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Dinnes Christensen DINNESEN & Ane Nielsen - Manawatu

The following family was taken from
Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke
in an endeavour to find all the children of Dinnes Christensen Dinnesen & Ane Nielsen.
The main problem being the many different ways their names have been spelt. Not only their surname but their christian names as well, on all documents in BDM, on family trees, in PapersPast etc. Your comments to help would be appreciated.
Some of the names found to date: Dinesen, Dinnesen, Dennesen, Denneson, Dennison & the cemetery database even has Dinmesen

Ane Nielsen
was born: 13 Jan 1860 in Denmark
she died: 19 Sep 1902 aged 42 in the early hours of the morning, 1 day before the death of her one month old daughter Ivy. They are buried together
Bush Advocate, 19 Sep 1902 The friends of Mrs Dennesen (note spelling), of Mangatera, will regret to hear of her death, which occurred at an early hour this morning. The deceased was a resident of Dannevirke for about twenty years. The late Mrs Dennesen was aged 42 years, and she leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss (Tunnes, Hannah, Kjersten, Niels & Mabel)
buried Grave 8, Block C at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

she was the wife: of Dinnes Christensen Dinnesen, (1852-1928) also from Denmark.
born: 1 June 1852
event: He was a Labourer in Dannevirke when he received his naturalisation letter in July 1887
died: 18 Jan 1928 aged 76
buried: Plot 27, Block ZC, Main section at Mangatera
headstone: In loving memory of Dinnes Christensen Dinnesen. Died 18 January 1928. Aged 76 years. At Rest

the children of ANE & DINNES:
(8 found to date)
..1 1881 - 1882 Tunnes Dinnesen
born: 27 Feb 1881
died: 4 March 1882 aged 1
buried: not yet found

..2 1882 - 1959 Tunnes 'Thomas' Samuel Dinnesen
born: 19 July 1882
occupation: Carpenter
married: Mary Shankland (1879-1927) in 1907
Manawatu Standard, 28 Nov 1927 DENNISON - On Nov 26th 1927, at her late residence, 2 Lombard Street, Palmerston North, Mary, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Samuel Dennison; aged 48 years
* Mary is buried Plot 10, Block 11, Area B at Kelvin Grove. On database as May Dennison
he next married: Susannah Harding in 1928
died: 12 Jan 1959 aged 76 in Palmerston North
buried: Plot 81, Block 4, Area M at Kelvin Grove with Susannah

..3 1884 - 1916 Hannah Mary 'Ann' Dinnesen
born: 21 Oct 1884
married: George Tapp (1871-1946) in 1903
children: 7 known: William George (killed in Crete), Harold, Trevor, Doris May, Ina Myrtle, Eric Clifford & Violet
died: 2 Oct 1916 aged 31
buried: Grave 37, Block C, Main section at Mangatera with her twin sons who died Sep 1915: Trevor (aged 18 hours) & Harold (aged 48 hours)
* husband George Tapp died 23 July 1946 aged 75 and is buried Plot 37, Block 19 at Wakapuaka cemetery, Nelson

..4 1886 - 1971 Kjersten Dinnesen
* written everywhere Kesten, Keston, Kestern, Kersten, Kester & sometimes Caston on BDM. Her headstone has Keston
born: 12 June 1886
married: William Henry Thompson (1883-1961) in 1904
children: 7 known: Keston Ivy, Ellen May, Gladys Rita, William Trevor, Evelyn Thelma, William Victor & Nancy Joyce
died: 20 July 1971 aged 85
buried: Plot 17, Block ZD, Main Section at Mangatera with husband William

..5 1888 - 1951 Neil Christian Dinnesen
born: 18 Feb 1888
school: attended Dannevirke Main School
event: was the principal witness in the murder trial of Mathias Peter Beck who was charged of killing his wife at Norsewood 31 Aug 1912
served in WWI : as Rifleman 23/2512, wounded in action in 1916
died: 1 Oct 1951 aged 63
buried: Plot 4, RSA Lawn at Rangatira

..6 1889 - 1957 Mabel Dinnesen
born: 24 Dec 1889
school: attended Dannevirke Main School
born: married Stedman Stanley 'Sam' Viles (1886-1947) 14 Aug 1915 (his nickname is sometimes written 'Stan' but is 'Sam' on his headstone)
children: (1 born still), then 3 known daughters, 1920-1920 Marjorie Jean Viles, Pattie Noleen Viles & a son Gordon Anzac Viles (1923-1980)
died: 30 Sep 1957 aged 67
buried: Plot 3B, Row 3, Block 3 at Feilding with husband Sam
headstone: In loving memory of Stedman Stanley (Sam) Viles. Died Apr 27 1947 aged 60 years and his wife Mabel. Died Sept 27 1957 aged 67 years

..7 1896 - Alice Gertrude Dinnesen
born: 3 Dec 1896
died: before 1902 (Ane had 5 surviving children at her death in 1902. See above)

..8 1902 - 1902 Ivy Maria Dinnesen (father was not recorded)
born: 18 Aug 1902
died: 20 Sep 1902 aged 5 weeks
buried: Grave 8, Block C at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke with her mother

a John Frederick Dinesen (1848-1921), born in Copenhagen, was a painter in Palmerston North in 1893 when he received his naturalisation letter

Thomas Samuel & Susannah Dinnesen

Plot 81, Block 4 at Kelvin Grove

Roger (Roderick) Jones & Eliza (Elizabeth) McConaghy - Ireland to NZ

ROGER (aka Roderick) JONES (1801-1881) and ELIZA (Elizabeth) McCONAGHY (1836-1913) from Ireland to New Zealand. Roger arrived as a Fencible (81st foot?) into Auckland on the 'Ann' in 1848 (see list below). He was accompanied by his (1st) wife Sarah (nee Melville) & 3 children

Researched for katma who wrote 13 March 2019 ..
Roger Jones Fencible Born 1801, Rossory, Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland came to Otahuhu, Auckland, NZ aboard the ship Ann in 1848 as a fencible to help protect settlers. He married (2nd wife) Eliza(beth) McConaghy on 25 Oct 1852, and he died in Dunedin in 1881. My GG grandfather was his son .. his name was James Jones .. b circa 1859 and according to marriage & death cert he was born in New Zealand .. I have searched everywhere for details of his birth in NZ but cannot find anything. Its James's actual birth record I cannot find .. it doesnt come up in the New Zealand Births deaths and marriages records .. children found from there are
1853 Mary Elizabeth
1857 Rose Ann
1861 William
1863 Robert
1865 Ellen
1868 Eliza
1870 Susan
1872 Mary Anne
1874 Thomas
1880 William (died the day after Roger 14 mths)
A big gap between 1874 and 1880. Eliza would of been round 44-45 yrs in 1880 - its odd that there would be two Williams maybe William in 1861 changed his name to James .. A distant relative said he was born on 12 Oct 1859, but that was some years ago and have lost his contact details now .. so hoping someone, anyone may be able to help out there ... many thanks

Ten ships brought 721 pensioner soldiers between 1847-1852. The men numbered 721 and, together with their families, comprised a total of over 2,500 new settlers for the villages of Onehunga, Otahuhu, Howick and Panmure.
A large number of the families were from Ireland, which was in the middle of the famine and all would have been leaving for a better life in NZ.
Because of the Potato famine and typhus fever many were suffering from the effects of hunger and malnutrition. Some had found temporary lodgings in densely crowded, unhygienic accommodation weeks before boarding the ship and a number died on board or were sent to the Colonial Hospital on arrival. One of the worst affected were was those who arrived on the 'Sir Robert Sale' which was in dock at the same time as the 'Ramilies & 'Minerva' but as most of the passengers were sick they had to remain on board for 6 weeks.

The promise of owning land would have been a great incentive. When the first contingent arrived it had not been decided where they should settle. The cottages were not built. The families quickly settled into life in NZ building their own houses, growing vegetables and finding work on neighbouring farms.
The men had served in many regiments of the British Army in many parts of the world. They were used to harsh conditions and many were "pensioned out" as being unfit for further active service, largely due to rheumatism. Sometimes wives and children would have marched behind the regiment. The Fencibles were a large group of immigrants who swelled Auckland's population. They created the four villages, now suburbs of Auckland. They were instrumental in the creation of roads, bridges and lines of communication. They shaped the communities with churches, schools, shops and local governing bodies.
The average age of the men was about 40. They settled in the suburbs of Howick, Onehunga, Otahuhu and Panmure. At Howick a redoubt was built on Stockade Hill, a prominent hill at the north end of the village's main street. The position, with its associated earth works, is still there. In the 1849 census one third of Auckland's population were fencibles, half Anglican, half Catholic. Apart from working on their own plots most men were engaged in building roads between the fencible settlements. The material used for road building was scoria from volcanic cones at Pigeon Mountain (then called Pigeon Tree Hill), Mount Richmond and Mount Wellington.

The fencibles were first called to action in 1851 when a large party of about 350–450 Ngāti Pāoa from the Thames and Waiheke Island areas arrived at Auckland's Mechanics Bay in about 20 waka to attack the city. A British regiment at Albert Park Barracks was called out to the hill overlooking the bay. It was reinforced by fencibles who had come from Onehunga, the closest fencible town. Fencibles at Howick and Panmure were stood to in case of further trouble. The frigate 'HMS Fly' trained its guns on the Maori war party from offshore. The cause of the aggression was the arrest of a Ngāti Pāoa chief who had stolen a shift from a shop in Shortland Street. The situation was defused when the attackers were given tobacco and blankets. Later Ngāti Pāoa sent a greenstone mere to the governor.
A group of 121 Ngāti Mahuta under the great Waikato chief Te Wherowhero were also brought to South Auckland to defend the capital. They were given land at Mangere in 1849. They supplied their own arms but had British officers.
During the 1863 war about 75 military pensioners and their sons served in the Auckland Militia to defend Auckland.

It is estimated that there are over a quarter of a million descendants of Fencible families living today spread around the world. The villages are now bustling communities. The Fencibles came for a better life, they committed themselves to developing their communities with their labour and their limited resources. They are to be remembered with respect, for without their service the shape of Auckland would have been a very different place to what it is today.

* 'Ramilies' 5 Aug 1847
- Royal Engineers, 12 Sappers & Miners. 67 Pensioners, 57 Women, 123 Children. Apparently the Fencibles/Pensioners on the Ramilies were not located in Auckland. Also arrived in Van Dieman's land (Hobart), Dec 1845 with 233 rank & file of the 11th, 58th, 96th and 99th regiments and officers

* 'Minerva' 8 Oct 1847
- 80 Pensioners, 67 Women, 145 children. 6 births & 7 deaths. The fencibles of the Minerva mainly settled Howick

* 'Sir Robert Sale' 11 Oct 1847
- 74 Pensioners, 69 Women, 142 children. 5 births & 12 deaths. The fencibles of the Sir Robert Sale mainly settled Howick

* 'Sir George Seymour' 26 Nov 1847
- 78 Pensioners, 63 Women, 114 children. 14 deaths. The fencibles of the Sir George Seymour mainly settled Howick

* 'Clifton' 23 Jan 1848
- 79 Pensioners, 72 Women, 161 children. 46 deaths. The fencibles of the Clifton mainly settled Panmure

* 'Ann' 16 May 1848
- 74 Pensioners, 70 Women, 153 children. The fencibles of the Ann mainly settled Otahuhu
New Zealander, 17 May 1848
Yesterday afternoon the bargue Ann, 800 tons, Captain S. C. Walker, arrived from Belfast, whence she sailed on the 25th Dec. She left the land on the 7th January; arrived at Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope, on the 12th April and sailed again on the 17th. She brings a detachment of the Royal New Zealand Fencible Corps, comprising Assistant Surgeon F. W. Bacot and seventy-seven men under the command of Captain Hickson, whose lady and family are amongst her passengers. There are, likewise, sixty-six of the pensioner's wives and one hundred and forty-five of their children, thirty-seven of whom are adults.
The Ann has not escaped the all prevailing influenza, that trying epidemic having carried off a few victims. The deaths were twelve and the births four.
We are greatly pleased with the general appearance of the new comers. The men seem to be hale, hearty fellows and with their wives and families likely to prove a valuable accession to our population. They are chiefly from the north of Ireland.
The Ann sailed originally from London and in consequence of her having touched the Arklow bank, without damage, on her passage down the Irish Channel, was erroneously reported to have put back. She has a variety of government stores on board.

* 'Berhampore' 16 June 1848
- 80 Pensioners, 67 Women, 101 children. 7 births. The fencibles of the Berhampore mainly settled Otahuhu

* 'Oriental Queen' 18 Sep 1848
- 71 Pensioners, 62 Women, 108 children. 5 births. The fencibles of the Oriental Queen mainly settled Onehunga, Papakura & Howick

* Inchannan' 27 May 1852
- 78 Pensioners, 68 Women, 113 children. 10 births & 22 deaths, mostly measles and chicken pox

* Berwick Castle 13 Dec 1852
- 40 Pensioners, 37 Women, 68 children. 6 births & 9 deaths. The fencibles of the Berwick Castle mainly settled Onehunga, Panmure, Otahuhu & Howick

At some stage Roger moved south and is buried in the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin. This journal is an endeavour to trace his steps and therefore his family around NZ for his descendants.

Roger Jones (1801-1881) was born in Rossory, Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland.
he married Sarah Melville (1805-1849) in Ireland
* At Roger's death in 1881 it is reported that 2 male & 5 female children were still living. In a process of elimination any of the children marked with died before him.
* Be aware that many births (& sometimes marriages) were often only registered with one name even though they may have also been given a middle name (or two), which, back in the day was usually used as their first name anyway!. For some reason women who married for a second time often only registered with the one name they used most, even if they had 2-3-4 names. This may help you in your searches.
their children
(born Ireland, to be found)
Sarah died 17 March 1849 in childbirth in Otahuhu, 10 months after their arrival. She was 44 years old

Roger next married Elizabeth 'Eliza' McConaghy in 1852.
* Roger was 51 ~ Eliza was 16
* Eliza McConaghy (1836-1913) was also born in Ireland
their known children
.. 1 1853 - Mary Elizabeth Jones
born in Auckland 1 October 1853
* parents registered as Elizabeth & Roger
* Eliza aged 17 ~ Roger aged 52

.. 2 1857 - 1864 Rose Ann Jones
born in Auckland 29 July 1857
* parents registered as Eliza & Roger
* Eliza aged 21 ~ Roger aged 56
died 6 March 1864 aged 6.8 and is possibly 1 of the 3 unnamed children buried in Plot 4, Block 29R with her parents (see photo)

.. 3 1859 - 1931 James Jones
born in Otago? 12 Oct 1859
* James not registered. Birth date from family records
* Eliza aged 23 ~ Roger aged 58
James married Margaret Ann Pratt (1863-) from Wollongong, in Newcastle, NSW in 1882. He has 'in NSW about 60 years'? this would mean he arrived aged 11? (see his obit below)
their known children
* 1882 - Thomas R.(Roderick?) J. P. Jones (born Walcha)
* 1885 - James 'Richard' Jones (Newcastle)
* 1887 - William Jones (Hamilton)
1890 - 1918 Herbert Jones (Hamilton)
Newcastle Sun, 31 July 1918
Mr James Jones, of Railway-street, Cook's Hill, formerly of Hamilton Park, has received advice that his son, Private (6616) Herbert Jones, of the 20th battalion, was killed in action (Villers-Brettoneaux, France) on July 9.
* Herbert was exhumed from Hamelet Australian Cemetery (the village of Hamelet was behind the Australian lines) and reburied in Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneaux, France
1891 - Frederick C. Jones (Hamilton)
* 1894 - Margaret E. Jones (Newcastle)
* 1896 - Elsie M. Jones (Newcastle)
* 1899 - Susan Jones (Newcastle)
* 1902 - Albert E. Jones (Newcastle)
* 1903 - Ellemena 'Ella' Jones (Newcastle)
1905 - 1906 Clifford V. Jones (Hamilton)
James died 7 May 1931 aged 71 at Newcastle Hospital, NSW, of chronic myocarditis
Newcastle Morning Herald, 14 May 1931
The funeral of Mr James Jones, who died in the Newcastle Hospital, took place to the Methodist Cemetery at Sandgate. Mr Jones was an old identity of new Castle, and watched its progress for the last 51 years (arrived 1880 aged 21). He was born in Otago, New Zealand, in 1860, and came to Australia in his early days. He married at the age of 22 and settled in Newcastle districts. He was employed by the A. A. Company at the old Hamilton pit and was a volunteer at the time of the disaster. He lived in the Old Pit Row, which is now the major part of Hamilton South. He next went to the old Sea Pit, then to the chutes at the wharf. The he became a carter for the company, until the big flood, when he suffered from am electric shock and one of his horses was killed outright. He had to find other work suitable for him and took the position of watchman for T. Burnage and Son, in Darby-street. Later he settled with his daughter, Mrs J. Bartley, in the Merewether district.
Mr Jones lost his third oldest son in the war with the 20th battalion. He is survived by four sons and four daughters and 25 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
Wreaths were laid on the grave on behalf of: The employees of R. Hall, employees Hawkins Ltd., Uncle Jim and Auntie, Jones family, Merewether Football Club, parents and Citizens' Association, Grandma and family
- 8 issue living at time of his death:
* Thomas aged 49
* Richard aged 47
* William aged 45
* Margaret aged 39
* Elsie age 36
* Susan aged 34
* Albert aged 29
* Ella aged 26
- 3 infants deceased
Buried Lot 50, NSE, Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Sandgate

.. 4 1861 - 1864 William Jones
born 2 October 1861
* parents registered as Elizabeth & Roger
* Eliza aged 25 ~ Roger aged 60
died 12 March 1864 aged 2.5 and is possibly 1 of the 3 unnamed children buried in Plot 4, Block 29R with his parents (see photo)

.. 5 1863 - Robert Jones
born 2 Sep 1863
* parents registered as Eliza & Rodger
* Eliza aged 27 ~ Roger aged 62

.. 6 1865 - Ellen Jones
born 3 Dec 1865
* parents registered as Eliza & Roger
* Eliza aged 29 ~ Roger aged 64

.. 7 1868 - 1938 Eliza Jones
born 18 Sep 1868
* parents registered as Eliza & Rodger
* Eliza aged 32 ~ Roger aged 67
Eliza had a daughter born in Dunedin
* 1887 - 1955 Catherine Jones
Eliza married John Fleming Johnston (?-1895 died NSW) in 1890 at St Joseph's Dunedin
their known children
* 1891 - Christina Johnston
Eliza died 2 Nov 1938 in Wellington aged 70

.. 8 1870 - 1899 Susan Jones
born 14 June 1870
* parents registered as Eliza & Rodger
* Eliza aged 34 ~ Roger aged 69
Susan died 7 April 1899 aged 28
Evening Star, 8 April 1899 JONES - On the 8th inst., at her parents' residence, Upper Duncan street, Susan Jones; aged 28 years. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.
buried with parents & siblings in Dunedin (see photo)

.. 9 1872 - 1945 Mary Anne Jones
born 24 June 1872
* parents registered as Eliza & Roger
* Eliza aged 36 ~ Roger aged 71
married William Whitehouse Blair (1856-1914) in Dunedin 27 July 1910
* Son of William Blair (1835-1903) & Sarah Whitehouse (1834-1910), buried Dunedin. William had first married Martha Reid (1863-1889)
the known children of Mary Anne & William
* 1913 - 1978 Cyril William Whitehouse Blair
* William died 25 Aug 1914 at Dunedin Hospital aged 58
Mary Ann died 21 April 1945 aged 73
They are buried with her parents & siblings in Dunedin (see photo)

.. 10 1874 - 1950 Thomas William Jones
born 25 Aug 1874
* parents registered as Eliza & Roger
* Eliza aged 38 ~ Roger aged 73
Thomas married Laura Violet Hall (1887-1967) in 1912
* daughter of William Hall & Louisa Richardson
Evening Post, 14 May 1912 JONES-HALL On the 10th April 1912, at St Joseph's Church, Buckle-street, by the Rev Father Hurley, Thomas W. Jones, youngest son of the late Roderick Jones, of Dunedin, to Laura Violet, fourth daughter of William Hall, Newtown, Wellington
their known children
* 1912 - 1912 Louisa Elizabeth Jones (aged 24 hours)
* 1913 - Laura Phyllis Ursula Jones
Thomas died 1 March 1950 in New Plymouth aged 76
Laura died 19 Aug 1967 in New Plymouth
They are buried Plot 1, Row 23, Lot 4 at Te Henui
NOTE BDM has Thomas aged 70

.. 11 1877 - 1956 Margaret Jones
born 10 January 1877
* parents registered as Eliza & Roddie
* Eliza aged 41 ~ Roger aged 76
Margaret married Leo Charles Carroll (1883-1962) in 1915
Margaret died 30 May 1956 in Christchurch

.. 12 1880 - 1881 William Jones
born 15 March 1880
* Eliza aged 44 ~ Roger aged 79
William died 13 Aug 1881 aged 17 months (the day after Roger)
buried with parents & siblings in Dunedin (see photo)

Roger died 12 Aug 1881.
Four years later, Eliza remarried, to Thomas Sullivan (1840-1909) (see more below)

* On 22 April 1853 Roger, along with many other Electors of Auckland, signed a 'petition' requesting Lieut-Colonel Robert Henry Wynyard (1802-1864), to allow himself to be put in nomination for the office of Superintendent of the Province of Auckland. He had performed the duties of the Lieutenant-Governorship of New Ulster for the previous two years.
* New Ulster was a province of the Colony. It was named after the Irish province of Ulster. Between 1841 and 1846 the province included all the North Island north of the Patea River. With the passing of the NZ Constitution Act 1846, the province came to include all of the North Island. Like the other province of NZ at the time, New Munster Province was headed by a Lieutenant-Governor who reported to the Governor of NZ

On 7 Dec 1855 Roger was one of many Electors of Auckland who signed the petition against Dr John Logan Campbell's (1817-1912) return to the Superintendency, that the election of the said John Logan Campbell be declared null and void and that Frederick Whitaker (1812-1891) be duly elected as Superintendent of the Province of Auckland

Sarah Jones (Roger's 1st wife) died in Auckland, 17 March 1849 aged 44. Her burial not yet found
Roger Jones died in Dunedin, 12 Aug 1881 aged 80 (cemetery database has aged 74, also has his name as Roderick). He is buried Plot 4, Block 29R at Southern Cemetery with 3 unnamed children (2 possibly Rose & William 1864), his son William (1881), his daughter Susan Jones (1899), daughter Mary Ann Blair (1945) & her husband William (1914)
Thomas Sullivan (Eliza's 2nd husband) died 19 Oct 1909
Eliza Sullivan (nee McConaghy, formerly Jones) died 16 Sep 1913 aged 77
* Thomas is buried Plot 2, Block 28R Southern cemetery
* Eliza is buried Plot 5, Block 29R, Southern Cemetery, with the other members of her family, but she is on the headstone as Eliza Jones?

Plot 4, Block 29R, Southern Cemetery
, Dunedin
* see The Burials above for those interred

Augustus VAUGHAN & Nancy FREEMAN New Zealand

NOTE This journal is a work in progress. There are other children to find and info to be added. It will be updated as time permits. Call back occasionally.
It is an extension to the research in comments for the query from davidbertram 3 March 2019...
Bolland.....(Nelson?) graham Sydney
Born 1878?
Married phoebe smith 1905?
Son graham Sydney
Daughter Rona
Wellington NZ
Any further information
David Bertram

Augustus Vaughan (1827-1882) was born in Evercreech, Somerset, England to James (1802-1866) & Jane (1802-) Vaughan. He arrived in Wellington, with his parents, 1 March 1842 on the 'Birman'. He was a Tailor.
Augustus married at St Peter's Wellington on 25 Aug 1851 to: Ann Elizabeth 'Nancy' Freeman (1828-1880), who was born in the Netherlands and arrived with her parents and siblings into Nelson, 10 April 1842 on the ship London.
James Vaughan (father of Augustus), died 20 July 1866 aged 63 at Mulgrave street and was buried at Bolton Street cemetery. His widow Jane returned to England about 1876 with her granddaughter Margaret Jane 'Jennie' (Vaughan) & her husband of 3 years, Alfred Bolland

Their known children
(5 listed in Augustus's Obit in 1882 below, but 6 listed in son Albert's Obit in 1932)
.. 1 ..
1852 - 1934 Margaret Jane 'Jennie'
... Margaret had a son:
* 1871 - 1872 George Mitchell Nation Vaughan. George was born 13 April 1871, father's name not registered. He died 14 April 1872 aged 1 year & 1 day.
Margaret married Alfred Robert Bolland (1844-1899) 1½ years later. Alfred was a son of Richard Bolland & Ann Ball of Chester, Cheshire, England. He was a Civil Engineer who was, as a young man, an engineer in Rio de Janeiro. In March 1871 he was a gazetted census collector for the district of Sydney. He arrived into Wellington in May 1872 on the ss Keera (which sailed from Melbourne and called into Napier, Tauranga & Auckland) under engagement to Messrs Brogden, the railway contractors and was involved with the construction of the railway to the Hutt. In July 1873 he had the license of the Railway Hotel in Mercer, Waikato.
NOTE OF INTEREST The 'Keera' was an iron, passenger steamship of 2 cylinder engines, built in St Peters Quay, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Registry transferred to Sydney in Jan 1852. Has distinction of being the first single screw steamship built built overseas for an Australian owner. Intended for the Sydney-Wollongong trade she was found too large for the Wollongong basin and offered for sale. Purchased in Nov 1852 by the Geelong SN Co. who placed her on the Geelong-Melbourne run. Sold Oct 1854 to G & J Gill, Melbourne. In 1864 she was modified. July 1865 owned by Gippsland S N Co., Melbourne. Worked the Port Albert-Gippsland coastal trade routes until sold to Carey & Gillies in Oct 1865. In March 1867 she was wrecked on the New Zealand coast. She was salvaged and rebuilt. She was hulked in 1877. No photo found at this time
Margaret married Alfred on 11 Sep 1873 and had a family of 6 sons (7 total sons for Margaret). The first two were born in NZ. The family went back to England (with Margaret's widowed paternal grandmother, Jane Vaughan (1802-), who possibly died there). They lived there for 11-12 years and had a further 3 sons. They returned to NZ where they had their last son, James William 'Frank' Bolland, in 1887
their known children
.1 1874 - 1950 Richard Alfred Vaughan Bolland (NZ)
... married Elizabeth Mary 'Lizzie' Goodwin in 1894. 3 children. In 1897 Elizabeth asked the court for a separation on the grounds of cruelty and neglect. His Worship said the case was an exceedingly unfortunate one as the people on both sides were respectable and the witnesses were also respectable.
.2 1875 - 1936 Mercer John Ralph Bolland (NZ)
... married Maude Ellen Richardson in 1902. At least 6 children
.3 1877 - 1948 Frederick Vaughan Bolland
... married Lily Alice Mary Hobdon Huett (formerly Pelley 1873-1904) in 1900. 1 son
... he next married Martha Lucy Perham (1876-1950) in 1906. Their daughter Una Mary Perham Bolland (1907-1978), became Charge Sister 81778 in WWII with the NZ Army Nursing Service, 2nd NZEF
.4 1878 - 1939 Nelson Graham Sydney Bolland
... married Phoebe Smith in 1905. 2 children
.5 1882 - 1951 Charles Chester Wellington Bolland
... married Marian Clark in 1902 at least 8 children
.6 1887 - 1964 James William 'Frank' Bolland (NZ)
... married Ada May Wilson in 1913
In April 1897 Margaret Jane Bolland took Alfred to Court, charging him with failing to support her and applied for a separation. His Worship said he regarded the wife's tale as very highly coloured and he would, therefore, make no order for separation and each party to pay its own costs
Alfred Robert Bolland died in May 1899 aged 54
Evening Post, 24 May 1899
We regret to record the death, at his residence in Epuni-street, of Mr Alfred R. Bolland, civil engineer, who came out to Wellington in 1872 under engagement to Messrs Brogden, the great railway contractors. Mr Bolland was employed in the construction of the Hutt railway and was also connected with several other works carried out by the Brogdens. In his younger days he went out to Rio de Janeiro and practised his profession there for some time. After serving his connection with the Brogdens he took up his residence in Sydney and was on the staff of one of the daily papers there for a time. For several years past he had been in failing health and his death was not unexpected. The deceased, who was married to a daughter of the late Mr Vaughan, one of Wellington's early settlers, is survived by his widow and a family of six sons.
* He is buried Plot 6N, CH ENG at Karori
Margaret next married Thomas George Boon (1847-1903) 11 months later, in April 1900. Thomas worked for the Wellington Harbour Board. It appears he may have been divorced in April 1897 after 3 years separation (& 3 children). He accused his wife Margaret (maiden name ? to be researched) of having an affair with William Hedges, a gardener and turned her out of the house. One son found to date, Henry Robert Boon (1877-)
Thomas George Boon died 21 Feb 1903 aged 56 and is buried Plot 156C, PUBLIC at Karori
NZ Times, 23 Feb 1903 BOON - On February 21st, at 93 Daniell street (Newtown), after a brief illness, Thomas George Boon, aged 56 years. Mr Boon was, for twenty-five years in the employ of the Wellington Harbour Board. The deceased had occupied the position of timekeeper and labour foreman at the Queen's Wharf for some years. The late Mr Boon was born in London in 1847. He served in the Indian Mutiny with the Ninetieth Foot, under Sir Evelyn Wood, then Major Wood. He arrived in New Zealand twenty-seven years ago, The deceased leaves a wife and three children. The vessels in port flew their house flags at half-mast yesterday as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased. The Friends of Mr Thomas George Boon are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his residence, 93 Daniel street, Newtown, this afternoon (Tuesday), 24th February 1903, for Karori Cemetery, at 2 o'clock. Members of the Grand Lodge U.A.O.D., Pacific, Poneke and Holly Lodges are invited to attend the Funeral of our late Bro. T. Boon, P.D.P., which will leave his late residence, Daniel street, at 2p.m. and Wordsworth street (now Aro St, Aro Valley) about 2.45p.m.
28 Feb 1903 The late Mr Thomas Boon, who was well-known as labour foreman on the Queen's Wharf, for the Harbour Board, will be sadly missed. He was every energetic in the discharge of his responsible duties and in "off" times could be persuaded to spin a thrilling yard of the stirring times of the Indian Mutiny. He had not long left the Army (90th Foot) when he came to New Zealand and was engaged for two years in whatever his hands found to do. For twenty-five years he had been in the employ of the Harbour Board. may time-expired soldier, who had fought under Major Wood (now General Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C.) came to New Zealand in 1875-1876 and the genial Tom boon was among them. Both in his business and private relations the deceased gentleman had made hosts of friends and his untimely death makes a gap it will be difficult to fill.
Margaret Jane Boon died 21 Nov 1934 aged 82 and is buried Plot 331C, PUBLIC3 at Karori
* Bolland Marriages
* When Margaret's brother Mercer got married in 1902, he did so at the home of Mr J. Boon of Daniel-street, which was also the home of Margaret & Thomas and the bride was given away by Mr T. Boon. This was probably Thomas but needs more research

.. 2 ..
1856 - 1936 Frederick Augustus 'Fred'
Frederick married Harriet Taylor (1853-1890) in 1879 & had 3 sons & a daughter
* 1880 - 1954 Frederick Thomas Vaughan
... married Ethel Fanny Sebley in 1907
* 1883 - 1888 Edgar Graham Vaughan (aged 5)
* 1885 - 1886 Violet Mabel Vaughan (aged 10 months)
* 1890 - 1890 Arthur Edgar Vaughan (aged 14 days)
Harriet Vaughan died 25 May 1890 and is buried unknown plot, Section C of E at Bolton Street, Wellington
Frederick next married Edith Alsop (1867-1942) in 1902 & had 2 daughters
* 1902 - Vhea Caroline Vaughan
... married Eric Doull in 1924
* 1904 - Cressell Beatrice Vaughan
... married Roland Clarence Bailey in 1928
Frederick Augustus Vaughan died 8 Sep 1936 aged 80
Manawatu Standard, 12 Sep 1936
The death occurred at the Wellington Hospital on Tuesday night, of Mr Frederick Augustus Vaughan, brother of Mr W. Vaughan, of Otaki. Deceased, who was 80 years of age, had been in indifferent health for some time. The late Mr Vaughan was well known in Wellington, where he had been in the printing trade since his boyhood. A widow, one son and two daughters are left to mourn their loss
VAUGHAN On September 8 1936, at Wellington Hospital, Frederick Augustus, beloved husband of Harriett T. E. Vaughan, Britomart Street; aged 80 years
VAUGHAN On September 8 1936, at Wellington Hospital, Frederick Augustus, beloved husband of Edith Vaughan, Britomart Street, Berhampore Mrs Edith VAUGHAN, son and daughters gratefully thank relatives and friends for much kindly help before and after death of their dear husband and father on September 8th; also the many messages of sympathy, person condolence and beautiful floral tributes.
Edith Vaughan died 23 Aug 1942 aged 75. Frederick & Edith are buried together Plot 67G, CH ENG at Karori

.. 3 ..
1857 - 1942 Walter James
Walter married Mary Jane Kendall (1862-1920) in 1880 & had 6 children
* 1880 - 1962 William Henry Bertram Vaughan
... married Elizabeth Blanche Brierly in 1911
* 1881 - 1969 Walter Henry 'Harry' Vaughan
* 1882 - 1882 Vaughan 'Van' Vaughan (aged 18 hours)
* 1885 - 1931 Claribel Maud Vaughan
... married Richard John Cottingham (1884-1918) in 1906
... next married Thomas Noten/Noton Fletcher (1870-1938) in 1915
* 1889 - 1971 Kendall Allan Vaughan
... married Hazel Mary Parris in 1914
* 1892 - 1974 Leslie Graham Vaughan
... married Sarah Evelyn May Houston in 1916
* the divorce case of Mary Jane Vaughan against Walter James Vaughan was heard in court on 16 June 1902. Mary applied for a dissolution of her marriage on the grounds of desertion. She had married in 1880 and not heard from her husband Walter for the last 10 years (1892). A decree nisi was granted and Mary was to have charge of the children.
Walter next married Martha Ellen Wood (1877-1946) on 26 June 1903 & had a daughter Kathleen Olive Vaughan (1902-1943), who was (Sister M. Valerian, a Sister of Mercy on Hill St, buried Karori)
* Mary Jane next married William Street (1854-1930) on 23 Sep 1903
Walter James Vaughan died 2 Aug 1942 aged 84 in Otaki
Evening Post, 7 Aug 1942
VAUGHAN - Mrs Vaughan and daughter, of Otaki, sincerely thank all kind friends and relations for expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement, especially Sisters of Upper Hutt Convent
Martha Ellen Vaughan died 12 March 1946 aged 69
Mary Jane (Kendall/Vaughan) & William Street are buried Plot 63, Row 8, Anglican Division A at Waikumete

.. 4 ..
1860 - 1940 Graham Thomas
Graham married Agnes Phoebe Smith (1866-1933) in 1896
their known children
* 1897 - 1898 Grace Evelyn Vaughan (aged 4 months)
* 1899 - 1966 Graham William Vaughan
... married Hilda Clarice Block (1912-1971) in 1930
* 1904 - 1976 Arthur Edward Vaughan
... married Vera May Russell (1906-1989) 30 Jan 1933
Agnes Phoebe Vaughan died 30 Jan 1933 aged 67
Evening Post, 31 Jan 1933
VAUGHAN - At Wellington Hospital, on 30th January 1933, Agnes Phoebe, dearly beloved wife of Graham Thomas Vaughan, 13 Downer street, Lower Hutt, loving mother of Arthur and Gra; aged 67 years. Called to a higher life.
Graham Thomas Vaughan died 23 July 1940 aged 79
* They are buried together Plots 20 & 21, Block M, Methodist at Taita Old cemetery

.. 5 ..
1862 - 1932 Albert Henry
Albert married Maud 'Win' Griffith 30 Nov 1892 in Dovedale, Nelson
their known children
* 1893 - 1975 Ethel Hope Vaughan
... married Ernest Hillin Burnett in 1915
* 1894 - 1975 Clare Ada Vaughan
... married Arthur Augustus Steer in 1913
* 1895 - 1987 John Edgar Vaughan
... married Gladys Irene Rose (1898-1936) in 1926. Sister of Arthur Henry who married John's sister Nita.
... next married Linda Annie Hyland in 1937
* 1897 - 1958 Frank Douglas Vaughan
... married Olive Victoria Stent in 1921
* 1899 - 1960 Nita Marjorie Vaughan
... married Arthur Henry Rose in 1923. Brother of Gladys Irene who married Nita's brother John Edgar
* 1901 - 1964 Eric Albert Vaughan
... married Evangelina Augustus Morgan in 1927
* 1904 - Jean Winifred Vaughan
... married Algernon Leslie Soper in 1921
* 1905 - 2001 Nancy Maud Vaughan
... married Percy Bowers in 1939
Albert died in Nelson 11 June 1932 aged 69
Otaki Mail, 13 June 1932
The death took place at Nelson on Saturday morning of Mr Albert Henry Vaughan, who passed away after a short illness. The deceased, who was well-known and highly respected, was born in Wellington, but had spent most of his life in Nelson, where he followed farming pursuits, finally retiring. Much Sympathy is felt for his bereaved brothers - Fred, Graham, Walter (Otaki) and sisters Margaret and Grace(?)

Ann Elizabeth 'Nancy' Vaughan died 23 May 1880 aged 52 in Nelson and buried in the old cemetery. She was mentioned in the papers only as "eldest daughter of the late Thomas G. Freeman".
* Augustus remarried in 1877 to Elizabeth Ann Clothier (1860-), who was born in Kaiapoi, 7th of 9 children to Samuel Clothier & Ann Rose. No children found.
Augustus Vaughan died 14 April 1882 at the Reefton Hospital
Reefton Herald, 15 April 1882
A tailor named Augustus Vaughan, very well known throughout the West Coast, expired in the Reefton Hospital yesterday. He will be familiar to the public in Reefton in connection with the charge of sly-grog selling some years ago, when the deceased acted as informant for the police at the outset of the case, but allowed his evidence to break down when the matter came on for judicial inquiry. He quite lately revisited Reefton, having come up from Greymouth. On reaching Lardi's he was unable to walk further and as the man was completely destitute and much enfeebled, word was sent to the police. Before any steps could be taken however, he was brought to Reefton by wagon and was admitted to the Hospital on Tuesday last in a hopeless condition and he expired. The funeral will leave the Hospital on Sunday. The deceased was 54 years of age and leaves a wife in Wellington and five children throughout the colonies, but particulars of their addresses cannot be ascertained. It was reported that one daughter was a female operator in the New Zealand telegraph service, but inquiries made by Mr D. O. Preshaw, did not result in the verification of the statement ..

CLAPPERTON marriages New Zealand

Arthur John 'Sam' Clapperton (1901-1973)
Arthur was born 11 July 1901 in Clapham, England to Henry John 'Harry' Clapperton & Marion Raishbrook
married Hilda Annie Epplett (1907-1984) 2 Dec 1925
Hilda was born 1 Dec 1907 in Pukahu, Hastings, to Archibald John Epplett & May Louisa Pearson
their known children
1927 - 1993 Reginald Arthur Clapperton
1928 - 2009 Raymond John Raishbrook Clapperton
1933 - 2004 Lindsay Jack Clapperton
* Arthur died 19 June 1973 aged 71
* Hilda died 13 Dec 1984 aged 77
They are buried Plot 214, Plot H at Havelock North

Charles Mark Clapperton (1909-1986)
* son of Henry John & Marion Clapperton
married Doris Edna Hemmington (1912-1986) in 1935

Douglas Clapperton (1897-1971)
* performed on Christchurch radio with the Avonian Minstrels
married Minnie Meredith Rogers (1886-1954) in 1926
* Douglas died 26 Oct 1971 aged 74 and is buried at Waimairi

Frank Ernest Clapperton (1861-1932)
married Annie Ada Reeves (1864-1939) in 1891
* daughter of Charles Stephen & Mary Charlotte Reeves
* they lived in Caversham and Dunedin
their known children
1892 - Kathleen Clapperton
1896 - Frank Ernest Clapperton
* Annie died 13 May 1939 aged 75, 7 years after Frank. She is buried with him at Plot 23, Block 65 at Andersons Bay cemetery. Also with son Frank (1897-1963), his wife Emma (1897-1969) and daughter Kathleen (1892-1956)

Frank Ernest Clapperton (1896-1963)
Frank served as Gunner 12744 in WWI with the 13th, NZ Field Artillery. His next of kin was his mother Annie Ada Clapperton of 61 Duke St., Dunedin
married Emma Dorothy Allan (1897-1969) in 1923
* Frank died 8 Aug 1963 aged 66
* Emma died 22 Dec 1969 aged 72
They are buried Plot 23, Block 65 at Andersons Bay, Dunedin

George Charles Clapperton (1893-1973)
married Emily Margaret Logan (1895-1951) in 1915
George served in WWI as Driver 50950 with the 35th, Army Service Corps. His next of kin was his wife E. C.(?) Clapperton in Paraparaumu
their known children
1916 - 1994 Richard Styles Clapperton
1917 - 1989 Dessie Albert Charles Clapperton
1919 - 1921 Frederick William Clapperton (aged 15 months, buried Karori)
* George next married Dorothy Evelyn Mason (1903-1969) in 1922
* Emily next married Henry Frederick William Clapperton (1895-1955) in 1930

Henry Frederick William Clapperton (1895-1955)
* born in Surrey, England to Henry John 'Harry' Clapperton & Marion Raishbrook
married Mary Ann Richardson in 1915
Henry served in WWI as Private 75665 with the 39th, A Company. Mary Ann was his next of kin at Onga Onga, Hawkes Bay.
* Mary Ann next married married John Williams in 1923
* Henry next married Emily Margaret Clapperton (nee Logan) in 1930
Henry served in WWII as Private 31993 & 548148

Henry John Clapperton (1876-1948)
married 'Lena' Bourne (nee Rodgers 1871-1944) 14 April 1915
* Emmeline Thirza Mary 'Lena' Rodgers first married John William 'Jack' Watson (1861-1914) in 1888 in Palmerston North & had 7 children. In 1896 Jack was charged with and sentenced to prison for, abducting a 15 year old girl. There was a break down of the marriage and Lena reverted to her maiden name. She next married Charles Johnson in 1908. They were divorced in Gisborne in 1910. Lena married Henry Bourne in 1912 & had a son. Lena married Henry John Clapperton in 1915. Lena died in Napier 6 July 1944 aged 73 and is buried Park Island cemetery. Henry John Clapperton's burial not yet found

James Alfred Clapperton (1896-1974)
married Doris Howie (1907-1965) in 1924
* They are buried together at Taupo Lawn Cemetery

James Duncan Clapperton (1894-1980)
married Ivy Bernice Kendall (1899-1983) in 1925

Leslie Clapperton (1911-1998)
* son of Henry John & Marion Clapperton
married Ada Rita Blackwell (1911-) in 1932

Richard Styles Clapperton (1916-1994)
married Jean Frances Hetty Cornwall (1915-2001) in 1938
* They lived at 29 Park Rd., Belmont, Lower Hutt

Robert Hogg Clapperton (1859-1938)
* born in Scotland
married Anne Sangster Todd (1858-1953) in Owaka, xmas day 1888
* They lived at Clutha, Otago
their known children
1890 - Margaret Clapperton
1891 - Thomas Andrew Clapperton
1894 - Janet Maud Clapperton
1896 - Charlotte Todd Clapperton
1899 - Robert James Clapperton

Thomas Ebenezer Clapperton (1886-1969)
married Maud Elizabeth Cooke (nee Elliott 1881-1970) in 1920
* Maud first married Thomas Cooke (1881-1916) in 1902 & had three children. Thomas was killed in Pozières, Somme, France. Thomas served in the Australian Imperial Force as Private 3055, 2nd Brigade 8th Infantry Battalion. He was awarded the VC For most conspicuous bravery. After a Lewis gun had been disabled, he was ordered to take his gun and gun-team to a dangerous part of the line. Here he did fine work, but came under very heavy fire, with the result that finally he was the only man left. He still stuck to his post, and continued to fire his gun. When assistance was sent he was found dead beside his gun. He set a splendid example of determination and devotion to duty.
* Thomas died 31 May 1969 aged 83
* Maud died 16 Nov 1970 aged 89
They are buried with a daughter, Ethel Maud (Wilson 1902-1998) in Plot 662A, Ch Eng, Karori, Wellington

William Ernest Clapperton (1900-1956)
married Amy Winifred Anderson (1883-1960) in 1928
* William died 10 July 1956 aged 56
* Amy died 24 Oct 1960 aged 78
They are buried Plan VIII, Row 10 at Archer St, Masterton

William Nicol Clapperton
* William arrived in NZ from Scotland on the 'Crusader' and settled in Pahi, Northland
He and his wife, Mary Allen (nee ? 1856-1896) had a son in NZ
1894 - 1980 James Duncan Clapperton
* Mary died 15 Oct 1896 in Pahi, Kaipara aged 40
William next married Charlotte Ester Farrow (1864-1961) in 1910

Alice Elenor Maud Clapperton
married Ronald John Stephens (1901-1971) in 1924
* son of William Henry Stephens & Mary Ann Symons

Catherine Clapperton (1884-1960)
* born in NZ, a daughter of Alexander Clapperton & Grace Catherine Cormie who married in Glasgow in 1882 & arrived on the 'Doric' into Auckland in 1883. They settled in Dunedin
married Robert Wallace Thompson (1882-1954) at Maori Hill, Dunedin 7 Oct 1922

Charlotte Ann Clapperton (1905-1986)
married Ernest Adrian Timms (1904-1962) in 1924

Edith Abigail Margaret Clapperton (1861-1914)
married John Moore Johnston (1853-1929) in 1890
their known children
1891 - Clara Louise Hope Johnston
1892 - James Hope Johnston
* Edith died 18 March 1914 aged 52
* John died 23 Oct 1929 aged 76
They are buried together at Terrace End, Palmerston North (see photo)

Emily Margaret Clapperton (nee Logan 1895-1951)
married Henry Frederick William Clapperton in 1930
* see above

Grace Clapperton (1886-1973)
* daughter of Alexander Clapperton & Grace Catherine Cormie (see Catherine above)
married Paul Wallace Warren Johnstone (1889-1959) in Knox Church, Dunedin 8 April 1914
their known children
1917 - Kathleen Elizabeth 'Betty' Johnstone
1922 - 1998 Oliver Alexander Johnstone (Dr)

Isabella Clapperton (1850-1936)
married John Hislop (1831-1900) in 1873
* John was a Jeweller from Liverpool. He first married Emily Christina Lea in Dunedin in 1863 and had 7 children. She died in Dunedin a month after the birth of their 7th child aged 29
the known children of Isabella & John
(a total of 14 children for John)
1874 - Daisy Isabel Hislop
1876 - John Hislop
1878 - Agnes Ballantyne Hislop
1880 - James Ballantyne Hislop
1882 - Breezetta Hislop
1884 - Isabella Brodie Hislop
1888 - Elizabeth Hislop
* John died 22 Oct 1900 aged 69
* Isabella died 18 Oct 1936 aged 86
They are buried together in Plot 28, Block 27 at North East Valley cemetery, Dunedin with John's first wife and 3 of his & Emily's children (2 infants)
NOTE Mr John Hislop who for nearly forty years conducted business as a. watchmaker and jeweller at 74 Princes Street, Dunedin, was a well known colonist. As a man of business he was a credit to his guild, and all the branches of his trade were carried on with enlightened intelligence. The appliances used by him were of the best design and material, and he employed specially qualified persons in connection with cleaning and repairing watches and the manufacture of all kinds of jewellery. It used to be said that Queen Victoria never accepted presents from private individuals. Nevertheless, on the 13th of August, 1886, Mr. Hislop forwarded to her Majesty a scent bottle and paper-knife, together with a letter begging their acceptance. The sequel to this was that, afterwards, Mr. Hislop kept on his shop counter an appropriately framed letter written by Her Majesty's command, and dated the 26th of September, 1886, acknowledging the receipt of Mr. Hislop's letter and thanking him for his very beautiful gifts, for which the Queen expressed great admiration. Mr. Hislop was born in Liverpool in 1832, and served his apprenticeship partly in Scotland and partly in England. He came of a Greenock family, and his uncle, Mr. John Hislop, was a publisher of that place. Mr. Hislop left the Old Country for Australia in 1851 and entered into business at Bendigo, where he continued for most of his time in the sister colony, until attracted by the Otago gold “rush” in 1862, when he settled in Dredin and established his business. He was for several years a member of the North East Valley borough council and also held a seat on the Otago harbour board. As a Freemason he was attached to Lodge Otago Kilwinning, S.C., and had taken the Royal Arch and Knight Templar degrees. Mr. Hislop was married in 1873, and had in all twelve children—six sons and six daughters. He died in his shop, suddenly, on the 19th of October, 1900.

Janet Maud Clapperton (1895-1933)
married Julius Duncan McLellan (1876-1945) in Otago 1923
* Julius was a farmer in Owaka

Jean Clapperton
married John Henderson Clark in 1927

Jessie Maria Clapperton (1859-1942)
married Roland Streater (1856-1906) in 1886
NZ Herald, 26 July 1886 STREATER-CLAPPERTON - At the residence of the bride's brother, View Avenue, Mount Eden, on the 23rd instant, by the Rev G. B. Munro, Roland Streater of London, to Jessie, daughter of the late William Clapperton, Consulting Engineer, Glasgow, Scotland
Auckland Star, 17 Sep 1906 DEATH of CAPTAIN STREATER Capt. Roland Streater, who with two others was injured through the collapse of a derrick on board the steamer Ayrshire some four weeks ago, died at his residence in Nelson-street at six o'clock last Saturday evening. Captain Streater's spine was badly injured and, paralysis having set in, his case was considered almost hopeless from the outset. A born sailor, he went to his first ship at the age of 16 years, trading to the Black Sea and the Far East. He joined the Shaw-Savill Co in the early eighties and it was not long before he was promoted to the rank of captain, being appointed to the command of the sailing ship 'Lutterworth' in 1887. In 1890 he was transferred to the ship 'Eutrope' and five years later he came out to new Zealand as chief officer of the s.s. 'Aotea'. Settling down in Auckland, he became a partner in the firm of Nearing and Co., stevedores. He took keen interest in all aquatic sport and was a member of the New Zealand Power Boat Association and owned the launch 'Seaford'. His wife, three sisters and a brother survive him. His sisters reside in England and the brother in Constantinople. The flags of the boats in port and the various shipping offices are lowered to half-mast as a mark of respect to his memory .. The Inquest is at the above link
NZ Herald, 25 July 1842 STREATER - At her residence, "Seaford" Auckland, on July 23, 1942 (on what would have been her 56th wedding anniversary) Jessie M., widow of the late Captain Roland Streater

Letitia May Clapperton (1907-1986)
* daughter of Henry John & Marion Clapperton
married Robert Young in 1930

Lillia Eliza Clapperton
married Algernon Harrison in 1914
their known children
1915 - Frank Lindsay Harrison
1917 - Edna May harrison

Lillian Josephine Clapperton (1871-1948)
married Frank Fielding Haggitt (1868-1954) in 1896
their known children
1899 - Alan Frank Haggitt

Marion Zellah Clapperton
married George Haggerty in 1913
their known children
1915 - George William Haggerty
1917 - Daniel James Haggerty

Mary Ann Clapperton (nee Richardson)
married John Williams in 1923
* see above

Plot 8, Block 4 at Terrace End

John Moore & Edith Abigail Johnston

Mrs Lucy Anna Butts, Wellington 1931

Lucy Anna Nixon (1851-1931)
was born in Stoke, Nelson, on 4 June 1851, 1 of 7 children of John Nixon & Eliza Julia Peterson from Nottingham (buried Wanganui). She married John George Butts (1840-1891) in 1869. John was born in Dorset, England, the youngest son of Rev Edward Drury Butts (1793-1863) & Mary Hill, only daughter of James Hill, Esq., Walthamstow.
NOTE His father, Edward Drury Butts, died 14 Nov 1863 at Southsea, Hampshire aged 70
Wellington Independent, 24 July 1869
BUTTS-NIXON - At Wanganui, on the 20th July, at Sedgebrook Grange (the residence of the bride's father), by the Rev C. H. S. Nicholls, John George Butts, Lieutenant 18th Royal Irish, youngest son of the late Rev Edward Drury Butts, Incumbent of Melplaish, Dorset, to Lucy Anna, youngest daughter of J. Nixon, Esq., J.P., Wanganui
* marriage of Anna's sister On the 9th July 1863, at Sydney, Theodore Henry Dickens, Esq., barrister, Calcutta, to Matilda Julia, eldest daughter of John Nixon, Esq., J.P., Sedgebrook Grange, Wanganui, New Zealand, and niece to A.T.T. Peterson, Esq., Barrister, Calcutta
* Sedgebrook Grange was a large family estate on the left bank of the Wanganui River. Anna's brother John Henry Nixon, Manager of the BNZ in Wanganui, lived on the estate and bred thoroughbred horses and pedigree Jersey cattle

the children of Lucy & John:
... 1 1871 - 1960 HARRY PAULET Butts
* born in Devonport, England 11 Jan 1871. He married Edith Mary Templer (1867-1947) in Hawera on 13 Dec 1900.
* Edith was 1 of 12 children of Edward Merson Templer (1820-1896) & Mary 'Jane' Saunders King (1837-1906), who were from England & married in NZ
* Harry was very involved in sports and was Secretary & Treasurer of all his local clubs in Hockey, Cricket, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Swimming etc. and took part in Diving Competitions. He was Treasurer & Auditor of the Hawera Library, Treasurer of the Waverley A. & P. Association and President of the Waverley Debating Society.
Edith Mary Butts died in Tauranga 22 Nov 1947 aged 80
Harry Paulet Butts died 15 July 1960 aged 84
They are buried Plots 48 & 49, Row 20, Section 14 at Tauranga Anglican Cemetery

... 2 1875 - 1961 EVA MARY Butts
* born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India, Eva never married. She was a school-mistress, teaching elocution, arithmetic and geography at the Terrace School, Fitzherbert Terrace, Wellington to the Beauchamps (Katherine Mansfield), among others. Katherine wrote that she tolerated, even sometimes liked, Miss Butts, who didn't attempt to make her conform, like Mrs Henry Smith.
Eva Mary Butts died in Christchurch and was cremated and buried at Bolton street, Wellington with her family

... 3 1878 - 1926 MURIEL St CLAIR 'Clair' Butts
* born in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India. Muriel never married.
Muriel died in Wellington 6 March 1926
She was cremated and buried at Bolton street with her family

... 4 1883 - 1960 George Aubrey 'Pitt' Butts
* born in New Zealand, Pitt married Winifred Mary Kempthorne Holmes (1884-1972) nee Roskruge. Winifred had first married Garnet Bowen Holmes in 1907. Garnet was involved in a 'scandalous affair' with women who ran a brothel at 5 Freeling St., Island Bay. It became known as the 'Freeling St Affair' and Winifred divorced him (go to her link) as did other wives (& husbands) of those involved.
Pitt Butts died 20 Oct 1960 in Auckland aged 77. His ashes were scattered from Purewa.
Winifred Mary Butts died 25 July 1972 aged 88. Her burial not yet found.

... 5 1885 - 1885 EMILY Butts
* born prematurely at Felcourt, Wellington, on 27 May 1885, Emily only survived 2 hours and was buried at Bolton Street cemetery

New Zealand Times, 8 Dec 1891
BUTTS - On the 5th December 1891, at his residence, Gordon-street, Newtown, Wellington, John George Butts, retired major 18th Royal Irish Regiment, aged 51 years ...
Evening Post, 7 Dec 1891
DEATH of Lieutenant-Colonel Butts
The brief announcement made in our last issue will have prepared our readers for the news ...

NZ Times, 22 Dec 1892
THE MAYORESS' RECEPTION. The Mayoress held a reception from 4 to 6 yesterday afternoon at her residence, off Hill street. His Worship the Mayor and Mrs Bell received the visitors as they arrived and suitably entertained them. A list of those who were present included Mr H. P. Butts and Mrs Butts ..

NZ Mail, 26 May 1893
QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY. Between the hours of noon and 1pm on Wednesday, His Excellency the Governor held a levee at Government House in honour of Her Majesty's Birthday. The following gentlemen attended:- .. Mr H. P. Butts

Hawera & Normanby Star, 9 June 1899
HAWERA PUBLIC LIBRARY. The annual general meeting was held on Thursday evening. Treasurer - Mr C. A. Strack was proposed by Mr Fake and seconded by Mr Davidson and Mr Matthews proposed Mr H. Graves, who declined. Mr Major proposed Mr H. P. Butts; Mr Barton seconded. There followed a very long, personal discussion, where Mr Strack's ability to do an efficient job as Treasurer was in question. Mr Strack finally declined to accept nomination and Mr Butts was elected.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 14 Dec 1900
A large party of relatives and guests assembled at St Mary's Church, Hawera, on Thursday afternoon, for the celebration of the wedding of Mr H. P. Butts and Miss E. M. Templer. The ceremony took place at about a quarter to 3 and was performed by Rev H. Anson, assisted by Rev A. W. H. Compton. Mr R. C. Templer, brother, gave the bride away. Miss A. Templer and Miss Ivy Brett were bridesmaids and two little nieces of the bride carried baskets of flowers, while Mr G. B. Hull was best man. The bride was married in her travelling dress, of dark green, with white hat trimmed with heliotrope and the bridesmaids wore white and yellow. When all the company were assembled the scene was a pretty one. The church was decorated and the usual musical accompaniments to the wedding were played by Mrs Anson. After the ceremony Mrs Templer held a reception, at which a large number of friends were present and shortly before 4 o'clock the bride and bridegroom, amid showers of rice and expressions of good wishes, went off to catch the train to Wanganui.

Wanganui Herald, 20 June 1905
Mr H. P. Butts, who has been on the staff of the Hawera branch of the Bank of Australasia for some time, has been promoted to the managership of the Waverley branch. Mr Butts is a keen hockey and tennis enthisiast. The renowned Hawera Hockey Club will thus lose one of their best backs, whilst Waverley, already strong in tennis, will gain further power by Mr Butts advent

Evening Post, 27 June 1908
A really novel note was struck by Mrs Rankine Brown last week with her charmingly-planned Violet Tea. The rooms were decorated with them, every guest wore a cluster on her bodice and some on the muffs, a dainty fancy - and the tea table was so exquisite.. all the cakes were iced in violet, even some of the tea-cups had violet wreaths painted on them and a most successful novelty was sandwiches of violets, crystallised! There were two competitions, one was the writing of four lines or original poetry on the violet. The prizes for the competitions - one a charming satchel of rose satin strewn with embroidered violets - were won by Miss Kathleen Beauchamp (who later wrote as the talented Katherine Mansfield) and Miss Eva Butts ..

Evening Post, 24 Dec 1908
The Children's Hour Guild, of which Miss Clair Butts of Newtown is president, on Monday gave a Christmas entertainment to about forty children in the Girls' Club Room. Games and an excellent tea were followed by the distribution of gifts from a Christmas tree, as well as parcels of clothing.

Patea Mail, 26 Feb 1909
Mr H. P. Butts, the genial manager of the local branch of the Bank of Australia, leaves to-morrow for a three weeks cycling tour. Mr and Mrs Butts hope to visit the Waitomo caves and the Mokau River, where the scenery is said to be superb.

NZ Times, 14 May 1909
Yesterday Miss Eva Butts gave a small tea for her girl friends at the D.I.C., when among those present were the Misses Lucy Atkinson, Head, Dora Brandon, Hilda Miles, Dorothy Pollen, Grace Morrah, Irene Edwin, Joan Hislop, Kitty MacKenzie and Miss Claire Butts

Evening Post, 4 Jan 1910
Mrs Butts and Miss Claire Butts have gone to pay visits in the Wairarapa. Mrs Hampton has taken their house in their absence.

Dominion, 11 Jan 1910
Miss Eva Butts, who was on the "Waikare" when she was wrecked, (in Wet Jacket Arm, Dusky Sound, Fiordland without loss of life) has returned to Wellington and is staying at Miss Malcolm's

Dominion, 23 May 1910
Mrs Butts, of Newtown, on one occasion many years ago, travelled in the same ship with the present King and the late Duke of Clarence. Some mishap had occurred to the Bacchante, on which the two Princes were travelling and they transferred themselves to a passenger steamer, on which were the late Colonel Butts, with his wife and two very small children. The Duke of Clarence was much interested in Colonel Butts' stories of shooting in India and both the Princes won the hearts of the children of whom they took a great deal of notice. They were pleasant boys, frank and friendly as the present King's sons seem to be. Years before, Colonel Butts had formed one of the guard of honour at the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra and Mrs Butts treasures as an interesting memento, the buckle of the sword-belt her husband wore on that occasion with its badge of the Royal Irish Regiment. It did duty again when Mrs Butts wore it at the service on Friday. Another memento treasured by Miss Butts is a little pen and ink sketch which the Duke of Clarence did for her and which bears his signature.

Evening Post, 5 Dec 1910
All present greatly enjoyed the little fete of the Sunshine Guild on Saturday afternoon in Daniel-street. The Christmas tree was, of course, the cheif centre of admiration and attraction and was a nice fruitful tree too. The sweets were in great demand and the fancy wares also found customers. Mrs Wilford opened the fete with a little speech full of kind sympathy for the work of the guild and had the unfailing bouquet presented to her. It was a charming arrangement of coreopsis, as yellow as the guild's colour. Miss Clair Butts is the secretary of the guild and she and her fellow members bring a great deal of sunshine to many who sadly need such kindly cheering. Any profits of this party will be carefully expended in helping to make Christmastide a happy season to sick sufferers.

Evening Post, 4 Jan 1911
A very pretty little wedding took place last week at St Thomas's Church, the Rev Wynne Bond (vicar) officiating, when Miss Katie Cosbey (Katherine 1884-1962), younger daughter of the late Rev J. Cosbey, of Ings Kendall (England), was married to Dr W. D. Stoney Johnston (Nelson) (William David Stoney 1882-1962), son of the late Rev T. Johnston, Motueka. Miss Claire Butts was bridesmaid and Mr Charles H. Makay was best man. The bride was given away by Lieutenant Cooke, R.N.

Wanganui Chronicle, 24 April 1911
Mr H. P. Butts, the popular local manager of the Waverley branch of the Bank of Australasia, has received notice of his transfer to Gore branch of the bank and leaves in the course of a week or two to take up his new duties. Mr Butts will be greatly missed in sporting circles here, as he takes a keen interest in all outdoor sports. He will be especially missed by the local golf and tennis clubs, of which he is secretary and a very energetic worker for his club's welfare. Although sorry to lose Mr Butts, we have to congratulate him on his well-earned promotion and wish him every success and happiness in his new sphere.

Southland Times, 9 Jan 1912
Archdeacon Jacob, late of Wanganui and vicar-elect of Timaru, in succession to Archdeacon Harper, who has just returned from the overland trip to Milford Sound, is visiting Gore and is the guest of Mr and Mrs H. P. Butts. The Archdeacon will leave for the North to-day.

Evening Post, 9 Aug 1912
Miss Claire Butts is in Masterton, where she is staying with Mrs Vivian Donald. Miss Butts leaves for Christchurch tonight.
NOTE Lucy & Claire spent a number of holidays with the Donalds. This was Gertrude Blanche Mills (1875-1966), born in Havelock, Hawkes Bay, she married Vivian Everard Donald (1878-1970) at St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington in 1904. Vivian was born in Masterton, 1 of 2 sons to Donald Donald & Elizabeth Ann Stevens. He went into business with his father as founders of Donald & Son Ltd, manufacturers of wool presses and wire strainers. In 1909 he joined the Board of Directors of the Wairarapa Farmers' Co-operative Association, holding the position of Chairman for many years. He also served as President of the Opaki Rifle Club and President of the Wairarapa Rifle Association.
* This is a photo of Vivian & Gertrude Donald taken in their home in Lansdowne in 1958, sitting in front of their extensive art collection, including work from Goldie & Lindauer.
* 1 of their 8 children was Haddon Vivian Donald (1917-2018) DSO, MC, ED NZ soldier, businessman and politician of the National Party. He was the oldest living former NZ Member of Parliament and at the time of his death, was the highest-ranking New Zealand army officer of World War II.
* Vivian & Gertrude are buried in Masterton

Evening Post, 9 Dec 1912
Miss Claire Butts, the president of the Sunshine Guild, is also the enthusiastic head of a branch of the Braille International Correspondence Club

Dominion, 6 Feb 1913
The Hon Trevor and Mrs Ogilvie Grant, Mr and Mrs Reynolds Denniston and Miss Eva Butts leaves Wellington to-day by the 'Warrimoo' for Sydney, where they join the P. & O. 'Beltana' for England.
* In August Eva wrote home enthusiastic of the English Spring which she had just been enjoying partly in Sussex with relations. Also she had been seeing many English schools en passant but the sales were attracting her to London. Visits to Mrs H. Bridge (nee Miss Douglas) at Droxford, to Major and Mrs Drake at Polsham Park, Paigton, also to Lord and Lady Seaton at Buckland Abbey, were among her summer plans. Later in August Paris was to see her, where the French language and French schools would each have their share of attention. In October she was in Dublin, the guest of Mrs Popham (nee Maggie Douglas), and enjoyed the Dublin Horse Fair.
* On 29 Dec she left England for Italy. After that she went on to Ceylon before returning to New Zealand via Australia. She arrived into Melbourne on the 'Omrah' in Jan 1914
* In Feb 1914 Eva arrived in Wellington, via Sydney after 12 months away visiting England, Ireland and the Continent. Her mother Lucy returned to Wellington from her visit to the Southern lakes and Gore and her sister Claire returned after staying with Mrs MacShane in Auckland

Evening Post, 7 Feb 1913
Yesterday afternoon, in St Peter's Church, Wellington, the marriage took place of Miss Ethel Bennett (Ethel Adeline Amy/May 1888-1961), of Melbourne and Mr Charles Handcock Mackay (1882-1952), eldest son of Dr and Mrs Mackay of Nelson. The Ven. Archdeacon Harper, assisted by the Rev L. Mackay, performed the ceremony and Dr Pollen gave the bride away. Miss Claire Butts was the bridesmaid and the best man was Mr W. Mackay, brother of the bridegroom.

Free Lance, 13 March 1915
Mrs Butts is going away for a short holiday. Her son, Mr Pitt Butts, has been an invalid for some months and is still in the Wellington Hospital, but hopes to be quite well again before many months have past

Free Lance, 31 March 1916
Mr Pitt Butts, the younger son of the late Colonel Butts, is making a good recovery from his long illness. Recently he has been to Nelson and though he is still on crutches, he is able to get about a little. One fine day last week he was seen in Newtown Park. Mr Butts has had a hard trial. It has been his fate to lie helpless while all his pals have gone forth to war.

Dominion, 15 March 1917
Yesterday Miss Claire Butts entertained several of her blind friends at her home in Gordon Street, Newtown. The weather was perfect for outdoor entertainment and practically the whole of the day was spent in the garden, where the warm air and the feel of the sunshine were appreciated to the full. Mrs Ewart had lent her gramophone and some fine records added to the pleasure of the guests, who were entertained at luncheon and afternoon tea by Miss Butts and Mrs Butts.

Evening post, 19 Nov 1921
Keen interest is being evinced in the production on Monday night and succeeding nights of "The Satin Slipper," from the pen of Miss Eva Butts of Wellington. It is a one-act play, in the cast of which are Mrs Horace Hunt (who, under the stage name of Nan Bevill, has appeared on the stage and in film plays in London), Mrs Coleridge, Misses Hilda Miles and Pearl Hamilton and Messrs Theodore Trezise and Ivan Findlay. The presentation of the play should be an encouragement to local creative work. Their Excellencies the Governor-General Lord and Lady Jellicoe hoped to be able to attend the performance

Evening Post, 10 March 1926

A great many people of Wellington and other parts of the Dominion will have heard with great regret of the death of Miss Muriel St Clair Butts, second daughter of Mrs Butts, of Gordon street, and the late Colonel Butts, 18th Royal Irish Regiment, who passed away after a long illness. Miss Clair Butts had a very fine and gentle personality and made many friends, especially among the blind, the sick and the sorrowful. Early in life she began as a Sunday school teacher at St Thomas's Church and went on to many other good works. Among these was the reading to and care of blind people and she accomplished the task of learning to read Braille and conducted correspondence for and with the blind in all parts of the Dominion, as well as transcribing many stories, pamphlets and parts of books into Braille for their enjoyment. She was a regular visitor at the Victoria Hospital for Chronic Invalids and wrote letters for them, as well as other kindnesses and giving the cheer of her presence in regular visits.
Miss Butts's life was a beautiful and well-spent one and great sympathy will be extended to her mother and family in their loss.
The funeral service at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral was conducted by the Rev Canon Fancourt, an old friend who came from Palmerston North for the purpose, the Ven. Archdeacon Johnson, vicar of St Paul's and the Rev Mr Burgin, curate of St Thomas's Church.
It was a fully choral and attended by a parade of St John Ambulance members as well as by a great many other friends. The service at the graveside was conducted by the same clergy.
The pall-bearers were Sir Kenneth Douglas, Mr W. Wood, Mr McGhee and Mr Miles Samuel. The late Miss Butt's brothers, Mr H. P. Butts of Tauranga and Mr Pitt Butts of Rotorua were present.

Evening Post, 18 March 1926
The fortnightly meeting of the Wellington South Nursing Division of the order of St John was held on Tuesday in the Masonic Hall. A good attendance of members was present and the work of the evening was various kinds of roller bandaging, followed by home nursing questions, under the direction of the lady superintendent and Mrs Betts. Reference was made to the death of Miss Claire Butts, one of the first members of the division and a message of sympathy passed to the family.

Evening Post, 1 April 1926
The meeting of the committee of the S.P.C.A. was held on Monday last and was presided over by the president, Mr F. Meadowcroft. A motion of sympathy was passed with the relatives of the late Miss Muriel Butts, who was for many years a very ardent supporter of the work of the society.

Evening Post, 8 Aug 1927
Members of the Suburban Nursing Division met at Mrs Osborn's residence on Saturday evening, the occasion being the presentation to the division of the Clair Butt's Memorial Trophy. A beautiful cup, which bears the following inscription: "Claire Butt's Memorial Trophy, present by Mrs Butts, 1917, Wellington Suburban Nursing Division, S.J.A.B.O., for Individual Home Nursing." In making the presentation, Mrs Butts spoke of Miss Butts' long association with ambulance work and expressed the hope that members would be very keen in this home nursing competition. Mrs Osborn, in returning thanks to Mrs Butts for her generosity in giving such a handsome trophy to perpetuate the memory of the late Sister Claire Butts, felt sure that with such a great example as Miss Butts had set, members would try to follow in her footsteps and in remembering the great Order to which they belong would endeavour to be as loyal as she was to it. In competing for the trophy, all would bear her in loving memory. Mrs Butts, who was accompanied by Mrs Disbury, was presented with a beautiful posy by the members of the division.

Evening Post, 20 Oct 1931
OBITUARY - Mrs Lucy Anna Butts
The death occurred yesterday of a well-known and highly respected lady, Mrs Butts, widow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Butts, 18th Royal Irish Regiment and daughter of the late Major and Mrs Nixon, of Sedgwick Estate, Wanganui.
Mrs Butts, who had resided a great many years in Wellington, was a highly cultivated woman with the old-school ideas of courtesy and duty towards others. She had a delightful sense of humour, a wonderful memory, never forgetting a face or name and was a great social favourite as she had a never-failing fund of cheerful pleasantness which made her a delightful companion and friend. Mrs Butts was eminently kind too and was always ready to help others, though she was the last to make any mention or parade of her good deeds.
After the death of one of her daughters, Miss Clare Butts, Mrs Butts lived with her daughter Miss Eva Butts at Clifton terrace. She was 80 years of age and was born at Stoke, Nelson, but soon afterwards the family moved to Wanganui and took up the well-known Sedgwick Estate.

Mrs Butts came of a very interesting family. Her grandmother was a Miss Turton, daughter of Sir Thomas Turton, of Starborough Castle, Kent. She married first a Mr Petersen, son of a well-known Count Petersen, of Norway, who, during the Napoleonic War, was a fugitive from his country and a sloop of was was sent for him to the coast of Holland, bringing him to England, where he settled and bought an estate in Kent.
Mrs Nixon's two sisters married Italian noblemen, one the Marchese Burl-Macchi, of Milan and the other Conti Riccardi, the family of the latter living at Eden hall, Kent, not far from Starborough Castle. Both families attained high positions and are historical people.

The late Lieutenant-Colonel Butts came to Wellington as Commandant of the District and held the position up till the time of his death, many years ago. The family includes Miss Butts (of Clifton terrace, Wellington), Mr Harry Butts (manager of the Bank of Australasia, Tauranga) and Mr Pitt Butts (Rotorua). Much sympathy will be felt with them in the loss of their mother, who was to the end full of interest in life, a great reader of good literature and who kept herself up to date in every sense of the expression

Evening Post, 1 Feb 1935
Mrs Ruthven, Bedford, England, who is visiting New Zealand and has been staying with a cousin, Mr Harry Butts, Tauranga, is now in Wellington, to see something of Miss Eva Butts and will leave on Monday for the Sounds trip.

NZ Herald, 15 Oct 1935
There was a large party arranged last week in Wellington by Lady Myers, Mrs Knox Gilmer, Mrs Godfrey Wilson, Mrs Herbert and Miss Eva Butts for Mrs Sprott (Edith Christina Campbell of Dublin), who, with her husband Bishop Sprott, will be leaving Bishopscourt shortly to take up their residence at Brooklyn. On behalf of some of Mrs Sprott's friends, lady Myers presented her with several gifts as an expression of the appreciation of her public work as well as of their affection for her

John George Butts died 5 Dec 1891 aged 51
Lucy Anna Butts died 30 Oct 1931 aged 80
They are buried Plot 7904 at Bolton Street cemetery with others ..

The family buried in Plot 7904, C of E at Bolton St
are John, his wife Lucy and daughters Eva Mary and Muriel St Clair
The HEADSTONE reads:
In Loving Memory Of
Lieut Colonel J. G. BUTTS
Late The Royal Irish Regiment
Born April 2nd 1840
Died December 5th 1891
Erected by the officers, noncommissioned officers and men of the Volunteer Force, Wellington District 1892

beloved wife of above
Born 1851 - Died 1931

Born at Kasauli
Died at Wellington
6th March 1926 aged 47 years

Born India
Died at Christchurch 31 May 1961 aged 86

ROSKRUGE marriages New Zealand

Charles Leslie Kempthorne Roskruge (1892-1964)
* son of Louis Charles Roskruge & Alice Elizabeth Hunt
married Olive 'Vera' Nightingale (1892-1956) from Tasmania, on 13 Aug 1915 in St Paul's Wellington
The Mercury (Hobart), 22 Sep 1915
ROSKRUGE—NIGHTINGALE On August 13 1915, at St. Paul's, Pro-Cathedral, Wellington, New Zealand, by Rev. A. M. Johnston, Leslie Kempthorne, son of L. C. Roskruge, Wellington, to Olive 'Vera', only daughter of F. M. (Frederick Marcus) and the late Ellen (Ellen 'Nell' Meredyth) Nightingale, Hobart and grand-daughter of the late Sir G. A. J. Meredyth (George Augustus Jarvis 1832-1907), Bart., Greenhills, County Kildare, Ireland.
The bride's father was unable to come from Hobart to attend the wedding, so she was given away by Mr Russell of Seatoun and the wedding took place from the home of the bridegroom's parents. The bride wore a dainty cream costume and large cream hat, with wide velvet streamers and carried a bouquet of white flowers. Miss Sybil Rapley was the only bridesmaid and she wore a frock of floral voile, pale pink and heliotrope blended in the pattern, with pale pink hat and bouquet of pink flowers. Mr Kenneth Roskruge supported his brother as best man.
After the ceremony, a few intimate friends were entertained to afternoon tea by Mr and Mrs Roskruge at their home in Tinakori road, before the bride and bridegroom left for a brief holiday.
Mrs L. C. Roskruge wore a mole-coloured costume and hat with small flowers and carried a pretty bouquet. Mrs Garnet Holmes, sister of the bridegroom, was in a navy tailor-made costume and smart tricorne hat to match.
their only child
* 1916 - 2010 Joan Kempthorne 'Billie' Roskruge
- Joan married Harry John Sheridan Plimmer in 1935. She married Philip John McGowan (1909-1986) in 1938. She married ? Marshall
* Vera died 16 Aug 1956 aged 64.
* Charles died 21 Jan 1964 aged 72. They are interred Plot 15 Div 6, Niche, Karori Wellington
NOTE Vera's father, Frederick Marcus Nightingale (1867-1932) was born in Hokitika. He married Ellen 'Nell' Meredyth (1864-1914) in Tasmania 9 Jan 1889. He next married Clarice Holley Walch Moore (1886-1939) in 1916. Frederick & Clarice died in Northcote, Melbourne. Frederick is buried with Nell at Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Tasmania

Edward Richard Roskruge (1852-1915)
* son of James Roskruge (1813-1859) & Elizabeth Roskruge (1821-1901) who married in 1842 and arrived into Lyttelton on the 'Cashmere 11 Oct 1858 with 7 children (also see notes at end)
married Annie Elizabeth O'Reilly (1854-1901) in 1882
their known children
* 1884 - 1967 Edward Richard Roskruge
* 1885 - Annie Elizabeth Roskruge
* 1887 - Maud Eveline Roskruge
* 1889 - Lucy Maude Roskruge
* 1892 - 1965 Thomas Roland Roskruge
* 1894 - 1915 Charles Copeland Roskruge
Hawera & Normanby Star, 10 May 1899
W. Walker sued E. R. Roskruge. At New Plymouth Court .. The facts were unusual. The plaintiff stated that in 1883 he was proprietor of the Imperial Hotel. Roskruge and his wife stayed with him for a day or two and then took a cottage. Afterwards defendant called on witness and with tears running down his cheeks, said his wife was in delicate health and that he had not a shilling to but a particle of food. Witness said he would lend him a pound or tow and Roskruge immediately replied "£15 will do". A cheque was thereupon written out for that amount. He never saw any more of defendant till recently at Picton, where he happened to go into a hotel and saw the man and his wife behind the bar ... more
Marlborough Express, 9 Dec 1899
SUPREME COURT. Roskruge v Swanwick .. Edward Richard Roskruge, formerly licensee of the Terminus Hotel, said he bought the lease of the hotel from Mr Ryan. It carried with it a mortgage over the furniture ... more
* Edward died 6 April 1915 and is buried Plot 105B, Karori, Wellington with son Charles

Edward Richard Roskruge (1884-1967)
* son of Edward Richard Roskruge & Ann Elizabeth O'Reilly
* Edward served as Private 36758 with the 24th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company NZEF. His next of kin in 1916 was his sister, Mrs Maude Evelyn Jones, 90 The Terrace, Wellington
married Elizabeth Isabel Hobbs (1890-1949) 26 Feb 1920
their known children
* 1922 - 1976 Colin Roskruge
* Edward died 19 June 1967 aged 83 and was cremated at Purewa, Auckland

Francis Horace 'Frank' Roskruge (1862-1899)
married Emily Amelia Annie Hatton in 1886
their known children
* 1889 - 1912 Lucy Maude Roskruge
Star, 20 Feb 1899
ROSKRUGE - At John Street, Opawa, Frank Horace Roskruge; aged thirty-seven. The funeral will leave his late residence, corner of Clare Road and Chapel Street, St Albans, on Tuesday, the 21st, at 3 o'clock, for Linwood Cemetery. G. Barrell, Undertaker
* Frank was a Draper. He is buried Plot 8, Block 26 at Linwood
* Emily next married William Esdaile Goring Thomas on 11 May 1904 at St Paul's, Wellington (see brides below)

Louis Charles Roskruge (1847-1935)
married Alice Elizabeth Hunt (1860-1956) in 1882
their known children
* 1883 - 1883 Ruby Kempthorne Roskruge (aged 3 months)
* 1885 - 1972 Winifred Mary Kempthorne Roskruge
* 1887 - 1969 Doris Kempthorne Roskruge
* 1892 - 1964 Charles 'Leslie' Kempthorne Roskruge (twin)
* 1892 - 1965 Louis Kenneth Kempthorne Roskruge (twin)
* Louis & Alice are buried Bolton St cemetery. The headstone reads: In loving memory. Louis Charles ROSKRUGE. Born at St Keverne, Cornwall 1847, died 24 May 1935. Also his wife, Alice Elizabeth ROSKRUGE. Born 27.1.1860, died 3.7.56 and their infant daughter Ruby, aged 8 months.

Kenneth Louis Kempthorne Roskruge (1892-1965)
* son of Louis Charles Roskruge & Alice Elizabeth Hunt
* Louis served as Lance Corporal 30645 with the 20th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company NZEF. His next of kin in 1916 was his mother Alice (Mrs Louis Charles) Roskruge, 56 Waipapa Rd., Hataitai Wellington
married Edith Balfour Gooch (1900-1946) in 1923
* Edith died 19 May 1946 aged 46
* Kenneth died 10 July 1965 aged 73
They are buried Plot 735, CH ENG2 at Karori, Wellington

Maurice James Roskruge (1849-1892)
* son of James Roskruge (1813-1859) & Elizabeth Roskruge (1821-1901) who married in 1842 and arrived into Lyttelton on the 'Cashmere 11 Oct 1858 with 7 children
married Marion Prebble (1859-1945) in 1879
* Marion was born in Prebbleton, Canterbury
their known children
1879 - 1880 James Cuthbert Roskruge (9 months)
* 1880 - Elizabeth Jane Roskruge
* 1882 - 1954 Avis Robina Roskruge
* 1885 - 1954 Thomas Henry William Roskruge
* 1890 - 1912 Lucy Mary Roskruge
* 1893 - 1974 Vera Marion Roskruge
Press, 5 Dec 1892 ROSKRUGE - December 3rd, at Eltham, North Island, Maurice James Roskruge (late of Halswell and Prebbleton), aged 41 years. Drowned while endeavouring to save the life of a boy in his employ (William Page aged 17)
* Marion next married James Maxwell in 1907 (see brides below)

Thomas Roland Roskruge (1892-1965)
* son of Edward Richard Roskruge & Ann Elizabeth O'Reilly
* Thomas served as Lance Corporal 18938 with the 6th Reinforcements, 4th Battalion, NZ Rifles. His next of kin in 1916 was his sister, Mrs Maude Evelyn Jones, 90 The Terrace, Wellington
married Ethel May Rolston (1896-1975) in 1921

Roskruge BRIDES 1872-1938
Ann Roskruge (1854-1885)
married James Main in 1878
their known children
* 1881 - 1882 Leonard Winton Main
* 1884 - Olive May Main

Ann Roskruge (1854-)
* daughter of James Roskruge (1813-1859) & Elizabeth Roskruge (1821-1901) who married in 1842 and arrived into Lyttelton on the 'Cashmere 11 Oct 1858 with 7 children
married Joseph Allen in 1872
* see notes at end

Avis Robina Roskruge (1883-1954)
* daughter of James Maurice Roskruge (1851-1892) & Marion Prebble (1859-1945)
married Robert McKenzie Bennoch in 1903
their known children
* 1905 - 1951 Marian Grace Bennoch
* 1908 - 1973 Andrew Maurice James Bennoch

Doris Kempthorne Roskruge (1887-1969)
married John Goddard Collins in 1909
their known children
* 1916 - John Kempthorne Collins

Emily Amelia Annie Roskruge (nee Hatton)
married William Esdaile Goring Thomas on 11 May 1904 at St Paul's, Wellington.
* Emily had 1st married Francis Horace 'Frank' Roskruge (see above)
* William Esdaile Goring Thomas was the youngest son of William Esdaile Goring Thomas, Captain in HM's 26th Regiment, South Wales, who later settled in Auckland and he was a grandson of banker Rees Goring Thomas II, (16th in a direct line from Edward III) & Caroline Esdaile, descendant of Sir James Esdaile, Lord Mayor of London. In 1828 Rees, became a partner in the bank house of Esdaile, Hammet, & Co., 21 Lombard Street.
* After the wedding, William, Emily & her 15 year old daughter Lucy Roskruge, took a cruise to London, Isle of Wight, Scarborough etc with plans to stay a year
A brother of William, Rees Esdaile Goring Thomas (1860-1926), Registrar of the Supreme Court in Christchurch & Auckland, died in Auckland Dec 1926
NOTES The death & burial of Emily, her daughter Lucy & husband William have not been found in NZ. In 1911 Miss Lucy Roskruge from Wellington, then aged 12, was a "recent caller" at the High Commissioner's Office in London

Frances Edith Roskruge Roskruge (1879-1966)
married Arthur Sydney Deverell in 1904
their known children
* 1906 - Beryl Moya Roskruge Deverll
* 1908 - Cedric Francis Clayton Deverell
* 1913 - Frank Roland Deverell

Joan Kempthorne 'Billie' Roskruge (1916-2010)
married Harry John Sheridan Plimmer in 1935
* son of Mary Catherine Sheridan & William Harcus Plimmer. His father was the musical and dramatic critic on the "Dominion" newspaper for many years. He was also a grandson of the early NZ settler John Plimmer. Billie & Harry divorced in 1936.
She next married Philip John McGowan (1909-1986) in 1938
Evening Post, 18 Aug 1938
McGOWAN-ROSKRUGE. The wedding was solemnised at At Andrew's Church, Wellington Terrace, on Friday, of Joan Kempthorne, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Leslie Roskruge, Hataitai and Philip John, son of Mr and Mrs H. R. McGowan, Kelburn (Harold Robert McGowan & Minnie Jane Blow). The softly-lit church made a lovely setting for the bride's simple frock of gold lame ... more
* Billie also married ? Marshall. She died 28 Oct 2019 aged 94

Juliana Roskruge (1859-1935)
* arrived into Lyttelton 24 March 1864 on the 'Indian Empire' with 5 siblings (sister Eliza died during the voyage)
married Charles Treweek (1859-1942) in 1881
* Charles was born 12 March 1859 in Wanganui to John Treweek & Honor Jane Chapman. He was a First-class Cricketer 1889/90 - 1894/95. His major team was Canterbury
their known children
* 1882 - 1958 Reginald Clifford Treweek
* 1887 - 1959 Francis Gordon Treweek
* Juliana died 3 June 1935 aged 76
* Charles died 17 Feb 1942 aged 82
They are buried at Hillsborough, Auckland

Lucy Mary Roskruge (1890-1912)
* daughter of James Maurice Roskruge (1851-1892) & Marion Prebble (1859-1945)
married Joseph Scoon (1886-1962) in 1909
* Son of William Scoon & Elizabeth Joyce Mawson
their known children
* 1910 - 1993 Basil Stewart Mawson Scoon
* 1911 - 1991 James Maxwell Scoon
.. Note James Maxwell Scoon married Avis Emmeline Isabell Mauger, who was a daughter of Martin Harold Mauger & Isabella Scoon. So, James's father, Joseph Scoon & Avis's mother Isabella Scoon were siblings
* Lucy Mary died 14 Dec 1912 in Eltham aged 22
Hawera & Normanby Star, 14 Dec 1912
SCOON - On December 14th, 1912, at her late residence, Stanners Street, Eltham, Lucy Mary, dearly beloved wife of Joseph Scoon; aged 22 years. Deeply regretted
SCOON - At Eltham, on December 14th, Lucy Mary, the beloved wife of Joseph Scoon, late of Rangiora and daughter of the late James Maurice Roskruge, formerly of Halswell and Mangatoki, Taranaki; aged twenty-two years. Deeply regretted.
* Joseph next married Madeline Violet Lydon (1900-1976) in 1925

Lucy Jane Roskruge (1848-1925)
* daughter of James Roskruge (1813-1859) & Elizabeth Roskruge (1821-1901) who married in 1842 and arrived into Lyttelton on the 'Cashmere 11 Oct 1858 with 7 children
married John Edwin Fountaine (1841-1901) in 1873. They did not have children.
.. John had started working for John Hall in 1863, living in the nearby Glenroy area where he had a small holding. He moved to Rakaia Terrace Station and remained in this employment until his retirement.
.. Lucy had been nurse maid for Rose Hall. The Hall children would spend time staying with the Fountaines who had no children of their own.
* also see notes at end

Mabel Anna Louisa Roskruge (1854-1893)
married Henry Goulstone (1836-1914) in 1887
their known children
* 1888 - 1969 Cecil Mary Goulstone
* 1891 - 1974 Lucy Beatrice Goulstone

Marion Roskruge (nee Prebble 1859-1945)
married James Maxwell in 1907
* Marion 1st married Maurice James Roskruge (see above)

Maud Evelyn Roskruge (1887-1934)
married James Adams Jones in 1913
their known children
* 1917 - Peggy Hinemoa Webster Jones

Winifred Mary Roskruge (1884-1972)
* Winifred was born 3 March 1884, a daughter of Louis Charles Roskruge & Alice Elizabeth Hunt
married Garnet Bowen Holmes (1885-1964) in 1907
* Garnet's father, John Holmes was a Trade Commissioner and a 'vivid oratorical soul' as described by the newspapers. His mother was Annie Moody Browne
their only child
* 1908 - 1982 Dennis Garnet Holmes, was born in North Dulwich, London on 10 August. Winifred & Garnet had arrived in London after 6 months travel, via America, in Dec 1907
* in 1906 Garnet, along with Arthur Dunscombe Allen, patented (number 837,836) a trolley-head for electrical tramway systems
* in Nov 1912 Garnet & Arthur dissolved their business as Engineers at Wellington under the firm Holmes & Allen
* In 1917 Garnet was involved in a 'scandalous affair' with women who ran a brothel at 5 Freeling St., Island Bay. It became known as the 'Freeling St Affair' and Winifred divorced him, as did other wives (& Husbands) of those involved.
* In Dec 1917, Garnet was cited as co-respondent in the Divorce Court when Norman Herbert McEwen, husband of Gertrude McEwen, petitioned for a divorce McEwen v McEwen. Gertrude had recently finished a six month imprisonment sentence for keeping a 'house of ill-fame' at 5 Freeling street, Island Bay.
* in 1918, former garage proprietor
NZ Times, 28 Feb 1918
A judicial separation was yesterday granted by the Chief Justice in the case of Winifred Mary Holmes v Garnet Burn(sic) Holmes, on the ground of misconduct. It appeared that the parties were married in 1907 and a child was born the year following. In 1911 the respondent went to London and got mixed up in a divorce case. Petitioner forgave him, but in 1914 he left her to her own resources. Another reconciliation followed. Then, after coming to New Zealand and engaging in the picture business, the respondent started in the motor business in Wellington and was guilty of misconducting himself with his typist, Miss Hone Margaret Pearce - a young woman who figured in the recent goings-on at a house at Freeling street, Island Bay scandal. The petitioner was granted the care of her child and the respondent was declared to be an improper custodian, so that in the event of her death he could not step in.
* in 1919. He was sentenced to one months imprisonment without hard labour
* On 13 Dec 1919, Winifred Mary Kempthorne Holmes called into the Supreme Court to obtain a complete severance from Graceless Garnet Holmes
31 Oct 1921
A decree absolute was made by Mr Justice Reed at the Supreme Court on Friday afternoon (28th) in favour of Winifred Mary Holmes in the divorce suit instituted against Garnet Bowen Holmes.
* Garnet married his secretary, Hone Margaret Pearse on 29 Oct 1921, the day after the divorce
* Winifred next married George Aubrey 'Pitt' Butts (sometime between 1936-1939). She was Hon. Secretary and Committee Representative, of the local Women's War Service Auxillary in Tauranga in the early 1940s. In Nov 1943 the Tauranga and District Horticultural and Beautifying Society was formed and Winifred was elected President, was later Hon Secretary and in July 1947 she resigned her position but remained very active in Garden Circles in Tauranga and The Mount
* Pitt Butts died 20 Oct 1960 in Auckland aged 77. His ashes were scattered from Purewa
* Winifred Butts died 25 July 1972 aged 88. Burial not found at this time

.. NOTES ..
A brother of Edward Richard Roskruge (1852-1915), Thomas Roskruge (1846-1904) was buried in Christchurch .. Evening Post, 23 April 1904 The funeral of the late Mr Thomas Roskruge, well-known in Wellington, took place last Monday at Avonside Cemetery, Christchurch and was attended by a large number of his relatives and friends. Amongst those present were his sisters (Mrs Allen and Mrs Fountaine), his brother (Mr Edward Roskruge, of Wellington), Mr Pirie (of Wellington), Mr Andrew Loughrey, Mr R. C. Bishop, Mr Joseph, Mr Ashby and other Christchurch friends. A large number of beautiful wreaths were sent, including those from the Central Club, Wellington; the Wellington Bowling Club; the Commercial Travellers' Club, Wellington; Mr and Mrs Pirie and Mr and Mr. Reich, Wellington; Mr E. Roskruge, Wellington; Messrs Stephenson and Clark, Auckland; the Federal Club, Christchurch; Mr and Mrs Winny, Christchurch and from other clubs with which the late Mr Roskruge was connected.

PHOTO (taken by Terry Love 2017)
Grave of Louis Charles Roskruge (1847-1935), his wife Alice Elizabeth (nee Hunt 1860-1956) and their 3 month old daughter Ruby Kempthorne Roskruge

COMMON marriages New Zealand

COMMON GROOMS 1878 - 1937
Arthur William Common (1887-1972)
married Dorothy Hilda Woodham (1898-1994) in 1927

George Common (1871-1964)
married Lizzie Evans (1874-1939) in 1900
their known children
1901 - 1901 Emma Elizabeth May Common (3 months)
1902 - 1956 Albert Phillips Common
1909 - 1969 Roy Selwyn Common
1913 - 2006 Greta Emily Common
Auckland Star
COMMON - On November 30 1939, at Auckland, Lizzie, dearly loved wife of George Common, 3 Altham Avenue, Sandringham, late of Bombay, and loving mother of Albert, Roy and Greta, aged 65 years. Funeral will leave above address to-morrow (Friday), at 2.10pm for Hillsborough

George Short Common (1892-1926)
married Helen Isabel Arthur (1888-1981) in 1914
* daughter of Alexander Arthur & Helen Murray
their known children
1914 - 2014 Sidney George Charles Common (buried Avonhead)
1917 - 2004 Gavin Hall Common
* George was a butcher at Rolleston (Selwyn district, Canterbury), he died 22 May 1926 aged 37 and is buried at St Mary's Anglican Churchyard at Springton. Helen died 18 April 1981 aged 93 and is buried with him (see photo)

Henry Alder Common (1881-1950)
married Chrissie Frances Milstead (1890-1946) in 1914

John Common (1880-1952)
married Mary Ann Moore (1881-1963) in 1924

John Dodd Common (1888-1952)
married Hilda Hannah Farmery (1895-1948) in 1915
their known children
1917 - 1941 Raymond William Farmery Common
* In 1918 John was a seedsman in Hastings
* Son Raymond was also a seedsman. He served as Corporal 32821 in WWII. He was killed in action 23 Nov 1941 in the Western Desert. He was Mentioned in Despatches

Roy Selwyn Common (1909-1969)
* born 2 Dec 1909 to George Common & Lizzie Evans of Auckland
married Jean Elizabeth Irwin (1910-1969) in 1937
* born 1 Aug 1910 to James Alexander Irwin & Bessie Summerhays
Evening Post, 27 March 193
COMMON-IRWIN. The engagement is announced of Jean Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr and Mrs James Irwin, Huapa, Auckland, to Roy Selwyn, younger son of Mr and Mrs George Common, Sandringham, Auckland
* Roy & Jean both died on xmas day 1969

Thomas Common (1847-1919)
married Elizabeth Martyn (1848-1916) in Oamaru 28 Nov 1878
* Thomas & Elizabeth are buried Plot 29 & 30 at Oamaru Old

William Common (1883-1964)
married Amelia Cornish (1883-1938) in 1906
their known children
1908 - Frances Lilian Common
1911 - 1917 Florence Edith Common (aged 6)
1913 - 2002 Elizabeth Amelia Common
1915 - 1915 Lena Common (aged 30 minutes)
1916 - 2001 Daisy Winifred Common
* William & Amelia are buried Plot 24 & 25 at Oamaru Old

William John Common (1884-1956)
married Priscilla Gertrude Batkin (1887-1930) in 1907
their known children
1909 - 1988 William John Common
1915 - 1986 Cyril Louis Common

William Robert Common (1894-1969)
married Elsie May Ogilvie Carbines (1895-1936) in 1925
married Violet Christina Petersen (1902-1986) in 1937

COMMON BRIDES 1881 - 1937
Annie Common
married Thomas Alexander Walker in 1903

Daisy Winifred Common
married Clifford Thomas Brown in 1936

Elizabeth Common
married Alfred Noel in 1886

Emily Common
married Otto George Boscowen Ibbetson in 1916

Frances Emily Common
married Allan Robson in 1916

Frances Lillian Common (1908-1994)
married William Wilkinson Garrett (1906-1987) in 1937

Helen Isabel Common
married Robert Henry Montgomery James in 1932

Jane Common
married Robert Scott in 1891

Jane Common
married Francis George Marshall in 1901

Julia Common
married John Harris in 1900

Laura Evelyn Common (1895-1985)
married Donald Forbes 'Don' Mursell (1897-1968) in 1921
* son of James Nicholas Mursell & Margaret Ann Forbes. He served in WWI as Private 63490 with the 34th. His brother, Henry William Mursell, served as Lance Corporal 49219 in WWI. His nephew, Henry Clifton Mursell served as 189602 in WWII with the 2nd NZEF. All were living in Otago

Mary Jane Common (1883-1966)
married Arthur George Gordine (1884-1918) in 1905
their known children
1906 - 1979 William Arthur Gordine
1907 - 1974 Percival Cecil GOrdine
1911 - 1911 Hermia Jean Gordine (aged 3 months)
1912 - 1970 Hermoine Kathleen Gordine
1915 - Margery Gulliver Gordine
1917 - Joan Irene Gordine
* Arthur was Police Constable 1775 in Auckland.
Auckland Star, 19 Nov 1918
GORDINE - On November 19, at Vermont Street Hospital, Arthur George Gordine, of Newton Police Station and dearly beloved husband of Mary Jane Gordine, of 45 Ponsonby Road; agaed 34 years. Funeral will leave Mr Weir's, Ponsonby Road, Wednesday, at 1.45pm for Waikumete.
Waihi Daily Telegraph, 20 Nov 1918
One of the victims of influenza at Auckland is Constable Gordine, who for some time was stationed in Waihi. The constable died yesterday at a private hospital

Susan Common (1851-1891)
married Henry 'Harry' Dennis (1848-1935) in 1881
their known children
1883 - 1920 Elizabeth Dennis
1884 - 1893 Frederick Dennis (aged 9)
1884 - 1962 George Dennis
1885 - 1969 John Dennis
1886 - 1887 Emily Kate Dennis (aged 6 months)
1888 - Emily Kate Dennis
1889 - 1965 Olive Dennis
Oamaru Mail, 24 Nov 1891
DENNIS - On the 24th inst., at her residence, Enfield, Susan, the beloved wife of Harry Dennis, aged 41 years.
Otago Daily Times, 12 June 1935
DENNIS - On June 11 1935, at Oamaru, Henry, beloved husband of the late Susan Dennis, late of Enfield, in his eighty-eighth year. Friends are invited to attend the Funeral, which will leave our premises, Thames street, To-day (Wednesday), June 12, at 3p.m., for the Oamaru Cemetery

George Short & Helen Isabel Common at Springton

COOZE marriages New Zealand

the COOZE GROOMS 1870 - 1937
Arthur Leonard Joseph Cooze (1911-1982)
married Joan Howchow (1915-2011) in 1935
* daughter of Engquorth How Chow and Ellen Presling

Alva Maxwell Spence Cooze (1912-1962)
married Doris Louisa Townsend (1914-1982) in 1937 in Wellington

Charles Arthur Cooze (1873-1948)
married Doris Venetta Lawson (1889-1956) of Greymouth in 1910
their known children
1911 - 1982 Arthur Leonard Joseph Cooze
1913 - 1985 Edna Florence Denholm Cooze
1915 - Doris Eveline Cooze
1917 - 1993 Phyllis May Cooze (+Bob Tyrell +Rex Kitchener Gaffey)
1920 - 2002 Lillian Blanche Cooze
1922 - 2001 William Percival Cooze
1927 - 1992 Francis Everard Cooze

Charles Joseph Cooze (1846-1944)
* born in London, died in Pitcairn Islands
married Mary Denholm Sanderson Cunningham (1852-1922) in Dunedin 21 July 1870
their known children
1871 - 1945 Eveline Frances Cooze (born Duunedin, died Auckland)
1872 - Charles Arthur Cooze (born Dunedin, died Carterton)
1875 - 1902 William Joseph Cooze (born Fitzroy, Melbourne, died Carterton)
1877 - Caroline Adelaide Cooze (born Melbourne)
1879 - Ada Blanche Cooze (born Carlton, Melbourne)
1881 - Percy Edgar Cooze
1883 - Florence May Cooze (born Taieri, Otago)
1885 - Frank Spence Cooze (born Dunedin)
1891 - Leonard Victor McGeorge Cooze
NOTES Patent Application 24 Oct 1899, Serial No 732,475, at the US Patent Office, Charles Joseph Cooze of Carterton, New Zealand, Non-Refillable Bottle. The object of this invention is to provide a cheap and simple bottle which cannot be re filled after its original contents have been poured out. To this end I fit a glass disk into the neck of the bottle and provide the disk with a trap formed by bending a piece of tubing'into a U shape or by making a bowl with a partition, so that liquid may flow into the tube or bowl to the other side of the disk. A tube of small diameter extends above the neck and downward through the said disk to the bottom of the bottle, and immediately above the disk it is weakened by attenuation, so that it may be readily broken off?. After the tube has been thus broken off a perforated disk is fitted into the neck of the bottle above the first-mentioned disk. Patented 24 July 1900

Francis Ivan 'Frank' Cooze (1907-1995)
married Winifred Rona Victoria Adams (1908-1998) in 1933
* daughter of George James Adams & Zola Musical 'Lola' Bosselmann (1886-1955)
* granddaughter of Ludwig Diedrich Bosselmann (1853-1931) & Frances Emily Chant (1854-1916), died Marlborough
* Frank died in Levin

Frank Spence Cooze (1887-1959)
married Eliza Bowden (1890-1962) in 1910
* 1 of 14 children of William John Bowden (1849-1923) & Emma Gruitt (1851-1931), both from Devon, died Wellington
their known children
1911 - 1944 Dorothy Josephine Cooze
1912 - 1962 Alva Maxwell Spence Cooze
1913 - 1999 Jean Evelyn Cooze
1914 - 1998 Amy Eileen Cooze
NOTE Frank & Eliza were musical/vaudeville entertainers, putting on comedy and drama performances at the Grand Opera House in Wellington. Eliza was billed as "Lady Baritone"

Leonard Victor McGeorge Cooze (1889-1978)
married Ellen Louise Fairlie (1897-1989) in 1924
* daughter of Edward Colin Fairlie (1867-1942) & Annie Frances Houn (1869-1939), from Australia, buried Taruheru
their known children
1925 - 1999 Keith Colin Cooze
1926 - 2010 Reeve Francis Cooze
1932 - 1932 Leonard Victor Cooze (born Pitcairn Islands)

Leslie Edgar Latrove Cooze (1905-1981)
married Thelma Elizabeth Groves (1907-1996) in 1930
* daughter of Henry Cranston Groves & Emma Cross Fergusson
their known children
1937 - 1990 Leonie Cooze

Percy Edgar Cooze (1880-1951)
married Ethel Jane Payne (1885-1929) in Feilding 1904
* daughter of William Henry Payne & Ellen Catt
their known children
1905 - Edgar Leslie Latrove Cooze
1908 - Frank Ivan Cooze
1909 - 1909 Frederick Russell Cooze
1910 - 1990 William Ronald Cooze (+Doris Irene hiscock +Isabella Banks +?)
1912 - Vera Maud Cooze
1913 - Rita Ethel Cooze
Percy remarried in 1930 to Evelyn Sarah Proctor (1891-1964)
their known children
1921 - 1995 Ian Cooze
1934 - 2017 Zena Marie Cooze

the COOZE BRIDES 1899 - 1937
Ada Blanche Cooze (1879-1960)
married Leonard William Goldfinch (1882-1945) in 1904
* born in Pauatahanui, Wellington, 1 of 10 children of Adolph Goldfinch (1859-1927) & his 1st of 2 wives (& 1 de facto), Mary Edith Doak (1860-1944 formerly Robinson from County Tyrone)
NOTE Leonard's father had 10 children with his mother Mary Doak and, at the same time, had 5 children with a widow, Mary Elizabeth Day, nee Tremain. His father next married Annie Moore in 1917
the known children of Ada & Leonard
1905 - 1965 Adolph Leonard Goldfinch (born Palmerston North, died Sydney)
1906 - 1969 Cyril Charles Goldfinch (born Ohingaiti, died NSW)
1910 - 1985 Kathleen Melba Goldfinch (+ James Bickley Southcott, buried Hastings)
Ada & Leonard lived at 512 Akina St., Akina, Hastings, Hawke's Bay. Leonard died 2 Jan 1945 in Hastings. Ada died 12 July 1960 in Hastings. They are buried in Havelock North cemetery

Amy Eileen Cooze (1914-1998)
married Patrick Clarence Johnson Doherty (1911-) in 1936
* son of Edgar Johnston Doherty & Annie Marion Amelia Sharpe
* Amy & Patrick were granted a decree nisi (reason: separation) in Wellington Oct 1940. Patrick was in Christchurch in 1941
Amy remarried in Wellington in Feb 1941 to Joseph Patrick Urban McCashin (1914-1996)

Caroline Adelaide Cooze (1877-1959)
married Richard Frank Sorensen (1877-1961) in Carterton 1899
their known children
1900 - Esma Eileen Sorensen
1902 - Richard William Sorensen
1904 - Thelma Edna Sorensen
1905 - Wilfred Leonard Sorensen

Doris Venita Cooze (1890-1956)
married Austin Edward King (1888-1942) in 1932

Dorothy Josephine Cooze (1911-1944)
married Percival Murray White (1906-1962, buried Karori) in 1929
* 1 of 9 children of Pierre Eugene 'Pero' White (1875-1948) & Alice Murray (1878-1944). His grandparents were Pierre 'Peter' White (1835-1876) and Helen Bingham nee Campbell (formerly Violich, 1841-1911) from Melbourne to Wellington
* by 1937 Dorothy was calling herself Dorothy Josephine Cooze again and was in a relationship with Henry Erle Fraser Dodson (1911-). They married between 1937 & 1943. Henry served in WWII as #533808. When he enlisted in 1943 Dorothy was his next of kin at 77 Aro St., Aro Valley, Wellington. In 1945 he was listed as a widower, his next of kin was his mother Elizabeth Brydon Dodson (nee Fraser, 1885-1965) of 11 Lawrence St., Newtown, Wellington.
* Dorothy Josephine Dodson died 19 April 1944 aged 33 and is buried Plot 486 O, CH ENG2 at Karori
Henry's father was Joseph Henry Dodson (1883-1962), his grandparents were Joseph Henry Dodson (1854-1883) & Lucy Wastney. His great grandfather was George Dodson (1821-1905), a brother of Henry Dodson (1828-1892), Officer in the British Army, son of an officer in the Imperial Army, established a brewery in Blenheim, Member of the Provincial Council and four times Mayor of Blenheim

Edna Florence Denholm Cooze (1913-1985)
married William Peter Anderson in 1934
married 'Ted' Edwards

Florence May Cooze (1882-1970)
married Ernest Henry Marsh (1884-1952) in 1904
* Ernest was born in Kuripuni, Masterton 1 of 13 known children of Herbert Thomas Marsh (1844-1910) of County Cork & Mary Howell (1849-1924) of Auckland (both buried Archer St, Masterton)
their known children
1904 - Charles Leonard Harold Marsh
1905 - Harry Victor Mackay Marsh (born Dannevirke)
1907 - Maud Eveline Marsh
1912 - 2000 Mary Edna Zona 'Barty' Marsh
1913 - 1919 Reeve Marsh (born Gisborne, died Hamilton)

Jean Evelyn Cooze (1913-1999)
married Thomas Robert Williams in 1931
Jean remarried to ? Reid

Rita Ethel Cooze (1913-2002)
* Rita attended Newtown, Wellington school
married Leo Reginald Gornall (1914-1960) in 1937
* Leo was born in Upper Hutt to Edgar Canada 'Ted' Gornall & Mary Ellen Boyd. When he was 20, in 1934, Leo was sent to Borstal for 3 years. He was later a taxi driver in Wellington. In 1944 he falsely stated he was a third engineer on an overseas ship when he (drunkenly) tried to gain admittance with an American sailor on to Prince's wharf (he was at the time a woolclasser) He served as #454121 in WWII. Rita was his next of kin at 71 Cambridge Tce., Te Aro, Wellington. They were divorced in June 1940 (reason: mutual separation). Leo next married Mary Haven Molloy (1913-2000) after 1942.
Rita married Arthur John Chalk (1906-1994) before 1945.
* Leo is buried in Karori as are his parents.
* Rita & Arthur are buried at Paraparaumu Beach

Vera Maud Cooze (1912-2003)
married Raymond George Miller (1908-1937) in Wellington 23 Dec 1931
* Raymond was a son of Maud Alice Standen (1875-1944) & her 1st of 3 husbands, Albert Lawrence Miller (1876-1935).
they had a son 1932-1954, Bruce Miller
* Raymond died aged 29 at his mother's home (& that of her 3rd husband, Frederick Charles Murrell), 55 Hutt Road, Lower Hutt on 15 Feb 1937. He is buried at Taita
* On 9 April 1937, Vera next married Roy Thomas George Jones (1914-1967)

CHATWIN Marriages New Zealand

CHATWIN GROOMS 1889 - 1938
* Arthur Chatwin (1871-1945)
married Elsie Maria Jones (1873-1948) in 1893
They lived at 25 Wynyard Rd., Mount Eden, Auckland
their known children
* 1894 - Leila Chatwin
* 1895 - Arthur Roy Chatwin Private 10779
* 1898 - 1922 Virgie Chatwin
* 1899 - 1973 Elsie Laurie Chatwin
* 1903 - 1980 Gordon Chatwin
* 1915 - 1999 Gabrielle Joy Chatwin
* 1922 - 2014 Richard Roy Chatwin Gunner 440576

* Charles Henry Chatwin (1894-1938)
* Charles was born in Pahiatua on 9 Aug 1894, a son of George William Chatwin & Amy Booker. When he was called to WWI in Jan 1917 he was a Bank Clerk at the Union Bank, Gisborne.
married Josephine Vera 'Girlie' White in 1927
* Henry died suddenly 23 May 1938 at his residence, 7 Cruickshank St., Kilbirnie, Wellington aged 42.
NOTE His death notice and BDM say he was 42 which would make a birth year of 1896. He was cremated at Karori and his ashes buried with his parents at Mangatainoka. The headstone shows 1894-1938, see photo

* Edgar James Chatwin (1862-1948)
* son of Charles Henry Chatwin (1829-1915) & Cicely Vale ? (1836-1926)
married Gertrude Mary Lark in 1889
their known children
* 1890 - 1987 Cicely Mary Chatwin
* 1892 - 1985 Georgina Beatrice Chatwin (+ D. A. McCurdy)
* 1893 - 1994 Fanny May Chatwin (+ F. J. Lane)
* 1896 - 1971 Lothair Aris Chatwin
* Fanny & Georgina attended Victoria University College in 1911 & 12
* Edgar was a newspaper proprietor in Petone. He started The Hutt and Petone Chronicle in 1887. Ownership changed several times before James Kerr acquired the paper in 1912. Kerr published the Grey River Argus in Greymouth at the time. In 1953 the Hutt News took over the Chronicle with the Kerr family managing both papers. The paper was renamed the Petone Chronicle.The Chronicle closed in 1967.

* Edward Lothair Chatwin (1872-1935)
* son of Charles Henry Chatwin (1829-1915) & Cicely Vale ? (1836-1926)
married Emily Gertrude Baylis (1875-1912) in 1900
their known children
* 1901 - 1942 Donald Chatwin, enlisted from Petone and was accidentally killed in Egypt during WWII
* 1903 - 1984 Patricia Chatwin
* Emily Gertrude Chatwin, late of Wellington, dearly beloved wife of E. Lothair Chatwin, died in Nelson, 7 Jan 1912. Evening Post, 7 Nov 1912 Messrs E. Johnston and Co. will sell to-morrow, at 2 o'clock, a seven-roomed residence, situated No 56, Todman-street, Brooklyn; also household furniture and effects, to be sold by order of the public trustee in the estate of E. G. Chatwin (deceased)
Edward remarried in 1924 to Eliza Sarah McDonald (nee Palmer, widow of Duncan Buchanan McDonald). Edward is buried in Karori (see footnotes). Do not know where Eliza is

* Francis Leonard Chatwin (1900-1959)
* son of George William Chatwin & Amy Booker
married Mavis Agnes Manderson (1910-1983) in 1938
* Francis was playing football for Wellington in 1923

* George Lothair Chatwin (1896-1956)
* son of George William Chatwin & Amy Booker
married Kathleen Bone (1905-1992) in 1925
* George was in the Reserves during WWI. He was a chemist in Otaki

* George William Chatwin (1868-1948)
* son of Charles Henry Chatwin (1829-1915) & Cicely Vale ? (1836-1926)
married Amy 'Mia' Booker (1871-1942) in 1893 in Pahiatua
their known children
* 1894 - 1938 Charles Henry Chatwin (born 9 Aug)
* 1896 - 1956 George Lothiar Chatwin
* 1898 - Doris Aileen Chatwin
* 1900 - 1959 Francis Leonard Chatwin
* 1903 - 1996 Eunice Gertrude Chatwin
* George was a Teacher at Petone School and Taueru School in Wairarapa (where Amy was involved with the girls' cooking class) before being made Headmaster of Pahiatua High School.
Amy died 23 Sep 1942 aged 80. George died 30 Aug 1948 aged 80. They are buried at Mangatainoka. The headstone reads: Happy memories of Amy (Mia) Chatwin, beloved wife of George William Chatwin, 1871-1942. And also in loving memory of George William Chatwin, 1868-1948. Also of their eldest son, Charles Henry, 1894-1938. (Charles was cremated at Karori, his ashes buried with parents)

* John Brimfield Chatwin (1872-1922)
married Margaret Deuctrass (1874-1955) in 1896
NOTE I believe their name was Chetwin

* Lothair Aris Chatwin (1896-1971)
* son of Edgar James Chatwin & Gertrude Mary Lark
* He served in WWI as Private 24/1955
married Margaret Mary Murphy (1896-1927) in 1923
* daughter of James Murphy & Mary Ann Quinn. Margaret is buried Karori
Lothair remarried to Muriel Mavis Carson (1905-1987) in 1929
* daughter of Alfred Armor Carson (1865-1928) & Ethel Rose Dawson (1878-1921). Muriel is buried in Makara
* Lothair was cremated at Karori. Assuming ashes buried with one of his wives

* Philip Humphrey Chatwin (1903-1949)
married Margaret Knyvett 'Peggy' Mirams (1905-1952) in 1928
Philip Humphrey Chatwin was a son of Leslie Broughton Chatwin (1872-1933) & Isobel Milward (1871-1953) of Birmingham. Isobel was from one of the most prominent Birmingham families, her father, Robert Harding Milward, being a prosperous solicitor. Leslie had trained as a solicitor at Ryland Martineau (now Martineaus) but his heart was in the theatre and the sea. Isobel had also studied law. Leslie attended Oxford and had been a member of the Oxford University Yacht Club. He wrote one-act plays for the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. After WWI he was a founding member of the Midland Sailing Club and the Barnt Green Sailing Club.
Immediately after Leslie's marriage with Isobel in 1902, a scandal exploded in Birmingham which became known as the 'Milward Affair'. Because of the horror Leslie felt in being involved, (through his marriage) and the shame he felt at his clients being caught up in the 'Milward Mess' he never mentioned it. The subject was concealed from his children and grandchildren, although they found out when older through outsiders.
I recommend the book "Bruce Chatwin". Bruce was a son of Philip's brother Charles, who, like their father, was also a lawyer from Birmingham. Charles joined the Royal Naval Reserve during WWII. The biography was written by Bruce's friend and biographer, Nicholas Shakespeare and has the above story of the demise of Bruce's grandfather Leslie (Philip's father). It is also available in ebook. Also read the wiki article Charles 'Bruce' Chatwin (1940-1989), travel writer, novelist, journalist
* Philip Humphrey Chatwin was an officer with the NZ Shipping Company. He died in Takoradi, Ghana (previously Gold Coast) in 1949. Peggy died in Dunedin 17 Jan 1952 aged 47. Her ashes were scattered

* Stephen Chatwin (1871-1938)
* born in Smethwick, Staffordshire to William Chatwin (1845-1901) & Martha Hardeman (1841-1931)
married Martha Susan Alderton (1876-1958) of Parnell, Auckland in 1896
* daughter of Frederick Alderton & Christina McKay
their known children
* 1898 - 1956 Ethel Maud Chatwin
* 1900 - 1968 Violet Irene Chatwin
* 1903 - 1907 Christina Chatwin (aged 4, buried with her father)
* 1905 - 1958 Frederick James Chatwin
* 1909 - 1968 Rita Mary Chatwin
* 1915 - Muriel Gwyneth Chatwin
* Stephen was a Butcher. He died at 5 Summer St., Stanley Bay, Devonport on 4 Dec 1938 aged 67. Loved father of Ethel, Muriel and Jim Chatwin and of Mrs A. R. & Mrs F. R. Marriage. Martha died in Devonport 24 July 1958 aged 82. They are buried at Waikumete

* William Henry 'Harry' Chatwin (1869-1943)
* William was born in Smethwick, Staffordshire to William Chatwin (1845-1901) & Martha Hardeman (1841-1931). He had 2 sisters born in NZ
married Ida Chiswell (1868-1906) in 1891 (of Devonport, Auckland)
their 2 children
* 1892 - 1951 Mabel Akerana Chatwin
* 1894 - 1915 Horace William Chatwin
* Horace served in WWI as Private 3456 with the Australian Imperial Force, 5th Battalion. His father was his next of kin, then living at 61 Grantham St, Brunswick, West Victoria, Australia. Horace was sent home from Egypt with Tuberculosis and died 5 Aug 1915 aged 21, in Greenvale Sanatorium. He is buried Pot 11, Row 57, Block E at Purewa Cemetery, Auckland
William remarried to Mary Isabel Fitzgerald (1875-1947) in 1907
their 2 children
* 1908 - 1995 Edna Martha Chatwin
* 1914 - 2001 Hilda Victoria Chatwin
Northern Advocate, 8 Feb 1943
CHATWIN - On February 8, at Whangarei, William Henry, loved husband of Mary and loving father of Mabel (Mrs Thomassen), Edna (Mrs Prescott), Hilda (Mrs Melling) and the late Horace; in his 75th year. At rest. Funeral will leave Watney Sibun and Sons' Chapel, Auckland, for Purewa Cemetery, Wednesday, February 19, at 3p.m.

CHATWIN BRIDES 1902 - 1938
* Annie Chatwin (1880-1973)
* born in NZ (see brothers above) to William Chatwin (1845-1901) & Martha Hardeman (1841-1931)
married James Hutchison McIntyre (1881-1946) in 1902
their known children
* 1905 - Jean Chatwin McIntyre
* 1906 - 1992 Kenneth Athol McIntyre (married & died 1929 in Auckland)
* 1913 - Stewart Ivor McIntyre (In Nelson 1972 electoral Roll)
* James died 11 March 1946 in Hauraki. Annie died 17 Sep 1973 in Auckland. Buried Waikumete

* Cicely Mary Chatwin (1890-1987)
* daughter of Edgar James & Cecily Vale Chatwin
married Roy Stenning Tremaine Archer (1890-1970) 3 May 1916
* born 6 June 1890 in Ingangahua, a son of Frederick Adolphus Greeves Archer (1848-1936) & Margaret Lyall Lawson (1855-1905) who married in Tasmania and are buried in Reefton. Roy served as Sergeant 28066, Warrant Officer Army Pay Dept, NZEF. His next of kin was wife Cecily at 41 Brougham St, Mt Victoria, Wellington. He died 11 July 1970 aged 80 in Te Kuiti and buried Plot 105. Cicely died 3 Oct 1987 in Te Kuiti. She is buried Plot 106 with son Edgar. Her headstone shows children as: Cecil Rupert Vale, Evan Roy, Edgar Vale & Mary Archer

* Edna Martha Chatwin (1908-1995)
* daughter of William Henry Chatwin & his 2nd wife Mary Isabel Fitzgerald
married George Wright Prescott (1910-1994) in 1937
* George was born in Ruakaka, the 3rd of of 5 sons of Robert Prescott (1872-1950) & Jessie Wright (1886-1981)

* Elsie Laurie Chatwin (1899-1973)
* daughter of Arthur Chatwin & Elsie Maria Jones
married George William Wiggins (1881-1956) in 1921
* 2nd of 9 known children of William Wiggins (1854-1921) from Ireland & Susan Mary May Nicholls (1860-1938) from England, who are both buried in Bromley, Christchurch
They lived, at least for a time, in Christchurch
NOTE Elsie was born 6 Oct 1899. For some, yet unknown, reason Elsie (they?) changed their surname to George and BDM has her birth date at death as 6 Oct 1901?

* Eunice Gertrude Chatwin (1903-1996)
* daughter of George William Chatwin & Amy Booker of Pahiatua
married Leslie Arthur Truscott (1907-1997) in 1938
* son of Arthur Bennett Truscott (1879-1959) & Florence Gertrude Pool (1886-1974)
write-up of their wedding day

* Hilda Victoria Chatwin (1914-2001)
* a daughter of William Henry Chatwin & his second wife Mary Isabel Fitzgerald
married Thomas Melling (1912-1986) in 1938
* son of Joseph & Mary Ann Melling
Northern Advocate, 15 Oct 1942
MELLING - On October 14, at Hamilton Hospital, to Mr and Mrs Melling (nee Hilda Chatwin), a son. Both well.
* Thomas died 10 April 1986 aged 74 and was cremated at Hamilton Park Cemetery. His last address was 470 Main Rd., Huntly. Hilda died 25 Nov 2001 aged 87. Her ashes are buried North Shore Memorial park

* Mabel Akarana/Oharana Chatwin (1892-1951)
* daughter of William Henry Chatwin & his 1st wife Ida Chiswell
married George Frederick Thomassen (1900-1949) in 1925
* George was born in Whangarei, a son of William George Frederick Thomassen (1871-1941) & Sarah King (1867-1945)
Northern Advocate, 28 Sep 1942
THOMASSEN - In loving memory of our dear son, Owen (Owen George Thomassen died aged 13), who departed this life September 28, 1941. Inserted by his loving parents, Mabel and George Thomassen, aunties Edna (Prescott) and Hilda (Melling) and cousins Esmae, Dale

* Martha Chatwin (1841-1931)
married Herman Mattson (1845-1911) in 1902
married Charles Wheeler in 1914
NOTES Herman Mattson, from Sweden, 1st married Eliza Ellen Holroyd (1853-1875) in 1873 & had a daughter (Matilda 1874-1875). He next married Harriett Wilkins (1855-1895) in 1876 & had 8 children. He died in Auckland

* Patricia Chatwin (1903-1984)
* daughter of Edward Lothair Chatwin & Emily Gertrude Baylis
married Frederick Ernest Heard (1903-1996) in 1931
NOTES In 1914 Patricia was attending Clyde Quay school in Wellington when she won a prize in Standard IV for the best essay on "What would a naval disaster mean to the British Empire and NZ in particular?". She was at Te Aro School in 1916 when she won a proficiency certificate in Standard VI. She then attended Wellington Girls' College. In 1917 she came second in English, French and Scripture. The annual prize-giving of the college took place in the Concert Chamber of the Town Hall. In 1920 she won the Senior Back Swimming Championship

* Rita May Chatwin (1910-1968)
* daughter of Stephen Chatwin & Martha Susan Alderton
married Francis Roy Marriage (1902-1985) in 1937
* son of Alfred Francis Marriage & Mary Reid
* brother of Alfred Reginald Marriage who married his wife's sister Violet
They had a son at St Ann's, Kyber Pass on 17 May 1938

* Virgie Chatwin (1898-1922)
* daughter of Arthur Chatwin & Elsie Maria Jones
married Joseph Hyman (1888-) in 1920
* They had a son on 19 Aug 1922 at Mount Eden
Joseph had 1st married Ivy Coralie Hart (1882-1965) in 1909 and had 2 daughters
* Vergie died 6 Oct 1922 aged 24 and is buried at Waikaraka
Joseph next married Millicent Edith Hayward Paramor (1901-1931) in 1926
(his ex wife Ivy also married in 1926, to George Grey Sowden)
* Millicent died 21 June 1931 aged 30 in Auckland and is buried at Hillsboro
* In 1933 Joseph, a solicitor's clerk of Auckland, was sentenced to 3 years hard labour

* Violet Irene Chatwin (1900-1968)
* daughter of Stephen Chatwin & Martha Susan Alderton
married Alfred Reginald Marriage (1901-1972) in St Paul's, Devonport 24 Nov 1926
* son of Alfred Francis Marriage & Mary Reid
* brother of Francis Roy Marriage who married his wife's sister Rita

* Frances Annie Chatwin (1858-1955) was a Teacher at Korokoro School. She died, unmarried, on 4 June 1955 aged 97 and is buried Plot 165 B, CH ENG2 at Karori.
Buried with her is: her father, Charles Henry Chatwin (1829-1915), her mother, Cicely Vale Chatwin (1836-1926) and her brother Edward Lothiar Chatwin (1872-1935).
* Georgina Elizabeth Chatwin, sister of Frances & Edward, died, unmarried, 11 Dec 1931 in Te Kuiti aged 72. She is buried Plot 1, Block IV at Te Kuiti Old cemetery
Evening Post, 15 Dec 1931
A memorial service for the late Miss Georgina Chatwin, who passed away on Friday last at Te Kuiti, was held at St Mark's Church yesterday morning. Th vicar (Rev H. E. K. Fry) referred at the Sunday services to the work the late Miss Chatwin had done in the parish in past years. Mr E. G. Chatwin and several members of the family and old friends amongst parishioners attended the memorial service

Grave 59, Pot 9, Block 4 at Mangatainoka. George William Chatwin, wife Amy & son Charles Henry.

McCormick in Auckland cemeteries

Alan James McCormick
Died 26 June 1985 aged 35
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Albert McCormick
Died 7 Sep 1980 aged 84
Cemetery: Waikumete

Albert Hugh McCormick
8 Sep 1968 aged 71
Cemetery: Papakura

Alexander McCormick
2 Feb 1980 aged 84
Cemetery: Purewa

Alice McCormick
Died 28 Sep 1936 aged 65
Cemetery: Pukekohe

Alice McCormick (nee Norcross)
Died 30 Nov 1983 aged 76
Cemetery: Waikumete
* buried with daughter Bernadette (1935-1992)

Alice Ethel McCormick
Died 7 June 2006 aged 94
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Alice Mary McCormick
Died 28 Sep 1957 aged 44
Cemetery: Waikumete

Alicia McCormick (nee Pain)
Died 16 Feb 1982 aged 74
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Amy Selma McCormick
20 Jan 1973 aged 77
Cemetery: Purewa

Ann McCormick
Died 26 May 1923 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikumete

Ann Cecilia McCormick
Died 15 March 1946 aged 49
Cemetery: Hillsborough

Annie McCormick
Died 9 April 1968 aged 84
Cemetery: Birkenhead/Glenfield

Annie Elizabeth McCormick
Died 8 Dec 2002 aged 81
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Antonia Erica McCormick
Died 14 April 1963 aged 40
Cemetery: Waikumete

Archibald McCormick
Died 1 Aug 1996 aged 80
Cemetery: Waikumete

Archibald Russell McCormick
Died 11 Aug 1998 aged 78
Cemetery: Waikumete

Archie McCormick
Died 4 May 1928 aged 25
Cemetery: Waikumete

Armstrong McCormick
Died 30 Dec 1999 aged 79
Cemetery: Heights Park

Armstrong McCormick
Died 30 July 1969 aged 85
Cemetery: Waikumete

Ashley Siaosi McCormick
Died 27 Aug 2005 aged 10
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Bartholomew McCormick
Died 21 March 1928 aged 35
Cemetery: Waikumete

Bernadette McCormick
Died 6 Aug 1992 aged 57
Cemetery: Waikumete
* buried with mother Alice (1907-1983)

Bertha Louise McCormick
17 Sep 1955 aged 84
Cemetery: Purewa

Bertha McCormick
Died 6 Aug 1978 aged 88
Cemetery: Waikumete

Bessie Maria McCormick
5 Dec 1895 aged 23
Cemetery: Purewa

Betty Colleen Harriett McCormick
Died 14 April 2014 aged 84
Cemetery: Heights Park

Catherine Mary McCormick (nee Swift)
Died 9 Sep 1946 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Catherine Mary McCormick
Died 4 Feb 1981 aged 75
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Charles McCormick
Died 25 April 1933 aged 54
Cemetery: Birkenhead/Glenfield

Charles McCormick
Died 6 Oct 1929 aged 55
Cemetery: Pukekohe

Charles Frederick McCormick
Died 1 May 1979 aged 78
Cemetery: Waikumete

Charles Hewson McCormick
Died 6 Sep 1957 aged 58
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Charles Morgan McCormick
Died 12 Jan 1909 aged 39
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Christine Mary McCormick (nee Fielding)
2 July 1967 aged 67
Cemetery: Papakura

Christopher Russell McCormick
Died 2 March 2011 aged 64
Cemetery: Waikumete

Cilbey Joan McCormick
Died 25 Jan 1938 aged 17 days
Cemetery: Waikumete

Clifton McCormick
Died 29 July 1981 aged 71
Cemetery: Waikumete

Colleen Margaret McCormick
Died 11 May 2012 aged 69
Cemetery: Waikumete

Daisy McCormick (nee Ratcliffe)
Died 23 May 1999 aged 100.6
Cemetery: Birkenhead/Glenfield

Dan McCormick
Died 15 July 1902 aged 69
Cemetery: Waikumete

Daniel McCormick
Died 17 March 2010 aged 29
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Daniel McCormick
Died 19 June 1944 aged 63
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Daniel McCormick
Died 16 April 1953 aged 54
Cemetery: Waikumete

Daniel Moore McCormick
6 Aug 1960 aged 49
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Denis McCormick
Died 4 June 1978 aged 82
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Denis Hennessy McCormick
Died 20 Sep 2005 aged 75
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Doreen Mary McCormick
Died 16 April 1991 aged 80
Cemetery: Waikumete

Dorothy McCormick
10 Aug 1962 aged 58
Cemetery: Purewa

Douglas McCormick
Died 26 Dec 1979 aged 34
Cemetery: Waikumete

Duncan John McCormick
10 March 1974 aged 64
Cemetery: Purewa

Dwayde Murphy McCormick
Died 28 June 2009 aged days
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Edward McCormick
Died 3 March 1938 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikumete

Elizabeth McCormick
Died 24 Nov 2010 aged 89
Cemetery: Waikumete

Elizabeth McCormick
Died 25 April 1958 aged 90
Cemetery: Waikumete

Elizabeth McCormick
Died 1 Jan 1962 aged 93
Cemetery: Waikumete

Elizabeth Mary McCormick
Died 11 May 2004 aged 74
Cemetery: Waikumete

Elizabeth Sonja McCormick
Died 28 Jan 2014 aged 90
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Ella Maude McCormick
24 July 1988 aged 84
Cemetery: Purewa

Ellen McCormick
Died 26 Dec 2017 aged 61
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Eneas McCormick
Died 16 July 1915 aged 88
Cemetery: Waikumete

Eric Hall McCormick
Died 23 March 1995 aged 88
Cemetery: Waikumete

Esther Mccormick
Died 10 July 1959 aged 78
Cemetery: Pukekohe

Esther McCormick
Died 17 Dec 1929 aged 86
Cemetery: Pukekohe
* arrived from Ireland Feb 1865 on the 'Ganges' with husband William

Evis Ann McCormick (nee George)
Died 30 July 1929 aged 61
Cemetery: Waikumete

Florence Elizabeth McCormick (nee Stoneham)
Died 22 Dec 2010 aged 96
Cemetery: Waikumete

Frances May Josephine McCormick
3 Nov 1991 aged 79
Cemetery: Purewa

Francis McCormick
Died 28 June 1906 aged 39
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Francis Joseph McCormick
Died 15 March 1938 aged 59
Cemetery: Waikumete

Frederick William McCormick
Died 17 Feb 1920 aged 34
Cemetery: Waikarara

Frederick William McCormick
Died 28 Sep 1957 aged 65
Cemetery: Waikumete

Fredrick Thomas Mccormick
Died 8 Nov 1967 aged 67
Cemetery: Waikumete

Garfield Neil McCormick
Died 29 March 1991 aged 74
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Gladys McCormick
4 April 1962 aged 49
Cemetery: Purewa

Gladys McCormick (nee Horning)
Died 28 April 1988 aged 81
Cemetery: Waikumete

Gladys Isabella McCormick
Died 22 Sep 1982 aged 76
Cemetery: Waikumete

Hannah McCormick
Died 2 Oct 1930 aged 65
Cemetery: Waikumete

Harry McCormick
Died 17 April 2003 aged 93
Cemetery: Waiuku

Harvey Arthur McCormick
8 Jan 1980 aged 49
Cemetery: Purewa

Helen Marion McCormick
Died 30 July 1969 aged 60
Cemetery: Waikumete

Henry McCormick
Died 22 Aug 1927 aged 90
Cemetery: Symonds Street

Henry McCormick
Died 18 Nov 1961 aged 90
Cemetery: Waikumete

Henry McCormick
Died 20 Oct 2001 aged 68
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Henry Bernard McCormick
Died 2 April 1938 aged 33
Cemetery: Waikumete

Henry Cecil McCormick
Died 4 July 1953 aged 69
Cemetery: Waikumete

Henry William McCormick
Died 2 Sep 1950 aged 80
Cemetery: Waikumete

Honor Mary McCormick
Died 17 May 2016 aged 90
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Hugh McCormick
Died 29 Oct 1925 aged 59
Cemetery: Hillsborough

Hugh McCormick
Died 19 May 1948 aged 81
Cemetery: Waikumete

Hugh Edward McCormick
Died 21 Feb 1973 aged 86
Cemetery: Birkenhead/Glenfield

Hylton Greig McCormick
18 May 2012 aged 55
Cemetery: Purewa

James McCormick
10 Aug 1959 aged 87
Cemetery: Papakura

James McCormick
Died 22 Feb 1944 aged 66
Cemetery: Pukekohe

James McCormick
Died 26 Feb 1892 aged 45
Cemetery: Waikumete

James McCormick
Died 8 Aug 1900 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikumete
* from Ballynock, Westmeath

James McCormick
25 July 1977 aged 54
Cemetery: Purewa

James McCormick
31 May 1981 aged 72
Cemetery: Purewa

James Gustav McCormick
Died 5 Oct 1984 aged 72
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

James Henry McCormick
Died 16 Feb 1865 aged 3
Cemetery: Symonds Street
* died on the ship 'Ganges' 1 of 56 children who died on board from whooping cough/bronchitis

James McCann McCormick
Died 20 Aug 2008 aged 80
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Jane McCormick
Died 7 July 1950 aged 70
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Janet Sophia McCormick
Died 3 June 1984 aged 75
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Jason Warren Trevor McCormick
Died 23 Dec 2014 aged 36
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Jean Ketha McCormick
10 July 2011 aged 72
Cemetery: Purewa

Jessie Myrtle McCormick
Died 22 May 1969 aged 67
Cemetery: Waikumete

John McCormick
Died 6 May 1918 aged 69
Cemetery: Waikumete

John McCormick
Died 22 Aug 1917 aged 52
Cemetery: Waikumete

John McCormick
Died 28 Nov 1940 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikumete

John McCormick
Died 29 Dec 1963 aged 66
Cemetery: Waikumete

John McCormick
Died 14 May 1948 aged 80
Cemetery: Waikumete

John Bruce Mccormick
Died 7 Dec 1946 aged 70
Cemetery: Swanson

John Duncan Mccormick
Died 11 July 1989 aged 76
Cemetery: Papatoetoe

John Joseph Patrick McCormick
Died 25 May 1959 aged 46
Cemetery: Waikumete

John Patrick McCormick
20 Oct 1986 aged 44
Cemetery: Purewa

John Theo McCormick
Died 10 Nov 2000 aged 65
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Joseph McCormick
Died 19 Oct 1930 aged 70
Cemetery: Waikumete

Joseph McCormick
Died 25 March 1975 aged 60
Cemetery: Waikumete

Joseph John McCormick
Died 17 May 1966 aged 67
Cemetery: Waikumete

Judith Ann McCormick
Died 21 Oct 1942 aged 2 Months
Cemetery: Waikumete

Kate McCormick (nee Edwards)
Died 18 July 1937 aged 78
Cemetery: Waikumete

Kathleen Annette McCormick
5 July 2009 aged 57
Cemetery: Purewa

Kathleen Eileen McCormick (nee O'Ryan)
Died 1 Jan 1965 aged 60
Cemetery: Waikumete

Keith McCormick
14 June 1969 aged 58
Cemetery: Purewa

Kenneth McCormick
Died 17 Dec 2014 aged 82
Cemetery: Waikumete

Kenneth Hugh McCormick
3 March 1994 aged 63
Cemetery: Papakura

Leo Joseph Grey McCormick
Died 1968 aged 69
Cemetery: Birkenhead/Glenfield

Lily Sarah McCormick (nee Crook)
Died 13 Aug 1942 aged 62
Cemetery: Waikumete

Linus John McCormick
30 Jan 1979 aged 66
Cemetery: Purewa

Loretto Ethna McCormick
27 Nov 2003 aged 83
Cemetery: Purewa

Lottie McCormick
Died 30 Sep 1929 aged 33
Cemetery: Waikumete

Louisa McCormick
24 March 1983 aged 80
Cemetery: Purewa

Maisie Lenore McCormick
23 June 1964 aged 55
Cemetery: Purewa

Margaret McCormick
Died 17 Feb 1995 aged 82
Cemetery: Waikumete

Margaret McCormick
Died 17 March 1947 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikumete

Margaret McCormick
Died 4 Aug 1942 aged 85
Cemetery: Waikumete

Margaret Ann McCormick
Died 19 June 1941 aged 9
Cemetery: Waikumete

Margaret Donald McCormick
Died 30 June 1998 aged 88
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Margaret Drysdale Hogg McCormick
Died 12 Jan 1997 aged 77
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Margaret Eileen McCormick
Died 4 Feb 1948 aged 53
Cemetery: Hillsborough

Margaret Ruth McCormick
15 Nov 1995 aged 89
Cemetery: Purewa

Margaret Teresa McCormick
Died 1 Nov 2016 aged 79
Cemetery: Manukau

Mary Ann McCormick (nee Aston)
Died 19 March 1965 aged 103
Cemetery: Pukekohe

Mary Ellen McCormick
Died 27 April 1956 aged 66
Cemetery: Waikumete

Mary Jane McCormick
Died 20 May 2018 aged 67
Cemetery: Manukau

Mary Jane McCormick
Died 19 Dec 2011 aged 78
Cemetery: Manukau

Mary Jane McCormick (nee Fearon)
Died 16 May 1961 aged 76
Cemetery: Waikumete

Maureen Kathleen McCormick
14 July 2005 aged 64
Cemetery: Purewa

Mavis Renee McCormick
27 Oct 2013 aged 89
Cemetery: Purewa

Michael Alexander McCormick
Died 24 Sep 1996 aged 91
Cemetery: North Shore

Michael John McCormick
Died 30 Aug 2008 aged 70
Cemetery: Manukau Memorial

Michael John McCormick
Died 6 June 1933 aged 81
Cemetery: Waikumete

Mona Marie McCormick (nee Clark)
Died 15 April 1941 aged 55
Cemetery: Pukekohe

Muriel McCormick
Died 22 Dec 1982 aged 66
Cemetery: Waikumete

Myra McCormick
Died 24 June 1993 aged 89
Cemetery: Waikumete

Norman Patrick McCormick
Died 4 Feb 1910 aged 12 months
Cemetery: Waikumete

Pamela Ann McCormick
Died 26 Jan 1976 aged 42
Cemetery: Waikumete

Patricia Anne McCormick
Died 6 Feb 1986 aged 37
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Patricia Ellen McCormick
Died 24 Aug 2005 aged 80
Cemetery: Waikumete
* buried with Roy Albert Parker (1918-1997)

Patrick Desmond McCormick
Died 13 Oct 1990 aged 82
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Pauline Vera McCormick
Died 15 May 1999 aged 77
Cemetery: Onetangi

Peter Charles McCormick
Died 11 June 2011 aged 83
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Peter James McCormick
Died 25 April 1919 aged 46
Cemetery: Waikaraka

Peter James McCormick
10 Aug 1968 aged 66
Cemetery: Purewa

Peter James McCormick
Died 21 Nov 1972 aged 58
Cemetery: Waikumete

Rachael McCormick
Died 30 Sep 1934 aged 66
Cemetery: Pukekohe

Rita Gladys McCormick
Died 18 Nov 1986 aged 66
Cemetery: Waikumete

Robert McCormick
Died 22 Sep 1961 aged 84
Cemetery: Waikumete

Robert Eric McCormick
Died 13 Sep 1976 aged 62
Cemetery: Waikumete

Robert Henry McCormick
Died 3 April 1956 aged 67
Cemetery: Waikumete

Robert John McCormick
Died 29 Jan 1996 aged 62
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

Ronald Ivan McCormick
Died 28 July 1987 aged 62
Cemetery: Waikumete

Sarah Elizabeth McCormick (nee Reynolds)
Died 26 May 1900 aged 59
Cemetery: Symonds Street

Sarah Catherine McCormick (nee Savage)
Died 3 Nov 1977 aged 89
Cemetery: Waikumete

Thomas McCormick
Died 20 March 1925 aged 42
Cemetery: Waikumete

Thomas Phillip McCormick
Died 10 Nov 1944 aged 68
Cemetery: Waikumete

Thomas William McCormick
Died 22 July 1938 aged 68
Cemetery: Waikumete

Thomas William McCormick
Died 29 Oct 1950 aged 63
Cemetery: Waikumete

Valmai Leona McCormick
Died 1 Nov 2015 aged 87
Cemetery: Waikaraka

William McCormick
Died 20 Dec 1926 aged 55
Cemetery: Pukekohe

William McCormick
Died 1 April 1888 aged 46
Cemetery: Pukekohe

William McCormick
Died 1 June 1902 aged 39
Cemetery: Waikaraka

William John McCormick
Died 7 Aug 1949 Age 75
Cemetery: Waikaraka

William John McCormick
15 Sep 1972 aged 60th birthday
Cemetery: Purewa

William Kieff McCormick
Died 23 April 1983 aged 74
Cemetery: Papatoetoe

William Leo McCormick
Died 13 Feb 1995 aged 75
Cemetery: North Shore Memorial

William Milligan McCormick
Died 1 June 1943 aged 73
Cemetery: Waikumete

William Robert McCormick
24 Aug 1962 aged 64
Cemetery: Purewa

William Sharp McCormick
Died 13 Jan 1954 aged 61
Cemetery: Waikumete

Winifred Bertha McCormick
Died 3 July 1992 aged 91
Cemetery: Papatoetoe

Winifred Bertha McCormick (nee Newcombe)
Died 23 April 1983 aged 82
Cemetery: Papatoetoe

Zita McCormick
Died 15 Nov 1905 aged 4 months
Cemetery: Waikumete