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Western Australia SURNAMES LIST ... S ...

the Western Australian Surnames List is a WAGS (The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc) hosting service, available to members and non-members.
It is open to all those whose ancestors came to Western Australia

ABOUT WAGS ... The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. We have been incorporated to assist members in researching the family history in Western Australia, as well as all corners of the world.
The Society was formed on the 1st January 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. This main objective encompasses many other secondary objectives, such as transcribing and indexing records, and provides a forum for people with a common interest in family history.
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LIST OF SURNAMES (as at July 2011):
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S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... Y & Z

SADLIER >1914 Claremont

SADLIER >1914 Fremantle

SALE >1840 Albany

SALMON 1890-1900 Coolgardie

SALMON 1890-1900 Kalgoorlie

SALTER 1900 Perth

SALVAIRE 1897 Kalgoorlie

SAMPSON c1900 Boulder

SAMUELS >1897 Leederville

SAMWAYS >1880 Northam

SAMWAYS >1890 Geraldton

SAMWAYS >1890 Leederville

SANDERS >1860 Claremont

SANDERS >1900 Dwellingup

SANDERS >1900 Perth

SANDERS >1900 York

SANGSTER 1880-1930 Kalgoorlie

SANGSTER 1880-1930 Leonora

SARACENI 1926 Perth

SAUNDERS 1840-1910

SAW >1838 Kelmscott

SAWYER 1895 Menzies

SAYCE 1889-1932 Perth

SCADDEN 1904 Perth

SCANLAN 1864-1892 Fremantle

SCANLAN 1900-1914 East Guildford

SCANLAN >1895 Fremantle

SCARROTT 1951 Rockingham

SCATTERGOOD >1850 Fremantle

SCHENFUHS c1905 Perth

SCHIPP 1900 Kalgoorlie

SCHMIDT >1925 Brookton

SCHNAARS >1900 Perth

SCHNEFUHS >1900 Perth

SCHOFIELD 1900 Menzies

SCHOFIELD 1903 Woolgar

SCHOFIELD 1905 Yundaga

SCHULTZE >1920 Wubin

SCHULZE 1914-1919 Dalwallinu

SCHULZE >1900 Perth

SCHULZE >1920 Wubin

SCOBLE >1860

SCOTLAND 1904-1917 Broome

SCOTLAND 1919-1962 Perth

SCOTT 1831 South Guildford

SCOTT 1838 Bunbury

SCOTT 1838 Picton

SCOTT 1926 Denmark

SCOTT 1950 Fremantle

SCOTT c1900 Geraldton

SCRIBBINGS >1910 Kalgoorlie

SCRIBBINS >1910 Kalgoorlie

SCRIBBINS >1910 Perth

SCRIVENER >1851 Fremantle

SEALE >1900 West Perth

SEALE >1905 Perth

SEARS 1936-1976 Wanneroo

SEDGEMAN >1900 Byford

SEDGWICK 1922-1937 Grasspatch

SEDGWICK 1922-1937 Redlake

SELLICK 1892-1893 Perth susan

SELLICK 1893-1906 Karridale

SELLICK >1908 Collie

SEMMENS >1895 Coolgardie

SENIOR >1900 Fremantle

SENTENELLER >1865 Williams River

SERLE >1850 South West

SERMON >1853 Northam

SEWELL >1907 Boulder

SEWELL >1910 Kalgoorlie

SEXTON >1900 Perth

SEYMOUR >1900 Kalamunda

SHACKLETON 1925-1935 Perth

SHADDICK >1877 Mourambine

SHADE >1829 Fremantle

SHARPLES >1922 Belmont

SHARPLES c1900 Tenterden

SHAW 1830 Swan River

SHAW 1959-1925 Fremantle

SHEARER >1900 Fremantle

SHEEHAN <1850 Toodyay

SHEEN >1850 Fremantle

SHERIDAN >1857 Fremantle

SHERMAN 1913 Perth

SHERMAN 1915-1918 Maylands

SHERMAN 1920 Bunbury

SHERWOOD >1947 Rottnest

SHERWOOD c1860 Perth

SHINNER >1858 Fremantle

SHIPLEY >1920 Perth


SIMPSON <1868 Bridgetown

SIMPSON >1900 Fremantle

SIMPSON >1925 Patricia

SINCLAIR 1870-1920 Bunbury

SINCLAIR >1840 Toodyay

SINCLAIR >1898 Fremantle

SINDEN 1850-1900

SISTI >1952 Fremantle

SLADE <1925 Perth


SLOEY >1851 Toodyay

SMEATHERS c1917 Fremantle

SMETHERHAM >1850 Statewide

SMITH 1857 Fremantle

SMITH 1878 Northampton

SMITH 1880-1930 South West

SMITH 1890-1900 Coolgardie

SMITH 1900 Perth

SMITH 1926-2007 Bunbury

SMITH 1929 Welbungin

SMITH <1878 Greenough

SMITH >1830 Fremantle

SMITH >1830 Perth

SMITH >1840 Claremont

SMITH >1840 Irwin

SMITH >1840 Nedlands

SMITH >1870 Busselton

SMITH >1885 Kimberley

SMITH >1890 Harvey

SMITH >1894 Broome

SMITH >1896 Geraldton

SMITH >1898 Sawyers Valley

SMITH >1900 Bolgart

SMITH >1900 Midland Junction

SMITH c1925 Northcliffe

SMYTH 1850-1860 Albany

SNELLING 1900 Perth

SNOOK >1887 Meckering

SNOOKE >1887 Meckering

SNOWFOOT 1900 Perth

SOLLY >1870 Perth

SOUNNESS >1841 Mount Barker

SOUNNESS >1850 Albany

SOUTHALL >1900 Menzies

SOUTHALL >1900 Narrogin

SOUTHALL >1920 Wickepin

SOUTHALL >1940 Subiaco

SOUTHALL >1950 Esperance

SOUTHALL >1960 Fremantle

SOWDEN 1900 Perth

SPAIN >1830 Perth


SPARKMAN >1919 Mundijong

SPARKS >1900 Midland

SPEIGHT >1870 Perth

SPENCE >1920 Doubleview

SPENCER 1900-2000 York

SPENCER 1910-1943 Perth

SPENCER 1913 Pingelly

SPENCER >1829 Fremantle

SPENCER >1829 Serpentine

SPENCER >1850 Albany

SPICE 1830 Bindoon

SPRAGG 1829-1900 Popanyinning

SPRAKS >1900 Bunbury

SPRATT 1850-1860


SPRINGATE 1850-1857

SPROLT c1929 Perth

SPROSTON >1911 Collie

SQUIRES >1886 Perth


STACK >1858

STACK >1906 Perth

STAFF >1853 Moore River



STALLARD >1841 Bunbury

STALLARD >1900 Nannup

STALLWOOD >1925 Moulyinning

STAMP 1912 Toodyay

STANES >1880 Perth

STANIFORTH >1920 Perth

STANTON >1842 Perth

STANTON >1862 Fremantle

STEEL >1851 Perth

STEELE >1851 Perth


STEPHENSON 1920-1930 Perth

STEPHENSON >1900 Broad Arrow

STEVENS 1890-1970 Perth

STEVENSON >1900 Kalgoorlie

STEWART 1868-1908 Fremantle

STEWART c1908 East Perth

STINTON >1841 Bunbury

STINTON c1829 Perth

STIRLING 1890-1900 York

STIRLING >1830 Perth

STIRLING >1840 Perth

STOCK >1900 Boulder

STOCK >1900 Perth

STOCK >1935 Midland

STOCKDALE <1940 Perth

STOKES 1850-1860 Greenough

STOKES 1857 Perth

STOKES >1830 Perth

STOKES >1885 Albany

STOKES >1890 Fremantle

STOKES >1915 Chapman Valley

STONE 1850 York

STONE >1869 Fremantle

STORRIE >1900 Nannup

STOW >1898 Esperance

STRAHAN 1860 Toodyay

STRAHAN 1900-1918 Perth

STRANG >1880 Fremantle

STRATTON >1900 Subiaco

STRAUSS 1910-1936 Wiluna

STRAUSS 1915 Fremantle

STRAW 1895 Collie

STRAW 1895 Kalgoorlie

STRAWBRIDGE >1935 Subiaco


STRICKLAND >1830 Perth

STRIPE >1924 North Perth

STRONACH >1900 Perth

STRUTT >1878 Perth

STUART >1917 Fremantle

STUBBS >1854 Perth

STUBER >1896 Perth

STUDSOR <1850 Perth

STUTCHBURY 1890-1900 Kalgoorlie

SUAREZ c1905 New Norcia

SUAREZ c1909 Perth

SUGGET 1890-1900 Kalgoorlie

SULLIVAN >1829 Fremantle

SULLIVAN >1920 Bruce Rock

SUMMERELL >1970 Perth

SUMMERFIELD >1912 Serpentine

SUMNER >1892 Perth

SUMSION 1860-2000

SURRADGE 1900 Claremont

SURRADGE 1906 Fremantle

SURRADGE 1950 Perth


SUTHERLAND 1890-1928 Fremantle

SUTHERLAND 1890-1930 Coolgardie

SUTHERLAND 1890-1930 Kalgoorlie

SUTHERLAND >1890 Katanning

SUTTON 1850 Perth

SWAIN >1940 Statewide

SWAN >1900 Wyalkatchem

SWEENEY >1897 Collie

SWEENEY >1900 Collie

SWEENEY c1880 York

SWEETMAN >1830 Fremantle

SWIFT 1850-1950

SWINBOURN >1900 Midland

SWINEY <1900 Katanning

SYMES >1897 Perth

SYMONDS >1882 Perth

SYRED >1853 Toodyay

Western Australia SURNAMES LIST ... T ...

the Western Australian Surnames List is a WAGS (The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc) hosting service, available to members and non-members.
It is open to all those whose ancestors came to Western Australia

ABOUT WAGS ... The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. We have been incorporated to assist members in researching the family history in Western Australia, as well as all corners of the world.
The Society was formed on the 1st January 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. This main objective encompasses many other secondary objectives, such as transcribing and indexing records, and provides a forum for people with a common interest in family history.
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LIST OF SURNAMES (as at July 2011):
A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F

G ... H ... I ... J ... K ... L

M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R

S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... Y & Z

TALBOYS >1897 Fremantle

TALBOYS >1898 Broome

TAPPER >1830 Fremantle

TASSELL >1840 Albany

TATE >1886 Guildford

TATE >1886 Perth

TAYLOR Northam

TAYLOR 1861 Fremantle

TAYLOR 1896-1912 Boulder

TAYLOR 1906-1914 Boulder

TAYLOR 1970 Inglewood

TAYLOR >1870 Perth

TAYLOR >1879 Perth

TAYLOR >1880 Albany

TAYLOR >1900 Fremantle

TAYLOR >1914 Perth

TEBBUTT >1900 Fremantle

TERRELL >1900 Coolgardie

TERRY >1882 Subiaco


THOMAS 1890-1900 Coolgardie

THOMAS 1896-1922 Blackwood River

THOMAS 1900 Toodyay

THOMAS >1833 Albany

THOMAS >1840 Busselton

THOMAS >1850 Ludlow

THOMAS >1850 Perth

THOMAS >1850 York

THOMAS >1897 East Fremantle

THOMPSON 1857 Fremantle

THOMPSON 1880 Perth

THOMPSON 1890-1920 Goldfields

THOMPSON 1897 Perth

THOMPSON 1900-1920 Perth

THOMPSON 1900-1930 Goldfields

THOMPSON 1930-1950 Fremantle

THOMPSON >1840 Albany

THOMPSON >1840 New Norcia

THOMPSON >1850 Fremantle

THOMPSON >1895 Coolgardie

THOMPSON >1895 Kalgoorlie

THOMPSON >1900 Cottesloe

THOMPSON >1900 Northam

THOMPSON >1900 Perth

THOMPSON >1910 Lake Grace

THOMPSON >1925 Perth

THOMSON 1831-1839 Rottnest

THOMSON 1863 Mandurah

THOMSON 1947 Midland

THOMSON >1829 Fremantle

THORNHILL >1870 Subiaco

THORNTON 1890-1930 Goldfields

THORPE 1880-2000 Fremantle

THORPE >1847 Rockingham

THORPE >1850 Pinjarra

THORPE >1900 Perth

THORPE c1831 Rockingham


THURKLE >1900 Vasse

TILBURY >1900 Perth

TIMMS >1900 Midland Junction

TIMMS >1960 Perth

TIMPSON >1850 Albany


TIPPING 1909 Fremantle

TISCHLER 1871-1915 Fremantle

TOBIN <1905 Perth

TODD c1907 Fremantle

TOLMIE 1900 Kalgoorlie

TOMLINSON 1884 Perth

TOMLINSON >1865 Geraldton

TOMLINSON >1930 Fremantle

TOMLINSON >1930 York

TOMNEY >1869 York

TONKIN >1830 Perth

TONKIN >1850 Serpentine

TOOTELL >1900 Minnivale

TOOTELL >1900 Perth

TORPY >1893 Kalgoorlie

TORY 1900-1940 Maylands

TOTTIE 1912-1925

TOTTMAN >1900 Fremantle

TOWNSEND 1862 Fremantle



TRAVIS >1900 Fremantle

TREE >1897 Katanning

TREMBATH 1850-1865 Fremantle

TRENOWETH >1906 Perth

TREW >1853 Statewide

TREW >1853 York

TREW >1882 Sawyers

TRIGG >1831 Perth

TRIGWELL 1883 Picton

TRIGWELL >1851 Donnybrook

TROTT 1850 Fremantle

TROTT >1908 Perth

TROTTER >1895 Guildford

TROTTER >1910 Menzies

TROTTER >1925 Coolgardie

TRUSLOVE 1830 Fremantle

TUNNEY >1841 Bunbury

TUNNEY >1897 Collie

TURNER >1830 Gingin

TURNER >1854 Serpentine

TURNER >1871 Gingin

TURNER >1900 Beverley

TURNER >1925 Brookton

TURNER >1940 Esperance


TWITCHIN 1880-1930 Towera

TWOMEY 1950 Perth

TYACK <1923 Fremantle

TYNAN >1900 Perth

TYSON <1851 Fremantle

Western Australia SURNAMES LIST ... U ...

the Western Australian Surnames List is a WAGS (The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc) hosting service, available to members and non-members.
It is open to all those whose ancestors came to Western Australia

ABOUT WAGS ... The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. We have been incorporated to assist members in researching the family history in Western Australia, as well as all corners of the world.
The Society was formed on the 1st January 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. This main objective encompasses many other secondary objectives, such as transcribing and indexing records, and provides a forum for people with a common interest in family history.
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LIST OF SURNAMES (as at July 2011):
A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F

G ... H ... I ... J ... K ... L

M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R

S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... Y & Z

UREN >1900 Perth

URQUHART 1896-1905 Kalgoorlie

URQUHART 1914-1919 Wiluna

URQUHART 1919 Perth

URQUHART 1919 Victoria Park

URQUHART 1940-1954 West Perth

Western Australia SURNAMES LIST ... V ...

the Western Australian Surnames List is a WAGS (The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc) hosting service, available to members and non-members.
It is open to all those whose ancestors came to Western Australia

ABOUT WAGS ... The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. We have been incorporated to assist members in researching the family history in Western Australia, as well as all corners of the world.
The Society was formed on the 1st January 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. This main objective encompasses many other secondary objectives, such as transcribing and indexing records, and provides a forum for people with a common interest in family history.
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LIST OF SURNAMES (as at July 2011):
A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F

G ... H ... I ... J ... K ... L

M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R

S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... Y & Z

VAGG 1910 Perth

VALENTINE >1910 Morawa

VARISCHETTI >1893 Boulder

VARISCHETTI >1893 Coolgardie

VARISCHETTI >1893 Kalgoorlie

VARISCHETTI >1893 Southern Cross


VENUS 1905-1919 North Fremantle

VENUS 1907-1909 Fremantle

VENUS 1913 Kalgoorlie

VENUS 1920 Perth

VENUS 1940-1941 Claremont

VENUS 1956 Swanbourne

VERIT >1960

VERNON 1870-1890 Fremantle


VIGUS <1850

VINCENT 1878 Roebourne

VINCENT >1860 Fremantle

VOIGT 1930-1940 Perth

VOLKMANN >1870 Perth

VOSTI 1896-1946 Boulder

Western Australia SURNAMES LIST ... W ...

the Western Australian Surnames List is a WAGS (The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc) hosting service, available to members and non-members.
It is open to all those whose ancestors came to Western Australia

ABOUT WAGS ... The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. We have been incorporated to assist members in researching the family history in Western Australia, as well as all corners of the world.
The Society was formed on the 1st January 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. This main objective encompasses many other secondary objectives, such as transcribing and indexing records, and provides a forum for people with a common interest in family history.
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LIST OF SURNAMES (as at July 2011):
A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F

G ... H ... I ... J ... K ... L

M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R

S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... Y & Z

WADDELL 1850-1900 Fremantle

WADDELL >1900 Boulder

WADDINGHAM 1853-1998 Bunbury

WADDINGHAM >1900 Fremantle

WADE c1841 Perth

WAGHORN <1959 Northam

WAGHORN >1899 Doodenanning

WAGNER 1908-1968 Perth

WAGNER 1908-1978 Kalgoorlie

WAKEFIELD >1897 Perth

WALDECK Greenough

WALDON Busselton


WALDON Roebourne

WALDON >1850 Albany

WALES >1920 Kellerberrin

WALES >1948 Perth

WALKER 1851 Perth

WALKER 1865-1872 Swan River

WALKER 1917 Fremantle

WALKER >1850 York

WALKER >1900 Kukerin

WALKER >1917 Fremantle


WALLACE >1887 Perth

WALLACE >1896 Inglewood

WALLACE >1900 Perth

WALLACE >1920 Mount Barker

WALLACE >1920 Perth

WALLING >1910 Williams

WALLIS 1970 Inglewood

WALMSLEY >1900 Boulder

WALSH 1863-1905 Fremantle

WALSH >1850 York

WALSH >1880 Boyanup

WALTERS >1900 Collie

WALTON 1891-1900 Menzies

WALTON >1890



WARD 1919-1940 Swan

WARD >1870 Geraldton

WARDLE >1924 Geraldton

WARE >1886 Albany

WARNER 1853 Fremantle

WARNER 1922 Kentdale

WARNOCK >1888 Mount Barker

WARNOCK >1890 Fremantle

WARNOCK >1905 Guildford

WARNOCK >1905 Midland

WARREN >1875 Perth

WARREN c1850 York

WARWICK <1905 Kalgoorlie

WATERER >1900 Fremantle

WATERS 1890-1900 Coolgardie

WATKINS 1915-1922 Bunbury

WATKINS 1915-1922 Fremantle

WATSON 1895 Leederville

WATSON 1906 Geraldton

WATSON <1853 Northam

WATSON >1850 Northam

WATSON >1900 Fremantle

WATSON >1902 Kalgoorlie

WATT >1900 Perth

WATTIS 1890-1900 Cue

WATTIS 1910-1950 Boulder

WATTIS 1910-1950 Coolgardie

WATTIS 1910-1950 Cue

WATTIS 1910-1950 Kalgoorlie

WATTS >1842 Canning

WATTS >1890 Perth

WATTS c1890 Wandering

WEBB >1900 Fremantle

WEBBER 1890-1900 Boulder

WEBBER 1890-1900 Kalgoorlie

WEBBER >1850 Perth

WEBBLEY 1870 Greenough

WEBSDALE >1900 Statewide

WEBSTER 1925-2000

WEBSTER >1887 Como

WEDD 1930-1940 Kalgoorlie

WEEDON >1840 Fremantle

WEEDON >1840 Nedlands

WEEDON >1850 Swanbourne

WEHR >1899 Denmark

WEHR >1900 Albany

WEIR 1870-1885 Kojonup

WEIR 1900 Albany

WEIR >1866 Perth

WEIR >1907 Geraldton

WELCH 1923 Fremantle

WELLS >1850 Geraldton

WELLS >1852 Bindoon

WENT 1829-1900

WERE 1900 Perth


WEST 1895 Menzies

WEST 1900 Perth

WESTERN Kalgoorlie


WESTERN >1980 Rockingham


WHATMAN >1916 South Fremantle

WHEATLEY 1900-1910 Coolgardie

WHEATLEY 1900-1910 Kalgoorlie

WHEELOCK >1845 Greenough

WHISKIN >1895 Kalgoorlie

WHITE 1878 Busselton

WHITE 1878 Ludlow

WHITE 1888 Albany

WHITE 1910-1919 Perth

WHITE >1833 Perth

WHITE >1842 Fremantle

WHITE >1850 Busselton

WHITE >1877

WHITE >1880 Ludlow

WHITE >1880 Northam

WHITE >1890 Cannington

WHITE c1888 Cossack

WHITE c1890 Kelmscott

WHITEHURST >1910 Mullewa

WHITELEY 1840-1847 Australind

WHITELEY 1840-1847 Bunbury

WHITELEY 1840-1847 Busselton

WHITELEY 1840-1847 Woonerup

WHITESIDE >1890 Carnarvon

WHITFORD >1894 Kalgoorlie

WHITLOCK c1920 Fremantle

WHITTAKER 1858 Toodyay

WHITWORTH >1900 Collie

WHYBORN >1900 East Perth

WHYBROW >1840 Albany

WIESE 1926 Esperance

WIESE 1926 Wickepin

WILKERSON >1850 Northam

WILKES >1854 Perth

WILKES >1860 Fremantle

WILKES >1860 Geraldton

WILKES >1890 Albany

WILKES >1910 Perth

WILKINSON 1877-1887 Albany

WILKS >1854 Perth

WILKS >1890 Albany

WILLEY 1831-1840 Fremantle

WILLEY 1840-1850 Murray

WILLEY >1850 Beverley

WILLEY c1832 Perth


WILLIAMS 1900 Fremantle

WILLIAMS <1909 Highgate Hill

WILLIAMS <1909 York

WILLIAMS >1860 Cottesloe

WILLIAMS >1886 Albany

WILLIAMS >1900 Kalgoorlie

WILLIAMS >1907 Kulyaling

WILLIAMS >1911 Swan

WILLIAMS >1920 Fremantle

WILLIAMS >1920 Kalgoorlie

WILLIAMS >1920 Perth

WILLIMOTT >1869 Greenough

WILLIS 1875-1998

WILLIS 1895 Southern Cross

WILLIS 1901-1925 Albany

WILLIS 1925 Bunbury

WILLIS 1936 Geraldton

WILLIS >1880 Bunbury

WILLIS >1880 North Dandalup

WILLIS >1925 Fremantle

WILLIS >1938 Mount Lawley

WILLIS c1896 Boulder

WILSON >1900 Tenterden

WILTON >1853 Greenough

WINEFIELD >1900 Fremantle

WINGROVE 1900 Perth

WINNETT c1900 Ravensthorpe

WINTER >1865 Fremantle

WINWOOD 1850-1998

WIRTH 1885-1900 Canning

WIRTH >1900 Fremantle

WIRTH c1930 Manjimup

WISHART 1900 Fremantle

WISLON >1857 York

WITCHELL 1860-1870 Bunbury


WOHLSTRAND >1889 Jarrahdale

WOLFE >1900

WOOD Statewide

WOOD 1850 Gnowangerup

WOOD 1860 Broomehill

WOOD 1890-1900 Boulder

WOOD 1892 Perth

WOOD 1902 Bunbury

WOOD >1830 Fremantle

WOOD >1847 Rockingham

WOOD >1960 Maylands

WOODHEAD >1900 Day Dawn

WOODS 1830-1845 Fremantle

WOODS 1897 Perth

WOODS <1866 Fremantle

WOODS <1985 Port Hedland

WOODS >1829 Fremantle

WOODS >1829 Swan River

WOODS >1842

WOODS >1857 Victoria Plains

WOODS >1870 Perth

WOODYATT 1852-1853

WOOLHOUSE 1880 Greenough


WOOSTER 1890-1941 Kalgoorlie

WOOSTER, George William (1853-1938) 1890-1941 Perth
George died 17 Dec 1938 in Perth
He is buried Grave 74, Section AA, ELIM FOUR SQUARE at Karrakatta

WORRALL 1863-1865

WORTH 1912-2008 Fremantle

WORTHINGTON 1860-1900 Northampton

WORTHINGTON >1900 Geraldton

WRAY 1890-1956 Fremantle

WRIGHT 1854-1892

WRIGHT 1890-1900 Boulder

WRIGHT 1890-1900 Kalgoorlie

WRIGHT >1870

WRIGHT >1898 Kalgoorlie

WRIGHT >1903 Fremantle

WRIGHTSON >1892 Perth

WROTH >1854 Toodyay

WUILLEMIN >1900 Perth

WYATT 1912-1951

WYBREW >1840 Albany

WYNN >1900 Mount Lawley

WYNN >1900 Perth

WYNNE 1915-1960 Baandee

WYNNE 1920-1940 Gabbin

WYNNE 1930-1940 Kalgoorlie

WYNNE 1947-1964 Morawa

WYNNE >1900 Mount Lawley

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Western Australia SURNAMES LIST ... Y & Z ...

the Western Australian Surnames List is a WAGS (The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc) hosting service, available to members and non-members.
It is open to all those whose ancestors came to Western Australia

ABOUT WAGS ... The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. We have been incorporated to assist members in researching the family history in Western Australia, as well as all corners of the world.
The Society was formed on the 1st January 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. This main objective encompasses many other secondary objectives, such as transcribing and indexing records, and provides a forum for people with a common interest in family history.
... more at link

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LIST OF SURNAMES (as at July 2011):
A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F

G ... H ... I ... J ... K ... L

M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R

S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... Y & Z

YATES 1888 Fremantle

YATES 1920 Albany

YATES 1960 Albany

YATES 1970 Boyup Brook

YEO >1855

YEO >1900 Meckering

YEWDALE c1892 Albany

YORK >1842 Gingin

YORKE 1900 Perth

YORKE >1856 Swan

YOUARD >1860 Geraldton

YOUNG 1900-1920 York

YOUNG >1855 Guildford

YOUNG >1855 Perth

YOUNG >1855 Rottnest

YOUNG >1886

YOUNG >1896 Narrambeen

YOUNG >1901 Mount Lawley

ZELLING c1878 East Leederville

ZIC >1898


taken from Western Australia Cemeteries
* each cemetery has a link to a list of names or a searchable database
* WARNING may contain names and images of deceased Aboriginal people

* AGNEW Cemetery, Leinster
LEINSTER, is a town in the northern goldfields area, situated 4km east of the Goldfields Highway, in the Shire of Leonora local government area, 968km (601 miles) NE of Perth. In the 2006 census, Leinster had a population of 732

* Albany Memorial Park Cemetery, although not the earliest cemetery, was opened in 1840 to meet the demands of a growing community and operated until 1959 when the new Allambie Park Cemetery was brought into use. However, burials took place until 2000 and ashes were placed there until 2009.

ALBANY, is a port city in the Great Southern region, 418km SE of Perth. At the 2011 census Albany's population was 33,650

* ALLAMBIE PARK Cemetery Lower King Road, Oyster Harbour, Albany
* You can search the database to find information about Burials and Cremations at Allambie Park Cemetery. Our database contains the Name, Application Number, Age, Date of Death & Location of every burial and cremation in the Allambie Park Cemetery. Burial records from Memorial Park Cemetery, located on Middleton Road, can be obtained, for a fee, from the Albany Regional Family History Society
* ALLAMBIE LIST of NAMES transcribed by Lorraine Larment

* ARTHUR RIVER Anglican List
ARTHUR RIVER is a small town in the Wheatbelt, between Williams and Kojonup on Albany Highway. Following the introduction of convicts in WA labour to the Swan River Colony in the early 1850s, the road from Perth to Albany was completed and a number of small settlements sprang up along it to support pastoralists who had been granted grazing leases as early as 1854

* ARRINO Cemetery (16 names)
ARRINO is located between Mingenew and Three Springs, 366km N of Perth. In 2006 the population was 163

AUGUSTA The first recorded sighting of the south-west coast of Western Australia was by the "Leeuwin" (meaning Lioness) in 1622. Cape Leeuwin, so named by Matthew Flinders when he arrived here aboard HMS Investigator on the 6th December 1801, to begin his epic circumnavigation of Australia. Cape Leeuwin is where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. The name Augusta was chosen for Princess Augusta, the daughter of George III of England. Augusta us 310km S of Perth & in the 2006 the population was 1,068

* AUSTRALIND Searchable Database (includes Cookernup & Harvey)
* AUSTRALIND PIONEER LIST (Mount Claremont Cemetery, first burial 1842)
AUSTRALIND 157km S of Perth, is a satellite town of Bunbury. The name Australind is a combination of Australia and India, which was chosen due to the belief that the area could be used for breeding horses for the British Indian Army, as was later achieved in Cervantes, Northampton and Madura. In 2006 the population was 8,717

* BADGINGARRA Cemetery (8 names)
BADGINGARRA is a small town in the Wheatbelt, 205km N of Perth in the Shire of Dandaragan. "Badgingarra" is an Indigenous Australian word said to mean "water by the manna gums"

* Balbarrup

* Balbarrup Pioneers

* Ballidu

* Bassendean

* Beacon

* Bencubbin

* Beverley

* Bindoon

* Black Flag

* Bluewater

* Boddington

* Bolgart

* Boorabbin

* Boscabel

* Bootenal

* BOULDER Cemetery
* BOULDER LIST (partial)
* BOULDER - Old Graves
BOULDER, adjacent to Kalgoorlie, was gazetted in 1896. It is named after a gold mining lease called "The Great Boulder". Boulder was a town in the Western Australian goldfields 595km (370 miles) east of Perth and bordering onto the town of Kalgoorlie in the Eastern Goldfields region.
Until 1989 it was part of its own municipality. In 1989 the towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder were merged to form the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. After the merger Boulder officially became a suburb of Kalgoorlie.

* Boyup Brook

* Boyanup

* Bremer Bay

BRIDGETOWN, established in 1868, is 270km S of Perth, on the Blackwood River at the intersection of South Western Highway with Brockman Highway to Nannup and Augusta. The area was previously known as Geegelup, which was believed to mean "place of gilgies" in the Noongar Aboriginal language, referring to the fresh water crustaceans. However, recently discovered research made available through the Bridgetown Tourist Centre suggests the actual meaning of Geegelup may be "place of spears". The population is approx. 2,300

* Broadarrow

* Brookton

* Broome Pioneer

* Broomehill

* Bruce Rock

* Bullfinch

* Bulong

* Bunbury Cemetery

* Burtville

* BUSSELTON Cemetery
BUSSELTON, one of the earliest settlements in Western Australia, was founded in 1832 by the Bussell family, is situated 220km SW of Perth. The name of Busselton was first officially used in June 1835. The Bussells, who were not consulted about the name, preferred the name Capel after a relative in England, Capel Carter Brockman (18391924), daughter of John Bussell (18031875), who was named after a Miss Capel Carter, a cousin of the Bussells in England with whom Bussell family members corresponded, but the name Busselton was retained. A town named Capel was later established to the north of Busselton










Coral Bay





Cranbrook Cemetery












* DONGARA cemetery
* DOMINICAN Cemetery Dongara
* Dongara-Irwin LONELY GRAVES
DONGARA, 65km south of Geraldton & 350km NW of Perth, is an anglicised rendition of Thung-arra, the local Wattandee people's name for the estuary adjacent to the town, meaning 'sea lion place'


Doodenanning - Quairading




Dumbleyung (Nippering)



East Perth

East Rockingham

Edwards Crossing - St Paul's





Fields End

Frankland Cemetery

FREMANTLE was considered as a site for possible British settlement in 1827 when Captain James Stirling, in HMS Success, explored the coastal areas near the Swan River. His favourable report was welcomed by the British Government, who had for some time been suspicious of French colonial intentions towards the western portion of Australia. As a result of Stirling's report, Captain Charles Howe Fremantle of HMS Challenger, a 603 ton, 28-gun frigate, was instructed to sail to the west coast of Australia to establish a settlement. On 2 May 1829 Fremantle hoisted the Union Flag in a bay near what is now known as Arthur Head & became the first area settled by the Swan River colonists. It was declared a city in 1929 and in 2006 had a population of 24,835 (62% Australian born)

* GASCOYNE JUNCTION Cemetery (7 names)
GASCOYNE JUNCTION is a small town inland from Carnarvon on the junction of the Gascoyne & Lyons Rivers. A police station was built in about 1897 and settlers asked the Government to declare a townsite. By 1909, a general store and other buildings had been erected on private land and in 1912 the Government finally acceded to the request, naming the town "Killili" after a local Aboriginal word meaning "bullrush" following the Surveyor General's request for a "euphonious native name". For many years, the police station, road board (1912) and hotel were the only buildings in the area and in 1938 the Roads Board complained about the name, saying that "Gascoyne Junction" and "The Junction" were the names in common use and asking the Lands Department to "expunge" the name of Killili. The name was changed and gazetted in 1939. In 2006 the population was 149

* GERALDTON Cemetery
GERALDTON is a city in the Mid West region, located 424km N of Perth. In 2012 the population was 38,030



Glen Tromie



Grass Patch


Green Hills (Shire of York)

* GREENOUGH PIONEER Cemetery (first recorded burial 1853)
GREENOUGH is a historical town 400km N of Perth, 24km S of Geraldton. A series of disasters starting with a major cyclone in 1872 and major flooding in 1888 as well as the discovery of gold in the goldfields caused the gradual decline and abandonment of the settlement so that by 1900 most of the settlers had left the area with many of the small farmlets converted to grazing. The town fell into disrepair until a tourism-based project in the 1980s helped refurbish many of the buildings

GUILDFORD, a suburb of Perth, 13km NE of the city, was established in 1829 on the Swan River, being sited near a permanent fresh water supply



Halls Creek (Old) - partial

Hamelin Bay




Henley Brook

Hines Hill





Jurien Bay


* The KALGOORLIE-BOULDER Cemetery provides a comprehensive search service to locate burial records in the Eastern Goldfields region. The first "official" burial took place in Kalgoorlie in 1896, with "unofficial" burials taking place in 1894 - 1895. There are more than 20,000 burials recorded to present. A card index has been compiled for the Kalgoorlie Cemetery, as well as several abandoned cemeteries in the Eastern Goldfields. Although information varies between individual registers, the basic information given in most cases is: Name & Age of Deceased, Date & Place of Burial, Religious Denomination, Officiating Minister & Undertaker. Where a headstone can be transcribed, there may be further family information. Grave location maps are provided where possible
KALGOORLIE, now known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, is a town in the Goldfields-Esperance region, 595km ENE of Perth. Well known for its 'Super-Pit' a 24/7, open-cut gold mine approx 3.6km (1 mile) long, 1.6km wide and 512 metres (1,680 ft) deep

Kambalda Pioneers


Karrakatta Cemetery



* KATANNING Cemetery
KATANNING, 277KM SE of Perth, is thought to be a local aboriginal word that is either 'Kart-annin' that literally means "meeting place of the heads of tribes", or 'Kartanup' that means "clear pool of sweet water". Others suggest that the place is named after a local aboriginal woman. In 2006 the population was 3,808

Katrine, St Saviour's





* KOJONUP Cemetery
KOJONUP, is 256km SE of Perth. The name Kojonup is believed to refer to the "Kodja" or stone axe made by Indigenous Australians from the local stone. The first European in the area was surveyor Alfred Hillman who arrived in 1837 and had been guided to "Kojonup Spring" by the local Aboriginals. The site was an important staging place on the road to Albany, and in 1837 a military post was established there for the protection of travellers and the mail
ROAD NAME CHANGE - FORD LANE, formerly Angle Road. On Tuesday 16 Oct 2012, Council considered an item for the proposed road name change of Angle Road to Ford lane within the Shire of Kojonup. The Council wishes to advise this road name change has now been approved by Landgate
* Thomas Henry Ford, #4655, was born in Katanning (40km W of Kojonup), was a farmer of Millmerran, Queensland, enlisted from Toowoomba, served with the 31st Battalion (Infantry) in WWI and was killed at Belgium 26 Sep 1917 (his family was of Katanning - see that Cemetery above)









Lake Austin

Lake Darlot

Lake Grace

Lake King

Lake Navorino


Lawnswood Cemetery, Clackline




Lonely Graves





Marble Bar

Margaret River


Marriott Farm Cemetery

Marvel Loch






Middle Swan

Midland Cemetery

Midwest Burials
The Midwest Region includes the Shires of Carnamah, Chapman Valley, Coorow, Cue, Greenough, Irwin, Meekatharra, Mingenew, Morawa, Mount Magnet, Mullewa, Murchison, Northampton, Perenjori, Sandstone, Three Springs, Wiluna, Yalgoo & City of Geraldton. The 'Death Register' is officially a record of Midwest Burial, Cremations & Memorials since 1890 of Northampton, Geraldton (Apex Park), Utakarra, Greenough, Irwin and is provided by the Geraldton Family History Society





Moorine Rock


Mount Barker

Mount Magnet, 573km NE of Perth, is an old Western Australian gold rush town. The name was chosen during exploration of the region due to an isolated hill 5km NW of the town. This hill has an extremely high iron content and affected the compasses of explorers. At the 2006 census, Mount Magnet had a population of 424
* Mount MAGNET Cemetery

Mourambine Cemetery, Narrogin






Murchison House Station







New Norcia



Nippering (Dumbleyung)











Ora Banda


Paynes Find








Pingelly Cemetery, Narrogin




Popanyinning Cemetery

Port Hedland

Pretty Gully Road





Rocky Gully



Salmon Gums




South Caroling

Southern Cross


St Werburgh's



Tenterden Cemetery

Three Springs




Urch Street Cemetery

Utakarra, Geraldton





Wandering Cemetery, Narrogin




Wickepin Cemetery, Narrogin







Wongan Hills





Wyndham Pioneer




* YELBENI cemetery
Yelbeni is a small settlement between Wyalkatchem & Trayning, 222km ENE of Perth. Surveyed and gazetted in 1912 as a result of the construction of the Dowerin to Merredin rail line, Yelbeni is named after the nearby watering hole, Yelbene Well, but its meaning is unknown. When the townsite was planned the name was spelt Yelbene, later changed to reflect rules regarding pronunciation of Aboriginal words

Yerriminup Cemetery Mount Barker
* a town on the Albany Highway in the Shire of Plantagenet in the Great Southern region. A small cemetery doubles as a historical reference for the region. The chapel is now a tourist drawcard and still operates a regular service


* YOUANIMI Cemetery
YOUANIMI, is an abandoned town in the Murchison Region, 500km NW of Perth. Gold was discovered at Youanmi in 1894 or 1895 by prospector Tom Payne. On Christmas Eve, 1929 Arthur Upfield met Snowy Rowles at Youanmi, after the latter had just murdered James Ryan and George Lloyd, in a case known as the MURCHISON MURDERS

MOUNT MAGNET Amphitheatre

On the Boogardie-Lennonville road there is a very interesting rock formation known locally as the Amphitheatre. For over eighty years it has been used as a local picnic spot. It appears to be an ancient waterfall from an older land level, a laterite capped island in space. It was always a great lovers trysting place and it has been whispered that a large percentage of Mount Magnet's population originated from there.
- visit link for more -

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Southland Times, 20 January 1879

The fine clipper ship Western Monarch, with our old friend Captain Watson on board in command, arrived at the lower anchorage at the Bluff yesterday morning, from London. She has on board 369 immigrants and 9 saloon passengers, besides a crew of 46 men all told.
As soon as she came to an anchor Captain Thomson, Harbor Master, proceeded to the pilot station, accompanied by the representatives of the press, and went on board as health officer, and after receiving the report from the doctor gave the press representatives permission to board.

Captain Watson courteously intimated his willingness to give every information respecting the boyage and ship, and after detailing the passage out, assisted by the doctor, he accompanied the health officer and your own and went over the whole of the immigrants quarters.

The Western Monarch left Plymouth on the 30th October, after having embarked all her passengers on the previous day. Fifteen minutes after leaving port the first death occurred on board - an infant which had been brought on board having wasted away - and although this at the time may have been considered an ill omen, yet in this instance it proved not to be so, as the passage of the Western Monarch throughout has been one of the finest. Here we may state also that during the whole passage there were only three deaths, one being the infant named above, another an infant dry nursed, and another a single man named Arthur O'Keefe, aged 28 years, from consumption, who had come on board almost in the last stage of that disease with a faint hope that the sea voyage might prove beneficial.
Three births also took place and all are doing well.

Whilst examining the 'tween decks, the immigrants, both married and single, expressed their heartfelt satisfaction at the treatment accorded them by Captain Watson and his officers, and especially by Dr James W. P. Hosking, who was unwearying in attending to their medicinal requirements. There was not trace of contagious disease on the passage, and all on board arrived in a fine state of health excepting one poor fellow, John Baldwin, aged 30, of Waterford, who is confined to bed suffering from consumption. (He died in the Hospital on 26 Jan)
The immigrants themselves appear to be a fine class of people, and what renders them a greater acquisition is the fact that several bring the wherewithal to give them a good footing ashore - one having given the doctor charge of £150 (Jan 2014 equivalent of $23,370), another £50, and others possessed of sums sufficient to give them a start.

The arrangement for comfort in the 'tween decks were of the best, the only part which would admit of improvement being the divisions between the berths of the married couples, which has been represented several times to the Commissioners, and although the Western Monarch has been better fitted in this respect than the generality of immigrant vessel, yet there is still room for improvement. The state of cleanliness and order throughout the immigrants' quarters not only says great things for the passengers themselves but redounds to the credit of Captain Watson and Dr Hosking, the usual disinfectants which so annoy visitors in emigrant vessel being apparently quite unnecessary on the Western Monarch, and only noticeable by their absence.

The ship herself is particularly well adapted for an emigrant vessel, being over 1300 toms register, with a spacious 'tween decks, which gave the passengers an abundance of room and consequently added to their comfort considerably. She was built in Barrow-in-Furness, by the Barrow Shipbuilding Company, and is almost a new vessel. She registers 1315 tons, and is owned by the Royal Exchange Shipping Company. She is fitted with all the latest improvements in every way, having steam winch, condenser, and steam appliances for working the yards and anchors, also fire apparatus. She is also possessed of a marked improvement on ordinary vessels, in that her lifeboats forward, which are capable of carrying 160 passengers, are always slung aboard in davits, ready to lower at a moments notice, and this in the event of colliding would be an immense advantage, the usual custom being to have all boars, excepting one or two aft, turned bottom up and well secured on the skids, which necessitates considerable loss of valuable time before they can be lowered. She is also furnished with patent anchors with improved detaching gear, which does away with the usual billhooking at the catheads, the anchors being slipped off the forecastle-head, at a moments notice.

After sailing from Plymouth the Western Monarch got moderate winds until sighting the Island of Maderia, on the 6th Nov,m where she was becalmed for four days, all the time in sight of the Island; got away again on the 10th November and had a complete change in the weather, a severe thunderstorm overtaking her, with vivid flashes of lightning. This settled into a steady N.W. gale, which necessitated her running under close-reefed topsails for three days. On the 16th of November, got the N.E. trades in 20 N. They, however, proved very limited and of little use and were lost in 7 N. on the 24th November. Got the S.E. trades in 4 N., which proved far more serviceable, they being well easterly, which enabled her to make two points easting the whole time, and did not run out of them till the 9th December.
Sighted Nightingale and Inaccessible Islands on the 14th December and Gulf Island on the 15th, with fine weather, On the 22nd passed the meridian of the Cape to the north of the Crozets. Run the easting down on meridian 47, with good steady westerly winds, and averaged 270 miles daily until within 200 miles of New Zealand, when she run into a thick fog and dodged along under easy canvass for three days, a strong N.E. to S. breeze blowing until the morning of the 18th inst., when the fog lifted and Solanders Island was sighted and the yards squared for the Straits.
The s.s. Arawata was passed off the Solanders, also a barque beating to the westward. At 6 p.m. on the 18th hove to under Stewarts island and at daylight yesterday morning run across the Straits, but a thick fog hanging over the Bluff hill Captain Watson deemed it prudent to run back to Stewarts Island, but the fog lifting soon afterwards he stood across the Straits and receiving the signal from the Flagstaff to run in to the pilot boar he ran in under Look-out Point, where received the Pilot on board, who brought her up to the lower anchorage.
As soon as the passengers are cleared Captain Watson will land them either in boats at the Pilot Station or by steamer at the wharf and proceed on his voyage to Dunedin, where he will discharge his cargo, none of it being for Southland

West Coast Times, 9 January 1879 - INVERCARGILL
Labor generally is scarce and the arrival of the ship Western Monarch with immigrants, is anxiously looked forward to. She has nearly four hundred souls on board

Southland Times, 9 January 1879 - IMMIGRANT STATISTICS
From the certified list which the immigration officer, Mr Lillicrap, has just received, and to which he has courteously granted us access, we glean some interesting details regarding this shipment of immigrants.
The 369 souls in the ship are apportioned as to age generally ans sex as follows:-
194 male & 111 female
28 male & 24 female
6 male& 6 female

Of the males there are 172 farm laborers, 7 general laborer, 2 gardeners, 2 shepherds, 1 rough carpenter, 1 carpenter & 1 painter
Of the females there are 38 general servants, 5 housemaids, 4 dairymaids, 3 cooks, 2 nurses & 1 nursemaid

213 are English, 125 are Irish, 13 are Scottish, 15 are Welsh, 2 are Australian & 1 Channel Islander. Nearly half of the English immigrants are from the counties of Gloucestershire, Cornwall and Devon, the remainder representing over a score of counties between Berwick-on-Tweed and Lands End. The Scotch hail from various parts and the Irish chiefly from Kerry, Clare, Limerick and Derry. Of the Welsh counties Merioneth contributes most largely

Southland Times, 21 January 1879 - SOUTHLAND HOSPITAL
Three patients were admitted yesterday to the Hospital. One came from the newly-arrived ship the Western Monarch, and was very far gone in consumption. The second was suffering from a large abscess down the right, extending from the armpit almost to the knee. The third was admitted suffering from pneumonia. The hospital is full to overflowing, beds having to be made up in the committee-room

Southland Times, 22 January 1879 - A DAY AT THE CIRCUS
At Burton's Great Australian Circus, the last day performance takes place this day (Wednesday) 22nd January. The last night of the circus as the Troupe leaves for Hobart Town per 'Ringarooma' on Thursday. The immigrants who have arrived by the Western Monarch are invited by Mr Burton to attend the Day Performance at the Circus FREE OF CHARGE

Star, 24 January 1879 - DELAYS
The immigrants that arrived the other day by the Western Monarch are not going off by any means so rapidly as had been expected. The whole of the married couples are still in the barracks, while a number of the single men and women have not yet succeeded in obtaining engagements

Southland Times, 25 January 1879 - HOUSING PROBLEMS
Two or three of the families of the Western Monarch have, with difficulty, secured house shelter, and left the depot, the immigration officer has also secured for another two or three places on stations, but the bulk remain. Several of the married men have obtained work about the town, while a few have left for the Wallacetown branch railway works, together with a good may of the single men. It seems a pity contractors have not agents in town authorised to engage and send up men to the railway works on arrival of an immigrant vessel. To-day may still decrease the number left in the depot. Of the single women only some four remain, and Mr Lillicrap expects places for these by Monday

Evening Post, 27 January 1879 - DEMANDING HIGHER PAY
The Western Monarch immigrants are giving some trouble by demanding exorbitant wages. Many employers left the barracks in disgust. An offer of temporary employment by the Corporation at 5s a day, wet or dry, was indignantly refused.
Several of the immigrants found engagements on Saturday and more could have been accommodated if they had chosen to accept reasonable wages. The ideas of too many of them are exorbitant in this respect. The Immigration Officer informs us that many of the men (single and married) refused excellent wages in his presence. The immigrants have not displayed the ready spirit fro work that was so apparent amongst the Waitara's immigrants, and farmers and contractors who were seeking labor could make nothing of them. Not wishing to be harsh the Immigration Officer has not yet stopped food supplies, but he says there is reason for such a course. We have no wish to say unkind things to the new-comers, but we would remind them of the great distress and misery they have escaped from in the old country by emigrating to this one, where they will find that their lives have fallen in pleasant places if they will be but industrious and steady and put their shoulder to the wheel with a will, But work they must, and the sooner they recognise the position the better for them

I have listed same names together for easy reading
this does not necessarily mean they were of the same family
* approximate birth dates in brackets help for later research
* treat all name spelling, dates etc with caution, use as a guide only

NAME ......AGE ......NOTES
Ablem Mary A. 23

Alderson David 21
Alcherley John 37

Arnold George 44 (1834-)
Arnold Anna 43
Arnold Alfred 11
Arnold Mary E. 9
Arnold Emily 3

Bailey Noah 24 (1854-)

Baird David 21 (from Ayr)

Baldwin William J. 40 (1838-)
Baldwin Mary 32
Baldwin Albert William 11 (1867-1946)
Baldwin Catherine 9
Baldwin John 30 (from Waterford, Ireland, died of consumption 27 Jan)

Barlow James 36
Barlow Ellen 38
Barlow Ellen 12
Barlow Margaret 6

Bartlett Henry 17 (from Middlesex)

Beavel Frederick 22 (1854-1901)
NOTE Frederick is the only Beavel mentioned anywhere in NZ. Nothing on Births or Marriages for this name and his is the only recorded death.
His is the only Beavel name mentioned in papers Past
Hawera & Normanby Star, 4 February 1888 A Ride Through Whakamara ,,, half a mile further on and on the opposite side of the road is the bachelor residence of Mr Beavel ...
Hawera & Normanby Star, 23 September 1901 BEAVEL - At Whakamara, on Sunday, September 22nd, 1901, Frederick Beavel aged 47 years
Hawera & Normanby Star, 13 November 1901 We remind those in search of a snug farm that Messrs Nolan, Tonks and Co., instructed by the Public Trustee, will tomorrow offer 102 acres, lately occupied by the late Frederick Beavel, and situated upon the Ingahape road, Whakamara, about two miles from the Mells Co-operative Dairy Factory. Conditions may be seen at Mr C. A. Budge's office

Bennett William 23

Blee Samuel 43 (1835-)
Blee Elizabeth 42 (1836-)
Blee Margaret 'Maggie' 18 (married Frederick Noah Bailey)
Blee Elizabeth 16 (1862-)
Blee Edward 14 (1864-)
Blee Isabella 13 (1865-1927)
Blee Joseph Henry 8 (1870-1943)
Blee Henry 6 (1872-)
see BLEE marriages
It is possible Samuel & Elizabeth lowered their ages. A Samuel Curteous snr (1829-1907) & Elizabeth Ann (1830-1897) BLEE are buried together in Winton cemetery with Samuel Blee jnr (1854-1899). See Blee marriages link

Botterill Ambrose 37 (Mr. 1843-)

Bradley James 22

Brady Thomas 20 (with Philip Donohue)
Brady Mary 21

Brooker Robert 29
Brooker Henrietta 27
Brooker John 7
Brooker Thomas 5
Brooker James 3
Brooker William 2 months

Brown Thomas 25

Brunsdon Charles 23 (1855-1942)
Brunsdon William 22 (married Catherine White Aug 1879)

Burke Mary 21 (with Thomas & Mary Spellman)
Burke Anne 19 (from Galway)
Burke Mary 18 (from Galway)

Butler John 22

Billing Mary 17

Black Sarah J. 19

Boyd Margaret 21 (from Antrim)

Boyle Mary 20

Callaghan John 21

Carroll John 25

Carson Thomas 30
Carson Ellen 32
Carson Mary 7
Carson Jane 5
Carson John 2

Casserly John 21 (1857- from Galway)

Cleave Richard 20 (1858-1919)

Cole Albert 22

Colling Frederick 22

Connor Mary 21

Coombs Thomas 23 (1855-1896)
Coombs Mary 24
Coombs Charles 1

Coombes George 33
Coombes Sarah 42
Coombes William R. 12
Coombes Mary E. 8
Coombes George Thomas 3

Cooney John 24
Cooney Mary 18

Corbett James 19

Craig Archibald 40 (1838-)
Craig Sarah Mary 40 (1838-1914)
Craig John George 18
Craig Mary J. 15
Craig Ann E. 12
Craig William Robert 10
Craig Archibald 7

Craigie James 23

Cross William 24

Curnow William 31
Curnow Jane 29

Daly Michael 20
Daly Bridget 20

Davie Joseph 18

Davis Joshua 37
Davis Mary A. 30
Davis Rosina 9
Davis George 6
Davis Charlotte 2

Diamond Thomas 28
Diamond Elizabeth J. 29
Diamond William J. 4
Diamond Maria 2
Diamond Thomas 1

Dobbs John 13 (1865-1930)

Donohue Philip 18 (with Thomas & Mary Brady)

Dyer Thomas 27
Dyer Mary J. 27
Dyer William 2
Dyer Ernest 6 months

Eddy Sillias 24 (or Eady, from County Cork)
Eddy Susan 20 (with Jennings + Denis McCarthy)

Eslin Bridget 19

Everall George 39 (with Frederick & Walter White)
Everall Elizabeth 50
Everall Charles 19
Everall Thomas 17
Everall Sarah 16
Everall John 13

Fahy Julia 19 (from Galway)

Fahey John 25

Fannery Maria 30

Fenaughty Roger 25
Fenaughty Bridget 23
Fenaughty Bridget 1

Fitzgerald Gauel (?) 21 (farm laborer from Armagh)
Fitzgerald James 23 (from Armagh)

Fitzmaurice Joseph 21

Flynn Mary 19

Ford(e) James 25
Ford(e) Mary 26

Fox Liley 21

Gallagher Michael 20 (with Edward & Margaret McGee)
Gallagher Annie 20

Gedney John 21

Gibson Frederick 26

Gobbe Robert 43 (painter from Bedfordshire)
Gobbe Margaret 42
Gobbe Thomas 18

Gorman Michael 19

Graham Thomas 42

Grey William 19

Hackett Mary 17

Halloran John 22
Halloran Patrick 25

Hammill James 23

Hannaford John 22

Harding William 24

Havard William 27
Havard Elizabeth 23
Havard Elenor A. 2
Havard Sarah E. 9 months

Hawley Philip 21

Hays Catherine 20

Haywood Charles 23

Hennessy Francis 22 (from Cork)
Hennessy Mary 20 (from Cork)

Heslington Benson 21

Hingston Andrew 30
Hingston Annie 20

Hocking Richard 23
Hocking Eliza 21
Hocking Henry A 28
Hocking Phillipa 24

Hogan Peter 25

Hubber Henry 21

Hughes H. 18
Hughes Thomas 24

Jackson Thomas 22

James William 43
James Mary 42
James Eliza 16
James John 14
James Charles 13
James Richard H. 2
James Charles 21

Jenkin James 23
Jenkin Sarah 23

Jennings Edward 21 (with Denis McCarthy + Susan Eddy)
Jennings Margaret 20 (from County Cork)
Jennings Lydia 19

Jones Owen 23

Karlene John 19

Keen John 23

Keenan James 18

Keeny Francis 30

Kennedy Julia 21
Kennedy Ann 19

Kerr John 27

Killean Mary 27

le Bas Alex 35

Lee H. 22 (born c1856)
Lee Helena (?) 21
Lee John 2 months
Lee Elizabeth 20

Lenihan William 21 (from Galway)
Lenihan Honora 19 (from Galway)
Lenihan Mary 17

Lesley Margaret
Lesley Benjamin 30

Letcher William 23
Letcher Catherine 24
Letcher Elizabeth J. 2 months

Lewin Alex 21
Lewin Mary E. 23

Linscott Frederick 18

Lobb John 27

Lynch Thomas 27

Madden Maria 19

Maloney John 22
Maloney Honora 22

Maquire Mary 19

Marshall Thomas 26

Martin Louisa 18
Martin Mary 21

Marvin Annie B. 23

Mathews Edward 24
Mathews Henrietta 25
Mathews William Thomas 2
Mathews Edward H. 8 months

Maugan Michael 21

McCarthy Denis 21 ((from County Cork, with Jennings + Susan Eddy)

McCartney William 22

McClelland Joseph 22

McGee Edward 22 (with Michael & Annie Gallagher)
McGee Margaret 23

McGilvray Archibald 48 (from Argyle)

McGuskion (?) H. 25

McKeown George 18 (with James Wilson)

McLemon William 29
McLemon Jessie 29
McLemon John 1

McMahon Timothy 22
McMahon Honora 28

McNamara Patrick 36 (from County Clare)
McNamara Margaret 35
McNamara Patrick 17
McNamara Honora 15
McNamara Catherine 10
McNamara Margaret 8
McNamara Daniel 5

Meredith Robert 24
Meredith Mary 20

Millard James 16
Millard John 22
Millard Robert 18

Mitchell John 19

Morgan Charles 52
Morgan Matilda 48
Morgan Richard 23
Morgan Charles 19

Morris George 29
Morris Caroline 29
Morris Elizabeth M. 2

Murphy John 20

Murray Michael 22

Neill John 23

Newcombe William H. 26

O'Brian Thomas 20
O'Brian Michael 19

O'Donnell Michael 22

O'Keefe Arthur 24
O'Keefe Mary 23

O'Mara John 25
O'Mara James 26

Owen Caroline 18

Owens Robert 24

Pagson William 38

Paul Richard 20

Pearce Henry 25
Pearce Reginald 20

Perraluna Alex 23
Perraluna Elizabeth 21

Peters Richard George 22

Pomeroy John 17

Potts George 30

Randell Elizabeth 17

Reardon Daniel 18 (with Michael & Ellen Sheehan)

Reid Thomas 37 (laborer from Edinburgh)[/COLOR]
Reid Janet 31
Reid Jane 6
Reid John 4
Reid Margaret 2
Reid Janette 4 months

Richardson H. 27

Roberts William 23
Roberts Jane 21

Robertshaw John 24

Roper Daniel 20 (from Donegal)

Sampson James 22

Scully Mary 18 (from Galway)

Sheehan Michael 20 (with Daniel Reardon)
Sheehan Ellen 20

Sheppard Herbert 21

Sherman Joseph 24 (from Gloucestershire)

Sindon Annie 28

Smith George 22
Smith Emily A. 22
Smith Fanny E. 1
Smith James 27
Smith Edward 22
Smith Jane 26

Spellman Thomas 20 (1858-1933)
Spellman Mary 22 (with Mary Burke)

Stack Johanna 22

Stead Frances 17

Stephenson George 34
Stephenson Alice 34
Stephenson Rachael 11

Sullivan Patrick 30
Sullivan Mary 29
Sullivan Bridget 7
Sullivan Mary 4
Sullivan Kate 1
Sullivan Daniel 21
Sullivan John 27
Sullivan Mary 25

Taugney Thomas 22
Taugney Julia 22
Taugney Eugene 9 months

Taylor Ellen 21

Thorn James 23
Thorn Selena 23
Thorn Samuel 2 (1876-1922)
Thorn Walter Henry 16 months (1877-1884)
Thorn Emily E. 7 months

Thornton Thomas A 32

Thomas William 23

Toblin William 25

Trebilcock John 29
Trebilcock Dorothy 28
Trebilcock Francis 3
Trebilcock Mabel 2 months
Trebilcock Thomas 17

Tree James 30 (1849-1935)
Tree Elizabeth 28 (1851-1923)
Tree George 5 (1873-1950), married Edith Mary Wright 1898
Tree John Bolton 2 (1876-1917)

Tregilgus William 20

Tretheway William 23
Tretheway Emma 26
Tretheway Elizabeth A. 8 months
Tretheway Thomas 21

Troon John aged 21

Vines Charles 35
Vines Elizabeth 26

Waldron Robert 27
Waldron Margaret 32

Warne John 18

Whiddon Frank 20

White Walter 13 (with Everall)
White Frederick 13 (with Everall)
White Frank 18

Whitehead John William 20

Wilcock Joseph 26
Wilcock Bessie 26

Williams Ralph 28
Williams Mary E. 22
Williams William 11 months
Williams Jacob 44
Williams Annie 43
Williams Elizabeth 16
Williams George 21

Willis William 21

Wilson William 33
Wilson Anna M. 29
Wilson Edward J. 9
Wilson Margaret R. 6
Wilson William John 3
Wilson James 25 (with George McKeown)
Wilson Joseph 28

Withington Elizabeth 25

Woodgate John 23

Young Mary 23 (from Renfrewshire)
Young Eliza 6 (from Renfrewshire)

Clipper Ship the WESTERN MONARCH

from the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

WESTONIA West Australia

WESTONIA West Australia

Located in Western Australia's Wheatbelt, 316km east of Perth, 306km west of Kalgoorlie and 55km east of Merredin the Shire of Westonia is renowned for its stunning natural woodlands, breathtaking granite outcrops, beautiful wildflowers and vast open skies

The town of Westonia was named after Alfred David Weston, a sandalwood cutter who prospected in his spare time, and discovered gold near Boodalin Soak in 1910. He pegged the lease and started mining, creating a rush of gold prospectors to the area

Population of Westonia over the years:

1921 842
1933 1,032
1947 547
1954 487
1961 435
1966 612
1971 473
1976 510
1981 453
1986 484
1991 282
1996 292
2001 237
2006 213


information for the Headstones at Westonia Cemetery was taken from the site SWAN GENEALOGY which provides a family and local history research service for people wishing to learn more about their family members who decided to seek new opportunities in Australia

The following names have headstone photos at this link:
Westonia Cemetery Headstones

... some birth dates may be based on age at death ...

BELLINI, Venanzio
1 Jan 1925 - 10 June 1996

BURT, Frank
1871 - 8 Aptil 1931
- husband of Florence

CHADD, Francis Benjamin
15 August 1879 - Sept 1919
- hsband of Nellie Chadd

Dec 1884 - 25 Nov 1929
- husband of Beatrice Ruby
- father of Ethel, Bessie, Sandy

COUSINS, Beatrice Ruby
1887 - 2 March 1983
- wife of Alex
- mother of Ethel, Bess, Sandy

1876 - 22 Sept 1919
- born Hamilton, Victoria
- 4th son of Charlie & Amelia Fuhrmann, Drouin, Victoria
- enlisted as Private 23/28/2, 11th Battalion, 4th Reinforcements A.I.F.
- enlisted from Blackboy Hill military camp West Autralia
- NEXT OF KIN: brother William Charles Fuhrmann, Drouin, Victoria
- embarked from Fremantle on HMAT A8 Argyllshire 19 April 1915
- returned to Australia 20 Jan 1916

GLENHILL, Claude Hubert
1879 - 1919

GOODWIN, Elizabeth
1873 - 2 January 1919

1867 - 23 July 1948
- wife of George Harford

1869 - 25 May 1949
- husband of Rachel

unknwon, at Footstone

HICKEY, Cornelius
1853 - 9 October 1915
- brother of J. Hickey

1894 - 13 September 1975
- wife of William

HUDSON, William
1883 - 1 October 1929
- husband of Ethel

JENSEN, Isla Dorothy
1917 - 8 March 1920
- daughter of J.E & J.F Jensen

? - 21 April 1921
- husband of Margaret

JOHNSTON, Winifred Ada
1905 - 2001
- wife of Robert
- mother of Robert, Phyllis & Joan
- stepmother of Pansy

1859 - 19 July 1918

LEACH, Helene Elizabeth 'Nell'
? - 28 May 1982
- wife of George
- mother of Joyce & Ken

LEACH, George Arthur
? - 4 January 1983
- husband of Nell
- father of Joyce & Ken

LINDLEY, Bertha Katherine
1906 - 6 May 1991
- wife of Percy
- mother of June & Kevin

LINDLEY, Percy Stuart
1908 - 30 January 1996
- husband of Bertha
- father of June & Kevin

LOCK, Agnes Eliza
? - 29 May 1922
- wife of Maurice
- mother of Dorothea & Lula

LUCAS, Andrew
1884 - 5 September 1919

LUCKIE, William Julius
- served with the AIF as Private 23/28/2, 11th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement
- NEXT OF KIN: Mother, Mrs Fannie Luckie, Halswell, Wellington, NZ
- elisted from Badfern Rock via Dowerin, Western Australia
- embarked Fremantle, on board HMAT A8 Argyllshire 19 April 1915
- returned to Australia 15 Nov 1916
1875 - 28 August 1919

1874 - 13 March 1939

MARCH, Dennis Norman
? - 1980
- Shire Clerk of Westonia from Aug 1968 to Dec 1979

1876 - 29 August 1929

10 Oct 1865 - 3 November 1936
- born in Hermiston, Scotland

McLENNAN, Alexander R
1874 - 1 November1948

NEAL, John Alfred
1884 - 25 April 1919

O'HALLORAN, Patrick Joseph
? - 1 September 1919

OLIVER, Joseph Thomas Coxon
1895 - May 1933
- husband of Margaret

PERRIN, Cyril Aubrey
11 June 1910 - 18 September 1986
- husband of Gwennith

PERRIN, Gwennith Elaine
24 May 1913 - 14 August 1972
- wife of Gwennith

PETTIT, Charles
1870 - 15 June 1916

1867 - 15 September 1935
- wife of Thomas James

POLLARD, Thomas James
1875 - 1 September 1919
- husband of Ellen

ROSS, Alexander
26 June 1896 - 19 August 1970
- husabnd of Edwina

ROSS, Edwina (nee POLLARD)
28 August 1904 - 24 July 1992
- wife f Alexander

SCOTT, John William
1865 - 14 June 1925
- husband of Amy

SCOTT, William Arthur
? - 29 February 1924
- about 12-13 years old ?
- son of J.W. & A. Scott

VARDY, Aaron
? - 17 July 1917
- married

WARDROP, Bedelia
1871 - 20 September 1913
- wife of Neil

1855 - 19 March 1914
- husband of Bedelia
- father of Jane, John & Mary
- family in Victoria

? - 27 September 1919
- husband of Janie
- father of Jean, Tom & Ivey

WHAKATANE Funeral Records - ADAMS to BYRNE

WHAKATANE is a town in the eastern Bay of Plenty Region, in the North Island of New Zealand. Maori pa (Maori fortified village) sites in the area date back to the first Polynesian settlements, estimated to have been around 1200 AD. According to Maori tradition Toi-te-huatahi, later known as Toi-kai-rakau, landed at Whakatane about 1150 AD in search of his grandson Whatonga. Failing to find Whatonga, he settled in the locality and built a pa on the highest point of the headland now called Whakatane Heads, overlooking the present town.
Some 200 years later the Mataatua waka landed at Whakatane

the following list was taken from
Whakatane Burial Records

visit the site to find how to obtain more info on anyone below:






ADAMS Les John - 03-09-1936

ADCOCK Louise May - 18-02-1944

ADDISON Edward Swinghurst - 04-04-1951
ADDISON Elizabeth - 21-12-1946
ADDISON William Henry - 25-09-1951

AGER George - 10-08-1952

AGNEW Roger Colin - 23-04-1948

ALEXANDER Reginald Horatio A - 21-05-1938

ALLEN Bruce - 27-02-1953
ALLEN David - 07-12-1947
ALLEN Lilian Isabell - 02-06-1948
ALLEN Victor Charles - 18-02-1944
ALLEN Wallace Graham - 30-04-1931

ALLISON Hilda - 12-03-1930
ALLISON William - 09-05-1949

ANDERSON David - 05-02-1951
ANDERSON Ethel Eileen - 07-04-1946
ANDERSON Laurence John - 03-03-1947
ANDERSON Lilian Dorice - 12-09-1942
ANDERSON Marie - 13-09-1936
ANDERSON Mary - 03-10-1940
ANDERSON Mrs - 15-02-1944
ANDERSON Orini Rosa - 06-06-1948
ANDERSON Peter - 12-04-1944
ANDERSON Walter William - 15-05-1953
ANDERSON William Henry - 26-02-1952

ANGEL Samuel George - 06-08-1949

ANSELL George Alfred - 09-10-1940
ANSELL William James - 17-10-1951

APIATA Molly - 30-10-1929

APPLEBY Alice Rubina Muriel - 12-02-1946

APPLETON Jesse Joseph - 26-04-1938

ARMSTRONG Ernest - 27-08-1949
ARMSTRONG Herbert Lionel - 20-12-1947

ARNEL Ernest Reginald - 12-11-1952
ARNEL Sarah Annie - 06-02-1938

ARRES John - 07-08-1939

ASHMAN Minnie Freeman - 26-01-1951

ASHWORTH Anne Christina - 13-08-1946

ASSINK Peter Cornelius - 03-12-1951
ASSINK Pollianna - 04-12-1951

ATA Wairemana - 21-06-1951

ATKINSON Alfred William - 16-01-1940
ATKINSON Hilda Dora - 11-06-1941
ATKINSON Kenneth Paul - 29-10-1949

ATTWOOD John William - 08-06-1937

AULT Ernest William - 10-01-1951

AUSTEN Kenneth Edward - 11-01-1950

BAGULEY Baby - 26-06-1936

BAICH Hubert Frances - 22-01-1953

BAIN John - 14-02-1931

BAIRD Christine Glenys - 30-09-1948

BAKER Mrs - 24-01-1950
BAKER William Robert - 20-05-1929

BALL Allan Frederick - 17-12-1931
BALL George Dorset - 06-12-1930
BALL Harriet Adelaide - 31-03-1930
BALL James Dorset - 13-06-1936
BALL William Charles - 29-03-1939

BALLAND Patricia Ann - ?

BARLEY John - 05-05-1942

BARTLETT Baby - 27-11-1951

BARTLEY Arthur Edward - 15-10-1940
BARTLEY Fay - 20-01-1941

BATEMAN Rosalind - 25-05-1951

BAXTER Evan Sutherland - 28-04-1943
BAXTER William James - 01-01-1947

BEAUCHANAN Janet ? - 12-08-1936

BELL Baby - 23-07-1931
BELL Charles - 20-10-1944
BELL Edwin Joseph - 06-04-1949

BENNET Estella Eugenie - 28-01-1931

BENSON Brian William - 05-04-1934

BENTLEY John - 13-11-1936

BENTON Albert - 18-12-1934

BETTELHEIM Raymond Walter - 02-01-1943

BEUCHAMP Ieo Iawa Hoani - 01-01-1936

BEVAN George Frederick - 28-11-1949

BIDDLE Baby - 01-10-1943
BIDDLE Benjamin - 10-03-1933
BIDDLE Edward - 30-12-1946
BIDDLE Maud Lucy - 26-08-1951
BIDDLE Robert - 13-11-1945

BIGWOOD Mary Anne Marlborough - 05-04-1945

BIRD William - 24-07-1939

BISHOP I - 29-05-1941

BLACK Annie - 20-08-1928
BLACK Malcolm - 09-03-1942
BLACK Mary - 06-09-1931

BLANK Albert - 28-01-1937

BLUETT Baby - 07-07-1931
BLUETT Kiri - 16-11-1938
BLUETT Mirura - 11-10-1929

BOASE William Clarke - 26-01-1930

BODRICK Ernest - 06-02-1946

BONIFACE John William - 08-05-1931

BONNER Arthur - 25-03-1950

BOON Josephiah Wedgewood - 15-09-1942
BOON Sydney Wedgwood - 17-09-1936

BOOTH Rita Emily - 19-02-1953

BOOTHMAN James - 07-04-1951

BORCK Cavel - 16-05-1948

BOWICK David - 27-06-1931

BOYNTON Baby Julian - 24-11-1940
BOYNTON Charles Laurence - 22-08-1941
BOYNTON Laurence William - 19-08-1939

BRABANT Bernadine Mary Margaret - 08-09-1948
BRABANT Diana Ruth - 06-05-1947
BRABANT George Alexander - 12-10-1946
BRABANT Hilda Maude - 03-08-1943

BRADY Benjamin Allen Foster - 02-08-1948
BRADY Caroline Alice - 08-12-1949

BREKKE Ludolph - 15-12-1952

BRIDGER Ada Ethel - 14-02-1948
BRIDGER Arthur Edgar - 11-07-1945
BRIDGER Percy - 15-07-1949
BRIDGER Winifred Ethel - 31-10-1934

BRITTEN Francis Allen - 19-03-1941
BRITTEN James Hunter - 08-08-1934

BRIZZLE William Paul - 09-11-1942

BROADMORE Ernest - 02-09-1950
BROADMORE Robert Urban - 11-05-1944

BRODRICK Mrs - 15-03-1940

BROOKE Elizabeth Ann - 19-01-1943
BROOKE Robert Alan - 15-04-1943

BROSNAHAN Leslie Norman - 19-08-1942

BROWN Charles Joseph - 17-01-1938
BROWN Frank Earl - 24-01-1936
BROWN John - 02-07-1941
BROWN May - 17-10-1935
BROWN Rosetta - 16-10-1950
BROWN Sarah Jean - 23-08-1934
BROWN William Graham - 23-11-1946

BROWNE Margaret Isabella - 31-07-1953
BROWNE William Barry - 24-07-1941

BRUNTON Ethel - 01-09-1940

BRYENTON Annie - 03-06-1952

BRYERS Maria - 10-06-1953

BUDHIA Chham - 21-05-1930

BULL Gladys Grace - 06-05-1953
BULL Henry Arthur - 15-09-1948

BULLIVANT Percy Christopher - 06-01-1929

BULLOT Edward Eugene Leonard - 15-06-1952

BUNN John - 02-09-1942

BUNYAN Gillian Dawn - 13-07-1933

BURGESS Annie - 06-03-1934

BURNS Miss - 22-06-1929

BURT Annie Maria - 01-07-1934
BURT Frederick James - 24-05-1947
BURT Harry William - 17-11-1945
BURT Margaret - 09-05-1938
BURT Sidney Holmes - 13-06-1947

BUSH James Charles - 09-01-1937
BUSH Walter John - 06-04-1942

BUTLER Baby - 15-05-1934
BUTLER Colin Francis - 10-01-1940
BUTLER Evelyn Mary - 13-03-1949
BUTLER Neil Rundle - 30-01-1944

BUTTERWORTH ? - 14-08-1936

BUTTWEL Rosina Harriet - 05-03-1940

BYRNE Jessie McCusher - 11-07-1946