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Family of Job MABEY from Dorset England to Taita, New Zealand - 1841

Job MABEY was born in Dorset, England in 1812
- he married Rachel MOCKERIDGE in Sidbury, East Devon in 1835
- she was also born in 1812

They had 2 children before they emigrated to New Zealand on the OLYMPUS in 1841
They were:

1836 - Mary Jane Mabey
- born in Sidbury
- she married James HARRIS who was born in Broomfield, Essex in 1833
- he arrived on the BOLTON in 1839 aged 6

Mary Jane and James were they first couple to be married in the Christ Church Taita Church in 1854

1838 - Sarah Albania Mabey
- born in Sidbury
- died on the voyage to New Zealand on the Olympus

In New Zealand Job and Rachel had another 8 children:

1841 - Elizabeth Mabey in Taita
- married John HARRISON in 1861
- married Thomas Samuel WARD in 1871

1843 - David James Mabey
- married Esther DAYSH
- he was killed in a ploughing accident when he was 35

1845 - Robert Thomad Mabey in Taita
- married Mary WINTERINGHAM

1846 - Anna Mabey
- nothing else known

1848 - Mary Ann Mabey
- married Edward BENGE

1849 - George Mabey
- born in Taita
- died suddenly in Willis Street aged 35

1851 - John Mabey
- died aged 14 months

1856 - Harriett Mabey
- died aged 4 months

1858 Job Charles Mabey
- married Elizabeth BENGE
- he died aged 93

If you can help with more information on these people please leave a comment

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Mary WINTERINGHAM (1844-1919) - New Zealand

Robert Thomas Mabey was born in Taita, New Zealand in 1845
He was the 5th of 11 children of Job Mabey b.1812 in Dorset, England and Rachel Mockeridge b.1812 in Devon, England - they are both buried in the Christ Church Taita Cemetery

Robert married Mary Winteringham (1844-1919) in 1865
- I have no other information on Mary, does anyone know of her?

The children I have were:
1875 - Robert George Mabey
- he married Ada Philadelphia Edwards - she was born in 1880, daughter of Thomas Edwards of Taita and Philadelphia Benge of Upper Hutt
- he died 1948 in Trentham, 33 km north east of Wellington

1877 - David James Mabey
- he drowned in the Hutt River when he was 11

1878 - Charles Henry Mabey

1880 - Job Henry Mabey

1881 - Minnie Mabey

Do you know of other children?

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Looking for the children of AMIND MALDERSEN and ELISE (nee LARSDATTER, Waalberget) Amundsen from Norway to New Zealand 1874

Amind Amindsen MALDERSEN Amundsen was born in Grue, Hedmark, Norway in 1841 which would make him aged 34 when he emigrated to New Zealand in December 1874 on the Fritz Reuter - the ships passenger list has him as 41, can you help with this date?

He married Elise LARSDATTER Waalberget who was born about 1846 also in Norway.

They had Carl born 1866
Lars born 1869
Anne born 1871
Albert born 1874
Then in December of 1874 they emigrated to New Zealand

The next child I have for them was Adolph who was born in Ormondville in the Manawatu in 1888

I believe there would have been many other children born in this gap between 1874 and 1888
Can you help please?

Carl MALDERSEN Amundsen born Grue 1866 - married twice in New Zealand

Carl MALDERSEN Amundsen emigrated to New Zealand with his parents and siblings on the Frtiz Reuter which left Germany in 1874, arriving in Napier in 1875

He married Margaret Theresa Lorigan in 1893 - she was born in Napier in 1877 and died in 1921.
They were divorced some years later
Carl's second wife was Sarah Dalzell who married him in 1907 in Taihape, New Zealand

I know nothing of Sarah and I have no children for Carl from either marriage

Would appreciate your help

Who were the children of Adolph Adwin Amundsen & Anna Mara Southee in New Zealand

Adolph Adwin Amindsen was born in Ormondville, in the Manawatu, New Zealand
His father was Amind Amindsen MALDERSEN Amundsen from Grue, in Norway
His mother was Elise LARSDATTER Waalberget also from Norway

Adolph married Anna Maria Southee in Taihape, New Zealand in 1919

Anna Southee's parents were George Southee b.1864 in Lowry Bay, Wellington and her mother was Emma Hedges from Chakrata, India

I believe that Adolph and Anna had at least 10 children
I would like to know who they were

Can you help please

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Maisy Edna Minnie KEMPTON of Carterton, Wairarapa

Maisy Edna Minnie KEMPTON
was born 1907 to Frank Valentine KEMPTON & Minnie SULLIVAN
her father was 1 of 16 children of Thomas KEMPTON & Elizabeth Mary HODDER

DEATH of her grandfather Thomas KEMPTON
Dominion, 2 May 1910 A PIONEER SETTLER

Another pioneer settler has passed away in the person of Mr Thomas Kempton, of Elm Grove, Greytown, who died on Friday night. The deceased came to this Dominion in the ship Adelaide, with his parents, in 1840. This is the same boat as Mr T. W. McKenzie, of Wellington, came out in. Mr Kempton lived in Wellington from that date till 1854, when he travelled to the Wairarapa district, which was but little known in those days. He arrived there on march 23, 1854, and one of his first actions was to get a spade and turn what he claims to be the first sod in the Wairarapa. Recently, in going over his experiences, he said the road at that time was formed to the summit of the old Rimutaka Road, and from thence it was only a bridle track to Featherston, from whence it was a poor track to Greytown.
The communication between the Wairarapa and Wellington was abruptly ended for some time by the heavy earthquakes of 1855, which brought down the hillsides and blocked the road. He drove the first four-bullock dray over the road on July 7, 1856, with one tom of merchandise on board and three weeks later the second load was driven over. Regarding the old Queen's Wharf, he claimed cutting the first pule for that contract in 1862, but owing to the difficulty of haulage the piles had to be obtained nearer to Wellington. Among his other experiences he owned for a time the old "Rising Sun" at the south end of Greytown, but in 1860 he left that and took up the homestead bow owned by him, the "Elm Grove," and practically lived there ever since.
As a horticulturalist he was for many years a leading light in the Wairarapa, and kept the association going by his large number of exhibits. He was the first to traverse the Tararuas, and the Natives said he would never come back again. He used to tell of his experience with the Maori, and how he gained their confidence, and could go out and work where no other pakeha dared go. When Dr Featherston came up to the Wairarapa to form a defence corps, he first consulted the deceased, and there was great excitement when the first lot of rifles and ammunition reached Greytown. Mr Kempton was called on to store and protect them till proper arrangements were made.
He married the eldest daughter of Mr W. Hodder, who had the Golden Fleece Hotel at the Pakaratahi (sic, Pakuratahi) in the early days. He was married in June 1859, and the issue of the marriage was eight boys and eight girls, twelve of whom are still living. There are fifty-six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. At the time of his death he was 74 years of age, and his wife had predeceased him some three years.
The deceased had been in bad health for some time. and passed away as stated at a nursing home at Carterton, but will be buried from "Elm Grove," Greytown, in the local cemetery

MAISIE EDNA MINNINE Kempton married Ralph Oswald RAYNER (probably in Carterton) in 1926
I would like to know if she had any siblings and names of any of her children

Ralph Oswald Rayner (1906-1962 )was born & died in Carterton
His parents were:
* 1865 - 1943 Richard Benjamin RAYNER, born in Carterton
* 1871 - 1921 Maria Elizabeth COMPTON, also born in Carterton
- they are Archer Street Cemetery, Masterton

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EVELYN BELLEVUE COTTLE born in Taita, New Zealand 1888

EVELYN BELLEVUE COTTLE was the 15th child of Charles Joseph and Mary Ann (nee GILL) Cottle.
Evelyn was born in 1888 in Wellington area (probably in Taita)
- died in 1983 - buried ?
- she married Gilbert Stuart REID

Her siblings were:
Joseph Japhet Cottle born 1862 in Taita
- died on Masterton 1943
- he married Rebecca GEORGE in 1888
- he married Id Lillian CARTER in 1923
- - did he have children?

Frederick Charles Cottle born about 1865 in Taita
- died 1894 in Belmont Lower Hutt

Hannah Jane Cottle born December 1965
- died 1942 in Levin, buried in Palmerston North
- married James FOX in 1894

Edward William Cottle born 1867 in Taita
- died 1949 - buried ?
- married Hannah Mary PEARCE in 1893

John Robert Cottle born 1868 in Taita
- died 1956 in Palmerston North, buried in Otaki
- married Bertha Evelyn EDWARDS in 1868
- 1 of 4 Cottle brothers to marry 1 of 4 Edwards sisters

Charles Henry Cottle born 1870 in Taita
- died 1943 in Levin, buried in Palmerston North
- married Alice Jessie EDWARDS in 1894
- 1 of 4 Cottle brothers to marry 1 of 4 Edwards sisters
- Alice was the daughter of Robert Edwards and ELiza Benge of the Hutt Valley, grandaughter of David Benge, pioneer of Taita and Mangaroa

James Villier Cottle born 1872 in Silverstream, Hutt Valley
- died 1912 in Silverstream
- married Elizabeth MacINTYRE in 1897
- a son, Donald Charles Cottle was killed in action in France

Mary Amelia Cottle born 1870 in Wellington area
- died 1943 in Levin, buried in Eketahuna
- married Ernest Edward GOSS in 1891

Alfred Belmont "PAT" Cottle born 1876 in Wellington area
- died 1936 in Kopuaranga (near Masterton) buried Masterton - married Alvina Louisa Eliza EDWARDS in 1901
- 1 of 4 Cottle brothers to marry 1 of 4 Edwards sisters

Salena Frances Cottle born 1877 in the Wellington area
- died 1957, buried ?
- married Hathaway Valentine FUTTER in 1895

William Albert Cottle born 1879
- died 1945 - buried ?
- married Catherine DOULL in 1905

Ellen Winifred Cottle born 1881 in Wellington area
- died 1963- buried ?
- married Thomas William Burke in 1906

Arthur Ernest Cottle born 1883 in Wellington area
- died 1950 in Levin, buried ?
- married Olive Blanche EDWARDS in 1902
- 1 of 4 Cottle brothers to marry 1 of 4 Edwards sisters

Alice Emily Cottle born 1885 in Wellington area
- died 1958 - buried ?
- married Herbert S. WRIGHT from Durban, South Africa in 1909

Do you have more on this family?

Looking for information on JOHN OXENHAM born Gisborne New Zealand 1888

Sydenham OXENHAM was born in Somerset, England on 16th October 1854
- he emigrated to New Zealand on the 'INCHINNAN' leaving London on 14th January 1852 arriving into Auckland on the 27th May 1852

- he married Emily TRIMMER on the 18th May 1878 in St John's Napier
- he was a contractor aged 24
- Emily was born on the 21st March 1856 in Howick, Auckland

They had 9 children, all apparently born in Gisborne ..

1879 - 1880 Sydney John Oxenham
- Sydney died aged 10 months

1881 - 1954 Clara Oxenham
- married William MAXWELL in 1911

1883 - 1955 Selena Violet Oxenham
- married Clifton William ROSSER (1880-1966) in 1905

1886 - 1896 Frank Oxenham
- Frank died aged 10

1888 - 1943 John Oxenham
- married Marion Gladys ROBERTSON in 1923
- Marion was born on 23rd May 1891, she died 1975 aged 84
- John died aged 55

1890 - 1967 Mary Ann Oxenham

1892 - ? Sydenham Stanley Oxenham

1894 - 1954 Esther Oxenham

1896 - 1907 David Oxenham
- David died aged 11

There is a John Oxenham buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville - buried 28th December 1943 aged 55
This makes a perfect birth year of 1888 as the above John

I want to know if it is in fact the same John

There is also a Marion Gladys Oxenham buried at Woodville, as these are the only two Oxenhams at Woodville (Old Gorge Cemetery) is this perhaps his wife??

Any information on any of these people would be much appreciated

.. thanks to sjaneo on 23-8-2010 who wrote:
I am in the middle of researching the Robertson family tree of which Marion Gladys Oxenham is a member. Her husband was a John Oxenham so I assume this is the same one buried in the same cemetery. I have found that they had a son Douglas and possibly a son Troy

- research since sjaneo's message reveals that John OXENHAM married Marion Gladys ROBERTSON in 1923

Sydenham died in 1910 aged 56 in Gisborne
Emily died in 1946 aged 90

"J" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Cecil Leopold 1882-1882
- Harriett 1842-1918
- Mary Jane 1865-1930
- Thomas 1827-1907
- unnamed baby 1916-1916

- August 1855-1925

- Arthur Edwin 1869-1928
- John 1849-1928
- Robina Harriett 1840-1921

- Alice Theresa (nee Poole) 1877-1933
- George Glasgow 1906-1939
- Noel Glasgow 1944-1945
- Paul Thomas 1947-1949
- Thomas Glasgow 1871-1955

- Alice Marjorie 1915-1952

- Ellen Maria (nee Smith) 1864-1950
- Samuel 1854-1942
- Walter James 1917-1919

- Robert Roy 1890-1943

- Alfred Shire 1929-1984
- David 1858-1902
- Eileen Mary 1917-1925
- Helen (nee Newton) 1865-1964
- Jack 1893-1966
- Lloyd Campbell 1925-1925
- Mabel (nee Williams) 1897-1965
- Mary Ann 1855-1916
- Muriel Jessie 1914-1934
- Peter 1960-1960
- Robert Henry 1876-1931
- Simon Lloyd 1867-1928
- unnamed baby 1943-1943
- Vincent Mowlem 1848-1920
- William 1855-1895

- Alistair James 1961-2000
- Annie Faulds 1900-1938

"I" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- unnamed baby 1886-1886

- Helen (nee Hilton) 1887-1964
- James David 1872-1949

- Louisa 1858-1933

- Betsy 1827-1910
- James 1834-1901
- William 1826-1908