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RANSOM - Kingston, UK to Wellington, NZ - 1873

Thomas Pitcher Ransom from Shernbourne, England arrived in New Zealand on the HALCIONE in 1873 with his wife Mary Ann Offard Taylor and 3 children

I believe they settled in Wellington and had another 5 children - I would like more information on this family please.

Two of his children, Matilda "Tilly" and Clara married two of the Chandler boys, William and Samuel

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CHANDLER, Leighton Buzzard to Marlborough, New Zealand

George Chandler (1844-1923)
- was born in Bedfordshire, England
- he married Lydia GEEVES (1844-1926) in 1866 in Leighton Buzzard
- they emigrated to New Zealand on the CARNATIC in 1875 four children.

They settled in the Picton area

Their known children:
1868 - 1937 William 'Bill' Chandler
- born in Leighton Buzzard, England
- he married Mattilda RANSOM 2 Jan 1892
In 1926 he was living in Otaki, on the west coast
In 1937 he was living in Auckland

1869 - 1948 Alice Chandler
- born in Leighton Buzzard, England
- she married David WALKER 18 Feb 1892 at Spring Vreek

1872 - 1937 Samuel Chandler
- born in Leighton Buzzard, England
- he married Clara RANSOM 25 Aug 1897
- they had 7 children (5 sons, including Clara's son Harry) & 2 daughters

1874 - 1935 Edith Chandler
- born in Leighton Buzzard
- emigrated at the age of 4 months
- she married Andrew KELT

1877 - 1956 John 'Jim' Chandler
- born in New Zealand
- he married Rose Eveline HOOPER 30 May 1822
- 6th of 14 children of:
William James HOOPER & Charlotte COMPTON (settlers of Carterton)
- married to Mabel ?

1877 - 1961 Emma Chandler
- born in New Zealand
- she married Frederick Thomas NEARNE

1882 - 1956 Caroline Annie 'Carrie' Chandler
- born in Grovetown, Marlborough
- she married Frederick Walter ALLERBY in 1901
CAROLINE died in Manaia, Taranaki

1886 - 1952 Edward Chandler
- he married Maud Marion HARPER in 1915
- Edward served in WWI:
NEXT OF KIN - Maud Marion Chandler (wife) Box 219 Milson's Line, Palmerston North
BODY ON EMBARKATION - New Zealand Expeditionary Force
EMBARKATION UNIT - 31st Reiforcements Welligton Infactry, Regiment B Company
EMBARKATIO DATE - 16th November 1917
PLACE OF EMBARKATION - Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL - Tahiti
DESTINATION - Liverpool, England

Any further information on this family and their descendants would be appreciated

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TARRANT from Beechingstoke, Wiltshire to Wanganui, New Zealand

I have some children that do not belong with the people I have put them with - can you please help

On my tree I have a WILLIAM & MARIA (nee Saywell) TARRANT

The children I know that shouldn't be there, but who I have left there for the time being, are
Leonard Matthew Tarrant b.1871 in Lower Moutere, New Zealand
Lionel Kendall Tarrant b.1875 in Lower Moutere, New Zealand
Ida Blanche Tarrant - b.1876 in Lower Moutere, New Zealand

Child that is in doubt is:
Lily Annie Tarrant b.1877 - d.1963 in Whakatane

I have found that the father of the 3 known children was Henry Alexander Tarrant born 1880 in Lower Moutere, Nelson, NZ
I would like to now if he was related in any way to William Tarrant who was born in Beechingstoke, Wiltshire, England in 1824 (of the above link)

Who was Acacia BARLEY - married Leonard Saywell TARRANT 1920

Acacia Barley - unknown birth date or place at this time, married Leonard Saywell Tarrant in 1910
Leonard at the time was aged 46 which could (or not) mean that it was a second marriage for him

Acacia is reported to have died in 1976 which was 54 years after Leonard so she may have remarried in that time

Any information on her, her paretns or any children would be appreciated

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Looking for information on Elizabeth Collingwood who married Albert Tarrant in NZ 1891

Elizabeth Collingwood was born in Warcop, United Kingdom
Would like to know when she emigrated to New Zealand

She married Albert John Saywell Tarrant who was born in 1866, one of 16 children to William & Maira (nee Saywell) Tarrant

If you can help with morE info please contact me or leave a comment

Two young TARRANT brothers from NZ killed in WWI - 2 months apart

Alfred Henry Saywell Tarrant was killed in Belgium on the 12th October 1917
His brother Leonard Albert Brant Tarrant was killed on the 15th December 1917 in UK

Their parents were Alfred and Eleanor (nee Botham) Tarrant and the family can be viewed here:

Mary Ann Tarrant b.1852 Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Mary Ann Tarrant was born in Lower Hutt in 1852

She married twice, first to William Read - I have nothing on him
and then to Andrew Diamon 11 years later

Do you know of children, parents etc and any other information on both these husbands

Also when and where did Mary Ann die

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Who was Seagreet, Elizabeth Berg b.1877 in Greytown, New Zealand

Seagreet Elizabeth Berg was born in Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand in 1877 - she died in Pahiatua in 1955 and is buried in Mangatainoka Cemetery.
She married Roland Henry Russell in 1905 - he was born in 1883 in Taita, New Zealand son of Robert Russell, second husband of Esher Daysh - Ester's first husband was David Mabeyb who died in 1878

I would like to know more about Seagreet - her parents, where they were from and any siblings and how she got that name

Family of Job MABEY from Dorset England to Taita, New Zealand - 1841

Job MABEY was born in Dorset, England in 1812
- he married Rachel MOCKERIDGE in Sidbury, East Devon in 1835
- she was also born in 1812

They had 2 children before they emigrated to New Zealand on the OLYMPUS in 1841
They were:

1836 - Mary Jane Mabey
- born in Sidbury
- she married James HARRIS who was born in Broomfield, Essex in 1833
- he arrived on the BOLTON in 1839 aged 6

Mary Jane and James were they first couple to be married in the Christ Church Taita Church in 1854

1838 - Sarah Albania Mabey
- born in Sidbury
- died on the voyage to New Zealand on the Olympus

In New Zealand Job and Rachel had another 8 children:

1841 - Elizabeth Mabey in Taita
- married John HARRISON in 1861
- married Thomas Samuel WARD in 1871

1843 - David James Mabey
- married Esther DAYSH
- he was killed in a ploughing accident when he was 35

1845 - Robert Thomad Mabey in Taita
- married Mary WINTERINGHAM

1846 - Anna Mabey
- nothing else known

1848 - Mary Ann Mabey
- married Edward BENGE

1849 - George Mabey
- born in Taita
- died suddenly in Willis Street aged 35

1851 - John Mabey
- died aged 14 months

1856 - Harriett Mabey
- died aged 4 months

1858 Job Charles Mabey
- married Elizabeth BENGE
- he died aged 93

If you can help with more information on these people please leave a comment

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Mary WINTERINGHAM (1844-1919) - New Zealand

Robert Thomas Mabey was born in Taita, New Zealand in 1845
He was the 5th of 11 children of Job Mabey b.1812 in Dorset, England and Rachel Mockeridge b.1812 in Devon, England - they are both buried in the Christ Church Taita Cemetery

Robert married Mary Winteringham (1844-1919) in 1865
- I have no other information on Mary, does anyone know of her?

The children I have were:
1875 - Robert George Mabey
- he married Ada Philadelphia Edwards - she was born in 1880, daughter of Thomas Edwards of Taita and Philadelphia Benge of Upper Hutt
- he died 1948 in Trentham, 33 km north east of Wellington

1877 - David James Mabey
- he drowned in the Hutt River when he was 11

1878 - Charles Henry Mabey

1880 - Job Henry Mabey

1881 - Minnie Mabey

Do you know of other children?

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