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Stephen MUDGWAY + Phoebe WESTON - Lower Hutt 1850s

Stephen MUDGWAY was born in Boughton Malherbe, Kent in 1822
- he emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 18 with his parents Richard Mudgway & Ann (Wilson) on the CATHERINE STEWART FORBES in 1841

.. of interest .. Stephen's his grandfather's name was Richard MUUCKAWAY who married Mary POUNE

Stephen married Phoebe WESTON (1835-1899) in Lower Hutt in 1852
- Phoebe was from Hambleton, Hampshire

Their 13 children, all born in Lower Hutt, were:
1853 - 1867 Eliza Mudgway
- Eliza died aged 10 months in Wellington

1854 - 1937 Mary Ann Mudgway
- married John Frederick YOUNG in 1880 in Lower Hutt
- they had 6 children
- Mary died in Palmerston North aged 82

1856 - 1856 Edward Mudgway
- died aged 2 days
- he is buried at St James in Lower Hutt

1858 - 1911 John Mudgway
- John died aged 53 in Lower Hutt
- he is buried at St James in Lower Hutt

1861 - 1951 Lucy Phoebe Mudgway
- married William Henry BUNN in 1870
- they had 7 children
- Lucy died aged 90 in Palmerston North

1863 - 1898 Stephen Mudgway
- died in Wellington aged 34
- buried in Lower Hutt

1865 - 1947 Henry Mudgway
- married Edith Kate ADAMSON in 1904
- Henry died aged 82 in Palmerston North

1867 - 1948 Edmund Mudgway
- married Nellie BARRON in Wellington in 1895
- only known child was Elsie May Mudgway who married Robert Hedley HENSON
- Edmund died aged 81

1869 - 1964 Ellen Jane Mudgway
- Ellen had 2 children
- she married Arthur William WHEELER in 1897
- they had 4 children
- she died aged 95 in Palmerston North

1871 - 1897 Frederick Mudgway
- Frederick died aged 24
- he is buried at St James Lower Hutt

1873 - 1976 Catherine Lotton Mudgway
- she married Alfred ELPHICK in 1893
- they had 5 children
- Catherine died aged 102 in Cambridge, Waikato

1875 - 1875 Albert Mudgway
- ALbert died aged 8 months in Lower Hutt
- he is buried at St James

1876 - 1918 Robert Abert Mudgway
- he married Mary Jane CURTIS in 1902
- Robert died aged 42

Fabio Vincenei TERRENI from Livorno Tuscany ITALY to Newtown Wellington NEW ZEALAND

Fabio Vinceneo TERRENI, his wife Isola and their young son Oreste emigrated to New Zealand from Livorno a port city on the Tyrrhenian Sea on the western edge of Tuscany, Italy

Fabio was born in in 1838 and died in 1919 aged 81
- he was cremated at Karori
Isola was born in 1851 and died in 1904 aged 53

In 1885 Fabio Terreni establised a grocery store in Mansfield Street, Wellington (dating his arrival prior to 1885)

In May 1886 Fabio's business was known as F. Terreni & Co

In August 1886 Fabio was fined 5s in the Magitrates Court for allowing his horse to wander

In November 1890 Fabio received his letter of naturalisation

In January 1893 he advertised for a girl about 16 to assist in housework; sleep at home and to apply at his store in Newtown

In April 1899
- At a meeting of creditors in the bankrupt estate of Fabio Terreni, grocer, this afternoon, the offer of the bankrupt's son to purchase the stock and plant at the rate of 12s in the was accepted, and the two tenders received being lower were rejected

In August 1900 Tenders were invited to purchase the remainder of Fabio's Book Debt of 112 14s 11d

In August 1900 Fabio's Grocery Store at 70 Riddiford street (corner of Riddiford and Florence streets) was to let for a rental of 19 shillings per week

Their son Oreste Lanciotto Artidoro Vincenzo Terreni married Alice Amelia SOFFE on 18th September 1894 at her parents house in Newtown, Wellington

- Oreste was born in 1868 and died in 1956 aged 88
- he was cremated at Karori
- Alice Amelia was born in 1872 and died in 1935

- Alice was an infant when she arrived into Wellington on the 11th March 1873 on the GLENLORA with her (presumed) parents Sydney (1837-1920) & Harriet (1835-1902) Soffe. Sydney was a cabinetmaker in Manners St, Wellington
- her parents had 2 more (known) children in New Zealand:
1876 - Harry Soffe
- Harry married Alice Ethel WILLIAMS in 1904
1878 - Charlotte Louise Soffe
- Charlotee married William Edward CORMACK in 1912

In May 1888 Oreste was the Secretary if the B.U.O.O.F. and he called for all members to attend the funeral if their late Brother, Signor Roberto MASSARDI of Coromandel-street Newtown

In September 1888 Oreste was one of many ratepayers at Riddiford-street when he signed a request for Thomas Kennedy MacDonald to stand for nomination for the office of Mayor of Wellington

In October 1898 Alice advertised for a clean, tidy girl to assist in housework and mind the children at 6 Donald McLean street, Newtown

In 1899 Oreste was living in Maarama Khandallah next to George SEARLE's house that was burnt down Another neighbour was Andrew EDWARDS

In July 1900 Oreste took 1st and 3nd prize for his Muscovy ducks at the Poultry Show

In July 1901 he took 1st and champoin prize for his Muscovy Drake and Duck

In September 1907 Oreste called for builders to tender for the building of a 5 roomed cottage for Mr WORSFOLD at Khandallah

In June 1909 Oreste and a Miss A.A. Terreni (I believe this would be Mrs Alice Amelia, his wife) called at the High Commissioner's Office (do not know why they were there but many people from all over New Zealand were lsited as 'recent visitors')

In June 1909 Oreste and Alice stayed with relatives at Southampton on their way to London. They then sailed to Genoa, spending a week there before following on to Leghorn (also called Livorno), Pisa, Florence, Venice, Lucca and Rome. They sailed back to Wellingon on the North German Lloyd steamer the 'Roon' (later renamed Constantinoupolis) arriving back in Octobr 1909

In April 1911 Oreste's house in Victoria-track, Maarama, Kaiwarra was used as a Polling Place for the election of a Mayor in the Borough of Onslow

In April 1913 Oreste's house in Victoria road, Upper Kaiwarra, was used as a polling booth for the ratepayers in the Borough of Onslow proposal for a 18,000 Special Loan for the construction of waterworks and purchase of water meters

The 3 children of Oreste and Alice were:

1895 - Lanciotto Fabio Sydney (Lance) Terreni
- Lance passed his Machine Drawing & Design at Wellington Technical College in 1914
- he was an engineer
- he served twice in WWI - serial number 4/638
* the first time, he embarked from Wellington on 14th Dec 1914 as a Sapper in the NZEF, 2nd Reinforcements, Feild Engineers. His destination was Suez, Egypt. His next of kin was listed as Mrs A. Terreni, Victoria Road, Khandallah, Wellington. When he enlisted he was living at home
- he was reported as 'Dangerously Ill' with Pneumonia at Heliopolis in May 1915
- he was removed from the 'Dangerously Ill List' in July 1915
- he returned to New Zealand on the "Tahiti" as a wounded soldier in August 1915
* the second time he served he embarked on 4th March 1916 with the NZEF as a Sapper, 10th Reinforcements New Zealand Engineers. His destination was Suez, Egypt. His next of kin was listed as Mrs A. Terreni, Khandallah, Wellington

In 1931 Lance took this great photo of Marine Parade, Napier just after the big earthquake

- Lance married Marjory Prudence DOCKERY
- Marjory was born in 1904 and died in 1995 aged 91
- she was cremated at Karori
- their son Vincenzo (Vince) graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1960 as a senior scholar
- Lance died in June 1988 aged 93 and is buried in Karori Cemetery

1896 - Ersilia (Elsie, Elesea) Amelia Harriet Terreni

1897 - Charlotte (Carlotta, Lotty) Isabella Isola Terreni
- - nothing is yet known of these 2 daughters - -

If you can help with further information on this family please leave a comment below so it can be added to this journal and help Lisa in her search - or leave a message at her journal Looking for Fabio Terreni

children of James Hayter JACKSON, whaler + Eliza ROIL - New Zealand

James Jackson was a 'large as life' man, over 6ft 3" (190cm) and 19 stone (120kg), and a peronality as large
- this was taken from his obituary ... Captain Jacksons usual audiences credited him with being a most erudite man, and he was content while those who understood any subject about which he was talking were pleased to hear him mix up his scientific discussion with racy anecdotes of the good old days, told with all the embellishments that seafaring men know so well how to use, so that an evening with him afforded food for pleasant remembrances for some time after

His children were also tall, including his daughters, James jnr being taller than him and 146kg

He first came to New Zealand in 1829, as mate of the schooner Waterloo , which was under the command of Captain John (Jacky) Guard. The schooner left Sydney on 31 May 1829 and ended its voyage at Te Awaiti, on the south-east coast of Arapawa Island, in Tory Channel

This made James one of the first 50 settlers in New Zealand. He spent the early years on Kapiti Island Wellington living with the Maori chief, Te Rauparaha

There is a biography at the above link and a very interesting read on someones research, notes and thoughts on the ancestors, descendatns and the 'real' name of James Jackson

James entered into a form of marriage with a Maori woman with whom he is said to have had several children.

In 1843, at Nelson, James married Eliza ROIL
He and Eliza, who became known throughout Marlborough as Granny Jackson, were to have nine children ..
He married Eliza when he was 43 and she was 17

Eliza was one of at least 10 children of Thomas Roil and Sarah SEWERY, immigrants from England

James died in Picton in 1877 aged 76
Eliza died in Jackson Bay in 1910 aged 84

Their children were:

1844 - Eliza Jackson
- born in Jackson Bay, Tory Channel
- married George Sherwood BALDICK in 1859 and had 14 children
- Eliza died in 1919 aged 75

1845 - James Hayter Jackson jnr
- was born in Wellington
- was on the 1881 BRITISH census as:
BIRTHPLACE - Wellington New Zealand
AGE - 28
OCUPATION - Merchant Mariner
HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD - James White - (aged 62, carpenter of Chilham, Kent)
DWELLING - 54 St. Paul Street, London Middlesex England.
In the household were:
James White and his wife Ann also
James H. Jackson and his wife Ann Jackson aged 30 (born 1851) from Leeds, York, England
- not yet known who this 'Ann' was
- he married Sarah Emily BENNETT and had 11 children
- James died in 1919 aged 74 and is buried in Picton, NZ

1846 - Thomas Jackson
- born at Jackson Bay
- married Johanna RYAN in 1907 at the age of 60, any earlier marriage unknown at this time
- Johanna was from County Clare, Ireland. She had been married to Thomas CORCORAN
- he died in 1924 aged 78

1848 - Lydia Jackson
- born in Jackson Bay
- she married Edwin Joseph HOSKIN in 1863 and had at least 7 children
- Lydia died in 1921 aged 73

1850 - Esther Jackson
- born in Whangatoetoe - 26km E of Picton
- she married Thomas DEAKIN in 1868 and had 12 children
- one daughtr, Edith, married Frederick baldick, a son of her sister Eliza Jackson & George Sherwood Baldick
- she died in 1929 aged 79

1851 - Annie Jackson
- born in Jackson Bay
- she married William BRAGG in 1879 and had least 6 children
- she died in 1928 aged 76

1853 - Richard Jackson
- born in Queensland, Australia
- he married Letitia Maria WOODS in 1880 and had at least 3 children
- it is said he had 2 further wives, Margaret MARTIN and Margaret THOMPSON but not verified
- he died in Masterton in 1919 aged 65

1855 - Emma Jackson
- bornin in Jackson Bay
- she first married John LYND in 1872 when she was 17 and he was 28. They had 4 (known) children. John died in Australia in 1896 aged 52.
- She married Charles STENT in Napier in 1904 when she was 39 and he was 55. They had 11 children
- Charles Stent was born in Lower Hutt, a son of Charles Stent and Sarah PECK
- Emma died in Ohingaiti, Manawatu in 1927 aged 71

1861 - Mary Alice Jackson
- born in Jackson Bay
- she married Frederick NEAL in 1878 and had 7 children
- Mary died in Picton in 1942 aged 81

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Charles Hammond BENZIE + Amy Sylvester Ann WOOD - Kent to Dannevirke 1800s

Charle Hammond BENZIE was born in Kent, England in 1853.
When he was 19 he sailed to New Zealand on the ADAMANT leaving London on 6th May 1874, arriving Nelson 8th August 1872
His future wife Amy Sylvester Ann WOOD was also on board. She was travelling with her brother Albert Wood & his wife Eliabeth (PANKHURST) and her older sister Harriet & her husband Henry STEVENS

They married in 1879 and settled in Dannevirke

Charles had the Criterion boardinghouse in Dannevirke for some time in the early 1900s

He died in 1915 aged 62 and is buried in the Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke.
Amy died in 1929 aged 77 and is buried with him

Their children were:

1880 - Robert Hammond Benzie
- no marriage found for Robert
- he died in 1966 aged 86

1882 - Amelia Elizabeth Benzie
- married Edmund Cecil BATES
- Amelia died in 1963 aged 80

1884 - Harriet Amy Benzie
- Harriet did not marry
- she died in 1966 aged 82

1886 - Maude Alice Benzie
- married Frederick Roy ROBERTSHAW in Dannevirke
- she died in 1982 aged 96

1889 - Sidney James Benzie
- married Violet Fredericka SVENSON
- he died of the Flu Pandemic in 1918 aged 29
- he was an Undischarged Soldier at the time of his death serving with the New Zealand Medical Corps
- Violet remarried in 1920 to Charles Albert BRISTOW and moved to 48 Mein St, Newtown Wellington
- (Charles died 40 years before her - do not know where she went after that)

1891 - Edward Elmslie Benzie
- was born in Pahiatua
- died aged 7 weeks and buried at Mangatainoka

1893 - Henry John Benzie
- married Ethel May INGRAM
- she was 1 of 9 chilren of Thomas Ingram and Maria McDERMOTT
- she died 14 years after Henry and is buried with their 2 year old son Charles Thomas Benzie (1928-1930) at Mangatera
- Henry died in 1967 aged 74

1894 - Ivy May Benzie
- married James BURTENSHAW
- he was a son of William Burtenshaw and Amelia DUNBAR
- his brother James Burtenshaw married Ivy's sister-in-law Ethel Ingram's sister Myrtle Ingram
- Ivy died in 1979 aged 85

The 13 children of John SHEPHERD + Sarah Ann LONGBOTTOM

John SHEPHERD was born in 1833 in Seagrave, Loughborough, Leicestershire
He married Sarah Ann LONGBOTTOM who was born in 1837 in Louth Lincolnshire, the 1st of 12 children of Barnard Longbottom and Ann Andersn LARDER who, after the birth of all their 12 children, emigrate to Auckland. This dates their arrival as after 1856.

On May 29th 1862 the migrant ships "MATILDA WATTENBACH and `HANOVER` departed from London bound for the Alberland Settlement in New Zealand with the first of over 3000 settlers. They called themselves the Albertlanders, after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria`s consort.
Many of these settlers did not arrive at Port Albert - they moved further inland to more fertile areas. As a result Wellsford was founded. The ones who did stay found it difficult to make a living

Read the Albertland story, with ships and migrants list, genealogy, photos etc here Albertland Museum

John and Sarah met and married in Louth Lincolnshire in 1858. They had 2 chldren and then emigrated to Auckland on the HANOVER, arriving on 17th September 1862. There is no mention of these 2 children on the passenger list however.

Their children were:

1859 - John ALfred Shepherd
- born in Louth Lincolnshire
- emigrated at the age of 3
- married Mary Jane COLEBROOKE
- they had 9 children
- he died in 1943 in Port Albert aged 84

1861 - Henry Larder Shepherd
- born in England
- emigrated when he was 1
- died in 1884 aged 2

1863 - Mildred Shepherd
- the first born in New Zealand in Albertland
- married George BENNETT
- they had 7 children
- Mildred died in 1951 aged 87

1865 - Sarah Ann Shepherd
- married Frederick UTTING
- she was his 2nd wife
- he was a widower with 5 sons
- they had 3 sons and a daughter
- Sarah died in 1943 aged 78

1867 - Barnard Clarkson Shepherd
- married Annie LOOKER in 1896 and had 4 children
- Annie died in 1902
- Barnard remarried in 1903 to Nell LOUSLEY
- he died in 1942 in Kihikihi aged 75

1869 - Emily Shepherd
- she married George THOMPSON in 1889
- they had 5 children
- she died in 1847 in Auckland aged 78

1870 - Edith Shepherd
- she married Charles William KAYES, a painter decorator
- they had 7 children
- Edith died in 1951 in Auckland aged 80

1872 - William Draycott Shepherd
- he married Ellen Kathleen GADDEN in 1899
- he died in 1953 aged 80

1874 - Bertha Shepherd
- she married Henry Robert FRENCH
- they had at least 4 children
- she died in 1961 aged 87

1875 - Kate Shepherd
- Kate never married
- she died in 1959 aged 83

1877 - Constance Shepherd
- she married Lorenzo Oakleigh STANTON in 1902
- he was a Minister of Religion
- they had 11 children
- Constance died in Auckland in 1970 aged 92

1880 - Herbert Shepherd
- he married Esther Colebrooke SADLER in 1902
- she was 1 of 11 cchildren of Thomas Minshall Sadler and Esther COLEBROOKE. Her mother's sister, Mary Jane Colebrooke married as her 2nd husband, John Alfred Shepherd, her husband Hernert's brother
- Herbert died in 1975 aged 95

1882 - Olive Shepherd
- married WIlliam BLOMFIELD in 1906
- they had 2 known children
- Olive died in AUckland in 1968 aged 86

Frederick Clement UTTING Albertland, Rodney, Wellsford 1880s

Frederic Clement UTTING was born in 1861 in Albertland, Rodney - 11km west of Wellsford, New Zealand

His parents are not known at this time - can you help?
- thanks to a message from Rob Utting on 29-8-2010 who wrote: "he was my great-grandfather, son of Frederic James Utting, from Wisbeck (Kings Lynn) Norfolk, England"

He married Anna Maria TURNER in 1882
- they had 5 sons:

1883 Charles William Utting
- he married Ethel Lily BLACK in 1904
- he married Gertrude Clarabel Olive BURROW in 1910
- he died in 1968 aged 84

1885 Herbert/Henry Martin Utting
- he died in 1903 aged 18

1887 Frederic James Utting
- he married Elizabeth Emma DAVIES
- he died in 1984 aged 97

1890 William Christopher Utting
- he married Kate MacPHERSON
- he died in 1972 aged 82

1893 Walter Edwin Utting
- he died in 1935 aged 41

Ann died in 1900 at the age of 37
In 1903 Frederick Clement remarried to Sarah Ann SHEPHERD
- she was one of 13 children to John Shepherd and Sarah Ann LONGBOTTOM. John and Sarah had married in England in 1858, had 2 children then emigrated to New Zealand on the HANOVER into Waitemata Harbour in 1862. They had another 11 children in Albertland. Sarah was the 2nd born in New Zealand

Frederick and Sarah had 4 children:
1904 Harry Victor Utting
- he married Gladys Ross ROBERTS
- he died in 1965 aged 60

1905 Emily Gertrude Utting
- she married George Alan WORTH
- she died in 1984 a day after her 79th birthday

1907 Clifford John Utting
- he died in 1980 aged 73

1909 Frank Percy Utting
- he married Mary BLACKLEDGE
- he died in 1977 aged 67

the 'V' names at Masterton, Wairarapa Cemeteries

The 'V' names of those buried in the Masterton, Wairarapa cemeteries

The Masterton District Council manages six cemeteries
* The Pioneer cemetery and Archer Street cemetery both adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Park
* Riverside on the east side of Masterton
and public cemeteries at Tinui, Mauriceville and Hastwell

The cemeteries concerned here are:
Archer Street

VALKES JOHN 1866-1920 aged 54 ???
- the surname cannot be verified

VALLANCE Charles Augustus 1819-1882 aged 63
VALLANCE Charles Walker 1881-1906 aged 25
VALLANCE Charles Frederick 1864-1933 aged 69
VALLANCE Charles Hales 1899-1983 aged 83
VALLANCE Elizabeth Laura 1854-1901 aged 47
VALLANCE Frederick Burne 1889-1978 aged 89
VALLANCE Hannah Matilda 1858-1945 aged 87
VALLANCE Henry William "Harry" 1856-1884 aged 28
VALLANCE James Charles 1853-1888 aged 35
VALLANCE Lance Brentwood 1883-1916 aged 33
VALLANCE Lily Ann 1862-1938 aged 76
VALLANCE Norah Mabel 1892-1988 aged 96
VALLANCE Philip Agustus 1867-1903 age 36

VALLER unknown
VALLER Doris 1927-1988 aged 61
VALLER Harriett 1864-1942 aged 78
VALLER Lena Louise 1905-1991 aged 85
VALLER Raymond Claude 1929-2002 aged 73
VALLER William 1864-1922 aged 58

VAN BERLO Johannes Frans 1922-1993 aged 71
VAN BERLO Leona Mary 1930-2007 aged 77

VAN DELFT unknown ?-? aged unknown
VAN DELFT Cornelis 1928-1992 aged 64

VAN DEN BROEK Michael John 1956-1972 aged 16

VAN DER PUIJE Richard Godfrey Calv ?-1959 aged unknown

VAN DER PUT unknown ?-? aged unknown
VAN DER PUT Hendrina 1949-1988 aged 39

VAN DIJK Peter ?-1986 aged ?

VAN DYK Pieter Andre Charl 1968-1991 aged 23

VAN GERVEN Thomas Cornelis 1937-1997 aged 60

VAN PRAAGH Cecil Barnett 1881-1944 aged 63
VAN PRAAGN William 1913-1979 aged 64

VAN RYSEWYK Leonrd Peter 1959-1990 aged 41
VAN RYSEWYK Peter John Baptist Anthony 1918-1981 aged 63

VARCOE Ada Jean 1911-1990 aged 79

VARLINE L ?-? aged unknown

VARLOW Alfred James 1899-1977 aged 78
VARLOW Gertrude Emily 1899-1991 aged 92

VARTY Harold James 1913-1992 aged 78

VAUGHAN unknown ?-1924 aged ?
VAUGHAN Alice 1865-1958 aged 93
VAUGHAN Annie 1888-1956 age 68
VAUGHAN Arthur Frank 1918-1976 aged 58
VAUGHAN Bruce 1920-1920 aged 3 days
VAUGHAN Harry Frank 1884-1973 aged 89
VAUGHAN Henry Cave 1854-1918 aged 64
VAUGHAN Ian Joseph 1956-1976 aged 60
VAUGHAN Jack Cave 1914-1969 aged 55
VAUGHAN Patricia Amy 1927-1993 aged 65
VAUGHAN Victor Anthony 1907-1915 aged 8

*On the Cemetery Datasbase they have:
VALLER VICTOR CLIVE 1899-1972 aged 73
- he was acutally WALLER Victor Clive

George McRAE of Blairich, Scotland - settler of Nelson 1842

This is the 'other' George McRae who was a settler of Nelson the same time (but arriving 8 years earlier) as this George McRae

'This' George McRae was born 1800 in Blairich, Scotland
- a son of Roderick MacRAE & Catherine LESLIE
He emigrated on the MARY ANN, arriving in Nelson on the 8 Feb 1842

With him was:
* his wife Ellen have seen Helen (nee SUTHERLAND 1802-1879) aged 38
- they married 24 Nov 1820 in Red River (now Winnipeg, Manitoba) Canada

* daughter Catherine McRae aged 19
- born in Red River
- she married Charles Augustus VALLANCE (1819-1882) & lived in the Wairarapa
- their known children:
* 1853 - 1888 James Charles Vallance
* 1856 - 1884 Henry William Vallance
* 1858 - 1945 Hannah Matilda Vallance
* 1859 - 1920 Alice Vallance
* 1862 - 1948 Isabella Vallance
* 1863 - 1933 Charles Frederick Vallance
* 1865 - 1965 Eliza Christy Vallance
* 1867 - 1903 Philip Augustus Vallance
- she died Sept 1875 aged 53

* daughter Isabella McRae aged 17
- born in Red River
- she married William HARKNESS in 1849 & lived in Richmond
- she died in Jan 1881 aged 57

* son William McRae aged 15
- possibly born in Scotland
- he married Sarah Fanny HARRISON in 1856 & settled in Waipapa, Kaikoura
- he died in 1870 aged 44

* daughter Margaret McRae aged 13
- she lived in Richmond

* daughter Mary/Marjory McRae aged 11
- she married Alexander MOWAT in 1850 & lived at Altimarlock, Awatere
- they had at least 10 children:
* 1851 - 1926 Helen McRae Mowat
* 1852 - 1896 Barbara Gunn Drummond Mowat
- married John Wickliffe McWhir Daly Nicholson (1848-1883)
* 1854 - 1906 Sarah Mcrae Mowat
* 1856 - 1941 Kenneth Phin Mowat
* 1858 - 1936 Kate McRae Mowat (married Alexander Clarence McRae in 1887)
* 1860 - 1932 Alexander Mowat
* 1863 - John Tinline Mowat
* 1864 - 1897 Henry Mowat
* 1867 - 1915 Thomas Renwick Mowat
* 1869 - ? unnamed Mowat

* son Phillip Roderick McRae aged 4
- he married Bertha SCOTT in 1861 & settled in Blairich, Awatere
- their 2 known children:
* 1862 - 1957 Laura Beatrice McRae
* 1864 - 1944 George Richard McRae
- Phillip died in July 1888 aged 51

* son Nehemiah McRae aged 2
- he was drowned while attempting to cross the Awatere river in 1872 aged 33
Nelson Examiner & NZ Chronicle, 25 May 1872
... The Marlborough Express, of Saturday last, gives the following evidence taken at the inquest held at Blainch on the body of the deceased, on Thursday', the 16th instant, before H. Williams, Esq., Coroner; Mr C. Canning was foreman:
Richard Jackson, a shepherd in the employ of deceased, deposed: That he left home in company with Mr. McRae, William Shearman, and Samuel Schutter on Wednesday, the 15th instant, for the purpose of pig-hunting; they afterwards returned to Weld's Hill cutting for the purpose of returning home to Weld's Hill. Having crossed the ford in the morning, witness suggested to Mr. McRae that the river was very high, and he had better unsling his rifle, to which he replied there was no fear, but they must follow him, as he would take the lead. They went up the steam till the water came over their saddles, the deceased then made straight for the landing on the other side, when the horse went suddenly head first under water, and rolled heels up; when witness saw the deceased again, he had one foot in the stirrup iron over the saddle, and one hand holding the bridle; he was pulling the horse round and round, and that was the last he saw of him until he had pulled the horse round on the other side of the bank. Deceased called out, "Farewell, remember me."
No assistance could be rendered to him. The horse came out about two chains higher up the river than witness. He could not render the deceased any assistance. He saw him let go his hold of the horse. He was sensible at the time, and his rifle was still over his shoulder. He did not know whether the deceased was injured or not. He believed the water must have been fully twelve feet deep. The other men had been left killing pigs. Mr. M'Rae was drowned about a hundred yards from where witness was standing. The horse was a quiet one, and accustomed to the ford. Both horses had to swim, as the river was flooded. Witness did not succeed in crossing, but returned. Did not know whether the deceased could swim or not, but was sure nothing could have been done to save him. Edwin Trolove (brother-in-law), sheepfarmer, residing at Woodbank, Clarence, deposed, that having heard that Nehemiah M'Rae had been washed off his horse on Wednesday, the 15th instant, he went to the river and rode down the bank until he saw the body of deceased in the water; he dragged it out, and some men coming up, they rubbed the body to restore animation. Witness then went to Mr. Mowatt's (another brother-in-law) for a horse and trap to convey the body home; he found deceased about a quarter of a mile below the ford; it was quite cold, as he supposed it to have been in the water about an hour and a-half; it was not much bruised, the rifle was not on the body ; his watch was in his pocket, and his ring on his finger. The time by the watch was twenty minutes to two; did not think the deceased could swim, or that anything could have been done to save him.
The verdict was " Accidentally Drowned."

* daughter Sarah McRae aged 7 months on arrival
- she married Edwin TROLOVE 12 August 1862 in Blairich, Awatere & lived in Nelson
- their known children:
* 1863 - 1949 John William Trolove
* 1865 - 1928 George McRae Trolove
* 1867 - 1939 Frank Richard Trolove
* 1869 - 1939 Frederick Edwin Trolove
* 1871 - 1936 Helen Elizabeth Trolove
* 1874 - 1879 Thomas Shaw Trolove
* 1876 - 1877 Emma Sarah Trolove
* 1879 - 1942 Adelaide Mary Trolove
* 1881 - 1962 Isabella May Trolove
* 1884 - 1953 Frances Louise Trolove

* the youngest son, Richard England McRae (1846-1910), was born in Nelson
- named after his father's employer, Richard England, who was killed in the Wairau Massacre
- he married Florence MacSHANE in 1872 at Christ church, Nelson & lived in Manaia
- their first born was Richard 'Nelson' McRae, who was killed from a fall from his horse that he was riding in the Hunters Hack Hurdle Race at the Rangitikei races in September 1899 (again, both families involved with race horses !!)
- In the newspaper report of the accident it states that Nelson was a relative of Mr Roderick McRae (who was a son of the 'other' George) so there is definately a link to be found .... maybe you can help
- their known children were:
* 1875 - 1899 Richard Nelson McRae
* 1879 - 1941 Philip Alexander McRae
* 1881 - 1953 Sydney Charles McRae
* 1884 - 1971 Florence Hilda McRae
* 1891 - 1971 Gordon Egmont McRae

George spent 8 years in Nelson, farming at Waimea South
In 1850 he removed to the Awatere and took up Blairich, and Braes of Sutherland
He died on 3rd September 1864, aged 64, due to an accident (scalded in sheep dip)

from The Awatere
... Mr. George McRae , sometime of Blairich, Scotland, settled in the Awatere in 1850. He was born in Inverness-shire, Scotland, in 1800. In response to a call made by Lord Selkirk, for volunteers for a Free Company, he and 200 young men set sail in 1816 for Hudson's Bay, North America. Mr. McRae remained there for six years, during which he was married. In 1822 he returned to the North of Scotland, and took charge of a sheep farm for Major Gilchrist. He had about 9000 sheep under his control, and was in the position for six or seven years, when he left to manage Blairich, where he remained till the first Duke of Sutherland gave him the adjoining farm. On the death of his father, in 1841, Mr. McRae set sail for New Zealand, and landed at Nelson, in 1842, by the ship Mary Ann, on which he brought with him his family of three sons and five daughters. Mr. McRae was for eight years in Nelson, and farmed two sections at Waimea South, and had the whole of 88 Valley for cattle rearing. In 1848, he acquired Lake Roto-iti station, which he sold to Mr. Charles Christie, two years afterwards. In 1850, he removed to the Awatere, and took up Blairich, and Braes of Sutherland.
Mr. McRae died on the 3rd of September, 1864, in consequence of an accident he met whilst dipping sheep. He took great interest in all public affairs, and was one of the founders of the Nelson Institute. His widow died in 1879. Mr. and Mrs McRae had four sons and five daughters.
* The eldest son, Mr. William McRae, of Waipapa, Kaikoura, died in 1870;
* the second, Mr. Phillip McRae, of Blairich, Awatere, in 1888;
* and the third, Mr. Nehemiah McRae, was drowned while attempting to cross the Awatere river in 1872.
* The youngest son, Mr. R. E. McRae, of Manaia, was born in Nelson.
* The eldest daughter, Mrs Vallance, of Wairarapa, died in September, 1875,
* and the second, Mrs Harkness, of Richmond, Nelson, died in January, 1881.
* The third daughter, Miss Margaret McRae, is living in Richmond, Nelson.
* Mrs Mowat, of Altimarlock, Awatere, was the fourth daughter,
* and Mrs Trolove, of Nelson, the fifth and youngest.


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George Wilsden McRAE County Clare - settler of Nelson 1850

If you are researching George McRae of Nelson PLEASE NOTE that there was another George McRae in Nelson at the same time as this George, some of his children having the same names as this George, both families were even involved with race horses.
So it would pay to visit this site for explainations as extensive research has been done to differentiate between the two

The George Wilsden McRae this journal is about was from County Clare, Ireland
- (the other George was from Blairich, Scotland)
- 'our' George emigrated to New Zealand on the LADY NUGENT in 1850, 8 years later than the other George. He was 11 years old & was with his parents, William McRAE (1802-1867) & Sarah Burns (nee CORRIE/CURRIE 1805-1879) and 2 siblings, Kate aged 9 and Roderick aged 7

His father William owned GLENS OF TEKOE sheep station in Amuri district - the above link (downloads 5.49MB) is a brilliantly descriptive site with photos, paintings and stories on the Mandamus, which was the original name of the Glen of Tekoe and surrounding districts. It also has poems by Shona McRae
It is the story of the life of William McRae, his sons and descendents and the property with photos and even the station diaries and account books from 1863 which record, that in 1886, Stanley Fowler commenced as head shepherd with a salary of 80 per year ($13,618 in 2009) to be found in flour and mutton only until 1890-91 when he received a rise, as head shepherd in the cottage, with firewood also provided ...
- their home was built in Home Gully near the Blue Rock and Silver Brook Streams and was occupied for 2 years before the sod homestead was built
William, along with his sons George Wildsen and Roderick, built the second house of sod in 1859. It is now a registered historic building. The third homestead built in 1865 is still lived in today and is also a registered historic building

* George was one of the 1st pupils at Nelson College for boys which opened on the 7th April 1856 (the day before his 18th birthday) with eight students. It`s premises were in Trafalgar Square, Nelson, but shortly thereafter moved to a site in Manuka Street. In 1861, the school moved again to its current site in Waimea Road.

George was
* a Justice of the Peace
- he was CHAIRMAN of:
* the Amuri County Council and Road Board
* the Hurunui Rabbit Board
* the Council of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association
* the Hurunui and Culverden Racing Clubs
* the Canterbury and Northern Coursing Clubs

George married Mary MOORE in Nelson in 1868 when he was 30 and she was 22
- Mary was one of 10 known children of Daniel MOORE of Mirfield, Kirkless, West Yorkshire & Helen ALEXANDER of Dundee, Angus, Scotland (they were also early settlers of Nelson)

George and Mary had 10 (known) children:
... 1
1870 - 1960 Sarah Helen McRae
- born 23 September 1870 Huranui River, Amuri, Canterbury
- she married Alexander McFARLANE (1863-1913) 27 Oct 1896 Tekoa, Marlborough
- a son of John McFARLANE & Catherine CAMERON
- no children
- they owned a sheepstation in Cheviot (reportedly first to have electricity in NZ)
SARAH died in 1960 aged 80

... 2
1873 - 1958 Kate Mary McRae
- born 25 April 1873 in Richmond, Nelson
- she married John DAMPIER-CROSSLEY (1873-1913) 19 April 1900 in Nelson
- their known children:
* 1901 - 1935 Croslegh Dampier-Crossley (drowned Hurunui River)
* 1907 - 1992 Wilsden Dampier-Crossley
* 1908 - 2004 Shona Dampier-Crossley
KATE died in 1969 aged 96
NOTE Kate`s granddaughter, Mary Ethel McRae, (of son Croslegh) married William Wilsden McRae, her brother George`s son

... 3
1874 - 1961 William Wilsden McRae
- born 18 May 1874
- he married Mary Ethel DAMPIER-CROSSLEY (1874-1949) 25 April 1900 Woodend, Canterbury
- their known children:
* 1901 - Mary Maud McRae
* 1903 - 1979 Helen Dampier McRae
* 1905 - 1949 Jean Palin McRae
* 1908 - 1960 William Dampier McRae
* 1911 - 1998 Cara McRae
WILLIAM died in 1961 aged 87

... 4
1879 - 1960 Georgina Alice Constance McRae
- married William Barr SCOTT (1863-1908) in 1899
- their known children:
* 1900 - 1988 George Douglas Scott
* 1901 - 1979 Elva Mary Scott
* 1903 - 1961 Barbara McRae Scott
* 1905 - 1985 John Herbert Scott
* 1908 - 1919 Constance Sheilah Scott
GEORGINA died in 1960 aged 81

... 5
1881 - 1970 Roderica Maud "Curl" McRae
- no spouse found
RODERICA died in 1970 age 89

... 6
1882 - 1958 George Richmond "Budge" McRae
- married Kathleen Isobel RUSSELL (1886-1955) in 1914
- Farmed "Island Hills" 1911 - 1928 & moved to Dannervirke
- their known children:
* 1915 - 2002 Russell Richmond McRae
* 1917 - 1996 George Alexander McRae
* 1918 - 2000 Ian McRae
* 1920 - Nancy Sare McRae
* 1922 - 1924 Kathleen Mary McRae
* 1924 - 2000 Ada Doris McRae
* 1927 - 2010 Stuart Wilsden McRae
* 1929 - 1995 John Raymond McRae
* 1932 - 1935 Derek Pritchard McRae
GEORGE died 12 Nov 1958 aged 76 & buried Mangatera

... 7
1884 - 1966 Violet McRae
- no spouse found
VIOLET died in 1966 aged 82

... 8
1884 - 1884 Herbert McRae
HERBERT died in 1884 at Tekoe, Nelson, age not recorded

... 9
1886 - 1886 John Roderick McRae
JOHN died in 1886 at Tekoe, Nelson aged 2 months

... 10
1888 - 1888 Mary McRae
MARY died in 1888 at Tekoe, Nelson, aged 4 days

GEORGE WILSDEN McRAE died 13 Sep 1897 aged 59
MARY McRAE died 18 Nov 1918 in Christchurch aged 72
- they are buried at Waiau Cemetery, Nelson

* William McRae, along with his sons George Wildsen and Roderick, built the second house of sod in 1859 AT hOME gULLY. It is now a registered historic building. The third homestead built in 1865 is still lived in today and is also a registered historic building

* In a report by Professor Hutton on the earthquake in the Amuri (pdf file) which took place 1st September 1888 he reports (32 pages) to the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury that "the earthquake was felt from Invercargill in the south to New Plymouth and Masterton in the north, a distance of about 600 miles, but was most severe in the neighbourhood of the Hamner Springs.
The shock commenced soon after 4am with a rumbling noise and slight shakes for a second or two followed by the main shock lasting from forty to sixty seconds or even more in some places.
... it was followed with the next quarter of an hour by two much smaller quakes. All Saturday, Sunday and Monday the ground at Hamner Springs was quivering.

GLYNN WYE - The manager's home, a wooden building, was pushed several degrees out of the perpendicular to the east and the chimneys were thrown down. The men's cottage, also wood, was shifted bodily 15in to the north. The woodshed was also damaged. It will be seen that Glynn Wye appears to have sustained the greatest shock. It is the only place where wooden houses have been wrenched out of shape. The epicentre would probably be somewhere to the west of the meridian of Glynn Wye and Mr O. Thompson, the manager, says that the shock passed to the eastward down the valley with a hoarse crashing sound which gradually died away in the distance, while things were quiet at the place where he stood.
HOPEFIELD - Chimneys thrown down and roof twisted out of shape
JONES, WAIAU STATION - Woolshed and house badly damaged. Mens cob hut destroyed. A shepherd who was in Jones's hut in the Upper Hope, also reported that dead branches were shaken from the trees and it appears that many dead trees were also broken off about 10t from the ground, some at least a foot in diameter. In some places near here green trees 25ft t 30ft in height have been torn up by the roots
WOODBANK - Partly brick and partly wood. The brick portion, which was very old, had two walls thrown down. The wooden building was not much damaged but shifted bodily 2in to the east. The chimney fell to the west. A concrete chimney between the two parts of the house was broken off at the roof and the upper portion was thrown upwards and fell to the east. A cob hut has the south-west corner knocked out; the west end would have fallen but was held up
HOT SPRINGS - No damage was done; but the only chimney is low and of concrete
JACKS'S PASS HOTEL - No damage done and very little breakage of glass
ST JAMES - Chimney-tops fell on earthquake of the 38th September; but it is thought that they were cracked through by the shock of the 1st September but did not then fall
JOLLIES PASS HOTEL - No damage done and very little breakage of glass
ST HELENS - The three chimneys were thrown down. They fell in different directions. Hams were thrown off hooks and also a birdcage
FERRY HOTEL, Upper Waiau-ua (sc) - This is an old cob building but it was not much damaged
TEKOE - A brick house. The upper portions of the walls fell, it is thought because they were not so well built as the lower portions. Noises like the falling of avalanches or the firing of cannon were very frequent and loud on the Saturday and Sunday and were heard faintly for many months before the quake. More than 25 loud booms being counted within an hour after the first shock and these booms continued for two days... At Tekoa Station, on the Mandamus River, numerous and large blocks of the rock fell from the cliffs making a great noise. The earthquake wave spread for a distance of three hundred miles from the epicentre. It travelled at about 11 miles per minute. The size of the centrum we have no means of estimating. The conclusion that may be drawn from this statement of facts are1 - that, except in the neighbourhood of the centre of impulse, the only damage was to buildings put up with bad mortar or faulty in constructuin2 - that cob stands the shock better than brick or stone with bad mortar and 3 - that houses on alluvial gravels &c., suffered more pari passu, than those in solid rock

* SHONA McRAE (wife of William Dampier McRae of Tekoa, (George`s grandson, son of William Wilsden McRae), wrote a number of books. They are available at the Rangiora Public library and possibly elsewhere if you ask.
One of the them was entitled The GLENS of TEKOA first edition published in 1968

George Wilsden McRae
taken from "Old Colonists' (go to link)

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John "Smith" FURNESS was a carpenter from Halifax, West Yorkshire
- son of William FOURNESS (Cordswainer) and Hannah KING

He emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand in 1842

He married Mary PATTERSON in St Pauls Wellington in 1846
- Mary was a daughter of William and Ellen Patterson from London. She had emigrated with them and her siblings on the 'BIRMAN', also in 1842

Smith died in 1884 aged 59 by drowning in the Nelson Harbour
- he left a note
... Grey River Argus, 3 March 1884 - LOVE and INSANITY, Nelson, March 2
At the inquest on the body of John Smith Furness, found drowned, the following letter, posted on Friday evening to Mrs Furness, and which had been obtained from the post office by a son-in-law with permission of the widow, who is in Wellington, was read:- "Mary, when you receive this I will be no more. Sam and Sarah are as Judas Iscariot. They betrayed a man by saying 'Whomever I put my finger on, take him.' I forgive all your unkindness to me - Signed, S. Furness." The jury returned a verdict of drowned while suffering from temporary insanity.
(the Sarah & Sam mentioned in the note was his daughter & son-in-law)
- he is buried PLOT 261.R - SECTION: PUBLIC at Bolton St., Cemetery Wellington

Mary died 7 July 1902 in Palmerston North
COLONIST, 11 July 1902 DEATH - FURNESS - At Palmerston North, on the 7th inst., Mary, relict of the late Smith Furness, aged 82 years. (Deceased was mother of Mr S. J. Furness, of the "Marlborough Express")
BUSH ADVOCATE, 8 July 1902 Mrs Mary Furness, one of New Zealand`s early pioneers, died at Palmerston North last night. Deceased was aged 82 years, and was the mother of Mr J.S. Furness, proprietor of the Marlborough Express

The children of SMITH & MARY
... 1
1846 - 1868 William Furness
- he died aged 22 in Wellington

... 2
1848 - 1894 Robert Cole Furness
- he was also a carpenter
- he married Sohpia Jane BILLS from Stepney Middlesex
- he died in Thorndon Wellington aged 46

... 3
1849 - John Edward Furness
- John died as an infant

... 4
1850 - 1926 Mary Furness
- she married Edwin Walter WOODHOUSE IN 1871
- she married John HOLMES in 1885
- she died in Wellington in 1926 aged 75

... 5
1852 - 1921 Smith James Furness
- he was the proprietor of the BLENHEIM EXPRESS (or Marlborough Express) newspaper in Marlborough
- In 1905 he was in court with a libel action - George Edwards v. S.J. Furness for a claim of 1000 damages for the publication of a paragraph reproducing from the "Mercantile Gazette" the notice of a mortgage of 250, transacted by the plaintiff.
The case took all day and when the jury returned it was a verdict of one farthing damages, each party to pay its own cost - In November of 2009, exactly 104 years later, that one farthing damages cost was worth about 35 cents!
- Smith married Emily Eva HOUGH in Nelson in 1870 & had 6 children
- he died in 1921 in Wellington aged 69

1853 - 1953 Emma Furness
- Emma died aged 10 days

... 7
1856 - 1938 John Furness
- he married Ellen Louisa GREY in Wellington in 1877
- they had 5 sons in Wellington then moved to Auckland
Ellen died in Auckland 17 Dec 1928 (see John's link)
John later moved to Sydney, Australia & died in Newtown, Sydney in 1938 aged 81

... 8
1857 - 1906 Robert Henry Furness
- he was on the Wellington City Council
- he was married to Elizabetha Martha ASHBRIDGE in St Peters Church Wellington in 1881 by the Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Stock
- he died in Wellington in 1906 aged 49

... 9
1859 - 1936 Sarah Jane Furness
- she was married on Xmas Day 1876 to Samuel READ
- they had 8 children, 7 boys & a daughter
- she died in 1936 aged 77

... 10
1863 - 1945 Albert George Furness
- Albert married Amelia Mahala 'Minnie' GRANDIN in 1894 Victoria, Australia
Minnie was born in 1868 in Emerald Hill, Victoria, a daughter of Andrew GRANDIN & Amelia Jane BATES
AMELIA Furness died the following year in Essendon, Victoria aged 27
(big thanks to Tonkin for that info, see comments at FURNESS on PECK of Taita)
ALBERT next married Emma GEORGE (1871-1955) in 1899 in Victoria
- born in Flemington to Thomas GEORGE & Mary Paul LARCOMBE
ALBERT Furness died in Blackburn, Victoria in 1945 aged 81
EMMA Furness died in Caulfield, Victoria in 1955 aged 83

... 11
1867 - 1949 Arthur Edward Furness
- he married Miriam TOWNSEND in 1893
- Miriam died giving birth in Oct 1893
- he next married Margaret LOW in 1896
- he died in 1949 aged 82

see also: the FURNESS on PECK of Taita

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