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Ernest Peck married Margaret Taniora - Manawatu, New Zealand

Ernest Seddon Sydney Peck was born in 1907 in Waione which is 11m south east of Dannevirke in the Manawatu, New Zealand

His parents were Daniel Peck 1860-1930 and Jane Sargent 1874-1961

He married Margaret Taniora - do you know her parents and whether their were any children ??

Do you have any further birth or death dates ??

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RUSSELL family of New Zealand - 1870s

Reginald Fowler Russell was born on April 24 1872 Nae Nae, Hutt Valley
- he married Elizabeth PECK in 1898
- their known children were:
* 1898 - 1956 Ilma Rose Russell
- Ilma married Victor Constant Benjamin Macgee NARBEY in 1920
* 1900 - 1900 Leslie Raymond Russell
- Leslie died aged 1 month
* 1902 - 1976 Gladys Maud Russell
- Gladys married Neil ALBRECHTSEN in 1928
* 1905 - Iris Mabel Russell
- Iris married John Charles HOLLAND in 1926
* 1906 - Vera May Russell
- nothing known
* 1907 - 1907 Alfred George Russell
- Alfred died aged 19 days
* 1908 - Florence Ida Russell
- nothing known
* 1911 - 1961 Reginald Wilfred Russell
- nothing known
* 1912 - 1987 Pearl Muriel Russell
- Pearl married James Thomas DOYLE in 1932

Elizabeth was the daughter of George Peck and Elizabeth Barnes
She was born in Makara, Wellington in 1877 - death unknown

REGINALD died 2 Feb 1923 in Eketahuna aged 50

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Simon Bonnet SILCOCK & Susannah FLOWER

Simon Bonnet SILCOCK was born 25 March 1824 in London England
- he was one of the crew on the Sir Charles Forbes (the first ship to sail direct from London to Nelson). However, he visited New Zealand sometime during 1838-1839 with the NZ Land Company

The Sir Charles Forbes left London on 1 May 1842 and arrived in Nelson on 22 August 1842 with 172 passengers. On board was William & Elizabeth (nee CHANDLER) FLOWER with their 2 daughters, Susannah Flower aged 17 and Rhoda Flower, aged 14
William & Elizabeth were to have a son, Tom FLower in Nelson in 1844
... Rhoda Flower married Alfred SAUNDERS in Sydney in 1847, returning to NZ in 1850. They returned to Engand in 1866 and returned to NZ in 1872, settling in Christchurch. They had 9 children
... Tom also married ?? and moved to the Manawatu

Maybe Simon and Susannah struck up a friendship during the voyage ...
Simon became a Farmer and Settler and was involved with his father in law, William Flower, in Sawmilling. Two years later, on 8 July 1844 they married in the Wesleyan Chapel in Nelson

SIMON & SUSANNAH had 15 children:
... 1
1845 - 1892 Virtue Elizabeth Silcock
Virtue married George HOPGOOD in 1862
their known children:
* Archie Hopgood
* Walter Hopgood
Virtue next married Walter Beaty THOMSON in 1884
their known children:
* 1885 - Annie Beaty Florence Thomson
* 1889 - Margaret Graham Moncrieff Thomson

... 2
1846 - 1913 William John Silcock
- William was a Butcher in Ashburton
William married Annie Elizabeth BRYANT in 1874
their known children:
* 1876 - ? Edith Rhoda Silcock
* 1878 -1913 Ellen Mary 'Katie' Silcock
- Katie died June 1913 aged 35, 2 months before her father
* 1880 - 1964 Frederick Arthur Silcock
- married Ethel Cooper LAWRENCE (1882-1961) in 1905
* 1881 - 1943 Alfred Oliver Silcock
- married Florence Isabel TUCKER in 1909
* 1883 - 1951 Harold Stanley Silcock
- married Kathleen Ellen THORN (1891-1969) in 1917
* 1885 - 1929 Florence Annie Silcock
- married George SWAIN in 1913
* 1886 - 1955 Edgar Lewis Silcock
- married Bridget Kathleen O'LEARY in 1928
* 1888 - ? Clara Gertrude Silcock
* 1890 - 1952 Robert Gordon Silcock
* 1892 - 1968 Allan Nelson Silcock
* 1895 - 1961 Owen Wilfred Silcock
- married Eliva ERLANDSSON in 1921
* 1907 - 1944 William Alban Silcock
WILLIAM JOHN Silcock died at home 14 Aug 1913, 25 Creek Rd, Allenton, Ashburton
ANNIE Silcock died at Waitati on 14 July 1921 aged 71
they are buried Plot 8-9, Area 111 at Ashburton

... 3
1848 - 1943 Sarah Ann Silcock
Sarah married Robert McMURRAY in 1871 in Brightwater, Nelson
Colonist, 26 September 1871 McMURRAY-SILCOCK, Septemner 12, by the Rev F. Thomas, Mr Robert McMurray, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Simon Bonnet Silcock. of the Bridge Hotel, Waimea East
- they had 5 children in the Inangahua & Nelson regions then moved to Wanganui where Sarah was born
their known children:
* 1875 - 1945 Robert McMurray
- married Bertha PHILLIPS (1878-1956) in 1897 in Awahuri. Had 11 children in Palmerston North
* 1879 - 1937 Susannah May McMurray
* 1882 - 1955 Alfred Thomas McMurray
- Alfred was in Standard IV on Awahuri School in 1894
* 1885 - 1888 Frederick Joseph McMurray
- Frederick died aged 3
* 1886 - 1956 Emily May/Minnie McMurray
- Emily did not marry
* 1892 - 1984 Sarah Ann Daisy McMurray
- married Percy Rowland RYAN in 1922 in Palmerston North
- they had 2 daughters: Valerie McMurray Ryan (+Vivian Ernest Oakenfull) & Dorothy Ryan (+William MacKenzie)
ROBERT McMurray died 8 Sept 1927 aged 85
- he had been a Farmer, living at 25 Ada St Palmerston North
SARAH ANN McMurray died on 14 Sept 1943 aged 95
- she had been living at 33 Ada St, Palmerston North
they are buried Plot 038, Block 014 at Terrace End

... 4
1850 - 1915 George Johnson Silcock
- married Ellen HILL in 1872
their known children (born Nelson):
* 1873 - 1960 George Johnson Silcock
- married Emma Mary Louisa SCHRODER (1874-1931) in 1900
* 1875 - 1962 Ellen Silcock
- married Denis SNOWDEN in 1894
* 1877 - 1934 Elizabeth Flowerday Silcock
- married William Henry DOIDGE in 1906
* 1879 - ? Maudie Ann Silcock
* 1881 - 1960 Anna Rose Silcock
* 1884 - 1965 Albert Edward Silcock
- married Reenee Ethel CRESSWELL (1884-1956) in 1913

... 5
1851 - 1924 Alfred Thomas Silcock
- married Sarah Jane LINES (1849-1918) in 1887
their known children (born in Nelson):
* 1890 - 1974 Claude Alfred Silcock
- married Lucy Elfreda ROBSON (1895-1975) in 1917
* 1893 - 1962 Alfred Frederick Silcock
- married Elizabeth Rosalie Prudence Belle BIGGS (1897-1978) in 1918

... 6
1853 - 1940 Charles Rowe Silcock
- Charles was a Blacksmith in Brightwater, Nelson
- he married Emma Jane STAGG (1856-1912) in 1876
their known children:
* 1877 - 1957 Charlotte Elizabeth Silcock
- married Edward Humphries TOLL (1878-1921) in 1907
* 1879 - 1946 Charles Rowe Silcock
- married Jeanette Frances ROBSON (1889-1972) in 1910
* 1880 - 1957 Edith Ada Martha Silcock
- married Raymond Spence HAYCOCK (1884-1961) in 1910
* 1882 - 1954 Francis Thomas Silcock
- married Lilian Elsie Iris Winearls BROWN (1883-1922) in 1909
* 1885 - 1958 Philip Henry/Hugh Silcock
- married Ruth Maude Mary YATES (1896-1974) in 1921
* 1886 - 1943 Lillian May Silcock
- married Ernest Henry BLOOMFIELD in 1910
* 1895 - ? Arthur Ashley Silcock

... 7
1854 - 1932 Susannah 'Betsy' Silcock
Betsy married Martin Robert Christian Augustus Valentine GEMBRITZKY (1852-1933) in 1876
- Martin was a Polish Count. His estates were confiscated in the Franco Prussian War. He taught music in Westport
- they were living in Wairoa Valley in 1876
their known children:
* 1878 - Pauline Susanna Flowers Gembitzky
* 1879 - 1882 Sarah Ann Gembitzky (aged 2)
* 1881 - 1882 Wilhelmina Gertrude Gembitzky (aged 8 months)
* 1883 - Ellenor May Gembitzky
* 1891 - Adolph Bruno Gembitzky

... 8
1856 - 1877 Frederick Silcock
- Frederick died aged 20
- he was a member of the General Cameron Lodge, I.O.O.F. After the Odd-Fellow service the brethren, in accordance with the usual custom, scattered sprigs of thyme on his coffin
- he was buried in Spring Grove Churchyard, Nelson

... 9
1858 - 1930 Mary Ann Silcock
Mary married William MARTIN in 1880
- William owned a hotel in Brightwater, Nelson
- no known children
MARY ANN Martin died in Westport aged ?

... 10
1860 - 1936 Joseph Hetherington Silcock
- he was a Farmer at Reefton
Joseph married Mary Little MORRISON (1863-1942) in 1892
their known children:
* 1893 - 1962 Joseph Rege Silcock
- married Hannah Montgomerie TAYLOR (1900-1960) in 1920
* 1894 - 1974 Robert William Silcock
- no wife found

... 11
1862 - 1942 Simon Bonnet Silcock
- Simon was a Farmer in Hope, Nelson
- he married Louisa STAGG (1861-1944) in 1885
their known children:
* 1888 - 1969 Hubert Martin Silcock
- married Lettice Olive HOLDAWAY (1889-1985) in 1918
* 1889 - 1923 Gertrude Olive Silcock
- married Charles George Algernon CROSS (1874-1959) in 1914
- Charles remarried in 1926 to Louisa Emma SIGGLEKOW
* 1892 - 1911 Simon Bonnet Silcock
- Simon died aged 18
* 1898 - 1966 Harold Frederick Stanley Silcock
- married Kathleen Mary STAPP (1890-1974) in 1924

... 12
1864 - 1936 Albert Edward Silcock
- married Margaret Jane FARMER (1865-1953) in 1887
- daughter of Richard FARMER & Margaret Jane O'BRIEN (1842-1872)
their known children:
* 1888 - 1972 Thomas William Martin 'Tom' Silcock
- married Grace Hilda EDEN (1888-1936) in 1915
* 1890 - 1938 Alfred Richard Frederick Silcock
- married Camilia/Camelia Annie EDGAR (1890-1969) in 1915
* 1891 - Constance Gertrude 'Gertie' Silcock
* 1893 - 1982 George Johnson Silcock
- married Alice Mary WEBB (1896-1993) in 1921
* 1896 - 1940 Margaret Jane 'Maggie' Silcock
- married Claude Boland AITKEN (1895-1959) in 1920
* 1900 - 1978 Millicent Grace 'Millie' Silcock
- married Frank Hunter McDONALD (1900-1984) in 1922
* 1908 - Edna May Silcock

... 13
1865 - 1865 Rhoda Silcock
- Rhoda died aged 1 month

... 14
1866 - 1922 Emily 'Minnie' Silcock
- married August SHILTHOUER in 1889
- they farmed in Nelson
their known children:
* 1891 - August Louis Shilthouer

... 15
1867 - 1910 Robert Hooker Silcock
- no wife found
In Feb 1892 Robert was fined in the Foxton Court for 'rescuing' a horse that had been seized and impounded
ROBERT HOOKER Silcock was killed in Gisborne aged 42 when kicked by a horse on Buchanan's - Whakatutu Station

Susannah Silcock died 8 March 1875 at Brightwater, Nelson
Simon Bonnet Silcok died 17 September 1883 aged at Brightwater

NOTES on Simon Bonnet Silcock (1824-1883):
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 28 January 1854
To MAJOR RICHMOND, Sir - We, the undersigned inhabitants of the settlement of Nelson, are desirous of addressing you upon the occasion of your retiring from the position of Superintendent of the Province...
this was signed by Simon Bonnet Silcock and a few hundred others

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 4 July 1857 ELECTION OF LOCAL COMMITTEES
SPRING GROVE - At a public meeting held in the school-room at Spring Grove, Waimea-south, for the purpose of electing a local committee for the schools in that district for the ensuing year, Edward G. Rennell in the chair, the following gentlemen were duly elected:-
* Alfred Saunders, Esq.
* Mr William McGowan
* Mr Simon Silcock
* Mr James Ladley
* Mr William Higgins
* Mr William White
* Mr George Rutherford
* Mr William Herrick
* Mr Joseph Andrews

GENTLEMEN - Having been requested by a number of the Electors of the above district to become a CANDIDATE for the Provincial Council, I beg to offer my services, and to inform you that I shall become a Candidate for the seat, when it shall have become vacant by the resignation of Mr Oliver. I am, Gentlemne, Your obedient servant, SIMON BONNETT SILCOCK. Bridge Hotel, 16th April, 1867

A Coroner's inquest was held before Dr Squires at Mr Disher's Hotel, Spring Grove, on Friday last, for the purpose of ascertaining the cause of the late fire at the flour mill at Spring Grove, which belonged to Mr William White. Mr Hugh Martin, junior, was appointed foreman of the jury, after which the jurors visited the scene of the late fire. The mill was then found to have been fully a hundred and fifty yards from the cartshed, stables, barn and dwelling-house, and the house about twenty-seven yards distant from the cartshed.
The following evidence was then adduced:-
Simon B. Silcock, landlord of the Bridge Hotel, deponed that none of the people who stayed in his house was out after twelve o'clock at night ...

* In at least 1870 had the Bridge Inn in Nelson

DOUGALL + McINNES + TARBET, Renfrew Scotland to Geelong Australia to Kaikoura New Zealand

Mary Dougall married John McInnes in Renfrew, Scotland about 1823.

They had a daughter Catherine McInnes who emigrated to Australia, married Christopher Clemett in Geelong, had 3 children then moved to New Zealand in about early 1860s and had another 4 children in Kaikoura.

One of the sons they named Arthur TARBET Clemett.
I was fasinated in how they got the name Tarbet and much research has revealed an interesting possibility.

In 1822 a Hellen Dougall married a Robert Tarbet in Renfrew, Scotland.
Can you help?
Was Hellen Dougall a sister of the above Mary Dougall
(they married a year apart so the ages seem right) and perhaps Mary's daughter used her uncles name Tarbet when she named her son ???

More data to help you:
Catherine McInnes husband Christopher was born in High Bickington in 1821. He married Mary Simmons in Roxborough, England. They had a son Thomas in Devon in 1848. By 1852 they were in Geelong, Victoria, Australia where they had William Henry Clemett in 1852.
Mary died that year but unknown at this time if it was due to childbirth. She was 25.

The following year Christopher married the above Catherine McInnes in Geelong. Not known when Catherine arrived in Geelong or whether she emigrated with anyone else.

Their children were:
John McInnes Clemett 1854 Geelong - died 1930 Kaikoura, New Zealand
- he married Elizabth Harmon

Alexander McDougal Clemett 1856 Geelong - died ?

Christopher Clemett 1858 Australia - died ?

Sarah Morella Clemett born 1864 in Kaikoura - died ?

Catherine Clemett 1867 Kaikoura - died ?
- she married Walter Roberts. They had a son that they also gave the name Tarbet to, Arthur Tarbet Roberts 1892 - died in 1919 in Sling Camp during the war

Fanny Clemett 1869 Kaikoura - died 1948

Arthur Tarbet Clemett 1871 Kaikoura - died 1944

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looking for Richard & John ROBERTS - 1859 UK to New Zealand

Richard Roberts and his brother?? John emigrated to New Zealand on the MERMAID which departed from Liverpool, England on the 11th July 1859 and arrived in Auckland on the 19th October 1859.

The Mermaid's first stop was Auckland then Wellington and Nelson.
Not known where Richard and John disembarked but Richard eventually ended up in Marlborough.

He married Emily Atwood, daughter of John Atwood of Lower Stratton and Mary Dunn of Walmer, Kent.
You can read John's story at his link above.

Richard Roberts drowned in the Awatere River in 1864 at the age of about 28.
He left a young son Walter Roberts, aged 5 months.
Walter later married Catherine Clemett.

Emily remarried to John Adams and had a further 10 children.

I would like to know who Richard and John Roberts were (assuming they were brothers)
Who were their parents and where they were from.
What happened to John Roberts ???

The ship THERESA /TERESA from Gravesend to Nelson NZ - 1844

The THERESA sailed from Gravesend on the 20th November 1843
Most of the passenger list is missing

There is another list with a few differences THERESA - also with most of the passengers missing

Did you have ancestors arrive on this ship?
Do you know where the list is?

Those on board so far:
Captain YOUNG - (NZC passenger lists missing SR gives her arrival as 8th April 1844 with Thomas BACON as master)
HAYES was surgeon
BRAY, Gertrude Cobbam Herring - also her husband who drowned during the voyage
HARGREAVES, Edward Allen
JERMINGHAM, Frederick William
O'BURKE, Mr M.W. - from the Nelson Examiner 13th July 1844:
A melancholy accident occurred at the Waimea on Sunday last. Mr M.W. O'Burke, a gentleman who recently arrived in te Teresa (sic) had just erected a house on his section in Waimea East. On Sunday afternoon he set out in company with three men who were staying with him, to go to the village on the opposite side of the rivers Wairoa and Waiiti. They found the river much swollen from the great quantity of rain. They made a number of attempts to cross. Mr O'Burke lost his footing and was swept away and drowned.
You can read the full report on Papers Past
WELD, Frederick Aloysius - (was a New Zealand politician and a governor of various British colonies. He was the sixth person to serve as Premier of New Zealand, and later served as Governor of Western Australia, Governor of Tasmania, and Governor of the Straits Settlements)
WILD, Frederick
- are those 2 the same person?

Papers Past has a number of interesting articles about her but they spell the name TERESA:
...6th April 1844 - The ship Teresa which arrived here on Tuesday last, made her passage from Plymoth to New Plymouth in 111 days, notwithstanding the loss of her mainmast in a gale off the Cape of Good Hope. Her commander, Captain Bacon who, we are sorry to hear, has been indisposed for several weeks, has visited us before in the Sit Charles Forbes, the first vessel that arrived here direct from England. The Teresa has brought [url]a large number[/url] of passengers for the Company's settlements but there is little information affecting the colony brought by the Teresa.

...6th April 1844 - Another lot of sheep for Mr Duppa were put on board the Teresa at New Plymouth. The pastoral capabilities of this settlement (Nelson) far exceed those of our neighbours.

...6th April 1844 - We have received by the TERESA, English newspapers to the 22nd November 1843. The following is a summary of the more interesting portion of their contents:
*Special commissioners were prosecuting inquiries into the causes of the riots in South Wales. Complaints are everywhere made to them of exorbitant tolls, high rents and the most abject poverty
*The Queen was about to visit the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth and Sir Robert Peel at Drayton Manor
*A serious differece exists between France and Tunis
*The Times strongly advocates a State provision for the Roman clergy with a view to diminish agitation in Ireland
*In consequence of repeated complaints about the irregularities in the transmission of letters to the Australian colonies, Government has concluded a contract for the despatch of mails from Gravesend to Sydney on the first day of every month.
*Mexico and Italy have quarrelled about a flag and friendly relations are for the time suspended

...13th April 1844 - At the Police Office on Wednesday, eight of the crew of the Teresa were committed to hard labour for one month for neglecting their duty

...13th April 1844 - To Merchants, Storekeepers and others:
Just arrived per Teresa a large assortment of ironmongery
Fine gunpowder in canister
Percussion caps
Ladies gloves in variety
Ladies' black and white silk stockings
Childrens woollen boos, socks etc
Spades and shovels assorted
Nails in various sizes and sorts
Doeskin, tweed and other cloths
Pins and needles
Tailors' supperior thread and sporting buttons
Glengarry caps in great variety
Windsor, French polished & stained rose-wood cane-bottom chairs
Feild, garden and flower seeds in great variety
Wrapping and other paper
Tinder boxes, earthenware assorted
Superior boots and shoes
And a large supply of other general stores too numberous to mention

...27th April 1844 - We have just heard of a valuable case of plants received by a gentleman in this settlement, by the Teresa, which were packed in wet moss without any soil at the roots and soldered in tin. This mode of packing answers remarkedly well as every tree appears to be alive and healthy. Fruit trees may be thus obtained from England at a considerably less cost than we have been accustomed to pay for them from the surrounding colonies.

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Barque 'RAYMOND' Gravesend to Nelson, NZ 1844

The 498 ton barque RAYMOND sailed from London 30 March 1844, from the Thames 27 April 1844 & departed from Gravesend 3 May 1844 bound for New Zealand. It arrived in New Plymouth 30 August and in Wellington on 5 Sep 1844. It was to go on to Nelson.
The master was Hugh McKay and the surgeon was Mr Godfrey

Daily Southern Cross, 14 September 1844
The Raymond, Mackay, from London, arrived in New Plymouth on the 30 August, dates to 3rd May, brought out the Twelfth Report of the New Zealand Company with an Appendix, in all containing about 1300 ocavo pages. Truly a vivid and impressive history of misgovernment and its consequences; proceeded to Wellington same day; crew in a state of mutiny; brought out a Mr Dempster, from Aberdeen, to report upon New Edinburgh; vessel proceeds from Wellington to Auckland; will only be a few days in Wellington

The passenger list is missing and also any information on its arrival in Nelson
Can you help please?

NELSON NZ settlers who arrived on the AJAX 1849

The AJAX, 767 tons, only made one voyage to Nelson, Marlborough, New Zealand.
She sailed on September 8th 1848 from London, with Captain John Young and from Downs on the 11th September.
She arrived January 8th 1849 in Port Chalmers with 195 passengers for Wellington and Nelson.
The ship, after discharging and landing a portion of her passengers, sailed for Wellington and Nelson, arriving at the latter port on March 9th.

21 steerage passengers were listed in the quota for Nelson in the Embarkation Register, but the immigration agent at Nelson listed only 12 as disembarking there.

The Ajax was wrecked on her voyage back to London from Manilla at Anjer on the western tip of the island of Java in Sunda Straits on March 12th, 1850.

Into Nelson:
Samuel COOK aged 30 and his wife Grace aged 25

James Gilbert GORE, a plumber aged 36 with his wife Harriet aged 27 and 2 children, Alfred aged 2 months and Catherine aged 2 years

Joseph HARTMANN, a carpenter, farmer aged 28 with his wife Eliza aged 26 and 2 children Charles and Louise (who was aged 8 months - named in the Nelson quota but was not listed in the disembarkation register for Nelson)

Richard K. NEWCOME, a 'gentleman' aged 30

Henry PICARD aged 25

John PLANK, a carpenter aged 19

Joshua RIX, a carpenter aged 27 with his 27 year old wife Martha and 2 children Henry John and Elizabeth

George STOWERS, a 32 year old labourer with his 32 year old wife Sarah and 2 children Thomas and William and an infant born on board

Eliza TAYLOR, a 14 year old servant

Mary WALKER aged 35

Frederick WITHERBY aged 23

Samuel Woolley a 29 years old 'domestic servant with his 30 year old wife Maria and 5 children, Samuel, Clarissa, Eliza, Maria and Jane = they also travelled with their 2 month old, Sarah Lucy, but she was not listed in the disembarkation register for Nelson.

John HEMPSEED + Charlotte THOMPSON - Manawatu

John HEMPSEED (1829-1909) was from Scotland.
He married Charlotte THOMPSON (1825-1893) 15 Aug 1853 in NSW, Australia

At some stage they settled in the Manawatu, New Zealand

JOHN & CHARLOTTE had 6 known children:
1 1855 - 1916 CATHERINE Hempseed
- CATHERINE MARRIED Carl Friedrich August POPPE (1846-1928)
in Wellington on 15 June 1871
- Carl's father was Friedrich August POPPE (1819-1897) of Prussia
- his mother was Anna Elizabeth DIENER (1817-1897)
Catherine was 15 when she married & Carl was 25
CATHERINE & CARL had 17 children:
1872 - 1874 William August Poppe
- William died aged 2
1874 - 1947 August Frederick Poppe
- August married Martha Christina AITKEN in 1909
1876 - 1945 Fanny Louisa Poppe
- Fanny married Edward GUDOPP in 1897
1877 - 1943 Charles John Poppe
- Charles married Helen Louisa COX in 1905
1879 - 1931 Ernest Arthur Poppe
1881 - 1904 James Thomas Poppe
1883 - 1946 Henry William Poppe
1884 - 1884 Edward Thomas Poppe
1886 - 1918 Francis 'Frank' Robert Poppe
- Frank married Avis Olivia FRECKLINGTON in 1908
1887 - 1938 Thomas Albert Poppe
1889 - 1930 Augusta Catherine Poppe
1891 - 1965 Caroline Ada Poppe (see comments)
- Caroline married Alfred WHALE in 1908
1892 - 1892 John Robert Poppe
1894 - 1874 Alexander Duncan Poppe
1897 - 1948 Ada Charlotte Poppe
- Ada married William GOW in 1929
1898 - 1967 Annie Elizabeth Poppe
- Annie married Joh BLAKELY in 1918
1901 - 1983 Jessie Agnes Poppe
- nothing known

2 1859 - ? SUSAN THOMPSON Hempseed
- apparently died in infancy
... thank you to Gmce for her message:
Subject: NZ Hempseed descendant
To: ngairedith
From: Gmce
Date: 2012-03-12 21:45:45
Hello Ngaire,
Your post on this subject is ten years old now (sic - 2 July 2009)... but I have only just found it on the Net. John Hempseed married Charlotte Thompson, not Caroline.... I am their daughter Marion's gt-grand-daughter. There was another daughter, Susan Thompson, who died in infancy. I found her in the NZ register.

3 1860 - 1916 FANNY THOMPSON Hempseed
- FANNY MARRIED Donald McLEAN 27 Sep 1876 in Turakina, Manawatu
FANNY & DONALD had 7 known children:
1877 - Donald Hempseed McLean
- Donald married Catherine Jane CUNNINGHAM in 1905
1878 - Lachlan Thompson McLean
1880 - John Hempseed McLean
- John married Olive Jane BURR in 1918
1883 - Duncan McLean
1889 - Francis McLean
1894 - Charlotte Winifred McLean
1898 - Douglas Hector McLean
- Douglas married Stella Marie GREEN in 1921

- MARIA MARRIED Alexander John PERRY (1853-1894) in 1878
MARIA & JOHN had 8 known children:
1879 - 1915 Mary Charlotte Perry
- Mary died aged 36 (unmarried)
1880 - 1935 John Robert Perry
- John married Gertrude Henderson ARMSTRONG (1882-1944) in 1907
1881 - 1949 Alexander John Perry
1883 - ? Georgina Perry
- nothing known
1884 - 1949 James Hempseed Perry
1886 - 1917 Maria Esther Perry
- Maria died aged 31 (unmarried)
1888 - 1963 Grace Perry
- Grace married Sidney Henry LODGE (1887-1976) in 1920
1892 - 1911 Wilfred Grover Perry
- Wilfred died aged 18

5 1866 - 1940 MARION HEMPSEED
- MARION MARRIED Pierce Alfred PHILLIPS 6 March 1882 in Palmerston North
17 May 1882 ... Pierce Alfred Phillips alias Frank Pierce Phillips, was brought up on remand charged with having feloniously intermarried with Marion Hempseed, his wife Avice Corce Phillips, formerly HAWKES, being then and still alive. (Frank Pearce Phillips married Avice Cory(?) Hawkes in NZ in 1860)
Mr Esam said he, on the lst occasion, asked for a remand for the production of important witnesses. Mr Keeling was in attendance and after his examination he would ask for a further remand until Wednesday as Mr Lewis, an important witness, owing to the rough weather, had not arrived. He called the attention of the Bench to certain omissions of which no notice had been taken at the last hearing. He also quoted from the various marriage Acts of the colony, with reference to the means of proving marriages.
Mr Madden did not intend to raise any objections on this occasion
Mr R. N. Keeling, being sworn, said: I reside at Palmerston North; I am a registrar of marriages for that district; I am the person named in the gazette 90, 1877; I produce the register of marriages on the 6th March 1882; I solemnised on that day Pierce Alfred Phillips and Marion Hempseed; the accused is the person mentioned in the register; accused is described as a widower; I cannot identify this lady now in Court as Marion Hempseed, as I only saw her once for a short itme; accused gave the year 1861 as the death of his former wife; I married Pierce Alfred Phillips; the certificate produced marked B is a true copy; the signature is in my handwriting; J. Hempseed, the father of Marion Hempseed, was present on the occasion and signed as an attesting witness
Cross-examined: That certificate is a true copy; in that certificate the lady is desribed as being born in Fifeshire, Scotland.
Mr Esam at this stage asked for a remand until Wednesday.
Mr Madden, under the circumstances would offer no objection.
Accused was remanded until Wednesday next
Mr Esam also asked that Mr Keeling should be bound over as well as Mr Hempseed and quoted authorities in support. The application was granted
- MARION NEXT MARRIED James GAIR (1859-1916)
- on 2 June 1887 in Turakina
MARION & JAMES had 6 known children:
1888 - Catherine Euphemia Gair
- Catherine married Archibald CAMERON in 1906
1892 - 1965 Eliza Gair
- Eliza married Frederic William MOORE in 1919
1893 - 1893 Charlotte Isabella Gair
- Charlotte died aged 2 months
1895 - 1970 Maria Gair
- Maria married George Eric CUTFIELD in 1923
1897 - 1917 James Gair
- James served in WWI as Lance Corporal 9/2170 with the NZEF, 11th Reinforcements Otago Mounted Rifles, D Squadron. He died of appendicitis 17 May 1917 Egypt to Palestine aged 20. His Next Of Kin: James & Marion Gair of Marton. He is buried F. 363. at KANTARA WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY, Al Qantarah, Shamal Sina', Egypt
1901 - 1954 Flora Thompson Gair
- Flora married Wilfred Borlase VOSPER (1892-1922) in 1921
- she next married Louis Edgar YOUNG (1886-1950) in 1925

- John Calman died 7 June 1887 aged 31, 4 months before the birth of their son:
1887 - 1973 John Robert Hempseed Calman
- Euphemia died 5 days after his birth aged 22

In the FEILDING STAR - 19th October 1909
The late Mr John Hempseed of Franklin Vale, Makirikiri, one of the oldest settlers and a widely known and highly respected resident, who was buried today, lived in the district for over forty years and had reached the ripe old age of 80 years. He leaves four daughters in the district:
* Mrs A. Poppe (Marton)
* Mrs A. C. Perry (Kimbolton)
* Mrs Donald McLean
* Mrs J. Gair (Makirikiri)

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PHOTO Headstone of John & Charlotte Hempseed at Turakina
- their daughter Euphemia (Mrs Calman) is buried with them
Sacred to the memory of
beloved wife of
John HEMPSEED who departed this life at Turakina
on 12th day of March 1893
aged 68 years
also of
who died 16th October 1909
aged 80 years.

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