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RANGITUMAU SCHOOL Wairarapa - 1893

There is a list of names of first year pupils (and others) that attended the RANGITUMAU SCHOOL which opened in 1893.

- Rangitumau is 17km north east of Masterton, Wairarapa along the Opaki, Bluff Rangitumau roads

There is a story from the first teacher MABEL JACKSON nee Evans and a couple of photos of the school taken in the 1960s

The names mentioned are:

Mrs Thomas Phillip KEMBLE
- Laura Annie Welch (1866-1918), married Thomas Phillip in 1891
- they are buried in Masterton
LEONARD Robert WILTON (1885-1948)
- son of Robert WILTON & Rhoda COMPTON
- leonard married Ilma Pauline McLACHLAN (1892-1984) in 1902 in Masterton
- Ilma was a daughter of Duncan mcLacnlan & Lucy Jane WELCH
- born in Masterton
- married Norman Robert WYETH (1887-1964) in 1913
- son of Thomas WYETH & Margaret Rachel Ann McLEOD

If you would like to add stories, information or photos to the people at the above links please leave a message in the comment box

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The sale of MANAIA, and OPUNAKE, Taranaki, New Zealand 1880

Te original list of names was from Papers Past

From the HAWERA & NORMANBY STAR, dated 22nd December 1880

The sale of Manaia and Opounake townships was advertised for Friday and there must have been at least 300 persons present when the sale commenced.
The townships of Manaia was first offered for sale and a large number of sections were sold, some at very high prices, those at the octagon bringing in over 80 ($11,442 in 2008)
The competition was very spirited throughout the day and the Commissioner went through the various sections at a pretty rapid rate.
When the suburban sections around Manaia were disposed of, an adjournment took place and the sale of Opunake commence after lunch.
The area of nearly all the sections was about a quarter of an acre each (unless otherwise stated)

The following are the details:-
(the number of the section then price paid at auction)
* A.C. FORCE was a member of the NZ Armed Constabulary 1846-1885)

#10 - 15 .. AND ..
#11 - 12 - J. Davidson, storekeeper, Hawera
#22 - 10 - F. McGuire

#1 - 15 .. AND ..
#10 - 15
#11 - 12 - William Hackett, A.C. Force, Manaia

#6 - 10 - John Meikle, carpenter, Hawera
#10 - 15 - C.A. Wray (for Church of England)
#11 - 12 - J. Linton
#20 - 12 - Timothy O`Brien, A.C. Force, Manaia
#22 - 18 - M. Byrne, Manutahi

#1 - 15 - P. B. Cahill
#4 - 10 - Right Rev Dr. Redwood (for Roman Catholic Church)
#12 - 12 - M.D. King (for Wesleyan Church)
#13 - 18 - Charles O. Hawke, A.C. Force, Waihi

#10 - 21 - Charles Days
#11 - 15 - P.B. Cahill
#12 - 15 - J. Livingston (for Presbyterian Church)
#20 - 16 .. AND ..
#21 - 17 - R.E. McRae, farmer, Kakaramea
#22 - 28 - Charles Days

#1 - 21 - George Parmenter, laborer, Hawera
#3 - 15 - James Thomson, Waihi
#10 - 12 - R.A. Adams
#12 - 21 - James Nicoll, tinsmith, New Plymouth
#13 - 31 - George Newsham Curtis, storekeeper, Stratford
#14 - 25 - George McLean, farmer, Hawera
#15 - 18 - John Gilmour, storekeeper, New Plymouth
#16 - 14 - Benjamin Vickery, labourer, Wanganui
#17 - 16 - Henry Sinclair, carpenter, Hawera
#20 - 13 - Benjamin Vickery
#21 - 15 - R.A. Adams, draper, Carlyle (now Patea)
#22 - 18 - John Gilmour

#2 - 10 - Hearn & Kennedy, Kakaramea
#9 - 13 - Patrick Tarrant, ploughman, Hawera
#10 - 17 - P.B. Cahill, Hawera
#11 - 17 - James Linton, Mayor of Palmerston North
#12 - 15 .. AND ..
#13 - 15 - A. Young, farmer, Manutahi
#14 - 15 - E. Pulford, storekeeper, Hawera
#15 - 15 - William Shearer, settler, Hawera
- (if you have ANY further information on William, at the above link, please leave a comment)
#17 - 16 - George Parmenter
#18 - 15 - E. Pulford
#19 - 17 - Michael Bourke, cooper, Carlyle
#20 - 31 - Charles Days

#1 - 15
#2 - 13 - George Lgenn, Greymouth
#4 - 14 - G.T. Potto, saddler, Carlyle
#5 - 13 - A. Young
#6 - 14 - John Gilmour
#7 - 15 - H. Honeyfield, settler, New Plymouth
#8 - 16 - James Nicoll
#13 - 21 - G.N. Curtis
#15 - 24 - John Manson, draper, Hokitika
#16 - 27 - A. Young
#17 - 34 - John Gilmour
#18 - 36 - H. Honeyfield
#19 - 37 - James Nicoll

#1 - 33 .. AND ..
#2 - 36 - J. Milroy, settler, Carlyle
#3 - 18 - George McLean
#4 - 14 - J. Barleyman, solicitor, Hawera
#5 - 15 - John E.W. Honeywill
#7 - 15 .. AND ..
#8 - 16 - Daniel Leitch, settler, Hawera
#9 - 16 .. AND ..
#10 - 18 .. AND ..
#11 - 20 - John Patterson, settler, Hawera
#12 - 81 .. AND ..
#13 - 86 - J. Milroy, Carlyle
#14 - 47 - Jacob Meuli, saddler, Hawera
#15 - 41 - J. Barleyman
#16 - 40 - R.A. Adams
#17 - 37 - G.T. Potto
#18 - 85 - T.M.J. Sheahy, spinster, Palmerston North
#19 - 80 ($11,442 in 2008) - William Shearer
#20 - 80 - Daniel Leitch
#21 - 85 - John Henderson, saddler, Hawera

#1 - 15 - Benjamin Vickery
#3 - 12 - Charles Jamieson, A.C. Force, Manaia
#12 - 29 - H. Owen, commercial traveller
#13 - 24 - Thomas Broadrick, settler, New Plymouth
#14 - 21 - Frank McGovern, laborer, Carlyle
#15 - 17 - Jeremiah Sheshan, farmer, Whenuakura
#17 - 13 - Martin Power, settler, Hawera
#18 - 18 - J. Mouri
#19 - 18 - P. McLoughlin, Carlyle
#20 - 14 - E.H. Thompson, A.C. Force, Manaia
#21 - 17 - P.B. Cahill
#22 - 80 - Thomas Broadrick

#2 - 12 - Arthur J. Knyvett, Maxwelltown
#4 - 12 - W. Cowern
#5 - 12 - George Glenn
#6 - 15 - J. Tingey, painter, Hawera
#8 - 15 - George Norgate, A.C. Force, Waihi
#9 - 15 - A. Young
#10 - 25 - Kenneth Fraser
#19 - 12 - A. Young

#1 - 28 - Robert F. Holden, contractor, Stratford
#2 - 25 - George McLean
#3 - 20 - G.V. Bate, Hawera
#4 - 23 - F. Searling, carpenter, Carlyle
#6 - 28 - C.S. Curtis, storekeeper, Stratford
#7 - 30 .. AND ..
#8 - 41 - W.H.E. Wanklyn, Hawera
#9 - 59 - Albert R. Langley, settler, Normanby
#10 - 85 .. AND ..
#11 - 65 - Thomas Lloyd, Hawera
#12 - 16 - Joseph F. Pease, Hawera
#18 - 12 - H.R. Parrington, solicitor, Hawera
#14 - 13 - George McLean
#15 - 13 - F. Searling
#16 - 14 - Martin Bolger, settler, Manaia
#17 - 15 - C.S. Curtis
#18 - 13 - Thomas Whelan
#20 - 17 - A.R. Langley
#21 - 33 .. AND ..
#22 - 32 - ?. Taylor

#1 - 75 - Patrick Healy, hotelkeeper, Ross, Westland
#2 - 51 - John Gilmour
#3 - 41 - Patrick Healy
#4 - 38 - Newton King, Auctioneer, New Plymouth
#5 - 36 - E. Pulford
#6 - 31 - William Shearer
#8 - 29 - John Manson
#9 - 27 - Henry Sinclair, carpenter, Hawera
#10 - 27 - John Patterson
#11 - 31 .. AND ..
#12 - 31 - James Linton
#14 - 12 - R. Dingle, Hawera
#15 - 12 - Newton King
#16 - 17 - E. Pulford
#17 - 15 - C.W. Broadbent, Hawera
#18 - 12 - R.H. Wilson, storeman, New Plymouth
#19 - 13 - Cornelius Casey, settler, Normanby
#20 - 14 .. AND ..
#21 16 - John Patterson
#22 - 30 - Charles Days, boatbuilder, Oamaru

#1 - 27 - James Linton
#2 - 19 - J.C. Yorke, settler, Hawera
#3 - 16 - H.R. Parrington
#4 - 16 - R.A. Aams
#5 - 16 - H.B. Cockburn, blacksmith, Hawera
#6 - 13 - J. Davison, storekeeper, Hawera
#7 - 13 - T. Twigg, settler, Hawera
#8 - 15 - George Glenn
#10 - 16 - E.H. Thompson
#11 - 29 - Charles Days
#13 - 12 - J.C. Yorke
#14 - 14 - H.R. Parrington
#15 - 14 - R.A. Adams
#16 - 12 - W.M. Thomson, auctioneer, Hawera
#18 - 10 - Thomas Twigg
#19 - 12 .. AND ..
#20 - 10 .. AND ..
#21 - 10 .. AND ..
#22 - 12 - George Glenn

each person bought around 5 acres, give or take 2 roods
#57 - 12 4s - T. Mann
#58 - 12 4s - Freeman R. Jackson, auctioneer, Wanganui
#72 - 19 5s - William Box, Rosy Creek, Waimote Plains
#73 - 12 5s - Alexander Sutherland, Wellington
#79 - 15 - J. Burton, brewer, Hawera
#80 - 13 - P. Healy, hotelkeeper, Ross, Westland
#81 - 12 - Frank McGovern
#85 - 11 - Martin Power, Hawera
#86 - 10 10s - George Glenn
#87 - 12 - John Patterson
#88 - 11 15s - John Vincent Riddle, Waihi
#89 - 15 5s - C.A. Wray, R.M., Carlyle
#90 - 12 10s - George Glenn
#99 - 12 10s - R.E. McRae, Kakaramea
#100 - 14 10s - John V. Riddle

BUSH FIRES of 1897 in the WAIRARAPA New Zealand

The following people were effected by the devastating bush fire that raged through the neighbourhood of Mauriceville, Mangamahoe, Stirling, Waiwaka, Mount Baker, Mikimiki, Parapara, Fernridge, Wangehu, Hastwell and Eketahuna areas of the Wairarapa in January 1897

The original story (which can be read at the links) was taken from Papers Past and there were, no doubt, other people affected that were not mentioned at the time ..

A large block of 600 acres of felled bush belonging to
Mr Hawley, (should read Septimus Mawley) of "Ditton", took fire today

Mr A. Burnett has sustained damage amounting to over 700 ($116,161 in 2008) above the insurance

Mr Olsen, a tenant of Mr Burnett, who is a poor man, lost all his furniture

The property of Mr W. L. Falconer (probably William Loukit Falconer,) was damaged to the extent of about 300

Mr R. Bright, of Greytown, who has property in the same locality, lost 250 by the destruction of buildings and fences

Mr R. Kibblewhite loses about 30,
Mr Christenson 30,
Mr C. Carlson 25
and Mr D. Falconer about 15 by the destruction of fences and grass

Mr Berrill`s mill plant, valued at 1500 ($248,916 in 2008) were seriously damaged and Capt. Shaw`s house and outbuildings, on which there was no insurance and which were valued at 300 were destroyed

Mr Jupp, who lived with Shaw, and is a poor man, lost all his effects

The houses of Messrs T. and W. Ridgway were burned and the owners, who are in a poor way, are heavy losers

Mr Deal lost about 150 by the destruction of fences, yards, grass &c., and he will have to sell his sheep.

Messrs B. (Benjaim ?) and J. (Joshua ?) Wadham were also sufferers

Mr G. H. Welch loses about 50 by the destruction of feed, hay fences &c

Mrs Cotter, who has lost 100 chains of fencing, 100 sheep and a quantity of grass, estimates her loss at 200

Mr Duckett has sustained serious damage. He is a struggling settler with a family and as 80 or 90 sheep, the whole of his feed and a lot of his fencing has been destroyed he is left with next to nothing

Messrs T. E. Chamberlain (probably Thomas Edinborough) and E. E. Chamberlain (Edmund Edinborough) are heavy losers

Mr John Campbell estimates his loss through the destruction of grass, sheep and totara timber at over 1000 ($185,944 in 2008)

Mr A. McLachlan, a working man with a family at Mangamahoe, had 20 chains of fence destroyed, besides grass and he estimates his loss at between 25 and 30

Mr Pierce Cotter has lost a number of sheep and about 60 chains of fencing which he values at 150

Thirty chains of fencing, feed, &c., belinging to Mr Husband has gone and he loses about 100

Mr Smith, a labouring man with seven children, has lost the whole of his furniture and clothing, which were uninsured

At Hastwell, Mr Janett`s loss of fencing, sheep &c., will be over 100

Mr Peters loses fencing and grass

Mr W. Bray had a shed containing hay destroyed on which he loses 15

Mr Seymour has lost feed and fencing to the value of 25

Mr P. Madson fencing and feed valued at 25

Mr G. Collins has lost about 60 chains of fence, besides his grass and about 30 sheep. His loss is put down at 300

Mr Deadman`s house on this road was also destroyed

At Waiwaka, Mr Brosnan loses feed and outbuildings to the value of 25

Mr Stewart loses 30 chains of fencing, grass and sheep

Mr Gore, carpenter, at Eketahuna, has lost a house and effects, to the value of about 150,

Mr Cameron, of the same place, will lose 100 by the destruction of a house at Parkvale

The house of a railway ganger named John Ginan, situated in the Stirling Block is down

At Parkvale, Mr Tingley, an elderly man, has lost his furniture

the whole of Mr John Nicholl`s stock has succumbed

the Masterton Volunteer Fire Brigade was called out. With the assistance of the settlers it succeeded in saving Mr Thomson`s sawnill and Mr J. P. Perry`s residence at Bideford.r

In the Stirling Block the homestead of Mr J. C. Nicholls was yesterday destroyed while the owner was endeavouring to muster stock

Mr R. Hornblow lost a number of sheep and a quantity of grass, whilst the whares (huts, houses), tools and clothing of his workmen were destroyed

The residence of Mr John McKay, at Wangaehu was destroyed by fire

The Parapara sawmill and Mr J. P. Percy`s Sulphur Wells Homestead were saved with difficulty

LAND BALLOT of 1901 - Hatuma New Zealand

The following list of names was originally from Papers Past

The HAWERA & NORMANBY STAR 30th April 1901

The following persons were successful at the ballot:-
C. M. STEVENSON - Wellington
CHARLOTTE MELLOR - Tranaki (this applicant drew the section on which stands
the house formerly occupied by Mr Purvis Russell)
ROBERT POWRIE - Christchurch
W.F. GRIFFIN - Masterton
A. S. BLACK - Wanganui
L. P. HENNINGSEN - Waipawa
B. THOMAS - Papakura
P. WINDLE - Hastongs
A. ROOD - Tikokino
STEPHEN POWRIE - Christchurch
M. THOMSON - Ongaonga
HENRY WRIGHT - Dannevirke
JAMES WAYLE - Dannevirke
A. T. JENSEN - Dannevirke
FRED JANETT - Wairarapa
C. SCHRODER - Martinborough
C. COOMBES - Woodvillle
JOHN WILLIAM - Masterton
J. C. BURRELL - Christchurch
G. De La HAYE - Woodville
J. H. SINCLAIE - Patangata
F. MUIRHEAD - Waipukurau
W. CULLING - Masterton
W. WITHEY - Foxton
M. McKAY - Takapau
J. O`CONOR - Takapau
F. J. BASSETT - Manawatu
T. BUTLER - Waipawa
P. KEYS - Clive
P. L. MUIR - Waverly
R. RENNIE - Martinborough
MURDOCH McKAY - Havelock North
G. E. MERREKIN - Mangatarata
R. DOUGALL - Wanganui
CATHERINE McRAE - Havelock North
W. MORRIS - Waipawa
E. SMYTHE - Kumeroa
T. H. GROOME - Te Aute
R. WORKMAN - Marlborough
W. McGAFFIN - Hastings
L. H. F. WILSON - Woodville
L. C. RATHBONE - Waipawa
L. SHAW - Korokepo
G. E. GROOME - Te Aute
P. T. WALE - Paremata (Wellington)
R. V. FLEMING - Waipukurau

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Civil Service Examinations - New Zealand 1910

The following people passed their CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION in 1910

The town in brackets is the centre they sat the exam in
- therefore, probably where they were living in 1910

The name in brackets is the person they later married

Aitchison, Charles John (1892-1949) - Masterton
Anderson, Caroline Grace (Barnett 1894-1967) - Taihape
Anderson, Douglas - Wellington
Armstrong, Hugh Crossie (1893-1942) - Wellington

Bailey, Alan Reynel (1895-1934) - Wellington
Baxter, Roy B. - Taihape
Blake, Philip - Wellington
Boyd, Kate Ruth (Coutts 1894-1982) - Wellington
Bradley, Daniel - Wellington
Brock, Edward J. - Wellington
Brown, George Kinneburgh (1894-1978) - Wellington
Brunton, Eva Elizabeth (MacDonald 1893-1976) - Carterton
Buchanan, David - Palmerston North
Butler, Fenton (1894-1953) - Carterton
Byrne, Joseph - Wellington

Chapman, William Levin (1894-1980) - Wellington
Clachan, William James (1892-1918) - Wellington King's African Rifles
Clapham, Herbert Neville (1894-1970) - Wellington
Coad, Charles Oliver (1894-1957) - Wellington
Coyle, Percival (1894-1915) - Wellington
Craig, Andrew John (1894-1944) - Levin
Curtis, Kenneth Oscar (1895-1916) - Carterton

Davis, Annie E. - Wellington
Dawson, Albert - Masterton
Downer, George Edwin (1893-1961) - Palmerston North
Duff, Edna Lillian (Nicol) - Wellington
Duflou, J. - Wellington
Duncan, Eliza Veitch (Adams 1894-1964) - Wellington
Duncan, William M. - Wellington

Edwards, Ralph Wallace (1894-1935) - Wellington
Ellison, Kate Rose (Burr 1893-1983) - Wellington
Engel, John Edmond (1894-1955) - Wellington
Ewart, Harold Meredith (1894-1976) - Masterton

Fowler, William Coulson (1894-1963) - Palmerston North
Frederic, Jessie P. - Wellington

Goddard, Vaughan H. - Wellington
Greenwood, Reginald Eph (1892-1983) - Wellington

Hagan, Bernard J. - Levin
Hirschberg, Ivan AKA Jack (1894-1965) - Masterton
Hoar, William John (1892-1951) - Masterton
Hollaway, George T. - Wellington
Hornblow, Reginald Reed (1895-1947) - Wellington
Hunter, Vera (Marsden 1892-1940) - Masterton
Hutchings, Iris Ada (Sampson 1892-1972) - Wellington

Inkster, James Laurence (1895-1966) - Wellington
Isles, Flora May (Wrigley 1894-1972) - Pahiatua

Jarrett, Owen George (1894-1918) - Masterton
Jensen, Ellen T. - Wellington

Kane, Paul Francis (1892-1953) - Wellington
Kay, Winifred M - Carterton
Kirkpatrick, Jane - Masterton

Lawlor, Patrick Anthony (1893-1979) - Wellington
Leadbeater, Doris E. G. - Wellington
Little, Arthur Stanislans (1894-1968) - Wellington

Macfarlane, Margaret R - Masterton
Mackay, Cyril A. - Wellington
Mahoney, Patrick M. - Wellington
Mahoney, Gerald Joseph Fleming (1894-1962) - Wellington
McAuliffe, Ethel Mary (x 1894-1992) - Taihape
McCartin, Patrick (1896-1925) Taihape
McColl, Alexander Bastin (?-1916) - Wellington
McEldowney, Edith - Wellington
McKenzie, Cristina Y. - Masterton
Mellor, Sylvia (Blundell) Wellington
Miller, Priscilla Montgomery (1894-?) - Wellington
Milne, William Horn (1895-1973) - Palmerston North
Mowlem, Stanley (1891-1912) - Palmerston North

Neilson, Niels - Palmerston North
Neylor, William N. - Wellington
Nicol, Katherine A. - Wellington
Nutt, Nena Cooper (Cameron 1893-1986) - Wellington

O'Donnell, Thomas Martin (1893-1926) - Wellington
O'Leary, William Robert (1895-1971) - Wellington
Ordish, Walter Norman (1894-1969) - Carterton

Palmer, Edgar Oliver (1886-1957) - Wellington
Parsons, Cecil Herbert Albert Daniel (1894-1963) - Masterton
Paul, Pauline M. - Wellington
Pickering, Leonard (1895-1951) - Wellington
Polson, Harold Charles (1894-1967) - Wellington
Punch, Joseph Pierce (1890-1969) - Wellington

Reading, Harold Gordon (1894-1975) - Levin
Riley, Edgar (1894-1961) - Palmerston North
Ruskell, Ruby Olive Patricia (Verry 1893-1970) - Pahiatua
Russell, Keith Dudley (1894-1917) - Wellington

Scott, Ernest James Russell (1894-?) - Wellington
Sievers, William N. - Carterton
Smylie, Wilhelmina - Wellington
Snell, Francis Mary A. - Wellington
Sullivan, John - Wellington

Tees, Ethel May (Hooper) - Wellington
Tyman, Cuthbert R. - Palmerton North

Urquhart, Fanny Irene (x 1896-1964) - Wellington

Wagg, William Joseph Keep (1894-1961) - Masterton
Ward, Thomas C. - Wellington
Welsby, Nina L. - Wellington
White, Ella Dorothea (Freeman 1892-1972) - Wellington
Williams, Mary E. - Taihape
Willis, Clarence Arthur (1895-1980) - Wellington
Wilson, Alexander W. - Wellington
Wilson, Mary A. - Wellington

Yourelle, Fergus J. - Wellington
Yule, Ella Frances (Robertson 1894-1985) - Carterton

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PALMERSTON NORTH (NZ) - list of Jurors 1884

The original list was taken from Papers Past

From the Wanganui Herald, 3rd April 1884


Walter Humphries - tailor, Feilding

Charles Stent (1849-1931) - farmer, Carnarvon

John Johnston - carter, Feilding

Frederick Oakley (1846-1930) - carpenter, Palmerston North

Henry Duke (1841-1888) - bricklayer, Sanson

Thomas Baxter - labourer, Sandon

John Rowe - farmer, Awapuni

Thomas Henry Sanson (1839-1901) - farmer, Sandon

William Trickington - farmer, Sandon

S. T. Hardley - ropemaker, Palmerston North

Richard Smith - carpenter, Palmerston North

Richard Milham (1834-1912) - bricklayer, Palmerston North

George Clark - labourer, Feilding

Daniel Fairland - labourer, railway line

Charles Waldegrave (1855-1920) - farmer, Palmerston North

Colin McKenzie - settler, Ashurst

John Bartholomew - mill owner, Feilding

George Bartholomew - blacksmith, Feilding

Morris/Maurice Samuels - hotelkeeper, Awahuri

William Gould - labourer, Feilding

Hans Callesaud/Callesand - farmer, Karere

Joseph C./G. Simpson - carter, Palmerston North

Isaac Havelock/Lovelock ? - farmer, Rangitikei Line

William Campbell - shoemaker, Feilding

Walter Marsh - carpenter, Palmerston North

G. S. Hadfield (Graham Stanley?) - commission agent, Palmerston North

George Lucas - farmer, Carnarvon

Thomas Hensman Caverhill (1859-1929) - Bank manager, Palmerston North

William Squire - farmer, Stoney Creek

Walter George Pearce - farmer, Sandon

William Andrew - labourer, Feilding

Richard Bowater - carter, Feilding

Hugh Lind Sherwill (1846-1902) - auctioneer, Feilding

Joseph Charles Nathan (1846-1908) - contractor, Palmerston North

Daniel Downes - farmer, Feilding

Charles Fair - farmer, Rangitikei Line

William McDonald - farmer, Rangitikei Line

Peter Thompson - tinsmith, Feilding

John Humphrey - labourer, Makino Road

Samuel Daywick - boardinghouse keeper, Palmerston North

George Death - labourer, Palmerston North

Abraham Solomon - storekeeper, Palmerston North

F. T. Collins - butcher, Palmerston North

A. C. Birchman - miller, Sanson

Viggo Monrad - farmer, Karere

H. T. Haynes - engineer, Palmerston North

J. H. Ashforth - labourer, Feilding

John Mathews - farmer, Sandon


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The original list was taken from Papers Past

dated 22nd December 1885

The prizes awarded to the children of the above school were distributed on Friday last by the Chairman Mr R. Mellow in the presence of the teachers and the following members of the School Committee:- Messers
W. Cleland
S. S. Death
J. Harris
W. S. Milne
J. H. Ross

After a few appropriate remarks the Chairman proceeded to distribute the prizes, addressing a few words of congratualtions to each of the prize-takers as they came up.

The following is the prize list:

Ernest Pike
Agnes Drummond
Laura Pinny
Arabella Welch

Forbes Johnston
Hephzibah Fisk (1872-1957)
- son of Francis Fisk & Isabella Neal

Ernest Bodman
Harry Edwards
Francis Fisk (1870-1886)
- son of Francis Fisk & Isabella Neal
Ada Welch

Norman Bodman
George Boyd
Frank Clement
Frank Death
William Death
William Fisk
Isaac James
William Meager
Horace Meager
Emma Barlow
Minnie Hancock
Alison Johnston
Nellie Mabey
Ellen Martin
Iima Ross
Jane Wright

Charles Drummond
Edwin Edwards
Jack King
George Hancock
George Haywood
Albert Peck
George Russell
Marjore Duck
Eliza Duck
Katie Russell
Agnes Russell
Hettie Russell
Jane Stevenson
Maria Webb

John Fisk (1877-1955)
- son of Francis Fisk & Isabella Neal
Edward Rouse
Herbert Tilbury
George Wright
Charles Watson
Sophia Maude Burt (1873-1944)
Ethel Charlotte Burt (1875-1958)
- daughter of Charles Franklin Smith BURT & Elizabeth Ann AVERY
- granddaughters of George AVERY & Charlotte TANDY
- great granddaughters of Thomas AVERY & Elizabeth Ann DABSON
Amy Death
Amy Hancock
Alice James
Connie Mellow
Minnie Russell
Maggie Ross

Special prizes were awarded to Laura Pinny and Alick Ross, for being the most popular and best-behaved firl and boy in the school. The decision was arrived at by vote, the girls voting for Laura Pinny and the boys voting for Alick Ross.
The distributions having been made, the children sang "Home Sweet Home" with great taste.

The head teacher Mr Johnston entertained the children to a tea at 5pm to which ample justice was done.

PLOT 41 at Christ Church Taita Cemetery

Thomas AVERY & Elizabeth Ann DABSON - see link above

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UPPER HUTT, NZ - contributors to the NEEDHAM FUND 1874

The original list of names was taken from Papers Past

Page 3 Advertisements Column 1
WELLINGTON INDEPENDENT, Volume XXIX, Issue 4139, 26 June 1874, Page 3

A little child named Ethel Needam, fours years of age, strayed from her home at the Upper Hutt last week and after four days absence was found in the bush about a mile from the house in such a state of exhaustion that she died the next day

The following SUBSCRIPTIONS were received by Mr Phillip Davis, Upper Hutt on behalf of Mr Needham, whose child had died from exposure in the bush and he hereby tenders his thanks for same

- The value of s d donations in 1874 - to $ c in 2009 =

- 1s - $1.14
- 2s = $2.28
- 2s 6d = $2.75
- 3s = $3.42
- 4s = $4.56
- 4s 6d = $5.13
- 5s = $5.50
- 7s 6d = $8.55
- 10s - $11
- 1 = $114

Arini (Native) - 2s
Ashton, Jack - 2s 6d

Barton, F - 1
Baylis, James - 2s 6d
Booth, William - 5s
Brown, George sen - 2s 6d
Brown, James sen - 10s
Burrett, William - 2s 6d
Burt, Willie - 5s
Butler, Robert -2s 5d

Cotter, Thomas - 5s
Cruickshank, James - 5s
Cudby, Charles - 2s 6d

Davis Phillip - 5s
Day, Annie - 1s
Dew, William - 3s
Dew, George - 2s
Doreen, Ted - 2s 6d
Dunn, Thomas - 2s 6d

Field - 1s
Fitzgerald - 2s 6d
Francis, George - 2s 5d

Glange, Richard - 2s 6d
Glover - 2s 6d
Greenwood - 2s 6d

Hall, George - 2s 6d
Harris, Abraham, - 2s 6d
Harris, Charles - 5s
Harris, Edward - 5s
Harris, Walter - 5s
Hill, Charles - 2s 6d
Holloway - 1s
Hooper, John - 5s
Hooper, Robert - 2s 6d

Jackson, Henry - 2s 6d

Kelley, John - 5s
King, Reuben - 5s

Laurie, Thomas - 2s 6d
Lea, Walter - 10s

Mabey, Joseph - 2s 6d
Mabey, Robert Taita - 2s 6d
Martin, Alexander - 5s 6d
Martin, Joe - 2s 6d
Mason jnr - 2s 6d
Miller, Master - 2s
Morgan, Edward - 10s

Nawzer, Jodeph - 2s 6d
Nichols, Mrs - 2s 6d

Palmer - 5s
Peacock - 1s 6d
Pearson, Peter - 2s 6d
Perkins, George - 2s 5d
Perry - 1s
Petriea (Native) - 2s
Pike, Edward - 1s

Raynor, John - 5s
Robert, T - 1s
Robinson, Charles - 5s
Robinson, John - 5s
Rouse, Charles - 2s
Russell, Edward - 2s 6d

Seacombe - 2s 6d
Sergeant, Miss - 5s
Smith, David - 5s
Steven, - 1s
Sykes, Jane - 5s

Taylor, William - 2s
Thomas, G - 5s
Thornton, John - 3s
Tuneck, Tom - 2s 6d

Walden, Thomas - 5s
Whale, Alfred - 4s 6d
Whiteman, George - 2s 6d
Wilford, Dr - 5s
Wilkie, Peter -2s 6d
Wilson, James - 7s 6d
Wyeth, Jane - 2s 6d

UPPER HUTT SCHOOL, (New Zealand) 1897

Original list taken from Papers Past

From the EVENING POST dated 18th December 1897


The Upper Hutt School broke up for the Christmas Holidays on Thursday afternoon.
In the absence of Mr McCulloch, Chairman of the School Committee, the Secretary (Mr Greig) presented the prizes as follows

Eunice Browne, 1
Ellen Brown, 2

John Martin, 1
Margaret Woodmass, 2
Claire Haybittle, 3

William Greig, 1
Melbourne Connell, 2
Charles Garner, 3

Kate Fitzpatrick, 1
Eva McCulloch, 2
William Martin, 3

Donald McCurdy, 1
John Scrimshaw, 2
Esther Paul and Kate Wilkins (equal), 3

Baynton Condon, 1
Maurice Browne, 2
Norman Butler, 3

John Leddy, 1
Kathleen Connell, 2
Mary Leddy, 3

Thomas Golder, 1
Allan Wilkie and Harry Garner (equal), 3
Ethel Wilkins 3

The Standard prizes were given in accordance with work done at the Inspector`s annual examination. Special prizes for attendance and extra subjects were won by:

* W. Golder
* Ellen Wilkins
* John Paul
* Elsie Boyd
* Clark Allan
* Eva Gardner
* Jessie Grange
* Alfred Boyd
* Ivy Greenwood
* Maida Mabey
* Anna Mulligan
* Ada Pearson
* Alice Keys
* Peter Wilkie
* Charles Cooper
* Charles Cudby
* Walter Keys
* Ada Dalton


In a letter to Sir George Grey dated 3rd April 1852, the settlers of Wellington and neighbouring districts wrote:
... We, the undersigned Settlers and Landowners of Wellington, in the colony of New Zealand, beg respectfully to express to your Excellency our strong sense of the serious evils to our interests and injury to the colony, arising from the Act to regulate the affairs of certain of the New Zealand Company's settlements, passed during the last session of Parliament
... The Act of Parliament revives the Terms of Purchase and Pasturage of Land, issued by the New Zealand Company in Wellington, and in force at the date of the surrender by the Company of its charters to the Government, which fix the price of rural land in this settlement, in blocks of 25 acres, at 2 per acre; (2012 equivalent of about $250) the effect of these terms, when in force under the Company, was such that no rural land was sold in this settlement. But since that period so much additional land has been granted in compensation to resident and absentee land purchasers as to reduce the price of rural land, except in particular situations, considerably below 20s, per acre ... (more at next link)

The full letter and the original list of settlers can be seen at

* names without any address are for the most part settlers in Wellington
* names are spelled as found
* some settlers signed their name with an x

... A
George ALLEN, boatbuilder and landowner
Eli ALLEN, (1821-1889), arrived in New Zealand on the BIRMAN in 1842
William ALLEN, land and stockholder
Thomas ALLINGTON, landowner, Karori (1804-1853)
David ANDERSON, landholder
J. ANGELL, settler
Thomas ASHBOLT, settler On Tuesday 11th March 1862, at Christchurch, Canterbury, Mr Thomas Ashbolt, late of Wellington, aged 52 years. 5 March 1897 Another old colonist passed away at Wellington on Wednesday in the person of Caroline Ashbolt, widow of the late Thomas Ashbolt. The deceased lady, who was in her 86th year, was one of the best known of our earlier colonists. She left England on the 17th June 1841, in the ship Gertrude, commanded by Captain Fisher Stead, and after a long passage of 136 days arrived in Wellington on 31st October 1841. One of her sons, Mr A. Ashbolt, is foreman printer of the New Zealand Times
George ASHDOWN, land and stockowner

... B
James Henry BAGGERLEY, settler (1813-1856)
Richard BAKER, J.P., landowner
William McLeod BANNATYNE, J.P. and stockholder. Founded the business W. M. Bannatyne & Co. Ltd in the 1840s and was joined soon after by his stepson, Arthur Rowsell Baker. In 1877 Harold Beauchamp joined in as salesman and became a full partner 12 years later.
Edwin BANNISTER, settler
R. E. BANNISTER, landowner
William BANNISTER, jnr., landholder
John BARB, labourer
John BARBER, settler
David BARHAM, settler
John BARNETT, landowner
William BARNETT, settler
Charles Charles Desimus, settler (1822-1898)
James BARROW, x settler
Richard BARRY, settler
Thomas BARRY, x settler
N. BARTLETT, landowner
R. BARTON, land and stockowner, River Hutt
William BASSETT, landowner
James BAULF, x settler
N. E. BEAMISH, settler
Francis BEE, settler (1820-1902)
William BELL, landowner, Porirua Road
J. BENGE, landowner
Frederick Augustus BENKENSTEIN, landowner, died in Australia in 1904
George BENNET, landholder
Thomas BENNETT, settler
William BENNETT, settler
William BEST, land and stockowner
Joseph BICKNELL, x settler
C. H. BIDWELL, stockowner, Wairarapa
Frederick BILLS, settler
Edward BIRCH, settler
Joseph BISHOP, land and stockholder
Richard BLAKE, x settler, married Elizabeth Matilda CONSTABLE 1836, had a son Richard, then on 5 Feb 1841 they embarked on the CATHERINE STEWART FORBES arriving in Port Nicholson 24 June 1841
George BLAKER, settler
Edward BODDINGTON, settler
Anthony BODEN, settler (1825-1907)
Frederick BOLTON, stockholder
James BOOTH, settler, Karori
Edward BOULTON, stockholder, Pauatahanui
William BOWDEN, x settler
Joseph BOWLER, landholder, settler
William BOWLER jnr, landowner
H. BOYTON, landowner
Francis Henry BRADEY, settler (1816-1888)
Francis BRADEY, jnr., landholder
Francis BRADEY, stock and landowner
Frederick BRADEY, landholder
John Edward BRADSHAW, settler
Henry BRIGHT, x settler
William BRIGHAM, settler (1798-1886)
Thomas BRIGHTWELL, settler
William BROADBENT, settler
Joseph BROGDEN, settler
E BROWN, settler
James BROWN, landowner, Upper Hutt
John BROWN, landholder
Charles BRUCE, settler
James BRYANT, gardener (1812-1902), worked as a gardener, a carrier and a hotelkeeper, (he was employed as forman gardener of Sir William Molesworth's estate at Pencarrow in Cornwall and was for a time, superintendent of Francis Molesworth's estate in the Hutt), then he bought 3 acres in Ohariu
John BRYCE, landowner
Henry Gregory BUCK, blacksmith (1808-1879), arrived on the BIRMAN
William BUCK, landowner
James Nelson BURCHAM, landowner
James BURKE, settler and stockowner
John BURNES, x land and stockowner, Porirua Road
Joseph BURRELL, stockholder, Paikakariki
Thomas BURT, settler (1818-1888)
Thomas BUTLER, x settler
Thomas Charles BUTLER, carpenter and landowner

... C
John CAIL, landowner
Dugald CAMERON, landowner
George CAMERON, ropemaker
Robert CAMERON, miller
Thomas CAMOREY, settler
John CAMPBELL, landowner, Karori
Charles CANNING, stockholder
John Davis CANNING, stockholder
Robert Holt CARPENTER, Bookbinder, local politician, bookseller (1819-1891)
George CASPER, storekeeper and settler
John CASTLE, settler,
Edward CATCHPOOL, landowner
William George CHANDLER, settler
James CHAPPELL, carpenter, landowner
Robert S. CHEESMAN, solicitor, sheep & landowner
Edward CHEW, stockholder (1809-1891)
Peter CHRISTISON, settler
H. CLA?TEN, boatman
Hugh CLARK, landowner
John CLARKE, settler
Richard CLIFTON, jnr, settler
Richard CLIFTON, sen, x settler
Adin COCKROFT, land and stockowner
John COLE, landowner
Joseph COLLIER, stockholder
James COLLINS, land and stockowner
John Power COLLINS, settler (?-1859)
R. COLLINS, stockowner, Wairarapa
David COMPTE, settler
Alfred COMPTON, landowner
Daniel CONACHER, bootmaker
James COOK, baker
George COPELAND, landowner
William CORBET, settler
Edward CORDING, landholder
James CORKING, settler
William CORNER, settler
John CORY, landowner
Pierce COTTER, builder and landowner (1816-1894)
R. COULTER, settler
Donald COUPER, x stockholder
Peter COUPER, stockholder
William COUPER, land and stockholder, Porirua
James A. COURT, landholder
James George COX, assistant
W. COX, settler
James CRAIG, x settler
Robert CRAIG, landowner
William CRAIGHEAD, farmer
George CRAWFORD, merchant and landowner
Thomas CREED, settler
George CROOKE, settler
Thomas CROSBIE, land and stockholder
Thomas CROWTHER, landholder
C. CUNDEY, landowner
George CURTIS, settler

... D
David DALGITY, settler
John DALY, settler
James DAVIES, landowner
James DAVISON, landowner
John DAY, x settler
John DAYSH, landonwer
Jabez DEAN, plumber
Richard John DEIGHTON, landowner
Thomas DELF, x settler
William DEW, landowner, Karori
Davy DICK, landowner
Charles DIXON, stockowner
Joseph DIXON, settler
William DODGE, William - settler
Robert DONALD, settler, Karori
Robert DONALDSON, book-keeper
Peter DORREEN, jnr, settler (?-1870)
Peter DORREEN, sen, settler (1775-1875)
Edward DOWNEY, settler
John DOWNEY, landowner
Andrew DUNCAN, landowner
Frederick Abbott DUNCAN, storekeeper (1827-1884)
Richard John DUNCAN, merchant and stockholder (1823-1894)
W. DUNN, dyer
Samuel DUNSTER, sett;er

... E
William EARP, William - settler
George EBDON, x settler
G. EDMONDS, settler
John EDWARD, settler
Giles EDWARDS, settler
John EDWARDS, settler
John EDWARDS, x - landowner
Benjamin EGLINTON, settler
William ELL, settler
Edward John ELLERM, cooper, landholder
William EVERETT, landowner and stockholder

... F
Stephen FAGAN
William FAGG, settler
Edward John A. FARRANT, settler
John FARRANT, settler
Alexander FARMER, land and stockholder
Benjamin FELGATE, settler
John FELL, settler
Bernard FERRERS, settler
Daniel FILPOT, x settler
James FIRTH, landholder
William FISHER, settler
John FITCHETT, landholder
J. P. FITZGERALD, J.P., landowner
George FOSTER, x settler
John FRANCES, settler
Alexander FRASER, sheepholder
Thomas FRASER, stockholder
Thomas FRETHEY, landowner
Joseph FRY, landowenr
William FUDGER, settler
Smith FURNESS, settler and landowner (1825-1884)

... G
Daniel GALAVIN, x settler
William GALPIN, land and stockowner
Samuel GASKEN, x landholder (1810-1886)
Mathew GASKIN, settler (1821-1867), brother of Samuel
Samuel GAWITH, cabinetmaker
John GELL, landowner, manager of the telegraph station at Wakapuaka
J. H. GILLARD, landowner
Charles Haggerty GILLESPIE, landowner (1832-1897)
O. GILLIES, land and stockowner, Wairarapa
James GILLIGAN, settler
John GILLMAN, settler
John GINSON, landholder
Robert GLASGOW, land and stockholder
Donald GOLLAN, settler, Ahuriri
O. G. O. GOOD, settler
Leonard GOODEN, x settler (?-1853)
Phillip GOODEN, x settler
John GOODER, landholder
B. GORDON, landowner
Alexander GRANT, shepherd, Wairarapa
Alexander GRANT, storekeeper, Turakina
George GRAY, landholder
Harrison GREEN, sett;er
James GREEN, landowner
Robert GRIGG, settler
Thomas Leman GRIMSEY, settler
John GUNN, stockholder
D. GUTHRIE, stockholder

... H
William HALBER, settler
W. H. HALE, settler
Charles HALES, landowner
John HALL, carpenter
Mathew HAMMOND, landowner
Richard HAMMOND, landowner
William HAMMOND, settler
John HARDING, land and sheepowner
William HARDWICK, labourer
E. A. HARGREAVES, settler
James HARLOW, settler
A. HARRIS, settler
David HARRIS, landowner
George HARRIS, x settler
H. S. HARRISON, land and stockowner
George HART, land and stockowner
Robert HART, solicitor, sheep and landowner
George HEDLEY, settler
August Adolph 'Albert' HEESE, landowner (1813-1864), arrived on the Slains Castle 29 Jan 1841 with wife Theodore 'Pauline' Adelgunde (1817-1850) & 2 sons, had the Freemason's Tavern, Lambton Quay & 'invented' in 1847, the Prince Albert's Cordial for his 'tee-total friends who have taken the pledge'. He later moved to Upper Hutt where he was found dead (30 Aug 1864) in a water-hole near the side of the road, which he had fallen into the previous night. He was 51
Frederick HEINEN, settler
John HEMMINGS, landholder
Francis Henry HENRYSON, landowner, Nelson
Joseph HERBERT, settler
Peter Morrison HERVEY, merchant (1824-1860)
D. HEYMAN, landholder
W. HICKSON, J.P., merchant, land and stockowner
George HILL, settler
John HILL, settler
Sidney HIRST, landowner (1814-1961), arrived on the GEORGE FYFE 7 Nov 1842 when there were about 30 households, a carpenter and joiner, he built the Christ Church Taita church (now a historics place)
George HOBBS, landholder
Walter HODDER, x land and stockowner
John HOLMES, x cabintmaker
William HOLMES, settler
John HOOPER, x settler
Charles HOWE, landholder
David HUGHEY, landowner
John HUGHEY, settler
William HUGHEY, sen - landowner
Peter HUME, land and stockowner
William HUMPHRIES, settler
Charles HUNT, landowner
Henry HUNT, carpenter
John HUNT, settler, Porirua Road
William HUNT, settler
George HUNTER, J.P., land and stockowner
Edward HUTCHINGS, landholder

... I
William ILLMAN, settler
William INGLIS, settler
Archibald INGRAM, blacksmith
Charles INKERSALL, x stockowner
Kendrick IRONS, settler
Thomas IRVING, settler
David ISAACS, settler

... J
J. JACKSON, tailor
Walter JACKSON, landowner
John JARVIS, x settler, Porirua
Thomas JEFFERIES, settler
Benjamin JEFFERSON, landowner
George JEFFS, settler
W. JENKINS, landonwer
John JOHNSON, landowner
Richard JOHNSON, settler
D. JOHNSTON, landowner
William JONES, settler
William JONES, x landowner, Upper Hutt
Thomas JOYCE, settler
John JUDD, x settler
William JUDD, landowner, Stokes Valley

... K
H. T. KEMP, J.P.
John KEMP, settler
Henry KENNEDY, settler
Catherine KERNS, settler
C. KEYS, settler
John KING, solicitor, landowner
William KING, landowner
William KIRTON, Minister of the Scotch Church
John KITSON, landowner
William KNIGHT, settler
H. S. KNOWLES, landowner

... L
Peter LAING, settler
Robert LAMBERT, clerk and landowner
Robert LANGDON, stockholder
James LANSDALE, landowner
W. P. LATHAM, landowner
Joseph LAWSON, x settler
Thomas G. LEMMINGTON, engineer
John LEVERTON, landholder
N. LEVIN, merchant, land and stockowner
Lipman LEVY, settler
Edward LEWIS, settler
Benjamin LING, stockholder
George LISMORE, settler
Thomas LOCKYER, land and stockowner
F. LOGAN, landowner
Charles LONDON, stockowner
Henry LONDON, landowner
Isaac LOVELOCK, landholder
Edward LOWE, landholder
W. S. LOXLEY, merchant and stockowner
Thomas LOYD, landowner
A. LUDLAM, J.P. landowner
William LUDWELL, settler
W. LUMSDEN, murseryman
G. D. LUXFORD, land and sheepowner
William LUXFORD, land and sheepowner
William Nicholas LUXFORD, landowner
W. LYALL, bootmaker
Robert LYLE, carpenter
Henry LYNCH, landowner

... M
Charles MABEY, landowner
John MABEY, x settler
George W. MACE, storekeeper
Alexander MACKAY, settler
James MAGINITY, landholder
Jonathan MANNING, settler
William MARSHALL, schoolmaster
John MARTIN, landholder
William MASON, land and stockowner
William Frederick MASON, storekeeper
A. MASTERS, landowner, River Hutt
John MASTERS, settler
Joseph MASTERS, settler
C. MATTINGLEY, landowner
John MAY, settler
Samuel MAXTON, baker
James McBETH, storekeeper and landowner
J. C. McDONALD, land and stockowner
Thomas McDONOGH, landholder
William McDOWALL, settler
Gregor McGREGOR, stockholder
A. McHARDIE, settler
Alexander McHARDIE, landowner
David McHARDIE, jnr landowner
John McHARDIE, x lndowner
Francis McIVER, stockholder
John McKAIN, landowner
Thomas McKAY, settler
James McKEEVER, stockholder, Porirua
Dugald McLACHLAN, landholder
A. McLAREN, settler
Donald McLEAN, J.P., settler and landowner
J. D. McMANAWAY, surveyor
Angus McMASTER, stockowner, Wairarapa
John MEADS, labourer
William MEADS, settler
Henry MEECH, shipbuilder
William MEECH, settler
Richard MEREDITH, carpenter and landowner
William MILLER, settler
Charles MILLS, builder
T. M. MILLS, settler
Thomas MILLS, settler
Alexander MILNE, landowner
William MINIFIE, landholder
Joseph MIRCHELL, land and stockowner
Henry MITCHELL, x stockholder
J. MITCHELL, landowner
James MITCHELL, land and stockowner
John MITCHELL, land and stockholder, Porirua
J. MONK, farmer
G. D. MONTEITH, surgeon, stock & landowner
W. MOODY, settler, River Hutt
George MOORE, J.P., merchant, landowner
Thomas MORAN, landowner, Porirua Road
William MORGAN, land and stockowner, Porirua Road
D. MORRISON, stockowner, Wairarapa
Daniel MORRISON, landowner
H. MORRISON, stock and landholder
John MUDFORD, sailmaker
Daniel MUNN, land and stockholder
Philip MURCH, landholder
Alexander MURDOCH, settler
Thomas MURRAY, settler

... N
C. J. NAIRN, settler
William NATTRASS, tailor and stockowner
William NEAL, watchmaker
Arthur NICOLS, landholder
Charles NICHOLS, landholder
William NICOLS, stock and landowner
William NOEL, watchmaker
Caroline NORTHWOOD, land and stockowner
James H. NORTHWOOD, stockowner, Wairarapa
William NOTT, landowner

... O
William O'NEAL, landholder
J. O'REILLY, J.P., Catholic Pastor
F. ORMSBY, stockholder
James OSMOND, settler
Nicholas OXENHAM, settler

... P
George PACKMAN, settler
F. J. PAGON, cabinetmaker
Thomas PARKEN, x settler
S. D. PARNELL, landowner, Karori
R. W. PATTEN, settler
J. J. PEACOCK, master mariner and landowner
John PEARCE, settler
Daniel PECK, landowner
George PEGLER, x settler
Joseph PERCY, landowner
Joseph Hewlett PERCY, landowner
Benjamin M. PEREIRA, dealer
Edmund PERRIN, stockholder
B. P. PERRY, landholder
A. PETHERICK, plasterer
A. PETHERICK, carpenter
J. PETHERICK, land and stockholder
Francis L. PHILIP,
George PHILLIPS, x settler
Henry J. PHILLIPS, surgeon, settler
Thomas PHILLIPS, x landowner
John PHILPS, landowner
William P. PICKERING, settler
Gilbert PICKETT, storekeeper
William PIKE, x settler
George PILCHER, storekeeper
John PIMBLE, landholder
Charles H. PIPER, settler
John PLIMMER, landholder
H. G. PLOWMAN, settler
Thomas POAD, landowner
T. G. POPE, landholder
David PORTER, x settler
Christopher POTTS, landowner
Samuel POULTER, landowner
W. D. POWELL, settler
Edward PRINCE, carpenter
Richard PROUSE, jnr landowner
Richard PROWSE, land and stockowner, Wainuiomata

... Q
Michael QUIN, landholder

... R
J. RAWLINGSON, x settler
H. READ, settler
James READ, settler
John READ, landowner
John REDBY, settler
James REED, landholder
William REEVES, landowner, Porirua Road
Thomas REID, settler
W. R. RENALL, settler
S. RETTER, landowner
Daniel RICHARDS, x stockholder
Thomas RICHARDS, x stockholder
George RICHARDSON, landholder
Thomas RICHARDSON, landholder
Edward ROBERTS, landowner
Duncan ROBERTSON, settler
T. ROBINSON, J.P., land and stockowner
Thomas ROBISON, x settler
Samuel ROE, landowner
H. ROSS, landowner, solicitor
H. W. ROTERMUND, landholder
William ROWETT, stockholder
W. ROWLANDS, stockholder
F. D. ROY, settler
T. S. RUDD, settler
James RUMBLE, settler
Richard RUSS, settler
Edward RUSSELL, landowner
Henry RUSSELL, landonwer
J. P. RUSSELL, land and stockowner
John RUSSELL, landonwer

... S
J. D. SALTER, settler
John SANCTO, settler
Robert SANSON, settler
Henry SARGENT, settler
T. SAUNDERS, land and stockholder
William SAXBY, settler
Burgess SAYER, settler
Charles SAYWELL, setler
George SAYWELL, landowner
William SAYWELL, settler
Isaac SCOTT, settler
Walter D. SCOTT
George SCRIMSHAW, settler
Richard SEED, landowner
William SEED, landowner
John SHALLESS, landholder
Henry SHARLEY, landowner
Mathew SHARLEY, landowner, River Hutt
Charles SHARP, stock and landowner
Robert SHARP, settler, River hutt
John SHAW, settler
William SHEARER, landowner
Thomas SHIELDS, settler
Thomas SHIRLEY, settler
Thomas SHIRLEY, x landowner
James SHORT, settler
Job SHORT, x settler
Joseph SILVEN, x landholder
William SIMPSON, stockholder
Francis Robert Estoteville SKIPWITH, land and stockholder (1820-1855)
- Francis 'married' Hinenui Te Po Te MATIA (maori Princess) & had children
- he married Emily Morshed SYMONS in 1854
- he was 1 of 12 sons & 6 daughters of Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Baronet
he was a brother of:
* Sir Thomas George Skipwith 9th Baronet (1803-1863), Capt 4th Dragoon Guards
* Judge Fulwar Charles Skipwith (1810-1883)
* Commander (Royal Navy) Sidmouth Stowell Skipwith (1825-1872)
* Capt (Royal Navy) Grey Skipwith (1811-1894)
* Col (43rd Regiment) Henry Skipwith (1815-1886)
* Capt (47th Regiment) William Skipwith (1807-1907)
* Dr Lionel Skipwith (1816-1886)
* Rev Randolph Skipwith (1822-1899), Rector Whilton, Northamptonshire
* Rev Humberston Skipwith (1823-1911), Rector Hampstall Ridware, Lincolnshire
NOTE see also Skipwith baronets
William SLEATH, settler
J. Valentine SMITH, land and stockowner
James SMITH, x settler, Upper Hutt
John Elisha SMITH, landowner
John S. SMITH, storekeeper
William James SNODGRASS, settler and landholder
John SOUTHEE, settler (1798-1892)
G. SPACKMAN, landowner, Stokes Valley
William SPAIN, settler
John SPEEDY, settler
William SPEEDY, settler
Richard SPICER, x stockholder
William SPINKS, land and stockholder
Ashton St HILL, stockowner
Henry St HILL, R.M. landowner
T. St LEIGHT, sett;er
Timothy STEPHENSON, settler
John STEVEN, settler
Charles STEVENS, land and stockholder
John STEVENS, landowner, Porirua
Stephen STOCKBRIDGE, landowner
James STODDART, landowner
Robert STOKES, printer and landowner
Robert R. STRANG, J.P., landowner
James STRATFORD, landowner
George STRETTON, settler
H. S. STRONG, settler
C. H. STUTFIELD, landholder
Alexander SUTHERLAND, stock and landowner
John SUTHERLAND, stockholder, storekeeper
Nathaniel SUTHERLAND, land and stockowner
George SYKES, farmer, Upper Hutt
George SYKES, x landowner
William SYKES, landowner
James SYMONS, settler
Jane SYMONS, landowner

... T
James TAINE, merchant and landowner
William TANDY, landholder
J. W. TANKERSLEY, landholder
William TANNAHILL, sett;er
James TAVENER, settler
Henry TAYLOR, stock and landholder
Mary TAYLOR, landowner
William TAYLOR, x stockowner
William Waring TAYLOR, landholder (1820-1903)
J. TELFORD, stockholder
William THOMAS, landowner
H. S. TIFFEN, stockowner, Ahururu
Jonas TOCKER, settler
Algernon TOLLEMACHE, landowner
William TOMPKINS, bootmaker
William TONKS, stock and landholder
Joseph TORR, storekeeper
Chauncey Henry TOWNSEND, settler
Patrick TROTTER, settler
William TROTTER, settler
Peter TUTCHEM x stockholder
John TUTTY, landowner
Robert TYLER, settler, land and stockowner

... U
Hart UDY, landowner (1808-1890), Hart, his wife Jane and 4 children left Plymoouth 5 Oct 1839 on the DUKE OF ROXBURGH, had another 5 children, lived in Wellington & worked for Sir Charles Molesworth on the first house built of NZ timber. Udy Street in Petone, Wellinton is named after him. Moved to Waiwhetu, Stokes Valley, Matarawa & later built a sawmill in Greytown. His namesake grandson, Hart, of his son Hart, became a New Zealand All Black player from 1884-1885, as did his grandson Daniel, from his son William, from 1901-1903

... V
C. A. VALLANCE, stockholder
John VARNHAM, stock and landowner, merchant
James VAUGHAN, settler
Charles E. von ALZDORF, land agent

... W
Robert WAITT, merchant, land and stockowner
William WAKEHAM, x settler
J. WAKELIN, settler
Thomas WAKELIN, builder
James WALKER, stock and landowner
Robert WALKER, settler
Anthony WALL, landowner
George WALL, stockholder
James WALLACE, landowner
R. D. WALLACE, settler
W. E. WALLACE, settler
Thomas WATERS, settler
J. E. WATKIN, storekeeper
James WATKIN, Wesleyan Minister, Manners street
James WATSON, settler
John WATSON, land and stockowner
William WATT, x stockholder
Robert WEATHERHEAD, settler
George WEBB, landholder
William WELCH, landowner, Hutt
James Balfour WEMYSS Esq., J.P., landowner. On Feb 6 1853, J. B. Wemyss & 4 servants caught the schoomer 'Wellington' from Wellington to Waipapa
Samuel WESTON, landowner
Edwin WHEELER, clerk
Samuel WHITE, x settler
John WHITEHOUSE, settler, land and stockowner
Joseph WHITEHOUSE, stockholder
W. M. WHITEWOOD, settler
George WILKIE, landholder
John WILKINS, x land and stockowner
David M. WILKINSON, land and stockholder
James WILKINSON, landowner
D. WILLHELM, stockholder
James WILLIAM, landowner
Thomas WILLIAMSON, settler
Edward C. WILLS, settler
James F. WILLS, settler
James WILSON, land and stockowner
Thomas WILSON, stockholder, Pauatahanui
Charles WILTON, stockholder
Robert WILTON, stockholder (1796-1869), arrived on the ORIENTAL 22 Oct 1841 with wife Elizabeth (nee Denman) & 7 children. They had a total of 19 children
Henry WINTERINGHAM, stockholder
J. WOODWARD, land and stockholder
Samuel WOODWARD, stockholder
George WRIGHT, settler
Thomas Gilliam WRIGLEY, carpenter, Landowner (1825-1867). Thomas was a cabin boy on the ORIENTAL, to the Hon Henry Petre, son of Lord Petre, a Director of the New Zealand Company

... Y
Arthur S. YOUNG, landowner
Charles YOUNG, settler
George YOUNG, landholder
John YULE, merchant and landowner

Christ Church Taita

the church that Sydney Hirst built in 1853

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