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George FOSTER + Mary Ann Christina RODGERS

George Foster married Mary Ann Christina RODGERS in 1888 in New Zealand
- a son of Stovin FOSTER (1819-1895) & Ann DARNELL (1821-1899)

- Thanks to those who have helped with this family (see comments box below)

The children of GEORGE & MARY:

... 1
1889 - 1965 Eva Agnes Christina Foster
- married Ernest Ivor NILSSON in 1919

... 2
1890 - 1952 William George Francis Foster
- married Agnes Hilda GARTON in 1919

... 3
1892 - 1962 Edith Ann Foster
- married William Henry COFFIN in 1914

... 4
1894 - 1957 Clara Elizabeth Foster
- married Thomas Edward LESLIE in 1927

... 5
1896 - 1972 Olive Lilian Foster
- Olive never married
- died in 1972 aged 76

... 6
1898 - ? Hilda Jeane Foster
- nothing known

... 7
1902 - 1918 Albert Stanley Moore Foster
- died 21 September 1918 aged 16

... 8
1904 - 1983 Arthur David Foster
- married Dora Edith BROTT in 1924

... 9
1906 - ? Florence Marene Foster
- nothing known

... 10
1908 - 1930 Doris Emily Foster
- died in 1930 aged 22

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George Vesey STEWART + Margaret Torrens MILLER - UK to NZ

George Vesey STEWART was born in Brighton, Sussex, England ib 1831 to Captain Mervyn STEWART D.L., of Martray, County Tyrone, Ireland, and grandson of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart, Bart., P.C., and M.P. for Tyrone & Frances "Fanny" VESEY

- He attended school in London before entering the College of Civil Engineers, Putney, to train as an estate agent. In 1852 he entered Trinity College, Dublin, graduating BA with honours in Classics in 1856

- He arrived in Auckland in September 1875 with the first party of the Katikati settlers in the ships ?Carisbrook Castle? and ?Dover Castle,? which had been specially chartered for the purpose and brought from London to Belfast for embarkation of his North of Ireland party

- He lived at ?Martray,? Katikati, where he had a freehold farm of over 500 acres

- On the 9th of May 1876 he was elected chairman of the first road board and school committee at Katikati and, excepting occasional absences from the colony, he held both positions uninterruptedly

- He was elected first Mayor of Tauranga when that town was constituted a borough. He was also for some years chairman of the Tauranga County Council and a member of that body, to which he was elected at the time of the adoption of the Counties Act.

- He was a Justice of the Peace for County Tyrone, Ireland and for the colony of New Zealand

- He married Margaret MILLER, daughter of Rowley Miller (J.P., D.L., County Derry)
- They had five sons and three daughters

- The only children I have so far are:

1861 - 1892 his second son, George Vesey Stewart
- he was drowned when fishing off the Katikati Heads in August 1892 aged 31

1863 - 1945 - son John Rowley Miller Stewart
- he married Ellen Louisa FURNISS in 1886, Ellen died in 1912
- he married Louisa Beatrice TRAVIS in 1913, Louisa died in 1965
- John died in 1945 aged 82

Do you know the names and spouses of the other children please
(visit the above link to see the tree in progress)

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George KITCHEN + Dorothy Amelia Hargreaves THOMPSON - Northland New Zealand

George Kitchen was born in 1859, whereabouts unknown at tis time, possibly Yorkshire
- he married Dorothy Amelia Hargreaves THOMPSON in 1881
- they had 12 known children (please let me know if there were more)

1/1882-1969 Mary Beatrice Kitchen
- married Alfred Ernest PANTHER
- (brother of Olive Louisa Panther below)

2/1883-1922 Annie May/Mary Kitchen
- married Jabez FOSTER jnr

3/1885-1959 Elizabeth Helen KITCHEN
- married Robert Henry DIXON
- Robert died on 2 March 1947 aged 65
- he is buried in Kaitaia

4/1887-1969 Dora Edith Kitchen
- married Arthur ROGERS

5/1889-1956 Agnes Hilda Kitchen
- married Harold Stanley FOSTER
- (son of Stovin FOSTER & Ethel Jean STURGE and a brother of Howard Edward Foster who married Elsie Mildred Kitchen, below)

6/1892-1972 Ethel Lilian Kitchen
- married James Valentine BEAZLEY

7/1895-1930 Violet Christina Kitchen
- married George Henry GIBSON

8/1897-1967 Elsie Mildred Kitchen
- married Thomas Henry FLETCHER
- Thomas was killed in action in Palestine in 1918
- married Howard Edward FOSTER in 1922
- (son of Stovin FOSTER & Ethel Jean STURGE and a brother of Harold Stanley Foster who married Agnes Hilda Kitchen, above)

9/1900-1977 Vivian George William Kitchen
- married Olive Louisa PANTHER
- (sister of Alfred Ernest Panther, above)

101902-1974 Nina Gladys Maud
- married Gilbert Gordon GARTON

11/1904-1962 Gilbert Henry Alexander Kitchen
- died aged58

12/1908-1982 Allan Kenneth Roy Kitchen
- died aged 75

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the 15 children of Jabez FOSTER & Sarah Ann PENNEY - New Zealand

Jabez Foster was 12 when his parents and siblings emigrated to New Zealand from England. He stayed behind to further his education and joined them 9 years later

He married Sarah Ann Penney in 1870 in New Zealand when he was 23 and they had 15 (known) children.

- 3 of his children married MARIA siblings (2 daughters marrying William Henry Maria)
- 2 of his children married PEPI siblings
- 2 of his children married BERGHAN siblings
- 3 of his children married THOMAS siblings
- 3 of his children married GARTON siblings AND another Garton sibling married his brother Stovin`s son

- their children were:
1871-1967 Annie Foster
- married Harry Thomas in 1892
- she died aged 96

1872-1957 Jabez "Joe" Foster
- married Harriett "Rita" Thomas in 1896
- married Annie May/Mary Kitchen in 1907
- he died aged 85

1873-1957 Stovin Foster
- married Ellen Berghan in 1907
- (Ellen was a half sister to Nina, below)
- he died aged 83

1874-1949 Martha Maria Foster
- married Charles Francis Thomas in 1892
- she died aged 74

1875-1970 Henry George Foster
- married Mary Florence Maria in 1904
- he died 2 days from 95

1877-1956 Richard Darnell Foster
- married Jessie Wallace in 1909
- he died aged 78

1878-1974 Alfred Sharpley Foster
- married Margaret Emma Garton in 1907
- he died aged 95

1879-1903 Florence Nightingale Foster
- she died aged 23

1881-1978 Elizabeth Foster
- married Albert George Garton in 1914
- she died aged 97

1882-Nov 1907 Helen Catherine Foster
- married William Henry Maria on 19th Feb 1907
- died aged 25 due to complications of childbirth

1883-1977 Roseanna Foster
- twin with Mary Maria
- married Alexander William Garton on 31st March 1910
- she died aged 93

1883-1971 Mary Maria Foster
- twin with Roseanna
- married William Henry Maria on 6th July 1910
- she died 1 day from 88

1885-1960 Clement Foster
- married Florence 'Flossy' Pepi in 1912
- he died aged 74

1887-1969 Effingham Francis Foster
- married Nina Berghan in 1909
- (Nina was born on 2nd July 1888, her mother, Catherine Snowden had her registered as Nina Berghan, the name of her 1st husband Arthur John Berghan who had died in 1886. Catherine married Joachim Pepi in 1889)
- Nina was a half sister to Ellen who married Stovin (above)
- he died aged 82

1889-1962 Andrew Millar Foster
- married Irene Pepi in 1909
- died aged 72

Jabez FOSTER & Sarah Ann PENNEY - New Zealand

I would like to know in which town of New Zealand Jabez FOSTER lived. His father was Stovin Foster an his mother was Ann Darnell. Stovin and his family (4 of their then 5 children at the time) emigrated to New Zealand from Liverpool on the PHOENIX arriving in Auckland on the 7th February 1860
Their eldest child, Jabez, who was then 12 stayed behind to finish school and arrived in New Zealand 7 years later at the age of 19.

From Auckland they moved to Doubtless Bay in the far north (which extends from Taupo Bay in the east, to the Karikari Peninsula in the west. It also includes the settlements of Hihi, Coopers Beach, Cable Bay, Taipa and Whatuwhiwhi, with its centre in busy, historic Mangonui) - this would have been an enormous journey back then, a distance from Auckland of about 300km. They were ferried some of the way in small boats up the Oruati River, a generally north flowing river that drains into Mangonui Harbour at the southern end of Doubtless Bay.

Three of their children died young and are buried in the orchard at Goshen, Oruaiti, Mangonui, where Stovin and Ann were also buried (Stovin dying 4 years and 1 week before Ann)

Jabez married Sarah Ann Penney when he was 23 and they had 15 (known) children
.. 3 of his children married MARIA siblings (2 daughters marrying William Henry Maria)
.. 3 of his children married PEPI siblings
.. 3 of his children married THOMAS siblings
.. 3 of his children married GARTON siblings AND another Garton sibling married his brother Stovin`s son

settlers of WELLSFORD New Zealand

In October 1862 the vessels HANOVER and MATILDA WATTENBACH arrived in Auckland with the first settlers from England. A number of these settlers established themselves at Port Albert, on the Kaipara Coast. They called themselves the Albertlanders, after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort. They were a "breakaway group from the Anglican Church looking for a new world".

However, not many of the settlers arrived at Port Albert and the ones who did found it difficult to make a living. The majority of the Albertlanders moved inland to more fertile areas in the region.
As a result, Wellsford was founded

... According to local tradition the origin of the name Wellsford is believed to be an acronym based on the surnames of the first families who settled in the region.
These names were:
EDGER - the Reverend Samuel Edger

The LESTER FAMILY tree is tracing the ancestors and descendenets of Charles Bertram LESTER, born in Albertland in 1867, 8km west of WELLSFORD, north Auckland, a son of Robert & Augusta Lester (would like help with this branch please)

It is tracing the ancestors and descendents of Sir William Houston STEWART (1822-1901) a British naval officer who was Controller of the Royal Navy from 1872 to 1881, a son of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Houston Stewart (1791-1875). William Houston Stewart is sometimes referred to as William Houston Shaw-Stewart; his paternal grandfather was Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, 6th Baronet (1766-1825)
- this line has traced back to Robert the Bruce

It is also tracing the ancestors and descendents of an early Australian convict, 18 year old Andrew Snowden, who was transported to NSW in 1791 to serve a 7 year sentence for stealing teaspoons. His son Henry John Davis ("Rewiti") Snowden was to move to New Zealand and marry (as his 2nd wife) a daughter of the Maori chief of Whangaroa, Te Ururoa.
Three of Henrys sister-in-law Reta FLAVELL (nee Ururoa)'s children married 3 of his children ...

children of Chief Te Ururoa of Whangaroa

Chief Te Ururoa was a Maori chief of Whangaroa and brother-in-law of Hongi Hika, a New Zealand Maori rangatira (chief) and war leader of the Ngapuhi iwi (tribe)

He 'married' Patungahere (would like to know what year)
the known children I have, all born in Pupuke, Northland were:
* Hema Ururoa - married Rangi Puhi
* Heke Ururoa - married Miriama Ngakaikorere
* Paora Ururoa
* Retakino Ururoa (born 1819)
married Thomas Flavell
(3 of their children married 3 children of Henry John Davis `Rewiti` SNOWDEN who was born in Parramatta NSW in 1811 and who married a sister of Retakino, see below)
the known children of Retakino & Thomas Flavell
* 1849 - 1902 Ellen Flavell
- married Andrew Snowden
* 1852 - 1910 John William Flavell
- married Ellen Snowden
* 1857 - 1916 William Flavell
- married Margaret Mary Downes
* 1858 - 1947 Annie Flavell
- married Robert Snowden

Erana `Ellen` Raupane Ururoa (born 1823)
- married Henry John Davis "Rewiti" Snowden in 1858 at Waimate as his 2nd wife, 16 years after the birth of their 1st child, between the births of their 8th and 9th children, daughters Eleanor and Isabella
- they had 9 children
* Henry had been married to Sophia Jaques in about 1833 in Australia and had 5 children, in Prospect, Parramatta Australia and Whangaroa NZ. Their 4th child, Mary Ann Snowden married John Semple in 1860, a son of theirs, Theodore Francis Semple was born in 1861 in Matakana, Wellsford and married Mary Margaret Stirling of Carlton, Victoria in Melbourne. Theodore was an engineer in Perth West Australia, great grandson of the Chief of Whangaroa and buried in the Fremantle Cemetery, Perth in 1905 (his wife Mary died in 1904 in Coburg, Victoria now a suburb of Melbourne)

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burials WAIKARAKA cemetery AUCKLAND - 1890-1906 - (G to M)

Some early names of Onehunga, Auckland

Waikaraka Cemetery is located at 1 Alfred Street in Onehunga Auckland

The first burial took place in 1890 and the cemetery continues to operate.
The burial register for Waikaraka Cemetery contains information about people who were buried in the cemetery from 1890-1906.
The database includes the following details: date of warrant &warrant number, the name of deceased, occupation, residence, date of death, where the deceased last came from, age, native place and date of burial. The database is a partial transcript but for full details of entries in the record book you can visit the Auckland City Council archives research room. These details include cause of death,
denomination, years in province, where buried (class, block, section, lot), fees, name of informant, and remarks

The following names were taken from their database
Index for Waikaraka Cemetery Record Book and for quick research reasons.
More information on each person can be seen at the link

Plot Numbers & Inscriptions were taken from this site:
Cemetery Records, Waikaraka and others

Anything in italics is my addition


GALLAUGHER, John, 30 May 1905 (aged 7 hours) of Mount Albert
- born 29th May 1905, a twin with sister Elizabeth
- children of Joseph & Carrie GALLAUGHER
- (Elizabeth died aged 6 hours, burial not known)
GARLAND, Charles Scott, June 1905, of Onehunga aged 1 day
- son of Edward Seaman GARLAND & lydia Louisa SCOPES
GEMMILL, Robert Templeton 1838-1905, of Troon, Ayrshire
- emigrated 1875
- on the above index link but not on their cemetery records
GIBBONS, Nicholas S 1836-1900, of Newfoundland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Nicholas Gibbons died 3 July 1900 aged 62 yrs. Also his wife Matilda Lavinia died 20 May 1907 aged 70 yrs"
(sep headstone) "In loving remembrance of Anona Sylvie Gibbons died 11 July 1911 aged 2 yrs, Also John Charles Gibbons died 18 July 1911 aged 5 yrs"
(sep headstone) "In loving remembrance of our dear parents Thomas Frederick Laurie Gibbons died 4 Nov 1939 aged 74 yrs. And Laura Jane Gibbons died 7 July 1960 aged 88 yrs. Also our sister Dorothy Moana loved wife of Jack Lawrence died 23 Sept 1960"
GIBSON, Mary (nee HANDLEY) 1849-1899
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of Harrison Gibson died 12 Nov 1899 aged 50 yrs"
- Mary married Harrison Diggery Ward Gibson (1847-1900) in Wanganui 1869. They had: Ethel Miriam, Francis Harrison, Olive Margaret, Alfred Harrison, Mary, Annie Kathleen & Raymond
GOBBERT, Auguste 1839-1900 of Germany
- farmer of 84 acres at Litle Muddy Creek, Auckland in 1873
- inscription reads "In loving memory of August Gobbert died 18 April 1900 aged 62 yrs. Also Hazel Slater beloved dau of G & E Slater died 9 June 1912 in her 19th yr. Also Elizabeth beloved wife of George Slater died 11 May 1924 aged 53 yrs"
(sep plaque) "And of her beloved husband George Slater died 26 Dec 1930 aged 67"
GOLDSBURY, Constance Nelly 1898-1899 of Burrow England
- arrived in Auckland from Ipswich/Woodbridge with her parents George Frederick (1842-1916) & Annie Maria (1846-1926) Goldsbury and siblings, Ernest, Albert, Lilian, Alfred & Sydney in 1880 on the BEN NEVIS, also with her father's brother Alfred Goldsbury & family
- buried with her parents Area 1 Block G Lot No 6 & 12
GOODSON, Mary Kanoline Melita 1903-1904 of Whangarei
- daughter of Matthew John GOODSON (1863-1919) & Mary Catherine CONNELL (1882-1958)
- other children were: Mary Eileen, Kathleen Leila & John Newton
GORDON, Martha 1869-1904, of Omagh Ireland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Martha dearly beloved wife of Thomas H Gordon Thomas Hamilton (1860-1928) died 25 May 1904 aged 35 yrs"
GORDON, William 1877-1905, Seaman of Tasmania
- Aged 28, Area 3 Block 3 Lot No 57A
GOSLING, Aileen Winifred Margaret 1899-1902 of Wellington
- inscription reads "Of your charity etc, Alice Hilda Gosling and her beloved children Aileen & James. Also Thomas who died of wounds in France. And Alice Higgs beloved dau of the above RIP
GOSLING, James Bernard Vincent 1895-1903 of Wellington
- see sister Aileen above
GOUGH, Daniel 1834-1905 of Shivan Ireland
- inscription reads "Sacred to the memory of Daniel Gough died 17 July 1905 aged 71 yrs. Also Mary his wife died 5 Oct 1906 aged 67 yrs RIP. Daniel beloved husband of Bessie Gough died at Perth 3 Jan 1918 aged 51 RIP. Francis beloved husband of Kate Gough died 31 May 1920 aged 52"
GOUGH, Mary 1839-1906 (NOTE: not on the database as a 1890-1906 burial but Mary died in Oct 1906 and is buried with Daniel, (see above)
GREEN, Charles 1857-1902, of Sweden
- Fallen Headstone inscription reads "Of your charity etc, Charles Green died 26 Sept 1902. Also his wife Sarah Jane Green (possibly nee CAUGHMAUD) died 26 Aug 1937. Annie Caroline McMahon died 28 June 1964. Also Roland McMahon died 7 Feb 1913. Gerard Pole died 19 Sept 1940. And John Griffith Pole died 28 Dec 1945 RIP" (grave reopened)
GRIEVE, William 1879-1905, of Scotland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of William dearly beloved son of John & Annie Grieve died 24 June 1905 aged 26 yrs. Also his father John Grieve died 15 Mar 1933 aged 75 yrs. And his mother Annie McA (McArthur) Grieve died 5 Dec 1935 aged 80 yrs. Erected by his brothers and sisters"
GRIMES, Isabella 1858-1904, of Ireland
- inscription reads "Of your charity etc, Isabella Grimes died 5 Dec 1904 aged 46 yrs RIP"
GROGAN, Vera Josephine 1904-1904 of Auckland
- aged 3 months, Area 3 Block 6 Lot No 15
GUNNING, John 1845-1903, of Ireland
- married Martha LINN (1843-1928) in 1879
- children were: Maria, Mary, Robert James & William George
GUNSON, John James 1905-1905
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Mary Josephine (nee MERRICK)beloved wife of John Gunson (1880-1948) died 11 Nov 1918 aged 38 yrs. Also their son John James Gunson aged 3 mths"

HADFIELD, Park Feb 1906 (aged 1 day)
- daughter of Tom (1857-1921) & Mary Hannah (1860-1946) HADFIELD
HALLEY, Cyril James 1905-1905 (aged 17 days)
- no parents found
HAMMERTON, John 1840-1906, of Engand
- inscription reads "In loving memory of John Hamerton died 22 Jan 1906 aged 66 yrs" - Note spelling Hammerton/Hamerton
HAMPTON, Elizabeth 1891-1891 (aged 3 weeks)
- daughter of George HAMPTON & Elizabeth
- born Nov 1891, possibly a prem baby, she had a brother Thomas Herbert Hampton born April 1891
HANNAH, James 1851-1905, of England
- Area 2 Block M Lot No 29
HARDING, Myra Ethel Irene 17-9-1904-1906 (aged 20 months)
- only child of Frederick & Myra HARDING
- her mother Myra died 9 days after her birth aged 25
- her father Frederick remarried in 1906 to Helen CRAWLEY
HARGREAVE, Anne 1838-1904, of London England
- inscription reads "Sacred to the memory of Anne beloved wife of Wm P (William Philip 1834-1910)Hargrave died 20 Aug 1904 aged 66 yrs RIP" - Note spelling Hargrave/Hargreave
HARRIS, Alfred William 1888-1891, of Ballarat Australia
- aged 2.4 - Area 3 Block 2 Lot No 12
HARRIS, Roy 1895-1902, of Onehungs
- inscription has "Sacred to the memory of Harold Roy Harris died 25 July 1902 aged 5 years 8 months"
HARRIS, March 1906, Stillborn child of Mrs W.F. Khyber pass
HARRISON, August Leonard 1904-1905, of Gisborne
- son of Frederick William HARRISON & Mary Lottie UNDERHILL (1876-1937)
HARRISON, Charles John 1815-1904, of England
- inscription reads "Sacred to the memory of Charles John Harrison died 10 July 1904 aged 89 yrs. Also his son A Wildon Harrison died 11 Mar 1936 aged 79 yrs"
HART, Charles O'Meara 1845-1905, of Melbourne
- Area 3 Block 6 Lot No 58
HART, George 1833-1900, of Ireland
- Area 2 Block P Lot No 1
HARTSHORN, William 1830-1905, of England
- inscription reads "In memory of William Hartshorn died 5 April 1905 aged 75 yrs"
HARWOOD, Albert William Thomas 1906-1906, of Remuera
- son of William Francis Herbert & Rose HARWOOD
HASLIP, Margaret (nee McPIKE) 1831-1903, of Ireland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Ruben Haslip died 11 Sept 1887 aged 65 yrs. Also Margaret beloved wife of the above died 18 May 1903 aged 72 yrs. Also Charlotte Weber (married Charles Bernard WEBER in 1894) beloved dau of Margaret & Ruben Haslip aged 75 yrs"
HAYTER, Ellen Christina 1900-1901, of Onehunga
- daughter of William James Frederick HAYTER (1873-1964) & Hannah Lizzie HARKER
- 4 known sons were: William James Barniggham, Edward George, Seymour Bousfield & Ernest Victor
- William (father) is buried with his 2nd wife Maggie at Waikaraka
HAYWARD, Theodore 1861-1902, Admiral's Steward, HMS Royal Arthur
HAYWOOD, Robert 1825-1890, shopkeeper Onehunga, of England
- possibly a brother of Thomas below as they are buried together
HAYWOOD Thomas 1816-1891, Storekeeper Onehunga, of England
- possibly a brother of Robert above as they are buried together
HEALEY, Thomas 1834-1906, of Ireland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Thomas Healey died 2 Mar 1906. Also his loving wife Rachel died 11 July 1939 aged 76 yrs"
HEALEY, William Joseph 1831-1906, of Ireland
- inscription reads (verse at top of headstone) "Sacred to the memory of William Joseph Healey dearly beloved husband of Margaret Healey died 1 May 1906 aged 83 yrs late of 58th Reg. served in the Maori War under the command of Col. Wynyard. Sacred to the memory of dear mother, widow of the above, died 8 Nov 1921 in her 99th yr (actually 94th). Also of their dau Hannah Healey died 7 Aug 1936 aged 87 yrs"
HEALEY, Eliza 1834-1901, of England
- wife of Patrick Healey
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Eliza Healy died 14 Sept 1901. And her loving dau Agnes died 17 Feb 1924 aged 53 yrs"
HEMUS, Solomon 1816-1904, of Birmingham England, one of Auckland's earliest settlers and a promenent figure in the Wesleyan Church was a wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer in Karangahape Rd and Queen St, lived in Mahurangi for a tme. Was the agent for the NZ Temperance Mission, one of those who started the Good Templars in Onehunga 1874. Secretary of the Auckland Total Abstinence Society in 1875. In 1882 Soloman was escribed as a 'temperance reformer of 40 years standing' giving lectures around the Colony on the subject of "Total Abstinence and Reform" - buried with Mary Ann Hemus (1818-1909)
- eldest daughter Leah married Charles PLUMMER in 1868
- a son Charles, a bootmaker of Star Boot & Shoe Store, Queen St, married Gertrude Evangleine EDGER in 1875
- a son Henry was also in business as a boot & shoe manufacturer
- his 3rd son George, a bootmaker/manufacturer, married Frances Harwood KEANE in 1868
HENDERSON, Percy Donald 1904-1905, of Auckland
- aged 2 months, parents not found, Area 3 Block 2 Lot No 3A
HENDRY, John 1885-1906, Clerk, of New Plymouth
- on the Index List, not in the Cemetery Database
HENNESSY, Rev. John Valentine 1860-1901, Catholic Priest of Ireland. Spelt Hennessey on BDM
- inscription reads "Rous I.V. Hennessy Galviensi in Hibernia Anno 1857 Natus Obiit Tamesi In Nova Zealandia Die 27 Maii 1901 RIP"
HENRY, Ruby May, Oct 1904 - Feb 1905 aged 4 months
- daughter of Kate Clare Henry, father not recorded at birth
- Kate married John Milton WHITHAM (1873-1938) in September 1905
- 2 known sons were: George Patrick Milton & John Hartley Whitham
HERBERT, George Payne 1843-1904, of America
- inscription reads "In loving memory of George Herbert died 14 Jan 1904. Also his wife Sarah died 17 Aug 1918. Erected by their children. Also James Readshaw dearly beloved husband of Mabel Smith died 10 July 1919. Also Mabel Smith relict of the above died 31 Oct 1934. Also Nellie Herbert died 10 Dec 1922"
HEWITT, Harriet 1867-1906 (married) at Northcote
- on the Index List, not in the Cemetery Database
HICKEY, Joseph 1875-1905 of Liverpool
- Area 2 Block Q Lot No 96
HILLS, Daniel 1818-1902, of London England
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Daniel beloved husband of Mary Ann Hills died 24 Mar 1902 in his 85th yr. Also Frank Charles Oswald son of the above died 15 Feb 1907 aged 28 yrs. Jessie Hills died 20 Feb 1931. Mary Ann loved wife of Daniel died 6 Mar 1938 in her 103rd yr. Also Nellie Christina their beloved dau died 24 Aug 1926 aged 51 yrs
HIRST, Henry 1826-1905, of Lancashire England
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Henry beloved husband of Ann Hirst born 13 Nov 1826 Padiham Lancashire England died 4 July 1905. Also in memory of Elizabeth beloved first wife of above died 21 June 1877 aged 56 yrs. Susanna dau of above died 11 June 1977 aged 16 yrs. Also In loving memory of Ann Hirst beloved wife of Henry Hirst died 19 Aug 1924 aged 85 yrs. Beloved by all"
HOBSON, Ellen Russell 1899-1902, of Mercer Waikato
- daughter of Abraham HOBSON (1848-died 10th Feb 1900, 3 months after the birth of Ellen Above) & Elizabeth Mary Ellen RUSSELL (1861-1937). Their children were: Mary Bridget married Hugh McGUIRE, Elizabeth Ellen (1882-1888), Anne Susan married William Alfred Samuel Thomas BROMFIELD, William Thomas (Sept 1887-died aged 6 weeks), Abraham John Gaul (1889-1936), Ida Evelyn, Grace Gertrude, George Charles Edward (1896-1936) & Ellen Russell
HODGE, Nellie Alma Beatrice 1905-1905, of Auckland
- aged 7 weeks, daughter of Edwin HODGE (1876-1933) & Ellen Austin MOIR (1887-1951)
HOGAN, Simon 1846-1904, of Tipperary
- aged 58, Area 3 Block 6 Lot No 2
HOLDEN, Alfred James 1827-1904
- aged 77, Area 3 Block 8 Lot No 35
HOLLIS, Detective, June 1904
- parents not known
HOLMES, Ivaleigh Hazel Lillian 1901-1903, of Auckland
- daughter of Melville & Mary Ann HOLMES. Other NZ born children were: Cyril Melville, Elsie May, William Maurice & Eva Irene Myrtle
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of Melville Holmes died 13 July 1932 aged 66 yrs. Also Iverleign dau of above (Mary Ann) died 24 Oct 1902 aged 13 mths. Also Melville loved husband of above died 22 June 1938 aged 74"
(sep plaque) "Also Mabel Osborne loved dau of the above (Mary Ann) died 12 June 1959 aged 66 yrs"
HOOPER, Alfred Nathaniel 1875-1905, of Auckland
- son of Matthew HOOPER (1846-1902) & Catherine MARTIN (1840-1882)
- husband of Eliza May Fisher
HOOPER, Thomas William 1903-1903 (aged 3 days)
- son of Alfred Nathaniel HOOPER (above) & Eliza May FISHER
- they also had a son Alfred Richard Hooper, born 4 months before his father died - Eliza remarried in 1906 to John Joseph QUIGG
HOPPER, Martha 1852-1904, of England
- inscription reads "In loving memory of James beloved husband of Annie Watson died 1 Feb 1906 aged 82 yrs. Also the above Annie Watson died 2 Aug 1920 in her 82nd yr. Also of Martha Hopper sister of the above died 24 Dec 1905 aged 52 yrs." (sep plague) "In loving memory of William M Hopper died 10 April 1919 aged 73 yrs
HORSBURGH, Thomas (database has HORSBRUGH) 1816-1901 of Scotland - inscription reads "In memory of Thomas Horsbrugh born at Cupar Fife Scotland 17 Mar 1816 died 20 Aug 1901" (note the spelling of Horsbrugh, written as it is sounded)
HOWARD, Jack 1904-1905, of Auckland
- son of George HOWARD & Amy Ada ROWE (married 1907)
- a daughter, Doris Amy/May Howard was born 1897
- inscription on his mother's headstone reads "In loving memory of Amy Ada beloved wife of George Howard died 26 May 1914 aged 47 yrs. Also George Howard died 17 Oct 1937 aged 75 yrs. Also Rose Smart of Nelson. (sep headstone) In loving memory of Little Jack
HOWARD, Sylvester 1846-1903, of America, aged 55
- Seaman on the Barque Mary L Cushing, - Area 3 Block 2 Lot No 28
HUGHES, Albert Edward 1901-1902, aged 15 months
- son of Albert HUGHES & Elizabeth Clara SALT
- buried Area 1 Block C Lot No 1 with his 3 sisters (below)
HUGHES, Ethel 1899-1900, of Onehunga
- daughter of Albert HUGHES & Elizabeth Clara SALT
- twin with Gladys, born 19th May 1899
- died 26th Feb 1900 aged 9 months
- buried with her 3 siblings
HUGHES, Gladys 1899-1900, of Onehunga
- daughter of Albert HUGHES & Elizabeth Clara SALT
- twin with Ethel, born 19th May 1899
- died 3rd March 1900 aged 9 months
- buried with her 3 siblings
HUGHES, Ethel Marion 1904-1905, of Onehunga
- daughter of Albert HUGHES & Elizabeth Clara SALT
- born 26th August 1904
- died 5th September 1905 aged 1
- buried with her 3 siblings (above)
The children of Albert (1863-1907) & Elizabeth (1866-1951):
- (they are also buried here Area 1 Block C Lot No 19 & 19B)
1885 Edward John Hughes
1888 Harold Lancelot Hughes
- died 1942 aged 53 - Area 1 Block C Lot No 25B
1890 Alice Marion Hughes
1892-1973 Albert William Hughes
1894 Norman Hughes Corporal NZEF, 14th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company, killed in action Belgium 23 June 1917 - Messines Ridge (NZ) Memorial & Auckland War Memorial Museum
1899 Ethel Hughes (above)
1899 Gladis Hughes (above)
1901 Albert Edward Hughes (above)
1904 Ethel Marion Hughes (above)
HUNTER, Marcella 1854-1904, of Ireland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Marsella the beloved wife of James Hunter died 8 Aug 1904 aged 52 yrs RIP" )Note spelling Marcella/Marsella)
- Marcella emigrated into Auckland with her husband James and 1 year old William on the BRODICK CASTLE which left London on 7th Oct 1875, arriving 23rd March 1876
- other children born in NZ were: 1877 Ann, 1883 John Patrick
- her husband James Henry Hunter (1841-1928) is buried with her
HUTCHISON, John George 1835-1905, of Scotland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of John George Hutchison of The Springs Onehunga born 4 Jan 1835 died 15 Sept 1905. Also the beloved wife of the above Isabella Hutchison who was the first child born in Onehunga of European parents died 14 November 1930 aged 86 yrs"
HUTCHISON, Joshua 1840-1905, of Ireland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Joshua beloved husband of Maria Beirne Hutchison died 23 Aug 1905 aged 65 years. In loving memory of Maria Beirne wife of Joshua Hutchison died 8 Mar 1911 aged 64 yrs"
HUTCHISON, Robert 1889-1905
- Area 2 Block Q Lot No 2

INKSTER, Walter Goodison 1905-1906 aged 8 months
- son of Annie Inkster, father not recorded at birth

JACKSON, Francis 1827-1892, of Wigtonshire, Scotland
- aged 64, Area 3 Block 8 Lot No 1
JACKSON, George Joseph 1834-1899, of England
- inscription reads "In loving memory of George Joseph Jackson JP died 23 Sept 1899 in his 66th yr. Also his beloved wife Marie died 14 Aug 1916" - (sep headstone) "In everloving memory of Erica May 'Bonnie' youngest dau of C J (Cyril James) & M V (Mercy Vaile) Byles died 6 Feb 1923" (aged 17)
JAMES, Lewis Albert Murray 1864-1904, born in Auckland
- (database has Lewis Albert Muir)
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Emma Mary Houltham (1871-1949)died 4 Oct 1949 aged 78 yrs, a devoted mother. Also her dearly loved brother Lewis James died 20 May 1904 aged 40 yrs"
JARDINE, Agnes 1844-1906, of Glasgow
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Alexander (Alexander Jardine McDougall, 1884-1908) the beloved husband of Mabel McDougall (nee RHODES)who was accidentally drowned at Orewa whilst making a brave attempt to rescue his wife 18 Feb 1908 aged 24 yrs. (Mabel remarried in 1914 to David Joseph Frederick Langley). In loving memory of Agnes Jardine died 23 Mar 1906 aged 59 yrs"
JEFFERY, Reginald James Edward 1902-1902, of Ponsonby
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Reginald beloved son of James W & Kate Jeffery died 3 Dec 1902 aged 11 weeks. Also their dau Violet died 12 Nov 1915 aged 26 yrs" (sep plaque) Kate (Katherine Louisa O'HERN) died 28 Jan 1937 aged 77. And her loved husband James William died 4 Aug 1945 aged 85. Also their dau May (Victoria May) died 17 July 1970 aged 71"
JENKINSON, Robert 1871-1903
- inscription reads "Of your charity etc Robert Jenkinson Jnr died 26 May 1903. Robert Jenkinson 22 Aug 1913 (aged 79). Margaret Jenkinson 1 Aug 1936 (Margaret Maria nee SLATTERY aged 88) RIP"
JOHNS, Iris Mabel 1889-1905, of Dunedin
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Iris Mabel beloved dau of C (Cornelius) & A (Annabella) Johns died 15 June 1905 aged 16 yrs. Also (William) Cornelius Johns beloved husband of Annabella Johns died 18 June 1923 aged 74 yrs. Also Annabella Johns beloved wife of the above died 11 April 1933 aged 82 yrs"
(sep headstone) " In loving memory of my dear mother Bessie Mabey died 21 June 1939 aged 59 yrs" - (Bessie was the 1st of Cornelius & Annabella's NZ born children. Others were: Minnie Matilda, Thomas George, William Ernest, Jessie Amelia, Iris Mabel)
(sep plaque) " Our darling Baby asleep 29 April 1931"
JOHNSON, Charles Cavanagh 1904-1905, of NZ
- database has Johnston - aged 7 months
- son of Carl Peter JOHNSON & Mary Ann CAVANAGH
- the children of Carl & Mary Ann were: 1898 Marie Kathleen, 1900 John Carl, 1901 Bernard Mark, 1904 Charles Cavanagh
JOHNSON, Cecil 1905-1906, of Onehunga
- aged 4 months. Son of James William JOHNSON & May DUNN
JOHNSON, Eleanor 1853-1906, of Ireland
- inscription reads "In loving remembrance of Eleanor Logan the beloved wife of William Johnston died 20 Jan 1906 aged 53 yrs. Also William Johnston beloved husband of the above died 24 June 1917 aged 83 yrs" Note spelling Johnson/Johnston
JOHNSON, Ellen 'Nellie' 1886-1903, unmarried, of Epsom Auckland
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Nellie dearly beloved dau of Sarah (& Alexander) Johnson died 4 May 1903 aged 17 yrs 9 mths"
JOHNSTON, Charles Hugh 1873-1905, Seaman of NZ
- aged 32. Area 1 Block D Lot No 13
JOHNSTON, Edward Charles 1905-1905, of Parnell
- aged 6 months. Son of David Campbell JOHNSTON & Maria Leighton CARSON
JOHNSTON, John Gilbert 1827-1899, of Shetland Isles
- database has Johnson. Aged 72. Area 3 Block 8 Lot No 18
JONES, Arthur Stanley 1891-1891, of NZ
- born 22 Oct 1891 a twin son of Henry Samuel & Martha JONES
- the other twin was Herbert Spencer Jones
JONES, John 1843-1903, of Cork Ireland
- aged 60. Area 3 Block 2 Lot No 27

KEARIN, Catherine 1906-1906 of Onehunga
- aged 8 days. Daughter of Maurice Patrick KEARIN & Catherine Christina HOLTON. Buried with mother Catherine (1882-1962), father Patrick (1878-1955) & grandfather? Patrick Manners Kearin (1856-1904)
KEARIN, Patrick Manners 1856-1904, of Ireland
- Area 1 Block F Lot No 14, see above
KEATING, John 1839-1902, of Ireland
- inscription reads "Of your charity etc, Edward beloved husband of Kate Keating died 6 July 1918 aged 52 yrs RIP. Also Kate beloved wife of the late Edward Keating died 7 May 1956 aged 89 yrs. Of your charity etc, John Keating died 3 June 1902 aged 69 yrs. And his wife Bridget died 14 Sept 1956 aged 75 yrs RIP. Of your charity etc, Mary dearly beloved wife of J Stone died 21 Sept 1919 aged 54 yrs RIP"
KEEGAN, Clifford Frederick 1905-1905
- aged 7 weeks, 10th of 10 children of John KEEGAN & Louisa Elizabeth MERRICK. Their children were: 1884 Evelyn Constance, 1885 Lucy May, 1887 Grace Madeline, 1889 Kames Henry, 1891 John Osborne, 1893 George Ernest, 1896 Eliza Dorothy, 1899 Emmeline Alice, 1901 Herbert Roy, 1905 Clifford Referick
KEESING, Violet Alberta 1902-1902
- aged 5 months, daughter of Abraham Henry & Isabella KEESING
KELLY, John 1836-1901, of Galway Ireland
KELLY, Leonard Joseph 1901-1902, of Onehunga
KELLY, Leslie Stuart 1877-1900, of NZ
KELSALL, Walter 1852-1903, of England
KEMP, Henry Tacy 1819-1901, of England
KENDALL, Georgina 1906-1906, of NZ
KENNEDY, John 1856-1904, of Kuaotunu
KILGOUR, John William Vernon, March 1902 (aged 3 days)
KILIAN, John Bernard 1839-1905, of Cape Town, South Africa
KILNER, Thelma 1906-1906, of Auckland
KING, John 1831-1904, of Ireland
KLUBER, Alfred 1867-1902, of Kaupo
KNAPMAN, Owen James 1884-1905, of Auckland

LAING, James Edward 1867-1904, jockey of Ellerslie Auckland
LALEAN [LE LEION?], Edward 1845-1904, of France
LANDERS, John 1827-1905, of Tipperary
LANGTON, Tom, April 1906 (aged 2 days)
LAWLER, Margaret 1838-1904, of Ireland
LEATHART, Elizabeth 1848-1901, nee Williamson of NZ
LECOMTE, Caroline, Feb 1906 (aged 2 days)
LEE, Alfred George 1873-1905, of NZ
LEE, Henry 1874-1904 (died in hospital)
LETHAM, Frederick Henry 1890-1904, of Auckland
LETHAM, Gladys Rae 1905-1905 (aged 5 months)
LETHAM, Owen Roy Clifton 1881-1906, boilermaker of NZ
LISTER, Christopher Laing 1901-1904, of Scotland
LISTER, John Alexander 1898-1904, of Scotland
LISTER, William Miller 1903-1904, of Scotland
LOCKE, Samuel Joseph 1885-1906, Brewer of NZ
LONG, Albert John 1879-1904, School Teacher of London
LONGMAN, Sarah Ann 1846-1905 of England
LOWRIE, William 1876-1904, School Teacher of NZ
LOVATT, Catherine 1832-1905, of Sheffield England
- inscription reads: "In loving memory of George Lovatt died 26 Nov 1907 aged 76 yrs. Also Catherine wife of the above died 26 April 1905 aged 73
LOVERIDGE, Emily Margaret of Onehunga March 1901 aged 4
- daughter of John LOVERIDGE & Margaret COOMBES
- Area 3 Block 3 Lot No 1
LOVERIDGE, Margaret 1872-1902, of Onehunga
LOWRY, Basil Norman, Nov 1899 of Ponsonby (aged 3 weeks)
- 1 of 3 children of James Francis LOWRY & Catherine Mildred LORRIGAN
- inscription reads: "Of your charity etc, James F Lowry died 29 Nov 1924. Also his infant son Basil died 23 Nov 1899
LUNDGREN, John 1854-1906, Seaman of Finland
- Area 3 Block 3 Lot No 17
LYALL, Jennie 1856-1906 (database has LYELL)
LYONS, John 1861-1903, of Ireland

MaCARTNEY, Grace 1873-1904, of Ireland
MacFARLANE, Angus 1833-1905, of Scotland
MacFARLANE, Theodore 1888-1903, of Christchurch
- 1 of 4 children of Samuel MacFARLANE & Eva WATSON
MADSEN, Ingeborg 1866-1904, of Copenhagen
MAHONEY, William 1839-1903, Hotelkeeper of Ireland
MALONEY, Ellen 1866-1902, of Ireland
MALONEY, Lily, April 1902 (aged 2 months in Ponsonby Orphanage)
MARSACK, Charles 1861-1904, of England
MARSDEN, James Nelson 1863-1903, School Master of Rochester England
MARSHALL, Alice Margaret, Sep 1904 aged 7 weeks
- daughter of Charles Henry 'Harry' MARSHALL & Laura BUNN
MARTIN, Alice, Feb 1905 aged 5 weeks
- daughter of James William MARTIN & Alice SWANSON
MASSAM, William Ernest, March 1905 aged 3 weeks
- son of Joseph & Hannah Mary MASSAM
MATTHEWS, Alfred Augustus 1897-1906, of Wales
MAY, John 1856-1903, of Waihi
- Area 1 Block E Lot No 81
McARTHUR, Neil Robb 1900-1902, of Onehunga
McAULAY, James 1832-1905, Carpenter of Ireland
McAULEY, Mary 1848-1905, of Lingford, Ireland
McCARRON, Bridget 1871-1905, of New South Wales
McCARTHY, Eugene 1878-1905
McCARTHY, John 1844-1904, Shipwright of Ireland
McCLOSKEY, Sarah 1870-1905, of NZ
- transcribed inscription reads " -Mccloskey - Sarah died 8 Oct 1905 Also her beloved husband Charles died 9 Sept 1947 And their children Elizabeth, John and Ida RIP"
McCLOSKEY, Elizabeth Sarita 26-3-1904-1905, of Onehunga
- daughter of Charles McCLOSKEY & Sarah Elizabeth MILLER
McCONNELL, James Henry 1875-1903, farmer of Stratford
McCORMACK [MCCORMICK?], William 1863-1902, of Scotland
McDONALD, James 1827-1905, of Ireland
McDONNELL, Maria 1880-05, of Wellington
McDONNELL, Thomas, of Ireland 1832-1905
McDORRACH, Henry Francis, Miner of Ireland 1844-1905
McDOUGALL, Andrew, Labourer of Scotland 1840-1904
McDOWELL, William, Miller of Ireland 1830-1902
McFARQUHAR, William, Veterinary Surgeon of Scotland 1852-1902
McGAHEY, John, Labourer of Londonderry 1827-1900
McGARRIGLE, Bernard, Gardener of Ireland 1844-1902
McGRATH, Thomas Edward, of Devonport Auckland May 1905 aged 14 days
McGREGOR, Margaret of Auckland, June 1904 aged 7 hours
- daughter of Donald McGREGOR & Gertrude Mary CULLEN
McGURK, Ellen, of Dublin 1839-1904 aged 65
McINTOSH, Colin of Penrose Auckland, Feb 1901 aged 48 hours
- son of Colin McINTOSH & Mary Ann KEATLEY
McINTOSH, John Colin, of Penrose Auckland, June 1900 aged 3 weeks
McKAY, Elsie Violet of Auckland, Aug 1904 aged 19 months
- daughter of William Edward McKAY & Margaret CONNOLLY
McKNIGHT, Ellen, of Christchurch, Nov 1901 aged 10 months
McCORMACK, [McCORMICK], John Cann 1839-1906
McLEAN, Charles, of Onehunga, June 1902 aged 5 days
McLEOD, Isabella Iris Lillian of Papakura 1894-1902
- daughter of Alexander McLEOD & Mary GRACE
McLEOD, Sarah of England via Waihi (married) 1845-1905
McMAHON, Catherine, of Ireland (married) 1847-1903
McMANUS, William Hotelkeeper of County Roscommon Ireland 1868-1904
McPIKE, Stillborn child of Mrs N. McPike, May 1901 Onehunga
McPIKE, James, settler of Ireland 1829-1905
McPIKE, William Daniel, Bus Driver of Onehunga 1866-1899
McQUOID, Clorine Hilda, of Onehunga May 1904 aged 5 weeks
- daughter of Hilda Mary McQUOID - father not recorded
- Hilda married Gordon Alfred MATHEWS in 1914
MEARS, Abraham Lincoln Eden 1888-1905
- son of William Eden & Anne Elizabeth MEARS
MEREDITH, Gwyneth Mary of Northcote, March 1901 aged 10 months
- daughter of Walter Algernon MEREDITH & Martha Matilda EVERITT
MILLER, John, Builder of Herfordshire England 1831-1904
MILNER, David, Painter of Yorkshire England 1832-1904
MITCHAM, Isaac John, Sailmaker of Barking Essex England 1830-1902
MOLLOY, Eileen Dominic (or Ellen Dominica), of Waihi, Aug 1902 aged 3 - daughter of Charles Joseph & Mary MOLLOY
MOORE, Daniel, of ?, 1835-1905
MOORE, Elizabeth, of Lisburn County Antrim, Ireland (wife of M.J.) 1835-1901
MOORE, Howard Edwin, of Penrose, Feb 1906 aged 6 months
- son of William Nelson MOORE & Clara Alethea HALLAMORE
MOORE, Janet Bruce, of Onehunga, Sep 1899 aged 11 months
- daughter of Adam MOORE & Janet Bruce McINTYRE
MOORE, Matthew James, of Auckland, Dec 1902 aged 5 weeks
- son of Matthew James MOORE & Mary Jane DICKINSON
MOORE, Trevor Cornwall, of Auckland, Dec 1901 aged 6 months
- son of Matthew James MOORE & Mary Jane DICKINSON
MOORE, William Edward, Labourer of Ireland 1861-1905
MORES, Jackeen, of Puhoi (schoolboy) 1897-1906
MORGAN, Martin Joseph, Miner of Ireland 1860-1905
MORLAND, Joseph, Settler of England 1829-1905
MORRIS, Adeline Beatrice, of Brisbane 1876-1905 at Mater Miserecordia Private Hospital
MORRIS, George Bentham, of England 1840-1903
MORRIS, Henry Francis, of Coromandel, June 1904 aged 2
- son of Joseph Thomas George MORRIS & Martha FOSTER
MORTON, John Darby, Reporter of NZ 1882-1906
- son of Robert & Sarah Ann MORTON
MOYLE, Edward Kenneth Stuart, April 1904 aged 2
- son of Thomas MOYLE & Sarah Alice TONGE
MULVANEY, Ellen, of Ireland (widow of Thomas John) 1821-1900
MURDOCK, Maynor Eileen, of Onehunga, March 1906 aged 16 month (Murdoch on birth, Murdock on death)
- daughter of Edward MURDOCH & Caroline EDMONDSON
MURDOCH, Charles, of Onehunga, March 1905 aged 8 months
MURRISON, Alexander, Labourer of Scotland 1860-1905
MURTAGH, Edward, Baker of Napier 1886-1903
- son of William Patrick MURTAGH & Ellen TOSCAN

burials WAIKARAKA cemetery AUCKLAND - 1890-1906 - (N to Z)

Waikaraka Cemetery is located at 1 Alfred Street in Onehunga Auckland

The first burial took place in 1890 and the cemetery continues to operate.
The burial register for Waikaraka Cemetery contains information about people who were buried in the cemetery from 1890-1906.
The database includes the following details: date of warrant &warrant number, the name of deceased, occupation, residence, date of death, where the deceased last came from, age, native place and date of burial. The database is a partial transcript but for full details of entries in the record book you can visit the Auckland City Council archives research room. These details include cause of death,
denomination, years in province, where buried (class, block, section, lot), fees, name of informant, and remarks

The following names were taken from their database
Index for Waikaraka Cemetery Record Book and for quick research reasons.
More information on each person can be seen at the link

Plot Numbers & Inscriptions were taken from this site:
Cemetery Records, Waikaraka and others

Anything in italics is my addition


NEAL, Maria, of Yorkshire England (widow, possibly of Robert below) 1828-1899
NEAL, Robert, Tea Merchant of Halifax Yorkshire England 1827-1892
NEGUS, Alice Constance Genevieve of Auckland, May 1905 aged 11 weeks - 1 of 3 children of Frances Mary NEGUS (1880-1968) & an unnamed father (although she married Thomas John HOPE (1873-1941) in 1907, which was a name given to 3rd child Daphne). Her children were:
1901-1902 Cyril Howard Negus, died aged 6 months
1905-1905 Alice Constance Genevieve, died aged 3 months
1906-1906 Daphne Josephine Hope Negus, died aged 7 months
- Frances & Thomas had at least 1 child: Thomasina Mary in 1908
NEIL, Mary, of Ireland (married) 1837-1904
NELSON, Jacob, Labourer of Norway 1865-1905
NEW, Alice May, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 7 weeks
- daughter of Walter NEW & Sarah MALTON
NEW, David, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 1 month
- son of Walter NEW & Sarah MALTON
NEW, William Fleming Malton, of NZ, Jan 1906 aged 13 months
- son of Walter NEW & Sarah MALTON
NEWEY, Edna, of Onehunga, Dec 1903 aged 4 months
- daughter of Frederick Montague NEWEY & Ellen Alice RATHBONE
NEWMAN, Arthur, Farmer of Worcestershire 1875-1906
NEWMAN, Ellen, of Victoria Australia (married) 1863-1904
NICHOLSON, Margaret Ann, of Mercury Bay Auckland 1888-1906
NICOLAI, Bertha Sophia Cecelia, of Thames Coromandel (not married) 1881-1904
NICOLAI, Robert, Cordial Manufacturer of Germany 1835-1905
NICOLSON, Roderick, of NZ, Dec 1905 aged 2
- son of Horace Evander (1866-1915) & Masei (1872-1945) NICOLSON
NILDER, Louisa, of Hokianga (married) 1874-1904

O'BRIEN, Herbert, Tram Conductor of Lucknow NSW 1884-1905
O'BRIEN, Laughlan of Dublin Ireland, Judge of the Native Land Court 1821-1901. Grandfather of Monica (below)
O'BRIEN, Mary of Onehunga (widow) 1846-1902
O'BRIEN, Monica of Auckland, April 1902 aged 2 weeks
- daughter of Laughlin Adolphe O'BRIEN & Norah Mary MULVANY
O'DONNELL, John, Gumdigger of Kerry Ireland 1834-July 1905
O'DONNELL, Mary of Ireland (widow) 1833-May 1905
O'KEEFE, John, Fireman 1869-1906
OLDBURY, Thomas, Bushman of England 1817-1891
OLSON, Olaf Magnus, Sailor of Sweden 1838-1903 (Brights Disease)
O'NEILL, Thomas, Fisherman of Glasgow Scotland 1866-1904
O'REILLY, Josephine, Telephone Operator of Ireland 1871-1892
O'REILLY, Mary Genevieve of Mt Eden Auckland, May 1904 aged 4
- daughter of James O'REILLY & Ellen LYNCH
OSMOND, John Hooper, of Manila 1856-1905
O'SULLIVAN, Daniel, Saddler of Ireland 1874-1905
OTTO, Ernest Hilliard, Bootmaker of Drury Auckland 1888-1906
- 1 of 11 children of Andrew OTTO & Beatrice Hilria HEALEY
OUTHWAITE, Marie, of France (widow) 1814-1905
OUTHWAITE, William Eugene, Barrister of NZ 1847-1900

PAGE, Frederick, Carter of NZ 1866-1903
PARFITT, Bertram William, of Onehunga 1893-1900
- son of Henry PARFITT & Mary Agnes CALDICOTT
PARK, James, Woollen Works Manager of Scotland 1838-1901
PARKER, John, Settler of England 1818-1904
PARKER, Margaret, of Liverpool England (married) 1851-1905
PARKINSON, Margaret, of South Africa (married) 1862-1903
PARTRIDGE, William, Carpenter of England 1830-1906
PATES, May, of NZ, Aug 1905 aged 4
- daughter of John PATES & Fanny BURTENSHAW
PATTERSON, William of Auckland, Jan 1905 aged 8 months
PAUL, Sarah, of Ireland (widow) 1846-1906
PAYNE, Martin Henry, Surgeon of Somersetshire, England 1842-1901
- 1869 ... .. Lic. R. Coll. Phys. Edin., Lic. Soc. Apoth. Lond.
- 1870 ... .. Mem. R. Coll. Surg. Eng.
- 1872 Jan 04 Registered as a Medical Practitioner
- 1874 Apr 13 Enrolled as a surgeon with the Hauraki Engineer
- 1876 Jun 22 Appointed Vaccination Inspector at Shortland
- 1882 ... .. Resident at Thames
PAYNE, Mary Ann, of England (married) 1846-1900
PEARCE, Benjamin, Fireman of Onehunga 1843-1900 aged 57
PEARCE, John, Labourer of England 1822-1890
PEARCE, Mary Isabella, of NZ (married) 1872-1903
PERCIVAL, James Hogarth, Insurance Agent of England 1858-1905
PERKINSON, Margaret, of South Africa (widow) 1862-1903
PICKRELL, Benjamin Alfred, of Penrose Auckland, Sep 1902 aged 3 months
PIKE, Elizabeth, of Auckland, May 1906 aged 6 hours
PISTRUCCI, Phillipo, Labourer 1841-1905
PLESCHER, Theresa St Helena, of Puhoi (married) 1876-1904
POPE, Pauline Eileen, of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 5
POPLE, Maud Alice, of England (married) 1880-1904
POPLE, Norman Oliver, of Onehunga, Marhc 1903 aged 7 weeks
POPLE, Norman Roy, of Onehunga, Dec 1903 aged 4 months
PRESSLEY, William, Marine Engineer of Kingston upon Hull England 1842-1902
PROVIS, William Frederick, of Napier, March 1900 aged 19 months
- son of William Shackson & Lucie Ethel PROVIS
- William was a General Carrier & Shipping Agent in Napier

RADFORD, Catherine (married) 1823-1905
RANDELL, Honorine Mary of Onehunga, Xmas Day 1901 aged 19
- 1 of 7 children of Nathaniel RANDELL & Ellen BRENNAN
- their children were:
Lawton, Honorine Mary, Leon, Coralie, Freda, Carey Prestage & Berenice
- Honorine is buried with her mother Ellen and sister Berenice, they died after 1906
RAWLINSON, Ruby Melba Ann,of Onehunga, April 1903 aged 10 weeks
REECE, Johanna, of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 1.8
REID, Helen Martha, of Auckland, March 1905 aged 5 weeks
REID, James, of Scotland 1823-1903
REID, Joseph, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 3 days
REID, Kathleen, of Ireland 1846-1904
REID, Thomas Francis 1875-1905
REILLY, Catherine Jane, of Ireland 1847-1905
REITH, Dorothy Maud, of Auckland, May 1905 aged 5 weeks
RICHARDSON, Margaret Caroline, of Napier 1855-1902 (Patient in Lunatic Asylum)
RIGBY, Helen, of Ireland via Victoria Australia (widow) 1826-1905
ROBINSON, Edward Milligan, Draper of South Africa ? 1879-1905
ROSS, Frances, of Mangawai (widow) 1859-June 1905
ROSS, John, Master Mariner of Whangarei 1859- Nov 1905
ROUT, James, Farmer of London England 1835-1904
ROWE, Thomas Henry, of Bodmin Cornwall 1819-1901
ROWE, Thomas Henry, Joiner Apprentice of Onehunga 1886-1902
ROWLEY, John Downing, Theatrical Manager of Birmingham, England 1864-1905
RUSH, Rita, of NZ, Dc 1905 aged 12 months
RUSSELL, Michael, Labourer of Ireland 1868-1905

SAINTY, unnamed of Stewart Street, Ponsonby, June 1902 aged 1 hour
SARGENT, John, of England via India (in the Military) 1828-1902
SATMAN, Louisa, of NZ (married) 1869-1904
SCANNELL, David 1838-1906 aged 68
SCHATCHARD, [SCATCHARD], Charles , of Yorkshire England 1868-1905
SCHMIDT, Jessie Daphne of Onehunga, July 1905 aged 7 months
SCOTT, Stillborn Infant of Symonds Street, Auckland, July 1903
SCOTT, James, Fireman of England 1868-1905
SCOTT, Mary Elizabeth, of England (married) 1870-1905
SCOTTOW, Joseph Robert, of Coromandel 1895-1905
SEALE [?], stillborn infant of Symonds Street, Auckland 15th July 1903
SEATON, Mary Catherine Frances, of Ireland (married) 1856-1904
SERVICE, Arthur Frederick, of Auckland, Jan 1905 aged 5 weeks
SEYMOUR, Barbara, of England (wife of Henry) 1878-1902
SHADDOCK, Joseph, of Hobson St Auckland, Jan 1905 aged 1 day
SHANNON, Robert, Bookseller of ? 1830-1905
SHARP, Stephen Walter, Settler of Maidstone Kent 1850-1902
SHEDDAN, Robert, Cooper of Greenock, Scotland via Melbourne 1819-1901
SHELLEY, Ida Nina Isabella, of Onehunga, May 1903 aged 11 months
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth Ann, of Devonshire England 182301905
SHIPHERD, John, Farmer of Cornwall England 1816-1891
SHORE, James, Miner of Tasmania 1861-1905
SIMMONS, Francis Churchill "Frank", Farmer of Tasmania 1864-1905
SIMMS, Florence, of Onehunga, Jan 1904 aged 7 months
SIMPSON, Jennie Abercrombie, of NZ, May 1904 aged 3
SIMPSON, Mary Weatherall, of Newtown, Limavady, Ireland, (widow of John) 1830-1901
SIMPSON, William James, of NZ, July 1904 aged 4 months
SIMS, Florence, of Onehunga, Jan 1904 aged 7 months
SINCLAIR, Annabella, of Grey Lynn Auckland, April 1902 aged 7 months
SLATER, Wilfrid John, of Mt Eden, June 1906 aged 1 day
SMITH, unnamed infant of Bleazards Rd Mt Eden, Feb 1904 aged 12 hours SMITH, Lilian of Hikurangi (married) 1880-1924
SMITH, Alexander Priestly Stratford of Onehunga, March 1904 aged 11 months
SMITH, Ellen of Victoria St, Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 6 months
SMITH, Ernest Prim, Trooper returned from South Africa War, of Auckland 1883-1902
SMITH, Eva Rutledge, of Auckland, June 1905 aged 10 weeks
SMITH, George Ernest, of Onehunga, Aug 1901 aged 6 months
SMITH, Henry Edward, of Onehunga, May 1904 aged 3 months
SMITH, Zillah Priestley Stratford, of Onehunga, April 1905 aged 6 months (brother of Alex)
SMYTHE, William Gough, of England 1837-1904
SNEDDON, Robert, Cooper of Greenock, Scotland via Melbourne 1849-1901
SNOWDEN, Sydney, of Onehunga, May 1902 aged 3
SOMERVILLE, Catherine Mary, of Kikeeny Ireland (widow) 1822-1903
SORONSEN, Margaret, of Ireland (married) 1843-1903
SPALDING, Edith, of Te Aroha (not married) 1884-1905
SPEED, Charles Rowley, Labourer of England 1866-1905
SQUIRES, Harold, Farm Hand of Christchurch 1885-1902
STEELE, Sarah Maria, of Ireland (married) 1816-1904
STEELE, John Rowe, Settler of Ireland 1819-1905
STEPHENS, James, Master Mariner of the Cutter "Maria ?" of Plymouth England 1830-1906
STERLING, William, of Custons St Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 5 weeks
STEVENSON, Marjory Viti, of Fiji, Aug 1905 aged 8
STEVENSON, Mary Consitt, Gentlewomen of ? 1839-1891
STEWART, Catharine Pollok, of Onehunga, Oct 1905 aged 1 day
STEWART, Jane Elizabeth, of Onehunga, Sep 1900 aged 5 days
STONE, Charles Edward, Storekeeper of Ballarat Australia 1850-1903 aged 52
STOREY, Mary Jane, of Onehunga (married) 1863-1903
STREET, Benjamin, Carpenter of England via California 1816-1891
SULLIVAN, Bridget, of Ireland (widow) 1815-1901
SULLIVAN James Albert Joseph, Railway Porter of Auckland 1884-1903
SULLIVAN, Thomas Felix, Carter of Federal St Auckland 1884-1906
SUND, Clarice, of Auckland 1891-1903
SWANN, Cecilia Mary Agnes of England, Xmas Day 1904 aged 10 months

TABRUM, Phyllis Mary, of Onehunga, Oct 1903 aged 8 months
TAYLOR, Caroline, of England (married) 1848-1902
TAYLOR, Christina, of Fifeshire England (widow) 1818-1900
TAYLOR, Hugh Miller, Steward of Glasgow Scotland 1850-1905
TAYLOR, Robert, Fishermand of Scotland 1821-1899
TAYLOR, William McLeod, of Onehunga, Oct 1903 aged 3 months
THOMPSON, Arthur Jack, of Auckland, Feb 1903 aged 3 days
THOMPSON, Charles Edwards, Commercial Traveller of ?, 1845-1905
THOMPSON, Eric, of Sussex St Auckland, March 1905 aged 19 months
THOMPSON, Mary Eleanor, of Auckland (married to Arthur) 1872-1903
TICKLEPENNY, Reginald George, of Parnell Auckland, April 1905 aged 7 months
TIPPER, Christopher, Engineer of Ireland 1831-1906
TOLE, Elizabeth, of Ireland (married) 1829-1905
TOMNEY, Ellen, of Ireland 1828-1904
TOMNEY, John, of Ireland 1828-1903
TONKIN, Annie Laura of Wolfe St Auckland, April 1905 aged 7 months
- daughter of William Charles TONKIN & Annie CLEMENS
TOOMAN, Albert Damien of Remuera, Sep 1904 aged 2.5
- son of Samuel TOOMAN & Catherine Frances 'Kate' CASSIDY
TOWNS, Robert Stephen, Farmer of London via Melbourne 1851-1900
TOWNSEND, Thelma May of Nelson St Auckland, March 1905 aged 6 months - daughter of Henry Samuel TOWNSEND & Jane McCABE
TRAINER, Offa John Henry of Howe St Auckland, March 1906, 22 months
TRAINER, Victor Laurence, of Adelaide St Auckland, April 1905 aged 5 months. Son of Denis 'Joseph' Francis TRAINER & Mary Jane McGURK
TRAUTVETTER, Christina Adela Louise born Auckland, June 1903 aged 14 months - database has TRANTVETTER (a very common misspelling of this name)
- a daughter of Reinhardt & Clara Annie TRAUTVETTER. A son of theirs, Reinhardt Theodore 'Dick' Trautvetter, played Rugy League for NZ in 1930 as Prop from the Waikato CLub
TREANOR, Norman Alfred, of Onehunga, Boxing Day 1902 aged 8 months
- son of John Roman 'Jack' TREANOR & Isabella PAYNE
TUBBERTY, Michael, Newsvender of Limerick Ireland 1840-1902
TUCKER, Mary Ann of England via Lyttelton (widow) 1822-1905
TUCKER, William Francis, Manufacturer of England 1836-1904
TURKE, Stephen, Labourer of Ireland 1856-1904
TURNER, Harold Nathan, of Onehunga, Feb 1903 aged 1.3
- son of William Alfred Armstrong TURNER & Catherine FILMER
TURNER, Leonard, of Onehunga, March 1906 aged 17 weeks
- son of William Alfred Armstrong TURNER & Catherine FILMER
TURNER, Philip John, of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 4
- son of Alfred & Elizabeth TURNER

VALLET, Armand, Basketmaker of Lyon France 1863-1905

WADMAN, Alfred George, Millhand of NZ 1886-1906
WALDEN, Eliza, of Norfolk England (married to Henry Forster below) 1833-1901
WALDEN, Henry Foster, Gentleman of England 1825-1905
WALKER, Alexander Christie, Manager, U.S.S. Company (steam ships) 1860-1906
WALLACE, unnamed child of Hugh, of Park Rd Auckland, April 1905
WALLACE, Rosie, of Auckland, Aug 1905 aged 5 days
WALSH, Albert O'Brien, of Church St Ponsonby, May 1906 aged 4 months
WALSH, Gairloch, of Onehunga, Dec 1902 aged 19 days
WALSH, Michael, of Ireland via Wellington 1831-1906
WARD, May Gertrude, of Onehunga, (married) 1877-1905 aged 28
WARD, Thomas, Basket Maker of Ireland 1822-1904
WARREN, Christopher Stanley, of Auckland, June 1905 aged 11 days
WATSON, Henry, of Onehunga, Feb 1904 aged 3 months
WATSON, James, Settler of England 1824-1906
WATSON, Rosanna, of Melbourne (widow) 1830-1905
WATT, Robert, Marinr of Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland 1828-1892
WEBB, Albert Vincent, of Epsom Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 4 weeks
WEBER, Fritz, of Hannover Germany 1875-1899
WELDON, Annette Francis, of Park Rd Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 1 day
WHITE, Albert Ernes, Jiner of Auckland 1885-1904
WHITE, Charles Moore, of Onehunga, April 1903 aged 3 months
WHITEHOUSE, Glen Howard, of Christchurch, Jan 1906 aged 15 weeks
WILKIE, James, Cordial Manufacturer of Scotland 1840-1904
WILLETS, Edith May, of Auckland, Aug 1905 aged 8 months
WILLIAMS, Dorothy, of Surrey St Auckland, March 1906 aged 5 months
WILLIAMS, Edward, Boot Maker of Coromandel 1884-1905
WILSON, Cecelia Alison of Mt Roskill Auckland, Dec 1904 5 months
WOOD, John Harold, of Kingsland Auckland, Oct 1905 aged 3 months
WREFORD, George, Butcher of Tiverton, Devonshire, England 1820-1891
WREFORD, Harriet, of Devonshire England (widow) 1818-1892
WREFORD, Jessie, of Edinburgh Scotland (married to William) 1855-1899
WRIGHT, Hazel Penrose, of Auckland, Jan 1892 aged 17 months
WYATT, Winifred Eden, of NZ (married) 1882-1905

YERN, Elder Johnson Neil, of Auckland, Feb 1906 aged 2 months
YOUNG, Cyril Alexander of Auckland 1892-1905 aged 13
- son of Alexander YOUNG & Emma Jane MARTIN

ZAINEY, Reverend Father Solomon, a Syrian Catholic Priest of Zablech, Mount Lebanon 1850-1904 (of pneumonia)


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