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time-line for GALLETLY in New Zealand

just some of the news items from various newspapers in New Zealand, through Papers Past, put here in time-line for those researching the GALLETLY families

... Peter Galletly (1830-1875) married Margery McLauchlan (1831-1877) in Kilspindie, Perth, Scotland
- their known children were:
1854 - 1908 John Galletly (born in Perth, Scotland)
1856 - 1878 Elizabeth Galletly (born in Scotland)
.. 1856 - 1851 emigration to NZ
1861 - 1892 Peter Galletly (born in Christchurch, New Zealand)
1863 - 1945 Margaret Galletly
1865 - 1905 Ann Galletly
1867 - 1954 Isabella Galletly
1869 - 1910 William Galletly
1872 - 1955 Mary Galletly
1874 - 1945 Jane Galletly

16 MARCH 1860
... the CLONTARF arrives in Lyttelton 16 March 1860
... the GALLETLY on board
- born approx 1799
- died 23 March 1880 aged 80 in Carleton,Cust, Canterbury
- born approx 1835
- died 1879 aged 42
- born approx 1840
- After working for a year at Kaiapoi Island, and three years on the Riccarton estate he bought fifty acres of land in the Cust district (more at link)
- born approx 1845
- born approx 1846
- born approx 1848
- born approx 1850

13 JUNE 1861
... David GALLETLY (1832-1886) married Ann NORFOLK (1843-1925) in Christchurch
- David was born in Scotland
- he died 30 May 1886 in Lincoln, Canterbury
- Ann was born in Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England
- she died 26 May 1926 in Geraldine, Canterbury
their 12 known children were:
1863 - Elizabeth Galletly
1864 - Margaret Galletly
1866 - 1945 Thomas Galletly
1868 - 1953 Charles David Galletly
1869 - Agnes Galletly
1871 - 1896 Alexander Galletly
1873 - 1953 William Galletly
1875 - Annie Galletly
1877 - 1962 Ellen Galletly
1879 - 1962 Henry George Galletly
1881 - 1963 Edwin Norfolk Galletly
1883 - 1950 John Galletly

... LITTLE RIVER ROAD BOARD. It was concluded to avertise for tenders for shingling the road in course of formation between Barnett's and Kimber's bridge, and that the contractor, Mr Galletly be instructed to use a heavy roller on the work on the completion of formation

22 JANUARY 1879
... GALLETLY - On the 21st of January, at Tiptree House, Windmill road, Margaret Ellen, the dearly-loved child of Andrew and Jane Galletly, of Weedons, aged two years and seven months
- known children of Andrew & Jane Sophia:
1876 - Margaret Ellen Galletly
1878 - Leonard Galletly
1881 - Harry Galletly
1883 - Ellen Jane Galletly
1885 - Rosa Mary Galletly

21 JUNE 1879
... SLAUGHTER HOUSE ACT, 1879. Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with the provisions of the above Act, I intend to apply, at the next sitting of the Selwyn County Council, for a LICENSE to SLAUGHTER Large and Small CATTLE on my premises at Yaldhurst. ANDREW GALLETLY

11 DECEMBER 1882
... SPREYDON. The usual meeting of the Board was held on December 7th. Correspondence was read:- from D. Gallety, asking for extension of time to complete his contract. Granted

15 APRIL 1885
... CHRISTCHURCH. D. Galletly, who was found lying drunk in Colombo street at midnight was fined 10s; the usual imprisonemtn to follow in default of payments

20 APRIL 1885
... CUST. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday, the 13th of April. Present - The Chairman and Messrs Tallott, McLauchlin, and Galletly. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr Bruce, the Manager of Ngpari, with reference to the purchase of roads lately closed. To give notice that all rates must be paid by the 1st of May, and that proceedings will be taken against the owners of unregistered dogs after the same date. The annual meeting of ratepayers was fixed for the 1st of May, and the election of three members for the 4th of May. Accounts amounting to ?20 7s were passed, and the Board adjourned

5 MARCH 1887
.. BROWN-GALLETLY - On March 3, by the Rev. R. Erwin, at the Presbyterian Church, North Belt, Christchurch, Andrew R. Brown, of Lincoln, to Margaret Galletly, third daughter of the late David Galletly, Lincoln

25 OCTOBER 1887
... Amongst the cases heard at the Invercargill RM. Court on Friday was that of the Scottish and N.Z. Investment Co v F. M. Dawson, in which Mr Finn was for plaintiffs and Mr Henderson for defendant. Claim, ?64 15s 3d for interest. The defense was that the property on which plaintiffs held the mortgage had been sold to one Robert Galletly and that the interest now claimed which had accrued since the date of the sale was due by Galletly. It was submitted for the plaintiffs that the agreement of sale was between defendant and Galletly alone, and that there was no contract between the plaintiffs and Galletly. After hearing evidence, judgment was given for plaintiffs, with cost ?5 10s

5 JANUARY 1888
... LINCOLN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. The congregation of this church having undertaken to build a new manse for the minister, thought that such a good opportunity as the great gathering at the Lincoln sports on New Years Day should not be allowed to go by without an attempt being made to augment the funds so the ladies took counsel together, and the result was a luncheon booth on the sports ground
* No 4 table, the bachelors' table was presided over by Mesdames Galletly and Marks, and the Misses Gilmour and Galletly

30 APRIL 1890
... STOKE - Mr R. Meredith precied over the meeting of householders at Stoke; the attendance was small. A report from the out-going Committee was read and adopted and the following were elected the Committee for the years:- Messrs R. Meredith, H. Catterwood (probably Catherwood ?), J. GALLETLY, J. Jack, G. Pawsey, T. Clancy and F. Mitchell. Mr R. Meredith was elected Chairman

14 JUNE 1890
... ACCIDENT. A few days since, a young man named Galletly, living at Hawkeswood station, had a thumb blown off and his head seriously injured through the bursting of a gun. His condition was too precarious to allow of his removal to the Christchurch Hospital

6 MAY 1895
... LAND SALES. The sale of land in the Estate of Mr M. Galletly, deceased, which took place in Mr Charles Clark's rooms on Saturday showed that there is a demand for land when excessive prices are not asked. The first property offered was sixty acres at Templeton, being R.S. 4843, cut up into paddocks, with water-races running through them. After some little competition the property was sold to Mr Aimer at ?12 10s per acre

6 JULY 1891
... GALLETLY - July 3, at Yalhurst, Jane Sophia, the beloved wife of Andrew Galletly; aged forty six years. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.

6 JULY 1891
... The Friends of Mr Andrew Galletly are respectfully informed that the Funeral of his late wife, Jane Sophia, will leave his residence, Corunga road, Yaldhurst, on Tuesday, July 7th, at 2 p.m. for the Public Cemetery, Yaldhurst. R .W . WALTERS and CO - Undertakers, 43 Victoria street

13 APRIL 1894
... The monthly meeting of the Templeton Road Board was held at the office, Yaldhurst, on Monday, April 9th.
.. and, from Andrew Galletly, asking for work. To be informed the Board has at present no available funds

18 MAY 1894
... CUST. An ordinary monthly meeting of the Cust Road Board was held on May 14, present - .... and John Galletly

10 NOVEMBER 1896
... OPERA HOUSE - The Charles Godfrey Company opened their season at the Opera House last night, when there was a large attendance. The audience was very appreciative throughout. Miss Beanie Galletly was as good as ever with her graceful dancing. The sisters Lingard and Miss Galletly being the performers (more at link)

13 JULY 1898
... FARMER ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. A sad gun accident occurred at Lincoln yesterday morning, Messrs Galletly Bros have just taken up some land in the Lincoln swamp, and it appears tht Mr Alexander Galletly left to go and clear out a drain on part of the farm, and took his gun with him to his work. He had made an appointment to be back at the house at ten o'clock, but as some time after he had not appeared, Messrs L. Galletly and A. Ayers went to look for him. He was found near a wire fence, and close to a ditch quite dead, with the top of his head blown off. Great sympathy is felt for the family, who have been residents in Lincoln for a considerable number of years, and are well and favourbaly known. The deceased, who was a son of Mr Daniel Galletly, was only twenty-seven years of age. The gun was a breechloader, which he took with him because he had seen some hares in the swamp near by on the previous day. He had apparently got through the fence and was dragging the gun after him when it exploded

12 JULY 1899
... In loving memory of Alxander Galletly, who met his death by gun accident, at Lincoln, July 12, 1898
Short was the call he had from above,
Not a word could his love ones say;
His eyes closed in death as a babe in its sleep,
An he quickly passed away.
- Inserted by his sisters, A.W. and E.G.

15 MAY 1900
... On May 9 the Stoke Euchre Club opened a series of matches at Mr Garrett's. The trophies were won by Mr John Catherwood and Mrs M. Galletly

8 OCTOBER 1901
... ROAD BOARD. A meeting of th Courtenay Road Board was held on Tuesday. Tenders for works advertised were opened and L. Galletly 2s per chain for stone-breaking, was accepted

16 JULY 1904
... GERALDINE The following were the times recored at Geraldine (cycle racing):
and L. Galletly 9.51 - H. Galletly - 9.59

10 MAY 1905
... LAND SALE - At the North Canterbury Co-operative Stores Company's austion rooms at Rangiora yesterday, Mr J. Henshaw's property of 165 acres at Loburn, was sold to Mr G. Galletly for ?8 10s per acre (2011 equivalent of about $1,275)

... DEATH - PATTERSON, September 22, at the residence of her brother James Galletly, High Street, Rangiora, Elizabeth Patterson, relict of the late Thomas Patterson, Styx; aged eighty-one years

26 JANUARY 1909
... CHRISTCHURCH. John Tozer, Gilbert, MacGlogin and Harry Galletly, who finished first, second and third respectively in the 50 mile cycle road race from Riverton to Leeston on December 12th, were prosecuted for furious riding, the Magistrate reserving judgment which he now delivered to-day. Mr Bishop, S.M., said he had carefuly considered the matter, and was of opinion that the facts, as stated, did not constitute an offence under the Police Offences Act. He relied only on the information laid, and dismissed the case

4 AUGUST 1911
... LAND BOARD. The following business of local importance was transacted at the monthly meeting of the Canterbury Land Board on Thursday:- Perpetual Lease James Jones to Henry George Galletly, of Geraldine, farmer

... POST OFFICE AT MARONAN. Mr W. J. Dickie, M.P., has received the following letter from Mr R. Heaton Rhodes, Postmaster-General; "In reference to the letter of August 16th, from Mr W. H. Mulligan, Lismore, asking for the establishment of post and telegraph offices at Maronan, I have the honour to inform you that authority has been given for the opening of a post office. The occupied will be in charge of Mrs E. P. Galletly, and will be served by the thrice-weekly Hinds-Lismore service. The question of opening a telephone office is under consideration"

11 ARIL 1917
... DECEASED PERSONS' ESTATES - DEATH DUTIES - CANTERBURY -Thomas Galletly ?5,203 (2011 equivalent of about $580,000)

10 JULY 1918
... LISMORE. On Thursday evening last the friends of Private Leslie Watson, who was home from Trentham on final leave, assembled at his home at Maronan for the purpose of bidding him farewell. An enjoyable evening was spent with music, games, and dancing, and during the evening the departing soldier was made the recipient of two presentations. Mr T. Galletly, for the residents of Maronan, presented him with a pipe and a razor; and on behalf of the Lismore Patriotic Society, Mr Harry Galletly handed him a money-belt, a pocket wallet, and a pocket-knife. Mr Watson thanked the donors on his son's behalf, and Private Watson also suitable responded

... LISMORE - On Tuesday evening a meeting of residents was held in th Lismore School to consier means of raising money for the "Our Day" Fund ... It was unanimously decided to raise the money by direst giving, Mrs McLauchlan and Messrs H. Gallety and L. Whiting being appointed canvassers

10 NOVEMBER 1918
... DIED OF DISEASE. William James Boon, Private 85789, son of John BOON & Mary Galletly

15 JUNE 1920
... LISMORE. The bachelors held their annual ball on Friday evening, and the function proved a pronounced success. Messrs H. Galletly and G. Young performed their duties as Masters of Ceremony in a capable manner, and excellent music was supplied by the Mayfield branch

27 NOVEMBER 1920
... The Maronan Sunday Scool celebrate its third anniversary by social and prize-giving at Mr William's residence on Friday Evening. Mr L. Galletly submitted a recitation and Mr H. Galletly gave a short address. The Galletly children who took part were: Alice Galletly and Leo Galletly
... NOTE A son of John McLAUCHLAN & Agnes SHEARER had a son, Hector Sutherland McLauchlan who married Alice MARONAN Galletly in 1942

14 JULY 1921
... LISMORE. Last week the fortnightly social evening held in the school took the form of a euchre party
... the first prize was won by Mr H. Galletly ... the duties of M.'s C. were ably performed by Messrs H. Galletly and G. Young

2 JUNE 1921
... CAREW. Carew people have been having quite a lot of dissipation this last week. On Wednesday evening there was a social in the school for Hemi Potatau, a voluntary Maori missionary from Scott's College.
* Recitations wre given by Masters Archie Barton, Lawrie Galletly (more at link)
* the waltziing was won by Miss Galletly
* pupils names in order of merit:
STANDARD III Lawrie Galletly
STANDARD I Hazel and Jean Galletly

... CAREW SCHOOL. The GALLETLY children at the Carew School in 1921 who were mentioned as a result of the term examinations:
STANDARD III - (about 10 years old) Stanley Galletly & Lawrie (Lawrence ?) Galletly
STANDARD I - (about 8 years of) Hazel Gallently
PRIMER 1 - (about 5 years old) Maggie (Margaret ?) Galletly

17 AUGUST 1937
... REPRESENTATIVE FIXTURES. Coming representative engagements for the Ellesmere representative teams include a first grade match with North Canterbury a Christchurch on September 4, and a second grade match at Prebbleton on August 28. The North Canterbury team for the latter match will be:-
FULL-BACK, H. Feary - Loburn
THREE-QUARTERS, L. Yaxley - Loburn, L. Yaxley - Oxford, R. Moir - Ohaka, L. Cook _ Ohaka
FIVE-EIGHTHS, T. GALLETLY - Loburn, R. Croft - Loburn
HALF-BACK, W. Feary - Loburn
FOWARDS, Griffiths - North Canterbury, B. Jones - Oxford, J. McCann - Ohaka, E/ Pulley - Loburn, M. Saunders - Glenmark, J. Doody - Oxford, L. Higginson - Oxford, J. Blunden - Loburn
BACKS, Marsh - North Canterbury, Fitzgibbon - Ohaka
FOWARDS, Small - North Canterbury, Baxter - Glenmark

21 OCTOBER 1938
... THE CHAMPIONS - RYELAND EWE: L. J. and S. W. Gallelty

10 NOVEMBER 1938
... OBITUARY - Mr Charles WOLFE. A well-known figure in the public life of the Springs County, Mr Charles Wolfe, died recently at his home at Lincoln. He was born at Pailton, Warwickshire, England, in 1864, and came to New Zealand with his parents, the late Mr and Mrs John Wolfe, in the ship "Tintern Abbey" which arrived at Lyttelton in May, 1875 ... Mr Wolfe was twice married, and he is survived by his widow ad one daughter, Mrs D. . Taylor, four grandchildren, and three sisters, Mrs T. Galletly (Gore) and Misses J. and M. E. Wolfe (Lincoln)

27 MAY 1940
... MOUNTAIN CLUBS. The following officers for the ensuing year were elected by the Federated Mountain CLubs of New Zealand on Saturay afternoon:-
PRESIDENT - Mr G. G. Lockwood, Christchurch
VICE-PRESIDENTS - Messrs, G. M. Fildes, Auckland, A. G. Flower, Christchurch, H. A. Snowdon, Inaha and N. M. Thomson, Levin

16 JULY 1942
... WOUNDED, Thomas C., Corporal. NEXT OF KIN, wife, Mrs V. I. Galletly, 239 Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui

5 OCTOBER 1944
... KILLED IN ACTION, Wolsfeld, Germany, Alan Russell Galletly, Pilot Officer NZ 427481, aged 33, son of Charles David Galletly and Elizabeth nee Gray, Hawarden, Canterbury

John GALLETLY & Ellen nee SHEA c.1902
- from John Galletly

Timothy Kenna - New Zealand 1915-1954

in answer to janicej0362
on 2013-01-05 20:41:46 Kenna Family Australia & NZ
... I am currently doing research for the local Historical Society and am trying to find out more about Timothy KENNA who enlisted WWI in NZ. Father: John Kenna Mother: Margaret.
Timothy had a brother John or Patrick who was a school-teacher at Cawdor near Camden NSW. A letter from Timothy appeared in the Camden News in 1916. It would appear that Timothy may have had a falling out with family members prior to WWI. I am trying to find out more on Timothy; Which brother was the schoolteacher at Cawdor? Mother's maiden name ? Date of death and location for Timothy ? Did he marry? I believe the family arrived 26 August 1880 "Peterborough" and that Timothy was born c.1879 Tipperary, Ireland.
Any assistance much appreciated

timeline for TIMOTHY KENNA
17 April 1880 - BIRTH
... Timothy Kenna was born in Ireland
- (Tipperary or Kilkenny to be researched)

... KENNA - In loving memory of my dear husband, John Kenna, who departed this life at Clifton, South Coast, on July 14 1905, aged 60 years. May his soul rest in peace. Inserted by his loving wife margaret Kenna
... KENNA - In loving memory of our dear father, John Kenna, who departed this life at Clifton, South Coast, on July 14, 1905, aged 60 years. May his soul rest in peace. Inserted by his loving sons Patrick and William Kenna
... KENNA - In loving memory of our dear father, John Kenna, who departed this life at Clifton on July 14, 1905. Inserted by his loving son-in-law and daughter Sarah
... KENNA - In loving memory of my dear father, John Kenna, who departed this life on July 14, 1905, at Clifton. Inserted by his loving daughter, Mary Bright
... KENNA - In loving memory of my dear father, John Kenna, who departed this life at Clifton on July 14, 1905. Inserted by his loving son, Timothy Kenna

... KENNA - In loving remembrance of my dear father John Kenna, who died at his residence, Clifton, South Coast, July 14, 1905. Inserted by his loving son John, New Zealand

19 Jan 1910 - BROTHER WILLIAM changes SCHOOLS
... Mr W. J. Kenna, assistant teacher at the Clifton Public School, has been notified of his transfer to the charge of the Public School at Burragorang, near the Oaks
in 1948 William was the Teachers' Federation representative in Chatswood
in 1954 William's younger son, Charles Kenna, married Gabrielle Gould at Star of the Sea Church, Watson's Bay. Charles was a Lecturer at the University of Technology & his bestman was John Cahill, son of the Premier of NSW, Joseph Cahill (1891-1959)

20 March 1911 - DEATH OF MOTHER
... KENNA - The friends of the late Mrs Margaret Kenna (late of Clifton) are kindly invited to attend her funeral; to leave the Mortuary Station, Sydney, by Funeral train 2.23 p.m. this day, Monday, for Rookwood cemetery - OSBORNE and SON, Funeral Furnishers, Wollongong
... KENNA - The friends of Messra John, Patrick, Thomas, Timothy and William Kenna are kindly requested to attend the Funeral of the late beloved mother, Margaret Kenna ...
... KENNA - The friends of Mrs C. W. Bright are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late affectionate mother, Margaret Kenna ...
... KENNA - The friends of Mr and Mrs S. C. Kattie are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late mother and mother-in-law, Margaret Kenna...
... KENNA - The friends of Mr and Mrs Edward Bolton are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved mother and mother-in-law ... (who was this daughter?, Mary Kenna married Edward Bolton in Sydney in 1915 but daughter Mary Kenna married Charles Bright in 1896 - see 21 April 1931)

17 April 1915 - EMBARKING TO WAR
... Timothy Kenna served in WWI as:
Serial No: 12/2001
First Known Rank: Private
Next of Kin: Mrs Margaret Kenna (mother), Clifton, New South Wales, Australia
Marital Status: Single
Enlistment Address: c/o Mrs Payne, Hobson street, Auckland
Body on Embarkation: 4th Reinforcements
Embarkation Unit: Auckland Infantry Battalion
Embarkation Date: 17 April 1915
Place of Embarkation: Wellington
Destination: Suez, Egypt

16 Aug 1915 - SICK
... Following disembarked at Malta from Hospital Ship, Aug 5, Slightly Sick:
Auckland Battalion - & Private T. Kenna

15 Oct 1915 - WOUNDED or SICK
... The following have been admitted to Bethnal Green Hospital:- & Private T. Kenna

13 Jan 1916 - WOUNDED or SICK
... The following are on furlough in London:
Auckland Battalion - & Private T. Kenna

Thursday 20 Jan 1916 - LETTER HOME TO HIS BROTHER
- thank you to janice for supplying it via the Camden News
FROM THE FRONT, In the course of a letter written to his brother, Mr. Kenna of Cawdor School (William Joseph Kenna), Pte. T. Kenna of New Zealand Forces, writes as follows: -
"After long years of silence I sent you that postcard, prompted to do so by the fact that when I wrote I was in the trenches at Quinn?s Post (Gallipoli), only 14 yards at its narrowest part from the Turks, and in the midst of slaughter, not knowing when a bullet or shell would quieten me forever. Then thoughts of my own folk came to me and I screwed up the moral courage to drop you a few lines, intending to later on write you a fuller letter. But that night we, the ?? made an advance and I was worn out from fighting, hunger and thirst, and if I had the paper I could not have written, as I assure you things were far more terrible than I can describe, and it took us all our time to dig ourselves into the ground for cover. I was awfully bad with dysentery and as soon as we were firmly entrenched I went to the doctor (Major Craig) and they took me out of the firing line and at once put me on a hospital ship and sent me to Malta, about five days sail. They nursed me like a child both on the ship and in hospital, and I was soon fit and returned to the Dardanelles. However soon had the ill-luck to have a shell explode very close to me, killing several of my chums and wounding more, and burying me up to the chest in earth. The concussion, which was of course intense, paralysed the left side of my face, also paralysed the muscles of my left eyelid, so that I cannot open the eye at all except to lift the lid with my fingers. In addition to that I got enteric fever. I was placed on hospital ship the ?Dover Castle? and brought to England. I am now at Royal Infirmary, Manchester, quite recovered from fever, and am now undergoing treatment and massage. They are putting strong batteries on to me to try and put my eye right, and at the same time let me smile on both sides of my face (I can only smile on the right side, when I am inclined to smile). I think my face is getting right for I can feel a little life in it but I can't yet open my eye only with my fingers. The chief surgeon says, however that if it is not alright in a week, he will operate and is confident that I will be OK. He is said to be the finest ophthalmic surgeon in England. I will cable you the result. I must caution you not to take too seriously what news you see in the papers, etc., with regard to men killed, wounded, etc. As a matter, of fact things get fearfully mixed, and after an engagement a man very often gets mixed up with another battalion or with the Australians, and cannot get back to his own lot. When the roll is called by the platoon commander and you do not answer be puts you down as missing. The news of casualties is then sent by field phone to the beach, and from there to Alexandra by transports or otherwise and is then cabled to N. Zealand or Australia before a chance is given to correct the error and of course it may be a week or more before one can get back to his own lot. I am telling you this for the simple reason that I accidentally picked up a paper here the other day, "The British Australasian" which gives all information concerning Colonial troops, and in it my name appears as ?wounded and missing." As a matter of fact, I had been carried away by Australian stretcher bearers to the hospital ship I also saw an old "Auckland Weekly," about three months old in which two brothers in my platoon were posted, as killed, also it gave their photos, and both chaps are very much alive here in this hospital. So don?t worry about me, I feel in my fingers that I am going to see it through. If I can?t write I will get a nurse to write you, and if I go under I guess the authorities will cable you, but as I have said I feel I will see you all again. I don?t suppose I will see the Dardanelles again till the New Year. I will feel pretty miserable when I do get back for nearly all my companions have been killed. My very best pal in New Zealand, the chap with whom I enlisted, was wounded the same day as I, and though he had no less than eight machine gun bullets in him he has only just died. Poor chap, he was the bravest of the brave ? an Irish Colonial, and the best of chums to me at all times. The people here are kindness itself to us. When the weather is good, and the doctor allows it, they take me out for motor drives for miles and miles and I thoroughly enjoy it. I could fill a newspaper with accounts of the kindness I have received at the hands of the English people, who I shall never forget. I shall give you lots of news when I write again. I am not too strong yet and it takes a lot out of one to do this much.?

22 Dec 1917 - WOUNDED
... Admitted to Hospital - Lance-Sergeant T. Kenna

... The Prime Minister, Right Hon W. F. Massey, has received from the High Commissioner a cable message announcing that New Year honours have been conferred upon members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces as follows:
Meritorious Service Medal - 12/2001 Timothy Kenna

8 Feb 1918 - WAR HONOURS
... The following is the official "identity list" of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and men who participated in the Royal honours at the beginning of the year. The list previously published contained the names of the recipients only:-
Lance-Sergeant Timothy Kenna, M.S.M. Next of kin, Mr W. J. Kenna, Camden, New South Wales

8 March 1918 - FROM LONDON
- (actual Citation was 2 December 1917 in France)
... the Distinguished Conduct Medal has been awarded to the following New Zealanders:-
& 12/2001 C.S.M. T. Kenna, Engineers, for "conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Though the enemy was shelling heavily with gas and H.E. (High Explosive) Shells, he volunteered to get forward a light railway train of ammunition to a battery which was in urgent meed of it. The train was derailed several times, but he made two journeys to the battery with ammunition, though he was suffering from the effects of gas. It was solely owing to his personal example that the work was accomplished"

... 12/2001 - Company-Sergeant-Major, T. Kenna,
- (Mr W. J. Kenna, Camden, N.S.W.)

... Mr P. Kenna of Clifton, has been informed that his brother, T. Kenna, has been awarded the D.C.M. and the Meritorious Service Medal. He has been in a hospital suffering fron the effect of gas. He joined the forces in New Zealand and the High Commissioner of New Zealand has sent him a congratulatory message

29 Aug 1923 - 'DUD' TOTE TICKET
... A totalisator ticket that was not the real thing was the principal exhibit in a case wherin Timothy Kenna, a man with two service decorations, had to explain to Mr J. W. Poynton, S.M. at the Auckland Police Court to-day why he had presented it at the last Winter Meeting when it had been issued at the Easter Meeting. The evidence showed that Kenna had presented the ticket at a pay-out window after the last race. The assistance manager was called to the window and payment of the £13 6s 6d dividend was refused (this is a Aug 2012 equivalent of $1275).
Detective Robinson deposed that accused had been with a woman, and in her presence he had informed witness that they had agreed to pool the winnings, she having given him 10/ to put on 'Cool Stimulants', the understanding being that he would put 10/ on another horse.
Mr Inder, who represented accused, urged that the ticket presented might have been issued by a totalisator clerk. Kenna really believed he had been issued with the ticket and had persisted in presenting it at various windows.
In rebuttal, the assistant manager of the tote house gave evidence as to the system of tickets in use. Immediately the stop-bell rang, every roll of paper was removed and locked in a strongroom. That paper was never used again, and the code was changed for the next set of tickets. The tote clerks were well-known local men, who could not afford to turn criminal for 10/. One dishonest act and they would never be trusted again.
"I think he was trying a little dodge" said the magistrate. "It is a question of believing his story or believing that two tote employees deliberately cheated him with an old ticket. It would be like doubting a bank teller's integrity. Kenna was muddled - thought he was a bit smart no doubt" His character had been good and it was a case for a fine. He would be mulcted in the sum of £3 with witnesses' expenses £1

14 Jan 1924 - THE OLD TALE
... "I was suffering from dysentery, and I think I must have took too much brandy and port wine" said Timothy Kenna, 43 (birth year approx 1880), when charged with drunkenness in the Auckland Court.
"Yes, I believe I have heard that tale before" said Mr Poynton. "I see you have four previous convictions for drunkenness"
"I know, and I am sorry sir, if you give me another chance I will take out a prohibition order straight away."
"No, you got seven days last time. Fourteen days"

... Timothy Kenna, aged 44 (birth year of 1879), a statutory fifth offender, was fined 40/-, in default 14 days, for drunkenness

2 November 1924 - GISBORNE COURT
... Timothy Kenna was before the court to-day, charged with trespassing on the Avondale, Auckland racecourse while a meeting was in progress. Accused said he did not know he was prohibited from attending races. He was the holder of the D.C.M. and Meritorious Service medals. Accused was convicted and discharged

30 September 1924 - PASSENGER INWARDS
... The Makura, which arrived at Wellington this morning after an uneventful voyage from Sydney, brought the following:
Second Class Passengers: - & Mr T. Kenna

... KENNA, June 24 1928 at Sydney, Patrick Kenna, formerly of Wollongong, aged 57 years. Requiescat in pace
... KENNA, The relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs T. Kenna, Mr and Mrs W. J. Kenna and family, Mrs M. Bright and mr and Mrs S. C. Kattie and family are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their late dearly-beloved brother and uncle, Patrick Kenna; to leave W. N. Bull's funeral parlour, King-street, Newtown, this (Tuesday)
afternoon at 2 o'clock for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood by road, motor funeral
... KENNA, The relatvies and friends of Mrs M. Bolton and son John, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their late dearly beloved nephew and cousin, Patrick kenna ...

21 April 1931 - DEATH of Mary Bolton??
... BOLTON, The relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs JOHN Bolton, 59 maccauley-road, Stanmore, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their dearly beloved mother, Mary to leave her late residence 51 Percival-street, Leichhardt, this (Tuesday) afternnon, at 2 o'clock for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood by road
... BOLTON, The relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs Thomas Kenna and family, Mr and Mrs William Kenna and family, Mr T. Kenna, Mr J. Kenna, Mr and Mrs C. Bright and family, Mr and Mrs S. Kattie and family, Mrs A. Kenna and son Patrick (& others) are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their late dearly veloved AUNT, Mary Bolton ??
NOTE at 20 March 1911, at the death of their mother Margaret, the following insertion was in the newspaper "KENNA - The friends of Mr and Mrs EDWARD Bolton are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved mother and mother-in-law" ??

... Timothy Kenna, a labourer, aged 48 (sic), who did not appear, was fined £1 for casting offensive matter in Lambton Quay. On a further charge of drunkenness he was fined 10s

29 November 1934 - DEPARTING FOR SYDNEY
... Scheduled to sail at 3 p.m. for Sydney, the Monowai is taking the following passengers: CABIN CLASS: - & Mr T. Kenna

12 June 1939 - FUNERAL of BROTHER-IN-LAW
... KATTIE, Requiem mass for the repose of the soul of the late Mr Sydney Charles Kattie, of Kenilworth Flats, 182 Parramatta Road, Ashfield, will be celebrated at St Vincent's Church, Ashfield
... KATTIE, The relatives and friends of Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Kattie of Kenilworth Flats, 182 Parramatta Road, Ashfield, Mr and Mrs R. C. Kattie and family of Toomwoomba, Queensland and of Miss Doris Kattie are informed that the funeral of her late beloved husband and dear father and grandfather, Mr Sydney Charles Kattie, will leave St Vincent's Church, Ashfield, this Monday morning at 9.45 o'clock for Catholice Cemetery, Rookwood Mortuary
... KATTIE, The relatives and friends of Mrs M. Bright, Mr and Mrs T. Kenna, Mr W. J. Kenna and family are informed that the Funeral of their late beloved brother-in-law and uncle, Mr Sydney Charles Kattie ...

22 Dec 1943 - DEATH of BROTHER JOHN
... KENNA, December 22, at Wanganui, N.Z., John, eldest son of the late John and Margaret Kenna, of Pyrmont and Clifton, and brother of the late Patrick and of Thomas, Mary (Mrs Bright), Sarah (Mrs Kattie), Tim and Will

28 Jan 1948 - DEATH of SISTER-IN-LAW
... KENNA, Eleana Theresa - January 26 1948, beloved wife of Thomas Kenna of Gwynne street, Wollongong, and dear sister of Margaret Briscoe of Chatswood, sister-in-law of Will, Tim, Mary (Mrs Bright of Chatswood) and Sarah (Mrs Kattie of Byron Bay) aged 77

11 July 1951 - DEATH of BROTHER THOMAS
... KENNA, Thomas - July 11 1951 of 21 Gwynne street, Wollongong, beloved brother of Mary, Sarah, Timothy and William, aged 77 years. Requiscat in pace

29 Nov 1954 - DEATH of TIMOTHY
Timothy Kenna died in New Zealand on 29 November 1954 aged 74
- he was recorded as a Pensioner and was buried Plot 15 G/4, SOLDIERS Section at Karori cemetery, Wellington
- Timothy is the only Kenna buried at Karori

TIMOTHY KENNA Company Sergeant Major, Railway Operating Section, NZ Engineers MILITARY AWARDS
? Distinguished Conduct Medal
? 1914-15 Star
? British War Medal
? Victory Medal
? Meritorious Service Medal

the 'Peterborough' left London, with 395 assisted immigrants, on 2 June 1880, arriving in Sydney 28 August 1880.
Timothy's family on board (birth years are tentative at this time)
father, John Kenna aged 35 (1845-1905 at Clifton)
mother, Margaret Kenna aged 36 (1844-1911)
brother, John Kenna aged 10 (1869-1943 at Wanganui)
brother, Patrick Kenna, aged 9 (born 1871-1928 at Sydney)
- did Patrick die in Drummoyne in 1928??
brother, Thomas Kenna aged 7 (1873-1951 at Wollongong)
- Thomas married Eleana/Helena Theresa BRISCOE (1871-1948) in 1903
- Eleana died 26 January 1948 Gynne stret, Wollongong
sister, Mary Kenna aged 6 (born 1874)
- Mary married Charles W. BRIGHT in 1896
- mary married Edward BOLTON in 1915
sister, Sarah Elizabeth Kenna aged 5 (born 1875)
- Sarah married Sydney Charles KATTIE (?-1939) in 1898 in Sydney
- Sydney died 10 June 1939 at 182 Parramatta Road, Ashfield
Timothy Kenna aged 1 (actual age 4 months, 1880-1954 at Wellington)
William Joseph 'Will' Kenna was born in Australia (1885-1973 at Chatwood)
- William married Elizabeth May PORTER (1883-1937) in 1912 in Waverley & had 3 children
- Elizabeth died 218 Pennant Hills road, Thornleigh
- William died 15 Arpil 1973 at Chatswood

Timothy's brother, John Kenna, (a Plumber by trade), also served from New Zealand in WWI. He was Sapper 17520 with the New Zealand Engineers Tunnelling Company, 3rd Reinforcements. He embarked from Wellington 15 November 1916 on the HMNZT 69, the 'Tahiti', destination Devonport, England. His next of kin was his brother Patrick Kenna at Clinton, New South Wales, Australia.
The Tahiti left port 15 Nov 1916, called in at Cape of Good Hope and arrived at Devonport, England 29 Jan 1917. It carried the Units of the 19th Reinforcements N.Z.E.F. (Roll No. 45), the 10th Reinforcements Maori Contingent and John's Unit, the 3rd Reinforcements NZ Engineers Tunnelling Company (Embarkation of 2 ships totalled 2036 men)

LOOKING FOR TIMOTHY's "very best pal in New Zealand, the chap with whom I enlisted, was wounded the same day as I, and though he had no less than eight machine gun bullets in him he has only just died"
John Gregory
serial number 12/1964 (same day enlistment)
same unit, same embarkation date
same destination
died at Gallipoli
SAME ENLISTMENT ADDRESS - c/o Mrs Payne, Hobson street
... however, killed in action? although photo says missing in action

* c/o Mrs Payne, Hobson street:
Mrs Elizabeth Annie Payne (nee Tregoning 1870-1941) & husband Henry Payne (1870-1919) lived at 126 Hobson street Auckland

see also Camden History

Timothy's plaque at Karori, Wellington

TIMPERLEY marriages New Zealand 1865 - 1931

TIMPERLEY marriages New Zealand 1865 - 1931
Clarence George Timperley (1899-1980)
- married Hilda Emma Kate MOREY (1905-1996) in 1925

Ernest Edward Timperley (1884-1916)
- married Constance Amy LATTO (1892-1960) in 1914
- Constance was born 27 Feb 1892, base born to Janet Latto (nee HISLOP 1864-1922)
- Janet Hislop first married David Latto (1859-1926) of Scotland in 1881, settled in Kaiapoi and had 4 children from 1883 to 1887. David then deserted the family, went to Western Australia, then in 1888 in Melbourne, he married (bigamously) Anne VALENTINE (read the story at his link)
- Janet married Charles Herbert BECKETT (1863-1948) in 1896. No children found at this time
- Constance Amy remarried in 1929 (see below)

Joseph Timperley (1839-1914)
- married Elizabeth Ann HOWE 11 Sep 1872 in Bay of Islands
- he next married Ann Clara NORTON (nee SIMONS 1847-1914) in 1899

Lawrence Ernest Timperley (1886-1962)
- married Elsie May SMITH in 1911

Louis Samuel Timperley (1888-1945)
- married Ethel Genevieve MONTAGUE (1891-1956) in 1910

Roy Holden Timperley (1902-1973)
- a son of William & Nancy TIMPERLEY
- married Mary Ethel LEATHEM (1905-?) in 1931
- Mary was a daughter of Edward & Ellen LEATHEM

William Timperley
- married Betsy Alice WHITTAKER in 1887

William Basil Timperley (1894-1949)
- married Catherine Evelyn May MURRAY (1901-?) in 1920
- daughter of Jeremiah MURRAY & Barbara Mary FINCHER

Anna Timperley
- married Hugh Wallace CRAIG (1889-1940) in 1914

Constance Amy Timperley (nee LATTO) (1893-1960)
- first married Ernest Edward Timperley (1884-1916)
- married David Norman WILKINSON in 1929

Eliza Alice Timperley (1881-1945)
- married Charles Henry NADIN (1877-1953) in 1897

Emily Timperley (1881-1949)
- married Tom BOLTON (1880-1965) in 1910

Ethel Timperley
- married Thomas Henry NORTON in 1891

Gertrude Blanche Timperley (1887-1972)
- married Timothy KEOGH (1876-1944) in 1906

Ida Timperley (1840-1914)
- married Samuel HOLT (1837-1909) in 1872

Mabel Winifred Timperley (1878-?)
- married Guisnai George SMITH (1872-1960) in 1898

Mary Jane Timperley
- married William ROBINSON in 1865

Maud Timperley (1882-1965)
- born in Australia
- married Relf WITTE (1880-1962) in 1914
- Relf was 1 of 12 children of Johann Christian WITTE (1820-1910) & Eliza Sohpia TONGEMAN (1844-1901)

Selina Edna Timperley (1874-?)
- daughter of Joseph TIMERLEY & Elizabeth Ann HOWE
- married William John SLATTER (1863-1920) in 1890
- Selina remarried in 1923 to William Thompson MILLS

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TINGEY marriages New Zealand BRIDES 1865 - 1927

the known TINGEY marriages in New Zealand between 1865-1927

Agnes Tingey
- married William Douglas St George Shaw in 1872

Clarice Netty Tingey
- married Thomas Hawdon Davison in 1918

Edith Emma Tingey
- married William Albert Wellings in 1905

Edna Dalgleish Tingey
- married William Henry John Watson in 1927

Ellen Tingey
- married Joseph James Bailey in 1899

Ellen Jane Tingey
- married Willie Waters in 1897

Evelyn Sylvia Tingey
- married Ernest Cecil Cording in 1915

Florence Tingey
- married Francis Chalmers Brookie in 1895

Florence Candace Tingey
- married Alfred Ernest Lammas in 1905

Gladys Isabel Tingey
- arried Archie Henry Grant in 1911

Jane Tingey
- married John Robert Lambert in 1889

Louisa Adella Tingey
- married Miles Varley in 1912

Mabel Sarah Tingey
- married Harold Wellington Pilcher in 1902

Mary Pauline Tingey
- married Frank Manttan in 1901

Mary Sophia Tingey
- married George Pemberton Kitchen in 1878

Minnie Vida Tingey
- married William Edward Power in 1914

Sarah Tingey
- married William Warwick in 1872

Sarah Maria Tingey
- married James Thomas Goodfellow in 1865


TINGEY marriages New Zealand GROOMS 1873 - 1922

the known TINGEY male marriages in New Zealand between 1873-1922:

Albert Tingey
- married Annie Isabel Robert in 1887

Albert Tingey
- married Elsie Joan Atkinson in 1917

Edward Tingey
- married Emma Augusta Mailman in 1873

Edward Tingey
- married Sarah Helen Campbell in 1909

Ernest Victor Tingey
- married Eva Marjory Sussex in 1922

James Stanley Tingey
- married Eleanor Blanche Symes in 1904

Joseph Tingey
- married Elizabeth Norton in 1873

Laurence Hector Tingey
- married Harriet Tester in 1910

Lawrence Hector Tingey
- married Harriet Holstead in 1909

Norman Edward Tingey
- married Margaret Spence Benn in 1922

Raymond Bertram Tingey
- married Olive Lucy Bowley in 1906

Richard Tingey
- married Margaret Johnson in 1873

Richard Leonard Tingey
- married Catherine Ann Mowat in 1900

Sydney St Clair Tingey
- married Louisa Grace Arnold in 1915

Thomas Theodore Tingey
- married Daisy Ellen Harrison in 1919

William Harold Tingey
- married John Leyden Hume ?? in 1901


TOBECK marriages New Zealand 1887 - 1930

some TOBECK marriages 1887 - 1903:

Alfred John Tobeck
- married Violet Matilda Neale in 1920

Allan Anthony Tobeck
- married Millicent Strangward Niccolls in 1917

Charles Frederick Tobeck
- married Doreen Rudkin in 1922

Charlotte Annie Tobeck
- married Edward Ryde in 1903

Clarence John Colyton Tobeck
- married Ivy Pearl Edwards in 1917

Ella May Tobeck
- married Herbert Spencer Peryman in 1924

Eunice Emma Tobeck
- married Leonard David Wilson in 1928

Evelyn Lucy Tobeck
- married Harold Eustace King in 1913

Freda Doris Tobeck
- married John Thomas Rogers in 1930

Frederick Tobeck
- married Emma Eliza Singleton in 1895

George Hermann Tobeck
- married Jane Helen MacKenzie in 1918

Helena Christina Tobeck
- married John Sutherland Macartney in 1907

Hubert Spencer Tobeck
- married Amy Agnes Knox in 1924

Ivy Grace Tobeck
- married Keith Lavington Peryman in 1923

John Tobeck
- married Lucy Pearson in 1894

John Tobeck
- married Elizabeth Hannah Thompson in 1919

John Henry Tobeck
- married Alice Leney in 1896

Lucy Tobeck
- married Frederick Witty in 1888

Margaret Tobeck
- married Thomas Barnett in 1887

Reginald Gibert Tobeck
- married Sarah Pearson in 1928

Vera Margaret Tobeck
- married Charles George Paterson in 1926

William George Tobeck
- married Alice Minnie Currin in 1897

William George Tobeck
- married Johanna Juliane Edith Stranch in 1904

William George Howard Tobeck
- married Mabel Elizabeth Peryman in 1924

TOKOROA Street Names

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TOLHOPF marriages New Zealand 1866 - 1931

some TOLHOPF marriages New Zealand 1866 - 1931:

the Tohopf were from Bohemia (now Czech Republic) and were the settlers of PUHOI
- visit all the links at that site as many of these failies are mentioned

some of the ships they emigrated on were:
- links to these at above site

Agnes Theresa Tolhopf
- married Jack DURHAM in 1931

Anton Tolhopf
- married Elizabeth Eva KAES in 1916
- lived in Puhoi

Catherine Tolhopf
- married Carl Von LIORUO in 1901

Catherine Mary Tolhopf
- married Albert Ludwig AMUNDSON

Elizabeth Tolhopf James RYAN in 1888

Elizabeth Maud Tolhopf
- married George Henry POYNER in 1928

John Tolhopf
- married Rose TURNWALD in 1907

Joseph Tolhopf
- married Mary RAUNER in 1927

Mary Tolhopf
- married Joseph James GYDE in 1996

Nora Lena Tolhopf
- married Henri Eugene LONGUET in 1927

Rosalia May Tolhopf
- married John Wenzle BAYER in 1928

Rose Tolhopf
- married James KING in 1904

Sarah Tolhopf
- married James Alexander GERRARD in 1906

Theresa Katherine Tolhopf
- married Neil Frederick Alfred Cyril BURROWS in 1908

Wenzl Tolhopf (1874-1947)
- marrid Annie Teresa JOYCE (1873-1958) in 1915

Tom HADFIELD & Mary Hannah FORSTER - Birkenhead, Auckland

Tom HADFIELD, born 20 June 1857 in Denbies House, Dunkinfield, Lancashire, England, son of Joshua HADFIELD and mother not known
- Tom died on 25 November 1921 aged 64
- he was buried Area 1 Block H Lot No 126A at Waikaraka cemetery

Mary Hannah FORSTER was born 15 Dec 1859 in Widnes Dock, Lancashire, England
- a daughter of Joseph FORSTER and Mary COOPER
- Mary died on 17 February 1946 aged 86
- she was buried Area 1 Block H Lot No 126A at Waikaraka cemetery

Tom and Mary married about 1883 (location not known)
the known NZ born children

1884 - 1961 Harry Hadfield

1886 - 1917 Stanley Hadfield
- Stanley served with th 24th Reinforcements as Private 44722
- he was an Estate Agent in Auckland
- his next of kin, his father, was then living in Golf Road, **Epsom, Auckland
- Stanley was KILLED IN ACTION in Ypres, Belgium 4 Oct 1917 aged 31
- he is buried XXXI.B.15. at Tyne Cot Cemetery Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

1889 - ? Mary Hadfield
- Mary married Henry HALL in 1915

1892 - 1975 Annie Hadfield
- Annie married Stephen Stanley ROUT (1881-1937) in 1915

1894 - ? Margaret Hadfield
- Margaret married Lincoln John SMITH in 1921

1896 - 1972 Tom Hadfield
- Tom served with the 24th Reinforcements, Private 44725, with his brother Stanley
- he listed his mother as next of kin, at Golf Road, Epsom, Auckland
- Tom was a Cabinetmaker
- Tom married Adelaide Constance Thelma LEE (1899-1982) in 1921
- he died 14 Sep 1972 aged 76. Cremated at Purewa, his ashes were scattered
- Adelaide died 13 Dec 1982 aged 83. Her ashes were returned from Purewa

1898 - 1979 Eleanor Hadfield
- Eleanor married George Arnell CHRISTIE (1898-1976) in 1924

1904 - 1993 Emily Hadfield
- Emily married Frederick George HOSKING (1904-1993) 15 June 1927 in Epsom, Auckland
- they had 4 known children
- Frederick was born in Oldaway Farm, West Alvington, Devon, England, a son of George HOSKING & Mabel Gertrude BAKER

1906 - 1906 Park Hadfield
- Park died 5 Feb 1906 aged 1 day & buried Area 3 Block 9 Lot No 92, Waikaraka

TIMELINE for Tom Hadfield & his family
- taken from newspapers of the day
11 May 1888
... Tom Hadfield was first elected Councillor

29 Ocrober 1896
... There was a large attendance at Mr R. C. Carr's property sale this morning, and bidding was very brisk. The proprty known as Flewellyn's, at Birkenhead, was sold to Mr T. Hadfield for ?520 ($93,000 in 2011)

30 June 1899
... At the annual meeting of the Auckland Branch o the Peace Association, held last evening, in the Y.M.C.A. Buildings, Mr Calder presiding, the reguation were altered so as to allow persons under 16 years of age to become members at a nominal subscriptio. The following officers were elected: President, Mr CALDER; Vice-Presidents, Rev. A. H. COLLINS, Messrs PECKOVER, and T. HADFIELD; Secretary, M. ALDIS; Treasurer, J. W. DIMMOCK; Committee, Messrs H. C. HASELDEN, E. V. SLYFIELD, and G. GREY.

1 December 1892
... The half-yearly meeting of the Auckland Operative Bootmakers Union was held on Nov. 15 in the Wesley Hall. There was a fair attendance, and Mr H. Dymock presided. The following officers were elected:- President, Mr T. HADFIELD; Vice-presidens, Messrs F. T. HARDING and C. JOHNSON; Treasurer, Mr P. JINKINS; Secretary, Mr W. WORTH

9 January 1899 - FOR SALE BIRKENHEAD
... Well furnished 6 roomed House, large shed, 7? acres land, in grass and orchard, ?360. ?60 down. Balance 5 per cent.
* Adjoining the above, 6 acres, partly cultivate, ?60 cash (2011 equivalent of $10.000)
* Five acres fenced, grass, orchard, and bush, ?125
* Three acres grass and bush, ?65
These properties are in the centre of Birkenhead Borough, which is reapidly advancing, Have all good Building Sites, Specially adapted for strawberry growing and other fruits; within 20 minutes walk of Birkenhead Wharf
- Apply T. HADFIELD, Birkenhead

... A meeting of householders was held at Birkenhead on Saturday evening to protest against the recent application for a male teacher at the Birkdale School to displace Miss BOWEN. The Zion Hill Schoolroom was completely filled, and the votes of censure upon the school committee were carried without dissent.
Mr T. HADFIELD, the chairman, explained that on the previous Saturday evening, the Birkdale school Committee, by a majority of five to two, decided to apply to the Auckland Education Board for a male teacher in plce of the present head mistress Miss Bowen. Those who supported the application were well aware the step was contrary to the wishes of the district ... more at link

17 April 1901 - BIRKENHEAD
... Nominations cosed to-day with Mr A. L. White, returning officer, for the election of Mayor and Councillors of the Borough of Birkenhead.
For the position of Mayor only one nomination, that of Mr J. H. Witheford (nominated by Messrs Wm. Wallace, Harold W.Hudson, and John Hadfield) was received, and Mr Witheford is accordingly re-elected for the ensuing year.
The following are the names of the andidates for the Council:- William WALLACE, Charles James SHAW, Henry DAY, Tonm HADFIELD,Edward James WHITE, Harold FRITH, John HADFIELD, David Maxwell HERON, William THOMPSON, Alexander KEYES, Harry Percival TAYLOR, John Green KAY, Patruck DONAHOE.

... The following additional reports of householders' meetings have been received:- BIRKDALE, the following householders were elected as the Committee ... Messrs W. WALLACE, Tom HADFIELD, A HAIRE, W. METCALF, F. OSMOND, H. FLEWELLYN, and J. LOWE. Mr W. WALLACE was elected chairman, Mr H. FLEWELLYN secretary, and Mr T. HADFIELD, treasurer

11 November 1901
... Messrs Paul Hansen and Co., in conjunction with Messrs Tom Hadfield and Sons, will submit to auction on Wednesday, November 29, the Thorne Estate, situated within four minutes walk of the Mon Desir Hotel, Takapuna. There are 42 beautiful beach sections available, and the minimum size of any section is a quarter of an acre. The sale will be conducted by Mr Warren Blyth at the Chamber of Commerce, Swanson-street, when the residence, cottage and outhouses will also be offered.

... About forty ratepayers of Birkenhead attended in the Wesleyan Schoolroom last evening to further discuss the Town Hall question, Cr, H. P. TAYLOR presided ... Cr. T. HADFIELD moved that the scheme for a ?600 hall should be adopted, and stated that if this were not done he would join in a company to erect it privately. Mr HARRIS seconded ... more at link

** of note
... Auckland Region 1900-1939
- Social groups
By the early 1900s tramways and suburban railways linked villages across the isthmus, aiding the growth of suburbs. Middle-class families left the run-down and crowded inner-city districts for new, more spacious neighbourhoods on the edge of town. The affluent headed for the inner eastern suburbs of Epsom and Remuera, and the North Shore; middle-class earners built new suburbs to the south and west, such as Mt Albert. The poor remained in the central city. By 1911 Auckland had become New Zealand?s largest industrial centre and by 1921 was its busiest port. Between 1891 and 1926 the urban population nearly quadrupled. The city was termed a ?second Sydney? by its boosters

Edward Gifford painted this bustling Queens Wharf, Auckland, scene in 1887. As waterside workers load cargo, others promenade and converse. A paddle steamer in the foreground and new buildings along (probably) Quay Street reflect the city?s modernity and progress.