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Hilda Lauren Ellen ANGOVE, - Napier New zealand 1888

Do you who Hilda Lauren Ellen Angove was? She was born about 1888

She married James Henry Loader. He was born 10 Nov 1886 in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and died on 21 Nov 1918

MARTIN family buried Old Gorge Cemetery, WOODVILLE, New Zealand

There are 12 people with the surname MARTIN buried in the
OLD GORGE CEMETERY Woodville, New Zealand

They are:

Annie Martin - b.1850 buried 1at July 1929
Edward Martin - b.1858 died 2nd Oct 1931
Ellen Martin - b.1849 buried 9th March 1919
Emily Martin - b.1879 buried 6th August 1890
Margaret Josephine Martin - b.1897 buried 30th Nov 1897
Mary Margaret Martin - b.1872 buried 22nd Nov 1950
Patrick Martin - b.1859 buried 8th March 1947
Rose Ann Martin - b.1882 buried 17th July 1972
Thomas Martin - b.1861 buried 22nd July 1944
Thomas Francis Martin - b.1897 buried 4th Feb 1900
Walter Martin - b.1885 buried 15th May 1916
William Martin - b.1839 buried 9th July 1913

Descendants of Stephen PILCHER of Wellington, New Zealand buried in BENDIGO Cemeteries Trust, Australia

Stephen Pilcher was born 24th April 1794 in Wychling, Kent.
He married Ann McPharlane and they had 5 children:

*George Pilcher b.1820 Kent -d.1891 in Napier, New Zealand - married Eleanor Harris and had 12 children
*Susan Pilcher b.1823 in Kent married George Cleggett
*Ann Pilcher b.1826-d.1839 buried in England
*John George Pilcher b.1829 in Kent -d.1895 in Naenae, New Zeaand - married Ellen Peck and had 13 children. Also married Lillian Booth and had 2 children
*Stephen Pilcher b.1832 in Kent -d.1929 in Victoria, Australia - married Mary Jane Rowe and had 12 children in Australia, see below

- When those 5 children were still young (aged from 2 to 14) their mother Ann McPharlane died.
Five years later Stephen emigrated with them to New Zealand on the 'COROMANDEL'
His first son, George had sailed to New Zealand 4 months previously on the "BOLTON".

He met his second wife Bennett Hook on the ship, she was a widow, travelling with her 3 children.
Stephen and Bennett had a daughter - Sarah Annis (who died aged 14) - 2 months after their arriving in New Zealand.

They married in 1842, when Stephen was 48 and she was 33 and they had 6 more children.

This made a total of 12 children for Stephen over a period of 35 years - from 1820 to 1855.

- All the children, their spouses and some of their children can be seen at the above link

Stephen Pilcher born 1832, moved to Australia prior to 1859 (prior to age 27) because of the gold.
He married Mary Jane Rowe in February 1859 in Australia and they had 12 children in Victoria.
They were:
*George Pilcher b.1859 in Adelaide Lead married Anne Mudge.
- He died in Strathfieldsaye 36 years before her

*William Thomas Pilcher b.1861 in Maryborough married Jane Kellow.
- They are buried in Bendigo

*Elizabeth Ann Pilcher b.1862 in Maryborough married Robert Lewis.
- They are buried in Bendigo

*Emma Pilcher b.1854 in Sandhurst (now Bendigo) married Walter Nathaniel Valentine in Wellington, New Zealand. Walter was born in Wellington.
- They are buried in Bendigo

*Selina Pilcher b.1867 in Myrtle Creek married Molesworth Jeffrey, he was the brother of her sister Helen's husband Walter Jeffrey.
- Selina died in Avenel, Victoria

*Alred Pilcher b. 1869 in Sandhurst (now Bendigo) married Jane Peating.
- They are buried in Bendigo Cemetery

*Helen Matilda Pilcher b.1871 in Strathfieldsaye married Walter Jeffrey

*Mary Jane Pilcher b.1874 in Strathfieldsaye married John Young.
- They are buried in Bendigo Cemetery

*Stephen John Pilcher b.1877 in Stratfieldsaye married Mary Sheen. They are buried in Bendigo Cemetery

*Albert Ambrose Pilcher b. 1878 in Sutton Grange is buried in Bendigo Cemetery

*Frederick Arthur Pilcher b.1881 in Sutton Grange married Alice Newcombe. They are buried in Bendigo Cemetery

*Florence Rachel Pilcher b.1884 in Sutton Grange died in Brighton, Melbourne

This is a link to the Bendigo Cemetery Trust database showing all the 29 Pilchers buried there. They are probably all related.
It is searchable by surname.
The above girls can be found under their married names.


Descendants of Thomas Avery 1802 Staplehurst, England - 1870 Taita, New Zealand

The James AVERY family members on my tree - so far - are:

James b. 1770 d.1815 in Staplehurst
- married Elizabeth Butcher
- married Ann Kite

James's 12 children were:

James Avery Kite 1799-1891
John Avery 1800
- Thomas, see below
William Avery b.1804
Robert Avery b.1805
Henry Avery b.1807
George Avery b.1808
Mary Avery b.1811
Ann Avery b.1812
Amos Avery b.1813
Morris Avery b.1814
Harriet Avery b.1816
Thomas Avery1802-1870 emigrated to New Zealand and is buried in Taita - Thomas married Elizabeth Dapson and they had 9 children

Children of Thomas Avery and Elizabeth Dapson were:

Elizabeth Avery b.1820 - d.1877 buried in England

Harriet Avery b. 1822 - died in New Zealand - married Dr Mannering
they didn't have any children
do you know who Dr Mannering was?

George Avery b.1824 - d.1903 buried in Taita, New Zealand
married Charlotte Tandy - 2 of their children married 2 different girls of the same name, Jane Hirst - one was the daughter of Sydney Hirst and one was the granddaughter of (the same) Sydney Hirst ...

Charles b.1826-d.1866 died in Christchurch - he never married

Ann Avery b.1828 married Peter Humle
they had 14 children - do you know who they were?

Mary Avery b.1830 d.1912 is buried in Wakapuaka - married Isaac Hill in Nelson, Marlborough and they settled there

Sarah Avery b.1832 d.1871 married James Baberfield Jackson - they had 7 children - do you know who they were?

Ellen Avery b.1834-d.1919 buried in Nelson - married Charles Saywell
- Charles was born in 1832 the 4th of 15 children to George Saywell and Susan Goatham

Stephen b.1839-d.1902 buried in Nelson
- married Eliza Hooper and had 5 children
- married Marion Stewart and had 6 children
- married Sara Jane Collard and had 2 children

There are 70 AVERY members on my tree at present - click any of the links above to see the others

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"W" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Eva Tily 1891-1891
- George 1871-1935

- John James 1872-1896

- unnamed baby boy 1922-1922
- Benjamin Parker 1835-1900
- Eliza Ann (nee Groves) 1863-1932
- Enoch 1840-1907
- Esther Mary 1869-1929
- Hector Greenhaigh 1899-190
- Isabel Rhoda 1887-1963
- Ivy Gertie 1892-1911
- Ivy Belle (nee Hammond) 1889-1981
- Jane (nee Greenhaig) 1841-1879
- Joyce Louisa E. 1908-1956
- Leonard Ainsworth 1887-1952
- Margaret Olive Eveline (nee Turner) 1887-1917
- Rolland Hugh Stowell 1888-1965
- Tom 1862-1945
- William 1939-1939

- Johanna 1890-1891

- George 1852-1890

- Gavin William 1879-1932

- Annie Mary (nee Pidgeon) 1881-1941
- Charles 1884-1972
- Elizabeth (nee Cordell) 1851-1927
- Emily 1881-1935
- Grace Marion (nee Wood) 1889-1979
- Henry Thomas 1839-1917
- William John 1873-1935

- unnamed baby 1926-1926
- unnamed baby 1928-1928

- John William 1853-1900

- Andrew William 1862-1954
- Harriet Potter 1862-1947
- Isabella Graham 1847-1930
- Olive 1897-1943

- Joan Read 1914-1995

- Brian Leslie 1933-1935
- John Joseph 1883-1940
- John 1853-1913
- Mabel Alvera (nee Clarke) 1895-1989
- Mary Ann 1857-1918

- Ivy Millicent 1886-1908

- Mary 1861-1925

- Elsie Isabel 1915-1917
- Lillian Mary (nee Palmer) 1879-1959
- Thomas William 1871-1950

- Colleen 1927-2007

- Robert 1845-1884
- Annie (nee McVeil) 1858-1937

- Edwin James 1849-1908

- Anthony 1957-1957
- Catherine Barbara 1901-1903
- Francis James 1890-1891

- Margaret (nee McCleave) 1881-1938

- Francis/Frederic Alfred 1863-1935
- Margaret (nee Peavoy) 1853-1916
- Percy George Alfred 1891-1962
- Walter Henry 1900-1900

- William 1889-1889

- Mary Ann Roberts 1877-1889

- Abraham Firth 1889-1964
- Annie Isabella (nee Cade) 1888-1958
- Eliza Maud (nee Ingram) 1880-1930
- Henry 1837-1889
- Jessie Rachel (nee Palmer) 1887-1968
- Lawrence 1879-1945
- Mary 1929-1929
- Susan 1826-1883
- Walter Valentine 1882-1955

- Arthur George 1881-1905
- Kate (nee Williams) 1879-1944
- William 1871-1942

- Alice Jane (nee Rendle) 1878-1947
- Esther Jane 1899-1899
- Estrella Blanche 1909-1958
- Henry 1882-1889
- Lewis Charles 1882-1883
- Robert 1852-1902
- Robert 1908-1990
- William John 1877-1969

- unnamed baby 1951-1951

- unnamed baby 1939-1939

- Harry George 1883-1918
- Jessie 1901-1901

- Elizabeth Thomazine (nee Morgan) 1876-1941
- Iris Dorothy (nee Vickers) 1904-1955
- John Morgan ?-1946
- unnamed prem baby 1977-1977
- Sydney Edward 1877-1958

- unnamed prem baby 1924-1924
- Elizabeth Hannah (nee Burgess) 1863-1948
- Walter Duncan 1878-1953
- William 1866-1925
- William John 1863-1948

- Harriett Jarvis (nee Aston) 1864-1887

FIRTH & WILLIAMS - early settlers of Waipawa

Elizabeth Firth (1858-1940) was the daughter of Abraham Firth (1816-1898) and Sarah Thompson (1823-1865), very early settlers of Waipawa, New Zealand.
If you recognise these people as ancestors you will find a lot more information and old photos on this page of this site:
It is a very big site with a great deal of interesting data on Waipawa and the early families like, Wooster, Donghi, Edwards, Beale, Burdett, Standley, Bibby, and the Parkhurst Boys

Elizabeth Firth married Frederick Williams (1853-1939) in 1877
They had Abraham Firth Williams (1858-1940)
- Elizabeth and Frederick are buried in Hastings.

Abraham Firth Williams married Jessie Rachel Palmer (1889-1964) in 1913.
- Abraham and Jessie are buried in the
Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville.
Abraham on 28-11-1964 PLOT 87, BLOCK 22
Jessie on 30-8-1968 PLOT 88, BLOCK 22

Other Williams that are buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery:
Anne Isabella Williams, 15 June 1958 aged 70
- Plot 41E, Block 23. Wife of Walter Valentine Williams

Eliza Maud Williams (nee Ingram), 21 March 1930 aged 50
- Plot 48, Block 16. Married John Williams in 1907

Henry Williams, 15 Dec 1889 aged 52
- Plot 85, Block 13. Husband of Mary

Jessie Rachel Williams (nee Palmer), 28 Aug 1968 aged 81
- Plot 88, Block 22. Wife of Abraham Firth Williams

Lawrence Williams, 7 July 1945 aged 66
- Plot 30C, Block 14

Mary Williams, 21 Oct 1929 aged 2 days
- Plot 49, Block 16. Wife of Henry

Susan Williams, aged 58 - buried 2 May 1883
- Plot 39, Block 21. First adult burial in the cemetery

Walter Williams, 3 Dec 1955 aged 73
- Plot 41D, Block 23. Husband of Anne Isabella Williams

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James & Mary Ann REDPATH, Settlers of New Zealand

There was a James and Mary Ann Redpath living in Rangiwahia in 1901 as per this article taken from Papers Past, from the New Zealand Free Lance dated 16th November 1901:

Application having been made to me for the issue of a provisional certificate of title in the name of MARY ANN REDPATH, wife of James Redpath, of Rangiwahia, Settler, for Section 79, Township of Rangiwahia, being the land comprised in certificate of title, Vol. 1 XVII., folio 35, and evidence having been lodged of the destruction of the said certificate of title, I hereby give notice that I will issue the provisional certificate of title as requested unless caveat be lodged forbidding the same on or before the 21st day of November, 1901.
- Dated this 6th day of November, 1901, at the Land Registry Office, Wellington. - W. STUART, District Land Registrar.

There is a Mary Ann Redpath buried in Plot 12 of the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville, on 25th January 1909.
She was aged 63 at the time of death which gives her a birthdate of 1846 - a 'settlers' age.
Rangiwahia is about 80km north of Woodville.
It MAY be the same one if you are researching this name ...
- I do not know where James Redpath is buried at this time

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