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"O" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Ellen 1871-1889
- Emily Isobel 1909-2003
- James 1831-1900
- John 1853-1911
- Mary 1846-1931
- Patrick 1849-1891
- Peter Morgan 1885-1929
- Thomas James 1904-1985

- unnamed baby 1936-1936

- Emma 1860-1927

- Hanorah (nee Stack) 1873-1960
- John Laurence 1892-1902

- Annie (nee Kennedy) 1863-1938
- Francis 1865-1938

- Andrew 1851-1912
- Dennis 1889-1890
- Johannah (nee Coffey) 1853-1891

- unnamed baby 1960-1960
- Catherine 1889-1958
- Charles 1898-1922
- David John 1956-1956
- Ellen Vera (nee Burlace) 1897-1916
- Ellie 1864-1945
- Geoffrey Richard 1923-1929
- James Alexander 1890-1960
- John 1858-1921
- Kathleen Agatha (nee Martin) 1891-1975
- Margaret Ellen 1926-1936
- Martin James 1920-1926

- George 1856-1921

- Raymond Clifford 1910-1910

- George Harley 1876-1922
- Hannah Jane 1852-1947
- Helen/Ellen Kate (nee Cowper) 1871-1944
- William 1850-1928

- Frederick Joseph 1886-1958
- Helen (nee Odgers) 1890-1967

- Margaret Emily (nee Mules) 1916-2009

- Thomas William George 1892-1893

- Alfred Emanuel 1886-1968
- Anna Stina (nee Stenberg) 1847-1929
- Hans 1840-1920
- Louisa Emma (nee Lacey) 1894-1975

- Charles James 1862-1916
- Martha Elizabeth 1862-1900

- John 1888-1943
- Marion Gladys (nee Robertson) 1891-1975

Sarah Ann GRENFIELD 2nd wife of 1st Mayor of Taihape NZ, Anthony NATHAN

Who was Sarah Ann Grenfield?
Apart from being the second wife of Anthony Charles Nathan I know nothing of her, her parents, where they were from, any siblings etc...

Anthony's first wife, Sarah Ann Harris had died in 1878 so assuming they married after that.
They had at least one child, Anthony Carroll Nathan born 1892 - (he served in WWI and his son Carroll Nathan died in WW2) - he became a barrister and solicitor and died 1966 in Wellington. He married Ngaere Bayley.

I dont even have birth or death data for Sarah Grenfield and finding anything is very difficult as sites looked at assume you are looking for Greenfield!!

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Te Ara - Encyclopedia of New Zealand

An extraordinary site if you are interested in New Zealand history..

It is an Encyclopdea of many, many stories and photos and general information on:
- the settlers, the clearing, the crops and rural life,
- the Máori traditions, (I love the story of how Te Rauparaha used an image of his moko (facial tattoo) to sign a deed of sale,
- the land, plants and animals,
- the enviromnent and economy
- the 1966 Encyclopedia of New Zealand
- the arts and culture
- the weather and climate
- the disasters
- Te Reo Máori

Also Te Ara Blog and Flickr - you can also contirbute a story or subject

See for yourself at

Thomas DILLON - Bath Somerset 1816 to Christchurch, New Zealand 1857

THOMAS DILLON was born in Bath, Somerset in 1816
.. Site now updated ..
He married Eleanor Nowell in Bath, England in 1838
They had Ellen Jane Dillon in 1840 in England
- she was 9 years old when her parents emigrated
- she married Edward Mathews in 1866 in Auckland
- she married William McNassar in Auckland in 1870
- she married William Spearink in 1878 in Featherston.
I would like to know more on these husbands.
She died 3 weeks after the birth of her only child, a daughter Wilhelmina "Polly" in 1881, daughter of William Spearink.

In 1841 Thomas and Eleanor emigrated to New Zealand
- Thomas Harford Dillon was born December 1841 on board the 'Fifeshire' on the voyage over.
He died in Grovetown, Marlborough in 1921 - I have no spouse for him?

Thomas and Eleanor had Frederick Nelson Dillon in 1844 in Nelson. He married Edith Matilda Wheeler in 1871 - he died in 1914.

They had Alfred Wellington Dillon - born in 1847 in Wellington. He married Elizabeth McArtney in 1872 - he died in 1921 in Marlborough

Charles Leslie WEEDON 1895-1964 - Marlborough, Manawatu, New Zealand

CHARLES LESLIE WEEDON was born in 1895 (whereabouts unknown).
He died in New Plymouth in 1964.
He married Githa Mabey in 1914 in Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand.
She was the daughter of James Richmond Mabey - b.1870 in Taita, New Zealand d.1965 in Motueka, Nelson - he married Frances Eleanor York b. 1877 - d.1943 in Motueka, Nelson.

Charles and Githa had:
Leslie John Weedon b.1915 in Feilding - d.1982 in New Plymouth, married Gloria Ella Bishop
Francis Margaret Githa Weedon b.1923 in Halcombe - d.1982 in Hamilton, married Roy James Shaw
Constance Levina Weedon b.1925 in Halcombe - d.1980 in Tauranga, married Joseph John Malyon
Marion Anita Weedon b.1927 in Eltham - d.1977 in Hamilton, married Desmond Belk
Ronald Murray Weedon b.1929 - d.1984 in Te Kuiti
The other children I have but without further information are:
Harold Godfry Weedon
Daphne Joan Weedon
Nelson James Weedon
Beverley Anne Weedon
Maude Weedon

Can you add further informtion for me?
Would also like Charles's parents, where they were from etc.

ELEANOR HARRIS 1819 - 1882 ... Broomfield, England to New Zealand 1841

ELEANOR "HELEN" HARRIS was born in Broomfield, Essex, England about 1819.
She emigrated to New Zealand on the "Slains Castle" in 1841 with a Samuel Harris who was maybe her brother ..?
The following year, in Wellington, she married George Pilcher (who had arrived in 1839 on the "Bolton" from Gravesend) and they had 12 children from 1844 to 1862, all born in the Wellington District.
She and George moved up to the Hawkes Bay at some stage after that - they both died in that area, George in 1891 in Napier and Eleanor in possibly Clive, in 1882.

I would like to know her parents and whether her travelling companion Samuel Harris was indeed her brother, if so, what became of him...

Frans Johannes VAN BERLO - Netherlands to New Zealand 1952

Leona Mary Ball was one of 7 children of Leonard William Ball and Irene Hooper who were married in St Patrick's Church in Masterton, New Zealand in 1928.
Leona married Frans Johannes van Berlo and they had 4 children.

Pieter Johannes van Berlo
Margaret Maria
Gerard Josef and
Christina Petronella

Frans Johannes van Berlo was born in Holland in 1922. He arrived in New Zealand from the Netherland in 1952 ... He died in Masterton in 1993
I would like to know his parents and siblings

William Henry BOWATER 1851 - 1925 - - - Cardiff to New Zealand

William Henry Bowater was born in Cardiff in Wales and died in Sandon, New Zealand.
He married Fanny Gaskin in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in 1874 and they had 6 children that I know of...

Harold Richard Bowater b.1877 - d.1941
Ormond Charles b.1879 - died aged 17 in 1896
Ellen Ethel Elizabeth b.1882 - d.?
Constance Milicent Annie b.1888 - died aged 7 months
Annie b.1888 - was she a twin with Constance, or do I have the birth year wrong?
Cecil Ernest Tancred b.1889 - d. 1936

Can you also help with William's parents and also the ship he emigrated on and the spouses of his children etc

Charles HINTON 1857-1943 - Maitland, NSW to Waikato, New Zealand

Born in Maitland, New South Wales, Australia in 1857 CHARLES HINTON moved to the Waikato in New Zealand at some stage.
Do you know when?
He died in 1943 and is buried at Te Awamutu cemetery.

He married Alice Mary Ann Steadman in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1884.
She was born in Kent, England in 1865.
Do you know how and when she emigrated to New Zealand?
She died in 1928 and is also buried in Te Awamutu cemetery.

They had 13 children, all born around the Waikato areas of Hamilton, Ohaupo, Orakau, Kihikihi.

They were:
Ernest Harold Hinton b.1884, married Mary Ashby, d.1956 in Thames

Alice Blanche Amy Hinton b.1886, married William Joshua Anderson, d.1947 in Stratford, Taranaki.

Charles Frank Victor Hinton b.1887, did he marry?, d.1967 in Hamilton.

Cecelia Hilda Hinton b.1890, married George Reynolds, d.1985 in Te Awamutu.

Katie Lillian Hinton b.1891, married Edward Costain, d.1969 in Gisborne.

Ivy Myrtle Hinton b.1893, married Walter James Ashny, d.1976 in Te Awamutu. Walter may have been a brother to Mary Ashby, wife of her brother Ernest.

Ida May Hinton b.1895, married William Teddy, d.1972 in Te Awamutu.

Virgie? Hinton b.1897, married Edward Stanford, d.1987 in Auckland.

Kenneth Charles Hinton b.1899, did he marry?, d.1928 in Te Awamutu.

Trevor Hinton b.1901, married Katie Reynolds (was she a sister to George Reynolds who married Trevor's sister Cecelia?) d.1951 in Hamilton.

Sophie Hinton b.1903, married George Golding, d.1987 in Auckland.

Roy Haddrell b.1904, did he marry?, d.1989 in Te Awamutu.

Ella Hinton b.1907, married Ralph Smith, d.1978 in Tauranga.

Can you add further information - click the above link to Charles - or amend what I have perhaps.
Would like to know Charles's parents from Australia and on what ship they arrived.

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Percy John ANNISS - born Burkes Pass, Canterbury, New Zealand 1881

Percy John Anniss was the son of William and Jane Elizabeth Anniss of Burkes Pass, New Zealand.
Percy was born in 1881 in Burkes Pass and died 1962 in Hamilton, Waikato.
He married Frances Minnie Martin in Paraparaumu in 1901.

Their children that I have are:
Mildred b.1901 - d.1970 married Ernest Norrish
Ellen Elizabeth Kebbler b.1904 - d.1983 married Clyde Sutherland
Eric John b.1905 - d.1973 married Lucy Taylor
Clarence Percy b.1907 - d.1977
Hilda Rose b.1909 - d.1978 married Eric Charles Hill
Frances Joyce b.1915 - d.1979
Harry Mason b.1916 - d.1976

There were at least two others
They were all born around the Manawatu area

Can you help with any other information


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