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George YOUNGSON + Marion SMITH - Glasgow to Balclutha

George YOUNGSON was born in Gasgow in 1851
By 1885 he was in the South of New Zealand where he married Marion SMITH on 27th October 1885 at her parents houe in Greta St, Oamaru

They had 7 children in the Otago regions

George died of Hydatids in 1900 at the age of 50
- Marion remarried the following year to James CRAIG and they farmed at `Weka Downs` Pukeawa, (16km north west of Balclutha)
- they later moved to South Otago
- Marion also brought up 3 children of her son John when his wife Hilda died in a backyard fire in 1918
- Marion lost 3 sons to war:
William George Youngson (39927)
Robert Youngson (9/988)
a third, Alexander (Alex), a reserve, died of the 1918 Flu Pandemic
- Marion was given the honour of unveiling the Balclutha memorial

The 7 children of George and Marion were:

1885-1947 Margaret Youngson
- Margaret married Walter EXCELL (1882-1952) in 1906
- she died aged 62 in Nightcaps a town in the Southland Region of the South Island

1887-1925 John Youngson
- John married Hilda Hannah Bell HUGHAN (1894-1918) in 1914
- they had 3 children
- Hilda died aged 24 in a fire
- John died aged 38 in Masterton

1889-1915 Robert Alfred Youngson
- Robert was a BAKER for A Hutton in Balclutha
- he died at sea from Gallipoli on board the Hunts Green Hospital Ship aged 26
- his Memorial Reference is 72 at the Lone Pine Memorial

1892-1918 William George Youngson
- William was a BRICKLAYER at the Wellington Meat Company in Masterton (Borthwicks)
- he died of GUNSHOT WOUNDS in France aged 26
- he is buried Grevillers British Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France

1894-1970 Christina May Youngson
- Christina married John Clarken McCOY (1890-1954) in 1921
- she died aged 76

1897-1918 Alexander 'Alex' Youngson
- Alex was a FIREMAN
- he died during the 1918 Flu Pandemic aged 21
- he is buried PLOT 92 - BLOCK 38 at Andersons Bay Cemetery, Tomahawk Road, Dunedin

1898-1980 Alice Jane Youngson
- Alice married Albert SUMMERS (1892-1966) in 1920
- she died in Masterton aged 81
- she is buried in the Archer St Cemetery

Marion also had a son with Jim Craig:
1905-1980 David Smith Craig
- he married Desdemona Jane HAIR (1909-2002) in 1929

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where are the KELLIHERs of New Zealand

Cornelius Michael Patrick Kelliher/Keliher was born in 1869, probably Ireland
- he married Margaret Theresa RYAN in New Zealand in 1898
- they possibly settled in Otago

They had:

1899 - Leona Keliher
- nothing else known

1900 - Irene Keliher
- she married Leonard Francis GALLAGHER
- she died in 1965 aged 65

1902 - Sydney James Keliher
- he married Kathleen May SOUTHEE
- she was a duaghter of William Southee and Mary Ann QUINLAN
- he died in 1954 aged 52

1903 - Christopher Keliher
- nothing else known

1904 -herbert William Keliher
- born in Clyde, Central Otago
- nothing else known

1907 - Cornelius Leo Keliher
- died 1945 aged 38
nothing else known

1907 - Marie Teresa Keliher
- nothing else known

Jonathan David IREMONGER + Hannah DRISCOLL + Sophia RENDALL - London to Wellington 1874

Jonathan David IREMONGER was born in 1844 in Clerkenwell, London
- He married Hannah DRISCOLL in 1867 in the Church of St. John, Clerkenwell, London. Hannah was born in Ireland in 1846

They had:
1868 - 1919 Jonathan David Iremonger in London
1870 - 1872 Mary Ann Hannah Iremonger in Clerkenwell, London
- Mary Ann died aged 2 in Holborn, London
1874 - 1875 Frederick Iremonger in the Union Workhouse, Mile End New Town, London

Jonathan (senior) then had another partner, Sophia RENDALL

They had:
1872 - 199 William David Iremonger in London
1874 - 1947 Thomas 'Tom' Iremonger in Islington, London

Jonathan and partner Sophia emigrated to New Zealand on the CARTVALE which left London on the 25th June 1874, arriving in Wellington on the 11th October 1874
- (wife Hannah was 3 months pregnant when they left)

In the meantime wife Hannah was living in the Union Workhouse, Mile End New Town, London where she had a son:
Frederick Iremonger in December 1874
- Hannah died 5 days after the birth
- Frederick died 2 months later

Jonathan and Sophia took their 2 sons William and Tom to New Zealand but 6 year old Jonathan (from his wife Hannah) was left behind until he was about 13 when he too sailed for New Zealand - do not know who brought him up...

In February 1876 Jonathan and Sophia married at the Wellington Registry Office

They had 5 children in Wellington:
Annie Iremonger, May 1876
Louisa Iremonger, Aug 1878
Major Henry Iremonger, Aug 1879
Charley Iremonger, Nov 1881
Ellen 'Nell' Iremonger, Mar 183

They then moved down to Blenheim and had another 5 children:
Evalena 'Eva' Iremonger, Sep 1885
Albert Iremonger, Jun 1887
Alfred Iremonger, Jan 1890
Joseph 'Joe' Iremonger, Dec 1891
George Iremonger, Nov 1894

Jonathan and Sophia moved to the Waikato area of Hamilton where some of their family had moved and settled

Sophia died in 1931 aged 82 in 40 Rostrevor St, Hamilton
- she is buried in Location BB-N-015 of Hamilton East Cemetery
Jonathan died in 1941 aged 97 in 40 Rostrevor St, Hamilton
- he is buried in Location BB-N-016 of the Hamilton East Cemetery

40 Rostrevor St is now the CBD of Hamilton

The children's spouses can be seen at Jonathan's link

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Pio PERNO + Esther Ruth CUTTING - Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Pio PERNO was born in 1884
- he was a shoe repairer
- he was living in Riddiford Street, Lower Hutt
- he died on 14th April 1969
- his ashes were buried in Plot 48, Area ASP at Akatarawa Cemetery on 23rd August 1988

He married Esther Ruth CUTTING in 1923

Esther was born in 1887
- she was living in Riddiford Street, Lower Hutt
- she died on 8th February 1970 aged 82
- her ashes were buried in Plot 48, Area ASP at Akatarawa Cemetery on 23rd August 1988

Akatarawa Cemetery is in Upper Hutt

the PENHALEs buried at AKATARAWA cemetery Upper Hutt

The PENHALEs buried at AKATARAWA cemetery Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Esther Mary Penhale 1923 - 2000
- Esther was living in Miro St, Upper Hutt
- she died on 12th July 2000 aged 77
- ashes in plot 51, Memorial Garden on 6th Sept 2000

Hugh Russell Penhale 1919 - 2002
- Hugh was living in Miro St, Upper Hutt
- he was a Scientist
- he died on 27th June 2002 aged 83
- ashes in plot 51, Memorial Garden on 20th Aug 2002

John Hugh Penhale 1963 - 2004
- John was living in Miro St, Upper Hutt
- he was a Systems Analyst
- he died on 30th Sept 2004 aged 41
- ashes in plot 403, Memorial Garden on 26th Jan 2005

Mary Ellen Moffat Penhale (nee MacKay) 1889 - 1974
- Mary was living in Golders Road, Upper Hutt
- married William John Penhale (below) in 1915
- she died on 21st Feb 1974 aged 85
- she is buried in plot 570, Monumental 2

Nancy Alexander Penhale 1916 - 1987
- Nancy was living in Tudor Court, Paraparaumu Beach
- she died on 21st Dec 1987 aged 71
- ashes in plot 570, Monumental 2

William John Penhale 1892 - 1962
- William was living in Bristol Street, Trentham
- he was a Railway Worker
- married Mary Ellen Moffat MacKay (above) in 1915
- he died on 15th Dec 1962 aged 70
- he is buried in plot 569, Monumental 2

GALLAGHERs at Archer St Cemetery, Masterton New Zealand

the GALLAGHERs buried at Archer St Cemetery, Masterton New Zealand

- born 1878
- died 1956 aged 82
- buried in Row 19, Area: Plan VII

- born 1925
- died 1980 aged 54
- buried in Row 3, Block Z, Area Lawn Z

- born 1904
- died 1978 aged 74
- buried Plot 75, Row Q, Area: Lawn A-X

JEAN MARIE Gallagher
- born 1940
- died 1941 aged 10 months
- buried Row 1, Area: Childrens Z1

JOHN Gallagher
- born 1911
- died 1920 aged 9
- buried Row 12, Area: Plan III

- born 1910
- died 1975 aged 65
- buried Row 76, Row Q, Area: Lawn A-X

- born 1870
- died 1940 aged 80
- buried Row 4 - Area: Plan VIII

William Frederick Samuel KEEBLE + Annie Maria HALBERG - Masterton, New Zealand

William Frederick Samuel KEEBLE married Annie Maria HALBERG in 1886
- Annie was a daughter of Mars Peter & Betty Nielsone Halberg

They had:
1887 - Rosina Keeble
- Rosina married Charles Frederick Mills in 1913

1888 - William David 'Willie' Keeble
- Willie died in 1904 aged 16 and is buried in Row 2, Area Plan II at Archer St Cemetery, Masterton with his parents

1891 - Alfred Ernest Keeble
- Alfred married Edith Harriet Brown in 1909

- William died in 1912 aged 48.
He is buried in Row 2, Area Plan II at Archer St Cemetery Masterton
- Annie died in 1921 aged 55.
She is buried in Row 2, Area Plan II at Archer St Cemetery Masterton

Henry James UNDERWOOD did not survive the sinking of the SS PENGUIN in Cook Strait ,Wellington 1909

On the evening of 12th February 1909 the Union Company passenger steamer Penguin - a small, 749 ton ship built in 1864, but had been rebuilt - left Picton for Wellington.
The weather was fine. However, by the time it reached open waters at about 8pm, it was dark and the weather had deteriorated, with a strong southerly wind, blacking out every landmark.
Captain Naylor altered the course hoping to ride out the storm until morning. But then the ship struck rocks heavily tearing a hole in the hull.
The raging seas pulled the Penguin clear of the rocks but water poured in through the hole.
The Penguin began sinking in heavy seas off a rugged, isolated stretch of coast.
When the cold seawater flooded into the engine room they hit the hot boilers which resulted in a huge explosion, tearing the ship apart and sending the wreckage to the bottom of the sea.
Only two life boats had been launched but these were swamped. One lifeboat was tipped over by a wave, a woman and young boy were trapped underneath and able to breathe in the air pocket until they were washed ashore. She was the only woman to survive, along with 29 men who had used wooden rafts, drifting for hours.
However most of those using rafts were dashed across razor sharp rocks. Survivors walked kilometres for help. Only 30 of the 105 people who had boarded from Picton that night survived.
It is believed that the ship struck Thoms Rock off Cape Terawhiti after being carried off course by an exceptionally strong flood tide.

The inquiry blamed Captain Francis Edwin Naylor - who was the last to leave the ship, survived - they suspended his certificate for 12 months

One of the passengers who drowned was Henry James UNDERWOOD

Henry was born in 1849 (possibly not in New Zealand)
- he married Harriet Ellen HOUGHTON in New Zealand in 1879
- Harriett was a daughter of John Houghton and his 2nd wife Mary Ann HARRIS. Ironically, her father had also drowned in Wellington, in September 1879, at the age of 61

- Henry and Harriet had 2 children:
1880 - Sydney Houghton Houghton
- he married Louise Maude BATLEY in 1903
- Sydney died in Wellingon in 1922 aged 41

1884 - Sophia Ann Mary Ethel Houghton
- she married Lewis QUINLAN in 1911
- Sophia died in Wellington in 1968 aged 84

children of John Shelton COTTON + Ellen Elizabeth AMOS - Tasmania Australia 1880s

John Shelton COTTON
was born in Barrington (20km South of Devonport), Tasmania, Australia

Ellen Elizabeth AMOS
was born in 1859 in Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania, Australia

JOHN & ELLEN married in the residence of her father, Adam Amos of Glen Heriot, Great Swan River (an estate of 2560 acres)

Their children, all born in places in Tasmania, were:

1883 - 1964 Lawrence Shelton Cotton
- Lawrence died in Hobart aged 81

1884 - 1948 Raymond 'Gordon' Cotton
- Gordon married Eleanor Annabella 'Annie' REID of Horton, Tasmania, Australia in 1905 in Irishtown, Tasmania
- Gordon died aged 63 in Smoerset Tasmania and is buried in Irishtown

1886 - 1974 Kenneth Henry Cotton
- married Mavis Mary STEBBINGS in 1921 at Launeston, Tasmania
- Kenneth died aged 87 in Launceston

1888 - 1958 Wilfred Cotton
- Wilfred died aged 69 in New Town Hospital, Tasmania

1889 - 1962 Clarence Cotton
- Clarence moved to New Zealand
- he settled in Masterton
- he married Ila Annie Rayner at the home of her parents, Thomas Ings RAYNER & Annie HARRIS at 14 Worksop rd Masterton in 1921
- (the mothers of Thomas Rayner & Annie Harris were sisters)
- he married Ila's sister, Dorothoy Emma Rayner in 1931
- Clarence died aged 73 in Masterton and is buried in Archer St

1891 - 1963 Elizabeth 'Bessie' Cotton
- Elizabeth died aged 71 in the Burnie Hospital, Tasmania

1896 - 1966 Roy Cotton
- Roy married Mary Frances Monica ABEL in 1926
- he died aged 80 in Devonport, Tasmania

1899 - 1902 Lewis Cotton
- Lewis died aged about 2 in Sheffield, Tasmania