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SMITH marriages in New Zealand - 1851 to 1860 the GROOMS

From the SMITH database

some SMITH marriages New Zealand 1851 to 1860:


Alexander Augustus Smith
- married Mary Jane Giles in 1857

Arthur William Smith
- married Amelia Lamb in 1860

Charles Smith
- married Eleanor Smith Parker in 1854

Charles Smith
- married Johanna Anson in 1855

David Smith
- married Maria Jones in 1856

David Smith
- married Mary Culbert in 1860

Frederick Smith
- married ? in 1859

George Smith
- married Margaret Scott in 1853

George Smith
- married Judith Cahill in 1856

George Smith
- married Elizabeth Burton in 1860

Henry Smith
- married Mary Ann Batten in 1856

Henry Farr Smith
- married ? in 1859

James Smith
- married Mary Kau in 1851

James Smith
- married Erihapiti Te Awemakere in 1953

James Smith
- married Emma Freeth in 1857

John Smith
- married Elizabeth Sarah Commons in 1851

John Smith
- married Ann Kidd in 1852

John Smith
- married Sarah Kelly in 1853

John Smith
- married Anne Bell in 1855

John Smith
- married Mary Bell in 1856

John Smith
- married Elizabeth Faull in 1857

John Smith
- married Jane Gray in 1858

John Smith
- married Jane Watson in 1860

the following was researched for Margaret65 after her query on 15-4-2011 .. "I have a John Smith born abt 1834 London England who married a Mary Kimber Hildreth in NZ 1860, have you come across this Smith in your research. I would love to find out where exactly he from and any other family HE may have had. I know all about their 12 children!"

John Smith (1834-1917)
- married Mary Kimber Hildreth (1838-1909) on 4 June 1860 in Waimea South, Nelson
- John was born in London, England in March 1834
- he arrived into Nelson 15 October 1855 on the "Queen Margaret"
- for the first 9 years he was engaged in surveying, farming and teaching (he was a teacher from 1856 to 1907)
- in 1860 he was teaching at River Terrace School
- in 1864 he was appointed headmaster of the Nelson Boys School
- John was the Inspector & Secretary of the Westland Board of Education and receved the appointment in Oct 1890 of Secretary for the Marlborough Board of Education

- they had 12 children

... due to the increasing size of the research on this family it has now been moved to its own journal at:

John Edmund Smith
- married Matilda Trumble in 1855

John Frederick Smith
- married Mary Ann Howe in 1860

John Smith
- married ? Faull in 1857

John Smith
- married ? Bird in 1859

John E. Smith
- married ? McHardy in 1859

Joseph Smith
- married Margaret Quinty in 1857

Matthew Smith
- married Mary Griffiths in 1854

Peter SMith
- married ? in 1859

Richard Smith
- married ? in 1859

Robert Smith
- marriedMary Ann Homes in 1851

Stephen Smith
- married Sarah Ellen Kotiin 1851

Thomas Smith
- married Elizabeth Franklin in 1852

Thomas Henry Smith
- married Sophia Dorias Baker in 1857

Thomas D. W. Smith
- married ? in 1859

Thomas H. Smith
- married ? in 1857

William Smith
- married Sarah Rotherforth in 1851

William Smith
- married Agnes Reid in 1856

William Smith
- married Margaret Smith in 1857

Williamm Smith
- married Margaret Scott Simpson in 1860

William Smith
- married ? Attwood in 1860

William SMith
- married ? Riley in 1868

the Smith BRIDES

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SMITH marriages in New Zealand - 1840 to 1850

From the SMITH database

some SMITH marriages New Zealand 1840 to 1850


Charles Smith
- married Sarah LINES in 1849

Donald Smith
- married ? in 1840

James SMith
- married ? in 1840

James Smith
- married Mararet MARTIN in 1850

John Smith
- married ? in 1840

John Smith
- married Mary MURTEGH in 1840

John Sharpe SMith
- married Mary Anne Ashton SLATER in 184

John Mountifield Smith
- married ? in 1840

John Thomas Smith
- married Mihi NUMANAin 1849

Octavius Smith
- married Anne PEARCE in 1850

Patrick SMith
- married Catherine DRISCOLL in 1848


Agnes Ellen Smith
- married ? in 1840

Eliza Smith
- married John DARBY in 1850

Ellen Smith
- married James DOVE in 1850
Harriet Smith
- married William Ludwell in 1848

Jane Smith
- married Jerry WAITE in 1850

Margaret Smith
- married William HORNBROOK in 1843

Margaret Smith
- married David KERR in 1850

Marianne Adamina Grenville Smith
- married George John IRELAND in 1850

Martha Smith
- married Walter Alfred COOK in 1849

Sarah Catherine Smith
- married Peter CONROY in 1848

Smith marriages 1851-1860 - the Brides (with link to the Grooms)


SMITH on the early ships to WELLINGTON as taken from available Passenger Lists

(will be kept in the SMITH burial database at this time)

20 Sept 1839 TORY
- Smith Henry G. ... Employed to oversee the Companies Wellington interests in Wakefields absence

3 Jan 1840 CUBA
- Smith Captain, William Mein ... Royal Artillery (Surveyor General to New Zealand Company). William Mein Smith, a Captain in the Royal Artillery, was Surveyor General to the New Zealand Company arriving in New Zealand aboard the Cuba. In 1842 he visited Akaroa & German Bay on Banks Peninsula. William Mein-Smith married Louisa and they had a daughter (Louisa) born to them on 29th January 1841 at Port Nicholson. Children of WILLIAM MEIN- SMITH and LOUISA were: i. LOUISA SMITH, b. 1843; d. 1905. In 1860 she married F W KNOWLES, 1860 and in 1887 was re-married to GEORGE STEPHENSON CROTTY.
- wife & children followed on the ADELAIDE (see below)

- Smith Frederick 49 Mason
Wife 50
Daniel Thomas 25 Mason
Thomas 19 Mason
Samuel 17 Mason
Mary 15 Sempstress

7 March 1840 GLENBERVIE
- Smith John

10 March 1840 ADELAIDE
- Smith Mrs William Mein ... Husband travelled ahead on the Cuba
Fanny Under 9
George Under 9
Wallace Under 9

- Smith James 23 (in Cabin)

- Smith Thomas 15 Blacksmith

12 Dec 1840 LONDON
- Smith Mr

27 Dec 1840 BLENHEIM
- Smith Mary 19 Housemaid

17 March 1841 LADY NUGENT
- Smith David 31 with wife Agnes & 4 children
Agnes 33 wife of David
James 40 with wife AMy & 5 children
Amy 32 wife of James
James Jnr 14

- Smith William 22 Bricklayer

16 June 1841 [url=]Sir JOHN FALSTAFF[/URL
- Smith George ... Sailed London November 23rd & Torbay December 17th 1840 - arrived Sydney April 13th 1841. She sailed for Wellington May 29th 1841 where she arrived June 16th 1841, then sailed for the Hokianga on July 10th 1841

- Smith Benjamin 27 Carpenter
Martha 24
Son 1
Son Infant, born at sea

8 Sept 1841 WHITBY Whitby was one of three vessels fitted out to carry out a survey for the new settlement at Nelson. It brought to New Zealand, Capain Arthur Wakefield R N (brother to Edward Gibbon Wakefield) along with 59 officals and labourers.
- Smith James T. 29 Sergeant

16 Oct 1841 ARAB
- Smith David 37 Sawyer
Isabel 36
Alexander 15 Labourer
Daughter 13
Son 10
Son 7

22 Oct 1841 ORIENTAL
- Smith James 28
wife Elizabeth 27
dau Sarah 7
son Henry 3
son John

- Smith George 27 Millwright
Margaret 22
Mary 5 months

Smith Charles 30
Smith Charles H 21
Smith John Edmund 20 Clerk Bound for Otago

12 July 1849 [url=[/URL]
Smith Robert D 28 to Otago
Smith John 25 Labourer to Nelson

2 Aug 1849 PILGRIN
- Smith Mr & Mrs in CABIN

24 Oct 1849 KELSO
Smith James 26 Farmer Bound for Otago
Smith Margaret 26 Bound for Wellington & went to Otago

- Smith William 43 on to Nelson
Sarah A 38
William 15
James 13
John 9
Henry 8
Mary 3
Barbara 2
Sarah Infant

22 May 1850 MONARCH
- Smith Henry Disembarked at Akaroa

late 1850 EDEN
- Smith Richard 55 Farmer all bound for New Plymouth
Elizabeth 45
Elizabeth 25
Catherine 21
Mary 20
John 18 Labourer
William 15
Christopher 13
Richard Thomas 13
Esther 13
Lewellyn 10
Maria 6
Emily 5

SMITH burials - BLUFF, Southland, New Zealand - Southland Crematorium

from the SMITH burial database of New Zealand

see page 1 for introduction

The Invercargill City Council maintains the following cemeteries.
- Click this link to search for more information and view headstone photos (where available)

14 SMITH buried in BLUFF Cemetery

503 SMITH buried in EASTERN Cemetery

2 SMITH buried in GREEN POINT Cemetery
25 SMITH buried in St JOHNS Cemetery
- Green Point + St Johns

110 SMITH at SOUTHLAND Crematorium

NOTE some dates may be cremation date


SMITH AGNES FERGUSON 87 Years, 25-Sep-2004

SMITH ALAN GEORGE 79 Years, 05-Apr-2010

SMITH ALFRED ALBERT 72 Years, 21-Jan-1979

SMITH ANDREA JAYNE 43 Years, 14-May-2007

SMITH ANTHONY GILBERT 39 Years, 16-Jul-1988

SMITH ARNOLD HARRISON 61 Years, 11-Sep-1997

SMITH BARRY GORDON 32 Years, 12-Feb-1998

SMITH BARRY PETER 69 Years, 29-Mar-2004

SMITH BARRY WILLIAM 68 Years, 01-Dec-1997

SMITH BERNARD JAMES (Kerins) 65 Years, 07-Apr-1994

SMITH BRIAN GARY 52 Years, 14-May-1993


SMITH DAVID ALEXANDER 82 Years, 16-Aug-2006

SMITH DAVID JAMES 74 Years, 30-Nov-1986

SMITH DESMOND CAWFORD 69 Years. 01-Aug-1996

SMITH DONALD JAMES 71 Years. 18-Nov-2004

SMITH DOREEN ELIZABETH 50 Years. 03-May-1980

SMITH DOUGLAS GIBSON 87 Years. 01-Jul-2004

SMITH DYLAN JOEL Stillborn. 25-Jul-2002

SMITH EDNA JOCELYN MARY 84 Years. 10-Jun-1999

SMITH EDWARD LEWIS 78 Years. 02-Jan-1995

SMITH ELSIE ALICE 77 Years, 13-May-1983

SMITH ELSIE FLORENCE 84 Years, 22-Feb-1992

SMITH ELSIE MAY 68 Years, 11-Mar-1993

SMITH ELSIE OSCARIA 88 Years, 22-Apr-1992

SMITH FLORENCE ALLEN 88 Years, 04-Mar-2004


SMITH FLORENCE MAY 81 Years, 08-Feb-1988

SMITH FRANCES JANET 74 Years, 06-May-2008

SMITH FRANK HARRISON 84 Years, 02-May-1994

SMITH GEORGE ALFRED 71 Years, 17-Jan-1987

SMITH GEORGINA PEARL 69 Years, 22-Mar-1992

SMITH GLADYS ANNIE 75 Years, 29-Nov-1989

SMITH GLENYS MARION 64 Years, 20-Oct-2008

SMITH GRANT LESLIE 42 Years, 24-Mar-2001

SMITH HALLAM LLOYD 85 Years, 30-Jan-1998

SMITH HAROLD JOSEPH 69 Years, 25-Sep-1999

SMITH HAROLD ROBERT 65 Years, 10-Sep-2000

SMITH HELEN ISABEL 72 Year,s 11-Aug-1990

SMITH HELEN MARR 83 Years, 12-Nov-1993

SMITH HELEN MARY 82 Years, 27-Feb-1996

SMITH HUGH CANDLISH 80 Years, 06-May-1990

SMITH IAN JAMES 61 Years, 23-May-1995

SMITH IRIS JOAN 72 Year,s 20-Feb-2000

SMITH IVAN WALTER 62 Years, 10-Oct-1980

SMITH JAMES CALVERT 84 Years, 03-Apr-1982

SMITH JEANETTE 65 Years, 19-Jul-2008

SMITH JEANETTE BAILEY 60 Years, 05-Jan-2006

SMITH JENNIFER ANNE 52 Years, 22-Apr-2002

SMITH JESSIE ISABELLA 79 Years, 29-May-1990

SMITH Jessie Mackie (Jean) 83 Years, 29-Dec-2003

SMITH JESSIE MCGREGOR 75 Years, 25-Sep-1987

SMITH JOHN DAVID 86 Years, 23-Jun-1997

SMITH JOHN HAROLD 52 Years, 17-Jul-1981

SMITH JOSEPH CHARLES 71 Years, 08-Jun-1988

SMITH JOYCE DOREEN 82 Years, 21-Oct-2009

SMITH KATHLEEN ANNIE 75 Years, 29-Jan-1989

SMITH KEITH ALEXANDRA 59 Years, 15-Jul-2000

SMITH KENNETH ROBERT 54 Years, 03-Jan-2000

SMITH LAURECE FERGUSON 82 Years, 10-Sep-2010

SMITH LESLIE ALEXANDER 71 Years, 21-Mar-1978

SMITH LESLIE ISLAY 68 Years, 19-May-1978

SMITH LESLIE JAMES 73 Years, 24-Aug-2001

SMITH LILIAN YOUNG 88 Years, 30-Jul-1999

SMITH MARGARET ENA 83 Years, 19-Aug-1990

SMITH MARGARET KNOX 80 Years ,30-Aug-1981

SMITH MARGARET SIMPSON 75 Years, 28-Apr-2000


SMITH MARIAN LOIS 57 Years, 13-Mar-1990

SMITH MARY 85 Years, 22-Nov-1983

SMITH MARY ISABELLA 86 Years, 25-Jul-1985

SMITH MARY MARGARET 76 Years, 22-May-1986

SMITH MARY WINIFRED 80 Years, 28-Jun-2010

SMITH MILTON ARTHUR 82 Years, 18-Apr-1996

SMITH MURIEL KATHLEEN 82 Years, 01-Jan-1987

SMITH MYRTLE CATHERINE 81 Years, 21-Nov-2006

SMITH NAOMI ANNE 48 Years, 07-Sep-1994

SMITH OLIVE GERTRUDE 81 Years, 18-Jun-1982

SMITH OLIVE MAE 67 Years, 10-Nov-2000


SMITH PAUL PEMBERTON 22 Years, 25-Aug-1979

SMITH PAUL HENRY 69 Years, 12-Jul-2009

SMITH PETER FRANCIS 29 Years, 25-Apr-1980

SMITH PETER RICHARD 61 Years, 15-Nov-2005

SMITH PHYLLIS ALMA 88 Years, 01-Jan-2004

SMITH RAYMOND LESLIE 64 Years, 03-Jul-1989

SMITH REGINALD BRIAN 68 Years, 25-Jun-2003


SMITH REGINALD SCOTT 79 Years, 24-Nov-2004

SMITH RICHARD DAVID 84 Years, 26-Apr-1995

SMITH ROBERT JAMES 82 Years, 20-Apr-1986

SMITH ROBERT PERCY 76 Years, 09-Jul-1991

SMITH ROBERT SCOTT 81 Years, 19-Apr-2003


SMITH ROY JAMES 67 Years, 21-Sep-1987

SMITH Ruby Maud 92 Years, 20-Jan-2011

SMITH RUSSELL AUSTIN 85 Years, 25-Jul-2002

SMITH RUSSELL MERVYN 60 Years, 07-Feb-2005

SMITH SHIRLEY MARGARET 83 Years, 06-Aug-2010

SMITH STANLEY EDWARD 79 Years, 22-Sep-1986

SMITH STEWART ROLAND 65 Years, 13-Oct-1992

SMITH Thomas Ferguson 66 Years, 05-Jul-1994

SMITH TREVOR WILLAM 69 Years, 27-Dec-2003

SMITH ULRICH ROBERT 77 Years, 14-Apr-1988

SMITH VINCENT GEORGE 55 Years, 07-Jul-1994

SMITH WALTER ERNEST 66 Years, 23-Feb-1984


SMITH WILLIAM GEORGE 87 Years, 14-Apr-1993

SMITH YVONNE 82 Years, 02-Mar-2011

SMITH DREWRY MCREE jnr 77 Years, 20-Sep-1994

SMITH burials - BLUFF, Southland, New Zealand Green Point + St Johns cemeteries

from the SMITH burial database of New Zealand

see page 1 for introduction

The Invercargill City Council maintains the following cemeteries.
- Click this link to search for more information and view headstone photos (where available)

14 SMITH buried in BLUFF Cemetery

503 SMITH buried in EASTERN Cemetery

2 SMITH buried in GREEN POINT Cemetery

25 SMITH buried in St JOHNS Cemetery

110 SMITH at SOUTHLAND Crematorium

NOTE some dates may be of burial

the 2 SMITH buried in GREEN POINT Cemetery:

SMITH CAVELL MYRA age 72 30-Jun-1999

SMITH Mary Isabel age 87 27-Sep-2007

the 25 SMITH buried in St JOHNS Cemetery

SMITH AARON YOUNG age 91 08-Dec-1939

SMITH ARTHUR age 30 07-Mar-1900

SMITH CHRISTINA age 38 01-Oct-1908

SMITH CONSTANCE AMY age 20 22-Jun-1917

SMITH EDITH ELIZABETH age 7 Months 17-Feb-1881

SMITH EDWARD age 50 22-Aug-1947

SMITH ELIZA age 26 20-Nov-1880

SMITH ELIZA age 56 20-May-1918

SMITH ELIZA ROSE age 81 29-Mar-1937

SMITH ELLEN MAUD age 76 14-Jan-1947

SMITH EVA age 96 08-Jul-1993

SMITH FREDERIC age 5 Months 12-Nov-1892

SMITH GEORGE age 5 Years 07-Nov-1892

SMITH JOSEPH age 77 27-Aug-1898

SMITH KITTY BRANDON age 2 08-Jul-1889

SMITH LOUISA MARY age 5 Weeks 23-Mar-1886

SMITH MARTHA age 3 Months 25-May-1880

SMITH ROBERT age 86 15-Mar-1938

SMITH ROBIN age 3 Hours 28-Sep-1957

SMITH RUTH age 82 03-Feb-1928

SMITH SHEILA MCLEAN age 1 Day 16-May-1923

SMITH SYDNEY BETHEL age 6 Weeks 28-May-1883

SMITH SYDNEY JOHN age 3 Weeks 10-Oct-1915

SMITH TURNER age 34 16-Jul-1883

SMITH WILLIAM age 82 07-Jul-1937

SMITH burials - BLUFF, New Zealand

from the SMITH burial database of New Zealand

BLUFF is a town and seaport in the Southland region, on the southern coast of the South Island. It is the southern-most town in New Zealand.

The Bluff area, while itself not settled by Maori, was one of the earliest areas of New Zealand where a European presence became established.
The first ship known to have entered the harbour was the 'Perseverance' in 1813, in search of flax trading possibilities, with the first European settlers arriving in 1823-1824

The Invercargill City Council maintains the following cemeteries.
- Click this link to search for more information and view headstone photos (where available)

14 SMITH buried in BLUFF cemetery

503 SMITH buried in EASTERN Cemetery

2 SMITH buried in GREEN POINT Cemetery
25 SMITH buried in St JOHNS Cemetery
- Green Point + St Johns

110 SMITH at SOUTHLAND Crematorium

The 14 SMITH in BLUFF cemetery
* denotes additional information than that of Cemetery Database

SMITH - Stillborn 23-July-1913
- PLOT 187

SMITH CHARLES ADOLPH age 77 15-Feb-1939
- PLOT 168

- PLOT 4

* SMITH ELMA EVELYN age 49 27-Aug-1934
- PLOT 82

* SMITH JAMES age 69 08-Nov-1906
- PLOT 58

SMITH JAMES ELL age 30 24-Sep-1943
- PLOT 289

* SMITH JOHN age 74 03-May-1935
- PLOT 187

SMITH JOHN ALBIN/ALVIN age 87 21-Mar-1953
- PLOT 281

SMITH JOSEPH age 77 07-Nov-1947
- PLOT 291

* SMITH MARGARET age 83 09-July-1953
- PLOT 187

- PLOT 281

SMITH MARY age 79 30-May-1907
- PLOT 58

SMITH PAUL age 79 02-Mar-1915

SMITH Paul James age 16 28-Jan-1890


... BRADSHAW CHARLES, Years, 1909
... BRADSHAW Fanny Estelle, 24 Years, 1892
... SMITH Elhanan Winchester, 24 Years, 1906
... GILES OF J MCD GILES, Child, 1934
... GILES TWINS OF J MCD, Stillborn, 1939
... HARWOOD HENRY MICHAEL, 64 Years, 1941
In loving memory of Henry
Beloved husband of Catherine Harwood
Died 20th July 1941 Aged 64 years

... SMITH JAMES, Years, 1906
... SMITH MARY, 79 Years, 1907
loving remembrance of
Captain James Smith
who died 6th October 1906 in his 76th year
his beloved wife Mary Smith
who died 30th May 1907 in her 80th year
At Rest

... SMITH ELWA EVELYN, Years, 1934
... FYFE GEORGE HENRY, 87 Years, 1965
... FYFE MARY, 47 Years, 1941
In loving memory of May Waari Fife
Died 28th April 1941 Aged 47 years
and her beloved husband George Henry Fife
Died 10th Feb 1965 Aged 87 years

PLOT 168
... SMITH CHARLES ADOLPH, 77 Years, 1939
In loving memory of Duncan
Beloved son of Tihope & Lena Spencer
Died 4th Jan 1943 Aged 8 1/2 years
also his grandfather Charles Smith
Died 15th Feb 1939 Aged 77 years
Thy will be done

PLOT 187
(2 plaques)
... MOLLOY WALTER H, Years, 1938
... SMITH, Stillborn, 1913
... SMITH JOHN, Years, 1935
... SMITH MARGARET, Years, 1953

PLOT 281 & 289
... SMITH JAMES ELL, 30 Years, 1943
In loving memory of Joseph Anson
Beloved husband of Elizabeth H Smith
Died 7th Nov 1947 aged 77 years
At rest
also their son
James Ell Died 24th Sep 1943 aged 30 years

Henry & Martha DUCK of DRYBREAD, Otago, New Zeaaland

data found since journal was written ..
Henry's father Henry DUCK was born in 1815 in Calne, Wiltshire, England. (His father was also Henry Duck (1789-?)
- Henry married Elizabeth SCOTT (1805-?) in 1834 in England
they had 9 children:
(I believe some birth & death dates are approx.)

Charles DUCK
birth: 1836 in England

Henry DUCK
birth: 1838 in England

William DUCK
birth: 1841 in England
death: 1904 in Wandin Yallock, Victoria, Australia

birth: 1844 in England
death: 1904 Aug 19

Thomas DUCK
birth: 1849 May 27 in Calne, Wiltshire, England
death: 1928 Jul 19 in Seville, Victoria, Australia
burial: 1928 Jul 21 in Victoria, Australia

Sarah Ann DUCK
birth: 1850 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Edith DUCK
birth: 1855 <

George DUCK
birth: 1854 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia
death: 1860 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth DUCK
birth: 1857 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia
death: before 1899


To answer a request from 'Huddly' on 10-4-2011 can you help with any information on Henry (1841-1904) & Martha (1846-1906) DUCK ?

where were they born
where did they marry - Australia?
what was Martha's maiden name
when did they arrive in New Zealand
did they have other children before coming to NZ

I have made a Timelne which gives us info on their whereabouts but how long were they here before 1872 ??
Their son Thomas Henry Duck was born in Dunedin which is 185km SE of Drybread. Their daughter was born 2 years 9 months previously in New Zealand, but where ?
ALSO, Augusta Mary Duck, born in 1872 was probably a daughter (see below)


1872 birth of Augusta Mary Duck

On 11 January 1875 the birth of a daughter, Phyllis Maud Florence Duck

On 1 October 1877 BIRTH at Howe street, Dunedin, the wife of Mr Henry Duck, of Drybread, of a son

In May 1882 I, HENRY DUCK, of Drybread, in Vincent County, Publican, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will, at the next Licensing Meeting to be holden at the School house, Matakanui, on the sixth day of June, 1882, apply for a Certificate authorisig the ISSUE of a Publican's License for a House situate at Drybread aforesaid, to be known as "The Matakanui Hotel" containing thirteen rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family. Dated the 6th day of May, 1882. HENRY DUCK

In April 1895 Henry Duck and other gold miners of Matakanui, were defendants in a special case BARRON and ANOTHER V GREENBANK and OTHERS (scroll to half way down)

In November 1895 at the weekly meeting of the Land Board, re Run 223, the board were requested to reduce the area and rental of the run 223 on account of area of 40 acres granted to Henry Duck under occupation license - Occupation license having been granted over the area, pastoral license was thereby determined over same; rental of run reduced by 11s 4d per annum

On 15 November 1899 (from the Otago Daily Times) at his son's residence, Myrtle Farm, Seville, Victoria, Henry Duck, father of Charles Duck of England; Henry Duck of New Zealad; William and Thomas Duck, of Seville; Mrs Macintyre of Yering and Mrs Grey, of Mooroolbark; aged 84 years and nine months. A colonist of 50 years. Influenza .. this was Henry's father (1815-1899), he arrived in Australia (a Colonist of 50 years in Victoria) in about 1849 which means 'our' Henry was born in England ..

On 8th February 1904 Mr Henry Duck, one of the oldest residents of Drybread, Central Otago, died at his residence after a long and painful illness, aged 65. The deceased, who was proprietor of the Drybread Hotel, was very well known throughout the district and Otago Central generally

In November 1904 Thomas Henry Duck (son) applied for an occupation lease under "The Mining Districts Land Occupation Act, 1894" over an area of 40 acres in block VII, Lauder district - Lease granted at a rental of 9d per acre (about $180 in 2010)

In January 1905 Henry's deceased estate was valued for stamp duty at 1175 (a value in Jan 2011 of about $188,500)

In June 1905 Martha Duck was granted a publican's license for the Drybread Hotel

In June 1906 Martha Duck was granted the license for the Matakanui Welcome Hotel, Drybread

On 8 October 1906 at Nurse Thomson's Private Hospital, Stafford street, Martha, wife of the late Mr Henry Duck, of Drybread, Central Otago; in her sixtieth year. "At rest"

In December 1906 the Mount Ida Licensing Committee's quarterly meeting was held in the Courthouse at Naseby
On the agenda concernig local hotels in the area was one giving authority (not know who to) for the carrying on until the next qarterly meeting, of the business of the Matakanui Welcome Hotel in Drybread, in the estate of the deceased Martha Duck

In June 1907 the adminstrator of the estate of Martha Duck (deceased) transfered the publican's license of the Matakanui Welcome Hotel in Drybread to Augusta Mary MINEHAN (1872-1933)
- Augusta Mary Minehan was probably a daughter, now married, as Augusta Mary Duck was born in New Zealand in 1872, parents not recorded, married Thomas Henry Minehan in 1900

In June 1908 at Patearoa, before Mr McEnnis, S.M., Thomas Henry Duck (son), licensee of the Sowburn Hotel, Patearoa, was charged that on the 16th May he kept his licensed premises open for the sale of liquor util 10.35pm and, further, that on the date named he exposed liquor for sale after hours on his licensed premises. He pleaded Not Guilty


NZ born children of Henry (1841-1904) & Martha (1846-1906) DUCK

1872 - 1938 Augusta Mary Duck
- married Thomas Henry MINEHAN (1871-1913) in 1900

1875 - 1938 Phyllis Maud Florance Duck
- Phyllis married George James HARBOUR (1868-1952) in 1901

1877 - 1961 Thomas Henry 'Harry' Duck
- Thomas married Clara Jane HARTLEY (1884-1967) in 1905

because the name Duck is unusual I will list the names of the children born in NZ prior to the known birth of Phyllis and making Martha about 18 (born in 1864):
1864 - Anna Jane Duck
1866 - Frederick William Duck
1872 - 1933 Augusta Mary Duck
1874 - Marjory Urquhart Duck

were any of them (aside from Augusta Mary) also children of Henry & Martha

Henry & Martha are buried at Drybread Cemetery

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KARORI cemetery Wellington - GRAVES of NOTE

- KARORI CEMETERY - Graves of Note

Many eminent New Zealanders are buried at Karori Cemetery including people involved in the Shackleton expedition and the Tangiwai disaster

The following names (and a short introductin to their bios) was taken from the site above. Visit the site as every name featured has a link to their headstone photo and short bio

The link at their names below lead to external, longer biographies

John Guthrie Wood AITKEN - Politician, businessman, social activist, Mayor
- 6 February 1849 - 17 August 1921
- Scotsman John Guthrie Wood Aitken came to New Zealand in his early thirties to set up a Wellington-based import / export business - Aitken, Wilson and Company - in partnership with another young Scotsman, George Wilson ...

Hermina 'Mina' ARNDT - Artist
- 18 April 1885 - 22 December 1926
- Artist Mina (Hermina) Arndt was born in Arrowtown, and grew up in Dunedin and Wellington. Her parents were Jewish immigrants from Germany and Poland, but Minas father had died six weeks before her birth ...

Lily May ATKINSON - Suffragist and Feminist
- 29 March 1866 - 19 July 1921
- Originally from Auckland, Lily moved to Wellington with her family in 1874 when she was seven years old. Her community mindedness was demonstrated at an early age; Lily, with her mother and sisters, taught English to Chinese immigrants and reading skills to factory workers ...

Suzanne AUBERT - Founder of the Sisters of Compassion
- 19 June 1835 - 1 October 1926
- A memorial to the Sisters of Compassion records that Mother Mary Joseph Aubert (Suzanne Aubert) 1835 - 1926 was originally buried here, but removed to the orders Mother House in Island Bay in 1950 ..

John BLUNDELL - Newspaperman / Businessman
- 1842 - 11 January 1922
- A black obelisk marks the grave where newspaperman John Blundell is buried along with other members of the Blundell family, founder-owners of Wellington's first daily newspaper - The Evening Post (1865 - 2002) ...

Frederick William FISH - Infant boy, Karori Cemetery's first burial
- July 1891 - 3 August 1891
- Frederick William Fish, a month old baby who died on 3 August 1891, was Karori Cemetery's first burial ...

Louise Etiennette Sidonie HENDERSON - Artist
- 21 April 1902 - 27 June 1994
- As a child, Louise Etiennette Sidonie SAUZE played with marble chips in the home of Auguste Rodin. She was born in Paris, where her father was the sculptor's secretary, but moved to Christchurch in 1925 after marrying New Zealander Hubert Henderson ...

Matthew HOLMES - Medical practitioner
- 2 November 1879 - 15 November 1918
- Matthew Holmes, a respected and well-educated doctor, had studied at two Edinburgh universities and was the resident surgeon at Chalmers Hospital for Children, Edinburgh from 1903 - 1906 ...

Pehr Ferdinand HOLM - Mariner and ship owner
- 3 April 1844 - 17 August 1921
- Born in Sweden and the son of a master mariner, Holm arrived in Wellington in 1868 as an able seaman. After working as a pilot, Holm became chief officer of the steamship Taranaki and was commended for bravery after it was wrecked off Tauranga in 1878 ...

Walter NASH - Prime Minister, 1957 - 1963
- 12 February 1882 - 4 June 1968
- Walter Nash immigrated to New Zealand from Worcestershire, England in 1909. Once in Wellington, Walter soon became involved in New Zealand politics, assisting the NZ Labour Party in its 1911 election campaign ...

Grace Elizabeth NEILL - Public servant and social reformer
- 25 May 1846 - 18 August 1926
- A self confessed "combatant against drink, poverty, factory owners and the medical profession" Grace Neill (nee CAMPBELL) strove for social reform in New Zealand ...

Robert & Anna Paterson STOUT - Premier Suffragist and Feminist
- Robert: 28 September 1844 - 19 July 1930
- Anna (nee LOGAN) : 29 September 1858 - 10 May 1931
- Robert Stout and Anna Paterson Stout were a dynamic and forward-thinking couple whose impact is still felt in New Zealand. Married in 1876, they helped transform New Zealand society in areas ranging from educational advancement to women's rights ...

John Sidney SWAN - Architect
- 12 January 1874 - 18 April 1936
- John Sidney Swan, a renowned architect, designed many of the most recognisable structures in Wellington. Erskine College in Island Bay and St Gerard's Church above Oriental Bay were both from his designs ...

Frederick TURNOVSKY - Businessman and arts patron
- 28 December 1916 - 12 December 1994
- Czech-born refugee Frederick Turnovsky settled in Wellington in 1940. Soon after his arrival, Turnovsky established Tatra - a successful leather goods company ...

Herman van STAVEREN - Rabbi, philanthropist
- 26 January 1849 - 24 January 1930
- Netherlands-born Herman van Staveren emigrated to New Zealand in 1877 to take up a post as minister for the Wellington Hebrew Congregation ...

William Joseph WALLACE - All Black rugby player and foundryman
- 2 August 1878 - 2 March 1972
- William (Billy) Wallace loved rugby. As a Poneke Football Club member, his nickname was Carbine - after a famous racehorse - as he was extremely fast ...


from the SMITH burial database of New Zealand

Palmerston North is the main city of the Manawatu-Wanganui region
The official limits of the city take in rural areas to the south and north-east of the main urban area, extending to the Tararua Ranges and including the town of Ashhurst at the mouth of the Manawatu Gorge. This is a rich and fertile agricultural area

Ngati Rangitane were the local Maori iwi (tangata whenua) living in the area known as Te Ahu-a-Turanga, when a trader, Jack Duff, became the first known European to explore the area in 1830. He came on a whaling ship and explored as far inland as the site of Woodville. He reported his discovery on arrival back to Porirua.
Colonel Wakefield heard of the potential that the Manawatu had for development and visited in 1840.
In 1846 Charles Hartley, another trader, heard from tangata whenua of a clearing in the forest and he proceeded through the dense bush and forest and discovered it for Europeans

The city was first named "Palmerston", in honour of Viscount Palmerston, a former Prime Minister of Great Britain. The suffix "North was added in 1871 by the Post Office to distinguish the settlement from Palmerston in the South Island, though locals still widely refer to the city simply as Palmerston or "Palmy"





the Palmerston North City Council runs 3 cemeteries:
Ashhurst - Kelvin Grove - Terrace End
- search their link above for more info, photos etc where available

* indicates additional information from that at cemetery database

SMITH, ABRAHAM 13/01/1948 age 61 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Auckland

SMITH, ADA 06/08/1958 age 76 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ADA SARAH 05/03/1974 age 72 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Bulls

SMITH, ADAM 28/10/1908 age 54 Terrace End

SMITH, ADELAIDE MARIANNE 20/03/1941 age 79 Terrace End

SMITH, AGNES HARRIET 07/12/1963 age 83 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Pahiatua

SMITH, AGNES MARGARET 12/09/1967 age 80 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Wellington

SMITH, AGNES MARY DORA 15/05/1961 age 35 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Dannevirke

SMITH, AGNES MILLIE 16/07/1991 age 86 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, AGNES VIDA 23/06/1974 age 69 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALAN WALTER 24/04/2000 age 79 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALBERT 05/02/1949 age 74 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALBERT 06/02/1956 age 80 Kelvin Grove
- was a Plumber

SMITH, ALBERT 18/05/1992 age 87 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Dannevirke

SMITH, ALBERT ALLAN 16/02/1998 age 23 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALBERT GEORGE JOSEPH 11/10/1980 age 75 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Temuka

SMITH, ALBERT JOHN 28/12/1992 age 74 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALBERT VICTOR 24/01/1895 age 19 months Terrace End
- son of John David SMITH & Susanna Elizabeth SHAILER

SMITH, ALEXANDER 04/12/1980 age 82 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALEXANDER DAVID 27/07/1948 age 74 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Linton

SMITH, ALFRED 09/03/1969 age 92 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Kimbolton

* SMITH, ALFRED 23/09/1958 age 73 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Foxton

SMITH, ALFRED HILTON 16/05/1970 age 77 Kelvin Grove
- was living inFeilding

SMITH, ALFRED JAMES 10/04/1967 age 90 Kelvin Grove
- was a Builder

SMITH, ALICE AGNES 18/12/1971 age 90 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALICE BARBARA 21/12/1946 age 37 Kelvin Grove
- lived at the Commercial Hotel (married)

SMITH, ALICE CATHERINE 22/01/1924 age 38 Terrace End

SMITH, ALICE ELIZABETH 09/03/1965 age 76 Ashhurst

SMITH, ALICE HELEN 08/08/2006 age 86 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Blenheim

* SMITH, ALICE MAUD 24/03/1975 age 6 weeks from 95 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ALICE MILDRED 17/04/1980 age 88 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ANDREW JAMES 17/05/2002 age 37 Kelvin Grove

* SMITH, ANN 1894 age 67 Terrace End

SMITH, ANNETTE 10/04/2010 age 54 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Feilding

SMITH, ANNIE 01/11/1947 age 71 Kelvin Grove

* SMITH, ANNIE 06/01/1894 age 14 days Terrace End

SMITH, ANNIE 16/08/1935 age 84 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ANNIE 19/09/1895 age 1 hour Terrace End
- daughter of George SMITH & ane Tryphena WIGGINS

SMITH, ANNIE BELL 02/08/2007 age 93 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ANNIE ELIZABETH 01/04/1975 age 86 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Feilding

SMITH, ANNIE ELIZABETH 19/10/1971 age 92 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ANNIE EMILY 07/09/1982 age 87 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ANNIE ISABELLA 18/10/1967 age 83 Terrace End

SMITH, ARNOLD RICHARD 31/08/1987 age 75 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ARNOLD TARLETON 24/10/1985 age 84 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ARTHUR 20/10/1959 age 70 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Foxton

SMITH, ARTHUR ALBERT 06/02/1964 age 84 Kelvin Grove
- was a County Foreman

SMITH, ARTHUR ALBERT EDWARD 08/11/1925 age 19 Terrace End
- was living in Nelson

SMITH, ARTHUR BENJAMIN 23/03/1924 age 44 Terrace End
- was a Barman

SMITH, ARTHUR LESLIE 02/10/1902 age 5 months Terrace End
- son of John David SMITH & Susanna Elizabeth SHAILER

SMITH, ARTHUR QUARRELL 22/02/1991 age 77 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, ARTHUR WINSTON 08/07/1999 age 84 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, AUDREY ANNETTE 06/04/1996 age 82 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, AUDREY MARGARET 01/10/2001 age 65 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, AUDREY WINIFRED 10/07/1988 age 54 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, AUSTIN ALEXANDER WATSON 17/12/1989 age 5 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Bunnythorpe

SMITH, AVIS REWA 16/02/1990 age 72 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BABY 18/01/1991 age unknown Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BARBARA 08/10/1913 age 64 Terrace End

SMITH, BARNETT THEODORE 20/12/2005 age 81 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BASIL JOSEPH 19/12/1999 age 81 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BERNADETTE PATRICIA 04/03/2006 age 64 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BERNARD KEVIN 30/08/2008 age 84 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Napier

SMITH, BERNARD VAUGHAN 15/11/2004 age 87 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BERTHA MAUDE 12/07/1977 age 78 Kelvin Grove
- was a Spinster living inAwapuni

SMITH, BERTHA RITA 27/11/1976 age 68 Kelvin Grove

- nothing known, burie Plot 102 Block 012

SMITH, BERTRAM HENRY 01/10/1974 age 9 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BESSIE 08/12/1942 age 79 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BETTY 09/01/1990 age 71 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BEVAN MEREDITH 13/08/1985 age 42 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BEVAN ROSS 13/06/1967 age unknown Kelvin Grove
- was living at R.D. 3 TAIKOREA (Palmerston North)

SMITH, BRIAN CHARLES 15/10/1971 age 31 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BRIAN DESMOND 05/03/2006 age 72 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BRIAN HENRY 26/03/2011 age 83 Kelvin Grove

SMITH, BRIAN HERRIES 02/12/1948 age 30 Kelvin Grove
- was an Accountant

SMITH, BRIDGET MARY 29/08/1977 age 83 Terrace End

SMITH, BRUCE HAMILTON 09/03/1984 age 62 Kelvin Grove
- was living in Foxton

SMITH, BRYAN ROBERT CHARLES 01/05/2001 age Kelvin Grove

Alfred HAWKES - England to Wellington NZ


help for Anastasia re her journal of March 2011
Looking for Alfred HAWKES

From the family tree of Meakin/Jenkins:

Alfred Hawkes
- born 2 September 1853 in Aston the 6th of 9 children
- parents Joseph HAWKES (1819-1894) & Mary ALLART (1814-1901)

- Alfred married Clara Jane NORGROVE on 17 Nov 1881 in the Heneage Street Baptist Chapel

- Clara was born 11 March 1858 in Aston the 2nd of 3 children
- parents were Joseph Corban NORGROVE (1823-1863) & Katharine PRICE (1830-1897)
- she ded in Earlswood on 31 August 1946 aged 88

- Alfred & Clara had 3 daughters:
Kate Margery hawkes (1882-1970)
- born in Erdngton
Mary Ellen 'Nellie' Hawkes (1885-1977)
- born in Erdington, died in Bournemouth
Mabel Kathleen Hawkes (1889-1964)
- born in Rusholme, died in Soliull Hospital

there is a lot of information on that tree, notes, census records etc etc and one comment reads .. "Alfred Hawkes ran away to ? Australia., quoted his daughter Nellie (26) "a watchmaker - a respectable man", one time treasurer of Erdington Baptist chapel


From Anastasia's journal:
Alfred then appears on a ships passenger list of OROTAVA
Date of departure: 8 April 1904
Port of departure: London
Passenger destination port: Sydney, Australia
Passenger destination: Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth: 1855 (calculated from age)
Age: 49
Marital status: Married
Sex: Male
Occupation: Watchmaker
Passenger recorded on: Page 5 of 10

... The OROTAVA arrived Sydney 21 May 1904, Alfred is noted on passenger list as going on to Wellington New Zealand

Cannot find the Orotava arriving in Wellington
- did they change ships?

(this is possibly 'our' Alfred)

3 November 1904 - the 1st ad to appear for A. Hawkes
An advertisement in the EVENING POST:
WANTED known - Watch Repairing a Speciality. Watches cleaned from 2s 6d; Main Springs 2s; Hands fitted 6d; Glasses 4d; Keys 3d.
All work guaranteed. A. Hawkes, 111 Cuba-street, Wellington

All during 1905 the above ad was still running

On 25 September 1905
In the Evening Post:
WANTED known - That A. Hawkes, Watchmaker, hs removed from 111 Cuba-street, to Morrah's Buldings, 54, Willis-street. Geneva watches cleaned 2s 6d, levers 3s, mainsprings 2s, other repairs at equally fair prices; hands ftted 6d. glasses 4d. All repairs guaranteed

8 September 1906
An advertisement in the N.Z. TRUTH:
Popular Prices and Good Workmanship Combined
Geneva Watches cleaned 2s 6d, cleaning and Mainspring 4s 6d
Lever Watches cleaned 3s, cleaned and mainsping 5s
All other repairs quoted for after examnation at equally low prices.
Country orders 5d extra to cover return postage
- A. HAWKES, Practical Watchmaker, 7 Morrah's Buildigs, 54 Willis-street, Wellington

On 5 July 1907
WANTED known - A. Hawkes, Watchmaker, has Removed from Morrah's Buildings to 35, Willis-stret (over Mays Cafe), and thanks his numerous customers for their past support, and trusts, by careful attention to all orders, to receive the same in the future. Geneva Watches cleaned from 2s 6d, Levers from 3s, Mainsprings 2s. All Repairs guaranteed.

On 6 June 1908
A. HAWKES, Watchmaker adn Jeweller, 35 Willis-street, whilst thanking his numerous customers for past favours, wishes to bring to their notice that he has Removed to more commodious premises at 44, MANNERS-STREET, and trusts to receive their continued support.

3 July 1908
An advertisement in the EVENNG POST:
(New Zealander Hotel Buildings)
Every description of Watches and Jewellery Repaired at popular prices, Geneva Watches cleaned from 2s 6d, Levers 3s 6d, Mainsprings 2s 6d
All work guaranteed

On 27 January 1909
From the Evening Post:
An Assigned Estate. Re A. HAWKES, Manners-street
SATURDAY, 30th JAN., 1909 At 1pm
The City Auction mart, Manners-street
BERTENSHAW AND EVENSEN (instructed by the Trustees) will sell by austion, the whole of the stock-in-trade of
Jewellery, fancy goods, etc
Removed to the Mart from the above address for convenience of sale.
Full particulars Friday
H.M. BERTENSHAW, Auctioneer

Friday 29 January 1909
SATURDAY, 30th JANUARY 1909 At 1p.m.
BERTENSHAW AND EVENSEN (instructed by the Trustees in an assigned estate); will sell by austion -
The whole of the stock-in-trade of
Including -
Barometers, clocks, watches, alberts, bracelets, gents' and ladies' dressing-cases, jewel boxes, sovereign cases, brushes, razors, purses, pipes, knives, spectacles, cigar and cigarette cases, and a large variety of useful effects
Also, a Milner's safe, 18in x 18in x 24in
- H. M. BERTENSHAW - Auctioneer

In February 1909
His ad ran again then stopped

The Alfred HAWKES that married in New Zealand 1900 - 1930 were:
Alfred Hawkes married Margaret Graham TODD (1897-1977) in 1923
Alfred Percival Hawkes married Flora Macdonald Guird BELL (1881-1970) in 1914

The only Hawkes male with Alfred anywhere in his name who is reported to have died in New Zealand after 1908 and was born close to 1850s:
Alfred Hawkes (1861 - 1923)

There is no ALfred Hawkes buried in the Wellington cemteries of Bolton St or Karori

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