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RENAUT - 3 generations of Sea Captains

Captains All
LONG SEA SERVICE Trade with New Zealand
* Captain William Renaut
.. father of:
* Captain Charles Henry Renaut (1838-1914)
... + Anne Jane Riches
.. parents of:
* Captain Charles Malcolm Renaut (1869-1939)
.. + Isabella Darling Ormiston

written 18 May 1935
When Captain William Renault sailed the immigrant ship 'Blundell' into Otago Harbour on September 21 1848, after a long passage of 140 days from Britain, he began a family association with ships and the sea that has survived in New Zealand to this day. It is an association that comprehends the best part of a century, three generations of sea captains, the change from sail to steam and, indeed, from steam to motor power. But that long association in an official sense - by the retirement of Captain C. M. Renaut, son of Captain C. H. Renaut and grandson of the skipper of the 'Blundell', from the position of Superintendent of Mercantile Marine at Lyttelton.
The record of the Renaut family in New Zealand shipping must be a unique one. The 'Blundell' was the third ship to bring immigrants to Otago - the 'John Wickliffe' and the 'Philip Laing' had arrived earlier in 1848 - and she was the first ship to be entered in the Customs records at Port Chalmers. After landing 140 passengers at Port Chalmers, Captain William Renaut took the 'Blundell' to Wellington, Nelson and New Plymouth, for which places she had passengers

The Second Captain Renaut
With Captain W. Renaut in the 'Blundell' on that voyage was his young son, later Captain C. H. Renaut, who is probably best known in Canterbury as master of the 'Calaeno' and the 'Crusader.'
"The Crusader" wrote Basil Lubbock in his book 'The Colonial Clippers', was a very handsome little ship and she was considered by many to be the fastest in Shaw, Savill's fleet. In 1877, when commanded by Captain Renaut, she ran from Lyttelton, New Zealand, to the Lizard in 69 days and on her next outward voyage in 1878 she went from London to port Chalmers in 65 days, a performance which has never been beaten
Just as Captain C. H. Renaut, who died 20 years ago, worked as a lad on his father's ship, so also did Captain C. M. Renaut, who is shortly to retire, serve on a vessel sailed by his father. When he was seven years of age he was signed on as 'boy' on the Pleione and made a voyage in 1876-77 from Britain to Wellington and back, calling at Calcutta on the way home. He still has the discharge which was issued to him after that trip.

Sail and Steam
After leaving school he served in the sailing ships of the Shaw, Savill and other companies for 11 years. During that time he called at Lyttelton in the barque 'Trevelyan' in march 1886. That was his first visit to Canterbury. Obtaining his second mate's certificate in 1888, he served in that capacity in the barque 'Glenora' and then in the ship 'Cardigan Castle''. He passed for first mate in 1890 and served in the barque 'Annie McDonald' and in the steamships 'City of Cork, 'Avoca', 'Glenedin', 'Whitby Abbey' and 'Neva'. After gaining his master's certificate in London in 1892 Captain Renaut served as third mate in the Shaw, Savill Company's 'Mamari' and as second mate in the same company's 'Rangitira'.
In April 1897, Captain Renaut entered the service of the Union Company, signing on the steamer 'Moana' for her maiden voyage from Glasgow. After his arrival in New Zealand he served as second mate in the company's steamers 'Monowai', 'Tarawera', 'Mahinapua', 'Rotoiti' and 'Waikare' successively and then as mate in the 'Waikare', 'Warrimoo' and again in the 'Waikare'.
The only experience of shipwreck that befell Captain Renaut was when the steamship 'Glenedin', of which he was second mate, was wrecked on the Balaskar Rock on the south coast of Norway in October 1891. The vessel ran ashore in a thick fog at midnight, but the crew were later landed without loss of life.

Evening Post, 17 April 1939
OBITUARY of Captain Charles Malcolm RENAUT

A unique family association with ships and the sea has been broken by the death in London on Saturday of Captain Charles Malcolm Renaut, formerly of Christchurch. It was an association that comprehended the best part of a century, three generations of sea captains and the change from sail to steam and, indeed, from steam to motor power.
Captain Renaut's grandfather, Captain William Renaut, brought to Otago in 1848 the Blundell, the third immigrant ship to arrive there and the first to be entered in the Customs records in Port Chalmers. His father, Captain Charles Henry Renaut, was famous as captain of the clipper ship Crusader, which made record passages from New Zealand to England and also of the Pleione and other ships of the Shaw Savill's early fleet.
Captain Charles Malcolm Renaut, who was 69 years of age, first served with his father in sailing ships, later transferred to steam and for many years commanded Union Company vessels. He was appointed surveyor of ships in the Marine Department, Auckland, in 1911 and was transferred to Lyttelton in 1923, being appointed superintendent of mercantile marine there in 1919. He retired in May 1935.
Captain Renaut went to England early last year. He and Mrs Renaut, formerly Miss Isabella Ormiston, Dunedin, intended returning to New Zealand in November next. He leaves one son, Mr J. O. Renaut, London and two daughters, Mr R. T. Roberts, Wellington and Mrs L. M. Aitken, Christchurch

NOTE .. the children mentioned
* 1901 - 1969 Bessie Campbell Renaut
married Richard Tudor Roberts in 1923
.. Temporary Lieutenant-Commander Richard Tudor Roberts V.D., RNZNR., received an MBE (Military Division) in 1946

* 1905 - 1985 Belle Darling Renaut
married Leslie Milner Aitken in 1933
.. Leslie was a journalist and the chief sub-editor of the Christchurch 'Press'

* 1913 - 1995 James Ormiston 'Jim' Renaut
married Aldywth Mary Jones in London in 1938
.. Aldwyth was born in NZ. She was an accomplished pianist. She also loved needlework and became head designer at the Pawena Studios in London. They returned to NZ after the war and, from the 1970s, Aldwyth produced a series of fine tapestries, giving solo exhibitions at the CSA Gallery

* In 1904 there were no fewer than 15 of the Renaut seafaring family at sea

* Generations Of Seafarers .. The record of the Renaut family with New Zealand shipping must be without precedent .. With Captain William Renaut in the Blundell in the 1848 voyage, was his young son (later Captain) Charles Henry Renaut and nearly 30 years later his son, (later Captain) Charles Malcolm Renaut, sailed with his father when signed on as 'boy' at the age of 7 on the Pleione in 1876

* The Crusader

Into Port Chalmers 15 April 1848
The John Wickliffe & Philip Laing

William Aitken & Elizabeth Towers - Otago

written for DrewMc who wrote on 2019-05-25 ..
Pearl Challis was my great Aunt and lived in Lumsden, NZ. Her father William Aitken, we think remarried after his first wife died, in 1910. Her maiden name was Aitken, she was often called Pearlie. This was a "nickname". Her Father, was William Aitken, born about 1871. William Aitken, married Elizabeth Towers, about 1894 in Dunedin. Elizabeth was born about 1873, in England and died on the 31st Mar, 1910 in Dunedin. Elizabeth Towers was the daughter of; William Arbuckle Towers, who was born about 1850. He died about 1889, aged about 39. Her mother was Ann Elizabeth (Ashwell) Towers, who was born about 1855. Pearl, was born on or around 1913 in Lumsden. We don't yet have conclusive proof, that Elizabeth was her actual mother, as the registration of a birth, had to be done within 6 weeks, of a child being born. However as Elizabeth had just died, this small formality may have been overlooked, after her death.
sorry Drew, you have two families mixed up. Pearl Jessie Gaines 'Pearlie' Aitken was born 19 Oct 1913 to William Aitken and Elizabeth Ann Gaines (1874-1936) not Elizabeth Towers (1873-1910). Pearl married Alfred Challis (1911-1989) in 1932. They died within 3 months of each other in Invercargill. Other children were born to William Aitken & Elizabeth Ann Gaines. One brother of Pearl's was George Ruben Aitken (1902-1985). Registered as George Thomas Mark Ruben Aitken, he used only George Ruben Aitken. You need to follow that line Drew
* I have fully researched both families for you
* Just for now, I will make this one public

Family of WILLIAM AITKEN (1870-1947)
ALEXANDER Aitken was born 24 April 1841 in Scotland to Thomas Aitken (1814-1899) & Margaret Cowie (1819-1892).
MARGARET Craig was born 28 Sep 1849 in Lanarkshire, Scotland to William Wright Craig (1813-1898) & Margaret Allen (1807-1901).

Alexander & Margaret married in Lanark, Scotland 22 Oct 1867. They sailed from Greenock, Scotland, 14 Dec 1867, on the 'Viola', with 125+ other immigrants, arriving in Port Chalmers 12 March 1868
OF NOTE One of Margaret's brothers, James Craig (1840-1924) had emigrated from Lancashire to NZ earlier and was probably their sponsor. James married Williamina McDonald (1844-1896) who emigrated into Dunedin on the 'Paria', 15 Aug 1867, in West Taieri, Otago. They also had 14 children

the children of ALEXANDER & MARGARET
.. 1 1869 - 1912 Thomas 'Tom' Aitken
.. * born 12 Jan 1869 in Otago
* Thomas was an Accountant in Perth, WA
Thomas died 17 Jan 1912 in Cloverdale, Perth, by suicide. He was 43. He is buried grave 60, section DA at Karrakatta with brother Alexander
The West Australian, 1 Feb 1912
- SWAMP TRAGEDY. The adjourned inquest concerning the death of Thomas Aitken, who shot himself at Cloverdale on January 17, was concluded before Mr W. H. McCormack, J.P. and a jury yesterday. Alexander Aitken, a brother of the deceased said he was working on a garden property with his brother on the day in question. Early in the morning witness went out to work, but hearing the report of a firearm he returned to the house and discovered the deceased on the floor with his brains blown out. Prior to January 17, Aitken appeared to be despondent and was unable to sleep.
Dr Blanchard, in his medical testimony, said the top of the deceased's head was blown completely off. He was called to the house directly after the affair and found a gun lying across Aitken's legs. He concluded death was due to a gunshot wound and was instantaneous.
Letters put in by the police, one of which was written by the deceased the day prior to his death, indicated a troubled and disappointed mind in connection with financial affairs. One passage read: "What form of lunacy led me to such a God-forsaken place as this, or to think that I could make a success of it."
The circumstances were pathetic, as it appeared that Aitken had taken up 90 acres of swamp land close to Welshpool, but 31 miles from the nearest road. The approach was all the way through sand and in the second note the deceased made reference to "swamp lunacy." The letters also stated that sufficient money would be left behind, he thought, to meet his liabilities. From information in the hands of the police, probably between £930 and £1,000 will remain after all liabilities have been met.
The jury decided that Aitken came to his death as the result of a gunshot wound, self inflicted, whilst temporarily insane.
Sunday Times, 18 Feb 1912 Probates and Administration: Thomas Aitken, late of Belmont, near Perth, accountant, to Andrew Cowie Aitken, £412 2s 10d (roughly equivalent today to $74,000)

.. 2 1870 - 1947 William 'Willie' Aitken
.. * born 29 Aug 1870 in Maungatua, Otago
* William married Elizabeth Towers (1873-1910) see their family below

.. 3 1872 - 1937 Alexander Aitken
.. * born 3 June 1872 in West Taieri
Alexander died 6 Oct 1937 aged 65 in Perth, WA
He is buried Grave 60, section DA at Karrakatta cemetery with brother Tom
NOTE Spelled as Aitkin on BDM. Alexander moved to Perth and lived in Belmont with his brother Tom

.. 4 1874 - 1966 Margaret Allen 'Maggie' Aitken
.. * born 20 March 1874 in Dunedin
* Allen was her maternal grandmother's name
* Margaret married William Reuben Boyles (1875-1951) in 1903 and had 6 children (4 sons). William was son of George Boyles & Frances Weller and a brother of sister Agnes's husband Bert
* William died 5 Jan 1951 aged 76
Margaret died 13 July 1966 aged 92
They are buried Plot 11, Block 12 at Andersons Bay

.. 5 1876 - 1951 Agnes Barry Aitken
.. * born 20 Jan 1876 in Dunedin
* She was a teacher
* Agnes married George Herbert 'Bert' Boyles (1870-1945) in 1900 and had 5 children (3 sons). Bert was a son of George Boyles & Frances Weller and a brother of sister Margaret's husband William
* Bert died 6 Nov 1943 aged 73 in Waikato
Agnes died 14 Oct 1951 in Hamilton aged 75
They are buried DD-F-18 at Hamilton East cemetery

.. 6 1877 - 1963 John Craig Aitken
.. * born 28 April 1877 in Dunedin
* Craig was his mother's name
* John married Rosina Denton (1878-1967) on his 26th birthday, 28 April 1903 & had 7 children (6 sons)
* Rosina was born in Sandymount, Dunedin, the 4th of 8 children of Christopher Denton (1848-1938) & Eliza Wilby (1848-1914) - England to Dunedin. (Rosina's sister Maria was a marriage witness for John's brother William in 1894)
John died 24 Aug 1963 aged 86. His last address was Sandymount, Dunedin.
* Rosina died 19 Dec 1967 aged 88
They are buried Plot 36, Block 270 at Andersons Bay and others
their HEADSTONE reads In loving memory of John Craig, loved husband of Rosina Aitken, died 24 August 1963 aged 86 years. ALSO His beloved wife Rosina, died 19 December 1967 aged 88 years. They will be done

.. 7 1879 - 1966 Andrew Cowie Aitken
.. * born 29 May 1879 in Dunedin
* Cowie was his paternal grandmother's name
* Andrew married Lillian Lydia Osborne (1879-1947) in Perth, WA in 1903. The names of some of their children were Margaret Alice 'Judy' Aitken, Jeanie Frances 'Jean' Aitken, Pearl Aitken,
Sunday Times, 18 Feb 1912 Probates and Administration: Thomas Aitken, late of Belmont, near Perth, accountant, to Andrew Cowie Aitken, £412 2s 10d (roughly equivalent today to $74,000)
* Lydia died 17 Dec 1947 aged 68
Andrew died 31 July 1966 aged 87
Their ashes are scattered at Karrakatta, Perth

.. 8 1881 - 1966 Jeanie Stuart Aitken
.. * born 20 June 1881 in Dunedin
* Jeanie married George Mitchell Morris (1878-1932) from Scotland in 1904
* George died 2 Nov 1932 aged 54 in Pukehiki.
Jeanie died 33 years later, on 23 June 1966. They are buried Plot 24, Block 2 at Portobello cemetery, Dunedin

.. 9 1882 - 1959 Edward Young Aitken
.. * born 19 Nov 1882 in Dunedin
* Young was his paternal great grandmother's name
* Edward married Ellen Eason Dick (1883-1949) in 1907 & had 6 children (3 sons)
* Ellen was a daughter of William Dick & Ellen Smith. She died 26 March 1949 aged 66 in Musselburgh.
Edward died 10 Sep 1959 aged 76 in Musselburgh, Dunedin. They are buried at Andersons Bay

. 10 1884 - 1946 Annie Wilson Aitken
.. * born 24 Nov 1884 in Dunedin
* Annie married Alfred Henry Hall (1885-1964) in 1911 & had at least 3 children
* Alfred was a son of Richard Hall & Sarah Swinerd
Annie died 3 Aug 1946 aged 61
* Alfred died 5 June 1964 aged 78
They are buried Plot 106, Block 66 at Andersons Bay

. 11 1887 - 1929 Mary Louisa Heron Aitken
.. * born 21 Jan 1887 in Dunedin
* Heron was her maternal great aunt's name
* Mary married William Morton (1886-1952) in 1918
Mary died 19 Oct 1929 aged 42
* William died 30 Aug 1952 aged 66
They are buried Plot 26, Block 51 at Waitati cemetery

. 12 1888 - 1968 David Henry 'Harry' Aitken
.. * born 24 Oct 1888 in Palmerston South
* David married Sarah Alice Cain (1901-1930) in Temuka in 1920
* Sarah was born in Temuka 28 Nov 1901 to Hans Caine (1842-1921), from Belfast & his 2nd wife, Alice Fawdray (1863-1906).
* Sarah died 21 Sep 1930 aged 29 at Sunnyside Hospital
* David complained about his maintenance payments (suggesting dependent children) on 18 Nov 1930, in the Supreme Court in Christchurch. They reduced his arrears payment to £20, to be payable at the rate of 5s a week

. 13 1890 - 1909 Frances Willer 'Fanny' Aitken
.. * born 4 Jan 1890
* Evening Star, 7 Sep 1909 - On September 6, at her parents' residence, Seal Point road, Sandymount, Frances Willer (Fanny), dearly beloved youngest daughter of Alexander and Margaret Aitken; aged 19 years.

. 14 1892 - 1894 Ida May Aitken
.. * born 27 Jan 1892 in Dunedin
* Otago Witness, 1 Nov 1894 AITKEN - On the 28th October, at her parents' residence, Sandymount, Ida May, beloved daughter of Alexander and Margaret Aitken; aged two years and nine months.
NOTE The last 2 girls are buried together in Plot 4, Block 8 at Anderson's Bay, next to their parents and brother William. Also buried with them is William's wife Elizabeth (nee Towers) who died 31 March 1910

ALEXANDER Aitken died 11 Feb 1919 aged 77
MARGARET Aitken died 23 Sep 1929 aged 76
son William (below) died 16 Jan 1947 aged 76
* William's ashes are buried with his parents in Plot 2, Block 8 at Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin

Family of.. 2 WILLIAM AITKEN
.....~ WIFE & CHILDREN ~
William Aitken married
Elizabeth Towers (1873-1910)
.. and had 7 children
* Elizabeth was a daughter of William Arbuckle Towers (1850-1889), a Blacksmith from Scotland & Ann Elizabeth Ashwell (1855-1938). Elizabeth's father was admitted to Dunedin Hospital on 9 Oct 1889 and died there on the 14 Oct. He was 38. He is buried in Southern cemetery.
Her mother Ann remarried in 1891 to George Henry Sismey (1855-1932) and had a daughter Emily Sismey (1893-1958).
William & Elizabeth married on 23 March 1894 at the home of her mother (& her 2nd husband George Sismey), in Leith Street, Dunedin. Their witnesses were William's brother Thomas Aitken & the sister-in-law of his brother John Craig Aitken, Maria Denton (1870-1939) (who married 5 years later to William Upton Harvey)
The Sismeys later moved to Auckland and are buried in Hillsborough

.. 1 ..
1895 - 1967 Alexander Craig
'Alec' Aitken
.. * born 1 April 1895 in Dunedin
his mother died the day before his 15th birthday : he was 52 when his father died
Alec married Mary Winifred Betts in NZ 1920
* She was a daughter of Alfred George Geoffrey Betts (1870-1946) & Ada Mary Grindley (1871-1950)
* Alec became Professor Aitken.
* Another biography of Professor Aitken says he was 1 of 7 children.
* Alec had an impressive war record.
* He kept his war mates entertained playing a violin
Alexander died 3 Nov 1967 in Edinburgh, Scotland aged 72
* Mary died 29 April 1971 in Edinburgh aged 77
They are buried at Warriston Crematorium

.. 2 ..
1896 - 1988 Elizabeth Margaret
.. * born 30 Sep 1896
13 when her mother died
50 when her father died

Elizabeth married Charles Herbert Kayes (1900-1958) in 1925
* Charles was a son of Charles William Kayes & Edith Shepherd
* Charles died 2 May 1958 aged 57
Elizabeth died 3 March 1988 aged 91

.. 3 ..
1898 - 1955 Winifred Stuart
.. * born 28 Dec 1898 in Dunedin
11 when her mother died
48 when her father died

Winifred married Albert Victor Ernest Manley Keast (1896-1969) in 1927
* Albert was a son of Albert Ernest Alfred Keast & Laura Ann Manley
Winifred died 2 Dec 1955 in Invercargill
* Albert died 20 April 1969 aged 73
They are buried together Plot 375, Block 35 at Eastern Cemetery
HEADSTONE reads Remembrance. Winifred Stuart Keast 1898-1954. Albert Victor Keast 1896-1969

.. 4 ..
1901 - 1988 William Towers
.. * born 10 Jan 1901 in Dunedin
9 when his mother died
46 when his father died

William married Martha Craig (1904-1991) in 1928
* Martha was a daughter of James Craig & Margaret Alexandrina White (1879-1979)
William died 18 Jan 1988 aged 87
* Martha died 30 April 1991 aged 86
They are buried Plot 28, Block AG1 at Oamaru Lawn

.. 5 ..
1903 - 1971 Leslie Milner
.. * born 22 April 1903 in Dunedin
7 when his mother died
44 when his father died

* Leslie was a journalist and the chief sub-editor of the Christchurch 'Press'
Leslie married Belle Darling Renaut (1905-1985) in 1933
* Belle was born 26 Nov 1905, a daughter of Captain Charles Malcolm Renaut & Isabella Darling Ormiston
Otago Daily Times, 25 July 1933
The marriage was celebrated on Saturday evening at the Knox Presbyterian Church, Bealey avenue, Christchurch, of Belle Darling, younger daughter of Captain and Mrs C. M. Renaut, of Papanui and Leslie Milner Aitken, of Christchurch, son of Mr W. Aitken, Dunedin. The Rev T. W. Armour officiated. The bride, who was escorted by her father, was wearing a lovely frock of cream and gold brocade, Designed on long slender-fitting lines, the frock was enhanced by its simplicity. The sleeves were close-fitting to the wrists and from knee-height the skirt fell in full flares to the instep. A tiny spray of orange blossom was placed on one shoulder. Her veil of tulle was held by a coronet of pearls, with a strand of orange blossom buds across the back and she carried a sheaf of lilies. Mr R. Tudor Roberts, of Dunedin, attended her sister as matron of honour. She wore an attractive ensemble of grey and violet. the frock of dove grey crepe was finished with a high-collared cape. On her hair she wore a circlet of purple pansies and carried a posy of violets. Mr Trevor Ross, of Christchurch, was best man.
After the ceremony a reception was held at Warner's Hotel. Mrs Renaut received her guests wearing a smart frock of beige georgette and lace, under a brown faced cloth coat with a collar of musquash. A spray of orange-shaded flowers added a touch of colour. Her hat was of brown felt. Mr and Mrs Aitken left later for the North Island, the bride wearing a smart nigger brown wool crepe de chine frock with touches of beige at wrists and neck, a brown cloth coat and a becoming hat of beige fur felt.
Leslie died 28 Sep 1971 aged 68
* Belle died 18 May 1985 aged 79

.. 6 ..
1905 - 1934 Harry Arthur Ashwell
.. * born 30 Nov 1905 in Dunedin
4 when his mother died
deceased when his father died

* Harry was a Chemist (read his obituary)
Harry died 23 March 1934 in London aged 28
Evening Star, 28 March 1934 AITKEN - On March 23 1934, London, Harry Arthur Ashwell, dearly beloved son of Wm. Aitken, 1 Norwood street, Dunedin.
OBITUARY of Harry Arthur Ashwell Aitken. Harry was born at Dunedin, New Zealand, on November 30th, 1905. He studied at Otago University 1924-7 and graduated M.Sc. with honours in Chemistry. After holding a post-graduate bursary and working on the essential oils of Podocarpus species he obtained in 1929 a National Research scholarship of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; during its tenure he investigated the sulphur in organic and inorganic combination in pasture grasses. From 1930 to 1932 he was chemist to the Goitre and Cancer Research Department of the Otago University Medical School and with C. E. Hercus and others, published papers on iodine in goitre, a paper with A. M. Begg on tumour regression and, by himself, papers on a continuous dialyser and on the determination of iodine in blood and butter. In 1933 Aitken was granted a University Free passage for research in this country, where he at first continued his work on sulphur in grasses in the laboratory of Prof. G. Barger and then migrated to London to take the Institute of Chemistry Fellowship examination, which he passed. Unfortunately, application to study had undermined a somewhat delicate constitution, leading to an illness from which he died in London on March 23rd 1934. Aitken was of a shy and retiring disposition and hardly became known to British biochemists as he deserved to be.
Otago Daily Times, 28 March 1934
Mr Harry A. Aitken
The friends of Mr Harry A. Aitken will learn with regret of his death in London on March 23, news of which was received in Dunedin by cablegram yesterday. Mr Aitken was a brilliant student at the Otago Boys' High School, from which he won a junior University scholarship in 1923, a distinguished graduate of the University of Otago and acted for some time as chemist in connection with cancer research. He passed the examination for F.I.C. only a few months ago. The deceased was a younger brother of Dr. A. C. Aitken, a distinguished mathematician on the staff of the University of Edinburgh and also of Mr L. M. Aitken, of the sub-editorial staff of the Christchurch 'Press'.

.. 7 ..
1907 - 1971 Alan Arbuckle
.. * born 26 Dec 1907
3 when his mother died
39 when his father died

Alan married Doris Anne 'Dorrie' (1910-2007 surname to be found)
he served in WWII. Private 9765 with the 2nd N.Z.E.F. His next of kin was his wife, D. A. Aitken of Alexandra, Central Otago.
* In the 'Evening Star' 3 Aug 1940, a novel arrangement, sponsored by the South Dunedin Businessmen's Association, saw loved-ones send 'Cheerios From Home' to the Boys Overseas. Doris wrote .. 9765 Pte. Alan Aitken, 1st Ech. overseas - Love and best wishes and good luck from Dorrie at Alexandra.
* Alan was a prisoner of war in Camp 107 Italy in 1943 and was transferred to Stalag XVIII A in Germany in 1944.
* He was home by 1946 when they had a daughter in Tarbert St., Alexandra on 6 Oct 1946
Alan died 28 Nov 1971 aged 64
* Doris died 9 Nov 2007 aged 97
They are buried Plot 101, Block E at Alexandra cemetery

Drew suggested Alan was a twin with Alice Mary Jane Aitken. Alan was born 26 Dec 1907 to William & Elizabeth. Alice was born 2 months later, 6 March 1908 to William & Elizabeth Ann, a sibling of Pearl

ELIZABETH AITKEN died 31 March 1910 aged 37
Evening Star, 1 April 1910 AITKEN On March 31 1910, at her residence 107 St David street, Dunedin, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of William Aitken; aged 37 years. Deeply regretted. Private interment
* She is buried with 2 of William's young sisters (see above)
William remarried on 30 Dec 1916, to Minnie Couper Thompson (1878-1966)
* Minnie was a daughter of Robert Thompson & Elizabeth Couper

16 Jan 1947 aged 76
Evening Star, 17 Jan 1947
AITKEN - On January 16 1947 (suddenly), at his residence, 1 Norwood street, William, beloved husband of Minnie Aitken. No flowers, by request - The Funeral will leave our chapel, 78 St Andrew street, on Saturday, the 18th inst., at the conclusion of the service, commencing at 1.30 p.m., for the Anderson's Bay Crematorium.
Evening Star, 20 Jan 1947
The death occurred in Dunedin recently of Mr William Aitken, father of Dr Alexander C. Aitken, who has become famous as a mathematician and who at present occupies the Chair of mathematics at the Edinburgh University. Dr Aitken, formerly a student at Otago university, is credited with many astonishing feats of memory while at that institution and has since made many valuable contributions to the science of mathematics. His portrait is hung in the Royal Gallery of Famous Men in London.
The late Mr William Aitken was for many years established in the grocery business in the north end of Dunedin. He was closely associated with the Central Mission, where he was held in the highest esteem. He served for a long period as circuit steward and for over 50 years he had been a trustee. A keen gardener, Mr Aitken made a special study of the cultivation of chrysanthemums.
He was twice married and is survived by his widow, four sons and three daughters. A son, Mr Leslie Aitken, at one time on the reporting staff of the 'Evening Star' and now sub-editor of the 'Christchurch Press.' Other surviving sons are Mr W. Aitken, a farmer at Hakataramea and Mr Alan Aitken of Central Otago. The daughters are Mrs A. Keast, of Invercargill, Mrs Kayes of Wellington and Mrs M. Kirk(sic)
William's ashes ashes are interred with his parents in Anderson Bay

NOTE Aitken buried Karrakatta

Family Plot 2, Block 8 at Andersons Bay Cemetery
Grave of WILLIAM AITKEN & his parents

burials at KAIKORA North Cemetery, Otane

Ōtāne, Hawkes Bay, was founded in 1874 on part of runholder Henry Tiffen’s 5140-hectare Homewood estate, which had been subdivided into smaller farms. A township called Kaikora emerged during the 1850s and 1860s near present-day Ōtāne, but this declined after Ōtāne became established.

The cemetery is situated adjacent to the Wellington-Napier railway line, opposite the intersection of Carruthers & Knorpe Street. The first burial occurred on 24 Jan 1876. A meeting was called on 26 Aug 1893 to discuss procuring another piece of land for a new cemetery as the existing one was not suitable due to flooding. On 9 April 1894 a block of land was purchased on the Te Aute Road. The last burial in this cemetery was on 20 Dec 1903. It was gazetted as being closed on 21 Aug 1916.
Most of the headstones were wooden and carved out of local Totara, they were destroyed when embers from a passing steam train started a fire in the grass. What remained of the headstones were removed for safe keeping at the rear of the Otane cemetery

A memorial has been erected on the Kaikora Cemetery site along with two large boards listing the known burials, from which these names were taken

Born: Oct 1880
Died: 12 Apr 1881 aged 6 months
daughter of Walter Adair (1851-1884) & Annie Moroney (1854-1892)
Hawkes Bay Herald, 17 May 1878 ADAIR-MORONEY - At Waipawa, on the 13th May, by the Rev E. Reignier, Mr Walter Adair, to Miss Annie Moroney
their children
.. 1 1879 - Evelyn Catherine Adair
.. 2 1880 - 1881 Annette May Adair
.. 3 1882 - 1952 Walter Hannon Adair
.. 4 1883 - Mary Jane Adair
Hawkes Bay Herald, 23 July 1879 FORESTERS' ARMS HOTEL, Shakespeare Road, Napier. This well-known, long established and favorite Hotel, until lately under the management of Mr M. Hayden, has now been taken over by Walter Adair, the late landlord of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Porangahau. Boarders will find here all the comforts of a home
Hawkes Bay Herald, 10 March 1881 KAIKORA HOTEL, WALTER ADAIR, Proprietor. Walter Adair begs to thank his friends and the public generally for the liberal support accorded to him during his occupancy of the above hotel and hopes by proper attention to their requirements - viz, excellent accommodation, everything of the best quality, combined with passing civility - to merit a continuance of their favors. Swan's and Waipawa Beer always on draught. No inferior brands kept. Good stabling and loose boxes. The best yards in the province for cattle and splendid paddocks, well watered, for cattle, horses or sheep.
Bay of Plenty Times, 6 Dec 1884 THAMES, Fatal Fall Down A Shaft - A little after ten o'clock to-night a man walked into the Prince Imperial shaft and fell to the bottom (570ft) and was killed. He was supposed to be a man named Gough and a brother-in-law of Thomas Lawless, of Te Aroha, but papers found on the deceased point to his being Walter Adair. The deceased was not seen when approaching the shaft, the doors of which had been left open for the purpose of lowering timber. Thomas Kneebone, braceman, deposed that he did not see anyone about the shaft on Thursday night. The outside gates were closed at the time of the accident and there was plenty of light to enable anyone to see the shaft. On removing the body a purse was found, containing a purse of 15s 7d and a memorandum book showing that his name was Walter Adair and a note written to his wife .. "Dear Annie - I send you £5; don't tell anybody I sent it to you - not even your dearest friend. From your husband W.A." He leaves a wife and three children at Te Aroha.
Auckland Star, 5 Dec 1884 Te AROHA. The man Walter Adair, killed by falling down the Prince Imperial shaft at Thames, resided here. He was about 36 years of age and was lately out of employment. He leaves a wife and three young children totally unprovided for. His wife is quite helpless being partially paralysed. Deceased only left by the Patiki steamer yesterday morning for Thames seeking employment.
NZ Herald, 17 Oct 1892 ADAIR - On September 16 at the residence of her sister, Mrs Hannon (Catherine)), Richmond Park, Waipawa, Annie, widow of the late Walter Adair, aged 37 years.
Bush Advocate, 11 Nov 1901 ARMSTRONG-ADAIR - On the 6th November 1901, at Wellington, New Zealand, by the Rev George Bond, George Hutton Armstrong, of Croydon, London, England, stepson of George Goodrick Duddles, of London, gentleman, to Eveleen Katherine Helena, daughter of the late Walter Adair, of Waipawa, Hawkes Bay, gentleman.

Born: Oct 1876
Died: 10 Mar 1877 aged 5 months
daughter of Luke 'John' Adams (1847-1914) & Eliza Elizabeth Smith (1847-1934)
NOTE Luke was a son of Robert Watts (1789-1858), a 'pauper' of Oxfordshire who changed his name at some time to Adams
* John & Eliza married in Oxford, England 6 March 1865
their known children
.. 1 1870 - 1959 John Henry 'Jack' Adams (UK)
.. 2 1873 - 1951 Annie Adams (UK)
.. 3 1874 - 1950 James Thomas Adams (UK)
.. 4 1876 - 1877 Frances Ellen Adams (Waipawa, NZ)
.. 5 1877 - 1957 Alice May Adams
.. 6 1879 - 1953 William Ernest Adams
.. 7 1881 - 1909 Florence Agnes Adams
.. 8 1883 - 1971 Beatrice Eleanor Adams
.. 9 1884 - 1967 Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Adams
. 10 1886 - 1887 Ethel Grace Adams (aged 8 months)
. 11 1887 - 1974 Roland George Adams
. 12 1889 - 1946 Charles Edward Adams
JOHN DIED 7 May 1914 aged 66 in a Hotel Brawl at Waipawa. He was in a coma for days and after he died Edward George McRoberts was charged with manslaughter
Hastings Standard, 9 May 1914 WAIPAWA - The injuries received by Mr John Adams, sen., a well-known builder and old resident of this town, on Monday last, proved fatal, he passing away on Friday morning at the District Hospital. Addition sympathy is extended to the relatives, inasmuch that, although attending from far and near, they were unable to converse with deceased as he remained unconscious from the time of the occurrence until his death. An inquest was held this morning (Saturday) and the funeral is arranged for Sunday
ELIZA DIED 21 Oct 1934 aged 87
Poverty Bay Herald, 27 Oct 1934 A resident of Waipawa, Hawkes Bay for the past 58 years has passed away in the person of Mrs Eliza Elizabeth Adams, widow of the late Mr John Adams
They are buried at Waipawa

Born: 12 Aug 1827
Died: 15 Mar 1887 aged 59

Born: 1874
Died: 2 Apr 1876 aged 2
daughter of William Archer & Elizabeth Harwood
their known children
.. 1 1874 - 1876 Elizabeth Ann Archer
.. 2 1876 - 1925 George Edmund Archer
.. George married Ann McIntosh McLeod in 1908
.. 3 1878 - 1932 Charles James Archer
.. Charles married Catherine Annie Cameron in 1907
.. 4 1880 - 1882 Elizabeth Ann Archer
.. 5 1882 - William Henry Archer
.. William married Emily Norman in 1902
.. 6 1883 - 1958 Eleanor Gertrude Archer
.. Eleanor married Gilbert Karton in 1904
.. 7 1885 - 1964 Ethel Daisy Archer
.. Ethel married Henry Harold Hargreaves Harris (1882-1969) in Taihape 1905
Wanganui Herald, 12 June 1905 HARRIS-ARCHER - On June the 7th, in Tiriraukawa, by the Rev Mr Roe, Henry Harold, only son of the late Harold Harris, of Gisborne, to Ethel Daisy, second daughter of William Archer, of Tiriraukawa. Gisborne papers please copy.
.. 8 1890 - 1855 Caroline 'Edith' Archer
.. married Thomas Henry Bolton in 1913
ELIZABETH DIED in Taihape DEATHS ARCHER - At her residence, Ellis road, Taihape, on December 27th 1920, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William Archer; aged 72 years
WILLIAM DIED 6 December 1927 aged 80
They are buried together Plot 30, Row 17, West Area of Taihape cemetery. The headstone reads: In Loving Memory of Elizabeth, beloved wife of William Archer, died at Taihape, 27th Oct 1920 aged 72 years. A faithful wife and loving mother. ALSO William Archer, died 3rd Dec 1927 aged 80 years

Born: 1839 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Died: 22 May 1884 aged 45
husband of Eliza (nee Watts)
Daily Telegraph, 23 May 1884 Information reached the police station yesterday that a man had been drowned at Patangata, whereupon Constable Brosnahan proceeded there at once to make inquiries. It appears that Mr Ashton, who keeps a hotel about twenty chains from the river, was standing on the verandah talking with some persons, when they observed a man come by the coast road and enter the river at a point below the usual crossing. When he had got in a little way he seemed to try to turn his horse round to get back, but in doing so got into a sharp rapid and both horse and rider went over and the latter separated from his horse. Mr Ashton and the others ran to his assistance and saw the body floating away down the opposite side of the Tukituki but owing to the river being high they could do nothing. Some school children who were on a hill over-looking the river saw the body floating in mid-stream half a mile further down. Constable Brosnahan proceeded some distance down the river, but saw nothing of the body. The horse struggled out and returned the way it came. The man is supposed to be George Berry, of Kaikora, who worked for Mr Hickey, a contractor and camped at Oero, on his way home to see his wife who is ill.
At the inquest the evidence of Messrs Hickey, Stacey, John Ashton and George Fannin was taken and a verdict of 'Accidentally drowned' was returned, It appears that as soon as the news of Berry's death reached the camp, Mr Hickey and five of his men at once proceeded to search for the body but failing to find it that afternoon continued the search the next morning when the deceased was discovered three miles below here he had attempted to ford the river. George Berry was well known and respected and much sympathy is felt for his family who reside at Kaikora.
NOTE His widow Eliza next married William Megson in 1890. See notes under his daughter Emma Haycock below

Born: 9 Nov 1885
Died: 14 Nov 1885 aged 5 days
son of Samuel Cameron & Annie McDonald

Born: 1836
Died: 21 Sep 1878 aged 42
Hawkes Bay Times, 27 Feb 1874 In the Resident magistrate's Court on Tuesday, there was a charge of abusive language - Margaret McLennan v Neil Campbell. The evidence was to the effect that the complainant, having been informed that the been traducing her (speak badly of or tell lies about someone so as to damage their reputation) and seeing him pass her house with a little dog, exclaimed in the Gaelic tongue "Ah, little dog, you are not a liar like your master." The defendant, also addressing the dog in the same language, gave utterance to a still more offensive expression regarding complainant's family - the magistrate dismissed the case on the ground that the complainant had been the aggressor.
Hawkes Bay Herald, 12 Oct 1878 CAMPBELL - On September 21st, at Kaikora, Mr Neil Campbell

Born: Nov 1884
Died: 23 May 1885 aged 6 months
son of George Carter (1840-1887) & Fanny Barron (1841-1914)
their known children
.. 1 1878 - Samuel Carter
.. 2 1880 - 1963 John William Carter
.. 3 1882 - 1959 Minnie Emmaline Carter
.. 4 1884 - 1885 George Henry Carter
GEORGE died 26 July 1887 aged 47
FANNY died 31 Dec 1913 aged 72
They are buried at Inglewood

Born: 28 Jun 1878
Died: 16 Jul 1878 aged 18 days
son of Thomas Nelson Cass (1839-1900) & Mary Ann Jane Curtis (1857-1938), married 1877 in NZ
their known children
.. 1 1878 - 1878 Thomas Curtis Cass
.. 2 1879 - 1960 Mary Jane Cass
.. 3 1881 - 1974 Mabel Cass
.. 4 1884 - 1983 Minnie Cass

Born: April 1887
Died: 23 Feb 1888 aged 10 months
daughter of Samuel Charlton (1863-1929) & Mary Ann Jane Langley
Samuel was born in Omagh, County Tyrone. He arrived in Napier, 2 Feb 1874 on the 'Queen of the North' with his mother & 3 sisters. He married Mary on Xmas Day 1885 at St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Napier. He was listed then as a 'Saddler.' He became a Hotelkeeper
their known children
.. 1 1887 - 1888 Elsie Mary Charlton
.. 2 1888 - 1910 Sydney Samuel Charlton
.. 3 1889 - 1962 Eva Elsie Charlton
.. 4 1891 - 1969 Frederick William Charlton
.. 5 1893 - Ivy Mary Charlton
.. 6 1894 - 1958 Henry Leslie Charlton
.. served as #31152 in WWI & #2/18/852 in WWII
.. 7 1896 - 1897 Maryann Langley Charlton
.. 8 1898 - 1899 Percival Taiaroa Charlton
.. 9 1902 - 1980 Muriel Kathleen Charlton
. 10 1903 - Reginald Laurence Charlton

Born: 9 Apr 1881
Died: 11 Apr 1882, 2 days after his 1st birthday
* 3rd of 12 children of William Cheer & Sarah Ann Crayford
Hawkes Bay Herald, 16 Oct 1888 Mary Saunders and William Cheer went to Court yesterday. It appears that recently Mr Cheer was taking his case in a barber's shop and that the lady entered, also desiring to have her hair cut. Mary bade William good evening but was met with chilling silence. She demanded the reason of such cutting conduct and received a reply to the effect that she did not come up to his idea of good enough. Hot words followed on both sides and, as Mary Saunders alleged, she was knocked down by William. His Worship decided that fining William £3 and ordering him to pay costs and expenses amounting to £1 18s would about suit the case. To meet any difference of opinion on this point an alternative of 14 days hard labor was thrown in. Mr Lascelles appeared for Mary Saunders, William Cheer being represented by Mr Lee.
NOTE A brother of Philmer, Henry Walter Cheer, married Lucy May Haycock, 12th of 15 children of Tom Haycock & Emma Berry below. A brother Darcy Liddiard Cheer, also became connected, by marriage, to the Haycock family

Born: 1877
Died: 24 Sep 1888 aged 11
daughter of Andrew Clark & Agnes Watt
their known children
.. 1 1872 - 1958 Samuel James Clark
.. 2 1874 - Margaret Elizabeth Clark
.. 3 1875 - 1936 William Charles Clark
.. 4 1877 - Agnes Annie Clark

Born: 13 Sep 1886
Died: 30 Mar 1887 aged 6 months
son of James & Elizabeth Clark

Born: Oct 1884
Died: 26 Jun 1885 aged 8 months

Born: Sep 1875
Died: 22 Jan 1876 aged 4 months
son of William Gibb Crawford & Mary Ann Charlotte Andrews
First burial at Kaikora North cemetery
written about 1908 Mr WILLIAM GIBB CRAWFORD, Town Clerk and Treasurer to the Borough of Woodville, is a native of Glasgow, where he was born in the year 1836. His father, the late Mr John Crawford, was a well-known manufacturer of that city. He received his education principally at the Andersonian Institute and after finishing his term there decided to enter mercantile life in London. The following twenty years were spent in that city in positions of trust and responsibility. He was with the large firm of Peter Robinson and Company, of Oxford Street, for a number of years and subsequently was twenty years with Messrs Dean and Company. In 1874 he came to New Zealand in the ship “Winchester” and landed in Napier, where he found employment for about twelve months at the “Herald” office as accountant. He was next appointed master of the Kaikora school. Three years later he was appointed head-master of the Woodville school, where he remained eight years, then retired to establish himself in a general store in Woodville, which business he followed for seven years. He was a member of the Town Board for some years and in the latter part of 1894 was appointed town clerk. In 1860 Mr Crawford married a daughter of the late Mr A. Andrews, of London, England and has, surviving, four sons and five daughters.

Born: 1846 Isle of Skye
Died: 25 Sep 1895 aged 49
daughter of Neil McLean (1817-1880) & Rachel Nicholson (1815-1903)

Born: 12 Nov 1888
Died: 30 Nov 1888 aged 18 days
daughter of Alfred William Dillon (1841-1915) & Rebecca Collins (1846-1919), married in 1865
their known children
.. 1 1866 - 1940 Frederick John Dillon
.. 2 1867 - 1930 Maria Jane Dillon
.. 3 1868 - 1935 Hugh Dillon
.. 4 1870 - 1919 Charlotte Ellen Dillon
.. 5 1871 - 1948 Alfred Herbert Dillon
.. 6 1873 - 1916 George Arthur Dillon
.. 7 1875 - 1930 Hector Owen Dillon
.. 8 1876 - 1950 Ernest Allan Dillon
.. 9 1877 - 1951 Spencer Samuel Dillon
. 10 1879 - 1966 Percy Edmond Dillon
. 11 1882 - 1920 Rebecca Jessie Dillon
. 12 1887 - 1958 Rosslyn Guy Dillon
. 13 1888 - 1888 Isabel Collins Dillon
ALFRED died 13 Nov 1915 aged 74
REBBECA died 1 Sep 1919 aged 73
They are buried in Otane, Hawkes Bay

Born: 29 Apr 1878
Died: 20 May 1878 aged 3 weeks
son of Giuseppe Giovanni 'Joseph' Donghi (1849-1937) & Emma Sarah Hancock (1860-1930)
* his father Joseph (translation of Guiseppe) was born in Vittuone, Lombardia, Italy. His mother was born in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. They married 18 Sep 1876 in Waipawa. Joseph's naturalisation letter was issued in Oct 1883. They were then at Te Aute. They are both buried at Waipawa. There was a Donghi's road in Ormondville renamed Russell's road in 1888.

Born: 1839
Died: 13 Oct 1884 aged 45
Evening Star, 14 Oct 1884 Thomas Henry Enwright died at Kaikora yesterday as he was being conveyed to Waipukurau Hospital to receive medical attendance. He had been found in Oreo Bush and being in a thoroughly exhausted state, was taken to the Patangata Hotel, the proprietor of which communicated with the police at Waipawa. He was brought to Kaikora but died at the railway station while waiting for the train from Napier. An inquest was held this afternoon, when the jury returned a verdict of "Death from exposure and starvation, accelerated by drink." Deceased had been frequently before the local Court for drunkenness and some two or three months ago was remanded for medical examination on a charge of lunacy, but was afterwards dismissed.
Hawkes Bay Herald, 17 Oct 1884 Mr Reardon desires us to acknowledge receipt of the following subscriptions to the Mrs Enwright fund..

Born: 1825
Died: 17 Dec 1891 aged 66

Born: 1822
Died: 22 Mar 1893 aged 71
Bush Advocate, 23 March 1893 Old John Hartley, one of the ancients of the Waipukurau district, died yesterday at the County Hospital. The funeral will leave Villa Farm Waipawa, for the Kaikora cemetery at 2p.m. to-morrow (Friday)
Hawkes Bay Herald, 25 March 1893 An old settler in the person of Mr John Hartley has passed away to the 'never never land.' Mr Hartley died at the Waipawa hospital on Tuesday last from pleurisy and had reached the ripe age of 71. The deceased gentleman was widely known throughout the province and he was deservedly held in high respect by a large number of settlers. His mortal remains were followed to their last resting place by a numerous body of settlers from the surrounding districts.

Born: 1820
Died: 26 Apr 1887 aged 67
Hawkes Bay Herald, 27 April 1887 HARTLEY - At Kaikora, on Tuesday, April 26th, Martha Ann, the beloved wife of John Hartley, aged 67 years; deeply regretted by a very wide circle of friends. Yorkshire papers please copy.

Born: 1843
Died: 27 Sep 1886 aged 43
husband of Sarah Elizabeth Clifton (1870-1927)
Daily Telegraph, 28 Sep 1886 HARTSHORN - At Patangata, on 27th inst., Edwin Hartshorn, in his 44th year. The funeral will take place at Kaikora at 3 o'clock to-morrow
Wairarapa Daily Times, 29 Sep 1886 The landlord of the Patangata Hotel, Edwin Hartshorn, who only recently entered into possession of the hotel, fell down suddenly late last night and expired immediately. A post mortem examination was made and an inquest held to-day, when a verdict was returned of death from heart disease
Waipawa This Day, 29 Sep 1886 An inquest was held at the Patangata Hotel yesterday before Mr Samuel Johnson, district coroner, on view of the body of Mr Edwin Hartshorn. Deceased was lessee of the hotel and had been in possession some six weeks, was in his usual good health and spirits. On Monday he went to Lawrence's sale and returned in the evening without showing any signs of ailment. After tea, as he sat reclining on the sofa telling his wife about the sale, he suddenly fell forward dead. The cause was found on examination by Dr H. A. Reed, who testified that the heart was the natural size and to all appearance healthy, the left side was healthy and also the right, but in the right ventricle and in the pulmonary artery was a large clot of blood completely covering the orifice; the clot had been formed before death, probably in some part of the circulation and passing to the heart had there been stopped, causing sudden death through the blood being unable to get to the air. The case was a very rare one and known as pulmonary embolus. The clot might arise from any one of a number of causes, as for instance the kidneys being disordered. Deceased was a very abstemious man and much respected by a large circle of friends and was a member of the Bedford Lodge.

Born: 20 July 1880 Te Aute
Died: 2 Feb 1881 aged 6 months
5th of 15 children of Thomas John 'Tom' Haycock (1848-1928) & Emma Berry (1855-1918). Tom was the Postmaster of Elsthorpe and Emma ran a Boarding House.
the children of Tom & Emma
.. 1 1873 - 1874 Rose Lizette Haycock
..died at sea on the Clarence
.. 2 1875 - 1964 Robert George 'Bob' Haycock
..married Ethel Rebecca Scott (1879-1925) 1905
..married Vera Maud Satchwell 1928
..died in Auckland
.. 3 1876 - 1959 Elizabeth Ellen Haycock
..married Benjamin Cossey (1862-1954) 1897
..married Alexander Fraser 1923
..died in Karori, Wellington
.. 4 1878 - 1951 Albert John Haycock
..married Kate Newman (1876-1934) 1900
..married Winifred Lucy Graham 1934
..died in Haumoana
.. 5 1880 - 1881 Thomas Percy Haycock
.. 6 1882 - 1958 Edith Rose Haycock
..married Colin Winton Minty (1861-1944) 1898
..died 2 Feb 1958 in Haumoana
.. 7 1884 - 1958 Thomas Berry Haycock
..married Emma Hollins 1905
..died 16 Sep 1958 in Norsewood
.. 8 1885 - 1966 Alice 'Maude' Haycock
..married Samuel Scott Linton 1917
..died in Waipukurau
.. 9 1887 - 1953 Frank James Haycock
..married Amy Amelia Hargreaves 1918
..died in Tirau
. 10 1888 - 1932 Harry Richard Haycock
..married Ann Gertrude Voice 1912 (sister of Dorothy Voice who married Darcy Liddiard Cheer, Harry's brother in law, see sibling 12 Lucy)
..died in Waipukurau
. 11 1890 - 1954 Grace Jane Haycock
..married William James Sutherland 1914
..died in Tauranga
. 12 1892 - 1983 Lucy May Haycock
..married Henry Walter Cheer 1908 (4th of 12 children of William Cheer & Sarah Ann Crayford. See his brother Philmer Allan Cheer above)
..died Cambridge & buried Otane
. 13 1893 - 1893 Violet Haycock
..died aged 3 weeks, see next
. 14 1897 - 1985 Charles Frederick 'John' Haycock
..married Nora Dawes, nee Tovey, 1928
..died in Dargaville, buried Whangarei
. 15 1899 - 1971 Clarence Gordon Haycock
..died Nelson, buried plot 25 Marsden Valley
EMMA DIED 2 March 1918 at Elsthorpe aged 67
Hastings Standard, 4 March 1918
WIFE OF POSTMASTER KILLED. On Saturday, whilst mrs Haycock, wife of Mr T. Haycock, postmaster, Elsthorpe, was driving from Elsthorpe to Otane, the horse shied at a passing motor bike, with the result that Mrs Haycock was thrown out of the trap and killed, her neck being dislocated. An inquest was held on Saturday afternoon. The distressing occurrence has cast quite a gloom over the community. The funeral takes place to-morrow (Tuesday) at the Elsthorpe cemetery at 2p.m.
Hastings Standard, 9 March 1918
The remains of the late Mrs Haycock, wife of Mr T. Haycock, store keeper and postmaster, Elsthorpe, were interred in the cemetery here on Tuesday afternoon. A short service was held in the church. The Rev G. W. Davidson, Otane, officiated and Miss Gilmour played the 'Dead March in Saul'. The large assemblage of mourners and sympathisers proceeded in motor cars, traps and on horseback to the local cemetery, where the last rites were performed. The weather cleared somewhat during the proceedings. The deceased's husband and six sons and five daughters were present, also several of their husbands and wives and a number of grandchildren. The only member of the family who could not be present was Private C. F. (John) Haycock, who left for the front some time ago. Private Sam Linton, who is also at the front, was married to Miss Maud Haycock before he left. A large number of beautiful wreaths were received. The deceased and her husband have been resident in this district for 37 years. The late Mrs Haycock's death has evoked much sympathy for her husband and family and also for her aged mother, Mrs Megson, of Otane. The deceased was an active worker in connection with the Red Cross and made many comforts for the soldiers in hospital. She was most helpful to those in sickness and those who were requiring help. She was a member of the Anglican Church and attended church services regularly. Of a jovial disposition, she will be greatly missed in the district.
NOTES on Emma's parents. Her father George Berry, born in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, was drowned in the Tuki Tuki River aged 45. He was working for Mr Hickey at Oero and left for his home in Kaikora on the morning of 22nd May 1884 to see his wife who was ill. When trying to cross the flooded river on horseback from the Patangata side, he was swept away. He was found 3 days later. His occupation was listed as a Carter, also as a Gardner & Contractor. He was buried 'here' in old Kaikora North Cemetery (see notes under his burial above). Emma's mother (born Eliza Watts 1826-1920), in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, married George Berry (1839-1884) in 1854. After his death she married William Megson in 1890, a soldier who served in the Indian Mutiny & Maori Wars. 'Grandma Megson', as she was generally known, died 5 Oct 1920 aged 94 & buried at Otane

Born: 21 Feb 1893
Died: 15 Mar 1893 aged 3 weeks in Patangata
13th of 15 children of Thomas John Haycock & Emma Berry. See her family above

Born: Mar 1886
Died: 9 Jun 1886 aged 3 months
son of John Hicks & Emma Coad

Born: 12 Sep 1887
Died: 17 Apr 1889 aged 19 months
son of William Horne & Susan Anne Barclay Lozell
buried with his grandparents, Samuel & Mary Lozell

Born: 1826
Died: 4 Sep 1883 aged 57
Hawkes Bay Herald, 6 Sep 1883 A very sudden death occurred yesterday morning at Kaikora. A man named Anthony Hussey, but sometimes going by the name of Bill Davis, was talking to two other men on the verandah of the Kaikora Hotel about 8 o'clock, when Hussey, without warning, dropped down, apparently in a fit. He partly rallied, when a second fit as suddenly sized him and he expired in a few moments. Deceased had been suffering from heart disease and had just returned from the Napier Hospital, having walked all the way during the previous two days.

Born: Dec 1891
Died: 2 Apr 1892 aged 4 months
son of John Ingleton & Emily Jane Godrich

Born: Jan 1877
Died: 30 Jul 1878 aged 18 months
son of George Jackson & Cecilia Wallis

Born: 1807 in Scotland
Died: 16 Aug 1880 aged 73
Hawke's Bay Herald, 19 Aug 1880 The Waipawa Coroner has, somewhat strangely we think, decided not to hold an inquest on the body of James Johnston, who died suddenly at Kaikora a few days since. It appears that deceased, who was a Scotchman, has lived near Kaikora for some years past. His wife and family reside near Glasgow. Johnston was known as a reserved and somewhat proud man, who would not willingly lie under an obligation to another man and in all his dealings he was strictly honorable, never running into debt. On Sunday he had several glasses of spirits with Mr Moffatt and went away apparently all right, though he complained of a pain in his chest, as he had done for several days previously. Early next morning Mr Moffat saw him, when he appeared to be very ill and as he got worse Dr Todd was sent for. In the meantime Mr Moffatt, Mr Taylor and Mrs Collins attended to him, but he died before the doctor arrived. Two letters were found in the house. addressed to Mr Moffat and Mr Taylor. The contents of both are similar and are to the effect that when they were received the writer would be dead and he asked that he might be decently buried, his watch and clothes being sold to defray the expense. These letters were dated 25th July.

Born: 1858
Died: 10 Feb 1884 aged 26
Evening Star, 10 Feb 1884 A drayman named Frederick Jones was killed at Kaikora to-day by falling under the wheel of a dray.

Born: 5 Feb 1889
Died: 7 Feb 1889 aged 38 hours
son of George Keine & Kate Naughten
Hawkes Bay Herald, 10 July 1894 A man named George Keine has been arrested on a charge of deserting his wife and child about four years ago, whereby they had become dependent on charitable aid. He will make his appearance first before the Napier Bench to-morrow, when a remand will be asked for.
17 July 1894 Before Mr Turnbull, S.M., yesterday, George Keine was charged on remand with neglecting to support his wife and with failing to comply with an order to contribute towards the cost of his daughter in the Nelson Industrial School. The defendant admitted the charges and promised amendment in both particulars and the charge was withdrawn.

* MARY KEMP (nee Cooper)
Born: 1816
Died: 5 Oct 1878 aged 62
Married: David Kemp (1818-1870) and in the 1851 census, they were Silk Weavers living at Little Green Bunwell.
Mary arrived in NZ 4 years after David's death, on the Schichallion, arriving into Hawkes Bay 26 May 1874 with her daughter Lydia Kemp & James Loveday and their 7 children (they had another 8 in NZ) and a number of other members of the Kemp family

Born: 1834
Died: 30 Aug 1887 aged 53
Hawke's Bay Herald, 31 Aug 1887 A man was found dead in his bunk at Mr J. Buchanan's station at Oero this morning and it is thought that death may have been due to an overdose of laudanum as a bottle containing some of that drug was found in the bunk. Deceased, whose name was Henry King, had been drinking heavily lately. An inquest was held. The evidence pointed out the same old moral - drink. The deceased, a country hand, makes a cheque, sets to work to spend it in drink, swallows a quantity of brandy, is attacked with insomnia, takes a laudanum as a cure and drinks too much. The verdict of the jury (of which Mr A. Dillon was foreman) was that deceased poisoned himself accidentally.

* Adolarious 'William Henry' Humphrey Oakes Lascelles
Born: 28 Oct 1826 New Norfolk, Tasmania
Died: 6 Jul 1879 aged 52
parents 6th of 13 children of Thomas Allen Lascelles (1783-1859) & Mary Ann McCarty (nee Wainwright 1795-1865). Thomas was born at Salisbury St, Strand, London, the son of Michael Lascelles and Martha Allen. He joined the 73rd Regiment as an ensign in 1811, became a lieutenant in 1813, finally reaching the rank of brevet captain. He went first to NSW in 1811, then in 1813 to Van Diemen’s Land where in April he was appointed private secretary to Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Davey. He married Mary Ann, the widow of Irish convict Denis McCarty.
Adolarious married Euphemia Sommerville (1836-1868) in Melbourne 9 Jan 1852 & had 5 children (4 daughters) in Victoria. Euphemia died in Victoria in 1868, William moved to NZ with his children.
The Argus, 3 May 1871 LASCELLES, late of Geelong, in the Colony of Victoria, deceased; and in the Matter of the Act of the Parliament of Victoria No.280 - Notice is hereby given, that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof application will be made to the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, in its Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, that a RULE may be granted ordering that the freehold lands of which the said Euphemia Lascelles was the owner at the time of her decease shall be dealt with as if such lands had been held for a term of years, and committing the administration thereof to Adolarius William Henry Humphrey Oakes Lascelles, late of Geelong aforesaid, more recently of New Zealand, but at present of Melbourne, in the said colony, the husband of the said Euphemia Lascelles, deceased. Dated this 2nd day of May A.D. 1871.
* His only son, Thomas, died aged 11 and buried in Kaikora North (see below). A daughter, Jane Tozer Lascelles (1858-1945), married twice. In 1876 at Makautu to Calvin William Brooks (1840-1911 from USA, died in Nelson) & they had 7 children. She next married in Ormondville in 1895, to William Martin Brooks (1848-1917, from London, died Tomoana), where she registering as a spinster ! (all 7 children were still living)

Born: 1865 in Victoria, Australia
Died: 16 May 1876 aged 11
son of William Henry Lascelles & Euphemia Sommerville above

Born: 28 Sep 1884
Died: 13 Jan 1889 aged 4.3 of scarlet fever
daughter of John Steven Lozell & Mary Sarah Lozell

* MARY SARAH LOZELL (nee Steven)
Born: 7 Jun 1836 at Biggar, Lanarkshire
Died: 21 Aug 1886 aged 50
Married: Samuel Lozell (1820-1903) 20 May 1855 in Geelong
Buried: with Samuel & their grandson, Samuel Harland Horne

Born: 14 May 1820 at Bradwell-on-Sea
Died: 14 Mar 1903 aged 82
Married: Mary Sarah Steven (1836-1886) 20 May 1855 in Geelong
Hawkes Bay Herald, 18 March 1903 The funeral of the late Mr Samuel Lozell, who died at the age of 83 years, took place at Kaikora on Monday, the Rev G. K. Stowell officiating. The deceased had been living with his daughter, Mrs McKane, at St Lawrence, for the past few years. He arrived in Hawke's Bay 50 years ago and in Kaikora in 1865. He was the schoolmaster for many years and was the first clerk appointed to the local boards. He leaves one son and three daughters, with many grandchildren.

Born: July 1878 in Cheshire
Died: 16 Apr 1881 aged 2.9
son of Alfred Arden Lycett & Edith Ellen Green Cross
Daily Telegraph, 20 April 1881 LYCETT - At Richmond Park, Waipawa, on April 16, Alfred Edward Arden Lycett, aged two years and nine months
* Edith had a baby, George, four days later .. LYCETT, At Richmond Park, Waipawa, on March 20 1881, the wife of Mr Alfred A. Lycett, of a son
about ALFRED & EDITH Alfred Arden Lycett (1852-1930) was born at Chesterton Hall, Staffordshire. Edith Ellen Green Cross (1858-1934) was born Grevile Lodge Winsford, Cheshire. They married at Winsford in 1876. They moved to Hawkes Bay, NZ in 1879. They moved to Balmain, Sydney in 1889.
their 9 children:
.. 1 1878 - 1881 Alfred Edward Arden Lycett
.. born Cheshire. Died Waipawa
.. 2 1879 - 1965 Greville Hugh Norman 'Nobby' Lycett
.. born Cheshire. Died Balmain
.. 3 1881 - 1966 George William Arden Lycett
.. born NZ. Died St Leonards
.. 4 1883 - 1956 James Herbert 'Bert' Lycett
.. born NZ. Died Petersham
.. 5 1885 - 1968 Ethel Jane Lycett
.. born NZ. Married Lancelot Victor 'Lance' Northey 1905 in Muswellbrook
.. 6 1887 - 1917 Harold Lycett
.. born NZ. Served as Private 1577, 1st Australian Field Artillery Brigade, died of Nephritis in Belgium 6 Nov 1917
.. 7 1889 - 1890 Kent Lancelin Lycett
.. born NZ. Died Paddington aged 3 months
.. 8 1891 - 1975 Julia Lycett
.. born Sydney. Julia married Edward Bates in Burwood in 1917
.. 9 1895 - 1985 Ernest Parnell Lycett
.. born (Woonona, NSW)
Alfred in Court Oct 1911 for conspiracy, fraud & perjury (sentenced to 6 months imprisonment).
ALFRED DIED 12 Oct 1930 .. The relatives and friends Mrs Edith E. Lycett are kindly invited to attend the funeral of her late, dearly beloved husband, Alfred Arden; to leave his late residence 2 Ewenton-street, Balmain this Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 for Church of England Cemetery, Field of Mars. Also of Mr and Mrs N. Lycett and family, Mr and Mrs Geo. Lycett and family, Mr and Mrs H. Lycett, Mr and Mrs Lance Northey and family, Mr and Mrs E. Lycett, Mr and Mrs E Bates and family and Mr and Mrs K. Hunt, their dearly beloved father and grandfather. Motor Funeral.
..NOTE Edith's brother, Harold Cross, who had been in business with Alfred in Ormondville in the sawmill firm known as Lycett & Cross, died 2 weeks before Alfred, in Balmain and buried Birchgrove, Waverley. In 1888 at the Ormondville Road Board meeting to name local roads, the road where Messrs Lycett and Cross' timber-tram line was laid, was named Towers Road. Alfred & Harold bought the sawmill from Mr Rathbone in 1886, which had been laying idle for many years in Waipawa bush, for their works at Makatoku and Dannevirke. It was nearly destroyed by fire in Dec 1886 but was 'substantially rebuilt' by March 1887. In May 1889 Alfred leased the building at Makotuku which was used as a stationery shop and an office of the 'Examiner' and opened it as a general store. Mr Rathbone bought back the sawmill in Aug/Sep 1889. The Lycetts had moved to Sydney by then. Harold Cross was still there in Oct 1890 giving evidence in court as 'a late member of the firm of Lycett and Cross'. The NZ Gazette of 11 June 1891, contains a notice that Alfred Arden Lycett, salt manufacturer of Sydney, NSW, late of Makatoku, had invented an improved apparatus for the manufacture of salt and had applied for a patent.
EDITH DIED 31 July 1934 .. At her daughter's residence, 35 Hawthorne Parade, Haberfield, Edith Ellen Green Lycett, beloved mother of Norman, George, Herbert, Ethel, Julia and Ernest, aged 75 years
Alfred & Edith are buried together Plot 1823, Section S, Anglican Section, Field of Mars cemetery

Born: unknown
Died: 2 Dec 1879 aged ?
probably related to John MacKersey (1826-1892), born Oatlands, Tasmania to James Mackersey (1794-1871) & Eliza Letham. He married Ann Harriet Headlam (1822-1896) in Tasmania in 1849. From 1857 they were sheep farmers on the large, Kenilworth Estate in Victoria (originally 63,000 acres and now on the Victorian Heritage Register).
NOTE Elsie is not on BDM. She is on the cemetery board. John's parents lived in Tasmania and later in life moved to England. John's father died in London, xmas eve 1871. BUT, I have not at this time, found his mother Eliza. I am working on the possibility that Elsie could be Eliza? She may have come to NZ to visit/live with her children as a widow. There is nothing in the papers of the death
(the family not fully researched, they are well written up on line)
In 1871 John & Ann moved to NZ
they had 6 children
.. 1 1852 - 1900 Mary Jane MacKersey
.. born in Tasmania. Married Thomas William Chapman (1844-1921) in Hawkes Bay 1873 & had 4 children
.. 2 1854 - 1936 Letham Wallace MacKersey
.. born in Tasmania, Wallace was his paternal great-grandmothers name. He died in Hastings
.. 3 1856 - 1902 James John Mackersey
.. born at Kenilworth, married Edith Dry Meredith of Llandaff, Masterton in 1890 & had 4 children
.. 4 1858 - 1923 Charles Lindsay 'Mister' Mackersey
.. born at Kenilworth, became part owner of Lakes Station, NZ. He married Jessie Mary Bostock (1859-1947) in 1886 in NZ & had 6 children. They are buried in Hastings
NOTE Their parents were siblings. Charles's father was John MacKersey. Jessie's mother was Catherine 'Jane' MacKersey who married Thomas Edward 'Tom' Bostock. They all worked around Kenilworth. John MacKersey & Tom's brother, Augustus Bostock were very close, life-time friends, even after they moved to NZ.
.. 5 1860 - 1896 Frances Ann Mackersey
.. born at Kenilworth, married John Inglis Nicol Mackie (1856-1937) in 1886 in Waipukurau & had 5 children. Frances died in Oct 1896 during childbirth
.. 6 1863 - 1942 Eliza Letham Mackersey
.. born at Kenilworth. She married her sister's widower, John Inglis Nicol Mackie in July 1898 in Waipukurau and probably brought up her sister's children who were then aged 1 to 10
JOHN DIED 18 Jan 1892 aged 66
ANN HARRIET DIED 15 Feb 1896 aged 73
They are buried at Waipukurau

Born: 1813
Died: 22 Mar 1879 aged 66
NOTE Eleanor may have died at Kaikora North but she is NOT buried there. She is on the general board outside the Kaikora North cemetery but her name is on the headstone at the Waipawa Cemetery, buried there in the McGreevy family plot with:
* 1879 - Eleanor McGreevy (aged 66)
* 1880 - Patrick McGreevy (aged 43)
* 1885 - John McGreevy (aged 12 weeks)
* 1889 - John James McGreevy (aged 57)
* 1890 - John McGreevy (aged ?)
* 1891 - Amy McGreevy (aged ?)
* 1917 - Catherine McGreevy (aged 84 nee Moran), beloved wife of Stephen McGreevy
* 1918 - Stephen McGreevy (aged 85 from Roscommon, Ireland)
* 1920 - Stephen McGreevy (aged 53), beloved husband of Margaret McGreevy
* 1945 - Edric John McGreevy (aged 29)
* 1952 - Margaret Ann McGreevy (aged 76)

Born: Oct 1886
Died: 15 Jan 1887 aged 3 months
son of James & Mary McIntosh

Born: 1800
Died: 2 Jan 1887 aged 87

Born: Jan 1891
Died: 9 Apr 1891 aged 3 months
son of Alexander & Mary McLean

Born: 1818 Inverness, Scotland
Died: 14 Nov 1880 aged 62
Hawkes Bay Herald, 17 Nov 1880 A sad accident which terminated fatally, occurred on Saturday evening last to Mr Neil McLean, an old and respected settler of Kaikora. He fell from his horse and died next morning.
husband of Rachel, father of Flora & Marion here

* RACHEL McLEAN (nee Nicholson)
Born: July 1815 Inverness, Scotland
Died: 20 Dec 1903 aged 88
daughter of Malcolm Nicholson & Flora McPherson. Wife of Neil McLean, mother of Marion McLean (Mundell), Flora Cunningham

Born: 3 Nov 1883 in Te Haroto
Died: 24 May 1887 aged 3.6
son of Hugh McLellan & Mary Simpson McIntyre
Hugh (1841-1911), born near Cape of Good Hope on an immigrant ship & Mary (1846-1923), born Shire of Glenelg, Victoria, were married in NZ in 1870.
their 11 children born Hawkes Bay
.. 1 1871 - 1951 Hugh Napier McLellan
.. 2 1874 - 1942 Marion Elizabeth McLellan
.. 3 1876 - 1969 John Miller McLellan
.. 4 1878 - 1918 Douglas Donald McLellan
.. died during flu pandemic, Featherston
.. 5 1881 - 1934 Grace Young McLellan
.. 6 1883 - 1887 James Hay McLellan
.. 7 1884 - 1937 Isabella Pansy McLellan
.. 8 1885 - 1964 Alistair Norman McLellan
.. 9 1888 - 1942 James Young Simpson McLellan
.. 10 1889 - 1889 unnamed daughter McLellan (same day)
.. 11 1894 - 1979 Robert Gordon McLellan
HUGH DIED 10 Dec 1911 aged 70
MARY DIED 7 Sep 1923 aged 76
They are buried at Opunake, Taranaki

Born: 1848
Died: 26 Jul 1891 aged 43
NZ Mail, 17 July 1891 WAIPAWA - A man named McLeod died last night from the effects of a fall from his horse last Tuesday night (14th). He was a shepherd and after falling remained out all night. He was taken to the Milbourne Station on Wednesday. An inquest will be held to-morrow

Born: 19 Oct 1886
Died: 5 May 1889 aged 2.7
son of James McPherson (1844-1926) & Agnes Drew Chalmers (1855-1925) from Scotland
Hawkes Bay Herald, 31 July 1884 MARRIAGE - McPherson-Chalmers - At the Manse, Waipukurau, on the 29th July, by the Rev. Alexander Grant, Presbyterian minister, James McPherson, Dannevirke (formerly of Strathspey, Scotland) to Agnes Drew, elder daughter of John Chalmers (formerly of Linithgowshire, Scotland)
their known children
.. 1 1885 - 1945 James Alexander McPherson
.. 2 1886 - 1887 John Sweton McPherson
.. 3 1888 - Annie Margaret McPherson (twin)
.. 4 1888 - 1975 Elizabeth Agnes McPherson (twin)
.. 5 1889 - 1963 Chalmers McPherson
.. 6 1892 - 1976 Jessie Robertson McPherson
.. 7 1894 - 1904 John Chalmers McPherson
.. 8 1897 - 1972 Archibald Angus McPherson
.. 9 1901 - 1985 Elsie Marjorie McPherson
AGNES DIED 8 Dec 1925 aged 70
JAMES DIED 5 Oct 1926 aged 82
They are buried at Dannevirke Settlers cemetery

Born: 31 July 1890
Died: 5 Aug 1893 aged 3
daughter of John Merrylees (1834-1908) & his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Wilson (1850-1929). John was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland. He first married Sarah Charlotte Stewart (nee Cameron 1835-1871) in 1853 in Glasgow & had at least 4 children. He next married Elizabeth 'Bessie' Wilson in NZ in 1874
their children
.. 1 1875 - 1927 Anne Harriet Mackersey Merrylees
.. married Ernold Arthur Grenside in 1895
.. 2 1877 - 1963 Jessie Merrylees
.. married Cecil Whiling Seymour in 1900
.. 3 1878 - 1951 Agnes Elizabeth Merrylees
.. married Robert John Fleming in 1902
.. 4 1881 - 1937 Campbell Wilson Merrylees
.. married Elizabeth Jane Geddes in 1906
.. 5 1884 - 1952 John Orchison Merrylees
.. married Emma Atchison in 1906
.. 6 1885 - 1964 Bessie Wilson Merrylees
.. 7 1887 - 1960 Annie Merrylees
.. married William George Bryce in 1911
.. 8 1890 - 1893 Janet Merrylees
JOHN DIED 7 May 1908 aged 75
Bush Advocate, 8 May 1908 The death is announced at Waipukurau of an old Hawkes Bay residence, John Merryless. The deceased saw active service in connection with the pursuit of Te Kooti
ELIZABETH DIED 6 Sep 1929 aged 80
They are buried in Waipukurau

Born: 14 July 1887
Died: 2 Feb 1888 aged 6 months
son of Robert Moffit & Margaret McLaughlin Milne. He was the 8th of 8 children and was born 9 weeks after his father's death.

Born: 1875
Died: 11 May 1888 aged 13
daughter of Robert Moffit & Margaret McLaughlin Milne. She died a year after her father

Born: Aug 1877
Died: 11 Apr 1878 aged 8 months
son of Robert Moffit & Margaret McLaughlin Milne
(the name is sometimes written Moffitt)
* Another son was born 13 months after the death of this Robert Duncan Moffit. He also was named Robert Duncan Moffit (1879-1963).
* Another son, Thomas McLellan Moffit was born in Kaikora North in 1881. He was a butcher in North Adelaide, South Australia when he enlisted as Private 2396 with the 5th Pioneer Battalion, Reinforcement 4 on 25 April 1916. His next of kin was his uncle (mother's brother), David Milne of Waipukarau. He returned to Australia 3 May 1919
* Another son, David Stanfield Moffit, served as Rifleman 46889 with the 25th Reinforcements, J Company, NZ Rifle Brigade. His next of kin was his brother, Robert Duncan Moffit, of the Central Hotel, Napier
* Robert Duncan Moffit (II) married Rose May Newman in 1911. They named one of their sons, Robert Milne Moffit (1914-1982)
* Robert Moffit senior, had been with the 65th Regiment (Royal Tigers). He was the Sergeant of Police for 13 years in Hawkes Bay and was made a night watchman in 1882 because of his very high character for sobriety, vigilance and a conscientious regard for the duties devolving upon him
Hawkes Bay Herald, 13 May 1887 MOFFIT - At Greenmeadows, on 11th May, Robert Moffit (late 65th Regiment), aged 48 years. The funeral will leave Clive-square at 2 o'clock this (Friday) afternoon
.. At a meeting of the members of the Napier Fire Brigade last night, it was decided to devote the money won by the brigade on Easter Monday to the fund being raised for the widow and children of the late Robert Moffit.

Born: 12 Nov 1887
Died: 19 Dec 1887 aged 5 weeks
base born daughter of Annie Victoria Monk (1871-1941) who was born in Palmerston North, 1 of 10 children of William David Monk (1838-1929, died Masterton) & Charlotte Sarah Duck (1848-1927, died Mangatainoka). She married Richard Bartosh (1868-1942) in 1891, son of Franz Bartosh & Veronica Victoria Vatzlaf from Austria.
They had 14 children (7 sons)
Annie's 15 children
.. 1 1887 - 1887 Annie Cora Monk
.. 2 1891 - 1977 Francis James Bartosh
.. Private 11817. Died in Masterton aged 85 after breaking leg
.. 3 1893 - 1988 Mathilda Lucy Bartosh
.. 4 1894 - 1918 John Lawrence Bartosh
.. Lance Corporal 27769, KIA France. Parents in Taita
.. 5 1895 - 1917 Richard Alexander Bartosh
.. Private 15661 KIA Messines. Parents in Taita
.. 6 1898 - 1977 Frederick Lewis Bartosh
.. 7 1899 - 1995 Evelyn Frances Bartosh
.. 8 1900 - 1996 Percy Allan Septimus Bartosh
.. died in USA 1996, buried Taita 1999)
.. 9 1901 - 1992 Edward Thomas Bartosh
. 10 1903 - 1991 Elsie Mary Agnes Bartosh
. 11 1905 - 1977 Grace Ellen Bartosh
. 12 1908 - 2000 May Caroline Bartosh
. 13 1910 - 1994 Mabel Isabel Bartosh
. 14 1912 - 2004 Joseph Robert Bartosh
. 15 1917 - 2003 Annie Dardanella Bartosh
ANNIE VICTORIA, of Cottle Street, Taita, died 22 Jun 1941 aged 70 in Wellington Hospital.
RICHARD died 29 March 1942 aged 76
They are buried Plots 3 & 4, Block 13 C of E at Taita Old cemetery

Born: unknown
Died: 30 Aug 1883 aged ?

Born: 14 March 1888
Died: 15 Feb 1894 aged 6
daughter of Marion & Duncan

Born: 17 Oct 1893
Died: 1 March 1894 aged 4 months
daughter of Marion & Duncan

Born: 4 March 1860 in Scotland
Parents: Neil McLean & Rachel Nicholson
Died: 13 Feb 1894 aged 33
married Duncan Mundell (1850-1916, buried Otane) in 1877
their 7 children
.. 1 1880 - 1944 George Mundell
.. 2 1881 - 1917 Duncan Mundell
.. 3 1883 - 1885 Walter Mundell
.. 4 1885 - 1946 Nina Barbara Gossip Mundell
.. 5 1888 - 1894 Christina Jessie Mundell
.. 6 1893 - 1894 Lois Rachel 'Lulu' Mundell
MARION is buried with Walter, Christina & Lulu

Born: 26 May 1883
Died: 5 Jan 1885 aged 19 months
son of Marion & Duncan

Born: 1861
Died: 14 Dec 1878 aged 17

Born: 1836
Died: 25 Dec 1887 aged 51

Born: Jun 1877
Died: 13 Mar 1878 aged 9 months
daughter of John Onion & Ellen Cropp

Born: Jul 1877
Died: 6 Oct 1877 aged 3 months
11th of 11 children (7 boys) of George Petherick (1820-1898) & his 2nd wife, Hester Chamberlain (1834-1914), whom he married in 1861. George was born in Cornwall to James Petherick (1772-1827) & Elizabeth Jennings (1778-1833). He arrived into Wellington, 7 Jan 1840 aged 19, on the Aurora with his brother James (1804-1885) and 5 of James's children, Edwin (1837-), Caroline Emma (1835-1913), James (1834-1895), Frederick George (1832-1916) & Augustus John (1830-1918). James's wife, Phoebe Maryanne (nee Gritten 1810-1838), died 2 years before they emigrated.
George 1st married Ann Shirley (1832-1900) in Petone/Wellington in 1846
their children
.. 1 1847 - 1878 William Jennings Petherick (died Napier)
.. 2 1850 - 1861 Phoebe Elizabeth Petherick (died Napier)
.. 3 1852 - 1935 George Petherick (died Waipukurau)
George remarried in 1861 to Hester Chamberlain.
Ann moved to Hawkes Bay, remarried in 1868 to James Avison (1824-1894) & had a number of children in Waipawa/Hawkes Bay
the children of George & Hester
.. 1 1862 - 1952 George Jennings Petherick
.. 2 1863 - 1939 Francis James Petherick
.. 3 1864 - 1867 Augustus John Petherick
.. 4 1865 - 1894 Phoebe Minette Petherick
.. Phoebe married Alfred Frederick Tolhurst (1855-1890) in 1885. She was a widow 5 years later aged 25. She remarried 8 months later to Ernest Allen Mercer (1864-1934). Phoebe died 4 years later in Carterton, aged 29
.. 5 1867 - 1868 Charlotte Elizabeth Petherick
.. 6 1868 - 1963 Isabella 'Bell' Blanche Petherick
.. 7 1869 - 1934 Charlotte Elizabeth Petherick
.. 8 1871 - 1944 Augustus John Petherick
.. 9 1872 - 1873 Godfrey Petherick (8 months)
. 10 1874 - Percy Godfrey Petherick
. 11 1876 - 1877 Ernest Alfred Petherick
Wellington Magistrate's Court, 21 June 1881 HESTER PETHERICK, Application for Protection Order. In the matter of an Application for a Married Women's Protection order by Hester Petherick, wife of George Petherick of the City of Wellington, make oath and say:
1. That I am the wife of the said George Petherick and was married to him on the twenty fifth day of May 1861
2. That there has been issue of the said marriage, twelve children of whom three, that is to say, Charlotte Elizabeth Petherick, Augustus John Petherick, Percy Godfrey Petherick, are of the ages of eleven, nine and seven years respectively.
3. That I have been deserted by my husband without reasonable causes.
4. That my said husband has habitually failed to provide a maintenance for myself and my said children without such failure being caused by sickness or other unavoidable cause.
5. That I am desirous that a Protection Order under the said Act should be granted to me.
6. That I am also desirous that the exclusive custody of the said Charlotte Elizabeth Petherick, Augustus John Petherick, Percy Godfrey Petherick, be granted to me. The Order was granted
GEORGE DIED 1898 in the Ballarat, Victoria, Benevolent Asylum aged 78. The Ballarat Star, 3 Aug 1898 PETHERICK - On the 30th July, at the Benevolent Asylum, George Petherick, formerly of Falmouth, England, late of Ballarat, aged 78 .. George Petherick, 1898 age 78, Ballarat Benevolent Asylum (renamed in 1969 to Lakeside), son of James Petherick & Elizabeth Unknown. No inquest. On the first settler ship to NZ in 1840, one of the earliest settlers of Wellington, well known in Wanganui and Marton districts, fathered 14 children, went in search of gold in NSW, may have crossed the Tasman again between first and second marriage (read the death notices of his brother James & children at their links above & note they had all been prospecting in Melbourne).
HESTER DIED 1 Dec 1914 aged 80
Evening Post, 2 Dec 1914 PETHERICK - On the 1st December 1914, at Wellington, Hester, relict of the late George J. Petherick, in her 81st year. At rest. private interment.
By the death of Mrs Hester Petherick, which occurred last week, another of our early settlers has passed away. The deceased lady arrived in Nelson sixty-two years ago in the ship Maori and removed to Wellington in 1873. For a number of years prior to the formation of the Charitable Aid Board the care for the distressed was administered largely by the Women's Christian Association and she took an active part in its work. She also took a deep interest and active part in the work of the Primitive Methodist church in Webb-street now the headquarters of the Central Mission. Her husband, Mr George Petherick, predeceased her by some twenty-eight(sic) years. She leaves a family of six to mourn her loss, including Mr George Petherick and Mrs R. M. Green (Charlotte Elizabeth & Ralph Milburn Green) of this city; Messrs F. J. Petherick, Hunterville, A. J. Petherink, Napier and Mrs F. Wallis ('Bell' & Frederick Wallis), West Australia; twenty-seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The funeral rites were conducted by the Rev G. Knowles Smith, assisted by the Revs J. Dawson, White, Hinton, Cossum and Mr C. M. Luke.
Hester is buried Plot 36 P at Karori

Born: Jan 1885
Died: 17 Mar 1885 aged 2 months
6th of 8 children (7 sons) of George Petherick (1852-1935) & Charlotte Emily 'Lottie' Tasker (1855-1887), married 1874. George was a son of George Petherick & his first wife Ann Avison (see above). Charlotte was from Sussex. She emigrated into Napier 10 July 1874 on the Halcione. Of Interest .. on that passenger list you will see the Waters family, James & Emily (nee Taylor) and their 8 children. Their 5th child, Emma/Emily Waters, was to marry James Hamilton and THEIR 1st child, Sarah Jane Hamilton, was to marry Albert Leonard Roser Petherick, Charlotte's 5th child.
children of George & Charlotte
.. 1 1875 - 1877 George Richard Petherick
.. 2 1877 - 1877 Ernest Albert Petherick
.. 3 1879 - 1929 Charles Edward Petherick
.. killed in a railway shunting accident in Dunedin
.. 4 1881 - 1968 Rupert William Petherick
.. 5 1883 - 1957 Albert Leonard Roser Petherick
.. 6 1885 - 1885 Francis Henry Stapeley Petherick
.. 7 1886 - 1902 Dora Fanny May Petherick
.. 8 1887 - 1888 Frederick 'Freddy' Petherick (aged 5 months)
CHARLOTTE DIED in Hastings on 14 Oct 1887 aged 32. She is buried at Hastings with 6 month old Freddy & 16 year old Dora
GEORGE DIED 26 Dec 1935 aged 84 in Waipukurau and is buried at Waipawa

Born: 13 Aug 1875
Died: 27 Mar 1877 aged 19 months
6th of 8 children of George Petherick & Charlotte Tasker (1855-1887)

Born: 1884
Died: 9 Aug 1886 aged 2
* son of John Pettit & Margaret 'Maggie' Sullivan

Born: Dec 1877
Died: 9 Mar 1879 aged 15 months
daughter of Joseph Pratley & Jane Watts (7 sons, 3 daughters)

Born: 1805
Died: 9 Feb 1890 aged 85

Born: 1855
Died: 22 Apr 1884 aged 29
Hawkes Bay Herald, 24 April 1884 SABIN - On April 22nd, at Kaikora, Fanny, second daughter of Mr T. Sabin, formerly of Oxford England, aged 27
daughter of Thomas William Sabin (1828-1910) & Emily ? (1830-1909), buried Otane

Born: 1843
Died: 8 Apr 1883 aged 40

Born: 1861
Died: 29 Mar 1880 aged 19
son of William Henry Small & Margaret Watt
Hawkes Bay Herald, 31 March 1880 SMALL - At Fernside, Patangata, on the 29th March 1880, John, the son of W. H. and Margaret Small, aged 19 years and 3 months.

Born: 1843
Died: 8 Mar 1878 aged 35

Born: 2 Feb 1805 Midlothian, Scotland
Died: 23 Jul 1894 aged 89
Husband of Susan (next)

Born: 2 Nov 1805 Peebleshire, Scotland
Died: 25 Oct 1880 aged 75
married John Steven 5 Feb 1830 in Midlothian

Born: 1864
Died: 1 Oct 1891 aged 27

Born: 1878
Died: 1 Mar 1879 aged 1

Born: 1867
Died: 27 Oct 1879 aged 12

Born: 1874
Died: 19 Oct 1888 aged 14
daughter of William John Venn (1847-1904) & Martha Jane Eastman (1843-1922). William married Martha, daughter of Thomas & Ann Davis, on 5 Sep 1869 in St John, Isleworth, Middlesex. William John Venn, full age, bachelor, clerk in railway, of Isleworth, son of William Venn, labourer and Martha Jane Eastman, spinster, of Isleworth
their known children
.. 1 1870 - 1938 Walter Venn
.. born in Middlesex, was a railway porter in Takapau, died in Dunedin
.. 2 1874 - 1888 Ada Amelia Venn
.. born & died in Hawkes Bay
.. 3 1877 - 1938 Frederick Winfred Venn
.. born in Hawkes Bay, farmer in Otago, died at Dunback
.. 4 1881 - 1917 Alfred Venn
.. born in Waipukurau, engineer in Dunback, served as Fireman 92, with the 1st Royal Australian Navy, embarked from Melbourne, died of his wounds in France
.. 5 1884 - Ellen Louisa Venn
.. 6 1887 - 1888 Mary Venn
.. born & died in Hawkes Bay
.. 7 1889 - 1967 Elsie Venn
.. died aged 78 in Waimate

Born: May 1887
Died: 13 Feb 1888 aged 9 months
daughter of William John Venn[/color], Station Master at Kaikora at that time and appointed Post Master at Kaikora in 1884 (see sister Ada above)
Otago & Southland District, 1904 Mr William John Venn, Stationmaster, Postmaster and Telegraphist, at the Dunback Railway Station, joined the service in 1874, and served as a stationmaster at Te Auto for four years. Mr Venn also served for four years, at Kaikora, prior to 1892, when he was appointed to his present position.
Otago Daily Times, 11 Aug 1904 VENN - On the 7th August, at Dunback, William John Venn, late stationmaster at Dunback; aged 58 years. Deeply regretted.
A Dunback correspondent writes that general regret was felt throughout the district when the death of Mr William J. Venn, the esteemed railway stationmaster at Dunback, became known. He was colonist of 30 years standing. Born in England he became connected with the railway service and on arrival in the colony he received the appointment of stationmaster in the Hawkes Bay district. About 12 years ago he was transferred to Dunback where his kind and obliging disposition made him a very popular officer. Deceased leaves a widow and three sons and two daughters.
Otago, 9 Sep 1904 William's widow
Martha Jane was born 21 Aug 1843 in Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire, England. She died 15 May 1922 at 7 Swann St., Dunedin and in Palmerston, Waitaki.

message from barbidoll 13 June 2019
Subject: re Kaikora cemetery
To: ngairedith
From: barbidoll
Date: 2019-06-13 09:33:27
Hello ngairedith. I have just enjoyed reading this journal and would like to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have lived a few kms east of Waipawa since 1967 having moved here from Topgrass Road Dannevirke. Many names are still familiar in this district. Patangata Hotel gets a mention or two - the hotel is still in business and seems to be well patronised despite its relative isolation. The top storey was removed about the time we moved into the district and it now trades as a tavern. Similarly, the Otane hotel. Women had very difficult lives back in those days. My mother, who was born at Dyerville in 1914, spoke of the hardships her mother endured having twelve children and a hard man for a husband. Thanks for the history.
* Thank you barbidoll, such feedback makes all the research worthwhile

taken by Marijke Bullians
8 Nov 2016

HORNE buried Hawkes Bay

HORNE buried/cremated Hawkes Bay to 2017
* birth dates may be approx, based on age at death
* some dates may be death OR burial
* born still not included in this list

born: 30 Dec 1925
parents: unknown
died: 11 Oct 2014 aged 88
last address: Gracelands
cremated Hastings

* ANNIE Horne (nee Walch)
born: 1871
parents: Job (1849-1928) & Annie (1855-1932) Walch (buried Napier Hill)
married: Thomas Henry Horne in 1901
their children:
.. 1903 - 1976 Thomas Job Vincent 'Vin' Horne
.. 1908 - 1965 Henry Eric Horne
.. 1912 - 1988 Herbert Alexander Horne
died: 16 Jan 1943 aged 71
buried: plot 95, block C Hastings
headstone: In Loving Memory of Thomas Henry, beloved husband of Annie Horne, died 19th April 1925 ALSO Annie beloved wife of the above, died 14th Jan 1943

born: 3 Oct 1878
parents: William Horne & Susan Lozell
married: Isabel Gertrude Whitehead in 1901
their known children:
.. 1903 - Thelma Emily Spence Horne
died: 13 Sep 1929 aged 52
last address: 128 Marine Parade
buried: plot 162, block M Havelock North with Isabel (1884-1935) who remarried 2 years after his death to John Robert Stevenson
OBITUARY Mr Arthur E. Horne, until recently licensee of the Masonic Hotel, Napier, died suddenly at his residence on Wednesday. Deceased, who was born at Mr Erin, Havelock North, was the second son of Mrs Susan Horne and the late Mr William Horne. He was educated at Otane and Hastings and on leaving school started in the saddlery trade with Mr Frank Bethel in Hastings and continued with him for over 13 years. Following a period on his own account in the saddlery trade and later as a tobacconist and hairdresser, the late Mr Horne took over the Havelock North Hotel. From there he went to New Plymouth as licensee of the White Hart Hotel, which he retained for about five years. Deceased recently retired from the masonic Hotel, Napier, when his lease expired, hoping to enjoy a well-earned rest. He was always prominent in football and sports generally and was well known in Hawke's Bay

born: 15 Aug 1887
parents: Thomas Horne & Eliza Stone
married: Emily Green in 1916
their known children:
.. 1916 - 2003 Thelma Emily Daphne Horne
.. 1917 - 1987 Ivy Irene Horne
.. 1919 - 2001 Gwendoline Alice Mary Horne
.. 1922 - 1987 Russell Herbert Albert Horne
.. 1924 - Marjorie/Margaret Horne
died: 5 March 1968 in Napier aged 81
buried: Wharerangi

born: 22 Jan 1938
parents: William Clarence Horne & Gwenefred Simpkin
occupation: Primary Teacher
died: 3 Jan 1994 aged 55
last address: Anzac Ave, Napier
buried: Wharerangi
headstone: In loving memory of Beverley Gwennyth Horne died 3rd Jan 1994, devoted daughter of Gwen & Bill. Her life was full of greatness in all her perfect ways and will remain a memory all through those happy days. Very sadly missed and always in our thoughts

born: 20 Jan 1903
parents: Alfred William Horne (1871-1927) & Amy Charlotte Moxon (1871-1953) who are buried Makaraka
occupation: company manager
married: Annie Yule 'Nancye' Ballantyne (1903-1984) in 1932
died: 12 Nov 1977 aged 74
last address: Iranui Rd., Gisborne
cremated Hastings
buried: plot 331, block 29 at Taruheru cemetery, Gisborne with wife Annie & son Brian Ballantyne Horne
headstone: HORNE - Cecil Frederick, dearly loved husband of Nancye, beloved father of Valerie & Bryan, died 12 November 1977 and his beloved wife Nancye, died 17 March 1984. Bryan Ballantyne Horne 25th September 1937-19th September 2009. Loving & beloved husband of Jane. Beloved father of Fiona, Tiffany & Melanie. Treasured Grandpa of his six grandchildren

* ELIZA Horne (nee Stone)
born: 13 Jan 1849 in Somerset
married: Thomas Horne in 1870
their children
.. 1872 - Annie Eleanor Horne
.. 1872 - 1925 Thomas Henry Horne
.. 1874 - 1951 Mary Elizabeth Horne
.. 1875 - 1928 Emma Susan Helen Gilmour
.. 1877 - 1941 Ernest Prior Horne
.. 1879 - 1939 William Alfred Horne
..William married 3 times, see notes at Louisa Florence Horne
.. 1881 - 1910 John James Horne
.. 1887 - 1968 Arthur Herbert Russell Horne
died: 26 Feb 1911 aged 62
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Eliza, the beloved wife of Thomas Horne. Died 16th Feb 1911 aged 62 years. ALSO of Thomas, beloved husband of the above, died 22nd Feb 1913 aged 72 years. We miss our dear ones.

* ELIZA Horne
born: 1875
parents: unknown
married: unknown
died: 6 Sep 1962 aged 87
last address: Whitehead Rd., Hastings
buried: plot D, block GOR Havelock North

* ETHEL CONSTANCE Horne (nee Nelson)
born: 2 Oct 1894
parents William Henry Nelson & Mary Violet Grant
married: Henry Palmer Horne (1873-1948) in 1929
died: 3 July 1990 aged 95
last address: Hardinge Rd, Napier
buried Old Gorge, Woodville
NOTES on Henry Palmer Horne
* Henry was born in Scotland in Jan 1873 and came to NZ when he was 5, with his parents, Donald Mitchell (1844-1912) & Elspet Esplin (1845-1924) Horne (both buried Old Gorge Woodville). He attended school at Waipukurau & Woodville. He was a coach builder, apprenticed at Palmerston North. Later he was the manager of the his father's coach-building business in Woodville.
* He 1st married Elizabeth Thomas (1879-1922) in 1899 & had a son, John Thomas Horne (1900-1966).
* In 1901 Henry became a partner in the firm of Horne & Riley who had taken over his father's business when he retired. In 1903 he became the sole proprietor and opened a branch at Ballance.
* He was elected to the Woodville Borough Council in 1903 and re-elected in 1905. He was a member of the Woodville Fire Brigade for 12 years, 9 of them as secretary. He was a foundation member of the local volunteer corps, as senior lieutenant. A member of the committee of the Presbyterian Church, a member of the Horticultural Society, a P.C.R. and Treasurer of the Rechabite Lodge. He was always a lover of native birds, flowers and native trees and it was through his efforts that a large area in the Manawatu Gorge was added to the Woodville Domain. He was patron of the Horticultural Society and a member of the Justices’ Association, National Party, Pahiatua Licensing Committee, A & P Society, Plunket Society, Crippled Children Society (life member), Chess Club, Red Cross and Bowling Club and patron of the Manawatu Bowling Centre. He was a trustee and senior warden of the local Lodge of Freemasons and became Mayor of Woodville for 20 years.
* Elizabeth died 25 Sep 1922 aged 43 and he next married Ethel Constance Nelson in 1929 as above.
* Henry Palmer Horne died 18 June 1948 aged 75. His Obituary. He is buried with 1st wife Elizabeth in plot 7, block 10 at Old Gorge cemetery, Woodville. Second wife Ethel is in plot 134, block 2, row 1 at Old Gorge with her parents William & Mary Nelson

born: 2 March 1943
parents: unknown
married: Isabel-Ann 'Missie' Hodges
died: 12 May 2015 aged 72
buried: plot 4, section 26 Western Hills
Hawkes Bay Today, 14 May 2015 HORNE, Eric Anthony. Downed tools for his last smoko on May 12 2015, aged 72, after repeatedly hammering the odds. Now reunited with his much-missed, late wife Ann. Dear brother to Lenore and Arn, Leo and Wendy. Brother-in-law, Uncle to the Hodges, on-call master builder to all. Warm, loving can-do Dad and father in-law to Rochelle and David, Steven and Laresa, Sonia and Alex. Much-loved Grandad to each of his seven grandkids
headstone With love we remember Isabel-Ann Horne ~ Missie ~ nee Hodges 28.2.1948 - 31.3.2004. Much loved Wife of Eric Anthony Horne 2.3.1943 - 12.5.2015. Mother and Father of Rochelle, Steven and Sonia. Special Nana and Grandad of Otis, Phoebe, Thomas, Lulu, Esta, Sophie and Lennox. Forever in our hearts

* GLADYS Baker (nee Staniland, formerly Horne)
born: 28 Nov 1909
parents: possibly William Harrison & Ruby Staniland
married: Raymond William Horne in 1934
next married: ? Baker
last address: Bennett Place, Napier
died: 15 Nov 1978 aged 68
buried: Eskdale with Raymond & son
headstone: In loving memory of Robin Powell Horne. Died 30th Oct 1945 aged 8 years. Also Gladys, died 15.11.1978. 40345 Raymond William Horne 2nd N.Z.E.F. Accidentally killed 6th Aug 1945 aged 34 years

* GWENEFRED 'Gwen' Horne (nee Simpkin)
born: 9 Dec 1905
parents: unknown
married: William Clarence Horne in 1930
their children:
.. 1938 - 1994 Beverley Gwennyth Horne
died: 30 Sep 2008 aged 102
last address: Greendale Rest Home
buried: Wharerangi
headstone: In loving memory of William Clarence (Bill) Horne. Loved husband of Gwen and much loved father of Beverley. Died 12th July 1989. Treasured memories never die

born: 29 July 1908
parents: Thomas Henry Horne & Annie Walch
married: Sylvia Clarice Rose
occupation: labourer
died: 13 June 1965 aged 56
last address: Avenue Rd., Auckland
buried: Hastings

born: 20 Sep 1924
parents: Thomas Job Vincent Horne & Olive Hawkins
married: Ila Jackson in 1956
their children
.. 1957 - 1990 Malcolm Stuart Horne
.. 1961 - 1961 Stephen Andrew Horne
.. son Horne
.. daughter Horne
.. son Horne
.. daughter Horne
.. son Horne
died: 24 March 1986 aged 61
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Olive (his mother), beloved wife of Vincent Horne. Died 31st May 1951 aged 51 years. Henry Vincent Horne. Died 24th March 1986 aged 61 years. Wee Stephen (his son), son of Henry & Ila Horne, died 25-11-1961

born: 16 June 1912
parents: Thomas Henry Horne & Annie Walch
occupation: railway worker
died: 28 Aug 1988 aged 76
last address: Napier Hospital

* ISABEL ANN 'Missie' Horne (nee Hodges)
born: 28 Feb 1948
parents: unknown
married: Eric Anthony Horne
died: 31 March 2004 aged 56
last address: Taradale & Waimarama
buried: plot 4, section 26 Western Hills
headstone With love we remember Isabel-Ann HORNE ~ Missie ~ nee Hodges 28.2.1948 - 31.3.2004. Much loved Wife of Eric Anthony Horne 2.3.1943 - 12.5.2015. Mother and Father of Rochelle, Steven and Sonia. Special Nana and Grandad of Otis, Phoebe, Thomas, Lulu, Esta, Sophie and Lennox. Forever in our hearts

born: 22 Feb 1910
parents: unknown
occupation: clerk
died: 7 Nov 1987 aged 77
last address: Middle Rd., Havelock North
buried: plot 84, block niche Hastings

born: 22 Oct 1881
parents: Thomas Horne & Eliza Stone
died: 8 June 1910 aged 28
buried: Hastings
HASTINGS, June 6 1910 James Horne, an Apopletic, aged 28, single, was found dead in bed this morning

* LILIAN MARGARET Horne (nee Gallagher)
born: 29 Dec 1917
parents: John Christopher Gallagher & Margaret Mina Gardiner
married: Robert Duncan Horne (1909-1974) in 1939 son of William Dennett Horne & Elizabeth Guy
died: 25 Aug 1987 aged 69
last address: Selwyn Rd., Napier
cremated Hastings

* LOUISA FLORENCE Horne (nee March)
born: 6 Sep 1899
parents: George Arthur March & Emily Mary Dunn
married: William Alfred Horne in 1917
died: 18 March 1975 aged 76
last address: Frimley Rd., Hastings
cremated Hastings
NOTES on William Alfred Horne
William was born 5 July 1878, in Napier, to Thomas Horne & Eliza Stone.
William married:
..1 Ada Theresa Love (1880-1934) in Hastings on Boxing Day 1900.
their known children
1901 - 1988 Irene May Stone Horne
1903 - 1970 Laurence Francis Love Horne
William & Ada divorced in Napier, March 1914
William next married:
..2 Louisa Florence March (1899-1975) 7 Nov 1917
their known children
1918 - Betty Horne
William next married:
..3 Christina Janet McKenzie (1882-1949) in 1919
William died 12 May 1939 in New Plymouth. He is buried with Christina in plot 2, lot 24, row 2 at Te Henui

* MABEL HEATLEY Horne (nee Norman)
born: 11 Feb 1901
parents: Burford Heatley Norman & Maud Elizabeth Thomson
married: John Thomas Horne (1900-1966) in 1926 (son of Henry Palmer Horne, Mayor of Woodville, see Ethel Constance Horne above)
died: 12 June 1985 aged 84
last address: Pahiatua Hospital
cremated Hastings
NOTE John Thomas Horne died 5 Nov 1966 and is buried grave 23, block 22 at Old Gorge cemetery, Woodville. Possible Mabel is with him?

born: 5 June 1957 in Napier
parents: Henry Horne & Ila Jackson
died: 30 Sep 1990 aged 33 at Papatawa
last address: Garnett St., Hastings
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of 'Mac' Malcolm Stuart Horne. Dearly loved son of Ila and the late Henry. Loved father of Liana, Jenna-Mae & Joshua

born: 19 Aug 1913
parents: unknown
married: unknown
died: 25 Feb 1994 aged 80
last address: Pakowhai Rd., Hastings
cremated Hastings

born: 24 Feb 1930
parents: Tom 'Percy' Horne & Ella Annabel Matheson
married: Margery Nicklin in 1961 & had 3 children
occupation: farmer
died: 29 April 2017 aged 87
last address: Gracelands, Hastings
cremated Hastings
NZ Herald, 3 May 2017 HORNE, Mason Arthur. 24 February 1930 - 29 April 2017. Peacefully at Gracelands, Hastings. Beloved husband and soulmate of Marge, loved father and father-in-law of Tracy and Greg (Dargaville), Angela and Jamie (Wairoa) and Guy and Leonore (Hastings) and loved Grandfather of Freya-Rose, Nikau and Matai, Calum and Lachie, Joshua, Elise, Alex and Helayna. Special friend of Stacey and Mary. Much loved son, brother and uncle of T. P. and Ella Horne (Deceased), Judith and Jack Tietjen (Deceased), Pat and Donny Witters (Deceased) and their families.
Mason's Obituary Anchorman of his community

born: 1893
parents: unknown
married: unknown
died: 6 May 1970 aged 77
last address: Exeter Cres., Napier
cremated Hastings
NOTE There are a number of possibilities on who May was. She is on the database simply as May but on BDM as Hilda May.

* OLIVE Horne (nee Hawkins)
born: 1900
parents: John Hawkins & Mere Henrici
married: Thomas Job Vincent Horne in 1924
their children
.. 1924 - 1986 Henry Vincent Horne
.. 1927 - 2003 Alethia Hinemere Horne
.. 1933 - 1990 Moana Edwards 'Jack' Horne
.. 1935 - Hikimoana Horne
.. 1937 - 1939 Sydney Merton Horne
died: 31 May 1951 aged 51
last address: Rutherford Rd., Napier
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Olive, beloved wife of Vincent Horne. Died 31st May 1951 aged 51 years. Henry Vincent Horne (her son). Died 24th March 1986 aged 61 years. Wee Stephen (her grandson), son of Henry & Ila Horne, died 25-11-1961
NOTE Also buried with her is her daughter Alethia, son-in-law Earl, granddaughter Christine Cherry (1952-2013) & great grandson, 2 day old, David Gordon Lowe (1965)

* PAMELA MERLE Horne (nee ?)
born: 1943
parents: unknown
married: David Albert 'Dave' Horne (1938-2019)
died: 9 Feb 1988 aged 45
last address: Bristol Cres., Flaxmere
buried: Hastings
NOTE HORNE, David Albert (Dave). Passed away peacefully on May 10 2019, at Waiapu House, aged 81 years. Loved husband of Alison (Sue). Loved father and step-father of Marylyn and Andrew, Ross, Vicki, Jan and Tony. Much loved Grandad of his 12 grandchildren and Great-Grandad of four. In lieu of flowers, donations to Cranford Hospice would be appreciated. A service for Dave will be held in the Beth Shan Chapel, 401 Maraekakaho Road, Hastings on Tuesday, May 14 2019 at 2.00pm. (buried with great grandmother Olive above)

* PHYLLIS MARY Horne (nee Lucas)
born: 7 Feb 1905
parents: unknown
married: William Henry Horne (1898-1969) in 1937
died: 1 July 1976 aged 71
last address: Rosstrevor Place, Rotorua
buried: Taradale
headstone: In loving memory of Phyllis Mary Horne. Died 1.7.79 aged 71 years

* PRIOR Horne
born: 11 Sep 1854 in Auckland
parents Thomas Horne (1805-1870) of Sussex, England & Eliza Jane Dawson (1812-1879) of County Antrim, Ireland SEE AT END
occupation bootmaker in Hastings. His shop was opposite the Railway Hotel
married: Wilhelmina Mary Jeffcoat in 1877
their known children:
.. 1882 - 1963 Clarence Prior Horne
.. 1885 - 1960 Gladys Dora Horne
.. 1887 - 1920 Richard Charles Horne
.. 1895 - Horace Hamilton Horne
.. 1897 - 1964 Nelson Jeffcoat Horne
died: 4 Aug 1923 aged 68
buried: Park Island
death of Wilhelmina HORNE - At Gisborne, on February 17 1944, Wilhelmina Mary, widow of the late Prior Horne, aged 83 years. Interred to-day at Taruheru Cemetery (plot 60, block 18)

born: 27 Nov 1910
parents: Will Horne & Rose Moore
married: Gladys Staniland in 1934
died: 6 Aug 1945 aged 35
event Sapper 40345, was a lorry driver at Dannevirke before serving with the NZ Engineers, 2nd NZEF.
buried: Eskdale
headstone: In loving memory of Robin Powell Horne. Died 30th Oct 1945 aged 8 years. Also Gladys, died 15.11.1978. 40345 Raymond William Horne 2nd N.Z.E.F. Accidentally killed 6th Aug 1945 aged 34 years

born: 1937
parents: Raymond Horne & Gladys Staniland
died: 30 Oct 1945 aged 8
buried: Eskdale with parents
headstone: In loving memory of Robin Powell Horne. Died 30th Oct 1945 aged 8 years. Also Gladys, died 15.11.1978. 40345 Raymond William Horne 2nd N.Z.E.F. Accidentally killed 6th Aug 1945 aged 34 years

born: 1928
parents: unknown
occupation: defence auditor
died: 27 July 1990 aged 62
last address: Neeve Rd., Taradale
buried: Taradale

* ROSE Horne (nee Moore)
born: 21 Oct 1875
parents: James Connolly Moore (1845-1929) & Mary Moore who owned a store at Southbridge in the 1880s at least
married: William John Steven 'Will' Horne in 1904
their known children:
.. 1910 - 1945 Raymond William Horne
.. 1913 - Margaret Fay Horne
died: 22 Aug 1942 aged 66
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Will, beloved husband of Rose Horne. Died 27th Dec 1939 aged 84 years. ALSO Rose, beloved wife of the above, died 20th Aug 1942 aged 66 years. At Rest

born: 24 Nov 1961 in Hastings
parents: Henry Vincent Horne & Ila jackson
died: 25 Nov 1961 aged 12 hours
last address: Bledisloe St., Hastings
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Olive (his grandmother), beloved wife of Vincent Horne. Died 31st May 1951 aged 51 years. Henry Vincent Horne (his father). Died 24th March 1986 aged 61 years. Wee Stephen, son of Henry & Ila Horne, died 25-11-1961

* SUSAN ANN BARCLAY Horne (nee Lozell)
born: 8 Aug 1858 in Otane, Hawkes Bay
parents: Samuel Lozell (1820-1903) & Mary Sarah Steven (1836-1886)
married: William Horne (1846-1919) in 1876
their known children
.. 1877 - 1877 Albert John Horne (aged 3 months). Albert was a twin. His sibling, Havelock Horne, died at birth
.. 1878 - 1929 Errington Horne
.. 1881 - 1962 Eva Susan Horne
.. 1885 - Harriet Mary Horne
.. 1887 - 1889 Samuel Harland Horne (aged 17 months)
died: 5 Feb 1943 aged 84
buried: plot 420, block F Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Susan Ann. Beloved wife of William Horne.
NOTES on Susan's parents Samuel Lozell was born in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex. Mary Sarah was born in Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They married 20 May 1855 in Geelong, Victoria then 9 days later they sailed to NZ on the 'Marchioness'. Samuel was the first school teacher in Otane and the first Clerk of the Kaikora Town Board and Patangata Road Board. He & Mary had 7 children (5 daughters) in Hawkes Bay. Mary Sarah died 23 Aug 1886 aged 50 in Kaikora North. The Waipawa Mail described it as the largest funeral procession probably ever witnessed in Kaikora. Samuel moved to St Lawrence to live with his daughter Sarah Ann (Mrs McKain). He died 14 March 1903 at St Lawrence (Te Kopanga), Otane. Samuel & Mary are buried at Kaikora North Cemetery, Otane with their 17 month old grandson Samuel Harland Horne
* Kaikora North (Otane) Cemetery is situated adjacent to the Wellington-Napier railway line, opposite the intersection of Carruthers & Knorpe Street Otane. It was closed following the last burial in 1903. The headstone and surrounds had deteriorated to such an extent they became a danger. Many headstones were made out of wood and were destroyed by grass fires caused by sparks from the passing steam trains. The headstones able to be salvaged are now at the Otane Cemetery on State Highway 2. Recently a memorial has been erected on the Kaikora Cemetery site along with a board listing the known burials.

born: 1937 to Thomas Job Vincent 'Vin' Horne & Olive Hawkins
died: 7 July 1939 aged 2
last address: Napier
buried: Hastings

* SYLVIA CLARICE Horne (nee Rose)
born: 31 Dec 1913
parents: William Rose & Clarice Jane Dixon
maternal grandparents: Esau Samuel 'Sam' Dixon (1841-1917) from Nottinghamshire & Mary Jane Brightwell, settlers of Hawera
married Henry Eric Horne
died: 20 Aug 1954 aged 40
last address: 211 Princess St.
buried: Hastings

* THOMAS Horne
born: 12 June 1840 in NSW
parents: Thomas Horne & Eliza Dawson
married: Eliza Stone in 1870
died: 22 Feb 1913 aged 72
buried: Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Eliza, the beloved wife of Thomas Horne. Died 16th Feb 1911 aged 62 years. ALSO OF Thomas, beloved husband of the above, died 22nd Feb 1913 aged 72 years. We miss our dear ones.
NOTE In Aug 1913 when the list of estates was certified for Stamp Duty, Thomas's was one of the largest of the Hawkes Bay District at £4,233 (today's equivalent of $$693,305)

born: 5 Oct 1872
parents:Thomas Horne & Eliza Stone
married: Annie Walch in 1901
died: 21 April 1925 aged 52
buried: Hastings
headstone: In Loving Memory of Thomas Henry, beloved husband of Annie Horne, died 19th April 1925 ALSO Annie beloved wife of the above, died 14th Jan 1943

born: 2 Dec 1902
parents: Thomas Henry Horne & Annie Walch
occupation: carpenter
married: Olive Hawkins in 1924 in Hastings
married: Valentine Helen 'Sylvia' Aston in 1953
died: 22 Aug 1976 aged 73
buried: plot 22, section 83 Wharerangi
headstone: In loving memory of T. J. V. (Vin) Horne, beloved husband of Sylvia, died 22nd Aug 1976 aged 73 years and his loved wife Valentine Helen (Sylvia) died 21st July 1998 aged 85 years
NOTE Valentine Helen 'Sylvia', Vin's 2nd wife, is on the headstone as above. His wife Olive died in 1951 and is buried in Hastings with one of their sons and a grandson and on the headstone as his beloved wife.

* VALENTINE HELEN 'Sylvia' Horne (nee Aston)
born: 12 Aug 1912
daughter of: Elizabeth Sylvia 'Bessie' Aston (1883-). Her maternal grandparents were Valentine Samuel Aston & Catherine Clark
married: Thomas Job Vincent Horne in 1953 (see him above)
died: 21 July 1998 aged 85
last address: Otatara Heights Rest Home, Taradale
buried: plot 22, section 83 Wharerangi with Vin
headstone: In loving memory of T. J. V. (Vin) Horne, beloved husband of Sylvia, died 22nd Aug 1976 aged 73 years and his loved wife Valentine Helen (Sylvia) died 21st July 1998 aged 85 years

born: 1846 in Hastings
married: Susan Ann Barclay Lozell in 1876 & had 6 children (see Susan above)
died: 5 Oct 1919 aged 73
buried: plot 421, block F Hastings
headstone: In Loving Memory of William, the beloved husband of Susan Ann Horne. Died Oct 5th 1919 aged 73 years

born: 21 Nov 1904
parents: William James Kennedy Horne & Annie Jane White
occupation: clerk
married: Gwenefred 'Gwen' Simpkin in 1930
died: 12 July 1989 aged 84
last address: Anzac Ave., Napier
buried: Wharerangi
headstone: In loving memory of William Clarence (Bill) Horne. Loved husband of Gwen and much loved father of Beverley. Died 12th July 1989. Treasured memories never die

born: 1899
parents: Frederick Lindford Horne & Helen Anderson Forrester of Dunedin
occupation: cleaner
died: 31 Jan 1969 aged 70
last address: Milton Rd., Napier
buried: Wharerangi
headstone: 46719, RFM. W. H. Horne, Rifle Brigade. Died 31.1.1968 aged 70 yrs
NOTE When William served as Rifleman 4666719 with the H Company, NZ Rifle Brigade in 1917, he listed his next of kin as friend Reverend Edward Andrew Axelsen (1871-1937), of 41 Clyde St., Dunedin

born: 1875-1880
died: 22 May 1966 aged 86 (BDM has 91)
last address: Ward 7 Cook Hospital, Gisborne
cremated Hastings

born: 1855
married: Rose Moore in 1904
died: 28 Dec 1939 aged 84
buried: plot 443, block A Hastings
headstone: In loving memory of Will, beloved husband of Rose Horne. Died 27th Dec 1939 aged 84 years. ALSO Rose, beloved wife of the above, died 20th Aug 1942 aged 66 years. At Rest

Thomas Horne & Eliza Jane Dawson

Thomas was born 22 Nov 1805 in North Mundham, West Sussex, England.
* He served as a private in the 17th Regiment of Foot (The Royal Leicestershire Regiment) from 28 July 1823.
* He married Eliza Jane Dawson 16 March 1829 in Dublin, Ireland. He was 23 & Eliza was 17. Thomas was stationed in Galway at that time. Eliza was born 1812 in Lisburn, County Antrim
* After their marriage they shipped to Australia in 1829 on the Convict Ship, 'Nithsdale' to serve in the colony. The Guard consisted of 29 commissioned officers & privates of the 17th with 4 wives and 3 children. There were 184 convicts. Eliza lost a child 28 Dec 1829 at Sheerness. She was three months pregnant and had undergone much fatigue in nursing the Captain of the Guard's child (Captain Robert Moffatt) to which she ascribed her affliction. On 1 Jan 1830 the Nithsdale left Sheerness and reached Deal on 3 Jan. They arrived in Port Jackson (Sydney) 12 May 1830.
* Thomas was discharged from the army 30 Nov 1835. He was 30
They had children born in Sydney & in NZ
their known children
(added as found)
* 1834 - 1917 Stephen Sidney Horne
.. * Stephen married Jane Robinson (1838-1887) in 1858 & had 7 children. On 13 Dec 1879 whilst in a drunken rage, he attempted to stab her to death. She survived with help from the neighbours. He received 20 months gaol for attempted murder. Jane attempted suicide in Jan 1887 by throwing herself in the dock at Auckland. She survived that too. She was committed for trial in March but was acquitted. She died 8 months later aged 49. Stephen died aged 83. They are buried, separately, at Waikumete
* 1836 - 1870 James Horne
* 1840 - 1913 Thomas Horne
.. Thomas married Eliza Stone in 1870 & had 8 children, see above
* 1843 - 1920 Eliza Jane Horne
* 1845 - Helen 'Sarah' Horne
Their 2nd daughter, Helen 'Sarah' Horne, was born in Sydney in 1845 and a son was born in Hastings 1846, so they arrived in NZ sometime between then. The family settled in Auckland where son Prior Horne was born in 1854 (see above) and Thomas was a farmer living in New North Road.
* 1846 - 1919 William Horne in Hastings
.. William married Susan Ann Barclay Lozell (1858-) who was born in Otane & had 6 children
* 1851 - 1920 Lucy Horne Horne
* 1854 - 1923 Prior Horne in Auckland
THOMAS DIED 24 May 1870 aged 64, of Whau Road, Auckland
ELIZA DIED 15 July 1879 aged 67, of New North Road, Auckland
they are buried blocks H3 & H5, Anglican, Symonds Street Cemetery with son James who died 25 Feb 1870 aged 35, 3 months before his father

ALSO buried Hastings
* Alethia Hinemere 'Leila' Weaver nee Horne
born: 12 Sep 1927
parents: Thomas Job Vincent Horne & Olive Hawkins
died: 9 Sep 2003
buried: with mother Olive, husband Earl Arthur Weaver (1926-2018), daughter Christine & others, see Olive above
NOTE WEAVER, Earl Arthur. On March 20, 2018, peacefully at the Hastings Memorial Hospital, aged 92 years. Loved husband of the late Alethia (Leila). Loved father and father-in-law of Christine (deceased), Judith, Philip and Nory. Cherished brother of Lyn, Audrey, Joyce and Johnny (all deceased). Loved grandad of his 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. "Always in our hearts"

* Eileen Josephine Gaskin nee Horne
born: 14 Nov 1918
died: 29 June 2008

* Emma Susan Helen Gilmore nee Horne
born: 7 Sep 1875
died: 27 Sep 1928

* Helen 'Sarah' Stewart nee Horne
born: 6 Nov 1845 in Sydney
died: 22 Jan 1925

Headstone of Eliza & Thomas at Hastings

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Troopship 'AYRSHIRE' into Lyttelton 1919

Expected at Lyttelton 19 Sep 1919
The Ayrshire left Liverpool with 30 officers & 639 men on the passenger list, (but.. Alfred Curtis died before embarking & George McNicholl drowned at Panama. See both below)

Dominion, 20 Sep 1919 Ayrshire at Lyttelton. The Ayrshire from Home, with troops, arrived in the stream at Lyttelton at 10.20 to-night. The troops will disembark in the morning. She has on board a large English mail. There are 831 receptacles, 523 being bags of ordinary mails and 308 bags of parcels. It is probable that a special counter delivery will be made at the G.P.O. between 7.30pm and 8.30pm of all correspondence usually delivered by letter-carriers. There are 452 details for the North island and 219 for the South Island. This will mean a delay of from one to two days in the return of the North island troops to their homes, a delay which could easily have been obviated by making Wellington the vessel's first port of call.

* The Auckland portion of 184 men, reached home by the steamer Monowai 6 days later, on 26 Sep 1919 and were welcomed on the wharf by a large crowd
* In Nov 1919 several members of the crew were charged with embezzling the ship stores
* The Ayrshire left Wellington to return to London, via Panama, on 6 Dec 1919

A nominal roll of troops returning from England by the transport 'Ayrshire' has been issued by the Defence Department. The draft, which is under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel W. F. Narbey Hamilton, is as follows:-

.. A ..
★ Abbott, Reginald Clube, Corporal 56518, Essex & Huntly
★ Ackerman, William Thomas, Private 62220, Christchurch
★ A'Court, Charles Harold, Sergeant 31393, Westland
★ Agnew, Thomas, Sergeant 7/1433, Ireland & Hastings
★ Aitken, Keith, Corporal 13/2289, Wanganui
★ Aitkin, Edward George, Lieutenant 33166, Auckland
★ Akuhata, Orihau, Private 16/195, Greytown & Hastings
...☆ 28th Maori Battalion, 1st Contingent, NOK: Hikowera Akuhata, Hastings
★ Alexander, Mervyn Champion, Corporal 59822, Auckland
...☆ son of James Phillips Alexander & Mary Hyde from St Petersburg, Russia
★ Alexander, Samuel, Rifleman 39930, Feilding
★ Allan, Walter, Lieutenant 24122, Fairlie
★ Allcott, Cyril Francis Walter, Sergeant 74536, Blenheim
...☆ Cyril (1896-1973) was born in Motueka to John Francis Allcott & Eleanor Diggens. He played six Cricket Tests for NZ from 1930-1932. He married Jean Marion Beart (1911-2001) in 1933. He died 19 Nov 1973 of lung cancer in Epsom, Auckland
★ Allen, Horace George, Private 75056, Westport
★ Allen, James Collyer, Rifleman 25/478, Christchurch
★ Ames, Arthur Joseph, Trooper 24863, Wellington
★ Ames, Frank, Corporal 11/1254, England & Tolaga Bay
★ Anderson, Archibald John, Private 77406, Frankton Junction
★ Anderson, Robert Stephen, Sergeant 24/340, Mataura
★ Artha, John Phillip, Private 65927, Auckland
...☆ John was a member of the British Astronomical Association and 'observed & recorded' many new Sun Spots and New Comets
★ Ashley, Cyril David, Lance Corporal 53114, Invercargill
★ Ashley, Norman Thomas, Private 59841, Auckland
★ Austin, Phillip Selwood, Private 67782, Palmerston South
...☆ Phillip (1897-1966 married Rona Minnie Kirton Staff (1905-) in 1924. He died 20 Aug 1966 & is buried at Ruru Lawn
★ Auton, William Richmond, Sergeant 11/1114, England & Kaupokonui
★ Avery, Frederick Sydney, Private 69374, New Plymouth
★ Ayers, John Henry, Private 61180, Dunedin

.. B ..
★ Bacon, Archibald Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant 64743, Wellington
...☆ Archibald was a son of Frank Thomas Bacon & Kate McAlpine. He excelled at school winning the Bayly Memorial scholarship at the New Plymouth High School in 1911 (along with a gold Rugby Union medal). To win the Alf Bayly scholarship a candidate had to rely on two qualifications, efficiency in ordinary work and efficiency in athletics, a combination not frequently found. He won a Grade I pass in Electrical Engineering in 1915. Sergeant Archibald Thomas Bacon of the 5th Wellington Regiment became a 2nd Lieutenant on 5 Sep 1916. When his father died in Roseneath, Wellington in Oct 1941, Archibald was in London
★ Ballantyne, William Wood, Sergeant 18944, London, Wellington, Waikato
★ Banks, Arthur, Lance Corporal 68638, Kaiapoi
★ Banks, Leonard Rye, Private 23/1936, Wanganui
..☆ middle name on service file is Rye. Born Leonard Ryce Windebanks (1894-1973), to George James Windebanks & Sarah Louise Burton. He used both surnames throughout his life
★ Bartley, Alva Martin, Lance Corporal 56090, Auckland
★ Bartley, Harry Francis, Private 8/732, Oamaru & Napier
...☆ served Egypt, Gallipoli & Western Front with the Medical Corps. Invalided from Specialist Machine Gun Company 1919
★ Barton, Gerald Arthur Arnold (MM), Lieutenant 10/272, Wanganui
★ Bassett, Robert William, Rifleman 52058, Blenheim
★ Bater, Arthur William, Quartermaster Sergeant 36940, Pokeno, Waikato
...☆ Arthur (1885-1945) was a son of Charles Bater & Mary Frances Griffin. His brother, Richard Norman Bater (1894-1918), Private 12/2639, was killed in action on the Somme
★ Bates, Allan Rishworth, Private 59253, Wellington
★ Bates, Edward Francis, Corporal 7/165, Victoria & Blenheim
★ Bayley, Keith John, Private 75816, Omata
★ Beecroft, William George, Corporal 32424, Christchurch
...☆ also WWII 463064
★ Bell, William, Private 71317, Wellington
★ Belworthy, Edgar, Private 82336, Dunedin
★ Benge, Albert George, Private 80726, Upper Hutt
...☆ also WWII 611890
★ Bentley, Charles, Private 39742, Masterton
★ Berker, Michael, Lance Corporal 12116, Auckland
★ Bettridge, Alfred, Private 71883, Christchurch
★ Beveridge, Arthur, Sapper 23667, Christchurch
★ Bickley, Carrol James, Trooper 7/2232, Takaka
★ Bindon, William Vereker, Private 64424, Auckland
★ Binns, Frank Clayton, Gunner 12728, Hawera
★ Birch, Frederic, Rifleman 20958, Huntly & Matamata
...☆ also WWII 2/5C/713 & 305836
★ Blake, Ernest, Gunner 2/845, England & Gisborne
★ Blanchett, Theodore Ernest, Rifleman 30905, Nelson
...☆ also WWII 589108
★ Bland, Thomas, Private 79358, Wanganui
★ Bleasdale, Bethel Henry, Private 69669, Wanganui
...☆ The Wanganui, Manawatu and Taranaki Reservists Call-Up list on 4 Sep 1917, has: Bleasdale, Bethel Henry, cabinet-maker, c/o Mrs Prosser, Young St., Wanganui (1889-1962)
★ Blyth, James Alexander, Private 25446, Christchurch
★ Bone, George De Nyste, Lance Corporal 72781, Hastings
...☆ George (1884-1968) was 1 of 10 known children of Henry Bone & Ada Fannin. He married Margaret Donaldson McIntosh in 1922
★ Booker, James Richard Jonathan, Rifleman 56713, Toko
...☆ James (1884-1944) was a son of Jonathan Booker & Mary Louisa Oldridge. He married Violet Emily Jane Bright in 1929
★ Booth, Thomas Hugh, Private 10/3838, New Plymouth
★ Booth, William Stewart, Trooper 16374, Nelson
★ Boswell, John, Private 3/2716, Gisborne
★ Bourke, Thomas Michael, Lance Corporal 81102, Patea
★ Boustridge, Frederick Leonard, Corporal 79594, Brunner
...☆ Frederick (1897-1958), was a son of Francis Frederick Boustridge (1863-1938) & Emily 'Emma' Senior (1877-1958). He was a grandson of Francis Henry Boustridge (1832-1865) & Rosina Jane Harris of London who married in Ballarat & moved to Dunedin. Frederick married Elsie May Senior (1897-1949) in 1922 & had 3 children. He was elected Mayor of Taylorville from 1921-1924 and was the Station Master at Runanga until 1924 when he moved to Wellington. He died in Lower Hutt.
★ Boyd, Thomas Sherrad, Trooper 29212, Leeston
★ Boyer, Charles William, Corporal 16/1374, Tonga
...☆ also WWII 812420
★ Boyle, John, Driver 43542, Hastings
★ Brady, William Joseph, Corporal 47848, Wellington
★ Brant, Charles Allen, Private 61512, Hunterville
★ Breeze, Sydney, Private 8/2853, England & Invercargill
★ Brewer, Henry Stephen, Lance Corporal 71435, Spreydon
★ Brook, Robert Selwyn, Private 53463, Wellington
★ Broom, George Edward, Rifleman 39015, Christchurch
★ Brough, Edwin James, Gunner 2/2588, Wellington
★ Brown, Basil Byron, Gunner 71905, Wellington
...☆ also WWII 466266. Basil (1897-1980) was a son of Brigadier General 15/14, Charles Henry Jeffries Brown DSO (1872-1917) who led the brigade during the Battle of Messines, for which he was mentioned in despatches for a third time. On 13 Sep 1915 he writes a letter to .. "My Dear Basil". While visiting the Le Moulin de l'Hospice on 8 June 1917, Charles was killed instantly by a shrapnel bullet during an artillery barrage as he stood talking with Major General Andrew Russell, the commander of the NZ Division. Basil's middle name being Byron, there would obviously be a connection to Byron Paul Brown (1866-1927), Otaki businessman, community leader, broadcaster, entrepreneur, philanthropist
★ Brown, James Leslie, Private 78225, Timaru
★ Brown, Wilfred Gordon, Lance Corporal 48901, Christchurch
★ Bruce, Herbert Roy, Private 45975, New Plymouth
★ Brunton, George Lang, Private 42276, Auckland
...☆ also WWII 613825
★ Bryers, Frederick Tautari, Private 76969, Hokianga
★ Buckley, Cyril James, Gunner 78636, Lyttelton
★ Bullot, Ernest Wilfred Lees, Sergeant 42277, New Plymouth
...☆ Ernest (1892-1961) was born in Thames, a son of Ernest Parker Bullot (1867-1923) & Clara Elizabeth Bateman (1870-1899). His NOK was 1st listed as his sister Margaret Lloyd Bullot. This was later changed to his uncle Eugene Isadore Bullot of Moturoa. He died 17 Oct 1961 in Hawera. His NOK was listed as Mr P. J Hayter of 27 Fentan St
★ Burton, Harry, Private 70235, Auckland
★ Busbridge, Peter, Private 8/1037, Dunedin & Gore
...☆ Peter (1892-1956), son of Peter Busbridge & Mary Welch, married Alice Bamber in June 1914, had a daughter, Eileen Mary Busbridge in Aug, arrested in Wellington in September and charged with failure to provide for his wife & child. They divorced in 1927, Alice alleging desertion. She remarried the following year to William Francis Atkinson. Peter is buried in Karori
★ Butler, Arthur Tutan, Rifleman 23135, Gisborne
★ Butler, Leslie Waltham, Private 3/2878, Wellington
★ Butterworth, William Arthur, Rifleman 42625, Ashburton

.. C ..
★ Cain, William Caesar, Private 81721, Auckland
★ Cameron, Duncan, Sergeant 11/280, Scotland & Wellington
★ Camp, George William, 76110, Port Chalmers
★ Campbell, Claude Arthur, Private 52064, Marlborough
★ Campbell, William John, Private 76407, Auckland
★ Cann, William, Sapper 75733, Wanganui
★ Carlyon, Albert, Private 24563, Wellington
★ Cassidy, Perry, Private 19453, Wairoa
★ Cater, Edward Ernest, Rifleman 48909, Christchurch
★ Chappell, Charles Edward Gibson, Private 33300, NSW & Wanganui
...☆ Born Camden, NSW to Joseph Chappell & Mary Jane Gibson. Charles (1882-1967), married Elizabeth Merry in 1921. Married Alice Maude Wright in 1936. Lived at Mangaohutu, Wanganui River. His brother, Everett Allan Chappell, Private 49800, died aged 34 at Trentham Military Hospital of toxic paralysis & coma, 26 May 1917
★ Chappell, Frederick Fielder, Private 75143, Tauranga
★ Christie, John Wright, Private 12/2663, Whangarei
★ Christmas, Arthur Walter, Corporal 56247, Auckland
★ Christopher, Reginald Francis, Private 76343, Auckland
★ Clark, Alfred, Captain 3/1538, Auckland
★ Clark, Laurence Wyatt, Corporal 28934, Christchurch
★ Clark, Owen Ralph Dalton, Sergeant 12/2910, Auckland
★ Clark, Philip Henry, Private 2/2977, Hamilton
...☆ Driver with #4 Howitzer Battery
★ Clear, George, Corporal 6/1813, Waimate
★ Cleary, Charles, 71480, Gisborne
...☆ aka Charles Tamanui Colville Cleary
★ Clephane, McLean Thomas, Lance Corporal 56161, Auckland
★ Clifton, Geoffrey Cuthbert, Sergeant 25986, Auckland
★ Coakley, Daniel Francis, Sergeant 36772, Thames
★ Codlin, William Robert, Private 76417, Auckland
...☆ also WWII 1/18/2042
★ Collins, Albert John, Private 45253, Otago
★ Collins, John Patrick, Private 6/3278, Dunedin
★ Coleman, Francis Gerard, 2nd Lieutenant 26/1112, Wellington
★ Colbeck, Wilfred Seymour, Captain 23/2128, Auckland
★ Cook, Thomas Graham, Gunner 79023, Paekakariki
★ Cooksley, Herbert Daniel, Private 76329, Pahiatua
★ Coppins, Charles, Trooper 7/182, Motueka
★ Corry, Wilfred Alfred (MM), Corporal 3/2133, Wellington
✯ Coulson, Job, Private 70448, Grey Lynn
✯ Coulson, Robert, Private 70449, Grey Lynn
...☆ Robert (1877-1931) & Job (1883-1950) were sons of Robert & Ann Coulson. They enlisted at the same time
★ Courtney, Matthew Griffith, Private 67616, Auckland
★ Cousins , John Joseph, Lance Corporal 33840, Auckland
★ Coutts, Archibald Beaton, Private 79128, Wellington
★ Cowan, David Archibald, Private 3/3555, Greymouth
★ Cox, Thomas, Sergeant 1/341, Wellington
★ Craig, Alexander George Muir, Sergeant 3/2177, Taranaki
★ Craighead , Huia Bruce, Corporal 69334, Wellington
★ Craze, Sydney Francis, Sergeant 46557, Christchurch
★ Credin, Joseph, Private 62441, Auckland
★ Crocker, Edward Robert, Corporal 14950, Lyttelton
★ Crombie, John Lyon, Gunner 35247, Southland
★ Cumberworth, Frederick Herbert, Corporal 34569, Mahoe
★ Curgenven, William Leslie, Private 10789, Auckland
Curtis, Alfred Robert, Private 79724, Westport
..☆ born 8 April 1891 to Henry John Curtis & Elizabeth Hannah Bissett, nee Jones. He married Jessie Jane Voyce (1892-1975) in 1912 and had a son, Edward James Curtis 1912-1912, who lived for 30 hours. Alfred was sentenced to 2 years hard labour & 5 years reformative treatment in Auckland in Feb 1914 for a string of offences in the North Island. He & Jessie were divorced in May 1914. He escaped from prison camp at Kaingaroa (Rotorua) in March 1915, recaptured 3 days later and sentenced to a further 2 years. He embarked for war in 1918 on the 'Ulimaroa'. A year later Alfred was on the passenger list of soldiers expected to return on the Ayrshire, but he was too ill to leave. A hospital and progress report on the 7th stated that Alfred was 'dangerously ill'. He died of TB on 9 Oct 1919 in UK aged 28. He is buried Torquay Cemetery Devon. Jessie Jane remarried 8 months later to William Robertson

.. D ..
★ Dalrymple, John, Rifleman 23/2180, Masterton
...☆ also WWII 2/26/23 & 1140774
★ Dalziell, Leonard Douglas, Sergeant 58450, Wanganui
★ Darrington, Arthur Wilfred, Trooper 31070, Waitomo
★ Daue , Louis Atkinson, Gunner 69930, Miramar
★ Dee, Kenneth Albert, Private 78773, Nelson
★ De Senna, Francis Frederick, Sergeant 38359, Auckland
★ Devine, William, Private 81520, Hamilton
★ Dewhirst, Joseph Alma, Private 72550, Petone
★ Dickey, Vivian Harcourt, Corporal 52783, Wanganui
...☆ also WWII 804955
★ Dickson, John, Private 3/1011, Ireland & Wellington
★ Dodwell, Philip Rex, Corporal 30188, Waipukurau
★ Doherty, Francis, Private 37991, Wellington
★ Donnelly, John, Private 78452, Te Kini
★ Dow, Andrew James, Corporal 8/3151, Auckland
★ Downs, Norman Horace, Private 3/3992, Toko
★ Doyle, James Henry, Corporal 68108, Manawatu
★ Drummond, Peter Carmichael, Sergeant 53556, Dunedin
★ Drury, John Noble, Private 69472, New Plymouth
★ Duck, John, Gunner 50542, Hamilton
★ Duffy, Sydney, Private 81117, Waitotara
★ Dumbleton, Victor Lyal, Corporal 56915, Otamita
★ Duncan, Albert Edward, Private 23285, Hokitika
★ Dunn, John, Corporal 65208, Dunedin

.. E ..
★ East, John, Private 82357, Hillgrove
★ Eaves, Harold, Private 76007, Auckland
★ Edgecombe, Thomas Henry, Private 3/3835, Patea
★ Elgar, Reginald Davenport, Corporal 12564, England
★ Elliott, Charles Clarke, Gunner 2/1153, Auckland
★ Ellis, Arthur Eric Mellor, Private 74620, Dunedin
★ Emia, William, Sergeant 16/1254, Whangarei
★ English, Robert, Private 59344, Wellington
★ English, William Henry, Sergeant 35696, Wellington
★ Esson, Alymer Firth, Sergeant 25689, Picton
★ Evans, Edwin Walter, Sergeant 27256, Christchurch
★ Everett, William Cornelius, Gunner 79821, Christchurch
★ Eversfield, Thomas Charles, Private 79447, England & Opunake
...Thomas married Isabel Prosser 1 Dec 1917, 7 months before embarking

.. F ..
★ Farmer, John, Private 71653, Auckland
★ Farrelly, Matthew George Edmond, Private 73090, Khandallah
★ Ferguson, James Telfer, Corporal 26/1204, Johnsonville
★ Ferguson, Neil Robert, Rifleman 45768, Invercargill
★ Ferris, Jack Sydney, Corporal 16/876, Gisborne
★ Finch, Oliver Alfred, Private 60923, Timaru
★ Finn, Albert, Lance Corporal 77430, Papakura
★ Finnerty, George Lawrence, Trooper 9/2067, Dunedin
★ Fletcher, Donald John, Private 8/3897, Port Chalmers
★ Flood, Robert Henry, Private 12/3639, Wellington
★ Flower, William, Lance Corporal 75629, Friendly Island
★ Fly, Norman William, Private 47825, Masterton
★ Flynn, John Walter, Sergeant 23819, New Plymouth
★ Flynn, William Patrick, Private 80762, Lower Hutt
★ Forrester, John, Sergeant 3/1018, Invercargill
★ Foster, Harold Stanley, Private 51563, Paraoanui
★ Fowler, Arthur, Lance Corporal 39792, Tauranga
★ Fowler, George Harold, Private 73041, Blenheim
★ Francis, Archibald Gordon, Private 73245, Auckland
★ Fraser, Edward, Private 69843, Hastings
★ Frick, Alexander, Private 6/1087, Dunsandel & Auckland
★ Fuller, Rowland Stanley, Private 75569, London & Wellington
★ Furness, William Thomas, Private 16691, Wellington
★ Fyfe, William Clark, Private 3/3565, Dunedin

.. G ..
★ Gallagher, Joseph George, Private 78134, Auckland
★ Gard, Vernon Claud, Sergeant 13174, Wellington
★ Gardiner, George Francis Friend, Trooper 11/1433, Wimbledon & Taranaki
★ Garlick, Englebert Arden, Private 79323, Feilding
★ Garvey, Michael Rodger, Private 79262, Kihi Kihi
★ Gee, Thomas Alfred, Gunner 13/1031, England & Taneatua
★ Gemmell, Herbert George, Private 65377, Onehunga
★ George, Arthur John, Lieutenant 25406 , Wadestown
★ Gilbert, Duncan McAllister, Private 6/233, Nelson
★ Gill, Walter William Henry, Private 76811, Onehunga
★ Gills, John, Corporal 6/873, Westport
★ Gladding, Walter Hayter, Private 70267, Auckland
★ Godfrey , Francis Reuben, Private 61135, Dunedin
★ Godfrey, Hugh Halcombe, Lieutenant 41208, Eketahuna
★ Golding, Arthur, Sergeant 59201, Taradale
★ Goodrick, Oscar Lorton, Trooper 43122, Taihape
★ Goodsir, George Augustus, Sergeant 45689, Invercargill
★ Goonan, John Richard, Private 79654, Auckland
...☆ also WWII 492646
★ Gorrie, Donald, Rifleman 28463, Manaia
★ Goss, William John, Private 81415, Gisborne
★ Graham, George, Corporal 19468, Opawa
★ Grant, James Arthur Charles, Lance Corporal 69216, Wellington
★ Grant, Sydney George, Corporal 16296, Wairarapa
★ Gray, Reginald, Quartermaster 23/1398, Hawkes Bay
★ Green, Joseph, Gunner 2/2628, Foxton
★ Green, Wilmot Cornelius, Sergeant 28467, Rata
★ Gregg, Cecil Wentworth, Trooper 17496, Raetihi
★ Greig, Percival Gordon, Gunner 58045, Taranaki
...☆ also WWII 2/18/775
★ Griffin, Ernest, Trooper 43120, Karori
★ Gudgeon, Melville Quantrille, Corporal 64058, Invercargill
★ Gunn, Cecil Dayle, Sergeant 3/2166, Lower Hutt

.. H ..
★ Habgood, Herbert John, Private 44369, St Albans
★ Halcrow, Arthur, Corporal 18994, Invercargill
★ Hall, Ernest, Private 59901, Petone
★ Hall, James, Private 73308, Auckland
★ Hall, William Henry, Sergeant 31046, Takapuna
★ Halley, Gilbert Cecil, Rifleman 27882, Island Bay
★ Halverson, Percival Harry, Private 75187, Auckland
★ Hanley, James, Lance Corporal 47627, Masterton
★ Hanna, Daniel James, Rifleman 27136, Riccarton
★ Hansen, Marcus Christian, Private 74744, Lower Hutt
...☆ also WWII 445183
★ Harford, Alfred Lawrence, Quartermaster Sergeant 45953, Wadestown
★ Hargreaves, Percy Cecil, Private 12/2725, England
...☆ Lost his right arm. Pension 32/-
★ Harkess, James Otho Walter, Bombardier 72063, Lyttelton
★ Harris, Eric Lloyd, Trooper 7/576, England & Banks Peninsula
★ Harris, George Albert, Private 8/222, Auckland
★ Harris, Peter Chambers, Gunner, 50833, Christchurch
★ Harrison, Edward Oliver, 2nd Lieutenant 7/1081, Christchurch
★ Hawken, William Henry, Rifleman 12390, Christchurch
★ Hawker, Leslie John, Private 79146, Wellington
...☆ also WWII 556199
★ Hawkins, Thomas, Private 62985, Waimate
★ Hayden, Clarence Wilfred, Private 38912, Feilding
★ Hayes, James, Private 30216, Auckland
★ Head, Harold Robert, Gunner 75622, Petone
★ Heale, Albert Henry, Private 78331, Auckland
★ Hegh, Charles Jacob, Private 12/3353, Auckland
★ Henderson, Angus, Sergeant 68496, Dunedin
★ Hendriksen, George, Private 30220, Levin
★ Herdman, Hector Alexander, Private 56978, New Plymouth
...☆ also WWII 609618 & 619618
★ Heslip, Frank, Private 74521, Christchurch
★ Hewett, Charles Henry, Trooper 16402, Feilding
★ Hicks, Thomas Arthur, Private 81777, Christchurch
★ Hiley, Thomas Michael Percy, Sergeant 23/2001, Kumara
★ Hislop, Kenneth Robert, Private 63874, Eketahuna
★ Hoare, William Herbert, Sapper 74788, Wellington
★ Hobson, Hiram Watson, Sergeant 60120, Auckland
★ Horan, Edward Andrew, Captain 18215, Invercargill
★ Hornibrook, Francis Norcott, Lance Corporal 55883, Wellington
...☆ also WWII 824156
★ Houston, Ivon, Private 74945, Otaki
★ Hunt, Albert Ernest, Corporal 2/2648, North Canterbury
★ Hursthouse, Thomas Jackson, Captain 15/116, Kelburn

.. I ..
★ Innis, Henry 'Harry', Private 74273, Thames

.. J ..
★ Jacobsen, Alfred Stanley, Private 3/3783, Dannevirke & Feilding
★ Jacobsen, Victor Emmanuel, Sergeant Major 58030, Petone
...☆ also WWII 14703
★ James, Charles, Private 69954, Greymouth & Wellington
★ Jamieson, John Newey, Private 18808, Hataitai
★ Jamieson, Gordon Govan, Private 70054, Auckland
...☆ died 13 Jan 1932 aged 34
★ Jenkins, Andrew, Private 46722, Arrowtown
★ Jenkins, Cyril Vivian, Private 75243, Kaipara
...☆ also WWII 408460
★ Jenkins, Thomas Oliver Llewelyn, Private 3/262, Kaipara
...☆ left 1914 & 1918 with the Medical Corps
★ Jervis, Arthur, Corporal 69597, Palmerston North
★ Johnsen, Clement Steppings, Rifleman 54516, Palmerston North & Otaki
★ Johnston, John Wallace, Rifleman 25/986, Scotland
★ Johnstone, John Richard, Private 71621, Auckland
★ Jones, Arthur Thomas, Corporal 4/907, Lyall Bay
★ Jones, Charles Clarence, Private 15550, Ohakune
..☆ left 1916 with the 15th & 1918 with the 41st
★ Jones, Peter William, Private 61300, Milton
★ Johns, William Robert, Captain 50130, Waitara
★ Jolly, Francis Leslie Gordon, Lieutenant 6/1889, Wellington
★ Jose, Charles, Private 54368, Invercargill
...☆ also WWII 804660 & 2/26/327

.. K ..
★ Kane, Laurence, Rifleman 26/311, Taradale
★ Kay, Bernard Thomas, Corporal 2/2655, Karori
★ Keebler, Robert, Lance Corporal 44291, Gisborne & Queensland
★ Kelleher, Edward Patrick, Sergeant 62075, Stratford
★ Kelly, Edwin, Corporal 12/3065 (DCM), Hamilton & Auckland
★ Kelly, Robert Francis, Private 13633, Auckland
★ Kelly, Robert James, Corporal 65989, Auckland
★ Kennedy, Thomas William, Corporal 8/4157, Otautau
★ Kerr, Alexander Charles, Rifleman 15379, Australia & Auckland
★ Keven, Leonard Victor, Private 52224, Waihi
★ Kilby, George Henry, Trooper 35841, England & Hamilton
★ Kimble, Wilfred James,Rifleman 24/1245, Invercargill
★ King, William Allan, Trooper 36114, Wanganui
...☆ also WWII 817185
★ Kingston, Leonard Henry, Sergeant 43617, Auckland & Wellington
...☆ left July 1917 & Dec 1918, also WWII 802351
★ Knezovich, Mate, Private 70074, Dalmatia & Hokianga
...☆ father Ilija Knezovich from Nupa, Rascane, Dalmatia
★ Knox, Harry, Private 41578, Turakina
...☆ also WWII 294998
★ Kouka, Wiremu, Corporal 16/15, Gisborne

.. L ..
★ Laffoley, Philip D'Auvergne, Corporal 45527, Auckland
...☆ Philip (1896-1968) was born St Peter, Jersey to Philip d'Aucergne Laffoley & Ada Steen who emigrated into Auckland 1 July 1908. He married Louis Olive Folwer in Auckland 1920. His brother, Arthur Philip Laffoley served as Lance Corporal 45526
★ Lamb, Alexander Ewen, Private 28163, Stratford
★ Laurie, Charles Champion, Private 54897, Auckland
★ Lawrence, Geoffrey Thornton, Sapper 25078, Stratford
★ Lawson, James, Private 42127, Whakatane
★ Lawson, William Brew, Gunner 79667, Auckland
★ Lee, Archibald Wyndall, Sergeant 33208, Auckland
...☆ Archibald (1895-1962) married Lily Evans 20 Oct 1924 at Balmoral Edendale, Auckland Parish
★ Lees, Harold, Private 3/3382, Auckland
★ Lees, Joseph, Corporal 24/823, England
★ Lewis, Arthur Phillip, Quartermaster 4/1, Ashburton
★ Lewis, Edward William, Lance Corporal 29424, Auckland
★ Lewis, John, Private 75308, Eketahuna
★ Leydon, Desmond, Private 58443, Hawera
...☆ also WWII 2/14/1107
★ Liddiment, Frederick, Driver 2/1285, London & Pukekohe
★ Liddington, Thomas George, Private 3/3787, Te Kiri
★ Lines, Kenneth Vernon, Private 82464, Nelson
★ Linton, Walter, Lance Corporal 7/1864, Scotland & Canterbury
★ Little, Edwin Frederick, Private 81182, Foxton
★ Little, William Stroudley, Corporal 52232, Auckland
...☆ also WWII 2/22/56
★ Loftus, Frank, Sergeant 3/172, Wellington
★ Lonergan, John William, Corporal 57945, Onehunga
★ Longmore, Leith Anderson, Corporal 13/3046, Onewhero
★ Logan, Alexander, Private 22342, Dunedin
...☆ also South African War 8th Mounted Rifles
★ Looney, Hubert, Corporal 63896, Opunake
★ Loughrin, Samuel, Private 79679, Pukekohe
★ Lovatt, Robert Henry, Private 81795, Whangarei
★ Lukey, Walter Mason, Rifleman 48833, Waikari

.. M ..
★ Macdonald, Edgar James, Gunner 78797, Dunedin
★ Macdonald, James Hendry, Lance Corporal 67761, Wellington
★ Mackie, Arthur, Corporal 41157, Mosgiel
★ Mackie, James Ogilvie, Trooper 11/317, England & Dunedin
...☆ James was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1891. He was a psychiatric nurse in Maharahara before enlistment in 1914. He served in Gallipoli, Sinai & Palestine. He was hospitalised in Malta with disease and wounds. He married Jessie Helen Doris Nielsen in 1920, 12 months after his return. He died of Diptheria 20 Dec 1938, in Dunedin, aged 47.
Evening Star, 30 Dec 1938 MACKIE - On December 30th 1938, at Dunedin, 11/317, Trooper James Ogilive Mackie, Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F., beloved husband of Jessie Doris Mackie, 11 Elm Row and only son of the late Louise and James mackie (M.D., K.C.M.F.), Aleandria, Egypt; aged 48 years. R.I.P.
★ Mackintosh, Frederick John, Sergeant Major 11/1186a, Oamaru
★ MacVicar, George Henry, Private 75200, Te Papapa
★ Madigan, Richard John Gordon, Sergeant 79571, Napier
★ Mahalm, John, Private 73333, Christchurch
★ Maker, Thomas, Corporal 8/3000, Mosgiel
★ Makin, Frank, Private 79541, Karori
★ Malcolm, Thomas Wilson, Private 69258, Scotland & Petone
★ Malden, Henry Fletcher, Corporal 24909, Wellington
★ Malloch, Archibald, Corporal 6/3776, Christchurch
★ Mander, John Hirons, 41443, Lieutenant, New Plymouth
★ Mansell, Frederick Willilam, Corporal 24464, Christchurch
★ Mardon, Alford Gordon Leonard, Sergeant Major 24386, Rangiora
...☆ also WWII 63141
★ Marwick, William, Sapper 68261, Auckland
★ Marris, John Richard, Trooper 9/2263, Nelson
★ Marshall, Frank, Sergeant 3/902, Wellington
★ Marshall, Robert, Corporal 22264, Pukerau
★ Martin, George Alexander, Private 75325, Auckland
★ Martin, James Stewart, Corporal 49097, Auckland
...☆ also WWII 1/18/668
★ Martin, Norman McLeod, Sergeant 64093, Palmerston North
★ Mason, James, Private 78707, Christchurch
★ Mason, Richard, Private 81803, Auckland
★ Mayer, Richard, Lance Corporal 65723, Hastings
★ Melgren, Roland Frederick (MM) Sergeant 11069, Auckland
★ Meredith, William Arthur, Private 16917, Auckland
★ Merrick, Ernest Raymond, Private 71240, Christchurch
★ Merrick, Henry, Corporal 8/3705, Auckland
★ Mexted, Harold Stephen, Sergeant 69441, Pahiatua
★ Miller, George Allan, Private 39412, Invercargill
★ Miller, Neil, Private 8/3708, Scotland & Otago
★ Mirfin, Melville, Sergeant 3/58, West Coast & Palmerston North
★ Moir, George Morrison, Private 74676, Dunedin
...☆ open his biographical link here
★ Moir, Thomas, Sergeant 11/341, Wellington
★ Molloy, William Charles, Private 73267, Waiuku
★ Monteith, Thomas Edwin, Sergeant 57117, Hastings
★ Collins-Morgan, George Frederick, Corporal 25148, Napier
★ Morgan, Power Goulburn, Gunner 17311, Auckland
★ Morman, George Percival, Gunner 58469, Auckland
★ Morrison, David, Sergeant 55992, Wellington
★ Morrison, Matthew, Private 71575, Napier
★ Morton, Edward, 11990, Lieutenant, Auckland
★ Moss, Bernard Hilton, Lance Corporal 70322, Auckland
★ Mounsell, Raumanga, Private 16/1529, Whananaki
★ Mudford, James Ernest, Corporal 13/2066, Waikato
★ Murray, Alexander Kinninmont, Corproal 72825, Raurimu
...☆ also WWII 503045
★ McCall, John Albert, Gunner 65223, Dunedin
...☆ also WWII 807402
★ McCarthny, Clarence Victor, Corporal 24/1432, Waihi
...☆ also WWII 515237
★ McCarthy, Esmond William, Corporal 59674, Wanganui
★ McCleery, William George, Trooper 13/2052, Dublin & Northland
★ McCullough, John, Private 76470, Auckland
★ McDermott, Walter Gordon, Rifleman, 26/498, Palmerston North
...☆ also WWII 1/31a/48
★ McDonald, Colin Campbell, Corporal 74980, Marton
★ McDonald, Donald James, Corporal 13672, Scotland
★ McDougall, Donald William, Private 7/764, Maylands
...☆ also WWII 822141
★ McDougall, George McLachlan, Gunner 35297, Petone
★ McEachran, Charles James, Sergeant 71069, Invercargill
★ McEwen, James, Private 81333, Dunedin
★ McFadyen, Alfred, Lance Corporal 8/3684, Georgetown
★ McFaul, Daniel, Lance Corporal 75964, Timaru
★ McFetridge, John, Trooper 62115, Taranaki
★ McGregor, Robert, Sergeant 3/607, Dunedin
★ McGuire, James, Private 81556, Auckland
★ McHugh, James, Private 28764, Auckland
★ McIntyre, Alexander, Private 36657, Pukerau
★ McIver, Lewis Donald, Lance Corporal 69352, Gisborne
★ McIvor, John, Private 64326, Auckland
★ McKane, Wesley, Private 69513, Manaia
★ McKeefry, j e a 68164, Rotorua
★ McKeefry, John Henry Aloysius, 39720, Lieutenant, Rotorua
★ McKenzie, John Alexander, Private 72307, Gore
★ McKenzie, Kenneth, Private 68835, Nelson
★ McKivett, Daniel, Corporal 23768, Wellington
...☆ also WWII 806784
★ McLachlan, Robert, Private 37149, Dunedin
★ McLaughlin, Robert, Corporal 73159, Wellington
★ McLeod, Kenneth, Private 71698, Auckland
★ McLisky, Claude Francis, Gunner 50158, Rotorua
...☆ also WWII 520226
★ McMahon, Frank, Private 8/1303, Melbourne & Otira
★ McMaster, Angus, Corporal 80959, Wellington
★ McMillan, Charles, Private 3/4227, Cambridge
★ McMullen, Herbert, Private 79910, Bay of Islands
McNicholl, George Albert, Private 15013, Christchurch
...☆ George was 1 of 11 children of Andrew McNicholl & Agnes 'Aggie' Findlay of 256 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central. He was lost overboard and drowned on 22 Aug 1919 aged 23, in mid-Atlantic just before reaching Colón, Panama.
Star, 27 Sep 1919 McNicholl - In loving memory of our son George Albert McNicholl aged twenty-three. Returning by ship Ayrshire, lost at sea. So loved, so mourned. Thy will be done

.. N ..
★ Neal, William, Private 78175, Auckland
...☆ also WWII 801163
★ Neilsen, Harry Alfred, Private 81089, Mauriceville
★ Nelson, Charles, Private 76996, Pukekohe
★ Nichols, William Whitford, Corporal 3/2232, Christchurch
★ Noble, George Leo, Private 10/860, Ireland & Warea
★ Noon, Joseph, Trooper 12538, Auckland
★ Norman, Burford Alfred, Trooper 74919, New Plymouth
★ Norris, Noel Hensleigh, Gunner 79867, Waikato
★ Nutting, Leslie James, Lieutenant 29698, Dunedin

.. O ..
★ O'Connor, James Arthur, Sergeant 24827, Wellington
★ O'Donnell, Michael John, 75843, New Plymouth
...☆ also WWII 569483
★ O'Grady, Patrick Timothy, Private 77374, Palmerston North
★ O'Neill, Richard Charles, Rifleman 54579, Woodville
★ O'Neill, William, Trooper 11/354, Ireland & Hastings
★ Obuglien, Francis Joseph, Private 75344, Auckland
★ Ogilvy, Lionel Victor, Corporal 24045, Hokianga
★ Oldershaw, Francis Charles, Lance Corporal 71368, Pahiatua
★ Olds, Charles Henry, Chaplain Class IV (Captain) 81891, Christchurch
★ Orr, John Forbes, Gunner 71350, Johnsonville
★ Owen, Ernest Evan, Corporal 48965, Wanganui
★ Owers, William, Trooper 24921, Timaru

.. P ..
★ Paddon, Samuel Willis, Private 72299, Southland
★ Page, Thomas William, Private 3/3657, Northland
★ Palmer, Charles William, Private 3/2891, Feilding
...☆ also WWII 2/8b/51
★ Pankhurst, Ernest Arnold, Sergeant 44559, Riverton
★ Parsons, Charles William, Private 90969, Wellington
★ Parsons, Frederick Evans, Private 78652, Riccarton
★ Partridge, Albert William, Private 41160, Featherston
★ Partridge, Osborne David, Private 62193, Hawera
★ Paterson, Neil, 24/1458, Rifleman, Hawera
★ Paton, Gordon Parrant, Private 60321, Wellingotn
★ Patterson, Samuel, Corporal 74047, Bay of Plenty
★ Payne, Percy Thomas, Private 81587, Waihi
★ Payton, John Bede, Private 73447, Christchurch
★ Pencock, Robert Graham, Sergeant 67633, Wellington
★ Pegg, Henry Arnold, (MM) Sergeant 11/1361, Wellington
★ Penfold, Edgar Wilmot, Private 14673, Mahoe
★ Penk, Harold Cuthbert, Rifleman 37036, Rotorua
★ Pepper, Leonard, Gunner 12824, Takapai
★ Perry, William Norman, Corporal 68219, New Plymouth
★ Phillips, Cecil Wilkin, Private 70061, Warkworth
★ Phillips, Eric, Private 34138, Havelock North
...☆ also WWII 497177
★ Philpot, Owen Jackson, Private 70120, Auckland
★ Pinkney, Leonard, Driver 26/1157, Masterton
★ Plumley, Albert, 2nd-Lieutenant 14036, Porirua
★ Pointon, Cecil Vivian, Sapper 79157, Petone
...☆ also WWII 803167
★ Pollock, Thomas Edward, Trooper 54153, Mataura
★ Porteous, Edward, Private 70724, Christchurch
★ Porter, Joseph Cyril, Private 28289, Auckland
★ Potton, Frederick Selwyn, Sergeant 71469, Nelson
★ Poutawera, Leonard Rahiri, Sergeant 60610, Wellington
...☆ also WWII 2/5c/601
★ Prescott, Arthur Joseph, 2nd Lieutenant 2/2900, Auckland
★ Preston, William Henry, Sapper 57855, Invercargill
★ Print, Albert Gordon, Sergeant 44864, Bunnythorpe
★ Print, William Richard, Corporal 8/4207, Ohura
★ Proctor, Francis Joseph, Lance Corporal 57141, Wellington
★ Prout, Norman Percy, Driver 50953, Waverley
★ Pulman, James Alexander, Sergeant 13610, Auckland
★ Punch, Frederick Walter, Private 75204, Auckland
★ Purdie, Hugh Montgomery, Private 74222, Auckland

.. R ..
★ Radcliffe, Basil, Sapper 4/1652, Lyttelton
★ Rafter, Thomas Albert, Gunner 74768, Christchurch
★ Rainsay, Charles Stuart, Corporal 26911, Papakura
★ Ramsay, Robert Campbell, (MM) Lance Corporal 60314, Papakura
★ Ramsay, Sydney Percy Claude, Private 65908, Auckland
★ Ramsey, John Ere, Sergeant 38592, Hamilton
★ Ramsey, William Edward (MM) Lance Corporal 12474, Papakura
★ Read, Frederick John, Sapper 26453, Wanganui
...☆ also WWII 2/18/957
★ Reardon, Richard, Private 80380, Kaikoura
★ Reay, George, Corporal 11/2368, Taumarunui
★ Reidy, David, Lance Corporal 4/1987, Christchurch
★ Reilly, William Charles, Private 61389, Dunedin
★ Renkin, Robert, Lieutenant 49963, Wellington
★ Rhodes, Thomas, Private 72866, Gore
★ Rice, Edward, Corporal 6/3442, Te Aroha
★ Rice, Wilfred Victor, Rifleman 4/36, Wellington
★ Richardson, Charles Stuart, 13/948, Ireland
★ Riddle, Reginald Walter Hugh, Private 3/3581, Foxton
...☆ also WWII 473611
★ Ries, Andreas Madsen, Trooper 69662, Dannevirke
...☆ also WWII 1/20/370, 513915 & 513912
★ Riggs, Reginald Walter, Lance Corporal 28539, Palmerston North
★ Robbie, Percy James, Lance Corporal 5/142, Palmerston North
★ Roberts, William Henry, Sergeant 44952, Wellington
★ Robertson, Herbert Mortimer, Private 8/4484, Carterton
...☆ also in WWII 2/26/1069
★ Robertshaw, Allan Keith, 18584, Captain, Auckland
★ Robinson, Albert, Private 28798, Wellington
★ Robinson, Albert Victor, Sergeant 53071, Palmerston North
★ Robinson, Parker Jackson, Private 70415, Auckland
★ Rogers, Percival, 2nd Lieutenant 8/1150, Dunedin
★ Ropata, Hemi, Lance Sergeant, 45017, Christchurch
...☆ also WWII 821070 & 5/10/573
★ Rose, George Elliott, Lance Corporal 13/2076, England & Hamilton
★ Ross, Charles Bradlaugh, Private 69974, Hokitika
★ Ross, William, 11/1055, Sergeant, Newmarket
★ Ross, William, Private 44420, Whangamomona
★ Ross, Wallis Glenny, Corporal 59726, Palmerston North
★ Rowsell, Robert Bishop, Rifleman 26/1684, Tauranga
★ Rushbrook, Walter Henry, Private 3/2185, Auckland
★ Russell, William Pilbeam, Private 60209, Auckland
★ Ryan, George Edward, Sapper 23731, Ponsonby
★ Ryan, John Richard, Private 72955, Westport

.. S ..
★ Sandle, Henry John, Private 3/2705, Westland
★ Sankey, Arthur William, Lance Corporal 70128, Auckland
★ Sarjeant, Eric Keith, Rifleman 56866, Wanganui
★ Savory, Alfred Ernest, Sergeant 26693, Auckland
★ Schioler, Aage Christian, Lance Corporal 4/2133, Woodville & Stratford
★ Schrader, Bernard Christian Therien, Private 60211, Kingsland
★ Scott, Gordon Willis, Gunner 12839, Dunedin
★ Scott, Percival George, 2nd Lieutenant 7/929, Timaru
★ Secord, Leonard, Private 69885, Shannon
...☆ also WWII 66320
★ Senior, William Alexander, Corporal 12268, Westport
★ Shakeshaft, Clement Eustace, Lance Corporal 34532, Wellington
...☆ also WWII 474824 & 76838
★ Shardlow , Benjamin John, Rifleman 23/1261, Wanganui
★ Shearer, William, Private 81877, Auckland
★ Sheriff, John, Trooper 11/2375, Stratford
★ Shewring, a g Corporal 78255, London
★ Shires, Francis William, Private 78255, Geraldine
★ Sievers, James, Lance Corporal 76262, Wellington
★ Siggelkow, George Arthur, Private 75933, Nelson
★ Silva, George Anthony, Private 72121, Dunedin
...☆ also WWII 3/18/100
★ Simpson, David Milne, Gunner 56194, Wellington
★ Simpson, Henry Washington, Gunner 12843, Nelson
★ Simpson, George Alexander, Private 76988, Wairoa
★ Simson, Harold Ian, Sergeant 53851, Te Aroha
★ Singleton, John St Aubin, Corporal 76533, Waikato
★ Skinner, Frederick George, Lance Corporal 76284, Lower Hutt
★ Slater, Thomas Gray, Private 70630, Hunterville
★ Smith, Alfred Charles, Private 33260, Waitara
★ Smith, Albert Leonard, Private 79778, Christchurch
★ Smith, Edwin France, Private 76265, Wellington
★ Smith, John, Private 3/2236, Blenhein
★ Smith, James Richard, Corporal 2/751, Frasertown & Palmerston North
★ Smith, Louis Archibald, Private 79093, Onehunga
★ Snellex, 'Ned' 'Bob', 10/3743, Rangiora
...☆ This was Edward Hunt Snellex (1897-1968). In his 1st service for NZ, Jan 1916, his Next Of Kin was N. Snellex (brother), Kalim, Poong, Bengal. In his 2nd service for NZ, Oct 1917 his Next Of Kin was A. Hunnibell (friend), High St, Rangiora
★ Snodgrass, Wallace Frankham, Gunner 78780, Nelson
...☆ also WWII 11761
★ Souness, John Colin, Private 74709, Palmerston South
...☆ also WWII 2/18/113
★ Spearman, Purvis Cowell, Corporal 28373, Trentham & Wellington
★ Spiller, Oswald, Private 64278, Auckland
★ Stallard, Charles Henry Douglas, Private 79872, Raetihi
★ Stanley, Francis George, Corporal 26/1078, Auckland
★ Cotton-Stapleton, Charles, Private 3/4218, Hastings
...☆ Charles (1897-1972) also WWII 36554. His brother, George Cotton-Stapleton 4/213A (1889-1983) served in the Air Force
★ Stedman, Horace Court, Sergeant 11/927, England & Lower Hutt
★ Stern, William Carl, Private 74966, Shannon
★ Stevenson, George Joseph, Sergeant 25959, Palmerston North
★ Still, Reginald Ethelbert, Private 16589, New Plymouth & Wellington
★ Stokes, John Edward, Gunner 2/1570, Dunedin
★ Stout, Thomas Duncan MacGregor, Major 3/3/ (DSO), Wellington
★ Strickett, Arthur Aldred, Gunner 58085, Kaipara
...☆ also WWII. His other service numbers: 15020, 1/22/377 & 413321
★ Stuart, Arthur John, Corporal 33955, Auckland
★ Stubbington, James Herbert, Trooper 7/1528, Nelson
★ Sullivan, Nicholas John, Private 75306, Timaru
★ Sutherland, Clarence Donald, Private 51545, Wellington
★ Swales, Charles Hereward, Private 66045, Auckland
★ Swan, Victor, (MM) Sergeant 41661, Hawera & Kaupokonui
★ Swinton, Robert Alwin, Rifleman 22885, Wellington

.. T ..
✯ Tait, James Donaldson, Corporal 3/942, Hawera
✯ Tait, William Leslie Stuart, Private 73971, Hawera
...☆ James (1889-1973) & William (1896-1972) were sons of Robert Tait & Mary Anne Donaldson
★ Taylor, Frederick Hope, Corporal 40692, Auckland
★ Teehon, William, Rifleman 25650, Napier
★ Te Waara, Hauwaho, Private 20049, Ruatoki, Whakatane
★ Thomas, Joseph James, Private 38770, Auckland
★ Thomas, Noel John, Gunner 74552, Nelson
★ Thomas, William Herbert, Private 81194, Feilding
★ Thompson, Johnnie, Private 20066, Kakahi
★ Thompson, Joseph, Rifleman 26/1050, Ashburton
...☆ also WWII 3/32/222
★ Thompson, William Henry, 2nd Lieutenant 53283, Arrowtown
★ Thompson, William James, Private 56680, Opotiki
★ Thornton, Stanley Garnet, Rifleman 13137, Napier
★ Tierney, Reginald Charles, Lance Corporal 46152, Onehunga
★ Timpson, Leslie Arthur, Corporal 6/2300, Ashburton
★ Tipping, Francis Joseph, Sergeant Major 27189, Bluff
★ Todd, James, Trooper 36138, Scotland & Hinuera
★ Tomlinson, George, Private 72197, Waitaki
★ Tourrell, Francis Thomas, Rifleman 53444, Dunedin
★ Trainer, James Joseph, 57318, 2nd Lieutenant, Wellington
★ Tregurtha, Douglas Charles, Corporal 76187, Westport
★ Treloar, Cecil, Lance Corporal 2/1901, Westport
★ Tremain, Victor Shackleton, Private 79166, Feilding
★ Trott, William Ernest, Sergeant 11/935, Wellington
★ Tuatara, Charles, Private 16/1444, Morrinsville
★ Tucker, Norman Cyril, Sergeant 54672, Auckland
★ Turei, Te Ama, Bombardier 16/217, Greytown
★ Turner, Cecil Alfred, Corporal 52498, Auckland
★ Tuxworth, Gerald Hewson, Private 61846, Tokomaru Bay
...☆ also WWII 14951
★ Tweedie, Hugh Moore, Private 63795, Hastings
★ Twidle, Thomas Edmund, Private 13613, Frankton Junction
★ Tye, Thomas, Sapper 33269, Dunedin
★ Tyler, Frederick Seymour, Sergeant 54715, Hamilton
★ Tyson, Gilbert Arthur, Private 62887, Timaru
... also WWII 3/17/1192

.. V ..
★ Van Asch, Gerrit, Gunner 58093, Rangiora
...his father, Gerrit Van Asch
...his father's College
★ Veale, James, Rifleman 45758, Ireland & Greytown
★ Vivian, Reginald George Private 16594, Sockburn
★ Voitrekovsky, Herbert Felix, Private 79480, Waitara

.. W ..
★ Waite, Norman Frederick, Sergeant 10/539, Gonville
★ Walker, Harold Howard, Rifleman 23/1227, Wellington & Te Kuiti
★ Wallace, Frank James, Lance Corporal 74969, Kakahi
★ Walters, Herbert Lorraine, Private 60235, Wellington
★ Ward , Richard Froude, Corporal 57856, Hampshire & Auckland
...☆ also WWII 810536 & 1/18/978
★ Ware, Albert, Private 14705, Walthamstow & Hawera
★ Ware, Albert Alfred, Private 75906, Hastings
★ Waring, Herbert Thomas, Rifleman 38632, Aratapu
★ Warren, Frederick, Rifleman 53721, Auckland & Timaru
★ Warren, George Charles, Lance Corporal 7/1324, Greendale
★ Warren, James, Private 15633, Christchurch
★ Warren, William David, Lance Corporal, 69016, Queenstown
★ Waterston, William, Private 80314, Port Levy
★ Watkin, Raymond Alan, Private 3/2825, Wanganui
★ Watson, John, Private 81692, Auckland
★ Webb, Augustus Charles, Corporal 44326, Wanganui
★ Webster, William, Private 24837, Cheviot
★ Wells, Gerald Ernest, Private 15815, Mangatainoka & Napier
★ Wells, John Howie, Corporal 41255, Milton
★ Wheeler, Walter Ashley Patrick, Sergeant 39923, Wellington
★ White, William, Trooper 17457, Christchurch
★ Whittington, Cyril Ernest, Corporal 58425, Palmerston North
★ Wicks, Alfred James, Private 77286, Okaiawa
★ Wilkins, George Vincent, Corporal 75217, Northern Wairoa
★ Wilkins, William, Private 78771, Nelson
...☆ also WWII 819243
★ Williams, Ernest Lynn, Private 78398, Akaroa
★ Williams, Richard Herbert, Private 69783, Gisborne
★ Wills, Frederick John, Sergeant 40422, Wellington
★ Wills, Robert, Private 57535, Invercargill
★ Wilson, Albert, Trooper 9/2007, Dunedin
★ Wilson, Francis Adam, Private 65136, Bluff
★ Wilton, Ernest Henry, Private 40406, Auckland
★ Winstanley, Joseph, Private 37958, Wellington
★ Witheford, Robert, Lieutenant 44193, Auckland
★ Withers, Edward Oscar, Private 5/18, Wellington
★ Wood, Albert Thomas, Private 71299, Otaki
★ Wood, Charles Denis, Lance Corporal 72536, Wellington
★ Wood, John, Private 76540, Hamilton East
★ Wood, Thomas, Corporal 58330, Rangiora
★ Woolley, George Ernest, Sergeant 79805, Whangarei
★ Wright, Thomas John, Private 42447, Auckland
★ Wyeth, Thomas, Private 34951, Woodlands
★ Wylde, Walter Paxton, Private 71701, Thames, Waimana & Waikino
★ Wylie, Andrew Parkes, Lance Sergeant 60249, Auckland
★ Wynne, Sydney Nicholas Bryan, Gunner 78810, Dunedin
★ Wynyard, Arthur Ropata Colson, Private 55011, Auckland
...Music Teacher, Hamilton 1928

.. Y ..
★ Young, William Robert, Private 76500, Auckland
★ Younger, Matthew James, Private 80878, Petone


LEMON marriages NZ .. Brides

LEMON BRIDES 1856-1939
Lemon Grooms
* Some birth dates may be approx, based on age at death
* To see the parents of some of these brides go to the Grooms link above

Abigail Kate Lemon (1893-1956)
married Benjamin James Rear (1889-1986) in 1921

Amy Louisa Lemon (1886-1932)
married George Briant in 1918

Amy Louise Lemon (1876-1948)
married Herbert Mowbray (1870-1950) in 1900

Annie Lemon
married Joseph Coombes in 1907
known children
* 1907 - William Alfred Coombes
* 1909 - Annie Edna Coombes
* 1910 - Joseph John Coombes
* 1918 - Henrietta Maud Coombes

Annie Lemon (1913-2001)
married Alfred John Dryden (1909-2002) in 1934

Catherine Elizabeth Lemon (1901-1994)
married Bruce Wilson Mackie (1897-1965) in 1923

Edith Lemon
married John Henry Bainbridge in 1895
known children
* 1897 - Amy Rose Victoria Bainbridge

Edna May Lemon (1912-1996)
married Leslie Franklin Chamberlain (1914-1996) in 1939

Eileen Elizabeth Lemon (1906-1994)
married James Danby (1909-1974) in 1933

Elizabeth 'Lisa' Lemon (1823-1907)
* was born in Galway, Ireland
married Henry Newson Brewer in Auckland, 28 Jan 1869
* Henry 1st married Frances Hannah Wilks (1808-1858), 1 Sep 1836 in London & had 11 children. He was a sub-collector of Customs in Onehunga for many years

Elizabeth Lemon
married Alfred John Robinson in 1903
known children
* 1904 - Alfred Bert Robinson
* 1908 - Pearl Sarah Robinson
* 1911 - Ray John Robinson
* 1913 - Horace Butler Robinson

Elizabeth Lemon
married Richard Skelton in 1931

Ella Sophia Lemon
married George Henry Rainsford Atkinson in 1930

Ellen Lemon
married William Henry Byers in 1869

Ellen Lemon
married Henry Penney in 1903
known children
* 1904 - Florence Rose Penney
* 1905 - Edgar Allen Penney
* 1907 - Samuel Frederick Henry Penney
* 1907 - 1996 Nellie Penney (adopted)
* 1909 - Henry Penney
* 1911 - Sarah Vivian Mary Penney
* 1912 - Peter Henry Te Rangihiroa Penney
* 1914 - Harold Penney
* 1918 - Elizabeth Joan Norah Penney

Emily Ewing Lemon (1908-1978)
married Harold Charles Jensen (1907-1969) in 1928

Emily Mary Lemon (1848-1878)
married Samuel Kent (1840-1913) in 1868
known children
* 1871 - Margaret Emily Kent
* 1872 - Mary Ellen Kent
* Emily died aged 30 and Samuel remarried in 1881 to Kate Barry

Emma Lemon (1869-1898)
* daughter of Captain George Lemon & Catherine Meagher/Maher (see Grooms)
married Caleb Lally (1852-1937) in 1897
* Caleb had first married Margaret Armour in 1881
known children
* 1884 - Margaret Elizabeth Lally
* Emma died in 1898 & Caleb remarried in 1910 to Henrietta Margaret Tynan (1876-1938). They had a son, James Michael 'Jim' Lally (1912-1984). They are buried in Te Puke

Eunice Emily Lemon (1909-1972)
married John Thomas Arthur Houghton (1899-1960) in 1927

Evelyn Lemon (1887-1956)
married William Sinclair McCulloch (1882-1934) in 1917

Florence Fanny Lemon (1865-1937)
married William Arthur James in 1890
known children
* 1891 - Lily Alice James
* 1895 - William Arthur James

Gertrude Lemon
married William Haora in 1915

Grace Lemon (1863-1897)
married James George Finch (1848-1930) in 1883
known children
* 1884 - Irene Finch
* 1886 - Lancelot Finch
* 1890 - Rhoderic Finch
* 1896 - 1897 Hema Maira Finch (aged 7 months)

Harriet Maria Lemon
married Walter Letham in 1912
known children
* 1917 - Lydia Harriet Letham

Harriett Annie Lemon
married Ronald William Campbell in 1938

Heeni Lemon
married Ponaiti Te Ahu Ahu in 1930

Hilda Lemon (1898-1958)
married James Kyle in 1916
known children
* 1916 - Elizabeth Jean Kyle

Ida Lemon (1915-2001)
married Samuel Maywood Maskill in 1936

Irene May Lemon (1906-1971)
married Charles Tod in 1929

Jane Emma Lemon (1902-1952)
married Herbert Joseph Gaskell (1889-1966) in 1923

Jessie Lemon
married John Thomas Hutchinson in 1919

Katie Louisa Mary Lemon
* daughter of Captain George Lemon & Catherine Meagher/Maher (see Grooms)
married Alfred Washer in 1881
known children
* 1882 - George Lemon Washer
* 1884 - Alfred Hawkins Washer
* 1888 - Albert Victor Washer
* 1892 - William Charles Washer
* 1895 - Harold Arthur Washer
* 1898 - Charles Edward Washer

Letitia Lemon (1892-1976)
married Joshua Doel (1885-1947) in 1914
known children
* 1915 - Lloyd George Doel
* 1918 - Josh Sims David Doel

Lilian May Lemon (1885-1966)
married James McVinnie (1878-1960) in 1923

Louisa Elizabeth Lemon (1891-1976)
married Robert Moffat Wilson (1890-1959) in 1913
known children
* 1915 - Robert Alfred Wilson
* 1917 - May Ina Wilson

Mabel Lemon
married George Frank Francis (1866-1935) in 1891
known children
* 1892 - Violet Ioline Francis
* 1895 - Mabel Stella Francis
* 1897 - George Radcliffe Francis
* 1899 - John Herbert Francis

Margherita Lemon (1893-1984)
married William Henry Baxter (1893-1969) in 1918

Maria Charlotte Lemon (1898-1944)
married Alfred Guy Evans (1887-1948) in 1915
known children
* 1916 - Annie Maud Evans

Marianne Lemon
married Ernest Edward Stokes (1892-1981) in 1920

Marjorie Anne Louise Lemon
married Lindsay Gordon McMillan in 1920

Marjorie Austin Lemon (1911-1976)
married Stanley Cecil Edward Hampton (1905-1973) in 1936

Martha Lemon
married William Walter Fisher in 1880
known children
* 1881 - Winifred Elizabeth Fisher
* 1883 - Walter John Lemon Fisher
* 1885 - Ida Ellen Fisher
* 1889 - William Cyril Fisher
* 1890 - Albert Arnold Fisher

Martha Jane Lemon (1879-1952)
married John George Lilley (1876-1961) in 1904
known children
* 1909 - James Samuel Lilley
* 1915 - Trevor George Lilley
* 1916 - Raymond Beatty Lilley

Mary Ellen Lemon (1862-1936)
married James Liddiard Wisbey in 1896
known children

Mary Ellen Lemon (1900-1963)
married Edward Harold Bloxham (1905-1966) in 1930

Mary Jane Lemon
married Robert Ashworth Taylor in 1856
known children
* 1858 - Hanseline Ashworth Taylor

Mary McArthur/Macarthur Lemon (1899-1985)
married Robert Roger Wilberfoss (1890-1961) in 1924

Mary Ann Lemon (1909-1966)
married John Robert Te Whaiti in 1928

Matilda Lemon
married Louis Edward Goodhue (1883-1918) in 1915

May Margaret Lemon (1890-1970)
married Arthur Leonard Adams in 1925

Myra Lemon (1893-1974)
married Edward Isaac Dawson (1890-1930) in 1916
known children
* 1916 - Alice Elizabeth Zena Dawson
* 1918 - Edward Charles Dawson

Ngaire Gladys Lemon (1915-1996)
married Alfred David Dalton (1910-1975) in 1935

Nita Helena Lemon (1900-1961)
married David Clark in 1927

Rose Ann Lemon (1873-1943)
married William Blow (1877-1954) in 1906
known children
* 1907 - William Keith Blow
* 1911 - Eileen May Blow
* 1911 - Esther Joyce Blow

Ruby May Lemon
married John Thomas Bradley in 1925

Sarah Hettie Lemon (1880-1970)
married Henry Webb in 1914
known children
* 1915 - James Thomas Webb

Susan Mary Lemon (1900-1983)
married Alfred Gwilliam Judd (1895-1983) in 1922

Vera Lemon (1918-2012)
married Keith Arthur Roper in 1939

Winifred Agnes Lemon (1911-2004)
married Eric Alfred Pericles Alexander (1910-1982) in 1936

Zilphia Hannah Lemon (1911-1993)
married Cyril Herbert Vivian (1910-1977) in 1934

Lemon Brides 1856-1939

LEMON marriages NZ .. Grooms

LEMON GROOMS 1855-1938
Lemon Brides 1856-1939

Albert John Lemon
married Cornelia Angelina Lo Schiavo (1911-1979) in 1938

Albert Tauranga Lemon
born in Tauranga 23 March 1864, a month after his mother Catherine joined her husband George in NZ (see miscellaneous below)
married Johanna Mary Cook in 1902
Bay of Plenty Times, 25 June 1902
This morning a very pretty wedding was solemnised at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church by the Rev Father Bloomfield between Mr Albert Lemon of Te Puke, youngest son of the late Mr George Lemon of this town and Miss Josephine Mary Cook, second daughter of Mr John Cook of Grey St., Tauranga. The church was prettily decorated for the occasion and was crowded with friends of both parties. The bride was attended by Miss Washer, of Te Puke, in a pale blue dress with hat to match, and by Miss Katie Cook, who wore a pretty cream silk costume, trimmed with lace, and hat to match. The bridegroom was supported by his brother, Mr John F. Lemon, of this town. The bride wore a handsome costume of cream lustre, trimmed with cream satin, with veil, and wreath of orange blossoms, the whole effect being most recherche and artistic and reflecting great credit on the taste and skill of her sister, Miss Margaret Cook, whose creation it was. After the ceremony the happy pair, amid an extra heavy shower of rice and similar tokens of good will, embarked on a coach drawn by four spanking greys with wedding favours in their headstalls, from Mr M. P. Stewart's stables, the ribbons being held by Mr G. Leggett, who drove them to the residence of the bride's father, where a large gathering of relatives and friends took place to partake of the wedding breakfast. Later in the day the bride and bridegroom took their departure for their new home at Te Puke, amid many expressions of good wishes for their future happiness and prosperity
known children
* 1903 - 1991 Catherine Margaret Lemon
* 1905 - 1990 Albert John Lemon
* Johanna died in 1919 aged 37
Albert remarried to Elizabeth Cross in 1927

Andrew Lemon
married Ellen Parr in 1855
note Possible? that the following article was this Andrew Lemon .. On the 22nd January 1866, as Mr Hebberly and Mr Beauchamp, surveyor, were surveying the coast in the Straits, on the north shore of the Middle Island, between George's Rocks and Lucky Point, they found the wreck of the missing schooner 'Sarah'. The whole of the vessel was there, but smashed to pieces. The clothes of the two unfortunate men, Andrew Lemon and Curly George, were strewed about the rocks, but all torn to pieces. A necktie was sent to Mrs Lemon, to be identified; but it was known by Mr Hebberly to be the one he usually wore. Mr Hebberly picked up a leaden pump and some bits, made of blue gum, and conveyed them to his place in Queen Charlotte's Sound, where they can be seen. Nothing was seen of the remains of the poor fellows, who had met with a watery grave.
* An Ellen Lemon married in 1869 to William Henry Byers

Arthur Frederick Lemon
married Edith Rose Lalor in 1937

Charles Henry Lemon
married Ivy Gwendoline Williams in 1923

Charles John Lemon
married Henrietta Marguerite Lines in 1923

Edward Stanley Lemon (1900-1991)
* born in Chatham, Kent
married Mercy Evelyn Vowles (1904-1994) in 1925

Edwin Lemon
married Emily Robina Hornby in 1935

Edwin John Lemon
married Evelyn Esther Frances Provis in 1937

Eric Joseph Knudson/Lemon (1907-1987)
* Born in Te Puke, a son of Adolph Gunnerius Knudson (1862-) from Norway & Mary Elizabeth Donghi (1879-1910). Eric later changed his name to Lemon after his foster parents, Thomas Lemon & Jane Elizabeth McGhie (see below)
married Rona Ruth Emmett (1912-1977) in 1931
* daughter of Clement John Emmett (1884-1968) & Daisy Appleton
Tauranga, 20 Oct 1966
Daisy Emmett died aged 78. Wife of Clement John Emmett. Mother of Phenie (Mrs Hastings, Titirangi), Rona (Mrs Eric Lemon, Te Puke), Haydon (Mrs Noel Tonkin), Russell (Scone, Australia), Sister of Ruth, Phenie & Frank
Tauranga, 15 June 1968
Clement John died aged 84. Husband of the late Daisy. Father of Phenie (Mrs Hastings, Titirangi), Rona (Mrs Lemon, Te Puke), Haydon (Mrs Tonkin, Rotorua), Russell (Sydney, Australia).

Frederick John Lemon
married Emily Dines Waterhouse in 1937

Fredrick John Lemon
married Maud Magdaline McClure in 1909
known children
* 1910 - Leslie Lemon
* 1912 - Edna May Lemon
* 1914 - Lynda Lemon

George Lemon
married Sarah Sheppard in 1859

George Lemon
married Mary Hardwick in 1880

George Henry Lemon
* son of Captain George Lemon & Catherine Meagher/Maher
married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Mannix in 1899
Bay of Plenty Times, 20 Nov 1899
- On Nov 7th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Cameron Road, by the Rev Father Broomfield, George Henry Lemon, of Papanui, Te Puke, eldest son of the late George Lemon, of Tauranga, to Elizabeth (Lizzie), youngest daughter of John Mannix, sent., of Tauranga
known children
* 1900 - Susan Mary Lemon
* 1901 - Catherine Elizabeth Lemon
* 1902 - Veronica Emma Lemon

Harry Manuel Lemon
married Nita Helena Bowyer in 1918

Henry Lemon
married Maria Jane McPherson in 1874

Henry James Lemon
married Evelyn Mary Colbert in 1928

James Lemon
married Harriet Maria Bright (1857-1919) in 1871
known children
* 1872 - Flora Mary Eliza Lemon
* 1875 - James Lemon
* 1877 - James Lemon
* 1879 - Martha Jane Lemon
* 1881 - Samuel George Lemon
* 1886 - Walter David Lemon
* 1889 - Harriet Maria Lemon

John Lemon
married Mary Emma Sumpster in 1855
known children
* 1856 - Mary Constance Lemon
* 1858 - John Lemon
* 1958 - Herbert Lemon
* 1861 - Edith Lemon
* 1863 - Grace Lemon
* 1866 - Mabel Lemon
* 1869 - Gertrude Lemon
* 1871 - Mildred Hermione Lemon
* 1874 - Charles Lemon
* 1875 - Amy Louise Lemon

John Lemon
married Annie Josephine Hood in 1920

John Hardwick Leslie Lemon
married Myrtle Doreen Helm in 1937

John Richard Martin Lemon
married Violet Isobel Cramond in 1917
known children
* 1917 - John Norman Lemon

Leonard Camac Lemon
married Agnes Tod in 1909
known children
* 1910 - Leonard Gordon Lemon
* 1911 - Winifred Agnes Lemon
* 1917 - Rita Camac Lemon
* 1917 - Jean Tod Lemon

Leonard Gordon Lemon
married Mona Frances Cooke in 1935

Leslie Lemon
married Marata Tiffen in 1935

Mack Lemon
married Lena Hunter in 1928

Major Alfred Lemon
married Jessie Tait Stewart in 1929

Morgan Lemon
married Emmeline Best in 1916

Paul Lemon
married Rosina Margaret Jewett in 1885
known children
* 1886 - Paul William Lemon
* 1887 - Anthony Joseph Lemon
* 1888 - John Richard Martin Lemon
* 1890 - Margaret Louisa Ann Lemon

Paul Bishop Lemon
married Amy Louisa Henry in 1905
known children
* 1906 - Ruby May Smith Lemon

Peter Lemon
married Annie Leonard in 1905
known children
* 1905 - Peter Lemon
* 1906 - Eileen Elizabeth Lemon
* 1908 - Bowman Thomas Lemon
* 1911 - Leslie Allan Lemon

Peter Lemon
married Rona Mary Brenda Neave in 1928

Samuel Lemon
married Martha Camac in 1872
known children
* 1876 - Matilda Maria Lemon
* 1884 - Lilian May Lemon

Samuel George Lemon
married Jessie Smith in 1910
known children
* 1912 - Edna Florence Lemon
* 1914 - Vera Graham Lemon
* 1915 - Allan Samuel Lemon
* 1917 - Walter James Lemon
* 1918 - Douglas William Lemon

Thomas James Lemon
married Jessie Margaret Copland in 1908
known children
* 1909 - Harriett Annie Lemon
* 1910 - Doreen Lemon
* 1912 - Jean Satchell Lemon
* 1913 - Jessie Margaret Lemon
* 1917 - Walter Robert Lemon

Thomas Joseph Lemon
married Flora Elizabeth Rushby in 1878
known children
* 1878 - Flora May Lemon

Thomas Patrick Lemon
* son of Captain George Lemon & Catherine Meagher/Maher
married Jane Elizabeth McGhie (1868-1907) in 1893
Bay of Plenty, 8 Jan 1894LEMON-McGHIE - On December 30th, at Te Puke, by the Rev Charles Jordan, B.A., T.C.D., Thomas Patrick Lemon, fourth son of George Lemon of Tauranga, to Jane Elizabeth McGhie, eldest daughter of William McGhie of The Puke, formerly of Ballyalton, Downpatrick
known children
* 1901 - 1952 Jane Emma Lemon
* They also fostered Eric Joseph Knudson (1907-1987) who changed his name to Lemon (see above)
Thomas Patrick Lemon
re married to Jeannie Elizabeth Snodgrass in 1910
Thomas Patrick Lemon
re married to Maud Burkitt in 1927
Auckland Star, 28 July 1933 Mr T. P. LEMON Te Puke, Thursday. The death occurred yesterday of Mr Thomas Patrick Lemon, aged 70 years, who was born at Sandridge, Victoria, and was a son of the late Mr George Lemon, a retired sea captain, who settled in Tauranga 68 years ago. In his boyhood days Mr Thomas Lemon resided in Tauranga and as a youth went to Hawke's Bay farming and returned to settle in Te Puke about 40 years ago. He was the owner of much valuable property in the district. For many years he was Government valuer at Te Puke and was also a Justice of the Peace. He represented Te Puke Riding on the Tauranga County Council and was actively associated with the establishment of the Te Puke town district. He was a successful farmer and owned a number of properties in both the Maketu and Te Puke Ridings.
He is survived by Mrs Lemon and by a daughter, Mrs Gaskell, of Ramarama, and two grandchildren; also 3 step children - Mrs J. E. Bennett of Te Puke, Mrs J. E. Anderson of Stratford and Mr A. H. Snodgrass of Te Puke. One brother, Mr George Lemon, resides at Paengaroa and another, Mr Albert Lemon, lives in Auckland.

Thomas Sydney Alfred Lemon
married Mabel Sawyer in 1910
known children
* 1911 - Olive Lemon
* 1913 - Elizabeth May Lemon
* 1916 - Dorothy Nita Lemon
* 1918 - Leonard Clarence Lemon

William Lemon
married Gladys May Mary Andrews in 1915
known children
* 1915 - Ngaere Gladys Lemon
* 1918 - Stephen jack Lemon

William George Lemon
married Una Eleanor Agnes Jackson in 1937
NZ Herald, 25 June 1937 ENGAGEMENT The engagement is announced of Una Elinor Agnes Jackson, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs E. S. Jackson, Paengaroa, to William George Lemon, eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. Lemon, Tautapere, Southland, South Island

William George Thomas Lemon
married Florence May Crow in 1908
known children
* 1909 - Mary Ellen Lemon
* 1910 - William George Lemon
* 1913 - Annie Lemon
* 1913 - Edwin Lemon
* 1916 - Eunice Elizabeth Lemon
* 1917 - Frederick Joseph Lemon

William Henry Lemon
married Eleanor Ainsworth in 1913
known children
* 1915 - Ida Lemon
* 1918 - Vera Lemon

William James Lemon
married Ann Bishop in 1918

William John Lemon
married Eliza Camac in 1876
known children
* 1877 - Eliza Lemon
* 1879 - William John Lemon

William Newell Lemon
married Jessie Andrews in 1924

* Captain George Lemon (1825-1899), from Devon & his wife Catherine nee Meagher/Maher (1824-1918), from Dublin, married on a ship in New York in 1850 and moved to Australia. George was in NZ by 1863 when he served with the 1st Waikato Regiment, No 3 Company. Catherine and their children followed on the 'Swiftsure' in Feb 1864 and another 2 children were born here (see above)

* LEMON - On 20 July 1899, a very old settler, Mr George Lemon, died today, He had been a resident of Tauranga for 35 years and leaves a grown-up family of five sons and two daughters.

* LEMON - On January 23 1918, at her residence, Hamilton Street, Tauranga, Catherine Margaret, relict of the late George Lemon, aged 94. The friends of the late Mrs Lemon are invited to attend her funeral, which will leave the Catholic Church, to-morrow - Thursday - at 2.30p.m. for the New Cemetery

Lemon Grooms 1855-1938
LEMON BRIDES 1856-1939


Arthur Leslie 'Les' Bilderbeck (1903-1985)
born in Paeroa to Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Ivy Paulina Climo (1908-1994) in 1928
* daughter of Alfred Climo & Jane Augusta Kappely
Arthur died 15 Aug 1985 in Wanganui and ashes scattered at Hamilton Park, Waikato
* Ivy died 8 Sep 1994 at Karina Nursing Home in Palmerston North and is buried at Kelvin Grove

Bernard 'Bert' Bilderbeck (1909-1986)
born Taihape, son of Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Emily Lydia McLean (nee Moore-Maddison 1899-1986) in 1938
* Emily was born in Bunnythorpe to Herbert Hartfield Harman Moore & Louisa Maude Wildbore
Stephen (1851-1914) & Mary Ann 1852-1917 Maddison) .. Anthony Maddison (1886-1954) & Annie Gosling (1875-1951) ..
* Emily first married George Redvers 'Alan' McLean (1902-1929) in Wanganui 1926. She died in Wanganui 26 Dec 1985
Bert died 4 Oct 1986 in Wanganui and is buried at Aramoho

George Bilderbeck (1894-1977)
born in Feilding to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Christina Kelly (nee Hamilton 1896-1977) in 1918
* Christina first married George Kelly in 1916.
their known children
* 1936 - Esma Juliette Bilderbeck
* Christina died 8 Jan 1977 aged 80 in Masterton
George died 31 Oct 1977 in Masterton
They are buried Plots 67 & 68, Row K, Lawn A-X at Archer Street

Hans Herman Leberecht Bilderbeck (1845-1915)
born 12 Feb 1849 in Lubeck, Schleswig-Holsten, Germany to Hermann Bilderbeck (1798-1862) & Magdalena Elizabeth Sartori (1799-1826)
married Christiana Kossatz (1848-1923)
* born in Peitz, Germany, a daughter of Hanns Kossatz & Anna Scholodder (1811-1903). Her father died & Anna remarried to George Kaina (1814-1897) in 1853. Anna arrived into NZ with her 3 surviving daughters (Maria, Anna & Christiana), husband George and a son, Frederick Kaina (1854-1879) on the 'Alfred' into Auckland 18 Nov 1864.
They are listed as Kaina on the ships list, although the daughters were still Kossatz. Anna remarried in 1867 to Hinrich Cordes
known children of Hans & Christiana
* 1869 - Annie Magdalene 'Hannah' Bilderbeck
* 1871 - 1956 Hermann Bilderbeck (born Nelson)
* 1872 - 1933 Martin Bilderbeck (born Nelson)
* 1874 - 1948 Otto Bilderbeck (born Nelson)
* 1874 - Margarita Lillian 'Charlotte' Bilderbeck
* 1875 - 1961 Rudolph Bilderbck (born Nelson)
* 1877 - 1878 George Bilderbeck
* 1879 - Betty Bilderbeck
* 1881 - 1968 Christina Bilderbeck (born Feilding)
* 1894 - 1977 George Bilderbeck (born Feilding)
* Hans was a Carpenter in Feilding. He & Christiana were divorced.
Hans next married Tracey Celestine Veronica Blake (1878-1956) in 1907
known children of Hans & Tracey
* 1908 - 1995 Lindus Charles Hermann Bilderbeck
Hans died 24 Oct 1915 in Feilding
Feilding Star, 25 Oct 1915
- At his residence, Hobson Street, Feilding, on October 24, 1915, Hansa Herman Leberecht Bilderbeck, beloved husband of Mrs Tracey Bilderbeck, aged 66 years. Private interment, Tuesday
BILDERBECK The death of Mr H. H. Bilderbeck, one of the oldest residents of the Feilding district, occurred on Sunday. The deceased, who was for many years a Government inspector of bridge construction, was 66 years of age. He leaves a widow and a son.
He is buried Plot 316, Row 34, Block 3 at Feilding
* Christiana died 29 Dec 1923 in Masterton aged 75. Her last address was 9 Kirton St. She is buried Plot CB, Row 2, Plan VII at Archer Street
* Tracey died 6 March 1956 aged 78 in Silverstream Hospital & cremated at Karori

Hermann Bilderbeck (1871-1956)
born in Matakitaki, Nelson to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Norah Margaret Nielsen (1878-1906) in 1895
their known children
* 1895 - 1918 Harry Claude Bilderbeck
* 1897 - Alfred Roy Bilderbeck
* 1900 - 1961 Stanley Roland Bilderbeck
* 1902 - 1992 Annie Daphne Gwendoline Bilderbeck
Hermann next married Ethel Violet Merrick (1888-1977) in 1927

Herman George Bilderbeck (1898-1968)
son of Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
served as George Herman, Private 10/3483 with the 9th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company, NZEF. His next of kin was his mother at Winiata, Taihape
married Nellie Stewart Waterson (nee Beckham 1905-1967) in 1936
* Nellie was a daughter of Alfred Beckham (1869-1942) from Victoria, Australia & Adelaide Scott. She first married Roy James Waterson (1890-1930) in 1923

Laurence Clive 'Duff' Bilderbeck (1904-1985)
born in Bulls to Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Caroline Constance Mosen (1906-1965) in 1932
* Caroline was born in Havelock, a daughter of Thomas Joseph Mosen & Edith may Pope
he served as Sapper 11694, 2nd NZEF, 2nd Echelon in WWII. His next of kin was his wife Caroline at 2 Gurr St., Aramoho, Wanganui
Laurence died 19 Jan 1985 in Wanganui

Leslie Otto Bilderbeck (1911-1976)
born in Levin to Otto & Ethel Bilderbeck
married Isabel Eileen May Hope (1911-1999) in 1938
* Isabel was born in Blenheim to Charles Albert Hope & Louisa May Witt
their known children
* 1940 - 2015 Peter Charles Bilderbeck - born Wanganui, died Paraparaumu, buried Awa Tapu)
* 1942 - Diane Ethel Bilderbeck - born Wanganui, died Tauranga
Leslie died 25 Oct 1976 in Wanganui and is buried Plot 523 at Aramoho cemetery

Lindus Charles Hermann 'Bill' Bilderbeck (1908-1995)
son of Hans & Tracey Bilderbeck
* He was in Standard VI at the College St School, Palmerston North in 1921 and won a first price at the West End Sunday School annual scriptural examinations
married Louisa Ham (nee Bradshaw 1897-1990) in 1937
* Louisa first married Victor Rowland Ham (1897-1950) in St Peters, NSW in 1918. They were granted a divorce, decree absolute, in March 1928
Evening Post, 3 April 1937
On March 5 1937, at St Jame's Church, Lower Hutt, by the Rev H. E. K. Fry, Louise, second daughter of Mrs E. H. Bradshaw and the late Mr Bradshaw, Sydney, N.S.W., to Lindus Charles, only son of Mrs R. C. Bilderbeck and the late Mr Bilderbeck, Lower Hutt
* Louisa died 3 April 1990 aged 92 and was cremated at Karori

Martin Bilderbeck (1872-1933)
born in Matakitaki, Nelson to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Martha Myszewski (1880-1954)
* Martha was born in Midhurst, Taranaki to Johan 'John' Myszewski/Mischewski (1834-1918) & Carolina Junka (1853-1899)
their known children
* 1898 - 1968 Hermann Geroge 'George' Bilderbeck
* 1900 - 1980 Martin Lionel 'Jim' Bilderbeck (born Stratford)
* 1903 - 1985 Arthur Leslie 'Les' Bilderbeck
* 1904 - 1985 Lawrence Clive 'Duff' Bilderbeck
* 1905 - 1985 Celia 'May' Bilderbeck
* 1907 - 1908 Dulcie Bilderbeck
* 1908 - 1984 Elsie 'Stet' Bilderbeck
* 1909 - 1986 Bernard 'Ben/Bert' Bilderbeck
* 1911 - 1973 Ronald John 'Jack' Bilderbeck, served in WWII as Private 43850. He enlisted from Taihape or Raetihi. His mother was his next of kin at 108 Liverpool St., Wanganui
* 1912 - 1980 Florence Bilderbeck
* 1914 - 1983 Joyce Thelma 'Dolly' Bilderbeck
* 1916 - 1942 Norman Clarence 'Bill' Bilderbeck, husband of Elizabeth Blanche Bilderbeck, of Motueka, served in WWII as Gunner 24428, 6 Field Regiment, NZ Artillery. He was Killed in action 25 Oct 1942 aged 26 in Western Desert & buried El Alamein
* 1918 - 2005 Mary Agnes Bilderbeck
* 1919 - 1984 Katherine 'Kathy' Bilderneck
* 1920 - another daughter Bilderbeck
Martin died 15 Sep 1933 in Wanganui and is buried at Aramoho cemetery
* Martha died 13 Sep 1954
They are buried Plot 685, Division 10, Block F at Aramoho

Martin Lionel 'Jim' Bilderbeck (1900-1980)
born in Stratford to Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Olive Myrtle Lane (1900-1995) in 1924
* Myrtle was a daughter of George Charles Lane (1870-1937) & Elizabeth Brown Mason (1879-1963)
* Martin was a Foreman with the NZ Railways
Martin died 28 Nov 1980 in Horowhenua Hospital and was cremated at Kelvin Grove
* Olive died 21 Jan 1995 and is buried Plot 68, Block 2, Area GK at Kelvin Grove

Otto Bilderbeck (1874-1948)
born in Nelson to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Ethel Sophia Matilda Franklin (1881-1967) in Palmerston North 10 Dec 1902
* Ethel was born in Wanganui to William Arthur Kinders Franklin (1853-1880) & Abigail Tudor Nightingale (1854-1929)
their known children
* 1903 - 1979 Enid Ethel Bilderbeck (born Bulls)
* 1905 - 1980 Owen Tudor Bilderbeck
* 1907 - 1985 Kenneth Ellis Bilderbeck
* 1910 - 1939 Ina Lucilla Bilderbeck
* 1911 - 1976 Leslie Otto Bilderbeck
Otto died 4 May 1948 in Palmerston North and is buried Plot 75, Block 10, Area H at Kelvin Grove
* Ethel died 24 Sep 1967 in Wanganui and is buried Plot 295 at Aramoho cemetery with daughter Enid

Owen Tudor Bilderbeck (1905-1980)
son of Otto Bilderbeck & Ethel Matilda Sophia Franklin
* Owen was a Panel Beater
married Elsie May Burns (1903-2003) 28 Dec 1932
* daughter of John Alfred Burns (1872-1959) & Margaret Nancy Porter (1877-1960)
Owen died 19 May 1980 in Wanganui
* Elsie died 17 July 2003 aged 99.9 in Loma Linda Rest Home in Wanganui
They are buried Plot 245 at Aramoho cemetery

Rudolph Bilderbeck (1875-1961)
born in Nelson to Hans & Christina Bilderbeck
* Rudolph was a Blacksmith
married Phoebe Pritchard (1877-1940) in 1898
* Phoebe was born in Blenheim, 1 of 11 children to Henry 'Harry' Pritchard (1832-1897) & Mary Ann Hockey (1868-1938)
their known children
* 1899 - 1971 Christina 'Thelma' Bilderbeck
* 1900? - Val Bilderbeck (see Phoebe's death notice)
* 1903 - 1989 Irene 'Mavis' Bilderbeck
* 1914 - 1978 Jean Ridella Bilderbeck
* Phoebe died 15 Aug 1940 aged 62
Manawatu Standard, 23 Aug 1940 BILDERBECK On August 15 1940 at her residence, 56 Queen's Drive, Lyall Bay, Phoebe, beloved wife of Rudolph Bilderbeck and dearly loved mother of Thelma, Val, Mavis and Jean; aged 62 years. "A patient sufferer at rest"
Rudolph died 26 Sep 1961 aged 86 in Palmerston North Hospital. He was cremated at Kelvin Grove & is buried with Phoebe Plot 40 O, CN ENG2 at Karori

Rudolph Valentine Bilderbeck (1903-1973)
married Eva Beatrice Hunter (1904-1974) in 1926
their known children
* 1928 - Shirley Jean Bilderbeck
* They were in Mornington, Wellington for a time, where Eva was an ardent golf player
* Eva next married John Malcolm Cameron (1914-1973) in 1952
Rudolph died 20 Aug 1973 aged 70 and was cremated at Karori, Wellington

Annie Daphne Gwendoline Bilderbeck (1902-1992)
daughter of Hermann & Norah Bilderbeck
married Loder/Loader Hills Allen (aka James Hills Allen 1893-1971) in 1922
Annie next married Cuthbert Palmer Tebb (1907-1999)
* Loder next married Elizabeth Muriel 'Betty' Sole (1913-2001). He died 16 June 1971 & is buried Waikumete
Annie died 27 Aug 1992 aged 90 in Auckland and is buried Plot 336, Block B, Area 14 at Hillsborough

Annie Magdalene 'Hannah' Bilderbeck (1869-)
born to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Alfred Noel Salmon (1864-) in 1897
* son of John James Salmon (1830-1909)

Betty Bilderbeck (1879-)
daughter of Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Charles Schmidt in 1899
Feilding Star, 28 Dec 1899 WEDDING
At the Feilding Wesleyan Church yesterday afternoon, Mr Chas. Schmidt of Wellington and Betty, the third daughter of Mr H. H. L. Bilderbeck of Feilding, were united in the bonds of matrimony by the Rev T. W. Vealie. The bride, who was handsomely attired was attended by Miss Christina Bilderbeck as first bridesmaid and also by Miss Schmidt. The bridegroom was attended by Mr Otto Bilderbeck as groomsman and by Mr Nelson. There was a large congregation at the church to witness the event. Miss Lanyon, the organist, played the wedding march as the couple left the church. In the afternoon the many friends of the happy couple were present at the Foresters' Hall by invitation where a pleasant time was spent. Several toasts were proposed and duly honored, chief among them being "The Bride and Bridegroom" proposed by Mr Vealie. The wedding cake, which was manufactured by Mr Grantham, was generally admired. Mr and Mrs Schmusidt will reside in Wellington
their known children
*1901 - Edna May Schmidt
* Standard III at Clyde Quay school in Wellington 1910

Celia 'May' Bilderbeck (1905-1985)
born in Bulls to Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Lindon James Roberts (1897-1975) in 1924
* son of Thomas John Roberts (1863-1927) & Harriet Alice Benge (twin, 1870-1900)
Celia died 29 Oct 1985 in Wellington

Christina Bilderbeck (1881-1968)
born in Feilding to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Herbert Hill in 1900
their known children
*1901 - 1978 Cyril Freeland Hill
*1902 - 1970 Charles Raymond Hill Charles married his cousin, Irene Maud Mavis Bilderbeck, see below
Christina next married Hugh Mackail in 1922

Christina Thelma Bilderbeck (1899-1971)
daughter of Rudolph & Phoebe Bilderbeck
married Charles Crowther (1894-1918) in 1918
* Charles was born in Shannon, 7th of 9 children of William Henry Crowther & Emily Jane Adams Henderson
Christina next married Robert Joseph Terry (1896-1941) in 1920. A son of Robert Terry & Emily Lulu Wiltshire
Christina died 27 Sep 1971 aged 71

Elsie 'Stet' Bilderbeck (1908-1984)
daughter of Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Robert Henry 'Bert' Lock (1903-1972) in 1930
* son of Robert Oliver Lock (1872-1937) from Sandhurst, Victoria & Agnes Alice Jamieson (1874-1949)
their known children
* 1930 - 1998 Mervyn Douglas Lock
* 1931 - 2003 Robert Martin Lock
* 1933 - 1988 June Thelma Lock
* 1935 - 1978 Raymond Leslie Lock
* ? - Betty May Lock
* 1946 - 1980 Mary Agnes Lock
* Robert died 18 Sep 1972 in Eltham, Taranaki
Elsie died 1 May 1984 in New Plymouth
* They are buried Plots 6230 & 6231, Block 7 at Eltham Old lawn

Florence Bilderbeck (1912-1980)
daughter of Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Robert Glen (1907-1969) in Wanganui 19 May 1934
* Robert died 24 June 1969 and was cremated at Karori
Florence died 28 March 1980 in Wellington and is buried in Plot 32/5, Section 1/3 at Makara cemetery

Ina Lucilla Bilderbeck (1910-1939)
born in Levin to Otto & Ethel Bilderbeck
married Raymond Morton Lyons (1903-1979) in 1936
* Raymond was born in Invercargill to Thomas Andrew Lyons (1874-1950) & Lilian Marie Morton (1862-1944)
Ina died 28 Dec 1939 in Palmerston North and is buried Plot 21, Block 7, Area H at Kelvin Grove
* Raymond died 29 July 1979 & is buried Plot 69, Block 9, Area R

Irene Maud Mavis Bilderbeck (1903-1989)
born 18 Nov 1903 to Rudolph & Phoebe Bilderbeck
married Harry Carr in 1925
she next married her cousin, Charles Raymond Hill (1902-1970) in 1938
* Charles was a son of Herbert Hill & Christina Bilderbeck

Joyce Thelma 'Dolly' Bilderbeck (1914-1983)
daughter of Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married John 'Jack' Bullock (1911-1983) 20 July 1932
* son of Arthur Bullock & Ada Ellen Walpole
Joyce died 11 July 1983 aged 69 in Wanganui
* John died 22 Sep 1983 aged 72

Katherine 'Kathy' Bilderbeck (1919-1984)
born Ohakune to Martin & Martha Bilderbeck
married Horace Rohloff (aka Chandler 1916-1997) in 1937
* Horace was born 14 Oct 1916 in Wanganui. His parents were Grace Chandler (nee Benson 1892-) & Ernest Leslie Rohloff (1896-1968)
Kathy died 18 Aug 1984
* Horace died 6 Jan 1997 in Levin
They are buried at Avenue cemetery, Levin

Margarita Lillian 'Charlotte' Bilderbeck (1874-)
born in Nelson to Hans & Christiana Bilderbeck
married Arthur Frederick Andrews in 1904

Plot 40 O, CH ENG2 at Karori
Rudolph & Phoebe Bilderbeck

CRAY marriages New Zealand 1864-1933

the CRAY GROOMS 1864-1931
Charles Frederick Cray (1857-)
* arrived into Albertland on the Hanover 29 May 1862
married Mary Ann Pine in 1881

George Stephen Cray (1863-1949)
married Mary Helen McBeath (1867-1935) in Timaru 1896
their known children
1897 - 1918 Donald Cray (KIA France)
1898 - Mary Cray Cray
1899 - Marion Stewart Cray
1904 - Dorothy Cray

John Cray
married Elizabeth Matilda Allison in 1917

Joseph Cray (1834-1876)
married Elizabeth Wills in 1864

Thomas Stevenson Cray
* son of Frederick George & Agnes Cray
* Lance Corporal 3/823
married Eileen Mary Paynter in 1917
their known children
1919 - Vernon Lenore Cray

Victor Foster Cray (1896-1973)
* son of Frederick George & Agnes Cray
* Private 30549
married Mildred Mary Neagle (1907-) in 1924
* barman at the Masonic Hotel, Cambridge in 1928, The licensee was Thomas Stephenson Cray
* In June 1931 Victor, now a salesman in Cambridge, & his wife Mildred were granted a decree nisi on the grounds they had mutually separated in 1927
Victor next married Ethel Mary Gray (1903-1957) in 1931
Mildred next married Dr Raeburn Neil Campbell (1904-1949) in 1933. They were separated before 1942
* Raeburn was born in Carterton to Alexander Hugh Campbell & Ethel Margaret Raeburn. When he served as Captain WWII 802686 in 1942 his next of kin was his mother in Epsom, Auckland
Sydney Morning Herald, 16 May 1949 AUCKLAND Dr Raeburn Neil Campbell, 45, was found dead in his surgery at Onehunga, Auckland, to-day, 11 months after his wife (Vivian Rose aged 34) committed suicide in the same surgery. Last June, Dr, Campbell's wife locked herself in the surgery after attending the Arts Ball. She took drugs and died.

the CRAY BRIDES 1866-1933
Agnes Eliza Deumba Cray
married Charles Moore Bowden in 1912
their known children
1913 - Kenneth Charles Bowden
1916 - Ian Frederick Bowden

Annie Alexandra Christina Cray (1884-1978)
married Robert Ramsay Henderson (1885-1970) in 1915
their known children
1916 - Robert Francis Henderson

Catherine Rogers Cray
married Joseph Levet in 1879
their known children
1880 - Charles Leonard Levet
1882 - Rosetta Margaret Levet
1886 - Ernest Gordon Levet
1888 - Philip Godfrey Levet
1889 - Josephine May Levet
1892 - Amy Constance Levet

Dorothy Cray (1904-1988)
married Frederick Sydney Avent (1896-1966) in 1925

Elizabeth Jane Cray
married Charles Cooper in 1879

Elizabeth Wheeler Cray
married William Walter Day in 1866
their known children
1867 - Alice May Day
1870 - William Ernest Day
1872 - Fanny Elizabeth Day
1878 - John Christmas Day
1880 - Frank Oswald Day

Florence Emma Septima Cray (1865-1934)
married Newton Arthur Worker (1861-1934) in 1892
their known children
1894 - Esther Marjorie Worker
1896 - Carl Newton Howse Worker
1898 - Gertrude Eileen Worker

Mary Cray
married William Palmer in 1875

Jane Ann Stephens Cray
married John Cunningham Blythe (1854-) in 1881
* possibly lived near Rotorua

Lema Joy Cray (1893-1964)
* daughter of Frederick George & Agnes Cray
married Thomas Gray Young (1893-1971) in 1918

Margaret Cray (1851-1901)
married Thomas Marshall Grice in 1868
their known children
1869 - William marshall Grice
1872 - Harriette Marion Grice
1873 - Frederick Harry Grice
1875 - Annie Louise Grice
1877 - George Bertram Grice
1878 - Charles Percy Grice
1884 - Florence Margaret Grice
1885 - Ethel May Grice

Mildred Mary Cray (nee Neagle, see above)
married Raeburn Neil Campbell in 1933

Sarah 'Louisa' Cray
married James Evans Maygood in 1882
lived in Ellerslie, Auckland

HANKIN, Tasmania to NZ

* journal for Pamelia's query 25 March 2019

William Hankin (1856-1921) & Mary Pritchard (1859-1934)
* both born & both died, in Tasmania, Australia
DEATH of William Hankin
Huon Times, 6 Dec 1921
On Tuesday, 29th November, there passed away at the Hobart Hospital Mr William Hankin, aged 64, a well known and highly respected resident of Geeveston. Mr Hankin had been in indifferent health for some time past and had some time previous gone to Hobart for treatment. The deceased had practically lived his whole life in the district and for a number of years was a member of the old road trust, the municipal council and fruit board, always taking a keen interest in the affairs and progress of the district, besides also during his lifetime creating a fine property situated on the Arve road. The funeral took place on Thursday at the Geeveston Roman Catholic cemetery; Rev. Father Hennessy of Franklin, performing the last rites. There was a large following of friends of the deceased and also numerous wreaths. He leaves a wife and eight grown up sons, three of whom are in New Zealand and one in Melbourne, to mourn their loss.
DEATH of Mary Hankin
The Mercury, 12 June 1934
On June 11 1934, at the residence of her son Albert, Arve Road, Geeveston, Mary, widow of the late William Hankin, in the 75th year of her age. Funeral will leave her son's residence, Arve Road, Geeveston, for Roman Catholic cemetery, Geeveston, on Wednesday, 13th inst., at 2.30p.m. when friends are respectfully invited to attend.

the children of William & Mary
• all born in Tasmania
moved to New Zealand

..1 1881 - 1952 Herbert William Hankin
Herbert married Florence Mildred Brumby (1887-1967) in NZ in 1907
.. Florence was born in Launceston, Tasmania, a daughter of Leonard Arthur Brumby (1866-1930) & Martha Ann Beams (1864-1942) both from Tasmania, both died Auckland
their known children
* 1907 - 1999 Thelma Irene Hankin
* 1908 - 1987 Irwin Sefton Hankin
* 1916 - 1984 Kenneth Herbert Hankin
Herbert died 29 Feb 1952 in Auckland aged 70
Florence died 22 Aug 1967 in Auckland aged 80
* They are buried in Waikumete

.. 2 1882 - 1947 Arthur Joseph Hankin
Arthur married Elsie Deborah Robinson (1893-1977) in NZ in 1913
.. Elsie was born in NZ, 1 of 10 children of Thomas Robinson (1872-1929) & Susan Emma Drew (1873-1954)
their known children
* 1915 - 1999 Alma Teresa Hankin
* 1917 - 2008 Winifred Elsie Hankin
* 1922 - 1988 Arthur Huon Hankin
* 1924 - 1984 Roy Thomas Hankin
Arthur died 29 Jan 1947 in Hawkes Bay aged 64
Elsie died 27 Dec 1976 in Hastings Hospital aged 83
* They are buried Plot 132 at Hastings Cemetery

..3 1884 - 1970 Leo Jerrelt Hankin
Leo married Louisa Jane 'Jessie' Carruthers (1879-1937) in Wellington 23 Dec 1916.
* Leo was a Farm Hand/Contractor in Wanganui when he enlisted in May 1916 for WWI. Served as Corporal 39992, F Company, NZEF. His next of kin was his wife Louisa, c/o Mrs Cumberbeach, 12 Cochrane St., Eglinton, Dunedin (sister? sister-in-law? see notes).
Huon Times, 18 June 1918
NEWS from the war
Information has also been received by Mr and Mrs Wm. Hankin that their son, Private Leo Hankin, has been badly wounded in the chest and legs. Private Hankin some years ago went to New Zealand from whence he went to the front 18 months ago. It is sincerely hoped that more reassuring news will shortly be forth coming.
* He was discharged 20 April 1919
* In 1920 they were in Awahou, Raumai (Ashhurst)
* In 1933 they were in Ashhurst
Louisa 'Jessie' died 8 April 1937 aged 58 in Wellington Hospital .. dearly beloved wife of Leo Hankin of Awahou North, Pohangina Valley. She is buried in Paraparaumu
Leo next married Grace Maud Ansin (1892-1970) in 1944
.. Grace was born in NZ, a daughter of John Victor Emil Ansin (1857-1947) & Janet Waugh (1864-1952)
Grace died 1 April 1970 in Amara Hospital, Levin
Leo died 14 June 1970 in Horowhenua Hospital
* They were cremated at Kelvin Grove
NOTES to find connection of Cumberbeach to Carruthers
1.. CARRUTHERS - On August 13th 1909, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr Robert Cumberbeach, Hawkesbury, Catherine, relic of J. P. Carruthers, of Evansdale; in her 73rd year
2.. Robert Brebner 'Bert' Cumberbeach (1889-1918) was 1 of 9 children of Robert Cumberbeach (1855-1927) & Margaret Catherine Alexander (1865-1938). Robert was a son of Richard Henry Cumberbeach (1828-1856) who died on the 'Strathmore' in 1856 during their emigration to Port Chalmers. His mother was Jean/Jane Brebner (1822-1918)
* Louisa Jane Hankin (nee Carruthers) put a memoriam in the Wanganui Herald 24 Nov 1919 which read: .. Bert Brebner Cumberbeach who died at Wanganui Nov 24th 1918. "gone but not forgotten". Inserted by his aunt L. J. Hankin. Robert & Margaret named two other sons, John Paul Carruthers Cumberbeach & William Alexander Cumberbeach.

..4 1885 - 1965 Norman John Hankin
Norman married Ellen 'Nell' Stone (1888-1972) in 1910
.. Ellen was born in Mokoreta, Southland, a daughter of George Stone & Emma Sheasby
* Norman was a Farmer before he enlisted in WWI, serving as Private 80622, 42nd Reinforcements, B Company, NZEF. His next of kin was his wife Ellen in Riverton, Southland
* He arrived home, into Lyttelton, on 28 Jan 1919
* From 1905 to 1963 he was in Wallace, Southland
* In 1963 he was in Awarua, Southland
Norman died in Riverton 8 Oct 1965 aged 79
Ellen died in Riverton 24 Jan 1972 aged 83
* They are buried Plot 153, Lawn Section Z, Riverton cemetery

..5 1887 - 1968 Wilmott Thomas Hankin
Wilmott married Helena Annie Vining Lippiatt (1888-1986) in Victoria, Australia in 1926
.. born in Collingwood, Victoria, 3 April 1888, a daughter of Harry Vining Lippiatt (1864-1909) & Jane Helena McMahon (1867-1950) of London
Wilmott died in Reservoir, Victoria, 12 Jan 1968 aged 81
Helena died 10 Nov 1986 in Tasmania, aged 98

..6 1889 - 1968 Albert George Hankin
Albert married Sarah 'Dorothy' Douglas (1889-1960) in June 1917
Huon Times, 6 July 1917WEDDING BELLS The wedding took place on Wednesday, June 27th, at the Franklin Church, of Miss D. Douglas, daughter of Mrs and the late Mr Douglas; and Albert, son of Mr and Mrs Wm. Hankin, both of Geeveston. Rev Father Hennessy officiated. The bride wore a beautiful costume of blue serge and was attended by Mrs M. Hankin as bridesmaid, the groomsman being Mr Marshall Hankin. The wedding was quietly celebrated as a brother of the bride is returning the next few day from the war badly wounded. The young couple have a very wide circle of friends and were the recipients of many presents, coupled with best wishes for their future happiness.
The Mercury, 30 Nov 1937 An Interesting Experiment In the Huon district, it is usual to space apple trees 16ft apart, and while this, in conjunction with the refinements of cultivation usually practised, may be regarded as constituting an intensive system of apple production, there are a few orchards in which much closer spacing has been employed with interesting results. The orchard of Mr Albert Hankin, of Geeveston, ls an excellent example of Intensive planting, the spacing being 9ft to 10ft between trees, with rows 12ft apart. Mr Hankin, who is a son of the late Mr William Hankin, a pioneer Geeveston grower, purchased his present property from Mrs Cecil Riley, whose, husband's father, Mr James Riley, acquired it as bush land. When Mr Hankin took over the block it consisted mainly of scrub, with a little grass-land and about half an acre of orchard which had been planted on a 12ft by 9ft spacing by Mr Riley. Mr Hankin cleared and grassed most of the land, establishing good paddocks close to the homestead and some 13 years ago, he Increased the orchard to four acres, retaining the original spacing. The land, which is of boulder clay type of glacial origin, was covered with ti-tree scrub and in places lay very wet. This moisture Mr Hankin controlled with tile drainage, which functions admirably. Some idea of the drainage problem may be seen in an area of about half an acre of healthy young trees growing on what was formerly a quaking bog. This area received 1,200ft of tiles. The trees, at 13 years old, are yielding an annual crop of 2,000 bushels or 500 to the acre and their vigour and uniformity provide a tribute to the effectiveness of the regular manuring and cultivation they have received. The main varieties are Jonathan, Alfriston, Sturmer and Democrat.
Albert died in Tasmania 15 May 1968 aged 79

..7 1891 - 1891 Arnold Rupert Hankin
Arnold died in Tasmania 23 Jan 1891 aged 11 days

..8 1893 - 1974 Herman Bernard Hankin
Herman married Edith May Williams (1896-) 1 Oct 1917
* They divorced in 1928
Advocate, 6 March 1928 DIVORCE CASE His Honor granted a decree nisi, returnable in three months. Herman Bernard Hankin, who sought the dissolution of his marriage with May Edith Hankin, was represented by Mr A. E. Richardson and Henry Tuttle was cited as co-respondent. Hankin, who is a labourer residing in Hobart, stated in evidence that he married the respondent on October 1, 1917 in Franklin and they had lived at Sandy Bay. In October 1925 he went home from work and found that respondent had packer things and left him. Shortly afterwards he heard from her at Sydney. She returned at his request, offering no explanations of her conduct. Frequently she stayed away from home all night and, becoming suspicious, he suspected her relations with Tuttle. As a result he and a friend named George Pelham watched her and on four consecutive nights saw her enter a house in Bathurst street in company with Tuttle in the early evening and not leave until the morning. The decree nisi was granted.
The Mercury, 23 March 1934 CUSTODY OF CHILDREN An application arising from the divorce suit Hankin v Hankin and Tuttle, in which a decree absolute was declared on September 17, 1928 came before Mr Justice Crisp in Chambers at Hobart yesterday. Mr J. D. Morris (Ogilvie, McKenna, and Morris) appealed for Edith May Tuttle (formerly Hankin and Mr A. E. Richardson for Herman Bernard Hankin, the petitioner in the divorce suit. Mr Morris applied for the custody of two children of the Hankin marriage, Lionel George (1919-1935) and Desmond Maxwell (1921-1996), who are at present in the custody of the father. After evidence had been given and lengthy argument, His Honor made an order, by consent, that the children should be transferred to the custody of their mother.
NOTE Another son, Douglas Bernard Hankin (1917-1980) (born 1 Oct 1917, later known as Tuttle), was described in Aug 1930, as a neglected and uncontrollable, 13 year old child. His mother discharged him to become a child of the State. He lived at Ashley Home for Boys at Deloraine. He was also charged with stealing a bicycle and horses. He was allowed to go stay with his mother in Hobart for the Easter holidays in 1931 so long as she refunded his fare.
The Mercury, 12 Jan 1929 ENGAGEMENT
The engagement is announced of Elsie, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs F. W. O'Brien, South Hobart, to Bernard, the third youngest son of Mary and the late William Hankin of Geeveston.
* Herman and Elsie Gladys O'Brien (1894-1931) married later that year.
Herman died in Tasmania 9 Jan 1974. His last address was Blackmans Bay. He is buried with 3rd wife, Elsie Maud Elizabeth ? (1900-1976) NC231 Cornelian Bay Cemetery

..9 1895 - 1967 Marshall Clarence Hankin
Marshall married Mary Frances McInerney 16 June 1915
Huon Times, 30 June 1915 HANKIN-McINERNEY A wedding was celebrated at Franklin between Miss M. McInerney, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs J. McInerney and Mr Marshall Hankin, son of Mr and Mrs Wm Hankin, both of Geeveston. The officiating clergyman was the Rev Father Hennessy. The bride was given away by Mr W. Warren. Miss L. Dwyer made a charming bridesmaid and Mr Herman Hankin, brother of the bridegroom, was groomsman. After the ceremony Mr and Mrs Hankin motored to Huonville, where the wedding breakfast was partaken of, and thence to Hobart, where a few days were spent prior to taking up their residence at Geeveston. The newly married couple, who have a large circle of friends here, were the recipients of a large number of beautiful and valuable presents.
Mary died on May 4 1946 at a private hospital, Hobart. Mary Frances, beloved wife of Marshall Clarence hankin of Geeveston and loving mother of Noreen. Requiescat in pace
Marshall died in New Norfolk, Tasmania 20 May 1967 aged 72

..10 1898 - 1906 Mary Teresa Hankin
* Mary died in Tasmania 11 Nov 1906 aged 8
The Mercury, 21 Nov 1906 DEATH On November 11 1906 at her parents' residence, Geeveston, Mary, the dearly beloved and only daughter of William and Mary Hankin, in the 9th year of her age, after a long and painful illness. R.I.P.
Mr and Mrs Hankin beg to sincerely thank all kind and sympathising friends and especially Mr and Mrs Mulligan, school teachers at Geeveston, in their sad bereavement.

Headstone of 'Jessie' Louisa Jane Hankin, wife of Leo

Plot 24, Grave TY05, Block R at Paraparaumu