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the GREATHEADs buried in Clareville, Carterton

the GREATHEAD buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

Constance 13th August 1930 aged 54 - plot 136

Edna Kathleen 11th November 1905 aged 6 - plot 32

Francis 11th September 1908 aged 27 - plot 12

George 19th October 1937 aged 58 - plot 15

the GREEKS buried in Clareville, Carterton

the GREEKS buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

Barrimonre William 18th July 1979 aged 78 - plot 77

Gary George Edward 20th July 1977 aged 31 - plot 42

the GREGORs buried in Clareville, Carterton

the GREGOR buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

Flora Rose (nee WYETH) 13th January 1987 aged 87 - plot 754
- married WIliam GREGOR in 1929

William 11th November 1980 aged 92 - plot 754

the GRIFFIN buried in Clareville, Carterton

the GRIFFIN buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

James Patrick John 11th September 1997 aged 82 - plot 1385

Mary Joyce 3rd January 2007 aged 100 - plot 1385

the GRIFFITHS buried in Clareville, Carterton

GRIFFITHS buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

Pearl 12th August 1905 aged 2 - plot 669

Rachael Nellie 28th July 1908 aged 16 - plot 90

GRIGGS buried in Clareville, Carterton

the GRIGGS buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

Enoch 1st July 1896 aged 5 days - plot 138

Herbert William Hope 3rd October 1948 aged 82 - plot 72

Mary Florence 25th November 1933 aged 60 - plot 71

GRIMMER buried in Clareville, Carterton - 4

the GRIMMER buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

Dorothy Rodda 31st October 1968 aged 59 - plot 15

George Hill 30th July 1938 aged 63 - plot 43

Magdalene Annie 24th August 1943 aged 72 - plot 42

Robert James 25th December 1971 aged 64 - plot 15

GROEN buried in Clareville, Carterton

the GROEN buried in Clareville, Carterton, New Zealand

John Barry 23rd January 2002 aged 35 - plot 1, block 1501

Reverend Job Jacob 30th October 1992 aged 66 - plot 1, block 1502

GRONKOWSKI buried in Clareville, Carterton

GRONKOWSKI buried in Clareville, Carterton New Zealand

Katarina 3rd October 1924 aged 71 - plot 121

Michael Joseph 1st August 1941 aged 100 - plot 122

GROUBE buried in Carterton, Wairarapa

GROUBE buried in CLAREVILLE cemetery, Carterton, Wairarapa

born Nelsons Row, Clapham, Surrey
married George Boulderson Groube on 7 March 1862 Lambton Quay, Wellington
had 11 known children:
* 1863 - 1939 George Thomas Groube (died Greytown)
* 1865 - 1937 Victorine Charlotte Groube (died Greytown)
* 1867 - 1921 Annie Catherine Carne Groube (died Wanganui)
* 1870 - 1894 Horatio Hernert Boulderson Groube (died Carterton)
* 1873 - 1941 Kate Caroline Hughes Groube (died in Halcombe)
.....Kate had 2 daughters:
...1892 - 1949 Kate Victorine Maud Groube (born Gladstone, Carterton)
...1897 - 1897 Olive May Groube (aged 7 months)
* 1874 - 1875 Ernest Montague Boulderson Groube (aged 13 months)
* 1876 - 1904 Isabel Maud Groube (died Palmerston North)
* 1878 - 1949 William Henry Groube (died Whatawhata, buried Morrinsville)
* 1881 - 1963 Francis Edmund 'Frank' Groube (died Masterton, buried Greytown)
* 1883 - 1945 Frederick Naylor Carne Groube (died Palmerston North, buried here)
* 1886 - 1953 Cecil James Leslie Groube (buried here)
CAROLINE died 2 May 1937 aged 92
buried plot 94

son of George GROUBE & Caroline STONELL
served in WWI as Private 73042
CECIL died 14 December 1953 aged 68
buried plot 13

son of George GROUBE & Caroline STONELL
FREDERICK died 14 June 1945 aged 61
buried plot 93

born 19 July 1839 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
parents: George Bromley Boulderson GROUBE (1810-1878) & Paulina Lily ??
his father next married Charlotte Carne BOULDERSON (1816-1878) & had 12 children (see link below)
GEORGE married Caroline Stonell in 1862 (see above)
died 26 May 1900 aged 61
buried plot 93

born 7 Feb 1870 Johnsonville, Wellington to GEORGE GROUBE & Caroline STONELL
married Elizabeth SUNNEX (1870-1936) in Carterton 30 Dec 1891
their known children:
* 1892 - 1975 Cecil George Leslie Groube
* 1894 - 1894 Violet Emily Elizabeth Groube
HORATIO died 2 March 1894 aged 24
Evening Post, 2 March 1894 CARTERTON this day - A fatal accident occurred at Booth's sawmills yesterday afternoon. Horatio Groube, a driver, was pitched off a truck, and a wheel passed over his lower limbs near the middle. The poor fellow died while being carried home. The accident was caused by the horses bolting coming down the tramway incline. Deceased leaves a wife and one child, and it is feared the news will have an injurious effect on the wife, who is in a critical condition.
buried plot 139 NEW UNSEC

died 17 April 1916 aged 2 weeks
buried plot 88

Frederick Groube, Jan 1900
The Wairarapa Star reports that a serious gun accident befell a young man named Frederick Groube, who, in company with two young men named Charles Low and Herbert Merewood, were out rabbit shooting on Mr Bunny's property at Gladstone the other evening. Groube, it appears, was in the act of shooting at a rabbit (the first shot he had fired) when the gun exploded and blew the breech clean away, a portion lodging in Groube's left wrist, and inflicting a terrible wound. The blood spurted out freely, for an artery had been cut. Groube's companions bandaged the unfortunate mans arm above the elbow to stop the bleeding. This proved effective, and owing to Low's and Merewood's presence of mind young Groube undoubtedly owes his life

Frederick Groube, 26 May 1914
At St Patrick's Church, Masterton, to-day, Mr F. Groube, fifth son of Mrs Groube, senior, of Carterton, and a well-known Wairarapa representative footballer, was married to Miss Nora Minihan, daughter of Mrs Minihan, of Reefton. The bride was charmingly dressed in a cream serge tailor made costume, with black hat relieved with cerise. The bridesmaid was Miss Jean Kelly, who wore a pretty blue tailor-made dress, with black hat relieved with scarlet. The bride and bridesmaids carried beautiful bouquets. Mr M. H. Robertson was best man, and the ceremony was performed by the Very Rev. Dean McKenna, V.C.
A reception was held subsequently at the residence of Mr J. Johnston, of Landsdowne, where the usual toasts were honoured, and felicitous speeches made.
Mr and Mrs Groube afterwards left for the South, where the honeymoon is to be spent

Frank Groube, Sep 1905
A cow belonging to Mr H. Rayner, Te Whiti, was yesterday in a critical condition through an attack of milk-fever. Everything possible was done for the animal which seemed past all hope of recovery. Mr Frank Groube, manager for Mr Rayner's Te Whiti factory, decided to try the experiment of pumping air into the udder by means of a bicycle pump. This was done once or twice, the air being subsequently expelled by manipulation of the teats as in the process of milking, and the result was most satisfactory, the cow being speedily restored to its normal condition

Kate Groube, June 1912
A pretty wedding was soleminised at St Mark's Church, Carterton, on Tuesday, when Miss Kate Victorine Maud Groube, grand-daughter of Mrs C. Groube, was married to Mr Claude James August, only son of Mr and Mrs J. H. August, Flaxlands, Waiohine. Two little pages, Miss Daphne Groube (cousin, Daphne Eveline, daughter of her brother Frank) and Master Morton Liddington, carried the bride's train. Miss Eve Udy, of Hukunui, and Miss Laurel Smith were bridesmaids. Mr Lionel Smith was best man, and Mr Fred Groube was groomsman

* Descendants of John Boulderson (1749-1831)
* Colonel George Bromley Boulderson Groube (1810-1878) (father of George above)

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