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Alfred ORR & Barbara AITKEN - Balfour

Alfred ORR was born 13 Feb 1858 in Geelong, Victoria
- the 8th of 10 children of William ORR (1821-1864) & Margaret McMANUS (1828-1903) from Liverpool, England. (William died aged 43 & Margaret remarried in Dunedin in 1867 to Anthony KNOWLES (1822-1880)

Barbara AITKEN was born 1865 in Waipori, Otago
- the 3rd of 7 children of Andrew AITKEN (1836-) from Fife, Scotland & Margaret MONAGHAN (1832-1890) from Galway, Ireland, who settled in Victoria, Australia (Margaret had been previously married & had 7 earlier children)
- Barbara's eldest sister, Annie Smith Aitken, was born in Victoria, Australia (as were all her step-siblings) the year before her parents marriage. All other siblings were born in Otago, New Zealand

Alfred & Margaret married 21 Jan 1883 in Tapanui
they had 14 children:

... 1
1883 - 1959 Mary Elizabeth Annie Orr
- Mary married Francis PRINGLE (1871-1948) in Balfour 19 Oct 1904
- their known children:
* 1904 - George Henry Pringle
- spouse unknown
* 1906 - 1986 John Leslie Pringle
- John married Winifred FISHER
* 1907 - Elsie Madeline Pringle
- spouse unknown
* 1908 - 1991 Irene Rita Pringle
- Irene married Alexander STEWART
* 1916 - 2007 Ella Frances Pringle
- Ella married Alexander Owen McKINLAY
* 1918 - 1991 Leslie Alfred Pringle
- Leslie married Isobel Ruby MUNRO
MARY died in Gore 2 Oct 1959 aged 76 (buried Gore)

... 2
1884 - 1959 William Alfred Orr
- William served as Rifleman 29651 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 8th Reinforcements 3rd Battalion, G Company, embarking from Wellington 23 Sep 1916. He returned from Dardanelles in Jan 1918
- William married Elizabeth Bethune 'Bessie' HALLIDAY (1894-1953) in Dunedin 17 May 1918
- their known children:
* 1917 - Rex Halliday
* 1919 - 1927 Gwendoline Doris Orr
* 1921 - 1992 John Halliday Orr
* 1927 - 1987 Hugh Murray Orr
* 1930 - 1981 Thomas Thomson Hinch Orr
* 1933 - 1985 Donald Paterson Orr
WILLIAM died in Dunedin 8 Jan 1959 aged 74 (buried Balfour)

... 3
1886 - 1968 Henry George 'Harry' Orr
- Henry served as Trooper 24922 with the NZEF, 14th Reinforcements New Zealand Mounted Rifles, embarking from Wellington 10 July 1916
HENRY died in Milton 3 Aug 1968 aged 1 day from 82 (buried Fairfax cemetery)

... 4
1888 - 1971 Robert Allan Orr
- Robert served as Private 65124 with the NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company , embarking from Wellington 31 Dec 1917. He was listed as a 'Lime Crusher'
- born in Dunedin, Robert was a Farmer
- his last address was the Fulton Home in Dunedin
ROBERT died in Dunedin 24 Nov 1971 aged 83 (buried Dunedin)

... 5
1889 - 1968 Barbara Alice Orr
- Barbara married James COWIE (1889-1958) in Balfour 15 July 1914
BARBARA died in Invercargill 2 July 1968 aged 78 (buried Invercargill)

... 6
1891 - 1966 Ernest David Orr
- Ernest married Agnes Irene WEIR (1893-1941) 25 March 1914
- daughter of Archibald WEIR & Jemima HANCOCK
- they had a son
- Ernest married Elizabeth Mary Ida GREEN (1904-1986)
AGNES died in Pahiatua 26 Sep 1941 & buried in Karori
ERNEST died in Invercargill 12 Aug 1966 aged 74 (buried Invercargill)
ELIZABETH died in Invercargill 9 Feb 1986 aged 81 (buried Invercargill)

... 7
1894 - 1962 Alfred Orr
- Alfred served twice, as Trooper 9/335 with the Main Body, Otago Mounted Rifles, embarking from Port Chalmers 16 oct 1914 and as Second Lieutenant 9/335 with the NZ Rifle Brigade, 8th Reinforcements 3rd Battalion, G Company, embarking from Wellington 23 Sep 1916
- Alfred married Jessie Matilda METAAL (1892-1975) 19 Dec 1917
- daughter of George Cornelius Rennie METAAL (1865-1925) & Susan ABRIM (1968-1894) & granddaughter of Cornelius METAAL & Mary RENNIE
Otago Daily Times, 19 January 1918 ORR-METAAL - On December 19, at King Street Congregational Church, by the Rev G. Heighway, Lieutenant Alfred orr, N.Z.E.F., youngest son of Alfred Orr, Balfour, to Jessie M., only daughter of George Metaal, Kingston Crossing
Otago Witness, 8 March 1894 METAAL - On the 1st March 1891, at her residence, Greytown, the beloved wife of George C. R. Metaal; aged 26 years
- Alfred & Jessie had 5 known children
ALFRED died in Kingston Crossing 25 March 1962 aged 67 (buried Riversdale)

... 8
1896 - 1985 Mabel Orr
- Mabel married John Frederick WEIR (1890-1961) 26 Jan 1921
- son of Archibald WEIR & Jemimma HANCOCK
MABEL died in Invercargill 25 Aug 1985 aged 89 (buried Riverton)

... 9
1898 - 1955 Myrtle Thistle Orr
- Myrtle married Clifford Passmore PHILPOTT (1895-1982) 18 April 1927
MYRTLE died in Christchurch 22 Sep 1955 aged 57 (buried Bromley)

... 10
1900 - 1992 Lila Margaret Orr
- Lila married Walter ROBERTSON (1900-1980) 15 June 1926
- they had 3 children
LILA died in Chrisrchurch 1 Sep 1992 aged 2 weeks from 92 (buried Invercargill)

... 11
1902 - 1994 Muriel Orr
- Muriel married John Alfred PALMER (1900-1981) 24 April 1928
MURIEL died in Wellington 12 June 1994 aged 91

... 12
1904 - 1911 Ella Catherine Orr
ELLA died in Balfour 20 May 1911 aged 2 weeks from 7 (buried Balfour)

... 13
1907 - 1996 Gladys Orr
- Gladys married James CRUST (1904-1944) 18 Dec 1928
- son of James William CRUST & Nellie JOYCE
- they had 2 children
- Gladys married ? PROBERT in Wellington 20 June 1945
- they had a son
GLADYS died in Nelson 4 June 1996 aged 88

... 14
1909 - 1984 Ethel Catherine Orr
- Ethel married Harold Benjamin POWER (1906-1961) 26 Dec 1919 in Dunedin
- her last address was the Eventide Home Company Bay
HAROLD died in Dunedin 6 Aug 1961 aged 55 (lived 22 Marine Parade, MacAndrew)
ETHEL died in Dunedin 12 Dec 1984 aged 75 & 1 week
- they are buried together Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin)

Alfred Orr died 24 Nov 1939 in Thornbury aged 81
Barbara Orr died 8 Aug 1940 in Invercargill aged 75
- they are buried in Balfour cemetery

Electoral Revision - FRANKLIN Dirstrict 1865

the FRANKLIN DISTRICT was a New Zealand territorial authority that lay between the Auckland metropolitan area and the Waikato Plains. (As a formal territory it was abolished on 31 October 2010)

from the Daily Southern Cross, 5 July 1865

Electoral Revisions were to take that district's electors off the list due to their having left the area, so the following list is where they previously lived, unfortunately very few indicated where they went

Franklin District Voters prior to this (Jan - March 1865)

... Mr L. O'Brien, Returning Officer, held a Court on Monday last, for the revision of the voters' list for Franklin district. The following names were erased for the reason annexed to each:- (names & residence only listed here - go to link for more details)

William ADAMS - Aldridge Road, Tauranga
William APPLEBY (1841-1917) - Great South Road, Auckland

Richard BAKER - Tauranga
John BATHER - Auckland (to Raglan)
Charles BELL - Hobson street, Auckland
Harry BENNETT - Tauranga
Henry BENNETT - Mercury Bay
Robert BLACK - Tauranga
Thomas BLACK jnr - Tauranga
William BROWN - Tauranga
William BRYAN, Tauranga
William Goodman BUNTING (1829-1917) - Newton Road, Auckland
-- went to Karangahape, Auckland where he was a Builder. William died 27 Feb 1917 aged 87 and is buried Block F Row 43 Plot 011 at Purewa cemetery.
See also: How Karangahape Road earned its name
Thomas BURNS - Tauranga
William BURRY - Great South Road, Auckland

Thomas CHRISP (1837-1911) - Remuera, Auckland (to Raglan)
-- *On 3 May 1911 Thomas was living in Gisborne when he passed away suddenly.
His Obituary is an interesting read of his very full life ... Captain Chrisp, Master Mariner, was born in Blythe, Northumberland, went to sea at an early age trading to the Mediteranean and India. He first came to New Zealand as a lad of 16, landing at Nelson, went to the Victorian goldfields, returned to England where he got married, returned to NZ in 1860 and setted in Whangarei. He served in the Waikato during the land wars. In 1868 after the Hau-hau trouble in Poverty Bay he was commissioned to collect the stock of the settlers who lost their lives in the massacre and ship it to Auckland. He moved from Auckland to Gisborne in 1877, taking up the post of harbormaster. He was here for several years before bringing his family out from 'Home'. Part Proprietor of the Masonic Hotel, purchased the Povery Bay Herald, erected the brewery at West End, local agent for the Public Trusee, deputy coroner, chairman of the Gisborne Gas Company, Justice of the Peace, promoter of the Bowling CLub, Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute. He left 4 sons and 1 daughter: Edmund James Chrisp (1863-1938) of Messrs Chrisp and Coleman, Captain Arthur Dawson Chrisp (1868-1934), for many years in the Union Caompany's service, Walter Henry Chrisp (1869-1956), secretary of the Poverty Bay Herald Company, Ernest Chrisp (1871), solicitor and Mary Elizabeth Marshall (1860-1943) at New Plymouth. He other children predeased him, Emman Jane (1862-?) & Thomas (1866-1866)

John DELANY - Tauranga
James DONOVAN - Tauranga

James EASTON - Pukekohe, Auckland (to Raglan)

Daniel FARROW (1808-1885) - Tauranga
-- *On 1 Nov 1881 an old man named Daniel Farrow, aged 75 (sic), had his thigh broken by tripping across the string of a kite in the street as he walked up Victoria-street in the direction of Hobson-street. He was removed to the hospital where he is lying in a precarious condition
Alexander FULLARTON - Tauranga

Francis Coleman HALLOWES (1837-1908) - Tauranga
-- *on 5 May 1865, Ensign Francis Coleman Hallowes to be Lieutenant. On 29 Aug 1904 Francis's old age pension was renewed and he received 18 a year, an equivalent of $3000 in 2012, or $57 per week
William HANSON - Tauranga
William HARESNAPE (1816-1899) - Upper Queen-street, Auckland to Raglan
Henry HASELL (1827-1903) - West Queen-street to Newcastle
William HEATH - Tauranga
James HOPCRAFT (1842-1879) - Te Papa, Tauranga
-- *On October 17 1872, at the Church of St Matthias, Panmure, by the Rev F. Gould, James Hopcraft, marriage to Emily, eldest surviving daughter of Isaac Richardson Vialou Esq., Hamilton Waikato. *On August 8 1873, at Richmond-street, Shortland, the wife of James Hopcraft of a son. *On 2 July 1874, at Eyre-street, Shortland, the wife of James Hopcraft of a daughter. On Jun 11 1876, at Eyre-street, Shortland, the wife of James Hopcraft of a son. *On July 30 1878 at Eyre-street (Beach), Shortland, the wife of James Hopcraft of a daughter. *On March 10 1879, at his residence, Eyre-street, Shortland, after a short illness, Mr James Hopcrat, aged 37 years. Mr Hopcraft was the editor of the evening paper here 'the Thames Star', and was formally of Dunedin. (James, and a brother Joseph Hopcraft (1839-1899) arrived into Dunedin on Feb 27 on the 'Palmyra'). His brother Joseph, a Bricklayer & Plasterer, remained in Dunedin, married Margaret Armour in 1864 and had at least 7 children. Joseph died in Perth, West Australia of typhoid fever, 25 March 1899 aged 60

John IRWIN - Tauranga

Charles JOHNSON - Tauranga
Charles JOHNSON - Tauranga

William James LEES - Auckland
George LEMAN - Tauranga
George H. LIGAR - Waiwera, Putahui

John McLEOD - Tauranga
John McLEOD - Helensville, Kaipara
Andrew MERCER (1830-1902) - Upper Queen-street, Auckland (to Raglan)
John Roderick MILLER - Tauranga

Henry NICOL - Auckland
Thomas NORRIE (1826-1905) - Papakura
Ebenezer Goddard NORRIS (1830-1890) - Parnell, Auckland
-- *on July 22 1868, at St Mary's Church, Parnell, by the Rev Dr Maunsell, Ebenezer Goddard Norris, Esq., of Tauranga, to Amelia Harriet, daughter of the late Captain Colin Campbell, of Auckland. *In 1880 he was in Te Papa District, Tauranga when he was granted a renewal of a liquor license for his wholesale store in Wharf-street. *In 1889 he was an agent and representative of the NZ Insurabce Company in Tauranga

James PALMER - Tauranga
George PEARSON - Naval Hotel, Auckland
William John PEEK (1828-1910) - Builder, Otahuhu
Thomas POLLOCK - Great South Road, Auckland
Alfred PRICE - Tauranga

William RATTRAY - Auckland (to Raglan)
Claude Corbyn RAWLINGS (1845-1905) - Tauranga
-- *on the 5th March 1905, at Towai, Bay of Island, Claude Corbyn Rawlings, second son of the late Benjamin William Rawlings, solicitor of Bedford Row, Londson and Romford, Essex, in his 61st year
George REDFERN (1829-1882) - Tauranga
-- *on the 10 April 1882, at his residence, Second Avenue, Tauranga, George Redfern; aged 53 years - Melbourne papers please copy. The Funeral of the late Mr George Redfern 'Shuff', the old Victorian digger, will leave his late residence, Second Avenue, at 3 o'clock for the New Cemetery
Michael REID - Tauranga
William RUNE - Tauranga
Henry ROBERTS - Drury
Gilliam Hector ROSS - Tauranga
Walter RUNCIMAN - Drury

George Holmes SELBY - Papatoitoi (already on East Roll)
Alexander SELLARS - Tauranga
Daniel SELLARS (1830-1880) - Tauranga
-- Daniel married Jane Faulkner in 1857 & had at least 7 children.
*On 14 Nov 1863 Danile Sellars, sworn in court, stated "I am master of the schooner "Tauranga', lying at Auckland harbour. On Wednesday night last I was in bed at my residence in Wellesley-street ... Edward Sellars, sworn stated "I am a brother of the last witness, I was at his house on Wednesday night, and the defendant, Neill Hendry is a cousin. *On April 11 1869, at his father's residence, Hobson-street, George Alexander, youngest son of Captain Daniel Sellars, of the s.s. Tauranga, aged 13 months. *On September 22 1880, at his residence, Devonport Road, Tauranga, Captain Daniel Sellars, in his 50th year. *On 8 July 1884, Mrs Sellars died, wife of the late Captain Daniel Sellars, Master Mariner, of the Northern s.s. Company.
The Death of Captain Sellars
Edward SELLARS - Tauranga
Richard Barcham SHALDERS (1824-1914) - Onehunga
-- *on 18 Feb 1885 Richard entered into partnership as Drapers, Millinrs, Mercers etc with Alfred Barcham Shalders, James Goodall Brown & Edward Albert Brown and they leased the premises at 204 & 206 Queen-street that was once occupied by J. Cosgrave and Co
Frederick Adolphus Fitzgerald SOMERSET (1839-1867) - Tauranga
-- *On June 10, at the Militia Hospital, Tauranga, of fever and effusion of blood on the brain, Frederick Adolphus Fitzgerald Somerset, aged 38 years
Andrew SPIERING - Tauranga
-- *in Oct 1876 Andrew Spiering, Nursery & Seedsman, sold his 'Bay of Plenty Nursery", Hairini Road, Tauranga to Thomas J. Booth
William G. STEVENSON - Tauranga
William STEWART - Tauranga

Benjamin TAYLOR - Auckland
George TYRELL - Tauranga

Richard WALLEN (1830-1912) - Howick, Auckland (now in Pensioner Settlements)
-- *Richard & his wife Elizabeth (1839-1877) arrived into Auckland in Sep 1855 on the 'Egmont'. *In May 1891 Richard's dwelling (of 4 rooms) at Mason's Bay, Howick was burnt to the ground. He was a widower by then. *In 1896 he was residing at Alfred Buckland's farm at Tamaki when he was thrown from his horse and was rendered unconscious for a time
Samuel WELLS - Wellesley street (already on the roll)
Thomas WILLIAMS - Hobson-street, Auckland

TAURANGA c1870-1880

from the site Museum of New Zealand

CAULFIELD War Memorial WWI - T+U+V

see A names for introduction to the journal:

A ... B ... C ... D ... E + F ... G ... H ... I+J+K
L ... M ... N+O+P ... R+S ... T+U+V ... W+Y

any SOLDIER known to have died as a POW is indicated by *

... T ...
TAYLOR, Clarence Churchill Julius - Private 2025
- born in Melbourne
- a Hairdresser of Oakleigh, Victoria
- served with 14 Infantry Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 17 April 1915 on HMAT Hororata
- mother, Adelaide Taylor, Carlisle Crescent, Oakleigh
- DIED 7 August 1916 in France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* more to be added

TAYLOR, George Geoffrey - Gunner 7447
- born Elmore, Victoria
- enlisted from Warwick Farm, NSW
- served with 14th Battery 5th Brigade Australian Field Artillery
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, George Henry Taylor
- died 26 Aug 1917 in Belgium aged
- Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Belgium
* more to be added

TEMPANY, Albert Roy - Gunner 955
- born Melbourne
- served with 103rd Howitzer Battery 3rd AFA Brigade Australian Field Artillery
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, Henry Tempany
- KILLED IN ACTION 7 Aug 1916 in France aged
- Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boiselle, France
* more to be added

TIERNEY, Andrew James - Private 256
- born in Melbourne
- served with 6th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- mother, E. Tierney
- KILLED IN ACTION 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli aged
- Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
* more to be added

TILLY, Rupert James - Trooper 29
- sometimes seen as Tilley
- born in Melbourne, he attended St.Peters University High School
- Rupert was a Railway employee & later had a farm at Yarragon, Gippsland
- served with 4th Australian Light Horse
- embarked from Melbourne 19 Oct 1914 on HMAT Wiltshire
- mother, Elizabeth Tilly of 25 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
- also, son of James & Elizabeth Tilly, "Vilette," 131 Hotham St, St. Kilda East
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 30 Nov 1915 at Gallipoli aged 26
- Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* more to be added

TOMKINS, Leslie Cecil - Private 4554
- born in Sydney
- enlisted from Broadmeadows, Victoria
- served with 23rd Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- wife, Grace Annie Tomkins
- died 11 Oct 1917 in Belgium aged
- Nine Elms British Cemetery, Belgium

TONKS, Henry Alfred Charles - Lieutenant
- born Burrumbuttock NSW
- enlisted from Melbourne
- served with Australian Flying Corps
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, James Tonks
- died 21 June 1917 in Belgium aged
- Harlebeke New British Cemetery, Belgium
* more to be added

TOPP, Samuel James - Lieutenant
- born 17 May 1880, Samuel was a Clerk of Elsternwick
- he married Gladys Ellen BONNER (1889-1930), in 1915. Daughter of Frank Albert BONNER & Annie Victoria WILSON
- served with 58th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 11 Oct 1915 on HMAT Nestor
- wife, Gladys Ellen Topp, 24 North road, Brighton
- mother, M. Topp, Shoobra Rd, Elsternwick
- KILLED IN ACTION 12 May 1917 in Bullecourt, France on his 37 birthday
- buried in a Front Line Trench see links at end
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* medium height, stout, fair
The Argus 23 May 1917
... TOPP - Killed in action May 12, 1917, somewhere in France, Lieutenant Samuel James Topp, loved husband, of Gladys E. Topp, 24 North road, Brighton, aged 37 years
... TOPP - On the 17th May (his birthday), killed in action, somewhere in France, Lieut. Samuel James Topp, dearly beloved younger son of Mrs TOPP of Elsternwick, and the late Horatio Topp, of Caulfield. "So dearley loved, so sadly mourned."
* eye witness accounts
... I saw him killed at Bullecourt. He was caught by a sniper bullet. Death was instantaneous. I knew him very well, he was a very popular officer and was very well liked by all the boys in the Coy
... I was with him when he was killed at Bullecourt on May 12th after we had taken our objective. He got up in the trench to point something out to Lt. Syder and a sniper shot him
... He was about 26. He was acting C.C. of C. Coy at Bullecourt on the morning of the 12th May, we were attacking. We lay down in No Man's Land in shell holes. I was near Lieut. Topp, he looked over the top of the shell hole and a sniper got him
... because of very heavy shelling he could not be taken back to a soldiers cemetery and was buried in an isolated grave in a Front Line Trench
* Gladys next married Cyril Crossley JAMES (1886-1958) in Victoria in 1924 and they moved to Launceston, Tasmania & both buried at Carr Villa Cemetery

TRAVERS, Geoffrey - (prov) Corporal 367
- sometimes written Jefferey
- Jefferey was born in Armidale, Melbourne, son of Dr. Geoffrey Frederick TRAVERS (1857-1931) & Ida C. S. REID (1866-1912) of Bedford Rd., Ringwood (Ida is buried at St Kilda)
- he attended Haileybury College Brighton Beach, Victoria
- Geoffrey was a Jackaroo of Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
- served with 9 Light Horse Regiment
- embarked from Melbourne 11 Feb 1915 on HMAT Karroo
- father, G. F. Travers, Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 11 Aug 1916 in Pasestine, Egypt aged 23
- Row A, Grave No. 119 Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
* more to be added

TREADGOLD, Charles Ashbourne - Corporal 528
- born Melbourne, brother of Newton Costell below
- enlisted from Prahan
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- mother, Ellen Maria Threadgold
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 27 Nov 1915 in Gallipoli aged
- Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* more to be added

TREADGOLD, Newton Costell - Gunner 1139
- born in Melbourne, brother of Charles Ashbourne above
- Newton was a Wood turner of Victoria St, Elsernwick
- served with 2 Field Artillery Brigade
- embarked from Melbourne 20 Oct 1914 on HMAT Shropshire
- mother, Ellen Treadgold, Victori St, Elsternwick
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 14 April 1917 in France aged 23
- Red Cross Corner Cemetery, Beugny, France
* more to be added

... U ...
URQUHART, George Frederick - Private 6910
- born in Malvern
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- mother, Daisy Urquhart
- died 1 Sep 1918 in France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* more to be added

... V ...
VINCENT, Frederick Leslie - Corporal 2825
- born in Melbourne
- served with 59th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- wife, Ethel Maud Vincent
- KILLED IN ACTION 24 April 1918 in France aged
- Adelaide Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, France
* more to be added

Second Battle of Bullecourt (317 May 1917)
see Samuel James Topp

Australia's bravest Digger could be found in mass grave in France
... A forgotten document that describes the fate of hundreds of Diggers massacred at Bullecourt has helped identify the location of more mass graves in France and researchers want government help to conduct ground radar searches of two sites

More fallen diggers found at Bullecourt
... They were buried where they lay. Not in mass graves prepared by the Germans, but in haste, by fellow diggers who pushed dirt in on top of the crater where their dead companions had been taking shelter, and then fled. And there they are believed to remain, up to 13 Australian soldiers, interred in a nameless pit beneath a road in northern France

Scarred ground still gives up its secrets
... "Each year the plough blades bring to the surface unexploded shells, scrap metal, the bones of lost soldiers"

The inscription on a memorial marker at Bullecourt reads:
"To the glory of God and in the memory of 2423 officers and other ranks serving the Australian Imperial Forces who fell in these fields and have no known grave,
April - May 1917, RIP".

HOWIE who served New Zealand WWI & II

the HOWIE soldiers who served their country during wars I & II
- taken from Auckland War Memorial Museum and will not be comprehensive -
If you would like others added please leave a comment (added after verified)

ALEXANDER WILLIAM Howie (1890-1967)
* served as: Trooper 13/2204
* with: Auckland Mounted Rifles, 6th Reinforcements, Auckland
* enlisted from: Motumaoha, Morrinsville
* embarkation: 14 August 1915 from Wellington
* next of kin: W. Howie, Motumaoha, Morrinsville,
* parents: William HOWIE & Emily Martha Gill ALLSWORTH (1856-1948)
... NOTES ...
* slightly wounded left foot Dec 15 1915
* brother Alfred killed in action Gallipoli 25 April 1915 (next)
* Alexander married Constance BISHOP (1899-1998) in 1920
* Alexander's siblings:
* 1888 - 1972 Lily Emily Howie (m.Charles Henry McINTYRE 1912)
* 1890 - 1967 Alexander William Howie
* 1891 - 1984 George Ralph Allsworth Howie (m.Bretta COLLARD 1919)
* 1894 - 1918 Alfred John Douglas Howie (see next)
* 1895 - 1895 Annie Beatrice Howie (aged 16 weeks)
* 1898 - 1981 Leslie Edwin Howie (m.Mildred Rosalinda CLARKE 1928)

ALFRED JOHN DOUGLAS Howie (1894-1915)
* served as: Sergeant 12/363
* with: Auckland Infantry Battalion, Main Body
* enlisted from: Motumaoha, Morrinsville
* embarkation: 16 October 1914 from Auckland
* next of kin: Mrs W. Howie, Moorhouse, Motumaoha, Morrinsville
* parents: William HOWIE & Emily Martha Gill ALLSWORTH
... NOTES ...
* Height: 5' 6" (1.6764m), Weight: 142 pounds (64.41kg)
* born in Patea, brother of Alexander William Howie above
* Attested at rank Private 11 August 1914; promoted to Sergeant 17 August 1914;
Declared missing from April 25th 1915
* reported missing April 25 to May 13 1915
* KILLED IN ACTION 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli
* MEMORIAL: 72 at Lone Pine Memorial, Anzac, Turkey

ANDREW Howie (1887-1957)
* served as: Lance Corporal 8/2954
* with: Otago Infantry Battalion, 7th Reinforcements
* enlisted from: 6 Sydney Street, North Invercargill
* embarkation: 9 October 1915 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs A. R. Howie (mother), 6 Sydney St, North Invercargill
* parents: Andrew Robertson (1854-1950) & Helen (1855-1930) Howie
... NOTES ...
* brother of William Howie below
* possibly born in Scotland
* possibly arrived on the steamer Devon into Auckland 11 Sep 1907, 1 of the 12 on board (from a total of 157 immigrants) who were bound for Port Chalmers
* Andrew married Robina Agnes PADGET (1895-1979) in 1921
- 4th of 7 children of Samuel Leonard PADGET & Mary Robina KAE

* served as: Private 8/1264
* with: Otago Infantry Battalion, 2nd Reinforcements
* enlisted from: Kelvin Street, Invercargill
* embarkation: 14 December 1914 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs Eva Howie (wife), Kelvin St, Invercargill
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* Otago Daily Times 20 Oct 1916 BACK FROM THE WAR on the hospital ship Marama: 8/1264 Howie, A. J. (Mrs E. Howie, Invercargill)
* Archie J.? Archibald J.? & Eva not found after this
* there was an Andrew Howie at Coal Creek, West Coast
* Archibald Howie deaths on BDM as possibilities:
1881 - 1972 Archibald Howie
1887 - 1945 Archibald Howie

CHARLES Howie (1885-1918)
* served as: Private 62322
* with: NZEF, 30th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
* occupation: Farmer
* embarkation: 13 October 1917 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs E. Howie (mother), Woodlands, Okotuku, Wanganui
* parents: Alexander HOWIE & Ellen HOOK
... NOTES ...
* Wanganui Herald 10 Oct 1878 HOWIE-HOOK, On the 9th inst, at Wanganui, by the Rev James Treadwell, Alexander Howie, junr., of Waverley, to Ellen Hook, of Wanganui. [Auckland papers please copy]
* born 30 Jan 1885 at Waverley, twin with Edwin Victor Howie
* KILLED IN ACTION 8 Oct 1918 Le Cateau, France aged 33
* I. B. 45. HONNECHY British Cemetery (Nord France)
* Wanganui Chronicle 22 Oct 1918 HOWIE - Killed in Action in France, on 8th October, Charles Howie, second son of Alexander and Ellen Howie, of Waverley
* Charles's siblings:
* 1879 - ? Alice Maude Howie (m.George Thomas KERR 1907)
* 1880 - ? Frederick Alexander Howie
* 1882 - 1964 Florence Annie Howie (m.Herbert Thomas AMON 1911)
* 1883 - ? Ada Kate Howie
* 1885 - 1918 Charles Howie (twin with Edwin)
* 1885 - 1968 Edwin Victor Howie (twin with Charles, also served)
* 1887 - 1954 Clara Ellen Howie
* 1889 - ? Anna Margaret Howie (born 9 May, twin with Lucy)
* 1889 - 1942 Lucy Mary Howie (born 9 May, twin with Anna)
* 1890 - 1898 Jessie Edith Howie (died aged 7.3 at Woodland, Waverley)
* 1892 - 1939 Richard Arthur Howie (m. Florence Bridget OUTTRAM 1919)

EDWIN VICTOR Howie (1885-1969)
* served as: Trooper 11/2321
* with: NZEF, Wellington Mounted Rifles, B Squadron, 10th reinforcements
* occupation: Farmer
* embarkation: 4 March 1916 from Wellington
* next of kin: John Howie (father), Waverley, Taranaki (see notes)
* parents: Alexander HOWIE & Ellen HOOK
... NOTES ...
* born 30 Jan 1885 at Waverley, twin with Charles Howie. At next of kin it lists his father as John Howie (maybe his father was also known as John Alexander or Alexander John)
* 2 Sep 1909 Messrs James and Gillman, land agents, Hawera, report an increasing demand in all classes of real estate ... sold Mr E. V. Howie's sheep run of 645 acres, Pirongia to an Eltham settler ... 300 acres of sheep country, Waitotara, sold to Mr E. V. Nowie of Pirongia
* 11 Nov 1915 The following men from the Patea and Waverley district will leave for Trentham Camp to join the 19th Reinforcements on Monday-next, 15th inst... Mounted: E. V. Howie, Waverley
* Edwin died 1 April 1969 & buried Te Awamutu cemetery

GRAHAM CARGILL Howie (1921-1945)
* served as: Flight Lieutenant NZ416118
* with: Royal New Zealand Air Force, 16 Squadron
* enlisted from: unknown
* campaign: Pacific
* next of kin: Norman & Enid Howie of Kiwitahi, Morrinsville
* parents: Norman James Alexander HOWIE (1892-1973) & Enid Lois CARGILL (1895-1985). Enid was a daughter of Isabella Emily Nicol & William Clement Cargill who was the proprietor/editor of the 'Wairarapa Star' (he later changed the name to the 'Wairarapa Age'), the 'Weekly Star' & the 'Eketahuna Mail' from 1892-1902 then later the 'Patea County Press' which was published Mon, Wed & Fridays & the 'Pukekohe Times'. They later moved to Wanganui where he was a member of the Wanganui Education Board. They moved to Morrinsville and he was the Managing Director of the Cargill Publishing Company which published the 'Morrinsville Star', the 'Matamata Record' and the 'Putaruru Press'. He was an avid tennis & cricket player and represented Wairarapa, Wanganui and Taranaki
... NOTES ...
* Graham died on active service over the Pacific on 13 June 1945 aged 24 & buried Grave 5.02 at Bourail New Zealand War Cemetery, New Caledonia

HAROLD GEORGE Howie (1893-1971)
* served as: Corporal 12/2622
* with: Auckland Infantry Battalion, 6th Reinforcements
* enlisted from: Morrinsville, Waikato
* embarkation: 14 August 1915 from Wellington
* next of kin: George Howie (father), Morrinsville
* parents: George HOWIE (1856-1935) & Helen Catherine MATHIESON (1867-1950)
... NOTES ...
* mothers name was Helen or Hellen or Ellen
* he had a sister, 1890-1853 Margaret Jane Mathieson Howie who married Vincent William SIMMS (1889-1952) in 1912
* 7 May 1915 TRENTHAM CAMP APPOINTMENTS OF N.C.O's - A. Company, 6th Reinforcements - Lance-Corporal H. G. Howie to be Corporal
* 25 Oct 1916 Reported dangerously ill from wounds
* 13 Nov 1916 Removed from the dangerously ill list
* 13 Feb 1917 Reported seriously ill
* 21 Feb 1917 Removed from seriously ill list
* Harold married Gladys Henley PHILPOTT (1897-1970) in 1920
* 15 March 1920 A popular wedding took place at Knox Presbyterian Church, Morrinsville, on Wednesday the 11th, when Mr H. G. Howie, second son of Mr and Mrs G. Gowie of Morrinsville, was married to Miss Gladys H. Philpott, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Philpott, also of Morrinsville. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attended by her cousin, Miss R. Henley, of Auckland, as bridesmaid and the best man was Mr P. Balme

* served as: Private SA2791
* with: Reserves sailing with 5th, South African War
* enlisted from: unknown
* embarkation: on the 'Waimate' 31 March 1900 from Wellington
* next of kin: not known
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* the Waimate sailed with the Wellington, Nelson & West Coast districts Contingents with 13 officers, 268 men (71 Reserves) & 233 horses. Originally the Fifth Contingent was raised in response to a British request for 500 mounted troops who would be able to serve with already established British units.
* wonderfully descriptive story on the embarkation and departure of the Waimate
... here the last farewells were said. It was a few minutes to 3 when the men for the Waimate started to march through the last barricade on the wharf. A party of three or four girls who had taken up a station by the gangway of this troopship were kissed and kissed again and yet again, by departing "Tommies". Another fair maid ruined an attractive white muslin dress by scrambling up the ships' side and on to the top of the horse-boxes for a final embrace from her departing soldier boy ...

JAMES ARCHIBALD Howie (1888-1952)
* served as: Private 71018
* with: NZEF, 37th Reinforcements Specialists Company
* enlisted from: unknown
* embarkation: 16 May 1918 from Wellington
* next of kin: David Howie (father), Kaitangata, Otago
* parents: David HOWIE (1861-1943) & Margaret McPherson DOBBIE (1864-1929)
... NOTES ...
* James married Ivy Charlotte Swift MARSH (1894-1959) 1924
* James (& his parents) buried Te Awamutu
* James's siblings:
* 1885 - 1889 Elizabeth Steel Howie (died aged 4)
* 1886 - ? John Howie
* 1888 - 1952 James Archibald Howie
* 1890 - 1910 Hugh Howie (died aged 19)
* 1892 - 1975 Catherine Hendrie Howie (m.Arthur Richard THOMAS 1915)
* 1894 - 1990 William Andrew Howie (also served, see below)
* 1895 - 1966 Robert Howie (also served, see below)
* 1901 - ? Margaret McPherson Dobbie Howie (m.John Edward Higgins SULLIVAN 1919)

JAMES FRANK Howie (1920-2009)
* served as: Lance Corporal 458985
* with: New Zealand Infantry Brigade, 2nd NZEF
* enlisted from: Koeke, Taihape
* embarkation: the 2nd embarked 1 April - 30 June 1943
* next of kin: Mr F. R. Howie (father), Wharenui, Taihape
* parents: possibly Frank Randolph HOWIE (1885-1979) & Florence May AMADIO (1885-1960)
... NOTES ...
* James died 17 July 2009 aged 89 in Taupo (as did Frank Randolph), Florence May died in Taihape

JAMES LESLIE Howie (1893-1918)
* served as: Private 12/748
* with: Auckland Infantry Battalion, 2nd Battalion
* enlisted from: c/o *Mrs E. A. Cain, Gordonton, Waikato
* embarkation: 16 October 1914 from Auckland
* next of kin: J. Howie (father), Ohiro Rd, Brooklyn, Wellington
* parents: James HOWIE (1867-1926) & Ana WHITE (1867-1951)
... NOTES ...
* James was KILLED IN ACTION 1 Sep 1918 Havrincourt, France aged 25
* husband of Margaret K. Howie, 166, West Graham St, Glasgow, Scotland
* Special Mem. C. 15. Bancourt British Cemetery
* 19 Sep 1918 CASUALTY AT THE FRONT - Private James Leslie Howie, reported killed in action in Franc on 31st August, was the only son of Mr James Howie, of Ohiro-road. He was a native of Wellington and received his education at the Brooklyn School and Wellington College. At the time of his enlistment he was engaged in farming pursuits n the Waikato. He left with the Main Body, was at the landing at Gallipoli, and afterwards served in France, where he was wounded at the battle of the Somme. Private Howie was invalided to England, and after recovery proceeded again to France, where he remained till the end came. The school flag at Brooklyn on Wednesday was hoisted out of respect to the memory of the deceased soldier and old scholar
* Mrs E. A. Cain is listed on a number of soldiers who left for war. She was possibly Elizabeth Anne SIDWELL who married William George Cain in 1885. These men would have worked for them (Gordonton being chiefly a farming area)
* his parents were cremated at Karori
* James's siblings:
* 1893 - 1918 James Leslie Howie
* 1895 - Alice Irene Howie (m.William Leslie SCADDEN 1923)
* 1898 - Ana Elvira Howie (m.Hilton Palmer SECKER 1922)
* 1907 - Erica Brantsby Howie (m.Bertram Charles GINDERS 1926)

JOSEPH COLQUHOUN Howie (1888-1915)
* served as: Trooper 11/641
* with: Wellington Mounted Rifles, Main Body
* enlisted from: Kaponga, Taranaki
* embarkation: 16 October 1914 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs M. Howie (mother), North End, Invercargill
* parents: Joseph Colguhoun (1854-1912) & Margaret Ward (1855-1938) HOWIE
... NOTES ...
* KILLED IN ACTION Gallipoli 9 August 1915 aged 28
* Joe Colquhoun & Margaret Howie of 201 Bowmont St, Enwood, Invercargill
* MEMORIAL: Panel 5 at Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial, Chunuk Bair Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* brother of Nicolas Ward Howie (see siblings below)
* his father died suddenly of heart failure on 7 Feb 1912 whilst riding home on his bicycle from an exciting day of bowls in the Four Rink Championship at Invercargill. He was 58. He left a widow and "grown up family"
* some of the family at Wellington
* Joseph's siblings:
* 1884 - 1953 Thomas Howie
* 1886 - 1950 Margaret Howie (married Samuel IRWIN 1913)
* 1887 - 1915 Joseph Colquhoun Howie
* 1890 - 1945 Nicholas Ward Howie (m.Frances Amy MUTCH 1920)
* 1891 - 1962 Agnes Martin Howie (m.John HAMILTON 1920)

JOHN KENWARD 'Jack' Howie (1918-2009)
* served as: Signalman 34912
* with: Second NZEF, 2 Divisional Signals
* enlisted from: 75 Brougham St, Mount Victoria, Wellington
* embarkation: the 2nd embarked 1 April - 30 June 1943
* next of kin: Alison Howie (wife), 19 Joll St, Karori, Wellington
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* Jack married Alison NICOLL, daughter of George Sutherland NICOLL (1876-1950) & Alice May SINNET (1880-1946), early settlers of Wellington, living in Joll Street when there was about 500 people in Karori. George Nicoll was a well-known horticulturist, was first secretary of the Karori Horticultural Society and later became president
* Jack died 30 Jan 2009 in Pakuranga, Auckland aged 91

JOHN RUSKIN Howie (1896-1966)
* served as: Sergeant 43891
* with: NZEF, 32nd Reinforcements New Zealand Field Artillery
* occupation: Commercial traveller
* embarkation: 21 November 1917 from Wellington
* next of kin: John Howie (father), Waikiwi, Invercargill
* parents: John HOWIE & Margaret Wright TODD (1869-1941)
... NOTES ...
* brother of William Gladstone Howie below
* John's siblings:
* 1889 - 1972 Helen Merrie Howie (m.Francis Cecil LOPDELL 1923)
* 1891 - 1967 Elizabeth Wright Howie (m.Frederick John Charles WILSON 1921)
* 1893 - 1918 William Gladstone Howie (also served)
* 1895 - 1960 Mary Findlay Howie (m.John Willet WITHELL 1923)
* 1896 - 1966 John Ruskin Howie
* 1898 - 1980 James Jefferies Howie (m.Alice Evelina ANDERSON 1925)
* 1900 - 1968 Arthur Hallam Howie
* 1902 - 1936 Alfred Tennyson Howie (Dr Howie died Cromwell, buried Auckland)
* 1905 - 1990 Allan Ramsay Howie (m.Mary Jane VICKER 1931)
* 1908 - ? Margaret Wright Howie

KENNETH BURR Howie (1892-1915)
* served as: Sergeant 11/535
* with: Wellington Mounted Rifles, Main Body
* enlisted from: No. 2 Line, Wanganui,
* embarkation: 16 October 1914 from Wellington
* next of kin: Thomas William Howie, 'Learney' No. 2 Line, Wanganui
* parents: Thomas William 'Willie'HOWIE (1865-1941) & Annie Catherine Harvey BURR (1870-1954)
... NOTES ...
* Wanganui Chronicle 14 Oct 1891 HOWIE-BURR, At the residence of the bride's parents, Rawene, Hokianga, on the 14th october, Thomas William Howie to Annie Catherine Burr
* Kenneth attended Matarawa School
* he was KILLED IN ACTION 17 Aug 1915 Gallipoli aged 22
* Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial, Hill 60 Cemetery, Turkey
* Kenneth's siblings:
* 1892 - 1915 Kenneth Burr Howie
* 1894 - 1978 Margaret Jane Howie
* 1898 - 1979 Bessie Young Howie
* 1898 - 1898 unnamed baby Howie (died aged 4 hours)
* 1900 - ? Ellen Gordon Howie
* 1907 - 1991 John Alexander Howie
* 1911 - 1997 Isabel Annie Catherine Howie

NICHOLAS WARD Howie (1889-1945)
* served as: Private 59650
* with: NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
* occupation: Carpenter
* embarkation: 31 December 1917 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs Margaret Ward Howie (mother), c/o Mrs S. Irwin, Carlton Avenue, Gonville, Wanganui (home of daughter Margaret)
* parents: Joseph Colguhoun (1854-1912) & Margaret Ward (1855-1938) HOWIE
... NOTES ...
* brother of Joseph Colquhoun Howie (1887-1915) above
* Evening Post 27 Feb 1945 HOWIE - The Friends of the late Nicholas Ward Howie, No. 59650, of 133 Darlington Rd., Miramar, are invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave our Chapel, 25 Kent Tce., Tomorrow (Wednesday), February 28, 1945, at the conclusion of the Service, which commences at 10 a.m., for the Soldiers Cemetery, Karori. E. Morris, jun., Ltd
their siblings:
* 1886 - 1950 Margaret Howie (married Samuel IRWIN 1913)
* 1887 - 1915 Joseph Colquhoun Howie
* 1890 - 1945 Nicholas Ward Howie (m.Frances Amy MUTCH 1920)
* 1891 - 1962 Agnes Martin Howie (m.John HAMILTON 1920)

NORMAN Howie (1877-1964)?
* served as: Rifleman 29405
* with: NZRB, 12th Reinforcements 1st Battalion, E Company
* occupation: Farmer
* embarkation: 11 October 1916 from Wellington
* next of kin: J.M. Howie (father), Ironmaster, 56 Sholebroke Avenue, Leeds, England
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* Norman possibly married Leah Elizabeth CLARK (1905-1972) in 1928

OLIVER GEORGE Howie (1895-1972)
* served as: Private 12/3689
* with: NZEF, 9th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company
* occupation: Clerk
* embarkation: 8 January 1916 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs H. Howie (mother), Ormond, Gisborne
* parents: James Oliver HOWIE (1863-1941) & Helen Eugene (nee MURPHY, formerly HARPER 1867-1934)
... NOTES ...
* Oliver's mother Helen had first married James Davidson Harper (1852-1893, schoolmaster of Ormond School, Gisborne, buried Makaraka) on 24 Sep 1887. Their son, Lance Corporal 14808, Walter Charles Harper was killed in action Ypres, 12 Oct 1917 aged 27. Helen next married James Oliver Howie on 26 March 1895. She next married Lionel MacLean. Helen is buried with her 2nd husband, James Howie, Plot 18, Block ORM2 at Ormond cemetery
* Oliver married Mabel Elizabeth EADE (1897-1970) in 1923
* they are buried together Plot 434, Block 28 at Taruheru cemetery
* Oliver's siblings:
* 1895 - 1972 Oliver George Howie
* 1900 - 1984 Inez Rose Howie (died Gisborne 3 May 1984 as MacLean)
* 1904 - 1969 Clarence Bernard Howie
* Oliver's step siblings:
* 1888 - 1972 Arthur Reginald Harper
* 1890 - 1917 Walter Charles Harper

* served as: Private 10/3910
* with: NZEF, 10th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company
* occupation: Mill Hand
* embarkation: 4 March 1916 from Wellington
* next of kin: Andrew Howie (brother), Dartford Heath, Dartford, Kent England
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* 17 June 1916 Reported wounded, admitted to hospital, Peter Howie, upper extremities, compound fracture, June 5 - H. A. Howie, Dartford Heath, Kent, England (brother)
* 5 July 1922 ANZAC DAY Commemorations in Britain - Mr Peter Howie, late of the New Zealand Infantry, who has his home at Walton-on-Thames, has written to the local paper thanking the people for their great interest in the day of remembrance. "I shall be pleased," he says, "if you will allow me to express, on behalf of the ex-New Zealand soldiers living in Walton and district, our sincere thanks to the St John Ambulance Corps, the British Legion and other ex-service men, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, the band, the inhabitants of Walton, etc., who turned out in such large numbers on Anzac Day to do honour to our brave comrades from New Zealand who died for the right. It would have warmed the hearts of our kith and kin in New Zealand if they could have been present to have seen the loyalty shown, and the beautiful floral tributes placed on the graves in the local cemetery. Walton has not forgotten Anzac Day."

RAYMOND BEATON Howie (1896-1918)
* served as: Private 70698
* with: NZEF, 37th Reinforcements A Company
* occupation: Labourer
* embarkation: 9 May 1918 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs T. Howie (mother), Hunterville
* parents: Thomas Higgie Ironside HOWIE (1862-1908) & Elspeth Graham WATT (1865-1954). Elspeth was a child of Alexander WATT & Ann GERRIE from Scotland who arrived on the Queen of the Avon in 1859 then sailed up to Wanganui on the schooner Tyne
... NOTES ...
* Raymond was KILLED IN ACTION 26 Oct 1918 Le Cateau, France aged 21
* Grave I. D. 7. at RUESNES Communal Cemetery, Nord, France
* Raymond's siblings:
* 1891 - 1893 Algernon Watt Howie (died aged 2)
* 1892 - 1892 Bramwell Howie (died aged 14 days)
* 1894 - 1945 Naomi Irene Howie (m.John Arthur HUNTER 1921)
* 1896 - 1918 Raymond Beaton Howie
* 1899 - 1966 Beryl Elsie Howie
* 1901 - 1995 Coral Annie Howie (m.Cuthbert HOLLOBON 1930)
* 1904 - 1996 Gavin Charles Watt Howie (m.Nora Edith WRIGHT 1927)
* 1906 - ? Selby David Howie (m.Doris Jane PATERSON (1911-1934) 1931)

ROBERT Howie (1895-1966)
* served as: Private 54186
* with: NZEF, 29th Reinforcements Specialists Company, Machine-Gun Section
* occupation: Trucker
* embarkation: 15 August 1917 from Wellington
* next of kin: David Howie (father), Salcombe Street, Kaitangata
* parents: David HOWIE (1861-1943) & Margaret McPherson DOBBIE (1864-1929)
... NOTES ...
* brother of James Archibald Howie above
* died 2 May 1966 in Dunedin

ROBERT AXEL Howie (1909-1941)
* served as: Sergeant 23430
* with: 2nd NZEF, 11 Forestry Company, 23 Infantry Battalion
* enlisted from: Tokanui, Southland
* embarkation: the 2nd embarked 1 April - 30 June 1943
* next of kin: Mrs S. M. Howie (wife), 292 Elles Rd, Invercargill
* parents: Alexander Hutchinson HOWIE (1882-1962) & Maud May CLARK (1881-1941) from Victoria, Australia who married in Melbourne in 1903 then moved to Dunedin & Wellington
... NOTES ...
* had a brother Stanley James Howie (1907-1966), died in Dunedin
* Robert married Rita June/Jane CLELLAND (1911-1936) in 1931. He possibly remarried to the above S. M. Howie between 1936-1941
* Robert died on active service 21 May 1941 in Crete aged 32
* Memorial: Face 13. Athens Memorial, Phaleron War Cemetery, Greece

STANLEY GEORGE Howie (1894-1958)
* served as: Corporal 6/1318
* with: Canterbury Infantry Battalion, 2nd Reinforcements
* enlisted from: Stillwater, West Coast
* embarkation: 14 December 1914 from Wellingotn
* next of kin: Mrs Rose Howie, Palmerston, Otago
* parents: David Sloan HOWIE (1861-1938) & Rose May SUMMERALL (1863-1936)
... NOTES ...
* 19 May 1915 OUR WOUNDED, Lance-corporal Stanley George Howie (Canterbury Infantry), who has been wounded, is 20 years of age. He is the younest son of Mr David Howie, Palmerston (Otago). Before his departure for the front he was made the recipient of numerous presents from the people of Stillwater, where he was stationed as a cadet on the railway for about two years. He was very popular, and made a great name on the West Coast as a footballer, last year being Captain of the West Coast Juniors. It is worthy of note that Mr David Howie's three sons have volunteered for King and country. The eldes, Walter Howie, of Mercer, Auckland, will go into training at Trentham shortly, and David Howie, jun., is at present with the Third Reinforcements at the Dardanelles (in the Canterbury Infantry also)
* 25 June 1915 ARRIVED AT MALTA June 17th, Lance-Corporal Stanley Geore Howie
* Stanley's siblings:
* 1886 - 1942 William 'David' Howie (also served, see below)
* 1887 - ? Walter John Howie (also served, see below)
* 1891 - 1977 Lilias Emma Howie (m.Isaac David Proudfoot BLACKIE 1918)
* 1894 - 1958 Stanley George Howie

THELMA DOREEN Howie (1914-2009) (aka George)
* served as: Sister 810193
* with: Second NZEF, New Zealand Army Nursing Service, Papakura District
* occupation: Nurse in Auckland
* embarkation on: HS Oranje & 1 NZ General Hospital
* next of kin: Mrs F. H. George (mother), Auckland
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* born 28 Aug 1914, died 3 Feb 2009 in Taumarunui aged 94
* read also Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy ... in October 1941 two hundred girls had enlisted in the Army through the Women's War Service Auxiliary (WWSA), which later became the New Zealand Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, with a consequent change in the appellation of its members from 'Wassies' to 'Waacs'. The nursing section was drawn from the voluntary aids of the Order of St. John and the New Zealand Red Cross Society, and its members were required to have had a minimum of 60 hours' hospital training, but many of them had given voluntary service over a period of many months in various emergency medical centres ...

* served as: Corporal 12/3051
* with: Auckland Infantry Battalion, 7th reinforcements
* enlisted from: N.Z. Railways, Mercer, South Auckland
* embarkation: 9 October 1915 at Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs R. Howie (mother), Palmerston, Otago
* parents: David Sloan HOWIE (1861-1938) & Rose May SUMMERALL (1863-1936)
... NOTES ...
* brother of Stanley George Howie above
* 14 July 1916 WOUNDED on 25 June, Corporal Walter John Hoiwe (Mrs Rose Howie, Palmerston, Otago, mother)

WILLIAM Howie (1841-1918) - New Zealand Wars
* born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
* served as: #1742
* with: 3rd Waikato Militia Regiment, substitute soldier
* enlisted from: Cambridge, Waikato 29 Sep 1866
* enrolled: 12 March 1872 in Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers
* next of kin: Catherine Howie, his wife, at Cambridge
* parents: unknown
... NOTES ...
* William married Catherine LAMB (1847-1899) 30 Dec 1867 in Onehunga, Auckland
* they farmed in Pukerimu until 1894 & later moved to Paeroa
* he died 23 Feb 1918 in Paeroa & buried Lot 13, Block 1, PRO at Pukerimu Lawn, Ohinemuri. His wife Catherine died 9 March 1899 (database has 1999) & is buried Lot 325, PRO at Pukerimu
* the known children of William & Catherine
* 1871 - 1936 James Howie
* 1872 - 1917 Elizabeth Hardy Howie (m.James QUINN 1893)
* 1874 - 1945 Amelia Helen Howie (m.William Paterson BENTON 1895)
* 18?? - ? Agnes Howie
* 1877 - ? Mary Howie
* 1878 - 1898 Emma Jane Howie (buried with mother)
* 18?? - ? Helen Howie
* 1883 - 1910 Kate Maria Howie
* 1886 - ? Alexina Howie
* 18?? - ? Henrietta Agnes Howie (adopted)

* born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1893/4
* served as: Gunner 2/223
* with: NZ Field Artillery Brigade, Main Body, Otago District
* enlisted from: Wright, Stephenson, and Co., Dunedin
* embarkation: 16 October 1914 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs Helen Howie, Sydney Street, Invercargill
* parents: Andrew Robertson Howie (1854-1950) & Helen (1855-1930) Howie
... NOTES ...
* Otago Daily Times 22 June 1915 - THE DARDANELLES Roll of Honour, New Zealand. DIED OF WOUNDS: 2/223, Gunner WILLIAM HOWIE, June 18 (next of kin, Mrs Helen Howie, 6 Sydney street, Invercargill)
* Grey River Angus 22 June 1915 - DIED OF WOUNDS on June 18th, 1915, FIELD ARTILLERY BRIGADE: 2/223 Gunner William Howie
* CWGC does not list him dead
* CENOTAPH does not list him dead
* NZ WAR GRAVES PROJECT lists him: Son of Andrew Robertson Howie (1854-1950) and Helen (1855-1930) Howie, of 125, Conyers St, Invercargill. Born at Edinburgh, Scotland. Served in France and at Gallipoli. Died 18 March 1918 aged 23
* brother of Andrew Howie above

* served as: Lance Corporal 55497
* with: NZEF, 28th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
* occupation: Tailor
* embarkation: 26 July 1917 from Wellington
* next of kin: Miss Bella Whyte (aunt), 7 Mill Street, Alyth, Scotland
* parents: unknown

WILLIAM ANDREW Howie (1895-1990)
* served as: Private 69951
* with: NZEF, 36th Reinforcements C Company
* occupation: Railway Fireman & Engine Driver
* embarkation: 23 April 1918 from Wellington
* next of kin: Mrs D. Howie (mother), Mount Zion, Kaitangata, Otago
* parents: David HOWIE (1861-1943) & Margaret McPherson DOBBIE (1864-1929)
... NOTES ...
* brother of James Archibald & Robert Howie above
* William died in Balclutha Hospital 15 March 1990 aged 95 & ashes returned

WILLIAM DAVID Howie 1886-1942
* served as: 6/1574 in WWI & 3/25/13 in WWII
* with: New Zealand Infantry Guards Vital Points, Canterbury Regiment, 1st Battalion
* enlisted from: Waimate
* campaigns: Gallipoli & Western Front
* next of kin: Mrs Rose Howie (mother), Palmerston, Otago
* parents: David Sloan HOWIE (1861-1938) & Rose May SUMMERALL (1863-1936)
... NOTES ...
* William died 3 Dec 1942 aged 55 & buried Section 2. Block L. Riverton Cemetery, Riverton, Southland

WILLIAM GLADSTONE Howie (1893-1915)
* served as: Second Lieutenant 9/557
* with: Otago Mounted Rifles, main Body
* enlisted from: Waikiwi, Invercargill
* embarkation: 16 October 1914 from Dunedin
* next of kin: John Howie, Waikiwi, Invercargill
* parents: John HOWIE & Margaret Wright TODD (1869-1941)
... NOTES ...
* brother of John Ruskin Howie (see above for siblings)
* William DIED OF DISEASE 30 Sep 1915 aged 22 Gibraltar to Gallipoli & buried
D. 3131. Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Gibraltar
* 8 Oct 1915 Lieutenant William Gladstone Howie, who has died at Gibraltar from enteric, was born at Waikiwi, Southland, and was educated at the Waikiwi Public School and the Southland High School. He was the eldest son of Mr John Howie, of Waikiwi, and grandson of the late Mr Thomas Todd, the well-known pottery manufacturer. Lieutenant Howie was employed in the Invercargill branch of the Bank of New Zealand, and took a keen interest in defence. He sat for his lieutenant's examination some eighteen months ago, and scored highly. When war broke out he pronptly offered his services, and was placed in charge of the machine-gun section attached to the Otago Mounted Rifles with a Lieutenant's commission

the S.S. Waimate 31 March 1900

departing with the 5th NZ Contingent for South Africa from Wellington
see James Howie
taken from Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries

CAULFIELD War Memorial WWI - R+S

see A names for introduction to the journal:

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L ... M ... N+O+P ... R+S ... T+U+V ... W+Y

any SOLDIER known to have died as a POW is indicated by *

... R ...
* RAW, Walter Whitfield - Lance Sergeant 3527
- born Sep 1895 in Camberwell, Victoria, youngest of 3 to John Thomas RAW (Schoolteacher from Scotland) & Esther Maria RAYSON (3rd of 10 children of Walter RAYSON & Mary TUCKER)
- enlisted from Melbourne, a Student of 'Morley', 15 Shoobra Rd, Elsternwick
- served with 59th Battalion (Infantry) (also 7th Infantry Battalion)
- embarked from Melbourne 11 Oct 1915 on HMAT Nestor
- father, John Raw of 'Waverly' 15 Shoobra Rd Elsternwick then in Dec 1916 to 'Leura' 55 Shoobra Rd, Elsternwick
REPORTED MISSING on 19 July 1916 in France aged 20
- VC Corner Australian Cemetery and Memorial, Fromelles, France
* 5' 9", medium complexion, brown eyes, black hair

RAY, Harold Seymour - Private 1526
- born April 1882 in Seymour, Victoria
- Farmer of Alberton
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 8 may 1915 on HMAT Euripides
- brother, Percy William Ray of Caulfield
- widowed mother, Eleanor Ray of Alberton, Victoria & 'Kismet' Bella Vista St, Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 9 Oct 1917 in Belgium aged 25
- buried Zonnebeke near Kay Farm
- Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium
* 5' 6", medium complexion, hazel eyes, black hair
* was admitted to 1st Canadian General Hospital suffering from gunshot wound to his arm on 19 Sep 1916
* in March 1920 brother Percy wrote that both parents were now deceased (mother Eleanor died June 1919)
* eye witness account:
... I knew casualty, he was 5ft 6ins, dark, medium build, 28 years of age, known as Harold. He was a 1st Rfcts. and was batman to Lieut. Baker. Casualty was a Co. runner and was taking a despatch to Co. H.Q. at Daisy Wood, Ypres, and whilst outside Battalion Headquarters a shell landed killing him instantly. I saw his body lying there outside the door of the dug-out. He was carried back by battalion Pioneers to Battalion Burial Grounds at Bellwarde Ridge, Ypres
* in Sep 1922 they wrote to his brother Percy c/o South Gippsland Butter Factory Company, Yarram, that for some time past an exhaustive search had been made over the battle areas in view of recovering the remains but that, unfortunately, the Graves Services failed to locate his resting place
* in July 1924 the authorities wrote to ex L/Cpl 1524, Harold George Gallagher of the 24th saying they had found his ground sheet & some religious emblems with an unnamed soldier and asked if he could shed light on this. On 9 Aug 1923 Harold wrote "Your letter of the 20th July to hand in reference to the late Pte Harold Ray, 1526, of 24th Batt. I might state that he was my pal, we went right through together until the 8th of Oct 1917. In reference to the ground sheet I can safely say that it was mine as I was attached to the Headquarters Lewis Gun Section in 1916 and a part of 1917. I did have my name on it. Well, Pte. Ray was killed on the afternoon of the 8th of Oct. Both he and I with several others went into a pill box to cook some dinner when a shell burst right in the doorway killing Pte Ray and wounding two others. This happened while we were in close supports ready to go over the top at Daisy Wood in the morning. I carried Pte Ray out of the pill box and covered him with my ground sheet. He was buried the next day by Cpl Davis of the 24th Batt. at Zonnebeke about 300 yards from lane near Kay Farm. I might state that Pte Ray was not of the Roman Catholic faith. I can account for those religious emblems found on him. While we were in Egypt we went out to see Mary's Well, also the fig tree alongside the well. Just before you get to them there is a little church, we went inside and while inside they sold us some religious emblems of the Roman Church. I remember Pte Ray saying to me that he would keep them for luck. I might state that there were three of us bought these emblems, the other being L/Cpl Greenwell of the 24th Batt. He could also account for those emblems being on the late Pte Ray". Five months later, Jan 1924, they replied that the unknown Australian soldier was found in the vicinity of Courcellette, 60 miles distance, but they believed this soldier was buried in the Autumn of 1916, and so it was impossible that he was Pte Ray (although this was an extraordinary coincidence) and asked whether he had another ground sheet in which the unnamed soldier was found'
* on 6 July 1967 an elder brother, Robert Hudson Ray wrote re the Medallion

- soldier not found

REGESTER, William Edward - Private 2025
- memorial has W. E. REGISTER
- born May 1896 in Elsternwick
- a Butcher of 18 Edward St, Elsternwick
- served with 6th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 17 April 1915 on HMAT Hororata
- mother, Mary Ann Regester of same address, also Babra Rd, Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 7 Aug 1915 at Gallipoli aged 19
- grave 4, row Ea Courtney's and Steel's Post Cemetery, Anzac Cove, Gallipoli
* 5' 4", medium complexion, grey eyes, brown hair
* reported missing at Anzac 8 Aug 1915. Court of Enquiry held at Erquingham 24 April 1916 declared him as Killed In Action

ROSS, Vernon John Wallace - Lieutenant
- born 21 March 1892 in Auburn, Victoria
- enlisted Melbourne, a Commercial Rep for Commonwealth Bank, Melbourne
- served with 23rd Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 8 Feb 1916 on HMAT Warilda
- father, John Wallace Ross, Whyte St, Somerton, South Australia, then 'Millcraig' 23 Eskdale Rd, Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 23 April 1918 in France aged
- Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France
* 5' 10", fresh complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair
* 3 weeks in hospital in France for Pleurisy & Bronchitis. Operated on June 1916 for Rhinitis. Invalided to England for debility after Influenza Dec & Jan 1917

... S ...
SCAMMELL, Sidney - Lieutenant/Acting Corporal 1989
- born Bradford On Avon England to Austin & Caroline A. Scammell
- enlisted from Melbourne, Commercial Traveller of Elsternwick
- served with 22nd Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 26 Aug 1915 on HMAT Anchises
- father, Austin Scammell, 75 Downshire Rd, Elsternwick, later 73 Livingstone St, Ivanhoe
- died 3 May 1917 in France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* 5' 6", dark complexion, grey eyes, dark brown hair
* evacuated to England with severe gunshot wound (or bomb explosion) to right eye 4 Aug 1916 at Poziers, completely blind for 3 days, gradually improved after 14 Aug
* reported 'Killed in Action before 29 July 1917'

SCOTT, Lambert William - Private 2710
- born May 1893 in Diamond Creek, Victoria to William John & Mary Scott, he attended Yallock Village Settlement School
- a Plasterer of 30 Crimea St, Caulfield
- served with 2nd Pioneer Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 18 Sep 1916 on HMAT Karroo
- mother, Mrs Mary Scott of 16 Farnham St, Newmarket, Victoria, later in Edith St, Ash Grove, and Crimea St, Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 5 May 1917 at Bullecourt, France aged 24
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* 5' 8", fresh complexion, blue eyes, fair hair

SCOTT, William Norman Eric - Lieutenant 859
- born 1890 in Melbourne
- Electrical Engineer of 46 Seymour Rd, Elsternwick
- served with 3rd Squadron Australian Flying Corps
- embarked from Melbourne 20 Oct 1914 on HMAT Shropshire with 2nd Field Artillery
- father, Arthur Scott of same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 2 Dec 1917 in Bailleul, France aged 27
- Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord), France]
* 5' 8", fresh complexion, blue eyes, dark brown hair
* eye witness account:
... Lieutenant Scott left the ground with Captain H. H. Storrer, his pilot, on the morning of 2.12.17. A strong wind was blowing at the time, and as Captain Storrer turned the machine to avoid a line of trees, a gust of wind turned the machine upside down and it fell on a stone wall on the edge of the town of Bailleul. Both officers were buried in the Bailleul Military Cemetery
* graduated as observer in the Australian Flying Corps & appointed 2nd Lieutenant 23 Jun 1917. Attached to 69th Squadron A.F.C. from wireless and observers school Brookland 8 July 1917, proceeded to France 26 Aug 1917
* Crash site of the Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 biplane of 3 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, which killed pilot Captain Henry Haig Storrer and observer Lieutenant William Norman Eric Scott, Bailleul, France, December 1917
* 3 Squadron personnel who died WWI & WWII

SELL, Frank - Private 709
- born May 1896 at Middle Park, Victoria to W. J. Sell
- a Caterer of 131 Union St, Windsor, Melbourne
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 10 May 1915 on HMAT Euripides
- sister, Violet Sell of same address (only sister)
- KILLED IN ACTION 22 Aug 1916 in France aged 20.3
- buried 3 miles NW of Albert, Poziers
- plot 4, row K, grave 16 Pozieres British Cemetery Ovillers-La Boisselle, France
* 5' 7", medium complexion, grey eyes, black hair
* oldest brother was Frederick Ralph Sell at Toorak. His sister Violet was Mrs Walter Gerschwitz of 'Alva', Horace St, Malvern in 1920 (moved from 'Arevsel', Kelburn St, Caulfield) & was the next of kin for his badge. Walter Gerschwitz was born in South Australia to Friedrich Wilhelm Gerschwitz & Elizabeth 'Lilly' Campbell. Letters sent to Frank's father, W. J. Sell at 45 Fortescue St, Spring Hill, Brisbane in 1923 were returned
NOTE Frank's brother Frederick was still living in 1916 and, despite the authorities asking his sister Violet if there were older brothers, she insisted she was next of kin
The Argus 7 Dec 1933 Frederick Ralph Sell of Grandview Grove, Armadale, formerly of Toorak whose estate was sequestrated in 1927, applied to Judge Lukin in the Bankruptcy Court yesterday for discharge from bankruptcy. It was stated, on behalf of Bell, that he had paid 7/- in the 1 to his creditors In composition. The application was granted

SHELDON, Frederick Lawrence - Private 387 (Bugler)
- born Oct 1895 at Sandhurst Rd, Eaglehawk, Victoria, 10th of 10 children of
Elijah SHELDON (1842-1910) & Mary Ann McDOWELL (?-1936, died Wallsend NSW), attended State School Eaglehawk. Won a Scholarship at Technical College, Bendigo School
- a Farm Hand of Bendigo & Clerk of Carlton, Melbourne
- served with 14th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 22 Dec 1914 on HMAT Ulysses
- sister, nurse Caroline Hannah Sheldon, Town Hall, Bendigo
- KILLED IN ACTION 30 April 1915 at Dardanelles, Gallipoli aged 19.6
- Courtney's and Steel's Post Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* 5' 7", fair complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair
* his father died in Bendigo when he was 15 Bendigo Advertiser, 16 Dec 1910 SHELDON On 15th December, at his residence, Job's Gully, Elijah, beloved husband of Mary Ann Sheldon, in his 69th year. A pioneer of 1852
* 10 Sep 1914 I, as the guardian of my brother Frederick Lawrence Sheldon, hereby consent to his enlistment for Active Service abroad. On behalf of Mrs M. A. Sheldon, 36 Neal St, Carlton. (signed Caroline Sheldon). Caroline died in Caulfield in 1934 aged 62
* 24 April 1915 In the event of my death I give the whole of my property and effecs to my mother, Mrs M. A. Sheldon, 218 (or 28) Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne.
* In 1915 his mother, Mary Ann Sheldon, was living at 349 North St, Albury, NSW then 4 Buckley St, Caulfield. She later moved (for a short time) to 609 Edmund St, Beaconsfield, Fremantle, West Australia, for health reasons (today that street only goes to #160). In 1923 mail sent to her at 119 Osborne St, South Yarra was returned. In 1922 she was back in WA, visiting her married daughter at corner Marmion & Dalgety St, East Fremantle. In 1928 she was at Sweetman St, Red Hill, Brisbane. Died 1936 in Wallsend, NSW
* his cousin Mervyn Alfred McDowell, Private 6930A with the 21st, was killed in action 8 Aug 1918 in France
* siblings of Frederick Lawrence Sheldon:
1872 - 1934 Caroline Hannah Sheldon
- died in Caulfield
1873 - Alice Elizabeth Sheldon
- married William James Maher in 1889
1876 - 1926 Henry George Sheldon
- born in Nerring, Victoria, died in Wallsend, New South Wales
1878 - 1879 Arthur Daniel Sheldon
- born & died at Eaglehawk
1881 - 1973 Edward Arthur Sheldon
- died at Kyneton
1882 - ? Catherine Sheldon
- born at Eaglehawk
1884 - ? Charles Alfred
- born at Eaglehawk
1886 - 1887 Francis William Sheldon
- born & died at Eaglehawk
1892 - 1976 Marion Margaret Sheldon
- born in Geelong, married Fritz H CRAMER, died in Albury, NSW
1895 - 1915 Frederick Lawrence Sheldon
- born at Eaglehawk, Killed In Action at Dardanelles

SHEPARD, Norman Hearne - Sergeant Major 570
- born Sep 1894 in Elsternwick, Caulfield, 3rd of 6 known children of George Richmond SHEPARD (1865-1958 born Melbourne) & Harriet Elizabeth STAINS (1864-1943 born Albany WA), attended State School, Caulfield
- an Engineer, Fitter-Turner of 'Beddgelert', Gleneira Rd, Elsternwick
- enlisted from Langwarrin, Victoria
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 10 May 1915 on HMAT Euripides
- father, George R. Shepard of same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 9 Oct 1917 in Daisy Wood, near Belgium aged 23
- Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium
* 5' 7", fair complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair
* brother Owen George Shephard (1897-1957), served as Private 9234 with the Dermatological Hospital at 3rd Casualty Clearing Station
* awarded the Military Medal for bravery in field
The Argus, 10 Aug 1927 STAINS - On the 7th August, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs George R. Shepard), 244 Gleneira road, Elsternwick, Mary, relict of the late Sydney Stains, and loving grandmother of Allie, Essie, Norman (deceased), Owen, Vera, and Syd, aged 93 years (Interred privately)
NOTE their home, 'Beddgelert', at Elsternwick was probably named after George Richmond Shepard's mother (Ellen Jane nee Evans 1841-1902) birth town of Beddgelert, Merionethshire, Wales

SIDDALL, Norman - Lieutenant
- memorial has N. SIDALL
- born 1891 in Elsternwick to James & Kate Siddall
- attended Caulfield Grannar School
- lived 17 Allison Rd., Elsternwick
- served with 4th Battery 2nd Brigade Australian Field Artillery
- next of kin was his mother at 17 Allison Rd., Elsternwick. Later moved to 'Corona' St George's Rd., Elsternwick
- KILLED IN ACTION 29 May 1915 in Gallipoli aged 23
- Plot 1, Row J, Grave 6, Beach Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey

SINCLAIR, Robert Hector - Private 1398
- Regimental number from Nominal Roll 1281
- Robert was a Tuckpointer
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry), 2nd Reinforcements
- next of kin was brother, Arthur Sinclair, Waratah Avenue, Glen Huntley
- KILLED ACTION 25 April 1915 in Gallipoli aged 35
- Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
* Nephew: Gunner 14693, Arthur Walter SINCLAIR, Field Artillery Brigade 14, Reinforcment 2, returned to Australia, 5 April 1918

SKILLER, Charles Henry - Private 4188
- served with 23rd Battalion (Infantry)
- died 3 May 1917 in France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
this soldier to be added

SKUSE, Alexander Roy - Private 2724
- served with 59th Battalion (Infantry)
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 11 March 1917 in France
- Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, France
this soldier to be added

SMITH, Frederick Norman - Private 886
- Frederick was a Wood machinist of Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
- served with 5 Infantry Battalion (October 1914)
- embarked from Melbourne 21 Oct 1914 on HMAT Orvieto
- father, H. J. Smith, 'Willingham' Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 22 April 1917 in France aged 24
- Red Cross Corner Cemetery, Beugny, France
bio for this soldier to be added

SMITH, Harry Crombie Newton - Private 2694
- born Dec 1894 in Malvern
- a Labourer/Farmer of " St Heliers" Eskdale Rd, Caulfield
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 15 Sep 1915 on SS Makarini
- mother, Florence Helene Smith of same address, also of 9 Bond St, Caulfield, also of South Yarra, also of Upper Hawthorn
- DIED OF ILLNESS 9 June 1917 in UK aged
- Cambridge City Cemetery, United Kingdom
* 5' 8", fresh complexion, brown eyes, light brown hair

STANLEY, James William - Private 90
- born 1892, Port Melbourne to Thomas STANLEY (1859-1926) & Francis 'Fanny' Eveline SMITH (1865-1918)
- A salesman of 141 Pickles St, Port Melbourne
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 10 May 1915 on HMAT Euripides
- Fanny Stanley, of same address, thence 19 Derby Crescent East Caulfield, till her death on 30 May 1918
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 6 Oct 1915 in Egypt aged 23
- Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
* 5' 4" dark complexion, brown eyes, brown hair
* The 24th Battalion was raised in a hurry. The original intent was to raise the fourth battalion of the 6th Brigade from the outer states, but a surplus of recruits at Broadmeadows Camp in Victoria lead to a decision being made to raise it there. The battalion was formed during the first week of May 1915, and sailed from Melbourne at the end of that week. Training shortfalls were made up in Egypt in July and August, and on 4 September 1915 the Battalion went ashore at Gallipoli. It spent the next 16 weeks sharing duty in the Lone Pine trenches with the 23rd Battalion. The fighting at Lone Pine was so dangerous and exhausting that battalions rotated every day. While the bulk of the battalion was at Gallipoli, a small party of 52, trained as packhorse handlers, served with the British force in Salonika. The Battalion was reunited in Egypt in early 1916 and proceeded to France in March. It took part in its first major offensive around Pozires and Mouquet Farm in July and August 1916. The Battalion got little rest during the bleak winter of 1916-17 alternating between the front and labouring tasks. When patrolling no-mans land the men of the 24th adopted a unique form of snow camouflage - large white nighties bought in Amiens
* At the time of Fanny's death, James's father was in South Africa, returning in
1920, adding as next of kin: c/o daughter, Mrs Alice Grace Rendall Hardwicke St, Deepdene, Victoria
The Argus, 31 May 1918 STANLEY On the 30th May, at the residence of her son-in-law Mr C Rendall, Derby Crescent, East Caulfield Fannie, loving wife of Thomas Stanley Johannesburg, South Africa. Loved mother of Alice, the late James William, and John, died 51 years. No flowers by request. Patient sufferer at rest

STANTON, Fredrick Bertram - Captain
- born Sep 1893, to William Frederick STANTON (1867-1951) & Annie HUNTER
- a Bank Clerk of Stawell, Victoria
- served with 14th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 15 Sep 1915 on SS Makarini
- father, Captain William Frederick Stanton, Main St, Stawell then 'Croxteth' 5 Kooyoong Rd, Caulfield. (In 1916 he was at the Military Camp in Bendigo)
- KILLED IN ACTION 11 April 1917 at Bullecourt France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* 6', fair complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair
* brother Eric John(athon) Stanton served as Lieutenant & lived in Elsternwick and Caulfield
more to be added

STAPLETON, Albert George - Private 146
- born 10 May 1888 in Dublin, Ireland to William & Eliza Stapleton of 4 Wharton Terrace, Portobello
- a Student of Byron St, East Caulfield
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 21 Oct 1914 on HMAT Orvieto
- mother, Mrs I. Jarvis, of Byron St Caulfield (later changed to Byron St Glen Huntly by the Postal Authorities), she later moved to 'Langside' South Preston
- KILLED IN ACTION 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli Peninsula aged 27
- Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
* 5' 9", medium complexion, brown eyes, brown hair

STEEL, George Thomas - Private 1771
- born in Melbourne
- a Carpenter of Belzise Avenue, Murrumbeena
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 16 July 1915 on HMAT Demosthenes
- brother Charles Steel is Next of Kin
- Elizabeth Amos, same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 27 July 1916 in France aged 27
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* 5' 4", medium complexion, brown eyes, black hair
* reported Missing In Action 5 Aug 1916. After Court of Enquiry 25 Sep 1916 he was recorded as Killed in Action 27 July 1916
* on 10 Feb 1917 Elizabeth Amos wrote that she was next og kin and had changed her address to Red Bluff St., Black Rock
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TENT CAMP, Egypt 1915-1916

from the site Museum Victoria
see James William Stanley

Auckland Divorce Court - Nov 1935

taken from Auckland Star, 21 November 1935
- The info here is condensed. Go to link for more -

... With over 60 undefended divorce petitions set down for hearing to-day in the Supreme Court the Chief Justice, Sir Michael Myers and mr Justice Callan were kept busy. The Chief Justice heard twelve petitions in the downstairs Court, while upstairs Mr Justice Callan disposed of several others

Herman Alfred ADOLPH from Mary Josephine ADOLPH
- misconduct
* Mary Josephine TUOHEY - they married 1920

Gertie ANGEL from Alfred Colin ANGEL
- separation 3 years or more
* Gertie METCALF - they married 1917

Edwin Arthur BOOTH from Mary Ann BOOTH
- separation 3 years or more
* Mary Ann STEWART - they married 1915

Amie Una BRADY from Henry BRADY
- separation 3 years or more

Agnes Sinclair Leith BROWN from Alfred Edward BROWN
- desertion
* Agnes Sinclair Leith HOLMES - they married 1924

Esther Rebecca BROWNING from George William BROWNING
- separation 3 years or more

Dudley CARLETON from Muriel Maud CARLETON
- desertion
* Muriel Maud STEERE - they married 1930

Alexander Benjamin CLEAVER from Evelyn Winifred CLEAVER
- desertion
* Evelyn Winifred HARGREAVES - they married 1924

James Gordon CUNNINGHAM from Alice Sarah May CUNNINGHAM
- separation 3 years or more

Jessie DAY from Alfred DAY
- separation 3 years or more
* Jessie SCOTT - they married 1913

May Alice FRITH from Harold FRITH
- separation 3 years or more
* May Alice HEWITT - they married 1923

Robert Adair GILLESPIE from Stella May GILLESPIE
- desertion
* Stella May CAMMELL - they married 1912

Stephen Summerfield HARTSHORNE from Christina Ina/Ena HARTSHORNE
- separation 3 years or more
* Christina Ina WILLIAMSON - they married 1928

Nellie Vita HAYWARD from George Graham HAYWARD
- cruelty
* Nellie Vedia SIMMONDS - they married 1927

Elsie May HUTCHISON from Alfred Henry HUTCHISON
- separation 3 years or more

Kamarera Te Wharepapapa KOPA from Tau Ro KOPA
- desertion
* Kamariera Te Wharepapa PEPENE - they married 1923

Sydney Walter MABEY from Alice Alma Myrtle MABEY
- misconduct
* Alice Alma Myrtle GOULD - they married 1927

- separation 3 years of more
* Annie RIDDELL - they married 1910

Christina May MILLS from Harold Henry James MILLS
- separation 3 years or more
* Christina May SHINE - they married 1915

Percival Francis NELSON from Betty Ellen NELSON
- desertion

Havilah Malcolm NORTH from May NORTH
- desertion
* May HORSFIELD - they married 1905, Harpurhey, Lancashire, England

Betty Violet Florence PAIN from Stuart Hubert Collins PAIN
- desertion
* Betty Violet Florence MUNTON - they married 1927

Eva Pearson PATTERSON from Harry PATTERSON
- separation 3 years or more
* Eva Pearson McMILLAN - they married 1918

Gwendoline Gertrude PENNO from Clifford PENNO
- misconduct
* Gwendoline Gertrude TAYLOR - they married 1923

Beatrice PILKINGTON from Edward Charles PILKINGTON
- separation 3 years or more
* Beatrice OLD - they married 1895

Anne Mary ROBERTS-BLAKE from Frank Emlyn Morris ROBERTS-BLAKE
- separation 3 years or more
* Anne Mary DODD - they married 1931

Robert James RUTHERFORD from Christine Emma Eliza RUTHERFORD
- separation 3 years or more
* Christina Emma Eliza FRANZEN - they married 1915

Phyllis Muriel Alexandria Peace SHARPE from Samuel Stuart SHARPE
- separation 3 years or more
* Phyllis Muriel Alexandria Peace GREENWOOD - they married 1926

Jessie Clelland STARK from Albert STARK
- desertion
* Jessie Clelland WALLACE - they married 1920

Edmund SOUTAR from Catharine Kathleen SOUTAR
- separation 3 years or more
* Kathleen Catherine TRAVERS - they married 1915

Heleanor Dorothy TAYLOR from Charles TAYLOR
- separation 3 years or more
* Heleanor Dorothy LYONS - they married 1915

Ann THOMPSON from Gordon Pace THOMPSON
- separation 3 years or more
* Ann CANTELL - they married 1919

Helen May VAN RENEN from Frederick McLeod VAN RENAN
- adultery
* Helen May HAMERTON

Florence Patricia WARNER from Albert Henry WARNER
- separation 3 years or more
* Florence Patricia NOLAN - they married 1926

the WAIRARAPA DRAFT - 30 April 1918

Wairarapa Daily Times, 30 April 1918

The following men from the Wairarapa will concentrate in Masterton tomorrow, and will leave for camp by the early train on Thursday morning:-

* served with NZEF, 40th Reinforcements B Company
* embarking from Wellington 10 July 1918
unless otherwise stated

Henry John BARSON (1879-1918) - Featherston
* served as: Private 79178
* occupation: Labourer
* next of kin: Mrs W. Wakely (sister), South Featherston
- his sister Emily Maria Barson married William Walter Wakely in 1900
* 2 of at least 11 children of Thomas (1849-1913) & Emma (1846-1912) Barson
* DIED of DISEASE 12 Sep 1918 aged 39 in UK
* buried Church. C. 4832. Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery, Devon, England
* his brother, George Edward Barson (1886-1916) also died in WW1

Sydney Clifford BISHOP (1892-1953) - Masterton
* served as: Private 79179
* occupation: Cheesemaker
* next of kin: Mrs C. Bishop (mother), Carrington, Carterton
* son of Arthur Archibald BISHOP & Charlotte BOOTH

Charles Leslie BROWN (1898-1962) - Masterton

Victor Albert Henry BARLOW (1899-1983) - Carterton
* served as: Private 79227
* occupation: Farm Hand
* next of kin: Mrs P. Barlow (mother), Greytown
* son of Albert George BARLOW & Priscilla Elizabeth Ann EAGLES
* Victor married Leila May PINNELL in 1924
* in the 1928 Electoral Roll Albert & Priscilla were in Pongakawa, near Te Puke, where Albert worked in the Mill

Henry Martin BRADY (1898-1935) - Woodville
* served as: Lance Corporal 79228
* occupation: Cheesemaker
* next of kin: Mrs C. Brady (mother), Pinfold Road, Woodville
* 1 of 8 children of Patrick BRADY & Catherine TONNER
* Henry married Emily HILLAS in 1928

Henry Thomas BURGESS (1897-1980) - Greytown
* served as: Private 79180
* occupation: Cheesemaker
* next of kin: Mrs M. Burgess (mother), Park Vale, Carterton
* son of Henry Robert BURGESS & Mary Ann MYERS

George William BUSBY (1881-1957) - Carterton
* son of William BUSBY & Elizabeth Jane BURRIDGE
* in October 1918 the Oppenheimer Sausage Casing Company, represented by Mr T. Neave of the Slaughtermen's Union, appealed for the exemption of George (as one of their foremen), and a number of other employees. They were 'definitely exempted' (as opposed to indefinitely exempted)

William McNally CASTLES (1889-1970) - Whetukura
* served as: Private 79181
* occupation: Farmer
* next of kin: Mrs W. D. Fleming (sister), Flemington, Waipukurau
- Margaret Lilly Castles married William Duncan Fleming in 1915
* served with the 42nd Reinforcements B Company, embarking 1 Aug 1918
* son of William Joseph CASTLES & Margaret McNALLY

Ronald McGillivray CATHIE (1898-1978) - Greytown
* son of Charles & Catherine Tweedie CATHIE
- Ronald married Violet Emily SOUTHCOMBE in 1927

Robert Henry CLARKE - Norsewood
* born in Australia
* served as: Private 79905
* occupation: Labourer
* next of kin: Mrs W. Dennis (sister), Swanpool, Benalla, Victoria, Australia
* served with the 41st Reinforcements H Company, embarking 27 July 1918

William COOK - Featherston

Arthur DOUGLAS - Hinakura

Charles Augustus DOUGLAS (1897-1973) - Dannevirke
* served as: Trooper 79185
* occupation: Grocer
* next of kin: Mrs M. A. Douglas (mother), York Street, Dannevirke
* served with 43rd Reinforcements Mounted Rifles, embarking 10 Oct 1918
* son of James Walter DOUGLAS & Miriam Adelaide PARSONS

Cyril Llewellyn ESAU (1887-1958) - Dannevirke
* Cyril was a farmer
- he married Annie BALL in 1916
* Cyril died 6 March 1958 aged 70 in Palmerston North Hospital
* last address: 44 Upham Terrace

Raymond Ordish FAIRHURST (1898-1971) - Dannevirke
* son of John Henry FAIRHURST & Eliza ARDISH
* married Chrissy Evaline ENERSEN (1902-1984) in 1921
- daughter of Carl Emil (1866-1945) & Anna Maria Elizabeth (1876-1961) ENERSEN
* Raymond & Chrissy are buried together Plot 15, Block LI at Mangatera

Len FIELD - Dannevirke

William FROST - Featherston
* served as: Private 79136
* occupation: Farm Hand
* next of kin: Mrs E. Frost (mother), c/o Post-office, Featherston

Robert Percy GEORGE - Martinborough

Douglas Farquhar GRAHAM (1898-) - Masterton
* born 31 January 1898
* son of Frederick William GRAHAM & Christina McKENZIE
* Douglas married May Hendry Selbie SMITH in 1928

John GRIFFIN - Cross Creek

Alfred Stanley HAYCOCK (1896-1934) - Featherston
* son of Thomas Owen HAYCOCK & Isabel Rodger Agatha BICKNELL
* he married Violet May McLEISH in 1921
15 Dec 1934 On December 14, 1934, at the Wellington Hospital, Alfred Stanley (Lou), dearly-loved husband of Violet May Haycock and second son of Mr and Mrs T. O. Haycock, Martinborough; aged 38 years
15 Dec 1934 The Funeral of the late Alfred Stanley Haycock will leave his parents' residence, Jellicoe Street, Martinborough, Tomorrow (Sunday), December 16, 1934, at 2 p.m., for the Featherston Cemetery

John HERDMAN (1898-1978) - Carterton
* served as: Private 79231
* occupation: Farm hand
* next of kin: Mrs Rachel Herdman (mother 1860-1941), Carterton
* son of John (1853-1921) & Rachel (1859-1941) HERDMAN
- his father John was born in Northumberland, England, came to NZ 1904 and was employed by the Napier Gas Company and remained in their service until he moved to Carterton to superintend the erection of the Borough Gas Works, of which he was subsequently appointed manager ... from Carterton

David HOLGERSON - Eketahuna
* next of kin: Jens Christian Holgerson (father), Newman, Eketahuna
* brother Henry also served, 30th Reinforcements F Company
* 2 of at least 9 children of Jens Christian (1854-1918) & Agnes (1867-1957) HOLGERSON
* David married Linder Hellen WALKER (1904-1985) in 1926
* Henry Holgerson (1889-1977) married Polly CARNE (1895-1980) in 1921

Augustus HOPE (1879-1963) - Tinui
* he married Laura Gertrude FRIEND (1882-1954) on 10 January 1918
* in 1920 he was fined in the Wellington court for Sunday trading and selling cigarettes to a young boy. Fined for Sunday trading again in 1923, 1932 & 1933 and for selling Champagne Cider without a license in 1924. For smoking in an auction mart in 1922 and in 1935 for selling milk not complying with the standard
* they were cremated at Karori. Wellington

Bernard HUGHES (1888-1969) - Cross Creek
* served as: Private 79933
* occupation: Railway Fireman
* next of kin: Miss A. Hughes (sister), c/o McCarthy's Hotel, Wanganui
* served with 41st Reinforcements H Company embarking 27 July 1918
* son of Peter HUGHES & Catherine QUINN
* sister Agnes Hughes (1895-1958) possibly married Michael Joseph Hansby in 1926

Raymond Colin INGLEY (1897-1974) - Greytown
* he married Vera Constance BICKNELL (1900-1967) on 3 Aug 1918
* a son, Raymond Thomas Ingley served with the NZ Royal Air Force. He died in Canada 28 May 1943 during WWII aged 24. Raymond & Vera were then still living in Greytown
* son of Thomas & Catherine INGLEY
* Raymond died 10 May 1974 aged 77 in Awapuni Hospital & cremated Kelvin Grove

Alfred Fred James IRELAND - Dannevirke

Leslie JOHNS - Masterton

Harold Lancelot JONES (1880-1954) - Mastertpm
* served as: Private 6352 in South Afircan War & Private 79234 in WWI
* he married Maud Desormeaux HOLMWOOD (1881-1920) in 1914
* he married Winifred Ivy MOORE (1884-1971) in 1929

William Ballinger KING - Masterton

James KENNEDY - Featherston

Sydney Benjamin LAWTON (1898-1937) - Masterton
* son of William LAWTON & Rose EXTON
- siblings were:
1886 - Elsie Rose Lawton
1888 - William Henry Lawton
1889 - Doris Louise Mary Lawton
1892 - Walter Vivian Lawton
1895 - Maurice Roy Lawton
1898 - Sidney Benjamin Lawton
1900 - Vera Glencoe Lawton
1902 - Ina May Lawton

Alexander McNAB - Masterton
* served as: Private 79192
* occupation: Tailor
* next of kin: Mrs J. McNab (wife), Pannel St, (sic) Pownall St., Masterton
* Alexander married Jeannie COLE 6 June 1918 (6 weeks after call up)

Herbert McMULLAN - Cross Creek
* possibly Herbert Russell McMILLAN, Private 79796 with the 41st, H Company

Michael McCROSSIN - Cross Creek
* served as: Private 79935
* occupation: Engineer
* next of kin: W. McCrossin (father), Upper Hutt
* served with the 41st Reinforcements H Company
* Michael married Eunice Mary BROWN in 1922

James MEAGHER (1887-) - Cross Creek
* son of Martin Joseph MEAGHER & Emily HUGHES

Arthur James MORONEY (1893-1935) - Pirinoa
- son of James & Jane MORONEY

Albert Gordon 'Sonny' NICOLSON (1898-1977) - Masterton
* served as: Private 79236
* occupation: Shepherd
* next of kin: Mrs M. Nicolson (mother), Clareville, Carterton
* son of Albert Ernest Emanuel & Mary NICOLSON
* Sonny married Annie Helen Violet WEBB (1892-1961) in 1938
- they lived in Dannevirke

William Robert PRINGLE (1888-1967) - Masterton
* served as: Private 79195
* occupation: Shepherd
* next of kin: Mrs M. O. Pringle (wife), 33 Michael St, Masterton
* William married Myrtle Olive FALK in 1916
* son of William PRINGLE & Elizabeth Alice SHEPPARD

James RESIDE (1880-1960) - Masterton
* served as: Private 79196
* occupation: Sheep Farmer
* next of kin: A. Reside senr., (father), Masterton
* left on the 'Tahiti' and contracted the 1918 Flu after leaving Sierra Leone
* son of Alexander RESIDE (1854-1942) & Madeline Walker DUNCAN (1854-1912)
* James returned from war on the "Giessen" 26 August 1919. He was living at Stronvar, (33km east of Masterton) with his father and a shepherd on their sheep farm, 33 year old Christopher Carr. Ten days later, on 5 September 1919, James shot and killed Christopher Carr in his bed
* the Trial

Martin RYAN - Pahiatua
* served as: Private 79197
* occupation: Farmer
* next of kin: J. Ryan (father), Pongoroa, Pahiatua

Frank Victor St. George RYAN (1898-1967) - Greytown
* served as: Private 79237
* occupation: Chemist
* next of kin: Mrs C. Ryan (mother), Hastwell Street, Greytown
* base born son of Kate Columbia RYAN

Donald William ROSS (1898-1976) - Masterton
* born in Australia
* when he served in 1917 he was:
* Private 40133
* occupation: Sheep Farmer
* next of kin: Mrs Alice Ross (mother), Kaiwaka, Martinborough
* son of William ROSS & Alice Letitia MUNN
* I may have 2 Donald William Ross mixed here??

Edward Souden SARGENT (1898-1966) - Dannevirke
* son of John William SARGENT & Amelia WHITEHEAD
* Edward married Hilda Victoria SCHENCK in 1930

Walter Lionel SHARP (1898-1975) - Masterton
* served as: Private 79238
* occupation: Teamster
* next of kin: his mother at 38 Earnslaw St, North End, Invercargill
* son of Joseph SHARP & Elizabeth Forbes CALDER

James SMITH - Masterton

Gordon Oliver SUTHERLAND (1897-1983) - Gladstone
* served as: Trooper 79240
* occupation: Shepherd
* next of kin: J. O. Sutherland (father), Te Pare, Featherston
* served with 43rd Reinforcements Mounted Rifles, embarking 10 Oct 1918
* son of James Oliver SUTHERLAND & Sarah SINCLAIR
- brother of James Gilbert below

James Gilbert SUTHERLAND (1893-1976) - Gladstone
* served as: Trooper 79241
* occupation: Station Manager
* next of kin: J. O. Sutherland (father), Te Para, Featherston,
* served with 43rd Reinforcements Mounted Rifles, embarking 10 Oct 1918
* son of James Oliver SUTHERLAND & Sarah SINCLAIR
- brother of Gordon Oliver above
* James married Ruby Grace McPHEE (1898-1973) in 1922

Richard Thomas VIDDLER (1881-1953) - Dannevirke
* son of Thomas (1856-1895) & Alma (1856-1902) Viddler, settlers of Weber. Richard's father drowned in the Akiteo River 17 May 1895 & his body was found 15 Jan 1897. His mother remarried to Fred LUNT in 1896 and moved to 'Spray Hill', Hawkes Bay
* Richard's sisters were: Caroline, Mary & Sarah Viddler
* occupation: Gardener at Umutaoroa, Dannevirke
* Richard married Amelia Henrietta AUGUSTINE (1888-1984) in 1915
* their twins, Alma (died aged 2 hours) & John (died aged 1 day) 18/19 Nov 1915
- they are buried Plot 7, Block B at Mangatera
* Richard & Amelia are buried together Plot 1, Block ZT at Mangatera Cemetery

Charles Spencer Kenneth VIGERS (1898-1982) - Dannevirke
* served as: Private 79201
* occupation: Shepherd
* next of kin: A. K. Vigers (father), Ormondville
* son of Alfred Kenneth VIGERS & Minnie GOLDSMITH

Eric Mortimer WICKENS (1894-1963) - Masterton
* born in Masterton, 7th of 8 children of James WICKENS & Ellen MOORE
* Eric married Isabella SCOTT in Masterton 1919
* their son Eric Jeffrey Wickens (1919-1941), Private 31737, died in the Western Desert WWII 25 Nov 1941

William HOWITT + Isabella MacKAY - Patea

William HOWITT (1840-1920)
born in New Pitsligo, a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near Peterhead
- arrived 1861 on the Sir Ralph Abercrombie
he married 1 April 1865 to
Isabella 'Belle' MacKAY (1840-1911)
born 28 Nov 1840 in Inverness, Scottish Highlands
- arrived on the 'Pegasus' into Auckland 29 March 1865

WILLIAM & ISABELLA are buried:
New Plot 4051 & 4050 (Old Plots 5 & 6) Block 12 at Patea General

WILLIAM & ISABELLA had 10 children:

... 1
1866 - 1881 George Sutherland Mackay Howitt
- born 28 January 1866 in Okato, buried 11 September 1881 in Patea
On the 9th September 1881, at Patea, George, son of William Howitt, late of Okato, aged 16 years
Taranaki Herald, 12 September 1881 The late George S. M. Howitt was a lieutenant in the cadets, and a military funeral was accorded him yesterday by the Cadets and Rifle Volunteers, accompanied by the Band. The Rifles fired the salute and the Good Templar body attended in regalia and performed their funeral service, and intend erecting a memorial. The concourse was a very large one


... 2
1867 - 1917 Isabella Alphina Howitt
- born in Okato
- Isabella married Charles Robert George CHARTERIS (1872-1954) in 1897
Wanganui Chronicle, 13 August 1897 A glorious summer day favoured the wedding of Mr Robert Charteris, son of Mr David Charteris, of Temuka, and nephew of the Rev Dr Charteris, the Queen's senior chaplain in Scotland, to Miss Isabella Howitt, daughter of one of our most respected fellow townsmen. The ceremony was performed on Wednesday (11th) at the residence of the bride's father, only the relatives of the young couple being present. Mr Charteris was attended as best man by Mr George K. Kells. The bride was given away by her father and attended by her sisters, Misses Ada and Nelly, and Misses Isa Paterson, Lois Oldham and Helen Charteris. The bride wore a dress of fancy tweed blue colour, trimmed with cream coloured corded silk and carried a bouquet of hyacinth, snowdrops and maiden hair fern. The bridesmaids were dressed in cream silk lustre, trimmed with green velvet ribbon and wore gold ornaments, the present of the bridegroom. The mother of the bride wore a becoming dress of fancy tweed trimmed with jet. The presents which could be numbered by the score, were of the most varied description and were sent from all parts of New Zealand. The young couple carry with them into their new home the good wishes of a large circle of friends, the bride especially being esteemed on account of the many womanly qualities she possesses
- their known children:
1899 - 1977 Gordon Howitt Charteris
1901 - 1979 Oswald Mackay Charteris
1907 - 1907 Charles Robert Charteris (aged 7 weeks)
Isabella Alphina died 29 March 1917 & buried Plot 4, Block 14 Patea General


... 3
1869 - 1956 William King Howitt
- born 16 January 1869 in Okato
- he married Jessie Skinner SOUTER in 1897
Taranaki Herald, 11 December 1897 Mr W. K. Howitt, eldest son of Mr William Howitt, formerly of Okato, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Jessie S. Souter, late of Aberdeen, Scotland, last week in the Waverley Presbyterian Church. The ceremony was performed by the Rev C. MacDonald. The wedding was a charmingly pretty one, four nridesmaids being in attendance on the bride, while a large party of the young couple's relations were present; the ladies being exquisitely dressed. The lovely bouquets which were quite a feature were all the gifts of Mrs E. Derrett, of Pine HIll. The bride, who was given away by Mr J. B. Taylor, chairman of the Waverley Town Board, was attired in an electric grey costume, trimmed with Merveilleaux and white Bengaline silk, white straw hat trimmed with chiffon and violets, and wore a massive gold bangle, the present of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids - Misses Ada and Nelly Howitt and the MissES Moir - were attired in cream silk lustre with picture hats trimmed with chiffon and lilies of the valley, and all wore gold brooches, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride's travelling dress was fawn tweed with hat to match. The honeymoon is being spent at Stony River. Mr Howitt, who is known to a good many old Taranakites as a writer, and as one who has travelled about the world a good deal, has now finally settled down with his charming wife for good and all. Good wishes from people all along the coast follow the young couple into their new home
- in 1917 he was made a Justice of the Peace at Devonport, Auckland
Hawera & Normanby Star, 6 December 1900 Owing to ill-health, Mr W. K. Howitt, of Patea, is leaving the colony. Mr Howitt was a borough councillor, and took a generally intelligent interest in the welfare of Patea
Evening Post, 4 April 1902
...Mr W. K. Howitt, who was for thirty years a settler in the Taranaki District, and who was for some years a member of the Patea Borough Council, has taken up his abode at Tarland, in Aberdeenshire, where he holds the position of postmaster. A few evenings ago Mr Howitt delivered a lecture on New Zealand, under the auspices of the Town Council
Evening Post, 1 October 1903 from London - Mr William Clark SOUTER, M.B., Ch.B., has been selected by the Admiralty to act as surgeon on board the Antarctic relief ship Terra Nova, which has been fitted out at Dundee for the expedition, and which will leave this country almost immediately. Dr Souter, who recently graduated with honours at Aberdeen University, is a nephew of Mrs W. K. Howitt, lately of Patea, New Zealand
Patea 1908 Mr William King Howitt, who was elected to the Patea Borough Council in January, 1897, and again in September of the same year, is a son of Mr William Howitt, of Patea, an early military settler. He was born at Okato, Stony River, near New Plymouth, in the year 1869, and was partly educated in the blockhouse then in use as a private school. His education was continued at Patea after the removal of his parents to that town, and there, too, he learned the trade of a baker with his father. Then he took a trip to the Old Country, where he found employment in the office of the Northern Trawling Company, Aberdeen, Scotland, and attended evening classes at the Gordon College. Mr Howitt travelled nearly all over England and Scotland, and on his return to New Zealand wrote and published an account of his travels, of which 4000 copies were printed by Messrs Mills, Dick, and Co., of Dunedin, and the whole issue was promptly sold. While at Home he made known the many advantages of colonial life, and was in this way successful in inducing about thirty emigrants to avail themselves of the opportunities offered by Mr Courtney, the well-known immigration agent for Taranaki. Mr Howitt bought his father's business in 1897, but subsequently disposed of it to his brother. In 1897 he married the daughter of the late Mr. George Souter, farmer, of Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Mr Howitt is further referred to as a general storekeeper at Awatuna East.
- in 1939 the Marquis of Aberdeen, wrote to William's wife, Jessie, from Haddo House, Aberdeen, in regard to the passing of his mother Isabel, marchioness of Aberdeen, who devoted the greater part of her life to Women's causes
- in March 1941, Jessie, of Stanley Bay, left with her niece, Miss Maud Henty, for Tapuhi north Auckland
Auckland Star, 17 April 1944 On April 17, 1944, at the Green Lane Hospital, Jessie S., dearly loved wife of W. K. Howitt, of 49 Glen Road, Stanley Bay. A service will be held at the residence of G. M. Howitt, 3 Ngaroma Road, Greenwood's Corner at 10.30a.m. Private cremation. No flowers
- William King Howitt wrote the books:
A Pioneer Looks Back, Auckland, 1945
A Pioneer Looks Back Again, Auckland, 1947


... 4
1871 - 1954 Adam 'Ad' Howitt
- born in Okato
Hawera & Normanby Star, 1 August 1899 The illuminated address which was presented to Mr Lowe, late chief engineer of New Zealand railways, who is leaving Wellington to take up mission work in India, was the work of Mr Ad Howitt, formerly of Patea. Mr Howitt, who is now one of the foremost artists in New Zealand, has made rapid strides in his profession; this lates work is described by a Wellington paper to be really a work of genius. A leading idea in the design is sunset in New Zealand and sunrise in India, typifying the close of Mr Lowe's career her and his entry upon a new one abroad. This is suggested by the artist in a couple of scenes, thus described in the New Zealand Times: "The first represents 'Evening in New Zealand' and shows Egmont's magnificent proportions, outlined against a sunset sky, and contrasted with it is 'Morning in India' the rising sun casting a warm glow over a tropical sky and throwing into relief the form of 'that dream in marble', the Taj Mahal, whose beauties are mirrored in the placid depths of the river which stretches in a broad stream to the foreground of the picture".
The material used by this young man when he was quite a lad to draw his crude sketches on was the paper bags in his father's shop that were used for putting confectionery in, and one lady whose sense of propriety was of the strictest kind complained rather severely that a bag her little girl had got had the picture of a horse race on it, the horses coming in to the post neck and neck. There is something of the irony of fate in the fact that the same lady has had cause to congratulate him on some of his later day work
Evening Post, 22 October 1889 Mr Allan Smith, the well-known "Highland Laddie" of Manners-street, has just had built to his order by Mr George Luke, of Taranaki-street, a very handsome grocer's delivery cart with somewhat novel decorations. The side panels are painted in a tartan pattern, with the words "Highland Laddie" in large striking letters running along, and in the centre a shield. on which has been painted by Mr Adam Howitt and excellent picture of a Highlander in full costume. The vehicle altogether us well constructed and cannot fail to excite attention in the streets
Wanganui Chronicle, 10 April 1894 A most interesting event took place at the Borough Chambers to-day in the shape of a gathering of the friends of Mr Webster, Manager of the Bank of Australasia, who is leaving for the Palmerston North branch. His Worship the Mayor, Mr R. A. Adams, read an address which was excellently illuminated by Mr Adam Howitt, and was quite a work of art and the admiration of all ...
- Adam married Clara Louisa MORTON (1871-1948) in 1899. Daughter of Mr Thomas Morton, City Engineer of Wellington & Clara WINSLADE
Wanganui Chronicle, 11 May 1899 A very pretty wedding took place at the residence of Mrs Hurley, St Hill-street, on Wednesday, the 3rd inst., when Mr Adam Howitt, well and favourably known in Patea and surrounding districts (late artist for Christchurch Engraving Company) and second surviving son of Mr W. Howitt, of Patea, and Miss Clara Morton were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The Rev H. Peters officiated. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr W. Morton, was attired becomingly in white, with the orthodox veul and orange blossoms, and was attended by Miss Blythe and the Misses Ada and Nellie Howitt. Bride and bridemaids wore gold brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr A. M. Howitt acted as best man. The ceremony over, the company was entertained at afternoon tea, at which some 40 friends of the bridal pair were present, after which the happy couple took their departure, amid showers of rice and good wishes, for Palmerston North, en route for Wellington, their future residence
- their known children:
* 1900 - 1959 Donald Mackay Howitt
- March 1925, the engagement is announced of Miss Beatrice May, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Shirtcliffe, of Remuera, Auckland, to Mr Donald Mackay, only son of Mr and Mrs Ad. Howitt, of Lyall Bay, Wellington
* 1905 - Isabel Adaline Howitt
Evening Post, 12 June 1901 The New RAILWAY OFFICES now being built for the accommodation of the Railway Department in Featherston-street, opposite the Telephone Exchange, will be a distinct addition to the architecture of Wellington ... according to the designs the trowel which is to be presented to the Duke of Cornwall on the occasion of laying the foundation stone will be an exceedingly handsome memorial. It is designed by Mr Ad Howitt, of the Railway Department. The principal feature of the design is the border work, representing Maori carvings and rata blooms. The handle is of greenstone, surmounted by a solid Imperial Crown in gold. The inscription is as follows:- Royal Arms. Presented to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York to commemorate the occasion of his laying the foundation stone of the New Zealand Railway Departmental Offices, Wellington, June 1901. Here follow the names of the Governor and Ministers and builder. The trowel will be enclosed in a wooden casket ornamented by maori carving, the casket being the work of Mr Heberley of Petone. The trowel is being manufactured by Messrs Littlejohn and Son, and the engraving is the handiwork of Mr W. R. Bock
- in 1928 Ad was described as the 'Chief Draughstman of the Railway Department' in Wellington


... 5
1873 - 1873 Margaret Howitt
- On the 19th April 1873, at Sunnyside, Okato, Margaret, infant daughter of William and Isabella Howitt, aged 9 days


... 6
1874 - 1937 Alexander Mackay Howitt
- On the 1st September, at Sunnyside, Okato, Mrs William Howitt of a son
- Alexander married Isa PATERSON (1879-1915) in 1900
Taranaki Herald, 3 October 1900 The first wedding celebrated in the Patea Presbyterian Church took place last week, when Mr A. M. Howitt, fourth son of Mr W. Howitt, was joined in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Isie Paterson, second daughter of Mr John Paterson, of Patea. The wedding was one of the prettiest yet seen in Patea. The church had been tastefully decorated by the young friends of the young couple, and when the ceremony began the church was simply packed with people, many being quite unable to gain admission., thereby testifying to the popularity of both parties, who had been brought up from childhood in the town, and who were now to enter upon a new sphere and important page in their life's history. The bride, who was led to the altar by her father, was dressed in a white silk lustre, trimmed with chiffon and lace, and with the customary veil and orange blossoms. She carried a beautiful bouquet and was attended by four diminutive bridesmaids. who were daintily dressed in white and buttercups, two of which carried flower baskets and two shepherd's crooks. All of the little dots wore gold brooches, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridegroom was attended by Mr Gordon Howitt and Mr Gordon as groomsman, The choir, of which both the bride and bridegroom had been prominent members for some time past, assisted by friends, with Mrs J. K. Mitchell as organist, sang a hymn appropriate to the occasion. The Rev A. M. Beattie conducted the ceremony and at the close, following a good old Scotch custom, presented the young couple with a family bible, theirs being the first wedding celebrated in the church. After the ceremony the bride's parents entertained a large party at afternoon tea, the whole being photographed by Mr Ad Howitt. The honeymoon is to be spent in Wellington. As the couple left the station in the afternoon, three hearty cheers were raised in their honour by the large crowd that lined the station platform. Over a hundred presents were received from well-wished and friends, one especially noticeable present being from the Patea band, of which Mr Howitt has been a prominent member for many years
Evening Post, 8 October 1915 On the 4th October 1915, at Mantel-street, Seatoun, Wellington Isa, beloved wife of Alexander Mackay Howitt, late of Patea, aged 36 years. Interred at Karori Cemetery 6th October
- Alexander next married Christina BROWN in 1917
Patea 1908 Alexander Mackay Howitt, General Storekeeper and Tea Merchant. Baker and Confectioner, corner of Egmont and Bedford Streets, Patea. Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Mr Howitt's general store was established in the year 1895 by Mr W. K. Howitt and himself, but two years later, when the success of the undertaking was assured, the senior partner withdrew from the firm, and Mr A. M. Howitt became sole proprietor. Mr Howitt subsequently purchased from his brother, Mr W. K. Howitt, the bakery business which had been founded by their father. The bakehouse is well equipped, the oven being one of the largest on the coast, and lined top and bottom with fire bricks. An improvement, by no means common in the colony, is a patent pyrometer, an instrument for measuring the degrees of heat above those indicated by a mercurial thermometer. The advantages of this kind of oven become apparent, when it is explained that the baking occupies only about half the time required by the old style of oven. As a result, there is a great improvement in the quality of the bread, as well as in the speed with which it can be turned out in large quantities. Mr Howitt's carts traverse the country round for a radius of about ten miles, with prompt delivery in all weathers; and his wedding cakes, and other fancy confections, frequently find their way into Hawera, Waverley and other neighbouring towns. The business is conducted in a fine shop, which is stocked with all the varied goods usually found in a country store. Mr Howitt is a direct importer of crockery and other manufactures, and is agent for the Tiger and Golden Heart teas. He also deals largely in flour from the best mills in the colony. Mr. Howitt was born at Stoney river, Taranaki, in 1875, educated at Pahia, and after gaining two years' experience with the late Mr. R. A. Adams, several five years with Mr John Gibson, the well known storekeeper of Patea. After that he went into business with his brother as a general storekeeper, and subsequently acquired the business on his own account.
- he was on the 1930 Census in East Sydney, New South Wales
Evening Post, 23 March 1937 On March 17 1937, AT Sydney (suddenly), Alexander Mackay Howitt, well-loved brother of W. K. and G. M. Howitt, Auckland and Ad. Howitt, Mrs A. J. Roberts and Miss H. G. Howitt, Wellington; aged 62 years


... 7
1877 - 1960 Ada Howitt
- born in Okato
- Ada married Alban Joseph ROBERTS in 1903
- Alban was born in Wellington to William Henry ROBERTS & Kate Clara BOWERN. He was the inventor, in 1920, of 'The Kaiser' (an electrically powered automaton suited in sheet metal i.e. a 'TIN-MAN ROBOT') SEE ** BELOW
Taranaki Herald, 9 January 1904 One of the prettiest and most popular weddings that have ever taken place in Patea was that which was celebrated in the Presbyterian Church on Friday afternoon, November 27th, between Mr Alban J. Roberts, electrical engineer and Miss Ada, second daughter of Mr William Howitt, one of our oldest and most esteemed residents. The truth of the old saying 'happy is the bride the sun shines on' was fully exemplified, as not only did the bride look charming, but the weather was as delightful as any bride could wish it to be. The church, which was beautifully decorated for the occasion by the girlfriends of the bride, was filled to overflowing by the friends of the contracting parties, three white bells of artistic design, the work of the Misses Darling, being hung immediately over the spot where the wedding ceremony took place. The bride was attired in a dress of cream corded silk prettily tucked and trimmed with embroidered silk, chiffon and cream satin ribbon, wore the orthodox veil and orange blossoms and a gold bracelet set with pearls, the gift of the bridegroom. She carried a beautiful shower bouquet of white flowers, the gift of Mrs E. Derritt, of Pine Hill. She was given away by her father. The bridesmaids were Miss Helen Gordon Hewitt (sister of the bride), and two pretty little dots namely, Misses Maudie Mitchell and Lynn Edwards. The chief bridesmaid was attired in cream, black hat trimmed with long chiffon strings. She wore a diamond and ruby ring, the gift of the bridegroom. The two little girls mentioned wore pretty quaint, long cream chiffon gowns, cream silk Dutch bonnets with long chiffon ends, also gold pins with heart pendants, the gifts of the bridegroom, and carried baskets of rose leaves, which were strewn as the happy pair left the church. Master Gordon Howitt Charteris, nephew of the bride, was attired as "Little Lord Fauntleroy". Mr Gordon Mackay Howitt, brother of the bride, was best man. The orchestra consisted of Mesdames Mitchell and Edwards, and Misses Jacomb and Dixon, who played the Wedding march with excellent effect as the bridal party entered and left the church. The bride was presented with an artistic horse shoe by Bertha Edwards, a pretty little dot of three summers, as an additional souvenir of the happy occasion. The bride's gift to the bridegroom were gold studs and sleeve links. The wedding party were then driven to the residence of the bride's parents, the coach occupied by the newly wedded couple being artistically decorated. The health of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by the Rev Mr Lewis in a felicitous speech, the bridegroom responding. The health of the bridegroom, and responded to on their behalf by Mr G. Mackay Howitt, The toast "The bride's parents", was proposed by the Rev Mr Lewis, Mr W. H. Howitt responding. Mr W. H. Howitt proposed the toast of "The Press". The bride's travelling dress was grey flaked voile trimmed with satin to match, and white silk, black chiffon hat with pink roses and long chiffon strings. The wedding presents were numerous, costly and useful. There were many pretty dresses worn amongst the guests at the ceremony, but they are too munerous to particularise. The honeymoon will be spent in Wellington


... 8
1878 - 1878 Donald Howitt
- born 11 November 1878 in Patea, Donald died 16 November 1878 aged 5 days
- he is buried Plot 4048, (Old Plot 2), Block 12 at Patea General Presbyterian


... 9
1879 - 1963 Helen 'Nellie' Gordon Howitt
- born in Patea, Helen didn't married
Taranaki Herald, 14 January 1890 About three years ago you published an item as to Nellie Howitt, the deaf and dumb daughter of Mr and Mrs Howitt, who were formerly settled at Okato. Nellie had been then two years at the Government Deaf and Dumb Institution at Christchurch, of which Mr Van Asch is principal. She is now ten years old, and has been five years at the Institution. Every year has shown a marked improvement in apprehension and intelligence, as in growth. Her appearance now speaks well for the motherly attention of Mr Van Asch who superintends the domestic arrangements, and the girl's readiness to return, and the hearty goodwill she expresses towards the teachers, as well as the principals of the Institution, is good testimony as to kindly treatment. She has, however, her partialities, and readily says whom she likes best. Little dreaming I should be intelligently answered, I put all sorts of odd questions, and was surprised at the accuracy and comparatively wide range of her knowledge. Finally I asked if she could sum, and right away came the answer, "Up to long division". I enclose samples which she worked out just as fast as she could make the figures, and she writes - and, in fact, is quick in all her movements. She speaks with a foreign accent, but distinctly, and very readily sees the point of any simple joke. What is now chiefly noticeable is the expansion of ideas, showing that the training is not mere rote, but a thorough explanation of the faculties. She brought home samples of school work, including drawing and needlework. The latter was excellent, and embraced on a square of calico, hemming, patching, gusseting and other useful forms. Of this work she is rather proud, being better in her own opinion that the work of an elder sister. She now fully realises the handicap which the deafness imposes as against those who can hear, and on her present holiday visit proved inquisitive as to how and when it was first found out that she could not hear
Hawera & Normanby Star, 16 April 1907 Helen, of Patea and her brother William King Howitt of Awatuna East, were staying at the Falls Mountain House, Stratford


... 10
1881 - Gordon Mackay Howitt
- born in Patea
- Gordon married Clara Maud PALMER (1885-1983) in 1909. Daughter of Alfred & May Elizabeth PALMER
- they had:
1910 - 1998 Nancy Marjorie Howitt
- in 1911 he was Stationmaster at Mataroa
Auckland Star, 9 February 1927 For sixteen years a private tennis club at One Tree Hill have gratuitously used the tennis court belonging to Mr and Mrs A. J. Palmer, who celebrated their golden wedding on Sunday. Mr Palmer has all these years, supervised the preparation of the court for the Saturday players and, on Saturday last, taking time by the forelock, the members of the club were the first to congratulate the happly couple and a bright little function took place. A large wedding veil had been erected over the seat where Mr and Mrs Palmer invariably sat and watch the play, and the "bride and bridegroom" were smothered with confetti as they made their way to the seat. At an interval, the bride's cake was cut by Mr Gordon Mackay Howitt who proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom. A handsome bouquet of everlasting flowers was presented to Mrs Palmer by Miss Nancy Howitt and a buttonhole by Miss Irene Clark to Mr Palmer. Mr Will Martin then presented the couple on behalf of the club with a Doulton gold and blue fruit bowl. Happy responses being made by Mr Palmer, who was completely taken by surprise. The ladies were toasted at the call of Mr Gormack, and responded to by Miss Winnie Clark
Auckland Star, 8 February 1938 Gordon Mackay Howitt, credit manager of the Farmers' Trading Company, gave evidence ...

Taranaki Herald, 17 May 1873 OKATO SCHOOL GRANT
... Mrs Catherine Hogarth, Teacher, who received 4 6s 3d (2012 equivalent of $605) from the Education Board for the quarter ending 31st December 1872, for 9 children to whom the capitation allowance is given. The following are the names of the children receiving such grant:-
* Andrew Gray
* William Gray
* Kate Syme
* Margaret Syme
* Nuna Syme
* Stanley Syme

Taranaki Herald, 14 June 1878 William's NEW SHOP
... The Patea Mail of Saturday last announces that the new baker, Mr William Howitt (late of Okato), is ready for business, and solicits a share of the Patea patronage. Mr Howitt has erected a costly baking oven and fitted up premises on the Taranaki Road, opposite Mr Taplin's store, in a manner which indicates confidence in the progressiveness of Carlyle, and intention to make a home there. The shop was opened on Monday, and the first batch of bread is spoken of as being excellent

Wanganui Chronicle, 5 June 1906 ACCIDENT
... On Thursday morning at Patea rather a serious accident happened to Mr William Howitt, one of the oldest and most respected settlers there, He was walking in the back yard of his residence when he slipped on a piece of clay and falling heavily to the ground broke three ribs. It was some time before he was discovered in his helpless condition, and at first it was thought that the accident was worse than it afterwards proved to be. Mr Howitt who is getting well up in years, is progressing as well as can be expected, but lies in a rather serious condition. His many friends up and down the coast hope that the injury may soon heal and that he will soon be about again.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 5 July 1910 William's 70th BIRTHDAY
... Mr William Howitt, of Patea, who celebrates his 70th birthday this week, has spent 47 years in the Taranaki province. As a young man of 23 he joined the military setters in New Plymouth and for three years was engaged at garrison and outpost duty between that town and Opunake, and in 1865 at Warea, fighting under Colonel Warre, he did some hard fighting when that gallant officer was clearing the coast of hostile natives. For 12 years after this at Okato, he farmed a piece of land right on the outskirts of civilisation, and with his wife and young family had some very narrow escapes. In 1898 Mr Howitt shifted to Patea, and has resided there ever since. His one recreation is bowling and he is a well-known figure on the Patea green, the members of which lately did him the honour of making him a life member. He did some very hard pioneering work in the early days, and is well nigh the last of the old hands who, fearing nothing, settled on the borders of Stony River. These men were courageous, resourceful and hopeful above all things. They were one and all pioneers, and to-day others are reaping a fruitful harvest, the result of the early work that was done so well.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 4 May 1911 DEATH of ISABELLA Howitt
... At "Glentui" Patea, on the 3rd May, Isabella, dearly beloved wife of William Howitt; aged 70 years. Funeral on Saturday at 2.30p.m.

Dominion, 6 May 1911 Isabella's OBITUARY
... On Wednesday, at Patea, the death took place of Mrs Isabella Howitt, wife of Mr W. Howitt, one of the oldest and most respected residents of Patea. The deceased lady was born in Inverness in 1840, and arrived in Auckland in the Pegasus in April, 1865 (sic, 28 March). Three days later she was married to Mr Howitt, who had come up from New Plymouth to meet her, having been in the colony three years before. For thirteen years they lived at Stoney River, Okato, right on the borders of civilisation, and there she went through experiences that would have daunted many people. Since 1878 they have lived with their family at Patea, where Mrs Howitt has been noted for her charity and great kindness to those who needed help. She is survived by a family of seven - Mrs R. Charteris, William King Howitt, Adam Howitt, Wellington, Alexander Mackay Howitt, Mrs Alban Roberts, London, Miss Helen Gordon Howitt and Mr Gordon Mackay Howitt, of Mataroa

Hawera & Normanby Star, 20 July 1920 DEATH of William Howitt
... At "Glentui" Bedford Street, Patea, on Monday, July 19th, 1920, William Howitt, in his 81st year; a colonist of sixty years' standing and a Maori War veteran. Funeral on Wednesday, July 21st, 1920, at 2p.m.

Auckland Star, 21 July 1920 William's OBITUARY
... Mr William Howitt, who died at Patea on Monday, was a very old resident of New Zealand, having come to the Dominion 60 years ago, 58 years of that time being spent in the Taranaki province and for 12 years was a pioneer farmer at Okato (Stony River) but for 42 years he had lived at Patea. He was a member of the first Borough Council in Patea, and had previously been a member of the old Carlyle Town board. He came through the Taranaki Maori wars of the "sixties" and was present at the battle of Kaitake, when Major Atkinson was in command, and it was at this battle that he won his Maori war medal. He also served under Colonel Warre when that officer was engaged clearing the coast between Opunake and New Plymouth of hostile natives. He was a noted athlete in his younger days, an excellent rifle shot and a man of untiring vigour. He was a life member of the Patea Bowling Club, and a well-known horticulturist, being judge at the local shows in the early days. He was a pioneer in the finest sense of the word, being sincere and high minded in all his actions - a man whose word was his bond. He was one of the founders of the Presbyterian Church in Patea and for many years was an office-bearer. He farmed for many years right on the outskirts of civilisation in the Okato district, being subject to the attacks of unfriendly natives, who often raided his farm and carried off his stock. For three years he had to leave his homestead at nights and sleep in the blockhouse for safety. He was 81 at the time of his death, his wife having predeceased him by nine years, He leaves a family of four sons and two daughters - Mr William King Howitt and Gordon Mackay Howitt, of Auckland; Mr Adam Howitt of Wellington; Mr Alexander Mackay Howitt of Sydney; and Mrs Roberts and Miss Howitt at present in Patea.
Mr Howitt was born at New Pitsligo, in the North of Scotland

Auckland Star, 9 August 1926 Mr NEWSHAM CURTIS
... Mr George Newsham Curtis, who passed away at New Plymouth last week, was one of the best types of colonial pioneer. He arrived in New Zealand in 1850, and spent most of his life in Taranaki. He fought at the famous Battle of Waireka in 1860, when only sixteen years of age, and was amongst the last of those who fought in that conflict. In the later 'sixties' he established a home for himself on the outskirts of civilisation near Okato, where for some time he was in partnership with the late Mr William Howitt, another pioneer settler, and they did much to develop the country where they lived. Mr George Curtis used to drive a bullock team along the rough, unformed roads and sea beach through hostile Maori country, with produce to New Plymouth and came through the ordeal unscathed, although he had many narrow escapes. Curtis's two-roomed whare, which stood near the main track into New Plymouth was a place where the utmost hospitality was ectended to the wayfarer, never mind to what class he belonged, or what was his social position. He was a man of innate culture, and he was often urged to stand for Parliament, but nothing would induce him to enter the hurly-burly of political strife. He was an exceedingly handsome man, but never married

** a timeline for Alban Joseph Roberts from the site
a history of cybernetic animals and early robots
* 1904 Running Municipal Electric Lighting Works Patea, N.Z.
* 1905 Christchurch, Patented Meat marker. Instructor in Electricity at Kaiapoi
* 1908 Early experiments in wireless in 1908 in Sydney, Australia.
* 1909 registered new member for Aero Club of the UK
* 1910 Wireless motor-launch at Dagenham Lake, Essex, England
* 1913 Demononstration of Wireless Dirigible back in New Zealand
* 1914 AJR on his way to London via Australia
* 1915 April 16, "wireless Dirigible" at the Hippodrome, London
* 1916 "Flight" "distant control of aircraft by whistling"
* 1918 - WWI Alban Joseph Roberts. RNAS Officers Service
* 1920 Automaton walks by sound control, 12 Feb date for "Kaiser" the robot
* 1921 (1 August to 13 September) St George's Hall appearance.
* 1921 Capt Alban J. Roberts performed for Maskelyne at St George's Hall
* 1923 (2 to 14th July) Capt Alban J. Roberts performed at St George's Hall
* 1924 Dutch/German Circus poster showing female automaton on skates.
* 1925 "Argus" Newspaper Aerial Torpedo 12 Aug 1925
* 1928 (10 September) Roberts returns to St George's Hall for a five week engagement with "The Robot". Most press available is of this event. Robot looks like a shiek maybe "Lawrence of Arabia". Probably booked by Noel Maskelyne.
* 1930 patents advertising device 1,769,311
* 1938 Director of Visular Directions Ltd, a new company in London
* 1950 Died in England, U.K. aged 70.

View of Mount Taranaki behind Awatuna East

The premises of William King Howitt, storekeeper, baker and post office are visible centre left. See his link above. The store was first opened in June 1878 by his father, William Howitt (featured here)

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WINDLE burials in Otago, New Zealand

... DUNEDIN ...
ANNIE Windle (1920-2012)
- born 6 January 1920 in Brechin, Scotland
- arrived New Zealand about 1926
- died 11 February 2012 aged 92
- last address: Radius Fulton Care Centre, Dunedin
- buried Plot 43, Block 87 at Green Park Cemetery

EDITH Windle (1893-1976)
- last address: Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island
- died 16 August 1976 aged 83 in Invercargill
- ashes returned

FREDERICK JOSEPH Windle (1915-1996)
- born 6 August 1915 in Gore
- died 6 September 1996 aged 81 at Dunedin Hospital
- buried Plot 43, Block 87 at Green Park Cemetery
- last address: McIntosh Road, Brighton, Dunedin

JOHN Windle (1878-1962)
- married Rose HENRY in 1909
- died 9 May 1962 aged 84
- buried Plot 8, Block Z at East Taieri Cemetery

LAURIE STEPHEN Windle (1926-2002)
- died 17 November 2002 aged 76
- last address: Milton
- ashes buried Plot 43, Block P1 at Andersons Bay Cemetery

NOELINE Windle (1937-2011)
- born in Dunedin
- died 9 April 2011 in Dunedin Hospital aged 74
- last address, Mosgiel
- ashes returned

ROSE Windle (1887-1961 nee HENRY)
- married John Windle in 1909
- died 13 November 1961 aged 74
- buried Plot 8, Block Z at East Taieri Cemetery


... GORE ...
BRYAN FRANCIS Windle (1920-1967)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 6 October 1967 aged 47
- buried Plot 18, Block 64
In loving memory of
died 6th Oct 1967 aged 47 years.
and his loved wife Isobel Jessie (Bette)
Died 14th Feb 2011 Aged 92 years

CORNELIUS FRANCIS Windle (1897-1959)
- died 25 March 1969 aged 71
- buried Plot 42, Block 70
In loving remembrance of
born 1897 - died 1969.
And his wife
born 1897 - died 1977. R.I.P.

DENIS PATRICK Windle (1882-1951)
- died 5 May 1951 aged 68
- buried Plot 45, Block 70
In loving remembrance of
DENIS PATRICK WINDLE who died 5th May 1951 aged 68 years.
Also his son 13960 PTE WILLIAM HENRY killed while prisoner of war 17th Aug 1942 aged 25 years.
And his wife
ELIZABETH who died 23rd May 1959 aged 77 years.
And their daughter EILEEN MARY SOPER who died 29th May 1967. R.I.P.

ELEANOR ANNE Windle (1950-1950)
- died 2 March 1950 aged 8 hours
- buried Plot 53, Block 106 ROM CATH

ELIZABETH Windle (1881-1959)
- died 23 May 1959 aged 77
- buried Plot 46, Block 70 ROM CATH
- see Denis Patrick Windle

HENRY Windle (1886-1969)
- died 11 March 1969 aged 82
- buried Plot 17, Block 64 RON CATH
Pray for the repose of the soul of
and her husband
HENRY WINDLE 1886 - 1969.
Also their daughter MARY CATHERINE TERESA 1924 . 1982. R.I.P.

HENRY MICHAEL Windle (1910-1962)
- died 17 September 1962 aged 52
- buried Plot 44, Block 70 ROM CATH
2nd NZEF 17726 PTE H M WINDLE NZ Infantry died 17.9.1962 aged 52 years.

IRENE ELIZABETH Windle (1897-1977 nee DUNLEA)
- married Cornelius Francis Windle in 1924
- died 6 July 1977 aged 79
- buried Plot 43, Block 70
- see Cornelius

ISABEL JESSIE 'Bette' Windle (1918-2011)
- died 14 February 2011 aged 92
- buried Plot 18, Block 64 ROM CATH
- see Bryan Francis

JAMES NOEL 'Jimmy' Windle (1913-1968)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 4 May 1968 aged 54
- buried Plot 11, Block 117
pray for the repose of the soul of
loved husband of
PHYLLIS WINDLE born 1913 died 1968.
and his wife
born 1911 - died 1996 R.I.P.

KEVIN JOSEPH 'Digger' Windle (1921-1970)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 10 March 1970 aged 48
- buried Plot 30, Block 69 ROM CATH
In fond remembrance of
died 10th Mar 1970 aged 48 years.
Beloved husband of
Also their infant daughter MARY. R.I.P.

MARY Windle (1861-1930)
- died 26 January 1930 aged 68
- buried Plot 11, Block 67 ROM CATH
Erected in loving memory of
MARY WINDLE who died at Gore 26th Jan 1929. R.I.P.

MARY Windle (1947-1947)
- died 18 October 1947 aged 1 hour
- buried Plot 30, Block 69
- see Kevin Joseph

MARY CATHERINE TERESA 'Molly' Windle (1924-1982)
- daughter of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 6 July 1982 aged 57
- buried Plot 17, Block 64 ROM CATH
- see Henry Windle (1886-1969)

MARY CECELIA Windle (1889-1955 nee HOLLAND)
- married Harry Windle jnr in 1912
- died 1 December 1955 aged 66
- buried Plot 17, Block 64
- see Henry Windle (1886-1969)

NOEL HENRY Windle (1942-1989)
- died 25 January 1989 aged 47
- buried Plot 10, Block 19 LAWN
In loving memory of
1942 1989. R.I.P

PHYLLIS LILLIAN Windle (1911-1996)
- died 5 November 1996 aged 85
- buried Plot 12, Block 117
- see James Noel

WILLIAM HENRY Windle (-1954)
- died 16 January 1954 aged 1 day
- buried Plot 53, Block 106 ROM CATH
- with Eleanor Anne


MARION NORAH Windle (1904-1979)
- died 4 December 1979 aged 75
- buried Plot 24A, Block 1
Sacred heart of Jesus
Have mercy on the soul of
Beloved husband of Mary Tynan Qualter
Died 8th Jan 1941 aged 72 years
Also his wife
Died 14th Jan 1945 aged 75 years
And their son
Died 11th Nov 1977 aged 70 years
In loving memory of
Died Dec 4 1979 aged 75 years
Died Sept 24 2005 aged 94 years

Sister MARY IMELDA Windle (1913-2011)
- died 4 May 2011 aged 97
- buried Plot 6, Block 1N
S. M. Imelda Windle O.P.
13.10.1913 - 4.5.2011 R.I.P

S. Frances Scully O.P.
11.11.1924 - 30.8.2011 R.I.P.

- died 24 September 2005 aged 94
- buried Plot 1, Block 24A
- see Marion Norah


... RIVERSDALE, Southland ...
ALMA MAVIS Windle (1926-2011)
- died 29 January 2011 aged 84
- buried 13.00 Lawn Block I and 14

CATHERINE Windle (1895-1912)
- died 9 July 1912 aged 17
- buried 1.00 Block IV

CATHERINE Windle (1856-1924)
- died 31 July 1924 aged 68
- buried 1.00 Block IV

HENRY Windle (1850-1904)
- died 15 October 1904 aged 54
- buried 1.00 Block IV

JOHN Windle (1913-1919)
- died 14 April 1919 aged 6.3
- buried 5.00 Block IV

MARY ANN Windle (1890-1973 nee DOWLING)
- Mary Ann married Maurice Windle in 1916
- died 13 January 1973 aged 82
- buried 26.00 Block IV

MAURICE Windle (1889-1982)
- died 13 August 1982 aged 93
- buried 26.00 Block IV

MICHAEL Windle (1885-1907)
- lived in Longridge Village
- died 8 July 1907 aged 22
- buried 1.00 Block IV

NICHOLAS Windle (1891-1907)
- died 28 December 1907 aged 16
- buried 1.00 Block IV


* Henry 'Harry' Windle (jnr) was born 4 October 1886
- a son of Henry 'Harry' WINDLE (1850-1904) & Catherine 'Kate' O'CONNELL (1856-1924)
- Harry married Mary Cecelia 'Cis' HOLLAND in 1912
- they had 4 sons & 1 daughter (see burials above)
HARRY's CHILDREN (& of Cis Holland):
1913 - 1968 James Noel 'Jimmy' Windle
1916 - 1981 Henry Earl 'Harry' Windle
1920 - 1967 Bryan Francis Windle
1922 - 1970 Kevin Joseph 'Digger' Windle
1924 - 1982 Mary Catherine 'Molly' Windle

HARRY's SIBLINGS (children of Harry & Kate):
* 1879 - 1962 John Windle
- John married Rose HENRY in 1909
* 1880 - 1909 Mary Windle
- Mary married Daniel DALY/DALEY in 1904
* 1883 - 1951 Denis Patrick Windle
- Denis married Elizabeth COLLINS in 1908
- a son of Denis & Elizabeth, William Henry Windle, was killed 1942 while POW
* 1885 - 1907 Michael Windle
- Michael died aged 22
- his probate went to Mr Poppelwell?
* 1886 - 1969 Henry 'Harry' Windle
- married Mary Cecelia 'Cis' HOLLAND (1889-1955) in 1912
- daughter of James HOLLAND (1856-1920) & Mary MURPHY (1862-1935)
- sister of Patrick Sarsfield Holland who married Harry's sister Ellen
- he died 2 weeks before his brother Cornelius
* 1889 - 1982 Maurice Henry Windle
- Maurice married Mary Ann DOWLING in 1916
* 1891 - 1908 Nicholas Windle
- Nicholas died aged 16
* 1893 - 1982 Ellen Alice Windle
- Ellen married Patrick Sarsfield HOLLAND (1895-1951) in 1919
- son of James HOLLAND (Limerick-Gore) & Mary MURPHY (County Kerry-Gore)
- brother of Mary Cecelia who married Ellen's brother Harry
* 1895 - 1912 Catherine Windle
- Catherine died aged 17
* 1897 - 1969 Cornelius Francis Joseph Windle
- Cornelius married Irene Elizabeth DUNLEA in 1924
- he died 2 weeks after his brother Harry

They lived in Longridge Village and the children attended the Longridge Village School
Harry Windle (senior) was killed 15 Oct 1904 when, driving home from Riversdale, (12km) his horse bolted and he was pinned underneath the trap - his OBITUARY
... Mr HENRY WINDLE, LONGRIDGE VILLAGE - Very sincere regret was felt in the Riversdale district when the sad news was received that Mr H. Windle, a well known farmer at Longridge Village, met with a fatal accident on Saturday night... (more at above link)

* On 20 October 1882 at the weekly meeting of the Waste Lands Board, an application was made by Henry Windle to be allowed to transfer his portion of 214 acres in the Hokonui district, held on deferred payment by himseld and George Lynch, to the latter. Granted

* On 12 October 1888 among the many applicants for the sections of the 'Wendonside Blocks' was:
BLOCK VIII - Catherine Windle
SECTION 2, 200a 1r 11p, at 25s per acre - Henry Windle & Catherine Windle
SECTION 3, 138a 3r 23p, at 27s 6d per acre - Henry Windle & Catherine Windle

* On 2 May 1890, at the meeting of the householders of the Longridge Village, Henry Windle was elected the Secretary and Treasurer

* in May 1890 while fencing near the Waimea homestead, Henry Windle had a couple of fingers on his left hand crushed through their slipping on to the top of the stake just as his mate brought down the maul. The fleshy part of the fingers was almost reduced to pulp, but fortunately the bones were not broken

* in June 1891 a seven year old son of Henry Windle of Longridge Village (Denis Patrick) had one of his eyes seriously injured through a barbed wire loop on a gate rebounding and hitting him. It was feared that the eyesight would be affected

* On 31 May 1894 Henry sold Lot 6, 87 acres at Sandstone Ridge, for 8s 9d per acre

* On 12 April 1895 at the meeting at Invercargill of the Southland Land Board, Henry Windle's application to complete purchase of Section 613 at Hokonui, was granted

* In October 1898 Mr Walter Gee of Riversdale prepared a petition for signature amongst the settlers and croppers at Longridge Village asking the Railway Department to grant a goods-shed at the siding before next grain season. Mr Henry Windle took the petition in hand and secured a large number of signatures

on 7 June 1900 Messrs Wright, Stephenson, and Co, sold on account of the New Zealand Agricultural Company Ltd (in liguidation), allotment 9, block I, company's special survey, No 18, containing 239 acres 2 roods 17 perches to Henry Windle of Longridge Village

* On 11 August 1900 Henry Windle of Longridge Village, drew attention to the necessity of, and asked for, a cutting between section 1 and 9 on the Sandstone ridge a few chains from Mr Mcfarlane's place. Held over till member and engineer visit the locality

* On Wednesday 13th January 1904, a very pretty wedding took place at Mr Harry Windle's residence, Longridge Village, when his daughter Mary was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr D. Daley, of Maheno. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Father Keenan, of Riversdale. The bride, attended by her two sisters, was given away by her father, and looked charming in a dress of white silk and the orthodox wreath and veil. The bridesmaids wore dresses of white muslin over blue, and greenstone brooches, the gift of the bridegroom.
Mr J. Windle acted as best man. After the ceremony a very large number of guests sat down to an excellent breakfast, presided over by Rev Father Keenan who proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom in a few well chosen words.
Mr J. Kelly, of Riversdale, proposed the health of the bride's parents, and dwelt on the esteem in which Mr and Mrs Windle and family were held throught the district.
Several other guests also spoke in a similar strain.
Mr G. Stuart proposed the health of the bridesmaids, and Mr G. Butel that of the bridegroom's father, who was present.
Mr J. Macpherson proposed the health of the Rev Father Keenan.
At 2.30 the happy couple left for the railway station en route for the Lakes.
The wedding presents were both numerous and valuable and comprised several handsome cheques

* On Saturday 15 October 1904 Henry Windle, farmer of Longridge Village, was found dead on the Riverdale road, his cart being upset on him. It is surmised that his horse bolted and got one of its legs over a shaft, thereby upsetting the vehicle

* see also Harry Windle of Gore


at Gore Cemetery

Christmas Holidays from Auckland - 1936

the following list was taken from Auckland Star, 23 December 1936
- some marriages may be suggestions only -

Mrs J. A. ALGIE, of Takapuna, left for England, via Australia, by the 'Niagara'

Mrs I. ARNOLDSON, of Remuera, left to-day for Rotorua

Mrs W. F. BEECHEY, of Royce Avenue, Mount Eden, leaves to-morrow for Gisborne

Mrs H. BRAHAM, of Mission Bay, has returned from a motor tour, including the Chateau

Mr and Mrs BRAHAM, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro

Mr and Mrs A. Stanley BROWN and the Misses Brenda and Joy Brown, of Remuera Road, leave for Taupo on Thursday morning
* Margaret BARCLAY married Albert Stanley Brown in 1926

Miss Olwen BURTON, L.T.C.L., L.R.S.M., left by the 'Niagara', en route for England, where she intends to further her musical studies
* Olwen Henrietta Burton (1904-1972) daughter of Hedley Vickers BURTON & Winifred Emma GASH

Miss Kathleen CALEY, of Epsom, has returned to Auckland, via the South Island, after spending the past year in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne
* Kathleen Marjorie Caley (1902-1992) daughter of Thomas Lace CALEY & Josephine SPENSE

Miss M. COOPER, of Herne Bay, left by the 'Niagara' yesterday for Australia

Mrs R. CULPAN and Miss Joan CULPAN have returned to Auckland from Rotorua. They will leave at a later date for England

Mrs W. W. DOVE and family leave on Saturday for their cottage at lake Taupo
* Mary Hinemoa WHITNEY married William Walter Dove in 1921

Mrs D. DOUGLAS, and Miss D. DOUGLAS, of Morrinsville, are spending a holiday in Auckland

Mrs W. EMENY, who has been visiting Auckland, returned to-day to New Plymouth

Mrs W. A. FAIRCLOUGH, of Remuera Road, and family, left to-day for their home at Lake Rotoiti
Esther Hay FOSTER married William Aiken FAIRCLOUGH in 1924

Mrs M. E. GOERTZ, of Epsom, is the guest of Mrs P. J. H. MUNRO, of The Mount, Tauranga Ida Matilda RHODES married Peter John Hugh Munro in 1891

Mrs A. I. JOHNS, of Bassett Road, Remuera, leaves on Christmas Day for Taupo

Mrs T. W. J. JOHNSON, of Ranfurly Road, Epsom, and family, leave on Thursday for Taupo

Mrs Hugh KIRKER, of Remuera, has left for Mairangi Bay
* Margaret Dryden KNOX married Hugh Rea Kirker in 1916

Mrs C. D. D. de LABILLIERS, left for Sydney by the 'Niagara'

Miss Pat LAIDLAW, has left for Taupo, where she will spend the holidays

Mrs Clifton LEWIS, of Remuera, leaves to-day for Rotorua

Mr and Mrs RAWLINS, of Wolverhampton, England, are making a world tour, and are at present spending a month's visit in New Zealand. They will leave Auckland for Australia, China, India and will then proceed home to England. Mr Rawlins is a member of the Wolverhampton City Council, and takes a very active part in local borough legislation

Miss Una REIMERS, of Remuera Road, has returned from a visit to relatives in Hastings
* Una Kathleen Reimers (1906-2001) was a daughter of Hermann Heinrich REIMERS & Florence Butler BEALE

Mrs H. P. RICHMOND, of Orakei Road, Remuera, has left for a lengthy visit to Taupo
* Elsie Wilhelmina Mary macTAVISH married Howard Parris Richmond in 1909

Mrs Raymond SHEATH and Miss Joyce SHEATH, of Remuera, leave this week for Waiwera

Miss D. J. SPENCE, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro

Mrs V. E. WARBRICK, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro
* Victoria Effie CAMPBELL married john Warbrick in 1919

Mrs Dorothy WHEELER, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro

Miss Audrey WOODROFFE, of Takapuna, has left on a holiday visit to her aunt, Mrs E. T. WILDER, of "Springbush" station, Hawkes Bay * Beatrice Eleanor BEALE married Edmond Thornton Wilder in 1911

Mrs H. A. WOOTTON, accompanied by her daughters Pat and Denise, left for Rotorua this morning

Miss M. WRAITE, of Manukau Road, Parnell, has left for Nelson

at Tongariro was open for guests by the 1st August 1929, even though it was still unfurnished. It was officially opened on 13 November 1929