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New Zealand ANZAC soldiers CEMETERIES, MEMORIALS etc

A list of some of the cemeteries (so far) for New Zealanders who died during war

.. most of these are works in progress ..



KIWIS in ARI BURNU Gallipoli

KIWIS in BABY 700 Gallipoli

KIWIS in BEACH CEMETERY Gallipoli with photos






KIWIS in HILL 10 Gallipoli

KIWIS on HILL 60 Gallipoli


KIWIS on LONE PINE Gallipoli

KIWIS at LONE PINE who served with AUSTRALIAN forces

KIWIS in PINK FARM Gallipoli


KIWIS at WALTON & WEYBRIDGE (Walton-on-Thames,)


soldiers at FEATHERSTON


soldiers on the PIOPIO War Memorial

the MATAWHERO settlers slain in the 1868 NZ war


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18 children of Franz Gottlieb SCHWARTFEGER + Anges Martha BURNETT

.. thank you to everyone who leaves comments to help build this family tree ..

FRANZ GOTTLIEB SCHWARTFEGER was born in 1840 in East Prussia, Germany

- unknown when he emigrated to New Zealand but he married Agnes Martha BURNETT in Stoke, Nelson New Zealand in 1863 when he was 40 and she was 17. Agnes`s application to marry Franz was lodged on 28-12-1880 and they married on 30-12-1880, 7 months after her sister Emily was married

- Agnes was the 11th of 12 children of:
Richard BURNETT & his 2nd wife Sarah Ann IRONMONGER

FRANZ & AGNES had 18 children:

... 1
1880 - ? John Schwartfeger
- nothing know about John at this time

... 2
1881 - 1856 Franz Gottlieb Schwartfeger
- he married Emma ELiza HARVEY in 1911
- he died aged 76 in Collingwodd, Nelson

... 3
1883 - 1885 Arthur Burnett Schwartfeger
- he died aged 21 months in Collingwood, Nelson

... 4
1885 - 1969 Evelyn Martha Schwartfeger
- she married Isaac Marks STEPHENS (1881-1963) in 1906
- Isaac was born in Longford, Tasmania, Australia
- they had 12 children
- she died in Gisborne in 1969 aged 84

... 5
1887 - 1928 Ernest Frederick Schwartfeger
- he died in Tokonui Hospital in 1928 aged 41

... 6
1888 - 1969 Andrew Alfred Schwartfeger
- he married Mary Violet CULLERN in 1920
- they had 9 known children
- he died in 1969 aged 81 in Papakura, Auckland

... 7
1889 - 1966 Rosenia Mabel Schwartfeger
- born October 26 1889
- she married John Bijgar "Jack" WILSON in 1910
- she died 5 March 1966 in Gore aged 77

... 8
1890 - 1944 Minnie Grace Schwartfeger
- she married John BELL in 1912 in Te Aroha, Waikato
- they had 8 known children
- they live in Te Poi, Waikato
- she died in 1944 aged 53 in Hamilton

... 9
1892 - 1970 Albert Felix "Richard" Schwartfeger
- thanks to a message from Kaimai on 20-2-2011 I was able to add info for Albert
- the meassage read: ... I have found info giving details that Felix changed his name to Richard John Burnett and died in Auckland
- a Richard John Burnett was a Blacksmith, he died in Auckland on 8 Nov 1970 aged 78. He is buried in SOLDIERS BURIAL M Row 9, Plot 87 at Waitakere Cemetery Auckland
- he had served in WWI at the age of 24 as Rifleman 23/590 with the NZRB, 10th Reinforcements 1st Battalion, E Company. He embarked from Wellington on the HMNZT 61, "Aparima" bound for Devonport, England. He was listed at that time as a Bushfeller. His Next Of Kin was his mother, Mrs A.M. Schwartfeger, Pirongia, via Te Awamutu, Waikato

... 10
1893 - 1941 James Martin Stanton Schwartfeger
- James served with the Royal NZ Air Force in WWI as Private 8/1628. He also served in WWII as Leading Aircraftman NZ402532 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force Otago Infantry Battalion, 3rd Reinforcements
- his enlistment address was Tariki, Taranaki
- his Next Of Kin was his mother, Mrs Agnes Martha Schwartfeger, Gordon, Te Aroha
- he died in Whenuapai on 30 Jan 1941 of natural causes in Auckland Public Hospital aged 47. He is buried Papakura Public Cemetery

... 11
1894 - 1974 Norman Sicily Schwartfeger
- he later changed his name to Eric Jeffrey BELL
- he married Hilda Mary THOMPSON

... 12
1895 - 1982 Percival 'Percy' Vivian Schwartfeger
- he served in WWI as Private 74027 with the NZEF, 37th Reinforcements D Company. His Next Of Kin was his sister, Miss Louisa Emily Schwartfeger, Pirongia, via Te Awamutu, Waikato
- he was listed as a Bushfeller.
- he married Alice Clarinda Kumona MARTIN in Te Awamutu in 1929
- they had 2 children in the Waikato and 2 in Taranaki
- he died in Hawera Hospital in 1982 aged 87

... 13
1896 - 1985 Henrietta Charlotte Schwartfeger
- she married Walter ROGERS in 1928
- they adopted the children of her sister Leila

... 14
1897 - 1971 Amelia Bertha Schwartfeger
- she married Francis Henry BUSH in 1923 in Wellington
- she died in Palmerston North in 1971 aged 74

... 15
1899 - 1979 Louisa Emily Schwartfeger
- she married Ernest WOOLSTON
- she died in Hamilton in 1979 aged 80

... 16
1901 - 1923 Leila May Schwartfeger
- she married Walter Thomas WOOLSTON in 1911
- she had 2 children and died after the birth of her son John in 1923, aged 23
- Her sister Henrietta adopted the 2 children

... 17
1905 - 1957 Clarence Edward Schwartfeger
- married Kathleen Alice 'Lou' BERRY in 1928
- he died in Otahuhu, Auckland in 1957 aged 51
- he is buried in Pirongia, Waikato

... 18
1906 - 1906 unnamed daughter Schwartfeger
- she died aged 1 day in Stratford, Taranaki

FRANZ died January 1914 in Auckland aged 74
- he is buried in Waikumete Cemetery
AGNES died in 1916 in Waikato Hospital aged 53
- she is buried in Hamilton West Cemetery

thanks to ZebulonJoe for his message of 12 Dec 2010:
... My father, Eric Jeffrey Bell (Norman Cicely Schwartfeger) gave a somewhat different history
Franz was born in Renzlaken(?) in 1838 or 1839, arrived in NZ c 1868, I suspect jumped ship, was naturalised shortly before marrying Martha Agnes Burnet(t) - her father survived the Wairau massacre, 17th June 1843 -
Richard S., of ......... Street, Waihi has a copy of the marriage certificate
Dad walked out of the house either 1906 or 1907. He went to Duntroon Military College the year before its official opening, which was 1908. There were 2 other New Zealanders with him. He was invalided home twice from WW1

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the 11 children of William GEORGE + Anne Green COULLS - Cornwall, England to New Plymouth, New Zealand

William GEORGE was born 1813 in Mullion, Cornwall to William GEORGE & Jennifer 'Jane' MUNDY

Ann Green COULLS was born 1811 in St Keverne, Cornwall to Daniel COULLS & Mary GREEN

William and Ann married in 1834 in Helston, Cornwall
- they had 4 children in Helston, Cornwall from 1834 to 1839
- their first child born in NZ was in 1841 (therefore putting immigration between 1839 and 1841)

William and Ann had 11 known children:

1834 Anne Bennett George
- married Garland William Robert WOON from Nuku'alofa, capital of the Kingdom of Tonga, in New Plymouth in 1852
- they had 3 known children
- Ann died in 1922 in New Plymouth aged 88

1835 Georgina George
- she married Samuel James NEWELL in New Plymouth in 1856
- Georgina died in New Plymouth in 1902 aged 66

1837 William Henry George
- William married Ann Sarah DRONFIELD in 1864
- he died in New Plymouth in 1911 aged 73

1839 Thomas John George
- he married Matilda BAYLY in New Plymouth in 1871
- he died in Hawera in 1917 aged 78

1841 Edwin George
- was possibly the first european child born in New Plymouth
- he married Mary Jane PARKER in New Plymouth in 1870
- they had 8 children
- he died in New Plymouth in 1915 aged 73

1843 Alfred George
- he married Jane Bayly PENWARDEN in New Plymouth in 1867
- Jane was born in Devon England to Thomas PENWARDEN & Jane BAYLY, settlers of New Plymouth on the CASHMERE of 1857
- Alfred died in New Plymouth in 1928 aged 84

1844 Elizabeth George
- she married Francis GLEDHILL in New Plymouth in 1874
- Eliabeth died in New Plymouth in 1879 aged 34
- Francis remarried in 1884 to Margaret Elizabeth WALKER

1846 Emily George
- Emily married Edward William STOCKMAN in New Plymouth in 1879
- she died near Stratford in 1937 aged 90

1848 George George
- he married ELizabeth BROOKING in New Plymouth in 1873
- they had 12 children from 1873 to 1888
- George became a manager for Shuttleworth Brothers Sawmills
- he died in New Plymouth in 1919 aged

1850 Harry George
- he married Emma JURY in New Plymouth in 1877
- they had 9 children
- he died in 1945 in New Plymouth aged 94

1852 Jervis George
- he married Emma JULIAN in New Plymouth in 1878
- they had 2 children
- Jervis owned racehorses, including his horse named Paritutu which won the Wellington Cup, placed 3rd in the Wanganui Cup and won the Taranaki Cup in 1906

Job RUSS + Elizabeth SATHERLEY - Somerset England to Nelson New Zealand

Job RUSS was born in 1819 in Kingsbury Episcopi, Somersetshire, England
- he was the 1st of 10 known children of Johan Russ & Hannah PRIDDLE

Elizabeth SATHERLEY was born in 1824 also in Kingsbury Episcopi, Somersetshire, England
- she was the 6th of 7 known children of Edmun Satherley & Mary READ

Job and Elizabeth married in March 1842 in East Lambrook, Somersetshire and 6 weeks later they left London on the The Charles Forbes for New Zealand. They arrived in Nelson on the 22nd August 1842

- the first of their 10 children was born 2 years later

- They had 9 sons. Their last child was a daughter, Emily. They also brought up *Bertha - daughter of Job`s brother Jacob, whose wife Margaret died when their daughter Bertha was a few weeks old so Job and Elizabeth brought her up as their own ...

4 of their children married children of John DAVIES & Amelia NEWTH
1 of his brother Jacob's daughters (Nellie) also married one of their sons. Their son Simeon married Betsy Neweth who was a sister of Amelia Newth. Their daughter Bertha also married a Newth (Arthur William, son of Robert Newth & Edith OGBOURN)

the 10 children of Job & Elizabeth were:

1844 Henry Russ
- he died of in Nelson in 1866 aged 21

1846 John Russ
- John was born deaf and mute
- he died in Nelson in 1913 aged 67

1848 Thomas Russ
- he married Alice HORN in Nelson in 1875
- they had 10 known children
- one of their sons, Arthur Colin Russ, married Elizabeth Russ, a daughter of his brother William Edmund Russ.
- he died in Stratford, Taranaki in 1934 aged 85

1850 William Edmund Russ
- he married Jane KERR in 1875
- they had 4 known children
- one of their daughters, Elizabeth, married his brother Thomas son Arthur
- Jane died in 1878 aged 27, 11 days ater the birth of a daughter, Jane Kerr Russ
- William remarried in 1884 to Hannah Jeffries HIGGINS
- Hannah had first been married to William Cruickshank Jeffreys-Bryant and had 5 known children
- William and Hannah had 1 known son, Howard Edmund Russ
- Hannah died in 1887 in a trap accident aged 37
- William remarried in ? to Elizabeth ROEBUCK as her 3rd husband
- he died in Stratford, Taranaki in 1934 aged 83

1852 George Russ
- he married Margaret BELL in 1885
- they had 9 known children, 7 daughters and 2 sons
- George died in Nelson in 1936 aged 84

1854 Walter Russ
- Walter died in 1866 of Typhoid Fever aged 2 weeks from 12
- he died a month after his brother Henry also died from Typhoid

1856 Charles Frederick Russ
- he married Leila Mills "Lily" DAVIES in 1879
- they had 8 known children
- he died in Nelson in 1901 aged 45

1858 James Albert Russ
- he married Sylvia Eliza DAVIES in 1881 in Nelson
- Sylvia was a daughter of John DAVIES & Amelia Anne NEWTH
- they had 9 known children
- he died in Nelson in 1920 aged 61

1860 Simeon Russ
- he married Ellen Ann "Annie" HUNTER in 1885 at the residence of his father-in-law Garner Hunter, Waimea West, Nelson. Annie's mother was Betsy Jane NEWTH. Annie was one of 13 children
- Simeon & Annie had a son Leonard Philip Russ and they brought up Constance 'Muriel' FANSELOW who was a daughter of Minnie Martha Hunter (& John Fanselow), Simeon's wife's sister, who had died of measles
- Simeon died in Waimea West in 1931 aged 71
- his obituary in the NELSON EVENING MAIL read:
... The late Mr Simeon Russ, of Waimea West, was well known there as a farmer of many years standing. He lived on a half of the old homestead property formerly owned by Sir David Monro, on which still stands much of the extensive plantations made in the early years of the settlement. Honest and straightforward in all his dealings, Mr Russ was highly respected throughout the Waimeas and this was evidenced yesterday in the exceptionally large attendance at his funeral in the local cemetery. Mr F. J. Marshall conducted the service and spoke in eulogy of the fine Christian character of the deceased. He was a pioneer of the Church of Christ, Spring Grove, at which he was always a regular attendant and a faithfully deacon.
He leaves a widow, a son, Mr Len Russ, and a daughter, Mrs Robinson, of Hope, and a number of grandchildren all of whom have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends throughout the Dominion

1866 Emily Janes Russ
- she was was the first daughter after 9 sons but, although she was the last child, she had a `sister` to grow up with - Her father`s brother Jacob`s wife Margaret had died when their daughter, Bertha, was just a few weeks old so Job and Elizabeth brought her up
Emily`s mother, Elizabeth, died in an accident when she was 12 and Bertha was 9 - I`m assuming, as so often happened in those days that Emily was then running the household
- she married Albert Newth DAVIES when she was 18 in 1885 in the Christian Chapel, Spring Grove, Nelson
- they had 4 known children
- Emily died in Dovedale, Nelson in 1907 aged 41

*Bertha Russ 1869-1953
- Bertha married Sydney HIGGINS in 1887
- they had 7 known children
- one of their sons, Hugh WIlliam HIGGINS was killed in action in Belgium 1817 aged 22
- one of their daughters, Leila Bertha Higgins married Arthur William Neweth

Edward HARFORD + Lydia Ann BREWERTON - England to Nelson & Waikato

Edward HARFORD was born in Holt, Wiltshire, England in 1830 the eldest child of James Harford (1808-1898) and his 3rd wife Ann GERRISH (1808-1876) who emigrated on the BOLTON in 1842 to Nelson with 5 children. James & Ann had another 3 known children in Nelson

- Edward HARFORD married Lydia Ann BREWERTON in Nelson in 1852
- Lydia was a daughter of John BREWERTON & Harriet BREWERTON of Buckingham, England (John & Harriet's fathers were brothers)

- Lydia died in Nelson in 1903 aged 70
- Edward died in Raglan, Waikato in 1925 aged 95

Edward & Lydia had 11 daughters & 1 son:

1853 Eliza Ann Harford
- she married Alfred HODGKINSON in Nelson in 1870
- they had 10 known children
- she died in Dunedin in 1944 aged 90

1855 Mary Davis Harford
- she married William STEWART in
- she died ?

1856 Harriet White Harford
- she married William George PAHL (1849-1899) 1876 in Nelson
- William was a son of Wilhelm PAHL & Anna Elizabeth SIEBRECHT and a brother of Peter Pahl who married Gertrude (see below)
- they had 7 known children in Nelson
- ??

1858 Emma Lavinia Harford
- she married George William PAHL
- he was a son of Johann Freidrich PAHL & Mary Edwards and a grandson of Wilhelm PAHL & Anna Elizabeth SIEBRECHT, parents of his brother-in-laws William & John Pahl (see above and below)
- they had 10 known children in Nelson
- Emma died in 1928 aged 70

1859 Annie Aquilla Harford
- she married Alfred AUCKETT in 1879
- Alfred was a son of George AUCOCK & Mary Ann WHEELER
- he was a survivor of the ORPHEUS which left Sydney Australia on 31st January 1863, hit a submerged sand bar in Manukau Harbour at Auckland with the death of around 189 sailors and marines
- Annie & Alfred had 4 known children
- Annie died in Auckland in 1914 aged 55

1862 Matilda Elizabeth Harford
- she married John Frederick Peter PAHL in 1881
- he was a son of Johann Freidrich PAHL (1859-1884)& Mary Edwards and a grandson of Wilhelm PAHL & Anna Elizabeth SIEBRECHT, parents of his brother-in-laws William & George Pahl (see above)
- they had 2 known children
- John died aged 25
- Matilda married John Adelbert LAWSON
- they had 7 known children
- she died in 1050 aged 88

1864 Gertrude Helen Harford
- she married Peter Christian PAHL
- he was a son of Wilhelm PAHL & Anna Elizabeth SIEBRECHT and a brother of William George Pahl who married Harriet (see above)
- they had 7 known children
- Gertrude died in Nelson in 1937 aged 73

1866 Priscilla Georgina Gerrish Harford
- she married Robert BRIGHT (a widower) in ?
- they had 2 known children
- she died in ?

1869 Emily Linda Sarah Harford
- she married George Henry FORD in Amberley, Canterbury in 1892
- they had 5 known children
- Emily died in 1955 aged 85

1871 Agnes Lydia Harford
- she married William Thomas BARRY in ?
- they had 2 known children
- Agnes died in ?

1873 Edwin George Harford
- he married Aileen MULHOLLAND in ?
- they had 4 known children
- Edwin died in Taihape in 1922 aged 48

Ethel Charlotte Harford
- Ethel died in February 1878 aged 7 months

the children of William DOUBLE + Sarah GREEN - Suffolk to Timaru 1858

William DOUBLE
- was born 30th August 1821 in Raydon, Ipswich, Suffolk. The first of 9 children of William Double and Anne SPOONER
- he married Sarah Green on 5th Nov 1845 at Hadleigh
- he died 26th July 1874 aged 52 in Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand
- he is buried PLOT 82, ROW 15, BLOCK D at Timaru Cemetery

- was born 30th September 1821 in Layham, Sufolk, England
- she died on 23rd June 1901 aged 80 in Pahiatua, Manawatu, New Zealand
- buried PLOT 4, GRAVE 19, BLOCK 4 at Mangatainoka, Pahiatua
- her gravesite photo - she does not have a headstone

They had 6 children in Raydon:
Caroline, Emily, Ann Marie, Amos, Walter Daniel & Elizabeth Ann, then on the 15th October 1858 they boarded the STRATHALLAN at Gravesend and emigrated to New Zealand

Daughter Elizabeth died on Christmas Eve 1858 on board the ship aged 7 months

The family (including William's sister Jane and her husband Robert Scarf) arrived in Timaru on 24th January 1859 with the first early settlers of about 120 immigrants to Timaru, South Canterbury
- (one of William's brothers, Robert, with his wife Harriet (nee GIRT) and 4 week old daughter Ann arrived in Lyttelton on the 5th January 1859 having left Plymouth on the 15th September 1858 on the CLONTARF - they were in New Zealand 3 weeks before William & Sarah

William & Sarah had another 4 children in Timaru

- their 10 children were:

1846-1935 Emily Double
- born in Raydon
- married Melly Richard KINSMAN in 1867
- do not know what happened to Melly
- Emily married (or not) George CULMER
- they had 4 children, the 1st, Mary White Culmer was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1880, she died an infant. The 2nd, Alfred George Culmer was born in Dunedin, he died aged 5. Amelia Ann & Gertrude Belinda Culmer were born in Timaru. Amelia Ann died aged 5 months and Gertrude died aged 2 weeks
- Emily & George then moved to Pahiatua
- on the 8th April 1901 George committed suicide aged 59
- he is buried in an unmarked grave
- Emily died in 1936 aged 89 in Palmerston North
- buried PLOT 012, BLOCK 004, AREA C at Kelvin Grove
- her Headstone

1847-1897 Caroline Double
- born in Layham
- married Thomas WALKER in 1865
- they had 4 known children
- Thomas died 13 January 1873, Caroline remarried on the 13 January 1874 to John Hall JOHNSTONE in TImaru. They had 6 known children
- Caroline died in 1897 in Morere (60km south of Gisborne) aged 49

1851-1934 Annie Marie Double
- born in Raydon
- married Robert TACON in 1870
- they had 6 or 7 children in Timaru
- Ann died in 1934 in Timaru aged 83
- buried PLOT 292, ROW 29, BLOCK C2 at Timaru cemetery
- her Headstone

1853-1898 Amos Double
- born in Raydon
- he married Eliza Ellen KING in 1877
- they had 7 known children
- he lived in Arowhenua (16km north of Timaru)
- he died in Temuka aged 45
- he and his wife & daughter Alice (died aged 20) are buried in:
- PLOT 497, ROW 165, Section B at Temuka Cemetery
- their Headstone

1856-1938 Walter Daniel Double
- born in Raydon
- he married Amelia BRACEFIELD in 1878
- they had 8 known children
- he died in 1938 in Timaru aged 82
- buried PLOT 125, ROW 24, Section B2 at Pleasant Point Cemetery
- their Headstone

1858-1858 Elizabeth Ann Double
- born in Raydon
- Elizabeth died on the 'Stathallan' en route to NZ aged 7 months

1859-1864 Charles Samuel Double
- born in Timaru, New Zealand
- he died on the 2nd February 1864 aged 4 (accident)

1862-1903 Alfred Martin Double
- born in Timaru
- he married Sarah Grace HUGHES in 1885
- they had 9 known children from 1886 to 1901
- he died in 1903 in Dannevirke aged 41
- buried PLOT 15, BLOCK F at Settlers Cemetery Dannevirke

1864-1866 Elizabeth Ann Double
- born in Timaru
- Elizabeth died in Timaru aged 22 months

1866-1958 Sarah Maria Double
- born in Timaru
- she married Richard Roland PITT (1848-1926) in 1899
- only known children were:
.. Elsie May Pitt 22-6-1890 and Violet Maud Pitt 29-5-1892
- Sarah lived at 17 Napier Terrace, Napier
- she died in 1958 in Napier aged 94
- buried PLOT 2, SECTION 2 at Wharerangi Cemetery with the ashes of her daughter Violet Maud (a spinster 1892-1979)

William Double in trouble 1872

Robert YEARBURY & Emma ARMER - Tirau, Waikato

Robert Yearbury (1868-1946) married Emma Annie Armer (1871-1950) in New Zealand in 1888

Their known children were
... 1
1889 - 1975 Zedekiah 'Andrew' Yearbury
- he had no children
- cremated in the North Shore Cemetery Auckland

... 2
1892 - 1918? Robert Theophilus Yearbury
- Robert served in WWI as Private 51811 with the NZEF, 26th Reinforcements E Company. He embarked from Wellington 12 June 1917. His next of kin was his father, then at Hoteo, North Auckland
- Robert was badly shell shocked in the war and died from his illness upon return

... 3
1898 - 1968 Emma Susan Yearbury
- married Harold Richard Eric Hanham (1899-1980) in 1924
- son of Stephen HANHAM & Sarah Maria MARSON

... 4
1904 - 1989 Harold Augustus Yearbury
- Harold married Frances Valma SPEAK (nee Hyde) in 1955
- Harold is buried in the Tirau Cemetery, Waikato
- he is the only Yearbury buried in the Tirau area

Lake Falconer AYSON + Alice DABINETT - Otago & Wairarapa

Lake Falconer AYSON was born 1855 in Warepa, Otago

- he was a son of Peter AYSON & Douglas LAMOND who emigrated from the Scottish Highlands to Otago in 1853, making them among the earlies settlers of the lower Clutha Valley


- he married Alice DABINETT in New Zealand in 1884
- Alice died in 1910 aged 51
- he married Dorothea Annie OGG in Knox Church Dunedin in 1923
- he died in Wellington in 1927 aged 70

the children of Lake & Alice were:

1880 Willian Douglas Ayson
- born in Warepa, Otago
- he married Catherine Elizabeth NANCEHIVELL in 1902
- he died in Wanganui in 1971 aged 90

1883 Charles Lake Ayson
- born in Warepa, Otago
- he married Bridget DOWNEY in 1904
- he died in Oamaru in 1970 aged 87

1884 Hugh Fraser Ayson
- born in Toiro, near Balclutha, Otago
- educated at Masterton School, Wellington College and Victoria College, he was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court at the age of 21
- he married Ivy Ella HOLLARD in 1906 in Lower Hutt
- they had 2 children
- he died Wellington in 1948 aged 63

1888 Geogre Dabinett Ayson
- born in Masterton, Wairarapa
- he married Olive Graham MACKAY in 1912
- he died in Wellington in 1971 aged 82

1894 Leslie Duncan Ayson
- born in Masterton, Wairarapa
- he married Elizabeth Melvell Ann PERFECT in 1917
- he died in Wellington in 1971 aged 77

1897 Francis Caitlins Ayson
- born in Owaka, Otago
- he married Alice Marian CHALCRAFT in 1922
- he died in New Plymouth in 1946 aged 49

John CARDNO 1845-1919 - Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire to Goodna, Queensland

John CARDNO (1845-1919)
was born in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire
He was christened on 23rd June 1845 at St Peter`s in Fraserburgh
HIS PARENTS were Alexander CARDNO (1822-1892) & Ann MURISON
- Ann was the 2nd of 4 wives of Alexander
Alexander's 1st wife was Helen MacKIE (married before 1842)
his 2nd wife was Ann MURISON (married about 1844)
his 3rd wife was Elizabeth ANDERSON (married about 1847)
his 4th wife was Ann SMITH (narried 1858)
giving him a total of 15 children)

John Cardno emigrated to Australia in 1875
- he married Mary Jane SMITH in Milparinka NSW, Australia 1882
- they had a son, John Sherwin Cardno in 1884 in Tibooburra, NSW
- the son married Maud Felicity Russell DUMAS in 1904
- Mary Jane died in 1884 aged 20 in Thargomindah Queensland after a tragic accident. Her clothes caught fire whilst she was cooking on an open fire. She survived for 17 days after the accident but was not attended to by a doctor only a chemist

John Cardno next married 10 months later, in Tibooburra, NSW to Mary Ellen PAGE and they had 5 children:

... 1
1887 - 1898 Henry Alexander Cardno

- born in Tibooburra, NSW
- he died in 1898 aged 11

... 2
1889 - 1965 Mary Estella Cardno

- born in Tibooburra, NSW
- she died in 1965 aged 76 in Brisbane

... 3
1890 - ? Elizabeth Emelia Cardno

- she married Victor DEARDON in 1821 in Ingham, Queensland
- nothing else known

... 4
1892 - ? Mabel Ellen Cardno

- born in Windorah, Queensland
- she married Charles Arthur ROBERTS in 1914 in Ingham, Queensland

... 5
1893 - 1971 Theodore Robert Cardno

- born Christmas Day in Windorah, Queensland
- he married Margaret Harrison Victoria HALL in 1924
- he died in 1971 aged 77

John's second wife Mary Ellen Page was only 16 when they married. She too died very young, of Typhoid, and the five children from this marriage were all sent to a convent to be raised by nuns

John Cardno died in 1919 at the Goodna Asylum aged 75
- Goodna asylum was originally named Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, changed to Goodna Asylum and later to Goodna Mental Hospital, then known as Wolston Park Hospital and now exists as The Park ? Centre for Mental Health.
It still has maximum and minimum facilities and psycho-geriatric units

PHOTO taken in 1888
JOHN CARDNO & his 2nd wife MARY ELLEN with baby Henry
kindly sent to me by June of the UK who added: "the photo was originally from Robert Pittendrigh in Canada - he is descended from Alexander Cardno 1822 and his many partners". June also allowed me to visit her Cardno website and get some very important details on this branch

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direct line - John SOUTHEE 1680 Kent - Ellen SOUTHEE 1819 Russia - William Southee Taita NZ

John SOUTHEE was born about 1680 in Ickham, Canterbury, Kent
- he married Elizabeth PETMAN

they had a son John SOUTHEE in 1717 in Ickham, Canterbry, Kent
- he married Mary REYNOLDS in 1744

some of the known children of John & Mary Southee were:
* 1745-1828 Thomas Southee
- he married Elizabeth MARSH

1749-1772 Elizabeth Southee
- she died on Consumption aged 23 in Littlebourne, Kent

1751-1790 John Southee
- he died aged 39 in Littlebourne, Kent

1754-1757 Mary Southee
- she died aged 3 in Littlebourne

** 1760-1802 William Southee
- he married Ann MORLEY

1762-1765 George Southee
- he died an infant

1763-1763 Robert Southee
- he died an infant

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* 1745-1828 Thomas & Elizabeth Southee
- had a son John Edward Southee born in 1772 in Canterbury, Kent who married Mary SPENCER.
- They had at least 10 children in Canterbury, Kent

- had a son, Robert Southee (born about 1789) who is believed to have emigrated to Australia.

- had a daughter, Ellen Sarah SOUTHEE (born 1819) who emigrated to Russia (her father Thomas himself died in Russia)

Ellen married Serge POLTORATZKY in 1844 in the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg.
Serge was the only son of Dimitry Poltoratzky and Anna KHLEBNIKOVA (he had 5 sisters) one of the richest men in Russia at that time, (he owned seven large estates and at least two houses in Moscowa) he was a literary scholar and bibliophile who ended his days in exile, shuttling between France and England
- the children of Ellen & Serge were:
1844-1845 Alexander John Thomas Poltoratzky
1847-? Helen Maria Louisa Poltoratzky
1850-1916 Frances Hermione Poltoratzky, another prolific writer of the family
1853-1881 Albert Poltoratzky
1857-1919 Olga Sarah Poltoratzky
1863-1930 Lionel Edward Poltoratzky

A biography of Ellen was written by her granddaughter Edith Martha von AMLEDINGEN (youngest daughter of Olga Sarah POLTORATZKY & Alexander von ALMEDINGEN - Originally named Marta Aleksandrovna Almedingen in later life she used von Almedingen as her last name)

Olga, Edith's mother, was fascinated by her father`s native Russia and in the early 1880s moved there, marrying Alexander Almedingen (of a family that had moved "from Spain... to Saxony, from Saxony to Austria, from Austria to Russia"), who had turned his back on his family`s military traditions to become a scientist. After her father abandoned his family in 1900, they lived in increasingly impoverished circumstances, well described in her memoir Tomorrow Will Come, but she was able to attend the Xenia Institute and eke out a living in the increasingly desperate times of revolution and civil war.
.. In September 1922 she managed to get permission to leave the country and went to England where she became a well-known children`s author.
.. In 1941 she won the $5,000 Atlantic Monthly nonfiction prize for Tomorrow Will Come.
.. Five years later she moved to Frogmore, a house near Upton Magna in Shropshire, where she remained until her death.

Olga wrote:
The Lion of the North (1938)
Tomorrow Will Come (1941)
Frossia (1943) - It revolves around Fossia, a young girl growing up in post 1917 revolution Ukraine and based upon Martha Edith von Almedingen's own life before she went to live in Britain
Fair Haven (1956)
Little Stairway (1960)
The Unnamed Stream and Other Poems (1965)
Little Katia (1966) - based on Olga's great aunt, the story describes the life of a 19th century Russian girl of minor nobility, adopted by a relative and brought up at a vast country estate
Young Mark (1967

Ellen's granddaughter Edith also became a novelist, translator, lecturer, poet, playwright, and short story writer. Her writings include:
Poloniae Testamentum
The Crimson Oak - set in a time of Russia's history where education was only allowed to the rich, and peasants were allowed very little at all
Leonardo da Vinci: a portrait
A candle at dusk - for children - In spite of his recent betrothal and his fear of a Saracen invasion, an eighth-century Frankish boy obtains his father's skeptical permission to live for a time at the neighboring abbey in order to learn to read.
Fanny (Frances Hermione de Poltoratzky, 1850-1916)
My St. Petersburg - she survived the revolution and later wrote about her experiences
Stephen`s Light
Ellen (Ellen Sarah Southee de Poltoratzky, 1819-1908)
The Scarlet Goose
Die Ritter von Kiew
I Remember St Petersburg
Land of Muscovy
Anna tells of her great grandmother
Too Early Lilac
The ladies of St. Hedwig`s
Little Katia - based on her great-aunt Catherine Almedingen`s best-selling autobiography 'The Story of a Little Girl'
Young Mark - for children
Young Catherine
The lion of the north
Fair Haven
The little stairway
Almond tree
Dark splendour
Dom Bernard Clements - a portrait Emperor Alexander II
Ground corn
Inmost heart
Little stairway (1960)
She married Pushkin
Stand fast beloved city
The unnamed stream and other poems
Very far country
Within the harbour
- there were 68 books published. CLick here for the complete list

Ellen died in Italy in 1908
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** 1760-1802 William & Ann Southee
- had a son John Southee born in 1798 in Elmstone, Preston, Kent who married Ann BROOKS in 1821. They had at least 3 children in Birchington Kent the last one, Mary, born in 1825 died in infancy. Ann died two years later aged 27

- William remarried in Birchington to Sophia SHARPE

- they had 5 known children before they all emigrated to New Zealand in 1840 on the Lady Nugent and settled in Taita, Lower Hutt
- (The two boys of his first marriage to Ann - John aged 18 and James aged 16 - remained in Kent)
- a daughter, Elizabeth was said to have been born on board, she is recorded on the passenger list as an infant)

- they had 3 more children in New Zealand

- their 9 children were:

1830 William Southee
- born in Birmingham
- he was 10 when he emigrated
- he married Elizabeth Mary 'Betsy' DAYSH in Taita 1854
- they had 2 children. Esther Jane Southee who married George GASKIN and had 13 children & Alfred Percival Southee who married Rosa BURLING and had 11 children
- William died 15 months after Alfred was born and is buried in St James Churchyard, Lower Hutt
.. Betsy remarried in 1862 to John RAYNER and they had 10 children in Masterton and Carterton from 1863 to 1881

1831 Henry Thomas Wilkinson Southee
- born in Birchington, England
- he was 9 when he emigrated
- he married Eliza CATTELL in 1858 (not verified)
- he married Letticia WIGGINS on 23rd May 1864 in Napier
- he married Catherine LYONS in 1902
- he married Esther Alice HARROD in 1920
- he died in 1928 aged 91 in the Manawatu

1832 Mary Ann Southee
(NOTE birth date does not match death details of being 100 years in 1925 which would mean a birth date of Dec 1824. She was a daughter of Sophia who married her father in 1929 and she was recorded as 7 on the ships list in 1939)
- born in Birchington, England
- she married Richard CLIFTON in 1854
- they had 3 children
- Richard died aged 26, killed by a falling tree during the Hutt Valley floods of 1858
- Mary Ann remarried in 1862 to Reuben SHORT (1828-1922)
- the had 3 children
- their GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY was held in April 1912
- Mary Ann died in 1925 aged 100y & 6 months (see above birth details) and is buried with Reuben in Terrace End cemetery Palmerston North

1833 George Southee
- he was born in Birchington, England
- he was a drover
- he married Maria Ellen SUNNEX in 1855 in Lower Hutt
- Maria was a daughter of William SUNNEX & Eliza WEBLEY, early settlers of Taita from Maidstone, Kent who had emigrated on the Tyne in 1841
- George & Maria had 12 known children
- George died in 1904, he is buried in Akatarawa, Upper Hutt
- Maria remarried in 1907 to Robert James FERGUSON

1836 Alfred Southee
- he was 4 on the ships passenger list but nothing else known about him at this time. There were a few Alfred Southees in the Hutt Valley at the same time therefore more research required

1840 Elizabeth Southee
- was listed as an infant on the passenger list of the Lady Nugent in 1840. There are reports she was born on board the ship
- she married James Otho BARBER in 1862
- (I have 5 children so far)
- Elizabeth died in 1873 aged 33 in Wellington
- not know if James remarried
- he died at home at 3 Hobson St Wellington in 1901 aged 67

1844 Eliza Southee
- born in Wellington New Zealand
- she married George FITCHETT in 1864
- George was born in 1841 in Leamington, England to John Celdiston FITCHETT & Louisa BUDDLE
- their children are not known at this time (I have one daughter, Caroline Annie Fitchett, born 1865, she married George COUSINS)
- George Fitchett died in May 1894 aged 53
- Eliza remarried in August 1894 to George COUSINS (her son-in-laws father)
- she died on 27th November at 19 Hawker St Wellington aged 52
- he headstone reads:
Eliza Cousins
died 27 Nov 1898 aged 52 years
ALSO George Cousins
died 24 July 1917 aged 67 years
Caroline Annie Cousins
passed on 14 Sept 1944

1846 Joseph Southee
- born in Wellington
- he married Elizabeh Anna ROBINSON in 1874
- 8 children found
- Joseph died in 1892 aged 46 in Wanganui
- not known if Elizabeth remarried
- she died in 1916 aged 64

1847 Caroline Southee
- born in Wellington
- Caroline died in 1865 aged 18