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James LOVEDAY & Lydia KEMP - Norfolk to Woodville

read comments below for valuable info added by descendants of this family

Thank youto craigsm for his message 4-7-2010, adding valuable info to this family

JAMES LOVEDAY (1840-1913) and LYDIA KEMP (1841-1920) were married in Bunwell, Norwich, Norfolk, England in May 1862 at Forncett, St Peter Norwich
James' parents were:
John LOVEDAY (1816-1891) & Lydia HALES/HAILES (1821-1896)
Lydia's parents were:
David KEMP (1818-1870) & Mary COOPER (1816-1878)
- recorded as Silk Weavers living at Little Green Bunwell in the 1851 census
- Mary arrived in NZ in 1874, 4 years after the death of her husband

* Lydia Kemp & Daniel Kemp were siblings
JAMES & LYDIA had 7 children then on 10 Feb 1874 they all boarded the Schichallion and arrived in Hawkes Bay 26 May 1874
James was 33, Lydia was 31
their children were:
* George aged 11
* Florence aged 10
* William aged 7
* Eliza aged 5
* Sarah aged 4
* James aged 2
* 9 month old Daniel died a month into the voyage having had bronchitis for 4 days
With them was:
* Lydia's mother
.. Mary Kemp, aged 58 (ship's list says 49 but it was common practise for older immigrants to lower their age)
* Lydia's siblings:
.. Frederick Kemp, aged 28 (1846-1 March 1877) with his wife Harriet aged 27 and their 3 children, 6 year old Elijah (who died in 1879 age 8), 4 year old Willie, 2 year old Harriet and a baby daughter born on board on 27 March 1874
.. Daniel Kemp, aged 24 (1849-1931)
- Daniel married Harriet GENTRY (1845-1921) in 1884, settled in Kumaora, Woodville & had 4 children. Daniel is buried in Grave 11, Block 2 at Mangatainoka with a daughter, Rosa Ellen Kemp (1888-1977. Harriet is buried Grave 41, Block 2 in Mangatainoka
.. Elizabeth Kemp, aged 19 (1855-?)
.. Edward Kemp, aged 16 (1858-1932)
- Edward married Maria LITTLE in 1886, settled in Kumeroa, Woodville 6 & had 9 known children. One of them was Frederick William Kemp
.. Elijah Kemp, aged 11 (1861-1917)
- Elijah married Emily SILK in 1885 & had 8 children
They all settled in Woodville as part of the original Woodville Farm Settlement

James and Lydia had another 8 children in Woodville
a total of 15 children -
... 1
GEORGE Loveday (1862 Forncett, St Peter, Norfolk England - 26-6-1925 Ohura, 51km W of Taumaruni)
- married Bessie DONEY 1887 in Woodville
- they had:
1888 - 1956 Edith Lilian Loveday
- married Peter Markus DONS in 1912
- they had a son, Markus George, who died aged 13 (1913-1926)
1890 - ? Leslie George Vivian Loveday
- Regimental Sergeant Major 10/3938 with NZEF, 37th Reinforcements B Company, 2nd Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment was awarded the Military Medal London Gazette 17-6-1919, page 7700, Record No. 3153. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the field east of Le Quesnoy, on the 4th November 1918. On every occasion this man?s platoon was held up, he gallantly rushed ahead alone to clear the obstructions, thereby allowing the platoon to keep under the barrage. The successful work accomplished by his platoon was in a large measure due to this man?s incomparable fearlessness and dash, which were a magnificent example to his comrades.
- Leslie married Margaret Elizabeth RICKARD (1900-?) in 1926. Margaret qualified for a Junior Scholarship in 1914 through the Wanganui Education Examination
1892 - 1964 Maude Evangeline Loveday
- married Clair Stanley WILLIAMS (1891-1921) in 1915
- Maude remarried in 1925 to Robert MILNE
1895 - 1952 Herbert Cecil Loveday
- married Edith Asinath/Asenath Margaret HASTIE (1897-?) in 1916. A daughter of Andrew John Hastie, Kaponga's first butcher and pioneers of the Waikato & Bay of Plenty with large holdings on the Waimate Plains and on whose farm near Manaia the 'Battle on Hasties Farm' took place 18 July 1886
1896 - 1949 Cyril Charles Loveday
- married Dorothy Margaret BRADY (1904-1992) in 1924
- they had a son, Owen Ralph Loveday (5 June 1932-1999)
1900 - 1967 Clarence Vincent Loveday
- married Alyce/Alice Merle SHARROCK (1904-1980) in 1925

... 2
FLORENCE Loveday (1863 London, England -1931 Hawera)
- married Thomas G Henry WALKER in 1886 in Sydney NSW
- they had:
1887 John William (Aus)
1888 Ethel M (Aus)
1891 Sydney (Aus)
1892 Florence Vera
- married George Henry CROSS in 1924
1894 Olive Grace
- married Cyril MURCH in 1919
1895 Lillian Adelaide
- married John Stanley ROBERTS in 1917
1898 Francis Henry
- married Ada Nellie KENNEDY in 1920
1900 James Edgar
- married Bernice Jessie WYLIE in 1923
- married Ivy Myrtle WIDDOWSON in 1926
1901 Blanche Nina
- married Frederick Cyril PURSER in 1923
1908 Leslie Vivian
..(not all verified as theirs, apparently there was another son named Alf, but no evidence of this)..

... 3
WILLIAM Loveday (1866 Tottenham London England -1947 Palmerston North)
- married Elizabeth Winifred WALKER in 1901 Woodville
- their known children:
1902 - 1967 John Leo Loveday
- John married Eileen Rosalie SPENCER (1907-1956) in 1930
1903 - ? Constance Lydia Loveday
- nothing known
1905 - 2003 Ethel Vida Loveday
- Ethel married ? McDONALD
1907 - ? Grace Evelyn Loveday
1910 - ? Linda Olive Loveday
William Lovdeay died 5 April 1947 aged 79. His last address was Bryant St, Palmerston North. His wife Elizabeth Winifred died 3 July 1937 in Palmerston North aged 67. They are buried together PLOT 056 - BLOCK 058 at Terrace End Cemetery.
... William & his brother George represented NZ in the Rifle team at Bisley, Surrey, England (the village of Bisley has been the location for the UK National Rifle Association Championships since 1890 and hosted the 1908 Olympic Games & all the sooting of the 2002 Commonwealth Games)
in 1902 he and his brother George were in the Woodville Rifle Asociation
in March 1902 He and brother George were amongst those selected for the team to go to Bisley
in 1905 William was in Mauriceville, Waiarapa when he intimated that he was unable to join the Bisley Team unless the Government allowance was increased

... 4
ELIZA Loveday (22-11-1868 Tottenham London England - 6-9-1931 Hamilton)
- married Francis Alfred Burdette 'Frank' Ingpen (1863-1936) in 1891 Woodville
- they had 6 daughters:
1893 - ? Ethel Ivy Ingpen
1895 - 1978 Constance Maud Ingpen
- Constance married Frederick Charles ROBINSON (1889-1977) in 1923
1897 - 1952 Edith Eliza Annie Ingpen
- married James Reginald BAIRD (1902-1983) in 1928
1899 - 1988 Grace Lydia Ingpen
- Grace married Arthur BETTLEY (1898-1944) in 1920
1903 - ? Florence May Ingpen
1907 - ? Harriet Frances Ingpen
Frank & Eliza lived in Victoria St, Hamilton. Eliza died aged 62 in 1931 & Frank died aged 77 in 1936. They are buried together in LOCATION BB-M-031 at Hamilton East Cemetery

... 5
SARAH Loveday (1869 Tottenham London England - 25-9-1940 Wellington)
- married Harry Ernest LONG (1869-1934) on 20-1-1892 Woodville, at the resiidence of James Loveday
- they had:
29-5-1892 - 19-6-1959 Flora Ida Violet Long
- married 26-4-1927 to Bert RIGGS (1893-1962)
17-12-1893 - ? Myra Mary Lydia Long
- married Joe PACKHAM
- they had a child Hilda Packman
12-8-1899 - 1979 Edna May Long
- married George Alfred John WILSON in 1924
- they had a son George Wilson
- husband George died on 13-1-1925 aged 22
- Edna later remarried to John RHODES
- they had Joy & Edna Rhodes
5-2-1902 - 1997 Nita Ruth Long
- married 1926 to William John ROBSON
- they had Shirley Robson
16 March 1911 - 1978Jack Harry Hamilton Long
- married Annette McCLOUD (1917-2011) on 6th Feb 1940 in Wellington
- their children were: Ross, Murray, Malcolm (1940-1942) & Cynthia
Harry Ernest Long was an Upholsterer. He was buried 2 August 1934 aged 65 and is buried PLOT 132P at Karori, Wellington. His wife Sarah is buried with him

... 6
JAMES Loveday (1872 England - 1906 Hamilton}
- James never married
18 January 1906 Mr James Loveday, a former resident of Woodville, died at Hamilton yesterday aged 33

... 7
DANIEL Loveday (1873 England -1874 at sea)
- died at sea aged 9 months on 9th March 1874, 1 month after leaving London, on board the Schichallion after having had bronchitis for 4 days

... 8
ANNIE LYDIA Loveday (1875 Woodville - 1955 Wellington)
- married Robert (Bob) PATTISON (1880-1964) in 1918
- had 2 children Robert & Isabel Pattison
Annie died 30 Jan 1955 aged 79 and was cremated at Karori. Bob died 26 March 1964 aged 83 & was also cremated at Karori

... 9
GRACE Loveday (1876 Woodville - 1853)
- born 15 June 1876
- Grace married George CROSS 9 July 1906 at Gladstone street, Woodville at the home of her sister Eliza & Francis Alfred Burdette INGPEN (lived on that road myself once-upon-a-time)
GRACE died 27 Serptember 1953 at Wellington Hospital aged 77
- she was cremated at Karori, Wellington

... 10
JOHN Loveday (1878 - 5-2-1890 Woodville)
- John died aged 12. He is buried GRAVE 59 - BLOCK 11 at Old Gorge Cemetery with 2 year old Elizabeth May Loveday (1884-1887) who was very probably his sister (see below)
- the HEADSTONE READS: John Loveday, buried February 7th 1890, 12 years. Son of James - Woodville butcher

... 11
MARY Loveday (1879 Woodville -1934 Hamilton)
- married Seymour Pope TRELOAR (1878-1952) in 1912 Hamilton
- they had 3 children, Irene, Mary & Seymour William (1919-1991)

... 12
LILY REBECCA Loveday (1881 Woodville - 1951 Hamilton)
- married Richard (Dick) CASEY of Claudelands, Hamilton, 5 Dec 1906 in St Mary's Church, Hamilton. She was given away by her brother George
- had 14 children, Mary, Ida, John, Richard, William, Vera, Patrick, Clifford, Ethel, Cushla, James, Mervyn, Keith & Anthony

... 13
EMILY JANE Loveday (1883 Woodville - 1947 Hamilton)
- married Victor Roy SCOTT in 1905 Hamilton
- they had:
1907 - 1976 Grace Ethel Scott
- Grace married Thomas Henry Langley BRADDOCK (1904-1985) in 1931
1908 - May Scott

... 14
ELIZABETH MARY Loveday (1884-1887 Woodville)
- there is a Elizabeth "May" Loveday (1884-1887) whom I believe is probably this Elizabeth Mary. She died 15 Jan 1887 aged 2years 3 months. She is buried Grave 59, Block 11 at Old Gorge cemetery Woodville with her 12 year old brother John Loveday (see him above)

... 15
ETHEL MAUDE Loveday (1890 Woodville - 1954 Hamilton)
- married Robert Henry WHITTEN in 1913
- had 4 children, May, Norma, Robert Reginald (1918-1968) & Thelma Loveday Whitten (1920-1998)

* Lydia's mother Mary (nee Cooper) emigrated to NZ with Lydia and family. She died 4 Oct 1878. According to her marriage certificate Mary's father was John Cooper, her mother was not mentioned
* James Loveday died in Avondale, Auckland 6 Feb 1913 aged 72 and was buried in Plot A2A-R-33 at Hamilton West Cemetery (no headstone)
* Lydia died in Hamilton 12 Jan 1920 and was buried in Plot A3A-SW-30 Hamilton West Cemetery (other end of the cemetery)

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William Hayward WAKEFIELD 1803-1848 & his brother Edward Gibbon WAKEFIELD 1796-1862

William Wakefield was born in Burnham-on-Crouch, Wickford, Essex (59km east of London) the fourth son of Land Agent Edward Wakefield (1774-1854) and Susanna ne Crush

- the 8 children of Edward and Susan Wakefield were:
Catherine Gurney Wakefield (1793-1873)
- she married Rev Charles Martin Torlesse
- they had 10 children
- son Charles Torlesse was a pioneer of New Zealand and had a sheep station in Rangiora
- son Henry Torlesse died in New Zealand in 1870

Edward Gibbon Wakefield (1796-1862)
- he was a barrister, coloniser and land developer with the NZ Company - he married his abducted heiress Ellen Turner, - she was 15 at the time, he was 31
- this marriage at Gretna Green was later annulled
- he married Eliza Susan Pattle, daughter of an opium trader, Canton Merchant, Thomas Charles Pattle
- a son of Edward and Eliza was Edward Jerningham Wakefield, an author of New Zealand, he helped in the founding of Wellington, New Plymouth and Nelson, he married Ellen Rowe, he is buried in the old Ashburton Cemetery, Canterbury,
- Edward Wakefield died on 14th May 1862 and is buried in Plot 3317, C of E section at Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington

Daniel Bell Wakefield (1798-1858)
As a child in England, Daniel was thought to be rather 'slow' and showed little initiative at school. During his later school years he lived with Francis Place, one of the leading radical reformers of the era and a friend of his father. On leaving school he was apprenticed to learn bookkeeping, conveyancing and practical farming, but soon disgraced himself and was sent to Amsterdam to work in a merchant's office.
Place described him as lazy, sulky and disagreeable and probably dishonest but was determined to persevere with Daniel out of respect for his father. It seems that his brothers Edward Gibbon and Arthur were not particularly impressed with him either, they described him as a dull, ill-mannered fellow most notable for his sloth and indolence.
- in 1824 he eloped with Selina Elizabeth de Burgh (perhaps encouraged by his brother Edward), much to the dismay of her parents who were not impressed by him. Selina however died four years later without issue
- in 1835 he married Angela Attwood, daughter of Thomas Attwood MP and Elizabeth (Carless) in London
- in 1843 he was again embroiled in scandal. He had left his wife in disgrace after infecting her with an unpleasant social disease, and had substantial gambling debts. Brother Edward once again assisted, this time Daniel escaped to New Plymouth, New Zealand, under a false name, "Bowler"
- he later joined his brother William to do legal work in Wellington for the New Zealand Company
- in 1847 he was appointed Crown Solicitor, a year later Standing Counsel for the Maori and then Attorney-General for the New Munster Province. His wife rejoined him after a five-year separation, bringing their two children, Selina and Marcus. - Selina died a few months later aged 11, but in October 1849 their third child, Alice was born.
DANIEL BELL WAKEFIELD died 8 Jan 1858 in Wellington and is buried with daughter Selina in Plot 3317, C of E section at the Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington

Arthur Wakefield 1799-1843
- he entered the navy in 1810 and went to New Zealand as an agent for Nelson in the NZ Company
- he arrived on the Whitby into Nelson on 5th November 1841
- he was killed in battle in the Wairau Massacre on 17th June 1843

William Wakefield (1803-1848)
- he is buried in Plot 3317, Section C of E at Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington

John Howard Wakefield (1804-1862)
- he married Maria Suffolk of India (1814-1852)
- they had 4 children
- she died in India in 1852
- she has descendants in Victoria Australia

Felix Wakefield (1807-1875)
- he married Marie Felice Eliza Bailey
- he arrived into Lyttelton on the Sir George Pollock with his family in November 1851
- he owned land in Sumner, Christchurh
- he and Marie had 9 children, several of them lived in New Zealand
- a daughter, Salvador Rosa Wakefield's will was lodged for probate in Adelaide, Australia on 19th October 1898. She and Murat Wakefield were living in Currency Creek, South Australia - 84km south of Adelaide in at least 1867
- he died suddenly, aged 68, on Christmas Eve 1875 between Cave Rock and the Sumner Hotel

Priscilla Susannah Wakefield (1809-1887)
- she went to India to teach religion
- she married Henry Chapman an assistant Surgeon in India, a son of convict Contractor Abel Chapman and Rebecca Bell
- they had 12 children

Percy Wakefield (1810-1831)
- he is not verified
- he never married

William was raised by his paternal grandmother Priscilla Wakefield (nee Bell, a noted author, Quaker and philanthropist) and his elder sister Catherine, who found him a difficult child.

As William grew older he came very much under the influence of his older brother, Edward Gibbon Wakefield, who was not always a good influence on his life. In 1825 he became formally betrothed to Emily Sidney but, before they could be married, Wakefield became involved with his brother in the abduction of a wealthy heiress Ellen Turner - both brothers were arrested.
- Emily Sidney was a daughter of Sir John Shelley Sidney (1771-1849) Baronet of Penshurst Place, Kent

Then while out on bail Wakefield absconded to Paris apparently to meet up with Emily who by now was three months pregnant.
He returned to England when the baby was born and was promptly arrested and held in Lancaster Castle until his trial.
He was subsequently sentenced to three years in jail.
During this time his 'wife' died leaving him with a six-month-old daughter Emily Charlotte

Upon his release from jail William Wakefield spent some time with his daughter at his sister Catherine's.
- His daughter Emily married Edward William Stafford Esq, eldest son of Berkeley Buckingham Stafford of Mayne, county Louth on 24th September 1846 in Wellington
- there were no children
- Edward Stafford was a Runholder, provincial superintendent, premier, sportsman
- Edward was also Prime Minister of New Zealand on three occasions in the mid 19th century. His total time in office is the fifth longest of any New Zealand Premier or Prime Minister, and the longest of any leader without a political party
- Emily Wakefield died aged 29 in 1857
- Edward married again in 1859 to Mary Bartley and had 6 children - 3 sons, 3 daughters
- Mary died in 1899
- Edward died on 14th February 1901 aged 81 in London

In 1832 William travelled to Portugal and enlisted as a mercenary soldier in the service of Dom Pedro, the Emperor of Brazil.
Although he had no military experience whatsoever he was apparently able to enlist as a Captain.
He survived the siege of Porto (also known as Oporto in English} and the subsequent campaigning but he gained little from it except experience and a handful of medals.

After the Portuguese Campaign he returned briefly to England and enlisted in the British Auxiliary Legion fighting for the infant Queen Isabella II of Spain in the First Carlist War.
He emerged from the campaign as a major, re-enlisted and was promoted to Colonel.
He was one of the few officers to survive the campaigns of the following years; he stayed until the Legion was disbanded in 1837 and returned to England the following year.

In 1839 the New Zealand Company originated in London with the aim of promoting the "systematic" colonisation of New Zealand.
The Company intended to follow the colonising principles of Edward Gibbon Wakefield, who envisaged the creation of a new-model English society in the southern hemisphere.
Wakefield's emigration system professed higher and more noble aims than mere financial profit.

Edward set sail for New Zealand as the chief representative of the New Zealand Company on the Tory that left Plymouth on 12th May 1839, arriving in Port Nicholson (now Wellington) on 20th September 1839
The Tory had a total of 35 people on board, manned with a picked crew, and in the forecastle there was a Maori interpreter, Ngatai who
had lived in England with Edward Gibbon Wakefield and family for two years
The trials of a colonist

This is the only known sketch of William made in 1826 when he and his brother were convicted of the kidnapping of the 16 year-old heiress Ellen Turner.

Colonel Wakefield held two difficult, and to a certain extent, conflicting roles in the new settlement.

There are many articles to read on the life in New Zealand of Lieutenant Colonel William Hayward Wakefield at NZETC

His brother Edward Gibbon Wakefield had instruted him to buy as much land as possible from the Māori before New Zealand became annexed
- the First European arrivals

Almost immediately after his death on 19th September 1848 his friends began raising money to fund a memorial.
It was finally restored and officially celebrated on the 7th of October 2006 William Wakefield Memorial at the Basin Reserve, Wellington

taken from above link

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The family of James LITTLE & Eliza CASTLES Manawatu New Zealand 1800s

James Little married Eliza Jane Castles on Christmas Day 1889

... James & Eliza's children were:
25-9-1890 - Maria Irving Little
- she married James Auckinleck Cheyne in 1912
- she died aged 93 in 1984
- husband James was born in 1894, a son of Frank Auchinleck Cheyne (site has photos) and Elizabeth Ann McDonald
- Franks's father James Auchinleck Cheyne was from Selkirk Parish, Selkirk, Scotland and emigrated to New Zealand on 9th November 1852 on the SLAINS CASTLE
- Frank married Elizabeth Ann McDonald in 1889
- Frank married in 1922 to Elizabeth Ann O'Brien
- he died aged 76 in 1942
... Frank & Elizabeth's children were:
1892 - Elsie Winifred Cheyne
- she married Herbert Arthur Patrick Ryan in 1918
1894-1971 - James Auchinleck Cheyne
- married Maria Irving Little in 1912
1896-1911 - Iris Simpson Cheyne
- Iris died aged 14
1898 - Donella Leslie Garland Cheyne
- she married James Arthur Ballett in 1929
1899-1866 - Frank Auchinleck Cheyne
- Frank married:
- Ethel Carter in 1921
- May Annie Smoothy in 1927
1905 - Phyllis Alexander Findlater Cheyne
- she married James Stanton in 1929
* there are 25 "Cheynes" buried in DUNEDIN CEMETERIES many of them from this branch of the family

1-8-1892 - Rachel Myers Little

16-8-1893 - James Little
- he is buried in the RSA Woodville Cemetery
- he was a trooper with the 31st Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade, NZEFC
- his wife Ruth (nee Gardner) is buried in Old Gorge Cemetery - she was a daughter of Robert and Helen Gardner
- some of her known sisters were:
1881 - Catherine Lindsay Gardner
- she married William Mathew Hall in 1906
1882 - Lilly Gordon Gardner
1888 - Jessie Tait Gardner
1892 - Marion Love Gardner

11-2-1895 - Minnie Little
- she married Peter Morgan O'Brien in 1925
- he was buried in 1929 aged 44 in the Od Gorge Cemetery Woodville
- Minnie must have remarried, cannot find her after this

11-6-1897 - John Stanley Little, died aged 2 years 7 months - he is buried in the Kumeroa Woodville Cemetery

11-11-1900 - Constance Eileen Little
- she married Norman Eadie Lamont in 1926
- she died aged 96 in 1997
- Norman was a son of Malcolm and Sarah Ann Lamont
... Malcolm & Sarah's children were:
1881 - John Walter Lamont
- he married Amy Louisa Allen in 1906
1882 - Annie Catherine Lamont
- she married Richard Charles McKay in 1906
1888 - Charles Malcolm Lamont
- he married Mabel Marjorie Clark in 1920
1890 - Alfreda Alice Mary Lamont
1891 - Minnie Ellen Lamont
1893 - Emily Edith Lamont
1898 - Norman Eadie Lamont
- he married Constance Eileen Little in 1926

In October 1907 a James Little was in court in breach of the
BANKRUPTCY ACT for not keeping proper books while obviously buying considerable numbers of livestock
At that time he was living in Taikore, which is 57km west of Woodville

In August 1908 daughter Minnie went to the fancy dress costume party at the Kumeroa School as Kate Greenaway
and Master J (James?) Little led the Grand March with Miss Mabel Pattison - he went dressed as Pierrot
- these imaginative costumes tell a lot about their mother Eliza

James died aged 69 in November 1931 and is buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville
Eliza died 25 years later aged 89 and is also buried in Old Gorge

Please leave a comment if there is any info you would like to add

Family of Frederick ELWOOD - Lincolnshire to Woodville

Frederick ELWOOD (1855 - 10 June 1932) married
Sarah Nelson CHAINEY (1856 - 4 Dec 1948) on 16th Dec 1884
- Frederick was born in Lincolshire to William ELWOOD & Elizabeth WHEATCROFT
He emigrated to Christchurch on the Northern Monarch, arriving 1 Feb 1879

Frederick and Sarah married at her parents home in Springfield road, Saint Albans, Christchurch. They lived for some time in Woodville, Manawatu where 3 of their children were buried. By 1915 they were in Te Kuiti - 327km north of Woodville

FREDERICK & SARAH had 10 children:
... 1
Frederick William Elwood
3 March 1886 - 7 Nov 1885 aged 9 years
- Frederick is buried in Plot 63 - Block 11 at the Old Gorge Cemetery with his siblings Clara and Gervase

... 2
Ira Nelson Elwood
22 Feb 1889 - 14 March 1957 aged 68
- Ira married Edith Mary Anne KITCHIN in 1912
- they had a son, Desmond Nelson Elwood who served in WWII as Sub Lieutenant(A) with the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Formidable, 803 Squadron. He was killed in action at sea on the Indian Ocean aged 24, 1 Aug 1942
- see 803 Naval Air Squadron on the HMS Formidable
- he is commemorated on the

... 3
Clara Edith Elwood - twin with Alfred Terah next
10 Feb 1891 - 12 March 1892 aged 13 months
- she is buried with her brothers Frederick & Gervase in the Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville

... 4
Alfred Terak Elwood - twin with Clara above
10 Feb 1891 Woodville - 17 May 1915 aged 24
- Alfred moved to Australia in 1914 and was living in
Glebe, NSW Australia when he enlisted for war
- he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion, E Company with the 1st Infantry Brigade AIF. He died of wounds on the on board HMHS Gascon at Gaba Tepe, Dardanelles on the Gallipoli Peninsula
- he is commemorated at the Lone Pine Memorial
- he listed his mother S. L. Elwood of Te Kuiti as next of kin
- his parents were by this date farming in Te Kuiti

... 5
Myra Rata Elwood
29 May 1893 - ?
- Myra married James Colin SELL in 1919

... 6
Gervase Chainey Elwood
3 April 1895 - 12 Nov 1895 aged 7 months
- he died 5 days after his 9 year old brother Frederick and they are buried together with 13 month old sister Clara in Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville

... 7
Bertha Elizabeth Elwood
14 May 1897 - 20 July 1974 aged 77
- Bertha married Gordon William JOHNS in 1926

... 8
Jessie Miro Elwood
27 Oct 1898 - 4 Jan 1980 aged 81

... 9
Ethel Wheatcroft Elwood
3 Sept 1901 - 29 Sept 1971 aged 70
- Ethel married Donald McLEAN in 1927

... 10
Frederick George Elwood
9 Sept 1904 - 1 Jan 1945 aged 40
- 27 years to the day after brother Alfred

Sarah Elwood died aged 92
- her ashes were scattered at Waitakere Cemetery Auckland where son Ira's ashes were also scattered in 1957
Frederick Elwood's death & burial not yet found

Alfred Terak Elwood
in 1914 as Private 507 with the AIF

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Charles James & Martha Elizabeth OULSNAM, Woodville, New Zealand

Martha Oulsnam died at the age of 38 as a result of an accident while driving the horse-driven milk cart

She was the wife of Charles James Oulsnam
They are buried together in the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville

- 2nd February 1899

(columns 4, 5 & 6 make wonderful reading, an insight of the Woodville folk of the day)
- on column 6 of above ... etc etc and:
Powdered butter, hand made, Mrs C. J. Oulsnam, highly commended
Powdered butter, separator or hand made, Mrs C. J. Oulsnam

- 1st March 1900

(very long article - read at the above link)
.. Mr Harris ran the inside luncheon booth with great success, Mrs Oulsnam being in charge of the outside booth

From the STAR
- 25th July 1900

The courage and fortitude with which women bear heavy affliction in silence is wonderful and admirable. Read, for example, the ordeal undergone by a brave woman in Woodville, the wife of a sturdy and respected settler. The following particulars were obtained as a result of a reporter's visit to Mrs C. J. Oulsnam, at her residence, Pinfold Road, Woodville.
Mrs Oulsnam modstly stated:- "I came from Staffordshire thirteen years ago ... read rest at link

- 12th December 1900

Mrs Oulsnam, wife of an old settler, was killed in the street this morning. While driving a young horse in a milk-cart the horse bolted and the trap struck the kerb and capsized on top of Mrs Oulsnam, who was so badly injured that she only lived twenty minutes.
Deceased leaves a number of children

- 22nd February 1912

On the motion of Mr J. W. Macdonald, the Supreme Court has granted to the Public Trustee probate of the wills of the undermentioned persons.
Administraion was obtained by the Public Trustee from the court in respect of the estates of the following:-
... etc etc Martha Elizabeth Oulsnam, late of Woodville, married woman

O'NEILs in Old Gorge Cemetery WOODVILLE New Zealand

The O'Neils that are buried in the
OLD GORGE CEMETERY Woodville are: (in birth order)

1858 - 1921
- John O'Neil aged 63

1864 - 1945
- Ellie O'Neil aged 81

1889 - 1958
- Catherine O'Neil aged 69

1890 - 1960
- James Alexander O'Neil aged 70

1891 - 1975
- Kathleen Agatha O'Neil aged 84

1897 - 1917
- Ellen Vera O'Neil aged 19

1898 - 1922
- Charles O'Neil aged 24

1920 - 1926
- Martin James O'Neil aged 6

1923 - 1929
- Geoffrey Richard O'Neil aged 6

1926 - 1936
- Margaret Ellen O'Neil aged 10

1956 - 1956
- David John O'Neil aged 7 weeks

1960 - 1960
- unnamed baby O'Neil - born still

James KAY & Anne Hogan - Dunedin, New Zealand

JAMES KAY (1845-1918)
- was born in Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland
- he emigrated around 1878 - details not known
- he was a Head Porter/Train Guard with the railways and, as a railway guard, was involved in the Minnie Dean story - (the only woman to receive the death penalty in New Zealand)
James was the guard on the train one time when Minnie was thought to have been "collecting" children. James appeared at her trial.
(thank you to 'Patog' for providing that information about her ancestor)
- he married ANNIE HOGAN
- on 8th January 1876 in New Zealand
- Anne was born about 1848/49 in Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, Ireland.
- she emigrated around 1878 - details not known

- James died in Dunedin, 7th September 1918 aged 73
- he had been living in Driver St Dunedin
- Anne died aged 89, 20 years later, on 23rd Aug 1938
- she had been living at the Wharf Hotel Dunedin

James and Anne along with 2 sons and a grandson are buried in the Northern Cemetery Dunedin

please note some of the dates and/or ages differ from that written on the headstone.

Their headstone reads:
In Loving Memory of
Died at Dunedin, 7th Sep. 1898
Aged 15 Years
Accidentally drowned St Kilda Beach
St. Kilda 25th Feb 1917
Aged 29 Years
Father of above
Died 7th Sep. 1918
Aged 73 Years
Also ANN
Beloved wife of JAMES KAY
Died 23 Aug. 1938
Aged 90 Years
and this Grandson
Died 3rd March 1924
Aged 10 Years
Deeply Mourned

- Children of James & Annie were:
- he was born 6th August 1878
- he died ?
- nothing else known at this time

- he was born 20th April 1880 in Dunedin
- he died aged 18 on 16th October 1898

- he was born 10th January 1882 in Dunedin
- he was a labourer
- he died aged 57 on 2nd September 1940
- he had been living in Cumberland St Dunedin

thanks to Patog for this extra info (12-12-2009)
Here's some info on Robert Joseph Kay who is my grandfather
- he was born 10 January 1882 Dunedin.
- he died 2nd Sept 1940 Dunedin.
- he married Margaret Mary Ann Rodgers 16 June 1914 Dunedin
- Margaret was born 23 April 1883 in Oamaru
- she died 7 May 1962 in Wanganui
- Children of Robert & Margaret were:
.. 1 Annie Alexes Kay
- she was born 12 April 1915 Dunedin (or possibly Oamaru)
- she died 16 June 1983 in Wanganui
- she married Brendon O'Brien 24th Jan 1953 in Wanganui

.. 2 Loretto Mary Kay - twin with Andrew, below
- she was born 2nd November 1919 in Oamaru
- she died 25th May 2001 in Wanganui
- she married Thomas Burt 22nd Nov 1944 in Wellington
- Thomas was born 5 May 1913 in Millerton, (Westport)
- he died 29th January 1986 in Wanganui
- Children of Loretto & Thomas were:
Robert John Burt born 9 November 1945 Auckland
Denise Isabella Burt born 29 November 1946 Auckland
Andrew Michael Burt born 11 June 1950 Taupo
Teresa Margaret Burt born 25 January 1955 Upper Hutt

.. 3 Andrew Robert Burt- twin with Loretto, above
- he was born 2nd November 1919 in Oamaru
- he died 31 December 2000 inMosgiel
- he married Janet Brown Grant 27 September 1941 Dunedin
- Janet was born 28th March 1916 Kirkcaldy Fifeshire Scotland - she died 31st Dec 1994 in Dunedin
- she is buried in PLOT 4 - BLOCK 110
of the Northern Cemetery Dunedin with:
- Alexander Burt 1840-1920
- Emily Burt 1872-1944
- John Robert Burt 1875-1933
(not known at this time what relationship they were to Janet)

- (his marriage details say Augustus)
- he was born 10th March 1884 in Dunedin
- he was the manager of the Fairfax Dairy Factory
- he played football for Otautau, at least in 1909
- he died of Hepatitis/Hydatids aged 37 on 19th Oct 1921
- he is buried in Otautau Cemetery, either in Otautau Hodgkinson or Otautau Old
- he married Elizabeth "Lil" Annie Scott in 1914 in Feldwick, Southland
- she was born 17th May 1889 in Makotuku - 77km north east of Palmerston North, Manawatu
- she was the daughter of George Andrew Scott of Lincolnshire and Isabella Collie of Waikaia Souhland
- she died aged 84 on 25th May 1973, 52 years after Lot(t) and is buried in Mangere Auckland
- Children of Lott & Lil were:
.. 1 James Augustine born 1915
- it is this James who is buried above with his grandparents and uncles
- he died aged 9 on 3rd March 1925 cause unknown at this time, 4 years after his father
- in December 1922 he was attending the Otautau School. He would have been aged about 6 and attended the school's
Fancy Dress Pageant as a sailor
.. 2 Isabella Anne known as Isabelle was born 27th Jan 1918 in Fairfax Southland
- she married Allan Frederick Mason (1920-1980) in Dunedin
- Isabelle died from cancer in 1978 aged 59
- her ashes are buried in Hamilton, Waikato
.. 3 Ainsley Kay born 1921
- Ainsley married Steve Donaghue

- Lott's wife Elizabeth had a business in the town of Otautau before moving to Dunedin, which is where young James died. This means she moved sometime between January 1922 (after the school pageant) and February 1925.
- Sometime later ?? she moved to Auckland

- she was born 1st January 1886
- she died 7th September 1900 aged 14
- research continuing on Mary Ellen

- he was born 21st June 1888 in Dunedin
- he was a telegraphist
- he died aged 28 on the 25th Feb 1917 by
drowning at St Kilda's Beach, Dunedin
- he had been living in Driver St Dunedin

- she was born 13th July 1890
- she died aged 83 on the 23rd Oct 1973
- was living at the Sacred Heart Home in Dunedin
- Annie married William James Bevis in 1925
- William was born in 1885 in Tasmania, Australia
- he moved to New Zealand as an infant
- he died 29th January 1961 aged 75
- he had lived in *Sidey Street Dunedin (see notes)
they had a daughter Mary Ellen Bevis
- born 1926 - died 3rd January 1939 aged 12
- she lived in Rattray St Dunedin
Annie, William and Mary Ellen are buried together in Plot 22, Block 82 of Andersons Bay Cemetery Dunedin
- they had a son William James Bevis
- he married Barbara Margaret Donald

miscellaneous notes
1 - A George Mathieson KAY, served in WWI with the New Zealand Troops
- he was with the Otago 4th Reinforcements, Field Engineers
- Serial Number 4/767
- he had listed his next of kin as:
Robert KAY (father) 29 Aitken Street, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

2 - *Sidey St, Dunedin was named after Thomas Kay Sidey

Please leave comments or send a message if you can help with further details of this family

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ROBERTSHAWE - Dannevirke, New Zealand

The Robertshawes buried in Dannevirke cemeteries

1901 - Mary Hannah Robertshawe (b.1815)
died aged 86, buried in Settlers Cemetery 31-12-1901

1917 - Edward Roberthawe (b.1857)
died aged 60, buried Settlers Cemetery 4-10-1917
- next to Ralph

1918 - Ralph Hopton Robertshawe (b.1885)
died aged 33, buried Settlers Cemetery 14-11-1918
- next to Edward

1925 - Margaret Dawn Robertshawe (b.1917)
died aged 8, buried Mangatera Cemetery

1962 - Ella Robetshawe (b.1891)
died aged 71, buried 19-1-1962 Mangatera Cemetery
- with Kenelm

1962 - Kenelm Frederic (b.1888)
died aged 74, buried 2-5-1962 in Mangatera Cemetery
- with Ella