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Mariner Tucker HOLM & Grace Eileen THOMPSON - buried Taita New Zealand

In PLOT 57 at Christ Church Taita Cemetery New Zealand is Captain Mariner Tucker HOLM (1894-1972) & his wife Grace Eileen (nee THOMPSON) (1903-1973)

Mariner and Grace married 26 February 1929

Mariner was a son of Pehr Ferdinand Holm, master mariner from Sweden, who was also a son of a master mariner, Johan HOLM and Brita Christina JANSDOTTER
Ferdinand and his wife, Mary Alexander CALLAN were married at St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington in 1870

Mariner Tucker was one of their 4 sons & 5 daughters
- He was named after his fahter's barque the Genevie M. Tucker in which he traded as far afield as Madagascar and Mauritius.

Ferdinand's interesting biography can be read here
Pehr Ferdinand Holm

From the EVENING POST, 11 August 1916
... Mr Marine Holm, son of Captain F. Holm, of Wellington, who went to England some months ago to offer his services to the Admiralty, has been gazetted a first lieutenant of H.M.S. Ascot, one of the big Admiralty minesweepers

From the EVENING POST, 31 March 1917
... One of the best-known and most popular shipping men in the Dominion, Captain Ferdinand Holm, died at Wellington last night; aged 73 years. Deceased, who had been confined to his bed for the last three weeks, had a relapse yesterday.
Captain Holm was born at Stockholm. He took up the seafaring life when he was fourteen years of age, and was afterwards placed in charge of a small schooner belonging to his father and trading on the Swedish lakes.
He came out to Australia before the mast in a sailing ship called 'Queen of the North'. This was about the year 1865, and the gold rush was then on in Victoria. He left the sea temporarily to try his luck on the goldfields. Later however, he again took up the seafaring life, and as a seaman joined the 'Annie Melhuish', a barque owned by the late Captain W. Williams, of Wellington. Afterwards, he joined the New Zealand Government steamer 'Sturt', under Captain FAIRCHILD. The Sturt was then running during the excitement of the Maori War.
He acted as pilot at Wellington later, an his first command was the barque 'Ladybird'. He was also in charge of the 'Gleaner', and the intercolonial ships 'Sea Ripple', 'Malay', 'Neptune', 'Kentish Lass', 'G. M. Tucker' and 'Frowning Beauty'.
Then he became owner of the well-known barque 'Helen Denny', after which he commanded the 'Holmdale', and later went Home and brought out the steamer 'Ennerdale' for the Maoriland Steamship Company.
Following on this he took charge of the same company's largest stearer, 'Lauderdale' (now the Union Company's 'Kokiri').
On severing his connection with this company, he went to England and brought out the steamer 'John' for himself and his sons. Later he assumed command of the sailing ship 'Titania', but that vessel was accidentally wrecked at New Caledonia owing to the lights being extinguished there. This meant a serious loss to Captain Holm, as he was the principal owner.
The late Captain Holm leaves a widow and a grown-up family.
* Captain Sydney Holm, his eldest son, resides at Wanganui, where he has acted as agent of the 'John'.
* Another son, who has been chief engineer of the 'John', recently went into camp
* and the third son, Mariner Holm, proceeded to England some months ago and joined the British Navy

From the FEILDING STAR, 10 May 1917
... Lieut. Mariner Holm, whose name appears in the ballot list, left Wellington 18 months ago to join the Royal Navy. He was appointed to one of his Majesty's ships, and has been on active service ever since

From the EVENING POST, 11 June 1917
... Advice has been receive in Wellington that Lieut. Mariner Holm, of Wellington, son of the late Captain F. Holm, has received his full lieutenancy in the Navy. He is only 24 years of age

a big thank you to annesfam, daughter of Mariner & Grace, for her message
Subject: Grace Holm (nee Thompson)
To: ngairedith
From: annesfam
Date: 2012-01-16 00:27:08

... Grace Holm is the direct descendant of Mary Jane Mabey and James Harris the first couple married at Christ Church. It is because of her and not my father as to why they are buried there. My father wished to be buried with my mother and, although he died first he wanted to be where she wished to be buried.
I don't really think the information about my grandfather Ferdinand Holm (he was never referred to as Pehr) is really relevant to Christ Church.
It should be about my mother and father's contribution to NZ - which was major.
I also note in another place my father is called Tucker Holm. Tucker was his middle name - Mariner was his first Christian name.

Mariner travelled the world many, many times not just to Madagascar. He was one of only eight Cape Horners alive in the world when he died and in WW1 was a commander for the British Navy in charge of one of the largest flotilla of mine sweepers in the North Sea.

the totara to build the chuch was supplied by John Ings Daysh - taken by bullock trail to the sawmill of Abraham Harris' farm (where the Taita railway station now is) who pitsawed it in his sawmill for free. The totara was given free also.

Looking forward to hearing from annesfam again and that she contributes more information about her parents.
Will be added as soon as received

the photo of CHRIST CHURCH TAITA - taken 1971
from the original newspaper cutting in my possession

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JOHN COLEY - Nelson, New Zealand 1849

There was a John COLEY in Nelson, New Zealand in 1849 ...

I cannot find anything about John, which ship he arrived on, the date, his family, his career -
if you can help add some info for him please leave a comment.

Frank Hamilton McIlwraith - Taita, New Zealand

Frank Hamilton McILWRAITH is buried alone in Plot 140 of Christ Church Taita Cemetery ..

Do you know ANYTHING about him:
Where he was born, who he married, any children, his career etc etc

Atlantic English THOMSEN + Charles PECK + Archibald Albert BOSWELL

Alexandria Thomsen was aka Atlantic English Thomas. She was born 14 December 1870 on board the England which departed Gravesend on the 3 Dec, 1870 and arrived in Wellington on the 19 March 1871

Alexandria married 18 April 1889 to Charles Peck
- 1st born of 11 children of Charles PECK and Annie GASKIN
He was born in Lower Hutt 1863 and died in Palmerston North 1958

they had 6 known children (see link)

They separated and she then 'married' Archibald Albert Boswell (1883-1969)
- he was born in Auckland 1883, 1 of 12 children to Charles Llewellyn Boswell and Annie Elizabeth White

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Looking for West Walmsley, West Australia

I am looking for descendants of West Walmsley in West Australia.

All I have is a West Walmsley b.1900, unknown where, d.October 1963 in Perth, ashes at Karrakatta

Also a West Walmsley b.1865, inknown where, d.December 1940 in Perth, buried Karrakatta

I believe one is probably the father of the other - I would like information on the wives and children etc...

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"D" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- Careline 1886-1887

- Fanny Raphael (nee Holmes) 1882-1937
- Gerald Walkinshaw 1872-1948

- Cradoc 1851-1896
- Lindsay Duff 1944-1944

- Alice 1870-1938
- Henry 1885-1888

- Edward 1848-19 32

- Cecil Augustus Victor Hotezzi 1843-1921
- Reginald 1871-1896

- Jeannie Kerrick/Carrick (nee Lees) 1886-1896
- Theodore Frances 1885-1954

- Mary Ann 1872-1940

- Arnold Henry 1903-1904

- Herbert Noel 1908-1929
- Jane Eliza (nee Spackman) 1875-1937
- Thomas William 1867-1953

- Emma 1851-1925
- James 1841-1916

- Martha Grace 1881-1906

- Eileen May 1900-1901
- Lawrence Joseph 1854-1926
- Margaret Mary (nee Enright) 1860-1947

- Charles Freeman 1861-1944
- Lily Alice May (nee Ruff) 1882-1945

- Charles 1819-1886
- Jane 1822-1904
- Mary Ann 1848 1898

- unnamed baby boy 1946-1946

- Dorothy Elizabeth 1829-1911
- George Karl August 1842-1917

- William 1846-1881

- Susannah (nee Morris) 1884-1926
- William 1871-1948

- Ernest George Percival 1882-1940
- Janie Elizabeth Banfill (nee Alexander) 1887-1968

- Louis 1839-1915
- Helen 1840-1916

- Frances 1871-1910

- Rose Ann 1846-1884
- Joseph Parry 1838-1912
- Thomas George 1866-1947
- Walter Joseph 1901-190

- Charles Cornelius 1848-1892

- Beatrix Helena Hindmarsh (nee Bolton) 1895-1937
- Helen Constance (nee Little) 1924-1991
- Oscar Herbert 1878-1966

- David James 1860-1899

- A. James 1899-1900
- James Welsh 1866-1937

- Eliza 1829-1911

- Arnold David 1905-1984
- Frances Ethelwyn 1904-1978
- Thelma Lily 1906-1943

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Cecil Augustus Victor Hotezzi De CORTANDO - Oldenburg Germany to Woodville New Zealand

I would like some info on Cecil Augustus de Cortando and any children, siblings etc also where his wife Elizabeth is buried.

He was Baron von Blaramberg but changed that later to C.A. Curtis

Cecil was born in 1843/46 in Oldenburg, Germany and went to New Zealand in 1867 - do you know which ship and who with?
He was the 9th son of Reginald Count Hotezzi de Cortando (Baron von Blaramberg, or Blaremberg) and Vittoria Alma Cortando.

He married Elizabeth Mantel in 1869.

Cecil and Elizabeth VON BLARAMBERG were school teachers in Wellington, Wanganui and Palmerston North.

Cecil von Blaramberg - under the name C A CURTIS - was the principal of a private school, Te Aro Grammer School, in Wellington from 1870 until about 1880.
He was later the headmaster of two state schools - Matarawa, near Wanganui - from about 1880 to 1889 - and Terrave End, in Palmerston North - from 1889 to 1893.

Elizabeth VON BLARAMBERG - under her maiden name of Elizabeth MANTEL - was Assistant Mistress at the TAITA SCHOOL from about 1868 to 1870
She was also a teacher of music and art to private pupils at Matarawa. However she is best remembered as the Principal of the Carow Ladies College - also known as the Carow Girls Collegiate School, Palmerston North, which operated from 1891 until about 1901.
This school was a large two-storey building in Carow Street providing accomodation for boarding pupils as well as serving as the von Blaramberg family residence.
Cecil assisted his wife at this school.

After the closure of the Carow Collegiate School and the sale of the Carow Street property (probably as a result of financial difficulties), Cecil and Elizabeth lived in a succession of small rented houses in Palmerston North.
They continued to operate a small school from each of these houses until about the time of World War One.

He died on 27th August 1921 and is buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville, New Zealand next to a son -
Regionald de Cortando who was born in New Zealand in 1871 and died aged 25 in the Club Hotel in Woodville in 1896.

Another son, Claude Douglas Blaramberg, (he dropped the 'von' when he went to war) was killed in action aged 33 in Somme, France on 10 Dec. 1916..

Do you know of other children?

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PETITION to Parliament from the SETTLERS of NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - 1849

In 1849 the settlers of Nelson, New Zealand were dissatisfied at the way the country was being run by one man in distant Auckland. They wanted an immediate introduction of Representative Government into the Southern Settlements of New Zealand.
They therefore took up a petition to submit to Parliament.

It was signed by 392 of the local men - I have found a number of names that appear twice, but there is no way to know now (nearly 160 years later) if there were in fact that many men with the same name...

The objective was to show who was living in Nelson in 1849 to help those who suspect they had ancestors there at that time.