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NATURALISATIONS - New Zealand 1890

Letters of naturalisation were sent to the following people of the Wellington, Wairarapa and Manawatu areas in November 1890

ANDERSEN - Jens Peter (1840-1928) settler, Halcombe
ANDERSON - Harry, labourer, Wellington
ANDERSON - Louis (1859-1903) labourer, Wellington
ANDERSON - William, labourer, Wellington

BASON - Pietro, settler, Normanby
BOLLINGER, Charles (1850-1928) cook, Martinborough
BOWMAN - Mathew, carpenter, Wellington
BRAUN - Hermann, labourer, Wellington

CHRISTINSEN - Vilhelm, farmer, Bunnythorpe

EHRHORN - Henry Simon Jacob Frederick (1853-1951) farmer, Campbellown

FAHRENBACH - Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand August Julius, general agent, Wellington

GOLINEZ - Nicholas, fisherman, Patea

HANSEN - Anton (1842-1924) labourer, Wellington
HOCKHEIM, Hermann (1856-1896) carpenter, Martinborough
HOFMEISTER - John (1849-1931) joiner, Wellington
HOVIND - John, labourer, Wellington
HOVIND - Hans Christian August (1852-1924) labourer, Wellington
HUDSON - Bernard George, labourer, Wellington

KEE - Ho (1866-1918) grocer, Hawera

LAMBERG - Victor, mariner, Wellington
LUNDQUIST - Erick Victor (1858-1917) labourer, Wellington
LUTHER - Henry Alfred (1860-1942) labourer, Wellington
LYNNEBERG - Lorentz (1861-1927) labourer, Kaiwarra

MANSON - Jacob Hans (1853-1939) farmer, Pahiatua
MEYER - Henry, labourer, Wellington
MULLER - Christian (1834-1918) settler, Halcombe

NELSON - Anders Frederick (1840-1925) labourer, Wellington
NELSON - William, labourer, Wellington

OLANSEN - Olans (1882-1944) labourer, Wellington
OLSEN - Alexander (1854-1918) labourer, Wellington
OLSEN - Christian, farmer, Kiwitea
OLSEN - Laurence Bernard (1862-1927) labourer, Wellington

PEDERSEN - Ole Mikalai (1853-1923) labourer, Wellington
PETERSEN - Hans (died 1915) gardener, Wellington
PETERSEN - Mathias August (1854-1939) seaman, Wellington

SCHERFF - Carl Kedich August, farmer, Marton
SCHERFF - Frederick, farmer, Marton

TARABOCHIA - Thomas (1852-1917) labourer, Wellington
TERRENI - Fabio Vinceneo (1838-1919) storekeeper, Wellington
TROXLER - Johann, carpenter, Wellington

VOSSELER - George Michael (1860-1944) baker, Wellington

WAPP - Hermann Julius (1862-1935) settler, Halcombe
WESTERHOLM - Otto (1852-1899) labourer, Palmerston North
WISCHNOWSKY - Carl, settler, Halcombe

George PITKETHLEY 1816 - 1880 - Scotland to New Zealand

George PITKETHLEY with his wife Jane (nee Watson) and their children emigrated to New Zealand on the HELENSLEE which arrived in Auckland on Thursday 22nd December 1864.

Their children were:
Mary Pitkethley 1838 - 1891
- married Thomas Tudehope

Lawrence Pitkethley 1840 - 1915
- married Margaret Flockhart

George Pitkethley 1843 - 1864
- died aged 19 months on the "Helenslee" enroute to NZ

Agnes Blair Pitkethley 1846 - 1882
- married James Johnston

David Watson Pitkethley (twin with John) 1849 - 1889
- married Isabella Mennie

John Gardner Pitkethley (twin with David) 1849 - 1925
- married Christina McNaughton
- married Fanny Louisa Evans

James Watson Pitkethley - 1853 - 1893
- married Agnes Sarah Crockett

Robert Pitkethley 1858 - 1927
- married Mary Caroline Lucy Purnell

William Pitkethley 1859 - 1913
- married Isabella Peace

George Pitkethley 1866 - 1867
- died aged 3 weeks in Auckland

Martin Crosby MORAN - Kaiapoi New Zealand

I would like to know who Martin Crosby Moran was

All I have is:
- he was born about 1842
- he was a Livery Stable Keeper in Kaiapoi in 1879
- he was living at the Burnip's Hotel in Kaiapoi 1879
- he married Annie Elizabeth Bean in 1883
- she died Dec 1891
- their known children were:
Martin Crosby Moran (1887-1964)
- married Ivy Gladys Jones
Henry/Harry Denby Moran (Jan 1891-1978)

He died in 1905 aged 63

Children of Eliza KING & George HOOPER - Taita, New Zealand

Eliza Jane King was born at sea on board the GLEANOR as her parents
Reuben King and his wife Mary Hannah 'Ellen' (Wensley) were making the voyage to New Zealand in 1857.

Eliza Jane married George Hooper in the Wellington Registry Office in 1877
- George was born in Taita, Lower Hutt, in 1857 (he was 5 months older than Eliza) a son of John Hooper and his second wife Caroline Wadman of Horsington, Templecomber, Somerset.
- His father had a total of 18 children over a period of 33 years

Eliza and George had 15 children over 24 years
- all born in Taita, Lower Hutt

1877 - 1965 John Reuben Hooper
- he married Jane Whitford Hooper in 1902
- her parents were from Silverwell, Cornwall, England
- John & Jane had 5 (known) children
- they lived in the Waikato and are buried in Hamilton

1879 - 1913 Mary Caroline Hooper
- she married George Alfred Ridyard in 1900
- they had 3 (known) children

1881 - 1959 Ellen Matilda Hooper
- she married unknown Pointen in 1902
- no known children
- she married Alfred Larkin in 1908 in Wellington
- they had 3 children and seperated
- he died in Tokomaru in 1914 aged 36
- Ellen died 45 years later and is buried in Taita

1882 - 1963 Mabel Emma Hooper
- she married George Cooley in 1911
- he was a son of Henry Cooley and
- they lived on a farm in Hamilton
- she died 2 years before him

1884 - 1946 Kate Elizabeth Sara Hooper
- she married Thomas Langley Smith in Lower Hutt in 1903

1886 - 1886 Emily Hooper
- Emily died aged 20 minutes

1887 - 1971 Myrtle Wensley Hooper
- she married James Howard Ridyard in 1911

1889 - 1889 Elsie Wadman Hooper
- Elsie died aged 10 weeks

1892 - 1892 William Raymond Wadman Hooper
- William died aged 5 months

1894 - 1975 George Henry Hooper
- he married Mabel Edith Bogun in 1916
- Mabel was a widow
- she had been married to George William Bowater in 1905
- she & George Bowater had 3 children, he died in 1910

1895 - 1967 Ethel Hooper
- she married William Henry Hagen in 1916
- she married Timothy Joseph Driscoll in 1923

1896 - 1984 Percival Robert Hooper
- he was a farmer in 1915 wen he was 'called to arms'
- he married Iris Maxwell McGregor in 1921

1898 - 1958 Rita Annie Wadman Hooper
- she married Claude McGregor in 1941

1899 - 1976 James Smith Hooper
- he married Emily Maude Bell
- she was a daughter of John & Jane Bell

1902 - 1977 Alexandra Wensley 'Queenie' Hooper
- she married John Leonard Couchman in 1928
- he was the son of Violet Lily Couchman
- she died 2 years after him
- they are buried in Hawera

Descendants of EDWARD BOBY - 1827 Suffolk to 1869 Canterbury, New Zealand

Edward Boby was born in Bury St, Edmunds, Suffolk, England in 1827.

He emigrated to New Zealand on the RANDOLPH which left Plymouth on the night of Saturday September 7th 1850 and arrived into Lyttelton in January 1851, making it one of the First Four Ships to Lyttelton

Edward married Hannah PLEACE (1825-1908) in Lyttelton, Christchurch in 1851

Their known children were:

... 1
1852 - Charles William Edward BOBY
- Charles married Ann Jane BURROWS in 1875
- he ran the Bealey Hotel from 1878 to 1880 and from 1882 to 1885 he was a cab owner in Nursery Road, Linwood
- In 1890 Charles was sentenced to ten weeks imprisonment for deserting his three children Louisa, Edward and Anna about 8 years previously. Their mother, Ann had died over 2 years earlier and the children had been living with their grandmother Mrs Burrows. Edward had been in New South Wales
1876 - 1918 Mary Louisa Boby
- Mary married Thomas CLARK
1878 - 1950 Edward Alexander Boby
- Edward married Annie Lilly Elizabeth HODGSON
1880 - 1939 Annie Wilson Boby
- Annie married Samuel Charles WRIGHT

... 2
1854 - 1863 Walter Humphrey BOBY
- Walter died aged 8 in 1863

... 3
1856 - 1885 Ernest Linton BOBY
- he married Elizabeth Ellen McKASKELL in 1881
their known children were:
1882 - 1960 Mabel Jane Boby
- she married James Andrew COMRIE
1883 - 1894 Ernest William 'Willie' Boby
- Ernest died from flu complications aged 11
- 2 months later his grandfather and 3 others were killed in a boating accident
1884 - 1918 Arthur Edward Boby
- Arthur died aged 34 during the flu pandemic
ERNEST LINTON BOBY died in 1885 aged 30
his widow Elizabeth Ellen remarried in 1893 to Henry Samuel CATHER

... 4
1858 - Manfred BOBY
- he died in childhood

... 5
1860 Maria Hannah BOBY
- Maria married William PARK in 1878
they had 11 children:
- the first 3 were born in Timaru/Hokitika then they moved to Palmerston North
1878 - 1958 Anita Maria Park
- buried in Christchurch
1880 - 1960 William Edward Park
- William married Ann Emily TASKER in 1901
- they had 9 known children:
1901 - 1988 Myrie Wanaka Park
- Myrie married Walter WOODS in 1921
1903 - 1904 Ina Phyllis Park
- Ina died aged 10 months in Palmerston North
1905 - 1907 Russell Edward Park
- Russell died aged 2 in Palmerston North
1907 - 1903 Moya Doreen Park
- Moya died aged 3 months in Palmerston North
1908 - 1993 Edna 'Tui' Park
- Edna married twice and died in Hamilton
1909 - 1970 Anau Reginald Park
- Anau married Vera Ray EDWARDS in 1937 in Palmerston North
- Vera was a daughter of Arthur William EDWARDS & Alice Maud MABEY
1911 - 1980 Reina Iwa Park
- Reina married William Ernest BYERS
1912 - 1979 Zelma Doreen Park
- Zelma married ? IRLAND
1913 - 1985 Roy Raymond Park
- Roy married Queenie May BLACKBOURN in 1935 & died in Hawera
1882 - 1882 Walter Boby Park
- Walter died aged 3 months
1884 - 1935 Florence Boby Park
- Florence married Gerald TRELEAVEN in 1911
1886- 1962 Manfred Nigil Park
- Manfred married Christina FERGUSON in 1916
1887 - 1968 Douglas McIntyre Park
- Douglas married Hilda Kate WOOD in 1917
1889 - 1950 Myrtle Dorothy Park
- Myrtle married Ivie GIBSON
1890 - 1968 Piata Heni Park
- Piata moved to Christchurch, never married
1892 - 1916 John Joseph Park
- John died of wounds in France
- he also served in Gallipoli
1893 - 1947 Lorna Park 1893-1947
- Lorna married Gordon Stewart JACKSON in 1916
1895 - 1969 Frank Palmerston Park
- Frank married Zelma RICHES in 1920

Their mother, Maria Boby, died in 1895 aged 35
- possibly giving birth to Frank (he was born 30th December 1895)
their father William Park remarried in 1897 to Jane TORY
- their known children were:
1897 - 1961 Annie Jane Park
- Annie married Clarence Richard Moyle DALE (1893-1958) in 1923
- she died 28 June 1961
1898 - 1976 William James Park
- born 2 November 1898
- William married Ethel Florence DALEY (1898-1981) in 1920
1898 - 1945 Eileen Norah Park
- Eileen married Ronald Robert MENTIPLAY (1902-1974) in 1930
- Ronald was a son of James Hay MENTIPLAY (1858-1936) & his 2nd wife Mary Sarah FERRIS (1872-1924)
1901 - Gavin Fry Park
- nothing known
1902 - 1973 Stanley Nelson Park
- POSSIBLY married Violet Maud JOHNSON
1910 - 1989 Kathleen Irene Park

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Walter BECKINGHAM 1857-1913 - Timaru New Zealand

Who were the parents of Walter Beckingham 1857-1913 ?

He was a POSSIBLE son of Honeyborn Beckingham ahd Sarah Ann Rock but no records can be found at this time to verify this.

Honeyborn and Sarah's known children were:
George 1835 - 1906
James Edward 1837 - 1905
Anne Elizabeth 1842 - 1925
William 1852 - ?
Emma 1855- 1937

Walter married Mary Donnellan (1861-1946) in 1880.
The children found for them so far are:
1881 - Maud Josephine
1884 - Gleniti Constance Evelyn
1885 - Alice Harriett Ethel
1887 - Kate Emily
1895 - 1978 James Edward Walter
- James served in WWI at the age of 19
NEXT OF KIN - Mrs W. Beckingham (mother), Wai-iti Road, Timaru,
EMLISTMENT ADDRESS - Wai-iti Road, Timaru,
BODY ON EMBARKATION - 5th Reinforcements
EMBARKATION UNIT - No. 2 New Zealand Stationary Hospital
PLACE OF EMBARKATION - Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL - Maunganui or Tahiti or Aparima
DESTINATION - Suez, Egypt (24 July - 6 August 1915)

NOTE - Walter was in the NZ Volunteer Corps, 2nd South Canterbury Regiment as a Lieutenant Colonel:

A Company Timaru City Rifles, Capt John Gillis
B Company Temuka Rifles, Capt E. Richardson
C Company Ashburton Rifles, Capt W. E. Dolman
D Company Port Rifle Guards, Capt Frank A. Raymond
E Company Timaru Rifles Capt. W. Beckingham (made Captain in 1897)
F Company Waimate Rifles, Capt. H.C. Barclay
G Company Geraldine Rifles, Capt. Kenneth Mackenzie
H Company, Ashburton Guards Rifles, Capt E.F. Nichols

In 1869 (aged 12) Walter was in Class III of the Timaru School and came 2nd in his class of 15 for 'very creditable reading'

In 1873 (aged 16) Walter was an apprentice for the South Canterbury Times printing office and his employer took him to court for not obeying orders to roll the press at 11.30 at night (after having worked all day and despite not being paid for about 6 weeks)
- story here: Breach of Masters & Apprentices Act

In 1880 (aged 23) Walter married Mary Donnellan (1861-1946) in 1880.
- Mary was from County Clare
The children found for them so far are:
1881 - Maud Josephine Beckingham
1884 - Gleniti Constance Evelyn Beckingham
1885 - Alice Harriett Ethel Beckingham
1887 - Kate Emily Beckingham

In 1891 (aged 34) he was heading to Christchurch for the District Grand Lodge meeting of the United Ancient Order of Druids

In 1897 (aged 40) Walter was made Captain, from Lieutenant, of the South Canterbury Battalion
- he was also by then, in the furniture trade which adds to the theory he may have been Honeyborn's son

In 1898 (aged 41) Walter built a house on his section at the corner of Grey Road & Sefton street, (Seawiew) Timaru

In 1899 (aged 42) Walter was nominated by Mr Frederic Jaumand Le Cren (1864-1949) and S. F. Smithson as Councillor for the North West Ward of the Timaru Borough Council in lieu of Mr Alfred Targuse, deceased. Being the only nomination he was duly elected

In January 1913 (aged 55) Walter was buried in Plot 17 - Block F (new row 9) of the Timaru General Cemetery. His wife Mary lived to 85 (1946) and was then buried with him

In July 1913 Walter`s estate was valued at 6358
- (a July 2009 equivalent of $901,814.)

TAUPIRI MOUNTAIN - Waikato, New Zealand

In my possession since the 1960s is a recipe book that belonged to
Dorothy Rutherfurd - (RutherfUrd is the correct spelling but nearly all documents for this family have it spelt as RutherfOrd).
I print it as I find it ...

The recipe book was given to me by Dorothy`s sister Marjorie.
It is called
Collected & Edited
HODDER AND STOUGHTON LTD - London - New York - Toronto

1st edition 1914 .. 5th edition Jan 1922

Inside it has hand written:
Dot from John Feb. 1943 - also,
D. Rutherfurd, c/o 19 Waltons Ave Masterton, Wairarapa N.I.N.Z (presumably North Island New Zealand) 1943

* May Byron (May Clarissa Gillington 1861-1936) was the eldest of 4 children to John Maurice Gillington, a cleric, and Sarah Dumville Thorpe.
She wrote many books and was also an artist, illustrating books of others
Her sister Alice Elizabeth Gillington was also a writer and was a pioneer collector of songs from English Gypsies

Inside the cook book is a poem, cut out of a newspaper and taped on. It was written by Dorothy Black, Taupiri. (the date has been cut off).
I wrote to Dorothy Black in 1989 and asked her if she knew Dorothy and Marjory Rutherford but she did not. She said she had not written poetry for many years and that they must have just cut it from a newspaper/magazine.
She wrote this poem (date unknown) about the Taupiri Mountain while she was living in Taupiri, Waikato. She mentions in her letter a number of the 'old identies' of Taupiri like, Kath O'Hearn, the Lovells, Litts, Wallace Moore and Dorothy Button
- When I worte to her she was living in Remuera, Auckland.
Dorothy Rutherfurd's brother-in-law, Len Price, had a half sister, Olive Shaw who married Claude BUTTON... (research continuing whether there is a relationship between him and Dorothy Button of Taupiri)

The poem:

I have seen her in the morning
With the sunlight in her eyes
Bathing in the gathered waters
Where her form reflected lies
Like a veil of eastern lightness
Early mist wreaths slowly rise
Till, revealed in all her beauty
Stands my lady of the skies

I have seen her in the evening
Richer than a pirate`s prize
High, remote, her summit riding
In the ever-changing skies
Slowly fades the gold of sunset
To a deeper amethyst
Till at last she sinks in slumber
In the rising evening mist

I have seen her in the moonlight
Stately, old and very wise
Dreaming, dreaming, in the moonlight
Black against the darkened skies
Gone the ribboned road around her
Gone the quarry river deep
Once again she guards the places
Where the honoured chieftans sleep

At her feet the whares cluster
Where the fires burn and glow
Once again she stirs to listen
To the chants of long ago
Phantom craft are on the river
In the cortege wailing high
Eerie voices laughing, singing
Ghostly shadows slipping by
- Dorothy Black - Taupiri

Dorothy Rutherfurd (past owner of the cook book) was born in Masterton in 1901
- her parents were:
Thomas Henry Rutherfurd (no birth or death dates) and
Edith Kathleen Dagg (1881-1875)
- Edith was a daughter of Henry John Dagg & Elizabeth Sarah Wilton of Masterton
- no spouse or death date for Dorothy

Dorothy's siblings were:
Lionel Cyril Rutherfurd
- born 1903 in Masterton
- he married Eva Louisa Jones (1906-1971) in 1926
- Eva was a daughter of James Robert Jones & Eva Jane Foster of Masterton

Norman Douglas Rutherfurd
- born in Masterton 1905
- he married Monica Eileen ?
- he died in Carterton 2002

Marjorie Florence Rutherfurd
- born in Masterton 1907
- she married Leonard Charles Evelyn Price (1898-1972) in 1929
- Marjorie died in Masterton in 1969

If you know this family I would appreciate it if you could help me fill in the blanks ...

Dorothy's 1943 Cook Book

MEULI family buried in Taranaki, New Zealand

the MEULI family members buied in the Taranaki regions:

Alan Cecil 1926 - 1983 New Plymouth (ashes taken)
Alice Margaret 1905 - 1984 Awanui
- nee Fitzsimons, married kingsley Milton
Andrew 1876 - 1932 Hawera General Presbyterian
- married Ellen Flora Rockstrow in 1919
Audrey Jean 1931 - 2008 Hawera Burial Lawn 3

Barbara 1826 - 2003 New Plymouth (ashes taken)

Caroline Mary 1869 - 1959 Te Henui
- nee Young, married Christian
Cecil George 1900 - 1948 Te Henui
- married Edna Russell White in 1924
Christian 1874 - 1930 Te Henui
- married Caroline Mary Young in 1897

Desmond Oscar 1930 - 1953 Patea General Wesleyan
Dulcie 1911 - 1922 Manaia Burial Old Lawn

Edgar Henry 1903 - 1963 New Plymouth Garden of Remembrance
- married Genevieve Patricia Smith in 1925
Edna Russell 1899 - 1976 Te Henui
- nee White, married Cecil George
Edward 1882 - 1943 Hawera General Presbyterian
- married Jessie Lindsay Craig in 1914
Ellen Flora 1876 - 1946 Te Henui
- nee Rockstrow, married Andrew
Esther 1917 - 1988 Hawera (ashes taken)

George 1848 - 1918 Okaiawa General Old Lawn
- married Jessie Maine Liddell Watt (1880-1936) in 1903
George Herbert 1885 - 1963 Manaia Burial Old Lawn
- married Jessie Clara Pinkerton in 1914

Jacob 1854 - 1942 Okaiawa General Old Lawn
Jacob 1874 - 1945 Waihi Burial Old Lawn
- married Nina Kilvington in 1920
Jacob Emil 1888 - 1940 Okaiawa General Old Lawn
- married Jessie Gross in 1915
Jeffrey Robert 1924 - 2003 New Plymouth (ashes taken)
Jessie 1887 - 1935 Hawera General Old Lawn
- nee Gross, married Jacob Emil
Jessie Clara 1884 - 1976 Manaia Burial Old Lawn
- nee Pinkerton, married George Herbert
Jessie Lindsay 1879 - 1959 Hawera General Presbyterian
- nee Craig, married Edward in 1914

Katharina 1861 - 1945 Okaiawa General Old Lawn
Kingsley Milton 1905 - 1962 Awanui
- married Alice Margaret Fitzsimons in 1927

Madge Nina 1921 - 2001 New Plymouth (ashes taken)
Maurice Emil 1917 - 1990 Hawera Burial RSA

Nicholas Romeo 1891 - 1964 Hawera General Presbyterian
- married Rita Maude Evans in 1917
Nina 1877 - 1959 Waihi Burial Old Lawn
- nee Kilvington, married Jacob

Olga Joyce 1919 - 1997 Hawera General Presbyterian
Otto Jacob 1879 - 1951 Patea General Wesleyan
- married Vera Alice Locker in 1925

Rita Maude 1896 - 1971 Hawera General Presbyterian
- nee Evans, married Nicholas Romeo

Stillborn of John & Helen 1979-1979 Patea General

Thomas Steven 1930 - 2001 Hawera Garden of Remembrance

Vera Alice 1896 - 1974 Patea General Wesleyan
- nee Locker, married Otto

William SPEARINK 1823-1903 (died in Featherston New Zealand)

William Spearnik was born in 1823
- do not know where he was from, can you help?

He was in Wellington by 1860:
17th April 1860

William was on the List Of Names Drawn For the Militia as a labourer in the River Hutt (Hutt Valley, Wellington area)

16th February 1872

The annual meeting of the ratepayers of the Featherston Road District was held at the Court-house, Featherston on the 10th inst.
There was a very good attendance, which is usual when question affecting the breeches-pocket are disicussed.
Mr Pharazyn was voted to the chair and the accounts for the past year were duly audited and passed
The state ment showed that 157 8s 7d had been received from the Provincial Government and 87 13s 8d collected in rates; and that there was a balance in hand of 60 10s 7d, which, it was estimated, with the amount due from the Government, would pay for the works now under construction
The following were elected the Board of Wardens, viz, Messrs
Two or three of the members of the old board were proposed buth they declined to serve on the ground that it was hardly worth while to elect a new board for the short time it would have to act


Christmas Cheer
The customary Christmas show of meat by the butchers (in Wellington) took place last evening and as usual attracted a large number of sight-seers
In Mr Luxford`s shop, Manners-street was to be seen the largest beef in town. One large ox, bred by Isaiah Pureto, weighed 1,760lbs (800kg).
The display in Messrs Barbers` shops was considered by many to be the finest of the night
... in sheep the finest specimans were three Romney marsh breed, averaging 140lbs
... 5 Leicesters, bred by Mr Spearnik of Featherston, averaged 110lbs (50kg)

3rd May 1899

- WAIRARAPA NEWS - Featherston This Day
In the election yesterday for a Commissioner for the vacancy on the Town Board, Mr W. Spearnik was returned by 29 votes to Mr C Burt`s 16. Very little interest was manifested in the election, only 45 votes recorded out of 160
- OF NOTE William`s son in law was a Burt ..

18th October 1899

160 ACRES of FIRST CLASS LAND, with an eight-roomed house, dairy, barn and stables, situate at South Featherston and two miles from the Featherston Railway Staion. Cheese Factory adjoining the property. For full particulars, apply to
Mr M. J. H. JACKSON - South Feathersotn
or to Mr W. SPEARINK - Featherston

7th January 1903

The Friends of the late Mr William Spearnik are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral which will leave the residence of Mr Murray J. H. Jackson, Featherson, on Thursday 8th January 1903; at 1.30pm
- A. DONALD - Undertaker
NOTE Mr Murray James Hamilton Jackson 1849-1935

In April 1903 William`s (deceased) estate was valued at 1483 - equivalent to April 2009 to $226,910.

William married Harriett Dobson in 1852, in Berkshire, England
- he was aged 29

He married Ellen Jane Dillon in Featherston 1878
- he was aged 55
- he was her 3rd husband
- her 1st was Edward Mathews, married Auckland 1866
- her 2nd was William McNassar, married Auckland 1870
(I would like info on William McNassar)
- Ellen was a daughter of Thomas Dillon and Eleanor Nowell of Bath, Somerset who emigrated to New Zealand

He married Maria Ewart (OR Hewitt) in 1884
- he was aged 61

From correspondence from Peter Dillon it is possible that William was married a 4th time ...

Of his marriages only one child has been found so far - that of Wilhelmina Mary Helena "Polly Spearnik (1881-1917)
- Polly married Kenneth Earl Burt (1876-1943) in 1902
- Kenneth was a son of WIlliam Burt and Rebecca Copelane
- after Wilhelmina's death in 1917, Kenneth remarried to Emma Charlotte Newman in 1919

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local industries of Palmerston North in 1883

From the WANGANUI HERALD on 14th May 1883
Palmerston North Industries

Palmerston (North) embraces quite a large variety of local industries, some of them on an extensive scale and given the outlet, for their manufacturers there is no place on the Coast that could surpass the promoters of these industries in the way of enterprise.

One of the most enterprising firms is that of Messrs RICHSTER, NANSTEAD and Co ... 2 saw mills, Terrace End

Mr STRATFORD has erected one of the best carriage factories since his arrival from Marton

Mr William COOK, of Main street is gradually developing an increasing cooperage business

A large woodware factory carried on by Mr VENN

Mr WOODROOFE's cabinet warehouse is one of the besk known