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Richard Watson PARKER - Blenheim

- was born in Greenwich, London, son of Edward Stone Parker (1802-1865) & Mary Cook WOOLMER (?-1842) who sailed to Sydney, Australia in 1839 with their 6 sons & became a Methodist preacher and assistant Protector of Aborigines

He married Alice Watson JACKSON (1854-1931) in 1875
- 1 of 6 children of Adam JACKSON & Allis SIDEBOTTOM who married 1841 in Stockport, England & became pioneer settlers of Runnimede, Blenheim

On July 21 1875 at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev G. S. Harper, Mr Richard Watson Parker, of Blenheim, to Alice Watson, second daughter of Mr Adam Jackson, Runnimede, near Renwick

RICHARD & ALICE had 8 daughters:
... 1
1876 - 1963 Alice Woolmer Parker
- named after her paternal grandmother
- Alice married Robert Talmage RUSH (1876-1913) in 1899
- they had at least 10 children

... 2
1877 - 1897 Ida May Parker
- Ida died aged 20

... 3
1880 - ? Amy Armstrong Parker
- Amy married Edward Alfred Stone PARKER (1876-1946) in 1906 (they were cousins)
On 6th Feb 1906 at the Church of Nativity, by the Ven Archdeacon Grace; Amy Armstrong Parker, third daughter of the late R. W. Parker, Grove Road, Blenheim, to Edward Alfred Stone Parker, of Granity, son of the late Edward Lancelot Parker, C.E., Victoria
... A quiet wedding was solemnised at the Church of the Nativity yesterday afternoon, the contracting parties being Mr Edward Alfred Stone Parker, C.E., of Victoria, and Miss Amy Armstrong Parker, third daughter of the late Mr R. W. Parker, of Grove Road, Blenheim. The Ven. Archdeacom Grace was the officiating minister. The bride, who was attended by Miss Mary parker as bridesmaid, was given away by her uncle, Mr W. B. Parker. The bridegroom was assisted by Mr Shirley Parker as best man. The bride wore a tailor-made travelling costume of grey tweed; the bridesmaid was gowned in pink Panama cloth, with hat to match. After the ceremony a large circle of guests were entertained at afternoon tea by the mother of the bride and the customary healths were drunk. The happy couple left by the four o'clock train for Granity. West Coast, where Mr Parker pursues his vocation as lay preacher for the Church of England. In the evening a large party of young people assembled at the residence of the bride's mother, Grove Road

... 4
1883 - 1973 Mary Emma Parker
- Mary did not marry

... 5
1887 - 1960 Violet Edna Parker
- Violet married John WRIGHT in 1915

... 6
1888 - 1971 Irene Vera 'Rene' Parker
- Irene married Charles Gray Campbell GEE (1883-1943) in 1911
- Charles was in partnership with Andrew Duncan McLaughlan as Land, Estate and General Commission Agents at Blenheim until 1915

... 7
1891 - 1973 Doris Winifred Parker
- Doris married Victor Andrew LOGAN (1889-1975) in 1915
- Victor was a Telegraph Operator in Blenheim

... 8
1894 - 1985 Gladys Maud Parker
- Gladys married Roy HOLDAWAY (1894-1966) in 1920
- son of John Frederick Ernest HOLDAWAY & Mary Ann Emma KIRBY

19 Oct 1878
... Richard Watson Parker was nominated as a Candidate for Election as Conservator to supply an Extraordinary Vacany at the Lower Wairau District

10 March 1884
... Richard Watson Parker, storekeeper of Grove Road, was a witness in Court describing a drunken fight between James Andrill and Henry Sutherly

in November 1888
... Richard applied for parcel of land No 435, as did his brother, William Benoni Parker (1837-1911), youngest son

On 10 March 1890
... Eichard Watson Parker, Storekeeper of Blenheim, filed for Bankruptcy

30 Nov 1897
... Richard is on the jury in the Court case of Mills v Christchurch Press Company in a libel action. The other jurors were: John Annear, William Cumming, Robert Beatson (foreman), William Henry Buckman, Charles John Fulton, Robert March Harding, Harry Hillam, Edward Bayley Mabin, Edward Mead, Alexander Mowat & John Charles Poole

8 May 1899
... BLENHEIM this day - Richard Watson Parker, a storekeeper, 64 years of age, a very old resident of the district, died suddenly this morning from heart disease while engaged in turning some hay in a paddock

PARKER, Richard Watson
... It is our painful dity to-day to announce the death of Mr Richard Watson Parker, storekeeper, of Grove road, which occurred suddenly this morning. The deceased was engaged with Mr W. Mills, one of his employees, turning hay in his paddock in Hutcheson street. They were working at opposite ends of a row, intending to meet in the middle of the row, and on looking up Mr Mills saw that Mr Parker had fallen; and found on going over to him that he was quite dead. The cause of death was heart disease. Deceased was sixty-four years of age on the 4th inst., and had not been ailing to the time of his death. Yesterday he was out and about as usual.
Mr Parker first arrived in Marlborough in 1865 from Australia, and about 1866 embarked in partnersihp with his brother, Mr W. B. Parker, in the business of general storekeeper. The partnership was dissolved in 1883, the deceased keeping on the business, in which he has continued up to the present time. He was also connected as a contractor with the formation of the Blenheim-Awatere railway, but unfortunately, the venture did not turn out successfully.
Mr Parker did not actively engage in local politics, although he served two terms of office on the local River Board, during the second term occupying the office of Chairman of the Board. He was highly esteemed and respected for his many good qualities by a large circle of friends, who will extend their hearty sympathy to his widow and family of seven daughters in their sad bereavement.
In consequence of Mr Parker's death the social to have been held in Wesley hall on Wednesday evening, and also the meeting of the W.C.T.U. to-morrow, have been postponed

Richard is buried Plot 7, Block 12 at Omaka Cemetery
Alice died 11 January 1931 aged 77 & is buried with him

Edward Stone Parker

father of Richard Watson & William Benoni Parker

William Henry TOBIN + Laura BROWN - Tauranga

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Alfred ORR & Barbara AITKEN - Balfour

Alfred ORR was born 13 Feb 1858 in Geelong, Victoria
- the 8th of 10 children of William ORR (1821-1864) & Margaret McMANUS (1828-1903) from Liverpool, England. (William died aged 43 & Margaret remarried in Dunedin in 1867 to Anthony KNOWLES (1822-1880)

Barbara AITKEN was born 1865 in Waipori, Otago
- the 3rd of 7 children of Andrew AITKEN (1836-) from Fife, Scotland & Margaret MONAGHAN (1832-1890) from Galway, Ireland, who settled in Victoria, Australia (Margaret had been previously married & had 7 earlier children)
- Barbara's eldest sister, Annie Smith Aitken, was born in Victoria, Australia (as were all her step-siblings) the year before her parents marriage. All other siblings were born in Otago, New Zealand

Alfred & Margaret married 21 Jan 1883 in Tapanui
they had 14 children:

... 1
1883 - 1959 Mary Elizabeth Annie Orr
- Mary married Francis PRINGLE (1871-1948) in Balfour 19 Oct 1904
their known children:
* 1908 - 1991 Irene Rita Pringle
- Irene married Alexander STEWART
* 1916 - 2007 Ella Frances Pringle
- Ella married Alexander Owen McKINLAY and lived in Gore
* 1918 - 1991 Leslie Alfred Pringle
- Leslie married Isobel Ruby MUNRO
MARY died in Gore 2 Oct 1959 aged 76 (buried Gore)

... 2
1884 - 1959 William Alfred Orr
- William served as Rifleman 29651 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 8th Reinforcements 3rd Battalion, G Company, embarking from Wellington 23 Sep 1916. He returned from Dardanelles in Jan 1918
- William married Elizabeth Bethune 'Bessie' HALLIDAY (1894-1953) in Dunedin 17 May 1918
- their known children:
* 1917 - Rex Halliday
* 1919 - 1927 Gwendoline Doris Orr
* 1921 - 1992 John Halliday Orr
* 1927 - 1987 Hugh Murray Orr
* 1930 - 1981 Thomas Thomson Hinch Orr
* 1933 - 1985 Donald Paterson Orr
WILLIAM died in Dunedin 8 Jan 1959 aged 74 (buried Balfour)

... 3
1886 - 1968 Henry George 'Harry' Orr
- Henry served as Trooper 24922 with the NZEF, 14th Reinforcements New Zealand Mounted Rifles, embarking from Wellington 10 July 1916
HENRY died in Milton 3 Aug 1968 aged 1 day from 82 (buried Fairfax cemetery)

... 4
1888 - 1971 Robert Allan Orr
- Robert served as Private 65124 with the NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company , embarking from Wellington 31 Dec 1917. He was listed as a 'Lime Crusher'
- born in Dunedin, Robert was a Farmer
- his last address was the Fulton Home in Dunedin
ROBERT died in Dunedin 24 Nov 1971 aged 83 (buried Dunedin)

... 5
1889 - 1968 Barbara Alice Orr
- Barbara married James COWIE (1889-1958) in Balfour 15 July 1914
BARBARA died in Invercargill 2 July 1968 aged 78 (buried Invercargill)

... 6
1891 - 1966 Ernest David Orr
- Ernest married Agnes Irene WEIR (1893-1941) 25 March 1914
- daughter of Archibald WEIR & Jemima HANCOCK
- they had a son
- Ernest married Elizabeth Mary Ida GREEN (1904-1986)
AGNES died in Pahiatua 26 Sep 1941 & buried in Karori
ERNEST died in Invercargill 12 Aug 1966 aged 74 (buried Invercargill)
ELIZABETH died in Invercargill 9 Feb 1986 aged 81 (buried Invercargill)

... 7
1894 - 1962 Alfred Orr
- Alfred served twice, as Trooper 9/335 with the Main Body, Otago Mounted Rifles, embarking from Port Chalmers 16 oct 1914 and as Second Lieutenant 9/335 with the NZ Rifle Brigade, 8th Reinforcements 3rd Battalion, G Company, embarking from Wellington 23 Sep 1916
- Alfred married Jessie Matilda METAAL (1892-1975) 19 Dec 1917
- daughter of George Cornelius Rennie METAAL (1865-1925) & Susan ABRIM (1968-1894) & granddaughter of Cornelius METAAL & Mary RENNIE
Otago Daily Times, 19 January 1918 ORR-METAAL - On December 19, at King Street Congregational Church, by the Rev G. Heighway, Lieutenant Alfred orr, N.Z.E.F., youngest son of Alfred Orr, Balfour, to Jessie M., only daughter of George Metaal, Kingston Crossing
Otago Witness, 8 March 1894 METAAL - On the 1st March 1891, at her residence, Greytown, the beloved wife of George C. R. Metaal; aged 26 years
- Alfred & Jessie had 5 known children
ALFRED died in Kingston Crossing 25 March 1962 aged 67 (buried Riversdale)

... 8
1896 - 1985 Mabel Orr
- Mabel married John Frederick WEIR (1890-1961) 26 Jan 1921
- son of Archibald WEIR & Jemimma HANCOCK
MABEL died in Invercargill 25 Aug 1985 aged 89 (buried Riverton)

... 9
1898 - 1955 Myrtle Thistle Orr
- Myrtle married Clifford Passmore PHILPOTT (1895-1982) 18 April 1927
MYRTLE died in Christchurch 22 Sep 1955 aged 57 (buried Bromley)

... 10
1900 - 1992 Lila Margaret Orr
- Lila married Walter ROBERTSON (1900-1980) 15 June 1926
- they had 3 children
LILA died in Christchurch 1 Sep 1992 aged 2 weeks from 92 (buried Invercargill)

... 11
1902 - 1994 Muriel Orr
- Muriel married John Alfred PALMER (1900-1981) 24 April 1928
MURIEL died in Wellington 12 June 1994 aged 91

... 12
1904 - 1911 Ella Catherine Orr
ELLA died in Balfour 20 May 1911 aged 2 weeks from 7 (buried Balfour)

... 13
1907 - 1996 Gladys Orr
- Gladys married James CRUST (1904-1944) 18 Dec 1928
- son of James William CRUST & Nellie JOYCE
- they had 2 children
- Gladys married ? PROBERT in Wellington 20 June 1945
- they had a son
GLADYS died in Nelson 4 June 1996 aged 88

... 14
1909 - 1984 Ethel Catherine Orr
- Ethel married Harold Benjamin POWER (1906-1961) 26 Dec 1919 in Dunedin
- her last address was the Eventide Home Company Bay
HAROLD died in Dunedin 6 Aug 1961 aged 55 (lived 22 Marine Parade, MacAndrew)
ETHEL died in Dunedin 12 Dec 1984 aged 75 & 1 week
- they are buried together Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin)

Alfred Orr died 24 Nov 1939 in Thornbury aged 81
Barbara Orr died 8 Aug 1940 in Invercargill aged 75
- they are buried in Balfour cemetery

Headstone of William & Elizabeth Orr at Gore
see above child ... 2

CAULFIELD War Memorial WWI - T+U+V

see A names for introduction to the journal:

A ... B ... C ... D ... E + F ... G ... H ... I+J+K
L ... M ... N+O+P ... R+S ... T+U+V ... W+Y

any SOLDIER known to have died as a POW is indicated by *

... T ...
TAYLOR, Clarence Churchill Julius - Private 2025
- born in Melbourne
- a Hairdresser of Oakleigh, Victoria
- served with 14 Infantry Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 17 April 1915 on HMAT Hororata
- mother, Adelaide Taylor, Carlisle Crescent, Oakleigh
- DIED 7 August 1916 in France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* more to be added

TAYLOR, George Geoffrey - Gunner 7447
- born Elmore, Victoria
- enlisted from Warwick Farm, NSW
- served with 14th Battery 5th Brigade Australian Field Artillery
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, George Henry Taylor
- died 26 Aug 1917 in Belgium aged
- Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Belgium
* more to be added

TEMPANY, Albert Roy - Gunner 955
- born Melbourne
- served with 103rd Howitzer Battery 3rd AFA Brigade Australian Field Artillery
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, Henry Tempany
- KILLED IN ACTION 7 Aug 1916 in France aged
- Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boiselle, France
* more to be added

TIERNEY, Andrew James - Private 256
- born in Melbourne
- served with 6th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- mother, E. Tierney
- KILLED IN ACTION 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli aged
- Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
* more to be added

TILLY, Rupert James - Trooper 29
- sometimes seen as Tilley
- born in Melbourne, he attended St.Peters University High School
- Rupert was a Railway employee & later had a farm at Yarragon, Gippsland
- served with 4th Australian Light Horse
- embarked from Melbourne 19 Oct 1914 on HMAT Wiltshire
- mother, Elizabeth Tilly of 25 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
- also, son of James & Elizabeth Tilly, "Vilette," 131 Hotham St, St. Kilda East
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 30 Nov 1915 at Gallipoli aged 26
- Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* more to be added

TOMKINS, Leslie Cecil - Private 4554
- born in Sydney
- enlisted from Broadmeadows, Victoria
- served with 23rd Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- wife, Grace Annie Tomkins
- died 11 Oct 1917 in Belgium aged
- Nine Elms British Cemetery, Belgium

TONKS, Henry Alfred Charles - Lieutenant
- born Burrumbuttock NSW
- enlisted from Melbourne
- served with Australian Flying Corps
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, James Tonks
- died 21 June 1917 in Belgium aged
- Harlebeke New British Cemetery, Belgium
* more to be added

TOPP, Samuel James - Lieutenant
- born 17 May 1880, Samuel was a Clerk of Elsternwick
- he married Gladys Ellen BONNER (1889-1930), in 1915. Daughter of Frank Albert BONNER & Annie Victoria WILSON
- served with 58th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 11 Oct 1915 on HMAT Nestor
- wife, Gladys Ellen Topp, 24 North road, Brighton
- mother, M. Topp, Shoobra Rd, Elsternwick
- KILLED IN ACTION 12 May 1917 in Bullecourt, France on his 37 birthday
- buried in a Front Line Trench see links at end
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* medium height, stout, fair
The Argus 23 May 1917
... TOPP - Killed in action May 12, 1917, somewhere in France, Lieutenant Samuel James Topp, loved husband, of Gladys E. Topp, 24 North road, Brighton, aged 37 years
... TOPP - On the 17th May (his birthday), killed in action, somewhere in France, Lieut. Samuel James Topp, dearly beloved younger son of Mrs TOPP of Elsternwick, and the late Horatio Topp, of Caulfield. "So dearley loved, so sadly mourned."
* eye witness accounts
... I saw him killed at Bullecourt. He was caught by a sniper bullet. Death was instantaneous. I knew him very well, he was a very popular officer and was very well liked by all the boys in the Coy
... I was with him when he was killed at Bullecourt on May 12th after we had taken our objective. He got up in the trench to point something out to Lt. Syder and a sniper shot him
... He was about 26. He was acting C.C. of C. Coy at Bullecourt on the morning of the 12th May, we were attacking. We lay down in No Man's Land in shell holes. I was near Lieut. Topp, he looked over the top of the shell hole and a sniper got him
... because of very heavy shelling he could not be taken back to a soldiers cemetery and was buried in an isolated grave in a Front Line Trench
* Gladys next married Cyril Crossley JAMES (1886-1958) in Victoria in 1924 and they moved to Launceston, Tasmania & both buried at Carr Villa Cemetery

TRAVERS, Geoffrey - (prov) Corporal 367
- sometimes written Jefferey
- Jefferey was born in Armidale, Melbourne, son of Dr. Geoffrey Frederick TRAVERS (1857-1931) & Ida C. S. REID (1866-1912) of Bedford Rd., Ringwood (Ida is buried at St Kilda)
- he attended Haileybury College Brighton Beach, Victoria
- Geoffrey was a Jackaroo of Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
- served with 9 Light Horse Regiment
- embarked from Melbourne 11 Feb 1915 on HMAT Karroo
- father, G. F. Travers, Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 11 Aug 1916 in Pasestine, Egypt aged 23
- Row A, Grave No. 119 Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
* more to be added

TREADGOLD, Charles Ashbourne - Corporal 528
- born Melbourne, brother of Newton Costell below
- enlisted from Prahan
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- mother, Ellen Maria Threadgold
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 27 Nov 1915 in Gallipoli aged
- Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* more to be added

TREADGOLD, Newton Costell - Gunner 1139
- born in Melbourne, brother of Charles Ashbourne above
- Newton was a Wood turner of Victoria St, Elsernwick
- served with 2 Field Artillery Brigade
- embarked from Melbourne 20 Oct 1914 on HMAT Shropshire
- mother, Ellen Treadgold, Victori St, Elsternwick
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 14 April 1917 in France aged 23
- Red Cross Corner Cemetery, Beugny, France
* more to be added

... U ...
URQUHART, George Frederick - Private 6910
- born in Malvern
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- mother, Daisy Urquhart
- died 1 Sep 1918 in France aged
- Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
* more to be added

... V ...
VINCENT, Frederick Leslie - Corporal 2825
- born in Melbourne
- served with 59th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- wife, Ethel Maud Vincent
- KILLED IN ACTION 24 April 1918 in France aged
- Adelaide Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, France
* more to be added

Second Battle of Bullecourt (3?17 May 1917)
see Samuel James Topp

Australia's bravest Digger could be found in mass grave in France
... A forgotten document that describes the fate of hundreds of Diggers massacred at Bullecourt has helped identify the location of more mass graves in France and researchers want government help to conduct ground radar searches of two sites

More fallen diggers found at Bullecourt
... They were buried where they lay. Not in mass graves prepared by the Germans, but in haste, by fellow diggers who pushed dirt in on top of the crater where their dead companions had been taking shelter, and then fled. And there they are believed to remain, up to 13 Australian soldiers, interred in a nameless pit beneath a road in northern France

Scarred ground still gives up its secrets
... "Each year the plough blades bring to the surface unexploded shells, scrap metal, the bones of lost soldiers"

The inscription on a memorial marker at Bullecourt reads:
"To the glory of God and in the memory of 2423 officers and other ranks serving the Australian Imperial Forces who fell in these fields and have no known grave,
April - May 1917, RIP".