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Hugh Belliss, TINUI, Wairarapa

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 Oct 1905

It is with much sorrow I have to refer to the death of Mr Hugh Belliss, briefly announced in your paper on Monday last.
Mr Belliss died early on Monday morning, after a very painful illness lasting over two months and borne with great fortitude and patience. Mr Belliss, who was a native of Essex, England, arrived in New Zealand in 1848 and for many years was engaged in farming pursuits in the Te Nui Valley. For some years now he had fulfilled the duties of postmaster at Castle Point, together with the landing and shipping of goods and the dumping of the wool. He was a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Masonic Order. At one time he represented the Castlepoint riding on the old Wairarapa North County Council. He was of a pleasant, cheery nature and his death is sincerely regretted.
The funeral took place on Wednesday and was very largely attended, settlers being present from all parts of the district. The first part of the service was held at Castle Point, after which the body was removed to the Te Nui Cemetery, where the remainder of the service was read by the Rev J. H. Sykes.
Mr Belliss leaves a widow, three sons and two daughters, who have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends

Hugh married Louisa Groves (1849-1931) in 1871
* Louisa was born in Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, 9th child of John Groves (1897-1892) and Ann Peach (1808-1861).
NOTE Her mother Ann was the first/earliest burial at Tinui.
Louisa purchased land in her own right up the Tinui Valley in 1893. She died in Masterton and was buried in Tinui with her family
the known children of Hugh & Louisa
* 1873 - 1942 Percy Alexander Belliss
Percy was a Rabbiter for a long time in the Wairarapa and up at Oakbourne. At times he had as many as 15-20 dogs with him. Later he was a land agent in the Wairarapa and owned property at Castlepoint which he rented out. He also owned race horses. In Jan 1907 Miss Victoria Howell (1862-1907) was living in the house when she died from zinc poisoning due to the condition of the drinking water in the house tank. The Inquest. In 1915 Percy had his arm badly fractured while fishing off the reef at Castlepoint
* 1874 - 1893 Clara Ellen Belliss
Clara died aged 19 from the effects of a cold following the measles
* 1876 - 1923 Henry William Belliss
Henry married Alice Mary Schofield (1881-1911) in 1905
He next married Laura Ashton Harvey (1891-1968) in 1915
* 1878 - 1951 Fanny Louisa Belliss
Fanny didn't marry
* 1882 - 1918 Ellen Florence Belliss
Ellen married Hubert Henry Sherwill Ryder in 1903.
* Some of the names of those attending the wedding, also settlers of Tinui: Brading, Langdon, McHutchon, Ross, Speedy,
Ellen died at her mother Louisa's home in Pownall street, Masterton during the Flu Pandemic. Herbert remarried in 1920 to Christina Maud Waldin (1886-)
* 1888 - 1969 Hugh Clifton Belliss
* Hugh served as Trooper 11/1289 with the Wellington Mounted Rifles. He was severely wounded in 1915. He married Euphemia Myrtle Scott (1888-1964) in 1917

ship FERNGLEN to Wellington & Nelson, April 1876

West Coast Times, 26 April 1876
The Immigrant Ship FERNGLEN, for Wellington, via Nelson, which sailed from London on the 23rd of January, is reported to have reached Nelson. There are 189 passengers. 75 immigrants for Westland, all of whom may be expected here in the course of a few day.

This vessel, which arrived at the outer anchorage on April 21st, was boarded by the Health Officer on the following morning and her passengers were landed on Sunday morning.
The Fernglen made an excellent passage of 83 days from land to land and what is of more consequence without having had any serious sickness on board. No death occurred during the voyage, but one birth increased the number of those she was to land.
On Friday soon after the ship dropped anchor one of her immigrants named Searle, who is in a state of unsound mind, whilst taking exercise on deck between two attendants, managed to escape them and immediately jumped overboard. The day was as unpleasant as it well could be and there was a heavy sea rolling up the Bay, consequently any attempt to save the unfortunate man was fraught with considerable risk, However, the occurrence was witnessed by Dr Haines, who immediately threw off his coat and jumped overboard after the poor fellow. He succeeded in catching hold of him and then swam with him to a life-buoy that had been thrown to their assistance. He got Searle on to the buoy and held him there till a boat rescued them.

The ship is a fine specimen of an immigrant vessel and the condition in which she arrived in port speaks well for those in command of her, she is built of iron and is of about 800 tons register; her 'tween decks are remarkably lofty, commodious and well ventilated and the arrangements for the accommodation of her passengers were such as to unsure cleanliness and comfort, a noteworthy feature being that her bunks were place, not as is customary along the sides of the ship, but in the centre, thus giving better ventilation. The vessel was built for the New Zealand Shipping company and is commanded by Captain Frazer and Dr Haines, late of H.M.S. Basilisk, is the medical officer. To this latter gentleman the following letter was sent by the immigrants just before their disembarkation:-
"Ship Fernglen, April 22, 1975" - To Dr Haines, B.A.G.D. - We, the immigrants on board the good ship Fernglen, think it our duty to give you our most sincere thanks for the heroic bravery shown in saving the life of Mr Searle, yesterday forenoon, hoping you may have long life and prosperity and happiness; and when you have run your course in this life, we trust that God will be as ready to rescue your soul and take it up to heaven to be at rest with Him, as you were in saving the life of our unfortunate friend Mr Searle. Accept our most heartfelt thanks and good wishes and we all give you our heart applause as well as three hearty cheers

The following is the list of passengers for Westland as furnished to us by Mr Learmonth, Immigration Office:-
John Andrews, farm labourer with wife and family of 2
H. M. Clark, carpenter with wife and family of 1
James Dobb, coal miner with wife and family of 2
William Griffiths, miner with wife and family of 4
William Hugo, coal miner with wife and family of 1
Mark Luckford, carpenter with wife and family of 4
John Matthews, labourer and wife
James Power, labourer and wife
John Roberts, coalminer with wife and family of 2

Robert & Joseph Clark, carpenter
Thomas Flynn, carpenter
Alex McGuire, carpenter
Michael O'Shea, carpenter
Charles L. Brown, navvie
Edmond Bourke, farm labourer
M. Coghlan, shepherd
Elisha Ellis, labourer
Pat Flemming, farm labourer
Edward Gamble, tinman
Francis Goodrich, miner
Patrick Kenny, labourer
Alex McClelland, joiner
Joseph & Peter Massey, colliers
J. Morrisey, gardener
Francis Stevens, brickmaker
Henry Smith, brickmaker
Mark Turner, miner
John Rotherhan, farm labourer
Charles Shepherd, farm labourer
John Davis, agricultural mechanic
James Williamson, farm labourer

Adelaide Matthews, nurse
Honoria Gamble, dairymaid
Catherine Doyle, dairymaid
Mary Dunn, barmaid
Bridget Gannon, barmaid
Julia Kenny, servant.

Nominated immigrants
Timothy Barrett, labourer
John W. Liddle, shipwright
Michael Cuddy, coal porter with wife and family of 2
Mercy E. Mondy, cook
Mary Barry, servant
Mary Danahar, servant

Males over fifteen summarised:
From England 21; Ireland 11; Scotland 2; Wales 1 and America 1.
Of the females over fifteen years 8 are from Ireland and 1 from England.

Nelson Evening Mail, 27 April 1876
The "Murray" sailed for West Coast ports this afternoon with 70 immigrants ex Fernglen
The "Lyttelton" leaves for Blenheim at 2p.m. to-morrow with 62 immigrants ex Fernglen

taken about 1878

GANNON births New Zealand 1870-1919

Gannon births in New Zealand 1870 - 1919
posts from our Melbourne researcher 'tonkin'
Gannon marriages Males
Gannon marriages Females

GANNON births Melbourne 1843-1917

* Listed here in order of mother's FIRST name
Alice ? & Richard Gannon
* 1879 - Agnes Gannon
* 1881 - Barnard/Bernard Gannon

Christina Campbell BIRTH & William John Clinch Gannon
* 1899 - Gladys Gannon

Edna Hiria Kelly & Arthur Te Wawata Gannon
* 1915 - Arthur Rangi Carey Gannon
* 1917 - Kate Waimana Gannon

Eleanor ROGAN & Loughlin 'Lockie' Gannon
* 1911 - John Rogan Pere Gannon
* 1912 - James Stuart Gannon
* 1915 - David Lockie Gannon
* 1916 - Audrey Catherine Gannon
* 1917 - Walter Gerard Gannon
* 1919 - Mary Josephine Gannon

Elizabeth Jane FINDLAY & John Gannon
* 1914 - Kenneth Beverdige Gannon
* 1916 - Joyce Gannon

Elizabeth May ? & John Gannon
* 1904 - James Henry Gannon
* 1906 - Terence John Gannon
* 1908 - Constance Colleen Gannon

Josephine BALCOMBE & Patrick Joseph Gannon
* 1913 - Eileen Margaret Gannon
* 1918 - John Joseph Gannon

Keita Ihapera (Kate Isabella) HALBERT & Michael Joseph Gannon
(ex wife of James Ralson Wyllie)
* 1870 - Michael Joseph Gannon
* 1878 - Arthur Te Waiata Gannon
* 1881 - Loughlan 'Lockie' Gannon
* 1881 - Eleanor Rewanga 'Nellie Gannon
* 1883 - Mere Catherine Tahatu 'Mary' Gannon

Lilian Maria BENSLEY & Patrick Gannon
* 1903 - Hugh James Gannon
* 1904 - Kathleen Cassell Gannon
* 1907 - Trevor Neil Thomas Gannon
* 1912 - Patrick Bensley Gannon
* 1916 - Mary Jane Gannon

Margaret GILLICK & John Gannon
* 1870 - Michael Gannon
* 1872 - Margaret Gannon
* 1876 - Julia Agnes Gannon

Margaret Christina McINTOSH & William James Gannon
* 1899 - William James David Gannon
* 1900 - Margaret Christina Gannon
* 1903 - Ruby Estella Gannon
* 1904 - Isabella Catherine Gannon
* 1908 - Freda Evelyn Gannon
* 1909 - Alan Ronald Gannon
* 1910 - Raymond Rewa Gannon

Mary ? & James Gannon
* 1877 - Patrick Gannon
* 1880 - John Gannon
* 1884 - Catherine Gannon

GANNON births Melbourne 1843-1917

Gannon births in Melbourne 1843 - 1917
posts from our Melbourne researcher 'tonkin'
Gannon marriages Males
Gannon marriages Females

GANNON births New Zealand 1870-1919

* Listed here in order of mother's FIRST name
Agnes GANNON - unnamed father
* 1914 - Hazel Gannon
* 1916 - Theresa Holmes Gannon

Agnes SWAYN & Bernard Gannon
* 1907 - Bernard Gannon
* 1908 - Mary Ena Gannon

Alice Lillian COUNTY & Simon Francis Gannon
* 1915 - Dorothy Lillian Gannon
* 1917 - James Francis Gannon

Alice May/Mary WILLIAMS & John James Gannon
* 1902 - Veronica Mary Gannon
* 1903 - Eileen May Gannon
* 1905 - John James Gannon
* 1907 - Austin Francis Gannon
* 1909 - Thomas Vincent Gannon
* 1910 - Charles Patrick Gannon
* 1912 - Dorothy Gannon
* 1915 - Mary Kathleen Gannon
* 1917 - Leonard James Gannon

Ann BOASE & Thomas Gannon
* 1870 - Samuel Morling Gannon

Ann MAGUIRE & James Gannon
* 1859 - John Gannon

Anne HOOLAHAN & James Gannon
* 1843 - Patrick Gannon
* 1845 - Mary Gannon
* 1847 - Simon Gannon
* 1849 - Anne Gannon
* 1850 - James Gannon
* 1854 - John Gannon
* her name written Hoolan/Hoolhan/Hoolighan/Hulohan

Anne KELLY & Peter James Gannon
* 1852 - Joseph Gannon

Annie May HERRIDGE & Malachy Ignatius Gannon
* 1913 - Joseph Malachy Gannon

Augusta Lectola MAYER & Peter Francis Gannon
* 1913 - Joseph Peter Gannon
* 1915 - Carmel Norma Gannon

Blanche MOOREGLOCK & Francis Gannon
* 1917 - Vi Veronica Gannon

Bridget Maria CARROLL & James Peter Gannon
* 1861 - William Bernard Gannon
* 1863 - Ellen Elizabeth Gannon
* 1866 - Mary Jane Gannon
* 1870 - Teresa Maria Gannon
* 1873 - James Peter Gannon
* 1877 - Patrick Arthur Gannon
* 1880 - Dermond Richard Gannon
* 1881 - Alice Gannon

Bridget O'BRIEN & Thomas Gannon
* 1885 - Thomas Gannon

Catherine GLEISNER & Patrick Gannon
* 1897 - James Bernard Gannon

Catherine LACE & John Gilbert Gannon
(married 1887)
* 1889 - Florence Ruby Gannon
* 1891 - Gilbert Roscoe Gannon

Catherine NOLAN/Nowlan & Richard Gannon
* 1859 - John Gannon
* 1860 - Margaret Gannon

Cecilia RICE & Austin Gannon
* 1914 - John Gannon

Eliza BASWICK & John Gannon
* 1861 - James Baswick Gannon
* 1864 - Alfred Gannon
* 1868 - Mary Ellen Gannon
* 1870 - Rosa Alice Gannon

Eliza LAW & James Gannon
* 1871 - Mary Ellen Gannon
* 1873 - Mary Hughes Gannon
* 1875 - Eliza Jane Gannon
* 1876 - Margaret Gannon

Elizabeth McALISTER & John Gannon
* 1912 - John Patrick Gannon
* 1914 - Frederick Valentine Gannon
* 1915 - Helen Elizabeth Gannon

Elizabeth RAYMOND & Simon Gannon
* 1888 - Simon Gannon

Ellen GANNON - unnamed father
* 1871 - Mary Ann Cohen Gannon

Ellen LEAHY & Richard Gannon
* 1876 - William Gannon
* 1877 - Bernard Gannon
* 1879 - Christina Gannon
* 1882 - Peter Edward Gannon
* 1883 - Lucy Gannon
* 1887 - Francis Joseph Gannon

Ellen McNAIR & Patrick James Gannon
* 1909 - James Gannon

Ellen Mary ROCHE & James/John Gannon
(married 1894)
* 1896 - Edward Joseph Gannon
* 1897 - John Patrick Gannon
* 1899 - Francis Joseph Gannon
* 1900 - Mary Ellen Gannon

Ellen/Ethel Victoria EGAN & John Thomas Gannon
* 1912 - Simon Patrick Gannon
* 1914 - Michael Alphonsus Gannon

Eva Ellen AGNEW & George Charles Gannon
* 1908 - James Frederick George Gannon
* 1909 - George Edward Gannon
* 1911 - Florence Eva Elizabeth Gannon

Frances DENNING & George Gannon
* 1906 - George Edward Charles Gannon

Frances Maude CALLAGHAN & Michael George Gannon
(married 1899)
* 1900 - Mary Ann Eileen Gannon
* 1909 - Erina Veronica Gannon
* 1916 - Stanley Vincent Gannon

Hannah MADDEN & William Gannon
* 1857 - Mary Ann Gannon
* 1859 - unnamed female Gannon
* 1861 - Susan Gannon
* 1864 - William Gannon
* 1867 - Patrick Gannon

Harriet BOTTOMLEY/Bottomly & William Gannon
(married 1884)
* 1886 - Patrick Godfrey Gannon
* 1887 - Lucy Elizabeth Gannon

Harriet MURRAY & John Gannon
(married 1885)
* 1882 - John Francis Thomas Gannon
* 1884 - Simon Peter Gannon
* 1885 - Joseph Gannon
* 1887 - Thomas Gannon

Jane Agnes KILLEEN & Thomas Ignatius Gannon
(married 1886)
* 1887 - Jane Agnes Gannon

Julia Ann/Julianna ROGAN & Patrick Gannon
* 1858 - Malachy James Gannon
* 1858 - Thomas Gannon
* 1860 - Teresa Mary Gannon
* they also had Michael Joseph Gannon in 1854 in Yorkshire, England who married Keita Ihapera Halbert (formerly Wyllie) in NZ, had 5 children and died in Auckland

Margaret BURNS & Patrick Gannon
* 1857 - Margaret Gannon
* 1867 - William Gannon

Margaret Ann McKAY & John Gannon
* 1860 - Margaret Anne Gannon

Margaret Mary Agnes MEAGHER/Maher & John Gannon
(married 1889)
* 1890 - Thomas Francis Gannon
* 1891 - Mary Agnes Gannon
* 1892 - John Gannon
* 1894 - William Robert Gannon
* 1897 - James Malachy Gannon
* 1900 - Margaret Gannon
* 1901 - Hector Lachlan Gannon
* 1903 - Augustin Emmett Gannon
* 1906 - Francis Joseph Gannon

Marjorie Eliza Laura CURRIE & Bernard Augustine Gannon
* 1915 - Marjorie Gannon
* 1917 - Mary Veronica Gannon

Mary CUMMINS & Michael Gannon
* 1873 - Sarah Ann Gannon
* 1874 - Patrick Gannon
* 1877 - Bernard Gannon

Mary DODD & Timothy Gannon
* 1865 - Louisa Gannon
* 1867 - Louisa Gannon

Mary Ella HANRANHAN & Joseph John Gannon
* 1906 - Mary Helena Gannon
* 1908 - Kathleen Bridget Gannon
* 1912 - Thomas Michael Gannon
* 1913 - Leo Francis Gannon
* 1916 - Monica Eileen Gannon

Mary FERGUS & John Gannon
* 1869 - Mary Anne Gannon
* 1870 - Sarah Gannon
* 1871 - Patrick Gannon
* 1872 - John Gannon
* 1875 - Horstan Gannon
* 1876 - Margaret Gannon
* 1878 - Thomas Gannon
* 1881 - Peter Gannon

Mary FERRIS & Richard William Gannon
* 1904 - Richard Edward Gannon
* 1906 - John Carlyle Gannon
* 1908 - Elma Marguerite Gannon
* 1910 - Erald Robert Gannon

Mary GANNON - unnamed father
* 1862 - Mary Ann Williams Gannon

Mary GANNON - unnamed father
* 1897 - Dorothy Gannon

Mary Ann GANNON - unnamed father
* 1870 - George Gannon

Mary Frances HERBT & James Gannon
* 1892 - Lillian May Gannon

Mary Margaret MALONEY & James Malachy Gannon
(married 1882)
* 1884 - Malachy Ignatius Gannon
* 1887 - Frances Gannon
* 1889 - Monica Augustina GannonF
* 1891 - Thomas Joseph Aloyisus Gannon
* 1893 - Teresa Annie Gannon
* 1897 - James Vincent Gannon

Mary McDONNELL/McDonald & Michael Gannon
* 1873 - Joseph Gannon
* 1876 - Michael Gannon
* 1879 - Mary Anne Catherine Gannon
* 1880 - Joseph John Gannon
* 1885 - John Thomas Gannon

Mary O'CONNOR & Bernard Gannon
* 1903 - Carol Mary Dorothy Gannon

Matilda Ann O'LEARY & Peter Edward William Gannon
* 1909 - Hazel Mary Gannon
* 1911 - Doris Eva Gannon
* 1913 - Anthony Charles Gannon
* 1916 - Patrick Gannon

Nora Ellen CANTY & Patrick Godfrey Gannon
* 1915 - Mary Catherine Gannon

Rose Ann MONAHAN & James Gannon
* 1910 - Eileen Gannon
* 1912 - Leslie James Gannon
* 1913 - Vincent Patrick Gannon
* 1916 - Rose Anne Louisa Margaret Gannon

Sarah HENRY & Patrick Gannon
* 1859 - Mary Gannon
* 1862 - Catherine Gannon

Susan MADDEN & Donald Gannon
* 1872 - Ann Gannon

Susan Catherine O'BRIEN & John James Gannon
(married 1896)
* 1897 - Annie Mary Gannon
* 1898 - Ivy Florence Gannon
* 1900 - Richard Daniel Gannon
* 1903 - Johanna Gannon
* 1905 - John Joseph Gannon
* 1906 - Michael Patrick Gannon
* 1907 - Ellen Gertrude Gannon

Violet Edith HARBOUR & Thomas Alphonsus Gannon
* 1917 - George Francis Gallon

Winifred GANNON - unnamed father
* 1911 - Edna Gannon

Charles MANAGH + Amelia Henrietta SCHWASS, Halcombe

Charles Managh (1850-1918)
* was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, 1 of at least 9 children of Alexander Managh (1814-1894) & Mary Curry.
* Two of Charles's sisters also came to NZ
* Charles's sister Elener 'Ellen' Managh (1854-1929) married James Charles Managh (1855-1939) in 1879, son of Charles Managh (1820-) & Ellen Curry. They arrived from Belfast soon after and had 5 children, 4 sons & a daughter. They settled in Halcombe for about 40 years then moved to Rotorua where she died on 4 April 1929
* Charles's sister Mary Managh (1854-1943) married Owen McElroy in 1881 in NZ. They had at least 12 children
NOTE Alexander Managh (1814-) & Charles Managh (1820-) were brothers. So, Ellen & James were first cousins.
ALSO, a number of James Charles Managh's siblings came to NZ.
* James's brother, Alexander Managh (1857-1938), married Hannah Maria Dillon (1863-1920) who was born in Greytown to early Wairarapa & Manawatu settlers, John Frederick Dillon (1817-1882) & Maria Vaughan (1823-1900). He died in Wanganui
* James's brother, Andrew Managh (1872-1936), married Margaret Lyons and died in Wellington

* Charles arrived in NZ in 1875 on the "Dover Castle". On 3 Feb 1880 he married Amelia Henrietta Magdalina Schwass (1861-1958)
* Amelia was born in Upper Moutere, 1 of 17 children of Ernest Heinrich Schwass & Annie Sophia Rose (both born Germany, died Halcombe)
* 14 Dec 1920. Mrs Annie Sophia Schwass, a very old resident of Halcombe, died today. She was the mother of Mrs Charles Managh. Her husband died some years ago

the children of Charles & Amelia
.. 1 ..
1880 - 1957 Edmund Herbert Managh

- Edmund married Henrietta Collis (1887-1932) in 1907
* MANAGH-COLLIS - A pretty wedding was celebrated St Patrick's Church, Mangaweka, on Wednesday afternoon, Miss Henrietta Collis, only daughter of Mrs Collis, an old and esteemed resident of the district, was married to Mr Edmund Herbert, eldest son of Mr Charles Managh, the well-known farmer of Halcombe. The young couple were widely esteemed and respected, demonstrated by the large number of visitors who crowded into the Church to witness the ceremony, performed by the Rev Father Lacroix. Miss Collis being a member of the choir and an active worker in the Church, was responsible for the friends tastefully decorating the interior of the building with evergreen and flowers.
The bride looked lovely, dressed in white silk, trimmed with silk lace and insertion and covered with the usual orthodox veil and orange blossoms. She also carried a very prettily arranged bouquet. The chief bridesmaid, Miss Pole, was daintily attired in Swiss muslin, with white felt hat trimmed with heliotrope and white chiffon; she also carried a shower bouquet. The other bridesmaids Misses Mary Gannon(see note below) and Byrne were equally attractive, dressed in satin faced muslin, trimmed with lace and insertion with hats to match and carrying baskets of flowers. Mrs Collis, mother of the bride, was neatly attired in a black cashmere with jet trimmings, bonnet to match, relieved with lilac.
The bridegroom's present to the bride consisted of a set of furs to the chief bridesmaid, a gold ring and to each of the other bridesmaids gold brooches. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was an exquisite set of gold sleeve links.
The bridegroom was attended by his cousin, Mr A. McElroy, as best man and Messrs J. Collis(see note below) and J. Schwass assisted as groomsmen. The bride was given away by her brother Mr M. Collis - settler.
At the conclusion of the ceremony the wedding party was entertained at the Oddfellows' Hall.
NOTE Mary Lillian Gannon married John Collis who was the brother of Henrietta, children of Michael (1851-1904) & Mary Ann (1858-1913) Collis, the early settlers. Therefore, Mary was acting as bridesmaid to her sister-in-law to be
children of Edmund & Henrietta (born Mangaweka)
* his 1st child was born 2 months before his twin sisters (see siblings 17 & 18)
* 1908 - 1968 Ronald Thomas 'Ron' Managh
- Ronald married Elvira Margaret Anderson (1907-1974)
* daughter of Thorval Anderson (1875-1954) & Mary Elizabeth Marshall
* 1909 - 1981 Selby Milton Michael Managh
* 1911 - 1949 Maxwell Herbert John 'Max' Managh
- Max married Monica Katherine Healy (1908-1983)
* 1912 - 1920 Charles 'Maurice' Managh
* 1914 - 1977 Bernard Arthur 'Bernie' Managh
- born Nov 1914, Bernard married Isabel Frances Pritchard (1919-2009). Daughter of Gilbert Pritchard (1885-1963) & Marguerite Rubina Thompson (1898-1979)buried Mangaweka. Bernard & Isabel had 6 children. They died in Auckland
* Henrietta Managh died aged 45 in 1932 and is buried in Taumarunui Old Cemetery. Her headstone reads: In Loving Memory of Henrietta Managh. Beloved wife of Edmund Managh and loving mother of Ron, Selby, Max, Bernie and the late Maurice. R.I.P.
* Edmund next married Kathleen Mary Hennessy (1905-1964) in 1936

.. 2 ..
1882 - 1883 Clement Managh

- Clement died aged 18 months, buried Halcombe
* On 31 August 1883 a boy named Clement Managh, about 18 months old, was drowned at Halcombe. It appears that his mother missed the child and on going to look for him discovered him dead in the creek. Dr Johnston, who was in attendance on another patient in Halcombe, was called in and he found life was extinct

.. 3 ..
1883 - 1975 Clemency May Managh

- partner with John Matthews
- married Christopher Boyce in 1901
known children of Clemency & Christopher
* 1901 - 1971 James Mathews Boyce
* 1903 - Archibald 'Archie' Boyce
* 1905 - Clemency May Boyce
* 1907 - Laurence Boyce
* 1909 - Dorothy Boyce

.. 4 ..
1885 - 1960 Ellen Laura Managh

- married Robert McKee (1872-1944) in 1909
* A very pretty wedding was celebrated on Wednesday at the residence of Mr Charles Managh, Halcombe, when Miss Ellen Laura Managh was married to Mr Robert McKee, of the Waikato district. Miss Clara Managh acted as bridesmaid and Mr H. W. Hunter of the Waikato was best man. The bride's two little sisters - Misses Joyce and Lydia Managh - were flower girls. The service was conducted by the Rev j. Clover, assisted by the Rev T. B. R. Woolloxall, of Eltham. After the ceremony, the happy couple left for Feilding, where they caught the Main Trunk express for the Waikato, their future home
known children of Ellen & Robert
* 1910 - 2003 Jean Olive McKee
* 1912 - 1984 James McKee
* 1913 - 1913 Charles McKee
* 1915 - 2011 Ellen Laura McKee
* 1918 - 1942 Robert Managh McKee

.. 5 ..
1887 - 1985 Clara Mary Managh

- married John Linton Fergusson (1891-1958) in 1914
known children of Clara & John
* 1915 - 1961 Keith William Fergusson
* 1918 - 1999 Joan Gwendoline Fergusson
* 1920 - 1983 Gweneth Mary Fergusson
* 1924 - 2006 Elizabeth Fergusson
* 1926 - 2016 Evelyn Joyce Fergusson

.. 6 ..
1888 - 1965 Annie Managh

- married Thomas 'Tom' Fraser on 10 April 1923
* Annie (a widow), died 12 Nov 1965 at Palmerston North and was cremated at Kelvin Grove. Her ashes were taken away

.. 7 ..
1890 - 1983 Sandy Nelson 'Alex' Managh

- married Gladys Filleul Pike (1898-1991)
* Gladys was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia to John George Pike & Flora Levinia Filleul. They had 10 children in Feilding
* He was a dairy farmer on the Sandon-Halcombe road until 1923 when he gave up dairy farming sold everything by auction
* Lance Sergeant 22824, Sandy Nelson Managh (Alex) of the 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade received a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) that on 14 June 1917 Ploegsteert, for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack. He carried messages several times over ground swept by machine-gun fire. After the capture of an enemy position on another occasion he did splendid work in consolidating the captured ground. He showed great courage and determination

.. 8 ..
1892 - 1974 Ada Maggie Managh

- Ada married William John Francis in 1920
* FRANCIS-MANAGH - At the Methodist Church, Halcombe, on 21st September 1920, by the Rev P. W. Jones, William John, fifth son of the late Mark Francis, of Nelson, Victoria, to Ada (Pet), fifth daughter of the late Charles Managh, of Mangaone, Halcombe.
A wedding which aroused more than ordinary interest took place. The bride, who is just as charming as she looked, which is saying a good deal, looked very pretty in a grey travelling costume and pink hat. She was given away by her brother, Mr E. Managh, of Mangaweka and had as bridesmaid her sister, Miss Annie Managh, who also wore grey, with hat to match. The best man was Mr William Nesbitt, of Feilding. After the ceremony a reception was held by Mrs Managh at "Mangaone Downs" the happy couple afterwards leaving for New Plymouth, where part of the honeymoon was spent. Mr and Mrs Francis, who are both very popular, proof of which was the great number of handsome presents they got, are making their permanent home in Halcombe
- Ada next married ? Collis. She is buried as Ada Collis with brother James

.. 9 ..
1894 - 1934 Florence Managh

- Florence married Robert John Grant (1895-1921) in 1920
* GRANT-MANAGH - On February 5th 1920, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Halcombe, by the Rev Peter Wright Jones, of Feilding, Robert John, second son of Mr and Mrs John Grant, Tullochgorum, Turakina, to Florence, sixth daughter of Mrs Managh and the late Charles Managh, of Mangaone Downs, Halcombe
- Florence next married Thomas Victor Whittington (1895-1956) in 1928
* Thomas next married Stella Jean Guilford (1914-) in 1938

.. 10 ..
1895 - 1989 Bessie Amelia Managh

- married Frederick 'Fred' Flavall (1890-1975) in 1918
known children of Bessie & Fred
* 1920 - 1952 Kelvyn Rugby Flavall
* 1927 - 1932 Ngaire May Flavall

.. 11 ..
1896 - 1948 James Norman Managh

- married Phoebe Christina Clausen (1897-1965) in 1920
- James is buried with sister Ada in Halcombe

.. 12 ..
1898 - 1986 Daisy Alma Managh

- married William Percy Stewart (1898-1973) in 1922
known children of Daisy & William
* 1924 - 1997 Malcolm Kinniard Stewart
* all 3 buried together at Upper Tutaenui Cemetery, Marton

.. 13 ..
1899 - 1984 David Currie Managh

- Dave was a motor cycle enthusiast, competing in many races & carnivals on his Indian or Harley. He was NZ's first speedway champion at Kilbirnie in 1929, riding in Australia before Kilbirnie opened. He was a notable grass/dirt track champion. He competed against the famous Wally Kilmister and in 1929 only just beat Miss Fay Taylour, the famous 'English lady rider'.
- Dave married Florence Violet Devina Anderson (1902-1992) in 1924
* daughter of James Douglas Anderson (1874-1926) & Kate Caroline Hughes Groube. Sister of Nelson Anderson who married David's sister Lynda
known children of David & Florence
* 1927 - 1965 Charles Douglas Managh
* 1929 - 2015 Betty 'Jill' Managh
* 1933 - 2017 Kenneth David Managh
+ Dawn & Gaye Managh
* This family is buried at Halcombe

.. 14 ..
1903 - 1994 Nena Joyce Managh

- married James Smith (1898-1967) in 1928 & had 6 children

.. 15 ..
1905 - 1992 Lynda Eveline Managh

- Lynda married Nelson James Marcus Anderson (1908-1977) in 1934
* son of James Douglas Anderson & Kate Caroline Hughes Groube. Brother of Florence who married Lunda's brother David
* Lynda & Nelson are buried at Halcombe

.. 16 ..
1907 - 1991 Roy Arthur Keath Managh

(aka Raymond Arthur Keath 'Ray' Managh)
- Ray married Mary Amelia Wilson (1904-1985)

.. 17 ..
1908 - 2002 Lillian Dorothy Managh

(born 27 June, twin with Ivy Ella)
- married Richmond 'Richie' Ingles (1913-1977) in 1936

.. 18 ..
1908 - 1959 Ivy Ella Managh

(born 27 June, twin with Lillian Dorothy)
- married Robert William Smith
* She is buried at Halcombe. Her HEADSTONE READS: Grieve Not. Her soul returned to God who gave it. Herein lies the ashes of Ivy Ella Smith (nee Managh). Departed this life 9th March 1959. A beautiful soul, loved by all with whom she came in contact. Beloved wife of Robert William Smith

6 Nov 1911 WORKPLACE FATALITY. Ferdinand SCHWASS, employed on Charles Managh's farm at Turakina went to get some sheep from the other side of Turakina river taking a horse and dray, thinking it was not dangerous. After they got a few yards the water began to come into the dray and the horse was forced down stream with the current. Schwass remarked that it looked bad and they would have to swim. The water was then nearly up to their knees and when about two chains down it was up to their waists and the dray capsized washing them out... after William Greig, roadman for the Rangitikei County Council and Charles Managh dragged the river they found the body ..

CHARLES MANAGH died 7 Dec 1918 at his residence, Mangaone, Halcombe after a long and painful illness. He was 65
* By the death of Mr Charles Managh, which occurred at about 5 o'clock on Saturday morning, Halcombe loses one of its best-liked and most widely respected residents. He was very well known all over the district and no man was more esteemed. He had by his square dealing and fairness won for himself the name of a "straight" man. He was always affable and courteous, and had a vein of quiet humour which won him many friends. He was a typical and successful farmer, and contact with him gave one the immediate impression that he knew what he was talking about. To hear him discuss farming questions was an interesting experiences, for he could talk lucidly, even to the layman in farming matter, of things that a less able man would make much less clearer. He was very fond of a joke and no man round these parts had a more pleasant manner. He was an ever-observant, painstaking farmer, with a deep knowledge of everything pertaining to farm life. He had worked hard and by his untiring energy had amassed a fair share of material wealth. Though not appearing much in public matters, he always assisted worthy objects in a quiet way and no one ever went to "Charlie" Managh for a donation for a charitable cause and came away empty-handed. He was a strong supporter of the Halcombe Band, being a vice-president and had several times entertained the band at his home.
The deceased gentleman had lived in these parts well over 40 years and had brought up a large family - 17 in all, five boys and twelve girls. Two of the sons, Second-Lieut A. Managh and Private J. Managh, are away in France. He was related by marriage to Mr Owen McIlroy. Messrs J. and A. Managh, of Halcombe, are the dead man's cousins.
Much sympathy is felt for Mrs Managh and her family. Mr Managh came from Co. Tyrone, Ireland, sailing in the 'Dover Castle' landing in New Zealand in 1875.

* The funeral of the late Charles Managh will leave his late residence, Mangaone, Halcombe, to-morrow (Sunday) at 2.30pm for the Halcombe Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation

Grave at Halcombe of Charles, wife Amelia & son Clement

BUNKER marriages New Zealand 1878-1938

the BUNKER marriages

Albert Arthur Abbott Bunker
married Sarah Constance Theodora Schofield in 1925

Albert Willows Bunker
married Jessie Kay Robinson in 1913

Cecil Angelo Richard Bunker
married Nellie Philomena Barrett in 1911
their known children
1917 - Veronica Olwin Bunker

Charles Bunker
married Alice Josephine Keller in 1912
their known children
1913 - Jean Willows Bunker
1915 - Alan Walpole Keller Bunker

Charles Henry Bunker
married Ivy Margaret McMahon in 1913

Ernest Edward Bunker
married Eva Aldridge in 1913
their known children
1917 - Harold Ernest Bunker

Ernest Clifford Bunker
married Kathleen Darragh in 1923

George Thomas Bunker
married Mary Wood in 1880
their known children
1881 - William Robert Bunker
1882 - George Aaron Bunker
1883 - Thomas Bunker
1884 - Jane Elizabeth Bunker
1886 - Charles Henry Bunker
1888 - Richard James Bunker
1889 - Alice Bunker
1891 - Ernest Edward Bunker
1893 - May Florence Bunker
1895 - Grace Mary Bunker
1897 - Bertha Bunker
1901 - Herbert Thomas Bunker

George Aaron Bunker
married Nellie Nohomoke Hokianga in 1907

George Aaron Bunker
married Lilian Elizabeth Frazer Pahl in 1923

Gordon William Bunker
married Edith Annie Excell in 1937

Henry Edward Bunker
married Gertrude Mary O'Gorman in 1908
their known children
1910 - Alfred Bunker
1910 - Leah Bunker
1913 - Gertrude Jean Bunker
1917 - Noel Edward Bunker

Herbert Thomas Bunker
married Evelyn May O'Leary in 1926

James Edward Bunker
married Dorothy Eileen Barnett in 1935

Karepa Thomas Bunker
married Mihi Meita Ruru in 1932

Percy Bunker
married Mavis Evelyn West in 1937

Richard Francis Bunker
married Elsie Alma Marshall in 1915
their known children
1915 - Richard Arthur Bunker

Richard James Bunker
married May Jane McMahon in 1913
their known children
1914 - Ina May Bunker
1916 - Percy Bunker

Wilfred Bunker
married Olive Rose Clayton in 1915
their known children
1916 - Roland Wilfred Bunker
1917 - Owen Russell Bunker

Wilfred Arthur Bunker
married Edna Watson McDonald in 1925

William Arthur Bunker
married Mary Jane Willows in 1884
their known children
1885 - Ivy Bunker
1888 - Charles Bunker
1890 - Albert Willows Bunker
1893 - Alfred George Bunker
1895 - Wilfred Bunker
1897 - Ernest Clifford Bunker
1900 - Rowland Harold Bunker

William Robert Bunker
married Alma Eva Weaver in 1911
their known children
1914 - Gordon William Aubrey Bunker
1916 - Joan Alma Bunker

Alice Bunker
married Arthur Dando in 1912
their known children
1913 - Arthur Kelven Dando

Bertha Bunker
married William George Lovell in 1916
their known children

Dorothy Maud Bunker
married Frank Rohan Phillips in 1926

Edith Letitia Bunker
married George Edward Henry in 1920

Elizabeth Jane Bunker
married Joseph Stephen Horton in 1906
their known children
1908 - Horace Stephen Horton

Ellen Kate Bunker
married Benjamin Blackbourn in 1921

Frances Bunker
married James Demmen Woodford in 1878
their known children
1879 - Alfred James Claud Woodford
1880 - Francis William Richard Woodford
1882 - Ernest Charles Thomas Woodford
1885 - Arthur Reginald Woodford

Gertrude Jean Bunker
married Douglas Gordon Warner Green in 1936

Grace Mary Bunker
married Alexander Jarvie Gillies in 1919

Hana Ketia Bunker
married Arthur Pomare Timothy in 1935

Hana Ketia Bunker
married Wiremu Kerei Ruru in 1936

Jean Willows Bunker
married Thomas Flay in 1938

Lillian May Bunker
married George Lyell Inglis in 1912
their known children
1913 - Dorothy Lillyith Inglis

Lillian Willows Bunker
married John Henry Reed in 1899
their known children
1899 - Albert Willows Reed
1905 - Charles William Reed
1907 - Jack Ivan Reed
1913 - Robert Bruce Reed
1915 - Reginald George Reed
1917 - Lillian Gwen Reed

Lucy Hannah Bunker
married Frederick Bastin in 1934

May Florence Bunker
married Alfred Guy in 1909
their known children
1909 - Irene Florence Guy
1913 - Alfred Edward Guy
1915 - Eleanor Thelma Guy
1917 - Edna May Guy

Meri Bunker
married Wiremu Tapu Tainui in 1932

Phyllis Amy Bunker
married Lance Leslie Heaphy in 1937

MINSON marriages NZ 1898 - 1937

the MINSON marriages

Arthur William Minson (1870-1963)
* born St IVes, England
married Evelyn Constance Bell (1877-1960) in Christchurch 1902
their known children
1903 - Ngaira Evelyn Minson
1905 - Stewart William Minson
1906 - Harold Maxwell Minson
1908 - Terence Arthur Minson
1911 - Donald St Ives Minson
1912 - 1986 Keith Rodney Minson (twin)
1912 - 1984 Garth Chesney Minson (twin)
1915 - John Neville Minson
1917 - Patrick Opawa Minson

Harold Maxwell Minson (1906-1996)
married Esther Eileen Waldron (1906-1996) in 1933

Henry George Minson (1875-1937)
married Isabella McDougall (1875-1933) in 1903
their known children
1910 - 2003 Kate Hathaway Dighton Minson

Keith Rodney Minson (1912-1986)
married Dorothy Marguerite Smith (1913-1961) in 1937

Terence Arthur Minson (1908-1991)
married Mary Jean Munro (1909-1987) in 1926

Wilfred Langford Minson (1875-1933)
married Mary Ruth Dunlop (1877-1954) in 1902
their known children
1903 - Aileen Constance Minson
1904 - Doris Ruth Minson
1906 - Wilfred William Dunlop Minson
1907 - Edith Agnes Minson
1908 - Lenore Minson
1910 - Mary Marguerite Minson
1914 - 1998 Ian James Dunlop Minson
* Wilfred was living in Bridge St., St Ives, Huntingdonshire, as a child with his parents, 5 siblings & 2 servants. He emigrated to NZ in 1892 and was head of the hardware firm 'Minson's Ltd'. Wilfred & Mary returned to England in March 1933 for health reasons and to see a son who had moved there in 1929. They hoped to have a short Continental tour on the way home and be back in Christchurch by the end of the year. Wilfred died in England in July
* Mary Ruth was born in Heathcote Valley, Christchurch to William Dunlop & Elizabeth Constance Crawford Dalziel. She died in Christchurch 17 May 1954

Aileen Constance Minson (1903-1998)
married Geoffrey Hallows Wood (1902-1993) in 1925

Doris Ruth Minson (1904-1991)
married Harman Warren (1902-1989) in 1925

Edith Agnes Minson (1907-1972)
married George Martin Turrell (1904-1974) in 1931

Edith Emily Minson
married Herbert Fredric Roberts in 1898
their known children
1900 - Herbert Desmond Roberts
1902 - Margaret Cecil Roberts
1906 - Ethel Isobel Doreen Roberts
1907 - 1969 Cuthbert Frith Roberts
1910 - Dorothy Merlyn Roberts

Lenore Margaret Minson (1910-1966)
married William James Gavin Turnbull (1901-1984) in 1932

Mabel Charlotte Minson (1880-1952)
married Albert Henry Roberts (1875-1946) in 1903
their known children
1905 - 1986 Antony Frith Roberts
1908 - Mabel Gwyneth Roberts

Mary Marguerite Minson (1910-1987)
married Patrick Henry Webb (1906-1985) in 1933

Ngaira Evelyn Minson (1902-1975)
married Charles Harvey Bowater (1902-1946) in 1926

Olive Laura Minson (1884-1962)
married Albert Ernest William Kincaid (1883-1960) in 1909
their known children
1918 - Shona Clovelly Kincaid

MINSON family on the lawn at The Hollies, Opawa, Christchurch c1904
BACK: Olive Minson, William Minson, Evelyn Minson (nee Bell), Arthur William Minson
MIDDLE: Mabel Roberts (nee Minson), Annie Moody (nee Minson), Mrs Mary Anne Minson, Edith Minson
SEATED: Wilfrid Langford Minson, Albert Roberts (husband of Mabel) and Sydney Bell (brother of Evelyn)

JORY marriages New Zealand 1875-1933

the JORY marriages 1875 - 1933

Albert Russell Jory (1905-1979)
* son of Albert James Jory (1880-1914) & Elizabeth Lilian Rowley. His mother remarried in 1922 to George Clark
married Evelyn Marguerite O'Flaherty (1912-1976) in 1929
* JORY - At Dunedin, 28th December 1935, to Mr and Mrs A. R. Jory, Miller street, Abbotsford, a son

Edward Ephraim Jory (1884-1972)
- Private 76605
married Ellen Drucilla Robertson (1894-1987) in 1920

Ernest Alfred Jory (1871-1954)
married Ada Eleanor Thompson (1875-1956) in 1902
* daughter of William Thompson & Catherine

George Jory (1854-1935)
married Irene Bowie in 1875
the known children of George & Irene
* 1876 - 1968 Jean McGregor Jory
* 1879 - George Jory
* 1881 - Mary Jory
* 1883 - Ellen Jory
* 1885 - George Joseph Jory
* 1887 - Thomas Bowie Jory
* 1894 - Ivy Isabel Jory

George Joseph Jory (1885-1923)
married Ethel Anderson in 1911
the known children of George & Ethel
* 1912 - 1912 George Maurice Jory (2 months)
* 1914 - 2003 George Kingston Jory (Signalman WWII 604231)
* BIRTHDAY PARTY, Christchurch July 1935 - Mrs E. Jory and Mrs E. Stevens were joint hostesses at an enjoyable party held in the Ridgley Hall, Armagh Street, to celebrate the coming of age of Mr George Jory, eldest son of Mrs Jory and the late Mr G. Jory. The usual toasts were honoured and the guest of honour was presented with a gold key autographed by the guests.
Amongst those present were:
MESDAMES, Shelton, Denmead, Higgott, Renz, Weakley, Johnston, Barnsley, Anderson, Jones, Shaw
MISSES, Alexander, Milly Guthrie, Lily RObinson, Betty Anderson, Hazel Blinkinsop, Pessy Hollander, Freda Thiele, Ena Gerrand, Marion McLennan, Una Hall, Betty Simpson, Nancy Holder, Pat Johns, Peggy Gray, Hean Howitt, Jeacn Rich, Rae Hones, Peggy Rich, Molly Rich, Mary Nolan, Florence Nolan, Ola Jones, Ivy Wilson, Jean Barnsley
MESSRS, G. Thiele, A. Jory, A. Parlane, F. and G. Weakley, J. Jory, A.J. Whitham, H. Bullock, E.H. Shelton, N. Denmead, C. Denmead, D. Henderson, A.B. Cullen, A. Prisk, L.A. McLennan, R.R. Stewart, G.C. Minson, R. Diedrich, B.A. Wisely, L. MacKenzie, R.C. Machirus, J.G. Banfield, E. Fail, W. Cowan and D. Gemmell
* JORY - On September 23rd, at Christchurch Hospital, George Joseph, dearly loved husband of Ethel Jory and only son of George and Jean Jory, Wilson's road, late N.Z. Railways; aged 38 years. Southland papers please copy

Harold Dunstan Jory (1895-1962)
* son of Rev John Dunstan Jory (1846-1935) & Matilda Patience Adams (1854-1947) from England, died Birkenhead, Auckland
- Private 3/2776, served 4 times
married Emma Gray Morley Todd in 1921

Henry Walter Jory (1881-1951)
married Nina Phyllis Smith (1881-1923) in 1904
Henry next married Alice Katherine Cooper (1902-1979) in 1927

Hugh Stanley Jory (1895-1972)
* Private 2/1096
married Florence Edith Webb Pound (1900-1983) in 1921
* they are buried Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Christchurch

Joseph Jory (1851-1930)
married Mary Jane Bamford (1861-1954) in 1881
the known children of Joseph & Mary
* 1882 - 1882 Joseph Jory (3 weeks)
* 1883 - 1883 Thomas Jory (1 hour)
* 1887 - 1888 William Henry Jory (13 months)
* 1888 - 1958 John Edward Jory
* 1890 - 1915 George Leonard Jory
* NZ Times, 1915. Gunner 2/1017A George Jory, reported killed in action, was a son of Mr Joseph Jory, residing at Somes estate, Lyttelton. Gunner Jory was twenty-five years of age and was formerly a gunner in the old Lyttelton Navals and a signaller in the N Battery. He joined the 3rd Reinforcements at Gisborne as a mounted signaller and was subsequently transferred to the artillery. He was educated at the Lyttelton Distincter High School and joined the staff of the Lyttelton post office, subsequently going to Gisborne as a telegraphist. His brother, Gunner Hugh Stanley Jory, is also at the Dardanelles, serving in the same battery
* 1891 - Nellie Elizabeth Jory
1893 - 1918 Percy Joseph Jory
- Corporal 6/4279, killed in action France 14 Feb 1918
* Corporal Percy Joseph Jory, who was killed in action in France on February 14th, was born and educated at Lyttelton. He joined the locomotive department of the railway service at Christchurch and was later transferred to Greymouth. At the time of enlisting with the 11th Reinforcements he was serving in the garrison at Fort Jervois, Lyttelton. Corporal Jory is the second son of Mr and Mrs Jory to make the supreme sacrifice, Gunner G. L. Jory being killed at Gallipoli. Another son, Gunner H. S. Jory is at present in France, while W. G. Jory is at present in camp
1895 - 1972 Hugh Stanley Jory (Private 2/1026)
* 1897 - 1968 William Gordon Jory
* 1900 - 1965 Ruth Jory

Norman Ernest Jory (1897-1993)
married Ivy Florence Green (1897-1957) in 1920

Richard Henry Northey Jory (1907-1985)
* son of Richard John Jory & Susannah Ethel Lamb. Middle name from his grandfather Thomas Northey Jory
married Thelma May Elston (1911-1953) in 1932
* daughter of Samuel George Elston & Elizabeth May Ison

Richard John Jory (1880-1975)
* son of Thomas Northey Jory (1859-1898) & Elizabeth Waters
married Susannah Ethel Lamb in 1905
the known children of Richard & Susannah
* 1907 - 1985 Richard Henry Northey Jory
* 1908 - 1991 Leslie Thomas Jory
* 1910 - 1978 Hazel Jory

Stanley William Jory (1897-1974)
* son of Albert James Jory (1880-1914) & Elizabeth Lilian Rowley. His mother remarried in 1922 to George Clark
married Rita Harris Grimmett (1902-2003) in 1933
* daughter of Roland Edgar Grimmett & Emma Ramsden Harris
* JORY-GRIMMETT - On December 23rd, 1933, at the residence of the bride's parents, Bayfield road, Anderson's Bay, by the Rev B. J. James, Stanley William, second son of Mrs Clark and the late Mr A. Jory, to Rita Harris, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs R. E. Grimmett

Thomas Martin Jory (1884-1958)
* son of Thomas Northey Jory (1859-1898) & Elizabeth Waters
married Jane Roseclear Erridge (1885-1967) in Dunedin 1910
* daughter of Henry James Erridge & Jane Mary Howkins. Her brother Arthur Henry Ernest Erridge married Susan Mary Jory, Thomas's sister
the known children of Thomas & Jane
* 1911 - 1993 Thomas Henry Jory
* 1915 - 1934 Phyllis Roseclear 'Phyl' Jory
* JORY - In loving memory of Phyllis (Phyl), who passed away October 28 1934. Inserted by her parents and brother

Constance Maud Jory (1889-1968)
married William Walker in 1916

Elizabeth Lilian Jory (nee Rowley 1878-1937)
* first married Albert James 'Bert' Jory (1880-1914), who was born Australia, died Dunedin
married George Clark in 1922

Ellen 'Nellie' Jory (1879-)
married Lewis Arthur Griffin Rich (1879-1945) in 1914
* RICH-JORY On December 28, at St John's, Latimer Square, lewis Arthur Griffin Rich to Nellie, third daughter of George Jory, Railway Department, Christchurch
the known children of Nellie & Lewis
* 1915 - 1997 Lewis Arthur Griddin Rich
* 1917 - John McGregor Rich

Hazel Jory (1910-1978)
married Stanley Ainslie 'Stan' Messer (1908-1977) in 1930
* son of George Ainslie Messer & Elizabeth Ann Morrison
* MESSER - On March 8 1935, at Nurse Moffat's Hospitl ("Whare Nui"). Clyde Street, Balclutha, to Hazel, wife of Stan. A. Messer (nee Jory), Balclutha - a daughter

Ivy Isabel Jory (1894-1978)
married Alfred James Whyman (1897-1985) in 1922

Jeannie McGregor 'Jean' Jory (1876-1968)
married Ernest William Stevens (1876-1955) in 1900
the known children of Jean & Ernest
* 1901 - Percival George William Stevens
* 1909 - Violet Jean Stevens
* 1909 - Nellie Maude Stevens

Mary Jory (1882-1947)
married Robert Ferdinand Renz (1881-1951) in 1909
* son of August Ernest Hermann Renz (1849-1934) of Dresden, Germany Hotel Keeper in Otago & Ellen Sampson Slowley (1855-1938) of Yorkshire, England
* RENZ-JORY - At the Church of the Good Shepherd, Christchurch, Jun 17th 1909, Robert Ferdinand, youngest son of Mr E. H. Renz, Burnside, to Mary, second daughter of Mr George Jory, Christchurch
the known children of Mary & Robert
* 1910 - 2000 Ernest George Renz
* 1913 - 1915 Robert Hermann Renz
* 1918 - 1940 Ronald McGregor Renz

Nellie Elizabeth Jory (1892-1962)
married Lewis Haslett (1891-1962) in 1915
* son of Alexander & Caroline Haslett

Ruth Jory (1900-1965)
married Ernest Albert Edward Smith (1894-1981) in 1924
* son of George Henry Smith & Mary Jane Pye
* Ruth & Ernest are buried Ruru Lawn, Christchurch

Susan Mary Jory (1878-1938)
* daughter of Thomas Northey Jory & Elizabeth Waters
married Arthur Henry Ernest Erridge in Dunedin in 1912
* Her brother Thomas Martin Jory married Jane Roseclear Erridge, Arthur's sister
the known children of Susan & Arthur
* 1921 - 2007 Violet Edna Erridge

HIGGOTT marriages NZ 1876-1936

HIGGOTT marriages 1876 - 1936
Clarence William Frederick Higgott (1894-1957)
married Anita Pearl Helen Hinemoa Mararoa Kaituna Parkin (1897-1982) in 1918

Frank Gilbert Higgott (1877-1961)
married Annie Cecilia Butler (1884-1959) in Wellington 1909
* Frank was a Hotel Proprietor. He had the Railway Hotel in Lower Hutt in 1909. He was also a Horse Trainer in Otaki & Trentham. He called one of his horses 'Huia'. His father, Samuel Higgott (1847-1907), was one of the most successful horse trainers in the 1880s
they had a son
* 1914 - 2017 Huia Francis Higgott (born in Otaki)
* Annie was the licensee of the Jubilee Hotel in Otaki when she was granted a divorce in 1920 on the grounds of adultery
Frank remarried May Carkeek in 1922
they had a son
* 1917 - 2004 Rawhiti 'Lumpty' Higgott
* Like his father and grandfather before him, Rawhiti was also a horse trainer. He established Otaki Transport with Pataka 'Pat' Webster. Established Waikanae Asphalts with Bruce Howell. Established Shannon Transport with Jack Ritchie
Annie remarried Harry John Palmer in 1921

Fredrick Higgott (1863-1933)
married Minnie Lucy Male (1870-1957) in Christchurch 1890
their known children
* 1892 - Minnie Constance Evangeline Higgott
* 1893 - Clarence William Frederick Higgott
* 1897 - Walter George Godfrey Higgott
* 1900 - Leslie Richard Pretoria Higgott
* 1913 - Katie Beryl Evangeline Higgott

George Higgott (1872-1942)
married Mary Tattersall (1879-1955) in 1896
their known children
* 1898 - Doris Esma Higgott
* 1901 - George Alton Higgott
* 1905 - James Hartley Higgott
* 1913 - Mary Gwendolyn Higgott

George Alton Higgott (1901-1922)
married Edith Annie Spooner (1882-) in 1921
* George was drowned off Muriwai Beach
Edit next married Walter Eric Harland (see below)

Leslie Richard Pretoria Higgott (1900-1974)
married Violet Jean Stevens (1902-1989) in 1924
* daughter of Ernest William Stevens & Jeannie McGregor Jory

Richard Higgott (1879-1962)
married Frances Margaret Beuth (1879-1960) in Christchurch 1903
their known children
* 1906 - Beryl Mildred Higgott
* 1913 - Phyllis Audrey Higgott

Samuel Higgott (1847-1907)
* one of NZ's most successful horse trainers in the 1880s
married Elizabeth Pearce (1850-1942) in 1876
they had 7 children
* 1876 - Ada Higgott
* 1877 - Frank Gilbert Higgott
* 1880 - Ida Frances Higgott
* 1882 - Sarah Ann Higgott
* 1884 - Henry George
* 1890 - Rhoda Higgott
* 1895 - Lyda Louisa Higgott
* Samuel died in Upper Hutt

Te Rawhiti Higgott (1917-2004)
married Rawinia Rikihana in 1936

William Tom Higgott
married Adelaide Bainbridge (1884-1913) in 1910
their known children
* 1911 - 1912 William Tom Higgott (aged 6 months)

Ada Higgott (1876-)
married George William Westropp (1870-1954) in 1898
their known children
* 1898 - Elizabeth Madge Westropp
* 1900 - Doris Westropp
* 1902 - Roland Arthur Westropp

Annie Celia Higgott (1884-1959)
* nee Butler, first married Frank Higgott, see above
married Harry John Palmer (1892-1967) in 1921
they had 1 daughter
* 1924 - 2013 Peggy Palmer

Beryl Mildred Higgott (1906-2005)
married Ruxton DelaHunt Matthews (1900-1963) in 1929

Doris Esma Higgott (1898-1970)
married Ernest Bellam (1904-1982) in 1921

Edith Annie Higgott (nee Spooner, see George above)
married Walter Eric Harland (1902-1966) in 1924

Elizabeth Higgott
married William Saxon Charlesworth in 1884
their known children
* 1884 - Claud William Charlesworth
* 1885 - Harold Frederick Saxon Charlesworth
* 1887 - Ethel Ida Beatrice Charlesworth

Julia Higgott (1862-1926)
married John Frederick Earnshaw (1862-1927) in 1884
their known children
* 1885 - George Frederick Earnshaw
* 1887 - Alice Mary Earnshaw
* 1888 - Ernest Ellis Earnshaw
* 1890 - Edith Lily Earnshaw
* 1891 - Stanley Earnshaw
* 1901 - Rona Waiti Earnshaw

Katie Beryl Evangeline Higgott (1913-1962)
married Jack Godman in 1933

Lyda Louisa Higgott (1896-1971)
married George Thomas Chambers in 1924

Lydia Higgott (1875-1971)
married John Burnett in 1924

Mary Gwendolyn Higgott (1913-1984)
married Keith Smith (1912-1996) in Auckland 1936

Minnie Constance Evangelina Higgott (1892-)
married William Creste Bergamini (1889-1952) in 1913
Minnie next married John Smith Durie (1886-1936) in 1923

Rhoda Higgott (1890-1934)
married Roland Edward Hatch (1892-1983) in 1911
their known children
* 1913 - Ronald James Hatch
* 1916 - Roland Keith Hatch

Sarah Ann Higgott (1882-1953)
married William Sneddon in 1905
their known children
* 1906 - Raymond William Sneddon
* 1908 - Edna Margaret Elizabeth Sneddon

Rev Sydney Calvert Jackson Grime married in NZ

* Sydney Calvert Jackson Grime (1852-1917)
Was born in Newcastle, NSW, son of Major Grime, one of the earliest settlers, who brought to Australia one of the first regiments when Governor Macquarie arrived at Sydney.
He married Frances Elizabeth Crosdill (-1904) in 1882, daughter of William Crosdill, the owner of the large 'Crosdill' estate. Frances's probate was granted 27 May 1904, however nothing else know of her

the known children of Sydney & Frances
.. 1 1883 - 1968 Augustine George 'August' Grime (born in Riverton, NZ)
* married Isabell Mary Small (1877-1978) in 1913 in NSW and had two sons
* served in WWI as Private 2570 with the 36 Infantry Battalion, 6th Reinforcements, embarking from Sydney 9 Nov 1916 on the HMAT Benalla
* On 11 June 1917 August was Wounded in Action and was evacuated to England where he had his left leg amputated above the knee. He returned to Australia 1 Nov 1917
* Augustine died 11 Aug 1968, Toowoon Bay, NSW

.. 2 1886 - Cyril Gurney Grime
* served in WWI as 2nd Lieutenant with the 3rd Field Artillery, ^ Reinforcements, Imperial Camel Corps. He enlisted 22 April 1915 from his address, Grand Hotel, Newcastle. He embarked from Brisbane on 2 June 1915 on the HMAT Medic. He returned to Australia 11 July 1917
* He was the Sole Executor and Trustee in brother Claude's estate

.. 3 1888 - Edward Greenway Grime (born in Sydney)
* Captain/Major in WWI
* possibly married Ruth Evangeline Galley (1903-1977)

.. 4 1890 - 1922 Claude Vivian Grime (born in Newcastle)
* GRIME - On Saturday, the 25th Oct 1890, at "Claremont", Newcomen-street, the wife of the Rev S.C.J. Grime, of a son
* served in WWI as Private 1015 with the 4th Field Ambulance. He embarked from Melbourne 22 Dec 1914 on the HMAT Berrima, He lost his left eye at Gallipoli
The Referee, Sydney, 22 March 1916

Claude Grimes, the Crlebe torward, writes to
Mr C. A. McCarthy: "Looking through the papers the other day I thought I saw that Bob Stone gained the D.C.M. Let us hope it is true; it is just the sort of thing he would do. [Stone gained that honor — Ed. 'Referee'] Have you heard any more of Summers and Elwood. [Both are now on the list of killed — Ed. 'Referee'] I have been staying with an aunt in Kent about three miles from Dover. I had left there only the day before some German seaplanes dropped bombs about. They were only two miles from where I lived — trying to get at the aerodrome. I am having quite a run around the country, and shall know it soon. I see that they are sending men from Sydney to replace those in Egypt looking after horses. I do not see why they could not give some of us fellows the job, as we are quite able to do that work and a lot harder too. Just fancy sending fellows with one good eye back to Australia as unfit. I wrote to my colonel about it. My father tells me my eldest brother has enlisted, which makes the whole four of us at it now — and the sister wants to nurse. This country is full of troops. There does not seem to be anyone else working,"
* In Oct 1921 Claude registered his new company 'Grime Brothers,' motor and general engineers
The Referee, Sydney, 21 June 1922

Footballers heard with regret of the death, on Monday, of Claude Grime, the Glebe-Balmain forward of a few years ago. He lost an eye on active service, and after his return he did not have the best of health. Deceased who was well known in this city a few years ago, was prominent in Rugby Union football circles. He was only 32 years old.
* He was buried at Church of England Cemetery, Randwick

.. 5 1893 - Frances G R Grime (born Newcastle)
* nothing known at this time. If you read Sydney's obit she was in England in 1917

Evening News, 7 Nov 1876
Speaking of the death of this much-respected clergyman of Singleton, which occurred on the 31st, the Times says:- his death was occasioned by consumption. During his short life in the diocese, Mr Grime made numerous friends and many little instances might be given of disinterested kindness shown to him during his last illness.The funeral took place on Thursday, the 2nd instant and was, in some respects, a singular pageant. Ten clergymen of the district were present besides a number of the parishioners. The remains were interred in the Church of England cemetery, to which the mourners proceeded principally in vehicles.
The pall-bearers were the Revs F. D. Bode of St John's Newcastle; J. Dixon of Wickham; W. Kildahl of St Paul's West Maitland and C. Mills. The burial service was performed by the Rev B. E. Shaw of All Saints, Singleton; E, Chapman of St Mary's, West Maitland and Canon White of St Alban's Muswellbrook.
Mr Grime was the son of Major Grime and a native of Sydney. He was, however, brought up in England and underwent his preparation for the ministry at St Aidan's College, Birkenhead

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners Advocate, 25 March 1887

The Rev Sydney C. J. Grime has arrived in Newcastle, and has entered upon his duties at Christ Church pro-Cathedral, in succession to the Rev. Mr Longbottom, who is now on his way to England by the Massilia. Mr Grime was educated at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England and is a brother of the Rev. J. J. Grime (John Joseph Grime 1848-1876), who was located in Newcastle some years ago, before the present pro-Cathedral was erected, and who subsequently removed to Singleton, where he died. The Rev. S. C. J. Grime was in care of a parish in New Zealand for three years, whence he returned to England to assume the duties of chaplain to her Majesty's forces at Aldlershot.
Mr Grime is married to the daughter of an old resident of this city - whom some of our readers may recollect - Mr Crosdill, the owner of the large Crosdill estate, and it will be interesting to Newcastle historians to state that Major Grime, father of our new clergy-man, was stationed in Newcastle in the "good old days" when the 99th Regiment was posted here. Mr Grime is therefore hardly a stranger, and is sure to soon gather a crowd of friends around him. He seems to be much pleased with Newcastle, of which he speaks in eulogistic terms.

Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Jan 1917
NEWCASTLE - Friday 12th
Minor Canon Sydney Calvert Jackson Grime died in a private hospital at about 2.30 o'clock this morning, after a short illness. He had an attack of cerebral hemorrhage yesterday morning, and on medical advice went to the private hospital. In the afternoon he became gradually worse, and died early this morning.
Deceased was educated at St. Augustine's, Canterbury (England). In 1873 he went to New Zealand, where he was admitted into the deaconate in 1878, and to the priesthood by the Bishop of Dunedin a few years later. He was curate at Oamaru, and then became incumbent of Riverton till 1884, when he received the appointment of curate to the Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. He was appointed to Minor Canon in 1909, and held that position till the time of his death.
He leaves a daughter, who is at present in England, and four sons, three of whom are now either serving at the front or on their way, whilst a fourth has recently returned from the front through having lost the sight of an eye.

Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Jan 1917

Tho funeral of the Rev. S. C. J. Crime, minor canon of Newcastle, took place on Saturday afternoon. A service was held in the Cathedral at two o'clock, the remains having been removed to there from Pipitea Pah Private Hospital (Newcastle). In addition to the bishop, who officiate, there were present the Dean of Newcastle, Revs. Canon Ramm, North-Ash, F. V. Drake, F. Woodger, C. V. Mather, F. S. Griffith, F. J. Beeman, and members of the Cathedral staff.
The bishop, in the course of a brief eulogy of the late canon, said that they had met for the first time thirty years ago. They were both then in Fitzroy, and after the lapse of many years they had been brought together in Newcastle.
Canon Grime had been a military chaplain at one time. After his appointment here, he showed extraordinary enthusiasm in the work of the church. He was punctual, ever ready, and very painstaking. Whatever service he undertook to do, he did well, and the value of his work would be found in the difficulty they would have in replacing him. Active, brave, and most wonderfully courteous, he was always bright and cheerful. He had actually worn himself out, and even on the very day before his death had been present at service. Up to the last he had been in harness, and loved to be there. The bishop added that he had received a message of sympathy from the Dean of Kalgoorlie, the Rev. Dr. Golding Bird, adding, "May he rest in peace." In that wish they could solemnly unite.
The Cathedral organist, Mr E. King, then played "The Dead March" in "Saul," as the coffin was removed, Wardens Underwood, Parnell, Coverdale, Clack, Rae, and Willey acting as pallbearers.
Members of the clergy and robed choristers marched at the head of the cortege, which was also attended by many prominent citizens of Newcastle and different parts of the district. A squad of Boy scouts, under Scout-master Davis, formed up in the rear. The remains were then entrained for the Church of England portion of the Sandgate Cemetery. The burial service was taken by the Dean, who also read the prayers and performed the last rites of the church.
Wreaths were sent by Mrs A. Grime, Isabel and Claude Grime, staff of Grand Hotel. Wardens and Parochial Council, Mr and Mrs Sells and Freddie, Mr and Mrs Campbell Wood, Mrs G. A. Campbell, Mrs Craven, Cathedral Women's Guild, Mr Sydney Willey, Mr H. H. Lang, Broken Hill Cricket Club, the Dean and Mrs Archdall, Bishop of Kalgoorlie, Mrs J. Ireland, sen., and family, Mrs Teece and Miss Swanston, Mr and Mrs J. L. C. Rae, doctor, matron, and nurses, Mental Hospital, Mr J. R. Ash, and Mrs. Clarke, the registrar and clergy of the diocese, the members Newcastle Club, Rev W. F. and Mrs James, Misses Parnell, Mr and Mrs J. A. Wood, Cathedral Troop Boy Scouts, Absent Children, Mr and Mrs H. Berkeley, Mr and Mrs W. H. Baker, Mr and Mrs Sidney Wansey, gentlemen friends at the Grand.

Christ Church Cathedral, 52 Church Street, Newcastle, has a stained glass window which commemorates Sydney Calvert Jackson Grime, a priest and Minor Canon of the cathedral