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DRABBLE marriages New Zealand

DRABBLE marriages in New Zealand
the GROOMS 1878 - 1938
Arthur Geoffrey Clayton Drabble
married Laura Ambrosia Harker in 1921

Charles Henry Drabble
married Emily Hampton Mandeno in 1898 in Te Awamutu
(in a double wedding with her sister)

Colin Joseph Drabble
married Dorice Howarth in 1920

Frank Drabble
married Louie Wood in 1924

Frederick Layne Drabble
married Mary Elaine Hoyte in 1919

Gordon Joseph Drabble
married Irene Grace Knight in 1938

Harold Jackson Drabble
married Mavis Leonie Spencer in 1929

John Douglas Drabble
married Millicent Florence Humphreys in 1910

John Vernon Wyn Drabble
married Catherine Marion Roberts in 1936

Joseph Drabble
married Charlotte Elizabeth Layne in 1878

Joseph Drabble
married Sarah Jane Thompson in 1890

Joseph Newsome Drabble
married Winifred Monica O'Reilly in 1925

Joseph William Drabble
married Amelia Keeley in 1900

Leonard Arthur Drabble
married Margery Elizabeth Mary Allen in 1934

Mortin Charles Drabble
married Christina Sarah Dwyer in 1921

Robert William Drabble
married Frances Susan Mayne in 1909

Thomas Drabble
married Rosalind Scott Harris in 1937

Thomas Gordon Drabble
married Agnes Elizabeth Barnard in 1923

Thomas Henry Drabble
married Mary Thurlow in 1889

Walter John Drabble
married Frances May McGuire in 1916

Wilfred Roy Drabble
married Heather Evelyn Sneddon in 1929

the BRIDES 1864 - 1937
Alice Drabble
married Henry Burt in 1809

Annie Drabble
married John Cowan in 1926

Annie Drabble
married Samuel George Dunlop in 1903

Annie Rebecca Drabble
married James George Dalbeth in 1902

Catherine Drabble
married Robert Henry Farrell in 1889

Elizabeth Drabble
married Frederick Arthur Rollinson in 1892

Elizabeth Drabble
married Donald Munro in 1872

Elizabeth Alice Drabble
married Frank Laming in 1883

Elsie Mary Drabble
married John Brown in 1914

Emma Amelia Drabble
married Alfred Driscoll in 1904

Ethel Drabble
married William Alexander Fleming in 1895

Grace Mildred Drabble
married Roland Cargill Brown in 1907

Jane Drabble
married John Petrie in 1890

Jean May Drabble
married Walter Huia Holmes in 1929

Lily Gertrude Drabble
married Frederick Haworth in 1903

Linda Dorothy Drabble
married Thomas Bulman in 1919

Loma Beryl Drabble
married Amos Thomas Hall in 1934

Mary Elaine Drabble
married Edmond Parr Seymour in 1937

Mary Martha Drabble
married Gilbert Simpson in 1895

Ngaire Drabble
married Frank Laurence Toms in 1936

Olive Drabble
married Alexander Winham Malcolm in 1905

Rebecca Drabble
married Frank Barker in 1873

Sarah Jane Drabble
married John Lorimer in 1905

Sarah Jane Drabble
married William Christie in 1882

Susanna Drabble
married Henry de Leon in 1864

Susannah Champion Drabble
married Thomas Heney in 1879

Thelma Maud Drabble
married Benjamin Valentine Bushell in 1933

Winnie Drabble
married Bertram Owen Hopkins in 1915

TUSTIN marriages New Zealand

the TUSTIN GROOMS 1879-1938
Arthur Tustin
married Jane Sarah Furly in 1896
their known children
1896 - Lydia Emma Tustin
1898 - Louisa Frances Tustin
1901 - Kathleen Iona Tustin
1905 - Evangeline Edith Tustin
1908 - Dorothy Amy Tustin
1913 - Arthur Archibald Ronald Tustin

Arthur Archibald Ronald Tustin
married Maisie Ella Connell in 1936

Charles Edward Tustin (1867-1937)
married Emily Dryden (1869-1943) in 1892
* A daughter, Doris Elsie was born in Middlesex, England in 1910. Doris married ? Bruce. She married Orlando Dryden in 1934 & had a son John Edward Dryden (1935-1981). She died in Tauranga in 2003

Charles Joseph Tustin
married Diana Raymond Drewitt in 1938

Ernest Belton Tustin
married Cora Evelyn Curtis in 1919

John Tustin
married Ann Crawford in 1895

John Catchpool Tustin
married Zilla Isobel Lucas in 1923

Joseph Bernard Tustin
married Charlotte Horlop in 1912
their known children
1913 - Charles Joseph Tustin
1915 - George Norman Tustin
1918 - Kathleen Charlotte Tustin

Joseph Dixon Tustin
married Jane Loasley in 1882
their known children
1882 - Ethel Clare Tustin
1884 - Ida Jane Tustin
1889 - Joseph Bernard Tustin

William George Tustin
married Harriet Elizabeth Pilcher in 1879
their known children
1880 - William Henry Tustin
1882 - Harriet Ada Tustin
1884 - Emily Mabel Tustin
1885 - Evangeline Lilla Tustin
1887 - Frederick Charles Tustin
1890 - Ernest Belton Tustin
1892 - Alice Lydia Tustin
1896 - John Catchpool Tustin

William Henry Tustin
married Alice Maude Helen Ross in 1907
their known children
1909 - Katherine Ross Tustin
1911 - William Ross Tustin
1913 - John Ross Tustin

William Henry Tustin
married Mary Taskas Morris in 1937

the TUSTIN BRIDES 1882-1935
Dorothy Amy Tustin
married John Graham in 1926

Emily Sarah Ann Tustin
married Walter Edward Chisholm in 1893

Emma Tustin
married Albert Hatfield in 1882
their known children
1883 - Elizabeth Hannah Hatfield
1885 - Emma Hatfield
1887 - Herbert Arthur Hatfield
1889 - Florence Mabel Hatfield
1893 - Albert Henry Hatfield

Ethel Lilian Maud Tustin
married John Henry Blake in 1921

Evangeline Edith Tustin
married William Austin Sparks in 1928

Harriet Ada Tustin
married Lionel Waddel in 1904
their known children
1909 - Alan Shelton Waddel

Harriett Amy Tustin
married Edward Yates in 1897
their known children
1899 - Otto Henry Edward Yates
1902 - Mervyn William Yates
1908 - Douglas Yates

Ida Jane Tustin
married Leonard Ashwood Friar in 1914
their known children
1915 - John Leonard Ashwood Friar
1917 - Jean Loasby Friar

Katharine Ross Tustin
married David Lloyd Gibson in 1935

Louisa Frances Tustin
married Llewellyn William Robert John Urry in 1921

SAUNDERS buried Auckland Central & Hauraki Gulf Islands

Albert Jack Hollomby Saunders
Married Jane 'Jennie' Coleman (1912-1935) in 1934
Married Corona Lane Savage in 1936
Died 20 Oct 1999 aged 91
Plot 30, Block 8, Area 8 at Onetangi

Andrew Saunders
Married Agnes Mary Murphy in 1909
their known children
* 1910 - 1910 Horace Percival Saunders (5 months)
* 1910 - 1977 Hector Thomas Saunders
Died 3 Aug 1951 aged 67
Plot 611, Block C, Area 5 at Waikaraka

Annie Maria Saunders (nee Gibbons)
Married John Saunders in 1901
Died 12 Sep 1914 aged 49
Plot 41, Block O, Area 2 at Waikaraka

Charles Thomas Saunders
Died 2 May 1950 aged 73
Plot 698, Block A, Area 10 at Hillsborough

Corona Lane Saunders (nee Savage)
Married Albert John Hollomby Saunders in 1936
Died 9 Nov 1990 aged 75
Plot 30, Block 8, Area 8 at Onetangi Lawn

Edward Ovenden Saunders
Married Sarah Ann Taylor in 1871
their known children
* 1872 - William Morrow Saunders
* 1873 - Lena Rosina Saunders
* 1875 - Ada Evelyn Saunders
* 1878 - Francis Collingwood Saunders
* 1880 - Arthur Edward Saunders
* 1882 - Alice Josephine Saunders
* 1886 - Alfred Edward Saunders
Died 20 July 1913 aged 71
NZ Herald, 22 July 1913 SAUNDERS - On July 29m at his late residence, Homeland, Dominion Road, Edward Ovenden, dearly-beloved husband of Sarh Ann Saunders, aged 72, late secretary of naval Veterans
Plot 42, Block T, Area 2 at Waikaraka

Elizabeth Saunders (nee Brimmer)
Married Thomas Alexander Saunders in 1900
Died 16 Feb 1937 aged 61
NZ Herald, 17 Feb 1937 SAUNDERS - On February 16, at Auckland Hospital, Elizabeth, beloved wife of T. A. Saunders, Te Toro, Waiuku and loved little mother of Kathleen, Eileen, Jessie, Alex and Rita; aged 61 years
Plot 74, Block F, Area 4 at Hillsborough

Ellen Saunders (nee Willey)
Born 15 April 1835 in Western Australia
Married Joseph Saunders in Perth on xmas day 1859
their known children
- in Perth, W.A.
1860 - Mary Ann Saunders (Hendry)
1862 - Charles Judd Saunders
1864 - Daniel George Saunders
- in New Zealand
1867 - Joseph Saunders
1869 - Ellen Saunders (Rae)
1871 - 1871 Edwin James Saunders
1872 - 1873 Olivia Saunders
1874 - Annie Saunders
1876 - Edith Saunders (Vuglar)
1881 - Etheline Mary Saunders (J. Rea/Rae)
Died 13 Sep 1925 Age 93
Auckland Star, 16 Sep 1925 OLD COLONIST'S DEATH
A resident of Auckland for the last 60 years, Mrs Ellen Saunders, died last Sunday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs J. Rae, Taylor Street, St Helier's Bay, at the ripe age of 92 years. Mrs Saunders' parents went to Western Australia from Scotland and she was born at Perth. She was married over there at an early age to Mr Joseph Saunders, who had gone to Australia with the Royal Engineers, where he was engaged building quarters for the convicts. Upon leaving the army, Mr Saunders, with his wife and three children, came across to Auckland in a barque. There was an acute housing problem in those days and the family could find nowhere to live. Fortunately they had a little money and Mrs Saunders was walking round Dedwood (now Ponsonby), when, seeing a man building a shack for himself, she managed to buy it, to be finished after occupation. Mr Saunders found great difficulty in getting work, as there was a slump on at the time. When he did get a job at building he was a few days later injured so seriously by a wall falling on him, that he was an invalid for over a year and Mrs Saunders had to face life among strangers with a sick husband and three children under five years of age. Ultimately Mr Saunders got an appointment under the Provincial Government as an inspector for the building of the gaol, as he was still unable to do manual work. He retained that job until the Thames god rush broke out in 1867. The family was soon on the field. Mr Saunders buying two sections in Richmond Street, erected a large building on it and started a general store. While the place was being put up the family lived in a tent. When the palmy days of the gold fields were ended the store was closed down and the building converted into a dwelling. About 30 years ago the family moved to Waihi, where Mrs Saunders lived until quite recently, when she returned to Auckland and spent the eventide of life with her daughter. Mr Saunders died 25 years ago. Mrs Saunders enjoyed remarkably good health until practically the end. There was a family of eleven children, of whom seven still survive. The sons are Messrs D. G. Saunders (Waihi), C. J. Saunders (Stanley Point) and Joseph Saunders (Western Australia). There are four daughters, Mesdames J. Rae, H. Rae, J. Hendry and J. Vuglar. There are thirty grandchildren and eighteen great-grandchildren. The interment took place at Hillsbro' Cemetery
Plot 98, Block E, Area 1 at Hillsborough
NOTE Joseph was born xmas day 1826 in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England. He was with the Royal Engineers 20th Company (formerly Royal Sappers & Miners) as Sapper 2192. He served in India & West Australia. He died 11 Dec 1889 at Augustus Street, Parawai, Thames and is buried at Shortland Cemetery

Francis Collingwood Saunders
Married Winifred Evelyn Cornish in 1903
their known children
* 1904 - 1983 Gordon Francis Saunders
* 1905 - 1974 Clifford Collingwood Saunders
Died 11 May 1942 aged 64
NZ Herald, 18 May 1942 MORRINSVILLE. The death has occurred, on May 11 at Roslyn Private Hospital, of Mr Francis Collingwood Saunders, in his 65th year. Mr Saunders came to Morrinsville 34 years ago and until 1834, when he retired through ill-health, he was employed by the New Zealand Railways. He was born in Auckland. Mr Saunders fought with the 5th Contingent in the South African War and was later one of a special contingent which visited England for the Coronation of King Edward VII. He is survive by his wife and two sons, Gordon, Takapuna and Clifford, Hamilton.
Plot 580, Block B, Area 4 at Waikaraka

Gavin Wayne Saunders
Died 6 May 2010 aged 44
Plot 38, Block 10, Public Area Onetangi Lawn

Henry Gairden Saunders
Married Cecelia Frances Lovegrove in 1907
their known children
* 1908 - Aroha Emily Florence Saunders
* 1912 - Cecilia Florence Emily Saunders
Died 23 Aug 1923 aged 40
Plot 80A, Block 9, Area 3 at Waikaraka

John Saunders
Married Anna Maria Gibbons in 1901
Died 7 April 1910 aged 47
Plot 41, Block O, Area 2 at Waikaraka

John Saunders
Died 16 Dec 1926 aged 92
Plot 222, Block S, Area 3 at Hillsborough

Lucie Rona Saunders
Daughter of Thomas Alexander Saunders & Elizabeth Brimmer
Died 23 Oct 1928 aged 18
Plot 74, Block F, Area 4 at Hillsborough

Margaret Ann Saunders (nee McLachlan)
Married William Simon Saunders in 1901
Died 22 Oct 1974 aged 93
Plot 418, Block B, Area 14 at Hillsborough

Margaret Olive Saunders
Daughter of William Simon Saunders & Margaret Ann McLachlan
Died 21 May 1999 aged 97
Plot 418, Block B, Area 14 at Hillsborough

Martin Saunders
Died 27 May 1926 aged 72
Plot 73, Block N, Area 3 at Hillsborough

Mary Agnes Saunders (nee Murphy)
Married Andrew Saunders in 1909
Died 12 Sep 1948 aged 65
Plot 641, Block D, Area 5 at Waikaraaka

Mary Ann Saunders
Died 20 Sep 1932 aged 76
Plot 505, Block F, Area 2 at Hillsborough

Minnie Saunders
Died 16 July 1926 aged 50
Plot 99, Block M, Area 2 at Waikaraka

Olive Constance Saunders
Died 18 April 1933 aged 19 years
Plot 698, Block A, Area 10 at Hillsborough

Owen Watkin Saunders
Born 13 July 1929
Died 18 May 2009 aged 79
Plot 619, Block A, Area 12 at Hillsborough

Sarah Ann Saunders (nee Taylor)
Married Edward Ovenden Saunders in 1871
Died 3 Jan 1921 aged 69
Plot 42B, Block T, Area 2 at Waikaraka

Sidney Arthur Saunders
Son of James Saunders & Jemima Gilberd
Died 1 Oct 1964 aged 75
Plot 161, Area E at Otahuhu

Sybil Audrey Saunders
Daughter of Albert Godfrey Saunders & Henrietta Grace Smith
Died 12 June 1926 aged 29
Plot 635, Block A, Area 1 at Hillsborough

Thomas Alexander Saunders
Married Elizabeth Brimmer in 1900
their known children
* 1901 - Kathleen Elizabeth Saunders
* 1903 - Eileen Quinne Saunders
* 1906 - Lenora 'Jessie' May Saunders (Monteith)
* 1907 - John 'Alexander' McLeod Saunders
* 1910 - 1928 Lucy Rona Saunders
* 1912 - Rita Avenelle Saunders
Died 17 June 1944 aged 75
Plot 75, Block F, Area 4 at Hillsborough

Violet Corilla Saunders (nee Weaver)
Married William Saunders in 1911
Died 12 March 1935 aged 46
Plot 503, Block F, Area 2 at Hillsborough

Wallace Saunders
Died 7 Jan 1930 aged 70
Plot 246, Block Q, Area 3 at Hillsborough

William Saunders
Married Violet Camilla Weaver in 1911
their known children
* 1912 - Mavis Hughes Saunders
Died 20 Dec 1966 aged 81
Plot 503, Block F, Area 2 at Hillsborough

William Huntley Saunders
Married Mary Annie Godber in 1906
their known children
* 1909 - Hilda Godber Saunders
Died 9 July 1923 aged 50
Plot 114A, Block Z, Area 1 at Waikaraka

William Simon Saunders
Married Margaret Ann McLachlan in 1901
their known children
* 1901 - Margaret Olive Saunders
* 1902 - Eveline Mary Saunders
* 1904 - Williamina Ivy Saunders
* 1905 - Ethel Annie Saunders
* 1906 - William Kaeo Saunders
* 1912 - Hazel Alice Saunders
* 1914 - Lilian Saunders
Died 17 July 1948 aged 87
Plot 418, Block B, Area 14 at Hillsborough

Winifred Evelyn Saunders (nee Cornish)
Married Francis Collingwood Saunders in 1903
Died 16 June 1959 aged 78
Plot 580, Block B, Area 4 at Waikaraka

Andrew Saunders
at Waikaraka
In Loving Memory Of Andrew Saunders Loved Father Of Hector Died 3rd Aug 1950 Aged 67 Years

ALLELY marriages New Zealand

Allely GROOMS 1892 - 1938
Brian Andrews Allely (1897-1977)
* married Muriel Ethel Atkinson (1898-1986) in 1921
daughter of John Frederick Atkinson & Annie Phoebe Rowe
their children
1923 - Brian Holland Allely
1925 - David Atkinson Allely
Garth Rowe Allely
Margaret Andrews Allely

Francis Nelson 'Pat' Allely (1900-1968)
* married Kathleen Mary Clout (1903-1983) in 1930
their children, Bay of Plenty
1932 - 1936 Audrey Frances Allely

Hector McDonald Allely (1903-1970)
* married Annie Alfreda Rewa Stewart (1909-1994) in 1927
daughter of Samuel Stewart & Rachel Matson Rutherford

Joseph Calvert Allely (1895-1983)
* married Lucy Helena Copsey (1898-1960) in 1923

Robert Joseph Allely (1867-1958)
son of Thomas Allely & Sarah Calvert
* married Mary 'Mamie' Blundell (1871-1948) in 1892
their children
1895 - Joseph Calvert Allely
1897 - Brian Andrews Allely
1899 - Ethel Sara 'Pinkie' Allely
1905 - Elspeth Mary Blundell 'Molly' Allely
1910 - Margaret Josephine Allely
NZ Herald, 16 Nov 1942 GOLDEN WEDDING. ALLELY-BLUNDELL - On November 16 1893, at Tauranga, by the Rev G. T. Marshall, Robert Joseph, second son of the late Mr and Mrs Thos. Allely, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Arthur Blundell. Present address: 68 St Michael's Avenue, Point Chevalier

Samuel Dawson Allely (1877-1958)
* married Ethel Violet Buscomb (1887-1972) in 1905
their known children
1907 - Edward Dawson Allely
1910 - Violet Ruth Allely
1912 - Thomas Richard Raymond Allely
1920 - 1971 Robert Dartrey Allely

Thomas Calvert Allely (1866-1958)
* married Adah Eliza Blundell (1877-1962) in 1895
NZ Herald, 27 Oct 1945 GOLDEN WEDDING. ALLELY-BLUNDELL - On October 30 1895, at the Methodist Church, Tauranga, by the Rev Arthur Ashcroft, Adah Eliza, second daughter of the late Arthur and Sarah Blundell, to Thomas Calvert, eldest son of the late Thomas and Sarah Allely. "Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be." Present address: Wissett, 98 Queen Street, Northcote, Auckland
* Thomas & Adah are buried at Waikumete

William Henry George 'Willie' Allely (1871-1957)
* married Kate Robinson (1871-1933) in 1894
Bay of Plenty Times, 19 March 1894 ALLELY-ROBINSON - On March 17th, at the Presbyterian Church, by the Rev Thos, Scott, M.A., Willie Allely, third son of Thos, Allely, Esq., Taurangan, to Kate Robinson, eldest daughter of E. I. Robinson, of Tauranga
their known children
1896 - 1896 Eileen Verta Allely (3 weeks)
1900 - 1968 Francis Nelson Allely
1902 - 1970 Hector McDonald Allely
16 Oct 1933 Mrs WILLIAM ALLELY, died at Tauranga. She was born at Thames 62 years agom being the eldest daughter of the late Mr Ebenezer Robinson. At the age of seven she went with her parents to Tauranga, where she was an active worker in St Peter's Presbyterian Church and for some years a teacher in the Sunday school. She leaves her husband and two sons
* William next married Barbara Milton Kerr (1900-1989) in 1938

Allely BRIDES 1892 - 1934
Eliza Ann Allely (1866-1926)
* married Richard Seymour Galbraith (1867-1936) in 1892
born Loughrea, County Galway to James Galbraith (1822-) & Lavinia Frances Galbraith (1831-1889) whose fathers were siblings
their known children
1893 - James Allely Galbraith
1896 - Frances Margaret Galbraith
1898 - Kathleen Seymour Galbraith
1902 - Gertrude Maude Galbraith
1905 - Richard Hugh Courtney Galbraith

Elspeth Mary Blundell 'Molly' Allely (1905-1937)
* married Percy 'Greville' Hammond (1906-1997) in 1933
18 May 1933 HAMMOND-ALLELY. St David's Presbyterian Church in Khyber Pass Road was the scene of a pretty wedding on Tuesday evening, when Miss Elspeth Mary Blundell Allely, second daughter of Mr and Mrs R. J. Allely, of Mount Albert, Auckland, was married to mr Percy Greville Hammond, only son of Mr and Mrs Percy Hammond, of Welcome Bay, Tauranga. The Rev W. Bower Black performed the ceremony. The bride looked charming in a sheath-like gown of pearly white reinette, with silver juliet cap and a lovely veil of palest pink embroidered tulle, which formed a train. The suggestion of pink was emphasised in the bouquet, which of pink and white chrysanthemums and fern. The matron of honour, Mrs Coutanche, sister of the bride and the three bridesmaids, Miss Margaret Allely, sister of the bride, Miss Betty Hammond, sister of the bridegroom and Miss Dorothy Lane, cousin of the bride, all wore picturesque gowns of pale apricot crepe madalaine, with ring velvet capes and toques in a deep, glowing shade of apricot. The carried bouquets of autumn tinted flowers. The bride was given away by her father, Mr Norman Miller was best man and Mr Stanley Blundell groomsman. After the ceremony a reception was held at the Domain Kiosk, where the bride's mother received in wine red with dark furs and small black hat. Mrs Percy Hammond wore an ensemble of navy blue, trimmed with fawn.
19 Sep 1937 HAMMOND - On September 17, at Tauranga Public Hospital, Elspeth Mary Blundell (Molly), beloved wife of Greville Hammond and second daughter of Mr and Mrs R. J. Allely of Ponsonby

Ethel Sara 'Pinkie' Allely (1899-1957)
* married Arthur John Coutanche (1896-1928) in 1921
son of Eli & Lucy Coutanche
NZ Herald, 9 April 1921 COUTANCHE-ALLELY - On March 4 1921, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev P. Paris, Arthur John, only son of Mrs and the late Eli Coutanche, Rossbank Road, Avondale, to Ethel Sara (Pinkie). eldest daughter of Robt. J. Allely, Dartry, Richardson Road, Mount Albert
their known children
1922 - Terence Allely Coutanche
1926 - 2007 Josephine Mary Coutanche (Parkes)
10 Sep 1928 COUTANCHE - On September 10, at a private hospital, Arthur John, dearly-beloved husband of Ethel S. Coutanche, 22 Cracroft Street, Avondale, and only son of Mrs and the late Eli Coutanche; aged 32 years.
18 Feb 1929
Mrs Arthur Coutanche and her sister Miss Molly Allely, of Mount Albert, Auckland are spending a holiday with relatives in Tauranga
NOTE Arthur's father Eli died in 1928. There was a mortgagee sale of his estate, comprising ..
* bungalow and back in Bella Vista Terrace, Point Chevalier
* bungalow of 4 rooms, hawea Road, Point Chevalier
* bungalow of 7 rooms in Rarere Road, Takapuna
* house of 4 rooms in Golf Road, New Lynn
* house of 5 rooms in Brandon Road, Glen Eden
* bungalow of 4 rooms in Merani Street, Narrow Neck
* bungalow of 4 rooms in Walmer Road, Point Chevalier
* house of 5 rooms with nearly ¾acre of land in Ascot Ave, Remuera
* glasshouse and orchard holding, 4 acres 30 poles at the corner of Rosebank Road and Avenue Road, Avondale Flats

Margaret Josephine Allely (1910-2008)
* married Philip Alexander Wills Barton (1906-1996) in 1934

Sarah Maude Allely (1881-1973)
* married Robert Henry Muir (1878-1944) in 1906
their known children
1907 - Florence Maude Muir
1910 - Robert John Allely Muir
1912 - Thomas Richard Calvert Muir
1915 - Kathleen Sarah Muir
1917 - Donald William Allely Muir
1 March 1917 ALLELY - At Tauranga, Sarah (nee Calvert), the beloved wife of Thomas Allely and dearly-beloved mother of Mrs R. H. Muir. Aged 79
27 Jan 1930 ALLELY - On January 27th 1930, at his residence, "Newbliss" Cameron Road, Tauranga, Thomas Allely, aged 95 years. At Rest.
Mr Allely was born at Newbliss, County Monaghan, on 13th January 1835 and twenty-four years later emigrated to Australia with his young wife. After an adventurous life in the Mounted Police Service her returned to Ireland in 1873, but finding conditions far from attractive he decided to go to New Zealand and landed at Auckland on 4th July 1874 from the ship Queen of Nations. A month later the family went to Tauranga, where Mr Allely lived until his death. Mrs Allely died some years ago but five sons and two daughters are living, namely, Mrs W. H. and F. J. Alleyy of Tauranga, T. C. Allely (Northcote), R. J. Allely (Mount Albert), S. D. Allely (Henderson), Miss Allely (Tauranga) and Mrs Muir of Wellington

FAHY marriages New Zealand

FAHY marriages 1864 - 1936
Anthony Fahy
married Annie Lee in 1866
their known children
1869 - Mary Fahy
1871 - John Christopher Fahy

Charles Richard Fahy
married Lucy O'Dea in 1916
their known children
1917 - Sheila Margaret Mary Fahy

Francis Fahy
married Mary Wallace in 1878
their known children
1878 - Francis Fahy
1885 - Patrick Fahy
1887 - William John Fahy

Frederick George Fahy
married Winifred Mary Burbidge in 1928

James Fahy
married Mary Lahiff in 1881

John Fahy
married Margaret Quane in 1872

John Fahy
married Elizabeth Higgs in 1888

John Thomas Fahy
married Mary Jane McElwain in 1887
their known children
1889 - Ray Armitage Fahy

John Thomas Fahy
married Mary Jane Dowling in 1913

Joseph Alfred Fahy
married Selina Elis Warr in 1908
their known children
1908 - May Margaret Evelyn Fahy
1910 - Bina Violet Dorothy Fahy
1912 - Ruby Selina Josephine Fahy
1914 - Stella Belle Maude Fahy

Lot Fahy
married Nora Teresa Corich in 1916 in Wellington
12 Jan 1941, SILVER WEDDING FAHY-CORICH - On January 12 1916, at St Mary's of the Angels Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev Father A. Venning, S.M., Nora Teresa, only daughter of Captain Joseph and Mrs Corich, Caroline Street, Wellington, to Lot, eighth son of Mr and Mrs Patrick Fahy, St Bathans. Present address: 20 Norton Road, East Hamilton

Michael Angelo Fahy
married Susan Monica Garty in 1916
their known children
1918 - Michael Wilfred Fahy
1924 - 2006 Thomas Denby Fahy
1930 - 1987 Garty Peter Fahy

Patrick Fahy (1833-1923)
married Margaret Lennon (1848-1916) in 1863 in Dunedin
their known children
1867 - William Fahy
1868 - Martin Francis Fahy
1870 - Christopher Patrick Frederick Fahy
1872 - Maria Teresa Fahy
1874 - Sabine Margaret Fahy
1876 - James Edmund Fahy
1878 - Ulick Stephen Fahy
1888 - Rebecca Maud
1880 - Violet Rachel Fahy
1882 - Joseph Alfred Fahy
1885 - Lot Fahy (8th son, so more to find)
1887 - Charles Richard Fahy
1891 - Herbert Robert Fahy
Otago Witness, 2 Feb 1916 FAHY - On February 2nd, at her residence, 112 Melbourne street, Margaret, dearly-beloved wife of Patrick Fahy. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.

Peter Fahy
married Bridget Lawless in 1877
their known children
1878 - Margaret Fahy
1879 - Mary Fahy
1881 - Margaret Fahy
1882 - Annie Fahy
1886 - Kate Fahy
1887 - Patrick Joseph Fahy
1889 - Michael Fahy
1891 - Thomas Patrick Fahy
1893 - Ellen Fahy
1897 - Bridget Cecilia Fahy

Peter Fahy
married Margaret Mary Dwyer in 1921

Pretoria Clive Fahy
married Millicent Althea Williams in 1934

Ray Armitage Fahy
married Gladys Myrtle Flux in 1912
their known children
1913 - Clyde Raymond Fahy

Richard Fahy
married Sabina Qualter in 1873
their known children
1874 - Mary Fahy

Thomas Fahy
married Mary Hearney in 1863

Thomas St James Fahy
married Alice Greaves in 1914
their known children
1914 - Susan May Fahy
1917 - Florence Fahy

Bridget Fahy
married Patrick Fitzgibbon in 1867

Bridget Fahy
married John Dixon in 1873
their known children
1873 - Alice Dixon
1875 - Sarah Dixon
1879 - William John Dixon

Catherine Fahy
married Alexander McLean in 1866

Delia Madeline Fahy
married Stanley Bertram Brown in 1934

Eliza Fahy
married Patrick Griffin in 1883

Ellen Fahy
married Thomas Hancock in 1885
their known children
1887 - John Thomas Hancock
1889 - Harold Ernest Hancock
1891 - Annie Ellen hancock
1894 - Leonard James Hancock

Esther Fahy
married Thomas Adolph Arrowsmith in 1882
their known children

Gladys Myrtle Fahy
married Harry Walter Abbott in 1925

Jane Fahy
married Charles Herosen(?) in 1878

Kathleen Ethel Violet Fahy
married Frederick Jordan Melhuish in 1932

Lorna Susan Fahy
married Joseph Isaac Dahm in 1936

Lynette Sibyl Fahy
married Werner Heine in 1935

Margaret Fahy
married Michael Delany in 1864

Margaret Fahy
married Patrick Kearney in 1877
their known children
1878 - Ann Kearney
1880 - Mary Kearney
1881 - Patrick Kearney

Margaret Fahy
married Henry Mannix in 1885

Mary Fahy
married Joseph Cannon in 1910
their known children
1912 - John Joseph Cannon
1914 - Henry Lawrence Cannon
1915 - Maurice Peter Cannon
1917 - Kathleen Margaret Cannon

Ruby Selina Josephine Fahy
married David Bell Brown in 1935

Violet Rachel Fahy
married Henry Warren Johnston in 1908
their known children
1909 - Violet Rata Margaret Johnston

Patrick (1833-1923) & Margaret (1846-1916) are buried together in Plot 107, Block 24 at Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin

GARTY marriages New Zealand

the GARTY GROOMS 1851 - 1932
Charles Leslie Garty
married Christine Meyer in 1928

Francis Garty (1886-1918)
married Elizabeth Catherine Donnelly (1894-1918) in 1917
their known children
1917 - 2002 Honora Maria Garty
25 Nov 1918 It is my painful duty this week to chronicle the demise of two well known young Matakanui people - Mr and Mrs F. Garty, Mrs Garty was a native of the place being a daughter of Mr and Mrs T. C. Donnelly and a bonnie, happy, young woman she was too. Mr Garty too was a general favourite. Under these circumstances it should be quite unnecessary to say that the heartfelt sympathy of all is extended to them in their great and very sad loss. Some few days ago both Mr and Mrs Garty were attacked with influenza and became so seriously ill that they were removed to the Dunstan Hospital, where despite all that medical skill and nursing could do they both passed away. Mrs Garty dying on Wednesday and her husband a couple of days later. They leave an infant child. It is indeed a sad case

James Garty (1881-)
- from St Bathans
married Bridget 'Mary' O'Brien (1887-1963) in 1909
- from Naseby
their known children
1909 - 1998 James Francis Garty
1911 - Kathleen Maria Garty
1913 - Francis Herbert Garty
1915 - Helene Elizabeth Garty
1918 - John Clifford Garty

James Francis 'Jim' Garty (1909-1998)
married Eileen Veronica King (1910-1988) in 1932

John Garty
married Margaret Low in (1833-1912) 1851
their known children
1853 - Harriet Hannah Garty
1856 - Janet Elizabeth Garty
1859 - 1874 Joseph John Garty
1867 - Isabella Maria Garty
17 April 1874 GARTY - On the 6th instant, at the Titirangi ranges, accidentally shot through the heart, Joseph John Garty, the beloved and only son of Margaret Garty and grandson of the late Joseph Low, Esq., aged 14 years
8 Jan 1886
28 May 1912 GARTY - On the 26th May 1912, at Wellington, Mrs Margaret Garty, mother of Mrs J. R. Randerson, of Island Bay; aged 79 years

Matthew Garty (1870-1952)
married Annie Cunningham (1869-1901) in 1896
their known children
1897 - William James Garty
1900 - 1971 Charles Leslie Garty
* Annie died 4 April 1901 aged 32. She is buried with her son, Charles Leslie Garty & her sister Maria Cunningham (1855-1942) at Linwood, Christchurch
Matthew next married Amy Mary Cronin (1868-1933) in 1907

Patrick Garty (1839-1929)
- from County Westmeath
married Maria Kean (1849-1922) in 1875
- from County Clare
their known children
1876 - Peter John Garty
1881 - James Garty
1883 - 1891 Annie Garty
1885 - Susan Monica Garty
1887 - Francis Garty
1888 - 1976 Jean Marguerite Garty
3 Oct 1891 GARTY - At St Bathans, on the 21st Sept., Annie, beloved daughter of patrick Garty; aged eight years
24 April 1922 GARTY - At the residence of her son-in-law, M. Fahey, Okaiawa Hotel, on Saturday, April 22nd, 1922, Maria, dearly beloved wife of Patrick Garty of Okaiawa and late of St Bathans (Central Otago); aged 73 years. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.
28 July 1929 Mr PATRICK GARTY, who died at Waitara, at the age of 90, after living, as he put it, in the reign of one Queen, two Kings and five Popes, was born in County Westmeath, Ireland in 1839 and was tempted to leave his native land by the stories of the fortunes that were being made in new lands overseas. After spending some time in Australia, Mr Garty arrived at Dunedin in 1868 and engaged in gold mining. In 1875 he married and two years later he sold out his mining interests and returned to Ireland with his wife and child. Conditions in Ireland, however, were very bad and Mr Garty and his family returned to New Zealand in 1879 and continued in the gold mining industry until his retirement in 1902. Of his family of four sons and four daughters, those remaining are: Mr James Garty (Hakataranea), Mr Thomas Garty (Pukerua Bay), Mrs Tiller (Wellington), Mrs Glengarry (Oeo), Mrs Fahey (Waitara). There are 23 grandchildren

Thomas Garty
married Margaret Helay in 1915
their known children
1916 - John Thomas Garty
1917 - Eric Anthony Garty

William Garty
married Annie Ellen Fitzpatrick (1876-1963) in 1912
8 Feb 1912 GARTY-FITZPATRICK - On January 8, at the Catholic Church, Brakenbridge, by the Rev Father Richards, William Garty, of Wellington, to Annie Ellen, second daughter of C. and A. Fitzpatrick, "Blackwood" Balcairn
their known children
1912 - 1936 John Joseph 'Jack' Garty
1918 - Charles Daniel Garty
24 Jan 1936 GARTY - At Umawera, John Joseph (Jack), dearly loved son of Mrs Garty and the late Mr William Garty, Clarence road, Riccarton; aged 23 years. Accidentally drowned. R.I.P.

William James Garty
married Mary Elizabeth Hanrahan in 1925
22 April 1925 GARTY-HANRAHAN - On Tuesday, April 14th, at the Cathedral, Barbadoes street, by the Rev Father T. Hanrahan, assisted by the Rev Father J. Hanrahan, William James, elders son of Mr and Mrs M. Garty, of Wilson's road, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter or Mr and Mrs E. Hanrahan, of 10 Lancaster street
their known children
1926 - a son, born Dunedin
1927 - a daughter, born 2 Baxter St., Maori Hill, Dunedin

children born in NZ to James & Margaret Garty (maiden name not known)
1864 - 1897 John Garty (died in Sydney, N.S.W.)
1866 - 1886 Charles Garty
1867 - 1873 Julia Ann Garty (died Leithfield)
1869 - Matthew Garty
1872 - William Garty
1874 - Mary Ann Garty
1876 - 1908 Catherine Bridget 'Katie' Garty
1880 - Margaret Garty
3 Nov 1869 LEITHFIELD James garty was charged with attempting to commit suicide, he having humped into the Kowai river while in a state of intoxication from which position he was rescued by Sergeant Beatty. Defendant was bound over to take proper care of himself for six months
3 April 1876 LEITHFIELD - James Garty was charged with having violently assaulted his wife. The offence was proved. Mrs Garty was exceedingly reluctant to give evidence. Accused was sentenced to one month's imprisonment with labour
8 Jan 1886 GARTY - Jan 7 1886, at his father's residence, Queen street, Sydenham, Charles, the beloved son of James and Margaret Garty; aged 20 years. R.I.P.
18 Aug 1892 GARTY - August 18, at Queen street, Sydenham, Margaret, wife of James Garty; aged fifty-eight years. R.I.P.
21 Oct 1908 GARTY - At 102 Edgeware road, St Albans, Catherine (Katie), third beloved daughter of the late James and Margaret Garty. R.I.P.

the GARTY BRIDES 1873 - 1916
Harriet Hannah Garty
married John Richard Randerson in 1873
30 Dec 1873 RANDERSON-GARTY - On December 30, by the Rev Alexander Reid, John Richard, second son of the Rev John Randerson, Wesleyan Minister, Great Yarmouth, England, to Harriet Hannah Garty, granddaughter of the late Joseph Low, Esq., of this city
their known children
1877 - Arthur Cyril Randerson
1884 - John Francis Reginald Randerson

Jean Marguerite Garty
married Thomas Irwin Tiller (1880-1962) in 1915
17 June 1915 TILLER-GARTY - On April 5 1915, at the Basilica, Wellington, by Rev Father Smith, Thomas Irwin, second son of the late Mr T. Tiller, Westport, to Jean Marguerite, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs P. Garty, St Bathans

Mary Josephine Garty
married John Glengarry in 1905
their known children
1907 - Mary Josephine Glengarry
1908 - John James Glengarry
1910 - Susan Monica Glengarry
1914 - Annie Agnes Glengarry

Susan Monica Garty (1885-1984)
married Michael Angelo Fahy in 1916
their known children
1918 - 1992 Michael Wilfred Fahy
1924 - 2006 Thomas Denby Fahy
1930 - 1987 Garty Peter Fahy

Annie (nee Cunningham) with her son, Charles Leslie Garty & her sister Maria Cunningham at Linwood, Christchurch

Julius Emil Magnusson - Palmerston North

4 October 1917
Oscar Magnusson
was killed in action at Ypres, Belgium
He had served in WWI as Second Lieutenant 14026, 5th Reinforcements, 3rd Battalion, G Company, New Zealand Rifle Brigade

4 October 1935 18 years later to the day
Oscar's father died in Palmerston North
* Palmerston North has lost another of its band of pioneer settlers, in the death of Mr Julius Emil Magnusson of David Street, at the age of 90 years.
Born in Sweden (7 July 1845), deceased migrated to Australia as a young man. After residing there six or seven years, he married and embarked for New Zealand, landing in Palmerston North when it was standing bush. He went farming at Fitzherbert and later at Stoney Creek. Subsequently he entered into the carrying business in the town and was a well-known figure on the rank. He is survived by his widow and three daughters, Mesdames E. Sutherland (Wanganui), A. Biggs (Putaruru) and Miss V. Magnusson (Palmerston North). A daughter predeceased him 22 years ago and his only son, Lieutenant Oscar Magnusson, was killed in the Great War.
Mr Magnusson died on the same day of the year as his son was killed. Mr Magnusson was also a road contractor when he lived at Stoney Creek

Julius Emil Magnusson (1835-1945) married Jakobine Marie Anderson (1855-1940) 10 Aug 1878 in Queensland. Jakobine was born in Norway 27 June 1855
their children
* 1879 - 1944 Emilli 'Emily' Magnusson
Emily married Adam Sutherland in 1902
their known children
1902 - 1956 David Sutherland
1909 - Marjorie Janet Marie Sutherland
1915 - 1970 Trevor Ian Sutherland
Emily died 7 April 1944 in Wanganui. Adam died 3 years later, on 18 Dec 1947. They are buried at Aramoho, Wanganui

* 1881 - 1913 Julia Magnusson
Julia died 24 July 1913 in Palmerston North aged 32
24 July 1913 At Palmerston North, on July 24 1913, Julia, second daughter of Mr J. E. Magnussen of Palmerston North; aged 32 years
Buried Plot 44, Block 41 at Terrace End

* 1883 - 1961 Victoria Magnusson
Victoria didn't marry
She died 21 June 1961 in Palmerston North aged 77
Buried Plot 44, Block 41 at Terrace End

* 1894 - 1917 Oscar Magnusson
Oscar died 4 Oct 1917 aged 23
He is buried V C 7 Dochy Farm New British Cemetery, Langemark-Poelkapelle, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
His name is on the family headstone at Terrace End
"He Slumbers Now In A Soldiers Grave, Too Far Away Thy Grave To See, But Not Too Far To Think Of Thee. Absent From The Body, Present With The Lord"
His memorials are on the Railways Roll of Honour board, Wellington Railway Station, Pipitea

* 1898 - 1988 Amanda Magnusson
Amanda married Raymond William George Sharpe Biggs in 1916
their known children
1917 - 2009 Jean Marie Biggs
Amanda died 1 March 1988 aged 89
She is buried with husband Raymond (1891-1959) and daughter Jean at Plot 264, Block S, Hastings Cemetery

Julius died 4 Oct 1936 in Palmerston North aged 90
He is buried Plot 46, Block 41 at Terrace End
Jakobine died 3 May 1940 in Palmerston North age 85
She is buried Plot 48, Block 41 at Terrace End

Magnusson family plot at Terrace End

GAFFANEY buried Temuka

GAFFANEY at Temuka Cemetery to July 2018. Timaru is specified

Arthur Francis Gaffaney
14 Dec 1965 aged 57

Beatrice Theresa Gaffaney
5 Dec 1888 aged 2 days

Bridget Gaffaney (nee Leary)
15 Mar 1968 aged 82
at Timaru Cemetery

Christopher Michael Gaffaney
2 April 2003 aged 11

Ellen Gaffaney
29 April 1889 aged 18

Frances Mary Gaffaney (nee Hailes)
16 May 1945 aged 51

George Joseph Gaffaney
8 May 1985 aged 75

James Gaffaney
30 Nov 1969 aged 90
at Timaru Cemetery

Joseph Arowhenua Gaffaney
29 April 1946 aged 59

Joseph Francis Gaffaney
8 May 2012 aged 66

Julia Agatha Gaffaney
1 Aug 1957 aged 78

Leo Gaffaney
11 Nov 1963 aged 73

Lucy Josephine Gaffaney
24 Sep 1952 aged 68

Margaret Gaffaney
18 Aug 1927 aged 83

Margaret Beryl Gaffaney
22 May 2006 aged 94
at Timaru Cemetery

Mary Margaret Gaffaney
10 Dec 1993 aged 85

Michael Gaffaney
13 July 1911 aged 75

Michael Edward Gaffaney
9 Dec 2008 aged 85

Michael Francis Gaffaney
4 July 1915 aged 40

Norma Brenda Gaffaney
11 April 2009 aged 86

Olga Mary Gaffaney
28 Oct 2006 aged 89

Simon Gaffaney
2 Oct 1911 aged 4

Susan Gaffaney 89 Years
24 April 1954 aged 89

Therese Rose Gaffaney
7 Dec 2001 aged 40

Thomas Gaffaney
4 March 1900 aged

Thomas John Gaffaney
1 June 1965 aged 59

Thomas Gaffaney 70 Years
2 March 1868 aged 70
at Timaru Cemetery

Wairarapa RANGATIRAS Genealogy - 1909

27 July 1909

A committee of Wairarapa Maori has been engaged for some time past in tracing the ancestry of the reputed descendants of various leading rangatiras of a couple of generations back, with a view of compiling a reliable genealogy for various purposes connected with native usages. The committee has gone to considerable trouble to insure accuracy and the result of their investigations has been that the following names are authenticated as being those of chiefs or descendants of chiefs in the Wairarapa

Te Haeata APATU
and his descendants

Te Rahui ARAMA
and his descendants

and his descendants

Tamaiwaho HARAWIRA
and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

Te Kohai HOERA
and his descendants

and his descendants

Hori Te HUKI
and his descendants

and his descendants

Wiremu KINGI
and his descendants

and his descendants

Manihera MAAKA
and his descendants

Piripi Te MAARI
and his descendants

Piripi Te MAARI-OTE-RANGI (1837-1895)
and his descendants

Purakau MAIKA
and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

Rawinia Te PIKI
and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

Matina RUTA
and his descendants

Ani Kanara Te RAHUI
and his descendants

Raima Henare Te RAHUI
and his descendants

and his descendants

and his descendants

Nireaha TAMAKI (1836-1911)
and his descendants
* born at Te Pakawau on the Manawatu River probably between 1835 and 1837. His father was Matiu Tamaki, a descendant of high rank of Rangitane and Hamua; Nireaha was sometimes known as Nireaha Matiu. His mother, Maraea Te Hungatai, also known as Reikura, was a woman of rank descended from both Kahungunu and Rangitane. Nireaha's principal hapu were Hamua and Ngati Mutuahi, and he was also kin to Ngati Kapakapa, Ngati Te Wananga, Ngati Matangiuru and Ngati Mawhai.

Taiawhio Tikawenga Te TAU
and his descendants
* the younger son of Kaipaoe, a high-ranking woman of Ngati Rakairangi, and her husband, Tikawenga Te Tau, a leading chief of Ngai Tumapuhiarangi. Taiawhio and his elder brother Puhara appear to have been raised at Papawai, where Taiawhio attended school.

Marakaia TAWAROA
and his descendants
* During the mid and latter 1800s Marakaia Tawaroa and his brother Raniera had a papakainga at Te Ahipanepane.

Ngatuere Tawhirimatea TAWHAO
and his descendants
* born at Te Paparu, a Wairarapa pa near Te Ahikouka, in the vicinity of the Waiohine River. His father was Tawhirimatea and his grandfather Te Atahuna, both leaders of Ngati Kahukura-awhitia, one of the most populous hapu of Ngati Kahungunu in Wairarapa. His mother was Kaurangaihi. Ngatuere had kinship ties with many hapu, including Ngati Te Tohinga, Ngai Tamahau, Ngai Tuawhio, Ngai Tukoko, Ngati Rongomaipare, Ngati Taneroa and Ngati Waipuhoro

and his descendants

Te Peeti TEAWEAWE (1820-1884)
and his descendants
* Wairarapa or Manawatu?

Te Rimene Witinitara Te KAEWA
and his descendants

Te Retimana Te KOROU (-1882)
and his descendants
Through his father, Te Raku, he was a descendant of Rangitane, from Hauiti, the younger sibling of Hamua, ancestor of his principal hapu. His mother was Te Kai, and through her he was descended from Te Awariki, the youngest of the three brothers descended from Rangitane. He was, by 1840, married to Hine-whaka-aea. She was descended from Te Hina-ariki, ancestor of Ngati Te Hina, and was connected with Wairarapa Ngai Tahu. Te Korou and his family were also connected with Ngati Wheke, Te Matehau, Ngati Te Hauaitu, Ngati Te Tohinga, Ngati Te Umu and Ngati Te Aomatauru. Through extensive intermarriage the family was related to Ngati Kahungunu, but their chief kinship was with Rangitane.

and his descendants

and his descendants
* In 1898 he was in London, where he was given charge of the New Zealand Regiment at Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee celebrations. He was presented at Court and received from the Queen a jubilee medal and a valuable ceremonial sword. To reciprocate the honour paid him he named his property at Turanganui "Lonson"

and his descendants

Piripi WAAKA (1845-1921)
and his descendants
* son of Rongomaiaia Waaka, Chief of Ngaitumapuhia & Kehurangi Ringatu Waaka

Iraia Te AMA-OTE-RANGI Te WHAITI (1861-1918)
and his descendants
Iraia Te Whaiti, also known as Iraia Te Ama and Te Ama-o-te-rangi

and his descendants

and his descendants

Tamahau Mahupuku c1900
sitting in the middle

NORRIE marriages NZ 1865-1938

Arnold Hector Norrie (1909-1974)
married Gladys Daphne Thompson (1911-1994) in 1929

Harold Robert Norrie (1886-1953)
married Alice Maud Fagan (1884-1946) in 1912
their known children
1912 - Irene Cecilia Norrie
1913 - Stella Mavis Norrie

Ian Clifford Russell Norrie
married Gladys Swinburn Tapp in 1938

James Alexander Norrie
married Nellie Jane Clark in 1912
their known children
1914 - Wynne Nance Norrie

John Norrie (1861-1938)
married Catherine Fisher in 1884
their known children
1885 - John William Fairfax Norrie
1887 - James Alexander
1891 - Robert Colquhoun Norrie
1892 - Edwin Rolland Norrie
11 May 1938 It is with profound regret that we record the sudden passing on Thursday morning of Mr John Norrie, editor and manager of the Tuapeka Times. Though Mr Norrie had not enjoyed good health for some time past, he continued carrying out his duties up to Wednesday evening.
Born in Glasgow in 1861 he came to New Zealand with his parents at an early age, his father eventually taking up a farm in the Tokomairiro district. At the age of 14 he entered on his apprenticeship with Bruce Herald and served his time on that paper, afterwards taking up a position on the Mataura Ensign at Gore. For a short period he managed a small periodical, the Waimea Plains Review for Mr Hugh Sutherland Ballantyne who had extensive land interests on the Waimea Plains. During his time in Gore, Mr Norrie was actively associated with a number of local societies.
In 1884 he married Miss Catherine Fisher, a daughter of a well-known Gore family.
A proposal to commence a paper in Lawrence in opposition to the Tuapeka Times led the then proprietors, Messrs Pilling Bros., to sell out to the sponsors of the proposal and the Tuapeka Times Newspaper Coy, Ltd was formed, Mr Norrie being appointed manager in 1896. Seven years later, Mr Norrie tokk over the position of editor from Mr F. M. Byrne and retained the dual position of editor and manager until his death. From 1901 he was also a director of the company.
Mr Norrie had a long record of willing public service. Outstanding in his work as a member of the Lawrence District High School Committee for a period of forty years, latterly as chairman. He retired from office only a week before his death and it had been proposed to recognise his valuable services at an appropriate function. Arising out of his connection with the school, he was president of the South Tuapeka State Primary Schools Sports Sub-Association from its inception.
A staunch supporter of the Presbyterian Church, he became a manager shortly after his arrival in Lawrence taking office as elder during the ministry of Rev H. H. Barton. He was senior justice of the peace in the district holding office for 33 years and carried out willingly and faithfully the many duties which that office imposed upon him. He was also for many years a member of the Athenaeum Committee.
The sympathy of a wide circle of friends goes out to Mrs Norrie and his surviving sons - Messrs William Norrie (Napier), James Norrie (Wellington) and Robert Norrie (Wellington).
The esteem and respect in which the late Mr Norrie was held throughout the district was fully shown by the large and representative attendance at his funeral on Saturday afternoon.

John Alexander Wright Norrie
married Annie Louisa Howens in 1911
their known children
1916 - Dorothy Ida Norrie

John Bruce Norrie
married Caroline Elizabeth Vaughan in 1932

John Henry Bambridge Norrie
married Ivy Claire Dimond in 1919

John Macfarlane Norrie
married Sara Margaret Florence Chapman in 1904
11 October 1904 An interesting wedding took place at the Presbyterian Church, Pokeno, on October 5, when Miss Lara Margaret Florence Chapman, eldest daughter of David Chapman, Pokeno, was married to Mr John Macfarlane Norrie, son of the Rev Mr Norrie, Papakura. The father of the bridegroom was the officiating clergyman. The church was tastefully decorated. The bride was given away by her father, Her gown of ivory crepe de chine was enriched with insertion and pearl trimmings. The bodice had a transparent yoke and cuffs of silk lace, with knots of baby ribbon. The skirt had a shirred yoke and frill, with a slight train, edged with near little tucks. Her gold bangle was the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Misses Ellie Chapman and Frances Chapman (sisters of the bride). They each wore charm pins, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr Arnold Norrie, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man and Messrs Cuthbertson and Scott (cousins of the bride) as groomsmen. The presents were numerous and valuable.
their known children
1907 - Frances Elizabeth Lena Norrie
1909 - Ian Clifford Russell Norrie
1915 - Bryce Chapman Norrie

John McKechnie Norrie
married Maude Craighead in 1898
their known children
1899 - Gladys Evelyn Hundalee Norrie
1904 - John Bruce Norrie
1907 - Gordon Leslie Norrie
1912 - Millicent Maud Norrie

John Orgill Norrie
married Emma Sophia Ashby in 1889
25 January 1889 NORRIE-ASHBY - On 23rd January 1889, at Wesleyan Parsonage, Sydenham, by the Rev L. Isitt, John Orgill Norrie, of Dunedin, to Emma Sophia Ashby, only remaining daughter of Mrs E. Ashby, of Christchurch
their known children
1889 - Harriet Humphreys Norrie
1891 - Angus Edward Norrie
1894 - Edna Orgill Norrie

John William Fairfax Norrie
married Alice Heginbotham in 1911
their known children
1912 - Eunice Catherine Norrie

Richard William Colquhoun Norrie
married Margaret Ann Geddes White in 1932

Robert Norrie (1854-1932)
married Maria Bound/Round (1863-1944) in 1878
their known children
1882 - Ethel Myra Norrie
1885 - Harold Robert Norrie
1899 - Doris Muriel
17 Sep 1932 An old identity of Auckland died at Christchurch on September 8 in the person of Mr Robert Norrie, at the age of 80(sic, 78). Educated at St Paul's day school, Eden Crescent, under the late Mr Le Gallas, he commenced his career in the furniture line, being associated with his brother in Shortland Street and specialising in the manufacture of mottled kauri furniture. He had a special facility for matching New Zealand woods for inlaying purposes and due to that his hsop was a great resort for tourists of that day to inspect the many works of skill. Mr Norrie was also a first-class flautist, being one of the few surviving members of Fred June's temperance drum and fife band, As a flautist he took part in many charitable concerts in the old City Hall on behalf of widows and orphans. Some years ago Mr Norrie left for Christchurch and commenced business there. He married a daughter of mr J. Round, of the New Zealand Railways. The widow still resides in Christchurch with her family
19 April 1944 NORRIE - On April 17 1944, at her residence, 19 Stanley street, Sydenham, Maria, Widow of Robert Norrie and loved mother of Mrs H. Bosomworth, Harold and Doris; in her 82nd year

Thomas Allan Norrie (1856-1939)
married Clara Cochrane in 1893
their known children
1910 - Allan Thomas Norrie
7 Aug 1939 NORRIE - On August 6 1939, at Coromandel, the Rev Thomas Allan Norrie, beloved husband of Clara Norrie, father of Allan and brother of the Rev Arnold Norrie, of Wanganui; aged 83 years
.. The death occurred in Coromandel yesterday of the Rev Thomas Allan Norrie, aged 83, a veteran minister of the Presbyterian Church. Mr Norrie was a son of the Rev Thomas Norrie, who came out from the Free Church of Scotland to Auckland in 1855, settled at Papakura and was instrumental in erecting no fewer than 19 churches.
The Rev T. A. Norrie received his training for the ministry at the Theological Hall in Dunedin and his first charge was at Riwaka, in the Nelson district. He was ordained by the Nelson Presbytery in December 1897 and from that centre he continued to minister to a widely scattered population over the ranges of the peninsula until his retirement about 15 years ago. He is survived by his wife and one son

William Norrie
married Agnes Spooner in 1880
their known children
1885 - Ethel Alice Spooner Norrie
1887 - Isabella Mary Colquhoun Norrie
1889 - Constance Louisa Dawson Norrie
1891 - John Henry Bambridge Norrie
1904 - Richard William Colquhoun Norrie

William Jeffery Norrie (1843-1918)
married Ann Young in 1865
their known children
1867 - William Norrie
* He married Barbara Steven (1848-1918) in 1878
their known children
1880 - Frederick Steven Norrie
1882 - Margaret Steven Norrie

William McKechnie Norrie
married Margaret McCullough in 1884
their known children
1884 - William McKechnie Norrie
1886 - John Alexander Wright Norrie
1888 - Margaret Davison Norrie
1891 - Robert Daniel Norrie

William McKechnie Norrie
married Mabel Gertrude McIntosh in 1910
their known children
1912 - Jack McKechnie Norrie
1916 - Joan Frances Margaret Norrie

William Neave Norrie
married Mary Beryl Davison in 1936

the Norrie BRIDES
Annie Norrie
married Samuel Donaldson in 1902
their known children
1903 - Robert Henry Donaldson
1905 - Dawson Samuel Donaldson

Annie Norrie
married James McLellan in 1867
their known children
1869 - Ernest James McLellan
1877 - Edith May McLellan

Clara Norrie
married Richard Robert Clark in 1881
their known children
1882 - Clara Norrie Clark
1883 - Colin Charles Clark
1885 - Winifred Olive Clark

Constance Louise Dawson Norrie
married Walter Ernest Rogers in 1913
their known children
1914 - William Norrie Rogers

Edith Frances Norrie
married Walter Goring Minnitt in 1938

Edna Norrie
married Donald Gordon Walker in 1936

Eileen Freda Norrie
married Clifford Reid Williams in 1934

Elizabeth Catherine Norrie
married Arthur William Carmichael in 1912

Elsie Evelyn Norrie
married Frank Watts in 1926

Ethel Alice Norrie (1884-1980)
married William Christopher 'Flew' Flewellen in 1905
(well-known Christchurch athlete)
their known children
1906 - Phyllis Constance Flewellen
1908 - Roy William Flewellen
1909 - Samuel Jason Flewellen
1911 - Ethel Norrie Flewellen

Ethel Myra Norrie (1883-1063)
married Harry Bosomworth (1881-1947) in 1905

Gertrude Norrie (1904-1996)
* daughter of Robert Thompson Norrie & Annie Jane Warren of Christchurch
married William Cuthbert Nunweek (1904-1957) in 1926
* son of William Nunweek & Julia Jensen

Gladys Evelyn Hundalee Norrie
married Frederick Alexander Gilmore in 1918

Harriet Humphries Norrie
married Charles McDonald in 1912
their known children
1913 - Edna McDonald
1915 - Colin Alexander McDonald

Irene Cecilia Norrie
married Edward Thomas Bailey in 1938

Irene Morice Norrie
married Henry John Prouting in 1928

Isabella Mary Colquhoun Norrie
married Frank Berresford Potter in 1911
their known children
1915 - Joan Agnes Colquhoun Potter
1916 - Rex Beresford Potter

Isabella Norrie
married Henry George Peck in 1884

Isabella Norrie
married James Keat in 1911

Isabella Colquhoun Norrie
married Thomas Mills in Inchclutha 30 Jan 1893
their known children
1894 - Charles Mills
1896 - Mary Colquhoun Mills
1899 - John Norrie Mills
1901 - James Black Milton Mills

Jane Phillips Norrie (1852-1934)
married John Mowat Sutherland (1845-1893) in 1884
their known children
1885 - James Norrie Sutherland
1886 - Douglas Sutherland
1888 - Hilda Dorothy Sutherland
5 March 1934 SUTHERLAND - On march 4th, at 36 Sheen street, Dunedin, Jane Phillips Sutherland, widow of the Reverend John Mowat Sutherland, of North Taiere. Private interment
* HISTORY OF THE CHURCH The history of the Presbyterian Church in Mosgiel might be said to commence with the coming of the Rev John Mowat Sutherland, M.A., to North Taieri toward the end of 1875. Mr Sutherland was born in Lybster, Caithness, in 1845. He studied theology in the New College, Edinburgh and was licensed to preach in 1873. A year later, in the month of March, he arrived at Port Chalmers. At that time the North Taiere parish was vacant. Mr Sutherland received and accepted a call and began his ministry there on September 16 1874. What was then known as the village of Mosgiel began to forge ahead, owing to the woollen factory gathering a population around it and Mr Sutherland was quick to see that the spiritual needs of the community required more attention. Occasional services had already been provided by the Revs William Will (East Taieri), James Davidson (North Taieri) and laymen from Dunedin; but Mr Sutherland realised something of the possibilities of Mosgiel and the necessity for increased pastoral oversight. He provided a regular Sunday afternoon service and that was the definite beginning of the Mosgiel Presbyterian Church.
In march 1875, the North Taieri Session, at the request of the minister, decided that the communion should be dispensed in Mosgiel on April 18 and that the Thursday previous be "regarded as a day of humiliation, thanksgiving and prayer." Mr Smail, factory manager and other employers of labour in Mosgiel, agreed to suspend business operations on the fast day. A preparatory service was conducted by the Rev A. Greig, M.A., from Otago Peninsula and on the following Sunday the Rev J. M. Sutherland dispensed communion for the first time in Mosgiel to 18 persons, who had "satisfied the session as the their being bona fide members of the Presbyterian Church."

Janet Norrie
married John Robert Smith in 1895
their known children
1901 - Roland Stavers Smith

Jemima Norrie (1867-1935)
married Charles Davies in 1888
their known children
1889 - Mary Elizabeth Davies
1890 - Charlotte Davies
1892 - James Davies
1894 - Norrie Davies
1897 - Arthur Colquhoun Davies
1899 - William Milton Davies
1902 - Rosabelle Davies
1905 - Bessie Marguerite Davies

Johanna Mary Norrie (1865-1961)
married Alfred Gilbee Fallwell (1865-1940) in 1892
their known children
1893 - Ivan Trevor Fallwell
1894 - Marguerite Norma Fallwell
1896 - Joan Winsome Fallwell
1904 - Marjorie Jean Norrie Fallwell
14 September 1940 The death has occurred at Papatoetoe of Mr A. G. Fallwell, who for many years lived in Tauranga. Mr Fallwell was a chemist by profession and was in business on the Strand. Much sympathy will be felt for Mrs Fallwell, her one son, Mr Ivan Fallwell, and the three daughters in the family
* Alfred is buried in Papakura

Margaret Norrie
married William Edmunds Knight in 1903
their known children
1905 - William Edmund Knight
1906 - Cyril Seddon Knight
1908 - Freda Marguerite Knight

Margaret Davidson Norrie
married Alfred Charles Martin in 1910
their known children
1912 - Norrie Charles Martin
1915 - Ian Keir Martin

Mary Margaret Norrie
married Henry Blair Lees in 1936

Millicent Maud Norrie
married Joseph William Donald in 1936

Rubina Margaret Norrie
married John William Thomas in 1897

Ruth Margaret Norrie
married Laurence Haythornthwaite in 1936

Stella Mavis Norrie
married Stanley Davies in 1935

Violet Norrie
married Horace Biggins in 1932

HEADSTONE of Rev John Mowat Sutherland and his family at West Taeiri cemetery, Otago