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the 'V' names at Masterton, Wairarapa Cemeteries

The 'V' names of those buried in the Masterton, Wairarapa cemeteries

The Masterton District Council manages six cemeteries
* The Pioneer cemetery and Archer Street cemetery both adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Park
* Riverside on the east side of Masterton
and public cemeteries at Tinui, Mauriceville and Hastwell

The cemeteries concerned here are:
Archer Street

VALKES JOHN 1866-1920 aged 54 ???
- the surname cannot be verified

VALLANCE Charles Augustus 1819-1882 aged 63
VALLANCE Charles Walker 1881-1906 aged 25
VALLANCE Charles Frederick 1864-1933 aged 69
VALLANCE Charles Hales 1899-1983 aged 83
VALLANCE Elizabeth Laura 1854-1901 aged 47
VALLANCE Frederick Burne 1889-1978 aged 89
VALLANCE Hannah Matilda 1858-1945 aged 87
VALLANCE Henry William "Harry" 1856-1884 aged 28
VALLANCE James Charles 1853-1888 aged 35
VALLANCE Lance Brentwood 1883-1916 aged 33
VALLANCE Lily Ann 1862-1938 aged 76
VALLANCE Norah Mabel 1892-1988 aged 96
VALLANCE Philip Agustus 1867-1903 age 36

VALLER unknown
VALLER Doris 1927-1988 aged 61
VALLER Harriett 1864-1942 aged 78
VALLER Lena Louise 1905-1991 aged 85
VALLER Raymond Claude 1929-2002 aged 73
VALLER William 1864-1922 aged 58

VAN BERLO Johannes Frans 1922-1993 aged 71
VAN BERLO Leona Mary 1930-2007 aged 77

VAN DELFT unknown ?-? aged unknown
VAN DELFT Cornelis 1928-1992 aged 64

VAN DEN BROEK Michael John 1956-1972 aged 16

VAN DER PUIJE Richard Godfrey Calv ?-1959 aged unknown

VAN DER PUT unknown ?-? aged unknown
VAN DER PUT Hendrina 1949-1988 aged 39

VAN DIJK Peter ?-1986 aged ?

VAN DYK Pieter Andre Charl 1968-1991 aged 23

VAN GERVEN Thomas Cornelis 1937-1997 aged 60

VAN PRAAGH Cecil Barnett 1881-1944 aged 63
VAN PRAAGN William 1913-1979 aged 64

VAN RYSEWYK Leonrd Peter 1959-1990 aged 41
VAN RYSEWYK Peter John Baptist Anthony 1918-1981 aged 63

VARCOE Ada Jean 1911-1990 aged 79

VARLINE L ?-? aged unknown

VARLOW Alfred James 1899-1977 aged 78
VARLOW Gertrude Emily 1899-1991 aged 92

VARTY Harold James 1913-1992 aged 78

VAUGHAN unknown ?-1924 aged ?
VAUGHAN Alice 1865-1958 aged 93
VAUGHAN Annie 1888-1956 age 68
VAUGHAN Arthur Frank 1918-1976 aged 58
VAUGHAN Bruce 1920-1920 aged 3 days
VAUGHAN Harry Frank 1884-1973 aged 89
VAUGHAN Henry Cave 1854-1918 aged 64
VAUGHAN Ian Joseph 1956-1976 aged 60
VAUGHAN Jack Cave 1914-1969 aged 55
VAUGHAN Patricia Amy 1927-1993 aged 65
VAUGHAN Victor Anthony 1907-1915 aged 8

*On the Cemetery Datasbase they have:
VALLER VICTOR CLIVE 1899-1972 aged 73
- he was acutally WALLER Victor Clive

George Wilsden McRAE County Clare - settler of Nelson 1850

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William KENDRICK & Maria HUNT - Manawatu 1870s

William John KENDRICK was a son of James KENDRICK & Mary GOODER, immigrants from England to Wellington and Wanganui

William married Maria Eleanor HUNT in New Zealand in 1874

- their known children were:

1875 Sarah Maria Kendrick
- she married Robert Alexander Andrew HASTIE

1876 Mary Elizabeth Kendrick
- she married Martin ANSO
- Martin was from Abja-Paluoja, Viljandimaa, Estonia

1877 William James Kendrick
- he married Mary MATHER
- sister of James Mather who married his sister Ada

1879 Eleanor Kendrick
- she married Arthur John THEOBALD

1881 Charlotte Kendrick
- she married James Stewart SEAY

1883 Charles Kendrick
- he married Hannah Maria WALTON

1884 John Edward Kendrick
- he died in 1918 aged 34 (flu pandemic?)

1885 Maria Eleanor Kendrick
- she married Ernest GILBERT

1886 Olive Ann Kendrick
- she married James Henry SIMONS

1888 Eliza Kendrick
- she married John Saunders Leo RINDBERG

1889 Ada May Kendrick
- she married James MATHER
- brother of Mary Mather who married her brother William

1890 Stephen Alfred Kendrick
- he died aged 10 months

1892 Alfred Stephen Henry Kendrick
- he died in 1975 aged 82

1893 Edward John Kendrick
- he was killed in action in Havrincourt, France aged 25
- he is buried Bancourt

1896 David Kendrick
- he died in 1984 aged 87

1897 Lavinia Olga Kendrick
- she married Arthur CHAPMAN

family of David James MABEY & Esther DAYSH - Taita New Zealand

David James MABEY was born in Taita in 1843
- he married Esther DAYSH in 1865
- David was killed in a ploughing accident aged 35

the children of David and Esther were:

George Henry Mabey 1868-1877
- he drowned in the Hutt River when he was 8

James Richmond Mabey 1870-1965
- he married Frances YORK
- James died in Motueka ged 94

Annie Mabey 1871-1904
- she married Charles ASHTON
- Annie died in Taita aged 33
- Charles remarried to Elizabeth WILSON

Elizabeth Mabey 1872-1960
- she married Charles ELLIOT
- Charles was a son of Edward Elliot & Mary Ann PECK
- Elizabeth died in Featherston aged 87

Robert Thomas Mabey 1873-1945
- he married Mary KNIGHT
- he died in Woodville aged 71

Ellen Mabey 1876-1963
- she married Jmes Alfred SHORT
- she died in Karori, Wellington aged 87

George Henry Mabey 1877-1877
- he died aged 9 months in Taita

Sydney MASON + Mary Anne PARKER - England, Picton, Wellington

Sydney MASON was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire in 1827
- he died in Wellington in 1864 aged 37
- he married Mary Anne PARKER in 1847

Anne Parker was from Kent, England a daughter of Edward Parker and Ruth EVANS
- she died in 1894 aged 66

Sydney and Mary Anne's daughter Jane Elizabeth Mason married William ANNISS in Karori, Wellington in 1872
- William's parents were Freeman ANNISS and Millicent VYE

- Jane and William were settlers at Burkes Pass Mackenzie Country
- thier children were:

Annie Maud Anniss who married Malcom KERR
- Malcolm was from Scotland, he died in the Waikato

May Anniss who died aged 3

Lillian Anniss who marred John McLEOD
- John was from the Island of Skye, he was the headmaster at Woodbury School

Percy John Anniss who married Frances Minnie MARTIN
- Minnie was 1 of 11 children to Henry Thomas MARTIN & Sarah Kibbler MARSHALL

Frederick Herbert Anniss who married Mary MORONEY

Hild Rose Anniss who married Frederick BURROWS

Clarence Anniss who married Isabella REID

William Anniss who died aged 93

William ABSOLUM + Catherine LESLIE, Otahuhu 1860s

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examination results at HIWINUI SCHOOL, Manawatu 1901 & 1903

14th May 1901 - HIWINUI SCHOOL
The following is a list of the pupils who passed at the recent examination:-

Allan Greenhow
Rulf (sic) Rowling
Annie Henaghan
Mary Henaghan
Lily Nissen
Franzy Gerusehkat
John Greenhow
Robert Suisted
Mary Moffatt
Pearl Rowling
Edward Henahjan
Thomas Hurry
Hetty Geruschkat
letty Nissen
Ivy Smith
Elsie Suisted
Cyril Olsson
Violet Hills
Violet Moffatt
May Basset
Lucy Hockley
Conny Moffatt


Claude Page
Janet Henson
Pearl Rowling
John Greenhow
Robert Suisted
Arnold Ollson
Ellen Suisted
Cyril Ollson
Joseph Anderson
Doris Argyle
Robert Henson
Lucy Hockley
Herbert Geruschkat
Stanley Suisted
Alfred Entwisle
Edward Hockly
Henry Maul
Milly Hills
Fanny Hockley
Grave Anderson
Cyril Entwisle
Albert Geruschkat