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MARY JONES - Wrexham, Wales to Wellington, New Zealand to Utah, America - 1800s

Do you know anything about MARY JONES b. 1802, daughter of John and Mary (nee Roberts) Jones, she emigrated to New Zealand with her husband, William Deakin - I would like to know when and on which ship.
She died in Utah, Salt Lake City in 1871 at the age of 68

children of CHARLES HENRY SQUIBB 1830s

Charles Henry Squibb emigrated to New Zealand on the SLAINS CASTLE in 1840. He had with him his wife Elizabeth - I would like to know her maiden name - and four daughters, Anne Sophia Squibb b.1825, Adelaide Squibb b.1832, Amelia Squibb b.1834 and Charlotte Squibb b.1837.
I have found another daughter born in New Zealand, Margaret Michell Squibb who died in 1842 from burns in a fire.
Adelaide died (in the Wairarapa I think) when she was 31, she was married to Martin Greathead - would like to know more about her.
And then there is the big problem . . Charles Henry had a daughter who died in 1843 aged 18, from a brain disease BUT the only 18 year old in 1843 was Anne Sophia and she was reported to have married a William Edward Vincent and gone to Australia.
Could anyone please throw some light onto this family.

One more thing - Charles Henry was described as a 'measure maker' on the ships passenger list, does anyone know what that was?

BASSETT & BRYANT - a brother and a son killed in war within same 2 weeks

JOSEPHINE MARION BASSETT born about 1867 in Wellington New Zealand, she was the 6th daughter of Thomas BASSETT & Sarha Jessica HUDSON
- she had a brother Ivor who was killed in Belgium June 1st 1917 - 2 weeks later Josephine's son William Bryant was killed in France June 16th 1917.

I would like to know more about Josephine - what I have so far is: her father was Thomas BASSETT he was born on board the "DUKE OF ROXBURGH" while his parents were emigrating to New Zealand - he died in 1927 and is buried in Palmerston North
- Her mother's name was Sarah Jessica HUDSON (1856-1930) from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Jessica also died in Palmerston North and is buried in Terrace End

Her mother's headstone reads:
In loving memory of MY dear mother - as in only one child left in 1936.

Josephine married William James Bryant in 1894 - I have 3 children for them, was there more?

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Where is WILLIAM GREATHEAD buried ??

WILLIAM GREATHEAD was born in Yorkshire, England in 1837.
He emigrated with his parents to New Zealand in 1842.
He married Mary Ticehurst in 1861 in the Wairarapa town of Greytown.
He had 10 children (I'm still working on them)
He died on the 20th July 1895 in Carterton, New Zealand but I cannot find him buried in either the Clareville Cemetery in Carterton or the Masterton Lawn Cemetery.
Do you know anything about William? and where he is buried?

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Do you know anything about the GREATHEAD twins, JESSIE & BESSIE b.1871

They twins were born in Masterton, New Zealand on 17 April 1871 to WILLIAM GREATHEAD and Mary Ticehurst.
Bessie married Harry/Henry Rees - I would like to know more about him and their children.
Jessie married someone called ? Scerle - I cannot even find his first name so anything would be of help


I would like as much information as possible on the Irvines.
There were at least 4 brothers and probably sisters but I have no info on that yet.
I need help with these people also:
One Irvine, William, emigrated to New Zealand - not yet found on which ship and with who ... he had a son named Gerald who was born in 1917 in Scotland
One was Baldwin who apparently emigrated to Australia but cannot find ANYTHING on a Baldwin Irvine.
Two Irvine brothers remained in Scotland.
One of these brothers had the son Andy Irvine the 'famous' fullback international rugby player born Sept. 1951 - would like to know which brother was his father.

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HOLTER into New Zealand - early/mid 1880s

I cannot find any HOLTER family members emigrating INTO New Zealand on any ships lists and yet they are here (settled in the Gisborne districts)

I can find families of HOLDER coming in - maybe the name was changed after that

Can you help please on the immigration into NZ of any Holters, or do you know for sure that their name was changed??

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GALLAGHER - O'DONNELL married about 1885 - probably County Tyrone

All I know is that John Gallagher was a 'mill worker' in County Tyrone and that he married Catherine O'Donnell
- they had 9 children.
The first child born about 1885 and the last about 1896

They emigrated to New Zealand between 1910-1920 but I cannot find any ship passenger lists after the 1800s - do you know where I can look for these?

They went to the West Coast of the South Island as Catherine had a sister already there

A son, Patrick Gallagher, married Kathleen Kearney in Christchurch and had his 2 children in the South Island

Eventually all the 'children' of John and Catherine settled in the North Island, mostly around the Wellington area.

See also the journal on this site titled GALLAGHER-KEARNEY

Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated.

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Mary SNOSWELL b.1790 in England - son George ALLEN became Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand

Mary SNOSWELL married George Baker ALLEN
- at least one of their children, George (born 1814) emigrated to New Zealand and became the Mayor of Wellington for 3 weeks in 1879 ...

He married Jane Elizabeth PAUL (1813-1888) in Wellington

- they had 9 children
1841 - Mary Ann Allen
- she married William SEED

1843 - Jane Elizabeth Allen
- she married William Dennis NICHOLAS

Thomas Paul Allen
- he married Helen PRINGLE

1847 - William Allen
- he married Emma TICEHURST

1849 - Ann Hudson Allen
- she married ?

1852 - Caroline Ann Allen
- she married ?
- she lived to 99

1853 - Edward John Allen
- he maried Janet Lusk

1855 - Alfred William Allen
- he married Mary Ann KEMPTON

1855 - Emma Allen
- she married Alexander Salmon CHISHOLM
- Alfred and Emma were twins -

See the Allen family here:
- contact me if you have more info to add to their tree

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GALLAGHER - KEARNEY County Tyrone to New Zealand 1920s

I am seeking ANY information on Patrick (Patsy) Gallagher born about 1888 in Ireland
- He married Kathleen KEARNEY around 1923 in New Zealand.

They emigrated on different ships as she was determined to marry him and so followed him to New Zealand

Would really like to know on which ships they travelled and in what years

Kathleen was born around 1896 in Ireland and died 30-8-1941 in Wellington.
- Both are buried in Karori Cemetery

Believed they went to New Zealand in the early 1900s or even late 1890s. They lived in Christchurch before moving to Wellington

- Their two children Catherine (Peggy) and Charles (Carl) were born in the South Island - Peggy in Reefton and Carl in Christchurch but spent their youth onwards in the Wellington and Wairarapa areas

Peggy married Gerald Irvine
Carl married Ngaire Peck

Patrick was killed on Christmas Eve 1948 while crossing the railway line in the Hutt or Wellington and was hit by a train

Kathleen had died aged 45, 7 years previously

So far the siblings I have of Paddy's are:

Sara "Cis" Gallagher
- born about 1886 in County Tyrone
- married Eric Charles
- died 1968 aged 78

Joseph "Joe" Gallagher
- born 1887 in County Tyrone
- he had a wooden leg as a result of a train or tram accident
- nothing else known

Isobel "Bell" Gallagher
- born 1890 in Sion Mills, County Tyrone
- married Jack Twamley
- died in 1965 aged 75

Mary Gallagher
- nothing known

James Gallagher
- born in County Tyrone
- died in Wanganui
- black sheep of the family, nobody spoke of him :)

William "Bill" Gallagher
- born about 1895 in Ireland
- believe he remained a bachelor
- died in 1970 in Christchurch aged 75
- buried in Bromley cemetery, Christchurch

Catherine/Kathleen "At" Gallagher
- born about 1896 in County Tyrone
- married George CROWLEY
- married Michael "Mick" CAMPBELL, he died in the Hutt 1969
-At and her sister Cis were taylors, had a shop Willis St Wellington

John "Jack" Gallagher
- born about 1897 in County Tyrone
- nothing known

Do you have any information on this family - I would appreciate any help, ESPECIALLY their immigration ship and dates - sometime prior to 1823

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