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the HOPWOODs on the tree as at 24 Sep 2010

*Alice Hopwood (1879-1908)
- married Harry Philip BRASELL in 1908

*Ann Hopwood, Ann (1808-)
- married Edward INGHAM in 1827 in Yorkshire, England

*Elizabeth 'Betty' Hopwood (?-?)
- married John LANCASTER in 1791 in Slaidburn, Yokrshire

*Ellen Hopwood (1806-)
- married Henry TURNER in 1825 in Yorkshire

*Ellen Hopwood (1877-1965)
- born in Wellington, New Zealand
- married Thomas Walter NEWBOLD in 1904 in NZ

*Ellen Alfreda Maria Hopwood (1849-1929)
- married William WATERSON 1877 in NZ

*Isabella Mary Caroline Hopwood (1847-1882)
- married Samuel Henry RICHFIELD in 1870

*James Hopwood (1741-1823)
- married Margaret SMITH in 1765 in Yorkshire

*James Hopwood (1810-)
- a son of Robert Hopwood & Ellen BRENNAND

*John Hopwood (1698-1749)
- married Ester HINDLE in 1720 in Lancaster

*John David Hopwood (1852-1929)
- married Mary Anne WATERSON 1877 in NZ
see comments

*Margaret Hopwood (1812-1851)
- married John SWINDLEHURST in 1833 in Yorkshire

*Mary Hopwood (1813-)
- a daughter of Robert Hopwood & Ellen BRENNAND

*Nancy Hopwood (1816-)
- married John SWINDLEHURST in 1889

*Robert Hopwood (1779-)
- married Ellen BRENNAND in 1802

*William Hopwood (1815-)
- married Mary ATKINSON in 1840 in Yorkshire

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INDER marriages New Zealand 1880-1928 - GROOMS

the known INDER GROOMS in New Zealand 1880 - 1928:
Albert Russell Inder
- married Mary Elizabeth LESLIE in 1915

Charles Inder
- married Emma KENT in 1883
the known children
1886 - 1966 Elsie May Inder
1888 - 1978 Lily Gertrude Inder
1890 - 1986 Walter Kent Inder
1894 - 1935 Gladys Mary Inder
EMMA next married James GOGGIN in 1926

Charles Albert Inder
- married Ruby Clarice Victoria KING (1891-1952) in 1914
- daughter of George & Alice King

Charles James Inder
- married Sarah LORY in 1898
- Charles was a Farmer in Maniototo, Otago
the known children
1898 - Lydia Cribb Inder
1900 - Nellie Winifred Inder
1901 - Ruby Hicks Inder
1903 - Caroline Ann Inder
1904 - Frances Alma Inder
1906 - Charlotte Maud Inder
1907 - Walter John Inder
1908 - Leonard Charles Inder
1910 - Gladys Amy Mavis Inder
1911 - Louisa Grace Inder

Clarence Robert James Inder (1899-1995)
- married Dorothea Lory DUNCAN (1902-1977) in 1925
- Dorothea was 1 of 9 children of David DUNCAN & Mary Ann LORY

Eric Wyles Inder (1890-1947)
- married Ethel Margaret Baird HALL (1891-1967) in 1918
- Ethel was the 1st of 7 children of Thomas HALL & Helen Baird MACKY

Frederick Leslie Roy Inder (1888-1968)
- married Annie SENK in 1910
- he married Ivy May HARDGRAVE (1895-1975) in 1925
- Ivy was the 4th of 6 children of Thomas HARDGRAVE & Sarah Ann JACKLIN

Frederick Walter Inder (1864-1946)
- Frederick was in Dunedin prior to moving to Naseby, Maniototo, Otago. In 1904 he was appointed Town Clerk of Naseby in the place of the late Niels Peter HJORRING
- married Sarah Robertson INDER (1840-1896) in 1898
the known children
1899 - Ronald Herbert Inder
1906 - Iris Freda Inder

George Francis Inder (1890-1956)
- married Glen Jeannette De SPONG in 1919

Herbert Luke Inder (1881-1961)
- married Eva Gertrude DUGAN (1885-1965) in 1913

Percival Lewis Cribb Inder (1901-1968)
- married Gladys Annie Isabel ARCHIBALD (1900-1968) in 1924
- daughter of William Robert ARCHIBALD & Isabella Annie Mable TAYLOR

Robert Sheppard Franks Inder (1856-1946)
- married Mary Ann GUFFIE (1864-1950) in 1888
the known children
1905 - 1937 Neville Ronald Jack Inder

Robert Walter Norman Inder (1883-1962)
- married Myrtle Alma HERBERT (1890-1939) in 1917

Ronald Herbert Inder (1900-1936)
- married Minnie RANKIN in 1927

Roy Haviland Inder (1882-1965)
- married Ada Olive LOCKIE (1878-190) in 1914
- a daughter of James LOCKIE & Cecelia TURNBULL

Samuel George Inder (1860-1933)
- married Bridget Rosina HEATHY (1867-1909) in 1888
the known children
1896 - Gladys Winifred Inder
1899 - Sylvia Elizabeth Inder
1901 - Walter Inder
1902 - Ruby Veronica Inder

Simeon Inder (1858-1927)
- married Jessie Bruce WYLES in 1880
the known children
1882 - Robert Walter Norman Inder
1885 - Margaret Ann Muriel Inder
1887 - Frederick Leslie Roy Inder
1890 - Eric Wyles Inder
... 31 Dec 1927 Mr Simeon Inder, an old resident of the Dominion, died at Levin last week at the age of 69 years. His death was the culmination of a long and painful illness. Mr Inder was born at Bothwell, Tasmania, in 1858, and arrived in New Zealand with his parents in 1862, the family proceeding to the Dunstan goldfields, where they remained for two to three years. They moved from there to Blackstone Hill and on to Naseby in 1867. Mr Inder was educated at the Naseby Public School and joined the Post and Telegraph service in that town in 1873, later being promoted to a cadetship in the Telegraph Office at Dunedin. The first important step upward came when Mr Inder was appointed postmaster at Mangonui in 1878. While occupying that position he was married to Miss Jessie Wyles, eldest daughter of Robert Wyles. In 1880 he was promoted to Coromandel where he remaned until 1903, when he was transferred on promotion to Palmerston North. He was promoted to Christchurch as assistant chief postmaster in 1913 and in the following year was transferred to Wellington as inspector of post offices, his territory including Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne districts. In 1916 he was again transferred to Palmerston North, this time as postmaster of the first grade, from which position he resigned in the following year, to become associated with his son, Mr Eric Inder, of Auckland, in the legal profession, for four years. Finally he retired to Levin, where he and Mrs Inder had since resided. In Levin, Mr Inder was prominently connected with the Masonic Lodge, the bowling club and the Levin Club and he had served on the vestry of St Mary's Church. He leaves a widow, a daughter, who is the wife of Mr C. Blenkhorn, solicitor, of Levin and three sons - Messrs Roy (New Plymouth), Norman (Dannevirke) and Eric Inder (Auckland)

Walter Inder
- married Queenie Myra TOXWARD (1898-1954) in 1928
- daughter of William Edward TOXWARD (1872-) & Clarissa 'Clara' Lucy BUCKERIDGE (1872-1947)
... in 1895 William Toxward was in Pahiatua
... in 1900 William was a carpenter in Carterton
... in 1915 William served in WWI as Sapper 4/1203 with the Field Engineers, 8th Reinforcments. He was listed as a 'Bridge Builder' He enlisted from Martinborough. When he embarked from Wellington on 13 Nov 1815, his wife Clara was staying with her mother, Mrs E. H. Buckeridge in Masterton
... 19 Nov 1916 William was discharged and written up as 'no longer physically fit for war servie on account of illness contracted on active service. He returned from war on the 'Marama' having served for 345 days
... in 1919 he was living in Palmerston North and working as a builder in Eketahuna when he was charged with breaking & entering the home of Marcus R. Herbert of Eketahuna and stealing tobacco worth ?19 15s (the equivalent in 2010 to $1700)

Walter David Inder (1898-1967)
- married Ethel GEDDES (1899-1952) in 1925

Walter Kent Inder (1890-1986)
- in 1908 he was an engine-cleaner for the NZ Raiways in Christchurch
- married Ivy Elsie OKE (1893-?) 6 April 1911 in Manawatu
... 7 April 1911, Feilding Mr Walter Kent Inder and Miss Ivy Elsie Oke, both of Awahuri, were married yesterday at the residence of the bride's parents. The Rev G. Budd performed the ceremony. The bride was accompanied by her two younger sisters and Mr W. F. Bracken supported the groom
- Ivy was the 3rd of 8 children of John OKE & Mary Ann DAVISON
- he next married Daisy Bertha FITZGERALD (1893-1966) in 1923

William Francis Inder (1870-1916)
- married Alice Jane Larnach (1870-?) on 18 May 1892 at Larnach's Castle, Dunedin
- Alice was a daughter of William James Mudie Larnach (1833-1898) Businessman, Poitician and owner of the famous 'Larnach's Castle' in Dunedin
- he married Leah 'Lilian' LEVY (1878-1952) in Dunedin in May 1900
- Lillian as a daughter of Lewie Lyons LEVY & Jane Evaline GOODISSON
... 9 Feb 1912 at the Auckland Supreme Court William Francis Inder, Solicitor, practising in Gore, petitioned for a divorce from Lilian Inder, Arthur Stoddart being named as co-respondent. Petitioner stated that he married Leah Lilliam Levy at Dunedin in 1900. They lived together till 1904. He learned that his wife was addicted to the morphia habit, and in 1908 he secured a separation from his wife, but had regularly paid her the allowance then fixed. As he was leaving by the express from Dunedin his wife rushed upon the platform and presented a revolver at him. To avoid a scene he jumped out of the train and drove her to one hotel, while he went to another. The co-respondent, he understood, was known as a racecourse guesser. The case is proceeding
... 17 Feb 1912 INDER v INDER


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James MOUNCE & Aileen GERAGHTY - Auckland

James MOUNCE was born in Auckland in 1857
- parents unknown at this time
- he died in 1941 aged 84

Aileen GERAGHTY was born on 31 July 1864 Howick, Auckland
- a daughter of Charles GERAGHTY and Mary Ann CHILDERHOUSE
- (GERAGHTY was the spelling on his father's military record and his parents marriage certificate, but sometimes written Gerrighty)
Aileen's mother, Mary Ann Geraghty, nee Childerhouse was the Aunty of these Childerhouse children, those of her brother, John CHILDERHOUSE & his wife Mary Isabella MOSS. Aileen was a cousin of the children at that link - big thanks to GlenH for sorting me out on that :)
AILEEN died in 1929 aged 64

JAMES & AILEEN married in 1886
- their known children were:

... 1
1888 - 1963 James Mounce
- James married Alice Lloyd SPEER in 1912
- James died aged 75

... 2
1890 - Mary Ann Mounce
- married William Charles DAVIES in 1916

... 3
1892 - 1892 Charles Mounce
- Charles died aged 9 days

... 4
1893 - 1916 Charles Leslie Mounce
- Charles served in WWI as Private 12/3431 with the Auckland Infantry Battalion 8th Reinforcements
- his Next Of Kin was his father James Mounce, 6 Hepburn Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
- he DIED OF WOUNDS in France 15 July 1916

... 5
1895 - 1957 Ellen Mounce
- married Frederick Henry Goffin (1893-1956) in 1919

... 6
1897 - 1957 Aileen Mounce
- married Norman Kenneth PROCTOR in 1926
- Aileen died aged 59

... 7
1900 - 1984 Frederick John Mounce
- married Florence Charlotte ANDERSON (1904-1981) in 1931

... 8
1905 - 1929 Vera Jane Mounce
- Vera died aged 24

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Joseph TAUCHER + Josepha HOLMAN on Terpsichore NZ 1876

Josep Taucher was from Spindleruv Mlyn, a town in the Czech Republic in the Krkonoe.

He married Josepha Holman in about 1859.

They arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on the TERPSICHORE from Hamburg with 6 children in March 1876
Robert aged 16 -
Antonie aged 13 -
Marie aged 9 -
Josepha aged 8,
Johann aged 2 -
Paline aged 6 months.

They had at least another 3 children
Josepha - SOPHIA
Margaret - MAGGIE
Katrina - KATE

They eventually settled in Carterton, Wairarapa.
All I have on the children is:

Robert Taucher 1860
- he married Helen Evans
Antonia - ANNIE Taucher 1862
Marie Taucher 1866
Johann - JACK Taucher 1873
- he married Isabella Peck
Pauline - POLLY Taucher 1875
Josepha - SOPHIA Taucher
Margaret - MAGGIE Taucher
Katrina - KATE Taucher

I would like lots more info on the family if you can help ...

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List of Wellington Men, CALL TO ARMS 30-3-1915

The following men will constitute the Infantry and Mounted Rifles quota from No. 5
Group (Wellington City and Suburbs) for the 6th Reinforcements :--

Robert Rae JEWITT
J. JOHANSEN (Blenheim's quota)
R. WATKINS (Palmerston North's quota)


The Officers and n.c.o's from No.5 Group for the 6th Reinforcements are already in

MASSON marriages New Zealand 1877 - 1929

the known MASSON marriages in New Zealand 1877 - 1929

Albert John Masson (1894-1955)
- married Myrtle Dorothy SCHUMACHER (1899-) in 1929
daughter of Philip Clements Schumacher (1859-1923, buried Sydenham) and Emily Keziah Housego (1859-1930) of Westbourn, Sussex, granddaughter of Philip Clement Schumacher & Caroline Olivera from Holstein, Germany
Emily is buried Plot HD157 at Horsley Down, Hurunui)
* Myrtle's death not yet found (can you help?) her siblings were:
* 1882 - 1934 Philip Henry Schumacher
* 1883 - 1957 Caroline Louisa Schumacher
* 1884 - 1885 Laura Helen Schumacher (aged 5 months)
* 1885 - 1965 Andrew William Schumacher
* 1887 - 1887 Joseph Clements Schumacher (aged 4 months)
* 1888 - 1889 Louisa Annie Schumacher (aged 11 months)
* 1890 - 1917 George James Schumacher
- Private 32472 killed in action, Ypres Belgium (left with 19th)
- Son of Emily Kezia Schumacher, of 54 Blenheim Rd., Riccarton, Christchurch. Native of Canterbury
* 1892 - 1918 Charles Joseph 'Joe' Schumacher
- Charles married Annie Mary Sophia Harris (1888-1977) in 1915.
They adopted a boy, William 'John' Schumacher (1912-), illegitimate son of Charles's sister Matilda Jane Schumacher. Charles & Annie had a daughter Annie Mary Schumacher (1917-). Charles died 16 Nov 1918 in the Westland Hospital, Kumara from the Flu Pandemic
* 1893 - 1916 Edward Norman Richard 'Ted' Schumacher
- Private 12/2835 killed in action, Somme (left with the 6th)
- Son of Emily Kezia Schumacher, of Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand, and the late Phillip Clement Schumacher.
* 1896 - 1981 Matilda Jane Schumacher
- Matilda had an illegitimate son 21 Nov 1912, William 'John' Schumacher. He was adopted by her brother Charles above ...
- Matilda married Anthony Bainbridge in 1916. Next married (as a widow) William Edward Pierce (1883-1953) from Gorey, County Wexford, on 23 March 1920
* 1899 - ? Myrtle Dorothy Schumacher
* 1900 - 1981 Leonard Vincent Schumacher
NOTE when the sons were killed in war it is written ... "son of Emily Kezia Schumacher, of Papanui, Christchurch and the late(?) Phillip Clement Schumacher". Phillip didn't die until 16 March 1923 when he committed suicide at Riccarton by cutting the main artery in his neck with a reap hook. It appears the late may have been taken from reading memoriam notices OR confusing with his father, Philip Clement Schumacher who died 25 June 1889 at Papanui aged 56 (birth year of 1833). His wife was Caroline Olivera who died 4 May 1895 aged 62 (birth year of 1833)

Annie Emily Masson
- married William Edward JONES in 1911

Claude Lawrence Masson (1894-1971)
born 21 Dec 1894, son of James Masson of 59 Woodside Rd., Mt Eden. When he enlisted for war 7 March 1917 he was living at Kaipara Line, Paparoa working as a stockman for the Rintoul brothers. Also stated he was a stockman c/o Mr Parry, Puka Puka North
- married Martha Jacobina STEEN (1900-1979) in 1924
daughter of Ferdinand Karl Wilhelm Steen (1868-) & Rebecca Taylor (1868-1944)
Claude died 10 July 1971 & was cremated at Waikumete
Martha died 27 Feb 1979 & was cremated at Waikumete
NOTE On his recruitment statement in Auckland, dated 7 March 1917, Claude stated that his parents were James Masson from Scotland & Teresa Masson from Germany who was his mother by marriage (maybe implies stepmother? see James and Theresa Annie Schischka below) and they had lived in NZ for 40 years
On 2 March 1960 the Social Security Department in Auckland wrote to the Army Secretary at Base Records in Wellington stating they had some difficulty in confirming the age and date of birth for Claude for pension reasons. They wanted confirmation on his statement that he had served in the Territorial Forces with the 11th North Auckland Mounted Rifles at the depot in Paparoa from 1910-1915

Daniel Masson
- married Jessie STEPHENSON in 1877
their known children:
* 1877 - Daniel James Masson

Dorothy Rodda Masson (1908-1968)
born in Carterton to William Topp MASSON & Sarah Jane RODDA
- married Robert James GRIMMER (1907-1971) in 1929
DOROTHY died in Carterton 31 Oct 1968 aged 58
ROBERT died Christmas Day 1971 in Hamilton Hospital aged 64
- they are buried Plot 15 at Clareville cemetery Carterton

Elizabeth Masson
- married John Keneff(?) BROWN in 1915

Ellen Campbell Masson (1857-1942)
- married John Watt KEMP (1856-1942) in 1890
Mr John Watt Kemp (written 1897, go to link) who was appointed Manager of the Te Pare Estate in 1895, is a native of Aberdeen. Educated at a local parish school, he worked on his father's farm till 1881, when he came to Port Chalmers. Soon afterwards he settled in Wanganui, afterwards serving successively four years with Mr. Matheson, of Waverley, two years with Mr. Moore-Hunter, of Hawera, and four years with Mr. Coghill, at Waverley. Mr. Kemp leased a farm at Waverley, which, however, he relinquished after three years, owing to ill-health. Mr. Kemp was married in 1891 to an Aberdeen lady. He takes a keen interest in Presbyterian Church matters.

Ethel Rosina Masson (1894-1959)
daughter of John Masson & Marion Battiscombe Cotton
- married Andrew SNELL (1887-1968) in 1920
son of Samuel (1858-1916), a railway ganger & Ellen Diment Snell (1861-1938, remarried in 1927 to George Mark Seales). All buried in Morrinsville
Andrew first married Helen Arbuthnot 'Arbie' Davidson (1886-1912) from Patea
They had one child:
* Wynne Arbuthnot Snell B.Sc. (1912-2004)
- Wynne was raised in Patea by his Aunt Emily Jane Davidson (1874-1958), after his mother Helen died of blood poisoning aged 26

Frederick Walker Masson
born in Carterton to William Topp MASSON & Sarah Jane RODDA
- married Doris Stewart INGLIS (1899-1967) in 1919
daughter of William Henry INGLIS & Matilda GREEN
their known children:
* 1926 - 1996 William Inglis Masson

George Masson (1863-1944)
- married Bessie STEVENS (1868-1952) in 1891
* living at 29 Saint James Street, Auckland in 1918
their known children:
* 1891 - 1972 George Henry Masson
* 1894 - 1918 Roy Roland Masson (died of his wounds France)
* 1896 - 1974 William Peter Masson
* 1900 - 1968 Albert Edward Masson
* 1903 - 1963 Ernest Stevens Masson
* 1906 - 1994 Stella Amelia May Masson
* 1910 - 2004 Reginald Arthur Vincent Masson
Auckland Star, 29 July 1941
The golden wedding of Mr and Mrs George Masson of Alford Street, Avondale, was celebrated yesterday. Born at Jersey, in the Channel Islands, in 1862, Mr. Masson came to New Zealand in 1879 in the schooner John Watson, which was wrecked near Timaru. He then came north in the barque Aberdeen, and on reaching Auckland joined the crew of the cutter Wanderer. Later, in other vessels, he had a wide experience of the South Sea Islands trade. He then worked ashore, until his retirement three years ago. Mrs. Masson was a daughter of Mr. W. Stephens, of the Thames. There are five sons Messrs. George Masson, of Point Chevalier; William Masson, of Mount Eden: Albert Masson, of Avondale: Ernest Masson of Avondale and Reginald Masson, of Dominion Road. One son was killed in the Great War. There is one daughter, Mrs W. Payne, of Mission Bay. There are two grandchildren.
George & Bessie are buried ANGLICAN DIVISION K Row 2, Plot 30 at Waikumete

Helen Rosina Masson (1895-1959)
daughter of William Topp MASSON & Sarah Jane RODDA
- married Gordon Nelson TUNNICLIFFE (1887-1965) in 1914
son of Charles Tunnicliff and Mary Baigent of Carterton
the known children of Helen & Gordon:
* 1916 - 1965 Eric Nelson Tunnicliffe
* 1918 - 1983 Maurice George Tunnicliffe
* 1921 - Dorothy Merle Tunnicliffe
* 1923 - 1965 Noel Tunnicliffe
* 192? - Stuart Gordon Tunnicliffe

Helen Tait 'Nellie' Masson (1873-1923)
- married James RINTOUL (1851-1935) in 1895
James arrived into Albertland on the 'Hanover' 17 Sep 1862 with 6 other Rintoul: father Alexander (1816-1878), mother Eliza (1813-1884) and siblings, Andrew (1850-1913), Isabella (1846-1921) & Sophia (1857-1925)
the known children of Helen & James:
* 1895 - 1974 Hugh Rintoul
* 1899 - 1974 George Allan Rintoul
* 1903 - 1970 Kenneth Rintoul
* 1905 - 1905 Mary Isabella Rintoul (aged 5 months)
* 1908 - Mary Sophia Rintoul
Helen Tait Rintoul died 16 May 1923 aged 49
NZ Herald, 19 May 1923 DEATH RINTOUL - On May 16, at the Auckland Public Hospital, Helen (Nellie), beloved wife of James Rintoul, Onehunga. Private internment. No mourning by request
James Rintoul died 24 Dec 1935 aged 84
Auckland Star, 24 Dec 1935 DEATH RINTOUL - On December 24, 1935, at 5 Norman Street, Dominion Road, James Rintoul, late of Maungaturoto and Raglan, also Onehunga; aged 84 years. Private interment
They are buried in Area 1 Block G Lot No 138A at Waikaraka cemetery. The inscription reads: 'In loving memory of Helen Tait Rintoul died 16 May 1923 Also James Rintoul husband of the above died 24 Dec 1935 in his 84th yr"

Henry John Masson (1892-1959)
son of William Topp MASSON & Sarah Jane RODDA
Henry married Mary Isabella/Isobel VERCOE 3 June 1914
Wairarapa Daily Times, 5 June 1914 At Carterton on Wednesday afternoon, Miss Mary Isabella Vercoe, of Ashhurst, was married to Mr Henry John Masson, second son of Mr and Mrs W. T. Masson, of Carterton. Miss Neilsen was bridesmaid and Mr George was best man
NZ Truth, 15 Sep 1917 DIVORCE A decree nisi is granted after Mary's 'fling' with Alfred 'Alfie' Imrie
Henry married Iris Sophia Pinkney (1900-1921) in 1920
Waikato Times, 7 July 1921 DEATH On July 5, 1921, at Ngaruawahia, Iris Sophia, dearly beloved wife of Henry John Masson, of Te Kauwhata; aged 21 years. Interment this day (Thursday) at Hamilton West Cemetery - Hudner Bros., Undertakers
Henry married Elizabeth Murray STIRLING (1897-1959) in 1923
NZ Herald, 30 Jan 1923 MARRIAGE MASSON-STIRLING - On January 27 1923, at the Presbyterian Manse, Onehunga, by the Rev D. D. Scott, Henry John, second son of Mr and Mrs W. T. Masson, Te Kauwhata, to Elizabeth Murray Stirling, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Stirling, Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland

Irene Edith Masson
daughter of James Masson & Theresa Annie Schischka
- married Gilbert PEATE in 1922
buried Waikumete

James Masson (1868-1947)
- married Theresa Annie SCHISCHKA (1860-1949) in 1896
the daughter of Lorenz Schischka (1823-1880) & Rosalia nee Schindler(ova) (1823-1910) who, along with Theresa and her siblings, Vincent (1846-1927 & Maria Grubber), Anna (1849-1934 & Gopperth), John (1852-), Catherine (1854- & Stephen Schischka), Christian (1857-1922) & Joseph (1863-1920) left Gravesend on the 'Liverpool' 8 Nov 1865, arriving in Auckland 5 March 1866 and settled in Puhoi. They are buried Block IIA, Row 11, Plot 2&3, Puhoi cemetery
this was possibly James's second marriage - see Claude Lawrence Masson above
their known children:
* 1897 - Irene Edith Masson (+ Peate)
* 1901 - 1975 Rosalia Jane Masson (+ Pryor)
James & Theresa were farmers in Auckland. Their ashes were scattered from Waikumete

James Masson
- married Sarah GILLIES (1894-1982) in 1924
daughter of Donald Gillies (1850-1925) from Geelong, Victoria to Riversdale, Wairarapa & Mary MacLennan (1859-1944)

Jamesina Mitchell Masson (1892-1961)
- married Andrew McMURTRIE (1871-1962) in 1927
born in Milton, Gore, 1st of 9 children of John McMurtrie (1843-1918) from Wigtownshire, Scotland & Elizabeth Wilson (1848-1930) from Stranraer, Wigtownshire who married in Milton
Andrew first married Matilda Tricklebank (1874-1923) in Fielding 16 April 1895 and had 11 children
Matilda was the 9th of at least 10 children of Charles Tricklebank & Eliza Whitehouse
MATILDA died 24 Feb 1923 in Apiti
JAMESINA died 11 March 1961 in Palmerston North Hospital (had been living at Foxton Beach, cremated Kelvin Grove)
ANDREW died 23 Nov 1962 in Palmerston North

John Masson (1860-1894)
- married Marion Battiscombe COTTON (1865-1942) in 1884
Marion was born in Melbourne, the 6th of 12 children of James Ward Cotton & Mary Ann Battiscombe
their known children:
* 1886 - 1957 William James Masson
* 1888 - 1889 Amelia Blanche Masson
* 1892 - 1955 Albert John Masson
* 1893 - 1914 Elder Morrison Masson
* 1894 - 1959 Ethel Rosina Masson
JOHN DIED 9 March 1894 aged 33
Marion remarried in 1902 to John Donald McPherson Dunn (1859-1932)
Sun, 6 April 1914 DEATH & FUNERAL
On April 5, at Christchurch Hospital (suddenly), Elder Morrison, third son of Marion and the late John Masson, and step-son of Mr John Dunn, of 66 Ollivier's Road, Linwood; aged 20 years. The Funeral of the late Elder Morrison Masson will leave the Residence of Mr John Dunn, 66 Ollivier's Road, Linwood, to-morrow (Tuesday, 7th inst.), at 2pm., for the Addington Cemetery
John Masson is buried at Addington, plot 207A, with daughter Amelia & son Elder, wife Marion and Marion's 2nd husband John Donald McPherson Dunn

John Masson
- married Elizabeth Webster CAIRD in 1928

John Alfred Masson
- married Elizabeth Taylor PHILIP in 1914

Margaret Masson (1848-)
possibly arrived on the Surat which left Gravesend 28 Sep 1873 for Dunedin with 271 Government passengers & crew but sank at Catlins River in Jan 1874. Everyone was saved, some quartered in the Caversham barracks and others placed in Dunedin hospital. Captain Johnson was arrested at the instigation of the Government for being drunk (the first mate was drunk, the second mate was drunk, the sail-maker was worse, in fact only 1 officer of the whole ship was sober) and refusing to hail the "Wanganui" as she passed the sinking vessel, even threatening to shoot anyone who tried to, including women who were waving their shawls. The wreck was sold within a couple of days to Messrs Guthrie & Larnach for £7050 (Jan 2009 equivalent of $798,183). The passengers lodged a protest against their baggage being illegally sold. The Government granted an injunction to prevent the purchasers selling on the luggage.
Margaret married George WILL (1855-1911) in 1879

Marion Masson (nee Cotton)
see John Masson above

Mary Ann Masson
- married Rewi Thomas MILLER in 1928

Mary Lindsay (1869-1893) Masson
daughter of David Borthwick Masson (1841-1913) & Jane ? (1844-1908), buried Ketenikau, Kamo Public Cemetery, Whangarei
- Mary married James RINTOUL in 1890
their known children:
* 1891 - Alexander Stewart Rintoul
- born at the Hermitage, Maungaturoto
- served as Sergeant 4/435 with NZ Field Engineers. His next of kin was his father James at Willow St., Onehunga, Auckland
* 1892 - 1969 David Rintoul
- born at the Hermitgae, Maungaturoto
Mary died 25 Nov 1893 at the Hermitage, Maungaturoto aged 24 and was buried in the Church of England burial ground at Paparoa

Rita Gladys Masson (1906-1968)
born in Carterton to William Topp MASSON & Sarah Jane RODDA
- married Ngaire Vivian GOODIN (1906-1987) in 1929
Ngaire was born in Carterton to Collingwood GOODIN (1853-1940) & Laura READ (1875-1958). William & Rita died in Te Kauwhata

Rosalia Jane Masson
daughter of James Masson & Theresa Annie Schischka
- married Albert Edward PRYOR in 1926
buried Waikumete

Sarah Ann Masson
- married Walter CONYERS in 1879

William James Masson
son of John Masson & Marion Battiscombe Cotton (remarried, see above)
- married Beatrice May WALKINSHAW in 1914
Sun, 9 Jan 1915 MARRIAGE MASSON-WALKINSHAW - On December 29, at the residence of Mr J. Dunn, Ollivier's Road, Linwood, by the Rev J. Paterson, William James, eldest son of the late John Masson and Mrs Dunn, to Beatrice May, eldest daughter of W. J. and Mary Walkinshaw, Preston, Melbourne - Melbourne papers please copy

William Peter Masson
- married Alma Miriam POILE in 1921

William Topp Masson (1863-1938)
born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland to John Masson & Barbara Jamieson
- married Sarah Jane RODDA (1868-1925) in 1888
- their known children, born in Carterton:
* 1889 - 1918 William George Masson (see photo below)
* 1890 - 1891 James Reginald Masson (aged 7 months)
* 1891 - 1891 Iyson Masson (aged 4 weeks)
* 1892 - 1959 Henry John Masson
* 1894 - 1959 Helen Rosina Masson
* 1897 - 1963 Frederick Walker Masson
* 1898 - 1899 Queenie May Masson (aged 11 months)
* 1906 - 1968 Rita Gladys Masson
* 1908 - 1968 Dorothy Rodda Masson
SARAH JANE Masson died 16 Nov 1925 aged 57
WILLIAM TOPP Masson died 22 Nov 1938 aged 75
NZ Herald, 23 Nov 1938 DEATH MASSON - On Nov 22, at his son's residence, Te Kauwhata, William Topp, dearly beloved father of Mrs G. M. Tunnicliffe Havelock North, Mrs N. V. Goodin Te Kauwhata and Mrs R. Grimmer Carterton and of Henry John Masson, Te Kauwhata and Frederick Masson, Auckland; aged 75 years. Interment at Carterton to-morrow (Thursday), at 2.30pm
- they are buried Plot 142, NEW UNSEC at Clareville cemetery Carterton

William George Masson (1889-1918)
Seen here wearing his uniform with the hat badge of the New Zealand Artillery. William was a blacksmith in Carterton, Wairarapa in his father's partnership business, Wallace and Masson (George John WALLACE and William Topp MASSON), Blacksmiths, Coachbuilders and Wheelwrights, South Wairarapa Implement and Carriage Works, High Street, Carterton, which was established in 1894 (George Wallace left in 1900)
* He was born in Carterton to William Topp MASSON & Sarah Jane RODDA and he played rugby for the Carterton Rugby Club
* William served in WWI as Gunner 17309 with the New Zealand Field Artillery, 3 Brigade, 4 Howitzer Battery
* 5' 7½", 10 stone 3lbs, Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Light Brown hair
He embarked from Wellington 23 Sep 1916 on the HMNZT 65, Pakeha
William died in the 12th General Hospital, in France 1 Sep 1918 (of wounds received in action on the field 26 Aug 1918) and is buried Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France. Probate was granted to his father, William Topp Masson in Masterton on 18 Nov 1918

MILITARY DRAFT APPEALS, Jan 1918 - Wellington, NZ

taken from the EVENING POST 17 January 1918
* listed here in alphabetical order (where possible) ...

... This morning the Third Wellington Military Service Board resumed its sittings. In te absence, through illness, of Mr D. M. Findlay, Mr M. J. Mack presided, and with him were Mr A. O'L. Considine and Mr T. Bamber. Capt. P. Baldwin represented the military authorites.

* It was ecided to recommend four months' leave for domestic reasons in the case of Pte. J. F. EDGAR, Trentham Camp

* In the case of Thoma Edgar GRAY, who has several brothers serving, an adjournment for three months was granted. Mr L'E. Edwards appeared on behalf of the appeallant

* In the case of the employer's appeal for Norman William GUNDY, clerk, Masterton, the board dismissed the appeal, leave being granted until the April draft

* Extension of time until 30th April was granted in the case of Edmund N. KEBBELL, farmer, Pahautanui, who was represented by Mr M. F. Luckie

* William John RODGER, branch manager at Auckland for the New Zealand Farmers' Bacon Co., was appealed for by his employer. The appeal was dismissed, Roger to go into camp with the April draft

* The manager of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co., Ltd., appealed on behalf of George SHAND, branch manager for the firm at Napier. He sought total exemption, or, failing that, extended leave owing to the great depletion of the staff. It was stated that 160 of the firm's employees have gone to the war, and the company has paid half wages to them while away. The present occasion was the first on which total exemption had been sought for any of the firm's men. A three months' adjournment was granted

* A personal appeal and an employer's appeal were lodged on behalf of John THORBORN, engineer, Vogeltown. It was stated that he is 42 years of age, with a wife in delicate health. An adjournment for three months was granted

... Sine die adjournments were granted in the cases of the following slaughtermen, for whom Mr M. J. Reardon, secretary of the union, appeared:-
William Henry HARRIS, Masterton
W. S. H. McFETRISH, Wanganui
A. R. PETERSEN, Dunedin
J. A. SAUNDERS, Carterton
John TUNBRIDGE, Belfast
The individual appeal of Henry James O'KANE, Hastings, was referred o the No 2 Board, and that of Francis Jojn MALLINDER was dismissed owing to his non-appearance

... Mr Charles Grayudler, secretary of the Shearers' Union, appealed on behalf of the following shearers:-
Clarence H. SNOW, Martinborough
Gordon H. TEMPLETON, Herbertville
Charles THOMPSON, Takapau
Exemption since die was granted in the case of SNOW; an adjournment until 30th April, and after hearing evidence the appeal of THOMPSON was withdrawn

... Mr A. W. Blair apeared to support appeals by R. Hannah and Co., Ltd., for A. J. WILLETT an A. LIGHTFOWLER, clickers employed by them, and also in connection with the Equity Boot Company's appeal for Sydney SMITH, another clicker. Once again the great shortage of this class of tradesmen was stressed, and evidence was given that clickers are among the most essential workers in the industry. - In each case an adjournment for three months was granted

New Zealand ARMY - Ngati Tumatauenga

New Zealand & Australia COTTON on PECK of Taita

some New Zealand COTTONs on the tree as at 27th August 2010

1. Cotton, Clarence 1889 - 1962)
- born in Barrington, Tasmanaia
- married Ila Annie RAYNER in Masterton 1921
- married Ila's sister Dorothy Emma RAYNER 1931 Masterton

2. Cotton, Elizabeth 'Bessie' (1891 - 1963)
- died in Burnie Hospital, Tasmania

3. Cotton, Emma (1861 - 1937)
- born in Nelson, Marlborough
- married James GARNER

4. Cotton, John Shelton (1856 - 1946)
- married Ellen Elizabeth AMOS 1883

5. Cotton, Kenneth Henry (1886 - 1974)
- married Mavis Mary STEBBINGS 1921 in Launceston

6. Cotton, Lawrence Shelton (1883 - 1964)
- died in Hobart

7. Cotton, Lewis (1899 - 1902)

8. Cotton, Nancy Ellen (1925 - 1996)
- born in Perry St Masterton
- married William George CLOUT 1948
- buried in Masterton

9. Cotton, Raymond 'Gordon' (1884 - 1948)
- married Eleanor Annabella REID 1905 in Irishtown, Tasmania

10. Cotton, Roy (1896 - 1966)
- married Mary Frances Monica ABEL 1926 in Australia

11. Cotton, unknown DAUGHTER

12. Cotton, Wilfred (1888 - 1958)

New Zealand CENTENARIAN deaths 1870-1943

A centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years.
Because current average global life expectancies are less than 100, the term is invariably associated with longevity.

A supercentenarian is a person who has lived to the age of 110 or more, something only achieved by about one in 1,000 centenarians.

Even rarer is a person who has lived to age 115; as of June 2012, there are only 27 people in recorded history who have indisputably reached this age.

In 2009, the United Nations estimated 455,000 living centenarians worldwide.

Centenarians per 100,000 people (2010)
JAPAN - 34.88
FRANCE - 26,88
USA - 22.35
CANADA - 21.48
UK - 20.3
SWEDEN - 15,80
BELGIUM - 14.24
SPAIN - 12.78
GERMANY - 10.80
ITALY - 10.38
HUNGARY - 7.98
PERU - 6.58
POLAND - 6.27
CHINA - 1.48

some New Zealand CENTENARIANS found using Papers Past

? 11 January 1870 - Michael MURPHY
... DEATH OF A CENTENARIAN AT THE WAIRAU - Mr Michael Murphy, father of Mr Thomas Murphy, died at Spring Creek, Marlborough, on January 11, aged 100 years

? 22 January 1874 - Flora McLEOD
... At Tapu Creek, on january 22, 1874, Miss Flora Mcleod, aged 100 years, native of the Isle of Cana, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Emigrated to Nova Scotia about 1830 and to New Zealand with the McIsaac family in 1860, in the bargue "Ellen Lewis". She has resided with the McIsaac family for upwards of 40 years, by whom she is much regretted. Nova Scotia papers please copy

? 17 Feb 1875 - Mrs WHYBORN
... The widow of a farmer (Mrs Whyborn) died on Feb. 17, at Hastings, aged 100 years and five months

? 22 September 1875 - Chief NICOLE
... Measles has broken out amongst the Natives, and Dr O'Carroll is attending them. There are nearly two hundred cases, and about twelve deaths have occurred, five of which took place before he went. Ten deaths of Natives from the same cause have also taken place at Urenui, among them an old chief name Nicole, aged 100 years.

? 3 July 1876 - Joseph WARD
... July 4rd, at his residence, Broadfield, Springston, Joseph Ward, aged 100 years

? August 1878 - unnamed woman in AUCKLAND
... In the vital statics of New Zealand for the month of August 1878, one centanarian died, a female aged 100 years at Auckland

? 14 January 1879 - Thomas HILL
... Thomas Hill, the old Waterloo veteran, aged 100, was found dead in his bed, in Morton Street, Auckland, on Saturday. Death was the result of serious apoplexy produced by sunstroke

? 20 January 1881 - John CAMERON
... John Cameron, sen., of Turakina, (Wamganui) aged 100 years, died suddenly on Wednesday (his wife died last month aged 92)

? 22 June 1888 - Catherine KELLY
... June 22nd, at her daughter's residence, Mrs Cosgrove, Harwood road, Christchurch, Catherine Kelly, aged 100 years. The husband of the deceased lady, John Kelly, died on June 2nd, aged ninety-eight years

? 28 March 1898 - Hake WANGAWANGA
... The maori chief Hake Wangawanga has died at Pehaweia, aged 100 years. Deceased celebrated the centenary of his birthday last Christmas. He remembered Heke's raids perfectly

? 23 August 1900 - Catherine LAMBERT
... On the 23rd instant, at her son's residence, Dorwent Street Oamaru, North Otago, Mrs David Lambert, aged 100

? 16 August 1903 - Charles Johnson PHARAZYN
... At Seacroft, Hobson street, Wellington, on August 16th, Chas. Johnston Pharazyn; aged 100 years and 10 months.
- Charles was a principal merchant in Wellington. He caused quite a sensation one day when he walked along "the beach", near a semi-circle of shops and dwellings, now Lambton Quay, where wooden jetties were built out into the water to obtain cargo from deep-sea vessels lightered ashore. Charles was wearing a sandwich board around his neck inscribed with the words "Lost, a pair of specs"

? 9 October 1905 - Katherine BALL
... Mrs Katherine Ball (who had been a widow for 71 years) died at Mount Roskill, Auckland, aged 100 years and 10 months. She enjoyed a remarkably healthy life, and her intellect and memory were perfectly clear to the last

? 5 March 1908 - Louis BERESFORD
... A Dunedin Press Association telegram states that a man named Louis Adolphus Beresford died in the benevolent institution yesterday, aged 100. Deceased, who resided for a number of years in King Street, Dunedin, where he carried on a second-hand shop, claimed to be well connected in England. His one desire was to live to a humdred, which age he reached on the 17th ult. Death was due to influenza and bronchitis

? 21 August 1909 - Ellen COLBOURNE
... A Dunedin telegram reports that Mrs Ellen Colbourne died at Outram this morning, aged 100

? 29 November 1912 - Daniel O'BRIEN
... The passing of a centenarian is reported from Petone, where an old resident, Mr Daniel O'Brien, died yesterday at his residence in Nelson-street, aged 100 years

? 24 March 1913 - George Samuel PORTER
... On March 24th, at his residence, Nursery road, Linwood, George Samuel Porter, aged 100 years

? 9 March 1916 - Ohouai WIRIMU
... An old maori, reported to be aged 106 years, by name Ohouai Wirimu, a resident of Putiki, was found dead at Castlecliff, Wanganui, last night

? 26 June 1916 - Gee Sergeant BARKER
... The Hamilton correspondent of the New Zealand Herald reports that Mr G. S. Barker died on Monday night, aged 100 years and five months. He was born in Calcutta on January 18, 1816, and was a son of Sergt. Barker, of the Bengali Native Company. Mr Barker came to New Zealand in 1861. The Maori war was in progress, and he served till the end of the war. He went to Hamilton in 1877 and resided there ever since

? 9 August 1917 - Heini RANGI
... At Tolaga Bay, Heini Rangi, a native woman, aged 100 years, was burned to death. She had been sleeping in a tent and was left with a candle burning. The next morning the charred remains of the tent were found, the woman's body lying just beyond the circle of fire

? 29 October 1917 - Ann VILE (nee FOSTER)
... A Wellington Press Association telegram reports that Mrs John VILE, sen., aged 100 years and 5 months, who arrived in Wellington in the ship "Oliver Lang" in 1856, died at Pahiatua yesterday

? 15 December 1918 - Edward DOWD
... On 15th December, 1918, at the Wairau Hospital; Edward Dowd; aged 100 years and 6 months. R.I.P.

? 22 July 1919 - Ria Ti KINI
... Ria Ti Kini died at Puketeraki on Saturday night, aged 100 years

? 4 February 1920 - William CARROLL
... Mr William Carroll, an inmate of the Old People's Home at Napier, died on Sunday, aged 100 years and six months

? October 1923 - Emma BEARNARD
... The Endowment Fund of All Saints' Anglican Church, Dunedin, receives ?700 (Oct 2012 equivalent of $65,600) under the will of Mrs Emma Bearnard, a foundation parishioner, who died in October, aged 100 years

? 15 June 1925 - Mary Ann SHORT (nee SOUTHEE)
... On the 15th June, 1925, at the residence of her son, Mr S. Clifton, Rikirangi, Mary Ann, relict of the late Reuben Short, late of 43 Roy street, Palmerston North; aged 100 years and 6 months. At rest
NOTE Reuben Short & Mary Ann Southee married in April 1862. Mary Ann was then the widow of Richard Clifton who had died in 1858 during the big flood in the Hutt Valley

? 28 December 1925 - John McCABE
... The death occurred at the Wellington Hospital this morning of John McCabe, aged 100 years and nine months. The late Mr McCabe was a native of Ireland. As a young man he enlisted and fought with his regiment in the Crimean campaign, also in the Indian Mutiny, and finally he came to New Zealand with the Imperial Forces and fought through the Maori War. On leaving the Army he settled in the Rangitikei district, where he worked as a farm labourer for many years. He came to Wellington about six years ago, and since then lived at the residence of his daughter, Mrs K. McGrath, Sage's lane. Up till quite recently, Mr McCabe retained all his faculties unimpaired, and related incidents of his long career with remarkable clearness

? 5 July 1927 - Jane BRADLEY
... The death occurred last night of Mrs Jane Bradley, aged 100 years. mrs Bradley was born on 15th August, 1826 at Druhcliffe, County Sligo, Ireland, and came to New Zealand seventy-one years ago. She lived in Central Otago and Oamaru, where she was married sixty-four years ago. She settled in Levin in 1897, taking up one of the original Government sections on which she resided till her death

? 15 June 1930 - Michael MALONEY
... On 15th June, 1940, at his daughter's residence, 10 Beach street, Petone, Michael Maloney; aged 100 years; late of Kumara. interred at Greymouth. R.I.P.

? 5 November 1930 - Frances FOX
... Born in 1930, Mrs J. H. Fox died yesterday at her home near Napier, aged 100 years and eight months. She came to the Dominion in 1878 with her husband and seven children. Mrs Fox lived in Canterbury, where her husband was engaged in engineering in Auckland, Nelson, and Hawkes Bay. She leaves one son, Mr P. H. Fox of Papakura, Auckland and three daughters, Miss M. E. Fox, Mrs J. Campbell and Mrs J. B. McMillan (all of Auckland), and a number of grandchildren

? 17 May 1932 - Emma HOGGETT
... The death occurred yesterday at Wanganui, of Mrs Emma Hoggett, aged 100 years. She came to New Zealand in June, 1844, in the sailing ship "British Empire" with her husband, the late Daniel Hoggett, and landed at Lyttelton. Mrs Hoggett was a keen Congregationalist and prohibitionist. She leaves three sons and two daughters, 24 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren

? 12 January 1935 - Frederick FAULKNER
... The death has occurred at Treton Park, Wakefield, of a very well known Nelson resident, Mr Frederick Faulkner, aged 100 years. Mr Faulkner never married. He celebrated his birthday on April 4 last when a large number of residents from surrounding districts assembled to congratulate him upon becoming a centenarian.
Mr Faulkner's father, with his two sons, came out to Australia in 1832. He remained there for a few years and then came to New Zealand.
The new arrivals first settled at Waihola, South Dunedin. After some years there they returned to England, but came back to New Zealand in search of a milder climate. He chose the Nelson district, eventually settling at Wakefield. Mr Faulker had lived at Wakefield for 58 years. When he was five years of age and in England he had a severe attack of smallpox, the doctor remarking that if he recovered he would live to be 100, a prophecy that came true

? 1 June 1937 - Philip le QUESNE
... Affectionately known as Hamilton's "Grand Old Man", Mr Philip le Quesne died here last evening, aged 100 years. He was associated with the commercial and social life of the town for over seventy years, and up to several weeks ago he was able to take an active interest in the affairs of the day and attend to his excellent garden. A carpenter by trade, Mr le Quesne was a native of Jersey, where he lived for 24 years. He first lived at Auckland, and after six years there came to the Waikato, arriving at Ngaruawahia on horseback over rough bridle tracks. He later opened a store in Hamilton when most of the customers were members of the Waikato Militia. He then built the Waikato Hotel, and was the first man to make wine in the Waikato.
Through his zeal the first Anglican Church in Hamilton was erected. After being a year here he accompanied Archdeacon Pritt in a canvas of the district, but only twelve worshippers could be secured, and for years services were held in a shingle whare, now the site of the cathedral.
Mr le Quesne retired from active business life in 1892. He is survived by two sons, Winter John (New South Wales) and Alfred (Auckland), and two daughters, Mrs C. Quick and Miss H. le Quesne, (Hamilton)

? 29 July 1937 - Whakaniko Hemi PAI
... The very last of her generation in Mangere, Whakaniko Hemi Pai, or to give her her pakeha name, Mrs Kitty Pai, died recently, aged 100 years. As one of high blood, she was taken to Taupiri, and her body given burial on Taupiri Mountain, the sacred burial ground of the Waikato people, states the "New Zealand Herald"
She was the daughter of Pheimana te Amohau, and the direct descendant of the ancient warrior chiefs, Taniwha and Tehiakai. She was a member of the leading sub-tribes of the Waikato, and connected with the principal tribes of Tamaki.
Mrs Pai went right through the Waikato wars in the sixties and she was at Rangiaowhia when it was sacked by British troops in 1863. There was born her first child, a son, Paho, who died a short time ago.
She is survived by two sons, Jack and Robert Pai, and two daughters, Mrs Edward of Mangere and Mrs Kirkwood. Mrs Pai was an old identity of Awhitu, Mangere., She lived there for the past 50 years

? 13 September 1940 - Mary DILLON
... A resident of the Waikato for 75 years, Mrs Mary Dillon, aged 100, of Nixon Street, Hamilton, died today. Mrs Dillon was born in County Mayo, Ireland, and went to America as a child of 10, living in New York for eight years. She returned to Ireland, where she married Mr Michael Dillon, and at the age of 25 she and her busband came to New Zealand. They settled at Pirongia, but later moved to Cambridge.
For the last 32 years Mrs Dillon had lived in Hamilton. She had clear recollections of the famines which swept Ireland when she was a child, of the celebrations which marked the laying of the Atlantic cable on August 5, 1858, and of the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865. During her early days in New Zealand raids by marauding Maori were not an infrequent occurrence. Mr Dillon died at Cambridge in 1908. Mrs Dillon is survived by two daughters

? 8 May 1941 - Margaret JOHNSTONE
... the death has occurred at Port Chalmers of Mrs Margaret Johnstone, aged 100. She was the wife of the Rev William Johnstone, the first Presbyterian minister at Port Chalmers.
Mrs Johnstone was born in Peterhead, Scotland and came to Port Chalmers in 1861 in the ship "Lady Edigia". Shortly after her arrival she was married to Mr Johnstone, who had been appointed to the charge of the Presbyterian Church in the district, and she had resided in Port Chalmers ever since. Mr Johnstone died in 1881, and Mrs Johnstone is survived by a son and two daughters

? 6 July 1841 - John NICHOLLS
... On July 6, 1941, at his residence, Princes Street, Otahuhu, John, beloved husband of the late Rose Ann Nicholls, aged 100 years. Funeral will leave the above address for the Holy Trinity Cemetery to-morrow (Tuesday) at 3.30 p.m.

? 7 July 1941 - Charles GRANT
... On July 7, at his late residence, 103 Rose Road, Grey Lynn, Charles, dearly loved husband of Eleanor Grant, and father of Mrs Ray Frost, Pokeno, Mrs Bert Good, Bright street; Charles, Neil and Roy, aged 102 years. The funeral will leave the above address to-morrow (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. for Purewa

? 12 August 1941 - Elizabeth McFARLANE
... The death occurred yesterday of Mrs Elizabeth McFarlane, aged 100, the widow of Mr Duncan McFarlane, former Mayor of Invercargill. She was well known for her work on behalf of soldiers in the last war. Mrs McFarlane was visited by Lord and Lady Galway in Invercargill last November, when she celebrated her 100th birthday on Christmas Day

? 24 December 1941 - James Joseph COOPER
... A veteran of the early colonial days, Mr James Joseph Cooper, aged 100 years, died at his home, 72 Arthur street, Onehunga, to-day. Mr Cooper had led a varied and at times adventurous life as a sailor, gold digger and farmer and had enjoyed remarkably good health until this year.
He was born in Norfolk a few weeks before the foundation of Auckland and, taking to the sea as a lad, he saw many countries before reaching the Queen City in 1863 as a seaman in the ship Ironsides
... more biography here

? 31 Ocotber 1942 - Sophia GINGER
... The death of Miss Sophia Ginger at the age of 103 years occurred at Hawera on October 31. She was born in Monmouthshire and arrived in New Zealand with her parents in 1852. She spent the remaining ninety years of her life in Taranaki with the exception of two years at Nelson during the second Taranaki Maori War.

? 4 November 1942 - Mary PARKER
... Mrs Mary Parker, aged 100, died at her home in Auckland on Thursday of last week. She was born at Man-o'-War Bay, Waiheke Island, her parents having come from Cork, Ireland. She would have celebrated her one hundred and first birthday next Christmas Day. For the past 53 years Mrs Parker lived in the same house at Devonport

? 7 September 1943 - Martha Jane DIAMOND
... On September 7, 1943, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs J. McKenzie, High St., Carterton, Martha Jane, widow of the late Joseph Diamond; aged 100 years

GRAVE of John & Anne VILE at Mangatainoka
HEADSTONE READS: In loving memory of John Vile, died 2nd Jan. 1902, aged 85 years. Also Ann Vile, died 28th Oct. 1917, aged 101 years. "Gone but not forgotten".

NORGROVE Brides in NZ 1862 - 1928

NORGROVE BRIDES 1862 - 1928:
Annie Elenior Mary Norgrove
- married Arthur Fisher in 1916

Catherine Norgrove
- married Erland Peter Erlandson in 1882

Clara Nellie Norgrove
- married Charles Harman in 1908

Edith Norgrove
- married Walter Henry Gee in 1902

Elsie Searling Norgrove
- married Francis Speke Knowles in 1913

Elvira Edith Norgrove
- married Thomas James in 1920

Emily Norgrove
- married William Medhurst in 1881

Emma Mabel Bertha Norgrove
- married Horace James Melville in 1906

Gertrude Norgrove
- married Joseph Dempsey in 1862

Gladys Emily Norgrove
- married Leo Foley in 1914

Juanita Jane Mary Norgrove
- married Alfred Montgomery Salmon in 1891

Kate Edith Norgrove
- married John Frederick Neal in 1906

Maud Alice Jane Norgrove
- married Frederick Alexander Urquhart in 1923

Mavis Martha Norgrove
- married Robert George Firth in 1928

Nellie Norgrove
- married Arthur William Small in 1913

Sarah Norgrove
- married Charles Frederick Loper in 1879

Violet Jessie Norgrove
- married Robert O'Sullivan in 1916


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