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WARIN marriages New Zealand 1884 - 1931

known WARIN marriages in New Zealand

- the children are only those known, it is possible there were others
- you are welcome to add more info in the comment box below

Alexander James Stewart Warin (1863-1939)
- he lived in Warkworth, North Auckland
- married Elizabeth Ann WILSON (1868-1956) in 1891
- their known children:
1894 - 1917 Garfield Alexander Napier Warin
- Garfield served in WWI as Private 31752 with NZEF, 19th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company. His parents were then in Warkworth, Northland. He was KILLED IN ACTION 4 Oct 1917 Ypres, Belgium
1896 - 1924 Hilda Isabell Warin
1897 - 1982 Wilfred Selwyn Warin
1899 - ? Myrtle Kathleen Warin

Alfred Carson Warin (1872-1938)
- married Florance MOUNTFORT in 1904
- they had a daughter:
1905 - Lorna Carson Warin

George Sheppard Warin (1856-1906)
- married Martha Mary QUINN in 1894

James Thompson Wilson Warin (1902-1958)
- married Irene Lillian FORREST in 1925

John Warin
- married Estella Katherine DRUMM (1855-1929 nee REYLING) in 1895
Estella was previously married to James Joseph Drumm (1843-1886)
(James died aged 43 and is buried in Greymouth cemetery)
the known children of JAMES & ESTELLA:
1871 - James Frederick Drumm
1873 - Katherine Loretta Drumm
1875 - Josephine Gertrude Drumm
1878 - John Louis Drumm
1880 - Mary Stella Margurita Drumm

Owen Albert Warin (1900-1962)
- married Elsie May FOLLAS in 1921

Richard Nelson Warin
- married Minnie Katherine SOUTHGATE (1868-1906) in 1891
- their known children:
1896 - Irene Warin
1898 - Cyril Carson Warin
1904 - Rena Doris Warin
- Minnie died aged 37
- Richard next married Annie Maria SOUTHGATE (1865-1914) in 1910

Wilfred Selwyn Warin (1897-1982)
- married Kathleen Nora POOLE in 1923

Dorothy Blanche Warin (1892-1980)
- daughter of Thomas Frederick (1859-1920) & Eliza Mary (1864-1946) WARIN
** see below
- married Richard Francis Stanley WILLIAMS (1889-1966) in 1915

Elizabeth Ellen Warin (1862-1944)
- Elizabeth was from Matakana (100km north of Auckland)
- she married William Owen Strangward NICCOLLS (1859-1923) in 1884
- William was born in Shropshire, England
- they lived in Cheltenham & Feilding, Manawatu
- William died 17 July 1923 aged 63
- he is buried PLOT 583, BLOCK 3 at Feilding cemetery, Manawatu
- the known children of Elizabeth & William:
1884 - Lucy Ellen Strangward Niccolls
- Lucy married James Henry TERRY in 1912
1886 - 1964 William Henry Strangward Niccolls (with photos)
- born in Taipouri Island, Huntly
- William served in WWI as Rifleman 11091 with NZRB, 6th Reinforcements 1st Battalion, E Company
1888 - 1913 Roland Fletcher Strangward Niccolls - Roland died aged 25
* 1889 - 1952 Leslie Dennys Strangward Niccolls
- * born in Australia. Leslie served in WWI as Private 3/2178 with NZEF, Medical Corps. His parents were then at Denbigh street, Feilding
?? - maybe others in Australia
1892 - Millicent Strangward Niccolls
- Millicent married Allan Anthony TOBECK in 1917
1894 - 1915 Owen Strangward Niccolls
- Owen served in WWI as Private 10/1595 with the 3rd Reinforcements. his parents were then at Denbigh street, Feilding. He was KILLED IN ACTION 8 Aug 1915 at Galipoli
1896 - Winifred Strongward Niccolls
- Winifred married Gimore HOWARD in 1920
1898 - Edith Mavis Strangward Niccolls
- Edith married Fergus Ian FAIRBROTHER in 1922
1902 - 1980 Walter Strangward Niccolls
- Walter died in Awapuni Hopital 25 July 1980 aged 78
- possible he married Alice Candlish ?? (1903-1968)
- he was cremated at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

Ethel Murray Warin (1898-1981)
- married Alfred Currar WITHAM in 1920

Hilda Isabel Warin (1896-1924)
- married Charles DAY in 1923

Irene Lillian Warin (1906-2000)
- married Reginald Richard HARBIDGE (1899-1992) in 1931

Irene Nicholas Warin (1896-1969)
- married William Reginald PHILLIPS (1896-1968) in 1921

Kathleen Myrtle Warin
- daughter of Alexander James Stewart WARIN & Elizabeth Ann WILSON
- married Harold Mason POOLE (1899-1975) in 1923

Madolyn Ruthe Warin (1900-1975)
- married Herbert HUGHES in 1922

Marrion Jane Warin (1908-?)
- daughter of William Henry (1875-1952) & Marrion Jane (1876-1949) WARIN
- married Charles DAY in 1931

Martha Mary Warin
- married William Fleming McELROY in 1913

Mary Ann Warin
- married William Alexander McGREGOR in 1892
- their known children::
1893 - 1927 Alan Godfrey McGregor
1895 - Roy Matheson McGregor
1897 - 1950 Jessie Charlotte McGregor
- Jesie married Percy Alexander SPURDLE (1891-1960) in 1922

Olive Carson Warin (1900-1967)
- daughter of William Henry (1875-1952) & Marrion Jane (1876-1949)
- married Norman Edwin HUTCHINGS in 1928

Rena Doris Warin (1904-1990)
- married Stanley David BEADNALL (1900-1963) in 1929
- son of Reginald Walter BEADNALL & Emily HARVEY, Stanley first married Rita WHORSKEY (1903-1931) in 1924

BIG thanks to Garwhit's comment on this marriage
Thomas Frederick WARIN married Eliza Mary DARROCH on 28 December 1886 at Mahurangi Heads, Warkworth
their children were:
* 1887 - 1979 Gladys Margaret Warin
* 1889 - 1857 Thomas Ulyett Carson Warin
* 1890 - 1890 John Warin (John lived 2 hours)
...* John & Kenneth were twins, born 17 November 1890
* 1890 - 1918 Kenneth Cranley Warin
... Kenneth served in WWI as Private 12/390. He embarked from Auckland 16 Oct 1914 & served for 3 years in Egypt, Gallipoli & the Western Front.
He died in Auckland during the Flu Pandemic
New Zealand Herald, 7 December 1918 Mr and Mrs WARIN, of Warkworth, wish to thank all those who helped nurse and attend their son at Mr Darroch's residence, Stanley Bay (especially do they wish to thank Nurse Urquhart and Dr Bennett), the many kind friends and relatives who sympathised with them in their sad bereavement, for letters, cards and floral emblems received
* 1892 - 1980 Dorothy Blanche Warin
* 1894 - 1965 Janet Darroch Warin
* 1895 - 1969 Irene Nicholas Warin
... * Irene & George were twins, born 22 December 1895
* 1895 - 1896 George Shepherd Warin
* 1898 - 1981 Ethel Murray Warin
* 1900 - 1975 Madolyn Ruth Warin
...* Madolyn & Albert were twins, born 9 November 1900
* 1900 - 1962 Albert Owen Warin

HEADSTONE Plot 583, Row 13, Block 3 at Feilding:
William Owen Strangward Niccolls (1859-1923)

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WASS buried in PERTH Cemeteries West Australia

the WASS buried in PERTH as at July 2011:

see also WASS of DONGARA












WASS HENRY 62 years 1984 MEDINA



WASS JOHN 69 years 1916 MULLINI




WASS PHILLIP 73 years 1964 COMO











WASS buried in THREE SPRINGS Cemetery West Australia

WASS at THREE SPRINGS to July 2011:

see also WASS of DONGARA


WASS, Emily
- lived at Yandanook
- died 15 July 1950 aged 54
- buried Plot 89 Anglican

WASS, Emily Merle
- lived at Yandanook
- died 16 July 1936 age 10 months
- buried Plot 8 Methodist

WASS, Harold Edward
- lived at Yandanook
- died 8 July 1936 aged 2 years 11 months
- buried Plot 7 Methodist

WAUCHOP New Zealand 1876 - 1927

known WAUCHOP marriages in New Zealand 1876 - 1927:


Thomas Wauchop
- married Rachel STEWART in 1876
the known children of Thomas & Rachel were:
1877 - Elizabeth Lilian Wauchop
1878 - 1945 Thomas Stewart Wauchop
1880 - 1960 John Stewart Wauchop
1881 - Rachel Mabel Wauchop
1883 - 1968 Henry Hamilton Wauchop
1884 - Maurice Graham Wauchop
1885 - Vera Eileen Wauchop
1887 - unknown Wauchop

William Simon Wauchop (1889-1971)
- born in Christchurch
- trained at the Canterbury University College School of Art studying landscape under Alred W. WALSH graduating in 1910. He taught in Christchurch before becoming a librarian, and then chief librarian, at the General Assembly Library. He also studied dance. After studying dance in Sydney, he founded the Wauchop School of Dancing. He was a prominent member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and was president from 1953-1962. His work was represented in New Zealand's Centennial Exhibition in Wellington in 1940.

He painted in watercolour and oil and his subjects were still life and landscapes, especially mountains, lakes and native forests.

He is represented at the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, Hocken Library, Dunedin, Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch, Rotorua Museum of Art and History, Rotorua, and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington
- he is represented in the National Art Gallery, Wellington.
- he married Annie Elizabeth KIRKLEY (1884-1956) in 1927
- one of his paintings
- list of his paintings (70)
- Auction Houses which have sold his work:
Auction House - Value Sold - Number Sold
Dunbar Sloane, Wellington - $6,857 - 34
International Art Centre, Auckalnd - $2,269 - 7
Webb's, Epsom Auckland - $1,522 - 5
Cordy's, Remuera AUckland - $128 - 1


Elizabeth Lilian Wauchop
- married Carolus Gustavus Adolphus SOMMERS in 1920

Rachel Mabel Wauchop
- married Edward STOCKWELL in 1910

some known WAUCHOP DEATHS 1873 - 2006

1962 Wauchop, Agnes aged 76

1956 Wauchop, Annie Elizabeth aged 72

1996 Wauchop, Edna Emily aged 80

1949 Wauchop, Frederica Henrietta aged 65

1990 Wauchop, Fredrick Henry aged 75

1968 Wauchop, Henry Hamilton aged 85

2006 Wauchop, Henry Hamilton aged 87

1873/74 Wauchop, Isabella age unknown

1960 Wauchop, John Stewart aged 80

1962 Wauchop, Margaret Swanston aged 73

1975 Wauchop, Muriel Gladys aged 69

1996 Wauchop, Rachel aged 85

1889 Wauchop, Thomas aged 46

1945 Wauchop, Thomas Stewart aged 67

1982 Wauchop, William Hugh aged 87

1971 Wauchop, William Simon aged 81

Webber Samuel SEAVEY - Omaha's first Chief of Police - lived in New Zealand 1880-1886

born 5 May 1841 in East Machias, Washington, Maine
the 7th of 8 children of John SEAVEY and Phoebe HARMON
1857 moved to Wisconsin and worked as a Woodcutter
1859 moved to Colorado and went gold mining
1862, New Years Day enlists as Private with Company H 5th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry. Promoted to Fourth Sergeant then Quartermaster Sergeant then First Sergeant. Not on the list of prisoners held at Andersonville
1865 mustered out of the Regiment as Captain in August at Nashville
1866 goes to Mississippi and works on the riverboats
1874-1879 was a lawman in Santa Barbara, California
1879 Oct, he leaves for Los Angeles & San Francisco, within 4 months is in NZ
1880-1886 lives in New Zealand (read Timeline below)
1887 in Omaha and is made Chief of the Omaha Police Department
1892 idea of a union for the chief administrators of police of North America
1893 in Chicago (with other leaders) it is called National Police Chiefs Union
1900 he is general agent of the Denver Office of the Thiel Detective Agency
1902 - the union renamed the International Association of Chiefs of Police
1905 - (at least) in Seattle as Detective & Manager, Thiel Detective Agency
he died 28 December 1918 in Seattle, King County, Washington
buried Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park

* photos - also read NOTES below

A couple of years ago I wrote a short Obit on his 'wife', Grace Isadore Seavey who left a husband in Santa Barbara (Charles Paddock) to run away with Webber Seavey (who left a wife and a 3 year old son) and they arrived in New Zealand (after they tired of Honolulu) where Grace drowned in 1884. Webber remarried 9 months after Gracie's death. They later divorced. He returned to the USA, alone, about 1886. The death of Grace Seavey in New Zealand in 1884 is the only death of any Seavey recorded in NZ ...
- Today I received a message from his great, granddaughter Lisa, "I was looking for info about my upstanding and law abiding great-grandfather Webber S. Seavey"... Lisa has now found out that he was prossibly "married" (or otherwise) about 5 or 6 times and this she said came as quite a surprise, to say the least, to his descendants and says her grandmother would 'turn in her grave'

Lisa would like more info on Webber's New Zealand life, so here goes ...
please note ...
the name Seavey is sometimes spelt Seavy I have written it as found

... SANTA BARBARA'S ABSCONDING MARSHAL - Referring to Seavey, ex-City Marshal of Santa Barbara, who recently ran away with the wife of Charles L. Paddock, and who was suspected of official malfeasance, the Santa Barbara Press says:- The statement that Seavey's accounts of the city were all straight, appears, upon investigation, to be true; but it has been ascertained that he had, for several months, followed up a system of peculation in connecting with his duties as collector for the Mission Water Company. His mode of taking the money was ingenious, and was varied to suit the circumtances. In some cases he reported that persons had stopped using Mission water, and after the name was taken off the books of the Company, Seavey still went on collecting from the consumer, who deposed the money was turned over to the Company. In other instances bills were raised from the amount charged upon the books, and the difference pocketed by him.
When Seavey left here, on the 23d of September, he informed his wife that he was going to Arizona, and perhaps New Mexico, to look for a location where he could do better financially than he was doing here. Upon arriving in Los Angeles he wrote to her that he would start the next morning for Prescott, and told her to address letters to him there. Instead of doing as he said, however, he took the next train for San Francisco, where he was seen in company with Mrs Paddock. His wife has been left penniless, with one child, a bright little boy, to care for. Where the couple have fled to is not known, but a letter received from James Joyner, dated at Prescott, says that the elder Mr Joyner thought he saw Seavey on the street in Prescott about the 18th inst. As he has not been seen there since, however, it is extremely doubtful if the person seen was Seavey. A letter written to him by his wife, and addressed to Prescott, was returned to the writer some days ago by the Prescott Postmaster, not having been called for.
It is a bad business

17 FEB 1880 - DUNEDIN
... A meeting of the Brush, Broom and Fibre Company (Limited) was held last evening at the office of Mr S. Clive, Bond street, Mr J. G. Murray in the chair. Very few members were present. The meeting was called to elect a board of directors and an auditor for the current year. Mr Seavey moved, and Mr Henderson seconded, that Messrs Gardner, Henderson, Goldsmith, Murray and Clayton be elected. This was carried unanimously

... GIVING EVIDENCE - W. S. Seavey, partner in the firm of G. T. Clarke and Co., stated that he valued certain goods at the request of the defendant ...

25 JUNE 1881 - DUNEDIN Supreme Courthouse
... MEETING of Mr CLAYTON'S CREDITORS (go to link for full list of credtors)
The first meeting of the creditors of Samuel Clayton, who was adjudicated a bankrupt on creditors' petition on Monday morning, was held at the Supreme Courthouse, in the afternoon. Between 30 and 40 creditors, or representatives of creditors, were present.
The following claims were then lodged:-
Mr S. W. Seavey - £294 8s 7d (equivalent in 2012 to $37,100)

... William Sly v G. T. Clarke and Co - Claim £100, loss and damage sustained by the plaintiff in consequence of negligence on the part of the defendants while acting as his agents

28 SEP 1881 - DUNDEIN Supreme Court
... At the Supreme Court to-day, W. S. Seavey applied to set aside the Trustee's decision re his proof of debt in Clayton's estate for money lent (L250), and two other small sums. The Judge refused to set aside the decision, except in regard to portion of the small amounts; and disallowed proof of debt of the L250 loan. Some rather extraordinary evidence was given. Mr Asher's claim will be gone into to-morrow, and Mr Smythies' claim on Friday

11 OCT 1881 - DUNEDIN
... UNEXPLORED COUNTRY - A public meeting was held yesterday after noon in the Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of considering the advisability of organising a party to prospect that part of the West Coast lying between Lake Manipori and the Sounds. About 25 gentlemen attended, and Mr Robert Wilson, who occupied the chair, called upon Mr Smythies, the originator of the scheme, for an explanation of his view upon the subject ... more
... for this purpose he proposed the formation of a limited liability company, and moved the following resolution:- "That in the opinion of this meeting the Fiord country, between Dusky Bay and Lake Manipori,, should be prospected for minerals, open country, precious stones, &c"
Mr W. S. SEAVEY seconded the resolution, which was carried. The Committee was chosen as follows: R. WILSON, A. PRICE, W. A. H. BURTON, W. SEAVEY, A. C. McINNES, W. PROSSER, J. H. SMITH, G. WATSON, Thomas HOWORTH, E. K. SMYTHIES, E. S. HAY, H. W. SMYTHIES
The meeting then closed with a vote of thanks to the chairman and to the Chamber of Commerce for the use of the room

8 NOV 1882 - Port Chalmers, DUNEDIN
... Webber sends two packages to Oamaru on the 'Maori'

18 AUGUST 1883 - DUNEDIN Resident Magistrate's Court
... In the following cases judgment went for the plaintiffs by default, with costs:-
J. McBRIDE v W. SEAVEY £8 3s, wages due ($1147)

... INSOLVENCY COURT - Webber Samuel Seavey, Dunedin, quarryman, particulars not filed

... The floods in the north of Wellington have increased in severity and at Woodville two ladies who are well known in Dunedin have been drowned. These are Mrs McKenzie, wife of the well-known contractor and Mrs Seavey, whose husband was a partner of Mr G. T. Clarke, auctioneer, here a couple of years ago. The ladies were, amongst others, being taken on a raft from their house to a place of safety, when the raft capsized and they met their sad fate

... The bodies of the two women, Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Seavey, who were drowned during Tuesday night, were found yesterday four miles from where the mishap occurred. Mrs Seavey's body was still clinging to the raft.

... The FLOODS IN THE NORTH - A terrible fatality occurred here last night, whereby two women were drowned. Rain fell yesterday and all last night in torrents, and as a result the Manawatu River rose with great rapidity. Mr H. McKenzie, contractor for the Manawatu railway and traffic bridge four miles from here, lived in a house on a raised piece of ground on the bank of the river. Shortly after midnight it was found that the house was being surrounded by water, and a raft was made for the purpose of getting the people away from the house. Shortly after 3 o'clock a first attempt was made, the raft being occupied by Mrs McKenzie and her son, Mrs Seavey and her husband, and a man named McMillan. When crossing, however, the raft struck a snag and capsized, but all the occupants got safely on board again. The steering-pole, however, was lost, and the raft was swept again into the surging current of the main stream. Again the raft struck a snag and capsized. The three men somehow got ashore and were picked up nearly insensible, but the two women were drowned, and there seems little hope of ever recovering the bodies.
Mrs McKenzie had been living in Dunedin, and only came to Woodville on Monday last. McKenzie has lost a great quantity of timber, and the sinking machinery has been submerged
... The bodies of both Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Seavey, who were drowned at Woodville in the recent floods there, have been recovered. Mrs McKenzies body will be brought to Dunedin for interment

Grace Isadore Seavey was 37, (1847-1884). She is buried in Plot 13, Block 21 at the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville
Mrs Mckenzie was Christina James West McKenzie, (possibly nee CAMERON, aged 47 (1837-1884). She married Hector McKenzie. He became a well-known Dunedin contractor. Hector was working up in Woodville on the Railway & Traffic Bridge north of the Manawatu Gorge at the time. They had at least 5 daughters (interestingly one of them was named America Victoria McKenzie), and according to the newspaper report, but not yet found, they had a son. Christina was visiting Grace Isadore Seavey who was an ex resident of Dunedin. It seems Christina was originally interred in the Old Gorge cemetery, Woodville. She is now buried in Plot 3, Block 4 at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin

... The Napier Municipal Council's correspondence was read:- From Mr SEAVEY, Woodville, asking for particulars relative to the municipal reserve in the Seventy-mile Bush. The Town Clerk said he had sent a copy of the terms on which the Council recently offered the property for lease, but had added that new terms were contemplated.
... From W. S. Seavey, desiring to know if the land adjoining Mr Glassford's property belonging to the Corporation was open for lease

4 OCT 1884 - NAPIER, Hawkes Bay
... WANTED to Purchase, an interest in an established Agency and Commission Business. Apply W. S. Seavy, Masonic Hotel
... Mr W. S. SEAVEY has opened an office in Hastings street and commenced business as valuer, accountant, commission and financial agent

8 OCT 1884 - Notice in the Daily Telegraph, Hawkes Bay
... Mr W. S. Seavey wants soldiers who served in the Northern army of the late American war to know that they are entitled to a pension from the U.S. Government

3 NOV 1884 - NAPIER, Hawkes Bay
... Mr W. S. Seavey, Hastings-street, has for lease (with purchasing clause) a quarter-acre section in the township of Woodville, with new house, shop, and stable thereon

30 NOV 1885 - NAPIER
... £110 - Two acres valuable land, 1½ miles from Napier Post Office, increasing in value daily. Particulars W. S. Seavy, Byron-street

3 DEC 1884 - NAPIER
... Tenders are invited by Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street, for the delivery in trucks at Ormondville, Makatoku ot Tahoraite of matai cord wood, totara mortice fence posts, wire fence posts and house blocks

20 DEC 1884 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street, inserts a notice in reference to passengers travelling from Napier to Woodville and Tahoraite

23 DEC 1884 - NAPIER
... WANTED Four BRIDGE CARPENTERS. Apply on the Works. H. McKENZIE, & Co., or W. S. SEAVY, Napier

29 DEC 1884 - NAPIER
... Persons wishing to subscribe for any American newspaper, magazine, or publication of any kind, are requested to communicate with Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street.
... A rare chance is offered for a pushing young man to engage in the auctioneer's business. Particulars can be had from Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street

3 JAN 1885 - NAPIER
... TO THE EDITOR, Daily Telegraph - Sir, As it is a well-known fact that nearly all the long and finest grades of wool used in the factories throughout the United States of America, are grown in New Zealand and Australia, it might please some of the principal wool growers of Hawkes Bay to have specimens of their wool exhibited at the New Orleans Exhibition which opens next May. In its importance to the United States, this Exhibition, will undoubtedly, rank next to the Centennial of 1876. A gentleman from Dunedin who attends the New Orleans Exhibition will call at Napier at the last of this month en route, and no doubt would be pleased to look after any exhibits placed under his care. I do not know if any space has been allotted to this colony, if not, I am quite sure that the promoters of the Exhibition would cheerfully make room for New Zealand wool, for Americans want it, They are large buyers and consumers, and it is my belief that the time will soon come when ships will be loading wool in New Zealand ports for New York direct. - Yours &c., W. S. SEAVEY

4 JAN 1885 - NAPIER
... It is said that nearly half the exhibitors at the London Health Exhibition have arranged to take part in the Cotton Centennial at New Orleans. It is also probable that a number of the great textile firms of Lancashire will participate in the exhibition. This is the exhibition which Mr W. S. Seavey some time ago in our columns urged that wool-growers of the district should forward exhibits to

8 JAN 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey has, to dispose of, an auctioneer's business in a flourishing town in New Zealand

10 JAN 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, Hastings-street, wants contractors, builders, and others to know that he represents several wholesale houses in Dunedin
... Mr W. S. Seavey, Agent, Hastings street, wants immediately carpenters and squarers

27 JAN 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, announces that persons who wish to subscribe direct for any American newspaper, magazine, or periodical, should send their subscriptions before the mail closes next Saturday

7 FEB 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey notifies to merchants, builders, contractors, and others that he represents several wholesale firms in Dunedin
... Mr W. S. Seavey, Agent, publishes the prices at which he can supply timber (cut) at Napier

12 Feb 1885 - NAPIER
... Parties wishing to see the country and enjoy a delighful ride to Palmerston or Masterton can engage coaches, etc. on applying to Mr W. S. Seavey, Agent

5 MARCH 1885 - Napier
... Passengers are wanted to fill the vacant seats in the coaches which takes the volunteers from Tahoraite to Masterton, Particulars of Mr W. S. Seavey, Masonic Hotel

... Excursionists to Tahoraite next Thursday wishing to proceed further can arrange for comfortable coaches by applying to Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Masonic Hotel

31 MARCH 1885 - NAPIER
... This mroning Remeni and his company left overland for Wellington. The coaching arrangements were placed in the capable hands of Mr Seavey who made every provision to ensure their reaching Eketahuna this evening, by an early start in the mornng, Wellington will be reached a little after noon to-morrow in time to catch the steamer

... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Masonic Hotel, inserts particulars in reference to a special coach for excursionists to Tahoraite tomorrow
... Mr Seavey has made arrangements to run through coaches from Tahoraite to Palmerston leaving the former place on arrival of the morning train to-morrow. Excursionists will be able to return to Napier on Saturday evening. Those wishing shooting can be accommodated four miles beyond Woodville, and can return any day up to Tuesday. Mr Seavey is apparently wiser in his day and generation than the railway authorities, for he issues return tickets for the coaches at single fares, while the railway authorities charge a fare and a half. The inducement should result in a large number availing themselves of a delightful excursion

11 APRIL 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street, has for sale the whole or part of machinery of a saw-mill in the South Island
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, has for sale a country store in Hawkes Bay

... At the meeting of the directors of the Woodville Cheese Factory, held on Monday evening last, Mr W. S. Seavey was appointed the company's agent for the sale of their cheese in Napier and adjoining districts. The cheese is said to be of a very superior quality, comparing favorably with the best colonial article in the market. Samples may be obtained from Mr Seavey's sample rooms after Monday next

28 APRIL 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey informs passengers for Masterton or Wellington next Thursday morning that they can get tickets for the coach from Tahoraite to Masterton

7 MAY 1885 - Port of NAPIER
... SHIPPING - The brigantine 'Lizzie Guy', Captain Jas. Stevens, sailed yesterday afternoon with a cargo of 2230 hewn sleepers, shipped by Mr W. S. Seavey, for Oamaru

15 MAY 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Masonic Hotel, wants three more passengers for special coaches from Tahoraite to Masterton next Monday, arriving at Wellington on Tuesday

21 MAY 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street, is prepared to take orders for advertising for all Australasian, American and West India newspapers
... Mr W. S. Seavey announces that all orders for American newspapers and publication must be sent in before 10 a.m. next Saturday

22 MAY 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. Seavey, Agent, has several valuable quarter-acre ections situated in Woodville for sale
... A partner is wanted for an old established brewery. Particulars of Mr W. S. Seavey, Agent
... Mr W. S. Seavey has for sale two properies of 105 acres and 160 acres respectively, situated five miles from Woodville railway station

23 MAY 1885 - NAPIER
.. Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, announces that passengers leaving by Monday morning's train for Woodville, Masterton, or Palmerston, can have special coaches if booked before seven o'clock this evening
... Mr W. S. Seavey has for sale two properties of 105 acres and 150 acres respectively, situated two miles from Woodville railway station

30 MAY 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, has to rent, a suite of offices
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Hastings-street, has for sale a number of building sections at Woodville, also suburban sections from ten to two hundred acres in that rising township
... Mr W. S. Seavey has been appointed agent for Robert Cleave's nurseries, at Invercargill

1 JUNE 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, Agent, Hastings-street, has for sale a sawmill in complete running order

4 JUNE 1885 - NAPIER - 9 months after the death of Grace
... Webber Samuel SEAVEY (aged 44) marries Rachel Elizabeth GOODISON
- no children found. They were divorced
- Elizabeth remarried in 1888 to Edward Spencer Barham BELL & moved to Melbourne, Australia

5 JUNE 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey wants to rent three offices, separate or together

13 JUNE 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, has for sale valuable sections in Woodville. Also, small farms in that neighbourhood

18 JUNE 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey announces that he is taking orders for the hams and bacon cured by Mr Thomas H. Green, of Christchurch

22 JUNE 1885 - NAPIER
... SHIPPING - The brigatine 'Enterprise', Capt. A. Bell, sailed for Dunedin yesterday morning. She took 1560 railway sleepers purchaed by Mr W. S. Seavey for Dunedin contractors, and about 10 tons of miscellaneous cargo

14 JULY 1885 - NAPIER
... SHIPPING - The schooner 'Western Star' has been chartered by Mr W. S. Seavey to take 200,000 feet of kauri timber from Helensville to Lyttelton, for Messrs Mckenzie and Co's bridge contracting works in Canterbury. The Western Star will sail for Helensville (Auckland) to load on Thursday

... SHIPPING - The brigantine 'Enterprise' sailed for Dunedin yesterday morning with a load of sleepers shipped by Mr W. S. Seavey of this port

... SHIPPING - The brigantine 'Western Star', now loading timber at Helensville, will sail for Lyttelton next Wednesday. She takes 110,000 feet of kauri timber for Messrs H. McKenzie and Co's railway bridge, to be built in Canterbury. She loads at Lyttelton for this port, and is expected here about the 1st of September. Mr W. S. Seavey is her agent for Napier

... Mr W. S. Seavey, land agent, reports having sold to-day section 13, Woodville, for £410 and subdivisions 189, 190, 192, and 193 of suburban section 74 for £160 cash
... Messrs BROOKING AND ST CLAIR'S REPORT - At our land sale this afternoon at the Criterion Hotel our sales were as follows: Instructed by Mr W. S. Seavey we sold the following section ... listed here

12 SEP 1885 - NAPIER
... Messrs Greig and McColl recently arrived from the South, and the balance is now on the way here from America Mr W. S. Seavey, local agent for C. B. Rogers and Co's woodworking machinery is supplying the plant for the factory

12 OCT 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, agent, Browning-street, has for sale a well-improved farm at Woodville

7 NOV 1885 - NAPIER
... Mr W. S. Seavey, commission agent has removed his office and sample rooms to Byron-street, midway between the post-office and the beach

... The Court was occupied for a great part of the afternoon with the case of A. Sheddon v W. S. Seavey, a claim of £10 12s 6d for goods sold and delivered. The defendant claimed a set-off amounting to more than the claim, for goods sold and for services rendered as a commission agent in connection with the attempted sale of some property in Victoria (Australia) alleged to be owned by Mrs Sheddon. The evidence on this latter point was very conflicting, the plaintiff alleging that Mr Seavey offered his services gratuitously. Judegment was reserved until Friday

... In the matter of "The Bankruptcy Act, 1883" and the amendments therof, and in the matter of WEBBER SAMUEL SEAVEY, recently of Napier, in the Provincial District of Hawke's Bay, eCommission Agent, but now in parts unknown. Upon reading the Petition of James Stanistreet LARGE, George SMITH, William Robert BLYTHE and Henry WILLIAMS, filed herein and upon reading the affidavit of John ROCHFORT, of Napier, Law Clerk, I do order that the said WEBBER SAMUEL SEAVY be adjudicated a Bankrupt on the said Petition, and that the first Meeting of Creditors be held at the Supreme Court-house, Napier, on Wednesday, the 5th day of May, 1886 at 2 p.m. - PAUL A. F. BIRCH, Registrar

... A meeting of persons interested in W. S. Seavey will be held on Wednesday next, at 2 p.m.

... A meeting of person interested in Mr W. S. Seavey was held at the Clarendon Hotel this afternoon, when those present decided that no definite action should be taken at present

22 APRIL 1886 - NAPIER
... A notice is inserted re the bankruptcy of W. S. Seavey; meeting of creditors on 5th May, at 2

6 MAY 1886 - NAPIER
... Mr Mayo, grocer, takes the place of W. S. Seavey on the telephone exchange, namely, No. 31
... A meeting of creditors was held to-day in the estate of W. S. Seavy, who has levanted. The liabilities locally are £200 (2012 equivalent of $37,000) while the only asset is the furniture, which was never paid for

4 AUGUST 1887 - from LOS ANGELES
... A REMARKABLE STORY - A Los Angeles correspondent of the 'San Francisco Chronicle" writes:- The story of W. S. Seavy, formerly City Marshal of Santa Barbara, who left his wife and eloped in 1880 with Mrs Charles Paddock, a bosom friend of his wife, is well known. Seavy recently turned up as Chief of Police of Omaha. Seavy was very popular in Santa Barbara. The eloping couple went to Honolulu, and all trace of them was lost till Seavy's election in Omaha recently was announced. The rest of the story has hitherto been unknown. Your reporter found to-day the only person in the United States, besides Seavy, who knowns the sequel. The question "Is Mrs Paddock living at Omaha with Seavey?" has been asked by innumerable people familiar with the case. The following story is derived from a lady in this city of the highest respectability and unquestioned veracity. She said: "Mr and Mrs Seavey, as I shall call them, soon tired of Honolulu and took a steamer for Australia. Arriving at Auckland, (which is in New Zealand) they concluded to make their future home there, and opened a toy shop and did a thriving business. They were a most devoted couple. She was a fair fragile woman and appeared very sad. Her health was delicate. They removed to Dunedin, where Seavy entered into partnership with another man and took a contract away up in a sparsely settled part of the north of the island. Their wives went with them. They built huts and lived like the Australian (sic) pioneers. Before long the country was visited by one of those long rains so frequent in that part of the world and the rivers rose rapidly. The bridge near where the party lived was washed away. The floods did great damage and many lives and much stock were lost.
In common with other settlers, the Seavy party built a raft and embarked, floating down the river, hoping to find themselves fast. Night came on and their terrors increased. Once Mrs Paddock was washed from Seavy's arms, but he miraculously managed to catch her. Again she was carried away and despite all his efforts to save her she drowned. One of the survivors said afterward that when Mrs Paddock was borne away Seavy called: "For God's sake, Gracie, say you forgive me!" That Seavy returned to America alone is attested by Mr Lloyd, of Monrovia, who states that Seavy came from New Zealand to Chicago via London on the same steamer as Mr Lloyd

21 OCT 1887 -
... Some two and a half years ago there arrived in Napier a Mr Webber S. Seavey, bringing a woman with him who passed as his wife. The couple seemed to live very happily together, and Seavey appeared a smart active man of business in the commission agent line. During a flood up-country the so-called Mrs Seavey along with another woman, floated away on a kind of raft and was unfortunately drowned. Seavey, however, did not long remain disconsolate; he united himself in holy bonds of matrimony with a very charming young lady, who at the time he first met her, was assisting to dispense liquid favours at the Masonic Hotel. Presently he disappeared from the confiding gaze of the wife of his bosom - it is said again with another man's wife - and sundry creditors to whom he was under obligations, it is said, to the amount of from £150 to £170; and Napier that knew him once knows him no more, for ever. In a number of the New York Police Gazettes a portrait of the dashng and smart ex commission agent of Napier is published with the following letterpress notice:-
"Chief of Police Seavey, of Omaha, has rather a serious charge made against his good name by the Los Angeles, California, Times of May 24th. It relates to his alleged elopement from that city a number of years ago with another man's wife. It reads as follows:- "Omaha's newly appointed chief of police is a man with a record. A few years ago he was City Marshal of Santa Barbara, where he forsook his wife and child, and absconded with a married woman from San Francisco, and now, after all these years that he has been wholly lost sight of as if he were dead, he turns up as one of the guardians of the public peace and morals of the flourishing city of Omaha. Evil deeds do not always meet the punishment they merit, for the devil has not yet forgotten how to put on a false livery, but now and then a man who ventures, in a sense of fancied security, to accept a public office, finds the black past suddenly starts up to confromt him!"
The chief has not yet made any public denial of the charge, but it is hoped that the able copper will be able to come out with flying colours"

20 SEP 1888 - NAPIER
... A meeting of creditors in the bankrupt state of James Bartlett, baker, was held at the Court-house yesterday before the Deputy Assigness. The debtor, who was represented by Mr Dick, attributed his bankruptcy to bad debts and to contact with a pure-souled American patriot named Seavey, once well known in Napier, and since that elected by manhood suffrage to be chief of police of a large Yankee town

20 MARCH 1892 - OMAHA, Nebraska
... Chief W. S. Seavey suggested a lay sermon to Colonel Hogeland which is in the book: Impertinences: selected writings of Elia Peattie, a journalist in the Gilded Age ... The most valuable opinion among the many expressed at the convention of the Boys and Girls' National Home and Employment association was that given by W. S. Seavey, chief of police of the city of Omaha. "My opinion is," said he, "that the best plan for providing against boys becoming tramps is for parents to make home more attractive and interesting for them, for parents to cultivate the acquaintance of their sons. Study their dispositions and desires, and in a kind, considerate, affectionate and indulgent manner, contribute to the wishes of the boys to such an extent as will win their esteem and confidence...

(his women - not verified, put here as notes, more research required)
1866 Webber (aged 25) married Harriet WILSON
- they had 2 sons
1876 Webber (aged 35) married ? HOLLENBROOK?
- they had 1 child?
1880 Webber (aged 39) 'married' Gladys PADDOCK (nee THORNHILL)
- they run off to New Zealand. Gladys drowned there
1885 Webber (aged 44) married Rachel Elizabeth GOODISON no children found
- they divorced, Rachel remarried, moved to Melbourne Australia, had a number of children
1888 Webber (aged 47) married Lilla B. DOOLEY
- they had at least 1 child. They divorced in 1899
1901 Webber (aged 60) married Della E. JOHNSON

Captain WEBBER SEAVEY Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry
... Webber S. Seavey was a twenty year old resident of Hudson, Nebraska when he enlisted in Company H of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry on New Years Day 1862

the annual Webber Seavey Award for Quality in Law Enforcement is named after the above Webber Seavey. The award is open to all law enforcement agencies worldwide with the exception of private corporations or individuals.
... In 1893 Webber S. Seavey, Police Chief from Omaha, Nebraska, became the very first president of the National Chiefs of Police Union - now known as the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He quickly became renown for his ability to not only identify common police problems but to institute practical solutions that set an example for police agencies far and wide.

you can download his book and read it online (16 pages, written in 1910):
My army record - author: Seavey, Webber S. 1841 from old catalog

Webber Samuel Seavey died 28 Dec 1918 in Seattle aged 77

MASONIC HOTEL Napier 1870s
where Webber first met Rachel Elizabeth GOODISON as she poured his beers ...
from the Alexander Turnbull Library Collection

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WEBER Cemetery, Dannevirke, New Zealand

Weber is situated 62km east of Woodville via Dannevirke, Mangatoro and Waipatiki
It was founded in the late 19th century as an overnight stop for coach teams on the journey to and from the coast.
This was the distance a team of 6 horses and a coach could travel in one day

At the turn of the century it was a thriving small community.
It had a police station and one cell jail, a large hotel, shops and a post office.
Today (2009) it consists of a church, a school, a pub, a rural fire depot, a community centre and several houses

There are 51 burials at Weber cemetery at least 23 of them are under 13 years
Those buried at the WEBER CEMETERY

ARNABOLDI, Philip James - aged 46
Philip was a sheep farmer in Weber
he married Dorothea McAULEY (1878-1959) in 1899 & had 4 daughters:
* 1901 - Esther Dorothy Arnaboldi
* 1903 - Winifred Agnes Arnaboldi
* 1904 - 1909 Phyllis Beryl Arnaboldi
* 1908 - 1985 Myra Annie Zita Arnaboldi (didn't marry)
Philip died 6 November 1909
Evening Post, 8 November 1909 Philip James Arnaboldi, a settler of Weber, was killed by a fall from a horse to-day, his neck being dislocated. Death was instantaneous. At an inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned
buried: Grave 258 - Block 3
Evening Post, 26 May 1892 LAND BOARD
W. J. and P. J. Arnaboldi, to H. A. Lambert, Mangaone
DOROTHEA remarried in 1911 to John McAtamney
* the ashes of Myra Agnes Arnaboldi (no age) were buried with Dorothea at Mangatera in June 1991. Possibly her 4th daughter above ??

ARNABOLDI, Phyllis Beryl - aged 5
daughter of Phillip James ARNABOLDI & Dorothea McAULEY (above)
Beryl died 16 July 1909
buried: unknown plot

BATES, T or F - aged 1
died: unknown
buried: unknown

BROOKS, ? - born still
unknown gender
buried Plot 2C, Block 3

BURKE, William 'John' - aged 59
John was a Bullock Driver
he died in Weber 8 August 1918
buried: Plot 74B, Block 3

BURNETT, Cashman Edward - aged 10 days
Cashman died 17 September 1914 in Weber
buried: Grave 4C, Block 3

CAMERON, Kenneth Forbes - aged 79
Kenneth married Margaret Reid in 1896
died: 4 January 1931

CAMERON, Margaret (nee REID)- aged 87
died 16 May 1960
buried together in Grave 91A, Block 4
their known children:
* 1895 - Malcolm Cameron
* 1897 - Margaret Annie Cameron
* 1900 - 1978 Kenneth Donald Cameron
* 1901 - 1970 Finlay Alexander Cameron
* 1902 - Catherine Jessie Cameron
* 1904 - 1996 Florence Lilian Cameron
* 1907 - 1977 Colin Alan Cameron
* 1910 - 2001 Forbes Ewen Cameron
* 1911 - 1986 Jean Cecily cameron
* 1917 - 2008 Heather Grace Cameron (+ William Basel Hagan)

CHARTERIS, George - 1897, aged 9
read more here
born: 2 May 1888 to George CHARTERIS & Mary Ann CASTLES
died: 11 November 1897
buried: unknown plot
his mother (1864-1942) was born in County Armagh, Ireland & died in Wanganui
his father, George Charteris (1856-1938) was the local Constable of Weber
his parents married in 1886 and had 12 children, all born in Weber
* 1887 - 1944 Leonard Charteris
* 1888 - 1897 George Charteris
* 1889 - 1967 Janet 'Jessie' Charteris (died in Napier)
* 1890 - 1932 Annie Charteris (twin)
* 1890 - 1983 Frank Charteris (twin)
* 1892 - 1966 James 'Jim' Charteris
* 1894 - 1968 Robert Charteris
* 1895 - 1917 William Charteris
* 1898 - 1981 Helen 'Nell' Charteris (died in Palmerston North)
* 1900 - 1994 Mary Charteris (died in Auckland)
* 1904 - 1989 Catherine 'Kate' Charteris (died in Auckland)
* 1906 - 1984 Walter 'Joe' Charteris
Bush Advocate, 20 May 1899 WEBER ROAD BOARD - From Mr George Charteris, stating as the small birds (sparrows etc) are getting a perfect nuisance, would the Board provide poisoned grain to give anyone (himself included) anxious to destroy the vermin. Proposed by the Chairman that a quantity of poisoned grain be obtained for distribution amongst the settlers. Seconded by Mr Chote and carried
Bush Advocate, 14 August 1905 Mr George Charteris, who has acted as district constable at Weber, for some years, has sent in his resignation, and intends to devote all his time to agricultural pursuits in future. Constable Charteris has carried on his duties with much tact and ability and has always maintained the goodwill and appreciation of his fellow-settlers
Bush Advocate, 15 September 1906 At a meeting of the Land Board yesterday, a transfer of section 5, block 8, Tahoraite, from Channon and Charteris, to George Charteris, was sanctioned
Bush Advocate, 16 February 1907 On Wednesday next Mr W. Rose will hold a clearing sale of dairy stock at the farm of Mr George Charteris, Weber
Poverty Bay Herald, 8 November 1917 Mr George Charteris, one of Mangatoro's best known settlers, met with a serious accident last week by an explosion, whereby he had his left hand blown off

CHAVENTIS, C - aged 65
he was a labourer in Weber
died: 18 September 1918
buried Grave 75B, Block 3

DAVIS, John - 1897, aged 43
(BDM has John D. Davies)
John was a Carrier
he died 18 August 1897 in Weber
buried: unknown location
Bush Advocate, 18 August 1892 From John Davies, re improvements on section 34, block 5, Weber, and transfer - Transfer confirmed

ENGLEBRETSEN, Cecil - aged 15 days
born: 11 November 1905
died: 26 November 1905
buried: unknown location

ENGLEBRETSEN, Mary - aged 1 month
born: 23 October 1904
died: 19 November 1904
buried: unknown location

ENGLEBRETSEN, Richard Henry - aged 2.9
born: 24 March 1901
died: 4 December 1903
buried: Grave 82C, Block 3
NOTE 3 of 10 known children born Waione, Dannevirke to:
John ENGLEBRETSEN (1874-1930) & Angelina 'Lena' MILLETT (1880-1957)
* 1897 - Angelina Englebretsen
* 1901 - 1903 Richard Henry Englebretsen
* 1902 - 1914 Frank Englebretsen
* 1903 - Alice Maud Englebretsen
* 1904 - 1904 Mary Englebretsen
* 1905 - 1905 Cecil Englebretsen
* 1907 - 1874 William Victor Englebretsen
* 1908 - 1993 Violet May Englebretsen
* 1909 - 1909 Peter Englebretsen (aged 4 months)
* 1910 - Ivy Maud Englebretsen

FORSYTH, Ellen Lydia (nee RYAN) - aged 35
born: Peckham, England 1866
lived in Napier
married: John James Forsyth of Perangahau on 4 May 1891 in Wellington
their known children:
* 1895 - 1967 William James Forsyth
* 1899 - 1957 Ada Elizabeth Forsyth
died: 6 February 1902 in Weber
Bush Advocate, 12 February 1902 FORSYTH - On 6th February, 1902, at Waipatiki, after a brief illness, Ellen Lydia, the dearly beloved wife of John J. Forsyth, in her 36th year. Deeply regretted. [Waipawa Mail please copy]
Bush Advocate, 12 February 1902 HOROEKA The death of Mrs Forsyth, which occurred suddenly last Thursday morning, at 3 o'clock, came as a great shock to her many friends. Late on Tuesday night, she complained to her husband of feeling faint and after retiring to rest she suffered great agony. The following day Dr Macallan was sent for, but the end could not be averted, and Mrs Forsyth passed away peacefully at the time stated above, death being due to heart disease. Very great sympathy is felt for Mr Forsyth in the great loss he has sustained. The deceased lady, who was in her 36th year, was born at Peckham, England, and arrived in Napier some 20 years ago. She will be greatly missed by her friends and by the settlers generally in the district, and her kindness and generosity, I am sure, will never be forgotten. All were heartily welcome under her roof, and her loving and amiable disposition caused her to become endeared to her many friends in the Province.
The funeral of the late Mrs Forsyth which took place at Weber on Friday, 7th inst., in the afternoon, was very largely attended, friends and relatives coming from far and wide to pay the last respects due to their esteemed friend. A great many beautiful wreaths and crosses were sent. Mr Forsyth desires me to thank all friends for the great kindness shown him in his sad bereavement

FORSYTH, John James - aged 44
died: 9 October 1902
Bush Advocate, 13 October 1902 FORSYTH - On Oct. 11th, at Napier Hospital, John James Forsyth, of Weber; aged 44 years. Deeply regretted
Bush Advocate, 13 October 1902 WEBER Coroner's Inquest J. Halligan, licensee of the Club Hotel, deposed that he knew the deceased, who had lately stayed at his hotel, and who was low-spirited on account of the loss of his wife ... The Jury returned a verdict that the deceased came by his death from the effects of a bullet wound, self-inflicted, while suffering from temporary insanity
Bush Advocate, 11 October 1902 The news of Mr Forsyth's death will cause widespread regret in this district. Deceased was one of the most prominent settlers in the Waipatiki district and was largely interested in public affairs, having for some time been a prominent member of the Weber Road Board. Mr Forsyth always aimed at doing his best to promote the welfare of the district in which he resided, and his labours were thoroughly appreciated by his fellow settlers. He was of a quiet, unassuming disposition, and was highly esteemed and respected by all with whom he came in contact. The deceased was undoubtedly a sterling settler, and his death will be mourned by a wide circle of relatives and friends. He leaves two children - a boy and girl, aged about eight and five years respectively, his wife predeceased him in February last
buried: Graves 1A & 2A, Block 3
Bush Advocate, 23 January 1902 Mr John Forsyth has sold his property at Oporae which consists of about 600 acres, to Mr Jas. MacKenzie, the price paid being £4 15s per acre
Bush Advocate, 27 August 1902 Owing to ill-health Mr J. J. Forsyth has resigned his position as a member of the Weber Road Board

FRANCIS, William - aged 56
died: 3 July 1915
buried: Grave 73C, Block 3

HANSEN, Sidney Herbert - aged 45
born: 5 June 1872 in Bay of Islands
13th of 13 children of Edward HANSEN & Mary Ann CAINS
died: 13 October 1916
buried: Grave 15C, Block 3

HARRIS, Ernest Edward - aged 3 months
died 8 February 1908
buried: Grave 28A, Block 3

HARRIS, Leslie - aged 2 months
died: 13 December 1906
buried: Grave 27A, Block 3
2 of 14 children of David HARRIS & Ellen GARDNER
* 1892 - David William Harris
* 1893 - 1944 Thomas James Slater Harris
* 1895 - Elizabeth Jessie Harris
* 1896 - 1972 Malcolm Roy Harris
* 1898 - 1966 Francis George Harris
* 1900 - 1976 Cecil Harris
* 1902 - 1902 David Leonard Harris (aged 9 weeks)
* 1902 - Reginald Harris
* 1904 - Raymond Harris
* 1906 - 1906 Leslie Harris
* 1907 - 1908 Ernest Edward Harris
* 1908 - Ivy Evelyn Harris
* 1911 - Ellen Zoe Harris
* 1912 - Eileen Eva Harris

HATTS, unknown baby - aged 4 hours
(nothing on BDM for that name)
died: 9 February 1898
buried: unknown grave

HOPCROFT, James Bruce - aged 14 days
died: 27 November 1914
buried: unknown Grave, Block 3

HOPCROFT, Margaret Wilson - aged 1 day
died: 15 November 1914
buried: unknown Grave, Block 3
NOTES James & Margaret were twin children of Thomas Henry HOPCROFT (1883-1933) & Euphemia Wilson 'Effie' COWAN (1889-1970)
Bush Advocate, 28 October 1908 The Weber-Waione dairy factory, which has been closed for the past year, has recently been purchased by Messrs J. B. MacEwan and Co., Mr W. Hales and Mr T. Hopcroft, who have re-opened the factory, and are carrying on the business as the Weber-Waione Dairy Company. The re-starting of the factory should prove of considerable benefit for the settlers in the Weber district. Owing to the satisfactory prices which are being obtained for dairy produce and the low prices ruling for wool, dairying will prove more remunerative than sheep-farming. The new proprietors are now paying 1d per lb more for butter-fat than was paid by the former company. With careful management they anticipate being able to pay out good prices and regain the confidence of the suppliers in the Weber district. The company have been fortunate in securing the services of Mr T. Hopcroft as manager. Mr Hopcroft has considerable experience in the manufacture of butter, and for three years acted as butter-maker for the late Mr T. L. Joll, at Okaiawa, Taranaki, whose annual output of butter amounted to over 800 tons annually
* Thomas Henry Hopcroft died 27 Nov 1933 aged 50 & buried Mangatera

JENSEN - Hans Rudolph Christian - aged 75
Hans was a farmer in Weber
he married Edith May TAYLOR (1882-1976 of Foxton) 11 March 1899
they had 8 known children:
* 1900 - Frederick Rudolph Jensen
* 1902 - William Lauritz Jensen
* 1904 - Christine Elizabeth Mary Jensen
* 1906 - Eleanora Hansigne Jensen
* 1907 - Laura Rose Jensen
* 1910 - Peter Robert Jensen
* 1914 - Edith May Jensen
* 1920 - Henry Christian Jensen
he died 19 August 1935
buried: unknown location

JOHNSON, Gladys Noreen - aged 5 months
born: to Edward & Ellen JOHNSON
died: at Waione on 22 August 1907
buried: Grave 78C, Block 2

LOVEJOY, Robert George - aged 2 months
born: Christmas Day 1893 to George LOVEJOY & Lydia 'Matilda' TAYLOR
died: 22 February 1894
buried: unknown location
George & Lydia married in Foxton 1893. Their known children:
* 1893 - 1894 Robert George Lovejoy
* 1895 - 1919 Henry George 'Harry' Lovejoy
* 1896 - 1937 Frederick Thomas 'Tom' Lovejoy
* 1897 - 1956 William Arthur Lovejoy
* 1899 - 1941 Rudolph James 'Dick' Lovejoy
* 1901 - 1999 Elsie Freda Lovejoy
* 1909 - 1990 Alfred Raymond Lovejoy
Evening Post, 2 February 1918 The death is announced of one of the early settlers of the Coast district, in the person of Mr George Lovejoy, who died at Dannevirke on Wednesday evening at the age of 51 years. The late Mr Lovejoy was born at Oxford, England, and arrived in New Zealand 47 years ago with his parents, settling in Wellington. He came to Dannevirke in 1887. Deceased was a splendid type of British settler, and was widely known and highly respected in the Coast district. He is survived by his widow and a family of five sons and one daughter. One of the sons is on active service at the front, while another is in camp.
* Lydia Matilda Lovejoy (1868-1951) remarried to Percy KNIGHT in 1926

LUNN, Henry - adult
died: unknown
buried: unknown location

LUNT, Alma (formerly VIDDLER) - aged 46
Alma married Fred Lunt (1868-1945) in 1896
they were Sheep Farmers
died: 28 December 1902
buried: unknown location

LUNT, Charles Thomas - aged 9
born: 8 September 1902 to Charles LUNT (1869-1941) & Priscilla CARTER (1868-1946)
buried: Grave 83B, Block 2
Evening Post, 9 October 1911 A CHILD KILLED
DANNEVIRKE, This Day. Charles Lunt, aged nine years, a son of a settler at Horoeka, was killed yesterday. It was supposed that deceased became entangled in a rope attached to a horse in his father's paddock. He sustained a fracture of the base of the skull
Charles & Priscilla were married in Lyttelton, they also had a daughter:
* 1908 - 1980 Mary Lunt (+ Percy Puflett MAYO (1906-1963)

MARTIN, Florence Lillian (nee CAMERON) - 1996, aged 92
born 7 August 1904, 6th of 10 children of Kenneth CAMERON & Margaret REID
Florence was a registered nurse
died: 1 September 1996 at Brightwater Centre, Palmerston North
buried with her parents (see above)

McDONALD, Flora Margaret - aged 5 months
born: 14 May 1905 to James Little McDONALD & Elizabeth HANSEN
died: 5 October 1905
buried: unknown location
Bush Advocate, 5 October 1905 McDONALD - On October 5th, at Weber, Flora, the beloved daughter of J. A. and Elizabeth McDonald, aged 5 months. The funeral will take place at Weber on Saturday, at 2 p.m.

McLEAN, Kenneth - aged 88
died: 1929
buried: Grave 90A, Block 4

McLEAN, Mary - aged 60
died: 26 January 1920
buried: Grave 89A, Block 4

McMILLAN, unknown baby (2 of them)- unknown
buried: Graves 77B & 78B, Block 2

PHILLIPS, Thomas - aged 65
died: 3 October 1908
buried: Grave 84C, Block 2

RICE, John Maurice - aged 13
born: 10 July 1897 to John RICE & Marian Elizabeth MURRAY
died: 28 May 1911
buried: Grave 32A, Block 3
the children of John & Marian: (married in Napier 1896)
* 1897 - 1911 John Maurice Rice (born in Weber)
* 1898 - 1987 William James Rice
- born in Weber, married in Carterton, died in Hamilton
* 1900 - Jessie Rice
* 1905 - 1974 Stanley Rice

RYAN, Bertha - aged 3 weeks
died: 28 October 1897
buried: unknown location
daughter of Michael RYAN & Elizabeth OETGEN

RYAN, Edward John - aged 6.3
died: 28 October 1889
buried: unknown location
son of Michael RYAN & Jane RIDLEY
Bush Advocate, 9 November 1889 RYAN - On Oct. 28., at Weber, near Danevirke, of croup, Edward John, son of Michael Ryan; aged six years and three months. Wairarapa papers please copy
the known children of Michael & Jane:
* 1880 - Ellen Charlotte Ryan
* 1881 - Eliza Jane Ryan
* 1883 - Edward John Ryan

RYAN, Roy - aged 5 days
born: 1904 to Dennis Philip RYAN & Eliza Mary LAWLISS
died: 21 March 1904
buried: Grave 88A, Block 4
the known children of Dennis & Eliza:
* 1897 - 1976 Thelma Aureen Mary Ryan
* 1899 - 1969 Desmond Dennis Ryan
* 1901 - 1976 Earl Richmond Ryan
* 1902 - 1976 Jack Sarsfield Ryan
* 1904 - 1904 Roy Ryan
* 1905 - 1920 Edwin Lawliss Ryan
* 1907 - 1979 Philip Eric Ryan
* 1910 - 1974 Leo Owen Ryan
* 1912 - Iris Zeta Ryan
* 1913 - Geraldine Ryan

SLATTERY, Timothy - aged 74
died: 25 December 1920 (Xmas Day)
buried: Grave 77B, Block 3

STAINTON, unknown baby
died 27 October 1915
buried: Grave 9C, Block 3

SULLIVAN, Margaret - aged 3 months
born: 1901 to Dennis & Minnie SULLIVAN
died 27 July 1901
buried: unknown location

THOMPSON, Henry Woodward 'Harry' - aged 11 months
(cemetery database has Harry WOODWARD aged 11 months)
born: 5 Nov 1896, a twin with Fred Woodward Thompson, to Isabella Anderson Thompson (Fred Woodward Thompson died aged 7 weeks but not on Weber database)
died: 8 October 1897
Hawke's Bay Herald, 12 October 1897 The child of George Woodward, of Weber, died on Friday night. There was no doctor in attendance. The police think an inquest is desirable
Hawke's Bay Herald, 15 October 1897 WAIPAWA - An inquest was held at Weber before Mr S. Franklin, J.P., acting in the absence of the coroner, touching the death of Henry Woodward Thompson, aged 11 months. As this was the third illegitimate child in the family that had died during the last three years, the local Justices considered it necessary to hold an inquiry and to have a doctor's opinion as to the immediate cause of death. The following is a synopsis of the evidence:-
Mrs J. A. Thompson, the mother, said the child was taken ill on Saturday, 2nd October; seemed feverish, and thought it was teething. She gave it magnesia, which relieved it, but next day it got bad, apparently having a bad cold. She poulticed it and called in Mrs Pratt, a neighbor, on the Thursday, who approved of the course taken. Next day she called in Mrs Ryan, who said it was very bad with inflammation of the lungs, for which she administered cream and brandy, and the child died at 7.15 the same evening. She always looked after her children to the best of her ability, and could do no more for this. It was not true that she neglected her children. She took the child to a doctor at Danevirke last January, who said it was weak and suffering from English cholera; it was one of twins. She did not think the child was likely to die until Mrs Ryan came in, therefore did not send for the doctor. The evidence of Mrs Ryan and Mrs Pratt was to the same effect. Dr Riddell stated that in his opinion the child died from pneumonia; it was well nourished and was teething. The jury decided that death was due to natural causes, and desired further to state that on account of Dr Macallan's advice to Mrs Thompson in January last, relative to the child's illness, she should have called in medical assistance

THOMPSON, Isabella Andersen (nee COCHRANE) - aged 31
born: 1870 in Glasgow
She arrived in Hawkes Bay c1874 with her parents & brother Archibald Cochrane
died 13 February 1901 aged 31
buried: Plot unknown
NOTE Isabella had several illegitimate children to George Woodward but bore the name Thompson after her absent husband, James Nathan Thompson, whom she married in 1888
* re George Woodward of Weber ...
Hawke's Bay Herald, 17 November 1900 The following transfers were sanctioned:- Section 24, block 5, Weber, from George Woodward to M. Davitt
Evening Post, 5 September 1901 At the Palmerston North Police Court this morning, George Woodward was charged with the theft of £15 15s
(a 2009 equivalent of $2,401), the property of the Weber Road Board. Accused, who was clerk and foreman, was remanded to Dannevirke
Southland Times, 25 September 1901 At the Supreme Court, George Woodward, who pleaded guilty of theft of the Weber Road Board funds, was placed on probation for two years and ordered to pay £10 costs

VERNON, Mary Fannie - aged 36
died: 31 October 1908
buried: Grave 19B, Block 2
Bush Advocate, 5 November 1908 WEBER - We are very sorry to have to mention the loss Ti Tree has sustained by the death of Mrs Vernon. The settlers around there are so very neighborly and kind, that they had made Mr and Mrs Vernon feel quite at home among them, although they have not been long in the district. Mrs Vernon passed away peacefully on Saturday night. During her short illness, the doctors did all in their power, assisted by the kind offices of neighbors, but without avail. Quite a gloom was cast over our neighborhood by this sad termination. Very great sympathy is felt and shown towards Mr Vernon and his three children. The nearest cemetery is at Weber; the funeral rites were conducted according to the rites of the Church of England, in the presence of a large number of the settlers. Mr W. Roberts, of Weber, was the undertaker
BDM has that Mary Fannie Vernon died 31 Oct 1908 but unfortunately the newspaper articles do not have an exact date of death nor a first name (for either of them)
The facts I found are:
* an Ivy & Gordon Vernon attended the Ti Tree Point School as in this
1909 Ti Tree Point Picnic
* .. "sympathy is felt and shown towards Mr Vernon and his three children"
* Bush Advocate, 9 July 1908 WEBER - Mr Vernon is in charge of the new stables at Ti Tree. The change of horses was made there on Monday, July 6th, for the first time. Mr Vernon has two children for Ti Tree School, bringing the roll number up so seven again
* The only 3 children born to one mother & with these names:
1901 - 1963 Iris Vernon (+ Conway Richard Charles Ferguson in 1921)
1903 - Gordon Vernon
1904 - Daisy Mona Vernon
They were children of Archibald & Maud Vernon ?
- if you know this family your help would be appreciated

WALKER, Edward - aged about 48
Edward was a brickmaker
died: 3 Jan 1920
buried: Grave 76B, Block 3

WARDLE, Herbert - aged 23
died: 26 November 1905
buried: Grave 111B, Block 3
Bush Advocate, 13 January 1906 Mr W. Rose, agent for the Public Trustee, asks for all claims in the estate of Herbert Wardle, deceased, of Horoeka, to be sent in

WEAVERS, Amelia Frances (nee LAWRENCE) - aged 41
married Charles Morris Weavers in 1881
died: 20 September 1903
buried: Grave 83C, Block 3

WEAVERS, Charles Morris - aged 80
died 21 November 1938
buried: Grave 81C, Block 3

WEAVERS, Minnie Amelia - aged 21
died: 25 March 1914
buried: Grave 83C, Block 3
the children of Charles & Amelia:
* 1882 - 1913 Bertha Ada Weavers (+ Walter John Gilbert in 1902)
* 1885 - 1915 Clement Charles Weavers
(Clement Charles Weavers, Salvation Army Officer, Georgetown)
* 1887 - 1915 Leslie Gordon Weavers
* 1890 - 1964 Edith Agnes Weavers (+ Gordon Chatfield in 1909)
* 1892 - 1914 Minnie Amelia Weavers
In 1908 he was Charles Morris Weavers, of Waione, farmer
In loving memory of Amelia Frances, beloved wife of C. M. Weavers.
Died 20th September 1903, aged 41 years.
In loving memory of Minnie Amelia, beloved daughter of C M. Weavers.
Died 25th March 1914, aged 21 years.
Also a headstone in memorial:
In memory of L. G. Weavers (10/2024)
died of wounds at Gallipoli 28th August 1915, aged 28 years.
"He died for his King and Country like a soldier, brave and true"

Private 10/2024 Leslie Gordon Weavers
of Horoeka
Died of his Wounds Egypt to Gallipol 28 Aug 1915 aged 28

WEDDERSPOON at Dunedin Cemeteries

the WEDDERSPOON at Dunedin as at July 2011:


WEDDERSPOON ALICE MARGARET 88 Years Burial 19 Dec 1992

WEDDERSPOON ANDREW 83 Years Burial 20 May 1918

WEDDERSPOON ANDREW 70 Years Burial 5 Nov 1943

WEDDERSPOON ANDREW SCOTT 42 Years Burial 28 Jan 1907

WEDDERSPOON ANN 74 Years Burial 1 Aug 1945

WEDDERSPOON ANNIE 78 Years Burial 20 Oct 1938

WEDDERSPOON ANNIE LOUDON 46 Years Cremation 14 Jul 1945

WEDDERSPOON CATHERINE 74 Years Burial 22 Sep 1907

WEDDERSPOON CATHERINE 75 Years Burial 2 Aug 1921


WEDDERSPOON CHRISTINA 78 Years Burial 7 Dec 1945


WEDDERSPOON ELIZABETH 70 Years Burial 7 May 1932




WEDDERSPOON JAMES 79 Years Burial 10 Jun 1912

WEDDERSPOON JAMES CAIRNS 75 Years Cremation 20 Feb 1942

WEDDERSPOON JAMES RENTON 66 Years Burial 31 Aug 1964

WEDDERSPOON JAMES WILSON 6 Years Burial 29 Apr 1903

WEDDERSPOON JOHN 74 Years Burial 20 Apr 1907

WEDDERSPOON JOHN RENTON 80 Years Burial 2 Jan 1977

WEDDERSPOON JOHN RONALD 72 Years Cremation 28 Sep 1976

WEDDERSPOON JOHN WENTWITH 65 Years Burial 15 Feb 1964

WEDDERSPOON MARGARET 54 Years Burial 27 Aug 1887


WEDDERSPOON MARGARET EDNA 88 Years Burial 17 Dec 2003


WEDDERSPOON MARY AGNES 'Nessie' 97 Years Ashes Burial 25 Apr 2003


WEDDERSPOON PAUL JAMES 31 Years Burial 6 Apr 1976

WEDDERSPOON PETER 19 Years Burial 5 Sep 1879

WEDDERSPOON ROBERT Not recorded Burial 16 Sep 1955


WEDDERSPOON WILLIAM 84 Years Burial 5 Oct 1925

WEDDERSPOON WILLIAM 84 Years Burial 7 Sep 1942

WEDDERSPOON WILLIAM NEILSON 75 Years Cremation 19 Apr 1971

WEDDERSPOON WILLIAMINA JANET 85 Years Cremation 7 Sep 1982

WEDDERSPOON marriages New Zealand 1886 - 1927

some of the WEDDERSPOON marriages New Zealand 1886 - 1927:

Albert James Wilden
- married Dorothea Ruby HENRY in 1915

Albert James Wilden
- married Kathleen Isabel BROWN in 1927

Bessie Mary Wilden
- married David Bruce ANDREW in 1925

Edith Alice Wilden
- married William Crawford JOHNSTON in 1923

James Wilden
- married Rosena DAVIS in 1896

James Henry Wilden
- married Amy Elizabeth CHARTERS in 1922

Olive Irene Wilden
- married David LESLIE in 1923

Thomas Andrew Wilden
- married Eliza Mary FISHER in 1890

William Albert Wilden
- married Jemima Helen COURTS in 1886

William Arthur Wilden
- married Jessie Leaden FARQUHAR in 1922

wedding of Clara Theresa ELLERAY & Cyril Garrett SCANLAN - 1938 Wellington

taken form PAPERS PAST

the EVENING POST - 17 September 1938

anything in italics are my additions


The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Thorndon, was filled with relatives and friends recently for the wedding of Clara Theresa (1912-1987), eldest daughter of Mr James ELLERAY (1878-1952) and the late Mrs Elleray, and Cyril Garrett (1909-1990), younger son of Mrs M. (Mrs Michael -Catherine 'Kate' nee O'Sullivan ) SCANLAN and the late Mr Scanlan (Michael 1866-1920), of Wellington.

The Rev. Father D. NOLAN, cousin of the bridgroom, officiated and celebrated the Nuptial Mass.

The bride wore a beautiful gown of white slipper satin cut on classical lines and trimmed with muinute sprays of lilies. Her tulle veil fell in graceful folds from a coronet of pearls and orange blossom to form a graceful train, and her bridal bouguet was of arum lilies.

Miss Margaret Elleray, sister of the bride, wore a charming picture frock of embroidered Swiss organdie (sic) over primrose and a pretty floral headband to match her posy of spring flowers.

The bridegroom was attended by Mr Edmund MADDEN (Edmund David Madden 1917-2005), and the bride was escorted into the church by her brother, Bryan (Bryan James 1914-1983)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

WEDDING of Elizabeth BILLINGS + Henry TAYLOR - Thames 1898

taken from PAPERS PAST
the OBSERVER - 11 June 1898

A wedding of much interest to a large circle of friends took place on Tuesday, May 24th, at the Thames, the happy couple being Miss Elizabeth Mary Carley BILLINGS, third daughter of the late Mr James A. Billings, and Mr Henry TAYLOR, third son of Mr Henry Taylor, of the Thames.

The ceremony, which was soleminised in St George's Church, was a very prettily arranged one, and was witnessed by a large number of friends.

The Rev. Dr O'CALLAGHAN offciate.

One hundred and fifty guests were afterwards emtertained at a splendid wedding breakfast at the residence of Mr William Taylor, Pollen-street.

The newly-wedded couple departed for their future home in Coromandel, bearing with them the best wishes of numerous friends for a happy and prosperous future.

the known children of Henry & Elizabeth were:

1902 - Percy Clifford Taylor
1903 - Julia Florence Alicea Tayloe
1905 - Mable Emily Carley Taylor
1908 - Eunice May Taylor
1910 - Alma Marjorie Joy Taylor