lawn Dandry Road, Coonabarabran NSW 337 (complete to 2005-11-17)

Coonamble General Memorial Drive, Coonamble NSW 3,138 (complete to 2005-03-23)

Coonamble Old General Auburn Street, Coonamble NSW 629 (complete to 2005-03-22)

Coopernook General Off George Gibson Drive, Coopernook NSW 336 (complete to 2008-08-21)

Cooranbong Catholic Martinsville Road, Cooranbong NSW 367 (complete to 2009-11-15)

Cooyal Methodist O'Brien's Lane, Cooyal NSW 28 (complete to 2009-12-17)

Copeland off Scone Road, Copeland NSW 62 (complete to 2010-02-06)

Copeton General Under Lake Copeton, via Inverell NSW 39 (complete to 1994-12-31)

Copmanhurst Clarence Way, Upper Copmanhurst NSW 233 (complete to 2011-11-05)

Coramba East Bank Road, Coramba NSW 173 (complete to 2010-07-09)

Corby Private Dubbo Road, Mendooran NSW 2 (complete to 2005-10-04)

Corindi General Kangaroo Trail Road, Corindi NSW 8 (complete to 2010-07-20)

Corrimal Catholic Princes Highway Corrimal NSW 794 (complete to 2008-02-29)

Coutts Crossing Armidale Road, Coutts Crossing NSW 182 (complete to 2011-02-27)

Crescent Head Columbarium Belmore Street, Crescent Head NSW 1 (complete to 2010-05-31)

Crudine General Crudine Road, Crudine NSW 46 (complete to 2002-07-15)

Cudgegong General Off Castlereagh Highway, Cudgegong NSW 100 (complete to 2003-02-12)

Cudgen General Chinderah Road, Chinderah NSW 27 (complete to 2008-06-17)

Culcairn General Culcairn Cemetery Road, Culcairn NSW 916 (complete to 2012-05-31)

Cullen Bullen General Castlereagh Highway, Cullen Bullen NSW 244 (complete to 2004-11-24)

Cumnock General Yeoval Road, Cumnock NSW 409 (complete to 2002-11-28)

Curban General Hillside Road, Curban NSW 19 (complete to 2004-04-02)

Curlewis General Off Kamilaroi Highway, Curlewis NSW 206 (complete to 2007-09-27)

Curra Creek General Off Curra Creek Road, Curra Creek NSW 4 (complete to 2003-06-14)

Currabubula General Werris Creek Road, Currabubula NSW 129 (complete to 2007-12-03)

Currawong Anglican Currawong Road, Currawong NSW 34 (complete to 2009-08-04)

Currowan Private The Western Distributor, Currowan NSW 13 (complete to 2010-04-30)

Dalvey Private off Rouchel Road, Dangarfield NSW 26 (complete to 2010-04-05)

Dangarfield Private off Rouchel Road, Dangarfield NSW 16 (complete to 2010-04-05)

Dapto West Catholic West Dapto Road, Kembla Grange NSW 671 (complete to 2002-08-31)

Dark Corner General Dark Corner Road, Dark Corner NSW 80 (complete to 2005-01-06)

Dawson River (Taree) General Off Lansdowne Road, Taree NSW 3,757 (complete to 2008-03-31)

Dawson River (Taree) Lawn Off Lansdowne Road, Taree NSW 2,997 (complete to 2008-01-31)

Deeping Grove Private Saumarez Ponds NSW 25 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Deepwater General off Wise Street, Deepwater NSW 292 (complete to 2008-07-24)

Delungra General Off Haywood Road, Delungra NSW 369 (complete to 2007-04-24)

Denison Town Pioneer Black Stump Way, Denison Town NSW 56 (complete to 2004-06-23)

Depot Glen Hawker Gate Road, Milparinka NSW 4 (complete to 2010-06-19)

Dicks Camp General Off Oxley Highway, Collie NSW 69 (complete to 2004-03-24)

Dinton Vale Ashford Road, Dinton Vale NSW 25 (complete to 2008-08-31)

Dorrigo General Waterfall Way, Dorrigo NSW 1,571 (complete to 2010-07-25)

Doyles Creek Anglican Doyles Creek Road, Doyles Creek NSW 58 (complete to 2002-04-13)

Drake Bruxner Hwy Drake NSW 0 (partial listing)

Dubbo Pioneer off Angle Road, Dubbo NSW 20 (complete to 2006-01-01)

Dundee New England Highway, Dundee NSW 215 (complete to 2011-10-02)

Dunedoo Anglican Columbarium Merrygoen Street, Dunedoo NSW 51 (complete to 2010-06-30)

Dunedoo General Avonside North Road, Dunedoo NSW 755 (complete to 2005-10-04)

Dungowan General Off Back Dungowan Road, Dungowan NSW 85 (complete to 2009-01-06)

Dungowan Parish General off Woolomin Road, Bowling Alley Point NSW 89 (complete to 2009-12-14)

Dunoon Dunoon Road. Dunoon NSW 436 (complete to 2012-04-08)

Dural Anglican Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 387 (complete to 2012-12-31)

Dural Uniting Church Derriwong Road, Dural NSW 400 (complete to 2009-01-31)

East Gresford Allyn River Road, East Gresford NSW 117 (complete to 2008-05-27)

East Gresford Catholic off Park Street, East Gresford NSW 258 (complete to 2008-02-19)

East Maitland Anglican George Street, East Maitland NSW 324 (complete to 2006-09-10)

East Maitland General Raymond Terrace Road, East Maitland NSW 6,901 (complete to 2007-06-30)

East Maitland Presbyterian Columbarium 66 George Street, East Maitland NSW 98 (complete to 2009-05-31)

East Maitland War Raymond Terrace Road, East Maitland NSW 6 (complete to 2007-06-13)

Ebenezer Uniting Coromandel Road, Ebenezer NSW 717 (complete to 2011-10-11)

Ebor General Waterfall Way, Ebor NSW 123 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Ellenborough Oxley Highway, Ellenborough NSW 75 (complete to 2009-04-30)

Elong Elong Golden Highway, Elong Elong NSW 33 (complete to 2003-02-04)

Elsmore General 1115 Elsmore Road, Elsmore NSW 170 (complete to 2009-01-20)

Emmaville Rose Valley Road, Emmaville NSW 1,034 (complete to 2011-10-02)

Emu Creek Krawarree Road, Gundillion NSW 74 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Emu Plains General Short Street, Emu Plains NSW 966 (complete to 2010-07-31)

Enfield St Thomas Coronation Parade, Enfield NSW 4,216 (complete to 2013-10-20)

Euchareena General Maroombah Road, Euchareena NSW 118 (complete to 2002-12-04)

Euroka Euroka Road, Euroka NSW 57 (complete to 2012-03-11)

Evans Head Cemetery Rd Evans Head NSW 1,420 (complete to 2013-10-20)

Failford General Pacific Highway, Nabiac NSW 698 (complete to 2007-10-15)

Farnham Orange Road, Farnham NSW 85 (complete to 2006-01-11)

Fernmount Hyde Street, Fernmount NSW 351 (complete to 2010-05-08)

Fifield Fifield NSW 60 (complete to 2007-11-15)

Foleys Creek Catholic off Beaconsfield Road, Foleys Creek NSW 17 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Forster General Strand Street, Forster NSW 1,633 (complete to 2012-03-22)

Frogmore Catholic Frogmore Road, Frogmore NSW 121 (complete to 2009-12-26)

Frosts Rest Cnr Frost & Babers Roads, Cooranbong NSW 7 (complete to 2011-09-08)

Galong General off Galong - Boorowa Road, Galong NSW 366 (complete to 2009-10-31)

Garra Cemetery Road, Garra NSW 136 (complete to 2010-03-07)

Gegedzerick Gegedzerick Road, Berridale NSW 878 (complete to 2010-08-20)

Georges Plains St Johns Road, Georges Plains NSW 118 (complete to 2007-03-08)

Gerringong General Cnr Belinda & Percy Streets, Gerringong NSW 1,153 (complete to 2007-09-30)

Geurie General Off Mitchell Highway, Geurie NSW 359 (complete to 2003-02-04)

Giants Creek General Off Golden Highway, Giants Creek NSW 121 (complete to 2001-04-17)

Gilgandra General Castlereagh Highway, Gilgandra NSW 2,655 (complete to 2004-04-16)

Gilwarra General Gilwarra Lane, Glenthorne NSW 60 (complete to 2008-04-27)

Gins Leap Kamilaroi Highway, Boggabri NSW 5 (complete to 2008-02-16)

Girilambone General Arcturus Street, Girilambone NSW 118 (complete to 2005-04-14)

Glebe George Street, East Maitland NSW 324 (complete to 2006-09-10)

Glen Alice Glen Alice Road, Glen Alice NSW 114 (complete to 2002-08-14)

Glen Innes General Grafton Street, Glen Innes NSW 7,526 (complete to 2012-01-28)

Glen Innes War Grafton Street, Glen Innes NSW 5 (complete to 2011-02-26)

Glen Shea Private Cobborah Road, Merrygoen NSW 19 (complete to 2005-10-04)

Glen William Anglican Glen William Church Road, Glen William NSW 102 (complete to 2004-01-01)

Glenalvon Private Glenalvon Murrurundi NSW 3 (complete to 2011-11-30)

Glencoe General New England Highway, Glencoe NSW 118 (complete to 2007-09-14)

Glendon Glendon Lane, Glendon NSW 23 (complete to 2011-02-02)

Glenmore Uniting Church Wine Country Drive, Rothbury NSW 60 (complete to 2010-04-30)

Glenreagh Cemetery Road, Glenreagh NSW 144 (complete to 2011-12-04)

Glenridding Uniting Church Putty Road, Singleton NSW 525 (complete to 2001-10-31)

Glenthorne General Gilwarra Lane, Glenthorne NSW 60 (complete to 2008-04-27)

Gloucester General Cemetery Road, Gloucester NSW 2,748 (complete to 2010-01-17)

Goolma Lambing Hill Gollan Road, Goolma NSW 7 (complete to 2005-02-17)

Gooloogong General Cemetery Road, Gooloogong NSW 400 (complete to 2005-04-30)

Goorangoola Anglican Goorangoola Road, Goorangoola NSW 95 (complete to 2007-11-30)

Goulburn St Saviour's Cathedral Bourke Street Goulburn NSW 44 (complete to 2012-07-05)

Grafton General Villiers Street, Grafton NSW 4,859 (complete to 2009-03-31)

Gravesend Off Gwydir Highway, Gravesend NSW 15 (complete to 2011-12-19)

Greenethorpe Private Greenethorpe NSW 31 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Greengrove St Peter's off Mangrove Creek Road, Greengrove NSW 65 (complete to 2009-05-31)

Gresford Anglican Church Street, Gresford NSW 432 (complete to 2008-02-19)

Greta General Evans Street, Greta NSW 900 (complete to 2013-01-17)

Greta War Hunter Street, Greta NSW 21 (complete to 2013-01-18)

Gulargambone General Muraiman Street, Gulargambone NSW 612 (complete to 2004-10-08)

Gulgong General Castlereagh Highway, Gulgong NSW 2,914 (complete to 2004-03-14)

Gum Flat General 965 Copeton Dam Road, Gum Flat NSW 188 (complete to 2008-10-31)

Gundaroo General Lot Street Gundaroo NSW 200 (complete to 2012-10-31)

Gundillion Krawarree Road, Gundillion NSW 74 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Gundy Anglican Mayne Street, Gundy NSW 27 (complete to 2010-03-31)

Gundy General Merrimuka Road, Gundy NSW 177 (complete to 2010-02-07)

Gundy Historic Church Street, Gundy NSW 15 (complete to 2010-01-31)

Gunnedah General Hunter Street, Gunnedah NSW 3,797 (complete to 2009-10-31)

Guntawang Private Guntawang, Goolma Road, Gulgong NSW 9 (complete to 2011-09-02)

Guy Fawkes Waterfall Way, Ebor NSW 123 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Guyra General New England Highway, Guyra NSW 1,613 (complete to 2011-02-28)

Gwabegar General Narrabri Road, Gwabegar NSW 72 (complete to 2006-03-02)

Hallsville Methodist Manilla Road, Hallsville NSW 15 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Hanging Rock Historic Nundle - Hanging Rock Road, Hanging Rock NSW 81 (complete to 2007-06-02)

Hannell Private Off New England Highway, Hexham NSW 3 (complete to 2012-06-15)

Hargraves Catholic Hargraves NSW 71 (complete to 2004-06-04)

Hargraves General Off Mudgee Road, Hargraves NSW 101 (complete to 2004-06-04)

Hargraves Pioneer beyond Merinda Street, Hargraves NSW 15 (complete to 2002-09-01)

Harley Hill Beach Road, Berry NSW 36 (complete to 3004-09-30)

Hartley General Great Western Highway, Hartley NSW 285 (complete to 2007-08-29)

Hartley Vale off Fields Road, Hartley Vale NSW 152 (complete to 2009-09-16)

Havilah Anglican Lue Road, Havilah NSW 12 (complete to 2008-05-23)

Havilah Catholic Lue Road, Havilah NSW 18 (complete to 2008-05-23)

Helensburg General Cemetery Road, Helensburgh NSW 535 (complete to 2009-09-06)

Hermidale Girilambone Road, Hermidale NSW 41 (complete to 2005-04-12)

Herons Creek Herons Creek Road, Herons Creek NSW 143 (complete to 2010-03-10)

Hickeys Creek Toms Gully Road, Hickeys Creek NSW 64 (complete to 2010-09-03)

Hiland Crescent Hiland Crescent & Maize Street, Tenambit NSW 499 (complete to 2006-10-31)

Hill End Catholic Off Mudgee Road, Tambaroora NSW 76 (complete to 2002-06-30)

Hill End General Mudgee Road, Tambaroora NSW 458 (complete to 2002-06-30)

Hilldale Union Church Columbarium Hilldale Road, Hilldale NSW 12 (complete to 2013-02-28)

Hinton Anglican Cnr Paterson & Elizabeth Streets Hinton NSW 199 (complete to 2006-01-01)

Hinton Pioneer Paterson Street, Hinton NSW 183 (complete to 2006-01-01)

Hinton Smith Private Nulla Nulla Lane, Hinton NSW 14 (complete to 2007-11-22)

Honeysuckle Sandgate, Newcastle NSW 374 (complete to 2006-10-15)

Iandra Private Greenethorpe NSW 31 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Ilford General Cafes Road, Ilford NSW 143 (complete to 2002-07-15)

Inverell General Ashford Road, Inverell NSW 636 (partial listing)

Isabella General Isabella Road, Isabella NSW 42 (complete to 2006-11-09)

Jamberoo Catholic Chapel Lane Jamberoo NSW 172 (complete to 2007-10-10)

Jamberoo General Drualla Road, Jamberoo NSW 724 (complete to 2007-10-10)

Jamberoo Presbyterian Allowrie Street, Jamberoo NSW 47 (complete to 2007-10-10)

Jamberoo Uniting Church Macquarie St, Jamberoo NSW 72 (complete to 2007-10-10)

Jerilderie General Conargo Road, Jerilderie NSW 1,025 (complete to 2010-10-31)

Jerrys Plains General Piribil Street, Jerrys Plains NSW 241 (complete to 2000-01-17)

Jerrys Plains Old Anglican Pagan Street, Jerrys Plains NSW 79 (complete to 2000-01-17)

Jerrys Plains Old Catholic Pagan Street, Jerrys Plains NSW 64 (complete to 2000-01-19)

Jilliby General Jilliby Road, Jilliby NSW 1,399 (complete to 2011-10-01)

Jindabyne General Barry Way, Jindabyne NSW 280 (complete to 2010-08-18)

Johns River General Stewarts Road, Johns River NSW 0 (complete to 2008-10-31)

Jupps Cemetery Allyn River Road, East Gresford NSW 117 (complete to 2008-05-27)

Karangi Lawn Coramba Road, Karangi NSW 2,613 (complete to 2010-06-30)

Karuah Tarean Road, Karuah NSW 365 (complete to 2010-09-30)

Kellys Plains Anglican Hartys Plains Road, Kellys Plains NSW 17 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Kembla Grange Old Reddalls Road, Kembla Grange NSW 59 (complete to 2002-09-30)

Kembla Grange War Reddalls Road, Kembla Grange NSW 12 (complete to 2002-09-30)

Kempsey East Naiooka St, East Kempsey NSW 5,534 (complete to 2010-05-31)

Kempsey West General Broughton Street, Kempsey NSW 2,376 (complete to 2010-08-31)

Kendall General Albert Street, Kendall NSW 695 (complete to 2008-09-30)

Kiama Anglican 2 Terralong Street, Kiama NSW 132 (complete to 2008-05-31)

Kiama General Princes Highway, Bombo NSW 2,865 (complete to 2007-10-31)

Kiandra Snowy Mountains Highway, Kiandra NSW 14 (complete to 2009-01-13)

Kilcoy Presbyterian Chandler Road, Kilcoy NSW 131 (complete to 2012-05-18)

Killabakh General Comboyne Road, Killabakh NSW 245 (complete to 2008-11-30)

Killawarra Private Bootawa Rd, Killawarra NSW 6 (complete to 2009-10-31)

Kingstown Station Private Kingstown NSW 8 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Kinki Stuarts Point Road, Stuarts Point NSW 205 (complete to 2012-03-11)

Kirkconnell Catholic Off Sunny Corner Road, Yetholme NSW 141 (complete to 2006-02-22)

Kookabookra General Off Kookabookra Road, Kookabookra NSW 9 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Kooloonbung Creek Gordon Street, Port Macquarie NSW 93 (complete to 2008-08-31)

Koorawatha General Cowra Street, Koorawatha NSW 282 (complete to 2010-03-13)

Kootingal-Moonbi General George Street, Moonbi NSW 513 (complete to 2007-03-31)

Krambach General Cemetery Lane, Krambach NSW 718 (complete to 2008-09-09)

Krambach St Bernadette's Catholic 3783 Bucketts Way Krambach NSW 3 (complete to 2013-09-19)

Kunopia Station off Garrah-Boonangar Road, Boomi NSW 5 (complete to 2009-04-30)

Kurrajong Catholic Old Bells Line of Road Kurrajong NSW 258 (complete to 2007-04-14)

Kurrajong Heights Uniting Church Bells Kine of Road, Kurrajong Heights NSW 50 (complete to 2007-04-14)

Kurri Kurri Anglican Columbarium 97 Barton Street, Kurri Kurri NSW 296 (complete to 2008-04-30)

Kurri Kurri Bowling Club Columbarium Tarro Street, Kurri Kurri NSW 75 (complete to 2008-04-30)

Kurri Kurri General Hospital Road, Kurri Kurri NSW 5,728 (complete to 2008-05-17)

Laheys Creek Dapper Road, Laheys Creek NSW 7 (complete to 2005-02-17)

Lambing Hill Gollan Road, Goolma NSW 7 (complete to 2005-02-17)

Langs Creek Anglican off Lachlan Valley Way, Langs Creek NSW 63 (complete to 2009-01-19)

Lansdowne General Central Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne NSW 522 (complete to 2008-12-16)

Laurieton General Ocean Drive, Laurieton NSW 1,665 (complete to 2008-09-30)

Lawrence General High Street, Lawrence NSW 443 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Lawson General Wilson Street, Lawson NSW 372 (complete to 2009-09-16)

Leadville Sir Ivan Dougherty Drive, Leadville NSW 11 (complete to 2004-05-19)

Lismore Memorial Gardens Skyline Road, Goonellabah NSW 7,076 (partial listing)

Lismore North Nimbin Road, North Lismore NSW 368 (complete to 2013-03-31)

Lithgow General Great Western Highway, Bowenfels NSW 8,687 (complete to 2007-08-09)

Little Plain New General 8371 Gwydir Highway, Little Plain NSW 24 (complete to 2008-08-31)

Little Plain Old General Gwydir Highway, Little Plain NSW 89 (complete to 2007-09-13)

Lochinvar Anglican New England Highway, Lochinvar NSW 239 (complete to 2010-04-30)

Lochinvar Catholic New England Highway, Lochinvar NSW 784 (complete to 2010-12-03)

Lockhart General Cemetery Road, Lockhart NSW 1,334 (complete to 2008-08-15)

Lockhart Lawn Cemetery Road, Lockhart NSW 254 (complete to 2008-05-31)

Lonely Graves NSW Various Locations, NSW 118 (partial listing)

Long Swamp Catholic 377 Old Trunk Road, Arkell NSW 218 (complete to 2009-04-23)

Loreto Bushland Pennant Hills Road, Normanhurst NSW 45 (complete to 2011-05-21)

Loreto Catholic Upper Macdonald Road, Upper Macdonald NSW 43 (complete to 2011-11-08)

Loreto Normanhurst Pennant Hills Road, Normanhurst NSW 45 (complete to 2011-05-21)

Lostock Anglican Paterson River Road, Lostock NSW 109 (complete to 2010-02-26)

Louisa Creek beyond Merinda Street, Hargraves NSW 15 (complete to 2002-09-01)

Lowther General Jenolan Caves Road, Lowther NSW 168 (complete to 2011-04-13)

Lue General Bara-Lue Road, Lue NSW 90 (complete to 2002-05-05)

Macksville General Wallace Street, Macksville NSW 2,140 (complete to 2010-03-31)

Maclean General Cameron Street, Maclean NSW 2,656 (complete to 2012-03-09)

Maclean Lawn Brooms Head Road, Maclean NSW 2,825 (complete to 2008-11-07)

Macquarie Plains Methodist O'Connell Road, O'Connell NSW 22 (complete to 2006-11-09)

Maitland Anglican Columbarium 66 Church Street, Maitland NSW 378 (complete to 2008-03-31)

Maitland Uniting Church Columbarium Cnr High St & Ken Tubman Drive, Maitland NSW 155 (complete to 2008-03-30)

Manilla General Namoi River Road, Manilla NSW 1,985 (complete to 2006-09-22)

Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens 183 Pampoolah Road, Taree NSW 1,862 (complete to 2011-04-30)

Marlee General Bulga Road, Marlee NSW 532 (complete to 2008-11-30)

Maroota General Sackville Ferry Road, Sackville North NSW 41 (complete to 2011-10-03)

Marshall Mount Methodist Calderwood Road, Marshall Mount NSW 232 (complete to 2002-11-03)

Mays Hill Great Western Highway, Parramatta NSW 2,522 (complete to 2011-07-15)

McGraths Hill Charles Street, McGraths Hill NSW 182 (complete to 2011-10-03)

Meadow Flat General Off Sunny Corner Road, Meadow Flat NSW 132 (complete to 2004-01-12)

Mendooran Corby Private Dubbo Road, Mendooran NSW 2 (complete to 2005-10-04)

Mendooran General Dubbo Road, Mendooran NSW 428 (complete to 2005-11-11)

Merrendee Various locations, Merrendee NSW 42 (complete to 2008-06-17)

Merriwa Golden Highway, Merriwa NSW 21 (complete to 2008-08-10)

Merriwa General Flags Road, Merriwa NSW 732 (complete to 2004-07-07)

Merriwa Holy Trinity Columbarium Bow Street Merriwa NSW 42 (complete to 2004-07-07)

Merriwa Old Anglican Bow Street, Merriwa NSW 78 (complete to 2004-07-07)

Merriwa Old Catholic Memorial Park, Bettington Street, Merriwa NSW 143 (complete to 2004-07-07)

Merrygoen Private Cobborah Road, Merrygoen NSW 19 (complete to 2005-10-04)

Millfield General Millfield NSW 270 (complete to 2002-09-17)

Milton Anglican Pioneer Croobyar Road, Milton NSW 97 (complete to 2009-01-15)

Minmi Old General Minmi Road, Minmi NSW 642 (complete to 2000-02-03)

Miscellaneous Inscriptions NSW From various cemeteries, NSW 3,283 (partial listing)

Mitchells Island Leslies Lane, Mitchells Island NSW 344 (complete to 2008-05-31)

Mitchells Island Anglican St Marks Lane, Mitchells Island NSW 197 (complete to 2008-04-27)

Mogo General Princes Highway, Mogo NSW 200 (complete to 2008-12-31)

Molong General Molong Cemetery Road, Molong NSW 1,947 (complete to 2003-01-09)

Monteagle General Sads Lane, Monteagle NSW 158 (complete to 2009-09-19)

Moonan Brook Moonan Brook Road, Moonan Brook NSW 100 (complete to 2010-02-28)

Moonbah Catholic Barry Way, Moonbah NSW 424 (complete to 2010-08-19)

Moonby House Private Churchill Drive, Kootingal NSW 6 (complete to 2010-05-03)

Moorland General Off Pacific Highway, Moorland NSW 622 (complete to 2008-09-08)

Moredun General Moredun NSW 45 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Morpeth General Butchers Lane, Morpeth NSW 2,132 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Morpeth St James' Columbarium Tank & High Streets Morpeth NSW 204 (complete to 2007-07-31)

Mount Mitchell Mount Mitchell NSW 14 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Mount Olive off Honeysuckle Falls Road, Mount Olive NSW 9 (complete to 2004-10-21)

Mount Thorley Off Golden Highway, Mount Thorley NSW 31 (complete to 2001-01-31)

Mount Victoria General Off Victoria Falls Road, Mount Victoria NSW 77 (complete to 2008-08-29)

Mount Vincent Anglican Mount Vincent Road, Mount Vincent NSW 291 (complete to 2008-02-29)

Mudgee General Ulan Road, Mudgee NSW 7,829 (complete to 2007-01-30)

Mudgee Lawn Ulan Road, Mudgee NSW 799 (complete to 2010-01-19)

Mudgee Memorial Park Douro Street, Mudgee NSW 390 (complete to 2004-04-30)

Mulbring Uniting Church Palmer Street, Mulbring NSW 224 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Mullion Creek Catholic Long Point Road, Mullion Creek NSW 1 (complete to 2007-01-31)

Mungindi General Carnarvon Highway, Mungindi NSW 505 (complete to 2009-10-31)

Munni Salisbury Way Quart Pot / Munni NSW 83 (complete to 2013-09-09)

Murringo General Murringo Road, Murringo NSW 585 (complete to 2009-09-30)

Murrurundi Catholic Polding Street, Murrurundi NSW 551 (complete to 2010-11-30)

Murrurundi North General New England Highway, Murrurundi NSW 8 (complete to 2001-12-31)

Mutton Falls Anglican Lowes Mount Road, Mutton Falls NSW 222 (complete to 2005-01-12)

Mylneford 344 Mylneford Road, Mylneford NSW 29 (complete to 2011-09-10)

Nambucca Heads General Charlton Street, Nambucca Heads NSW 1,443 (complete to 2011-03-31)

Nangus General Nangus Road, Nangus NSW 317 (complete to 2010-03-31)

Narrabri Lawn Kamilaroi Highway Narrabri NSW 1,717 (complete to 2013-06-05)

Narrabri Old General Old Moree Road, Narrabri NSW 3,346 (complete to 2006-05-05)

Narromine General Alagalah Street, Narromine NSW 2,534 (complete to 2004-10-28)

Narromine War Alagalah Street, Narromine NSW 12 (complete to 2004-10-29)

Nelligen General off Runnyford Road, Nelligen NSW 222 (complete to 2008-12-31)

Nelson Bay Stockton Street, Nelson Bay NSW 385 (complete to 2000-05-15)

Neranie Head off The Lakes Way, Bungwahl NSW 11 (complete to 2007-07-31)

Nerriga Catholic Nerriga Road, Nerriga NSW 37 (complete to 2004-12-31)

Nerriga General Willow Forest Road, Nerriga NSW 46 (complete to 2009-11-30)

Netherton Private Walcha NSW 8 (complete to 2010-09-30)

Neurea Mitchell Highway, Neurea NSW 6 (complete to 2005-10-31)

Nevertire Warren Road, Nevertire NSW 156 (complete to 2003-12-10)

Newcastle Anglican Cathedral King Street, Newcastle NSW 113 (complete to 2001-10-12)

Niangala Weabonga Road, Niangala NSW 32 (complete to 2009-04-25)

Noraville Oleander Street, Noraville NSW 1,683 (partial listing)

North Rocks Catholic North Rocks Road, Carlingford NSW 2,864 (complete to 2011-09-30)

Northern Rivers Memorial Park Coraki Road, South Gundurimba NSW 681 (complete to 2011-12-27)

Nowendoc Thunderbolts Way, Nowendoc NSW 69 (complete to 2010-04-08)

Nubrygyn Nubrygyn NSW 58 (complete to 2011-04-30)

Nullamanna Nullamanna Road, Nullamanna NSW 17 (complete to 2009-01-31)

Nundle General off Point Street, Nundle NSW 480 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Nymboida Armidale Road, Nymboida NSW 113 (complete to 2011-02-27)

Nyngan General Cemetery Road, Nyngan NSW 2,039 (complete to 2005-04-13)

O'Connell Anglican Black Springs Road, O'Connell NSW 83 (complete to 2006-11-09)

O'Connell Catholic Bathurst Road, O'Connell NSW 79 (complete to 2005-02-04)

O'Connell General Mutton Falls Road, O'Connell NSW 215 (complete to 2006-11-09)

Oakhampton Oakhampton Road, Oakhampton NSW 149 (complete to 2011-04-30)

Oban Station Private Backwater NSW 17 (complete to 1987-12-31)

Oberon General Abercrombie Road, Oberon NSW 1,205 (complete to 2006-10-26)

Oberon Old Anglican Oberon Street, Oberon NSW 10 (complete to 2006-10-26)

Oberon Old Methodist Duckmaloi Road, Oberon NSW 166 (complete to 2004-02-04)

Old Adaminaby Old Cemetery Road, Old Adaminaby NSW 457 (complete to 2012-07-06)

Old Bar Old Bar Road, Pampoolah NSW 773 (complete to 2008-05-31)

Old Tabulam Tabulam NSW 1 (partial listing)

Ollera Private Ollera NSW 394 (complete to 2008-08-27)

Oswald Methodist Oswald Lane Lochinvar NSW 89 (complete to 2008-01-31)

Owens Gap Catholic Owens Gap NSW 11 (complete to 2007-01-31)

Oxley Island Oxley Island & Ferry Roads, Oxley Island NSW 296 (complete to 2007-03-13)

Paddys Gully Paddys Gully Road, Backwater NSW 9 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Pallamallawa General North Street, Pallamallawa NSW 223 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Parkes Want St Parkes NSW 8,584 (complete to 2013-09-24)

Parramatta All Saints Fennell Street, North Parramatta NSW 2,221 (complete to 2011-05-31)

Parramatta Methodist Buller Street, Parramatta NSW 583 (complete to 2011-03-05)

Parramatta St John's O'Connell Street, Parramatta NSW 1,676 (complete to 2011-08-31)

Parramatta St Patricks Catholic Church Street, North Parramatta NSW 945 (complete to 2011-06-27)

Peak Hill General Newell Highway, Peak Hill NSW 1,552 (complete to 2007-08-31)

Pearce Family Private Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills NSW 44 (complete to 2011-02-13)

Peel General Bathurst Road, Peel NSW 99 (complete to 2005-02-04)

Perthville Uniting Church Vale Road, Perthville NSW 56 (complete to 2007-03-07)

Picton Anglican Menangle St West, Picton NSW 432 (complete to 2009-06-30)

Picton Family off Wollombi Road, Broke NSW 7 (complete to 2012-06-15)

Pilliga General Lagoon Street, Pilliga NSW 283 (complete to 2006-03-02)

Pilot Hill Pilot Street, Harrington NSW 8 (complete to 2008-07-18)

Pinkett Catholic Pinkett NSW 9 (complete to 2008-07-21)

Pioneer Hill Elizabeth Avenue, Raymond Terrace NSW 1,097 (complete to 2010-01-31)

Pipers Flat General Portland Road, Wallerawang NSW 766 (complete to 2004-12-02)

Pitt Town Anglican Columbarium 110 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town NSW 14 (complete to 2011-03-31)

Pitt Town General Old Stock Route Road, Pitt Town NSW 43 (complete to 2012-04-30)

Pitt Town Uniting Church 99 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town NSW 3 (complete to 2011-03-31)

Point Clare General Coolam Avenue, Point Clare NSW 6,338 (partial listing)

Port Macquarie General Widderson Street, Port Macquarie NSW 3,419 (complete to 2008-09-02)

Port Macquarie Historic Gordon Street, Port Macquarie NSW 93 (complete to 2008-08-31)

Porters Retreat General Abercrombie Road, Porters Retreat NSW 79 (complete to 2006-11-09)

Portland General Sunny Corner Road, Portland NSW 1,579 (complete to 2006-02-22)

Puddledock Goldfield Rays Road, Puddledock NSW 7 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Pyramul Catholic Prices Lane, Pyramul NSW 84 (complete to 2004-05-27)

Quambone General Coonamble Road, Quambone NSW 117 (complete to 2005-03-23)

Quart Pot Salisbury Way Quart Pot / Munni NSW 83 (complete to 2013-09-09)

Quipolly General Quirindi-Gunnedah Road, Quipolly NSW 127 (complete to 2007-09-26)

Quirindi General Russell Street, Quirindi NSW 1,897 (complete to 2007-09-26)

Quirindi Lawn Russell Street, Quirindi NSW 1,098 (complete to 2007-09-26)

Raymond Terrace Anglican 43 Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace NSW 226 (complete to 2008-04-17)

Raymond Terrace General Elizabeth Avenue Raymond Terrace NSW 1,521 (complete to 2008-04-14)

Raymond Terrace Historic Elizabeth Avenue, Raymond Terrace NSW 1,097 (complete to 2010-01-31)

Red Range Lil Vale Road, Red Range NSW 143 (complete to 2009-12-31)

Redbank General Old Bar Road, Pampoolah NSW 773 (complete to 2008-05-31)

Richmond War Dight Street, Richmond NSW 26 (complete to 2012-04-30)

Riverside Historic Welsford Street, Riverside NSW 4 (complete to 2009-05-31)

Rockdale Uniting Church 4 Bay Strreet, Rockdale NSW 38 (complete to 2011-10-15)

Ronkana Old Chittaway Road, Fountaindale NSW 77 (complete to 2011-11-30)

Rookwood Old Presbyterian East Street, Lidcombe NSW 4,575 (complete to 2013-09-18)

Rookwood Old Wesleyan East Street, Lidcombe NSW 3,863 (complete to 2012-06-30)

Rothbury Anglican Wilderness Road, Rothbury NSW 187 (complete to 2010-04-21)

Rouchel Brook Back Creek Road, Upper Rouchel NSW 138 (complete to 2010-04-05)

Rous Rous Cemetery Road, Rous NSW 344 (complete to 2012-04-09)

Rouse Hill Anglican Aberdour Avenue Rouse Hill NSW 184 (complete to 2009-01-10)

Rozelayne Tillings Lane, Curra Creek NSW 36 (complete to 2002-11-19)

Running Stream New Olivers Road, Running Stream NSW 31 (complete to 2002-08-14)

Rutherford Catholic Columbarium Young Street, Rutherford NSW 34 (complete to 2009-06-01)

Rutherford General New England Highway, Rutherford NSW 735 (complete to 2003-07-31)

Rydal General Cemetery Lane, Rydal NSW 147 (complete to 2005-01-12)

Rydal St Matthews Catholic Rydal NSW 2 (complete to 2005-01-12)

Ryde Anglican Church Street, Ryde NSW 426 (complete to 2011-09-12)

Ryde Catholic Cemetery Victoria Road, Ryde NSW 205 (complete to 2011-09-12)

Rylstone General Olinda Road, Rylstone NSW 2,585 (complete to 2007-02-21)

Sackville Sackville Ferry Road, Sackville North NSW 41 (complete to 2011-10-03)

Sallys Flat RC Slattery Road, Sallys Flat NSW 93 (complete to 2004-05-07)

Scone Old Catholic Kingdon Street, Scone NSW 106 (complete to 2010-03-16)

Scone St Luke's Anglican Liverpool Street, Scone NSW 182 (complete to 2010-02-28)

Scotts Creek Anglican St Marks Lane, Mitchells Island NSW 197 (complete to 2008-04-27)

Seaham General Grape Street, Seaham NSW 130 (complete to 2004-01-01)

Sedgefield General Gresford Road, Sedgefield NSW 1,258 (complete to 2004-08-31)

Shooters Hill General Shooters Hill Road, Shooters Hill NSW 104 (complete to 2006-11-09)

Singleton Anglican Columbarium 23 Bishopgate Street, Singleton NSW 811 (complete to 2011-02-02)

Singleton Convent of Mercy 30 Queen Street, Singleton NSW 268 (complete to 2011-10-15)

Singleton General Gresford Road, Sedgefield NSW 1,258 (complete to 2004-08-31)

Singleton RC Columbarium Queen Street, Singleton NSW 53 (complete to 2011-12-28)

Smithfield Anglican Horsley Drive, Smithfield NSW 163 (complete to 2009-07-30)

Smithfield General Dublin Street, Smithfield NSW 1,116 (complete to 2009-07-30)

Smithfield Uniting 711 The Horsley Drive, Smithfield NSW 222 (complete to 2009-09-30)

Smiths Flat Clarence Way, Upper Copmanhurst NSW 233 (complete to 2011-11-05)

Sofala Anglican Hargraves Street, Sofala NSW 69 (complete to 2004-06-17)

Sofala Catholic Upper Turon Road, Sofala NSW 102 (complete to 2004-06-17)

Sofala General Bathurst Road, Sofala NSW 184 (complete to 2004-05-07)

Soldiers Flat Memorial Billimari NSW 20 (complete to 2005-04-26)

Somerton General Off Oxley Highway, Somerton NSW 23 (complete to 2006-01-11)

South Grafton General Cnr Bent & Tyson Streets, South Grafton NSW 2,082 (complete to 2009-01-31)

Spicers Creek General Gulgong Road, Spicers Creek NSW 41 (complete to 2002-06-13)

Spring Hill Warburton Lane, Spring Hill NSW 87 (complete to 2009-08-19)

Spring Ridge Tungenbone Road, Spring Ridge NSW 71 (complete to 2008-10-13)

St Albans New General Wollombi Road, St Albans NSW 265 (complete to 2011-07-09)

St Albans Old General Settlers Road, St Albans NSW 85 (complete to 2011-04-11)

St Anne's Ryde Church Street, Ryde NSW 426 (complete to 2011-09-12)

St Charles' Borremeo Catholic Victoria Road, Ryde NSW 205 (complete to 2011-09-12)

St Jude's Anglican Dural Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 387 (complete to 2012-12-31)

St Thomas Upper Mangrove Ten Mile Hollow Road, Upper Mangrove NSW 26 (complete to 2012-03-31)

Stewarts Brook Stewarts Brook Road, Stewarts Brook NSW 19 (complete to 2010-03-31)

Stockton General Fullerton Road, Stockton NSW 2,012 (complete to 2003-04-21)

Stockton Hospital Memorial Fullerton Road, Stockton NSW 32 (complete to 2002-07-27)

Stoney Creek Orange Road, Farnham NSW 85 (complete to 2006-01-11)

Stratford General Bowens Road, Stratford NSW 208 (complete to 2009-12-12)

Stroud Anglican The Bucketts Way, Stroud NSW 185 (complete to 2008-03-27)

Stuart Town General Wallaroi Road, Stuart Town NSW 596 (complete to 2002-11-12)

Sunny Corner General Dark Corner Road, Sunny Corner NSW 156 (complete to 2005-01-06)

Sunnyside Private - 8 (complete to 2005-03-24)

Swamp Oak - 30 (complete to 2009-04-25)

Tabulam - 98 (complete to 2013-10-21)

Tambar Springs General - 197 (complete to 2007-04-25)

Tambaroora Catholic - 76 (complete to 2002-06-30)

Tambaroora General - 458 (complete to 2002-06-30)

Tamworth General - 10,153 (complete to 2008-08-31)

Tamworth War - 28 (complete to 2007-03-22)

Tangmangaroo Anglican - 44 (complete to 2008-01-19)

Tannabutta General - 50 (complete to 2004-05-27)

Tarana Anglican - 222 (complete to 2005-01-12)

Tarcutta General - 300 (complete to 2008-03-31)

Taree Anglican Columbarium - 521 (complete to 2009-06-06)

Taree Estate Private - 291 (complete to 2007-09-28)

Taree Old General - 199 (complete to 2007-09-18)

Taree Presbyterian Columbarium - 25 (complete to 2009-06-30)

Tarro General - 141 (complete to 2008-06-19)

Telegraph Point - 30 (complete to 2009-03-14)

Teralba Pioneer - 13 (complete to 2010-08-31)

Terrible Vale Private - 53 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Thalaba Baptist Community - 202 (complete to 2013-02-01)

The Bight - 316 (complete to 2008-11-03)

The Rock - 700 (complete to 2009-10-31)

Tibooburra - 140 (complete to 2010-07-31)

Tinonee General - 536 (complete to 2008-10-31)

Toms Gully - 64 (complete to 2010-09-03)

Tooraweenah General - 18 (complete to 2006-03-01)

Toorigal Anglican - 21 (complete to 2008-08-10)

Tottenham General - 396 (complete to 2007-11-15)

Trangie General -1,020 (complete to 2004-03-24)

Triangle Flat Catholic - 28 (complete to 2009-11-30)

Trundle General - 848 (complete to 2009-06-06)

Tucki Tucki General - 109 (complete to 2009-08-31)

Tullamore General - 372 (complete to 2007-11-15)

Tuncurry General - 2,748 (complete to 2012-04-30)

Turondale General - 51 (complete to 2007-12-13)

Tweed Heads Lawn & General - 3,462 (complete to 2008-11-30)

Tweed Heads Old General - 918 (complete to 2008-06-30)

Uarbry General -159 (complete to 2004-05-19)

Ulan General - 193 (complete to 2004-03-13)

Ulladulla Historic - 6 (complete to 2008-12-31)

Ulladulla Racecourse - 6 (complete to 2008-12-31)

Ulmarra General -908 (complete to 2008-05-24)

Upper Mangrove - 26 (complete to 2012-03-31)

Uralla Old General - 301 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Urunga General - 825 (complete to 2011-07-31)

Vacy Anglican - 28 (complete to 2008-02-19)

Walcha Catholic - 449 (complete to 2010-06-30)

Walgett General - 1,737 (complete to 2010-02-28)

Wallabadah General - 495 (complete to 1990-06-30)

Wallerawang General -766 (complete to 2004-12-02)

Walli - 8 (complete to 2004-12-31)

Walters Family Private - 5 (complete to 2011-10-31)

Wandsworth General - 17 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Wardell General - 828 (complete to 2013-09-08)

Warialda General - 1,691 (complete to 2006-10-01)

Warialda Pioneer - 289 (complete to 2002-06-04)

Warkworth Anglican - 173 (complete to 2008-08-13)

Warren General - 1,530 (complete to 2003-12-10)

Wattle Flat Anglican -73 (complete to 2004-05-07)

Wattle Flat RC - 140 (complete to 2004-06-17)

Wattle Flat Uniting - 31 (complete to 2004-06-17)

Wattle Valley Private - 10 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Wauchope Crossroads O-ff Rosewood Road, Wauchope NSW 238 (complete to 2009-03-01)

Wauchope General - 2,791 (complete to 2009-04-30)

Weabonga - 30 (complete to 2009-04-25)

Wee Waa General - 1,403 (complete to 2006-03-28)

Wellingrove Presbyterian - 21 (complete to 2009-09-11)

Wellington Blacks Camp - 11 (partial listing)

Wellington General - 3,988 (complete to 2002-10-03)

Wellington Lawn - 2,200 (complete to 2004-07-22)

Wellington Pioneer - 429 (complete to 2002-11-14)

Wellington RC Holy Family - 550 (complete to 2004-07-31)

Werris Creek General - 923 (complete to 2007-09-27)

West Bogan Anglican - 9 (complete to 2005-04-14)

West Wallsend General - 1,252 (complete to 2000-04-30)

Western Road - 2,522 (complete to 2011-07-15)

Weston Anglican - 255 (complete to 2007-12-31)

Wheeo Uniting Church - 29 (complete to 2009-12-24)

White Rock - 81 (complete to 2007-03-08)

Whittingham Anglican - 1,918 (partial listing)

Willow Point - 13 (complete to 2009-05-24)

Willow Tree Anglican - 186 (complete to 2006-09-17)

Willow Tree Catholic - 58 (complete to 2007-09-24)

Windellama Anglican - 223 (complete to 2009-11-30)

Windellama Roberts Family Private - 52 (complete to 2006-12-31)

Windeyer Catholic - 87 (complete to 2004-05-27)

Windeyer General - 138 (complete to 2011-06-19)

Wingen - 13 (complete to 2009-04-26)

Wingham Anglican Columbarium - 136 (complete to 2008-10-25)

Wingham General - 2,480 (complete to 2008-12-31)

Wingham Presbyterian Columbarium - 23 (complete to 2008-12-31)

Winton General - 10 (complete to 2007-03-15)

Wisemans Ferry -237 (complete to 2011-04-11)

Wollar Anglican - 101 (complete to 2004-05-04)

Wollar General - 251 (complete to 2011-08-02)

Wollombi General -801 (complete to 2002-09-18)

Wollongbar - 432 (complete to 2012-03-31)

Wollongong Old Catholic - 184 (complete to 2004-06-30)

Wollongong Pioneer Park - 130 (complete to 2010-03-19)

Wombat General - 205 (complete to 2009-09-15)

Wongarbon General - 42 (complete to 2006-07-21)

Wongwibinda Private - 7 (complete to 2000-12-31)

Woola Woola - 199 (complete to 2007-09-18)

Woolbrook General -140 (complete to 2007-11-06)

Woolgoolga Lawn - 341 (complete to 2007-11-30)

Woolgoolga Monumental - 630 (complete to 2011-02-06)

Woonona Presbyterian Memorial - 85 (complete to 2010-06-30)

Wyee - 96 (complete to 2009-02-28)

Yarra St Marys - 41 (complete to 2012-10-31)

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JUBILEE POEM - To The Memory Of 1839-40 - NZ

In 1889 the Evening Post Newspaper of Wellington, ran a competition and offered three prizes to anyone writing the best "Jubilee Poem". There were many entrants. The following poem, composed by H. L. James Esq., of Wellington, was reprinted, by Permission of the Proprietors of the Evening Post, on the back of a lorry float (see 17 below) during the 'Tremendous Demonstration' held 22 Jan 1890, to celebrate the Jubilee landing of the pioneer colonists, 50 years previously, on the "Aurora" 22 Jan 1840 into Port Nicholson
* Remember that this was 1890 and the lorries in the parade were horse driven
THE SCENE IN THE STREETS .. as the procession made its way southward with banners and regalia flying, between rows of decorated shops, was one of extraordinary animation. Each footway was lined with crowds of spectators and every balcony, prominent window and other vantage point, was occupied by excited holiday-makers, who cheered lustily as each section passed along, the processionists taking up and echoing the chorus. The route taken was along Thorndon-quay, Lambton-quay, Willis-street, Manners-street, Cuba-street, Vivian-street, Upper Tory-street and Buckle-street to the Basin Reserve. When stretched at full length along the streets the procession must have measured considerably more than a mile. The leading school was opposite the Opera House when the rear-guard was somewhere in the vicinity of the Government Railway Station.
According to actual observation, the time occupied in passing a given point- the Evening Post office - was more than 50 minutes. Street traffic had been stopped during the time the demonstration was going on and an effective force of policemen under Inspector Thomson and Sergeant-Major Morice, regulated the pedestrian traffic in the most systematic way. Heavy dust was unavoidable, but was much less troublesome than might have been expected under the circumstances. Soon after the procession was begun, however, another and serious source of discomfort made itself felt, in the shape of clouds of smoke from a bush fire on the hills behind Ngahauranga and considerably discounted the pleasure that would otherwise have been enjoyed. Light wood ashes were also borne along by the breeze and proved very trying to the eyes. However, this had not become very bad until after the procession had reached the Reserve, which it did at about 1.30pm. From the official records it would appear that there must have been fully 8,000 people in the procession, including the school children and, as to the spectators, a moderate estimate puts their numbers at nearly 20,000. The outbursts of enthusiasm were such as will never be forgotten by the youngest child who took part, even if he should live to be as old as those surviving veterans who first brought civilisation to our shores
NOTE Other great stories of what was happening that day can be read by going to the link below. They include IN THE BASIN RESERVE & THE CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL

THE JUBILEE PROCESSION (go to link for full story)
The reclaimed land alongside the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company's station had been selected as the general mustering ground and here all the adult participators in the demonstration assembled .. the first incident of importance was the competition for the prizes offered for the best dress carts, Messrs C. W. Benbow, J. Woods, J. Hicks and P. C. McEwen acted as judges and awarded the first prize to the Happy Valley Meat Co, for an ingenious device characteristic of the butchering trade. The second prize went to Messrs Rowe & Sons, grain merchants; the third to Mr A. Williams, blacksmith, who had decked up a milk-float for the occasion; and a special prize was given by Mr McEwen to Mrs C. W. Brodie, aerated water manufacturer. All the arrangements of the marshals having been completed, the procession moved off the ground in the following order:-
1. The Protestant Band, under Bandmaster E. L. King
2. Day-school children, to the number of about 2800, from Mount Cook, Clyde-quay, Newtown, Vogeltown and Kilbirnie Schools, each furnished with a banner
3. Tinakori-road Drum and Fife band, under Bandmaster Sovereign
4. Another section of the school-children, from the Roman Catholic Schools, the Te Aro, Terrace, Thorndon, Wadestown and Kaiwarra Schools, numbering about 2,200, with their banners
5. Brake with the maypole dancers, under Mr R. P. Johnson with Miss Nellie Norton as May Queen and Masters August and Max Eller in the costumes of Captain Cook and his lieutenant
6. The pioneer settlers of Wellington, of both sexes, in carriages and on foot. Mr C. W. Keys, of the Hutt, who rode on the box seat of the foremost carriage, bore the original flag of the New Zealand Company. Captain Lancelot Holmes, until lately Chief Pilot, acted as marshal
7. Carriages containing members and ex-members of the local bodies as follows:- His Worship the Jubilee Mayor, Mr C. J. Johnston and several of his predecessors, viz., Messrs Joe Dransfield, George Fisher M.H.R., A. W. Brown and J. Duthie and Mr George Allen, who was elected Mayor by the Council in the interregnun between Mr Dransfield's resignation and Mr W. Hutchison's election and held office for about 20 days. Mr John Plimmer, as an early settler, also rode with the Mayors. Other carriages contained the members and ex-members of the City Council, the Chairman of the Barbour Board, Captain Rose and several members of the Board , the Municipal officers and Messrs C. W. Benbow and George Crichton, secretaries of the Jubilee Committee
8. natives, about 30 in number and including the following representatives of high rank in their respective tribes:- Major Kemp of Wanganui; Piripi te Maari, Patara, Mikaere Maru and Aperahama Matenga, Wairarapa; Wi Hapi Pakau representing the late Hon. Wi Tako's tribe of the Hutt district; Mawhini Hohua, Petone; Hare Hongi (grandson of the celebrated warrior Hongi Hiki) and Titiri, representing the Ngapuhi tribe Bay of Island; two grandsons of the chief Te Puni - Nopera and Honiana - and Te Teira, nephew of Te Puni; besides natives from Otaki and elsewhere
9. The Pahautanui (original spelling of Pauatahanui) Band, under Bandmaster F. Bradey, jun
10. Bakers' Union, with a lorry bearing an excellent assortment of bread, cakes, wedding cake, a small bakehouse, complete even to the oven, being in operation underneath the canopy on which the goods were displayed. About 30 bakers followed on foot, in the white aprons and caps of their daily wear - Mr Hogg acting as their marshal - several of them shouldering their peels. Scones were made in the little bakehouse and distributed ot the spectators
11. Boilermakers' Society, about 30, Mr T. Jaffray marshal. On a lorry was mounted a boiler-frame, at which several artizans were industriously engaged driving rivets
12. Bootmakers' Society, about 60, Mr G. Osborne marshal. Two lorries were contributed by this branch of industry. One of them was arranged to represent the benching and finishing department of a boot factory, with benchmen, pressers and finishers hard at work. The other lorry represented an "upper department" with sewing machines, managed by young girls in full swing. "king Crispin" a regally-decked personage - known in ordinary life as Mr R. McCleary - headed the tradesmen who honour him as their patron saint
13. Butchers' Society, about 60, Mr D. Taylor marshal. There were a large number of hawking carts and mounted order collectors, besides shopmen on foot
14. Plumbers, Tinsmiths' and Gasfitters' Union, about 40, Mr E. J. Piercy marshal. The representative lorry in this case was an excellent one and displayed all the latest designs in sanitary plumbing, in an admirable little workshop
15. Seamen's Union, about 40, Mr C. N. McCaull, marshal
16. Tailors' Society, about 40, Mr J. B. Graham marshal
17. Typographical Society, about 80, Mr C. Monaghan marshal. On the society's lorry was mounted a small printing office - complete with cases, imposing stone and press- in which copies of the Evening Post Jubilee Poem and the programme of the day were printed as the procession went along and distributed to the public. In a carriage which followed were seated Messrs J. R. Blair (Lyon and Blair), E. R. Bock (Bock and Cousins), George Didsbury (Government Printer) and John Blundell (Evening Post) as representatives of the officers in the city recognised by the society. When passing Messrs Lyon and Blair's printing office and the Evening Post office three hearty cheers were given by the typos for each establishment
18. Garrison Band, under Bandmaster T. Herd
19. New Zealand Federatd Labourers' Union, about 400, Mr J. Crawford marshal. On this society's lorry were shown a party of lumpers in their working dress, engaged in the handling of wool and flax bales, huge cased of merchandise etc
20. Wellington Harbour Board's pilot boat, manned by the full crew, under Pilot Shilling, each man wearing his life-belt and with a string of flags running to and from the masthead - conspicuous amongst which were those of the principal shipping companies - the Union Jack at the bow and the New Zealand Ensign at the stern. The decorations of the lorry in alternative strips of red, white and blue were also conceived and executed in exquisite taste, the whole making one of the most effective features of the procession
21. The divers engaged in raising the wreck of the Willie McLaren, equipped in diving-dresses, with air-pumps at work and mounted on a trolley embowered in masses of kelp
22. Wellington Woollen Company's employees, about 100, with two lorries. One of them bore a loom in operaiton and on the other was an effective display of tweeds, shawls, blankets, wool in skeins and other goods manufactured at the company's works, Korokoro
23. Six-horse lorry sent by Rowe and Sons, grain merchants, typifying "The Land of Plenty," and liberally decorated with grains and fruits, with a sleek-looking horse in its stall
24. Six-horse lorry representing Mr T. Munt, "the original carrier," and heavily laden with cases of goods
25. Municipal Fire Brigade, about 40, under Captain Kemsley. There were five vehicles representing the brigade, the foremost of which was of the type of engines that were in use in 1840. Then came a conveyance such as was used at a later date to carry the hose-reel; the next was a lorry bearing a series of transparencies, intended for the evening display; and two vehicles, carrying the most modern description of hose-reel (manned by the brigade's representative team) and the ordinary working appliances, brought up the rear. Everything was so arranged by Captain Kemsley that the brigade could have fallen out of the procession at a moment's notice to answer duty's call, had the necessity arisen.
26. Johnsonville Band, under Bandmaster G. Gray
27. Ancient Order of Druids, about 250 members, including juvenile lodges; Mr E. Jones, marshal. Of all the friendly societies, this body made by far the most artistic and elaborate show. The leading lorry carried on its front a tableau vivant representative of Britannia, surrounded by Scotland, Ireland and members of her army and navy. On the back of the same lorry was another allegorical group, dressed to represent Zealandia, supported by justice and benevolence, with a sturdy digger in the foreground. On the second and principal lorry a series of allegories were presented, one representing Queen Boadicea, with two attendant maids; another Caractaous, Prince of Ancient Britain, in captivity, surrounded by Roman soldiers; while in the front part of the vehicle came a group of Druidic priests in their many-coloured garments. The costumes, grouping and posing were exceedingly tasteful
28. Hibernian Society, about 200; Mr E. Carrigan, marshal
29. Rechabites and other temperance bodies, about 250; Messrs F. H. Fraser and J. Ward, marshals
30. Loyal Orange Lodges, about 200, under Messrs C. J. Hicks and A. Crowe
31. Jenkins' Band, under Bandmaster C. Jenkins
32. Ancient Order of Foresters and Shepherds, about 400, Messrs H. Birch and E. Gray, marshals. Three lorries with capital representations of the Societies emblems
33. Manchester Unity and British United Orders of Oddfellows, about 400. under Messrs J. Henshaw and S. Waters
34. Private carts, headed by those who had won the prizes in the competitions for cart-dressing and bearing displays of ironmongery, by Messrs Wilkins & Field; American organs by Mr F. J. Pinney; boots by Mr T. J. Leighton and groceries and general goods by Messrs G. Webb and E. B. Vrespin
* There is a great deal more at the above link. A great day was had by the city of Wellington. There are many names of pioneers mentioned ..

Silent the mountains stand, their icy peaks
Cleaving the blue of heaven - awful forms,
The mighty guardians of a lonely land!
A lonely land! - Far over hill and glen
The trackless forest glooms; the rivers flow
O'er-arched with shade and choked with fallen trees
The giant moa stalks the plain secure;-
For man is not, nor any fear of man

And so the ages pass and then - a change
Lo! across the boundless ocean,
O'er the floods of Tangaroa,
Come the children of Hawaiki.
The the Eastern Whanganui
Comes the fearless sercher, Kupe,
Leaves his daughters there for islets,
Leaves Mateu and Makoro.
First was he to view the lonely
Lovely Aotearoa.
Proudly floats the gorgeous "Awara,"
With her stern-post decked with streamers,
Best of war-canoes the "Arawa!"
And "Tainui" - big sea-water -
"Takitumu," "Kurahaupo:"
Oh! the war-boats, decked with feathers!
Oh! the war-men, scorning danger!
Soon the nations of the Maori
Spread through all the lonely country,
Fenced pas on every hill-top,
Kaingas in every valley;
Footpaths through the tangled forest,
Swift canoes upon the rivers;
Dusky warriors moving wary
On their savage course of bloodshed.
And the giant moas vanish,
Man is here and Death is with him!

And so the years foll on, and then - a change.
Borne on the western breeze, like the wandering white-breasted sea-birds,
Come the great flying canoes of the wonderful, magical pakeha.
But Tasman is stricken with fear and flies afar off to the northward;
For war-horns resound on the shore and war-canoes glide on the billow.
And then the great Scorner of Death, defier of tempest and danger,
Son of Tangaroa himself, lo! Cook comes from the ocean!
Him can no-way show dismay, for Fear is afraid to look on him.
Him must the maori greet and with food and with friendship receive him;
For his is the loadstone of love and his the dread death-dealing thunder.
Nor leaves he them unrecompensed, - in the woods, lo! the root-grubbing porker,
Goats on the steep-handing cliffs, and the riwari in fruitful plantations
Him shall Raukaua know, and vast Aorangi. cloud-dweller:
No more shall be heard their old names, but Cook's Strait and Mount Cook shall be told of.
And now how, the pakeha swarm! nor come they for good, but for evil:
Thunder and lightning they bring, and death in the terrible fire-tube.
And pleasant but poisonous drinl, "waipiro," - ill-smelling water;
And death, eveil passions, and sickness lay hold on the Maori people.
Lo! Hongi with pakeha thunder clothes the far-dreaded Ngapuhi;_
The mothers of Thames and Waikato bush their children with "Hongi! 'tis Hongi"
Mokoia, sweet isle of legend, is wasted - its singers are slaughtered;
By the blood-reddened stream of the Waipa, lo! thousands of cannibal ovens

And so the years roll on and still - a change.
In the vasty home of commerce,
Hugest city of the pakeha,
Gather now the chiefs and captains,
Gather now the crafty traders,
Saying, eager, to each other,
"Wealthy is the wondrous country
Thousand leagues across the surges;
Let us take the Maori islands,
Seize on Aotearoa;
Let us name the land New Zealand -
We its Company traders"
Thousand leagues across the surges
Speeds their great canoe, the "Tory"
Laden deep with pakeha settlers, -
Brings their crafty leader, Wakefield,
Brings the craftiest of traders, -
Enters soon Raukaua Moana,
Crossed of yore by Cook and Kupe.
Sails she round high Terawhitei,
By the blood-stained cliff Tamure,
Where of old the searcher Kupe,
For his Taiapua wailing,
Moaning for his self-slain daughter,
With sharp tuhua hacked his visage.
Soon the jagged rocks, foam-sprinkled,
That beset the cliffy gateway
Of the Eastern Wnanganui,
Rise from out the snowy billows,
Rise on every side around her.
Safely glides she through her danger.
Safely folds her wings within there
Where the daughters of great Kupe,
Where Mateu and Makoro,
Watch the Eastern Whanganui,
While to men they seem but islets,
Now the crafty Wakefield landing
Sees Poneke, sees Pitone,
Sees the vale of Eritonga;
And the thoughtless Ngatiawa
Sell their lands for deadly weapons,
Give their lands for guns and trinkets;
And by hilly, high Te Aro
Cluster thick the pakeha dwellings,
And the town of Wellington rises.
Next, by sad Waitangi's waters,
In the land of fierce Ngapuhi, -
By the stream of Lamentation, -
Gather chiefs of all the nations;
And they cast their "mana" from them,
Bow themselves to pakeah rulers!
By the waters of Waitangi -
Rightly named the "Stream of Wailing" -
Passed away the Maori "mana"
To the realms of Hine-nui,
To forgetfulness and darkness!

The ruthless years roll on, and all is changed!
O'er the wide lands of fair New Zealand rise
The homes of foreigners. The Maori pines
And fades away. A little while he strives
To stem the tide of Fate; in vain, in vain!
He knows no thought of fear; but shall he dare
Lightnings of death and blast of fell disease
And live? Alas! although Tauranga Gate,
And Orakau, and Rangariri - ay.
And hundred conflicts else, shall bear his fame
To Time remotest age, his sun doth set
Behind the looming massive of the West!
No more the populous pa shall top the hill,
No more by rill and wood the kainga stand;
No more the graceful war-canoe shall stem
The stream, or risk great Tangaroa's wave.
The Maori and moa both must pass,
They vanish fast away as morning mist,
For Europe's art is here and Europe's might.
Far falls the forest pride before the axe;
The stony road winds over hill and lea;
The swamps are dry, the moors lament their fern;
The wild things of the thicket flee and die,
And strange four-footed beasts usurp their sway.
Smoke of great cities on the harbour-shores;
Screams the swift iron horse in glen and wold;
Enormous steamers wallow in the waves,
Like monstrous taniwhas of olden time;
And Art and Science strid on hand in hand.
New Zealand yet shall rise upon the world,
And shine the richest jewel of the South.
Hail!, hail, Zealandia! may they greatness grow,
While envious nations sigh, "Would I were thee!"

Jubilee poem

To the memory of 1839-40
composed by H L James, esq., Wellington
Shows the poem in a central panel, with inset views of Wellington in the borders: Wellington 1840; Wellington 1890; Arrival of the "Aurora" in Port Nicholson, January 1840; Thorndon 1840; Thorndon 1890; Wellington Wharf 1840; Wellington Wharf 1890.

2 PECK sisters marry 2 SARGENT brothers - Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Can anyone help with some info on the 2 SARGENT sisters Minnie and Jane who married 2 PECK brothers William and Daniel

Daniel and Jane married 1891 in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

William and Minnie married 1901 in Hawkes Bay New Zealand

do you know of FREDERICK PATIENT, married EMMA PECK

Frederick was born Lower Hutt NZ about 1880 and maried Emma Peck in 1946, he was 66 and she was 58. He died 1950, I would like any info at all