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Victoria University 1934 - Diploma in Banking

Evening Post, 5 May 1934
in Victoria University College took place at the Town Hall last night. The following degrees were conferred by Professor T. A. Hunter, vice-chancellor of the University of New Zealand

BARFORD, Cecil Dudley
married Olga Una WARREN in 1925

BARNETT, Alfred Arnold (1905-1988)
born 1905 to John Denis BARNETT & Helen PAGE (married 1896)

BLACKMAN, Frank Joseph
born 1910 to Arnold BLACKMAN & Dorothy Emily COBB (married 1907)

BULLOCK-DOUGLAS, George Arthur Hardy (1911-1958)
born 1911 to George Gilbert BULLOCK & Mary Emily McLEOD (married 1910)
his father was teacher in Wanganui when called to Boer War

FLEMING, Robert Neal (1910-1975)
born 1910 to Robert FLEMING & Elsie Beatrice McLEAN (married 1910)

FOWLER, Henry Arthur Douglas (1901-1969)
born 1901 to Henry FOWLER & Maria Henrietta MORLEY (married 1890)
Henry married Marjorie Ellen TRENT in 1930

GOVER, John Frederick
born 1911 to Robert Howard GOVER & Jane Fredrika/Fredina GOODALE (married 1909). Robert Howard Gover was born 1884 in Upper Plain, Masterton to Frederick GOVER (headmaster of Fernridge School for 30 years) & Esther Alexandra Cunningham ASHWIN
A sister of Frederick, Daisy Gover, married in 1905:
Wairarapa Daily Times, 1 September 1905 GOVER - GOVER - On August 26th, at St Matthew's Church, Masterton, by the Rev Sanders Spencer, Daisy, daughter of Frederick Gover, Fernridge, masterton, to Alfred Adrian Gover, of the Indian Civil Service (Madras Police), eldest son of Alfred Greatbach Gover, barrister-at-law, Cochin, Madras, India

HILL, Raymond Colin Walter (1911-1992)
born 1911 to Walter Francis HILL & Fanny RAE (married 1910)

KEYS, Lillian Gladys (1897-1971)
born 1897 to George William & Lilly KEYS
Lillian didn't marry

KILPATRICK, Robert Alexander

MacIVER, Donald Edward (1912-1979)
born 1912 to Hugh Evander & Jane MacIVER (farmers of Matai St., Gonville, Wanganui)

ROSS, Douglas McLean (1896-1986)
born 1896 to George Douglas ROSS & Christina THOMSON (married 1895 in Dunedin)

STONEHOUSE, Bruce Embleton (1910-1988)
born 1910 to James STONEHOUSE & Ida BEALE (married 1905)
he first attended Taita School, Lower Hutt

TAYLOR, Allan Wilton (1912-1975)
born 1912 to Charles Edward TAYLOR & Isabel Annie WILSON (married 1911)

see also MASTER of ARTS with HONOURS

Victoria University 1934 - Master Of Arts

Evening Post, 5 May 1934
in Victoria University College took place at the Town Hall last night. The following degrees were conferred by Professor T. A. Hunter, vice-chancellor of the University of New Zealand

CAIRNS, Laura Alice
- 2nd class in History
born 1912 to David CAIRNS & Jessie HEGGIE

FELTHAM, Joan Embury
- 2nd class in English
born 1912 to Edgar Charles FELTHAM & Harriett EMBURY
Her elder sister died in 1914 and her brother required constant care due to brain damage following a birth mishap. Joan grew up in a strongly Methodist household. She attended Kilbirnie School and then Wellington East Girls College, where she edited the schools magazine and was dux and gold medallist for two successive years ... more
While completing her BA honours and MA degrees she fell in love with her English lecturer, Andrew Bruce Cochran, an active Methodist 10 years her senior. They married at Trinity Methodist Church, Wellington South, on 13 August 1935. Joan Cochran died at Wellington on 31 July 1995, survived by her three children

FIELDHOUSE, Arthur Esmond
- 2nd class in Education
born 1911 to Joseph Harold FIELDHOUSE & Mary Ellen BENNETT

HARDING, Olga Estelle
- 2nd class in History (from Auckland University College)
born 1912 to John William HARDING & Margaret Mary MUIR
some of Olga's photo collection from Wellington Girl's College

NIELSEN, Bernice Ola
- 2nd class in History
born 1911 to Charles William NIELSEN & Frances May ELLISON

PAETZ, Bernard Arthur
- 2nd class in Latin and French
born 1910 to Arthur William PAETZ & Agnes Fanny TOMS

- 2nd class in Latin and French (from Auckland University College)
born 1912 to William Alexander PATTERSON & Katharine Maclean MacGREGOR

PERRY, Kathleen Mary
- 2nd class in English and French (1932)

PORTEOUS, Ailsa Maire
- 2nd class in History
born 1911 to James PORTEOUS & Minnie Sylvia WAYMOUTH

RAWSON, John Whitely
- 2nd class in English and French

WATSON, Clement Gordon
- 2nd class in Latin and French
(notable New Zealand communist, journalist and soldier)
born in Mangaweka to:
Reginald Beresford Spencer WATSON & Roberta Agnes HUGHES
His mother died when he was a child and his father subsequently settled in Fiji, where he ran a plantation. Gordon was brought up in Wellington by his grandfather, Clement Watson, a prominent educationalist, and his aunt, Evelyn Watson, an early graduate of Victoria College. An excellent student, he developed an early love of literature, which was to become a lifelong passion. After attending Wellington College, where he won a Junior Scholarship in 1929, he studied languages and literature at Victoria University College, graduating MA with second-class honours in 1934 ... more
A Victoria University scholarship was named after him, following a bequest from the estate of his aunt, Evelyn Watson, and a Wellington branch of the Socialist Unity Party was named in his honour.

In absentia:
GREY, Evelyn Helen Patricia - 2nd class in History
born 1911 to George & Ellen GREY

see also Diploma in Banking

Clement Gordon Watson
Private 68640, Killed in Action 17 April 1945 in Italy

*FEATHERSTON School - Wairarapa 1886

attendance at FEATHERSTON SCHOOL, Wairarapa 1886
Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 October 1886
The following are the names of the scholars who passed the various standards at the recent examinaiton by Mr Lee:-

Charles CUNDY
Gertrude MANNING
Margaret McGILL

Wilmore ABBOT (Edwin Wilmore Abbott 1878-1912)
Bertha BURT
Bertha KEYS
William McSHANE
Ernest O'NEALE
George OSMAN

William ABBOT
James BURT
Kenneth BURT
Harriet COE
Charles Edward BEZAR (Charles Edwin Bezar 1877-1959)
William BUNNY
George BURT
Henry FURLONG (Henry O'Bernie Furlong 1874-1918)
James GAZLEY (James Thomas Gazley 1874-1958)
Mabel KEYS
Joseph Thomas LAWRIE
Sarah MANN
Margaret MURPHY
Stafford MURPHY
William OSMAN
Augustus TORSTONSON (+ Christina Margaret DALZIEL 1904)
Arthur VILES
George YULE

Augustus ABBOTT (Augustus Oswald Abbott 1876-1944)
Samuel GREATBATCH (Samuel Greatbatch 1874-1915)
William HODDER
Daniel McGILL
Claude SPACKMAN (Claude Spackman 1873-1955)
Albert VILES

Frederick BEZAR (Frederick William Cezar 1871-1955)
Charles BURT
Louis KEYS (Louis Thea Keys 1874-1956)
Clara MacSHANE
Charles READ
Ellery TOOGOOD (Ellery William Channing Toogood 1871-1956)
Walter VILES (Walter Franklyn Viles 1871-1963)
Grace YULE

Bertram BUNNY (Bertram Rutherford Bunny 1873-1928)
Herbert KEYS (Herbert Edward Keys 1874-1954)
Wallace SMITH
Robert YULE

also see Featherston School
written in 1957 to mark the centenary of Featherston
... When Featherston was founded in 1857, the Provincial Government was responsible for education and it was under an act passed in 1855 that the frrst public school in Featherston was founded in 1863, with Mr. J. G. Cox as teacher
... In July, 1880 the original school building in Featherston was burnt down. It was on the site in Fox Street opposite the Town Hall, on part of the acre of Education Reserve set aside by the Provincial Government. The story is that the school cleaner was in the habit of using wooden box to hold the ashes from the fireplace. On this occasion she neglected to take the box outside so that, early in the evening, Featherston was called out to see its school totally destroyed. This is one of the earliest memories of some of the oldest inhabitants. Even a well in the school grounds did not enable the school to be saved
... The board acted promptly and on August 25, the tender of Messrs. Riddick & Cadenhead, 772 10s was accepted and in January, 1881, the new school was opened - a well-built three-roomed building

taken from the link above
includes a number of the names here

Helier BREE + Elizabeth Haxton YOUNG + 14 children

Helier BREE (1837-1929) (aged 92)
was born Jersey, Channel Island to:
Phillippe BREE (1795-1865) originally from Normanby, France & Jeanne MOURANT (1792-1840). Helier arrived into Auckland 6 July 1863 on the 'Telegraph'

Elizabeth Haxton Lawson YOUNG (1853-1926) (aged 73)
was born in Auckland, New Zealand to:
David John YOUNG (1818-1855) & Agnes Lawson MILLER (1818-1908)
Her father died in 1855 & Agnes remarried in 1857 to John HANNAH?
Her paternal grandparents were George YOUNG & Isabell MITCHELL of Glasgow
Her maternal grandparents were James MILLER & Agnes KINLOCK of Lanark
A sister of Elizabeth's, Isabella Young, married Robert Millar in Auckland in 1863. They had at least 12 children, one of whom they named Charles Haxton Millar (1865-1951). Not yet found where the name Haxton comes from, nor the name Lawson but of interest (or coincidence?) that she married at the home of a Charles Lawson.

HELIER & ELIZABETH married in Epsom, Auckland 28 April 1870
Daily Southern Cross, 3 May 1870
On April 28, at the residence of Mr Charles Lawson, Epsom, by the Rev. A. Macdonald, Helier Bree, farmer, Waikato, to Elizabeth Haxton Lawson Young, seventh daughter of the late David Young, Auckland

their known children:
... 1
1871 - 1950 Helier Oswald MacDonald Bree (aged 79)
born 18 February 1871 in Auckland
Helier married Thirza Annie OEMCKE (1870-1934) in Clive, Hawkes Bay in 1893
the children of HELIER & THIRZA
* 1895 - 1934 Helier Oswald Bree
- married Nellie 'Kathleen' BAILLIE (1897-1998)
* 1896 - 1952 Arthur Bree
- married Mavis Gertrude Deeming (1911-2005) married Bessie Nock (1901-1968)
* 1899 - 1992 Annie Elsie Bree
- married Ernest Stanley GIBSON (1890-1988)
* 1901 - 1974 Vincent 'Clive' Bree
- married Mary Veronica JENKINS (1900-2004 - died in NSW, Australia
* 1902 - 1992 Vera Bree
- married William John AITKEN
* 1905 - 1983 Herbert Russell 'Dick' Bree (died Te Kuiti)
- married Nora Hannah Grace Prior CORRIGAN (1900-1980)
* 1906 - 1994 Mervyn Dudley Bree
- married Dorothy HODDER - he died in Queensland, Australia
* 1909 - 1909 Bernie Bree
- Bernie died aged 5 days
he next married Thirza's sister, Maude Elizabeth OEMCKE (1880-1959) in 1935
2 of 12 children of Ernest Carl Christopher OEMCKE & Thirza Annie CASHMORE
he was a Chief Postmaster in Auckland
HELIER OSWALD MacDONALD Bree died 14 August 1950 aged 79
he is buried WESLEY DIVISION C Row 28, Plot 73 at Waikumete with Thirza
Application filed August 28, 1926, Serial No. 132,226 and in NZ July 31, 1926
This invention relates to the switching and starter apparatus for electric motors and has been devised to eliminate the danger and damage to apparatus and machinery by the possibility of putting into operative position the main switch when the starter itself is already in the 'on' or in any intermediate position ... more (pdf with diagram)

... 2
1872 - 1969 Harold George Bree (aged 96)
born 7 May 1872 in Cambridge, Waikato
* paid for sister Olive to attend the Bible School in St Kilda Road Melbourne
Harold married Margaret Metcalfe 'Maggie' HARE (1874-1962) Auckland 8 May 1907 in Auckland (see sister Olive's link)
1 of 10 children of William John HARE & Elizabeth BROWN
They lived in Raglan, Waikato for a time
the known children of HAROLD & MARGARET:
* 1908 - 1992 Donald Wilmot Bree (doctor, died in Multnomah County, Oregon)
Harold & Margaret went to the USA where possibly other children were born
MARGARET METCALFE Bree died 22 April 1952 aged 78 at Middlemore Hospital
she was cremated at Purewa, Auckland
HAROLD GEORGE Bree died 31 January 1969 in Auckland aged 96
he was cremated at Waikumete

... 3
1873 - 1943 Amy Elizabeth Bree (aged 70)
born 19 November 1873 in Waikato
Amy married Sedman ASHTON in 1913
they had at least 2 children
Bay Of Plenty Times, 25 October 1916 BOROUGH COUNCIL
WEST STREET - Mr Sedman Ashton wrote asking that something be done to the roadway on West Street. He said it is nearly impossible to get either up or down with a load of material. He also asked the Council to cut a cart track so as to give access to the beach at the lower end; if so he would give a hand with the job and would pay for any filling there is to spare
The Matson liner 'Mariposa', which sails at 8 o'clock tonight for Sydney and Melbourne, has the following passengers booked at Auckland:
Second Class: Mr Sedman Ashton, Mrs Sedman Ashton, Mr Sedman Ashton jnr
AMY ELIZABETH Ashton died in England (possibly Yorkshire)

... 4
1875 - 1892 Phillipe John Bree
born 27 February 1875
Phillipe died 2 February 1892, 3 weeks from 17
Evening Post, 9 February 1892
AUCKLAND - A lad named Phillip Bree, aged 17 years, while bathing on Sunday at Tuakau, was drowned
New Zealand Herald, 10 February 1892
CORONER'S INQUEST - on Philip Bree, the young man who was drowned on Sunday here, was held at the Tuakau Hotel on February 8, before Captain Jackson, coroner, and a jury of six, of whom Mr Thomas Walker was foreman. It appears from the evidence of Mr Bree, father of deceased, that he left home about ten o'clock on Sunday Morning, to attend service at Tuakau, and he never saw him alive afterwards. He stated the deceased had always been very healthy and strong. Tow intelligent lads, Albert Doddicott and William Hosking, about twelve or thirteen years of age, stated that Philip Bree and themselves came together to the Wesleyan Church on Sunday morning. After the service, about one o'clock, they went to bathe at the usual place in the Whakapipo stream, close to the railway station. Bree was first in the water, and started swimming, and having gone a few yards the boys lost sight of him owing to some tea-tree which obstructed the view. They, without wholly undressing, sat down on the bank for a little while, when not seeing anything of their companion, they ran along the bank calling out his name. Being by this time somewhat alarmed, they ran for help. Mr Pulman, who lives near, stated that the boys came to him and told him they thought Bree was drowned. He went immediately, and was joined by some others, who dived repeatedly, but not being able to find out where Bree went down, could not recover the body by that means. Meanwhile some others had fetched a boat belonging to Mr Oldham, when after some time spent in careful searching the body was found. The verdict was 'That the deceased was accidentally drowned while bathing'

... 5
1878 - 1966 Olive May Bree (aged 88)
born 16 May 1878 in Auckland
Olive attended the Bible School held in St Kilda Road Melbourne and later found work at the Bible Echo Publishing Assn. office at North Fitzroy & studied nursing at the Christchurch Sanitarium where she met William Pascoe (see link below at NOTES)
... (from the link) William worked as an evangelist in many places, bring many people into the church. He became the first president of the South New Zealand Conference, then he moved to North New Zealand and the Queensland Conference as Secretary-Treasurer. He later served as the first President of the South New South Wales Conference when it was set up in 1920. Then he moved to South Australia as President. This all meant many changes in the schooling of the boys. Other moves were to Victoria, Tasmania and finally to Avondale. A brother, Jim, was also called into administration work in the Victorian Conference.
Olive married William Henry PASCOE 19 April 1901 in New Zealand
son of Simon & Caroline Pascoe from Cornwall
the 5 sons of OLIVE & WILLIAM:
* 1905 - Arthur Leslie 'Les' Pascoe (Pastor)
* 1908 - Henry 'Vincent' Pascoe
* 1912 - William Lewis 'Will' Pascoe
* 1917 - 2004 Helier 'Martin' Pascoe (+Joyce Mahalia Willis 1942 Goulburn)
* 19?? - 'Lindsay' Oliver Pascoe (+Joyce Edith Maud Musgrove 1943 Casino)
OLIVE MAY Pascoe spent many years at Avondale, NSW and died 12 October 1966 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
* A number of this Bree family (if not all) were members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I have added this link under Olive because it is her 5 sons who, on 5 June 1999, told the story of their Bree family at the Alton Villas Recreation Hall, Cooranbong, which was filled with members and visitors who had gathered to listen. It makes very interesting reading and a great insight into this family
* Today the Avondale Estate is a Seventh-day Adventist owned estate opposite the Cooranbong shops. The estate is home to Avondale College, a Seventh-day Adventist tertiary education institution, the Sanitarium Health Food Company, Avondale College Church, Avondale Memorial Church, a disused dairy farm and Avondale Retirement Village each spoke of his part in the work of the church (pdf)

... 6
1880 - 1968 Esther Jane Bree (aged 88)
born 21 February 1880 in Raglan, Waikato
Esther moved to Adelaide, South Australia
Esther married Alexander A. MacDONALD in St Leonards, Sydney in 1906
she next married Arthur William CLAPP (1877-1972) in Prospect, Adelaide in 1914
- 1 of 14 children of Arthur CLAPP & Elizabeth HANCOCK
Arthur died aged 95 in the fire that destroyed 'Matron Clapp's Sanitarium' in 1972
the 2 sons of ESTHER & ARTHUR:
* 1915 - Cedric Norman Clapp (Captain SX20055 - mentioned in despatches)
* 1919 - Edwin Kenneth Hamilton Clapp
ESTHER was a graduate of the Wahroonga Sanitarium nursing class, eventually becoming the Matron of the Nailsworth Sanitarium, the 'San', 66 Barker Rd., Adelaide for 55 years
The following extract was taken from the Australasian Record (pdf file) dated 9 Oct 1972, I hope you are able to view it and read it in full as there is a photo of Esther and 2 other nurses in uniform, Minnie Reeves (later Mrs Ray Thomson) & Hannah William (Mrs William F. Rudge), who became mother of (Adventist) Pastor Wilf Rudge
... On August 16, 1972, a tragic fire took the life of a ninety-five-year-old man in Adelaide and drew the final curtain on a story that began with high hopes soon after the turn of this century
... One of the first staff nurses was Mrs. Esther McDonald (nee Bree, Wahroonga Sanitarium graduate, 1905). In due course a patient from the country came to the "San" for treatment an eligible bachelor named William Clapp. He fell in love with the sanitarium and he fell in love with the attractive widow, Esther McDonald. They married and the General Conference Year Book of 1915 lists Mrs. Clapp as Matron of the Adelaide Sanitarium. A few more years passed, but the burden of running the sanitarium proved too much for the small South Australian Conference. After twelve years of church ownership, the Adelaide Sanitarium was sold to Mrs. Clapp to be run as a private institution. For almost half a century the "San" continued under the supervision of Matron Clapp. Rooms were added and the bed capacity doubled. Matron Clapp became a legendary figure in medical circles in Adelaide. Doctors referred patients to her for massage, special hydro and thermal therapy, obstetrics, and general tender, loving care. To within a short time before her death in 1968 at the age of eighty-eight, "Matron" kept up her dedicated medical ministry. After her death the nursing and therapy work at the "San" came to an end. The buildings erected with so much hope and faith so many years before, took on a sad and neglected air. But despite the entreaties of his two sons, husband Will Clapp, who had tended the orchard and gardens for so many years, refused to leave the place he had grown to love. For four more summers this man with the dry sense of humour and philosophic mind lived quietly on in his rooms at the back of the old hospital, surrounded by his pictures, his souvenirs, and his memories. (After living for ninety-five years you have much to remember.) Then a few weeks ago came the fateful fire, and the end of an era. But one cannot help asking: Is it the end of an era. At the beginning of the century the pioneers had a dream. Has that dream completely faded? In this more affluent age, can a medical work arise from the ashes to witness again in this fair city of Adelaide?

... 7
1882 - 1963 Arthur Oliver Bree (aged 81)
born 1 March 1882 in Raglan, Waikato
Arthur married Mary PEACH (1893-1938) at Mt Albert, Auckland 7 March 1917
daughter of Joseph PEACH & Mary SANDERSON
the 3 children of ARTHUR & MARY:
* 1918 - 1985 Arthur Obed Alexander Bree
* 1919 - 2006 Olive Mary Elizabeth Bree
* 1929 - 2009 Lois Ada Pearl Bree
ARTHUR OLIVER BREE died 20 October 1963 in Auckland
his ashes were scattered at Purewa

... 8
1883 - 1980 Lucy Matilda Bree (aged 97)
born 25 September 1883 in Raglan, Waikato
Lucy married Leo William 'Nelson' BYRNE (1894-1965) 1915 in Brisbane
- son of William Matthias & Emma Christine Byrne
they had 5 children (read next)
from the Australasian Record, 18 August 1980
BYRNE. On September 25, 1893, Helier and Elizabeth Haxton Lawson Bree welcomed the birth of their fourth daughter, naming her Lucy Matilda. Shortly after, they accepted present truth and were baptised into the faith, uniting with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in its very beginnings in Auckland, New Zealand. Lucy grew up a devoted Adventist Christian, working for God. In her young womanhood she carried the heavy responsibilities of secretary of the Sabbath School and Young People's Departments of the New South Wales Conference, and later of the Queensland Conference. In Brisbane she married Nelson Byrne. To them five children were born, but two died in infancy. Ivan, Neil and Esther mourn the death of their mother, as also do her two surviving sisters, Mrs. Ethel Bathgate of Auckland, and Mrs. W. Lock of Cooranbong. Just a few weeks short of her ninety-seventh birthday she fell asleep in Jesus, and on July 16, 1980, we committed her to God's keeping in a service in the chapel of Northern Suburbs Crematorium. We commended her sorrowing loved ones to the promises of God and the approaching glad day of reunion. Pastors Lester Lock and Wynstan Dowling were associated with the writer in this service, to whom, along with the writer, Lucy Byrne was an aunt. A. L. Pascoe.

... 9
1885 - 1895 Louisa Beatrice Bree
born 26 December 1885
Louisa died 4 April 1895 aged 9

... 10
1887 - 1982 Ethel Florence Bree (aged 94)
born 9 June 1887 in Raglan, Waikato
Ethel married William Alexander BATHGATE in 1905
their known children:
* 1906 - Ethel Irene Jane Bathgate
* 1907 - Amelia Mary Isabella Catherine Bathgate
* 1909 - William Alexander Duncan Bathgate
* 1911 - Olive Melva Bathgate
ETHEL died 20 March 1982 in Auckland aged 94

... 11
1889 - 1989 Amelia 'Millie' Bree (aged 3 months from 100)
born 5 September 1889 in Wangarata, Auckland
Amelia married Edward ROSENDAHL (1886-1960) 4 December 1913 in Halifax, Queensland
Edward was born in Cordelia, Queensland to Niels Christian Jessen ROSENDAHL & Ane MORTENSEN of Denmark who sailed from Hamurg, Germany on the 'Shakespeare' 21 March 1871
the 5 children of AMELIA & EDWARD:
* 1915 - 1980 Dorothy May Rosendahl (born Wellington, died Avondale, NSW)
- married Eric WARRELL - married Donald Leslie AVELING - married Albert ROWE
* 1916 - Edward Christian Rosendahl (born in Auckland, married in NSW)
- married Thelma Lizzie Edith Grace JOHANSON (1907-1997) 8 Sep 1941 in Teralba
* 1918 - Mavis Amelia Ane Rosendahl (born NZ, married in Queensland)
- married Arthur Charles NEEDHAM 17 March 1943
* 1919 - Ruth Lois Rosendahl (born NZ, married in Victoria, died NSW)
- married Owen Charles RICKARDS (1909-1999) 20 Sep 1944
* 1925 - Dulcie Milbree Rosendahl (born in Perth, WA, married in Cooranbong, NSW)
- married Wynston George DOWLING 18 Dec 1947 in Wyong
EDWARD Rosendahl died 27 November 1960 in Avondale, New South Wales
Amelia next married Pastor William Norman LOCK in Gosford, NSW in 1962
AMELIA Lock died 10 June 1989 in Charles Harrison Home, Cooranbong
DEATH NOTICE, 12 August 1989 Lock, Amelia (formerly Rosendahl, nee Bree), born September 5, 1889, at Wangarata, New Zealand, died June 10 at the Charles Harrison Home, Cooranbong, NSW. After attending Attending Avondale College in 1909, Amelia completed her nurses training at Sydney Adventist Hospital. She married Edward Rosendahl and later taught at Avondale, Longburn and Carmel Colleges. Following the death of her husband, she later married Pastor W. N. Lock, who predeceased her in 1982. She is survived by her children, Edward, Mavis Needham, Lois Rickards (all of Cooranbong) and Milbree Dowling (Silverwarer); 14 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren. Pastor W. N. Lock, a stepson, was associated with the writer, a nephew, in the services.
* taken from page 13 of the Record, 12 August 1989 (pdf - with Millie's photo)
Mrs Amelia Lock (formerly Rosendahl) was born on September 5, 1889 in Wangarata, Auckland, New Zealand, 11th of the 14 children of Helier and Elizabeth Bree. She died at the Charles Harrison Home, Cooranbong, NSW, on June 10, 1989 - just three months short of her 100th birthday. Her death severed a link with the earlies days of the Adventist Church in the South pacific.
When Amelia was six years old her parents became Seventh-day Adventists after their eldest son, Helier, had accepted the doctrines of Adventism from pioneer evangelists to New Zealand. Many of the Brees' 14 children became prominent church workers and Amelia was no exception.
She went to Avondale College in 1909, and in her second year was secretary to the college president. While at Avondale she met Edward Rosendahl and together they completed the nurses training course at the Sydney Sanitarium before the marriage on December 5, 1913.
Their first home was in the men's dormitory at Avondale, where Edward was dean and Millie taught. Among her students were C. H. Watson, who was later to become General Conference president and W. G. Turner, late a GC vice-president and Australasian Division president.
In 1915 the Rosendahls moved to New Zealand, living in Wellington when Edward was secretary-treasurer of the New Zealand Conference and in Auckland when the conference was divided. In 1921 Edward was appointed principal of the New Zealand Missionary College. Millie was a teacher and relieving matron.
The couple then served in similar positions at Carmel, W.A. before moving to Avondale in 1934. From 1939 until 1944 Millie served as her husband's helper as he pastored churches before being recalled to Avondale, where he served as principal.
After her husband's death in 1960, Millie married Pastor W. N. Lock, pioneer missionary to Papua New Guinea. Together they enjoyed 20 years of companionship. During her 98th year she left her own home to live with her youngest daughter. A stroke necessitated her moving to the Charles Harrison Home. Three daughters and a son mourn a loving mother, secure in the promise of the blessed hop. - A. L. Pascoe

... 12
1891 - 1895 Charles 'Charlie' Bree
born 30 June 1891
Charlie died 4 April 1895 aged 3.10 in Tuakau

... 13
1893 - 1895 Sarah Agnes Bree
born 11 January 1893
SARAH died 29 March 1895 aged 2.2 in Tuakau

... 14
1895 - 1958 John Bree (aged 63)
born 4 March 1895 in Auckland
served in WWI as Private 56239
John married Edith Jessie PEARSON in 1924 & divorced in 1945
he next married Peggy BLACK
JOHN died 18 February 1958 in Auckland aged 62

* In June 1867 the Crown grants (Militia) in favour of the following persons are now ready for delivery at the office of the Registrar of Deeds, High-street, Auckland:- Helier BREE, 2nd Waikato
* In September 1875 the Government paid Helier Bree 62 10s each for sections 246 & 248 at Pirongia, Waikato.
Purchased as a place of settlement for the King's people
* my personal observation (discounting tragedy and without stating the obvious)
is the longevity of this family and their spouses.
MANY in their 90s, some around 100 & one 104!

Elizabeth Haxton Bree died 23 June 1926 in Onehunga, Auckland aged 72
Helier Bree died 7 June 1929 in Waikato aged 92

Sanitarium factory at Cooranbong, New South Wales
The Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company is the trading name of two sister food companies (Australian Health and Nutrition Association Ltd and New Zealand Health Association Ltd). Both are wholly owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Waikato MILITIA Crown Grants - 1867

* the following was taken from:
Victorians in the Waikato Regiments
An offer of land in exchange for military service during the Waikato War led to the formation of four regiments of Waikato Militia, the members of which mostly were recruited in Australia
- A total of 1784 enlisted in Australia -
31 Australians enlisted in the Regiments in NZ, including one South Australian
More than 500 men enrolled for service as military settlers in Taranaki (West coast)

* the Regiment they served in was taken from:
New Zealand Medals, Colonial Basic List

* some bios (or parts of) were taken from:
3rd Waikato Militia, Cambridge Museum

* also of great help:
Recipients of the New Zealand War Medal

* the list of names was taken from Papers Past:
Daily Southern Cross, 6 June 1867
Crown grants (Militia) in favour of the following persons are now ready for delivery at the office of the Registrar of Deeds, High-street, Auckland:-

(all received 2 lots unless otherwise stated)
Charles ADAMS

Thomas ADAMS, Private 3rd Waikato

James ARBUCKLE, Private 2nd Waikato

John AUBIN - 1

Robert Stanley BARLOW (1847-)
- Bob was born 1847 in Te Awamutu. He was a stock rider, 5' 11" tall, when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia as a substitute for 944 KNOWLAN on 20 July 1866 in Cambridge. He was a Private, Regiment No. 1718 and was granted one acre of land at 218 Cambridge East & 50 acres of farm land at 53 Ohaupo.
In 1871 with an alias TANETE at age 26, he stole clothing and a revolver from a whare at Maungatautari. He was prosecuted by Eda ROBSON and Henry James TURNER and sent to Mt Eden for nine months hard labour

Benjamin BATTYE
- Ben was born in 1835 in Chester England. He was a farmer, 5' 8 tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 30 September 1863 in Christchurch. He was a Private, Regiment No. 596 and his land grant was one acre section 245 Cambridge East and 50 acres of farm land 53 at Ohaupo.
In 1882 Ben was listed on Freeholders with land valued at 50 and on the Cambridge Valuation List in 1914 as an absentee owner. In 1920 Ben was still listed as owning section 245 in Cambridge which was leased by J R S RICHARDSON

Adolphus BECKMAN

Richard Bailey BRAITHWAITE (1843-1898)
- born in Stathern, Leicestershire, son of William BRAITHWAITE & Sybil JACKSON, he died 23 Feb 1898 in Buckland, Franklin

Helier BREE (1837-1929), 2nd Waikato
- born in Jersey, Channel Islands. Married Elizabeth Haxton YOUNG (1853-1926) of Auckland in 1870. They had 14 children

John Bennett BRICKELL (1845-1874), brother of Robert, born in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Married Helena 'Ellen' THOMPSON in Howick, Auckland 13 Oct 1866 in a double wedding with his brother and her sister. They had 4 children. He drowned in the Petane River, near Napier, 13 May 1874, when he was swept him off his horse during a flood

Robert Bennett BRICKELL (1848-1929), born in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Married Catherine THOMPSON in Howick, Auckland 13 Oct 1866 in a double wedding with his brother and her sister. They had 14 children. He died in Auckland

William BRIGGS, Private 3rd Waikato

Thomas BURKE

Albert BUSBY

Archibald CAMPBELL


Martin CASEY

William CLARE (1814-1878), Major, Auckland Military & 3rd Waikato
- William enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 16 October 1863 and rose to the rank of Major. He then became Sub Inspector of the Armed Constabulary and a Government agent who consolidated scripts and Borough land through the Land Courts for the Government. In the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 William paid 2 pence an acre on 41 acres - totalling six shillings and nine pence and after serving with the Armed Constabulary in Taranaki he made Cambridge his home. In the 1870s he was a Cambridge Cemetery Trustee, a Justice of the Peace, chairman of the Presbyterian Church committee and first president of the Cambridge Band. He was twice elected Chairman of the Cambridge Town Board and chairman of the building committee for the Public Hall. Captain William Clare married Jessie Mackintosh in Bombay about 1847. William died 10 December 1878 aged 64 and was buried at the Cambridge cemetery at Hautapu. About three hundred people attended his funeral.



Francis COGAN (1841-1869)
- Frank was 22 years old when he enrolled with the 3rd Waikato Militia 17 Nov 1863 in Nelson. He was Private 784, born in Ireland and a labourer. He received his one acre, section number 505, in Cambridge West and his 50 acre farm at Pukerimu. He is listed on the Aquitance Roll of 1868 held at National Archives in Wellington. His death by drowning

William Godfrey 'Bill' COLLINS (1840-1912)
- born in Dublin, studied in Ireland for Medical Profession but was attracted to Australian gold fields. Joined 3rd Waikato Militia in Melbourne, as Private 773, 30 Oct 1863. Arrived in Cambridge, Waikato in 1863, his regiment being attached to the Imperial Transport Corps under General Cameron. Was dismissed 29 July 1873. He remained in Cambridge and, before the railway, was a guide from Waikato to the Hot Lakes. His wife (Julia Lock) was a midwife in Cambridge.
They are buried Row 3, Block F at Hautapu cemetery

Michael COLEMAN, Private 1st Waikato




John COXHEAD, Private 3rd Waikato
- John was born 1843 in Innes Killen, Ireland. He was a brickmaker, 5' 6" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 6 October 1863 in Hobarton. He was a Private, Regiment No. 417 and was granted one acre of land section 339 in Cambridge West and a farm section 56 at Ohaupo

Bartholomew CRADDOCK


Walter CUDWORTH (1828-1881)
Regiment Number 891. When he arrived in Papatoetoe and enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia Regiment on 2 December 1863, his occupation was a ploughman. When he enlisted in the Armed Constabulary (No 496) on 15 April 1869 at age 35, he stated his occupation as a miner. He had a dark complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. In the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 Walter paid 2 pence an acre on 51 acres - totalling 8s 6d. He was discharged from the Armed Constabulary on 31 May 1872. As a widower with two children, he married Maria KINGDON in 1876. He died 24 March 1881, a farmer, from the effects of a fall from a ladder and is buried in the Cambridge Cemetery at Hautapu. Maria then ran a nursing home and remarried to Charles Salter Beer in 1913


Robert DAVIDSON (1828-) Corporal to Private, 3rd Waikato
- Robert was born in Scotland in 1828 and enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia in Otahuhu, 22 October 1863, Regiment Number 333. He was reduced from a Corporal to Private 24 Oct 1866. In the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 Robert paid 2 pence an acre on 51 acres - totaling 8s 6d

William James DAWE (1831-1915)

Frank James Henry DIVER (1835-1920), 3rd Waikato
- Frank was born in St Nicholas, Aberdeen and left Scotland on 1 December 1862 and arrived in Dunedin on the ship 'Sir William Eyre' in April 1863. He joined the Otago Provincial Police and on 30 September 1863 he joined the 3rd Waikato Militia as a baker, aged 29, No 223. After 12 days on the steamer 'Phoebe' they arrived at Onehunga. They marched to Otahuhu, were equipped with arms and 60 rounds of ammunition then marched for four days - 40 miles - to Queens Redoubt to join General Cameron. They stayed at posts on the Great South Road, escorted prisoners to Otahuhu and arrived in Cambridge after the war was over. He was promoted to Colour Sergeant, 1 April 1864. His land grant in 1866 shows he was given an acre (Section No 372) on the corner of Brewery (Empire) and Duke Streets, and his farm section in the Cambridge survey (near St Kilda Road). A total of 131 acres in all. In 1915 Frank was living at the Veterans' Home in Onehunga & he died there in 1920







William ENGLISH, Private 2nd Waikato

Edward George FARRAND, Constable Armed Constabulary
- Killed in action 7 Sep 1868

Isaac FERRIS (1831-1906)

James FORREST (1836-1914) - 1, Private 3rd Waikato
- James enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia in Cambridge 14 April 1866 as a substitute soldier No 697. He had married Sarah PERKINS Feb 1861 in Dunedin & had: Charlotte Sarah, Archibald James 'Archie', Arthur Henry, Alice Caroline, Eleanor Mary, Edith Gertrude, Lucy Matilda, Eliza Annie, Roseline Agnes & Grace Emily.
James, having been born in Surrey, called their farm 'Surrey Park' and for many years lived on their own products. He was a member of the Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers from 1872 to 1880 and in January 1877 became Collector of Rates for the Cambridge North Highway District. He bred prize-winning Lincoln sheep having 33 in 1880 and 82 in 1886. He was a member of the Waikato Farmers' Club and Waikato Fruit Growers' Association as well as chairman of the Waikato Horticultural Society and later president of the Cambridge Farmers' Club. He was a Justice of the Peace in 1897 and in 1906 took a trip 'home'

Henry William FORT, Artificer, Imperial Commissariat & Transport Department

William FROST, Private 3rd Waikato


John GOLDING, Private 3rd Waikato

Samuel HAMPTON, Private 3rd Waikato


Nathan HARVEY, Private 3rd Waikato


- John was born 1840 in Edinborough, Scotland. He was a merchant, 5' 8" tall, when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia 1 Dec 1863 in Papatoetoe. He was a Private, Regiment number 890, and was granted one acre of land section 537 in Cambridge East and a farm section 3 at Ohaupo

William IVES, Private 3rd Waikato

Thomas Harrison KELLY


Isaac Thomas LEARY (1811-1879)
- born in Waterford, Ireland, he married Phoebe PIDGEON (1811-1883) in County Wexford, Ireland. They had 3 children in Wexford, a son Joseph Poulter Leary (1841-1921), at sea on the way to Sydney & at least 5 children in NSW. A son Isaac Thomas Leary died aged 29 in Redfern, NSW. A number of their children died in Australia, Son Joseph Poulter Leary was living in Wellington at the time of his brother's death. Joseph died in Palmerston North. Son, Richard Frank Leary (1846-1901) is buried in Terrace End, Palmerston North. Isaac and wife Phoebe are buried in Terrace End

Walter LEE (1827-)
- Walter was born 1827 and was a bushman, 5' 3" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 15 October 1863 in Auckland. He was a Private, Regiment number 458 and was granted one acre of land section 524 in Cambridge East and a farm section 7 at Ohaupo

Alexander LESLIE

John Thurlow LEATHES (1836-1906)

William LITTLEDALE, Sergeant Colonial Defence Force

Charles LYNCH

Christiana LYNCH

William MALONE, Private 2nd Waikato

- From a book called 'Tamahere' by Alfred Main it says "John and William bought 'Pencarrow' 2000 acres in January 1866." The book goes on to quote from John Martyn's journal. "1867, Tamahere, 'Pencarrow'. It was in January of this year that I started operations on my farm by laying down in March and April two paddocks into grass and a strip on the run... In May I came up to improve my farm and also to take charge of the whole property, as William went to try his luck at Thames. Smith and W Hamill commenced ditching through William's flax and ti tree land and then on to Bald Hill Road boundary, after which they went down to my farm and commenced ditching in two large paddocks. They both stuck at it well. I never saw men work better. These ditches were of a double ditch and bank. In May I put up my first cottage at 'Pencarrow' in which the men lived."
On the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 John and William paid 2 pence an acre on 2028 acres - a total of 16 8s (2013 equivalent of $2,134)


John McDOWELL, Private 2nd Waikato

Dennis McGARRELL (1817-1906)

Gordon McLEOD, Private 2nd Waikato

Farquhar McRAE

John McRAE

Eugene McSWEENEY (1837-1915), Corporal 3rd Waikato

Charles MYERS (1827-)
- Charles was born 1827 in Spitalfield, Middlesex. He was an engineer, 5' 7" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia 24 Nov 1863 in Nelson. He was a Private, Regiment number 948 and was granted one acre of land section 417 in Cambridge East and a farm section 16 at Ohaupo


Edwin NUNN (1840-1920), Private 2nd Waikato

Lawrence/Laurence O'BRIEN (1822-1878), Sergeant 3rd Waikato
- Lawrence was born about 1822 in Castle Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland. With his wife Mary and children Johanna, Mary Ann & Elizabeth they came to New Zealand in 1852 as New Zealand Royal Fencible settlers after Lawrence had served with the British Army in India. While Lawrence served as a Fencible in Howick four more children were born - John, Charles, Thomas, James. On 19 Oct 1863 Lawrence went to Otahuhu and enrolled as a Sergeant No 307 in the 3rd Waikato Militia. He was aged 43. According to all the children's Intention to Marry entries they arrived in Cambridge in 1865.) In October 1866, when Lawrence's military service was up, he was given title to a one acre section number 250 in Cambridge East and an 80 acre farm section number 117 - on the banks of the Waikato River at Pukeroro. An assessment list in 1869-70 records Lawrence with 81 acres and he also noted in 1872 on a farm map drawn by Charles Chitty in a report on the district to the Armed Constabulary commissioner's Office. Two sons, John and Charles, joined the Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers in 1872 and another son James joined in 1878. On the 1st July 1878 Lawrence died from "Poisoning by Strychnine". The Waikato Times records - "The late death at Cambridge - An inquest was held on Tuesday before a respectable jury, of whom Mr S Bright was foreman, on the body of the late Mr Laurence O'Brien, when the following verdict was returned:- 'That the deceased died on the first of July 1878 at Cambridge while in a state of unsound mind, destroyed himself with strychnine'." His headstone records that his wife Mary died 22 December 1914 at The Home for Incurables, Buckle Street, Wellington, aged 92

Stackpool Edward O'DELL


Henry OLDHAM - 1, Superintendent of hulks

Gilbert William ORMSBY (1850-1939)
- born 3 Feb 1850 in Whatawhata, Waikato, first of at least 14 children of Robert 'Pumi' ORMSBY (1823-1920), Waipa schoolmaster & Rangihurihia 'Mere Pianika' (Mary Bianca) Te Raku (1828-1905). Gilbert married Te Raiha 'Eliza' MOORE (1845-1908) 7 February 1871. They had 12 known children. Gilbert died 10 July 1939 in Te Puna, Tauranga

John O'SULLIVAN, Private 4rd Waikato


John POTTER, Private 1st Waikato

Sydney Pierce PRINCE

Charles PROFESSOR(?)


William RANKIN

Patrick READY, Trooper M.A.C.

Timothy REARDON, Private 2nd Waikato


Samuel Smith ROGERS (1840-1914)

William SLOANE


William SMITH


Walter STUBBS, Private 1st Waikato

James SUTHERLAND, Private 2nd Waikato


Thomas TAYLOR, Private 2nd Waikato

Patrick TROY
- Pat enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia September 1863 in Dunedin. His Regiment Number was Private 168. On the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 he paid 2 pence an acre on 51 acres - totalling 8s 6d. In 1872 the Waikato Times noted that Pat had rates of 1 5s due on 100 acres

Thomas WADE, boatman, Transport Corps

Hugh Middleton de Vaumorel WALKER (1839-1914)

Robert WARD

Albert James WARMINGTON (1839-1911)

Edward Oliver WASLEY (1847-1929)

Thomas WELLS (1842-1910)
- Thomas Wells was born in May 1842 in London & came to New Zealand in 1863. He served with the Naval Brigade and was present at the storming of Rangiriri where he was wounded. He built up his business in Thames and Mercer before coming to Cambridge in 1878 and buying the General Store from James Hally. His store in Duke Street was a trading post for butter made by farmers' wives. He enlarged his premises to both sides of Duke Street and his travelling salesmen covered a large area. He was Chairman of the Cambridge Domain Board 1880-1905; Chairman of the Cambridge Town Board 1882; member of the Borough Council 1901-1903 and 1905-1907; Mayor for two terms 1903-1905, and a keen bowler. He was one of the originators of the Waikato Horticultural Society and Cambridge Chrysanthemum Show. He was a St Andrew's Church Warden, vestry man and member of the Diocesan Synod. Thomas married Jeanie HOSKING, formerly ASTLEY, who shared an interest in flowers and helped with the large garden at 'Oakleigh' in Empire Street. Thomas died 28 April 1910 and Memorial Gates were erected in his honour at the entrance to the Cambridge Domain a year later

Samuel WILD, Private 3rd Waikato

Thomas WILSON (1846-1883)
- Thomas was born in Fulford near York in 1846 and became an Ensign in the 40th Regiment of Foot in Canterbury, England. In 1859 in New Zealand he joined the Auckland Volunteer Rifles and in April of the next year he was appointed Captain in the Auckland Regiment of New Zealand Militia. He applied for a position in the Colonial Armed forces and enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Regiment on 19 October 1863. He became a Major and was stationed first at Raglan and then Cambridge. He married a widow, Mrs Caroline J. C. Barton and brought his wife and family to Cambridge in September 1864 as General Galloway "wished to see men getting their families there and he thought the example would have a good effect". He was told he could put his home where he liked so in September 1864 he put up a whare, fenced, drained and planted trees at considerable expense. After the survey his 'piece' was made a reserve and he was allotted the acre next door - much to his annoyance.

Charles George WILLSON

PLOTS 34/35/36, Block 4 - white headstone
PLOTS 37/38, Block 4 - grey cross
at Terrace End, Palmerston North
1879 - ISAAC LEARY aged 69
1880 - George Austin (scroll to end) aged 35, brother of son Joseph's first wife
1883 - Phoebe Leary (nee Pidgeon) aged 72, his wife
1884 - Mary Leary (nee Austin), aged 35, daughter-in-law, first wife of son Joseph
1891 - Richard Frank Leary aged 3, grandson, son of son Richard (Plot 38 at cross)
1893 - Phoebe Leary aged 23, granddaughter, daughter of son Joseph
1901 - Richard Leary aged 54, his son (Plot 37 at cross)
1902 - Eric Sydney aged 3, son of son Richard (Plot 37 at cross)
* son Joseph Poulter Leary (1841-1921) is buried Plot 40, Block 3

Benton DAWES + Gwendoline RODGERS - Omata

BENTON DAWES (1873-1968)
was the only son of Benton (1842-1905) & Ann (1838-1929) Dawes who arrived in Lyttelton 25 November 1883 on the Wanganui (also with a sister, Frances Mary Dawes, who married Dick GRANTHAM in 1885)
NOTE of interest
Benton's parents lived at Rawhitiroa and are buried at Eltham General Anglican cemetery

was born in New Plymouth, the 11th of 11 known children of John RODGERS (1824-1908) & Elizabeth Ann JURY (1829-1902)
NOTE of interest
Gwendoline's father, John Rodgers, was the first of 12 children of John Rodgers & Mary Jane Faull. One of John's sisters was Victorine Rogers (1844-1935), who, at the age of 10 watched the murder of their mother

Benton & Gwendoline married in 1893
Taranaki Herald, 2 October 1893
DAWES - RODGERS - On September 18th, at Omata Church, by the Rev F. W. Walker, BENTON, only son of B. Dawes, of Omata, to GWENDOLINE, youngest daughter of John RODGERS, of the same place

their known children:
1894 - 1900 Thomas James Dawes
THOMAS died 28 March 1900 aged 5
he is buried Old Plot 21, New Plot 5531, Block 1 Eltham General

1896 - 1980 Dorothy Dawes
born 17 January 1896
Dorothy married Leslie Miles PRANKERD (1897-1985) in 1925
son of John Samuel PRANKERD & Mary DARTNELL

1897 - 1988 Nancy Dawes
born 11 February 1897
Nancy married Lionel Bertie BURSTON (1894-1976) in 1927
son of James BURSTON & Agnes Maria HOGG

1898 - 1989 Nora Dawes
born 1 August 1898
Nora was a Midwife, R.N., St Helen's Hospital, Wellington
Nora married Charles Frederick HAYCOCK (1897-1985) in 1928
son of Thomas John & Emma HAYCOCK

1900 - 1990 Charles Benton Dawes
born 8 January 1900
Charles married Emma Vera LAIRD (1898-1971) in 1923
daughter of Charles Brown LAIRD & Florence STONE

1901 - 1984 Bessie Dawes
born 14 September 1901
She was the Dux of Rawhitiroa School in 1914 (Standard VI)
Bessie didn't marry

1902 - 1970 William John Dawes
born 12 August 1902
William married Margaret Janet MITCHELL (1910-1986) in 1932

1904 - 1968 Francis Pountney Dawes
born 6 June 1904
nothing else known

1907 - ? Constance 'Eva' Dawes
born 15 January 1907
She was in Standard I at Rawhitiroa School in 1914
nothing else known about Constance

1910 - 2000 Clara Annie Dawes
born 4 May 1910
Clara married ? MICHIE

was opened on 14 Feb 1875 by Archdeacon Govett of New Plymouth. A strong gale knocked the church over in 1894 and when re-erected the church was considerably smaller due to damage at the eastern end.

John BILL + Emily Jane WILLIAMS - Eltham & Temuka

John Walter BILL (1865-1947)
son of John Walter (1837-1875) & Leah (1839-1920) BILL (settlers of Ohapi & Winchester, Canterbury)

JOHN married on Christmas Eve 1891 to:
Emily Jane WILLIAMS (1873-1909)

their known children:
1893 - 1969 John William Cyril Bill
JOHN died 1969 aged 75

1894 - 1926 Richard 'Malcolm' Bill
Malcolm served as Private 6/20677 with the 5th Reinforcements, Canterbury Regiment
MALCOLM died 4 March 1926 aged 32
he is buried Plot 688, Row 150 at Temuka Sevices cemetery

1897 - 1897 James Jonathan Bill
JAMES died aged 5 weeks in Arowhenua
he is buried Plot 90, Row 141 at Temuka cemetery

1898 - 1909 Sarah Rosina 'Enie' Bill
born 15 March 1898, a twin with Dorothy
ENIE died 27 July 1909 aged 11 from the effects of the house fire that her mother & sister died from 3 weeks prior
Hawera & Normanby Star, 28 July 1909 BILL - At Hawera, on Tuesday, July 27, 1909, Enie, eldest daughter of John Bill, aged 11 years
her death notice
She was buried at Eltham but not on the Eltham database

1898 - 1898 Dorothy Alice Bill
born 15 March 1898, a twin with Sarah
DOROTHY died aged 7 weeks (possibly in Geraldine)

1900 - 1986 Leah Agnes Ruth Bill
Leah married William Austin REILLY (1903-1972) in 1923
they had 6 sons and a daughter
LEAH died 5 September 1986 aged 85 at Orari
she is buried with William Plot 898, Row 265 at Temuka cemetery

1902 - 1973 John Walter Bill
John married Rita Evelyn STRINGER (1907-1985) in 1931
JOHN died 5 June 1973 aged 70
he is buried with Rita Plot 158, Row 271 at Temuka cemetery

1904 - 1909 Charlotte Amelda 'Enid' Bill
ENID died 3 July 1909 aged 4 (see link below)
she is buried with her mother at Eltham cemetery

Timaru Herald, 24 July 1909 A progressive euchre party and dance were held in the Victoria hall, Winchester, on Thursday evening, in aid of Mr John Bill, the recent sufferer by the disastrous fire at Eltham. Mr Bill and his family were for many years resident near Winchester. There were 60 present and the prize winners were Miss Campbell and Mr Elkis. A dance was held afterwards at which the musicians were Messrs Roddick and Hergan, with Mr J. Cripps as M.C. The takings were 6 (July 2013 equivalent of $971), a very pleasing result for the promoters, Messrs J. Wilks, J. Cripps and J. Farrell

Taranaki Herald, 6 August 1909 Yesterday afternoon, in the Sports Ground, a team from the Fire Brigade played a team nominally composed of butchers and bakers, but really consisting of Star Club seniors and juniors in a match arranged as a 'benefit' to Mr J. Bill, of Mangatoki. The 'butchers and bakers' won by 12 points to nil

Emily Jane BILL died 3 July 1909 aged 35
she is buried Old Plot 14, New Plot 2337, Block 2 at Eltham General Methodist
(buried with daughter 'Enid' & possibly 'Enie' although she is not on database)
all were burned in their house fire at Mangatoki
cause of the fire

John Walter BILL died 12 January 1947 aged 81
he is buried Plot 789, Row 185 at Temuka cemetery

Grave of John Walter BILL

husband of Emily Jane (nee Williams, buried Eltham)
Plot 789, Row 185 at Temuka cemetery

George BALDWIN + Isabella DRAPER - Hawera

George BALDWIN (1847-1926)
was born in Ightham, Kent, England, a son of:

Isabella DRAPER (1849-1909)
was born in Mereworth, Kent, England, a daughter of:
Edward DRAPER & Frances PETERS

George Baldwin & Isabella Draper
married in Kent, England on 11 September 1871

Their known children:
... 1
1867 - 1939 Emily Draper
born Kent, England
EMILY married George MERCER in 1888
their known children:
* 1888 - Rupert John Mercer
* 1890 - Leonard George Mercer
* 1892 - Violet Winifred mercer
* 1893 - Sydney Lawrence Mercer
* 1895 - Stanley Claude Mercer
* 1897 - Gladys Myrtle Mercer
* 1903 - Reginald Valentine Mercer
* 1906 - Royal Isabel Mercer
EMILY died 28 January 1939 aged 72
GEORGE died 5 September 1946 aged 89
buried Old Plots 5 & 6, New Plots 1084 & 1085, Block 67 at Patea Old Lawn

... 2
1871 - 1941 James Baldwin
born in Kent, England
JAMES married Amy PAKENHAM-SMITH (1876-1952) in 1892
their known children:
* 1892 - Albert Joshua Baldwin
* 1896 - Edith Elizabeth Baldwin
* 1897 - Rebecca Agnes Baldwin
* 1903 - James Walter Godfrey Baldwin
* 1906 - Thomas Henry Pakenham Baldwin
* 1910 - Amy Isabella Baldwin
* 1911 - George William David Baldwin
JAMES died 5 May 1941 aged 70
AMY died 29 February 1852 aged 76
They are buried Old Plot 19 & 20, New Plot 10169 & 10677, Block LXIII at Hawera

... 3
1873 - 1873 Sarah Baldwin
born in Kent England
SARAH died as an infant

... 4
1875 - Elizabeth Baldwin
born in Kent, England
Elizabeth married George William SMART
nothing else known

... 5
1877 - 1918 Reuben Baldwin
Reuben served in WWI as Private 71869
REUBEN died 4 November 1918 of Alcohol Poisoning aged 41
Evening Post, 6 November 1918 Private Reuben Baldwin, of the Featherston Camp, who died at hawera on Sunday evening, was 41 years of age and single. His next-of-kin is his father, Mr George Baldwin, Eltham, Taranaki. He was at the time of death on leave without pay
He is buried Old Plot 19, New Plot 4288, Block XIX at Hawera General Episcopalian

... 6
1880 - 1929 Rose Baldwin
born Kent, England (2 weeks old at immigration registration date)
the family then emigrated on the Pleione
Rose married William Francis HARWOOD 28 Feb 1899
their known children:
* 1900 - 1981 Rose Elizabeth 'Ruby' Harwood
* 1902 - 1971 'Roy' Francis Harwood (+ Hazel Margaret Addis 1944)
* 1903 - 1963 Ivor Lucian Herbert 'Jim' Harwood
* 1904 - 1977 Stanley George Harwood
* 1906 - 1906 Albert William Thomas Harwood (aged 2 months)
Rose next married Charles James BUCKLAND (1882-1930) 7 June 1915
they had 4 children:
* 1914 - 1965 Ronald Charles Buckland (+ Jean Catherine Stratford)
* 1917 - 2006 Rona Rose Buckland (+ Arthur Rupert Watt 1936)
* 1919 - 2002 Thora May Buckland (+ Ernie John Hazelwood 1943)
* 1922 - 2006 Jule Mabel Buckland (+ Michael Joseph Sugrue 1940)
ROSE died 31 August 1929 aged 49
she is buried Old Plot 1, New Plot 260, Block XXII at Hawera General

... 7
1882 - 1954 George Baldwin
born in Patea, South Taranaki
George served in WWI as Private 81105
George married Aroha Gertrude GUSSETER(?) (1885-1925) in 1912
GEORGE died 18 September 1954 aged 72
He is buried Old Plot 2, New Plot 12066, Block LXX at Hawera RSA

... 8
1885 - 1904 Thomas Baldwin
born in Patea, South Taranaki
THOMAS died 22 January 1904 in Huntly, Waikato aged 18

... 9
1887 - 1951 Stephen Baldwin
born in Patea, South Taranaki
Stephen married Alexina BANKS (1885-1963) in 1914
STEPHEN died 29 January 1951 aged 63
He is buried with Alexina in Plot 131, Block 19 at Ruru lawn cemetery, Christchurch

... 10
1889 - Isabella Matilda Baldwin
born in Taranaki
Isabella married Arthur Charles William PEARCE (1886-1964) in 1908
their known children:
* 1908 - Ivan Arthur Mercer
* 1911 - Cecilia Emily Pearce

Isabella BALDWIN died 25 June 1909 aged 61
George BALDWIN died 23 July 1926 aged 79
Evening Post, 9 August 1926 An old Eltham resident, Mr George Baldwin, aged 79, was found dead in bed on Saturday. He returned on 22nd July from a visit to his daughter, Mrs Buckland, at Hawera, and had not been seen till his daughter visited his home here. Medical opinion is that Mr Baldwin had died about a fortnight ago. Deceased leaves a grown-up family residing in various parts of the Dominion.
- they are buried at Eltham cemetery
Old Plot 35 & 36, New Plot 2366 & 2367, Block 3

being towed into Dunedin c1888


FRANCIS buried/cremated Hastings & Havelock North to March 2014
born still & unnamed children not listed here

ANNIE LENA Francis (nee HORNE)
born: 26 June 1902
married: Leonard Francis in 1926
died: 11 March 2001 aged 98
last address: Clive
buried: Plot HH20, NCH at Hastings

born: 4 Nov 1911
parents: Sydney Patterson Emilius FRANCIS & Susan FLEMING
died: 19 July 1988 aged 76
buried: Plot L16, NCH at Hastings

born: 18 June 1886
* Private 6/4607 11th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
next of kin: G. Francis (uncle), Sprigg House, Alresforth, Hants, England
married: Bridget McHALE in 1923
died: 24 April 1973 (database has 1972) aged 86
buried: Plot E88, RSA at Hastings

died: 29 October 1974 aged 31
buried: Plot J26, NCH at Hastings

BRIDGET Francis (nee McHALE)
married: Arthur Cyril Francis in 1923
died: 7 Oct 1930 aged 38
buried: Plot 611, Block E at Hastings

married: George Francis
died: 16 February 1926 aged 77
buried: Plot 85, Block M at Havelock North

(on database as Charlotte, possibly should be Caroline as above)
died: 17 February 1926 aged 78
buried: Plot 85, Block M at Havelock North

born: 25 March 1920
died: 8 December 2005 aged 85
last address: Taradale
buried: Plot 0, D26_M at Hastings

died: 17 April 1983 age unknown
buried: Plot GG40, NCH at Hastings

born: 18 April 1916
died: 8 January 1976 aged 59
buried: Plot L15, NCH at Hastings

born: 8 December 1913
died: 18 April 1989 aged 75
last district: Napier
buried: Plot 557, NCH at Hastings

born: 8 December 1907
died: 25 August 1977 aged 69
address: Palmerston North ex Gisborne
cremated at Hastings

died: 20 June 1987 aged 87
last address: Dannevirke
buried: Plot Q1, NCH at Hastings

parents: George WINDUSS & Elizabeth WATT
married: William John Francis in 1908
died: 17 October 1917 (database has 29 Sep 1909) aged 31
buried Plot 187, Block F at Hastings

died: 2 September 1974 aged 15
buried: Plot J25, Block NCH at Hastings

GEORGE Francis
died: 16 August 1962 aged 78
buried: Plot 527, Block O at Hastings

GEORGE Francis
died: 8 September 1928 aged 81
buried: Plot 85, Block M at Havelock North

born: 10 December 1913
died: 9 March 2002 aged 88
last address: Napier
buried: Plot 0, Block D26_M at Hastings

born: 26 May 1910
parents: Robert MELTON & Maud Sophia FINLAYSON
married: William Henry Francis in 1928
died: 4 September 1996 aged 86
buried: Plot 36A, RSA at Havelock North

born: 8 July 1925
* CH/X117012 with the Royal marines
died: 12 July 1983 aged 58
buried: Plot D45A, RSA at Hastings

died: 14 October 1983 aged 39
last address: Flaxmere
buried: Plot GG73, NCH at Hastings

died: 1 May 1965 aged 38
* mother of Bridget
buried: Plot 612, Block E at Hastings

born: 6 February 1888
parents: John & Janet FRANCIS
married: Kathleen Knowsley in 1912
died: 21 September 1975 aged 87
last address: Hastings
buried: Plot 143, Block A at Mamgaroa

born: 3 October 1931
died: 1 September 2006 aged 75
buried: Plot 1094, Block CRG at Hastings

born: 2 October 1891 in Western Oceania Mission, Akaroa
parents: Edwin John KNOWSLEY & Mary Ann LYNCH
married: John Campbell Francis 7 March 1912
died: 23 December 1982 aged 91
buried: Plot 143, Block A at Mangaroa

died: 7 December 2001 aged 63
buried: Plot 0, D26_M at Hastings

born: 12 April 1900
married: Annie Lena Horne in 1926
died: 19 January 1984 aged 83
buried: Plot HH19, Block NCH at Hastings

MARY Francis
died: 11 June 1964 aged 56
last address: Gisborne
cremated at Hastings, ashes scattered

born: 17 December 1918
died: 21 December 1979 aged 61
last address: Palmerston North
buried: Plot 0, Block D26_M at Hastings

died: 31 May 1971 aged 42
buried: Plot 86, NCH at Hastings

father: Reverend Robert Francis, Saint John's Manse, Opotiki
* Private 3/3491 29th Reinforcements New Zealand Medical Corps
* wrote a number of medical journals & Control & Treatment of Tuberculosis
died: 12 September 1962 aged 66
buried: Plot 110, NCH at Hastings

THOMAS Francis
born: 18 March 1910
parents: William FRANCIS & Amelia May/Mary TAYLOR
siblings: 5 known brothers & 2 sisters
died: 4 December 2003 aged 93
last address: Dannevirke
cremated at Hastings

died: 21 May 1977 aged 72
last address: Gisborne
cremated at Hastings

* Senior Sergeant 552063,
married: Grace Mary Evelyn Melton in 1928
died: 2 December 1995 aged 86
buried: Plot 36A, RSA at Havelock North

died: 30/10/1974 aged
cremated at Hastings

Caroline Sophia (1848-1926) & George (1847-1928) Francis

Plot 85, Block M at Havelock North

returned soldiers at HAWERA Memorial RSA

the men and women who served for NZ in the wars, buried OR memorialised at the HAWERA Memorial Returned Service Association to March 2014

ALLEN, Ian Johnston
born: May 31 1924
died: June 22 1995 aged 71
buried: Plot 19663, Block XVI

BAKER, Godfrey John
born: Jan 19 1923
died: Oct 9 1989 aged 66
buried: Plot 19701, Block XXI

BARKLA, Edith Thelma
born: Aug 29 1924
died: May 13 1992 aged 67
buried: Plot 19692, Block XX

BARRY, Roland Wilfred
born: Sep 25 1912
parents: William Patrick BARRY & Ethel Linda MAYS
died: Sep 14 1997 aged 85
buried: Plot 19713, Block XXII

born: Feb 13 1902
died: May 10 1983 aged 81
buried: Plot 19502, Block I

BELL, Arthur Ernest
born: Oct 3 1925
died: Dec 5 1994 aged 69
buried: Plot 19643, Block XV

BLOOR, Mavis Dorothy
born: May 29 1922
died: April 21 1992 aged 69
buried: Plot 19651, Block XVI

BLOOR, Vincent Bernard Cleaver
born: June 8 1920
died: Dec 3 1987 aged 67
buried: Plot 19651, Block XVI

BROGDEN, Gilbert
born: July 17 1908
parents: George William BROGDEN & Rose Olif WAIN
siblings: 5 known brothers & a sister
died: May 5 1993 aged 84
buried: Plot 19543, Block V

CANN, Maxwell Ian
born: Jan 23 1915
died: Sep 9 1994 aged 79
buried: Plot 19603, Block XI

CARD, Dorothy Louise
born: May 12, 1916
died: Jan. 16, 1996 aged 80
buried: Plot 19681, Block XIX

CARD, William Andrew
born: Feb 27 1911
parents: William Bennett (1870-1953, buried Waverley) & Isabel CARD
died: Oct 8 1989 aged 78
buried: Plot 19681, Block XIX

CORKIN, Arthur Bruce
born: Jan 30 1931
died: Oct 29 1992 aged 61
buried: Plot 19532, Block IV

COULSON, Frederick
born: Jan 20 1916
died: Oct 5 1989 aged 73
buried: Plot 19521, Block III

COX, Dawson Charles
born: Jan 14 1921
died: Jan 3 1994 aged 73
buried: Plot 19573, Block VIII

DEATH, Lawrence Albert
born: Sep 30 1915
died: Dec 11 1993 aged 78
buried: Plot 19633, Block XIV

born: unknown
died: April 5 1993 aged unknown
buried: Plot 19513, Block II

EMBLING, Marian Francis
born: July 22 1924
died: Aug 8 1982 aged 58
buried: Plot 19693, Block XX

EMBLING, Noel Raymond John
born: Sep 11 1919
died: Dec 11 1996 aged 77
buried: Plot 19693, Block XX

FOREMAN, Noel Clinton
born: Jan 14 1922
died: Aug 27 1991 aged 69
buried: Plot 19572, Block VIII

FRANK, Elizabeth Albreda (nee Beare)
born: Aug 13 1895
married: Eric Theodore Frank in 1920
died: Sep 15 1986 aged 91
buried: Plot 19652, Block XVI

FRANK, Eric Theodore
born: Aug 17 1895
parents: August Theodore FRANK & Florence Jane Dutten ROWE
siblings: 2 known brothers & 4 sisters
died: Jan 15 1991 aged 95
buried: Plot 19652, Block XVI

FYALL, Robert
born: May 11 1913
died: July 17 1994 aged 81
buried: Plot 19613, Block XII

GRANT, John Gildroy VC
born: Aug 26 1889 in Hawera
parents: George & Jane GRANT
volunteered: for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in June 1915. Served with the battalion throughout 1916 and 1917, and the following year had reached the rank of sergeant. He was 29 years old when he performed the deed for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. On 1 Sep 1918 near Bancourt, the leading waves of the battalion on reaching a crest of high ground, found that a line of enemy machine-gun posts offered a serious obstacle to further advance. The company, however, advanced against these posts under point-blank fire and when about 18m away Grant, closely followed by a comrade, rushed ahead of his platoon, entering the centre post and demoralising the garrison so that the platoon were able to mop up the positions. In the same manner he rushed the post on the left and the remaining posts were quickly occupied and cleared by his company.
Shortly afterwards he was promoted to second lieutenant and traveled to Cambridge in England for officer training in October 1918. He was wounded in November, within days of his return to the front. His service with the NZEF ended with his repatriation to New Zealand in 1919
died: Nov 25 1970 aged 81
memorial: Plot 19571, Block VIII
buried: SOLDIERS BURIAL M Row 9, Plot 95 at Waikumete

born: 1918
died: Aug 3 1989 aged 71
buried: Plot 19731, Block XXIV

GRINDLAY, Iris Evelyn (nee EMENY)
born: Aug 5 1918
married: William Charles Gindlay
children: 2 known daughters
died: Dec 11 1991 aged 73
buried: Plot 19553, Block VI

GRINDLAY, William Charles 'Bill'
born: April 16 1894
parents: William GINDLAY (1857-1935) & Kezia/Kaziah CHILES (1866-1938)
history: His father was from Scotland, arrived in Invercargill, moved to Adelaide & there married Kaziah. They moved back to NZ in 1901 & farmed/settled in Taranaki
siblings: 4 known brothers & 4 sisters
died: Aug 24 1993 aged 99
buried: Plot 19553, Block VI

HARPER, James George
born: Feb 22 1922
died: June 24 1997 aged 75
buried: Plot 19723, Block XXIII

born: unknown
married: Lloyd George Hawkins
died: unknown aged unknown
buried: Plot 19533, Block IV

HAWKINS, Lloyd George
born: June 10 1916
served: as Private 557420 with 34 Battalion
died: June 25 1993 aged 77
buried: Plot 19533, Block IV

born: March 7 1911
parents: Frederick (1874-1947) & Rosa (1880-1955) HEADLEY
sister: Phyllis Maude Headley (1909-2001) m. Leslie James GOWER in Hawera 1930
died: June 15 1989 aged 78
buried: Plot 19541, Block V

HINE, Ernest Wilfred
born: Dec 1 1915
died: Jan 10 1994 aged 78
buried: Plot 19503, Block I

HOWELL, Errol John
born: Dec 5 1922
died: Nov 22 1987 aged 2 weeks from 65
buried: Plot 19591, Block X

born: May 11 1889
died: Sep 27 1986 aged 96
buried: Plot 19641, Block XV

KELLY, Christopher Campbell
born: July 3 1925
died: Dec 6 1990 aged 65
buried: Plot 19642, Block XV

LAURENT, Ethel Montgomery (nee Homewood)
born: March 12 1903 in London
married Henry 'Harry' John Laurent 20 July 1921 in St Mary's, Hawera
children: 3 known
died: Sep 7 1986 aged 83
buried: 19581, Block IX

LAURENT, Henry 'Harry' John VC
born: April 15 1895 Tarata, Taranaki
parents: John Martin LAURENT (1867-1951) & Mary Martha KNOFFLOCK (1876-1959)
siblings: 2 brothers & 4 sisters
served as: Lieutenant Colonel 24/213 2nd Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Sergeant Laurent was awarded "for conspicuous bravery, skill and enterprise" when, during an attack at Gouzeaucourt Woods on 12 September 1918, he was in charge of an advance group, leading a party of twelve. The squad advanced quickly to attack a German support line that was being strongly held. In the initial attack and in the subsequent hand-to-hand fighting he displayed initiative and leadership, his squad killing a number of the enemy and captured an officer and 111 other ranks at the cost of just four casualties.
married: Ethel Montgomery HOMEWOOD in 1921
died: Dec 9 1987 aged 92 in Hastings
buried: Plot 19581, Block IX
memorial: Dunedin, Victoria Cross winners' plaque, Queens Gardens, Dunedin

LEWIS, Chloris Edith Christina
born: Feb 20 1918
died: April 15 1990 aged 72
buried: Plot 19671, Block XVIII

LEWIS, Douglas Arthur
born: May 17 1915
died: Oct 29 1988 aged 73
buried: Plot 19671, Block XVIII

LONG, Jane
born: 1899
died: Sep 19 1987 aged 87
buried: Plot 19662, Block XVII

LONG, Thomas William
born: Feb 19 1897
died: April 12 1983 aged 86
buried: Plot 19662, Block XVII

LOONEY, Kenneth Thomas
born: May 4 1919
died: March 18 1991 aged 71
buried: Plot 19602, Block XI

MacRAE, John Sellar Leel
born: July 12 1913 in Wellington
parents: James Grant MacRAE & Christina Mowat LEEL from Scotland
siblings: 2 known
married: Kathleen Jean STANLEY
died: Sep 22 1989 aged 76
buried: Plot 19531, Block IV

MARKWICK, Helen Mabel
born: May 15 1914
died: Oct 30 1992 aged 78
buried: Plot 19561, Block VII

MARKWICK, John Paton
born: July 19 1913
parents: John James MARKWICK & Jane PATON
died: March 17 1989 aged 75
buried: Plot 19561, Block VII

McKENZIE, Moira Urquhart
born: Sep 15 1923
died: July 19 1984 aged 61
buried: Plot 19703, Block XXI

McKENZIE, Trevor Lloyd
born: Oct 23 1922
died: Jan 16 1997 aged 74
buried: 19703, Block XXI

MITCHELL, Thomas Gilbert
born: April 9 1896
parents: Matthew & Jessie MITCHELL
married: Dora Felicia GIBSON (1897-1980) in 1924
died: July 14 1989 aged 93
served: as Private 36346 NZEF, 21st Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
buried: Plot 19511, Block II

MOORE, Arthur John
born: May 27 1902
parents: John MOORE & Fanny VOLYKE(?)
died: Aug 14 1988 aged 86
buried: Plot 19661, Block XVII

MORTLOCK, Stanley George
born: July 2 1911
parents: George MORTLOCK & Evelyn Mary BRYANT
died: Nov 21 1991 aged 80
buried: Plot 19672, Block XVIII

MUSCHAMP, Dudley Francis
born: Feb 21 1910 in Waitara
parents: Robert Francis MUSCHAMP & Gertrude Emeline HAMBLYN
died: Jan 14 1977 aged 66
buried: Plot 19512, Block II

NICHOLAS, Basil Walter
born: Sep 6 1917
died: Aug 13 1989 aged 71
buried: Plot 19711, Block XXII

ORMOND, Henry Robert
born: July 19 1922
died: March 23 1988 aged 65
buried: Plot 19691, Block XX

ORR, James
born: Dec 10 1905
died: Sep 17 1991 aged 85
buried: Plot 19682, Block XIX

PEPPERELL, Alfred James
born: Aug 21 1915
died: Aug 20 1986 aged 1 day from 71
buried: Plot 19601, Block XI

PERRETT, Claude Patrick
born: May 9 1914
served as: Flying Officer NZ36132
died: June 19 1991 aged 77
buried: Plot 19582, Block IX

PERRETT, Winifred Jean
born: Sep 5 1916
died: April 29 1994 aged 77
buried: Plot 19582, Block IX

PETRIE, Hazel Margaret
born: Oct 1 1911
died: Oct 11 1996 aged 85
buried: Plot 19523, Block III

PETRIE, William Walter
born: Jan 3 1911
parents: William PETRIE & Maude Zealandia RUSH
died: March 7 1993 aged 82
buried: Plot 19523, Block III

PHILIP, William Roy
born: June 5 1908
parents: Alexander PHILIP & Ellen Maria GLENN
died: June 1 1995 aged 87
buried: 19673, Block XVIII

QUINN, Alva Eileen Mary
born: April 20 1921
died: Sep 15 1996 aged 75
buried: Plot 19683, Block XIX

ROBSON, Avis Gladys
born: March 8 1914
died: Oct 2 1986 aged 72
buried: Plot 19551, Block VI

ROBSON, George
born: July 19 1911
died: Nov 20 1986 aged 75
buried: 19551, Block VI

born: 1927
died: July 27, 1992 aged 65
buried: Plot 19593, Block X

SIMPSON, Richard David Logan
born: Oct 3, 1899
parents: Alexander SIMPSON & Clara BENNETT
siblings: 2 known sisters
died: Sep 17 1992 aged 92
buried: Plot 19742, Block XXV

born: April 18 1911
parents: Thomas Joseph SPALDING & Mary Jane McCARTNEY
siblings: 3 known brothers
died: Aug 21 1992 aged 81
buried: Plot 19722, Block XXIII

(possibly Charles Rodney, but years here don't match)
born: 1907
died: April 26, 1994 aged 87
buried: 19592, Block X

VOICE, Ivy Marguerite
born: Sep 17 1906
died: Dec 4 1980 aged 73
buried: Plot 19562, Block VII

born: Sep 19 1917
died: Aug 3 1989 aged 71
buried: Plot 19721, Block XXIII

born: 1902
died: Aug 22, 1989 aged 87
buried: Plot 19741, Block XXV

WEST, Ernest Walter
born: Nov 18 1924
died: July 9 1992 aged 67
buried: Plot 19552, Block VI

WOODS, Maurice John Alfred
born: Oct 23 1920
died: Sep 30 1987 aged 66
buried: Plot 19501, Block I

Harry John Laurent
served in:
* WWI aged 20 as Lieutenant Colonel 24/213
* WWII aged 44 commanding a battalion in the Home Guard

Grave photo of Harry & Ethel at Hawera