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some residents of NELSON, New Zealand in June 1859

Nelson, June 30th 1859

AMBLER, Charles - Aorere

ANDERSON, Andrew - Stoke

AVIS, James - Pelorus

BARTLETT, J. - Waimea west

BATCHELOR, G.H. - Takaka

BEAUMONT, G.H.B - Australia Bank

BELFIELD, H. - Highfield


BEST, Job - Suburban South



BRIMER, Joseph

BRIMNER, Mr - Stoke

BROOKS, Mr - Wood
BROOKS, Mr - Collingwood

BROWN, Mr, shipwright

BURD, Alfred

CANNING, John, carpenter

CARTER, Mr - Wood

COLEY, James (registered)

CORNWALL, Mr - Toi-Toi Valley

COOPER. William

COWPER, James at Hooker and Kerr`s (2)


DAVIDSON, Mr - Stoke


DUNN, John - Diggings

DUTTON, James R. (registered 6)

EDEN, Mr, carpenter - Waimea Road


ESDAILE, James, - Ben-Opai, Wairau

EYLES - Daniel

EVANS, Captain, cutter Supply

GILES, Mr - Toi-Toi Valley



HAMMOND, A - Wakapuaka

HAMMOND, James, - Wairau

HARFORD, E - Waimea

HICKS, Mr - Stoke

HOOPER, Mr, ship-master

JUSTICE, James care of Edward Wilson


LILLY, Willam - Motueka

MANKS, Mr - Wakapuaka

MANSON, Mr - Wakapuaka

MEINEKE, Mr - Wakapuaka


MORAN, James, K., surveyor



McDONALD - Waimea Road

McKENZIE, Mary Ann
McKENZIE, Charles



NOBLE, Mr - Wairau (2)




PLATT, R. James

PORTER, Mr - Haven Road

POWELL, Mrs Henry

RAYNER, Mr - Wakapuaka

REYNOLDS, Mr, farmer

ROYDS, Thomas

SCOTT, Richard B, - Suburban North

SMALLEY, William

SMITH, William - Gaol

STANTON, Mr - Waimea Road

TAYLOR R. - Collingwood

TEAR, Richard - Stoke



VALLER, A - Haven Road

WALLIS, Robert A - Happy Valley



WATSON, Mrs - Stoke

WHITE, Henry

WILLIAMS, H - Wakapuaka

WILKINS, T - Wakapuaka

WILSON, R, farmer - Grange



B. WALMSLEY - Chief Postmaster of the Province

Abraham DOWSETT 1813 - 1870 Blackmore Essex to Wellington NZ

Abraham DOWSETT was born 4th November 1813 in Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex
- he married Ann MEAD in 1838.
Ann was born 1814 in Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex
She died in England in 1848
They had 5 children.
Ann Mead Dowsett was their last born ( November 1848 )
- both the baby and mother Ann died that same month.

Abraham remarried the following year to Eliza Suzannah KING
Eliza was born 1816 in Clapham Parish, Surrey, England
She died in New Zealand 1881
- they had 4 children

Children from Abraham's first marriage were:

* Charles Edward Dowsett 1838 Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex
- he married Ann ?
- he died on the 27th October 1910 at his residence, 11 Stoke-street, Wellington, after a short illness

* Frederick William Mead Dowsett 1841 Herefordshire
- he married Mary Ann HARRIS - she was born 1844 in Johnsonville, daughter of Luke Harris and Charlotte Newman
- in the 1897 publication of The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District] it stated they had 10 children and that 5 children were still living in 1897. I have 14 children for them so would like help in verifying these children - visit their tree at the above link ...
- he died 15th September 1914 and is buried in Newman Cemetery Eketahuna

* Sophia Ann Dowsett 1843 Essex, England
- she married Henry NEWSON in 1873 in Abraham's home, Wellington
- she died ?

* Jessie Levina Louisa Dowsett 1846 Essex England
- she married James Henry OVEREND in St Paul's Thorndon, Wellington in 1864 - he was born 1838 in Leeds, Yorkshire, died 1905 in Wellington and buried Karori
- they had 9 children

* Ann Mead Dowsett born November 1848 in Essex died November 1848

The children of Abraham's second marriage were:

* David Dowsett 1850 in Clapham, Surrey, England
- I have no further information on David except he emigrated to New Zealand with the rest of the family when he was 6 OR he was registered to leave but didn't ?? he is on the ships list

* Emily Susannah Dowsett 1852 Clapham, Surrey
- she married George WEBSTER in 1874 at St Johns Presbyterian Church, Willis St, Wellington - he was a cab driver

* Charlotte Eliza Dowsett 1874 in Clapham Surrey
- nothing else is known of Charlotte except she emigrated at the age of 2

* Sarah Ann Dowsett 1856 in Clapham Durrey
- she married John WILSON (6 known children at this time)

On the 14th February 1857 Abraham and Eliza emigrated to New Zealand on the ALMA arriving in Wellington on the 15th May 1857
With them was
Charles aged 18
Frederick William Mead aged 17
Sophia Ann aged 13
Jesse Lavinia Louisa aged 10
David aged 6
Emily Susannah aged 4
Charlotte Eliza 2
Sarah Ann an infant

In New Zealand in about 1859 they had another daughter
* Alice Louisa Dowsett
- she married Herbert FREEMAN - from page 1097 of the Otaki section of the Cyclopedia of New Zealand, a "Mr Herbert Freeman was a Coachbuilder, Wheelwright, and General Blacksmith, Otaki Coach Factory, Otaki.
He was born in Norwich, England, and served his apprenticeship in Placton-on-Sea, in Essex. He came to New Zealand in 1873, per ship "La Hague." Being a competent workman, he readily obtained employment on landing, having no less than six offers of work before leaving the ship. Mr. Freeman has been a very busy man ever since his arrival in the Colony, and on no occasion has he been without employment. The Otaki Coach Factory, which was established in 1879, has turned out a great number of vehicles of all descriptions. Mr. Freeman, having had a large experience in connection with the trade, purchased the business in 1880, and under his energetic guidance a considerable trade is done. The factory is a building of wood and iron, which contains some 2000 square feet of floorage space. A staff of skilled workmen assist in the work. The trade extends throughout the large district of which Otaki is the centre."

Abraham Dowsett died on the 23rd February 1870 by drowning in the Wellington Harbour - he was 57
His wife Eliza died 11 years later aged 65

ZENOPHOEN BAILEY 1837-1920 in Dunedin New Zealand

Who was Zenophoen Bailey ?
Where was he born ?
When did he emigrate to New Zealand ?

He married Emma Bridge Candlin 1840-1913

He was living in Borthwick St, Mornington, Dunedin at the time of his death in 1920 and was a bootmaker
Emma was living i Havelock St, Mornington, Dunedin 7 years prior

I only have 2 children at this time:
Samuel George Bailey born 1878
Susannah Bailey born ? - died 1944
- she married Gustave Forsyth born 1858 in Sweden - he was a sailor

Do you have any info on this family ...

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Who was ASAPH GRIFFITHS - UK to Canterbury, NZ 1859

Charles Griffiths aged 35, with his wife Mary aged 30, emigrated to New Zealand on the ZELANDIA, arriving in Lyttelton on November 14th 1859

In the Geraldine District (Canterbury) in 1876-77 a Charles Griffiths had freehold Section 8202, 80 acres, at Orari

With them were 3 children
* 14 year old Eliza Griffiths (sister or daughter ?)
* 7 year old Ephraim Griffiths born 14th June 1852 died 1915 in Timaru - he married Emma Beckingham
* 2 year old Asaph Griffiths

I would very much like to know what happened to Eliza and Asaph
their spouses, lives, burial details etc

Cannot find Asaph Griffiths in the New Zealand BDM so he may have changed his name or he may have died at sea during the voyage ...


The booksellers, librarians, printers and those that worked in the industry in Wellington, New Zealand 1866

Bannister E Printer Cuba St
Blundell J Printer Taranaki St
Bull C Bookbinder Thorndon Qu ay
Bull E Printer Ingestre St
Bull J Printer Cuba St
Bull J "Advertiser" Lambton Qu
Burrett R bookbinder Manners St
Carpenter R. H. Bookseller Molesworth St
Costall J Printer Hill St
Didsbury Printer Johns St
Grigg E Printer Taranaki St
Johns S Printer Ghuznee St
McKenzie T Printer Ghuznee St
Muir J Printer Ghuznee St
Muir W Printer Wellington Tce
Oakley J Printer Thorndon Quay
Ramsay G Printer Cuba St
Smith E. G. Music Seller Lambton Quay
Standwell T. W Printer Wellington Tce
Stark J Printer Ingestre St
Stoddart J Printer Hopper St
Stokes R Printer Woolcombe St
Sutherland N Printer Pipitea St
Waters J Printer Courtenay Pl
Watson J Printer Hawker St


Storemen, Warehousemen in Wellington, New Zealand 1866

Anderson G - Storeman - Murphy St
Aston T. V. - Warehouse - Lambton Quay
Bennett - Storeman - Willis St
Bowtell - Nightman - Willis St
Daniells W - Storeman - Tinakori Rd
Dowsett A - Storeman - Tinakori Rd
Gibson T - Storeman - Tinakori Rd
Gilbraith R.N. - Storeman - Tinakori Rd
Lowrey - Storeman - Quin St
Mason W. F. Kerosene Warehouse Lambton Qu
McDonnell - Storeman - Quin St
Mitchell D S - Storeman - Willis St
Moran P - Storeman - Majoribanks St
Nodder T - Storeman - Thompson St
Reid R - Storeman - Taranaki St
Rudd C. S. - Storeman - Abel Smith St
Scott - Storeman - Tory St
Storey W - Storeman - Little Ghuznee St
Swanson A. G. - Storeman - Glenbervie Tce
Tolley E - Storeman - Tasman St
Wood T - Storeman - Wellington Tce

SOLICITORS, MAGISTRATES, ACCOUNTANTS, CLERKS & other office workers in Wellington NZ 1866

The men who worked in offices in Wellington in 1866
Solicitors, accountants, clerks etc

Allen W - Manager - Guilford St
Bannister W - Clerk - Oriental Tce
Barker R. S. - Surveyor - Johns St
Barnett A. A. - Auctioneer - Ghuznee St
Batkin - Treasury
Borlase C. B. - Solicitor - Tinakori Rd
Bragg - Architect - Bidwell St
Brandon A. de B - Solicitor - Lambton Quay
Bulkley - Solicitor - Manners St
Burgess W - Customs - Courtenay Pl
Campion E. J. - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Capper J. H. - Accountant - Brougham St
Carkeet S - Inspector of Customs - Boulcott St
Carroll S - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Cheeseman R - Solicitor - Hopper St
Cobham S - Surveyor - Willis St
Cochran D - Clerk - Brougham St
Cole - Clerk - Webb St
Cook E - Clerk - Molesworth St
Eager R - Clerk - Haining St
Eglinton B - Clerk - Thorndon Quay
Emmett R - Clerk - Revans St
Foster - Clerk - Cuba St
Foster - Clerk - Cuba St
Franklin B - Clerk - Cuba St
Gillard J - Clerk - Herbert St
Gisborne W - Under Secretary - Wellington Tce
Gray W - Inspector - Hill St
Green H - Clerk - Pipitea St
Grey W - Clerk - Abel Smith St
Hart R - Notary Public - Lambton Quay
Haselden J. A. - Clerk - Adelaide Rd
Hastings W - Clerk - Abel Smith St
Healy D. J. - Loan Negotiator - Willis St
Hickson A - Auctioneer - Ghuznee St
Hill T - Custom Officer - Courtenay Pl
Hoggard J. F. - Postmaster - Wellington Tce
Holdsworth G - Clerk - Tinakori Rd
Holdsworth J. G. - Agent - Tinakori Rd
Holmes W - Clerk - Wellington Tce
Horner J. H. - Auctioneer - Cuba St
Izard C. B. - Solicitor -Kumutoto St
Izard C. B. - Solicitor - Willis St
James - Accountant - Vivian St
Johnston A. J. - Judge
Jordan G - Clerk - Molesworth St
Kells J - Clerk - Tory St
Laing J - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Lambert R - Clerk - Sydney St
Lewis D - Commissioner - Tinakori Rd
Lewis T. W. - Clerk - Tory St
Lifle - Clerk - Mulgrave St
Lodger R. S. - Agent P.N.Z. & A.R.M. Co - Wellington Tce
Luxford W - Inspector - Motorua St
Mann J - Accountant - Daniell St
Martin C - Clerk - Tasman St
Masters - Clerk - Taranaki St
Maunslem - Clerk - Taranaki St
McDonald - Clerk - Taranaki St
Meier G - Custom's Officer - Vivian St
Millwood H - Clerk - Tory St
Mitchell H - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Moore - Solicitor - Thorndon Quay
Morgan W - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Nancarrow - Marine Board - Wellington Tce
Osgood E. G. - Clerk - Fraser's Lane
Patton R. W. - Clerk - Boulcott St
Pilcher H - Clerk - Hopper St
Pilcher T - Commission Agent - Ghuznee St
Pilcher T. W. - Custom House Agent - Custom House St
Plimpton - Clerk - Hawkestone St
Raine D - Clerk - Tinakori Rd
Ramsay J - Clerk - Taranaki St
Raymond W. J. - Clerk - Wellington Tce
Rees J - Surveyor - Vivian St
Reid N - Clerk - Tinakori Rd
Reid - Solicitor - Custom House Qu
Reid - Solicitor - Vivian St
Richardson W - Clerk - Willis St
Roberts - Clerk - Haining St
Robertson W - Auctioneer - Nairn St
Robinson E - Clerk - Hawkestone St
Rolleston W - Clerk - Molesworth St
Rowden A. E. - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Schulze H - Clerk - Tasman St
Schwartz G - Clerk - Vivian St
Seed W - Collector Customs - Woolcombe St
Sewell H - Solicitor - Pipitea St
Smart - Clerk - Brougham St
Smith B - Clerk - Wellington Tce
Smith - Clerk - Cuba St
Smith J. E. - Solicitor - Pipitea St
Snelson G - Clerk - Willis St
Snow - Clerk - Vivian St
Stevenson J. P. - Clerk - Tory St
Tagg J - Clerk - Willis St
Tate E. H. - Accountant - Ghuznee St
Temperley - Clerk - Quin St
Wallace J - Clerk - Wellington Tce
Wallace J. H. - Auctioneer - Lambton Qu
Wallis D - Clerk - Tinakori Rd
Ward C - Clerk - Ghuznee St
Ward D - Resident Magistrate - Molesworth St
Widdon W - Clerk - Ingestre St
Williamson J. H. - Clerk - Pipitea St
Wingate - clerk - Wallace St
Woodward J - Assistant Treasurer - Hill St
Wyatt E - Clerk Ingestre St

METAL WORKERS in Wellington New Zealand 1866

A list of some of the men in Wellington who worked with metal 1866

Bennett G - Turner - Bolton St
Boardman - Engineer - Wellington Tce
Bowater - Blacksmith - Dixon St
Buck H - Blacksmith - Molesworth St
Clark R - Blacksmith - Tinakori Rd
Eagle E - Boiler Maker - Molesworth St
George J. R. - Engineer - Cuba St
Johnson W. H. - Tin Plate Worker - mbton Qu
Johnson W. H. - Tin Plate Worker - Molesworth St
McLeod - Engineer - Taranaki St
Mills E. W. - Ironmonger - Lambton Qu
Murray W - Engineer - Tory St
Petford W - Engineer - Manners St
Read H - Tin Plate Worker - Lambton Qu
Redding G. H. - Blacksmith - Tinakori Rd
Rickard J - Turner - Cuba St
Ritson - Engineer - Willis St
Rochfort - Blacksmith - Thorndon Qu
Scutliffe R - Blacksmith - Willis St
Seager C - Engineer - Custom House St
Seager C - Engineer - Ingestre St
Seager C - Engineer - Woolcombe St
Seager E - Engineer - Vivian St
Stevens - Plumber - Quin St
Watkin J. E. - Ironmonger - Lambton Qu

CLERGYMEN of Wellington NZ 1866

Some of the clergy in Wellington in 1866 - includes some from outer-Wellington, like Hutt Valley etc.

Abraham - first Bishop of Wellington
Desbois D. - Reverend
Duncan James - Reverend
Fancourt Thomas - Reverend (later archdeacon)
Fell W. - Pastor of Congregational Church
Hadfield Octavius - Venerable Archdeacon
Harding I. - Reverend
Herring J.E. - Reverend
Maxwell P. Hay - Reverend - Mulgrave St
McGowan W. - Reverend
Moir J - Minister - Woolcombe St
Muir J.S. - Minister - Ingestre St
O'Brien P. - Reverend
St Hill H.W. - Reverend
Stock Arthur - Reverend (later Archdeacon)
Taylor R. - Reverend
Viard Dr - Right Reverend, Catholic Bishop
Waters Charles - Reverend
Watkin J. - Reverend

GENERAL MERCHANTS in Wellington NZ 1866

A list of merchants in Wellington, New Zealand 1866

Crawford G - Merchant - Custom House Quay
Dransfield J - Merchant - Grey St
Dransfield Joe - Merchant - Willis St
Hickson & Son - Merchant - Custom House Quay
Hickson W - Merchant - Abel Smith St
Horner J. H. - Merchant - Custom House Qu
Hunter G - Merchant - Dixon St
Joseph & Co - Merchants - Lambton Quay
Levin & Co - Merchants - Grey St
Levin N - Merchant - Hobson St
Levy B - General Dealer - Lambton Quay
Loxley W. S. - Merchant - Custom House Qu
Loxley W. S. - Merchant - Willis St
Mace W - Merchant - Wellington Tce
Martin J - Merchant - Ghuznee St
Martin J - Merchant - Manners St
Owen Sidey & Co - Merchants - Farish St
Owen Sidey & Co - Merchants - Grey St
Pearce E - Merchant - Abel Smith St
Pearce E - Merchant - Willis St
Pharazyn C. J. - Merchant - Tinakori Rd
Rhodes W. B. - Merchant - Custom House St
Rhodes W. B. - Merchant - Manners St
Taylor J. M. - Merchant - Tory St
Taylor W. W. - Merchant - Herbert St
Turnbull & Co - Merchants - Willis St
Turnbull W - Merchant - Dixon St
Vennell G. H. - Merchant - Taranaki St
Whittem W - Merchant - Custom House Quay
Young W - Merchant - Brougham St