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MOUAT buried Taita Cemetery NZ

MOUAT buried TAITA, Lower Hutt

* Annie Mouat (nee Harper) Mouat
22 November 1985 aged 88
General Burial, Block 02, Row I, Plot 46
with: Sylvia Anne Mouat

* Arthur Mouat
7 Oct 1948 aged 61
with: Jemima Mouat

* Clifford Magnus Mouat
29 September 1987 aged 58
* Plasterer
General Ashes, Block 01, Row D, Plot 14
with: Dianne Jean Mouat & Gwen Shirley McDonald/Mouat

* Dianne Jean Mouat
20 August 2016 aged 55
General Ashes, Block 01, Row D, Plot 14
with Clifford Magnus Mouat & Gwen Shirley McDonald/Mouat

* Francis Aloysius 'Frank' Mouat
4 September 1979 aged 82
* Carpenter
General Burial, Block 02, Row I, Plot 41
with: May Evelyn Mouat

* Gwen Shirley Mouat
21 August 2007 aged 78
with Clifford Magnus Mouat & Dianne Jean Mouat

* Hazel Joan Mouat
18 January 2003 aged 76
* Clerical Worker
General Burial, Block 05, Row K, Plot 13

* James Harper Mouat
7 October 1959 aged 69
with: Martha Annie Mouat & Nancy Gladys Langham

* James William 'Jim' Mouat
29 July 2017 aged 78
* Air NZ Mechanic
with: Valerie Kam Poh Mouat

* Jemima Charlotte Mouat
18 March 1942 aged 53
with Arthur

* Magnus Johnston Mouat
15 August 1982 aged 77
with father William Mouat

* Magnus Rosse Mouat
4 February 1993 aged 77
* Warehouse Manager
General Burial, Block 06, Row L, Plot 61
with Rita Frances Mouat
* daughter of Magnus Mouat & Minnie Louisa Tyrvell

* Margaret Grace (nee Hampton) Mouat
12 March 1940 aged 63
married William Mouat in 1917

* Martha Annie (nee Evans) Mouat
30 August 1972 aged 78
with James Harper Mouat & Nancy Gladys Langham
* married James Harper Mouat in 1921

* May Evelyn (nee Thomson) Mouat
3 September 1972 aged 72
General Burial, Block 02, Row I, Plot 41
with: Francis Aloysius Mouat

* Phyllis Joan Mouat
13 January 2000 aged 75
RSA Soldiers Ash Wall, Block 12, Row F, Plot 42
with: Ronald Melville Mouat

* Rhoda Margaret Annie (nee Coventry) Mouat
12 August 1975 aged 66
General Burial, Block 02, Row X, Plot 19
with: William Magnus Mouat

* Rita Frances Mouat
12 March 1990 aged 69
General Burial, Block 06, Row L, Plot 61
with: Magnus Rosse Mouat

* Robert Dowell Williamson Mouat
23 May 1977 aged 81
General Burial, Block 02, Row I, Plot 45

* Ronald Melville Mouat
7 September 2007 aged 81
RSA Soldiers Ash Wall, Block 12, Row F, Plot 42
with: Phyllis Joan Mouat

* Sylvia Anne Mouat
5 January 2007 aged 72
with Anne Mouat Mouat

* Tania Marie Gwen Mouat
16 June 2006 aged 27
General Burial, Block 13, Row B, Plot 09

* Valerie Kam Poh Mouat
23 March 2003 aged 67
* School Teacher
with James William Mouat

* William Magnus Mouat
27 August 1989 aged 86
General Burial, Block 02, Row X, Plot 19
with: Rhoda Margaret Annie Mouat

AMBLER marriages New Zealand

AMBLER marriages 1884 - 1937
Alexander Prain Ambler
married Minnie Gladys Dixon in 1921

Bentley Ambler (1847-1896)
married Harriet Burren Wiess (1841-1912) in 1884 in Albury, Canterbury
* Bentley died in Oamaru

Daniel Rowland Ambler (1911-1975)
married Meti Lewhata in 1934

David Ritchie Ambler (1862-1951)
married Mary Anderson Scroggie in 1893
their known children
1894 - James Thomas Ambler

David Ritchie Ambler
married Sarah Beatrice Butler in 1905
their known children
1907 - Catherine Ritchie Ambler
1909 - Eliza Hall Ambler

Frederick Norman 'Fred' Ambler (1894-1983)
married Helen Becquet Shelton (1895-1981) in 1919 in Opawa, Christchurch and moved to Auckland, setting up Ambler & Co and became a pioneering NZ businessman in the clothing trade.
His parents arrived into Christchurch in 1907 on the 'Ionic' and moved to Auckland 10 years later

George Henry Ambler
married Elizabeth Inglis Cairns in 1908
their known children
1909 - Jessie Inglis Ambler
1913 - William Thomas Ambler
1915 - James Cairns Ambler

James Thomas Ambler (1893-1980)
married Mary Isabella Ashby in 1920

Kershaw Sebright Ambler (1897-1965)
married Marguerite Kathleen Page in 1919

Rowland Ambler (1884-1942)
married Johanna Isabella Kempt (1872-1928) in 1910
their known children
1911 - Daniel Rowland Ambler
1913 - Alexander Robertson Ambler
1916 - Roy Wilkinson Ambler
Rowland Ambler
next married Dora Tewhata (1897-1951) in 1931

Sebright Ambler (1855-1914)
married Jane Small Prain in 1888
their known children
1891 - Hannah Ambler
1892 - Violet Mary Ambler
1895 - Louisa Elizabeth AMbler
1897 - Sebright Kershaw Ambler
1898 - Jane Small Prain Ambler
1901 - Thomas Alexander Prain Ambler

Thomas Ambler
married Annie Swift in 1923

Thomas Bentley Ambler
married Christina McClea in 1919

Victor Meredith Ambler (1897-1982)
married Emily Mavis Turner in 1936

William Frederick Ambler
married Augusta Lavinia Krugge in 1891 in Wellington
their known children
1892 - Charles Stanley Dennison Ambler
1895 - Eileen McKella Ambler
1899 - Marjorie Phyllis Ambler

William Frederick Ambler
married Mary Hunter Tait in 1925

Willie Ambler
married Fanny Coles in 1914
their known children
1917 - Velma Victoria Lilian AMbler

Eliza Hall Ambler
married Maurice George Hampton in 1937

Ethel Ambler
married Maurice Martin Quirk in 1933

Florence May Ambler
married Leslie Weedon Broughton in 1916
their known children
1915 - Desmond Weedon Broughton
1918 - Jack Carrick Broughton

Hannah Ambler
married Norman Horrobin in 1914
their known children
1915 - Norman Lloyd Horrobin

Jean Small Prain Ambler
married Charles Samuel Parsons in 1921

Jessie Inglis Ambler
married Colin Russell Galbraith in 1930

Louisa Elizabeth Ambler
married Philip Edmund Doyle in 1915

Mary Ada Ambler
married William Beaumaurice Priggen-Lemars ? in 1893

Violet Mary Ambler
married Bertram Francis Spencer in 1911
their known children
1912 - Peta Violet Spencer
1913 - Joan Stuart Spencer

MARTINBOROUGH cemetery headstones

HEADSTONE PHOTOS at Martinborough Public Cemetery Puruatanga Road. As at 29 Oct 2018 on BillionGraves
There are more burials than depicted here. These are just those with headstones available at this date
* Names in grey are some of the burials yet to be photographed

Adamson, Herbert (1878-1943)
Adamson, Lillia Jane (1879-1941 nee Hawkins)

Aitchison, Adam (1885-1976)
Aitchison, Barbara (1890-1984 nee Rendall)
Aitchison, Teresa Mary (1918-1992)
Aitchison, Walter Neville (1916-1983)
Aitchison, William Sanders (1905-1906)

Aldridge, Gregory Francis (1921-2000)
Aldridge, Marie Gloria (1925-1995)

Alfhilda, Clara Amy (1908-1999)

Allanson, Michael Thomas (1956-2009)

Alloway, Gordan Ashley (1898-1969)
Alloway, Philip Henry George (1915-1981)

Alpe, Norman Malcolm (1925-1998)

Ambler, Edward John (1852-1918)

Amos, Jean Violet (1896-1978 nee Radford)
Amos, Rex Russell Radford (1930-2012)
Amos, Roy Frederick (1896-1955)
Amos, Vaughan Alfred (1923-1941)

Anderson, Alice Irving Hall (1878-1957)
Anderson, Randall Carruthers (1877-1943)

Anstis, Julia Margaret (1867-1936 nee Fox)
Anstis, William Francis (1862-1936)

Aporo, Garry William (1953-2006)
Aporo, Tom Garry 'Dulee' (1972-2016)

Aranui, Sabrina (1972-1973)
Aranui, Walter Boy (1929-1996)

Arcus, Elizabeth Kate (1896-1990 nee McDonald)
Arcus, William Ernest (1893-1980)

Armstrong, Charles Edward (1891-1961)

Atkinson, Ben Robert Lysaght (1924-1987)

Attwood, Ruby (1895-1958)
Attwood, William Bernard (1881-1959)

August, Nancy June (1924-1988)

Aukuso, Shirley Ellen (1934-1996 nee Moulton)

Austin, Esther Sutherland (1902-1974 nee McLeod)

Badland, Edward James (1915-1917)
Badland, Louisa Jane (1881-1932 nee McKenzie)

Baghurst, Joseph (1879-1947)
Baghurst, Sarah Jane (1877-1972 nee Harris)

Bailey, Florence Mate (1944-1992)
Bailey, Kevin Maurice Guy 'Kev' (1948-2013)

Bain, Allan Clifford (1926-1985)
Bain, Arthur Leslie (1928-1953)
Bain, William Andrew (1890-1960)

Baird, Emma (1890-1953)
Baird, Eric Vincent (1925-1985)
Baird, Helen Alison (1854-1930)
Baird, Raymond Bruce (1891-1967)
Baird, Ronald Stewart (1922-1958)

Baker, Ashley William (1921-1979)
Baker, Florence Ada (1922-2009)
Baker, Gary William (1946-1979)
Baker, Roger William (1947-1961)

Banks, Colin David (1924-1927)

Bannerman, Wilfred Elles (1889-1944)

Bargh, Dawn Kathleen (1934-2012)
Bargh, John Proctor (1928-2004)

Barker, Bruce (1933-1933)
Barker, Ernest Eric (1929-1929)
Barker, Lorna Manawa (1904-1937 nee Williams)

Barnes, Desley Lorraine (1942-1998)

Barney, Phillip (1897-1969)

Barton, Ellen Maribel (1914-1997 nee Sutherland)
Barton, Ian Edward (1913-1996)

Bary, Charles William (1911-1967)

Beale, Doris (1921-2007)
Beale, Edward John (1871-1960)
Beale, Evelyn (1911-1969)
Beale, Jane (1877-1958)
Beale, John Peter Henderson (1914-1941)
Beale, Mary Manson (1913-1936)
Beale, Nancy (1921-2002)
Beale, Patricia (1920-2003)
Beale, Ruth Eveline (1913-1969)

Beard, Angus Matthew (1971-2006)

Behrent, Barbara June Conwell (1932-2015)
Behrent, James Raymond 'Jim' (1927-2004)

Bennett, Cyril Harold Thorp (1896-1921)
Bennett, George Seymour (1899-1918)
Bennett, George Thomas (1861-1922)
Bennett, Olive Elsie (1889-1916)
Bennett, Sarah Jane (1864-1909)

Bentley, Athol David (1939-2000)
Bentley, Campbell David (1970-2007)
Bentley, Ellen Julie (1948-2009 nee Herrick)

Benton, Alfreda Mary (1904-1990)
Benton, Clifford Reginald (1908-1960)
Benton, Graham 'Tom' (1912-1986)

Berry, Aileen (1883-1984 nee Powell)
Berry, Aileen Joan (1914-1991)
Berry, Annie Hayes (1913-1998)
Berry, Joseph Smith (1866-1928)

Beveridge, Barry Arthur (1930-2014)
Beveridge, Rita Josephine (1930-2012)

Bing, Howe Choy Sue (1917-1997)
Bing, Joe Nam (1901-1993)
Bing, Natalie (1978-2003)

Bird, Alexander Robert 'Frederick (-1978)
Bird, James Douglas (1936-1996)
Bird, Mary Ann (1938-1938)
Bird, Mary Jane Rodger (1913-1990 nee Aitchison)
Bird, Robert Ian (1939-1942)
Bird, William Henry (1886-1954)
Bird, William Wilson (1850-1938)

Birkett, Maud Elizabeth (1908-1987 nee Gray)
Birkett, William John (1905-1995)

Bishop, Edna Emma (1905-1981 nee Harris)
Bishop, William Leo (1903-1987)

Blacktop, Margaret Annie 'Marg' (1932-2009 nee Tolmie)

Blackwell, James Robert (1923-1938)
Blackwell, John Robert (1953-2010)
Blackwell, Margaret (1897-1968)
Blackwell, William Henry (1888-1933)

Blissett, Ellen (1862-1931 nee Bagust)
Blissett, John Thomas (1860-1943)

Blundell, Geoffrey Harold (1891-1971)
Blundell, Leah Olive (1914-2007)

Bonis, Alma Agnes (1911-2000 nee Wright)
Bonis, John Patrick (1875-1946)
Bonis, Mervyn Henry (1923-1969)
Bonis, Mary Elizabeth (1878-1961 nee Cox)
Bonis, William Vivian (1908-1993)

Bonnett, Mary Agnes (1937-2006)

Boost, James Joseph Ahphene 'Boostie' (1979-2001)

Bosch, Florus (1941-2013)
Bosch, Winifred Maria (-2017)

Bowden, Ian Frederick (1916-1999)
Bowden, Nura Florence (1916-2011)

Boyne, Hilda Mavis (1923-1986)

Bradshaw, Gary Alan (1942-1984)
Bradshaw, Vivien Margaret (1973-1992)

Bragg, Sheldon John (?-2007)
Bragg, Wendy Ann (?-2007 nee McCarthy)

Brasell, Betty Zair (1920-1978)
Brasell, George (1878-1947)
Brasell, George (1912-2007)
Brasell, James Fyfe 'Jim' (1918-2014)
Brasell, Marie (1943-1985)
Brasell, Mary Ann Elizabeth (1886-1977 nee Fyfe)
Brasell, Muriel Elizabeth (1920-1984)
Brasell, Nola Norrie (1916-1989 nee Marks)
Brasell, William (1880-1932)

Brentnall, Alfred Henry (1877-1963)
Brentnall, Annie Maud (1890-1972 nee Bird)

Brewer, Charles Edwin (1849-1926)

Bright, Annie 'Nan' (1904-1973 nee Allison)
Bright, Edward (1860-1948)
Bright, Margaret Jane (1873-1962 nee Beveridge)
Bright, Thomas Edward (1908-1967)

Brink, William Francis (1949 - 2002)

Brough, Frederic Barry Fearon (1922-1996)
Brough, June Alison (1929-2014)

Brown, George Keparangi (1949-2002)
Brown, James Ramsay (1874-1905)
Brown, Mark Noel 'Brownie' (1963-2011)

Bryce, Mary (1902-1989 nee Shotts)
Mary married Pat Woodgate-Jackson
She married ? McGuinness
She married ? Bryce

Bubb, Thomas (1895-1984)

Buchanan, John Bernard (1931-2008)
Buchanan, Lorna (1933-1990 nee Drummond)

Budd, Constance Marie (1912-1991 nee Waldin)
Budd, Henry Mayall 'Dr Harry' (1888-1971)

Buddle, Ralph (1899-1973)

Buick, John 'Malcolm' (1935-2014)
Buick, Rita Ritihia 'Ritchie (1937-1981 nee Haora)

Burgen, Valentine Charles David (1918-2010)

Burling, Albert Cecil 'Tot' (1903-1981)
Burling, Edna Violet (1909-1993)
Burling, Robert Warren 'Bob' (1929-2003)
Burling, Walter (1942-1942, 2 weeks)

Burton, Aileen (1939-2002)
Burton, James Francis 'Jimmy' (1932-2008)

Busch, Anna Maria Cathrina 'Mary' (1875-1966 nee Alve)
Busch, Mabel (1902-1957 nee Brown)
Busch, Mary 'Mel' (1941-2017)
Busch, William John (1900-1996)

Bush, Susan Mary (1944 - 2011)

Butler, George Thomas William (1895-1968)
Butler, Ivy Elizabeth (1899-1995 nee Haycock)
Butler, Patricia Mary 'Pat' (1929-2016 nee Crilly)
Butler, Ruth Aileen Mary (1924-1998)
Butler, Walter Thomas 'Wally' (1928-1995)

Cade, Alexina (1895-1997 nee Sharp)
Cade, Percy Malcolm (1889-1977)

Cameron, Andrew I.S. (1960-1976)
Cameron, David Lyall (1924-1956)
Cameron, Donalda Ross (1889-1981)
Cameron, Eric Diego (1887-1966)
Cameron, Ernest Percival 'Toby' (1882-1967)
Cameron, Nicola Mary (1952-1993)
Cameron, Robert Gordon (1961-1982)

Campbell, Barbara (1898-1974)
Campbell, Christina (1864-1919)
Campbell, Christina Margaret (1902-1993)
Campbell, Douglas Bruce 'Doug' (1928-2002)
Campbell, Elizabeth McLeod (1895-1991)
Campbell, Jessie (1892-1906 nee Harrison)
Campbell, Leslie Anderson (1899-1976)
Campbell, Malcolm George (1889-1962)
Campbell, Meri (1940-2008 nee Ormsby)
Campbell, Murdock McLeod 'Murdo' (1897-1918)
Campbell, Muriel Emma (1900-1974 nee Trevurza)
Campbell, Simon (1857-1949)
Campbell, Thomas Ruben (1994-2013)
Campbell, Tracy James (1962-2012)
Campbell, William Harrison (1889-1955)

Card, George William (1889-1918)

Castle, Beverly Floris 'Bev' (1955-1991)
Castle, Joan Amelia Waldner (1928-2010)
Castle, Noel Arthur Stanley (1924-1961)

Cates, Joseph James Enright 'Joe' (1926-2014)
Cates, Mary Elizabeth 'Beth' (1931-2015 nee Garland)
Cates, Michael David 'Tussock' (1967-1997)

Cave, Irene Olive (1903-1915)

Chapman, Colin James (1924-1988)
Chapman, Frederick William (1904-1904)
Chapman, Ian Leslie (1923-1991)
Chapman, Leslie John Lambert (1901-1968)
Chapman, Mihi Haruru (1958-1997 nee Te Kani)
Chapman, Norma Adalina (1923-2013)
Chapman, Reta Eliza (1904-1986)
Chapman, Thora Elizabeth (1923-2010 nee Sutton)

Charlton, William Christopher (1881-1948)

Charlwood, Daniel William (1911-1956)

Charteris, Ellen 'Topsy' (1915-2008 nee Tilson)
Charteris, Irene May (1910-1986)
Charteris, John Phelps (1947-1947)
Charteris, Oliver Lawrence 'Mick' (1934-1985)
Charteris, Oliver Shaw 'Tex' (1904-1990)
Charteris, Phoebe 'Myrna' Faith (1939-2004 nee Toka)
Charteris, Walter Phelps 'Wattie' (1906-1995)

Chasland, Duncan Edward (1899-1980)

Chesham, Harriet (1834-1914)

Chisholm, Eileen Rose (1922-2000)

Clark, Audrey Elizabeth (1933-1987)
Clark, Ena Daisy (1907-1991 nee Vose)
Clark, Frederick Robert 'Fred' (1902-1979)
Clark, John Benjamin (1928-2015)
Clark, Judith Elizabeth (1940-1972 nee Howells)

Clarke, Bessie (1882-1938)
Clarke, Ivy (1916-1984)
Clarke, Ronald David (1910-1943)
Clarke, Welby Philip (1914-1992)

Cleland, Malcolm Albert (1900-1980)

Cobb, Ellen Josephine (1867-1945 nee Coveney)
Cobb, George 'Bernard' Garland (1899-1910)

Coddington, Patricia Marie (1921-2012)

Coggan, Nora Ann (1856-1937 nee Braddick)
Coggan, William (1849-1930)

Cole, Pamela Jean (1947-2014 nee Smith)

Colenso, Norman Robert (1836-1964)

Collings, Shelley Eugene (1873-1908)

Collins, Mabel Catherine (1877-1989 nee McGee)

Collinson, Leonard Reeve (1860-1904)

Colman, Gordon Regis (1900-1981)

Colton, Edward Isaac (1889-1952)
Colton, Elizabeth Constance Lydia 'Bessie' (1900-1989 nee Mathews)

Coney, Peter George (1955-1955)

Connelly, Albert Fredrick (1917-1929)
Connelly, Winifred Bessie 'Win' (1915-2014)

Considine, Emma (1838-1911)

Corfield, Dulcie Ella (1915-1929)
Corfield, Edith Isabella 'Bell' (1890-1985 nee Evans)
Corfield, Evan William (1933-1993)
Corfield, William Henry (1888-1974)

Corlett, Bessie Rosina 'Betty' (1923-1977 nee Hill)
Corlett, Marion Lilly (1960-1976)
Corlett, Thomas Edward 'Tom' (1917-2006)

Coulam, Mary Litto (1889-1912)

Coulson, Joy Elizabeth (1941-2008 nee McMillan)
Coulson, Martin John'Marty' (1983-1999)
Coulson, Ronald Frederick Albert (1941-2015)
Coulson, Vincent Joel 'Vinny' (2006-2006, still)

Cowie, James Joseph 'Jim' (1922-2010)

Cowperthwaite, Joseph Edwin (1902-1954)

Craig, Margaret Ellen (1887-1941)
Craig, Patricia Veronica (1923-1998)
Craig, Peter George (1924-2008)

Crawford, Brian Roderick (1921-1997)

Crawley, Catherine (1890-1940 nee Donnelly)

Creech, Ellanora Sophia 'Nora' (1918-1995 nee Beetham)
Creech, Jesse Wyatt 'Jess' (1916-1999)

Cresswell, Richard Douglas Martin (1961-1991)

Cundy, Anne Stewart (1900-1995 nee Cameron)
Cundy, John Stewart (1939-2003)
Cundy, Rawi Tama (1901-1955)

Dalton, William Ezra (1855-1930)
Dalton, William Charles (1885-1941)

Danger, Charles Reuben 'Jim' (1926-1990)
Danger, Reuben 'Ginger' (1954-2009)

Davenport, Thomas (?-1948)

Davidson, Adeline Selina (1913-1945)
Davidson, Caroline Susannah (1877-1944 nee Chapman)
Davidson, James (1871-1937)
Davidson, Samuel Robert (1892-1959)

Dawson, Pearl Edna (1924-1988)
Dawson, William John (1916-1992)

Daysh, Henry (1859-1936)

De La Cour, Alexandrina Annie (1877-1945 nee McIntosh)
De La Cour, Francis Le Gresley (1864-1963)

Deller, Eleanor Jane (1890-1980 nee Herdman)
Deller, Frederick Alfred (1889-1973)

Dempster, Eileen Elizabeth (1934-2007 nee Hema formerly Kapene)

Dennis, Eric Hector Crawford (1919-1919, 5 months)

Desmond, Frank (1852-1917)

Dick, Joan Margaret (1931-2014 nee Caulton)

Dickie, Mary (1882-1963)

Didsbury, Duncan McDougall (1915-2010)
Didsbury, Helen Elizabeth (1918-2007)

Diederich, Bernard John (1899-1992)
Diederich, Brian Percival (1928-2011)
Diederich, Stella Magdalene (1900-1981 nee McCleary)

Dixon, Charlotte Alicia (1854-1934 nee Gardener)
Dixon, Owen Roy (1915-1995)

Dodd, Arthur Mitchell (1916-1980)

Dohnt, Annie Elizabeth (1849-1931 nee Buckley)
Dohnt, Johann Friedrich August (1848-1917)

Donald, Hazel Winifred Meikle (1897-1964 nee Davies)
Donald, Quinten (1900-1965)

Donnelly, Frank (1895-1916)
Donnelly, George (1893-1915)
Donnelly, Joseph (1858-1923)
Donnelly, William Hugh (1892-1914)

Donovan, Ann (1860-1927)

Doyle, Daniel (1914-1988)
Doyle, Frances (1924-2005)

Drake, Herbert Leslie (1894-1958)

Draper, Thomas John (1932-2004)
Draper, Victor Anthony 'Tony' (1940-2004)
Draper, Winnie Marion (1910-1990 nee Watkins)

Duffy, Francis Patrick (1864-1934)

Duggan, Annette Jessie (1881-1923 nee Hawkes)

Dymes, Helen Theresa (1872-1952)

Eagar, Alfred George 'Fred' (1912-2006)
Eager, Agnes Mary 'Nance' (1914-1988)

Edmond, Trevor Charles (1920-1990)

Edwards, Anne Irene (1933-2011)
Edwards, Keith 'Wanga' (1926-1990)
Edwards, Madeline Hilda (1918-1978)

Ellis, Eric (1913-1978)
Ellis, Grace Elizabeth (1923-2006)
Ellis, Hubert Waite (1889-1936)

Ellwood, George Percaval Hope (1908-1973)
Ellwood, Harriett (1869-1946 nee Robinson)
Ellwood, Julia May (1903-1973)

Elsegood, Dorthy Augusta (1905-1986 nee Waugh)

Emms, Patricia Ann (1942-1991)

Evans, Barbara Margaret (1931-2014)
Evans, Edith Maud (1879-1966)
Evans, Rowan Douglas (1936-2015)
Evans, Sarah 'Olive'(1856-1930 nee Obree)
Evans, Thomas Frederick (1852-1932)
Evans, Winifred Isabel 'little Win' (1914-1917)

Everitt, Henare Hemi (1940-2010)

Fakaotimanava, Peggy Bettina (1931-2012)
Fakaotimanava, Puli Hayes (1930-2009)

Falloon, Vernon William Henry (1914-1989)

Farley, Arthur Ambrose (1913-2003)
Farley, Marjory (1921-1975)

Feist, Elsie (1916-2007)
Feist, Eva Muriel (1904-1995 nee Winstanley)
Feist, Jean (1911-2001)
Feist, Oliver Cromwell (1867-1949)
Feist, Rebecca Mary (1879-1956 nee Wilton)
Feist, Reginald (1903-1991)

Fenwick, Charles Robert (1838-1902)
Fenwick, Naida (1921-2002 nee Humphries)
Fenwick, Noel Robert (1917-1978)

Ffrost, Graham Andrew 'Frosty' (1953-2003)

Findlay, Edwin Alfred (1897-1982)
Findlay, Florence (?-1971)
Findlay, John Law (1921-1940)

Finlayson, Murdock Stilburn 'Peter' (1925-1978)

Fisher, Arthur Wyan (1924-2005)
Fisher, Lucy Alexandrina (1914-1985 nee De La Cour)
Fisher, Meria 'Frank' (1876-1928)
Fisher, Rona (1930-1997)
Fisher, Thomas (1875-1918)

Fleet, Olive Mary (1937-2005)

Fleming, Elsie Beatrice (1886-1961 nee McLean)

Fletcher, Frank (1878-1912)

Flynn, Bernard Joseph (1917-1993)
Flynn, Catherine (1881-1968)
Flynn, John Joseph (1907-1962)
Flynn, Margaret (1881-1955 nee Tushy)
Flynn, Mary Alice (1935-1976)
Flynn, Mary Gabrielle Frances (1921-2003)
Flynn, Peter (1876-1950)
Flynn, Robert (?-1952)
Flynn, Private Robert Henry (1905-1942)
Flynn, Sabena Agnes (1903-1967)

Fountaine, Martha (1848-1929 nee Cade)
Fountaine, Thomas Frederick (1848-1907)

Fowler, Winifred Ethel (1917-2005)

Francis, Lily Edith Fieldgate (1909-2003)
Francis, Rodney James (1934-1953)

Franklin, Joseph (1859-1940)

Fraser, Connor (2008-2012)

Fuller, Charles (1845-1934)
Fuller, Daphne Ann (1933-2006)
Fuller, Edward Thomas (1893-1968)
Fuller, Eileen Alma (1898-1988 nee Moore)
Fuller, Fanny (1855-1932)
Fuller, James Ernest (1886-1962)
Fuller, Johanna Graham 'Joan' (1882-1935 nee Jenkins)

Futter, Barry Christopher (1945-1982)

Gair, George William (1889-1918)

Gammie, Margaret (1866-1945 nee McLeod)

Gard'ner, Anthony John (1949-1967)
Gard'ner, Arthur Maxwell 'Max' (1927-1985)
Gard'ner, Audrey Corson (1923-2006 nee Watkins)
Gardner, Denis James (1949-1985)
Gardner, Marjorie Helen (1919-2015)
Gardner, Raymond Elwyn (1919-1977)

Garrett, John (1870-1918)

Garrity, John Charles (1892-1953)
Garrity, Monica Beryl (1934-1990)
Garrity, Ruby Laura (1896-1982 nee Bambry)

Gaskin, Ellen (1887-1909)

George, Alexander William (1868-1950)
George, Annie Sophia (1869-1949 Burgess)
George, Eileen Lenore (1912-1998)
George, Ella Jane (1893-1992)
George, Hugh Alexander (1951-1990)
George, Jack (1914-1936)
George, Laurence Henry (1910-1998)
George, Marie Jean (1915-2003)
George, Robert Percy (1886-1965)
George, William Thomas (1901-1974)

Gibson, Audrey Isabel (1924-2011)
Gibson, Joan Margaret (1929-2014)
Gibson, Lewis David (1913-1994)
Gibson, Lois Gladwin (1912-2003)
Gibson, Rev William Wallace (1930-2002)

Gillan, Patrick (1886-1972)

Gillespie, David James (1908-1971)
Gillespie, Marjorie Zella (1911-1991 nee Woodley)
Gillespie, Raymond Charles 'Bill' (1912-2000)

Gillies, Charles Henry (1890-1900)
Gillies, Guy John (1883-1945)

Glyn-Jones, Mervyn (1916-1993)
Glyn-Jones, Mona Charlotte (1919-2005 nee Auckram)

Godiff, Joan (1916-2002)

Gold, James Edward (1871-1916)

Goldsack, Bruce Evan (1942-1988)

Goldsmith, Alick (1915-1992)

Goode, Mary Susan (1898-1997)

Gordon, Robert (1891-1916)

Gough, Rae (1921-2000)

Graham, Catherine (1874-1949)

Grant, Helen (1888-1931 nee Hibberd)
Grant, Hemo Winiata (1936-2004 nee Tipene)
Grant, Thomas (1880-1958)

Gray, Alice Elizabeth Mary (1907-1979 nee Hamilton)
Gray, Andrew Thomas (1898-1970)
Gray, Christopher Noel (1960-1960)
Gray, Eunice Elizabeth (1930-1990)
Gray, Francis Baldock 'Frank' (1897-1974)
Gray, Janice Beverly (1952-1952)
Gray, Jessie Isabel (1913-1981)
Gray, Kenneth Albert (1902-1980)
Gray, Leslie Arthur (1929-2009)
Gray, Margaret Deans (1909-1981 nee Adamson)
Gray, Mildred Lillian Alice (1904-1999)
Gray, Myrtle Mary (1902-1961 nee Hodder)
Gray, Percival Charles (1924-1993)
Gray, Robert Lindsay 'Bob' (1912-1987)
Gray, Raymond Edward (1925-1999)
Gray, Robert Arthur (1907-1977)

Green, Alan Henry (1914-1974)
Green, Constance Jean 'Connie' (1918-2011 nee Hamilton)
Green, Ernest Mannus (1928-1998)

Greenaway, Pricilla (1843-1915 nee Dynes)
Greenaway, Thomas (1839-1917)

Grenfell, Norma Isobel (1907-1989)

Griffiths, Alec Llewellyn (1931-2004)
Griffiths, Christopher 'Datch' (1942-2011)
Griffiths, Gwendoline Mawhera (1899-1979 nee McLean)
Griffiths, John Alexander (1930-2014)

Grimstone, Monica Patricia (1940-1984)

Guildford, Robert Cowan (1910-1957)

Gundrie, Elizabeth (1876-1952 nee Alder)
Gundrie, Walter Francis Claude (1876-1944)

Hackston, David (1898-1963)
Hackston, Jessie Rodger (1904-1979 nee Gow)

Hall, Arthur George (1852-1934)
Hall, Elizabeth Anne (1942-1999)
Hall, George Edward (1890-1940)
Hall, Majorie Lane (1913-1986)
Hall, Ottilia Franzina (1889-1950 nee Meyes)
Hall, Peter (1928-1928)
Hall, Silvia Ottilia (1931-1931 14 days)

Hallahan, Ellen (1877-1965 nee Markey, formerly Fitzgibbon)

Hamilton, Albert Carl (1922-1944)
Hamilton, Mary Johanna (1895-1952 nee Erickson)
Hamilton, Mildred Beatrice (1909-1942)
Hamilton, Thomas Albert (1886-1951)

Hancox, Frederick Leonard 'Fred' (1886-1970)
Hancox, Gloria Colina 'Lina' (1889-1977 nee Campbell)
Hancox, John Bernard Campbell (1914-1929)
Hancox, May Isobel (1916-1989)
Hancox, Murdoch Harrison 'Murdo' (1921-2015)
Hancox, William Anzac (1920-1940)

Hardie, Florence Mary (1876-1938)
Hardie, Isabella (1885-1962)
Hardie, Mark Napier (1882-1985)

Harding, Arthur Flowers 'Boxer' (1878-1947)
Harding, Izie Winnifred 'Ping' (1878-1957)

Hardinge, Henry De Sailley Cecil (1898-1962)
Hardinge, Rachel Katherine 'Kathie' (1909-1986 nee Reymolds)

Hardy, George William Barclay (1891-1974)
Hardy, Annie 'Nan' (1898-1974 nee McLeod)

Harley, Florence Alice Merle (1918-1956)

Harris, Abraham (1876-1968)
Harris, Abraham 'John' (1933-1989)
Harris, Charles Richard (1906-1978)
Harris, Charles Russell (1910-1974)
Harris, George Richard (1937-1981)
Harris, Isobel Charlotte (1887-1934 nee Harris)
Harris, Joyce Louisa 'Joy' (1913-2014)
Harris, Leonard (1886-1946)
Harris, Lesley Morton (1917-1999)
Harris, Leslie Charles (1925-1990)
Harris, Louisa (1878-1965 nee Bagust)
Harris, Millicent Rose Playford (1905-2001 nee Lewin)
Harris, Noeline Audrey (1922-2001)
Harris, Ralph 'Webb' (1908-1992)
Harris, Richard Neville (1930-2008)
Harris, Robina Whyte (1894-1961 Nee Watkins)
Harris, Roma (1916-1998)
Harris, Thomas John (1905-1996)
Harris, William Charles (1940 2010)
Harris, William Charles (1875-1938)

Harrison, Arthur (1934-2011)
Harrison, John Robert (1915-1968)
Harrison, Lulu Myra (1908-1933)
Harrison, Maria 'Maud' (1877-1966 nee Scorrar)

Harry, Roseanne Naomi 'Rose' (1972-2005)

Hart, Maud Septima (1873-1949)

Hartigan, Ellen Mary (1872-1944 nee Lundon)
Hartigan, Martin John (1865-1914)

Hartnell, Donald William (1929-2015)
Hartnell, Stacy James (1982-2000)

Harvey, Anna May (1908-1979)
Harvey, Elinor (1969-1942 nee Styles)
Harvey, Elinor Styles (1897-1972)
Harvey, Harry Fulcher (1902-1965)
Harvey, James (1895-1917)
Harvey, Jessie Mavis (1919-1981)
Harvey, Robert 'Arthur' (1893-1917)
Harvey, Stuart William (1908-1978)
Harvey, Thomas (1865-1959)

Haswell, Doris Maud (1916-2006 nee Golding)
Haswell, Kenneth Edward (1914-1983)

Hathaway, Arthur Ormond (1913-1941)
Hathaway, Arthur David (1873-1960)
Hathaway, Helen Flora Isabel (1886-1923 nee Collie)

Hatton, Herbert William (1874-1940)
Hatton, Maggie (1882-1968 nee Humphries)
Hatton, Noeline Florence (1917-1996)

Hawkins, George Heiti (1929-1999)
Hawkins, Irene Margaret (1924-2005)
Hawkins, Karaitiana Kamu 'Chris' (1913-1976)
Hawkins, Phillip (1961-2015)
Hawkins, Polly Tiripa (1936-2001 nee Hema)
Hawkins, Rameke Okeroa 'Mac' (1940-2007)
Hawkins, Rebecca Lee (1939-1996 nee Aranui)

Hawtin, Norman Franklin (1900-1940)

Hayman, Ashley Pearce (1928-2015)
Hayman, Alice Daphne (1913-2002 nee Bonis)
Hayman, Hope Lois (1924-2001)
Hayman, Isabella Sarah (1885-1968 nee Garrity)
Hayman, Mary Marguerite 'Molly' (1915-1975)
Hayman, Noeline Olive (Tasker) (1930-2012 nee Tasker)
Hayman, Preston Carne (1911-1989)
Hayman, Thomas Frank (1881-1953)
Hayman, Thomas Wilfred (1914-1969)

Hedges, William Edward 'Bill' (1908-1932)

Henderson, Edwin Arthur William 'Ted' (1906-1998)
Henderson, Nigel Bruce (1967-1982)
Henderson, Peter David (1968-2009)
Henderson, Winifred Elsie (1906-1982 nee Jordan)

Hendriksen, James Neal (1901-1979)

Henley-Colgate, Eileen Ethel (1911-1987)

Hensley, Juliet Mary Austen (1937-2013)

Henson, Bertram Wallace (1917-1987)

Herrick, Alice (1904-1983 nee Pike)
Herrick, Alice May (1920-2007)
Herrick, Ashton Hall (1921-1942)
Herrick, Barbara Ann (1940-2000)
Herrick, Ellen (1886-1948 nee O'Hagen)
Herrick, May Annie (1907-1983 nee McCarthy)
Herrick, Nelson Victor (1922-2000)
Herrick, Richard Melvin (1892-1935)
Herrick, Richard John (1963-1978)
Herrick, Tannant Arthur (1891-1959)
Herrick, Tannant John (1936-2000)

Herriot, Norman Pike (1937-1990)

Hewitt, Charles Horace Gervais (1885-1970)
Hewitt, Cushla Mary (1917-2004)
Hewitt, Elsie Mary (1885-1974 nee Pryce)
Hewitt, James (1911-1987)
Hewitt, Ruth Lifford (1919-2012)

Hibberd, Jessie (1893-1967)

Hick, Robert George (1924-2002)
Hick, Rosalie (1924-1994)

Higginson, Albert Charles (1915-1979)
Higginson, Ava Constance 'Connie' (1917-1980 nee Harris)

Higgs, John Lewis (1912-1961)

Hill, Harry (1881-1944)
Hill, Lynette Ellen (1951-1951)
Hill, Mary Ann (1936-1961)

Himona, James (1928-1968)
Himona, Riria (1893-1977)

Hinhey, Joseph William (1903-1974)

Hoare, Ronald George (1920-1982)
Hoare, Rosina Elizabeth (1915-1987)
Hoare, Rosina Margaret (1948-2015)

Hobman, Rose (1875-1969 nee Waters)
Hobman, William John (1865-1942)

Hockly, Dorothy Jeanette (1904-1985 nee McLeod)
Hockly, Frank Lee (1904-1985)

Hodder, Ernest Charles 'Ernie' (1908-1994)
Hodder, Helen Elizabeth 'Nell' (1909-1998 nee Harvey)

Hogg, John Alexander (1929-1988)

Holdsworth, Moira Joyce (1919-1995 nee Marks)

Holland, Fredrick (1888-1946)
Holland, Mary Pearl (1893-1975 nee Beveridge)

Hooper, Alice Maude (1892-1960 nee Reading)
Hooper, Edgar James (1892-1974)

Houghton, Eunice Emily (1909-1972 nee Lemon)
Houghton, Gladys Mary Eunice (1919-1992)
Houghton, Isobel Marion (1939-2002)
Houghton, John Thomas Arthur (1899-1960)
Houghton, Lily Ellen (1905-1973 nee Harley)
Houghton, Margaret Kathleen Jessie (1929-1995)
Houghton, Ray (1927-2008)
Houghton, William Herbert 'Hoot' (1928-2002)

Howat, James Ian (1916-1985)
Howat, Marion (1887-1959 nee Hamilton)

Howell, John (1903-1930)

Howells, Donald George (1911-1974)
Howells, Elizabeth Benney (1890-1915)
Howells, Jessie Josephine (1918-1977)

Hudson, Catherine Mary (1906-1999 nee Curran)
Hudson, Christina (1876-1961 nee McLeod)
Hudson, Frances 'Nellie' (1915-1978 nee Harley)
Hudson, George Frederick Clarke (1905-1978)
Hudson, Henry Torquil Galbraith (1915-1982)
Hudson, Kevin Francis (1936-1948)
Hudson, Norman Charles (1909-2000)
Hudson, William (1873-1926)

Hughes, Henry (1889-1972)

Huihui, Tipiwhenua 'Tipi' (1924-1987)
- aka Hui Hui Private 815328

Hulbert, Charles Thomas (1870-1915)
- see wife Sarah at Wilson

Hume, Clifford George 'Cliff' (1908-2002)
Hume, Enid Nary (1916-1998 nee Sutherland)
Hume, Sonny Stafford (1940-1997)
Hume, Winnie Rawina (1940-1993 nee Nia Nia)

Hunter, Ettie (1900-1941)
Hunter, George Wallace (1924-1974)
Hunter, Pamela Joan (1944-2001)
Hunter, Thomas Matthew (1922-1943)

Hutchings, Joan Hilda Mary (1924-1976)
Hutchings, John (1899-1976)

Hutchison, Beatrice Maude (1908-1982 nee Davey)

Hutton, Alison (1878-1950 nee Messer)
Hutton, George Thomas Frederick (1855-1937)

Huxford, Horace (1888-1971)

Ingram, Edwin Roy (1906-1997)
Ingram, Mavis Marion (1912-1968)

Irvine, Alexander Hamilton Oates (1886-1968)
Irvine, Elsie Grace (1908-1970)

Jackson, Alfred William (1921-1978)
Jackson, Ethel June (1931-2009)
Jackson, Ian Austin (1922-1985)
Jackson, Margaret Eileen (1954-2012)
Jackson, Nancy Dorothy (1923-2011)

Jacobsen, Blanche Ann (1919-1997)

Jacobson, Carlyle Frederick (1876-1950)
Jacobson, John (1932-2011)

Jamieson, Andrew (1882-1977)
Jamieson, Dorothy Norah (1897-1976 nee Gleeson)
Jamieson, Peter Donald (1925-1941)

Jaspers, Isobel Grace (1929-2002)
Jaspers, Thomas William 'Tom' (1925-2012)

Jenkins, John Edward (1900-1914)
Jenkins, Margaret Veronica 'Peggy' (1898-1995 nee McAteer)

Johns, Beverley Ann (1943-2014)
Johns, Charles Alfred (1906-1967)
Johns, Charles Edgar (1878-1967)
Johns, Elsie May (1907-1984 nee Tucker)
Johns, Thomas Lewis (1928-1975)
Johns, Trevor William (1932-2010)

Johnson, Charles (1886-1973)

Johnston, Arthur Alexander (1899-1986)
Johnston, Irene Margaret (1935-1987)
Johnston, Isabella Nicol (1903-1984)
Johnston, Kenneth Gordon (1933-2015)

Jolly, Edward Campbell (1886-1925)
Jolly, John (1874-1948)
Jolly, Wilhamena (1889-1941 nee Taylor)

Jones, Arthur Edward (1868-1903)
Jones, Dudley Lander Huia (1900-1984)
Jones, Ernest Raymond Lee (1914-2009)
Jones, Eva Bell (1905-1988)
Jones, Florence Ann (1940-2014)
Jones, Marion (1867-1951 nee Grenfell)
Jones, Michael Grenfell (1936-1988)
Jones, William Trevor (1910-1976)

Judd, Thomas Alfred (1889-1938)

Kain, Patrick (1845-1905)

Kapene, Yvette Rere (1953-1996)

Kelly, Aileen Lillian (1937-2010)
Kelly, Henry Hastings (1903-1957)
Kelly, Jack Harris Hastings (1929-2014)
Kelly, Mabel Ada (1882-1931 nee Infield)
Kelly, Phyllis Jessie (1899-1991)
Kelly, Thomas Hastings (1859-1918)

Keltie, Harry (1918-1973)
Keltie, Myra Jean (1921-2003)

Kennedy, William (1879-1954)

Kerr, Graham Richard (1933-2009)

Kershaw, Christina (1885-1959 nee Tilson)
Kershaw, Harry Tilson (1919-1989)
Kershaw, John Hugh (1922-1965)
Kershaw, John William (1875-1931)
Kershaw, Richard Graham 'Dick' (1926-2010)
Kershaw, Veronica Mary 'Rona' (1920-1988)

Kiel, Tupara 'Tui' (1940-2012)

Killip, Emily (1880-1962 nee Brimble)
Killip, Ellen Annie (1907-2000)
Killip, Enos Joughin (1901-1966)
Killip, John James (1891-1960)

King, Colin James (1915-1969)

Kinsela, Guy Oliver (1908-1908)
Kinsela, Kate Eva (1882-1962 nee Soughton)
Kinsela, William Joseph (1878-1966)

Kirkwood, Cecil Nelson 'Chris' (1896-1970)
Kirkwood, Mary (1870-1957 nee Hill)
Kirkwood, Ronald Johnston (1861-1940)

Kitch, Minnie 'Aunt Min' (1880-1969)

Knox, Ada Catherine (1909-1993)
Knox, Philip Mancel Rutherford (1904-1984)

Lacey, Alfred Ernest (1907-1983)
Lacey, Nell Sarah Daisy May 'Nell' (1912-1983 nee Hooper)

Lake, Alfred Henry 'Buster' (1922-1994)

Lange, Mary Margaret (1915-1969 nee Martell)

Langley, Harold John Brooke (1925-1984)

Larsen, Neil George (1915-1976)
Larsen, Nancy Jane Ruth (1918-2017 nee Packer)

Larue, Michel Rene (1921-2000)

Latham, Cecil Ernest (1879-1936)

Law, Betty Marion (1919-2010)

Lawrence, John Effingham (1906-1977)

Lawrie, James Frederick Anderson (1886-1956)

Lee, Peter William (1906-1981)

Lewis, Catherine Mavis (1930-1984 nee Hall)

Lord, Arthur (1881-1965)
Lord, Edwin Albert 'Ted' (1921-1991)
Lord, Lillian (1883-1962 nee King)
Lord, Mabel Alice (1923-1989)

Lowe, Betty Gwendoline (1928-1990)
Lowe, Robert Charles (1925-1990)

Lusty, Arthur Roy (1899-1973)

Lynch, Ethel May (1901-1996)
Lynch, Percy Patrick 'Paddy' (1898-1977)
Lynch, Virginia Jane (1950-2003 nee Sutherland)

Lythgoe, Marjory Elsie (1913-2005 nee Fleming)

MacBeath, David Bernard (1970-1982)
MacBeath, Maureen Frances (1914-1994 nee Flynn)

Macdonald, Herbert Alexander (1895-1971)

MacGregor, Agnes May (1889-1977)
MacGregor, Alec (1873-1947)
MacGregor, Elizabeth Kirkwood (1875-1910)

MacKay, Margaret (1835-1907)

Macleod, Duncan Fraser (1919-1984)
Macleod, Grace (1883-1975 nee Bell)
Macleod, Margaret Fraser (1910-2003)
Macleod, Norman Alexander (1878-1940)

Madsen, Ivy Irene (1891-1972)
Madsen, Olive Audrey Cicely (1915-1989)

Mahood, Eliza Ann (1877-1943 nee Stanley)
Mahood, Florence Jane (1903-1991)
Mahood, James George (1864-1942)

Malneek, Alma Mary (1938-2013 nee Robertson)
Malneek, Fred (1877-1951)
Malneek, George (1867-1933)
Malneek, Ivy Ethel Yvonne (1902-1999)
Malneek, Robert (1897-1972)
Malneek, Robert Endrick (1925-1971)

Malton, Ethel Diament (1904-1928 nee Warren)
Malton, Francis Leslie 'Frank' (1899-1978)
Malton, Francis Leslie (1935-1981)
Malton, Linda Evelyn (1911-1989 nee Herrick)
Malton, Marion (1940-1989)
Malton, Tannant (1941-2016)
Malton, Tracey Jeanette (1966-2000)

Mangham, Irene Emma (1924-2002)
Mangham, Paul Thomas (1966-1966)
Mangham, Richard Charles (1952-1970)
Mangham, Richard George (1918-1998)

Mangush, Anna (1892-1967 nee Pagarb)
Mangush, Arnold (1928-1972)
Mangush, Hilda Mary (1936-2008)
Mangush, Peter (1874-1946)

Mantell, Charles Howard (1918-1995)
Mantell, Doris Ellen (1911-1995)

Marchioni, Ena Mary Robson (1910-1989 nee Petersen)
Marchioni, Graeme Rex 'Rocky' (1942-1993)

Marks, Vernon Francis (1893-1969)

Marshall, Maria Hall Henry (1873-1957)
Marshall, Matthew (1905-1980)
Marshall, Samuel John (1914-1981)
Marshall, Violet May (1906-1991)

Martin, Agnes Jane Oliver (1873-1952 nee Murphy)
Martin, Arthur Baird (1891-1975)
Martin, Charles Arthur (1864-1932)
Martin, Charles Arthur (1897-1926)
Martin, Cicely Monkhouse (1902-1988)
Martin, David Collyns (1919-1937)
Martin, Edward Dymes (1899-1969)
Martin, Eveline Rosamond 'Barbie' (1904-1995 nee Inglis)
Martin, Francis (1894-1928)
Martin, Francis Patrick (1864-1914)
Martin, Isobel Hope (1890-1967 nee Cormack)
Martin, John (1854-1921)
Martin, John (1889-1974)
Martin, Michael William Monckton (1940-1962)
Martin, Nancy Margaret (1906-1996 nee McRae)
Martin, Norman Warren (1916-1978)
Martin, Phoebe (1863-1934)
Martin, Sally Goring (1927-1929)
Martin, William Geddes (1899-1982)
Martin, William Henry (1903-1963)

Mason, James McEwen 'Jim' (1920-1994)
Mason, Noel Cyril Du Temple (1889-1944)

Matenga, Monika Ngawaina (1943-1992 nee Reriti)
Matenga, Reginald (1919-1972)
Matenga, Robert Conrad 'Bobby' (1939-2002)

Matthews, Harold (1902-1963)

Mawson, Mary Margaret (1925-1990)
Mawson, William Henry 'Bill' (1923-1998)

Maxwell, Albert James (1907-1991)
Maxwell, Audrey Helen (1947-1947)
Maxwell, Thelma Ann (1917-1998)

McAllum, Florence 'Flo' (1866-1941 nee Coveney)
McAllum, Frederick 'Fred' (1858-1934)

McAlpine, Oswald Basil (1923-1931)

McAvoy, John Francis (1923-2011)

McCardle, Albert William (1893-1954)
McCardle, Jessie (1895-1958 nee Biggs)

McCarron, William James (1946-2006)

McCarthy, Alan George (1910-1986)
McCarthy, Anne (1881-1964)
McCarthy Diament Elizabeth (1926-2007)
McCarthy, James Harcourt (1878-1941)
McCarthy, Kathleen Mary (1955-1977)
McCarthy, Lexie (?-1987)
McCarthy, Maurice Leonard 'Maurie' (1918-1996)
McCarthy, Neil Robert (1921-1983)
McCarthy, Nola (1921-2000)
McCarthy, Nola Jean (1923-1974)
McCarthy, Patricia Ann (1943-1945)
McCarthy, Richard Trevor (1915-1995)
McCarthy, Stanley Harcourt (1909-1972)

McCleary, Brian Verden (1897-1978)

McClutchie, Tere Korure (1941-1990 nee Wiho)

McConnell, David Arnot Williamson (1901-1965)
McConnell, Jocelyn Ann (1928-1946)

McCormack, Brian Leonard (1941-1943)
McCormack, Frances Cecilia (1917-1993 nee Houlbrooke)
McCormack, Laurence (1913-2009)

McDonald, David Maxwell (1883-1957)
McDonald, Hector Hugh (1919-1978)
McDonald, Johanne Augusta (1884-1966)

McDougal, John Duncan (1933-2009)
McDougal, Winifred Margaret 'Margie' (1928-2007 nee Ollivier)

McDougall, Eva 'Ilma' Grenfell (1902-1936 nee Jones)
McDougall, Ramsay Rutherford (1882-1940)

McFern, Olive Jane (1907-1940 nee Bright)
McFern, Stanley 'Stan' (1905-1966)

McGaffin, Archibald 'Archie' (1866-1930)
McGaffin, Jessie Annabell (1876-1957 nee McTennan)
McGaffin, Richard Kenneth (1916-1983)
McGaffin, Roderick Fraser (1912-1996)

McGillicuddy, Brian Francis (1930-2010)
McGillicuddy, Daniel (1895-1937)
McGillicuddy, Elaine Margaret (1945-2004)
McGillicuddy, John (1884-1969)
McGillicuddy, Kathleen 'Shirley' Maureen (1927-2016 nee Gleeson)
McGillicuddy, Kevin Peter (1924-2016)
McGillicuddy, Mary (1885-1962 nee Flynn)

McIntosh, Hugh Wilson (1899-1962)
McIntosh, John Archibald (1886-1977)

McIvor, Hanora (1883-1962 nee Bourke)
McIvor, Herbert Alexander William (1881-1965)
McIvor, Myrtle Ivy Jane (1894-1918 nee Cullen)
McIvor, Violet (1892-1913)

McKay, Effie (1876-1964 nee McLeod)
McKay, William (1866-1941)

McKelvey, Anita Gay (1939-1996)
McKelvey, Thomas David (1920-2005)

McLean, Selina (1862-1947 nee Ridgway)

McLennan, Kenneth Roderick (1884-1955)

McLeod, Alexander Donald (1872-1938)
McLeod, Alexander Robert (1900-1959)
McLeod, Alice Ruth (1920-2006)
McLeod, Barbara (1841-1934)
McLeod, Colin Alexander (1910-1996)
McLeod, David Murdock (1932-1932)
McLeod, Donald (1865-1951)
McLeod, Donald Gold (1903-1971)
McLeod, Elizabeth (1864-1946)
McLeod, Gordon Stuart (1909-1981)
McLeod, Hamish David (1940-1975)
McLeod, Helen Johanna (1865-1923)
McLeod, Ivan William (1907-1999)
McLeod, James Farquhar (1906-1931)
McLeod, Janet Sutherland (1870-1963)
McLeod, Jean (1909-1989 nee Fleming)
McLeod, John (1868-1941)
McLeod, John (1879-1904)
McLeod, John Alexander (1899-1975)
McLeod, John Elder (1854-1903)
McLeod, Katherine Mary (1909-1978 nee Eaton)
McLeod, Malcolm John (1906-1969)
McLeod, Margaret Christina 'Aunty Chris' (1901-1981)
McLeod, Mary (1874-1947)
McLeod, Mary Isabella (1873-1957 nee McLeod)
McLeod, Maureen Joan (1946-2000)
McLeod, Murdoch (1870-1960)
McLeod, Muriel Margaret (1905-1975 nee McKelvey)
McLeod, Norman Murdoch (1910-1936)
McLeod, William John (1905-1962)

McTaggart, Ian Hamilton (1921-1989)

Meeham, Peter Paul (1890-1944)
Meeham, Violet (1894-1988 nee Lepper, formerly Nisbet, formerly Webb)

Michell, Charles Alexander (1908-1982)
Michell, Eva Laura (1880-1948 nee Porter)
Michell, Frederick Sutherland (1868-1944)

Mikaera, Te Aorangi Joan (1921-1981)
Mikaera, William Ivan 'Bill' (1919-1991)

Millar, Ina Helene Cicely (1886-1931 nee Evans)

Mills, Jack William (1911-1991)
Mills, Lynda (1913-2001 nee Lett)

Milne, Margaret Ethel (1944-2015 nee Creech)

Mincher, Ernest Spencer 'Hamlin' (1910-1936)

Moffitt, Ian Allan (1904-1970)
Moffitt, Rita Evelyn (1910-1983 nee Hobman)
Moffitt, Shane Allan (1983-1997)

Moore, Claude Cedric (1902-1984)
Moore, Eliza Ann (1866-1942)
Moore, Ivan Frank (1893-1953)
Moore, Isabella Lillian 'Isabel' (1899-1981 nee Davidson)
Moore, Jean Denise (1931-1932)
Moore, Roy George (1900-1984)
Moore, Ruby Maud (1914-2004 nee Adamson)
Moore, Walter Frank (1867-1930)
Moore, Walter James (1929-2008)

Moran, Hilda (1898-1958 nee Beatty)
Moran, Lawrence George 'Pip' (1923-1993)
Moran, Valmai Beatrice (1922-2011)

Morgan, Arthur Lester (1892-1957)
Morgan, John Hugh (1856-1942)
Morgan, Margaret Catherine (1899-1984 nee McLeod)

Morrison, Duncan Keith (1920-1930)
Morrison, Duncan McDougall (1891-1949)
Morrison, Gladys Annie (1891-1979 nee Keith)
Morrison, Ian William (1927-1955)
Morrison, Jen (1940-2006)
Morrison, Neil Alfred (1930-2010)

Mulligan, Arthur William (1884-1967)
Mulligan, Catherine Fiona Hancox 'Topsy' (1919-2006 nee Taylor)
Mulligan, David Keith (1919-2008)
Mulligan, Florence May (1887-1978 nee Ross)
Mulligan, June Olive (1921-1960)

Mundie, Gowan Leslie (1919-2011 nee Arcos)

Munn, Florence Christina (1876-1942 nee Daniells)
Munn, William Henry (1878-1950)

Munro, Kenneth Charles (1872-1932)

Murray, Jocelyn Ann (1937-1995)
Murray, Leonard 'Alan' (1935-2012)
Murray, Michael John (1961-2001)
Murray, Morrice 'Frank' (1930-2007)
Murray, Patrick (1957-1971)
Murray, Phyllis Margaret (1924-1998)
Murray, Reginald David (1921-1990)

Neil, Alexander David (1936-1980)

Nichol, Ian (1911-1997)

Nicholson, Matthew Charles (1923-2008)

Nicol, Rachel Mary (1887-1945 nee McLean)
Nicol, Robert Niven (1880-1945)
Nicol, Shirley Mary Margaret (1922-2015)
Nicol, Thomas Andrew 'Andy' (1948-2012)
Nicol, Thomas Ian (1911-1997)

Norman, Florence Louise (1877-1954 nee Lyon)

Northmore, Leslie George (1902-1990)
Northmore, Rosie May (1908-1984)

O'Dea, Margaret Mary Alecoque (1890-1962 nee Dick)

O'Donohue, Denis (1886-1963)

O'Halloran, Patrick Francis Timothy (1931-1999)

O'Loughlin, Alice Myra (1909-1954 nee Flynn)

O'Shea, William (1863-1946)

Odell, George Stanley (1924-2001)
Odell, Kathleen Mabel (1923-1999)

Old, Janet Haldane (1928-2013 nee Griffiths)

Orchard, Derek Moir (1929-1994)
Orchard, Margaret Doris (1931-1994)

Osborne, Amy Esther (1895-1973 nee Warren)
Osborne, Benjamin (1883-1976)
Osborne, Brian Hylton (1937-1997)
Osborne, Fredrick Arthur 'Fred' (1901-1983)
Osborne, Irene Ethne 'Rene' (1910-1978 nee Nattrass)
Osborne, Lewis Benjamin (1922-2007)
Osborne, Moira Cecelia (1942-2012)
Osborne, Patricia Mary (1931-1948)
Osborne, Warren Ernest (1927-2002)

Packer, Annie (1882-1967 nee Kitch)
Packer, Stephen Clarence (1886-1974)

Packman, Walter (1903-1970)

Packwood, Darcy Syia (1894-1978)
Packwood, David John (1938-1982)
Packwood, Lily May (1892-1973 nee Christopherson)
Packwood, Lucy Maud (1925-2002)

Pain, George 'Tiny' (1846-1937) SEE PHOTO
Pain, Jane Elizabeth (1865-1927 nee Edwards)
Pain, John Augustine (1844-1920)
Pain, Mary Ann (1870-1960 nee Gibbs)

Palmer, Diana Mary (1910-2007)

Patten, Leonard Alton (1926-2009)
Patten, Patricia Valerie (1922-1978)
Patten, Rhona Elizabeth (1930-1987)
Patten, Sharyn (1950-2001)

Peck, Alfred Henry 'Mac' (1900-1981)

Perry, Barbara Jean (1904-1981)
Perry, Ellen Lillie Amelia (1875-1953 nee Nicholls)
Perry, Francis Edwin (1869-1949)
Perry, Maurice Henry (1906-1984)

Peterson, Edwin David (1945-1970)

Phelps, Joan Millicent (1916-1976 nee Garrity)
Phelps, Sidney Alfred (1910-1988)

Philp, William (1843-1909)

Philpott, Enies Wilhemina Margaret (1886-1967 nee Bell)
Philpott, Harry (1878-1963)

Playle, Frank Herbert (1914-1991)

Powell, John Hayes (1843-1917)

Price, Charlotte Myrtle 'Lottie' (1921-2015)
Price, Horace Lindon (1915-1993)
Price, Patrick (1968-1968)

Priest, Ivy Margaret (1899-1976 nee Biggar)
Priest, John Connell (1891-1957)

Prussing, Hilda Beatrice (1890-1977 nee Ricketts)
Prussing, Neil Alexander (1887-1972)

Rangeruru, Ot-Te-Ua-I-Te (1970-1971)

Ramsden, Beryl Marjorie May (1904-2002 nee Harris)
Ramsden, Kevin (1954-2013)
Ramsden, Mary Thelma 'Bubs' (1926-1988 nee Himona)
Ramsden, Neville Henry (1903-1957)
Ramsden, Richard Oakes 'Biggy' (1933-1989)

Rawhiti, Emma (1943-2008 nee Rennie)
Rawhiti, John 'Jack' (1931-1993)

Read, Jack Aubrey (1908-1987)
Read, Marjory (1901-1989 nee Holmwood)

Reenberg, Kay Toger Ludwig (1885-1918)

Reid, Margaret (1926-1963)
Reid, Tom Eliot Naughton (1884-1957)

Richardson, Edward Leopold (1872-1961)

Roberts, Trevor John (1938-2005)

Robertson, Bruce (1916-1924)
Robertson, Bruce (1881-1948)
Robertson, Florence Noeline Christina (1919-2003)
Robertson, Jessie Ann (1879-1953 nee Davidson)
Robertson, John Douglas (1926-2004)

Robinson, Alice May (1887-1924)
Robinson, Colin Pete (1927-1986)
Robinson, Elizabeth Daphne (1908-1987 nee McLeod)
Robinson, George Duncan (1903-1959)
Robinson, Henry (1868-1932)
Robinson, Jean Kathryn (1919-1925)
Robinson, John Ashley (1927-1987)
Robinson, Lilian Joyce (1920-1996)
Robinson, Rita Isobel (1915-1915)

Rolls, Evan Henry (1920-2005)
Rolls, Leslie Stuart (1947-2004)

Roper, Melva Bertha (1927-2011 nee Kent)

Rose, Marie Dulcie (1923-2007)

Ross, Amanda (1912-1990 nee Swaine)
Ross, Athol John (1899-1978)
Ross, Donald (1869-1934)
Ross, Donald William (1891-1976)
Ross, Douglas Alexander (1910-2002)
Ross, Frank Leslie (1925-2005)
Ross, Geoffrey Edward (1959-1989)
Ross, Helen Rule (1872-1931)
Ross, Ivy Elizabeth (1899-1995 nee Haycock)
Ross, Jessie Duthie (1891-1970)
Ross, Kathleen Mary (1912-2004 nee Clarke)
Ross, Kevin David (1957-2000)
Ross, Murdoch (1844-1935)
Ross, Ralph Philip (1896-1977)
Ross, Stuart Malcolm (1936-1991)
Ross, Wilhelmina 'Billie' (1908-1983 nee Gibney)

Rosson, Henry (1886-1924)

Rowbotham, Elma Ida (1913-1980)
Rowbotham, Lewis Charles (1940-2010)

Rowe, Charles John (1916-1981)
Rowe, Kathleen Blossom (1917-2001)
Rowe, Mary Helen (1895-1927)
Rowe, Riria (1948-1970 nee Williams)

Rowlands, Barbara Margaret (1925-1996)
Rowlands, David Gwilym (1923-1991)
Rowlands, Glenys May (1925-2011)
Rowlands, John Glyn 'Taffy' (1928-2001)

Roydhouse, Alan Sutherland (1916-2000)
Roydhouse, Helen Bethune (1917-1981)

Ruru, George Erekana Piwhairangi (1936-2014)
Ruru, Hana Tiahuia (1937-2015)

Ruth, James Walter (1916-1987)
Ruth, Noel Tyler (1921-1997)

Ryan, Michael (1892-1966)

Saunders, John (1860-1940)
Saunders, Margaret (1861-1949)
Saunders, Philip Ronald (1899-1916)

Scadden, Diane Fay (1953-2014 nee Woodger)
Scadden, Richard Leslie (1922-2009)
Scadden, Roma Ellen (1927-2011 nee Wright)
Scadden, William Leslie James Chennel (1898-1970)
Scadden, Winifred Olive (1897-1986 nee Hobbs)

Scarlett, Annie (1866-1930)

Scott, Thomas (1888-1945)

Sedgwick, Ada Agnes (1923-1997)
Sedgwick, William Hector Bridgewater 'Bill' (1913-1998)

Shadwick, Lesley Ray (1922-1981)

Sharp, Alexander (1923-1946)
Sharp, Annie (1864-1964 nee Wenham)
Sharp, Elizabeth Joan (1923-1980)
Sharp, Lilian Sarah (1898-1970 nee Hopwood)
Sharp, Richard John (1901-1991)
Sharp, William James (1897-1976)

Shirkey, Nancy Catherine (1873-1933 nee McLean)

Shore, Isabella Kathleen Mary (1896-1986 nee Fitzgibbon)
Shore, William Henry (1894-1972)

Sievers, Campbell George (1915-1939)
Sievers, Catherine Mary (1886-1957 nee Campbell)
Sievers, George Louis (1886-1959)

Signal, Judy Anne (1944-2014)

Simmons, Richard Barton (1916-2004)
Simmons, Winifred Agnes (1914-2006)

Sinclair, Mary Werner (1912-1983 nee McLeod)
Sinclair, Neil Evans (1914-1990)

Skerman, Jessie Geddes (1895-1993)
Skerman, Terence Leslie (1893-1977)

Skill, Charles William Frederick 'Charlie' (1925-1940)

Small, Frederick Arthur George (1901-1947)
Small, Ruth Alice Cable (1901-1947 nee Newman)

Smith, Albert (1868-1958)
Smith, Alistair McLean (1947-1970)
Smith, Bruce (1947-1986)
Smith, Charles (1875-1964)
Smith, Charles Henry (1910-1984)
Smith, Clarice Isabel (1915-2004 nee Ronalds)
Smith, Donald James Cheviot (1905-1928)
Smith, Elizabeth Ann (1885-1939)
Smith, Emily Berthia Margaret (1917-2008 nee Jaspers)
Smith, Jane Ann (1885-1966)
Smith, John (1901-1967)
Smith, John Clive (1920-1999)
Smith, John George Muller (1898-1918)
Smith, John Eric Shore (1899-1971)
Smith, Kevin George (1944-1994)
Smith, Louisa Helen (1885-1961 nee Mangham)
Smith, Margaret Frances (1921-2016)
Smith, Marion Vanessa Orr (?-1995)
Smith, Mary Gwendoline (1913-1987 nee Nicol)
Smith, Noreen Catherine (1937-2006 nee O'Loughlin)
Smith, Pamela Jean Cole (1947-2014)
Smith, Robert Mervyn Forbes 'Bob' (1912-1997)
Smith, Robert Neil (1943-1970)
Smith, Rosa (?-1947)
Smith, Rose Ann (?-1961)
Smith, Samuel (1886-1919)
Smith, Samuel Charles 'Charlie' (1911-1982)
Smith, Thomas Henry (1893-1942)
Smith, William (?-1951)
Smith, William Aitchison (1910-1982)

Smyth, John Patrick (1918-1977)
Smyth, Phyllis Isobel (1918-1987)
Smythe, Bruce Bernard (1941-1994)
Smythe, Dorothy Rose (1943-2015)

Snell, Betty Rubina (1925-2012 nee Garrity)
Snell, Catherine Jane (1946-1946)
Snell, George (1923-2000)

Soughtton, Guy Edward (1881-1903)
Soughtton, Richard Bertram (1881-1951)

Spackman, Walter (1903-1970)

Sparks, Alfred (1896-1958)

Spargo, William John (1894-1974)

Speedy, Larry (1915-1988)
Speedy, Noeline Jessie (1917-1986)

Spooner, James (1964-1981)
Spooner, James Ranginui 'Jim' (1932-1982)
Spooner, John Howard (1947-1990)
Spooner, Julia Margaret (1945-1945)
Spooner, Richard Edward (1920-2009)
Spooner, Valerie Power (1921-2000)

St Martin, Dianne (1946-2011)
St Martin, Alfred Albert 'Alf' (1924-1990)

Stanton, Beatrice (1899-1982)
Stanton, George (1869-1927)
Stanton, George Richard (1897-1930)
Stanton, Isabella Oxley (1866-1961)
Stanton, Norman (1922-2004)

Stevens, Anthony Ian (1939-1958)
Stevens, Margaret Mary (1872-1948)
Stevens, Marion Ishbel (1917-2002)
Stevens, Robert Vernon (1940-1990)
Stevens, Robert Wilton (1912-1983)

Stewart, Eileen Maud (1902-1984)
Stewart, Freda Winifred (1910-2002)
Stewart, Joan Florence (1925-2002)
Stewart, John Albert (1908-1987)
Stewart, Margaret (1897-1968 formerly Blackwell)
Stewart, Victor Paul (1924-1977)

Stone, John William (1948-2009)

Stuart-Kerr, Grace Nihi (1908-1999)

Sullivan, Phyllis Margaret (1916-2006)
Sullivan, Timothy (1832-1907)

Sutherland, Alexander (1884-1963)
Sutherland, Alexander Robert (1804-1877)
Sutherland, David Loudon (1926-2000)
Sutherland, David Malcolm (1854-1933)
Sutherland, Elizabeth (1810-1866)
Sutherland, Helen (1852-1936)
Sutherland, James Grant (1865-1953)
Sutherland, Jane (1844-1868)
Sutherland, Kenneth Robert (1890-1974)
Sutherland, Margaret Ida 'Peggy' (1926-1987)
Sutherland, Mariebel (1885-1951 nee Walton)
Sutherland, Ross George (1927-2006)
Sutherland, Simone (1950-2013)
Sutherland, William Howard 'Bill' (1925-1983)
Sutherland, Yvette Joan (1930-2016)

Sutton, Samuel (1898-1974)
Sutton, Thora Elizabeth (1895-1970 nee Birchall)

Syvret, Elizabeth (1830-1908)

Szabo, Lajos 'Lou' (1913-1978)

Tannant, Annie Margaret (1905-1999 nee Ireson)
Tannant, Christine Ann 'Chris' (1951-2008)
Tannant, Richard Thomas (1912-1987)

Taplin, Judith Mary (1940-1998 nee McLeod)

Tasker, Arthur Leslie (1927-1989)

Taylor, Catherine (1846-1930)
Taylor, Constance Ellen (1925-2017)
Taylor, Gordon Osmond Thomas (1923-2012)
Taylor, Horace 'Alexander' (1855-1938)
Taylor, James (1858-1920)
Taylor, James Hugh (1912-1977)
Taylor, John George (1882-1938)
Taylor, Margaret Thelma (1916-1997)
Taylor, Martha Hawthorn (1884-1963 nee Rickman)
Taylor, Nancy (1920-2001)
Taylor, Nina Fenimore 'Fen' (1911-1987)
Taylor, Robyn Worsley (1942-2012)
Taylor, Rupert Halls (1906-1975)
Taylor, Wilfred Samuel 'Bill' (1922-1981)
Taylor, William Ian McLeod (1906-1978)

Te Amo, Edward Peron (1982-2000)
Te Amo, Tuini 'Fanny' (1938-1999)

Te Awaroa, Maremare Whareherehere (1928-1973)

Te Kani, Barney John (1961-1983)
Te Kani, Ruby Areta (1938-1982 nee Crawford)
Te Kani, Victoria Margaret (1965-1989 nee Hadley)
Te Kani, Wananga Ate Ariki (1924-2005)

Te Maari, Hune Tokoarangi (1920-1974)
Te Maari, Rosa Selina (1908-1996 nee Busch, formerly Rangi)

Telfer, Agnes (1890-1957 nee Murray)
Telfer, Duncan Brown (1882-1961)
Telfer, William John (1914-1942)

Tennent, Edward Cowper (1848-1914)
Tennent, Stuart Ralston (1888-1915)

Theobald, Ellen Bridget (1929-1990)
Theobald, William Duncan (1922-1973)

Thomas, Bernard Duffield (1890-1955)
Thomas, Carol Ann (1949-1949, 3 days)
Thomas, Elsa Mavis (1916-1997)
Thomas, Evelyn May (1895-1984 nee Weber)
Thomas, Harry Nathaniel (1904-1962)
Thomas, Henrietta Sarah (1867-1948 nee Jones)
Thomas, Henry (1864-1934)
Thomas, Judith Natalie (1925-1995)
Thomas, Norman Henry Leslie (1889-1975)
Thomas, Noel Conway (1922-2014)
Thomas, Owen Russell (1920-2002)

Thompson, Dudley Mervyn (1913-1978)
Thompson, Edna Beth (1927-1993)
Thompson, Gladys Beatrice (1918-1998)
Thompson, Roger David (1942-2007)
Thompson, Ronald Douglas (1912-2000)

Thomson, Beatrice Marion (1904-1989)
Thomson, John Keith Clisham (1905-1984)

Till, Rita Flora (1902-1995)

Tilson, Frances Maud (1892-1958)
Tilson, James Hugh (1881-1967)
Tilson, Lilly Thelma (1896-1962)
Tilson, Mavis Sutherland (1897-1943)
Tilson, Percy George (1889-1969)
Tilson, Walter (1889-1972)

Tod, Emily Harvey (1889-1964 nee Fenwick)
Tod, Henry Hay (1875-1963)
Tod, James (1886-1952)

Todd, Alexander 'Alex' (1907-1986)
Todd, Annie Jane (1864-1957)
Todd, Arthur Mitchell (1866-1930)
Todd, Eileen Winifred (1916-1976)

Towersey, Kathleen Beatrice (1907-1979)
Towersey, Josiah Henry Lane (1880-1972)

Trotter, Henry Samuel (1898-1973)
Trotter, Thirza Elizabeth (1910-2011 nee Sievers)

Tulloch, Lilian Estelle (1939-2000 nee Sharp)

Turley, Frank Leonard (1884-1966)
Turley, Mary Ellen (1888-1967 nee White)
Turley, Trevor Horace Bernard (1919-1993)

Turner, John Lionel (1927-2009)
Turner, Lawrence Derrick (1900-1966)
Turner, Vere Aynsley Belle (1903-1979)
Turner, William Ross (1925-2004)

Twomey, Daniel (1890-1962)

Tyer, Raymond (1923-1989)

Tyler, Agnes Mildred (1864-1944)
Tyler, Arthur (1867-1954)
Tyler, Shirley Fay (1953-2008)
Tyler, Sophia (1848-1920)
Tyler, William (1843-1933)

Unreadable, Roimata 'Rosie' (Died: 26 Mar 1906)

Ussher, Dorothy 'Alison' (1912-2012 nee Pragnell)
Ussher, Eliza (1837-1924 nee Browne)
Ussher, Martha Jane (1868-1928)
Ussher, Wilfred Hilder (1907-1997)

Vangioni, Margaret Ellen Nora (1906-1967 nee Hogan)
Vangioni, Terrence Thomas 'Terry' (1904-1958)

Verry, Adrian Cyril (1944-2009)

Wadsworth, Ellen (1874-1995 nee Sunnex)
Wadsworth, William (1871-1942)

Waipouri, David Awaroa (1932-1946)
Waipouri, Michael John (1927-1984)

Walker, Mabel Murray (1921-2015)

Wall, Bruce Anthony (1899-1984)
Wall, Freda Eleanora (1898-1922)
Wall, Lilian Margaret (1901-1973)
Wall, Margaret Henrietta Harriet (1881-1963 nee McLeod)
Wall, Marjorie Lane (1913-1986)
Wall, Robert Ernest (1879-1957)
Wall, Timothy Francis (1931-2008)
Wall, Wendelin Nisbet (1932-1996)

Wallace, Eileen Ellen (1903-1992)
Wallace, Emma Ellen (1875-1904)
Wallace, Fraser (1906-1994)
Wallace, George Fraser (1935-1999)

Wallbutton, Hemotu Tuihana 'Oka' (1909-1963 nee Keeti)

Walsh, Arthur Patrick (1905-1993)
Walsh, Laura (1916-1999)

Ward, Francis Peter (1880-1951)
Ward, Marion Veney (1885-1961)

Warren, Albert Edward (1910-1989)
Warren, Alice Ellen (1870-1945 nee Barber)
Warren, Charles Robert (1900-1983)
Warren, David Staig (1897-1944)
Warren, Frances Joyce (1917-1997)
Warren, George Richard (1927-1992)
Warren, Graeme Charles (1947-2009)
Warren, Gwendoline Pearl (1907-1989 nee Mangham)
Warren, Herbert Lewis (1899-1856)
Warren, Leonard Norman (1903-1966)
Warren, Lewis Charles (1929-1991)
Warren, Marion (1896-1959)
Warren, Nellie Doris (1901-1990 nee Turk)
Warren, Violet Nancy Catherine (1928-1981)

Watkins, Richard John (1913-1945)

Watson, Duncan Gray (1923-1993)
Watson, Mona Shirley (1929-2009)

Watts, Katherine Violet (1906-1997)
Watts, Ranald Alexander (1908-1982)

Waugh, Augusta (1869-1954 nee Powrie)
Waugh, Betty Allan (1923-2002)
Waugh, Clifford (1894-1917)
Waugh, Stanley Robert (1923-1997)
Waugh, Stephen (1902-1984)
Waugh, Walter (1898-1921)
Waugh, William (1867-1951)

Weatherstone, John Robert Alexander (1916-1988)
Weatherstone, Nancy Noeline (1920-2004 nee Cade)

Webb, Robert (1906-1906 4 days)

Webber, Isabella Alice (1889-1965)
Webber, James (1893-1971)
Webber, K. J. (1917-1985 Corporal 416857)
Webber, Miriam 'Midge' (1951-2010)
Webber, Monica Ellen (-1980)

Weber, Ella (1902-1954 nee Ellis)
Weber, Eric Ezra (1904-1981)
Weber, Ian Ashley (1921-1980)
Weber, June Rose (1924-2001)
Weber, Margaret Marie (1929-2010)
Weber, Mary Anne (1896-1968)
Weber, Sarah Jane (1870-1940)
Weber, Trevor Desmond (1915-2003)
Weber, Wilfred (1892-1965)

Webley, Nora (1891-1978 nee Martin)
Webley, Stanley (1888-1973)

Wells, Florence Ann (1940-2014 nee Jones, formerly Skelton)

Whareherehere, Alice (1941-2008)
Whareherehere, John 'Murray' (1925-1979)
Whareherehere, John Jim (1966-2000)

Whitby, John Cann Arnold (1932-1991)

White, Freeman Benton 'Free' (1924-2008)
White, Philip Arthur (1906-1932)

Whitehill, Samuel (1899-1976)

Wichman, Graham Winiata (1961-1981)

Wickham, Richard Douglas (1885-1918)

Wihone, Charles (1923-1973)
Wihone, Hori Karaka (1916-1979)
Wihone, Polly Parekura (1958-2001)
Wihone, Rahera (1920-1988)

Wilkie, Ada Maud Marion (1912-1999 nee Smith)
Wilkie, Gregor Irvine William (1938-1983)
Wilkie, Maurice (1909-1985)

Wilson, Evelyn Lucy (1910-2009)
Wilson, Sarah Beresford (1883-1935 nee Green, formerly Hulbert)

Wilton, Aileen Isabella (1914-1953)
Wilton, Desmond Henry 'Des' (1912-1993)
Wilton, Ivy Irene Margaret (1916-2007)

Woodgate-Jackson, Patrick Henry 'Pat' (1931-1967)
- see Mary Bryce (nee Shotts), who remarried

Wright, Adam (1868-1954)
Wright, Alma Doreen Florence (1924-2009 nee Malneek)
Wright, Corinne Mary (1928-1973)
Wright, Elizabeth (1889-1966)
Wright, Frank Basil (1893-1956)
Wright, Graeme Renwick 'Archie' (1927-1999)
Wright, Hunter Melville (1920-1997)
Wright, James Archibald (1885-1954)
Wright, Kenneth Raymond (1911-1938)
Wright, Leslie 'Dawson' MBE, JP (1924-1995)
Wright, Lizzy (1863-1945 nee Pigott)
Wright, Mary (1899-1988)
Wright, Patricia (1929-2011 nee Hinchey)
Wright, Winifred Harriet (1895-1960 nee Bowles)

Young, Cyril Stanley Llewellyn (1908-1966)
Young, Evelyn Frances (1892-1968)
Young, Frances (1862-1945)
Young, John (1851-1909)

Youngman, Eve Lois (1924-1998)
Youngman, Terence Arnold 'Terry' (1920-1979)

* George was a son of George Pain & Maria Ann Joiner. He first married Kate Constance O'Connell (1845-1898) in 1872. He next married Mary Ann Gibbs (1870-1960) in 1901.
Evening Post, 25 Jan 1937

Mr George Pain, J.P., another of the early pioneers of the Wairarapa and East Coast districts, died at Martinborough last week at the age of 90 years. The late Mr Pain, who was one of the oldest and best-known identities of the Wairarapa, was very popular with all who knew him and was held in the highest respect. He was said never to have made an enemy and out of pure good will be helped many a man on to his feet. His death will be deeply felt throughout the Wairarapa.
The late Mr Pain was the third son of Mr George Pain, who left Kent, England, for New Zealand in 1839 and arrived by the Oriental in January 1840. Mr George Pain, sen., lived to the age of 84.
Mr George Pain, jun., was born in Wellington on February 1 1846, and arrived in the Wairarapa in 1865 after having walked over the Rimutakas.
He was employed for two years as a shepherd and then started travelling round the stations and selling goods conveyed by pack-horses. Three or four times a year he set out with his pack-horses on a long trek, first to Whatarangi and thence along the coast to East Coast stations, even as far as north-east of Masterton. On these journeys he would be away a month at a time. In those days Martinborough was known as Waihenga. It was while he was engaged in selling goods in this fashion that Mr Pain attained a good knowledge of the land and its possibilities - a knowledge that he turned to good account in later years. His rounds of the stations proved extremely profitable. The secret of his success, so he told people in later life, was that he always sold good articles. Mr Pain then established the first general store in Martinborough, a business that quickly prospered and was later conducted as Pain and Gallie, the as Pain and Haycock and latterly as Pain and Kershaw. Mr Pain, however, had not been actively associated with the business for the past thirty years.

Turning his attention to farming, Mr Pain became the owner or part-owner of several big properties in the Wairarapa. In partnership with the lat Mr J. O. Sutherland he was at one time, owner of the well-known Admiral station and of Tepare, at Kahutara, Mr Sutherland later taking over the latter property on his own account. Mr Pain also acquired, in partnership with the late Mr George Innes, the property known as The Taipos, Tinui and owned on his own account Te Mai station, also in the Tinui district. He was a great stockman and was recognised as an excellent judge of horses. Mr Pain helped more men on to the land than anyone else in the Wairarapa and it is doubtful if he had a peer in this respect in the Dominion. He opened his hear especially to returned soldiers.

Although he did not take an active part in public affairs, Mr Pain was for short periods a member of the Featherston County Council and a commissioner of the old Martinborough Town Board, of which he was one of the original members. He was also a member of the now defunct Lower Valley Jockey Club, which raced at Martinborough up to 27 years ago. For a period he was a director of the Wellington Farmers' Meat Co and was keenly interested in the Early Settlers' Association and attended its functions every year.

The late Mr Pain was twice married. He is survived by a widow, to whom the sympathy of a large number of friends will be extended.

The funeral took place at Martinborough yesterday, there being a particularly large and representative attendance of mourners to pay their last respects to a sterling old pioneer. The Rev F. O. Ball officiated. The pall-bearers were relatives of the late Mr Pain

BOAG marriages New Zealand

the BOAG GROOMS 1865 - 1936
Albert Noel Boag (1902-1983)
married Thelma Elsie Roget (1903-1986) in 1925
their known children
1928 - 1988 Russell Francis Boag
* Albert received an M.B.E. in Dec 1976 for services to the blind

Alexander Boag
married Evelyn Amy Sell in 1929
* daughter of Charles William Sell & Eva Holland of Otago

Alexander Boag
married Sarah McMahon in 1936

Alexander Dewar Boag
married Edith Emma Lewis in 1936

Alfred James Boag
married Rose Seymour Davis in 1928

Andrew Duncan Boag
married Constance Alice Lightfoot 'Connie' Mickle in 1911
their known children
1913 - Andrew Winston Boag
1916 - Betty Marjorie Boag
1918 - Linden Mary Muriel Boag

Athol Robert Boag
married Gertrude May Shaw in 1925

Cecil James Boag
married Mary Emma Hewlett in 1923

George Henry Boag
married Dorothy Gwendoline Phillips in 1921

James Boag
married Ivy Richards in 1896
their known children
1897 - Myrtle Emma Boag
1900 - Cecil James Boag (WWII 621970)
1910 - James Robert Boag
1914 - William Edward Boag

James Edward Boag (1892-1972)
married Amy Frances Podmore (1894-1950) in 1920

James Henry Boag
married Elizabeth Ada Glasson in 1921

James Nicol Boag (1891-1962)
married Katherine 'Kitty' Isbister (1893-1984) in 1913
* daughter of James Johnston Isbister & Margaret Garden McWilliam
* James & Kitty buried Waimairi
their known children
1914 - Catherine Garden Boag
1915 - Agnes Margaret Boag
1918 - Grace Isbister Boag

James Robert Boag (1910-1991)
married Lottie Annie Ayling (1909-1998) in 1932
BOAG-AYLING - On March 19 1932, at St Peter's Church, by the Rev. H. Bedford, James Robert, second son of Mr and Mrs J. Boag, Onehunga, to Lottie Annie Ayling, second daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Ayling, Onehunga

James William Boag
married Charlotte Mary Morley in 1891
their known children
1892 - James Edward Boag
1893 - Lily May Boag
1895 - George Henry Boag
1897 - Robert Boag
1900 - Mabel Gertrude Boag
1903 - Albert Noel Boag
1913 - 1922 Gordon Morley Boag

James William Boag
married Malvina Anne McKenzie in 1928

John Boag
married Grace Stewart in 1865
their known children
1866 - William Boag
1869 - John Boag
1870 - Janet McNaughton Boag
1881 - Peter Dewar Boag
1883 - Nelson Boag

John Boag
married Mary Withell in 1892
their known children
1893 - Norman Francis Boag
1895 - John Wethell Boag

John Boag
married Mary Hollows in 1895
their known children
1895 - Catherine Boag
1897 - Robert Hamilton Boag
1898 - Stewart Railton Boag
1904 - Alfred Boag

John Boag
married Lillian Rachel Hutchins in 1933

John Lawrence Bates Boag (1877-1957)
married Katherine Christina 'Kate' Cossill in 1910
their known children
1912 - Sarah Emma Boag
1913 - Madaline Hannah Boag
1915 - Elsie Isabel Boag
1915 - Agnes Margaret Boag
1918 - Grace Isbister Boag

John Samuel Boag
married Jane Leslie Henderson in 1888
their known children
1889 - Edith May Boag
1891 - William Henderson Boag
1894 - Margaret Ann Boag

Nelson Boag
married Sylvia Muriel Robinson in 1916
their known children
1917 - Audrey Grace Boag

Nevil Mortimer Boag
married Alma Valrie Olive Williams in 1933

Norman Francis Boag
married Nancy Brownlie in 1922

Norman Francis Boag
married Elizabeth Stanley Beauchamp in 1935
* daughter of Stanley Beauchamp (1872-1959) & Marion McGregor Gardner. Her father's brother was Sir Harold Beauchamp (1858-1938), the father of Katherine Mansfield.

Peter Dewar Boag
married Jane Anderson in 1892
their known children
1893 - Phillis Jane Boag
1894 - Mary Ferminger Boag
1895 - Anne Duncanson Boag
1897 - Florence Margaret Boag
1901 - Donald Boag
1909 - Alexander Deward Boag

Raymond Arthur Boag
married Elsie Augusta Lee in 1925

Robert Boag
married Julia Kenny in 1869
their known children
1870 - Mary Boag
1871 - William Boag
1873 - John Boag
1874 - Thomas Stakle Boag
1876 - Robert Boag
1878 - Margaret Boag
1879 - Henry Boag
1883 - Julia Boag
1886 - William Boag

Robert Patterson Boag
married Emma Lawrence in 1870
* Robert was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, 1 of 14 children of James Boag & Hannah Paterson who died in Wallsend NSW. Robert first married Sarah Lowe in 1868 in Newcastle, NSW. Sarah and her baby daughter Sarah, died that year. Robert came to NZ and married Emma in 1870 and they returned to Australia where at least 6 children were born. Robert died aged 37 and Emma remarried to William Horne. She died in Auckland aged 54 and buried with William. The children of Robert & Emma also married and died in NZ
their known children (born NSW)
1871 - 1947 James Patterson Boag (buried Waikaraka)
1873 - Mary Agnes Boag
1875 - 1946 Robert Patterson Boag (buried Waikumete)
1877 - 1957 John Lawrence Bates Boag (buried Waikumete)
1879 - Anna Elizabeth Boag
1882 - 1958 Ernest William Boag (buried Waikumete)

Robert Boag
married Grace Fisken in 1889
their known children
1898 - James Boag
1890 - Nelson Boag
1895 - John Boag
1891 - Jessie Grace Boag
1903 - Agnes Violet Elizabeth Boag

Robert Chrisp Boag
married Lily Pearl Newcombe in 1923

Robert Eaglesome Boag
married Nora Ann Grey Porter in 1928

Robert Hamilton Boag
married Martha Simm in 1920

Robert Paterson 'Barney' Boag (1875-1946)
* Born NSW, Police Constable in Maungaturoto & the first police officer in the gumfields of Dargaville. His son was a policeman as was a grandson
married Maud Arabella Wild in 1897
their known children
1897 - Robert Patterson Boag
1899 - 1954 Alice Emma Boag
1903 - 1971 Robert Boag
1904 - 1979 Maud Nora Boag
1909 - 1983 Neville Mortimer Boag (Police Constable)
1911 - 1991 Isabel Aileen Boag
1914 - 1980 Frances Maud Boag

Stewart Railton Boag
married Florence Margaret Henderson in 1920

Thomas Dewar Boag
married Helen Eaglesome in 1883
their known children
1884 - William Matthew Boag
1888 - Robert Eaglesome Boag

Vernon Wilfred Boag
married Pansie Maude Maidens in 1930

William Boag
married Eliza Garland in 1882
their known children
1883 - 1967 Helene Blackwood Boag
1884 - 1946 Ann Eliza Boag
1885 - 1972 David Alexander Boag
1887 - Jane Brice Boag
1890 - 1964 William Boag (+ Susie Chambers)
1891 - 1960 Amelia Georgina Boag

William Boag (1828-1904)
married Anne Firminger (1829-1884) & had 9 children
married Agnes Duncan in 1886
their known children
1887 - Ann Agnes Boag
1889 - Andrew Duncan Boag
1890 - James Nicol Boag

William Boag
married Margaret Eliza Morland in 1899
their known children
1902 - Raymond Arthur Boag
1904 - Nixon Wilfred Boag
1905 - Laurance John Boag
1908 - Alice Grace Boag

William Boag
married Rose Ann McLaughton in 1904
their known children
1905 - James William Boag
1906 - Francis Robert Boag
1908 - Gertrude Rose Boag
1912 - Victor Francis Boag
1914 - Raymond Joseph Boag

William Boag
married Florence Maud Griffin in 1912
their known children
1913 - Phyllis Kathleen Boag
1915 - John William Boag

William Boag
married Susan Annie Chambers in 1917

William Ernest Boag
married Olive Louisa Parker in 1924

William Henderson Boag
married Mabel Ann Firminger Henderson in 1920

Boag births found in NZ, married elsewhere:
* James & Mary Ann Boag
1876 - John Boag
1877 - Jessie Boag
1879 - Elizabeth Boag
1881 - James Boag

* John & Ruby Noel Boag
1915 - Leonard Dallas John Robert Boag

* Robert & Janet Boag
1869 - Ellen Boag
1870 - William Boag

* Robert & Mabel Greenshields Boag
1905 - Thomas Greenshields Boag
1909 - Margaret Boag

* Samuel & Annie Elizabeth Boag
1896 - Leonard Reeve Boag

* William & Ann Boag
1866 - Margaret Boag
1868 - Mary Ann Boag

the BOAG BRIDES 1862 - 1937
Agnes Margaret Boag
married Andrew Clement Rutherford Robinson in 1935

Agnes Violet Elizabeth Boag
married David Black in 1935

Alice Emma Boag
married Hubert de Marsae Carrington in 1920

Alice Grace Boag
married Herbert Rickett Hollis in 1930

Amelia Georgina Boag
married Edgar David Brooker in 1913
their known children
1914 - Jack Donaldson Brooker
1915 - David Graham Brooker
1918 - Nilla Georgina Brooker

Ann Boag
married John Cunningham in 1862
their known children
1863 - Jane Bryce Cunningham
1866 - Ellen Davison Cunningham
1869 - John Cunningham

Anne Duncanson Boag (1895-1982)
married Oswald Murray Jones in 1919

Barbara Boag
married William Mitchell in 1867

Betty Marjorie Boag (1916-1992)
married Colin Cosson in 1937

Catherine Boag
married George Bateman in 1875

Catherine Boag
married Joseph Simm in 1918

Dorothy Boag
married Percy Charles Jamieson in 1922

Edith May Boag
married Henry Arthur Jones in 1926

Eliza Boag
married William Pickering in 1907
their known children
1912 - Ethel May Pickering

Elizabeth Ethel Boag
married Henry Howard Nugent in 1903
their known children
1904 - Howard Banks Nugent
1906 - Henry Gordon Nugent
1907 - William Nugent

Elsie Isobel Boag (1914-2003)
married John Wilfred Griffin in 1932

Florence Margaret Boag (1897-1974)
married Eric Peal Genn in 1920

Frances Maud Boag (1914-1980)
married Bernard Robert Hutchinson in 1933

Gertrude Rose Boag (1907-1973)
married John Smith in 1931

Grace Jane Boag (1873-1920)
married Charles Murray in 1893
their known children
1894 - Charles Stewart Murray
1896 - Flora Buchan Murray
1901 - George Bryce Murray
1902 - Fergus John Boag Murray

Helen Boag
married James Walker in 1892
their known children
1893 - Helen Hazel Walker
1895 - Edith Mary Walker
1897 - Jessie Myrtle Ruth Walker
1907 - Tui Margaret Walker

Helen Blackwood Boag (1883-1967)
married William George Thomas Brooker in 1911
their known children
1914 - Rita Millicent Brooker

Isabel Aileen Boag (1911-1991)
married Andrew William Moros in 1933

Jane Boag
married William McMillan in 1881

Jane Brice Boag (1887-1976)
married Langtry Maguiness in 1908
their known children
1909 - Anne Elizabeth Maguiness

Janet Boag
married Alfred Selwyn Bruce in 1891
their known children
1897 - Edna Evelyn Bruce
1899 - Noeline Marion Selwyn Bruce
1902 - Ashleigh Melva Jessie Bruce

Janet Louisa Boag
married Arnold Stuart Barr in 1923

Janet McNaughton Boag
married Lumsden Sherriffs in 1900
their known children
1902 - Dorothy Grace Williamona Sherriffs

Jessie Grace Boag
married George Coutts Kerr in 1915
their known children
1916 - Jessie Jean Kerr
1916 - Mavis Grace Kerr

Julia Boag
married Frederick Smith in 1906
their known children
1907 - Robert Hamilton Smith
1909 - Edna Julia Smith
1913 - Lena Mabel Smith

Lily Mary Boag
married Raymond Lawson McDonald in 1933

Mabel Gertrude Boag
married Edward Cowley in 1920

Madaline Hannah Boag
married William Charles Hall in 1933

Margaret Boag
married James Sizemore in 1884
their known children
1887 - Janet Myrtle Sizemore
1890 - Gordon Sizemore

Margaret Boag
married William John George Henderson in 1895
their known children
1896 - William Hugh Henderson
1899 - Robert Bruce Henderson
1901 - Donald Boag Henderson
1903 - Ian Dewar Henderson
1903 - James Gilbert Henderson
1907 - John Samuel Douglas Henderson

Margaret Boag
married James Evans in 1899

Margaret Boag
married Selwyn Nicholls Houghton in 1933

Margaret Ann Boag
married Walter Andrew McMillan in 1915
their known children
1916 - Ella Murray McMillan

Margaret Reid Boag
married Edward George William Hay in 1933

Mary Anne Boag
married George Bowles in 1879

Mary Ferminger Boag
married Claude McClelland in 1921

Myrtle Emma Boag
married Arthur Edwin Jamieson in 1921

Nora Maud Boag
married William James Dunn in 1934

Phyllis Jane Boag
married Christopher Redmond in 1922

Sarah Ann Boag
married William McMillan in 1890
their known children
1891 - Sarah Winona McMillan
1892 - Helen Edith McMillan
1894 - William Bryce McMillan

Sarah Emma Boag
married Colin Frederick Clarke in 1934

Sarah Jane Boag
married John Norris in 1882
their known children
1883 - Sarah Jane Norris

Thelma Ivy Boag
married Noel Jeff Fletcher in 1935

KERRISK marriages NZ 1884-1935

KERRISK marriages 1884-1935
* Daniel Kerrisk (1885-1955)
married Tryphena Alice Williams (1884-1980) in 1909
their known children
1910 - Leo Daniel Kerrisk
1912 - Laurence Oliver Kerrisk

* Ellen Kerrisk (1888-)
married Daniel Hurley in 1911
their known children
1913 - Daniel Terence Hurley
1917 - Michael Hurley

* Hannah Kerrisk
married Eugene Hurley in 1918

* James Kerrisk (1858-1938)
married Margaret Flynn (1858-1937) in 1884
their known children
1885 - Mary Kerrick
1892 - Mary Kerrisk
1893 - Johanna Kerrisk
1895 - James Kerrisk
1900 - Timothy Kerrisk

* James Kerrisk (1897-1972)
married Mary Anne McCarty (1899-1966) in 1924

* James Patrick Kerrisk (1895-1947)
married Maud Cara Longstaff (1908-2006) in 1930

* Jeremiah Patrick Kerrisk (1885-1953)
married Mary Josephine Small (1891-1936) in 1924

* Johannah Gertrude Kerrisk (1895-1961)
married Frank Clement Bottin (1898-1978) in 1928

* John Kerrisk (1884-1968)
married Annie Muriel Anthony (1890-1967) in 1912
their known children
1913 - John Sheldon Kerrisk
1915 - Gordon Anthony Kerrisk

* Margaret Kerrisk (1890-1975)
married David John Crompton (1886-1951) in 1916
their known children
1917 - Bryan David Crompton

* Mary Kerrisk (1892-1959)
married Felix Arthur Schumacher (1888-1955) in 1914
their known children
1915 - Imelda Mary Schumacher
1918 - Felix Michael Kerrisk Schumacher

* Michael Kerrisk (1892-1950)
married Margaret Isabel Simpson in 1925

* Timothy Kerrisk
married Violet Mary Turnwald (1907-1987) in 1927

* Timothy Kerrisk
married Eileen Mary Nicholson in 1935 (1903-1991)

Some of the above are descended from John Kerrisk who married Mary Somers in County Kerry in 1842
their 10 children
* 1843 - Ellen Kerrisk
married Maurcie Keane in County Kerry
* 1844 - Daniel Kerrisk
married Catherine O'Brien in Ireland
* 1848 - Jeremiah Kerrisk
married Catherine 'Kate' Flynn in Taranaki
* 1850 - John Kerrisk
married Mary Brosnan in Ireland
* 1856 - Timothy Kerrisk
married Ellen Sullivan, lived in NZ
* 1855 - Michael Kerrisk
lived in New Zealand
* 1857 - Mary Kerrisk
married Patirck Murphy in Taranaki
* 1859 James Kerrisk
married Margaret Flynn in Taranaki
* 1863 - Johanna Kerrisk
lived in New Zealand
* 1866 - Margaret Kerrisk
married Michael Lenahan in County Kerry

Farquhar Gray, Masterton & Taratahi, from 1865

NOTE Most of the Timeline information was taken from newspapers of the day. Anything in italics is my additions

FARQUHAR GRAY (1838-1894) was born at Knockbain, Highland, Scotland 10 Dec 1838, a son of Farquhar Gray (1791-1851) & Ann MacRae (1809-1861)
* his known siblings: Alexander (at least) also came to NZ
1834 - John Gray
1836 - 1880 Alexander gray
1838 - Farquhar Gray
1841 - George Gray
1844 - Duncan Gray

JAMESINA 'Jemima' ROSS (1837-1905) was born 20 May 1837 at Cromarty, Scotland, a daughter of James & Grace Ross
* Farquhar & Jemima married 25 Jan 1865 in Rosskeen, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. Later that year they arrived in Wellington. Their children were:
* 1868 - 1948 Jamesina Gray
* 1870 - 1951 Roderick 'Rod' Gray
* 1873 - 1952 Farquhar Gray
* 1874 - 1972 Caroline Gray
* 1876 - 1959 Annabella Gray
* 1878 - 1932 Georgina Gray
* 1879 - 1951 Alexander Gray
* 1882 - 1974 John Gray

Wellington Independent, 2 Jan 1866
THE MASTERTON POUND - A Pound recently erected on the premises of Mr Farquhar Gray, at Masterton in the Wairarapa, is officially proclaimed to be the public pound of the district and Mr Gray nominated keeper thereof.

Wairarapa Standard, 18 Nov 1867
IMPOUNDED in the Public Pound at Masterton on the 30th October 1867, by Te Koeti and Wata of Masterton, for trespass on their land at Poterau, Wairarapa - One dark brown horse, white star on forehead, branded C with stroke in centre on off shoulder, owner unknown. Unless previously redeemed or replevied, will be sold on the 22nd November 1867, in accordance with the Impounding Act. F. GRAY, Poundkeeper

Wairarapa Standard, 9 Dec 1867
The following names are on the list for forming the Tramway Provisional Committee:-
WAIRARAPA .. Farquhar Gray

Birth of 1st child
1 April 1868
Jamesina Gray

Birth of 2nd child
22 Oct 1870
Roderick Gray
Wairarapa Standard, 26 Oct 1870
GRAY - At Masterton, on 22 inst., the wife of Farquhar Gray, of a son and heir.
(unusual that the first son and heir, Rod, was not given his father's name of Farquhar. This was bestowed on the next son)

Wairarapa Standard, 1 June 1872
We, the Undersigned Blacksmiths of Wairarapa, have been compelled to raise the prices of our work, in consequence of the great advance in the price of iron &c., in our trade ..
Hack Horses 8s, Shoes with heels 9s, Heels & toes 10s and all Iron Work in proportion. W. Greathead, F. Gray, G. Dixon, R. Bright, R. Greathead, W. Cundy, J. Sheen. Blacksmiths, Wairarapa

Wairarapa Standard, 13 July 1872
H. Bannister, R. Blade, H. Bentley (Collector), F. Gray, R. Hare, J. McGregor, W. Perry, A. W. Renall (Chairman), R. Williams (Treasurer)

Birth of 3rd child
12 April 1873
Farquhar Gray

Birth of 4th child
12 October 1874
Caroline Gray

Wairarapa Standard, 4 Nov 1875
MASTERTON HIGHWAY BOARD. Present - Messrs Beetham, Vallance, Buchanan, Dorset and Alpass. Mr Beetham in the chair.
The following payments were made .. F. Gray, ironwork for bridge £2 17s

Wairarapa Standard, 12 Feb 1876
OPAKI RACE MEETING to be held at Opaki on Wednesday and Thursday, 1st and 2nd March.
JUDGE: R. Welch
STARTERS: J. Dorset and R. Campbell
STEWARDS: J. Poad, F. Gray, S. Chamberlain, J. Nichol, A. W. Cave, G. Dixon, T. Tankersley and R. G. Williams (Secretary and Treasurer)

Birth of 5th child
14 August 1876
Annabella Gray

NZ Mail, 9 Dec 1876
The following particulars of a severe storm which occurred on Thursday last at the Wairarapa, are supplied by Mr R. Welch to one of the Wairarapa papers:- On Thursday the lightning struck a flax bush on his land, tearing the leaves into shreds and killing five sheep and two rabbits which were under it. A mare, the property of Mr F. Gray, which was two chains away, was also killed. The flax was torn into shreds and some may be seen at this office. large holes were found in the ground. One of these looks as if the lightning had gone in and out again. yesterday the lightning appears to have struck a tree near Masterton.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 24 July 1877
OPAKI JOCKEY CLUB. A well attended meeting of the above took place at the Empire Hotel on Saturday evening last, 21st inst. Mr F. Gray in the chair,

Birth of 6th child
18 March 1878
Georgina Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 Aug 1878
The building trade is in a greater state of activity than ever, building of all descriptions springing up in all directions. Mr F. Gray is putting up a couple of shops on his property in Bridge-street, immediately adjoining the Club Hotel.
NOTE First known as Main street. Later Bridge Street. Later Queen Street
NOTE OF INTEREST Just outside the main entrance of The Club Hotel in 1895, Andrew Somerville, shot Arthur Herbert 3 times (within sight of two constables), making it Masterton's 1st murder

Wairarapa Standard, 20 Aug 1878
TO BUILDERS - Tenders will be received up to 7 o'clock on Saturday 21st inst., for the erection of one or more cottages in Church-street, Masterton, for Mr F. Gray, Bridge-street, Masterton, where plans may be seen. James Russell, Architect

Wairarapa Standard, 10 Sep 1878
BOROUGH OF MASTERTON. A poll for the election of three Councillors, will take place in the Town Hall, Masterton, on Thursday next, the 12th inst., between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. The following are the Candidates nominated - Henry Bentley, Samuel Edward Gapper, Farquhar Gray, Alfred William Renall, Charles Wilton

Evening Post, 14 Sep 1878
The result of the MASTERTON MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS yesterday was as follows:- Messrs F. Gray, A. W. Renall and S. E. Gapper, were returned out of five candidates. Messrs H. Bentley and C. Wilton were the unsuccessful ones

Wairarapa Standard, 22 Jan 1879
IMPORTANT NOTICE - F. GRAY, in returning thanks to his numerous customers for past favors, begs to inform the public generally that having now in stock a large quantity of the very best timbers suitable for Coachbuilding and Wheelwright purposes, he is prepared to receive and execute all orders entrusted to him and will guarantee both style and finish to equal that turned out in any part of the Province. Repairs to all kinds of Vehicles, including trimming and painting, shall receive immediate attention and be performed with neatness and dispatch. F. GRAY, Blacksmith, Coachbuilder, Wheelwright &c., Masterton

Wairarapa Standard, 9 June 1879
TEMPORARY PREMISES. Fronting Mr F. Gray's Blacksmith's Shop and adjoining Council Chambers, WATSON & WINTERINGHAM, Saddlers and Harness-Makers. "Nothing like Leather! Pigskin for ever" - Old Ballad
* In Oct 1879 they made it their permanent premises

Wairarapa Standard, 12 June 1879
At a meeting of the creditors of Mr T. Tankersley held on Tuesday, an offer of ten shillings in the £ was made. Messrs F. Gray and J. Wrigley were appointed to report on the estate, the meeting being adjourned till Friday for that purpose.
* Thomas William Tankersley (1816-1876), arrived on the Tory in Sep 1839, married Sarah Draper xmas day 1840 in Wellington, later settled in Masterton

Wairarapa Standard, 3 July 1879
A meeting to arrange a ploughing match for Masterton was held at the Council Chambers yesterday afternoon and was well attended. Mr Donald Donald was appointed to the chair. It was unanimously resolved on the motion of Mr J. Vile that a match should be held. Some discussion took place as to ways and means, Mr Gapper protesting against the large sums given last year in prizes. He much preferred to see competitors think a little more of the honor to be gained than merely of the money to be made. The Committee met at the close of the general meeting, Mr D. Donald in the chair. Messrs D. Donald, J. Baumber, J. Vile, J. Harding, A. Cockburn, W. Watson, S. E. Gapper and F. Gray were appointed a sub-committee to make arrangements for the ploughing match. Messrs Gapper, Vile, Harding and Baumber were appointed a ground committee to inspect a piece of land kindly offered by Mr Dove, at Te Ore Ore and report on Saturday next.

Birth of 7th child
4 November 1879
Alexander Gray

Wairarapa Standard, 21 July 1880
This lengthy INQUEST on the fire at Taratahi by which Mr James Driscoll's dwelling house and furniture were destroyed, was held at the Taratahi Hotel and shows some interesting facts on Farquhar Gray:- that James Driscoll, farmer at Taratahi, was 'in debt to Mr Gray' for £250 (equivalent today of $42,000), Farquhar holding the mortgage on his property

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 Sep 1880
GRAY - On the 17th inst., Alexander Gray, late of Ross Shire, Scotland, aged 43
* On Tuesday last, Mr Alexander Gray, a brother of Mr F. Gray, of Masterton, was admitted into the hospital, suffering from Bright's disease and dropsy and died there this morning
He is buried Plot AG, Row 1, Plan IV at Archer Street

Evening Post, 28 Sep 1880
At the half-yearly meeting of the Masterton and Opaki Jockey Club, held in Masterton on Saturday last, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:- President, Mr Farquhar Gray; Judge, Mr R. Welch; Starter, Mr Thomas Chamberlain; Clerk of the Scales, Mr John Harding; Hon Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J. Irons; Clerk of the Course, Messrs A. W. Cave, James Macara, A. Elkins, B. Kimberley, R. Campbell, G. Farmer and H. Bannister. The balance-sheet of the club showed a credit balance of £13 14s 6d in hand, besides a number of subscriptions to come in.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 13 Aug 1881
Trustees - Farquhar Gray, Alfred W. Renall
Directors - Messrs J. C. Boddington (chairman), A. R. Bunny, M. Caselberg, G. Russell, J. Vile, R. M. Galloway (treasurer).

Wairarapa Daily Times, 28 Dec 1881
(New Year events were held all over the Wairarapa - Picnic at Mrs Yates' Paddock, Festival at Carterton, Castlepoint Races etc. Good list of names to show Farquhar's friends and neighbours back then)
WAIRARAPA CALEDONIAN SOCIETY'S SPORTS To Be Held In Mr Donald Donald's Paddock, Manaia, Masterton, on Monday Jan 2 1882.
PRESIDENT, Mr C. A. Vallance
DIRECTORS - Messrs J. Bagge, H. H. Beetham, A. Bish, J. Brown, W. C. Buchanan, A. Elkins, Richard Fitton, Farquhar Gray, Joseph Irons, G. H. Lister-Kaye, John Livingstone, William Lowes, James Macara, John Macara, Hugh McMaster, Duncan McMaster, J. Payton, Walter Perry, T. L. Thompson, E. A. S. Wyllie
JUDGES - Messrs J. Bagge, Farquhar Gray, T. H. Hill, G. H. Lister-Kaye, John Livingstone, Hugh McMaster, Walter Perry, T. L. Thompson.
STARTERS - Messrs Alfred Elkins, T. H. Hill and William Lowes

Birth of 8th child
7 August 1882
John Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 19 June 1883
In the estate of King and Toomath. All accounts owing to the above Estate must be paid to Mr W. Sellar within 14 days from date, otherwise legal proceedings will be taken for recovery. FARGUHAR GRAY. Trustee.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 11 July 1885
JAMES ROSS - Blacksmith, Wheelwright and Horse-Shoeing Smith, desires to inform his patrons and the public of the Wairarapa generally, that he has taken over the old-established business, so long efficiently conducted by MR FARQUHAR GRAY, in Queen-Street, Masterton and he solicits a continuance of the patronage that has hitherto been so liberally extended. J.R. would remind customers that his experience and long connection with Mr Gray's business is a guarantee that the satisfaction given by this establishment in the past will be continued. Every kind of horse-shoeing, wheelwright engineering and blacksmithing work, executed with despatch and on the most reasonable terms.

Evening Post, 18 Aug 1885
DRAWING CERTIFICATES. The following pupils of the State schools in the Wellington Educational District obtained certificates of merit at the examinations for their respective schools, held in June last .. PRACTICAL GEOMETRICAL DRAWING, Masterton - William Bagge, Alex McKenzie, Ernest Holdaway, Jamesina Gray, Roderick Gray

Wairarapa Standard, 13 Nov 1885
WAIRARAPA PASTORAL SHOW .. For the highest number of points in pigs, Farquhar Gray, silver medal with eight points.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 2 May 1888
FATAL HORSE ACCIDENT. Death of Mr Isaac Bairstow
.. On the night of 1 May 1888, Mr Bairstow of Clareville, met with an accident near the Waingawa bridge. He had left Kuripuni about 5:20pm, a bit later than he intended but, as he mentioned at Messrs Caselberg & Co's store, he had been waiting for a telegram. His body was found, quite dead, about 6.35pm on the Taratahi main road (now State Hwy 2), about half a mile past the bridge (presuming Waingawa bridge) near the junction of Gray's road... This was probably the junction with East Taratahi road. The distance from the bridge is right and Farquhar lived (and died) on East Taratahi road so likely the locals named it Gray's Road. It was never officially named that.
slightly off-topic NOTE Before a bridge was built over the Waingawa River, a ferry was used. In the mid 1860s John Richardson was the landlord of the 'Waingawa Ferry House' (hotel). In Jan 1868 he attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a razor in the hotel. In 1871 Thomas Bennett of the 'Waingawa Ferry House' went bankrupt. Tenders were called in Jan 1872 to build a bridge and it was opened in August that year

Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 Nov 1890
Mr A. von Keisenberg informs us that two of his pupils, Miss Caroline Gray and Miss Bessie Payton, have succeeded in passing the Honours section of the junior division of the Trinity College (London) musical examination.

Evening Post, 2 Nov 1891
Mr Farquhar Gray, a well-known settler of Taratahi, was taken suddenly ill on Saturday, being found in his paddock in a fit. He has been since confined to his bed.

NZ Times, 11 June 1892
MASTERTON - Mr Farquhar Gray has been elected president of the Masterton A. and P. Association and Mr C. H. Gayfer secretary.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 19 Oct 1892 In the Trinity College examinations for the current year, Miss Caroline Gray heads the intermediate passes in the Wellington list. Miss Caroline Gray is a daughter of Mr Farquhar Gray and a pupil of whom Mr Von Keisenberg, who supervised her studies, may justly be proud.

IN 1893 Roderick Gray was a Forward in the New Zealand Team to tour Australia in which he played two games. He scored two tries in a win over New South Wales. His club then was Masterton & Red Star. In 1895 he played with Wairarapa Bush. He did not appear in any Test matches as NZ did not play its first full international until 1903.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 17 Jan 1894
GRAY - At Taratahi, on January 16th, Farquhar Gray, aged 55 years
We very much regret to have to record the somewhat unexpected death of Mr Farquhar Gray, one of Masterton's oldest and most prominent settlers, who passed away at his residence, Taratahi, at an early hour this morning.
Mr Gray was a native of Rosshire, Scotland and came to New Zealand in 1865. He was for a few months with Mr Richard Collins, of Te Ore Ore and in the same year opened a blacksmith's shop in Church Street, afterwards removing his business to Queen Street, where his establishment became famous for making and repairing agricultural implement and machinery.
About twelve years ago Mr Gray sold his business to Mr James Ross and retired to a property on the Taratahi, which he had purchased from Mr G. Avery and devoted his time to farming generally and the breeding of stud sheep in particular.
His success may be gauged from the fact that he has always been one of the largest prize takers at the Masterton A. and P. Society's Shows and his Romney Marsh flock has obtained quite a colonial reputation.
Mr Gray always took the greatest interest in the welfare of Masterton and its local institutions and was at one time a member of the Borough Council and Town Lands Trust. He was a member of the Masonic order and for many years held the office of Treasurer of the old Thistle Lodge. He also, in the year 1871, took an active part in the founding of Court Royal Enterprise A.O.F., and up to the time of his demise, continued to take an active interest in the institution, retaining the position of Trustee of the Court.
In 1891 Mr Gray was elected President of the Wairarapa Caledonian Society and in 1892, President of the Masterton A. and P. Association, ably filling each position.
For some years past Mr Gray has been troubled with an internal complaint which ultimately proved fatal although his end was hardly expected so soon.
The deceased leaves a wife and family of three sons and five daughters(sic), besides many true friends to mourn his loss.
* We understand that the late Mr Farquar Gray's life was insured with the Government for £500 (2018 equivalent of $96,240)

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 Jan 1894
The funeral of the late Mr Farquhar Gray, took place yesterday afternoon, the procession being one of the largest ever seen in Masterton, settlers from all parts attending to pay a last tribute to one respected by all who knew him. Heavy rain fell all the afternoon, but this did not prevent a very large gathering from assembling at the graveside. The members of the Masterton Masonic Lodge and of the Court Loyal Enterprise (Ancient Order of Foresters) attended in full regalia, adding largely to the solemnity of the procession. The hearse and coffin were covered with beautiful wreaths, forwarded by the deceased's friends. The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev W. E. Paige M.A., after which the impressive ceremonies of the Masonic and Foresters' orders were feelingly performed. The Masonic service was conducted by the Worshipful Master, Bro. C. A. Pownall and the Foresters' service by Past Chief Ranger, Bro. R. Brown.

NZ Mail, 23 March 1894
Among the list of deputy-returning officers for the Wairarapa licensing district, we notice the name of one lady, Miss Gray, who is to take charge of the polling-booth at Taratahi. The fair sex are evidently asserting themselves.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 Nov 1894
The adjourned case, G. Heron and E. Chamberlain (as executors in the estate of the late Farquhar Gray) v Ah Lop, in which the defendant was called upon to show cause why he should not quit certain premises occupied by him in Queen-street, due notice having given. Mr Bunny appeared for the plaintiff and contended that the tenancy was a weekly one.
Mr Beard, for defendant, would not admit that the tenancy was a weekly one.
George Heron, on oath, state that as an executor in the estate of Mr Gray, he dealt with certain of deceased's properties. When Mr Gray died Ah Lop was in possession and although he had been given notice to quit had not done so. Defendant had paid rent. At the last conversation with defendant gave him three months to quit. Ah Lop applied to witness for a lease which was refused.
For the defence it was contended that Ah Lop has been promised a lease of the premises, Mr W. Lowes giving evidence in support of the contention.
After considerable argument His Worship decided that Ah Lop must quit within three weeks.

NZ Times, 7 Nov 1896
The Chief Justice had before him yesterday morning two matters arising out of the estate of Farquhar Gray, deceased, of Taratahi, Wairarapa. The first was a motion to vary or rescind an order made by His Honor last year, where by he ordered that the trustees and executors should be paid 5 per cent commission of the first £1000, 2½ per cent on the balance of the total value of the estate and 5 per cent per annum on the annual value of the estate during the existence of the trust. Mr Tripp, on behalf of the widow and beneficiaries, contended that the executors should only be allowed a commission on the personalty for the work done as executors and that they could not apply for commission as trustees on the corpus of the estate until the trusts were completed. Mr Bunny for the executors and trustees, contended to the contrary. The second application was a summons to determine whether the trustees, being paid an annual sum by way of commission, could employ an agent at the expense of the estate to collect the rents. Mr Tripp contended that the collection of rents was part of the duty of the trustees .. more here

WRITTEN 1897 ..
* Gray Bros (Roderick Gray & Farquhar Gray), Sheep Breeders and Farmers, “Fairburn,” Masterton. This well-known farm of nearly 1200 acres, which was brought into cultivation by the late Mr. Farquhar Gray, who settled in the district in the early sixties and to which his sons have succeeded, is famous for its stud sheep. Messrs Gray Bros. are the most noted prize-winners for the Romney Marsh variety, having gained the champion prize for a ram at the last Wellington show. During the past few years no less than twenty gold medals have been won by their exhibits of sheep, cattle, and horses at the various shows in the provincial district, besides several silver trophies and medals. The senior partner, Mr Roderick Gray, was born in 1870 in Masterton, where he was educated. He learned farming under his father's guidance and on that gentleman's death in 1894, with his brother, he took over the management of the property. He has earned a reputation as an athlete, being considered the best mile runner in the Wairarapa. In 1893 he was one of the New Zealand representative football team that visited Australia. He is now vice president of the Parkvale Football Club, a member of the Masterton Football Club, of the Wairarapa representative team and of the Wairarapa Caledonian Society. The firm are, of course, supporters of the various pastoral and agricultural societies.

* Charles Avery, Farmer, Pahiatua. A typical New Zealand farmer, Mr Avery was born at the Lower Hutt on the 19th of November, 1851 and was educated at the old Provincial Government School Taita, where his aged father still resides. In those days the children of the bush were early inured to toil. At the age of twenty-one Mr Avery was managing one of his father's farms at Taratahi, near Carterton, a farm which was afterwards sold to the late Mr Farquhar Gray, the father of Messrs Gray Bros.

Evening post, 31 Jan 1901
EDUCATION BOARD .. The following resignations were received and accepted: .. Miss Jamesina Gray, sole teacher, Waingawa

Evening Post, 3 April 1901
MASTERTON This Day. Mr F. B. Lowes, second son of Mr William Lowes, J.P., was married at Taratahi to-day to Miss Jamesina Gray, second daughter of the late Mr Farquhar Gray. The Rev Mr Christie, of Carterton, performed the ceremony.

On 30 April 1902, at Turakina, Alexander Gray married Olive Elizabeth Eley and had 4 children. Alexander died in 1951. Olive next married John Henry Hogg (1880-1957) in 1945. They are buried in Wanganui

Birth of 1st grandchild
1903 - 1966
Leslie Eley Gray

Birth of 2nd grandchild
1904 - 1985
Keith Thomas Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 5 Aug 1905
GRAY - At Masterton, on August 5th, at her residence, "Fairburn" Jemima, widow of the late Farquhar Gray; aged 68

* A very old resident of the Wairarapa, Mrs F. Gray, died at her residence at Taratahi on Saturday. Deceased was sixty-eight years old and leaves a family of nine children (sic) to mourn their loss

* Another old settler has passed away - Mrs Farquhar Gray, the widow of one of Masterton's oldest citizens. Mrs Farquhar Gray has died full of years and full of honour. She has been the mother of a large family and has lived to see all of her children grown-up and do well in the world. One of her sons is the new President of the Masterton Agricultural and Pastoral Society.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 7 Aug 1905
The funeral of the late Mrs Farquhar Gray, of Taratahi, takes place to-morrow leaving her late residence for the Masterton Cemetery at 1 o'clock

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 Aug 1905
The remains of the late Mrs Farquhar Gray were interred in the Masterton Cemetery yesterday afternoon. The funeral procession was a lengthy one and included a large number of old settlers, many of whom had come long distances to pay a last tribute of respect to the family of the deceased lady. The floral tributes were also numerous. The pall-bearers were Messrs J. Strang, J. P. Perry, C. L. Reynolds and J. C. McKillop and the service at the graveside was conducted by Rev R. Young, of Carterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 14 Aug 1905
At the meeting of the Masterton A. and P. Association, on Saturday, reference was made to the death of Mrs Farquhar Gray, mother of the President of the Association. A motion was carried instructing the Secretary to send a letter of condolence to the President and other members of the family

Wairarapa Age, 12 Oct 1906
AUCTION SALE OF LAND, TO CLOSE THE ESTATE. Mr W. B. Chennells has received instruction from the Trustees of the Estate of the late Mr Farquhar Gray to sell by auction, at his rooms, Perry Street, Masterton, on Saturday 13th Oct 1906, at 2p.m.
(1) Part Lot 112, Kohutu Block, Holdsworth Street, Masterton (off Nursery Road), containing 5 acres 2 roods, recently occupied by Mr Robert Johnston
(2) Section 70, Block 5, Kopuaranga, containing 54 acres, recently in the occupation of Mr Palmer.

Birth of 3rd grandchild
1906 - 2008

Birth of 4th grandchild
1909 - 1996
David Glover Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 15 March 1909
The annual meeting of the Wairarapa Hunt Club was held in the Club Hotel on Saturday afternoon, those present being Dr Archer Hosking (chairman), Messrs C. J. Bennett, W. H. Buick, R. Buick, H. Welch, H. Douglas, Frank Evans, B. Vallance, J. Shaw and R. Morrison
.. the following new members were elected:- Messrs F. W. Todd, Geo Hume, Wm Hume, Ronald McInnis, Daniel Cameron, Colin Morison, Herbert Welch, Farquhar Gray (jnr) and J. L. Blundell

Wairarapa Age, 22 April 1912
Mr Farquhar Gray (jnr) who has been on a visit to Australia, returned to Masterton on Saturday.

Wairarapa Age, 5 Dec 1912
The fire bell in Masterton sounded a vigorous alarm at 12.20 o'clock this morning and a crowd soon assembled in Dixon Street, where huge flames were issuing from what is known as "the cottage" at the rear of the Club Hotel. The Fire Brigade turned out promptly and within five minutes of the giving of the alarm, had water playing on the burning building. The house, which was a very old one, having been erected in the early days, by the late Mr Farquhar Gray, was completely gutted. It was occupied as a sleeping place by members of the staff of the Club Hotel, all of whom were away, cleaning up after the banquet, when the fire broke out. The origin of the fire is a mystery. The building contained furniture valued at about £50 (2018 equivalent of $8,350) and the hotel staff lost their belongings. If there was any insurance on the building (which was owned by Mr R. Gray (Roy), it was not ascertainable.

Farquhar Gray died 16 Jan 1894 at Taratahi aged 55
Jemima Gray died 5 Aug 1905 at Taratahi aged 68
They are buried together in Archer Street, Masterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 Nov 1916
RED CROSS APPEAL. The following further contributions are acknowledged:- TARATAHI, per Miss C. (Caroline) Gray - Mr W. Perry, G. E. Allen, R. (Rod) Gray, W. Rayner, J. (John) Gray, G. Reynolds, Miss Daysh, C. Gray, Mrs Kilminster, Mrs P. Southey, Mrs Downs, Mrs Henry Kilminster, Mrs Green, Mrs Len Compton, Mrs McAlice

Wairarapa Daily Times, 10 Feb 1917
Mr Rod Gray, of Taratahi, has been passed by the Medical Board for military service

Wairarapa Age, 11 Aug 1917
EMPLOYING A DESERTER. Roderick Gray, a well-known farmer, of Taratahi, was charged at the Carterton Police Court on Tuesday, before Mr L. G. Reid, S.M., with a breach of the Military Service Act by having employed a man who had deserted from camp. The police evidence showed that the man had been arrested while working for Gray on a scrub-cutting job at Gladstone

death of 6th child
ON 27 June 1932 daughter Georgina Gray died aged 54.
She is buried at Archer Street

death of 1st child
ON 11 Aug 1948 daughter Jamesina Lowes died aged 80 in Eketahuna.
She is buried at Mangaoranga

death of 2nd child
ON 27 May 1951 son Roderick Gray died aged 80.
He is buried at Archer Street

death of 7th child (2 weeks later)
ON 9 June 1951 son Alexander Gray died aged 71.
He is buried at Archer Street

death of 3rd child
ON 21 Aug 1952 son Farquhar Gray died aged 79.
He is buried at Archer Street

death of 5th child
ON 27 Nov 1959 21 daughter Annabella Gray died aged 83.
She is buried at Archer Street

death of 4th child
ON 31 July 1972 daughter Caroline Gray died aged 97.
She is buried at Archer Street

death of 8th child
ON 17 April 1974 son John Gray died aged 91.
He is buried at Archer Street

The Gray home 'Fern Lodge' in 1867 which stood on the corner of Bannister & Dixon streets and at the rear of the Club Hotel which stood on the corner of Bannister & Queen streets. At the time it was destroyed by fire in Dec 1912, (see timeline above), it was being used as sleeping quarters for the staff of the hotel

Cemeteries in WELLINGTON DISTRICTS New Zealand

Wellington DISTRICTS Cemeteries
that have headstone photos uploaded on BillionGraves ..

* Akatarawa, Upper Hutt
* Arapawaiti Reserve, Paraparaumu
* Archer St., Masterton
* Awa Tapu, Paraparaumu
* Battle Hill Burial Ground, Porirua
* Bolton Street, Wellington
* Boulcott Farm Memorial, Lower Hutt
* Castlepoint, Wairarapa
* Christ Church, Taita
also residents of Christ Church Taita
* Clareville, Carterton
also some residents at Clareville
* Featherston, South Wairarapa
* Greytown, South Wairarapa
* Johnsonville, Methodist
* Karori, Wellington
* Knox Presbyterian, Lower Hutt
* Korokoro Memorial, Lower Hutt
* Makara, Wellington
* Martinborough Public, Wairarapa
* Mauriceville North Methodist
* Mount Street, Wellington
also residents of Mount Street
* Ohariu Valley Holy Trinity
* Otaki Public
* Owhiti Urupa, Seaview, Lower Hutt
* Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast
* Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast
* Pauatahanui, Porirua
* Porirua
* Pukekaraka, Otaki
* Rangiatea Church, Otaki
* Riverside, Masterton
* Ruakohatu Urupa, Waikanae
* Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington
* St Albans Anglican, Porirua
* St James Anglican, Lower Hutt
* Scandanavian Camp, Kopuaranga
* Sincalir Family, Lower Hutt
* St Francis of Assissi, Bideford
* St John's Anglican, Upper Hutt
* St John's Anglican, Johnsonville
* St Joseph's Catholic, Porirua
* St Joseph's Catholic, Upper Hutt
* St Joseph's Catholic, Ohariu Valley
* St Mary's Anglican, Karori
* St Matthias Anglican, Makara
* Taita Lawn, Lower Hutt
* Takapu Maori, Porirua
* Tawa Flat, Linden
* Te Puni Urupa, Lower Hutt
* Tinui, Wairarapa
* Waihenga, Martinborough
* Waikanae, Kapiti Coast
* Wainuiomata Coast Road
* Wainuiomata Garden of Remembrance
* Wallaceville, Upper Hutt
* Wesleyan, Lower Hutt
* Whenua Tapu, Pukerua Bay

passengers on the LANCASHIRE WITCH, Auckland 1865

- London 13 Feb 1865 - Auckland 1 June -
* Passengers taken from a number of sources:-
The Southern Cross at Papers Past, 3 June 1865 has many names but there are many not on the list which I have gleaned from other sources and add here. Some spelling of names have been corrected when found but there may be others

NZETC & Papers Past
The ship Lancashire Witch, 1,574 tons, Captain George King, anchored off the heads yesterday afternoon from London, with the largest number of passengers that ever came to Auckland in one vessel, viz, 490. She left Start Point on February 13, and crossed the Equator on March 6, 22 days out, in longitude 28.30 west. The meridian of Greenwich was reached on April 24, 64 days out, thus taking 42 days to run from the Equator to that point. The reason of this long passage was that no southern trades were met with, and after reaching latitude 20 degrees she had a series of south-east gales. The easting was run down between 45 and 46 degrees. Tasmania was sighted on May 21, and the North Cape on Thursday morning, June 1, being 100 days from her departure from England.
Notwithstanding the long voyage and the great number of passengers, the ship appears to be in a very clean and comfortable condition. A volunteer brigade was organized during the voyage and the members regularly drilled by Sergeant-Major Roberts.
Dr. Wills, the father of the famous Australian explorer, has come out as surgeon of the ship and the passengers have presented him with a testimonial in acknowledgement of his services.

Twelve children have died during the voyage and there have been five births. All the passengers are sent out by Captain Daldy.

The Lancashire Witch was in this port about nine years ago, but since then has been entirely refitted at a cost of £22,000. She belongs to Messrs Seymour, Peacock and Co.; and has been chartered by Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co. She is consigned to Mr W. Graham

please note, same names that are grouped together does not necessarily mean they were related. Be aware, many different spellings on different lists

William, Elizabeth, William, Richard

ADIE (also written Adey)
* Hannah married Alfred Ambrose Alexander in 1867

Charles, Charles, Arthur, Fred, Sarah, Sarah, George, Minnie

Henry (1828-1892) his wife Alice nee Walmsley (1830-1905), James (1852-1912), Henry (1861-1928),

ATKINSON (also written Adkinson)
Henry, Elizabeth


James (1848-1917), Ann, Elizabeth, Jane

Anna & Jessie

James, Ann, Elizabeth & Jane
Thomas, Anna, Ann, Arthur

William, Rachael, Edith


BARTLAIN (also written Bartlem)
John & Ruth

John Hill (1828-1900), his wife Harriett nee Troughton (1841-1893) and son Harry/Henry (1864-). They had another 10 children in NZ

BATTENSLEY (also written Battonsley)
Lydia, Louisa


David, Ann
(also written Daniel & Ann)


Nathaniel John (1837-1893), Louisa Charlotte nee Robins (1838-1905) & Charles


Ellen, Thomas, Eliza, Charles, Elizabeth, William

BUCKING (also written Buchan)

BURROWS (also written Burroughs)
William, Mary, William & James

BUXTON (also written Buckston)
John, Harriet, Henry
George, Ann, Ruth & Luke Buxton


CARES (probably Carey)
Robert, Mary Ann, Josiah

Ann, Eliza, Joseph, Patrick, Mary

Catherine & Sarah


CHAPEL (probably Chappell)

Benjamin (1822-1899), Rebecca (1822-1913), Jemima, Elizabeth, Alice, Joseph

Henry Smart (1843-1924) & his wife Maria nee Hainsworth (1844-1915)

CLARK (also written Clarke)
James, Patrick, Ann, James, Winifred

CLEGG (also written Glegg & Glogg)
James & Grace



John, Mary, Mary Ann & George

Robert & Jane
(also written Robert & Sarah)

CUMMING (also written Coming)
John & Mary

Catherine & Sarah

DAUBERY (also written Danbury)

DAVEY (also written Davy)
William, Elizabeth

Elizabeth, William, Angeline


George & Emma

Joshan, George, Jacob

John, Mary, Eliza, Hannah, Kate

DIXON (written Dickson)

William, Jane & Mary Maria

Levi, Eliza, Emma, Alfred, and Maria
Joshua, George & Jacob


Mary Ann, W, J

James, Margaret, John, Harriet

FAWKEN (also written Fawkes)

FOYDON (also written Toyden)
Henry, Elizabeth, Harry, Robert, Sarah, Sarah

Mary Ann, Richard Thomas,Harriet, and Eliza

Francis, Alice & Thomas

William, Letty, Amy & Alfred

GIBLING (also written Gibbling)

John & Charlotte

Francis E


Thomas, Harriett & Eliza

HALLADAY (also written Halliday)
Samuel, Jane, John, Thomas & James

HAMLEY (also written Humley)
William W

Catherine, Mary, John

Daniel, Martha & Rebecca

Joseph (1820-1919) & his wife Margaret nee Metcalf (1825-1866), from County Armagh and 10 of his 11 children: William John (1846-), Edward (1847-), Joseph (1849-), Margaret Metcalf 'Maggie' (1851-), Wesley (1853-), Metcalf (1855-), Robert (1858-), Samuel Edward (1862-), Judith Ann (1862-) & Martha (1864-).
They had another child born in NZ the year after they arrived. Margaret died soon after the birth. Joseph remarried to a widow with 8 children and together had another 5 children. Good family tree here

Eliza, Edward, Ellen, James

Alice & Alice

Joseph, Mary Ann

HILL (or Hills)
Edwin, Sophia, Laura & Ann/Amy
Sophia & Jerry

Robert, Mary, Peter (also John?)

James & Sarah

JOHNSTONE (also written Johnston)
Nicholas, Margaret, John, Margaret, William Saril/Serah

Robert, Maryann & Josiah

Henry, Ellen & Grace

KENNOT (also written Kamot)
Peter, Elizabeth

Anne, Rosa
William, Sarah, William

LEA (also see Lee)

LEE (also see Lea)
George & Sarah

Charles, Joshua, Francis

Alexander, Alice, Mary

LEVER (also written Leaver)
Robert (1831-) & his wife Elizabeth Ann nee Platts (1834-) from Cheshire & daughter Ann (1860-)

LEVY (also written as Dale)
John, Elizabeth, Gertrude, Walter Dale

William & Elizabeth

Joseph & Frances

MAN (also written Men)
Thomas & Ann


Alfred, Mary Ann, Thomas W

James, Harriet & James Edward


McGREGOR (also written Macgregor)
Charles, Sarah & Edith

MELL (also written Mill)
Maria, Ann & John
(also Maria Ann & John)


Michael, Ann, Patrick, John

William H.


James, Richard, Sarah, Albert, Richard, John, William, George


Horatio & Martha

Daniel, Emma,
John, Marian, William, Elizabeth, Richard
Susannah, Francis, Martin/Marion


NOBES (also written Noble)
Aaron, Ann, George, Sarah, Thomas

NORRIS (also written Novice)
Emma, George, Thomas, Arabela, John, Jane, Joseph

John, Ann, Joseph, William & Mary

John, Eliza


PENTILUNA (also written Pentluan & Peunenulia)
Alexander, Mary, William

William H.

Jonathan & Elizabeth

Robert, Elizabeth, James

Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Sarah, George

George, Sarah & Thomas

PRIKE (also written Pricke)

Peter & Sarah

John & Eliza

REID (also written Read)
Joseph, Emma, Eliza

William, Eliza, William, Mary

Hannah, Joseph, Mary, Mary, William

ROTHERELL (also written Rothwell)

Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Sarah & George

Elizabeth, John, Henry, Matthew, Moses, Daniel
Thomas, Mary, Mary & Emmanuel

William & Selina

SAIRES (also written Sales/Sais)

William, Ann, Thomas & Mary

SARES (maybe Saires)

Henry, Ann & Eliza




John, James, John, Edward, Martin, Elizabeth

Edward & Victoria

Thomas C. 'Tom'

James, Martha, Louisa

George, Elizabeth, Joseph

STANTON (also written Staunton)
James, Martha & Louisa (Louisa was 1 of the 12 children who died on board)

STEPHENS (also under Stevens)
Edward, Sarah, Frances, Louisa

Rosa & Louisa


TAYLOR (could be 2 or more families)
Anna, Sarah
Edward, Sarah & Jacob
James, William & Thomas
Mary Ann
Richard, Jane, Thomas & William
Samuel, Elizabeth
Thomas, Charlotte & Henry

TEMPERLEY (also written TImperley)
Samuel, Lucy, Harriet, Peter, Ida, Jane

William & Elizabeth

Arthur, Charles, Elizabeth
William, Mary, Henry, Rachael

James, Marian, Catherine, Godfrey

TREENON (also written Treeson)
Thomas, Emma, Hannah, Anna

TRENWITH (possibly Trenworth)

John, Jane, John, Edward, Martin & Elizabeth

TREWORTH (also written Trueworth)
Eliza, Eliza A, Eliza

H & J

Jane, Marion, Catherine & Godfrey

TWEEDLE (also written Tweeddale)
Thomas, William & Ann

USHAN (also written Uswam)
Thomas, Margaret, Sarah

George, Louisa, Harriet & George


Thomas, Alice, Edmond/Edward, William, Richard & Alice

George, Mary, Alice & Eva

John, Ann, Stephen & Martha

Alfred, Robert, William, George, Eliza
George, Eliza, Florence & Mary

WHYLIE (also written Wylie)


George, Letitia & William Charles

John, Fanny and John

WOULDS (also written Wouldes)
Matthew (1835-1925), Ann (1834-1910) & Thomas

taken from The Lancashire Witch

Charles Dixon + Alice Choat + Adelaide Bowyer + Joseph Colquhoun + Ada Bishop

also read the comments on the request .. "trying to find out about the spouses of Charles Alfred Dixon" .. by gayecolquhoun who wrote:- born 1876 in Waimate North to Hazar Dixon died 1918 in Auckland of influenza had 1 son Cyril born 1916. Charles had 5 children to my Grandmother (Adalaide Bowyer) before Cyril was born and we have been told that he may have been married before and had other children

The life and times of ...
He was born 26 Nov 1876, the 1st of 16 children of Hazar Dixon (1846-1916) & Maud Eveline Clark (1858-1932)
He was a Road Overseer with the Manukau County Council
Charles married ALICE BEATRICE CHOAT (1881-1958) on 5 Sep 1900 at her father's residence, Puketona, Kawakawa
* Alice was born 27 April 1881, 1 of 10 known children of James Fawcett/Faucett Choat (1854-1934) & Susannah Beatrice Green (1863-1937)
the children of Charles Dixon & Alice Choat
* 1902 - 1902 unnamed baby Dixon
* 1904 - 1949 Eric Clark Dixon
* 1906 - 1986 Dudley James Dixon
* 1908 - 1983 Edgar Lloyd Dixon
* 1910 - 1990 Myrtle Beatrice Dixon
* 1912 - 1989 Joyce Dixon
* 1914 - 1984 Donald Hazar Dixon
* 1916 - 1993 Cyril Sydney Dixon
* 1918 - 2009 Mabel Laura Dixon

At the same time, Charles Alfred Dixon fathered 5 children with:
Adelaide was born in Kaeo, 3 July 1892, the 9th of 11 children of Thomas Hansen Bowyer (1853-1915) & Emma Louisa Irving (1859-1937), both also of Paihia, Bay of Islands
Adelaide's father Thomas was born in Kaeo, 1 of 13 children of Samuel Sydney Bowyer (1819-1891) from NSW & Harriet Eliza Hansen (1824-1911). His mother Harriet was born in Russell, Northland to Thomas Hansen, making her family probably the earliest settlers of NZ
Adelaide's mother Emma was a daughter of Walter Augustus Irving (1835-1892) from NSW and of Ngahuia Emarama Kemara (1824-1911) from Bay of Islands. Her mother Emma died in Aug 1937.. The death has occurred at Whangaroa of Mrs Emma Bowyer, aged 80, widow of Mr Thomas Bowyer. She was a direct descendant of the Ngapuhis. She was born at Waitangia and lived the early part of her life there with her grandparents. After her marriage to Mr Bowyer, she went to live at Kaeo, where she resided until her death. Mrs Bowyer is survived by six daughters and three sons, 29 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.

The other children Charles fathered
(see complete list on birth timeline at end)
* NZ BDM has 5 children born to Adelaide Leslie Bowyer, 4 with unknown fathers
the children of Adelaide Bowyer & Charles
* 1913 - 1965 Violet Alma Dixon Bowyer
- Violet's father was registered as Charles Alfred, surname registered as Bowyer, but note her middle name
* 1914 - 1999 Leo Lenard Bowyer
* 1915 - 1985 Ida Elaine Bowyer
* 1916 - 1985 Lyall Charles Bowyer
* 1919 - 2011 Pauline Leslie Bowyer
see Birthday Timeline at end

Auckland Star, 16 Nov 1918
Information has been received of the death of Mr Charles Dickson(sic) at Otahuhu, the death from influenza pneumonia, which occurred this morning in the prevailing epidemic. The deceased was a married man with a family. He was taken ill at his residence, East Tamaki and removed to the hospital at Otahuhu. For a number of years Mr Dickson has been foreman of works for the Manukau County Council and was recognised as a thoroughly competent man for that position. He was most popular throughout Manukau County and in him the Council lose a most valuable member of its staff. Another of the Manukau County Council's employees passed away last Thursday at Mangere in the person of Mr James Marshall, the Mangere Riding road foreman
Auckland Weekly News, 19 Nov 1918
, Charles Alfred, died on 16 November 1918 at Otahuhu Hospital, of influenza. Charles Alfred Dixon of East Tamaki, eldest son of the late Mr Hazar Dixon of Kamo, late of Waimate North, Bay of Islands; aged 42, son and brother of Laura and Milly.
* Charles died in the Otahuhu Temporary Hospital, set up to handle the many people struck down during the Flu Pandemic. He was 10 days from 42. He is buried Grave 233, Section 2, at Otahuhu cemetery

* Three years after the death of Charles, on 6 Dec 1921
Adelaide Leslie Bowyer
married Joseph Colquhoun
this was JOSEPH's 2nd marriage
* bigamously as it turns out, as Joseph was not granted a decree nisi from his first wife Ada until 1932, see his notes below
the children of Adelaide & Joseph
* 1922 - 1978 Joseph Patrick Colquhoun
* 1924 - 2002 Vivienne Rose Colquhoun
* 1927 - 1957 James Lawrence Colquhoun
* 1928 - 2002 Donald Lloyd Colquhoun
* 1929 - 1929 unnamed born still Colquhoun (buried Hillsborough)
* 1932 - 2004 Walter Maurice Colquhoun

* Adelaide & Charles's son, Leo Lenard 'Bowyer' enlisted in 1941 as Leo Lenard 'Colquhoun' and served WWII 61943. He listed his address as 75 Ivanhoe Rd., Western Springs, Auckland and his mother Adelaide Colquhoun as his next of kin at same address
* Adelaide & Charles's son, Lyall Charles 'Bowyer' enlisted in 1942 as 'Bowyer' and served as Private WWII 520917 with the Infantry Brigade, 2nd NZEF. He listed his address as 13 Monmouth St., Grey Lynn, Auckland and his wife Muriel Nellie Bowyer as next of kin at 9 Rukatai St., Orakei, Auckland on embarkation
* Adelaide & Joseph's son, Joseph Patrick Colquhoun served in WWII as Sergeant 617708, 3rd NZ Divisional Artillery, 2nd NZEF. He listed his address as 75 Ivanhoe Rd., Western Springs, Auckland and his mother Adelaide Colquhoun as his next of kin at 1 Clayburn Rd., Glen Eden, Auckland

JOSEPH COLHOUN's 1st marriage
to ADA ROSINA BISHOP (1884-1964) on 7 June 1900
possibly born in Somerset, England
There was another Ada Rosina Bishop (1884-1945) also born in 1884, who was living in New Zealand at the same time. Maybe it was that Ada who was born in Somerset? (needs research). That Ada married Frederick Ferdinand Stolz (1884-1976) in 1908 and had: 1909-1969 Edna Sophie Stolz, 1915-2004 Ethel Ada Stolz & 1917-2017 Kathleen Dulcie Stolz. Ada & Frederick died in Wellington and were cremated at Karori
'Our' Ada kept her married name and died as Colquhoun in 1964
the children of Joseph & Ada
* 1900 - 1972 Leonard Robert Colhoun
* 1902 - 1965 Reginald Percy Colhoun
* 1903 - 1903 John Colhoun (aged 4 days, buried as Colquhoun)
* 1904 - Myrtle Ivy Colhoun
* 1906 - 1998 Ethel Gladys Colhoun
* 1909 - 1996 Hazel Adelaide Colquhoun
* Joseph & Ada SEPARATED
Auckland Star, 6 Jan 1913 I will not be responsible for any debts contracted in my name after this date - Joseph Colquhoun.

After the separation ADA had a de facto relationship with Daniel Joseph Donovan (1883-1917) and had 2 children:
* 1914 - Nellie Rose Colquhoun (father not named)
* 1915 - 1995 Daniel John Colquhoun (father not named)
On 15 Nov 1916 Daniel Joseph Donovan (Ada's partner) embarked for war. He served as Corporal 33023, 10th Reinforcements, 3rd Battalion, G Company, New Zealand Rifle Brigade. He listed Ada Rose Colquhoun as his next of kin, at 57 Vermont St., Ponsonby. His added biographical information has that he was the father of Daniel John Donovan of Mount Eden (presuming it refers to his son Daniel John Colquhoun born 1915).
Daniel Joseph Donovan was killed in action, 4 Oct 1917 at Ypres, Belgium and his memorial is at Tyne Cot Memorial
In 1941 Daniel John Colquhoun (Ada's son) served in WWII 46650, he listed his mother Ada as next of kin living at 7 Richborne St., Mt Albert

Joseph Colquhoun (Ada's estranged husband) served in WWI as Rifleman 15340 with the 9th Reinforcements, 1st Battalion, E Company, NZ Rifle Brigade. When he embarked from Wellington on 26 July 1916 he had listed his occupation as Tram Conductor and his next of kin as his wife Ada Rosina Colquhoun, 80 Lincoln St., Ponsonby, Auckland.

Joseph & Ada get DIVORCED..
Auckland Star, 19 May 1932
On the ground of mutual separation extending over the statutory period of three years or more, decree nisi was granted to Ada Rosina Colhoun against Joseph Colhoun

* FIRST .. it is thought that Joseph, or some other member of the family, has changed the spelling of their name from Colhoun to Colquhoun. Although the spelling has changed over time I now believe it was not a deliberate act on anyone's part. On the ship's list of 1879 they are Colquhoun. Some ancestors are Colhoun, as are some descendants. I believe it was the record-keepers along the way. Best example is one of Joseph's children who was born & registered as Colhoun yet when he died 4 days later he was buried as Colquhoun. To save further confusion I will add the spelling that is found on official records. If you are a family member you can decide.
born 28 June 1875 in Ballybo, Donegal, a son of Andrew Colquhoun (1833-1903) & Nancy 'Annie' Smith (1834-1898). Andrew & Annie married about 1851 in Letterkenny, Donegal. On the 29 May 1879 they, and their family listed below (except Maria Louisa), boarded the ship "City of Agra" in London (Captain Young) and sailed for Auckland. They arrived on 8 Sep 1879, the passage taking 105 days.
the known children of Andrew & Annie
(those in grey did not arrive to NZ)
(treat birth dates & locations with caution until verified)
1 1854 - Catherine Colquhoun
2 1858 - 1885 Andrew Smith Colquhoun
Born 31 Jan 1858 in Manorcunningham
Andrew married Matilda Johnson (1862-1906) in 1881
* Matilda was born in Magherafelt, County Londonderry to Walter Johnson (1830-1900) & Florence Leary (1832-1902), who both died in Belfast. However, a sister, Margaret Johnson (1855-1925) also came to NZ
Andrew & Matilda had 3 children
(born Thames, Coromandel)
1882 - 1944 Ernest Walter Colhoun (died NSW)
1883 - 1953 Florence May Colhoun (died Whangarei)
1885 - 1909 Vincent Herbert Colhoun (died typhoid Whangarei)
* Andrew was the head teacher at Tararu school. He was one of 4 men who drowned in the Thames River Channel in May 1885 whilst on their way to do some duck-shooting.
* Matilda remarried in 1899 to John Flanagan (1860-June 1906, buried Mangatainoka). They had a daughter, 1901-1987 Amelia Winifred Annie Flanagan. Matilda died 10 April 1906 aged 44 after a short illness and is buried Tararu cemetery, Thames with 1st husband Andrew
3 1862 - 1934 Maria Louisa 'Mollie' Colquhoun
note Maria is not on the passenger list of the Agra. She was married, in the district of Letterkenny, 2nd Ray Presbyterian Church (outside Manorcunningham) on 24 Feb 1879 to George Taylor. Her mother was a witness. George was full age, Maria was a minor. George signed with an x. Her family left for NZ 3 months later. Maria (re)married in NZ 4 years later as Colquhoun. What happened in those 4 years? What happened to George?
Maria married Timothy Manners (1857-1930) in 1883
Timothy was born Lincolnshire to John Hall Manners (1806-1883) & Elizabeth Leach (1816-1898) who married in Doncaster, Yorkshire and are buried in Otahuhu. They first settled in Thames
Maria & Tim had 11 children
(most born Westport district)
1884 - 1971 Maria Louisa Manners
1885 - 1969 John Hedley Manners
1887 - 1929 Albert Ernest Manners
1889 - 1925 George Lawrence Manners
1893 - Arthur Edgar Manners
1895 - 1900 Amy Virginia Manners (aged 4)
1897 - 1918 Winifred Rosina Manners
1899 - 1871 Lancelot Havelock Manners
1902 - 1903 Norman Victor Colquhoun Manners (6 months)
1903 - 1992 Robert Lynn Manners
1908 - Margaret Manners
* Timothy worked for the Railways. He died in a private hospital in Newtown, Wellington on 16 Jan 1930 aged 73 and is buried Karori
* Maria died 11 March 1934 at 8 Chapman St., Grey Lynn, Auckland and is buried Waikumete
4 1864 - Thomas Colquhoun
5 1866 - 1939 Margaret Annie Colquhoun
Born 4 June 1866 Manorcunningham
Margaret married Nathan Kay (1863-1942) in 1885
* Nathan was born in Kensington, London to Nathaniel 'Nathan' (1820-1899) & Rachael (1821-1885) Kay. The family arrived into Auckland on the 'Ernestina' 19 Feb 1865 (with 380 other passengers), having left London 26 Oct 1864. Also his sisters, Maria (1851-1930), Jane Ellen (1855-1930), Sarah (1854-1948) & Annie. They first settled in Thames but later moved to Conquest Place, Parnell, Auckland where Nathan snr worked in the Parnell Soap Factory
NOTE A rather humorous (now) incident involving Nathan Kay senior who, as a member of the jury during the murder trial of Mr Volkner in 1866, decided to go home for the night, in the middle of the case, at the evening adjournment. He received a month in the common gaol with hard labour.
Margaret & Nathan had 10 children
1886 - 1954 Olive Rachael Kay
1887 - 1972 Alice Norma Kay
1889 - 1955 Millicent Ida Kay
1891 - 1891 Percy Reginald Kay (7 months)
1893 - 1975 Marguerita Nathalie Kay
1895 - 1971 Nelson Stuart Kay
1898 - 1972 Norman Effingham Kay
1900 - 1998 Margaret Winifred 'Margie' Kay (twin)
1900 - 1988 Cecil Robert (twin)
1904 - 1988 Ivy Kathleen Kay
Nathan worked at the Ellerslie Borough Council. They lived in Thames and later at 65 Gladstone Rd., Parnell
* Margaret died 16 Dec 1939 in Auckland Hospital aged 73. She is buried in Hillsborough
* Nathan died 9 Oct 1942 aged 79 and is buried with her in Plot 489, Block B, Area 11
6 1868 - 1928 John Smith Colquhoun
Born 26 Oct 1868 in Manorcunningham?
John married Barbara Anna Gerrand (1872-1958) in 1890
* Barbara was 1 of 12 children of James Gerrand (1831-1924) of Scotland & Mary Ann Frederica Iffland (1851-1931) of NSW who settled in Rangiriri
The children of John & Barbara
1891 - 1985 Mary Agnes Colquhoun
1893 - 1929 Walter Thomas Colhoun
1896 - 1954 James Alfred Colhoun
1896 - Eileen Margaret Colhoun
1902 - 1987 Muriel Evelyn Margaret Colhoun
1906 - 1988 Kathleen Barbara Colhoun
* John died in Hamilton & buried Ngaruawahia
NZ Herald, 25 July 1928
COLHOUN - At Waikato Hospital, on July 23, John Smith, beloved husband of Barbara Colhoun, late headmaster of Ngaruawahia School; aged 59. The funeral will leave Masonic Hall, Ngaruawahia, at 2p.m. to-day (Wednesday).
* Barbara died 6 July 1958 aged 86 and is buried with him
7 1871 - 1956 Catherine 'Kate' Colquhoun
- Kate was attending Mangere school in 1886. She never married and died 13 May 1956. Buried Waikumete as Colhoun
8 1873 - 1933 Rosina Harvey Colquhoun
Rosina married Frederick 'Fred' Porter (1863-1935) in 1893
the children of Rosina & Fred
1894 - 1975 William Porter
1895 - 1987 Frederick Andrew 'Fred' Porter
1897 - 1990 Ada Annie Porter
1899 - 1988 Henry Porter
1901 - 1923 Ethel Porter
1902 - 1923 Virginia Elfreda Porter
1903 - 1996 Catherine Doris May Porter
* Wedding of Catherine on Boxing Day 1923
* Rosina died at home in Auckland aged 60
Auckland Star, 18 Oct 1933
PORTER - On October 14 1933, at her late residence, Beresford Street, Pukekohe, Rosina Harvey, dearly beloved sister of Mrs N. Kay, Parnell, Mrs M. L. Manners, Grey Lynn, Joseph and Robert Colhoun, Onehunga. A patient sufferer at rest. she was the daughter of Mr and Mrs A. Colhoun and came to New Zealand when seven years of age. She married Mr Porter at Mangere 41 years ago and six years later they moved to Puni, Pukekohe, where they farmed for 25 years. During the past 10 years they had lived in Pukekohe. Mrs Porter is survived by her husband, three sons, Messrs W. Porter and H. Porter of Pukekohe and Mr F. A. Porter of Puni and two daughters, Mrs W. H. Perry of Bombay and Mrs F. Hubbard of Pukekohe.
* Fred died 29 Nov 1935 and is buried with her
9 1874 - Mary Colquhoun
10 1875 - 1963 Joseph Colquhoun
- born 28 June 1875 in Ballybo, featured here
11 1877 - 1938 Robert 'Bob' Colquhoun
Born 23 May 1877 in Ballybo, Donegal
Robert married Jessie 'Jess' Lidgard (1885-1977) in 1904
* Jess was born in Thames, Coromandel, the 13th of 13 children of Joseph Lidgard (1837-1910) & Betsy Sands (1843-1934) who were from Lincolnshire, England & buried Shortland cemetery, Thames
the known children of Bob & Jess
1904 - 1986 Mervyn Vincent Colhoun
1906 - 1943 Robert Desmond 'Des' Colhoun
1908 - 1997 Myrtle 'Ina' Jessie Colhoun
1915 - 1983 Raymond Joffre 'Ray' Colhoun
19?? - 'Betty' Colhoun (married Jack Lewis)
* Robert died 28 Oct 1938 aged 61
NZ Herald, 29 Oct 1938
COLHOUN - On October 28, at his residence, 57 Selwyn Street, Onehunga, Robert, beloved husband of Jessie and father of Mervyn, Bes, Ina, Ray and Betty; aged 62 years. Late Auckland Tramways. Also 1st Tunnelling Corps, 4/1337, N.Z.E.F.
Robert is buried at Waikaraka. "Inscription reads 4/1337 Cpl R Colhoun Engineers NZEF died 25-10-1938 aged 61".
* Jess died 17 August 1977 in Thames. Burial not found
12 1878 - 1977 Thomas Samuel Colquhoun
Born 1 November 1878
Thomas married Annie Grace Payne (1889-1935) in 1919
* Annie died 13 Oct 1935 aged 62 and is buried Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville with 20 year old son John Samuel Colhourn (1921-1942)
* Thomas died 2 Feb 1977 aged 98 in Lower Hutt. He is buried at Taita Lawn Cemetery
13 1882 - 1882 Elizbaeth Colquhoun
Born in Auckland 2 Oct 1882, Elizabeth died 23 Nov aged 7 weeks
* Andrew & Annie settled in Mangere.
* Annie died 20 Feb 1898 at home in Mangere aged 64
* Andrew Colhoun died on 7 Dec 1903 aged 72 at the home of his daughter & son-in-law, Margaret & Nathan Kay. He is buried in Mangere

of the children of Charles Alfred Dixon

I list this to show the children to both Alice & Adelaide
1 1902 - 1902 unnamed baby Dixon
- born 8 Jan 1902, Alice aged 20 - Charles aged 25
2 1904 - 1949 Eric Clark Dixon
- born 8 Oct 1904, Alice aged 23 - Charles aged 27
3 1906 - 1986 Dudley James Dixon
- born 10 Jan 1906, Alice aged 25 - Charles aged 29
4 1907 - 1983 Edgar Lloyd Dixon
- born 20 March 1907, Alice aged 26 - Charles aged 30
5 1910 - 1990 Myrtle Beatrice Dixon
- born 21 Sep 1910, Alice aged 29 - Charles aged 33
6 1912 - 1989 Joyce Dixon
- born 11 Nov 1912, Alice aged 31 - Charles aged 35
7 1913 - 1965 Violet Alma Dixon Bowyer
- born 20 May 1913, Adelaide aged 20 - Charles aged 36
8 1914 - 1999 Leo Lenard Bowyer
- born 2 July 1914, Adelaide, day before her 22nd - Charles aged 37
9 1914 - 1984 Donald Hazar Dixon
- born 15 Nov 1914, Alice aged 33 - Charles aged 37
10 1915 - 1985 Ida Elaine Bowyer
- born 23 Oct 1915, Adelaide aged 23 - Charles aged 38
11 1916 - 1993 Cyril Sydney Dixon
- born 8 Sep 1916, Alice aged 35 - Charles aged 39
12 1916 - 1985 Lyall Charles Bowyer
- born 12 Dec 1916, Adelaide aged 24 - Charles aged 40
13 1918 - 2009 Mabel Laura Dixon
- born 12 Aug 1918, Alice aged 37 - Charles aged 41
14 1919 - 2011 Pauline Leslie Bowyer
- born 25 Jan 1919, Adelaide aged 26 - Charles deceased 2 months

* Charles Alfred Dixon died 16 Nov 1918 aged 42 and buried Otahuhu
* Adelaide Leslie Colquhoun died 9 June 1950 aged 58 and buried Waikumete
* Alice Beatrice Dixon died 24 Aug 1958 aged 77 and buried Kawakawa
* Joseph Colquhoun died 28 July 1963 aged 88 and buried Waikumete Service Area
* Ada Rosina Colquhoun died 8 April 1964 aged 80 and buried Mangere Lawn

at Waikumete

16 children of Hazar Dixon, Whangarei

a work in progress - can you help
Hazar Dixon (1846-1916)
* was born Dec 1846 in Huntingdonshire, England to Charles Dixon (1812-1895) & Sarah Sharman (1814-1897). He arrived into Auckland on 2 June 1865 on the 'Lancashire Witch' (his name is entered as Hazar Dickson)
* He married Maud Eveline Clark (1858-1932) on 7 Feb 1876, in Paihia, Kaeo, Bay Of Islands
* Maud was born in Clanfield, Hampshire, England
* Hazar was working for the Kamo Town Board as Pound Keeper, Sanitary Inspector and Sexton for two days a week with a salary of £45 a year extra at 6d per day

The known children of Hazar & Maud
... 1 1876 - 1918 Charles Alfred Dixon
* Charles married Alice Beatrice Choat (1881-1958) in 1900
they had 9 children
* At the same time Charles fathered 5 children with Adelaide Leslie Bowyer (1892-1950)
much more at his link above
... 2 1878 - Henry Dixon

... 3 1879 - 1963 Laura Pamela Dixon
Laura had a son
1900 - 1993 Rupert David Dixon McLeod
* Rupert was adopted by William & Sarah McLeod
Laura married Richard Wallbank (1878-1913) in 1903
known children of Laura & Richard
1903 - 1984 Mavis Maud Wallbank (Australia)
1907 - 1909 Nellie Wallbank (aged 2)
1911 - 1980 Laura Pamela Wallbank
* Richard died 5 Jan 1913 Whangarei hospital aged 34
Northern Advocate, 6 Jan 1913
An unexpected death occurred at the hospital yesterday morning. Mr Richard Wallbank, eldest son of Mr and Mrs T. Wallbank(another article says son of W. Wallbank), of Mairtown (Whangarei), was admitted to the institution to undergo an operation for appendicitis. The operation was performed successfully, but Mr Wallbank failed to rally and he passed away at about one p'clock. The deceased leaves a widow and two young children. The funeral took place this afternoon
* Laura next married Thomas MacKinnon in 1914
known children of Laura & Thomas
1914 - 1914 John Thomas MacKinnon (7 hours)
1916 - 2006 Dorothy Margaret MacKinnon
* Laura died 11 Feb 1963 aged 83
* Thomas died 16 March 1987 aged 93
They are buried together Plot 1182, Lawn 18 at Forest Lawn, Whangarei

... 4 1881 - Annie Dixon

... 5 1881 - George Dixon

... 6 1882 - 1969 Isabel Mary Dixon
* Isabel married Arthur William Curtis (1875-1955) in 1902
the children of Isabel & Arthur
1903 - Arthur William Curtis
1904 - James Henry Curtis
1905 - Clyde Curtis
1907 - Tui Kate Evelyn Curtis
1909 - Eva Muriel Curtis
1910 - Ward Pynder Curtis
1912 - Kenneth Clyde Curtis
1914 - Massey Liverpool Curtis
* Arthur died 29 Sep 1955 aged 80
* Isabel died 8 Aug 1969 aged 88
They are buried Plot 9 & 10, Row 25, Section 19 Tauranga

... 7 1884 - 1940 Millicent 'Milly' Dixon
* Milly married John Sanders McKeown (1874-1944) in 1909
the known children of Milly & John
1909 - John Willis McKeown
1911 - Henry McKeown
1914 - Joyce McKeown
1917 - Agnes Mary McKeown
* Milly died 27 Jan 1940 aged 55
* John died 18 Dec 1944 aged 70
They are buried Plot 216, Row 13, Block G at Hautapu, Cambridge

... 8 1886 - 1934 Nellie Dixon
* possibly married William Gladstone Wilson

... 9 1887 - 1984 Daisy Hannah Dixon
* Daisy married Ernest George Stainton (1893-1959) in 1919
Ernest was a son of Joseph Thomas Stainton (1853-1944) & Alice Augusta Potter (1861-1950), from England & buried Hillsborough. Ernest embarked in 1917 for WWI as Private 49746 with the 28th Reinforcements, Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company, NZEF. His next of kin was his father at Robertson Road, East Mangere, Auckland
* Ernest died 17 Sep 1959 aged 66 and is buried at Purewa.
* Daisy died 1984 aged

... 10 1889 - 1980 Emma Patience Dixon
* Emma married Leo Joseph Smith (1880-1951) in 1920
Wanganui Chronicle, 25 June 1951
Leo Joseph - died 23 June 1951 aged 71 years, at Wanganui; husband of Emma Patience
Wanganui Chronicle, 19 Dec 1980
Emma Patience - died 18 December 1980 aged 91 years at home, 6 Mason Terrace, Wanganui

... 11 1899 - 1984 Arley Phyllis Dixon
* Arley married John William Van Dyk in 1918. They divorced in 1920. Arley is recorded at death, 18 Jan 1984, as Aileen Phyllis Swepson and her ashes interred at Purewa, Block M, Row 32, Plot 43, with Horace Brin/Binnie Swepson (1898-1971)

... 12 1890 - 1963 Robert Charles Dixon
* possibly married Dorothy Kathleen Sargisson in 1932 and later divorced

... 13 1891 - Tom Dixon

... 14 1893 - Ida Maud Dixon

... 15 1896 - 1897 Dorothy Beatrice 'Jack' Dixon
NZ Herald, 6 Feb 1897
DIXON - On January 26, at Okakake, Waimate North, Dorothy Beatrice (Jack), youngest daughter of Hazar and Maude Dixon, aged one year and 12 days. Dearly loved and most deeply regretted. Safe in the arms of Jesus. My Jack, I loved you so - Maude Eveline Dixon, mother

... 16 1897 - 1975 Dulcie Mildred Elaine Dixon
* Dulcie married William Quick Pallet (1894-) in 1915. They were living at Kaikohe in 1919. She was a widow by the 1928 Electoral Roll living at 60 Newton Rd., Eden Terrace. She was a married woman in 1949 as Dulcie Mildred May, 9 Farnham St., Parnell with Donald Samuel a carpenter and her son Lyston William Pallet (1915-1983), a sheet metal worker. It was the same household in 1957.
* Dulcie died 8 Feb 1975 and is buried Mangere

Hazar was involved in many of his community activities and was often in the Magistrate's Court for one thing or another
21 Nov 1892 He was a Poultry Judge at the Bay of Islands Pastoraland Spring Show
19 Oct 1894 James Rae v Hazar Dixon claimed £10 4s 6s but Hazar did not appear and judgment was given for £1 13s
27 July 1899 W. C. Dennes Ltd received their claim against Hazar for £4 & costs 1 6s
3 Aug 1900 Judgement was given to E. C. Pilkington against Hazar for £4 18s & cost £1 6s
10 Oct 1907 Totman and Beckett v Hazar Dixon £2 16s 8d
On 22 June 1910 Hazar was one of many of the town folk who signed the petition in favour of the renewal of a slaughter-house license to the Whangarei Meat Cupply Co., Ltd on Otaika Road.
13 Dec 1910 A claim by the Great Northern Brewery Co for £100 10 wasa adjourned until Jan 1911. On the same day Samuel Rawnsley against his son-in-law Richard Wallbank for £3 5s

Hazar Dixon, of Kamo road, Whangarei, died 21 Sep 1916 aged 68 at the Whangarei District Hospital
Northern Advocate, 22 Sep 1916
The death occurred yesterday, at the Whangarei Hospital, of Mr Hazar Dixon, who had obtained the age of 68 years. Nr Dixon, who was highly esteemed, had resided for some 30 years at Kamo, where he acted for a long time as sexton and poundkeeper. Much sympathy will be expressed with those of the relatives who remain to mourn their loss, in the persons of Mrs Dixon and several children. The interment will take place at the Ketenikau cemetery next Sunday afternoon.
Hazar is buried Block VI, Row 3, Plot 12

Maud Eveline Dixon died 26 Feb 1932 aged 73 at Arthur street, Newmarket, Auckland
Maud is buried Area 10, Block A, Plot 262 at Hillsborough