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New Zealand CENTENARIAN deaths 1870-1943

A centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years.
Because current average global life expectancies are less than 100, the term is invariably associated with longevity.

A supercentenarian is a person who has lived to the age of 110 or more, something only achieved by about one in 1,000 centenarians.

Even rarer is a person who has lived to age 115; as of June 2012, there are only 27 people in recorded history who have indisputably reached this age.

In 2009, the United Nations estimated 455,000 living centenarians worldwide.

Centenarians per 100,000 people (2010)
JAPAN - 34.88
FRANCE - 26,88
USA - 22.35
CANADA - 21.48
UK - 20.3
SWEDEN - 15,80
BELGIUM - 14.24
SPAIN - 12.78
GERMANY - 10.80
ITALY - 10.38
HUNGARY - 7.98
PERU - 6.58
POLAND - 6.27
CHINA - 1.48

some New Zealand CENTENARIANS found using Papers Past

? 11 January 1870 - Michael MURPHY
... DEATH OF A CENTENARIAN AT THE WAIRAU - Mr Michael Murphy, father of Mr Thomas Murphy, died at Spring Creek, Marlborough, on January 11, aged 100 years

? 22 January 1874 - Flora McLEOD
... At Tapu Creek, on january 22, 1874, Miss Flora Mcleod, aged 100 years, native of the Isle of Cana, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Emigrated to Nova Scotia about 1830 and to New Zealand with the McIsaac family in 1860, in the bargue "Ellen Lewis". She has resided with the McIsaac family for upwards of 40 years, by whom she is much regretted. Nova Scotia papers please copy

? 17 Feb 1875 - Mrs WHYBORN
... The widow of a farmer (Mrs Whyborn) died on Feb. 17, at Hastings, aged 100 years and five months

? 22 September 1875 - Chief NICOLE
... Measles has broken out amongst the Natives, and Dr O'Carroll is attending them. There are nearly two hundred cases, and about twelve deaths have occurred, five of which took place before he went. Ten deaths of Natives from the same cause have also taken place at Urenui, among them an old chief name Nicole, aged 100 years.

? 3 July 1876 - Joseph WARD
... July 4rd, at his residence, Broadfield, Springston, Joseph Ward, aged 100 years

? August 1878 - unnamed woman in AUCKLAND
... In the vital statics of New Zealand for the month of August 1878, one centanarian died, a female aged 100 years at Auckland

? 14 January 1879 - Thomas HILL
... Thomas Hill, the old Waterloo veteran, aged 100, was found dead in his bed, in Morton Street, Auckland, on Saturday. Death was the result of serious apoplexy produced by sunstroke

? 20 January 1881 - John CAMERON
... John Cameron, sen., of Turakina, (Wamganui) aged 100 years, died suddenly on Wednesday (his wife died last month aged 92)

? 22 June 1888 - Catherine KELLY
... June 22nd, at her daughter's residence, Mrs Cosgrove, Harwood road, Christchurch, Catherine Kelly, aged 100 years. The husband of the deceased lady, John Kelly, died on June 2nd, aged ninety-eight years

? 28 March 1898 - Hake WANGAWANGA
... The maori chief Hake Wangawanga has died at Pehaweia, aged 100 years. Deceased celebrated the centenary of his birthday last Christmas. He remembered Heke's raids perfectly

? 23 August 1900 - Catherine LAMBERT
... On the 23rd instant, at her son's residence, Dorwent Street Oamaru, North Otago, Mrs David Lambert, aged 100

? 16 August 1903 - Charles Johnson PHARAZYN
... At Seacroft, Hobson street, Wellington, on August 16th, Chas. Johnston Pharazyn; aged 100 years and 10 months.
- Charles was a principal merchant in Wellington. He caused quite a sensation one day when he walked along "the beach", near a semi-circle of shops and dwellings, now Lambton Quay, where wooden jetties were built out into the water to obtain cargo from deep-sea vessels lightered ashore. Charles was wearing a sandwich board around his neck inscribed with the words "Lost, a pair of specs"

? 9 October 1905 - Katherine BALL
... Mrs Katherine Ball (who had been a widow for 71 years) died at Mount Roskill, Auckland, aged 100 years and 10 months. She enjoyed a remarkably healthy life, and her intellect and memory were perfectly clear to the last

? 5 March 1908 - Louis BERESFORD
... A Dunedin Press Association telegram states that a man named Louis Adolphus Beresford died in the benevolent institution yesterday, aged 100. Deceased, who resided for a number of years in King Street, Dunedin, where he carried on a second-hand shop, claimed to be well connected in England. His one desire was to live to a humdred, which age he reached on the 17th ult. Death was due to influenza and bronchitis

? 21 August 1909 - Ellen COLBOURNE
... A Dunedin telegram reports that Mrs Ellen Colbourne died at Outram this morning, aged 100

? 29 November 1912 - Daniel O'BRIEN
... The passing of a centenarian is reported from Petone, where an old resident, Mr Daniel O'Brien, died yesterday at his residence in Nelson-street, aged 100 years

? 24 March 1913 - George Samuel PORTER
... On March 24th, at his residence, Nursery road, Linwood, George Samuel Porter, aged 100 years

? 9 March 1916 - Ohouai WIRIMU
... An old maori, reported to be aged 106 years, by name Ohouai Wirimu, a resident of Putiki, was found dead at Castlecliff, Wanganui, last night

? 26 June 1916 - Gee Sergeant BARKER
... The Hamilton correspondent of the New Zealand Herald reports that Mr G. S. Barker died on Monday night, aged 100 years and five months. He was born in Calcutta on January 18, 1816, and was a son of Sergt. Barker, of the Bengali Native Company. Mr Barker came to New Zealand in 1861. The Maori war was in progress, and he served till the end of the war. He went to Hamilton in 1877 and resided there ever since

? 9 August 1917 - Heini RANGI
... At Tolaga Bay, Heini Rangi, a native woman, aged 100 years, was burned to death. She had been sleeping in a tent and was left with a candle burning. The next morning the charred remains of the tent were found, the woman's body lying just beyond the circle of fire

? 29 October 1917 - Ann VILE (nee FOSTER)
... A Wellington Press Association telegram reports that Mrs John VILE, sen., aged 100 years and 5 months, who arrived in Wellington in the ship "Oliver Lang" in 1856, died at Pahiatua yesterday

? 15 December 1918 - Edward DOWD
... On 15th December, 1918, at the Wairau Hospital; Edward Dowd; aged 100 years and 6 months. R.I.P.

? 22 July 1919 - Ria Ti KINI
... Ria Ti Kini died at Puketeraki on Saturday night, aged 100 years

? 4 February 1920 - William CARROLL
... Mr William Carroll, an inmate of the Old People's Home at Napier, died on Sunday, aged 100 years and six months

? October 1923 - Emma BEARNARD
... The Endowment Fund of All Saints' Anglican Church, Dunedin, receives ?700 (Oct 2012 equivalent of $65,600) under the will of Mrs Emma Bearnard, a foundation parishioner, who died in October, aged 100 years

? 15 June 1925 - Mary Ann SHORT (nee SOUTHEE)
... On the 15th June, 1925, at the residence of her son, Mr S. Clifton, Rikirangi, Mary Ann, relict of the late Reuben Short, late of 43 Roy street, Palmerston North; aged 100 years and 6 months. At rest
NOTE Reuben Short & Mary Ann Southee married in April 1862. Mary Ann was then the widow of Richard Clifton who had died in 1858 during the big flood in the Hutt Valley

? 28 December 1925 - John McCABE
... The death occurred at the Wellington Hospital this morning of John McCabe, aged 100 years and nine months. The late Mr McCabe was a native of Ireland. As a young man he enlisted and fought with his regiment in the Crimean campaign, also in the Indian Mutiny, and finally he came to New Zealand with the Imperial Forces and fought through the Maori War. On leaving the Army he settled in the Rangitikei district, where he worked as a farm labourer for many years. He came to Wellington about six years ago, and since then lived at the residence of his daughter, Mrs K. McGrath, Sage's lane. Up till quite recently, Mr McCabe retained all his faculties unimpaired, and related incidents of his long career with remarkable clearness

? 5 July 1927 - Jane BRADLEY
... The death occurred last night of Mrs Jane Bradley, aged 100 years. mrs Bradley was born on 15th August, 1826 at Druhcliffe, County Sligo, Ireland, and came to New Zealand seventy-one years ago. She lived in Central Otago and Oamaru, where she was married sixty-four years ago. She settled in Levin in 1897, taking up one of the original Government sections on which she resided till her death

? 15 June 1930 - Michael MALONEY
... On 15th June, 1940, at his daughter's residence, 10 Beach street, Petone, Michael Maloney; aged 100 years; late of Kumara. interred at Greymouth. R.I.P.

? 5 November 1930 - Frances FOX
... Born in 1930, Mrs J. H. Fox died yesterday at her home near Napier, aged 100 years and eight months. She came to the Dominion in 1878 with her husband and seven children. Mrs Fox lived in Canterbury, where her husband was engaged in engineering in Auckland, Nelson, and Hawkes Bay. She leaves one son, Mr P. H. Fox of Papakura, Auckland and three daughters, Miss M. E. Fox, Mrs J. Campbell and Mrs J. B. McMillan (all of Auckland), and a number of grandchildren

? 17 May 1932 - Emma HOGGETT
... The death occurred yesterday at Wanganui, of Mrs Emma Hoggett, aged 100 years. She came to New Zealand in June, 1844, in the sailing ship "British Empire" with her husband, the late Daniel Hoggett, and landed at Lyttelton. Mrs Hoggett was a keen Congregationalist and prohibitionist. She leaves three sons and two daughters, 24 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren

? 12 January 1935 - Frederick FAULKNER
... The death has occurred at Treton Park, Wakefield, of a very well known Nelson resident, Mr Frederick Faulkner, aged 100 years. Mr Faulkner never married. He celebrated his birthday on April 4 last when a large number of residents from surrounding districts assembled to congratulate him upon becoming a centenarian.
Mr Faulkner's father, with his two sons, came out to Australia in 1832. He remained there for a few years and then came to New Zealand.
The new arrivals first settled at Waihola, South Dunedin. After some years there they returned to England, but came back to New Zealand in search of a milder climate. He chose the Nelson district, eventually settling at Wakefield. Mr Faulker had lived at Wakefield for 58 years. When he was five years of age and in England he had a severe attack of smallpox, the doctor remarking that if he recovered he would live to be 100, a prophecy that came true

? 1 June 1937 - Philip le QUESNE
... Affectionately known as Hamilton's "Grand Old Man", Mr Philip le Quesne died here last evening, aged 100 years. He was associated with the commercial and social life of the town for over seventy years, and up to several weeks ago he was able to take an active interest in the affairs of the day and attend to his excellent garden. A carpenter by trade, Mr le Quesne was a native of Jersey, where he lived for 24 years. He first lived at Auckland, and after six years there came to the Waikato, arriving at Ngaruawahia on horseback over rough bridle tracks. He later opened a store in Hamilton when most of the customers were members of the Waikato Militia. He then built the Waikato Hotel, and was the first man to make wine in the Waikato.
Through his zeal the first Anglican Church in Hamilton was erected. After being a year here he accompanied Archdeacon Pritt in a canvas of the district, but only twelve worshippers could be secured, and for years services were held in a shingle whare, now the site of the cathedral.
Mr le Quesne retired from active business life in 1892. He is survived by two sons, Winter John (New South Wales) and Alfred (Auckland), and two daughters, Mrs C. Quick and Miss H. le Quesne, (Hamilton)

? 29 July 1937 - Whakaniko Hemi PAI
... The very last of her generation in Mangere, Whakaniko Hemi Pai, or to give her her pakeha name, Mrs Kitty Pai, died recently, aged 100 years. As one of high blood, she was taken to Taupiri, and her body given burial on Taupiri Mountain, the sacred burial ground of the Waikato people, states the "New Zealand Herald"
She was the daughter of Pheimana te Amohau, and the direct descendant of the ancient warrior chiefs, Taniwha and Tehiakai. She was a member of the leading sub-tribes of the Waikato, and connected with the principal tribes of Tamaki.
Mrs Pai went right through the Waikato wars in the sixties and she was at Rangiaowhia when it was sacked by British troops in 1863. There was born her first child, a son, Paho, who died a short time ago.
She is survived by two sons, Jack and Robert Pai, and two daughters, Mrs Edward of Mangere and Mrs Kirkwood. Mrs Pai was an old identity of Awhitu, Mangere., She lived there for the past 50 years

? 13 September 1940 - Mary DILLON
... A resident of the Waikato for 75 years, Mrs Mary Dillon, aged 100, of Nixon Street, Hamilton, died today. Mrs Dillon was born in County Mayo, Ireland, and went to America as a child of 10, living in New York for eight years. She returned to Ireland, where she married Mr Michael Dillon, and at the age of 25 she and her busband came to New Zealand. They settled at Pirongia, but later moved to Cambridge.
For the last 32 years Mrs Dillon had lived in Hamilton. She had clear recollections of the famines which swept Ireland when she was a child, of the celebrations which marked the laying of the Atlantic cable on August 5, 1858, and of the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865. During her early days in New Zealand raids by marauding Maori were not an infrequent occurrence. Mr Dillon died at Cambridge in 1908. Mrs Dillon is survived by two daughters

? 8 May 1941 - Margaret JOHNSTONE
... the death has occurred at Port Chalmers of Mrs Margaret Johnstone, aged 100. She was the wife of the Rev William Johnstone, the first Presbyterian minister at Port Chalmers.
Mrs Johnstone was born in Peterhead, Scotland and came to Port Chalmers in 1861 in the ship "Lady Edigia". Shortly after her arrival she was married to Mr Johnstone, who had been appointed to the charge of the Presbyterian Church in the district, and she had resided in Port Chalmers ever since. Mr Johnstone died in 1881, and Mrs Johnstone is survived by a son and two daughters

? 6 July 1841 - John NICHOLLS
... On July 6, 1941, at his residence, Princes Street, Otahuhu, John, beloved husband of the late Rose Ann Nicholls, aged 100 years. Funeral will leave the above address for the Holy Trinity Cemetery to-morrow (Tuesday) at 3.30 p.m.

? 7 July 1941 - Charles GRANT
... On July 7, at his late residence, 103 Rose Road, Grey Lynn, Charles, dearly loved husband of Eleanor Grant, and father of Mrs Ray Frost, Pokeno, Mrs Bert Good, Bright street; Charles, Neil and Roy, aged 102 years. The funeral will leave the above address to-morrow (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. for Purewa

? 12 August 1941 - Elizabeth McFARLANE
... The death occurred yesterday of Mrs Elizabeth McFarlane, aged 100, the widow of Mr Duncan McFarlane, former Mayor of Invercargill. She was well known for her work on behalf of soldiers in the last war. Mrs McFarlane was visited by Lord and Lady Galway in Invercargill last November, when she celebrated her 100th birthday on Christmas Day

? 24 December 1941 - James Joseph COOPER
... A veteran of the early colonial days, Mr James Joseph Cooper, aged 100 years, died at his home, 72 Arthur street, Onehunga, to-day. Mr Cooper had led a varied and at times adventurous life as a sailor, gold digger and farmer and had enjoyed remarkably good health until this year.
He was born in Norfolk a few weeks before the foundation of Auckland and, taking to the sea as a lad, he saw many countries before reaching the Queen City in 1863 as a seaman in the ship Ironsides
... more biography here

? 31 Ocotber 1942 - Sophia GINGER
... The death of Miss Sophia Ginger at the age of 103 years occurred at Hawera on October 31. She was born in Monmouthshire and arrived in New Zealand with her parents in 1852. She spent the remaining ninety years of her life in Taranaki with the exception of two years at Nelson during the second Taranaki Maori War.

? 4 November 1942 - Mary PARKER
... Mrs Mary Parker, aged 100, died at her home in Auckland on Thursday of last week. She was born at Man-o'-War Bay, Waiheke Island, her parents having come from Cork, Ireland. She would have celebrated her one hundred and first birthday next Christmas Day. For the past 53 years Mrs Parker lived in the same house at Devonport

? 7 September 1943 - Martha Jane DIAMOND
... On September 7, 1943, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs J. McKenzie, High St., Carterton, Martha Jane, widow of the late Joseph Diamond; aged 100 years

GRAVE of John & Anne VILE at Mangatainoka
HEADSTONE READS: In loving memory of John Vile, died 2nd Jan. 1902, aged 85 years. Also Ann Vile, died 28th Oct. 1917, aged 101 years. "Gone but not forgotten".

NORGROVE Brides in NZ 1862 - 1928

NORGROVE BRIDES 1862 - 1928:
Annie Elenior Mary Norgrove
- married Arthur Fisher in 1916

Catherine Norgrove
- married Erland Peter Erlandson in 1882

Clara Nellie Norgrove
- married Charles Harman in 1908

Edith Norgrove
- married Walter Henry Gee in 1902

Elsie Searling Norgrove
- married Francis Speke Knowles in 1913

Elvira Edith Norgrove
- married Thomas James in 1920

Emily Norgrove
- married William Medhurst in 1881

Emma Mabel Bertha Norgrove
- married Horace James Melville in 1906

Gertrude Norgrove
- married Joseph Dempsey in 1862

Gladys Emily Norgrove
- married Leo Foley in 1914

Juanita Jane Mary Norgrove
- married Alfred Montgomery Salmon in 1891

Kate Edith Norgrove
- married John Frederick Neal in 1906

Maud Alice Jane Norgrove
- married Frederick Alexander Urquhart in 1923

Mavis Martha Norgrove
- married Robert George Firth in 1928

Nellie Norgrove
- married Arthur William Small in 1913

Sarah Norgrove
- married Charles Frederick Loper in 1879

Violet Jessie Norgrove
- married Robert O'Sullivan in 1916


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PECK buried Mangatera DANNEVIRKE

A list of the PECK family that are buried at Mangatera cemetery.

Mangatera cemetery is situated near SH2 3km north of Dannevirke, Manawatu

Daniel Peck
- was born 12th October 1860 in Lower Hutt
- he died 30th July 1930
- he was the son of Richard and Elizabeth (nee Gaskin) Peck
originally from Kent, UK
- Daniel married Jane Sargent in 1891 at Wimbledon, Manawatu - 111km east of Palmerston North - he was 31 and she was 17
- They had 11 (known) children, 6 boys and 5 girls - you can see them on the link at his name.
- Daniel died 31 years before Jane. They are buried together in PLOT 10 - BLOCK ZD - SECTION: MAIN

Douglas Peck
- he was born in July 1929
- was 18 months old at death on 1st February 1931
- He is buried with Ellen Christina Peck (nee Kendrick) so she was possibly his mother
- He is buried in PLOT 33 - BLOCK AB - MAIN SECTION

Ellen Christina Peck (nee Kendrick)
- was the daughter of Charles Alfred Kendrick of Marton and
Henrietta Gilbert of Paraonui, Waikato
- She was born in Halcombe Manawatu - 32km NW of Palmerston North on the 25th April 1900
- She was married to Wilfred Norman Peck on the 18th October 1918 in Dannevirke
- She died 10 years after him on the 1st Febuary 1971 and is buried in the same plot as Douglas John Peck who died aged 18 months in 1931, so was possibly a son
- they are buried in PLOT 33 - BLOCK AB - MAIN SECTION
- Wilfred is buried in the RSA section of the cemetery

Ernest Seddon Sydney Peck
- was a son of Daniel and Jane (nee Sargent) Peck
- he was born in Dannevirke in 1907
- He married Margaret Taniora.
- He died 2 years before her on 25th March 1977 and they are buried together with Raymond Seddon Karauria Peck who died in 1999 aged 65, meaning a birth year of 1934, so he was possibly a son
- they are buried in PLOT 22 - BLOCK LM - MAIN SECTION

Francis Alfred Peck
- was born 1920
- he died May 28th 2002 in Dannevirke
- nothing is known at this time about Francis except he was a truck driver at some time in his life
- he is buried in PLOT 84 - BLOCK 23 RSA SECTION

George Peck
- was born in 1868
- he was the 6th of 10 children to Richard and Elizabeth (nee
Gaskin) Peck of Kent, UK
- he was a farmer in the Manawatu
- he never married
- he is buried in PLOT 26 - BLOCK P - MAIN SECTION

Jame Edward Peck
- was born on the 1st June 1963 in Dannevirke
- he died 12 hours later
- do not know who the parents were
- he is buried in PLOT 20 - BLOCK AG - MAIN SECTION

Jane (nee Sargent) Peck
- was born in Wimbleton, Manawatu - 111km E of Palmerston North
- She was the wife of Daniel Peck, also buried there
- She died 31 years after him in Napier. They are buried together in PLOT 10 - BLOCK ZD - SECTION: MAIN

Margaret (nee Taniora) Peck
- was born 1904
- she was the wife of Ernest Seddon Sydney Peck
- she died on July 2nd in Dannevirke and is buried with her husband in PLOT 10 - BLOCK ZD - SECTION: MAIN
- their son Raymond Seddon Karauria Peck is also buried there

Norman Charles Peck
- was born in 1931
- he died on May 22nd 1993
- he was a farmer in the area
- do not know at this time who his parents or siblings or wife and children were
- he is buried in PLOT 11 - BLOCK 18 - SECTION: RSA

Raymond Seddon Karauria Peck
- was born in 1934
- he was possibly a son of Ernest Seddon Peck and Margaret, nee Taniora
- At the time of death he was living at 301 Kini St, Flaxmere,
- He is buried with his parents who died in 1977 & 1979
- they are in PLOT 22 - BLOCK LM - SECTION MAIN

Wilfred Norman Peck
- was born in 1891 in Stoney Creek - 9km N of Palmerston North Manawatu
- he was the son of Charles and Atlantic English (nee Thomsen) Peck
- he was the great grandson of the pioneer Daniel Peck
- he was farming in Tiratu - 11km East of Dannevirke at the time of his death, 10 years before Ellen
- he served in WWI at the age of 24:
NEXT OF KIN - C. Peck (father) Matatera, Dannevirke, New Zealand
ENLISTMENT ADDRESS - Matatera, New Zealand
EMBARKATION UNIT - Wellington Infantry Battalion
EMBARKATION DATE - 16th October 1914
PLACE OF EMBARKATION - Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL - Limerick or Arawa
- he died on April 6th 1961
- he is buried in PLOT 125 - BLOCK RSA - SECTION: WWI

William Peck
- was born in 1906, a son of William "BILL" Peck of Lower Hutt and Minnie Sargent of Wimbledon, Manawatu
- he was a truck driver at some stage
- he was married to Laura Rose Jensen
- he died on Christmas Day 1942 in Napier aged 36
- he is buried in PLOT 30 - BLOCK ZL - SECTION: MAIN

unknown Peck
- no birth date
- is buried in PLOT 93 - BLOCK 3 - SECTION: STILLBORN

PLOT 215 Christ Church Taita Cemetery

In PLOT 215 of the the
Christ Church Taita Cemetery

there are two people:
ADAMS - Joseph William Tyndall (1898-1980),
ADAMS - Maude Isabella (nee STARR 1898-1961)
- Maude married in 1922 to Thomas Robert Adams (1897-1964)

Joseph William Tyndall Adams
- was a son of Joseph Tyndall (1842-1912) & his 2nd wife Catherine Thomas ADAMS(1868-1927)
Maude Isabell Starr
- was a daughter of George STARR & Jane CONNOLLY

who were the parents of Thomas Robert Adams?
what relationship were Joseph & Maude to each other??


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SCOBIE marriages New Zealand 1873 - 1929

the known SCOBIE marriages in New Zealand between 1873 - 1929:

* Alexander Pollock Scobie (1840-1928)
- married Hellen ADAMS (1852-1935) on 3 April 1873 in St Andrews Parish, Dunedin
Otago Daily Times, 5 April 1873 On the 3rd April, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev J. Gow, A. P. Scobie, Wairuna, to Helen, youngest daughter of Mr David Adams
- their known children:
1874 - 1945 Alexander Pollock Scobie
1876 - 1876 David Adams Scobie (aged 3 days)
1878 - 1960 Elder Adams Scobie (farmer in Riverton when called for WWI, lived in Linfield, NSW, died in Chatswood, NSW 1 Feb 1960, buried Macquarie Park cemetery with Jessie Annie Scobie)
1879 - Marjory Scobie
1881 - 1881 George Scobie (buried Riverton)
1883 - 1965 William Scobie (born in Clinton)
Alexander Pollock Scobie died 9 Aug 1928 aged 88 & buried Riverton

* Alexander Pollock Scobie (1871-1953)
son of (see NOTES after children list):
* Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married Christiana Lyndore DORE on 27 June 1900 in Manapouri, Otago
- their known children:
1901 - 1982 Christiana Stella Scobie
1902 - 1991 Alexander Leonard Scobie (buried Balfour)
1903 - 1968 James Lionel Scobie
1905 - 1997 Isabella Isadore Scobie (+ Eric Wayland)
1906 - 1931 Frank Pollock Scobie (buried Balfour)
1908 - 1978 Adam Scobie
1910 - 1990 George Victor Theodore Scobie
1912 - 1981 Oswald Nelson Scobie
1913 - Violet Doreen Scobie
Alexander Pollock Scobie died 9 Oct 1953 aged 81 & buried Balfour
* NOTES Robert SCOBIE & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK
Robert Scobie was born 18 May 1844 in Johnston, Renfrewshire, Scotland, married Jessie Strachan POLLOCK 28 Nov 1865 in High Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, had 3 children then emigrated into Dunedin 23 Dec 1870 on the 'Robert Henderson' (although not on this list) with his his family & his brothers William & Alexander & had the Scobie Brothers produce and general stores in Waipahu & Clinton. He died 1 Nov 1900 in Manapouri & buried in Clinton
- the known children of Robert & Jessie:
1867 - 1870 Robert Pollock Scobie (died aged 2.11, 17 days prior to immigration)
1868 - 1870 Leila Murdoch Pollock Scobie (aged 1.7, 3 weeks into voyage)
1869 - 1949 Marion Robertson Pollock Scobie (+ Hugh Rankin)
1871 - 1953 Alexander Pollock Scobie (+ Christina Dore)
1873 - 1888 Adam Robert Pollock Scobie (died aged 14.11)
1875 - 1948 Robert Scobie (+ Catherine Taylor)
1876 - 1951 Jessie Strachan Pollock Scobie (+ William McGill)
1877 - 1946 Elizabeth Murdoch Pollock Scobie (+ John Benjamin Charles Dore)
1878 - 1879 William David Pollock Scobie (died aged 1 week from 12 months)
1880 - 1959 James Murdoch Pollock Scobie (+ Mary Blatch)
1882 - 1962 William Spence Scobie (+ Ada Louisa Russell)
1883 - 1954 Marjory Scobie (+William Neill Taylor +Frank Hutchins)

* Alexander Pollock Scobie
- married Alice Ruth PHIPPS (1881-) in 1905
daughter of Samuel PHIPPS & Alice STEPHENS
- their known children:
1906 - 1989 Richard Alexander Scobie
1908 - 1988 Gladys Helen Scobie (+ William Francis McClinchie 1932)
1911 - 1994 Isabel Ruth Scobie

* Anna Bella/Annabella 'Annie' Scobie (1869-1950)
daughter of William Scobie (1837-1918) & Ann Gilmour (1846-1912)
see *notes at end
- married Malcolm MOUAT (from the Shetland Island) in 1893
Otago Witness, 22 June 1893 THE FIRST WEDDING THE WAIAU
The Waiau is a vast district in the north-west of Southland. It has hitherto been tenanted chiefly by sheep and rabbits. Now it is becoming more settled, and will soon make its natural advantages tell on the welfare of New Zealand. The first marriage in the district, which took place on June 1, must therefore not pass unnoticed. On that day Miss Annie Scobie, daughter of Mr Scobie, of Eastern Bush, was joined in wedlock with Mr Malcolm Mouat, of Woodlands station, by the Rev A. Macdonald, of Otautau/ Invitations had been issued to 60 guests. The death of a neighbour, however, prevented that number attending. About 40 sat down to dinner, and more dropped in during the evening. Merry speeches were made by the Rev A. Macdonald, and Messrs Gilman, Bradley and Darley. Several of the guests have the unique distinction of having note localities named after them. After one of them the Cameron Range was named. the bridegroom's name is borne by a lake at the head of the Big river, while other enterprising men present were equally deserving of having their names similarly immortalised. Nearly all were pioneers, either as explorers. shepherds, or farmers. In this district ladies are rather scarce as yet, but there were importations from Invercargill and Otautau. In the evening the large granary was cleared for a dance. This, with songs and games, made the night pass pleasantly. At present there are, I believe, only three married couples west of the Waiau, where Mr and Mrs Mouat reside. I exclude the Wilson river goldfields. This district includes nearly half of the Wallace County and the whole of the Fiord County. But population is now running in like a flood, and the country which has been all desolate shall yet be made glad by them. By "them" I mean the wives. I am an advocate of settlement, and how can a man be properly settled unless he acts as Mr Mouat has done?
- their known children:
1894 - 1894 Annie Elizabeth Mouat (aged 5 days)
1895 - 1967 William John Mouat (+ Florinda Jane Harper 1916)
1896 - Elizabeth Annie Mouat (+ William Francis Durie - lived Gympie, Queensland NOTE for William Francis Durie. He was born in Invercargill to William John Durie & Jane Milton. He served in the Australia Army as Private Q106890. He died 29 June 1942 at Lagoon Pocket, via Gympie & buried Grave 241 at Gympie cemetery. His probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth & their son, Francis Malcolm Durie, Farmers of Mary Street, Calico Creek, near Gympie)
1897 - 1983 Margaret Mouat (+ Harry James McLean 1919)
1899 - 1954 Clementina Mouat (+ Percy John Docton Scott 1925)
1900 - 1903 May Mouat
1902 - 1979 Malcolm Mouat
1903 - 1994 May Augusta Mouat (+ James Torrance Scott 1923)
1905 - 1995 Magnus Laurence Mouat (+ Lelia Bastow Rout 1928)
Malcolm Mouat's cousin James Thomson died 15 March 1921 aged 76
Malcolm Mouat died Nov 1932
* Malcolm's Obituary
* Malcolm's Memorial Service

* Bethia Scobie/Scobbie (1874-)
daughter of * George SCOBBIE (1847-1930) & Elizabeth MITCHELL (1856-1932) from West Lothian, Scotland, who arrived in New Zealand 18 Jan 1878 on the 'Oamaru' (not found on the passenger list) with Bethia and her brother Walter
BETHIA married Thomas ELTRINGHAM in 1891
- their known children:
1892 - John Stephen Eltringham
1894 - 1962 George Eltringham
1895 - Stephen Eltringham
1897 - 1994 Thomas Eltringham
1900 - Frances May Eltringham
1903 - Raymond Eltringham
BETHIA next married Walter Charles GILLANDER in 1925
George SCOBBIE & Elizabeth MITCHELL
married 1873 in Uphall:
- the known children of George & Elizabeth:
1874 - Bethia Scobbie (+ Thomas Eltringham)
1876 - 1953 Walter Scobbie
1878 - 1950 Christina Scobbie (+ Quintin Logan McClung)
1880 - 1969 Janet Scobbie (born in NZ + William Goodfellow Hume)
1881 - Andrew Mitchell Scobbie (+ Jessie O'Dell)
1883 - Jeannie Gardiner Scobbie (+ Arthur William Dunstan)
1885 - 1978 Amy Annie Scobbie (+ Barndt Henry Mattson)
1887 - 1964 George Scobbie (+Mary O'Connor 1910-divorced +Lucie Malcolm 1928)
1890 - 1951 Elizabeth Scobbie (+ Andrew James Roycroft)
1891 - 1978 Margaret Scobbie (+ Samuel McClung)
1893 - 1969 John Alexander Scobbie (+ Isabel Jean Jansen)
1896 - Agnes Scobbie (+ Angus Taylor)
New Zealand Herald, 6 December 1930

The death has occurred at Otahuhu of Mr George Scobbie, aged 83 years. Born in Scotland, Mr Scobbie arrived in New Zealand 52 years ago on the sailing ship Oamaru after a long and stormy voyage. On two occasions the vessel was so much at the mercy of the elements that a wreck was feared. After a short period in Dunedin Mr Scobbie proceeded with his wife and family to the West Coast and for 16 years he was a mining engineer at Denniston. He then returned to the Waihi district and followed his vocation on the goldfields there for 18 years. Mr Scobbie took up residence in Otahuhu 15 years ago, when he retired. An active and vigorous man all his life, Mr Scobbie never suffered an illness until a few weeks ago. He is survived by his wife, seven daughters and three sons. The daughters are Mrs Gillander of Waihi; Mrs Q. McClung and Mrs Hume of Katikati; Mrs Dunstan of Te Hoe; Mrs Matson of Otorohanga; Mrs Roycroft of Whangarei; amd Mrs S. McClung of Waihi. The sons are Mr Walter Scobbie of Otahuhu; Mr George Scobbie of Onehunga; and Mr John Scobbie of Mount Eded. There are 48 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren

* Christiana Stella Scobie (1901-1982)
- married Percy William McDONALD (1895-1981) in 1922
son of David McDONALD & Annie MEARS

* Constance Susan Ann Scobie (1908-)
- married Alfred Hugh THOMPSON (1898-1940) in 1929
Constance possibly remarried

* Edith Irene Scobie
- married Edward WILLIAMS in 1921

* Elder Adam Scobie
- married Jessie Annie McCALLUM in Riverton 31 Dec 1919
Elder was 41 & Jessie was 34

* Elizabeth Scobie
- married Frank George WILLIAMS in 1908
- their known children:
1910 - 1961 Gerald Douglas Williams
1911 - Phillis Williams
1914 - Gwendoline Williams

* Elizabeth Murdoch Pollock 'Bessie' Scobie (1877-1946)
daughter of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married John Benjamin Charles DORE in Popotunoa, Clinton 26 April 1899
- their known children:
1900 - 1964 Elizabeth Pollock Campbell Dore (+ Duncan Alexander)
1902 - 1904 Charles Murdoch Dore (aged 2.4)
1904 - 1986 Harold Everard Dore
1906 - 1984 Cecil Manapouri Dore (+Lillian Reid +Sadie Buchanan)
1909 - 1984 Gladys Dore (+ William Smith)
1912 - Muriel Grace Dore

* Ellen Alexandra Scobie (1902-1952)
- married Thomas Victor HAGGERTY in 1921
- their known children:
1921 - 1996 Thomas Victor Haggerty
1922 - Robert Gregory haggerty
1924 - 2013 Cyril Albert Haggerty
1926 - Eileen Haggerty
1928 - 1939 Hillary Leslie Haggerty
Margaret Haggerty
Ronald Haggerty

* Ellen 'Nellie' Scobie
born Glasgow, a daughter of John Douglas SCOBIE & Janet RAMSAY, arrived with her parents & sister Janet on the Michael Angelo into Port Chalmers 28 May 1873
- married Richard HUGHES in 1898
- their known children:
1900 - 1961 Leslie Douglas Hughes
1902 - Elsie Coranita Hughes
1904 - Clara Martha Hughes
1908 - 1978 Herbert Raymond Hughes
1913 - 1993 Richard Stuart Hughes

* Frederick Scobie
- married Margaret HOGAN in 1912

* Harold Taylor Scobie (1904-1986)
- married Dorothy NEEDHAM (1908-1997) in 1928
daughter of Frank NEEDHAN & Clara Olive PREECE

* Isabella Isadore Scobie (1905-1997)
- married Eric WAYLAND (1902-) in 1927
son of George Frederick WAYLAND & Alice CROMIE

* James Hamilton Scobie (1893-1969)
- married Amy Barton PARSONS (1893-1989) in 1915
daughter of Frederick Charles PARSONS & Ellen Eliza SADLER

* James Murdoch Pollock Scobie (1880-1959)
son of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
Robert & Jessie sailed on the Robert Henderson in 1870
- married Mary Eliza BLATCH (1886-1958) in 1911 at Otautau
- their known children:
1913 - Ellen Jessie Scobie
1915 - 1996 Murdoch Alfred Scobie
1921 - 1967 Marjory Rose Scobie (+ Norman Arthur Egerton)
James Murdoch Pollock Scobie died 28 Jan 1959 aged 78 & buried Winton with Mary

* James Ramsay Scobie (1878-1961)
son of John Douglas SCOBIE & Janet RAMSAY
- married Emma Amelia KEEN (1886-1957) in 1908
daughter of Joseph KEEN & Emma WATSON
- their known children:
1908 - George Scobie
1910 - 1972 Roderick de Sayles Murphy Scobie

* Jane Scobie
- married John Henry SUTTON in 1883

* Jeannie Douglas 'Jean' Scobie (1875-1914)
daughter of John Douglas SCOBIE & Janet RAMSAY, arrived "Michael Angelo" into Port Chalmers 28 May 1873
- she married Edward Dexter 'Peter' BOX (1865-1935) in 1896
28 April 1896 On 28th April, at St Mary's Church, Geraldine, by the Rev Stanley Hinson, Edward Dexter Box, eldest son of William A. (William Alfred 1839-1913) Box of Christchurch, to Jean Douglas, third daughter of John D. (John Douglas 1845-1911) Scobie, of Kakahu (22km south of Geraldine)
* Edward was a Draper in Ashburton by 1908
- their known children:
1897 - 1926 Douglas Dexter Box
- born in Christchurch, Douglas was a Wool Classer in Southbridge
- he died 15 Dec 1926 aged 29 from falling from a second story window at the Southbridge Hotel at 1.30 in the morning & buried Plot 1, Block 2A RSA at Bromley
1900 - 1965 Geraldine Mary Box
- Geraldine wasn't married
1901 - 1965 Russell Alfred Box
- Russell married May Ada SELLARS (1902-1963) in 1926
- 6th of 6 children of George William SELLARS & Catherine Jane BURNETT
1909 - 1973 Eva Minoni Box
1911 - Noel Naomi Box
'JEAN' died 4th June 1914 in Christchurch Hospital. She had been living at Radley, Woolston & buried in Plot 8, Block P at Rutherford Cemetery
* Edward 'Peter' went to war on 2 April 1917 (aged 51?) as Private 43945 with the NZEF, 23rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company. His daughter, Geraldine Mary Box, was listed as his next of kin, living at 303 Durham Street, Christchurch
'PETER' died 14 Oct 1935 aged 70. He had been living in Sumner, Christchurch
- he is buried with Jeannie

* Janet Douglas Scobie
born Glasgow, a daughter of John Douglas SCOBIE & Janet RAMSAY, arrived with her parents & sister Nellie on the Michael Angelo into Port Chalmers 28 May 1873
- married George SIMONS in 1906
Janet's siblings born in Timaru/Temuka:
1874 - Jane Scobie
1875 - 1914 Jeannie 'Jean' Scobie (+ Edward Dexter 'Peter' Box 1896)
1876 - William Scobie (enlisted from Shannon for WWI)
1879 - James Ramsay Scobie (+ Emma Amelia Keen)
1881 - Elizabeth Scobie
1884 - 1972 John Douglas Scobie (sentenced to 6 months hard labour 1921)
1887 - Mary Scobie

* Jessie Strachan Pollock Scobie
daughter of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married William McGILL in 1902
- their known children:
1903 - 1977 William McGill
1905 - 1954 Robert Scobie McGill (+ Ethel Watson)
1906 - 1941 John James McGill
1910 - 2001 Gordon Douglas McGill
1912 - 1987 Jessie Isabel McGill (+ Leonard Gordon Mitchell 'Len' Trusler)

* Joan Walker Scobie
- married Frederick George BICKNELL in 1920

* John Alexander Scobie (1867-1930)
son of William & Ann Scobie (see end notes)
- married Mary Ann SIMPSON in 1905
- their known children:
1908 - Constance Susan Ann Scobie
1911 - Myrtle Scobie

* John Douglas Scobie
- married Martha GARRARD in 1909
- their known children:
1910 - 1993 Alan Douglas Scobie
1911 - Raymond Scobie

* Margaret Scobie
daughter of William Scobie & Ann Gilmour (see end notes)
- married Donald McLAREN in 1886
- their known children:
1887 - 1962 * Annie Gilmour McLaren
1889 - 1908 Christina Stewart McLaren (aged 19)
1892 - 1959 Donald Stewart McLaren
1894 - Margaret Wilhelmina McLaren
1902 - 1938 William John McLaren
* Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, 1 October 1912
On Wednesday, September 18th, a very pretty and interesting wedding took place at Mr D. McLaren's, "Parkside" Eastern Bush, one of the largest of the kind that has eventuated in this district, many friends from far and near being present. The bride was Miss Annie Gilmour McLaren, daughter of Mr D. McLaren, and the bridgroom Mr Randolph Richard Piggot hardy, son of the late Mr Hardy, of Waimata. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in her bridal robes of cream satin striped silk, with cream roucheings and long bridal veil to match, and orange blossoms. She carried a beautiful shower bouquet of white narcissus. The bridesmaid was Miss Margaret McLaren, sister of the bride, who also wore cream satin striped delaine, and carried a bouquet of egg lilies. The little page was Miss Constance Scobie, cousin of the bride, who was dressed in white and blue, sash and ribbons to match. Mr G. Hardy, of Balclutha, brother of the bridegroom was best man. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a beautiful silver fruit bowl and spoons to match, and the bride's present to the bridegroom a greenstone albert, mounted in gold, and gold pendant. The bridegroom's present to the bridesmaid was a lovely gold brooch set in rubies and pearls, and the bride's present to the best man a pair of gold sleeve links. The father's present to the bride was a handsome gold bangle with a lovely sapphire stone set in, and a handsome cheque. Rev A. MacDonald (Otautau) performed the ceremony, and Miss Hardy played the Wedding March on the piano. After the nuptial knot had been tied, the guests adjourned to the barn, amidst showers of rice and confetti, where the wedding breakfast was served, over one hundred guests sitting down to it. Five long tables were beautifully laid out, and ample justice was done to the good thins provided. The Rev. A. MacDonald occupied the chair, and performed his duties in his usual humorous style. The usual toasts were proposed and duly honoured. The presents were displayed in the sitting-room, and comprised articles handsome, useful and costly, including cheques and notes for a large sum. The young couple and wedding froup were photograped by Mrs J. Beggs. Games were indugled in during the afternoon, and one and all adjourned to the barn, where a sumptuous tea was partaken of, after which the barn was cleared for dancing, about forty couples taking part in the grand march, which was led off by the bride's parents, music being supplied by Messrs Scobie and Livingstone (violins), and W. S. Scobie (piano), while Mr A. Glendinning performed the duties of M.C. in excellent manner. During intervals, Miss Hardy (sister of the bridegroom) played and sang some very pretty pieces. Duets were rendered by Mr D. McLaren, junr., and Miss McLaren, Mrs John Moir and Miss Mouat, and Misses M. Mouat and SImpson, a song by Mr W. McGill and a Highland fling by Mr W. McLaren (uncle of the bride). Dancing was kept merrily going till daylight, when the happy couple left by motor car, en route for Hastings, amidst showers of rice, confetti and old boots and the guests went home well pleased with their day and night's amusement.

* Marion Robertson Pollock Scobie (1869-1949)
daughter of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married Hugh RANKIN in 1890
Otago Daily Times, 20 May 1890 RANKIN-SCOBIE
On the 6th May, at Knox Church, Dunedin, by the Rev Dr Stuart, Hugh Rankin to Marion Robertson Pollock Scobie
- their known children:
1890 - 1904 Jessie Strachan Pollock Scobie Rankin (aged 14)
1892 - 1980 Mary Rebecca Rankin
1893 - 1973 Robert Hugh Rankin
1896 - Elizabeth 'Bessie' Rankin
1898 - 1988 Marion 'Minnie' Rankin (+Ronald Herbert Inder (1900-1936) +Jack Aitken)
1900 - 1968 Margaret Rankin (+ Angus John Gerken)
1902 - 1967 Marjory Catherine McKenzie Rankin (+ Ernest Black)
1904 - 2000 Ethel May Rankin (+ John Gilchrist Darling 1927)
1906 - 1964 Hugh Barnett Rankin
1909 - 1974 George Rankin

* Marjory Scobie (1883-1954)
born in Clinton, died in Johnsonville, Wellingotn
12th of 12 children of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married William Neill TAYLOR (1880-1910) in 1906
William was from Dublin & died in Invercargill
- their known children:
1907 - 1988 Robert Pollock Taylor
1907 - 1971 William Neill Taylor
1908 - 1970 Edgar Taylor
* William Neill Taylor died 2 April 1910 in a Shunting accident Invercargill
- Marjory next married Frank HUTCHINS 2 June 1920

* Mary Scobie (1887-)
daughter of John Douglas SCOBIE & Janet RAMSAY
- married Clarence Frank PALMER (1888-1956) in 1907
- their known children:
1908 - 1985 Clarence Douglas Palmer
1910 - 1984 Ronald Ambrose Palmer
1913 - 1967 Francis William Palmer
1914 - 2010 Eileen Mary Palmer

* Maude Nellie Scobie (1879-1964)
daughter of Frederick SCOBIE & Sussanah
- married David Alexander FAIRWEATHER (1876-1954) in 1904
- their known children:
1914 - Hestia Vasanta Fairweather

* Robert Pollock Scobie (1875-1948)
son of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married Catherine TAYLOR (1881-1938) in 1902
- their known children:
1902 - 1952 Ellen Alexandra Scobie (+ Victor Haggerty)
1903 - 1980 Robert Henry George Scobie
1905 - Marjorie Isabelle Scobie
1906 - 1906 Arnold Scobie (aged 2 days, buried Riverton)
1909 - 1981 William Alexander Scobie
1910 - 1982 James Arnold Scobie
1911 - 1978 Eric McGregor Scobie
1912 - 2000 Albert Edward Scobie
1914 - 1991 Walter Cyril Scobie
1916 - 1994 Arthur Ian Scobie
1921 - Margaret Catherine 'Dolly' Scobie
1923 - 2002 Allan Douglas Scobie

* Robert Scobie
- married Amy Wilson in 1909
- their known children:
1909 - Dulcie Della Scobie

* Walter Charles Scobie (1892-1969)
born in Ballarat, Australia
- married Christina Margaret WARES (1900-1976) in 1920
daughter of Robert WARES & Margaret Ann CHRISTIAN
- their known children:
1922 - 1987 Russell James Scobie (+ Myrtle Violet Spicer 1949)

* William Scobie
son of William & Ann Scobie (see end notes)
- married Matilda TAYLOR in 1903
- their known children:
1903 - 1977 Margaret Annie Scobie
1904 - 1974 William John Bosworth Scobie
1905 - 1973 Herbert Gilmour Scobie
1906 - 1986 Harold Taylor Scobie
1907 - 1907 Violet Robena Scobie (aged 7 months)

* William Scobie
- married Isabella McEWEN in 1913
- their known children:
1914 - 1930 Henry McEwan Scobie

* William Scobie
- married Jane Winnifred ROBERTSON (1885-1972) in 1920
daughter of George ROBERTSON & Agnes ARKLAY

* William Spence Scobie (1882-1962)
son of Robert SCOBIE (1844-1900) & Jessie Strachan POLLOCK (1844-1893)
- married Ada Louisa RUSSELL (1881-1974, buried Wallacetown) in 1910
- their known children:
1912 - 2007 John Spence Scobie (born 4 Jan)
1912 - 1993 Robert William Scobie (born 20 Nov)
1914 - 1997 Frederick James Scobie
1916 - 1940 Jessie Mary Louisa Scobie (+ Albert Payne)
1918 - 2010 Leslie Russell Scobie

Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, 9 July 1912
OBITUARY of Ann Scobie

There passed away in Invercargill on June 16th, at the ripe age of 76, one of the pioneers of Otago and Southland, in the person of Mrs Wm. Scobie. Her father, Mr Gilmour, occupied the farm of Fulbarr, 1 mile from Paisley, Scotland, where she was born. She was married on June 5th, 1862, in Paisley to Mr Wm. Scobie, and sailed soon afterwards for Dunedin. The young couple lived for some time in Dunedin, and then went to live at Merry Creek, Popotunoa, near Clinton, where Mr Scobie was agricultural manager. They were amongst the first settlers to take up land in Wairuna. They sold out their holding there, and came to Eastern Bush, Waiau district, Southland, where they resided for 28 years. Mr and Mrs Scobie were well-known in the Waiau district, being settled on a large farm, as well as in business as accommodation house keepers and storekeepers. They also kept post-office and telephone. About seven years ago they retired to Invercargill. It is worthy of note that from June 5th, 1862, their marriage day, to June 5th, 1912, make 50 years, so that Mr and Mrs Scobie saw their golden wedding, but were unable to celebrate it on account of the illness of Mrs Scobie, which terminated her life 11 days afterwards.
In the early days in the Waiau district, Mrs Scobie was called on to do a great deal of nursing, all of which she did gratuitously. Before there was a doctor in Otautau, she was looked on as the doctor in the Waiau. Her house was one that was known for its hospitality far and wide. Her house was like "The Auld Hoose" in the song, the rooms were not large, but they were fairly numerous, and it was wonderful how many wayfarers she could stow away in comfort for the night. She had a large sympathetic heart. Hers was not a self-centred existence, but an unselfish one, for she interested herslf in others and delighted to help them. She had great tenacity of purpose and punctuality, If a thing had to be done, there was no hesitation, and it had to be done at the time arranged. There was also a deep reverence for things sacred. She did not tell her children to go to church; she went herself, and they followed. They were set a good example.
One was not astonished at her wonderful end. After the aged couple had read a chapter in the Bible, verse about, before going to bed, she said to her husband: "This will be the last night you and I will be together." Mr Scobie said: "How do you think that?" She said: "I just know it. I am going home." She never spoke after that. She took a sudden seizure which deprived her of speech. Mrs Scobie was laid to rest in the Eastern cemetery, Invercargill, and Re. A. MacDonald, M.A., Otautau, officiated in the house and at the grave.
Mrs Scobie has left behind her husband and four of a family, all settlers in the Waiau, namely, Mrs Donald McLaren, Mrs Mamcolm Mouat, Mr Wm. Scobie jnr., and Mr John Scobie, to whom the sympathy of a wide circle of friends is extended.

Press, 7 March 1918
OBITUARY of William Scobie

The death of Mr William Scobie senior, of Eastern Bush, Southland, at the age of 81 years, is announced. Mr Scobie was born in Scotland, and was married on June 5th, 1862, in Paisley, to Miss Gilmour, and sailed soon afterwards for Dunedin. After living for a short time in Dunedin, Mr and Mrs Scobie went to live at Merry Creek, Popotunoa, near Clinton, where Mr Scobie was agricultural manager. They were amongst the first settlers to take up land at Wairuna. They sold out their holding there, and went to Eastern Bush, Waiau district, Southland, where they resided for 28 years. Mr and Mrs Scobie were well known in the Waiau district, being settled on a large farm as well as in business as accommodation house and storekeepers. Mr Scobie was as keen a farmer as he was a business man. Whilst he did mixed farming he specialised in sheep. Mr Scobie also took a keen interest in public affairs. About 12 years ago he went to Invercargill to live. Mrs Scobie predeceased him six years ago. Mr Scobie has left behind him four of a family, all settlers in the Waiau - namely, Mrs Donald McLaren, Mrs Malcolm Mouat, Mr William Scobie, jun., and Mr John Scobie

HEADSTONE of John & Janet Scobie at Timaru

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Sylvia May KIMMINS - Toowoomba, Queensland

Sylvia May KIMMINS was the first born of 10 children of:
Edward Phillip KIMMINS (1864-1924) and Sarah Ann Nellie MOORE (1867-1946)
- Edward & Sarah married 6 March 1886 in Brisbane
- (see below for the OBITUARY of Edward)

their children, born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia were:

1887 - 1930 Sylvia May Kimmins
- Sylvia married * Samuel 'Tom' STINSON

1889 - 1889 Sarah Kimmins
- Born on XMAS DAY Sarah died aged 2 days
- buried Old Toowoomba cemetery

1890 - 1890 Edward Kimmins
- Edward died aged 2 days
- he is buried in Old Toowoomba cemetery

1892 - 1973 Victor Kimmins
- Victor married Ivy Emma Ann HOLDEN (1896-1959) 1916 in Queensland
- he died aged 79 in Toowoomba

1895 - 1981 Frank Edward Kimmins
- Frank married Ethel Agnes HOLLAND (1894-1980) 1921 in Queensland
- he died aged 86 in Toowoomba

1897 - 1968 Edward Gordon Jubilee Kimmins
- Edward married Wilhelmina GEDDES (1898-1994) 1917 in Brisbane
- he died aged 71 in Parkwille, Victoria

1898 - 1970 Eric Maitland Kimmins
- Eric married Frances Thelma SHARRY 1923 in St Patricks, Toowoomba
- served as Q21700 Warrant Officer Class 2 with 25 Battalion
- enlisted from Redbank, Toowoomba. Discharged 3 December 1943
- he died age 70 in Brisbane, buried Pinaroo cemetery

1901 - 1982 Myrtle Veronica Kimmins - TWIN
- Myrtle married Walter Herbert HOLLAND (1905-2001) in 1950
- she died aged 96 in Toowoomba

1901 - 1983 William Oscar Kimmins - TWIN
- William married Cecilia Annie CONNELLY (1904-1994) 1922 in Toowoomba
- he died aged 81 in Toowoomba

1905 - 1966 Leslie Norman Kinnins
- Leslie married Rita Mae CLEINE (1908-1983) 1928 in Queensland
- he died aged 61 in Maryborough.Queensland

* Samuel STINSON was a son of:
Benjamin STINSON (1833-1867) & Mary Ann EVANS (1833-1863) who emigrated from England on the 'ALMA' arriving in Wellington on 15 May 1857 and settled in Carterton, Wairarapa
... Mary Ann died in childbirth in 1863 in Carterton. Benjamin remarried in Carterton as the 4th husband of Jemima OXENHAM

Samuel was a GARDENER - STATION OVERSEER - STATION HAND - LABOURER & a RABBITER at Leichhardt Rabbit Company
He married Sulvia in the Masonic Hall in Toowoomba. He was 51 and she was 24

Sylvia & Samuel had 5 children:
1915 - 2003 Samuel Arthur Stinson
- born Jondowae, Queenslad - died Charleville Queensland

1917 - 1989 Irene May Stinson
- born Charleville, Queensland - died Goodna, Queensland
- never married

1920 - 1992 Edward Leslie/Gordon Stinson
- born Mother's Hospital Toowoomba - died Monto, Queensland

1923 - 2001 Leslie Stinson
- born on a train between Morven & Charleville - died Ipswich, Queensland

1926 - 2006 Doreen Edith Stinson
- born Charleville (mother living Helvetia Park) - died Brisbane Hospital
- never married
- last lived in Mitchelton, Brisbane

- In 1912 Sylvia was living in Toowoomba, 34km west of Aubigny
- In 1915 she was living in Jondawae, 116km north west of Aubigny
- In 1917 she was lving in Charleville, 605kms west of Aubigny
- In 1923 she was living in Morven, 512kms west of Aubigny
- In 1926 she was living in Helvetia Park, 629kms west of Aubigny, near Charleville
- In 1931 she died in Mitchell, 419kms west of Aubigny, Queensland
- she died in 1930 aged 43 in Mitchell, Toowoomba

Samuel died in 1946 aged 86 at the Base Hospital, Charleville, Queensland

the OBITUARY of Edward Phillip KIMMINS was taken from the site:
Ancestors of Trisha
One of the best known residents of Toowoomba, as ex-alderman of the City Council, and a Deputy Mayor, in the person of Mr Edward Phillip Kimmins, passed away at his residence early yesterday afternoon, after a fairly extended illness, at the age of 60 years. For some time past it had been obvious to his intimate friends that the late Mr Kimmins had not enjoyed the best of health, but he was one of those who would not give in until he was compelled to do so. It was as and alderman of the City Council that the deceased was best known, and during the time he was in the Council he endeavoured to do his best for those whom he represented. His experience as a plumber enabled him to accept the position of Chairman of the Waterworks Committee in the Council, to which he did full justice.
Prior to his retirement from the Council, and during the dry spell of last year, teh late Mr Kimmins was untiring in his efforts to ensure for the ratepayers and residents of the city an adequate and constant supply of water for domestic and other purposes.
Apart from his knowledge of water, deceased was a man who kept himself well versed with problems of the day. He was a keen debater on almost any topic, and the views he expressed on any subject, which he brought forward in the Council commanded the general attention ot the aldermen.

The late Mr Kimmins was born in Brisbane, and came to Toowoomba at a fairly early age. At the outset of his career, he envinced an interest in plumbing, and, joining the staff of Mr E Smart, who at one time occupied a seat in the State Parliment, he worked his way up until finally he held the position of foreman.
The late Mr Kimmins had been associated with Mr Smart for 23 years, and finally he decided to launch out in busines on his own account. This he did in premises nearly opposite the Post Office in 1909, and during the intervening years up to the present time he had worked up a connection which affords constant employment to a good number of employees. In pre-war days he had as many as 16 hands on his payroll. During the greater part of the time that he had been in business, the late Mr Kimmins had received the invaluable assistance and support of his eldest son, Mr Victor Kimmins, who really of late years has been acting in the capacity of manager.

Deceased, who married Miss S. A. Moore of Poplar, London, was a prominent Freemason, and at the time of his demise held the rank of Past Master in the English Lodge, after having gone through all the chairs.

The late Mr Kimmins was also a keen supporter of the Friendly Society movement, being connected with the Protestant Alliance Lodge of Queensland, of which on one occasion he was Grand Master. At the recent conference of the Society held in Toowoomba special reference was made to the prominent part deceased had taken in its welfare.

The late Mr Kimmins also took a keen interest in fire brigade matters, and long before the days of the present engines he held the position of deputy superintendant for upwards of 20 years. He took part in fighting some of the biggest conflagrations in those days, and his advice and assistance always proved invaluable.

Of later years he held a seat on the Fire Brigade Board, as one of the Council`s representatives, and anything he considered necessary in the interest of the firemen was advocated by him. For some time past he had held a position on the Tarampa Shire Council, where his knowledge of local aurthority affairs generally proved most useful.

Recently on his behalf his son, Fireman F Kimmins, received a meritorious service medal indicative of more than 20 years` association with the fire brigade.

The deceased, who until recently was a member of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, has left a widow, and a grown up family. The sons are: Messrs Victor, Frank, Edward, Eric, William, and Leslie, and the girls, Mrs S STINSON, of Morven, and Miss Myrtle Kimmins, of Toowoomba.

Immediately upon the receipt of the news of his demise the flag at the Town Hall was flown at half-mast.

The Assistant Home Secretary, Mr F. T. Brennan, last night remarked that he was very sorry to hear of the death of Mr Kimmins, who had always shown that he had the welfare of Toowoomba at heart, and in numerous ways had rendered valuable assistance in securing the advancement of the city.

The funeral will leave his late residence, Victor Street, this afternoon, at 3 o`clock, for the Toowoomba cemetery.

photo of SYLVIA MAY KIMMINS was taken from the site Sylvia May KIMMINS

VILE on PECK of Taita

VILE on the tree as at 13 Oct 2010

* ADA RUTH Vile (1883-1884)
- died aged 2 months in Masterton

* ALFRED Vile (b.1860)
- born in Wellington to John VILE & Ann FOSTER

* ANN Vile (b.1861)
- born in Wellington to John VILE & Ann FOSTER

* ARTHUR HENRY Vile (1868-1946)
- married Margaret 'Madge' MOUAT in Masterton 1893

* ARTHUR MERVYN Vile (1896-1970)
- served as Private 10/3115, address was then 26 Worksop road, Masterton
- married Dorothy Mellanie WICKS in 1925

* CATHERINE Vile (1846-1885)
- married Henry EAGLE in 1866 in Wairarapa
- buried in Clareville, Carterton

* CATHERINE MARY 'Kitty' Vile (1915-1978)
- married James Joseph 'Jim' COSTELLO in 1939 in Pahiatua

* CHARLES EGBERT Vile (1877-1968)
- married Sarah FINCH in 1899

* DOROTHY LUCY LILLIAN Vile (1898-1983)
- married Bennett Pascoe PERRY in 1923

* EMMA Vile (1855-1857)
- daughter of John VILE & Ann FOSTER, died enroute to NZ

* FRANK FOSTER Vile (1882-1939)
- married Clara Laura GUSCOTT Xmas Eve 1908

- Killed in Action in France

* FREDERICK HUGH Vile (1870-1947)
- born in Masterton to Job VILE & Helen Bland RAYNER
- married Caroline CHAMPION in 1892

* GEORGE ALFRED Vile (1872-1946)
- married Rose FERNINAND in Stratford in 1902

* GLADYS LOMA/ALMA Vile (b.1895)
- daughter of Arthur Henry VILE & Margaret 'Madge' MOUAT

* GWENDOLINE IRENE Vile (b.1893)
- married Duncan Malcolm McINTOSH in 1921

* HARRY RAYNER Vile (1879-1946)
- married Jane Rebecca DALTON

* HELEN MAY Vile (1887-1962)
- married Thomas Wilson CUMMINS in 1915

* HENRY Vile (b.1862)
- son of John VILE & Ann FOSTER

* HERBERT Vile (1871-1946)
- married Winifred Mary QUIRKE in Pahiatua in 1903

* JAMES Vile (b.1828)
- born in Somerset, son of Joseph VILE & Harriet TERRELL

* JOB Vile (1845-1905)
- born in North Curry, Taunton, Somerset
- emigrated on the Ann Wilson in 1856
- married Helen Bland RAYNER in Maitaikona in 1866
- had 15 children
- first mayor of Pahiatua
- died 16 Dec 1905 on his Election Night in Marton aged 61
- buried Mangatainoka

* JOHN Vile (1858-1924)
- buried in Mangatainoka

* JOHN Vile (1867-1924)
- married Louisa FINCH in 1898 in Wairarapa

* JOHN Vile (b.1902)
- nothing known

* JOHN Vile (1817-1902)
- born Curry Mallet, Taunton, Somerset
- married Ann FOSTER in Taunton, Somerset in 1844
- buried Mangatainoka

* JOSEPH Vile (b.1799)
- married Harriet TERRELL in 1823
- their son John emigrated to New Zealand

* JOSEPH Vile (b.1824)
- son of Joseph VILE & Harriet TERRELL

* LEONARD JAMES Vile (1885-1970)
- married Fanny Clara Davey in 1914

* LEWIS FOSTER Vile (1881-1881)
- son of Job VILE & Helen Bland RAYNER
- died an infant in Masterton

* RAYNER KEITH Vile (1905-1964)
- born in Hastings, Hawkes Bay to Arthur Henry VILE & Margaret 'Madge' MOUAT
- twin with Rex Edward Vile

* REX EDWARD Vile (1905-1973)
- twin with Rayner Keith Vile above
- married Esme Lillian Mary PERKINS in 1933

* ROBERT GEORGE Vile (1875-1940)
- born in Masterton to Job VILE & Helen Bland RAYNER

* RUTH Vile (1846-1929)
- born in North Curry, Taunton, Somerset
- married Henry PRESTON in Wellington 1863

* THOMAS RAYNER Vile (1880-1902)
- Killed in the Boer War aged 22

* unnamed DAUGHTER Vile (1882-1882)
- born in Masterton to Job VILE & Helen Bland RAYNER
- died aged 6 hours

* WILLIAM Vile (1851-1937)
- married Cora Elizabeth BAIGENT in 1879

Frederick Hugh Vile
James Elliott & Frederick H. Vile, Saddlers & Harness Makers, Main St, Pahiatua

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WHISKER marriages NZ 1865 - 1930

some male WHISKER marriages in New Zealand 1865 - 1930:

Alexander Whisker
- married Susannah Pearce in 1876

Alexander Whisker
- son of Charles WHISKER & Elia LEIGHTON
- married Grace Meredith in 1905

Alfred William Whisker
- son of Neil Hamilton WHISKER & Zingra Rebecca BUSHELL
- married Constance Phyllis Edmunds in 1921

Charles Whisker
- married Eliza Leighton in 1875

David Whisker
- son of James WHISKER & Catherine HUGHE
- married Ethel Margaret Chappell in 1907

Donald Robert Hughey Whisker
- married Kathleen Margaret Redfern in 1929

Duncan Takana Te Kawa Whisker
- son of James WHISKER & Catherine HUGHEY
- married Kate Hayward Chappell in 1903
their known children:
1904 - 1979 James Eric Paterson Whisker
1909 - Elsie May Whisker
- buried in Sandon, Manawatu

Duncan Takana Whisker
- married Helena May Chappell in 1922

Edward Whisker
- married Bella Ogilvie Buick in 1907

Frederick William Whisker
- married Ethel Euphemia Mickell in 1904

Henry Neil Whisker
- son of Alexander WHISKER & Susannah PEARCE
- married Mary Eileen McLaren in 1914

James Whisker
- married Catherine Hughey in 1865
- they had 8 sons & 4 daughters

James Whisker
- married Caroline Phillips in 1876

James Albert Whisker
- married Elizabeth Anna McCutcheon in 1899

James Alfred Whisker
- son of Alexander WHISKER & Susannah PEARCE
- married Lizzie Alice Miller in 1918

James Beattie Whisker
- married Margaret Annie Caisley in 1903

John Alfred Ronald Whisker (1901-1978)
- son of John Henry Feilding WHISKER & Mary Lydia PATERSON (see next)
- John married Maisie Ellen Hehir (1907-1992) in 1930
* Maisie was base born on 2 Dec 1907 to Mary Ellen Hehir (1886-1955). She died 6 July 1992 aged 84
Her mother, Mary Ellen Hehir married Edward Stewart Henry (1888-1958) on 23 Jan 1913 when Maisie was 5. They had Ian Edward Henry 31 May 1913 (died 1987) & Gordon Patrick Henry 22 Oct 1914 (died 4 Feb 1915 aged 3 months), half brothers to Maisie. There may have been others

John Henry Feilding Whisker
- married Mary Lydia Paterson in Wellington 1896
John Henry Feilding WHISKER was born 1873 at Feilding
their known children were:
1897 - Alice Myrtle Whisker
1899 - Doris Maud Whisker
1901 - 1978 John Alfred Ronald Whisker
1904 - Lillian Eileen Lydia Whisker

John Thomas Hughey Whisker (1869-1935)
- married Frances Amelia Doris RICHMOND (1875-1949) in 1903
they are buried in Sandon

Kenneth Cook Whisker
- son of Charles Whisker & Elia LEIGHTON
- married Dora Eunice Salt in 1924

Neil Hamilton Whisker
- son of Charles Whisker & Elia LEIGHTON
- married Zingra Rebecca Bushell in 1887

Robert Whisker
- married Louisa Jane Pocock in 1889

Robert Henry Whisker
- married Ellen Fraser in 1894

Thomas James Whisker
- married Rosaline Mary Kingsford in 1913

Walker Cairns Whisker
- son of James Whisker & Catherine HUGHEY
- married Jessie Wright Reid in 1910

Whisker - McKeague research

some female WHISKER marriages

"A" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Judith Rosemary 1949-2002
* Judith was the wife of Albert Maurice Charles A'Court (1930-2012). She died aged 51 in the Arohanui Hospice in Palmerston North, cremated at Kelvin Grove on 26 Aug 2002 and her ashes were buried here with her mother-in-law in November. Albert was cremated at Kelvin Grove
- Marjorie Pauline (nee Proctor) 1907-1939
* Marjorie married Maurice Charles A'Court (1901-1973) in 1927. Maurice is at Kelvin Grove

- Caroline 1870-1949

- Sarah (nee Todd) 1873-1935
- Stewart 1871-1935

- David 1870-1942
- Sarah (nee McNeill) 1884-1951

- Frederick (1890-1891
His parents were William Alderman & Sarah Jane West

- Elizabeth Emma (nee Barkwith) 1875-1953

- Charles William 1875-1922

- Agnes Jane (nee Dowdle, formerly Dowdle) 1904-1965
* married James Cook Allott in 1928
- James Cook 1903-1948
- Colin 1947-1947
18-11-1904 ~ 1-12-1965
Loved wife of James
Loved mother of
Daphne, Bill, Ray, Ivan, Marion and Colin
* James was a son of Jabez William Allott (1876-1948) & Agnes McDonald Cook (1873-1967), married in 1900
their known children:
1901-1975 Jabez Miller Allot
- married Daisy Bell Brooks 1927
1903-1948 James Cook Allot
- married Agnes Jane Coventry Dowdle 1928
1909 - 1997 Hazel Margaret Allott
- married Samuel George Bates 1932

- Augustav Adolph 1848-1898
* Augustav was born in Sweden to Carl William Alphors & Agnes Margaretha Kullberg. He married Honorah 'Norah' Mahoney of County Kerry in West Taieri, Dunedin on 25 Nov 1880 (His name was written Gustav Adolf Alphors)
Their known children (born Otago):
1881 - 1962 Thomas Alphors
1884 - 1960 Nora Maria Alphors
1885 - 1979 Nellie Theresa Alphors
1887 - 1947 Victor Alexander Alphors
1890 - 1891 Mary Petersey (Pieterse?) Alphors
1893 - 1972 Susanna Alphors
The children, Nora, Nelly?, Victor & Suzanna Alphors attended Woodville School in the late 1890s.
They also lived in Pahiatua
In December 1898, 10 months after the death of her husband, Norah was arraigned at the Woodville Police Court on a charge of lunacy and on the evidence of Drs Milne and Dawson, was committed to the Wellington Asylum
Augustav was 50. His details were provided by his son Thomas Alphors on 28-2-1898. His wife 'Norah' is buried at Karori with two of her spinster daughters, Nora & Suzanna Alphors

- Elizabeth (nee Murray) 1845-1927
- Thomas 1837-1913

- William Henry 1890-1890

- James Robertson 1897-1903
A son of James Robson Anderson (1870-1941) & Margaret 'Maggie' Robertson (1866-1927)

- Annie 1872-1943
- James 1860-1933

- Alice (nee Tredinnick 1887-1961), buried with husband Percy (they married in 1912) & the ashes of Noeline Zelia Anslow
- Noeline Zelia 1914-2000
- Percy Excelior 1890-1978

- Eliza Susannah 1853-1930
- William Davis 1853-1925

- Henry William 1855-1918

- Mabel Jane (nee Burnett) 1880-1932

- William 1877-1909

- Frederick Cyril 1868-1925
- Philip Stewart 1943-1979

- Harold 1885-1886*
- Henry 1881-1883
- Lily May 1885-1886*
Harold & Lily were twins, children of William & Margaret Janet Armitage. Two year old Henry is buried with them

- William Irving 1887-1939

- Thomas 1841-1891
Wanganui Chronicle, 3 Oct 1891
A settler named Thomas Askew, says the Woodville Examiner, who had a section and house in the settlement, died on Sunday night. Mr and Mrs Askew have been living at Ashhurst but deceased came to the settlement to prepare the way for their return.
Mr Goff who lives near, sent a child over for some vegetables and on her knocking at the door she heard groans and opened it, when deceased was found to be dying. He was attended to but died as above,
Deceased had been complaining of being unwell for sometime and a post mortem examination conducted by Dr Davenport revealed the fact that death resulted from cancer. He has four sons occupying responsible positions at Lyttelton

- Beryl Olive 1931-2001

- Richard 1841-1908
* his wife Janet/Jenny Aunger 1847–1920 is buried in Mangatera

- Catherine 1852-1919
Woodville Examiner, 15 Dec 1919
AYRTON - At the residence of Mr and Mrs W. Pritchard, McLean street, Woodville, on December 12 1919, Catherine Ayrton, daughter of the late Thomas and Annie Ayrton; aged 67 years.

"B" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Ella Marion (nee Gibb) 1884-1963
- Wilfred Smith 1883-1944

- Donald Marshland 1913-1916
- Mabel Joyce 1898-1903

- Andrew 1822-1891
- George Edward 1865-1941
- Leonard John 1904-1937
- Maria Elizabeth 1867-1946

- Sidney David 1887-1887

- Ivan Norman Percival 1925-1925

- Charles Frederick 1873-1950
- Edith Sarah Harriet (nee Dunkley) 1878-1941
- Fred 1920-1922
- Harriet Jane (nee Jackson) 1882-1964
- unnamed baby 1923-1923

- Emma (nee Black) 1852-1927
- Frederick 1846-1926

- Campbell Breeze 1864-1955
- Emily Matilda (nee Edmeades) 1870-1961

- Mary Thomson Isabel 1891-1891

- Celia Amy 1896-1899

- Elleanor Grace 1894-1954

- Daisy 1885-1951
- James Nelson 1891-1892
- James Gabriel 1848-1911
- Mary 1850-1939

- Albert 1860-1935

- Edward 1865-1911
- Eliza 1837-1913
- Joseph 1831-1924

- Isabella Catherine (nee Travers) 1894-1980
- John 1884-1963

- James Alfred 1872-1943
- Leah Maria (nee White) 1878-1930
- Mary Ann 1835-1909

- Ellen (nee Oliver) 1871-1959
- Henry 1871-1957
- Joseph 1872-1956
- Maria 1829-1901
- William 1829-1902

- Elsie Beatrice (nee Rendle) 1892-1961
- William Ernest 1889-1941

- Adam John Henry 1899-1979
- Annie Jane 1896-1943
- Elsie Catherine 1906-1983
- Jane (nee Chalmers) 1859-1945
- Robert Elliot 1855-1945

- Clara 1892-1892

- May Elizabeth 1911-1986

- Athol Bruce 1932-1933

- Anna Sophie Margaretha (nee Evers) 1880-1935
- Arthur John 1876-1931

- Hector E 1927-1927

- George 1841-1888

- Frederick 1889-1934

- John Walker 1881-1949
- Mary Alice 1876-1951
- Mary Ellen 1853-1937
- Richard 1854-1937

- Ethel Maude 1892-1971

- Thomas Moyle 1909-1968

- Jean Elizabeth 1883-1901

- Arnold William 1909-1934
- Betty Margaret 1912-1929

- Cecil 1903-1903

- Ida Margaret 1921-1941

- Cora 1895-1895
- James Culley 1832-1907
- Mark 1886-1889
- Sarah Naomi 1834-1922

- Seth 1852-1916

- Harriet 1852-1918
- Henry James 1882-1919

- Elizabeth (nee Mallabarr) 1883-1958
- Frederick Walter 1883-11942

- Maria 1844-1927
- William 1842-1912

- Richard George 1895-1899

- Robert 1882-1964
- Susannah 1845-1931
- William 1843-1933

- Joseph Cheney Hindmarsh 1891-1942
- Marion Isabella (nee Snodgrass) 1898-1975
- Mary Susan (nee Hindmarsh) 1862-1937
- Peter David 1939-1993
- Samuel 1857-1933
- Timothy John 1946-2003

- Alexander 1879-1959
- Jessie Ann (nee Campbell) 1890-1955
- John 1941-1941

- Gertrude Jane 1881-1905
- Jonas 1858-1909
- Joseph Henry 1894-1899
- Martha Ellen 1874-1954
- Mary Jane (nee Lillywall) 1860-1905

- Clotilde (nee Brunet) 1877-1947
- William 1869-1929

- Frank Frame 1892-1896

- Mary Jane 1867-1893

- Alfred King 1888-1941
- Thomas Franklin 1862-1928

- Charles 1839-1918
- Phylis (nee Wilson) 1851-1936

- Alice Theresa 1904-1944
- Duncan 1933-1939
- Edith Ellen (nee Millin) 1874-1944
- Eileen Oehme 1906-1984
- Henry James 1912-1923
- Joseph 1858-1926
- Robert Thomas 1898-1965

- Camilla Elizabeth Wilhelmina 1844-1925
- James Joseph 1896-1923

- Iris Moncrieff 1911-1997
- Isabella Mary 1887-1961
- Oliver Charles 1883-1955
- Oliver Frederick 1911-1974

- Annie Bennett (nee Pearce) 1861-1910
- Elsie Mabel 1887-1889
- Ernest Rangi 1912-1919
- Irene Elizabeth 1909-1910
- Sydney Garfield 1889-1890
- Thomas 1850-1927

- Mary 1841-1910

- Barbara Jean 1957-1957
- Peter 1861-1923
- William "Billy" Peter 1953-1957

- Arthur James 1915-1936
- Charles Edward 1901-1950
- Emma 1874-1942
- James 1856-1891
- Rupert James 1927-2001

- Mavis Eileen (nee Litchfield) 1905-1964
- Mathew 1829-1889
- Thomas Henry 1894-1980

- unnamed baby 1922-1922
- Gladys Muriel (nee Wigzell) 1897-1952
- James 1893-1949

- Elsie 1898-1973
- Eric Henry Sturmey 1901-1992
- Myrtle Clarice (nee Jury) 1900-1954

- Robert 1813-1894

- Lilian Ann Elizabeth 1879-1954

- Claude William 1922-1936
- Daisy Evelyn 1908-1918
- Ellen Jane 1857-1945
- Emma Grace 1909-1918
- Joseph John 1858-1940
- Leslie 1906-1908
- Selina Mary 1898-1951

- Hannah Silvester 1910-1986
- Hilda 1890-1965
- Louis Ronals Henry Burns 1907-1992

- Malcolm George Alexander 1854-1912
- Nora Margaret 1878-1967
- William 1860-1928

- Frederick William 1870-1954

- Alan Robert 1952-1960
- Warwick Leslie 1947-2002

- unnamed baby 1928-1928