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LADY NUGENT passengers - Wellington 1841

the surnames of the passengers on the barque LADY NUGENT which left Gravesend
21 Oct 1841, arriving Port Nicholson (Wellington) NZ, 17 March 1841

The Surgeon, George Richard Hilliard (1801-1881) wrote on the front of his journal "emigrants 247, cabin passengers 10, intermediate passengers 4, crew 33, born on voyage 6. Total 300 persons"

go to this LIST of PASSENGERS for more individual & family info

NOTE spelling of names is as found
Baker, Beachen, Beamish, Bevan, Bolton, Bowman, Bruce, Brungar, Campbell, Cockram, Collier, Cross, Cruickshank, Dodds, Duncan, Dunlop, Dunn, Duthie, Espie, Evans, Fairweather, Fill, Finnimore, France, Futter, Gillard, Gray, Greenwood, Halswell, Hazlett, Jefferson, Johnston, Jones, Kennedy, Kieller, Kilminster, Lowther, McHardie, Martin, Milne, Mummery, O'Keefe, Oliver, Paul, Phelps, Pimble, Poole, Prince, Rhodes, Robertson, Robinson, Seear, Sellar, Shepherd, Shillton, Smith, Southee, Stewart, Stoodley, Stratton, Sturgeon, Thorby, Turnell, Turner, Wathen, Watt, Watterson, Wilkie, Wood, Young

at Port Nicholson 1841
by George Richard Hilliard (the Surgeon on board)

DUCKHAM buried Perth, WA

the DUCKHAM buried or cremated at Fremantle, Guildford & Karrakatta as at 6 March 2016


* ALBERT EDWARD HENRY Duckham - aged 79 - 1984
- GLENDALOUGH - Karrakatta

* ALFRED Duckham - aged 64 - 1936
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

* ALFRED JAMES ORMUS Duckham - aged 43 - 1944
- BAYSWATER - Karrakatta

* ALFRED WILLIAM Duckham - aged 57 - 1994
- COMO - Midland

* ALICE JEAN Duckham - aged 87 - 1991
- EMBLETON - Karrakatta

* ANNIE Duckham - aged 80 - 1951
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

* EDITH JOYCE Duckham - aged 75 - 1997
- KALAMUNDA - Guildford

* EDNA MADGE Duckham - aged 75 - 1989
- ST JAMES - Karrakatta

* FLORENCE IRENE Duckham - aged 27 - 1931
- MAYLANDS - Karrakatta

* GEORGE FREDERICK Duckham - aged 60 - 1977
- PALMYRA - ashes scattered Karrakatta

* JEAN MAY Duckham - aged 61 - 1958
- NORTH PERTH - Karrakatta

* JESSIE RUTH Duckham - aged 53 - 1958
- WOOROLOO - Karrakatta

* JOHN FRANCIS Duckham - aged 1 - 1931
- MAYLANDS - Karrakatta

* LILLY AGNES Duckham - aged 61 - 1971
- MAYLANDS - Karrakatta

* MARION JESSIE Duckham - aged 1 - 1904
- PERTH - Karrakatta

* MARY Duckham - aged 89 - 1952
- KALAMUNDA - Karrakatta

* MOLLIE WINIFRED Duckham - aged 45 - 1956
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

* NATHAN KENT Duckham - aged 22 - 1995
- BALGA - memorial at Pinnaroo Valley

* RODNEY KENNETH Duckham - aged 68 - 2006
- RIVERVALE - ashes taken from Karrakatta

* SYDNEY WILLIE Duckham - aged 97 - 2011
- HILTON - Guildford

* WILLIAM Duckham - aged 72 - 2008
- CARLISLE - Fremantle

* WILLIAM GRAHAM Duckham - aged 67 - 1969
- KALAMUNDA - Karrakatta

* WILLIAM HILTON CARLISLE Duckham - CARLISLE - aged 66 - 1971
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

Raroa Road, KELBURN - shorter tram line to Karori & Northland 1856

From the Evening Post, 9 September 1922


Much discussion is now taking place on the question as to whether Raroa road is the best route to adopt for constructing a shorter route to adopt for constructing a shorter tram line to Karori and Northland and in this connection a most interesting document relating to the early history of the road has just come to light.
This is a petition; signed by 180 prominent citizens of Wellington in the year 1856, asking the Provincial Council to make a road connecting the Te Aro district with Baker's Hill, via Polhill Gully. Baker's Hill is the ridge under which the Karori tunnel passes, but the road which formed the subject of the petition was not formed until some thirty-four years had elapsed after the Provincial Council was first approached by the settlers. The original document, which by reason of the signatures it contains forms a valuable link with the early days of Wellington, has been handed over to the City Council for permanent keeping by Mr W. F. England of Karori and it was produced at this week's meeting of the Early Settlers' Association by Councillor Len McKenzie, whose father, the late Mr T. W. McKenzie, was one of the signatories
... more at top link

Amongst the signatures are names which will ever be associated with the history of the city, including those of Messrs ...
* William BAMFORD
* James BARBER, father of Mr W. H. P. Barber
* R. BARRETT, whose name is perpetuated in Barrett's Hotel
* William BENNETT, father of the present Councillor W. H. Bennett

* R. C. COOK, of Ohariu
* G. COSTALL, formerly Government Printer
* E. H. CREASE, spice manufacturer

* George DENTON, founder of the ironmongery establishment in Willis Street
* George DUNCAN, auctioneer

* Henry and Robert EAGLE, of Karori
* Henry EARLE
* J. E. EVANS, saddler

* John FELL, formerly Chief Telegraph Engineer and now resident in London
* John FITCHETT, after whom Fitchett Town was named

* John GASCOINE, father of the former manager of the State Coal Depot

* Edward HASLAIN, brickmaker
* Frederick and George HILL, founders of the first brick works in the city and builders of the first brick shop in Webb street
* James and John HOUGHTON, Houghton Bay was called after them
* Amos HOWE
* Thomas HOWELL
* Robert HUNTER

* W. W. JOHNSON, later a member of the Legislative Council and brother of the late Sir Charles Johnston, Speaker of the Legislative Council


* Steven LANCASTER, of Karori who used to bring milk into town on yokes over his shoulder and sell it a 6d per quart
* George LESLIE
* G. H. LUXFORD, one of the first butchers in the city
* William LYONS, founder of the firm of Messrs Lyons and Blair (now Whitcombe and Tombs)

* John MARTIN, afterwards a member of the Legislative Council and Albert Martin
* T. W. McKENZIE, father of the present Councillor McKenzie
* George MEXTED
* James, William and Henry MITCHELL, whose names are commemorated in Mitchelltown
* C. H. MOFFITT, the first dentist in Wellington
* John MOIR, minister of St John's Presbyterian Church
* William M. MUIR, who, with the late Mr T. W. McKenzie, established what is now known as the "New Zealand Times" but in the early days "The Independent"

* NORTH & GOODER and James Gooder

* H. A. and Edward OWEN

* James PETHERICK, for many years a prominent city councillor
* G. PILCHER, father of Mr T. W. Pilcher, of the Blackball Coal Company
* Robert PORT, father of Mr J. C. Port, accountant to Messrs Joseph Nathan and Co., Ltd

* Michael QUINN, who Quinn street is named after and his son Morton Quinn

* Arthur E. ROWDEN, a former resident of Abel Smith street and for many years connected with the Rhodes Estate trustees
* John RUCK

* George SCHWARTZ, for many years secretary of the Equitable Building Society
* Edward SEGAR, founder of Segar's foundry and Charles Segar
* Francis SIDEY
* John SMITH, senr, founder of the Vulcan Foundry, which still stands at the rear of the Royal Oak Hotel
* John SMITH, junr, who was a well-known city councillor for many years, at one time deputy=Mayor and father of Mr H. G. Smith, general manager of the Phoenix Assurance Company
* Robert SMITH
* G. M. SNELSON, the first white man to reside in Palmerston North and afterwards Mayor of that town for many years
* James SPIERS, of Karori
* A. P. STUART, soft goods merchant

* George TATTLE, father-in-law of Councillor C. J. B. Norwood
* Walter TURNBULL, founder of the firm of Messrs W. and G. Turnbull and Co.
* William TUSTIN, oil and colour merchant

* Nathaniel VALENTINE, who arrived with the band of the 65th Regiment and resided in the Hutt Valley for many years
* C. A. VALLANCE, father of the well-known Wairarapa farmer
* J. H. VENNELL, through whose land the new road from Brooklyn to Mornington is now being constructed

* Thomas WINDLEY
* Alexander D. WYLIE, father of the well-known legal family

* T. W. YOUNG, the present wine and spirit merchant
* George YULE

Taken from Evening Post
This portion of Raroa Road, which links up the back part of Kelburn with the city, via Aro Street, was recently widened to make the route safer for motor traffic. On the left is the Kelburn Presbyterian Church, to which extensive additions are being made

George DENTON & 58 Willis Street, WELLINGTON

GEORGE DENTON (1833-1910)
was married in New Zealand 8 October 1863 to

they had 11 known NZ born children:
1/ 1864 - 1942 Robert George Denton
.. had an Engineering business in Ellers Lane, Wellington for over 30 years (sold in 1920). Married Caroline Mary Brown (1864-1940) in 1893. 3 known children
Robert's Obituary. Ashes 166N Karori with Caroline

2/ 1865 - 1917 Annie Jane Denton
... Married William George Adkin of Worthington, Leicestershire, 20 Sep 1887 at Wesley Church, Wellington. 5 known children. Buried in Levin

3/ 1867 - 1954 William Henry 'Will' Denton
... Married Ellen De Place (1870-1936) in 1891. 4 known children. His ashes Plot 71N at Bolton St

4/ 1868 - 1933 Kate Elizabeth Denton
... Kate was a Downs Syndrome baby. Buried 71N at Bolton St

5/ 1869 - 1963 Frank James Denton
... Wanganui camera fiend. Married Laura Close (1873-1904) in 1900. 3 known children, including twins. Had a son (Harold Morley 1913-2002) with Ethel Mary ?. Died in Palmerston North

6/ 1871 - John Mowbray Denton
... attended Terrace School & Wellington College before moving to England. He married Violet Marshall 11 June 1908 in Sheffield, England. Married Elizabeth Finlay Whyte 16 June 1920 in Sauchiehall St, Glasgow. He was the principal and managing Director of Messrs Christopher Johnson, the well known cutlers of Sheffield Cutlery, England. He returned home in 1937 for a visit after 33 years

7/ 1872 - 1873 Florence Denton
... Florence was born 7 Aug 1872. She died 9 Aug 1873 aged 1 year & 2 days. She is buried Bolton St, plot 71N with other family members

8/ 1874 - 1956 Edith Mabel Denton
... Edith didn't marry. She died in Wellington, ashes 71N at Bolton Street

9/ 1875 - 1950 Percival 'Percy' Norwood Denton
...spent years in England and Calcutta. Married Alice Maud Ross in 1905 in NZ. Percy was a Jeweller at 260 Lambton Quay. In 1930 this ad. Cremated Karori

10/ 1877 - 1955 Herbert Denton
... married Anne Jane Wilson in 1904 (1876-1911) and lived in Levin (foothills of the Tararua Ranges). 3 known children. Married Shirley Beckett (1891-1967, buried Kelvin Grove) in 1921. Cremated Karori

11/ 1884 - 1960 Laurence Ackworth 'Laurie' Denton
... Chartered Accountant. Married Nellie Maude Daniell (1881-1971) 11 Jan 1911 in Masterton. Daughter of Charles Edward Daniell & Emily Chilton. Died Havelock North. Buried Plot 69A, Block SW with Nellie

GEORGE & ELIZA ANN are buried at Plot 71N, Bolton Street with other members of this family


58 WILLIS Street TIMELINE, Wellington
Following timeline taken from various editions of The Evening Post
1892 - (opposite Townsend & Paul's) Large variety of Ladies Corsets, Aprons, Sunshades, Umbrellas, Blouses. Mrs Carter did dressmaking alterations

1908 - (between Evening Post & Grand Hotel) George Davies opened his Wellington branch there (1 of his 40 NZ wide branches), tailor-made gentlemen's suits

1910 - George Denton, Ironmonger, Watchmaker, Jeweller, Gunsmith and dealer in curios was there. He had established the business in 1863 at 33 Willis Street. The Denton home 'Fern Hill' at 324 The Terrace (Wellington Terrace) occupied a town acre originally held by Daniel Riddiford. There George had the first trout hatchery, later amalgamating with Masterton

1922 - (near Gamble and Creed) Abel & Hyman, Cap Machinists were on the top floor of Denton's Building
* Gamble & Creed advertised themselves as "The leading caterers of Wellington", Wedding Parties, Dinners and Receptions

1923 - Osborne & Co., at 58 Willis street (late Denton's), did all kinds of mechanical repairs, locks and keys and Safes & Strongrooms overhauled. Phone 135

1925 - Mrs Bates and Miss Phyllis Bates gave a private dance to 50 officers at their studio, 58 Willis street

1926 - F. J. Pinny Ltd of 89 Willis Street, had a clearing sale of Pianos & Gramophones prior to their moving to number 58 Willis

1935 - F. J. Pinny Ltd., (Frederick James Pinny 1857-1933), had a liquidation sale and closed 14th Sep

1936 - (opposite John Duthies) on Thursday 23 January, Boots the Chemist (NZ) Ltd., opened its first NZ store at 58 Willis street

1945 - Boots was still there

NOW, 2016 Unichem Pharmacy

DENTON FAMILY c1896 LEFT TO RIGHT (ages approx)
10/ Herbert 'Bert' (19)
5/ Frank James (27)
1/ Robert George 'Rob' (32)
2/ Annie Jane (31)
* GEORGE Denton, father (63)
8/ Edith Mabel (22)
9/ Percival Norwood 'Percy'(21)
4/ Kate Elizabeth (28)
6/ John 'Mowbray' (25)
* ELIZA ANN Denton, mother (53)
3/ William Henry 'Will' (29)
11/ Laurence Ackworth 'Laurie' (12)
* not in the photo 7/ Florence Denton (1872-1873)

KETE HOROWHENUA site is down

Have you been trying to access genealogy pages this week only to find they are broken? They could be posted via Something I didn't think of until today

Trying to access the passenger lists of Ships to NZ all week and thought the problem was just their listings. However a search this morning revealed it is all of the postings, pages, projects at RootsWeb.
The message reads...
We are experiencing some temporary Rootsweb site problems.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
Our development and web operations teams are working on the problem and we will have it resolved as quickly as possible.
Thank-you for your patience.

wishing them all the best in sorting it soon

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how should we record the children of same-sex marriages on our family trees

Birth certificates are probably our most important identity document.
Their purpose is to record legal, not biological, parental status (as in adopted children)
Countries issue amended birth certificates after adoption to reflect the change, but as a statutory privilege, not in satisfaction of any constitutional right (the original record of the child’s biological parents is often preserved, although sealed against public access)

Therefore, how should we record the children of same-sex marriages on our family trees if the tree is made public?
Do we record the biological parents and work back on their ancestors for the descendents of these children who will one day be curious? OR do we record the same-sex couple as their parents and work back on their ancestors?

It would be far too 'confusing' and nearly impossible to add all 4 'parents' and their families and ancestors

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MANUHERIKIA Electors 1865 + 1866

MANUHERIKIA is in Otago, 200km west of Dunedin
-- Roll of Electors in the district 1865-1866 --

NAME ... Place of ABODE
Abel, Henry John ... Clyde
Aldridge, Edward ... Clyde
Anderson, Edward Robert ... Run No. 199
Atkins, William ... Clyde
Attfield, Charles ... Clyde
Auckland, William ... Clyde

Baldwin, William ... Long Valley Station
Barlow, Robert ... Clyde
Beighton, John ... Teviot Junction
Black, C. Frederick ... Manuherikia
Black, William ... Manuherikia
Booth, Joseph ... Cromwell
Brennan, John ... Alexander
Broadhurst, George ... Teviot Junction
Brodie, George ... Clyde
Brown, Robert ... Clyde
Bryce, Thomas ... Clyde
Burdon, George ... Clyde

Cambridge, John ... Clyde
Cameron, Samuel ... Clyde
Cannon, Samuel ... Clyde
Carpenter, Isaac Wright T ... Clyde
Carter, William Kennedy ... Clyde
Chadwick, William ... Clyde
Champion, Percy Edmund ... Mount Ida
Chambers, Gerit Alexander ... Moa Flat Station
Christophus, Anthony ... Clyde
Cole, John ... Manuherikia
Cooke, Joseph Burgess (1843-1891) ... Dunstan
Cope, Henry John ... Clyde
Corse, James ... Cromwell
Cox, John ... Clyde
Cradock, John ... Sunderland St, Clyde
Cumber, John Charles Brooke ... Upper Taieri Plains
Currie, Robert ... Sanderland St, Clyde

Daykin, Francis ... Clyde
Dods, Joseph ... Clyde
Douglass, John Ambrose ... Wetherburn, Upper Taieri Plains
Downing, Joseph E. ... Clyde

Edmondson, William ... Sunderland St, Clyde
Edward, Charles ... Clyde, Dunstan
Edwards, Robert ... Cromwell
Edwards, William ... Clyde
Evans, George J. H. ... Alexandra

Fahey, Michael ... Clyde
Felton, Richard Dunstan ... Cromwell Rd
Ferguson, William ... Roxborough
Finlay, William ... Alexandra
Fitch, Allan ... Clyde
Fitzpatrick, Anthony F ... Sunderland St, Clyde
Flynn, William Joseph ... Roxborough, Teviot, Clyde
Fowler, Gilbert (1821-1886) ... Clyde

Galvin, Patrick ... Alexandra
George, William Robert ... Clyde
Gibbs, Thomas ... Kawarua Rd, Clutha
Goodwin, Charles ... Clyde
Goodyer, George Wellington ... Cromwell
Grant, William ... Clyde
Greig, William ... Linburn Station
Grieve, Gilbert (arrived 'Black Swan' 1862) ... Clyde
Grindley, William (1825-1885) ... Clyde

Hacket, James Henry (manager sluicing company, Dunstan) ... Three miles above Clyde
Halladay, Edward ... Alexandra
Hamilton, James ... Run No 204, Maniototo
Harold, Robert ... Clyde
Hart, John ... Dunstan
Hawthorne, Thomas ... Clyde
Hazlett, James ... Clyde
Healey, John ... Clyde
Hepburn, William ... Upper Taieri
Hetherington, John ... Cromwell
Hinds, James ... Clyde
Holts, James ... Clyde
Horigan, Thomas ... Cromwell
Horne, Stephen ... Sunderland St, Clyde
Hume, Alexander ... Clyde

Isaacs, Simeon (died 1896 in Melbourne) ... Clyde

Jack, John ... Alexandra
Jackson, Henry ... Clyde
Jacobs, Samuel ... Clyde
Jacoby, Laurence ... Clyde
Jacoby, Samuel ... Clyde
James, Samuel ... Clyde
Jones, David ... Clyde

Keen, John Lancelot Shadwell (born Perthshire, surgeon Otago died NSW) ... Teviot Junction
Kelly, Patrick ... Cromwell
Kelsall, Robert (1856-1930) ... Clyde
Kenna, Richard Maurice (1854-1924) ... Clyde
Kidd, Robert ... Cromwell

Lawrence, James ... Cromwell
Lazarus, Joshua ... Clyde
Lee, Francis ... Clyde
Lord, John ... Alexandra
Law, William Anderson ... Manuherikia

Macquire, Owen ... Sunderland St, Clyde
Mader, Ulrich (native of Pfullingen, Oberout, Reutlingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Hotel Proprietor, also Hokitika) ... Sunderland St, Clyde
May, Henry Francis (1833-1880) ... Beaumont
Merryn, David Hunter (in Dunstan 1880 census) ... Teviot Junction
Miller, Samuel ... Dunstan
Miller, Matthew Robertson (1829-1892) ... Taieri Lake
Moore, Alfred ... Clyde
Morice, Charles Lloyd (1834-1904) ... Clyde
Morice, Charles ... Clyde
Morrison, Robert ... Clyde
Munro, Thomas ... Dunstan
Murison, James (1837-1883) ... Maniototo
Murison, William Dick (1838-1878) ... Maniototo

McConnochie, ? ... Clyde
McKinnon, Dougald ... Clyde
McLean, Robert ... Adjour, Upper Clutha
McLean, Robertson ... Adjour, Upper Clutha
McLean, Allen ... Lindis
McMorran, Robert ... Clyde
McNaulty, Edward ... Roaring Meg
McPherson, Donald ... Clyde

Naylor, Benjamin (1831-1905) ... Clyde
Neale, Robert George ... Clyde
Noble, John ... Clyde

O'Ryan, Michael ... Alexandra

Parks, James ... Clyde
Partridge, John Douglas ... Clyde
Patterson, James ... Clyde
Peacock, Alexander ... Teviot
Perriman, John ... Clyde
Poole, Richard ... Clyde
Power, Richard Henry ... Clyde

Rainton, Joseph (1834-1880) ... Alexandra
Ralston, Robert ... Eweburn Station
Raphael, Lazarus (1831-1895 storekeeper, died London) ... Dunstan
Rich, Edward Henry ... Dunstan
Robinson, Henry Wirgman (1830-1905) ... Clyde
Robson, William ... Alexandra
Rowley, Charles ... Dunstan
Rossiter, John ... Clyde
Ryan, Edward ... Clyde
Ryan, Edward Gubbins (1832-1884) ... Clyde

Samuel, Samuel ... Clyde
Seal, William Marsheder ... Taieri Lake
Shanty, Thomas ... Cromwell
Shaw, Charles ... Clyde
Shennan, John ... Manuherikia
Shennan, Watson ... Manuherikia
Sherlock, Richard ... Dunstan
Sinclair, Gilbert ... Clyde
Skinner, John Gibson (clerk of BNZ, charged with embezzlement 1864) ... Clyde
Smith, Edward Gittas ... Alexander
Smyth, Patrick Francis ... Clyde
Solomon, Phineas (1836-1869 proprietor Cafe de Paris, died of stroke) ... Clyde
Spensley, James (1831-1904) ... Clyde
Staite, Henry Hatleberg (1838-1884) ... Clyde
Staite, John Edwards ... Clyde
Stevens, Joseph Whitcomb ... Clyde
Stratford, Augustus Henry Aldborough (1837-1906, Barrister at law, Stipendiary Magistrate) ... Clyde
* NOTE, in 1901 he changed his surname to Stratford-Henniker at the request of The Honorable Lady Henniker, his mother
Syms, William ... Clyde

Temperley, Robert Henderson ... German Hill
Thompson, John Wilson ... Cromwell
Tudor, Henry ... Teviot
Turnbull, Robert McGregor ... Linburn Station
Turner, Thomas ... Blackstone Hill
Tyrrell, James ... Clyde

de Veaux, Augustus Frederick (married Annie Dahl Thompson at Thornbank, NZ) ... Clyde

Walker, Arthur ... Dunstan
Washington, James ... Clyde
Watkins, Richard ... Alexandra
Watkin, William ... Alexandra
Wayne, Frederick ... Maniototo Joint
Welsford, Samuel ... Clyde
Welsh, John ... Clyde
Winstanley, Thomas ... Clyde
White, John ... Clyde
Wylde, George ... Alexandra

Yates, Joseph ... Dunstan

Ziele, Charles George (1839-1902) ... Clyde

genealogy & whakapapa searches in FAR NORTH New Zealand

An Online Cemetery Record Search with added information (where known) about genealogy and whakapapa searches. The page allows you to search the cemetery records by deceased name and returns all details recorded with Council on
*Personal Details, *Cemetery Details, *Burial Details

The cemeteries are for Broadwood, Fairburn, Herekino, Houhora, Kaeo, Kaikohe, Kaitaia, Kawakawa, Kerikeri, Kohukohu, Mangonui, Mangungu, Okaihau, Oruaiti, Paihia, Paranui, Peria, Rawene, Russell, Takahue, Totara North, Umawera, Waiharara, Waipapakauri

Search Cemetery Records here
Far North District Council
Te Kaunihera o Tai Tokerau Ki Te Raki

RUSSELL cemetery

also known as Kororareka Cemetery

MAORI Dictionary - Online & App

Tēnā koe. Nau mai ki Te Aka

A very useful aid when coming across papers, documents etc whilst researching Māori. Many of the early settlers became fluent in speaking Māori and some even became translators

this Māori dictionary is now available as an app. With the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android app you can use the dictionary anywhere without the need to be online

Welcome to the online version of Te Aka Māori-English, English-Māori Dictionary and Index. This online Māori dictionary is aimed at providing quick access but it is recommended that you also purchase the hard copy for use in class and when you are not online.

As well as the words one would expect in a traditional dictionary, Te Aka has encyclopaedic entries including the names of plants and animals (especially native and endemic species), stars, planets and heavenly bodies, important Māori people, key ancestors of traditional narratives, tribal groups and ancestral canoes. Māori names for institutions, country names, place names and other proper names are also provided.

There are also explanations of key concepts central to Māori culture. Comprehensive explanations for grammatical items are included, with examples of usage, as are idioms and colloquialisms with their meanings and examples. These have all been included because they are important in communicating in a Māori context, and contribute to understanding and speaking the language in a natural way. Many of the separate meanings of each headword now have example sentences with translations.

This dictionary is indexed to the Te Whanake Māori language series of narrative texts and resources, giving you quick access to topics, grammatical and usage explanations, idioms and colloquialisms, maps and illustrations.

BULCRAIG marriages NZ

the known BULCRAIG marriages in NZ 1889 - 1935

* William Albert Bulcraig (1866-1934)
married Jessie Jane WHITMARSH (1866-1933) in 1889
they lived in Beresford Park, Onehunga, Auckland
- their known children:
* 1891 - 1984 Annie Juanita Bulcraig
* 1894 - 1983 William Albert Bulcraig
- William served in WWI as Corporal 5/753 with the Army Service Corps, Detachment No. 5 Company, Transport Section
* 1896 - 1967 John Harold Bulcraig
- John served in WWI as Gunner 43397 with the 26th
* 1898 - 1984 Jessie Vera Whitmarsh 'Vee' Bulcraig
* 1900 - 1920 Roy Cornelius Bulcraig
- Roy attended Auckland Grammar School.
He was awarded a senior gold medal at Methodist Young Men's Bible Class
* 1902 - 1975 Norman Fraser Bulcraig
* 1904 - 1999 Grace Elizabeth Bulcraig
* 1906 - 1995 Elsie Isabel Bulcraig

* Annie Juanita Bulcraig
married William Frank PEGLER (1891-1953) in 1916

* Elsie Isabel Bulcraig
married Charles Finch DOWSETT (1906-1986) in 1932

* Grace Elizabeth Bulcraig
married Francis Oliver John LANGTON (1907-1970) in 1930

* Jessie Vera Whitmarsh Bulcraig
married Henry Augustus 'Harry' LEVESTAM (1901-1970) in 1924
- son of Henry Augustus 'Gus' Levestam & Elizabeth Mary McCabe

* John Harold Bulcraig
married Marie de PACHOUD (1896-1995) in 1920

* Mary Bulcraig
married Albert Edgar WINCHCOMBE (1901-1985) in 1923

* Norman Fraser Bulcraig
married Jessie Hetherington ANDERSON (1901-1964) in 1935
- buried at Waikumete

* Sarah Elizabeth Wainright-Bulcraig (1865-1951)
married John STEWART (1857-1928) in Auckland 1889

* William Albert Bulcraig
married Elaine Yevette WILLIAMS (1896-1980) in 1920
- married in Onehunga, Auckland

William Albert & Jessie Jane Bulcraig are buried Plot 114. Row 28. Block A at Purewa Cemetery