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Thomas Joseph BROOME of BALLANCE DAIRY COMPANY, New Zealand - 1897

What happened to Thomas Broome

I would like to know where and when he died and where he is buried

He married Susan Grace Saywell in 1895
She died 2 years later
In 1899 he then remarried, to Susan's sister Edith Emily Saywell

Jemima OXENHAM - Hampshire to Wairarapa 1840

Jemima Oxenham was born in Portsea England in October 1826
- the 3rd youngest of 12 children
After the death of their parents the girls were put in an orphanage until their brother John took them to New Zealand - it was his plan to marry them off as quickly as possible

They sailed on the AURORA
This was one of first ships to New Zealand

The TORY had arrived in September 1839 with 6 passengers and filled with supplies to barter with the Maori
The second ship was the CUBA which arrived in January 1840 with 34 passengers, all of them men. A couple of them were married men whose wives followed at a later date

The AURORA carried 148 passengers
- it left Gravesend 22 Sep 1839, arriving in New Zealand 7 Jan 1840

With Jemima was her brother
* John Oxenham, aged 29, a shipwright
and her sister
* Sarah Oxenham, aged 19, a seamstress.

JEMIMA, aged about 14?, married George Hamilton COGLAN (?-1841) 4 June 1840 in Wellington
- Jemima married George 5 months after arriving in New Zealand.
Brother John wanted to 'marry her and her sister off quickly' and he did, however George turned out to be a drunkard and a mean brute.
Jemima came to despise him

The following year George was found drowned at Petone, some say it was from a boat accident, others say there was a brawl. . .

Chief Constable Richard Sayer went to tell Jemima the news of her husbands death.
She excused herself to go upstairs and be alone for awhile.
Richard then heard strange noises upstairs and the chandalier overhead was swaying. He went upstairs to see what was happening - he found Jemima, shoes off, dancing for joy at the news.
He is said to have joined in and within weeks they were married

JEMIMA, aged 16, next married Richard Burgess SAYER (1820-1854) 8 May 1842 in Wellington

JEMIMA, aged 29, next married John ASHMORE (1808-1864) 30 April 1855 in Wellington

JEMIMA, aged 40, next married Benjamin STINSON (1833-1867)

EVENING POST 20 August 1869:
DEATH - On the 13th instant, at Carterton, Mrs Jemima Stinson, formerly Mrs Ashmore. Aged 43 years.

I have had people in Carterton looking for her grave but they believe the headstone is probably no longer there ... can you help with more deatils of her husbands?

I would like to know who Jemimas parents and siblings were and also her children

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EDNA KATHLEEN GREATHEAD - died Carterton, NZ 1905

Edna Kathleen Greathead died 7 June 1905 aged 5 months and is buried in a huge plot all by herself in Carterton, Wairarapa

Edna was the daughter of Ernest and Mary (nee Toms) Greathead of Greytown
What did she die of?
Apparently her parents are buried in Greytown

Why such a large plot?
Was it intended for other family members to use?

Plot 32, Block OU, Old Unsec, Clareville cemetery

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Who was Emily Mary Ann Poole Phelps Roberts - NZ

Who was Emily Mary Ann Poole Phelps Roberts?
She was born between 1848 and 1851
I have her as Emily Mary Ann Poole Phelps

the name Poole is unusual and may be a good hint of her mother

I cannot find the Phelps emigrating to New Zealand, maybe you could help
There was a Edgar Phelps from Carterton killed in WW1 whose parents were Charles and Rose Phelps - he was born 1892

But Carterton is a VERY good place for our Emily to be as she married Eli Strawbridge about 1873 and they had 3 children in Carterton from 1872

Emily had a son, Alfred Roberts prior to her marriage to Eli - don't know if she was married to a Mr Roberts or not, but he is reported to have died in 1871

You can find Emily on a couple of sites but nobody mentions anything about her birth place or parents or where she is buried
Most have her written as though Roberts was her maiden name - I don't believe this is true . . as the name Phelps, or even Pool is more likely and that she was using the married name of Roberts when she married Eli Strawbridge

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Who was ALBERT STRAWBRIDGE's fiance in Levin, New Zealand 1901?

Albert "HENRY" Strawbridge was killed in action in the Boer War.

He was engaged to be married before he left - do you know her name?

There is a (bad) photo of her you can view by clicking the link under his name

What happened to the BOND children, immigrants from England to NZ in 1874

Sarah Ann Strawbridge arrived in Wellington, New Zealand in 1875 with her 76 year old mother Sarah (nee Showers) Strawbridge and an assortment of other family members ...

With Sarah was her husband John Bond and the first 9 of their 10 children
I would like to know about those children, who they married and when and where they died etc
It is possible they were born in Hill Head, Tiverton near Devon

They were:
Malachi Bond - b.1858 married Anne Kemp
Sarah Ann Bond - b.1860
Eli Thomas Bond - b.1861
William Bond - b.1863
Joseph Bond - b.1865
John Bond - b.1867
James Bond - b.1869
Ernest Bond - b.1872
Albert Bond - b.1873

Their 10th child:
Henry Oliver Bond - b.1876 in New Zealand married Alice May Benge who was a daughter of Reuben Benge b.1849 in Taita, Wellington, New Zealand and a granddaughter of DAVID JAMES BENGE, early settler in Upper Hutt, New Zealand

IDA NELSON Redfern, NSW + Leonard Peck Taita NZ

Leonard Peck b.1886 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand
married in 1908 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand to
Ida Nelson b.1883 in Sydney, Australia

I would like to know more about her and her parents and if there were any siblings
Her parents were James Nelson and Elizabeth Kirk

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who are the children in the photo - Taita, NZ c1890

Are you good at puzzles ??

On PECK of Taita there is a photo of Mrs Samuel Peck and 3 children
It is a very old photo - taken, the National Library of New Zealand says, c.1890s

the parents are:
Samuel PECK (1850-1931) & Frances STENT (1857-1938)

HOWEVER, I cannot work out which of the 13 children they are

If you click on the link you will see their 13 children
the names and birthdates should help with the combination of:
boy - girl - baby OR even girl - boy - baby

I hope the photo is clear enough for you to see that there is a boy and a girl who both look a similar age because of their height, but his stance makes him appear the older and to me he looks maybe 3 years old at the most. The baby in her arms is a very 'new' baby by the looks which gives us something to work on going backwards !!

If this photo was taken in the 1890s (as the National Library of New Zealand states) then the boy must be John because all the last 5 children were girls so the children would have to be
? John Peck aged about 3
? Myrtle Peck aged about 1
? baby Ivy
HOWEVER, the girl, to me, looks older than 1
The next combination of boy, girl or even, girl, boy if you look at the childrens names and ages would have to be

? Elizabeth Peck - aged 5
? Henry Peck - aged 3
? baby Leonard
This would make the photo as taken in 1886 as Leonard was born in September
HOWEVER, Elizabeth does not look 5 in this photo!!

Your help would be appreciated


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William ADAMS & Emma DIXON - Masterton

WILLIAM ADAMS and Emma Dixon were the first white couple to be married in Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand

They married in 1854 and had 16 children - 8 boys and 8 girls, all born in Masterton.
I am still researching and adding these children

Emma arrived in New Zealand on the 'Arab'

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STOCKBRIDGE from Buckinghamshire and Pluckley to New Zealand

Stephen Stockbridge was born 1812 in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire
His parents were Stephen Stockbridge b.1790 in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire and Martha Craib -
Stephen born 1812, is the only child I have for them . . is there more?

Stephen b.1812 died 1865 from drowning, in New Zealand,
married Mary Ann Archer in 1834 in England
She was born 1816 and died 1880 somewhere in New Zealand.
They had 5 children prior to emigrating, 1 year old William died on board
Also a set of twins was born and died during the voyage
They had another 8 children in New Zealand
I am still researcing and adding these children

- Stephen Stockbridge b.1842 was one of their children born in Kent - he died 1880 in Wellington

Stephen (1842) married Eliza Jane Mason in Wellington in 1862
She was born 1846 in Wellington and died in Wellington in 1909
I have 5 children for them, they are:

Eliza Jane Stockbridge b.1863 - died 1934
Married Richard Greeks in 1882
I have 6 children so far for them
Their son Rayner was killed in action in France in 1917 and is on this list of fallen soldiers on the tree YOUNG KIWI WAR HEROES

Emma Stockbridge b.1854 - died 1915
Married Frederick John Walters in 1892
I have not found any children yet

Stephen Stockbridge b.1866 - died 1924
Married Louisa Philp in 1890
I have 2 children for them

Matilda Stockbridge b.1869 - died ?
Married Charles Jabez Frost
No children yet

Henry Stockbridge b.1872 - died 1916
Married Susan Wadsworth in 1897
I have 4 children

Hoping you can help with the rest of the family members