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Info wanted on William & Louisa SUMMERS - Lower Hutt

William and Louisa Summers were living in Bridge Street, Lower Hutt during the first World War when they had 4 sons serving

* Tom - embarked 9th Oct 1915
* William - embarked 8th Jan 1916
* Henry - embarked 31st Dec 1917 on the Athentic with Charles
* Charles - embarked 31st Dec 1917 on the Athentic with Henry
Charles did not return

I would like to know where William and Louisa were born
- Louisa as born about 1861
- did they emigrate to New Zealand
- what was Louisa's maiden name
- do you know the children of the following

their children were:
1883-1953 Tom llewellyn Summers
- served with Otago Mounted Rifles 7th Reinforcements
- he married Olive Myrtle Andrew in 1923

1888-1975 Dinah Gwen Summers
- she married Archibald Forbes in 1915

1890-1959 William Benjamin Summers
- he served with NZEF 3rd Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company
- do not know if he married

1892-1966 Albert Summers
- he served with NZEF 19th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company
- he married Alice Jane Youngson in 1920
- they are both buried in Masterton

1893-1918 Charles Summers
- he served with NZEF 33rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- he was killed in action in Bapaume, France
- he was buried at Bancourt British cemetery

1894-1985 Henry Summers
- he served NZEF 33rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- he married Teny Violet Reardon in 1923
- she was a daughter of Joseph David Reardon & Kate McClellam
- her brother Patrick Reardon married Rose Evelyn Price, daughter of Stephen Price & Evelina Dryland of Masterton

1895-1989 Miriam Ruth Summers
- she married George Dallas in 1923

1897-? Phyllis Naomi Summers
- nothing is known of Phyllis

1899-1998 Thelma Summers
- she married Harry Algermon Harcombe in 1924
- she died aged 99

1901-? Jean Summers
- nothing is known of Jean

1904-? Benjamin Gwilliam Summers
- nothing is known of Benjamin

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Descendants of Joseph BIELECKI of Gietrzwald, Northern Poland to BIELSKI of Manawatu, New Zealand

Joseph Bielecki was born in Dietrichswalds - now Gietrzwald, Olsztyn County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Northern Poland
- he married Anna Stenkievicz (pronounced Stenkie-vich)

One of their sons, Martin Bielski, emigrated to New Zealand on the FRITZ REUTER whixh left Hamburg, Germany on 12th April 1876, arriving in Wellington on 4th August
There were 425 passengers on board, 259 of them Polish

The original surname was Bielecki but English officials recorded the name as it sounded on Martins`s immigration and the name became Bielski.
Bielski is also a Polish name and both names have the same meaning. `Biel` means `white`, `Ski` and`cki` are uffixes that change a Polish word into a surname
Both names were also used ocasionally as a nickname for a fair-haired person

Martin was born in 1845
- he married Barbara "Mary" Brodkowski (in Poland)
- Mary was born in 1846 in Subkou (now Subkowy) Tczew County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Northern Poland
- she died in 1913 in Feilding, Manawatu

The Bielski`s were one of the forfounding families to settle Rangiwahia, the northern most town of the Manawatu
Martin had the Rangiwahia Boarding House in 1893 (at least) with "first-class accommodation for travellers and others"

They had 9 children:
1875 - 1938 Martin Bielski
- he was born in Pomeranian Voivodeship, Northern Poland about a year prior to emigrating
- he married Helen Holmes in 1899
- he was an ardent football player

1876 - 1939 Francis "Fanny" Bielski
- she was born on board the Fritz Reuter
- she married James Reid Temperley in 1893

1878 - 1942 Agnes Martha Bielski
- she was born in Halcombe - 32km NW of Palmrston North
- she married George Edward Bell in 1897

1879 - ? Anna "Annie" Bielski
- she was born in Halcombe, Manawatu

1881 - 1954 Frank Bielski
- he was born in Halcombe, Manawatu
- he married Minnie Rough in 1924

1882 - 1932 Clara Rose "Lily" Bielski
- she was born in Halcombe, Manawatu
- she married Sidney Stent in Ruahine in 1906
- he was a son of Charles Stent & Emma Lynds (nee Jackson)
- his sister Isobella married Thomas Bielski
- Clara and Sidney are buried in Rangiwahia

1884 - 1939 John James "Jack" Bielski
- he was born in Halcombe, Manawatu
- he and his brother Thomas were at Rangiwahia School in 1898
- he married Ellen Agnes Smith
- they are buried together in Rangiwahia

1887 - 1958 Thomas Albert "Tom" Bielski
- he was born in Pemberton 68km N of Palmerston North
- he married Isobella Stent
- her brother Sidney married Clara Bielski
- they had 11 (known) children

1891 - 1916 Frederick Andrew "Fred" Bielski
- he was born in Pemberton 68km N of Palmerston North
- in 1899 he was at the Rangiwahia Scool
- he died in a car accident aged 25
- he is buried in Rangiwahia

Thomas JUKES of New Zealand

Looking for more information on Thomas Jukes and his descendants

Thomas Jukes was born in 1852
- unknown where
He married Elizabeth ?
-unknown surname

Their children (all born in New Zealand) were:
Eliza Jane Jukes
- born in 1876
- died in ?
- married Henry Alfred WILSON in 1898
- their children were:
1900 - Thomas Henry Wilson
1902 - Arthur George Wilson
1904 - Fredrick Cecil Wilson
1905 - Violet Elizabeth Jessie Wilson
1908 - Cyril Raymond Wilson

Annie Louise Jukes
- born in 1878
- died in 1951
- married Walter LAWSON in 1899
- their known children were:
1900 - Annie Ellen Elizabeth Lawson
1903 - Florence Francoise Lawson
1905 - Alice Josephine Lawson
1908 - Walter Thomas Leslie Lawson

William Edwin Thomas Jukes
- born in 1880
- died in 1940
- married Laura Violet HANNEN in 1904
- married Grace Muriel SAINT in 1927

Sarah Helen/Ellen Jukes
- born in 1882
- died in ?
- married Henry Aubery CONNER in 1900

George Arthur Jukes
- born in 1885
- died in 1966
- married Catherine DOOLING in 1910

Mary Evangeline Jukes
- born in 1887
- died in 1887 an infant
- buried at Terrace End, Palmerston North

Walter David Juke
- born in 1888 in Feilding
- died in 1905 aged 16 in a bushfelling accident in Ohau

Lily May Jukes
- born in 1890
- died in 1961 in Eltham, Taranaki
- married Henry Douglas DRAKE in 1908
- Henry/Harry was born 1880 in Normanby, Taranaki
- he died 1956 in Raetahi

Daisy Violet Rose Juke
- born in 1894
- died in 1969
- married Frederick James CROWE in 1910

John Wilfred Jukes;
- born in 1895
- died in 1895 aged 3 weeks

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OLD AGE PENSION CLAIMS 1899 - for Takaka, Nelson settlers

24th February 1899

Francis Henry Gapper
- 71 years of age, 56 years in the Colony, 14 a year

Bownas Handcock
- 65 years of age, 42 years in the Colony, full pension of 18

Edward Solly
- 67 years of age, 48 years in the Colony, pension of 1 a year

William Goldney
- 80 years of age, 43 years in the Colony, pension of 5 a year

Maria Tassniage
- 85 years of age, 38 years in the Colony, pension of 18 a year

James Graham
- 66 years of age, 36 years in the Colony, pension of 1 a year

Walter Handsome Haines
- 65 years of age, 43 years in the Colony, pension of 10

Daniel Moulder
- 65 years of age, 56 years in the Colony, full pension of 18

Margaret Sigley
- 66 years of age, 47 years in the Colony, full pension of 18

Sarah Lovel
- 67 years of age, 28 years in the Colony, full pension of 18

The following equivalent $ value was calculated using the Consumer Price Index for February 1899 and February 2009

The full pension of 18 a year would be worth, in 2009, $2,860.31
- or $55 a week
Edward`s 1 a year was worth, in 2009, $158.91
- or $3.05 per week

SHERRARD of Pongaroa, Wairarapa

Pongaroa is a small township 50km east of Pahiatua

There are 5 SHERRARD buried in Pongaroa Cemetery

Albert Sherrard 1905-1907
- died aged 2 years 4 months
- son of Thomas Sherrard & Emily Agnes Cox
- buried Plot 45, Block 4

Emily Agnes Sherrard (nee Cox) 1874-1959
- died aged 85 years 6 months
- wife of Thomas Sherrard
- mother of Albert
- buried Plot 8, Block 15

Rona Sherrard 1905-1989 (nee ?)
- lived at 13 Ranfurly St, Dannevirke
- wife of Thomas James Sherrard
- died aged 84
- buried Plot 10, Block 15

Thomas Sherrard 1852-1937
- died aged 85 years and 3 days
- husband of Emily Agnes Cox
- farmer in Pongaroa
- buried Plot 7, Block 15

Thomas James Sherrard 1896-1988
- lived at 13 Ranfurly St, Dannevirke
- died aged 92
- buried Plot 9, Block 15
- husband of Rona

the MAYs buried in the Dannevirke, Pahiatua, Woodville region

The MAYs buried in the Dannevirke, Pahiatua, Woodville region

Elizabeth May 1852-1914
- buried Plot 58 Block D at Settlers Dannevirke
- buried with both Henry May

Florence Edith May 1895-1980
- buried Plot 33 Block 8 at Lawn Woodville

Gladys Irene May 1925-1950
- never married
- buried Plot 41 Block ZP at Mangatera Dannevirke
- buried with William Thomas May

Henry May 1883-1901
- buried Plot 58 Block D at Settlers Dannevirke

Henry May 1856-1916
- buried Plot 58 Block D at Settlers Dannevirke

John Henry May 1888-1930
- farmed at Te Rehunga, Dannevirke
- buried Plot 38 Block AB at Mangatera Dannevirke

Kenneth Hayward Taylor May 1890-1979
- buried Plot 58 Block B at RSA Woodville

Robin David May 1963-1963
- died aged 3 days
- buried Plot 23 Block AG at Mangatera Dannevirke

Thelma Caroline Hevenson May 1910-1989 (nee ?)
- lived at Ballance, Woodville
- buried Plot 167 at Mangahao-Ballance Pahiatua
- buried with William May

Thomas James May 1886-1959
- buried Plot 26 Block CL at Mangatera Dannevirke
- married Moren Christina Nielsen

Violet Mary May 1887-1910
- buried Plot 7 Block 3 at Mangatainoka Pahiatua
- daughter of Joseph & Sarah May

William May 1909-1978
- farmer at Ballance, Woodville
- buried Plot 167 at Mangahao-Ballance Pahiatua
- buried with Thelma Caroline Hevenson May

William Thomas May 1928-1945
- buried Plot 41 Block ZP at Mangatera Dannevirke
- buried with Gladys Irene May

Some New Zealand STEWARTs with OLIPHANT in their names

Some of the STEWART's who have died in New Zealand with the 'Oliphant' name:

1. 1884 - 1958 Albert Oliphant AKA Te Tawhero Stewart
- son of Charles Edward Oliphant Stewart 7 & Lily Tetawera
- father of 5. & 20..
- brother of 13.
- His mother died when he was four, when his father remarried he was adopted by the Ngati Hokopu chief Hira Hotene and his wife, Te Waipunohu
- Married Adeline Celia McKay in 1907 and had 11 children

2. 1871 - 1934 Alfred Herbert Oliphant Stewart
- married Sarah Ellen Callaghan in 1905
- father of 17.
- Also had a daughter Edna May Oliphant Stewart

3. 1913 - 1972 Alfred Herbert Oliphant Stewart

4. 1894 - 1985 Allan Henry Oliphant Stewart

5. 1909 - 1976 Bertrand Oliphant Te Apatu Stewart
- from Tolaga Bay, served in the 2nd NZEF, 28th Maori Battalion WW2, Serial #68397.
- Son of 1.

6. 1928 - 2010 Bruce Oliphant Stewart

7. 1862 - 1921 Charles Edward Oliphant Stewart
- father of 1.

8. 1911 - 1999 Charles Oliphant Stewart
- from Whakatane, served in the 2nd NZEF, 28th Maori Battalion WW2, Serial #611058.
- Brother of 12. & 29.

9. 1917 - 1945 David Oliphant Stewart
- from Auckland, Killed in Action WW2, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 4 Squadron, #NZ413901

10. 1878 - 1946 David Oliphant Stewart
- son of John Tiffin & Frances Ann Stewart

11. 1900 - 1901 David Richard Oliphant Stewart

12. 1918 - 1993 Donald Oliphant Stewart
- from Whakatane, served in the 2nd NZEF, 28th Maori Battalion WW2, Serial #26034.
- Brother of 8. & 29.

13. 1882 - 1956 Edward Oliphant Stewart
- son of 7. & Lily Tetawera
- brother of 1.

14. 1914 - 1983 Edward Oliphant Stewart

15. 1916 - 2001 Florence Ramari Oliphant (nee Maaka) Stewart

16. 1904 - 1966 Gladys Agnes Oliphant Stewart

17. 1908 - 1973 Gordon James Oliphant Stewart
- from Auckland, served in WW2 in Greece, North Africa & Italy, New Zealand Artillery. 4 Field Regiment. 26 Field Battery, Serial #1531.
- Medals:
* Distinguished Service Order
* 1939-45 Star
* Africa Star with
* 8th Army Clasp
* Italy Star
* Defence Medal
* War Medal 1939-1945
* New Zealand War Service Medal
* Efficiency Decoration (ED)
* Mentioned in Despatches (MiD).
- Son of 2.

18. 1901 - 1943 Herbert Oliphant Stewart
- served in WW2, New Zealand Military Forces, Temporary Service

19. 1910 - 1913 Hiraina Aporina Oliphant Stewart

20. 1911 - 1945 Horton Oliphant Stewart
- from Whakatane, Killed in Action Suda Bay, Crete WW2, #4183, 2nd NZEF, 2nd Echelon, 28th Maori Battalion, B Company.
- Son of 1.

21. 1910 - 1983 Ian Oliphant Stewart

22. 1922 - 2008 James Oliphant Stewart

23. 1912 - 1987 Joseph William Oliphant Stewart

24. 1904 - 1973 Lawrence Oliphant Stewart
- son of George Tiffin Stewart & Josephine Margaret O'Hanlon

25. 1909 - 1971 Maxwell Oliphant Stewart
- son of Harold Stewart & Mary Letitia Jackson

26. 1853 - 1945 Randolph Oliphant Stewart
- married Mary Ann Hooper in 1880.
- Named a son Randolph Oliphant (1885) & a daughter Annie Josephine Oliphant (1881)

27. 1926 - 1902 Robert Oliphant Stewart

28. 1888 - 1920 Robert Oliphant Stewart

29. 1919 - 1941 Robert Oliphant Stewart
- from Whakatane, Killed in Action WW2 Western Desert, 2nd NZEF, 28th Maori Battalion, Corporal, Serial #62695.
- Brother of 8. & 12.

30. 1867 - 1895 Walter Armitage Oliphant Stewart

Where it may have all originated from:
John Stewart of Rothesay, Bute, Scotland married Agnes Oliphant
- a biography of one of their sons: John Tiffin Stewart 1827-1913

Ancestors and descendants of LONGWORTH RIDGE YELVERTON of Dannevirke, New Zealand

Longworth Ridge Yelverton was born in 1876 in New Zealand

- his father was Augustus Barrymore Yelverton (1829-1909)
- his grandfather was Hon. Augustus Yelverton (1802-1864)
- his great grandfather was William Charles Yelverton, 2nd Viscount Avonmore (1762-1814) - this William Charles married Mary Reade in 1787 and they had 2 daughters and 3 sons.
One of their sons, Barry John Yelverton became 3rd Viscount Avonmore.
- Barry John married Jane Boothe in 1811, he married again in 1822 to his cousin Cecilia O'Keefe. They had 5 daughters and 2 sons. One of the sons, William Charles Yelverton (1824-1883) became the 4th Viscount Avonmore. He married Maria Teresa Longworth in 1857 so she became Thrse Yelverton, Viscountess Avonmore.
... This infamous pair met in 1852, shortly after the battle of Balaclava. He was a decorated officer and she a nurse, with the French Sisters of Charity, who had tended to the wounded in the aftermath of the battle. They fell in love and maintained an amorous correspondence. They were married by Scots Law in April 1857 at Killowen in August 1857. After the wedding they traveled in England, Scotland, and France. When in Bordeaux, Theresa fell ill, and also was pregnant (she lost the baby). The major left her there. When she was well, she wrote to him, imploring him to make their marriage public. He said that this would ruin him, (Irish law forbade Protestants and Catholics to marry) he told her to find some rich man to marry and go to New Zealand. This was the last she heard from him.
She had nowhere to go but to friends, so she went to one in Scotland. Imagine her surprise when she heard the news of her husband's marriage on the 26th June to the Widow Forbes, a woman of large fortune from Edinburgh - she was Emily Marianne (nee Ashworth), the youngest daughter of Major General Sir Charles Ashworth, KCB (Knight Commander, Order of the Bath)
When Theresa began legal proceedings against her "husband" he countered that their so-called marriage had not taken place. Though the legal question of the case concerned events which occurred in Britain after the war, the trial nevertheless focused much attention on Yelverton's alleged seduction of the nurse.
The Viscount used his influence with the British House of Lords to annul his earlier marriage to Thrse Yelverton.
The case had much notoriety, with great support for her by the public.
The Viscount Avonmore was hung in effegy and he had to briefly go into hiding.
Yelverton said they openly indulged in illicit sexual relations with no thought of marriage.
Defending her reputation Maria Theresa swore she had remained chaste after the Scottish marriage until they celebrated Roman Catholic Nuptials whilst on a trip to Ireland (thereby marrying him twice)
The Major alleged the Irish Marriage Ceremony was merely a Catholic blessing, procured to ease Theresas conscience and so far as he was concerned she was just his concubine . . .
Because she was Catholic and Major William Yelverton was a Protestant, the marriage was declared illegal.
Despite deserting her and marrying another woman, Theresa spent many years in litigation establishing her right to her husbands name. She took a great interest in the death of Prince Louis Napoleon and when the Empress Eugenie visited Zululand Theresa followed and travelled extensively in South Africa, dying in 1882 of paralysis in Pietermaritzburg

A bio of Theresa, an orphaned daughter of a Manchester silk merchant
How an English Orphan Girl Became a Viscountess

You can read the trial of July 1867 here: LONGWORTH v YELVERTON

A very good site on the family history of
The Yelvertons, Viscounts Avonmore

It was through this ancestor that 'our' Longworth Yelverton got his first name
His father, Augustus Barrymore Yelverton, married Eliza Jane Ridge, which was where he got his second name from

- the children of Augustus and Eliza Yelverton were all born in New Zealand
Cecilia Yelverton born 1860
- Cecilia died aged 2 in 1862

Cecilia Ann Yelverton born 1863
- no husband found
- Cecilia Ann died aged 45 in 1908

Barry Squance Yelverton born 1865
- no wife found
- Barry died aged 73 in 1938

Foster Goring Yelverton born 1867
- he married Anne/Annie Caroline Mason in 1895
- she was one of 12 children of Alfred Mason & Jane Elizabeth Macey
- Foster and Anne had 3 (known) sons
1895 - 1960 Barry Augustus Yelverton
1896 - 1973 Hermann Stratton Yelverton
1898 - Macey Goring Yelverton
- Foster probably got his name through the 3rd Viscount Avonmore's eldest daughter, the Hon. Sydney Eloise Yelverton who married Forster Goring (1810-1893), fourth son of Sir Charles Forster Goring, (1810-1893, died in Wellington of bronchitis) 7th Battalion, Sheriff of Sussex. The Gorings were an old Sussex family who came to prominence with the Tudors. Forster served as a Cornet in the 1st King's Dragoon Guards and was Clerk of the Executive Council of New Zealand (1862-89). Their son Forster Yelverton Goring (1846-1923) served in the New Zealand War of 1861-1866 and became Lieutenant Colonel of the New Zealand Royal Artillery.
- Foster died aged 84 in 1952

Ada Caroline Yelverton born 1869
- she married Henry Benton (1865-1939) in 1891 in Greytown, Wairarapa
- he was a son of Thomas Benton (1829-1902) of Featherston, Wairarapa
- (Thomas was living in Featherson in at least 1864 and was in the Featherston Militia Volunteer Rifles winning a silver medal. The obverse consisted of crossed rifles with ribbons interlace bearing the insciption: "The Featherston Volunteer Rifles, established 1863". On the reverse it read: "Presented to Thomas Benton the successful competitor at the trial shot of 100, 200 and 300 yards, May 24, 1864", surrounded by a foliated shield. On the outer edge was engraved: "The gift of J. H. Marriott, Sc" - Thomas was living in Carterton in at least 1880)
- Henry was a brother of Charles Benton who married his wifes sister
- they had 6 (known) children
1892 - Hilda Kathleen Eliza Benton
- married John Herbert McWilliam Finlayson in 1915
1894 - 1969 Cora Cecilia Benton
- married Frank Martin Quigley in 1918
1896 - Rhoda Longworth Benton
1898 - Eileen Niniwa Benton
- married Charles Roy Keeling Bourke in 1926
1904 - 2004 Muriel Yelverton Benton
- married ? Dyer
- Muriel was born 5th July 1904 and died 5th March 2004, 4 months from 100
1907 - 1962 Gordon Henry Benton
- Gordon is buried in Plot 340 - Block 27 of Taruheru cemetery, Gisborne
- Caroline died aged 91 in 1961

Catherine Amelia Yelverton born 1871
- she married Charles Richard Benton (1870-1947) in 1892 in Featherston, Wairarapa
- Charles was a son of Thomas Benton of Featherston, Wairarapa
- Charles was a brother of Henry Benton who married his wifes sister
- he and Catherine farmed in Newstead, Featherston
- they had 5 (known) children
1895 - 1962 Yelverton Hamley Benton
- married Muriel Blanche Thorburn in 1922
1896 - Cos/Eos Sibyl Maimoa Benton
- married Cyril Frederick Lionel Everton in 1916
1898 - 1977 Otho Charles Benton
- served in WWI, Private 76699, NZEF, 40th Reinforcements E Company
- married Jessie McKenzie in 1929
1900 - 1975 Gifford Warrington Benton
- married Mary Harris MacDonald in 1920
1908 - 1928 Terence Longworth Benton
- Catherine died aged 57 in 1928

William Henry Yelverton "Willie" born 1875 in Featherston
- he died aged 12 on 9th January 1888 of Concussion of the brain

Longworth Ridge Yelverton born 1876
- he married Beatrice Lawry in 1900
- she was a daughter of Thomas & Caroline Lawry of Featherston, Wairarapa
- they farmed in Te Rehunga, Dannevirke
- they had:
1901 - Octavia Mervyn Yelverton
- she married Robert Henry Sinclair of Opunake in 1928
1903 - 1982 William Henry Yelverton
- he married Doris Elizabeth Rose Miller of Dannevirke in 1934
- he married Gwendolen Hilda Carter of Southampton in 1954
- he married Zoe May Burnett of Wairoa in 1960

Longworth Ridge Yelverton died aged 58 in 1936
- his wife Beatrice died aged 75, 17 years later and they are buried together in Plot 3 - Block AE - Main Section at Mangatera Cemetery Dannevirke

HOLLEYMAN of Dunedin, New Zealand

John HOLLEYMAN (1855-1909)
- married Mary Ann KELLAGHER of Ireland (1865-1943)

John died 34 years before Mary Ann
- they are buried together in PLOT 9 - BLOCK 179A at the Northern Cemetery, Dunedin

The known children of JOHN & MARY ANN:

Catherine Holleyman (1887-1988
- she was born in Dunedin
- she did not marry
- in her later years she lived in the Sacred Heart Home, Dunedin
- she died aged 101 and is buried in PLOT 8-BLOCK 1 at Green Park Cemetery Dunedin with her brother Forrest

Jane Frances Holleyman (1888-1984)
- Janes was born in Dunedin
- she married Frederick Ernest Holleyman
- not known what relationship they were to each other before marriage
- Jane died aged 95, 15 years after Frederick, in the Little Sister Home in Dunedin and she is buried with husband Frederick and Ursula Holleyman (daughter ?)

John Frederick Holleyman
- John was born in Dunedin
- he served in WWi
OCCUPATION - Range-fitter
NEXT OF KIN - Mrs Mary Holleyman (mother), 334 King Street, Dunedin BODY ON EMBARKATION - New Zealand Expeditionary Force
EMBARKATION UNIT - 29th Reinforcements Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company
EMBARKATION DATE - 15 August 1917
PLACE OF EMBARKATION - Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL - Ruahine
DESTINATION - Glasgow, Scotland
- no wife yet found for John
- he died aged 57 and is buried in PLOT 14 - BLOCK 15SF at Andersons Bay Cemetery

George Henry Holleyman (1891-1937)
- George was born in Dunedin
- he married Bridget Duggan iN 1926
- he died aged 43, 29 years before Bridget
- he is buried with her in PLOT 35 - BLOCK 141 at Andersons Bay Cemetery

Eva Clara Holleyman (1893-1965)
- Eva was born in Dunedin
- she married James William Fogarty in 1923
- he was a son of Francis Xavier Fogarty & Mary Claffey/Cluffey
- Eva died aged 71, 3 years after James
- they are buried in PLOT 61-BLOCK 238 at Andersons Bay cemetery

Forrest Wood Holleyman (1895-1978)
- Forrest was born in Dunedin
- he was a Bootmaker living at 61 Grange St Dunedin
- he died aged 82 and is buried at Green Park Cemetery, Dunedin with his sister Caroline

Andersons Bay Cemetery
, Dunedin

VIGGERS - Eketahuna, New Zealand

Ralph VIGGERS was born in Eketahuna, New Zealand on 1st March 1910

Ralph's father was:
- Charles was born in Carlton, Victoria, Australia
- he was a son of Charles Percival VIGGERS (1853-1888) & Annie Rebecca HEATH (1851-1902), both from England, who settled in Australia and had 7 children
- In 1917 Percy was on the WWI South Taranaki Reservists List as a 'butter maker' of Riverlea, South Taranaki
- the Dairy Factory was in Kaponga
- In 1935 he was living in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty
- at the time of his death Percy was living in Matamata, Waikato

Ralph's mother was:
- she was a daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bayliss * (see below)
- her sister, Ada Lydia Bayliss (1884-1941), married Henry Thompson in 1911
- Elizabeth married Charles in 1907

... the children of CHARLES & ELIZABETH were ...

Donald Albert Viggers (1908-1980)
- Donald graduated from Victoria University, Wellington in 1944 with a Batchelor of Commerce. He became the office manager of a Rural Sociology Section in the Department of Agriculture. He took his ex-serviceman's scholarship to the University of Wisconsin, Madison and returned to Wellington with an MA in Rural Sociology. He died in August 1980 aged 71 and is buried in Plot 20/1 - Public Section of the Makara cemetery, Wellington

Ralph Viggers (1910-1910)
- Ralph was born in Eketahuna
- he died 3 days later and is buried in Plot 85 - Block W - Main Section of the Mangaoranga Cemetery, Eketahuna

Eileen Heath Viggers (1911-2004)
- Eileen married William 'Bill' HEANEY 16 Feb 1942 in Matamata

Percy Hedley Viggers (1914-1914)
- Percy died aged 2 weeks

Maxwell Percy Viggers (1918-1996)
- Maxwell was born 14 November 1918

Winifred Viggers (?-?)

* Thomas Bayliss (from the link at his name above)

... Mr. Thomas Bayliss, who is a member of the Eketahuna Road Board, was born near Birmingham England, in 1840, and was educated at the Sutton Coldfield Blue Coat School. Before coming to Wellington in 1879 he was engaged in farming in Staffordshire. On landing Mr. Bayliss came to the Wairarapa,-taking up the land on which he now resides, he being the first Englishman to settle in Eketahuna after the arrival of the Scandinavians. The district was at that time a solid block of bush from Eketahuna to Alfredtown. Mr. Bayliss was elected chairman of the local Road Board at its inception in 1886, and has been continually a member with the exception of one term. In church matters he is attached to the Wesleyan Church, in which he holds the office of circuit steward. Mr. Bayliss is married and has two sons and three daughters. His brother, Mr. William Bayliss, who has been in the district for some years, took a prominent part in public affairs till 1895, and is a local preacher in connection with the same church.

thank you to Maxine for her message which enabled me to add the other 'children':

Subject: Viggers genealogy
To: ngairedith
From: Maxine
Date: 2012-03-26 04:06:56

I have just joined familytreecircles and note your reference to the Viggers

Charles Percy Viggers and his wife Elizabeth had other children than what you mention.
There was Eileen, Maxwell Percy and Winifred. Another one was born at Rowan (Taranaki) but like Ralph died as a young baby

photo Thomas Bayliss
- taken from the site at his name above