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MOSELEY marriages New Zealand 1863-1933

the known MOSELEY marriages in New Zealand 1863 - 1933

Alfred John Moseley (1899-1972)
married Florence Furniss SHIPSTON (1901-1986) in 1923

Arthur John Walter Moseley (1874-1937)
married Ellen FOX (1875-1960) in 1904
their known children:
* 1905 - Harriet Ellen Moseley
* 1906 - 2002 Alice Bessie Moseley
* 1908 - 1998 Arthur James Ernest Moseley
* 1909 - Catherine Annie Moseley
* 1911 - 2008 Mavis Muriel Moseley
* 1912 - 1988 James Charles Moseley

Charles Allan Moseley (1894-1962)
married Aileen HENNESSY (1896-1966) in 1917

Edward Moseley (1889-1974)
married Violet NORFOLK (1898-1977) in 1932

Ernest William Moseley (1896-1967)
married Alice CASEY in 1933

George Alexander Moseley (1891-1938)
married Ella Maude PORTER in 1921

George Charles Moseley (1858-1939)
married Ellen Eliza KRUGER (nee Barrett 1861-1931) in 1922
Ellen was born in Portsea, Portsmouth. She first married Alexander William Kruger (1853-1920) 29 Sep 1883 in Hughenden, Queensland, Australia & had 9 children (the last one in New Zealand, 1904-1909 Erik Harold Barrett Kruger, buried Karori)

Harold Cooper Moseley (1866-1932)
son of Richard Shirtcliffe Moseley (1843-1914) of Holly Lodge, Vale of Health, Hampstead Heath, London
Harold married Alice Maud ACTON in 1892
their known children:
* 1892 - 1949 Clifford Cook Moseley
- Clifford served as Private 579 with the 12th Australian Light Horse Regiment, embarking from Sydney 13 June 1915. He was then living with his father at 15 Dulwich St., Dulwich Hill, Sydney. His mother was then Mrs C. F. Thomas of Girilambone, NSW. Clifford married Florence G. GILLAM in Bellingen, NSW in 1924, He was in New England, NSW by 1930. They were living at Point Lookout, via Armidale when he died in Royal North Shore Hospital 1949
* 1897 - Arthur Albert Moseley
Evening Post, 10 June 1898 - WELLINGTON DIVORCE COURT
Alice Maud Moseley v Harold C. Moseley, for dissolution of marriage from her husband at present residing in Taranaki. The object of the respondent defending the case was to retain the custody of the two children of the marriage, who had been, and were still, with him. The petitioner gave evidence of her marriage with the respondent before the Registrar at Wellington in March, 1892, and made general allegations of cruelty. She had been separated from her husband for nearly two years, and he was, she declared, now living with another woman. She did not intend to ask for the custody of the children as she was not in a position to maintain them. Therefore the suit might be regarded as practically undefended.
Hawera & Normanby Star, 27 September 1900 Aggravated Assault
Harold Cooper Moseley was indicted on two counts for wounding and causing actual bodily harm to Janet Forway at Hawera on August 7th. Janet Forway stated that she had lived with accused as his wife for two years ...
HAROLD COOPER MOSELEY next married Alma Australia SULLIVAN in Annandale, NSW 26 Oct 1910
Harold died in Marrickville 24 July 1932
The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 July 1932 MOSELEY - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs ALMA MOSELEY and SONS are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved HUSBAND and FATHER, Harold C. Moseley from his late residence, Te Whare, 25 Dulwich street Dulwich Hill for the Crematorium at 3.15 p.m. TO-DAY. No flowers by request.
Alma died in Marrickville in 1937

Idris Clifford Moseley
married Adelaide Sarah WALKER (1907-1977) in 1931
Adelaide was born in Westport, 2nd of 13 children of William Henry WALKER (1876-1947) & Mary Ann KITCHEN (1887-1959)

Thomas William Moseley (1887-1931)
married Ruby HYNDMAN (1899-1985) in 1922
daughter of John HYNDMAN & Charlotte PATCHETT

William Henry Moseley
married Dorothy Lillian Henrietta PAYNE (1912-1999) in 1928

Alice Bessie Moseley (1906-2002)
married James McINTOSH in 1925

Annie Cathline Moseley
married Edward HAWKINS in 1933

Annie Eliza Moseley
married William Samuel ROBERTS in 1916

Bertha Moseley
married Michael SHERLOCK in 1914

Elizabeth Amelia Moseley (1901-1989)
married Victor Thomas GRIFFITHS (1897-1983) in 1920

Elizabeth May Moseley
married George Francis PAY (1888-1947) in 1924

Ella Maude Moseley (1880-1961)
married Charles Edward LAWLESS (1886-1955) in 1927

Emily Moseley (1866-`947)
married Thomas David Alexander MOFFETT (1867-1937) in 1901

Ethel Moseley (1887-1917)
married Percy George POINTON (1891-1943) in 1916
Percy next married Mary Elizabeth Spurgeon in 1924

Hannah Moseley
married Joseph Henry HANAHAN(?) in Invercargill? 1863
not sure this is the correct surname spelling for Joseph

Harriet Ellen Moseley (1905-1987)
married Walter READ in 1929

Harriet Susannah Moseley (1868-1938)
married Walter William STILES (1851-1927) in 1904
Walter's second marriage, possibly also Harriet
Walter was first married to Margaret ??
the known children of WALTER & MARGARET:
* 1885 - Rosanna Stiles
* 1887 - Margaret Maude Stiles
* 1889 - 1890 Adria Anna Stiles
* 1892 - 1918 Walter William Stiles
* 1894 - Peter James Stiles
the known children of WALTER * HARRIET:
* 1905 - Ernest Frederick Moseley Stiles
* 1906 - Albert Bernard Stiles
* 1907 - Grace Florence Hill Stiles
* 1909 - Edward Clarence Stiles

Hilda Moseley
married William George COOPER in 1920

Ivy Margaret Elizabeth Moseley
married Leonard Ernest GWILLIAM in 1923

Rhoda Moseley
married William Walter LOGAN (1887-1963) in 1927

SCOTLAND marriages New Zealand 1875-1927

the known SCOTLAND marriages New Zealand 1875 - 1927

the Scotland GROOMS
Andrew Alfred Scotland
married Eliza STEPHENSON in 1875
their known children:
* 1876 - Elizabeth Scotland
* 1877 - 1879 Alice Jane Scotland (aged 15 months)
* 1884 - Thomas Carr John Scotland
* 1886 - Mary Ann Carr Scotland
* 1888 - Alexander Scotland
* 1892 - William James Carr Scotland

Henry Scotland (1821-1910)
married Mary Ann SPRIGGS (1862-1896 nee Roberts) 17 June 1889 in Auckland
the Hon Henry Scotland Henry was a member of the Legislative Council of NZ. He was born in Middlesex, England to George Scotland, a Barrister at Law & of Sarah Humphrys. He and Mary were widowed at time of marriage
he next married Margaret VENNING (1847-1916) in 1898
Henry is buried in Purewa, Auckland with both wives

Henry 'Harry' Humphrys Scotland (1889-)
1st son of Henry SCOTLAND & Mary Ann SPRIGSS
married Louise Vernan VIALOUX (1889-1924) 1911 in Balclutha, Otago
Louise died in Sydney of appendicitis & is buried in Purewa, Auckland

James William 'Will' Humphrys Scotland (1891-1963)
born in Kaipara District
2nd son of Henry SCOTLAND & Mary Ann SPRIGSS was a pioneer aviator
married Ivy Isabel STEWART in 1917
he died in Melbourne

the Scotland BRIDES
Edith Mary Scotland
married Stephen Roy NEAL in 1927

Edna May Scotland
married William Thomas NICHOLLS in 1912

Eliza Scotland
married Charles ADAMS in 1900

Elizabeth Scotland
married Donald WALKER in 1884

Elizabeth Scotland
married John CARR in 1898

Grace Alexander Scotland
married William Redmund HONEY in 1914

Jessie Scotland
married Thomas ROTHWELL in 1916

Mary Christine Scotland
married Archibald Allan THOMSON in 1899
their known children:
* 1901 - Mary Christine Scotland Thomson

Carl Theodor KRIEG - Havelock, Marlborough

Carl 'Charles' Theodor Krieg (1842-1928)
was born 1842 in Prussia, the first of 9 children (all died in Australia). His father was Johann Gottlieb KRIEG (1810-1901) born Punitz, Prussia, died Manoora, South Australia. His mother was Friedericke Adelheid Caroline SCHRADER (1822-1874). They emigrated to Australia on the Australia, leaving Hamburg 2 May 1849, via Rio de Janeiro, arriving Port Adelaide, South Australia 10 Sep 1849

Johanna Dorothea HENTSCHKE (1847-1921)
was born 31 Dec 1847 in Krondorf, South Australia, the first of 11 children (all died in Australia). Her father was John Christian HENTSCHKE (1824-1891) born Prittag, Silesia, died New Mecklenburg, South Australia. Her mother was Maria Rosina HEIDER (1823-1844) born Liegnitz, Silesia, died Schoenborn, South Australia

* Johanna had a sister Hulda Auguste Hentschke (1867-1867)
* Krondorf (4km south of Tanunda) was first settled in 1847 by Germans from nearby Bethany (see link at photo below)

CARL & JOHANNA married 27 July 1866 in Bethlehem Lutheran Church Schoenborn, Barossa Valley, South Australia and moved to New Zealand the following year.
Their first child was born in Wellington, others in Havelock, Marlborough.

their children were:
* 1867 - 1968 Annie Caroline Krieg
Annie married George Frederick JORDAN in 1890
their known children:
* 1891 - 1971 Dorothy Emma Jordan
* 1893 - 1937 Arthur James Jordan
* 1894 - 1951 Albert Norman Jordan
* 1896 - 1958 Herbert Charles Jordan
ANNIE died aged 101

* 1870 - 1943 Bertha Maria Elizabeth Krieg
Bertha married Frederick George BUCK 1891 in New Zealand
- they had a son:
* 1892 - Frederick Charles Buck
Bertha married Corentin Augustin Le TACON 1913 in Sydney
BERTHA died in North Sydney in 1943 aged 73

* 1872 - 1940 Augusta Hulda Pauline 'Mary' Krieg
Augusts married Thomas William COOPER (1866-1940) in 1888
their known children:
* 1890 - 1955 Edward Charles William Cooper
* 1892 - 1919 Edith Marion Cooper
* 1894 - 1895 Thomas Havelock Cooper (aged 5 months)
* 1896 - 1936 Archie Sinclair Cooper
* 1897 - 1991 Dorothy Recorda Cooper
* 1899 - 1978 Albert Francis Cooper
* 1901 - 1980 David Jack Cooper
* 1902 - 1991 Arthur Stanley Cooper
* 1907 - 1990 May Victoria Cooper
* 1909 - 1945 Keith Allan Cooper
AUGUSTA died in Upper Hutt 29 Nov 1919 aged 46
THOMAS died in Akatarawa, Upper Hutt 2 April 1940 aged 74
- they are buried Plot 4 & 6, Block C at Wallaceville Cemetery

* 1874 - 1958 Charles Edward Krieg
Charles married Emily FLOYD (1873-1964) in 1899
their known children:
* 1899 - Charles Theodor Krieg
* 1901 - Arthur James Krieg
* 1902 - Albert Edward Krieg
* 1903 - Donald Ross Krieg
* 1906 - Dorothy Ila Krieg
* 1908 - Robina Joyce Krieg
* 1910 - Richard Kenneth Havelock Krieg
* 1913 - Phyllis Olga Krieg

* 1878 - Louisa Charlotta 'Lottie' Krieg
Louisa married David SHARP 1913 in Glebe, NSW & died Sydney

* 1881 - 1883 Arthur James Krieg
Arthur died aged 20 months

* 1882 - ? Adolph Henry Krieg
Adolf possibly died as an infant

* 1885 - 1915 Auguste Christina Krieg
Auguste married Frank Robertson in 1910
their known children:
* 1911 - Elsie Sophia Robertson
* 1913 - George Athol Robertson
AUGUSTA died in 1915 aged 30

Evening Post, 23 August 1916 - Mr and Mrs Krieg who are very old residents of Havelock, Marlborough, recently celebrated their golden wedding at their residence, when a large number of family members and friends were present. Mr and Mrs Krieg were married in 1866 and arrived at Wellington in 1867, and finally settled in Havelock, early in the 'seventies, where they have resided ever since. Mr and Mrs Krieg's family consisted of five daughters and one son, all married, there being twenty-four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.
The old couple are in excellent health.
The weather was beautiful for the occasion of the celebration and there were about thirty guests present, all old friends of the family.
The rooms were decorated with red, white, and blue, and the tables with golden-coloured flowers, the flags of the Allies holding a prominent position in the centre of the table. There were two wedding cakes; one was given by their grandson, Archie Cooper, and the other was brought from Australia.
The Rev Mr Heron kindly officiated, giving a short address, and making reference to the high esteem in which Mr and Mrs Krieg were held by the community. Then he made the presentations, which were in the form of two beautifully bound combined church prayer-books and a silver cake dish, suitably inscribed, form the parishioners, and a purse of sovereigns from the family, also many other gifts.
Mr Gorrie proposed the health of the happy couple and family, the Rev Mr Heron proposed the health of the King, and Mrs Sharp (youngest daughter) responded on behalf of the parents and family.
The occasion ended with the singing of the doxology and the National Anthem.
The surviving children are:
Mrs Jordan, Wellington
Mrs Le Tacon, Sydney
Mrs Cooper, Upper Hutt
Mr Krieg, Wellington
Mrs Sharp, Sydney

JOHANNA DOROTHEA Krieg died 9 May 1921 in Havelock, Marlborough
CARL THEODOR Krieg died in 1928 in Lakemba, New South Wales

BETHANY, South Australia

Bethanien and later Bethany, 2km from Tanunda in the Barossa Valley, was established by a group of Lutheran migrants who arrived with Pastor Gotthard Daniel Frietzsche in 1841. Most of these 270 immigrants had come from Posen and Silesia. In 1842 nearly a hundred of this group of migrants were joined by other Lutherans, already living at Hahndorf, to establish the first village in the Barossa Valley on land the local Aborigines referred to as Taninda. About 2080 acres were leased, and later bought, from George Fife Angas to start their new venture, Bethany

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CORBOY in Otorohanga

the CORBOY buried Otorohanga cemetery to 1990

Anne Theresa Corbooy aged 1
born: 1967
died: 24 December 1968
buried: Plot 5, Section OCPIV, Childrens area

Bridget Monica Corbooy (nee DONOVAN) aged 54
born: 1910 in Tauranga
parents: 7th of 8 known children of Patrick DONOVAN & Elizabeth WILLIAMS
married: William Donovan Corboy in 1935 in Bay of Plenty
died: 9 February 1965 in Otorohanga
buried: Plot 3, Section B01, Berm Area with Nora

John Francis Daniel CORBOY aged 64
born: 1875 in Kihikihi
parents: William CORBOY & Mary DONOVAN
married: Nora Mary COLLINS in 1905
died: 8 August 1939 in Otorohanga
buried: Plot 67, Block 1, Section OBLIII

Nora Mary Corbooy (nee COLLINS) aged 79
born: 1876 in Kihikihi
married: John Francis Daniel Corboy in 1905
- they had a son:
* 1910 - 1990 William Donovan Corboy
died: 3 January 1955 in Waikato Hospital
buried: Plot 3, Section OB01, Berm Area with daughter-in-law Bridget

William Donovan CORBOY aged 80
born: 12 February 1910 in Hamilton
parents: John Francis Daniel CORBOY & Nora Mary COLLINS
married: Bridge Monica DONOVAN in 1935 in Te Puke
died: 19 July 1990 in Te Awamutu
buried: Plot 1, Section OB01, Berm Area

Otorohanga Cemetery

taken from the database site Otorohanga District Council

Friedrich Wilhelm 'Kohingarara' STURM - Hawkes Bay

Friedrich Wilhelm Christian 'Kohingarara' STURM (1810-1896)
(aka Frederick William Sturm) - Naturalist, Interpreter, Botanist, Nursery Owner
was born in Germany the son of an army officer. His mother's name was Eliza Kuhne. According to family tradition Sturm received his education at court and became an apprentice gardener. In the 1830s he was a member of a botanical expedition to England, South Africa, India, China and Australia. After visiting the Swan River in Western Australia, Sturm left the expedition in Sydney in 1838. He came to New Zealand on the Harlequin in 1839, calling at Nelson and Wellington before landing at Ahuriri (Napier) on 2 August ... (read more at photo link)

FRIEDRICH & ANI had a daughter:
... 1
* 1842 - Elizabeth Sturm

born 20 June 1842 in Mahia Peninsula

FRIEDRICH settled with Hinerakau 'Henriette' Pakapuka TAIRERE (1829-1859)
daughter of Pekapeka TE HARAWIRA & Amiria POHUKUARE
FRIEDRICH & HENRIETTE had 5 children:
... 1
1848 - 1939 Rudolph Charles Sturm

RUDOLPH married Jane BOSHER in 1875
they had 9 known children:
* 1876 - 1962 William Frederick Henry Sturm (+Elizabeth Matilda LIGHT in 1903)
* 1877 - 1877 Esther Anne Mary Sturm (died at Napier aged 21 hours)
* 1878 - 1964 Rudolph Charles Sturm (+Ethel DAVIDSON in 1906)
* 1880 - 1881 Irene Ellen Filkins Sturm (at Hastings aged 22 months)
* 1882 - 1947 Olive Sybil Sturm (+Charles Murdock McKENZIE in 1911)
* 1884 - 1885 Edmund Edward Sturm (died Hawkes Bay Nurseries 12 months)
* 1885 - 1952 Cyril Raffles Sturm (+ Mabel ASHWORTH in 1911)
* 1889 - Winifred Constance Sturm (+Murray MacKENZIE in 1910)
* 1891 - 1891 Roy Sturm (aged 2½ days)

... 2
1849 - Thomas William Sturm

born 25 June 1849 in Papmoa, Mahia Peninsula
nothing else known

... 3
1853 - John Edward Sturm

born 18 May 1853 in Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
nothing else known

... 4
1856 - 1930 James Frederick Sturm

born 2 December 1856 in Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
JAMES married Emily Jane MORGAN (1861-1955 ) in 1878
the known children of FREDERICK & EMILY:
* 1880 - 1965 Alice Maud Sturm (+Richard HEWETSON in 1897)
* 1882 - 1883 Mabel Grace Sturm (at Hastings street, Napier aged 8 months)
* 1884 - 1923 Arthur George Sturm (killed in an explosion, see notes below)
* 1885 - 1973 Harriett Grace Sturm (+Joseph Henry BRYANT in 1908)
* 1891 - Edward William Sturm
* 1893 - 1920 Ivy May 'Queenie' Sturm (+Albert Bernard CONGDON 1914)
* 1901 - 1982 Leslie James Sturm
* 1904 - 1966 Mabel Sturm (+Arthur William BENNETT in 1926)

... 5
1858 - Mari 'Maria' Sturm

born 15 April 1858 in Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
MAIRA married Benjamin GLASS (1850-1913) in Wairoa in 1881
Daily Telegraph, 3 February 1881 GLASS-STURM - At Clyde, on the 22nd January 1881, Benjamin Glass, Esq., of Frasertown, to Marie, daughter of F. W. C. Strum, Esq., of West Clive
the known children of MARI & BENJAMIN:
* 1881 - Violet Henrietta Glass (+James Fraser SMYTH 1902)
* 1883 - 1908 Ivy Christina Glass
* 1884 - 1968 Myrtle Rosina Glass (+George BOYD 1906 & 11 children)
* 1886 - 1952 Mary Jessamine Glass (+Daniel COGHLAN 1908)

Frederick William Christian 'Kohingarara' Sturm died 23 May 1897 aged 85
he is buried Plot 15, Block SW at Mangateretere, Hawkes Bay

Daily Telegraph, 1 March 1888 - son RUDOLPH CHARLES STURM
R. C. Sturm will open a greengrocer's shop next to the Carlton Hotel, Hastings, on Saturday morning

New Zealand Herald, 26 May 1896 - DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST
One of Hawke's Bay's oldest settlers passed away on Saturday in the person of Mr F. W. C. Sturm, aged 85. He came to New Zealand before it was a British colony, forming one of a scientific expeditions under Baron Hochstetter, sent out by the Australian Government, and he was so enamoured of the country that he decided to remain behind when the expedition returned

Press, 1 June 1896 - A PRUSSIAN BOTANIST
With reference to the late Mr F. W. C. Sturm, Mr A. Koch, of Wellington, informs the New Zealand Times that the statement that the deceased came out to New Zealand as a member of the scientific expedition under Baron Hochstetter is incorrect. Mr Koch says that Mr Sturn was sent out to Australia in 1838 by the Prussian Government to search for botanical specimens. later on Mr Sturm came over to New Zealand, and after botanising in the Rimutaka and other district, went on to Hawke's Bay and Poverty Bay, finally settling at Wairoa, where he married a Maori wife

Marlborough Express, 17 July 1920 - death of GRANDDAUGHTER
The death occurred at Napier Hospital on July 2nd, of a well-known and highly respected resident of Hastings, in the person of Mrs Ivy May (Queenie) Congdon, (daughter of James & Emily Jane) wife of Mr A. B. Congdon, formerly of Blenheim and third daughter of Mr and Mrs J. F. Sturm, of Hastings, The deceased lady had been suffering from some time past, but she bore up patiently through her illness, and endeared herself to all with whom she came in contact. Much sincere sympathy will be expressed towards her husband and young child, and relatives

Hawera & Normanby Star, 21 December 1923 - son's INQUEST AT NAPIER
The inquest on Arthur Sturm, a waterside worker, and Archiblad Sporle, who were fatally injured in the explosion at Port Ahuriri on November 1, was held before Mr R. W. Dyer, S.M., to-day. While loading cylinders containing acetylene gas one exploded, fatally burning Sturm and Sporle and severely injuring a number of others. The inquiry was opened this norming, and concluded at 11 o'clock tonight. The evidence of experts went to show that cylinders containing acetylene gas were generally considered quite safe, and that in the case of the one which exploded there was a defect in the welding

Evening Post, 10 December 1928 - GRANDSON marries
A wedding of much local interest was that of Miss Ivy May Clough, second daughter of Mr and Mrs L. Clough, to Mr J. R. Sturm (John Rudolph James) eldest son of Mr and Mrs Sturm of Nuhaka, the ceremony taking place at the Presbyterian Church at Nuhaka, when the Rec Mr Porter officiated, and the wedding music was played ny Mr Smith. The bride wore a charming frock of apricot crepe de chine embroidered in gold and green, with a green crinoline straw hat trimmed with apricot. Two little flowere girls attended her, Connie Sturm and Doreen Hall, the best man being Mr Hori MacKenzie, and the groomsman Mr N. Thornton, of Napier. A guard of honour outside the church was formed of members of the Wanderers Football Club, of which the bridegroom was a member. They formed an arch of wands decorated with the club colours and under this the newly-married couple passed. The wedding breakfast was held at the Unity Hall, and was a very bright and cheerful function, cheers and musical honours being the order of the party. Later the hall was cleared and dancing took place, Mr C. Booten being M.C., and the music was supplied by Mrs Kirk and Messrs A. and F. Perry, and master Herbert. Among many wedding presents was a handsome clock from the suppliers of the Nuhaka Dairy Factory, and an oval table from the Wanderers Football Club.

15 January 1943 - GRANDSON killed in WWII
William Christian Sturm (son of William Frederick Henry STURM & Elizabeth Matilda LIGHT, served as Corporal 12052 with the Divisional Cavalry. He enlisted from 432 Marine Parade, Wairoa, listing his wife Margaret of Napier as next of kin. William was killed in action on the Western Desert aged 34 when a parcel of hedavy shells landed amongst Divisional Cavalry Headquarters & he is buried at Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya

Friedrich Wilhelm Christian STURM

taken from the site Te Ara

Wootton BRIDES - New Zealand 1866-1933

known WOOTTON BRIDES in New Zealand 1857 - 1920
names taken from BDM & some spelling may not be correct, use as a guide only
some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

Agnes Grace Wootton (1888-1959)
- daughter of Richard WOOTTON & Ann TURLEY
married William James WILLIAMS in 1931

Alberta Franklin Wootton (1907-1968)
- daughter of Albert Edward & Grace Beatrice WOOTTON
married Harry Sydney Charles YEATMAN (1901-1980) Christchurch 1925
...Alberta & Harry divorced in 1930
Alberta next married Robert Ellwood NOYE (1900-1963) in 1932

Alice Wootton (1876-1970)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married Arthur Vivian BILKEY (1881-1925) in 1906
their known children:
* 1910 - Marjory Evangeline Bilkey

Alice Florence Wootton (1891-1958)
married Leslie John MAY (1888-1973) in Wellington 1915
- son of John MAY & Ellen CORCORAN
When Leslie served as Sergeant 44504, Alice was at 39 Kent Terrace, Mt Victoria, Wellington
ALICE FLORENCE May died 16 June 1958 aged 67 & was cremated at Karori
LESLIE JOHN May died 12 June 1973 aged 84
- he was buried Plot 6Y/5, Soldiers section, Karori

Alice Louisa Wootton (1886-)
- daughter of Richard WOOTTON & Ann TURLEY
married William James WILLIAMS in 1921

Caroline Sarah Wootton (1847-1911)
married Edwin Benjamin Evans TURNER (1843-1935) in Hamilton 26 April 1866
- son of Benjamin Evans TURNER & Zilda Perriman Clayton BURTON
...(Benjamin first married a sister of Hone Heke, Taingarui. She died in 1838)
they had 9 children, 2 sons born in America
- their known children:
* 1867 - Evans Benjamin John Turner
* 1868 - Minnie Ethel Turner (+ Thomas Edward Cargill 1925)
* 1870 - 1872 Alfred Edward Turner (aged 2)
* 1877 - 1877 Benjamin Evans Turner (aged 17 months in Parnell)
* 1880 - 1881 Camelia Caroline Sarah Turner (aged 17 months)
* 1883 - 1930 George Henry Turner (died in Suva, Fiji)
* 1885 - 1950 Charles Stanford Turner
EDWIN EVANS Turner died 28 November 1935 aged 90 in Auckland

Christina Keziah Wootton (1887-1959)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Ernest Henry DENSE (1884-1949) in 1908
- son of Henry Hemont DENSE from Russia & Helena Ernestyna KLEMPEL
NOTE Christina & Ernest's mothers were sisters, daughters of Johann Martin KLEMPLE (1837-1892 from Poland, died West Coast, NZ) & Zuzanna EINSPORN (1840-1903)
the known children of CHRISTINA & WILLIAM:
* 1908 - 1914 George Alfred Wootton Dense (April 1908)
* 1909 - 1986 Ernest Willian Dense (Aug 1909)
ERNEST HENRY Dense died in Kaiata, West Coast
CHRISTINA KEZIAH Dense died 22 August 1959 in Moana, Westland

Constance Evelyn 'Connie' Wootton (1908-1996)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT
married Charles James MOWBRAY (1903-) in 1931
- son of William MOWBRAY & Mary GRACE
Evening Post, 29 August 1931 The wedding was celebrated at Paraparaumu recently of Constance Evelyn, youngest daughter of Mr and the late Mrs Wootton, Paraparaurnu, and Charles, second son of Mr and Mrs Wm. Mowbray, Otaihanga. The Rev W. H. Wilson officiated at the ceremony, which was held in St. Paul's Church. The bride who was escorted by her father, wore a graceful frock of ivory satin reaching to the ground, and she carried a bouquet of spring flowers in which violets and freezias predominated. Miss Violet Mowbray was bridesmaid, wearing a maize satin frock, and a drooping panne velvet picture hat. Her bouquet was of brightly-tinted iceland poppies. The little attendant, Thelma Weggery, wore soft blue satin, and carried a bouquet of snowdrops and forget-me-nots. Mr Geo. Mowbray was best man. The reception was held in St. Paul's Schoolroom, where Mr Wootton and his elder daughter, Mrs Weggery (Helen Annie), received a small number of relatives and friends. Mrs. Weggery wore a becoming gown of beige crepe de chine and hat to tone. Mrs Mowbray (mother of the bridegroom) wore a smart navy blue ensemble.
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In loving memory of my dear mother, who died at Paraparaumu on the 24th April, 1919. Sadly missed.
....All you who have a mother
....Love her while you may;
....She will not always linger here,
....Too soon she will pass away.
Inserted by her loving daughter, Connie
Edith Elizabeth Wootton
married William Charles HAWKEN in 1906

Edith Emily Wootton (1883-1972)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT (butcher in Paraparaumu)
married Seymour Alexander CARTER (1883-1969) in 1908
- son of Charles Henry CARTER & Emily ALLINGTON
their known children:
* 1910 - Constance Gladys Carter
* 1912 - Kenneth Peter Carter
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away on the 24th April 1919
....No one knows the silent heartache
....Only those can tell
....Who have lost their loved ones
....Without saying farewell

....The memory pride is more than gold
....A mother's worth cannot be told;
....Her loved one now who miss her here,
....Will always hold her memory dear.

....Farewell, dear mother,
....It was God's wish it should be so,
....At his command we all must go.
Inserted by her loving daughter, Edith Carter and grandchildren

Eliza Wootton (1849-1926)
- born in London to John WOOTTON & Caroline JOHNSON
Eliza married Thomas KELLY in Newmarket, Auckland 1 April 1866
their known children:
* 1867 - 1927 Henry Thomas Kelly
* Eliza went to America with Thomas and returned on her own
Eliza next married Alexander DAVIDSON in Newmarket 19 Sep 1868
- they didn't have children
Eliza next married Edward Dewar RICHARDS (1843-1898) in Newmarket 18 Nov 1879
- son of Jane Richards of Chichester, Sussex, England
* In July 1882 Eliza was charged with bigamy but was discharged
Richard was a Butcher, they had 12 children (still researching):
* 1872 - Edward Richard
* 1874 - William Charles Richards
* 1880 - 1938 Percy Arthur Richards (died in Kalgoorlie, WA)
* 1886 - Blanche Elger Richards
* About 1891 Edward & Eliza divorced
Eliza next married Patrick TIERNEY in 1896
(Edward Dewar Richards next married Mary Pannett in 1893. He died at his residence, Kyber Pass Road, Newmarket, 2 Sep 1898)
ELIZA Tierney died 4 December 1926 in Newmarket aged 77

Elizabeth 'Bessie' Wootton
married Charles Edward FOUCART-SCANLAN in 1897
Evening Post, 26 January 1897 On the 13th inst., at St Peter and Paul R.C. Church, Lower Hutt, by the Rev Father Lane, Charles W. Foucart-Scanlan, M.B., C.M., to Elizabeth (Bessie), eldest daughter of Alfred Wootton Esq., of Fulton House, Cliftonville, Kent, England. Home papers please copy

Elizabeth Jane Wootton (1876-1958)
- daughter of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & Elizabeth Frances BURNETT
- granddaughter of Richard BURNETT & Sarah Ann IRONMONGER
married Thomas William SCAIFE (1862-1911) in 1899
married William Henry 'Bill' JOHNSTON (1865-1931) in 1916
married Henry 'Harry' WINTER (1869-1955) in 1944

Ellen Jackson Wootton (1902-)
- daughter of Charles Edward WOOTTON & Mary Steven McKERROW
married Thomas Alexander MacLEAN (1899-1965) in 1933
- son of Thomas MacLEAN & Barbara WILLIAMSON

Ellen Mary Wootton (1888-1941)
- daughter of William Samuel WOOTTON & Emma Ann PEARCE
(Ellen had a brother, Philip James Wootton, Sergeant 23/34)
married Robert Ernest Bell DIXON (1885-1932) in 1909
- son of Robert DIXON & Ellen Agnes Calder BELL
Star, 10 August 1909 DIXON-WOOTTON - July 20, by the Rev Mr Spence. Robert Ernest Bell Dixon, eldest son of Robert Dixon, Islington, to Ellen Mary, only daughter of W. S. Wootton, Sockburn

Elsie Franchise Wootton (1893-1963)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON of Wellington
married Richard James Thomas COWLEY (1888-1943) in 1915
RICHARD JAMES Cowley died 2 October 1943 in Wellington aged 55
ELSIE FRANCHISE Cowley died 29 December 1963 in Wellington aged 70
- they were cremated at Karori

Elsie Isobel Christian Wootton (1894-)
- daughter of Thomas Henry WOOTTON & Marion IKENE
married Robert Francis BROWN (1879-1928) in 1927

Emilie Sarah Wootton (1896-1980)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Charles Edward SENIOR (1890-1966) 15 July 1914
- son of John & Hannah SENIOR

Emily Wootton (Aug 1852-1940)
- born in Nelson to Edward Davies WOOTTON & Mary Evelyn 'Ann' POSTON
married Richard DAVIES (May 1852- 1901) 3 Feb 1877 St Paul's, Wellington
their known children:
* 1877 - John Davies
* 1879 - Louisa Davies
* 1882 - Emily Davies
* 1884 - William Davies
* 1886 - Alice Davies
* 1887 - Elsie Davies
* 1889 - Myrtle Davies
* 1891 - Charles Davies
* 1891 - James Davies
* 1893 - Charles Edward Davies
* 1895 - 1915 Fred Davies
1897 - Victoria May Davies
RICHARD is buried Wakapuaka & Emily is buried Karori

Ettie May Wootton (1892-1985)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON of Wellington
married George Ralph ROGERS (1891-1962) in 1919
- son of James ROGERS & Agnes READ of Mount Cook, Wellington

Georgina Matilda Wootton (1886-1972)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON (Saddler of Wellington)
married James George FILL (1880-1945) in 1907
- son of Alfred & Susan FILL of Mt Victoria, Wellington
James had a brother, Private 39789, Henry Vant Fill Killed in Ypres
their known children:
* 1909 - 2000 Elsie Olive Fill
* 1911 - 1919 Edith Maud Fill
* 1912 - Helen Ruth Fill

Gladys Wootton (1894-1974)
- daughter of George Harkus WOOTTON & Emily Charlotte BURGESS
married Thomas Roy SPILLER (1884-1973) in 1915
- 5th of 10 known children of Thomas Robert SPILLER & Flora McKAY

Gladys Fanny Constance Wootton (1895-1976)
married James GULLAND (1900-1989) in 1926
- son of David GULLAND & Elizabeth 'Eliza' CHIPLIN (originally from Scotland)

Gladys Transvaal Wootton (1900-1979)
- daughter of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married Bertie Renwick PURVIS (1897-1958) in 1921
- Bertie worked for New Zealand Railways
they had 3 children who lived (at least for a time) in South Africa
* 1921 - Clifford Renwick Purvis
* 1922 - 2010 Rona Gladys Purvis
* 1923 - 2004 Ronald Bruce Purvis (buried Auckland)
BERTIE RENWICK Purvis died 30 August 1958 in Palmerston North aged 61
GLADYS TRANSVALL Purvis died 20 December 1979 aged 79

Grace Olive Wootton (1888-1957)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT
married Ernest Edwin WILLIAMS (1888-1945) in 1913
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In fond and loving remembrance of our darling mother and grandma, who fell asleep at Paraparaumu on the 24th April, 1919
....For many years our family chain
....Was closely linked together;
....But, ah, that chain is broken now,
....One loving link has gone for ever.

....You are not forgotten, mother dear,
....Nor will you ever be;
....As long as life and memory last,
....We will love and remember thee.
Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law, Grace and Ern. Williams, also her little grandsons, Teddy and Ian

Hannah Wootton (1864-1946)
married John CARRUTH in 1890
their known children (born in Napier):
* 1891 - 1975 Annie Carruth (+ Francis Alfred Elsmore 1908 of Marlborough)
NOTE see notes under Olive Gwendoline Wootton above

Helen Annie 'Nellie' Wootton (1893-1988)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT
married Hubert 'Joe' WEGGERY (1893-1974) in Paraparaumu 1917
Dominion, 6 August 1917 WEDDING AT PARAPARAUMU
A wedding of interest to Manawatu residents was celebrated at the Methodist Church, Paraparaumu, last Wednesday, when Miss Helen A. Wootton, third daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter Wootton, of Paraparaumu, was married to Mr Hubert Weggery, fourth son of Mrs A. Weggery, also of Paraparaumu. The officiating clergyman was the Rev Mr White, assisted by the Rev Mr Cule. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of charmouse satin, with veil and orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of white marcissi. She was attended by three bridesmaids - Miss Alma Weggery (chief), and the little Misses Connie Wootton and Connie Carter. All wore frocks of white silk. Mr Sydney Weggery acted as best man. A reception was subsequently held at the Coronation Hall, after which the bridal party left for Wanganui. Amongst the many presents received was a set of cutlery from the Methodist Church members, the bride having been organist to the church for the past nine years. The bridegroom shortly goes into camp
their known children:
* 1918 - 1979 Gordon Hubert Keith Weggery
* ???? - Thelma Weggery
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away at Paraparaumu on the 24th April 1919.
....We cannot clasp your hands, dear mother
....Nor kiss your dear sweet brow;
....For in our aching hearts we know
....We have no mother now.

....A loving mother, true and kind,
....No one on earth like her we find;
....One year has passed, but none can tell
....The loss of a mother we loved so well.
Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law Nellie and Hubert Weggery
HUBERT 'Joe' Weggery died 25 November 1974 aged 81
HELEN ANNIE 'Nellie' Weggery died 17 December 1988 aged 95
- they are buried Plot 201, Block III at Waikanae cemetery

Ivy Lily Wootton
married James Samuel BURROWS in 1928

Jessie Wootton
married Percy William Harold SMITH in 1911

Lilian Rose Wootton (1889-1972)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Matthew BENNIE (1880-1954) 24 August 1909 in Blackball, Westland

Mabel Ellen Wootton (1905-)
- daughter of Albert Firkin WOOTTON & Jane Ellen GOOLD
married Charles Frederick Haynes CRACK (1902-1965) in 1927
- son of Charles Henry CRACK & Elizabeth KINROSS

Margaret Wootton (1879-)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married Donald Ewen MORRISON (1878-1939) in 1917

Margaret Ella Wootton
married Amos Joseph SUTTON (1876-1950) in 1909
- 8th of 13 children of George James SUTTON & Mary Jane PIMLOTT (1845-1922)
NOTE from Pimlott & Massey ... John Massey born in 1842 in Stockport, Cheshire lived in Clive, HB. His mother Maria Jones born in 1814 had a sister Agnes Jones who in 1859 came to NZ with her illegitimate daughter Mary Jane Jones (born 1845 in Stockport). John Massey was a witness at Mary Jane's wedding to George Sutton in 1864 and he was also the Informant at Death to Peter Pimlott's death in 1868. It was thought that Peter Pimlott married Agnes Jones as she arrived in NZ on board the Kinnaird as Agnes Pimlott, but not record of a marriage has ever been found. When Mary Jane Jones married George James Sutton she wrote her name as Mary Jane Jones Pimlott. They all lived in the Taradale/ Clive area of Napier.

Margaret Etta Wootton (1893-1971)
- daughter of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married Ivan Lindsay McDOWELL (1903-1980) in 1925
- son of John McDOWELL & Agnes Goodall LOCH

Mary Wootton
married James McLEAN in 1885
- James was a Tanner in Christchurch
their known children:
* 1886 - Robert McLean
* 1887 - Ethel Mary McLean (+ John Saxton 1914 in Addington)
* 1889 - Ada Agnes McLean
* 1890 - Matilda Elizabeth McLean
* 1891 - Charles Davidson McLean
* 1894 - Leonard Gordon McLean
* 1896 - Violet Jane McLean
* 1898 - 1976 James Warden McLean

Mary Jane Wootton (1884-1973)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married John Henry FERGUSON (1880-1949) in 1906
their known children:
* 1908 - 2004 Kenneth John Ivan Ferguson
* 1909 - 2000 Ellen Elizabeth Ferguson

May Steven Wootton (nee McKERROW 1878-1916)
first married Charles Edward Wootton in 1898
married Arthur BARNSLEY (1876-1948) in 1915

Matilda Wootton (1871-1950)
- born Walsall, Staffordhire, England, arrived NZ aged about 4
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Phoebe Matilda LYNEX of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
married William PORTER (1851-1912 from Scotland) in Dunedin, 5 February 1892
their known children:
* 1893 - 1893 William Charles Porter (aged 7 months)
* 1894 - 1894 Arthur James Porter (aged 9 months)
* 1895 - 1948 Reuben Porter
* 1896 - 1897 Walter Porter (aged 9 months)
* 1898 - 1968 Violet Irene Jane Porter (+ Henry Cecil Baddock 1925)
* 1901 - Mary Victoria May Porter (+ William Trainor 1925)
* 1903 - Gladys Marion Porter (+ Edward Hankey 1924)
* 1906 - Daisy Muriel Porter (+Stanislaus Edward Paterson 1925)
NOTE William Porter had first married Margaret Alexander (1863-1890) in 1885, the year after she arrived from Scotland
WILLIAM Porter died 13 December 1912 in Prendergast St., Dunedin
* Matilda next married Donald FRASER in 1923
MATILDA Fraser died 19 December 1950 in Dunedin aged 79
William & Matilda are buried Plot 34, Block 145 at Southern Cemetery with:
1890 - Margaret Porter aged 27, William's first wife
1891 - Margaret Victoria Porter aged 4, daughter of William & Margaret
1893 - William Charles Porter aged 7 months (in Sep), son of William & Matilda
1893 - Thomas Porter aged 8 (in Nov), son of William & Margaret
1894 - Arthur James Porter aged 9 months, son of William & Matilda
1897 - Walter Porter aged 9 months, son of William & Matilda

Matilda Evelyn Wootton (1890-1979)
married Wallace Frederick POPE (1890-1974) in 1920
- son of Frederick Walter POPE & Mary Ann WILLIAMSON

Matilda Henrietta 'Etti' Wootton (1887-1950)
- daughter of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married James Cameron MacFARLANE (1890-1918) in Dunedin 1914
- son of James MacFARLANE & Allison Grace CAMERON
their known children:
* 1915 - Elsie MacFarland (married in Sale, Victoria, Australia)
James served as Gunner 50223 & died of his wounds in France

Minnie Blanch Wootton (1890-1962)
- daughter of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & his 2nd wife Fanny Frances KERR
(see 'Grooms' below for more)
married Herbert McCONCHIE (1886-1960) in 1912
- son of William McCONCHIE & Esther Ann STEER

Myrtle Evelyn Wootton (1903-1974)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married John DEVLIN (1894-1952) 27 August 1924
JOHN Devlin died 4 July 1952 in Christchurch
MYRTLE EVELYN Devlin died 13 August 1974 in Huntly, Waikato aged 71
- she was cremated at Hamilton Park cemetery

Nancy Wootton (1907-2002) ?
married Lawrence Roland COWPER in 1933

Olive Gwendoline Wootton (1907-1989)
- daughter of George William WOOTTON + Ariel Lilly Elizabeth HOLLIS
married Frederick Edward Cyril BROOKS (1904-1982) in 1929
- son of William Edward BROOKS & Martha Matilda Rosina ANDRELL
- grandson of James ANDRELL & Martha BAWDEN who married 1861 in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, emigrated on the 'Magna Bono' into Marlborough in 1863 with 2 daughters, & had the Commercial Hotel in Grovetown, Marlborough. Their surname was originally Andrew, but due probably to their broad Cornish accent and their inability to read or write it later became recorded as Andrell
NOTE A sister of Martha Matilda Rosina Andrell, Mary Ann Andrell (1861-1902) married Samuel Elsmore in Grovetonw in 1880. They had a son, Francis Alfred Elsmore (1884-1969) who married Annie Carruth in Napier 1908 (see below)

Phoebe Lilian Wootton (1889-1964)
- daughter of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married Robert John RICHARDSON in 1913
their known children:
* 1914 - 1998 Gweneth Lilian Wootton

Phylis Joyce Wootton (1911-1998)
- daughter of Philip Henry WOOTTON & Lillian Doretta HOLLIS
married Philip Newton KERR (1911-1969) in 1930
- son of Leonard KERR & Bertha Dorothy PAHL

Rena Christian Wootton (1896-1980)
- daughter of Thomas Henry WOOTTON & Marion IKENE
married Joseph Patrick McQUILKIN (1900-1976) in 1925
- son of Joseph Patrick McQUILKIN & Maria Margaret KENNEDY

Sarah Wootton (1873-1936)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married George William WAUGH in 1898
their known children:
* 1899 - 1899 Christopher Waugh (aged 1 day)
* 1900 - 1986 Charles Alick Waugh
* 1902 - 1991 Sarah Waugh (+ Kenneth Joseph Dwyer 1927)
* 1903 - 1999 Winifred Waugh
* 1905 - 1973 Philip Waugh
* 1906 - 2003 Ruby Margaret Waugh
* 1908 - Amelia Waugh
* 1910 - 1982 Norman Waugh
* 1912 - Ellen Rosalind Waugh

Sarah Eliza Wootton (1875-1964)
- born in England, arriving in NZ about 1880
married Joseph Edward EVANS (1876-1928) in 1895
their known children:
* 1899 - Irene Sarah Evans (+George Parker Sise 1923)
* In 1915 (at least), Joseph was a salesman for Messrs Waters, Ritchie and Co., grain, seed and produce merchants of Dunedin
* In 1921 he was a Clerk for Thomas Thompson Ritchie
JOSEPH EDWARD Wootton died 1 February 1928 16 Council St., St Kilda, Dunedin aged 51
SARAH ELIZA Evans died 12 Aug 1964 aged 89 (still living at 16 Council Street)
- they are buried Plot 73, Block 110 at Andersons Bay cemetery

Una Dolce Wootton (1910-2006)
- daughter of Samuel Eli WOOTTON & Rebecca Robrough FOX
married Frank Henry THOMPSON (1908-1992) in 1933
- son of Frank THOMPSON & Harriet Mary COOK

Veda Mary Wootton (1901-1972)
- daughter of Charles Edward WOOTTON & May Steven McKERROW
married Alexander William HAY in 1931

Vera Edith Wootton (1904-)
- daughter of Albert Frederick WOOTTON & Edith Mary PEARCE
- granddaughter of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
In 1925 Vera was living at 67 Forbury Crescent, St Kilda, Dunedin with parents
married James Renton HENDERSON (1896-1955) in 1926

Violet Irene Wootton (1897-1982)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON of Wellington
married William Charles WELSFORD (1889-1976) in 1919

Winifred Marion Wootton (1901-)
- daughter of Thomas Henry WOOTTON & Marion IKENE
married Donald Colborne ROBERTSON (1898-1951) in 1927


HEADSTONE of Hubert 'Joe' & Helen Annie 'Nellie' Weggery

Plot 201-203, Block III at Waikanae cemetery

CRON marriages New Zealand 1890-1924

the known CRON marriages in New Zealand 1890 - 1924

Adam Robert George Cron (1882-1960)
married Gwendoline McKenzie CHALK (1883-1911) in 1911
Manawatu Times, 3 June 1911 CRON - On June 2nd, 1911, at Palmerston North, Gwendoline McKenzie Cron, beloved wife of Adam Cron, of Bourke street; aged 28 years
Adam next married Olive Winifred HOLLIS (1894-1973) in 1912

Alfred George Cron
married Elizabeth Alice AVERY in 1898

Herbert Cron (1877-1947)
married Catharine Sowrie REID in 1892 in Oamaru?

John Cron (1872-1953)
married Norah NOLAN in 1899

John Edward Cron (1903-1983)
married Dora Catherine PRENDERGAST (1909-1985) in 1927

Thomas Edward Cron (1883-1929)
married Florence Margaret EWING (1885-1955) in 1912

Thomas Frederick Cron (1895-1961)
married Elsie Olive SCOTT (1897-1965) in 1916

William Edward Cron (1906-2002)
married Sylvia Mona JONES (1904-1982) in 1925

Agnes Cron
married John COWAN in 1890

Catherine Flora Cron
married John NOLAN in 1904

Catherine Mary Cron
married Alan Alfred ALLAN in 1923

Eileen Florence Cron (1901-1953)
married Thomas Leonard de Vere HUNT (1900-1934) in 1924

Elizabeth Ann Cron (1867-1907)
married William ADAIR in 1894

Mary Louisa Cron (1874-1927)
married John CONDON in 1897

GALLON buried Carterton, Wairarapa

the GALLON buried Clareville cemetery Carterton as at July 2010

ADELAIDE MANGAIO Gallon (nee PARKER) aged 76
daughter of Stanley PARKER & Margaret
married: Stuart Ross St Clair Gallon in 1923
date of death: 12 May 1975
buried: Plot 277, Block SUB 2

BASIL LESLIE Gallon aged 65
date of death: 29 June 1987
buried: Plot 289, Block NEW UNSEC

CLIFFORD STUART Gallon aged 12 days
date of death: 11 August 1923
buried: Plot 349

DOREEN MABEL Gallon aged 12
date of death: 11 December 1928
buried: Plot 233, Block OU NEW SUR

DOYLE Gallon aged 84
date of death: 6 July 2010
buried: Row 1563, Area lawn A

EVA GLADYSS Gallon (nee JAMES) aged 83
married: Leslie Stuart Gallon in 1921
date of death: 20 July 1982
buried: Plot 351

FLORA MAUDE Gallon aged 90
date of death:20 April 1968
buried: Plot 275, Block SUB 2

GLADYS MURIEL Gallon aged 66
date of death: 27 Fed 1998
buried: Plot 289, Block NEW UNSEC

LESLIE STUART Gallon aged 71
son of William Stuart GALLON & Mabel Edith HODDER
date of death: 17 July 1972
buried: Plot 350

MABEL EDITH Gallon aged 41
date of death: 26 November 1918
buried: Plot 234, Block OU NEW SUR

MURRAY GRANT Gallon aged 6 months
date of death: 3 September 1953
buried: Plot 288, Block NEW UNSEC

STUART ROSS ST. CLAIR Gallon aged 84
son of Alexander Cruickshank GALLON & Helen Caroline Edith WELCH
married: Adelaide Mangaio PARKER in 1923
date of death: 7 October 1986
buried: Plot 276, Block sub 2

date of death: 24 January 1978
buried: Plot 698, Block 1, Area LAWN A

WILLIAM STUART Gallon aged 56
date of death: 26 November 1928
buried: Plot 235, Block OU NEW SUR

Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

taken by wenpen 5-7-2012

FOSTER buried Masterton, Wairarapa

the FOSTER buried Masterton, Wairarapa as at July 2012

ALLAN DAVID Foster aged 19
death date: 6 March 1976
buried: Plot 68, Row N, Area Lawn A-X at Archer Street

AUDREY OLIVE Foster aged 45
death date: 27 Sep 1970
buried: Plot 33, Row 7, Area lawn A-X at Arcger Street

DAPHNE PEARL Foster aged 92
death date: 7 Sep 2010
buried: Plot 49, Row B, Area Lawn C at Riverside

DAVID FRANCIS Foster aged 42
death date: 16 March 1994
buried: Plot 4, Row C, Area Lawn C at Riverside

death date: 2 Dec 2003
buried: Plot 67, Row A, Block B, Area Cremation Lawn at Riverside
- with wife Marcia

ELAINE AVIS Foster aged 2 days
daughter of Edward FOSTER & Annie DIXON
death date: 29 Aug 1909
buried: Plot EAF, Row A, Area Old Ground at Archer Street

EMILY IDA Foster (nee COE) aged 91
married: Roy Marryatt Herman Foster in 1924
death date: 24 Sep 1992
buried: Plot EIF, Row 13, Area Ex Servicemen at Archer Street

IRIS EVELYN Foster (nee COMPTON) aged 76
married: Clarence Rayner Foster (1892-1984) in 1927
- (8th of 16 known children of Thomas William FOSTER & Mary Ann GRIX)
they divorced in Auckland in 1949
death date: 26 Oct 1977
buried: Plot IEF, Row 8, Area Plan I at Archer Street

death date: 28 June 2012
buried: Plot 67, Row N, Area Lawn A-X at Archer Street

MARCIA Foster aged 82
death date: 20 Jan 1995
buried: Plot 67, Row B-A, Area Cremation Lawn at Riverside
with husband Douglas David

MERRYL JUNE Foster aged 23
death date: 13 Oct 1973
buried: Plot 85, Row V, Area lawn A-X at Archer Street

son of Pat Leonard Johnston FOSTER & Edith Mabel Cameron BROWNE
death date: 6 Nov 1993
buried: Plot 50, Row B, Area Lawn G at Riverside

PATRICIA MARY Foster aged 83
death date: 31 Oct 2009
buried: Plot 54, Row G, Area Lawn A-X at Archer Street
- next to Husband Thomas William

RAYMOND JAMES Foster aged 82
death date: 21 July 2012
buried: Plot 66, Row N, Area Lawn A-X- at Archer Street

14th of 16 known children of Thomas William FOSTER & Mary Ann GRIX
married: Emily Ida COE (1901-1992) in 1924
death date: 2 March 1975
buried: Plot RHMF, Row 13, Area Ex Servicemen at Archer Street

THOMAS WILLIAM Foster aged 62
death date: 20 Sep 1977
buried: Plot 53, Row G, Area Lawn A-X

WILLIAM Foster aged 84
death date: 11 Aug 1890
Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 August 1890, William Foster, of the Taueru, an old pensioner of the North Wairarapa Benevolent Society, died yesterday morning
buried: Plot EF, Row 3, Area Plan VI at Archer Street

WILLIAM PINDER Foster aged 71
3rd of 16 known children of Thomas William FOSTER & Mary Ann GRIX
death date: 16 Sep 1990
buried: Plot 33, Row T, Area: lawn A-X at Archer Street

Mary Ann Foster died 14 March 1911 aged 49 after a lingering illness
Evening Post, 17 March 1911 CARTERTON - The funeral of the late Mrs T. W. Foster took place at the Clareville cemetery yesterday afternoon, and was largely attended, the cortege including brethren of the Masterton and Carterton Rechabite Lodges. Bros. F. E. Tyler, E. King, W. H. Partridge and W. H. Whyte were the pall-bearers. The Rev C. H. Standage officiated at the graveside
Thomas William FOSTER died 3 April 1915 aged 57
- they are buried together in Plots 113 & 114 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

Archer Street Cemetery
Park Ave entrance

Suicides, New Zealand - January 1923

the known January 1923 suicides, or attempted suicides, in New Zealand
The objective here is to record names and the districts they lived in and to present the facts surrounding their reasons as they were presented at the time (as opposed to notoriously incorrect stories that families have passed down through generations - aka Chinese Whispers).
Please be aware that in those days, unlike today, the newspapers reported the events very graphically, just as they happened. Links have been provided to read the details of such stories. Caution is recommended for those who are sensitive.

As at time of writing Papers Past is experiencing problems loading pages (sometimes due to traffic overload) and the links may take forever to open or not open at all. Try again at a later time

Evening Post, 3 January 1923 at WAIPAWA PA
Puhi MAIHI aged over 50, quarreled with his wife Linda Maihi, aged 22 after he learned she was leaving with a younger man

Evening Post, 3 January 1923 at OTAIO
James MacCORMACK, a blacksmith, about 45 years of age, committed suicide to-day by cutting his throat at Otaio. Deceased, a widower, leaves seven young children
BDM has recorded him as James McCORMACK aged 50

Auckland Star, 5 January 1923 at WARKWORTH
Richard Derwent HOLLINGSWORTH, a young man (1890-1966), was remanded for a week on charges of having attempted suicide at Warkworth and with having unlawfully discharged a loaded firearm at another man

NZ Truth, 6 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Sad and sore with the tribulations of the world, its poverty and hard work, an elderly woman, who was stated to be employed as a cleaner at the G.P.O. threw herself into the harbour last week and was rescued just in the nick of time. After being two days in hospital the unfortunate woman was brought before the Police Court and stood, weeping, in the dock to answer a charge of attempted suicide. She pleaded guilty, when it was stated by the police that she told them she had been greatly worried and so had striven to drown it all in the waters of the Waitemata. She was convicted and discharged, and afterwards conducted to her home in Grey Lynn by the police

Evening Post, 8 January 1923 at DUNEDIN
Andrew CRAIG, 60 years of age (1863-1925), attempted suicide last night by placing a gas tube in his mouth, but, becoming unconscious, he slid from his chair, thus removing the tube. He is now recovering in hospital. He has had poor health for some time.

Evening Post, 8 January 1923 at HOKITIKA
Robert H. HALLIGAN, aged 29 (Robert Henry Halligan aged 36), who had been missing for eight days, was found hanging in the bush. He served at Gallipoli, winning the D.C.M., and was wounded in the head. He leaves a widow and four young children
he married Maude FOSTER in 1919

Auckland Star, 9 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Verdict of suicide by coal-gas poisoning followed death in hospital of Joshua LAZAR, a crippled second-hand dealer of middle age. John HISCOTT, tobacconist, said that the deceased occupied a second-hand shop adjoining his, at 110 Hobson Street. Lazar had talked about suicide for the last five years ...

Auckland Star, 10 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
"I don't know what to do about this case just now" said Sergeant Rowall, "This man, Ernest George BOVIS (1890-1970, married Dorothy Eileen Smith in 1933), is not usually given to drink. He had been keeping company with a young girl, but the girl had decided she would have nothing more to do with him. The man purchased a razor yesterday with the expressed intention of committing suicide because of his rejection. He was found sitting on the side of the road in Belgium Street, weeping and he had this razor in his possession". "Oh! he wants attention," said Mr Poynton, S.M. Accused was remanded for a week for medical observation

Evening Post, 15 January 1923 at MILTON
A man named William David CHEYNE (1863-1923), was found drowned in a well at the back of his residence at Milton this morning. Suicide is suspected

Evening Post, 16 January 1923 at WELLINGTON
The inquest concerning the death of James Duff CRUICKSHANK 67 years of age, (1855-1923, land agent), who was found hanged in his office at 18 Grey street yesterday, was conducted at the magistrate's Court to-day by the Coroner (Mr W. G. Riddell, S.M.) Sergeant O'Neill appeared for the police. Evidence of identification was given by John Gwyneth Stevens, a land agent, who said he had last seen Cruickshank alive a week previous to last Sunday. The deceased owed some money, not a great deal, but this seemed to prey on his mind and depress him. He had mentioned in a general way, that things were not going too well. Sergeant O'Neill stated that he had found a note in the office of the deceased which showed that he was in financial difficulties. Other evidence having been given, the Coroner found that the deceased committed suicide by hanging himself while mentally depressed
James was a son of James Duff Fyfe CRUICKSHANK & Christina MOUAT. He married married Harriet Elizabeth MALCOLM (1865-1905) in 1885. They didn't have children. He was 'from Masterton' when he married Jane Mary MALCOLM 'of Wellington' 17 April 1907. He is buried Plot 217 G, CH ENG2 at Karori

New Zealand Herald, 16 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Distressing circumstances attended the death of Mrs Elsie Rhoda JAMES, aged 43, of Franklin Road, Ponsonby, whose body was found yesterday morning floating near the shore in St Mary's Bay. At an inquest held yesterday afternoon, John Charles James said his wife had been in failing health for about six months, being at times rather strange in her manner. She had periods of rather severe depression. When he awoke at about 6.15 a.m. yesterday he missed her from the room. He went down to St Mary's Bay, in company with Mr P. A. Smith, a motor-engineer, and they found the body of his wife in the water. On January 10 she left home about 9 p.m., and he found her about 1 a.m. the next morning wandering on St Mary's Beach. She said she was watching the moon. She was then in a demented condition. Dr W. H. Horton said he had attended the deceased since the middle of October. She had been mentally depressed, but was not sufficiently ill to be sent to a mental hospital. She was very well taken care of and was improving. The coroner returned a verdict of suicide by drowning while mentally depressed
Elsie Rhoda nee MURRAY, married John Charles JAMES in 1914

Auckland Star, 17 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
James MONTAGUE, an old man, a Niue Islander, who appeared in Court the other day in a weak condition charged with attempted suicide was further remanded to appear again on January 24, Senior-Sergeant Rawle stating that accused was still under medical observation at Mount Eden gaol

Auckland Star, 18 January 1923 at PAHIATUA
Ernest John MEADE, a lorry driver, aged about 45, married, was found this morning hanging on a beam in a storeroom adjacent to the stables where he was employed, The circumstances point to suicide
Ernest married Sara ANDERSEN (1886-1965) in 1908
their known children:
1910 - 1985 Charles Arthur Meade

Auckland Star, 19 January 1923 at GISBORNE
Frederick George CHAPMAN (1871-1923), an inmate of the public hospital was found dead at 2.10 o'clock this morning with his throat cut by a razor. Deceased was a married man with five children, residing at Muriwai
Frederick married Julia Elizabeth ROBERTSON (1876-1955) in 1902
their children were:
1902 - Reginald Herbert Frederick Chapman
1903 - Ivy Ethel Julia Chapman
1905 - Myrtle Catherine Alice Chapman
1908 - Harold Wilfred George Chapman
1912 - Mona Frances Evelyn Chapman

Evening Post, 23 January 1923 at WELLINGTON
An Australian, named Joseph BARDEN, 33 years of age, (1893-1952), who was recently found on the outskirts of Lyall Bay with his throat cut, appeared on a charge of having attempted to commit suicide. On the application of Senior Sergeant Lander, the accused, who pleaded guilty, was remanded until Friday for sentence
he served as Rifleman 15324 with the 9th

Evening Post, 24 January 1923 at FEILDING
A number of suspicious outbreaks of fire have recently been causing concern amongst business men. Last week an attempt was made to set fire to business premises occupied by a Chinese fruiterer. Police investigations resulted in the arrest of Clive Joseph NOBLE, aged 17 (1906-1984), a messenger in the Feilding Fire Brigade. Noble was before the Court this morning, and was remanded till next Thursday. The accused's father applied for bail, and in the course of a speech to the Bench said the boy had admitted to the police having committed the deed which was the subject of the charge. The police opposed the application, partly on the ground that the accused had threatened to commit suicide, and the Magistrate refused to grant bail
Clive married Daisy Irene Linda McEwan (1905-1977) in 1927

New Zealand Herald, 24 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
An elderly man, James G. Cummings, pleaded guilty to a charge of having attempted to commit suicide. According to the police evidence accused had said he was going to commit suicide and had drunk a bottle of chlorodyne. He was taken to the hospital. Accused seemed to have periodic attacks of this kind, and it was feared that one day he would succeed in his suicidal attempts. The magistrate, remarking that liquor was the cause of the trouble, sentenced accused to six months imprisonment

Auckland Star, 24 January 1923 at TAIHAPE
The body of a man named George WISELY, aged 40 (1883-1923), single, a ploughman of Ruanui station, was found floating in a dam a mile from the homestead yesterday. He returned from a holiday on the 13th., and was missed next day. An exhaustive search made failed to locate him till yesterday, when the body was found as stated. At the inquest a verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane was returned

Auckland Star, 25 January 1923 at CHRISTCHURCH
Mr Scott BAKER (John Scott Baker, 1873-1923), a well known commission agent, of Christchurch, shot himself on Mr T. Croft's farm at Onuhi this morning

Auckland Star, 26 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Frederick BUTCHER, a bluejacket from the New Zealand Squadron, admitted having attempted to commit suicide by cutting his throat. It was stated that the man - a smart-looking young sailor - had been most peculiar and had attempted his life in a sudden fit of dementia. However, he was now apparently normal

Northern Advocate, 1 February 1923 at WELLINGTON
A tragedy occurred at 38 McFarlane Street, yesterday, when Mrs Mary Elizabeth BELLHOUSE, wife of the Rev Harold Bellhouse, leaped from an upstairs window of their residence to the asphalt path below, a distance of about 25 feet. She received such severe injuries that she died before medical aid could be summoned. Deceased was 56 years of age and resided with her husband and family. For four years past she had been mentally depressed and had been attended by Dr Elliott for nervous troubles.
Mary Eliza nee TURNER married Harold Edward Bellhouse in 1898
their children were:
1899 - Geoffrey Turner Bellhouse (see note at end)
1901 - 1985 Lesbia Charlotte Grace Bellhouse
1903 - 1940 Lionel Edward Bellhouse
1906 - 1990 Basil Charles Bellhouse
the Rev Geoffrey Turner Bellhouse was born at Christchurch 21 July 1899 and was educated at Christchurch Boys' High School. He graduated master of arts at Auckland University College and began study for the ministry at Knox College, Dunedin. He went to Edinburgh University to complete the course, graduating bachelor of divinity. He was ordained in 1926 at Regent Square Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, since when he has been at St. Andrew's, Eastbourne. He served a term as moderator of the Presbyterian Church of England, 195859, and has been special preacher on many occasions both in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The Rev. Bellhouse has done a considerable amount of broadcasting and published a number of books, including Thinking it Out, Immortal Longings and These are Thy Wonders