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BULCRAIG marriages NZ

the known BULCRAIG marriages in NZ 1889 - 1935

* William Albert Bulcraig (1866-1934)
married Jessie Jane WHITMARSH (1866-1933) in 1889
they lived in Beresford Park, Onehunga, Auckland
- their known children:
* 1891 - 1984 Annie Juanita Bulcraig
* 1894 - 1983 William Albert Bulcraig
- William served in WWI as Corporal 5/753 with the Army Service Corps, Detachment No. 5 Company, Transport Section
* 1896 - 1967 John Harold Bulcraig
- John served in WWI as Gunner 43397 with the 26th
* 1898 - 1984 Jessie Vera Whitmarsh 'Vee' Bulcraig
* 1900 - 1920 Roy Cornelius Bulcraig
- Roy attended Auckland Grammar School.
He was awarded a senior gold medal at Methodist Young Men's Bible Class
* 1902 - 1975 Norman Fraser Bulcraig
* 1904 - 1999 Grace Elizabeth Bulcraig
* 1906 - 1995 Elsie Isabel Bulcraig

* Annie Juanita Bulcraig
married William Frank PEGLER (1891-1953) in 1916

* Elsie Isabel Bulcraig
married Charles Finch DOWSETT (1906-1986) in 1932

* Grace Elizabeth Bulcraig
married Francis Oliver John LANGTON (1907-1970) in 1930

* Jessie Vera Whitmarsh Bulcraig
married Henry Augustus 'Harry' LEVESTAM (1901-1970) in 1924
- son of Henry Augustus 'Gus' Levestam & Elizabeth Mary McCabe

* John Harold Bulcraig
married Marie de PACHOUD (1896-1995) in 1920

* Mary Bulcraig
married Albert Edgar WINCHCOMBE (1901-1985) in 1923

* Norman Fraser Bulcraig
married Jessie Hetherington ANDERSON (1901-1964) in 1935
- buried at Waikumete

* Sarah Elizabeth Wainright-Bulcraig (1865-1951)
married John STEWART (1857-1928) in Auckland 1889

* William Albert Bulcraig
married Elaine Yevette WILLIAMS (1896-1980) in 1920
- married in Onehunga, Auckland

William Albert & Jessie Jane Bulcraig are buried Plot 114. Row 28. Block A at Purewa Cemetery

List of Wellington Men, CALL TO ARMS 30-3-1915

The following men will constitute the Infantry and Mounted Rifles quota from No. 5
Group (Wellington City and Suburbs) for the 6th Reinforcements :--

Robert Rae JEWITT
J. JOHANSEN (Blenheim's quota)
R. WATKINS (Palmerston North's quota)


The Officers and n.c.o's from No.5 Group for the 6th Reinforcements are already in

JEWITT marriages NZ 1892-1925

JEWITT marriages in New Zealand 1892 - 1925

Ann Barton Jewitt (1867-)
- married William Jamieson DONALD (1858-) in 1893

Edith Jane Jewitt (1915-1885)
- married Cyril McLeod BUXTON (1906-1976) in 1935

Ellen Barton Jewitt
* parents John Jewitt (1827-1902) & Sarah Barton (1833-1920)
- married Thomas BAYLISS in 1895

Mavis Adelaide Jewitt (1910-2002)
- married Leslie Carl JOHNSTON (1911-1978) in 1935

Sarah Jewitt (1865-1887)
* parents John Jewitt (1827-1902) & Sarah Barton (1833-1920)
- married Charles Edward HADFIELD in 1892

Alfred James Jewitt (1887-1964)
- married Florence May SCRIMSHAW (1899-) in 1924

Edward Jewitt (1877-1955)
* parents John Jewitt (1827-1902) & Sarah Barton (1833-1920)
- married Greame BELL (1881-1944) in 1911

George Jewitt
- married Florence Myra SUTHERLAND in 1927

John Henry Jewitt (1875-1961)
* parents John Jewitt (1827-1902) & Sarah Barton (1833-1920)
- married Mabel Florence Massey (1873-1960)
* He (or his father) was a Fishmonger & Poulterer in Ashburton

Joseph Middleton Jewitt (1870-1929)
- married Eleanor Alice WOODNORTH (1870-1956) in 1899

Robert Rae Jewitt (1885-1925)
- married Grace Daisy RICKARD (1889-1926) in 1915
* a daughter was born 25 Jan 1926, 7 months after Robert's death
- Robert & Grace were cremated at Karori, Wellington

Walter Eustace Axup, New Zealand

The AXUP family in New Zealand
James Axup (1808-1887) was born in Yorkshire, England. He married Mary Cooke (1813-1881) in Yorkshire on 26 Jan 1836. They both died in Yorkshire.
There were a number of children but their oldest, Aaron 'Henry' Axup is the only one found to date to have emigrated to NZ...

1836 - 1895 Aaron 'Henry' Axup
born in Rawcliffe, Yorkshire
married Fanny Dyer (1833-1919) in Preston, Lancashire in 1857
the known children of Henry & Fanny
* 1857 - 1857 Anne Margaret Axup
..1 1858 - 1942 Katherine Emma 'Kate' Axup (+ Wastney NZ)
..2 1859 - 1934 Walter Eustace Axup (+ Ross NZ)
* 1861 - 1867 Frederick Bowling Axup (aged 6 in Buckinghamshire)
..3 1862 - 1941 Ellen Axup (+ Hurley NZ)
Henry arrived into Lyttelton 26 Sep 1862 on the barque 'Mersey'. However, the passenger report suggests he came on his own. Read obituary of his son Walter below which says he (Walter) arrived on the 'Ben Ledi' in 1877. Did Henry come to set up for his family? Did Fanny and the children arrive much later?

..1 1858 - 1942 Katherine Emma 'Kate' Axup
..2 1859 - 1934 WALTER EUSTACE Axup
..3 1862 - 1941 Ellen Axup

TIMELINE of their father HENRY AXUP

..2 1859 - 1934 WALTER EUSTACE Axup
born Berkshire, England
married Maria Amelia Ross (1868-1958) in Woodville, 16 April 1889
* her father was Hugh Alexander 'George' Ross (1830-1891), son of Hugh Cokeley Ross of London (1797-1869), who was once the attorney general of Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). Her mother was her father's 2nd wife, Anna Maria Wood (1802-1853). Her parents are buried at Old Gorge, Woodville
Woodville Examiner, 24 April 1889 - MARRIAGE
AXUP-ROSS - April 16th, by the Rev R. Stewart, at the residence of the parents of the bride, Palmerston Road, Woodville, Walter Eustace, only son of Henry Axup, Esq., to Maria Amelia, eldest daughter of Hugh Alexander George Ross
the known children of Walter & Maria
..2a 1890 - 1907 Elleanor Pearl 'Lena' Axup
- born at Bloomfields, Woodville, Lena was living with her mother Maria at 92 Abel Smith Street, Te Aro, Wellington. At 6am on Tues, 12 Feb 1907, Maria walked into her kitchen to find Claude Paget, Lena's boyfriend, standing there. She asked him what he was doing and he replied he wanted to say goodbye to Lena as he was going to San Francisco. Maria told him Lena was in the dining room. He went in and shortly after she heard three revolver shots. Claude had killed Lena in a jealous rage
NOTES Sydney 'Claude' Paget (sometimes written Pagett 1879-1953) was, at that time, said to have been a widower aged 27 with childre who were also dead .. (this has not been verified at this date, although Miss Ellen Lawler, a witness at the trial, said 6 or 7 years ago she lived in the same house as Claude and his wife in Taranaki street). A well set-up young man - one of several brothers - highly respectable young men and well-liked among their acquaintances. He was the son of Samuel Stanley Paget (1847-1924) & Pamela Wright (1849-1922) of Christchurch. His siblings were:
1873 - 1900 Pamela Lavinia Paget
1875 - 1936 Oliver Edward Cyril Paget
1876 - 1889 Olive Evelyn May Paget (died in Tarnaki of cardiac paralysis)
1877 - 1938 Samuel Stanley Paget
1879 - 1953 Sydney Claude Paget
1883 - 1964 Rupert Leslie Paget
1883 - 1958 Percy Gerald Paget
1885 - 1963 Hilda Grace Paget
1887 - 1890 Laurence Owen Paget
1888 - Ira Vogel Paget
1894 - 1896 George Owen Paget (born Taranaki)
* Claude was originally sentenced to death. After much outcry and petitions the Cabinet advised the Governor to commute the sentence. This was done and Claude was sentenced to be imprisoned for the term of his natural life. However he was released in 1920 after serving 13 years. In 1921 he married Jessie Marian Forsyth (1884-1968). In 1923 he was sent back to gaol for 12 months hard labour, for breaking & entering and stealing from his brothers. In 1936 he was sentenced to 3 months hard labour in Wanganui for obtaining 10/- by false representations. In 1941 he was sentenced to 3 months hard labour for stealing a pair of boots outside a city shop in Wellington. He died in Hawera, Taranaki and is buried on his own. Is, in fact, the only Paget in the cemetery

..2b 1891 - 1894 Cyril Dyer Axup
- Cyril died in Greytown on Christmas Day 1894 aged 3½. Two weeks later his father Walter was baling wool at Cotterville, South Wairarapa, when one fell on him and he was seriously injured

..2c 1896 - 1990 Ruby 'Sheila' Axup
- Ruby married William Thompson Stewart (1885-1962), of Levin, at Knox Church, Masterton Sep 1921.
* son of Archibald Stewart & Margaret Luke Thompson
Walter & Elleanor were living at 'Kohiwi', Homewood at that time. Ruby died at the Masonic Home in Queen St., Levin aged 95
In Aug 1911 At the Levin Spring Fair and Bulb Show, Miss Ruby Axup was awarded 2 prizes
Ruby was a fervent hockey player at school. In June 1912 the following represented the Levin High School: Misses R. Axup, A. Watson, N. Dynan, S. Cook. S. Chamberlain, A. Payn, R. Blows, C. Grace, M. Campbell, H. Rockell, I. Proctor
In April 1913 A Report from the Levin Public School, Inspection and Examination on the year 1912. At the December examinations the five senior board championships offered to pupils attending District High Schools. Ida Procter and Sheila Ruby Axup obtained senior free places
In Jan 1917 At the Horowhenua A. & P. Show Ruby came second came 2nd in the Saddle Horses section for the Lady's Hack

WALTER AXUP died 14 Oct 1934 in Levin aged 76
Horowhenua Chronicle, 15 Oct 1934 - DEATH OF WALTER
AXUP - At the residence of his daughter, Mrs Stewart, Arapaepae Road, Levin, on Sunday, October 14th, Walter Eustace Axup, beloved husband of Maria Amelia Axup; aged 76 years
Horowhenua Chronicle, 15 Oct 1934

The death occurred early on Saturday morning, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs W. T. Stewart, Arapaepae Road, Levin, of an old resident of Horowhenua and Wairarapa districts in the person of Mr Walter E. Axup. The deceased gentleman, who was in his 76th year, was born at Abingdon, England. On September 26th 1859, the late Mr Axup came to New Zealand as a boy, landing in Wellington from the sailing vessel "Ben Ledi" on May 15th, 1877. After a considerable number of years spent on the farm of his father, Mr Henry Axup, at Waverley, he took up farm management on behalf of Mr Carlile, of Woodville, and a few years later was called upon to take over the management of the Cotter Estate, in Southern Wairarapa, which position he retained for over 14 years, superintending extensive ploughing operations with the first steam ploughing equipment introduced into the North Island, in the country surrounding Tauherenikau and Greytown.
Mr Axup then carried out farming operations in his own interests at Rata, in the Marton district, for a period of six years, but was obliged to discontinue owing to ill health. A short while later, in 1907, he again took up farm management, this time in the interests of Mr H. V. Hammond, controlling his Ohau property "Tangimona" for a period of eight years, following which he managed the McDonald Estate, Heatherlea, for four years. His next move was to Waikanae, where he assumed management of Messrs Higginson Bros' property. His last position was on the East Coast, near masterton, on the property of Mr and Mrs J. B. Moodue, retiring six years ago with his wife to Featherston, where they resided until about five months ago, when they came to Levin.
In 1889, Mr Axup was married to Maria Amelia Ross, of Woodville, a member of the family of one of the earliest settlers in that district. He is survived by his wife, two sister, Mrs H. Wastney of Auckland and Mrs J. Hurly of Featherston, and one daughter, Mrs W. T. Stewart, of Levin
NOTES on MARIA AMELIA - her Siblings
(Maria's family were among the earliest settlers of Woodville)
1864 - 1950 Hugh George Ross (died Temuka)
1866 - 1902 Augustus Henry Ross (died woodville)
1868 - 1958 Maria Amelia Ross (died Levin)
1870 - 1968 Fraser Mana Ross (died Wanganui)
1873 - 1956 William Frederick Ross (died Palmerston North)
1876 - 1936 Alfred Herbert Ross
1880 - 1934 Florence Elizabeth Ross (died Pahiatua)
MARIA AXUP died 5 Aug 1948 in Levin
* she is buried with Walter at Old Levin cemetery

Wellington NZ, Death Notices - January 1926

DEATH NOTICES from the EVENING POST January 1926

1 - 6 January
BARNICOAT - On the 6th January 1926, in London, after a short illness, Alice Mary, widow of the late W. H. Barnicoat, of Wanganui. (by cable)

HEPBURN - On the 6th January 1926, at the Wellington Hospital, William, beloved husband of Selina Hepburn, of 80 Cuba street, Petone; aged 75 years. R.I.P.

KING - On the 4th January 1926, at 310 Oriental Bay, C. M. (Maynard) King, dearly beloved husband of Annie T. King, of Marine Parade, Eastbourne; aged 35 years

MALLETT - On the 4th January 1926, at his daughter's residence (Mrs C. Fabian, 139 Tasman street, Wellington), John Cowl, dearly beloved husband of the late Harriett Ellen Mallett, of Blenheim, in his 79th year

MAGUIRE - On the 3rd January 1926, at her daughter's residence (Mrs Sweusson), 168 Hardy street, Nelson, after a short illness, Lucy Ada Maguire; aged 50 years. At rest

MITCHELL - On the 4th January 1926, at her residence, Melling, Lower Hutt, Hattie, the beloved wife of John Mitchell

MURRAY - On the 6th January 1826, result of an accident, Edgar Leslie, beloved husband of Ivy Alma Murray, of No 18 Holland street; aged 40 years

MUSTARD - On the 5th January 1926, at his residence, 5 Hart street, Roslyn, Robert, dearly beloved husband of Catherine Mustard; aged 72 years. "His end was peace."

NELSON - On the 2nd January 1926, Ensign Nelson (nee Andrews), of Salvation Army, passed away at Pekin, China. Deeply regretted

WILLIAMS - On the 6th January 1926, at Wellington, Mrs L. J. Williams, dearly beloved wife of L. J. Williams, 38 Ono street, Miramar; aged 45 years

8 - 14 January
BARRAUD - On the 8th January 1926, at his residence, 110 The Terrace, William Francis Barraud, in his 70th years. Burial service at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral at 11a.m. to-morrow

BOOCOCK - On Monday 11th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital, as result of accident, William Boocock, father of Mrs H. J. Sullivan, Oriental Bay; aged 86 years
BOOCOCK - On the 11th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital (result of accident), William, beloved grandfather of Horace, Roland, Myee and Patty Boocock; aged 86 years
NOTE ... see photo notes at end

BROWN - Accidentally drowned at Island Bay, on the 10th January 1926, Peter Dally, dearly beloved second son of Shepherd and Agnes Brown; aged 18 years. Deeply mourned

COKER - On the 9th January 1926, Douglas, youngest son of Mr and Mrs A. Coker, Petone; aged 7 years and 4 months

CRISPIN - On the 10th January 1926, at Lower Hutt, Mary Elizabeth Crispin, the beloved mother of Eleanor Crispin; aged 75 years

CUMMINS - On the 9th January 1926, at Linwood, Christchurch, Stephen Fredennick, only son of Clarence and Ivy Cummins and grandson of Mr and Mrs H. Cummins, 33 Drummond street; aged 6 years

CUNNINGHAM - On the 14th January 1926, at a Private Hospital, Thorndon, Margaret Lamont, beloved mother of Mrs J. Hoy, Mrs H. Horlor and Mrs G. Younge, in her 65th years. At rest

DEIBERT - On the 13th January 1926, at her residence, Beauchamp street, Karori, after a painful illness, Martha, dearly beloved wife of Philip Deibert; aged 42 years

GIBSON - On the 12th January 1926, at her daughter's residence, 656 Worcester street, Christchurch, Phoebe Gibson (late of Kumara), dearly loved mother of Mrs T. L. Garland, Oriental Bay; aged 75 years. At rest.

HANSFORD - On the 9th January 1926, at his residence, 140 Hataitai road, Wellington (suddenly), George Duke Hansford, dearly beloved husband of Edith Hansford; aged 50 years

LEWIS - On the 12th January 1926, at Porirua, Wellington. Annie Strachan Lewis, relict of the late Richard h. Lewis

PARRANT - On the 13th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital, Robert Hollister, dearly beloved husband of Rose Ada Parrant, of 46 Fitzherbert street, Petone, his end was peace

MARTIN - On the 11th January 1926, at his son-in-law's residence (F. W. Howe), 8 Alice street, Lower Hutt, Henry Edward Martin, of 42 Wilson street, Timaru; aged 74 years, Deeply regretted

PERSTON - On the 11th January 1826, Fanny Caroline, wife of Arthur R. Perston, of Om-Ra, The Heights, Seatoun. Funeral from Mortuary, 27 Wingfield street, 2p.m. Wednesday. (Private interment). "At rest with the sweet spirit of Love."

SANDERSON - On the 13th January 1926, at Auckland, Katie, the dearly beloved wife of Louis A. Sanderson, of 16 Lindum terrace and dearly loved sister of Mrs M. Le Vren, hataitai/ (Dunedin and Christchurch papers please copy)

SHINGLETON - On the 11th January 1826, at Dunedin, Mary Ann, widow of the late Samuel Shingleton and beloved mother of E. Shingleton, Kaiwarra; aged 82 years

SMYTH - On the 13th January 1926, at her residence, 517 Adelaide road, Bridget Smyth, widow of the late John Smyth, after a long and painful illness. R.I.P.

15 - 21 January
ANSON - On the 22nd January 1926, Robert Alexander Anson, third son of Mr and Mrs J. O. Anson, of Lower Hutt, at Thorndon Private Hospital; aged 22 years

BOULD - On the 16th January 1926, at the Bowen Street Hospital, Wellington, Robert Bould, of Taylor terrace, Johnsonville, in his 74th year

CEDERHOLM - On the 18th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital (suddenly), Halward Sigfrid, the dearly beloved only son of Walter and Marion Cederholm; aged 5 years and 10 months. Private interment

DENTICE - On the 20th January 1926, at her parents' residence, 44 Wright street, Pauline Frances, only beloved daughter of Cyril and Eleanor Dentice; aged 10 months. Gone to be with Christ, Which is far better

EADES - On the 15th January 1926, at Masterton Hospital, Frank, son of the late William and Jane Mary Eades, of Wellington; aged 29 years

ELLIOTT - On the 18th January 1826, at the Wanganui Hospital, James Currie Elliott, in his 65th year. Deeply regretted

FINNERTY - On the 16th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital, Brian Thomas, dearly beloved only son of Thomas and Mary Finnerty, of 50 Washington avenue, Brooklyn, Wellington; aged 2 years and 11 months

HILL - On the 20th January 1926, at 6 Melrose street, Island Bay, Hannah Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of William Robert Hill. Private interment

JOLLY - On the 18th January 1926, at her daughter's residence, 23 Roy street, Margaret, the beloved wife of W. D. Jolly, in her 66th year. "Passed to the Higher Life."

LOCKHEAD - On the 18th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital (suddenly), William Rains Lockhead, only son of William and Lilian Lockhead, Petone; aged 5 years and 11 months

MORDIN - On the 16th January 1926, at the Home of Aged and Needy, Elijah Mordin; aged 78 years

NAPIER - On the 19th January 1926, at Victoria Hospital, Patience, dearly beloved daughter of Mrs E. Napier and the late W. H, Napier, Wellington; aged 34 years and 11 months. A long and patient sufferer at rest. Private interment

NIELSEN - On the 20th January 1926, at Hanmer Springs (suddenly), Hilda Ettie, beloved wife of David M. Nielsen and second daughter of Mr and Mrs isaac Clark, Northland

O'DONOGHUE - On the 22nd January 1926, at Wellington, John Edmond, beloved husband of Elizabeth o'Donoghue. R.I.P. Private interment

RASMUSSEN - Neils, on the 18th January 1926, at his daughter's residence, Station road, Khandallah; aged 78 years

ROD - On the 21st January 1926, at Wellington, Roseanna, the beloved wife of Charles Rod, of Johnsonville; aged 49 years. Deeply mourned

RUNDLE - On the 17th January 1926, at her residence, 13 Kainui road, Hataitai, Edith Mary, beloved wife of Philip N. Rundle and only daughter fof Mr and Mrs L. F. Andrews, 91 Willis street, Ashburton; aged 36 years. Interment at Ashburton

THORPE - On the 17th January 1926, at his residence, Old Military road, Lower Hutt, Richard, dearly beloved husband of Jennie Thorpe; aged 61 years

UNDERWOOD - On the 21st January 1926, at her late residence, 30 Constable street, Caroline, beloved wife of William Thomas Underwood. Deeply regretted

WILKES - On the 20th January 1926, Emma, relict of the late John George Wilkes, of Porirua; aged 61 years

WILTSHIRE - On the 21st January 1926, at her late residence, 30 Cornwall street, Island Bay, Caroline, relict of the late George Wiltshire (former City Engineer), in her 68th year. Private interment.

22 - 31 January
BATES - On the 26th January 1926, at her residence, Lower Hutt, Margaret Bates, aged 90 years, widow of the late Thomas Bates, of Wanganui and beloved mother of Mrs T. W. Boundy. Private Interment, Wanganui

BRIDGES - On the 27th January 1926, at 6 Hayward terrace, infant son of Mr and Mrs A. G. Bridges

BUTT - On the 23rd January 1926, at his residence, 14 Hautana street, Lower Hutt, Charles Congreve Butt, second son of Mr J. M. Butt

CLARK - On the 25th January 1926, at Hospital, Wellington, Robert, beloved husband of Elizabeth m. Clark, Lower Hutt. At Rest. Private interment.

CROCKETT - On the 31st January 1926, at the Wellington Hospital, John Basil; aged 1 year. "Suffer little children to come unto Me.

CURRY - On the 25th January 1926, at Blenheim, Andrew James Curry; aged 69 years. Deeply regretted. Requiescat in pace.

FERGUSON - On the 24th January 1826, at her daughter's residence (Mrs J. H. Jahona), No 8 Clermont terrace, Ann Robertson Ferguson; aged 86 years

HENDERSON - On the 25th January 1926 (suddenly), at 40 Plunket avenue, Petone, Victor Gunn, youngest son of Mr and Mrs T. G. Henderson; aged 1 year and 3 months

HOSKING - On the 24th January 1926, as result of an accident, Daisy May, beloved daughter of A. E. Hosking, of JOhnsonville; aged 14 years

JEWITT - On the 25th January 1926, at her residence, 81 Kelburn Parade, Grace Daisy, widow of the late Robert Rae Jewitt. No flowers (by request)

LEDEZ - On the 25th January 1826, Richard Ledez, at Pakuranga, Auckland; aged 76 years

LITTLE - James Wilson, on the 24th January 1926 at Wellington, J. W. Little, eldest son of the late Arch, Little, Hokitika, and late Branch Inspector for R. Hannah and Co., Ltd.; aged 52 years

PRIDDEY - On the 23rd January 1926, at her residence, 16 Garrett street, Lucina, beloved wife of James Priddey/ By request, no flowers.

REID - On the 25th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital, Louie, sister of Mrs Rennie, Tolaga Bay

REILLY - On the 25th January 1926, at Wellington Hospital, Mary, dearly beloved wife of Charles Reilly; aged 33 years. R.I.P.

SCANLAN - On the 25th January 1926, at her daughter's residence, 34 Jefferson street, Brooklyn, Mary, widow of the late Matthew Scanlan and dearly beloved mother of Mrs Ferra and Mrs T. Child; aged 61 years. R.I.P.

TEASDALE - On the 27th January 1926, at his late residence, 17 Rawhiti terrace, John Bramwell, dearly beloved husband of E. J. Teasdale

TREGONNING - On the 22nd January 1926, at her residence, 19 Devon street, Mary, dearly beloved wife of William Tregonning; aged 61 years

McARTHUR - On the 29th January 1926, at Wellington, the infant daughter of Mr and Mrs J. McArthur, Petone

Plot 328X, CH ENG at Karori

Headstone of Hannah Boocock (1840-1907), George William Boocock (1868-1915), William Boocock (1840-1926) and Alice Boocock (1882-1964)
* William Boocock, a bootmaker, with his wife Hannah and their children, Mary Jane & George William, arrived into Wellington in 1878 on the 'Hermione'

The names on "SCOTT FAMILIES TREE" from Co. Londonderry, Ireland to Aotearoa

I am recommending a family genealogy site, researched and documented with loving care by one of our familytreecircles members, Christchurch NZ researchers, amscott

Much more than a family tree ...
Contains stories, 4940 relatives & 3564 photos at above date (4931 views)
As it is being added to regularly, call back from time to time

This is the list of the names on their site as at 13 Feb 2016
Adams, Aelfthryth, Aelgifu, Aethelred II of England, Aiken, Ainger, Airth, Aitkin, Aldus, Alfred the Great, Allen, Andea, Andrews, Angel, Angier, Angwin, Ankerwis, Archer, Armiger, Armstrong, Arundel, Ashcroft, Ashmore, Astley, Austin

Babkirk, Backler, Bacon, Badcock, Bagrie, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Banon, Baring, Barnes, Barnett, Barrett, Barrie, Barson, Bartels, Bartlett, Bath, Beal, Beaumont, Beckley, Beckwith, Bell, Bennet, Bennett, Bennetto, Bennetts, Benning, Bentley, Berriman, Berry, Berryman, Bethoc Princess of Scotland, Bevill, Bevill (Bevile), Bibby, Biel, Bigbury, Biggins, Billett, Billinsley, Bingham, Bird, Bischoff, Bishop, Black, Blay, Blewden, Blewett, Blomfield, Blomvyle, Blomfyld, Bloomfield, Boan, Bone, Bonville, Borford, Borgfeldt, Borlase, Borrie, Bosley, Boswood, Bottrall, Bourke, Bowden, Bowler, Bowles, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd, Boyle, Boys, Bradley, Branston, Brice, Bridge, Bridgeman, Briggs, Brinkworth, Britter, Broadley, Broadway, Brockett, Brodrick, Brook, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Bruer, Brunton, Buchan, Buckle, Buckley, Bucknell, Budge, Bull, Burgess, Burnett, Burrows, Burton, Busvargus, Butcher, Butler, Buttler, Buxton, Byerford, Byers, Byles, Byrn

Caddy, Cadenhead, Caird, Calvert, Cameron, Campbell, Campenon, Camperon, Canmoor, Canmore III King of Scotland, Carew, Carnegie, Carrad, Carseldene, Carter, Carteret, Cartwright, Caskey, Cavell, Cawthorne, Chalk, Challacombe, Champernon, Champernoun, Champion, Chapel, Chapman, Chappell, Charles, Charlton, Chase, Cheesman, Chenhale, Chenhall, Chenhalls, Chidderleigh, Christian, Chudley, Churchill, Clair, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Claydon, Clemens, Clothier, Cobden, Cock, Cocke, Cockle, Coldbeck, Cole, Coleman, Colley, Collins, Collis, Colombus, Colyer, Combe, Comyn, Connolly, Cook, Cook-Abbott, Coombes, Coombs, Cooper, Corbet, Cornelius, Cornish, Cossins, Cott (alias Scott), Coughlin, Countess of Northumbria, Courtenay, Courtney, Cousley, Cowley, Cowling, Coy, Crawford, Creaner, Crews, Cridge, Crisp, Critchley, Cross, Crossan, Crothall, Crothers, Crowcroft, Crowe, Cruthers, Cunningham, Curline, Curnow, Currie, Curry, Curwen, Cuthbertson, Cutts

Dance, Daniell, Darling, Daubeney, David Earl of Huntingdon, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davy, Dawson, Day, De Angus, De Beauchamp, De Beaumont, de Belleme, De Bodrigan, de Bretagne, De Champernon, De Chatellerault, de Chaworth, de Corbell, De Courtenay, de Crepon, de Creully, de Crevecoeur, de Envermeu, De Goldington, De Huntingdon, De Limoges, De Londres, De Meschines, De Monfort, De Mormaer, De Rohant, De Senlis, De Soules, De Taillefer, De Warenne, Dear, Death, Deighton, Delft, Dench, Denis, Dennis, Dennys, Denton, Derby, Dermot, Devereux, Dickie, Dillon, Dinson, Ditty, Dobson, Dodds, Doherty, Dolan, Donegall, Donnelly, Dougherty, Dowding, Dowie, Downey, Drake, Drew, Drofeman, Drummond, Duchess of Saxony, Dunbar, Duncan, Duncan I King of Scotland, Duncan Lord of Mormaer, Dunn, Dunnico, Durie, Durrant, Dutton, Dwyer, Dyer, D'Artois, D'Ath, d'Avove, D'Evreux

Eadgifu Kent, Eady, Ealdgyth Queen of England, Ealhswith og the Gaini, Earwaker, Edgar of England, Edlin, Edmund I the Elder, Edmund II King of England, Edmund 'Crouchback', Edward 'Atheling' Prince of England, Edward Elder, Edwards, Edwars, Egan, Eleanor of Castile, Eleanor plantagenet, Eleanor, Queen of Castile, Eleanore Queen of England, Elfgiva, Ellery, Elliott, Ellis, Elphick, Elshaug, Endean, English, Enting, Erisey, Ermengarde Maine, Evans, Everard, Everett

Fagg, Farquhar, Farr, Farrar, Farre, Feniel, Ferguson, Ferrand, Filmer, Findlay, Fisher, Fitch, Fitz, Fitz Alan, Fitz Roland, FitzAlan, Fitzgeoffrey, FitzHammon, Fitznichols, Fitzpatrick, FitzRobert, Fitzsiward, Fleming, Flemming, Florence, Fogden, Fohl, Forbes, Ford, Forrest, Forster, Foster, Foulques IV 'Le Rechin' Count of Anjou, Foulques V king of Jerusalem, Fowler, Fox, Francis, Fraser, French, Friggens, Frost

Gaasrud, Gage, Galloway, Garvin, Geary, Geenville, Gent, Geoffrey Duke of Brittany, Geoffrey I Count of Gatinais, Geoffrey II Count of Gatinais, George, Gertrud Countess of Nordgau, Gibbon, Gibson, Gieseler, Giffard, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Giles, Gillman, Gilmore, Gilpin, Ginty, Glasson, Gleghorn, Glengarry, Glover, Goffin, Going, Gollan, Good, Goode, Goodhall, Goodmanson, Gorges, Gosling, Gough, Gourley, Gowlett, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greaves, Green, Greenfield, Greenslade, Greer, Grenfell, Grenfield, Grenville, Grenville, Grenville, Grenville, Griffin, Griffith, Grimes, Grimston, Grimwade, Grose, Grove, Grundy, Gunn, Gunton, Gurney, Guy

Habgood, Hailstone, Hales, Hall, Halliday, Halligan, Hallowes, Hamilton, Hamley, Hammond, Hampton, Hanchford, Hanham, Haniforth, Hanna, Hannah, Hansen, Hanson, Harbridge, Harding, Harper, Harrie, Harris, Harry, Harrys, Hart, Harvey, Hawkins, Hayden, Hayward, Headen, Healee, Heath, Heifer, Helias Count of Maine, Henderson, Hennessey, Henry, Henry I King of England, Henry II Plantagnet, Henry III, Henry of Huntingdon, Henry the Young Plantagenet King, Hepburn, Herbert, Herlete of Falaise, Hester, Hewers, Hewitt, Hewstone, Hickman, Hicks, Higgins, Higgs, Hignett, Hill, Hillyer, Hines, Hipson, Hitchcock, Hitchings, Hobbs, Hobson, Hocking, Hodges, Hogg, Hogger, Hoile, Holbro, Holmes, Homann, Homes, Honeychurch, Honia, Hood, Hooper, Horgan, Horrox, Hosmer, Houston, Howard, Hudson, Hughes, Hull, Humphreys, Humphries, Huntingdon, Hurl, Hussey, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Huxtable, Huyer

Ince, Inwood, Irving, Irwin, Isabella of France

Jacka, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacques, Jago, James, Janvikova, Jarden, Jarvis, Jayasuria, Jelbert, Jenkin, Jennings, Jenson, Jermalinski, Jermyn, Joan Queen of Sicily, John, John Le Scott of Huntingdon, Earl of Che, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jose, Judith of Brittany

Kaye, Keast, Keates, Keckwiche, Keen, Kellaway, Keller, Kelloway, Kemsley, Kendon, Kennedy, Kerr, Kessell, Ketcheson, Kidd, Kidson, Kilday, Kimpton, King, King David of Scotland, King John of England, Kinley, Kirton, Klampt, Knight, Krauss

Lafontaine, Lamb, Lane, Langdon, Langley, Langlois, Lanyon, Large, Latimer, Lattimer, Lau, Laurie, Law, Lawrence, Lawrey, Lawry, Lawton, le Pettit, Le Vaillant, Leahy, Leatham, Leathan, Lee, Lefeber, Legat, Leggo, Lennon, Lennox, Leob, Lethan, Leverett, Lewis, Lexium, Liegard, Lies, Lindsay, Line, Linnard, Lipke, Litson, Little, Liudolf Count of Brunswick, Llewellyn, Lock, Loeffler, Loosley, Loring, Lorkin, Louden, Love, Lovel, Luke, Lupky, Lyford, Lyon

MacFadden, MacLachlan, Maddern, Maddigan, Maddren, Mahaut Princess of Brabant, Maher, Maitland, Malcolm III King of Scotland, Mallett, Mander, Margaret of France, Margaret Princess of England, Margaret Queen of Scotland, Margetts, Mark, Marriott, Marshall, Martin, Martyn, Marwick, Mason, Mathew, Mathews, Matilda Countess of Flanders, Mauger Count of Mortain, Maxwell, May, Mayers, McAlister, McCann, McClenahan, McCracken, McElwaine, McGavock, McGill, McGilligan, McGrath, McGregor, McGuire, McIntosh, McKee, McKenzie, McKinney, McLachlan, McLaren, McLean, McLeod, McLoughlin, McNeil, McPherson, McQuillan, McWilliam, McWilliams, Mee, Megarry, Meikle, Mellish, Melrose, Memories, Mendoza, Mercer, Meyer, Meyerhoff, Miller, Milligan, Millman, Mills, Milne, Mitchell, Moauro, Moffat, Moor, Moore, Morgan, Morrclear, Morton, Mott, Muir, Munn, Munro, Murish, Murphy, Murray, Murrish, Muschamp, Myers, Mylwaye

Nankervis, Nee, Neeley, Neely, Neff, Neill, Nelson, Neustria, Neville, Newman, Newton, Niccols, Nicholas, Nicholl, Nicholls, Nichols, Nind, Nixon, Noble, Norris, North, Noye, Nuttall

Oates, Oats, Ockwell, Okeston, Olive, Oliver, Olivie, Olivier, Ollive, Orange, Orr, Osborne, Oscar, Otts, Ousten, Outhwaite, O'Brien, O'Hara

Packard, Paesell, Paine, Palmer, Palmieri, Papprill, Park, Parker, Parks, Parmenter, Parsell, Pascow, Paterson, Paton, Patterson, Pattison, Payne, Pearce, Pearse, Pearson, Pegg, Pelbit, Pelz, Penberthy, Penrose, Penwarden, Pepper, Pepperell, Perkins, Perry, Peters, Petrotta, Peyto, Philippa of Hainault, Phillips, Phipps, Pickering, Piggott, Pigott, Pike, Pinckney, Pine, Pirt, Plantagenet, Plantegenet, Platt, Pollard, Polmeare, Pope, Pottmaster, Poucher, Poultney, Powell, Powley, Poyntz, Poynz, Prew, Price, Princess of England, Pringle, Pritchard, Proctor, Proffitt, Pullen, Purkiss, Purvis, Pyke

Quinn, Quipp

Radakovic, Raife, Raleigh, Redpath, Reed, Reeve, Reid, Remphrey, Renwick, Reskilly, Reynolds, Rice, Rich, Richard, Richard II Duke of Normandy, Richard the Fearless, Richards, Richardson, Richie, Riki, Riley, Ritchie, Robert Earl of Gloucester, Robert I Count of Artois, Robert I the Magnificent, Roberts, Robinson, Robjent, Robson, Roche, Rodda, Rodger, Rogers, Rognvaldsson, Rohant, Rolton, Roseman, Ross, Roulston, Rouse, Row, Rowe, Rowlett, Roy, Royce, Ryan, Rye

Sabinash, Sadler, Saint Ledger, Salmon, Sands, Sanford, Saunders, Saundy, Schildren, Schmidtlein, Schreurs, Scott, Seeley, Sefton, Seward Earl of Northumbria, Seymour, Shackleton, Shakerley, Shansfield, Shaw, Sheard, Sheerin, Sheldon, Shelley, Sheppard, Sherman, Short, Shutford, Shuttleworth, Sida, Sillery, Simms, Simon I Lord of Montfort, Simpson, Sinnott, Sisson, Skinner, Skudder, Sloan, Smith, Smythe, Snow, Sokera, Sole, Soman, Soper, Sorino, Soundy, Southcott, Southgate, Spear, Spencer, Spicer, Spurre, Squire St Ledger, Stalley, Stancliffe, Stanley, Stannard, Stanton, Starling, Steele, Steinmann, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevens, Stewart, Stinton, Stirling, Stock, Storr, Stott, Stowe, Strack, Strickland, Stringer, Strong, Stuart, Studholme, Stuff, Sturt, Suddery, Suffern, Sullivan, Sutherland, Swain, Swann, Swanson, Swenarton, Swezey, Swyt, Sydenham, Symonds

Tailer, Tait, Tayler, Taylor, Teed, Templeton, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thorn, Throckmorton, Thynne, Tiley, Tingey, Tiplady, Tippett, Tisch, Todd, Todhunter, Tolputt, Tonihi, Tonkin, Toulson, Trace, Tracy, Tredgold, Tregarten, Tregarthen, Tregear, Tregerthen, Tregomynion, Tregoning, Trelill, Tremayne, Trembath, Trenbath, Trengrove, Trenowth, Tresise, Treviler, Trevor, Trewent, Trezise, Tripp, Tubb, Tucker, Turner, Tuttle, Tweedie, Twinn

Unwin, Ure, Ustrick

Valletort, Van Volkenburg, Vaudrey, Vavasseur, Vermandois, Vickers, Victor, Vine, Vivian (Vyvyan), Von Brunswick, Von Polinitz, Vuletich

Wadkins, Walford, Walker, Wallis, Walls, Walsh, Walters, Warren, Warrin, Waterson, Watkinson, Watt, Watte, Watterson, Watts, Wearne, Web, Webb, Webber, Webster, Weeley, Weight, Welch, Wells, Welsh, Wendleborn, West, Westrope, Weymouth, White, Whitfield, Whitleigh, Whitlock, Widmer, Wilde, Wiley, Wilkinson, Willers, William I King of England, William IX Plantagenet, William Longsword, Williams, Williamson, Willsher, Willyams, Wilson, Windsor, Witman, Witt-Hewittson, Wongprathet, Wood, Woodbury, Woodham, Woodley, Woods, Woolcock, Woolcock (Wolcocke), Worden, Worner, Worsley, Wortham, Wratt, Wright, Wyche

Yaxley, Young

the new 'Vote'/'Score' feature

hi Scott,
Is there any chance of enabling us to see who 'votes "up" (likes) our comments on posts? similar to how it shows on FB. This would show who is interested in the subject, who was helped by the comment or who agrees with what was said. This could lead to 2 or more of us working together to reach a solution

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Mabel Lillian ALFE (1887-1959) - Tokoroa

what do you know about Mabel Lillian ALFE (1887-1959)

She married Alfred SLOPER (1885-1938) in 1905 and had 5 known children
* 1905 - 1994 Nina Mabel Sloper
- married Lancelot Joseph Cyrus ASHWORTH (1899-1967) in 1925
* 1908 - 1987 Catherine Mary Sloper
- married Alfred Benjamin James HAMLIN (1898-1989) in 1929
* 1912 - Alma Lilian Sloper
- married Sydney Henry BOOTE (1906-1994) in 1935
* 1913 - Phyllis Sloper
- nothing known
* 1915 - 1998 Eric Robert Sloper
- married Joy Isabel Jane COLSON (1919-1998) in 1940

TIMELINE for Mabel Lillian Sloper
New Zealand Herald, 21 May 1931

A most successful meeting of ladies, presided over by Mrs A. Sloper, was held in the Tokoroa Hall to meet the president and several members of the Putaruru branch, who were present to assist in the formation of a Women's Division in Tokoroa

Auckland Star, 18 January 1934

An enjoyable evening was given by Mrs A. Sloper at her home, Tokoroa, to farewell Mrs Barr, who is leaving the district. Mrs Sloper was assisted by Mrs Kendall in arranging the evening's entertainment. Mr J. H. Lory, in making a presentation to Mrs Barr and her daughters, Valerie and Betty, referred briefly to the widespread regret that was felt at their departure. Among those present were: Mesdames Lory, Carruthers, Flavall, Kendall, Nicholson, Pearson, Turner, Ashworth, Newell, Purchase, Nichols and Miss Mowbray

New Zealand Herald, 17 May 1935

A very full year's work was reported at the annual meeting of the Putaruru sub-branch of the Plunket Society and a satisfactory balance was revealed. Among the more important activities of the year had been the erection of a plunket room in Putaruru.
The election of officers resulted:- President, Mrs H. B. Coupe; vice-presidents, Mesdames J. Ranger, W. Campbell, W. Yandle, A. H. Tulloch, A. G. Leggatt, J. H. Scott and C. G. MacDiarmid; secretary, Mrs R. G. Hutton; treasurer, Mrs H. L. Martin; committee, Mesdames, K. McDermott, H. Lindsey, J. R. O. Lochhead, A. L. Mason, L. Blackman, M. St. J. Paxton, A. Sloper, E. Watkins, H. Rees, L. Hooper, C. C. Neal

New Zealand Herald, 26 September 1938
SLOPER - On September 24, at Matamata, Alfred, dearly beloved husband of Mabel Sloper, Tokoroa, and father of Nina, Catherine, Alma, Phyllis and Eric; aged 52 years

New Zealand Herald, 5 October 1938
SLOPER - Mrs A. Sloper and Family, Tokoroa, wish to thank all kind friends and relations for expressions of sympathy and floral emblems received in their recent sad bereavement

New Zealand Herald, 10 May 1940
SLOPER-COLSON - On April 6, at St Peter's Church, Putaruru, by Rev. P. Cleary, Joy Isabel Jane, third daughter of Mr and Mrs F. Colson, Tokoroa, to Eric Robert, only son of Mrs Mabel and the late Alfred Sloper, Tokoroa

Mabel & Alfred are buried together. The headstone reads:
In loving memory of Alfred, Dearly loved husband of Mabel Lilian SLOPER, Died 24th Sept 1938, Aged 53 years, And Mabel Lilian, Died 20th July 1959, Aged 72 years.

The Sloper family had the original Butcher Shop in Tokoroa
Mabel remarried to James (Jack) Baird Campbell after Alfred's death. Jack was the original Manager of the Matarawa Land Company

Murder/Suicide during Honeymoon, PALMERSTON NORTH - 1899

Martha BOUTS (1845-1910) married in 1874 to
Police Sergeant John PRICE (1834-1891)
* John was from Wales and a non-commissioned officer who served through the Indian Mutiny. He came to NZ about 1860 and was in the NZ Police force for many years serving in Canterbury & Auckland.
JOHN died in Cole St., Masterton 10 June 1891 aged 57 from acute bronchitis & is buried Old Ground at Archer Street
John's Obituary
MARTHA died in Masterton 17 Oct 1910 aged 65 & is buried Archer Street

JOHN & MARTHA had 4 known children:
*1875 - 1876 Florence Llewellyn Price
- Florence died 4 Feb 1876 aged 5 months and is buried in Bolton St cemetery, Wellington

*1876 - 1962 Harvey 'Harry' Llewelyn Price
-- Harry married Lillian SIDDERS in 1911
- Lillian was from Kent, England. She was in a de facto relationship with Horace Edwin FERNEE who was still married to Emma Rhoda Palmer (1859-1936). They had a son Horace George Fernee (1896-1963). Lillian emigrated to NZ with 12 year old Horace in 1908. De facto Horace stayed in England and remarried in 1916 after a divorce from Emma.
* Harry & Lillian lived next door to his mother, Martha Price, at 28 Sussex Street, Masterton when Horace served as Private 23818 in WWI
- Harry died 5 July 1962 aged 81 and is buried Archer Street cemetery, Masterton

*1878 - MARTHA 'Minnie' PRICE
-- Minnie married William Daniel McKAIN, 4 Jan 1899 at 30 Sussex St (against her mother's wishes who thought she could do better than a brushmaker). William was 1 of 15 children of Daniel McKain & Amelia O'Hara, confectioners in Lower Hutt ... see STORY BELOW

*1880 - 1932 Edward Thomas Price
-- Edward married Helen May EXELL (1880-1963) in 1907
- Edward died 11 Dec 1932 aged 52 and is buried Archer Street cemetery, Masterton

The MURDER/SUICIDE of Minnie Price & William McKain
Minnie Price married William Daniel McKain, 4 Jan 1899
After a month long honeymoon in Dunedin, Christchurch & Auckland, William and Minnie returned to Wellington where William pawned his violin in Johnsonville to buy a ticket to Palmerston North.
They arrived there on Valentine's Day and were staying at the Royal Hotel. Three nights later, on Friday 17 Feb, William was heard in his room dictating a letter for Minnie to write (this later showed premeditation, the contents in link below)
At 4:20 next morning William shot Minnie with a revolver whilst she was in bed. Twenty minutes later he shot her again. An hour and 20 minutes later he turned the gun on himself
-- Minnie was 20 & William was 22 --
more on the Palmerston North tragedy

What is amazing to me and obviously many at the time, is why, when the other hotel guests heard the first and subsequent shots, was something not done at 4:20am?? Instead, later that morning when the housekeeper was unable to get in their room she called the police

Against his wishes in the letter, William is buried at Taita & Minnie is buried at Masterton.
... The Murder/Suicide Letter
... Another telling of the story

30 Sussex Street, MASTERTON - c1895

Martha Price aged 50 & daughter 'Minnie' Price aged 17
more photos, info & comments

BLUFF cemetery NZ - burials P-R

BLUFF burials
* excludes still born
* birth date may be calculated from age at death
* date could be that of death or burial
* names grouped together not necessarily related
* a lot more info available by reading the headstones at above link
NOTES Original list of names was taken from the above database. Most people have been individually researched, but not all, use as a guide only to your own research

A to C .. D to F .. G to I .. J to L
M to O .. P to R .. S to U .. V to Y

PARK, Helen - 16 Dec 1916 aged 7

PARKER, Barbara Ruth - 7 Sep 1948 aged 2 hours
PARKER, Edgar - 28 Sep 1957 aged 86
PARKER, Edward - 14 June 1927 aged 70
PARKER, Elizabeth Jane - 26 Oct 1888 aged 54
PARKER, Elizabeth Euphemia Hutchinson - 12 March 1909 aged 26
PARKER, Ernest James - 26 Feb 1938 aged 38
PARKER, Fanny Maitland - 14 Jan 1943 aged 59
PARKER, John - 4 July 1911 aged 81
PARKER, Mary Ellen - 29 March 1922 aged 68

PARRY, Charles Henry - 2 June 1977 aged 95
PARRY, Irvana Elizabeth Naismith - 20 Dec 1984 aged 75
PARRY, John - 24 May 1946 aged 72
PARRY, Margaret Minnie - 12 May 1982 aged 91
PARRY, Maria M - 7 March 1904 aged 5 months
PARRY, May - 25 Oct 1941 aged 62
PARRY, Nellie - 8 March 1932 aged 49
PARRY, Sarah Hamilton - 19 Aug 1944 aged 64
PARRY, Thomas William - 30 Dec 1942 aged 71
PARRY, Walter Irvine - 26 Nov 1952 aged 65

PARSONS, Frances Henry - 7 Feb 1928 aged 29
PARSONS, Albert William - aged 72
PARSONS, Alfred Arthur - 13 Nov 1974 aged 70
PARSONS, Alfred - 28 Jan 1932 aged 58
PARSONS, Annie Clark - 23 Sep 1896 aged 24
PARSONS, Brian - 9 Sep 1939 aged 8 days
PARSONS, Catherine - 20 July 1962 aged 84
PARSONS, Edward Henry - 11 Nov 1930 aged 64
PARSONS, George - 23 Dec 1911 aged 41
PARSONS, Grace Elizabeth - 23 Sep 1956 aged 81
PARSONS, Henry Francis - 16 Dec 1942 aged 71
PARSONS, Isabella - 8 Dec 1951 aged 80
PARSONS, Ivy Beatrice - 6 Auf 1916 aged 23
PARSONS, Jessie Elizabeth - 13 Feb 1910 aged 3
PARSONS, Louisa Grace Barr - 7 May 1950 aged 70
PARSONS, Martha - 27 Jan 1911 aged 71
PARSONS, William - 1 May 1903 aged 65
PARSONS, William - 6 Aug 1943 aged 78
PARSONS, William Henry Francis George - 1 Nov 1911 aged 16

PATERSON, Alice Maud - 20 Sep 2001 aged 89
PATERSON, William Irvine - 11 June 2009 aged 96

PATTERSON, Brian Francis - 15 July 2003 aged 64
PATTERSON, Charles Thomas - 31 Oct 1982 aged 71
PATTERSON, Clara Annie - 30 Nov 1954 aged 61
PATTERSON, Eileen Jessie - 8 June 2000 aged 88
PATTERSON, Robert Melbourne - 20 Jan 1972 aged 79
PATTERSON, Vivian James - 9 May 1953 aged 19

PAULIN, Ada Helen - 14 Jan 1924 aged 40
* & her prem baby

PAY, Eric Richard - 7 Dec 1932 aged 6 hours

PEARCE, Herbert John - 4 Nov 1955 aged 47
PEARCE, Marguerita Mary - 28 May 1956 aged 58

PEARSE, Walter George - 6 July 1900 aged 19 months

PEDERSON, Christopher - 1 Feb 1902 aged 45

PEERS, Capt Henry - 2 July 1918 aged 91

PENNIALL, Elizabeth Frances - 15 May 1985 aged 99
PENNIALL, Ronald Alan - 11 Sep 1949 aged 3
PENNIALL, Thomas Charles - 25 Jan 1960 aged 75

PERKINS, Annie Sloan - 16 April 1957 aged 62
PERKINS, Benjamin James - 6 Sep 1975 aged 79

PERRY, Anna - 22 Sep 1938 aged 66
PERRY, Charles - 7 Jan 1862 aged 26
PERRY, Charles Walter - 5 July 1954 aged 85
PERRY, George - 21 June 1891 aged 58
PERRY, John Henry - 5 Jan 1877 aged 10 weeks

PETERSEN, Carla Fay - 3 Nov 1958 aged 5 minutes

PETRIE, Alexander Adam - 20 July 1882 aged 11 months

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth - 5 Aug 1960 aged 77
PHILLIPS, Hugh - 30 April 1949 aged 35
PHILLIPS, William Alexander - 3 Jan 1932 aged 51

PLANK, Annie Maria - 26 Sep 1934 aged 44
PLANK, Elizabeth Chalmers - 18 Nov 1939 aged 79
PLANK, James Barr - 26 Sep 1959 aged 67
PLANK, John - 3 July 1916 aged 58
PLANK, William Edward 'Bill' - 11 Jan 1960 aged 70
* Remembrance 53807 Pte WE Bill Plank Passed away 9th January 1960 Aged 70 years Natures Gentleman

PLEASANT, James - 25 Feb 1894 aged 39

PULFER, Frederick James - 7 May 1918 aged 41

QUESTED, Mrs Freda Alice - 8 July 1940 aged 28

RAE, Isabella - 3 May 1916 aged 77
RAE, Robert - 8 July 1882 aged 48
RAE, William - 24 June 1877 aged 16 days
RAE, William John - 20 Feb 1883 aged 6 months

RAMSAY, Leslie Russell - 21 Nov 1941 aged 9 days
RAMSAY, Robert Greig - 27 Aug 1908 aged 21

RANDALL, George Thomas - 24 May 1941 aged 58
RANDALL, Lillias Thompson - aged 60
RANDALL, Netha Dale - aged 72

RANKIN, Mary - 10 Aug 1936 aged 87
* buried with Hanna family

RAYMOND, Annie Agnes - 6 March 1911 aged 74
RAYMOND, Darcy Nichol - 8 Oct 1927 aged 53
RAYMOND, Herbert Percy - 25 March 1902 aged 26
RAYMOND, - Irven Willis - aged 64
RAYMOND, Capt John William - 2 Feb 1912 aged 86
RAYMOND, Sarah - 1 Aug 1954 aged 91

REES, John Evan - 9 July 1914 aged 35
REES, Walter Robert - 13 April 1953 aged 45
* buried with Metzger family

REID, Henry - 23 July 1894 aged 19

RENNIE, Mary B - 9 Nov 1909 age not found

RICHARDS, James Thomas Auld - 18 June 1917 aged 48
RICHARDS, Lewis - 27 Sep 1888 aged 39

RICHARDSON, Annie Louisa - 25 Dec 2000 aged 93
RICHARDSON, David - 30 Sep 1911 aged 41
RICHARDSON, David - 27 Nov 1917 aged 57
RICHARDSON, George Fordham - 11 July 1983 aged 75
RICHARDSON, Minnie Amelia - 30 Sep 1911 aged 41

RIDLAND, Agnes Ellen - 12 Feb 1907 aged 3
RIDLAND, Susan Mary - 11 June 1911 aged 40
RIDLAND, Andrew Bairnson - 21 Sep 1929 aged 97
RIDLAND, William John - 27 Feb 1938 aged 67

RISSETTO, Ernest Caesar - 6 Feb 1903 aged 39
* due to accident at Greenhills

RITA, Annie Mabel - 20 Oct 1963 aged 89
RITA, Henry - 12 Oct 1944 aged 68
RITA, Henry Maru - 23 March 1921 aged 18
RITA, Henry Paitu Rauwhenua - aged 68
RITA, Cecil Pirikahu - 11 June 1923 aged 19
RITA, Robert Agrippa - 1 Oct 1923 aged 11

ROBERTS, Arthur P - 2 Oct 1935 aged 45
ROBERTS, infant - 15 Feb 1877

ROBERTSON, Fanny Ann - 4 Oct 1911 aged 85
ROBERTSON, John - 16 April 1913 aged 88
* .. also of their sons who were accidentally drowned Bluff Harbour, Andrew 3 Jan 1882 aged 22, John 12 April 1910 aged 52
ROBERTSON, Hector - 11 Aug 1909 aged 22
ROBERTSON, John - 16 April 1913 aged 87
ROBERTSON, Sarah - 7 July 1910 aged 28
ROBERTSON, William - 7 May 1909 age not found

ROBINSON, Charles Daniel McLaughlin - 22 Oct 1961 aged 67
ROBINSON, Edward William - 25 Oct 1945 aged 95
ROBINSON, Florence Joyce - 1 Aug 1923 aged 1
ROBINSON, Grace Fairlie - 5 Jan 1955 aged 60
ROBINSON, Jane Ann - 3 July 1959 aged 93

ROBJOHNS, Dorothy Ellen - 28 Jan 1951 aged 57 (nee Waddell)
* married Henry Charles Robjohns (1891-1953) in 1914

RODERIQUE, David John - 21 July 1965 aged 1 day
RODERIQUE, Edwin Henry - 15 Nov 1941 aged 16
RODERIQUE, Eric Henry - 12 Oct 1907 aged 6 weeks
RODERIQUE, Henry John - 1 July 1961 aged 84
RODERIQUE, John - 10 Oct 1903 aged 44
RODERIQUE, Mary Jane - 30 March 1945 aged 60
RODERIQUE, Sarah - 1 Sep 1939 aged 75
RODERIQUE, Thomas James - 17 July 1915 aged 7 months
RODERIQUE, Vicki Jan - 2 July 1958 aged 5 months

ROLINSON, Ernest Hampstead - 22 Aug 1944 aged 65
ROLINSON, Rose - 18 May 1976 aged 95

ROSE, Albert George - 14 Oct 1907 aged 6
ROSE, Charles - 3 Jan 1911 aged 72
ROSE, Charles Louis - 14 Dec 1950 aged 72
ROSE, Norah Frances - 12 April 1927 aged 71
ROSE, Robert Alexander - 15 July 1952 aged 69

ROSS, Alexander 'John' - 12 Aug 1891 aged 102
North Otago Times, 14 Aug 1891
ROSS - Alexander J. Ross aged 102 years. John Ross, father of Mr Ross of Sargood, Son and Ewen, died at Green Hills yesterday, aged 102 years. He enjoyed good health until recently, but his sight had gradually gone until he became blind

RUCK, Frank - 26 Sep 1957 aged 63

RUSDEN, Eona Pearl - 1 July 1908 aged 10 months

RUSSELL, Abner Clough - 17 Oct 1939 aged 68
RUSSELL, Alexander William - 8 June 1928 aged 57
RUSSELL, Dorothy Maud - 21 Feb 1939 aged 35
RUSSELL, Gordon - 28 Dec 1901 aged 21 months
RUSSELL, Louisa Violet - 7 Dec 1918 aged 44
RUSSELL, Maxwell Scott - 4 June 1933 aged 3
RUSSELL, Melvin - 26 Nov 1937 aged 25
RUSSELL, Robert - 28 May 1877 aged 55

RUTLEDGE, Florence Alice - 8 July 1953 aged 61
RUTLEDGE, Frederick Robert - 28 July 1941 aged 49

RYAN, Annie Ellen May - 8 Oct 2003 aged 91
RYAN, Caroline - 28 Jan 1955 aged 11 hours
RYAN, Louisa Adelaide - 8 Feb 1952 aged 85
RYAN, Mark James - 20 Jan 1962 aged 1 day
RYAN, Mary Josephine - 9 Jan 1931 aged 46
RYAN, Philip Panapana - 15 June 1928 aged 54
RYAN, Phillip - 26 Feb 1955 aged 52
RYAN, Richard George - 2 June 1937 aged 38

A to C .. D to F .. G to I .. J to L
M to O .. P to R .. S to U .. V to Y

Plot 51, Block General 5

In remembrance
Annie Clark Parsons
Died 23rd Sept 1896
Aged 24 years
Also her eldest son
George Died 1st Nov 1911
Aged 16 years