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SCOON marriages New Zealand

the SCOON marriages 1870 - 1935

Alfred John Scoon (1891-1942)
married Gwyneth Emily Harper (1894-) in 1917
* daughter of Charles & Sarah Emily Harper. One of Gwyneth's brothers, Aubrey Masfen Harper, died aged 15 months and is buried at Bolten st., Wellingotn

Francis William Scoon (1889-1960)
married Phoebe May Humphreys (1893-1971) in 1915
their known children
1916 - 1986 William Humphreys Scoon

George Scoon (1887-1976)
married Lillian May Millman (1886-1972) in 1916
their known children
1918 - Maud Joyce May Scoon

Isaac Scoon (1874-)
married Hannah Henry (1879-) in 1902
their known children
1902 - 1982 Fanny Isabel Scoon
1904 - 1994 Raymond James Scoon
1907 - 1991 Leslie Henry Scoon
1909 - 1974 Isaac Mawson Scoon
1908 - 1979 William Edward Scoon
1913 - Avis Irene Scoon
1915 - 1967 Basil Graham Scoon
1917 - Doris Joan Scoon

James Maxwell Scoon (1911-1991)
* son of Joseph Scoon (1886-1962) & Lucy Mary Roskruge
married Avis Emmeline Isabell Mauger (1912-) in 1934
* daughter of Martin Harold Mauger & Isabella Scoon (1879-1956)
* James's father Joseph & Avis's mother Isabella were siblings

John Scoon
married Margaret Christina McKenzie in 1897
their known children
1899 - 1967 Kenneth Robert Scoon
1901 - 1976 Elsie Annie Scoon
1907 - 1985 Isabella Margaret Scoon
1910 - 1985 Kathleen Louisa Scoon

John Scoon (1880-)
married Mary Wall in 1911
their known children
1912 - 1969 Roberta Mary Scoon

Joseph Scoon (1886-1962)
married Lucy Mary Roskruge (1889-1912) in 1909
* daughter of Francis Horace Roskruge & Emily Amelia Annie Hatton
their known children
1910 - 1993 Basil Stewart Mawson Scoon
1911 - 1991 James Maxwell Scoon
Joseph next married Madeleine Violet Lydon (1900-1976) in 1925

Kenneth Robert Scoon (1899-1967)
married Rita Irene Morris (1903-1996) in 1929

Lawrence Edwin Scoon (1910-1939)
married Gladys Isitt (1916-) in 1934
* daughter of Edward Christopher Isitt & Henrietta Bennett

Leslie Henry Scoon (1907-1991)
married Margaret Jane Lilley (1907-1992) in 1930

Raymond James Scoon (1904-1995)
married Pearl Valda Hickey Grieve (1906-1994) in 1929
* daughter of Christopher James Grienve & Ellen 'Nellie' Barrett of Timaru

Robert Scoon (1882-1965)
married Mary Wilkie in 1908
their known children
1908 - 1976 William Hudson Scoon
1910 - 1939 Lawrence Edwin Scoon
* Lawrence died aged 29 & buried Oamaru

William Scoon (1843-1899)
married Elizabeth Joyce Mawson (1853-1889) in 1870
their known children
1872 - 1941 Mary Jane Scoon
1874 - 1950 Isaac Scoon
1874 - 1932 William Scoon
1875 - 1956 Eleanor Scoon
1877 - Elizabeth Scoon
1879 - 1956 Isabella Scoon
1880 - John Scoon
1882 - 1965 Robert Scoon
1884 - 1971 Bessie Scoon
1886 - 1962 Joseph Scoon
1887 - 1976 George Scoon

William Scoon
married Annie Mills in 1889
their known children
1889 - 1960 Francis William Scoon
1891 - 1980 Mabel Isabella Scoon
1893 - 1942 Alfred John Scoon

William Scoon (1874-1932)
married Elizabeth Edwards in 1900

William Hudson Scoon (1908-1976)
married Amy Travis Bond in 1933
* lived in Napier

Bessie Scoon (1884-1971)
married Donald MacCallum in 1912
their known children
1913 - Janet Elizabeth MacCallum
1917 - Donald William MacCallum

Elizabeth Scoon (1877-1918)
married William Thomas Plaskett (1873-1947) in 1899
their known children
1900 - 1981 Isaac William Plaskett
1902 - 1974 Arthur Stanley Plaskett
1905 - 1949 Marjory Elizabeth Plaskett
- married William Edwin Claude Minchington 1930
* Elizabeth died at Fernside, Christchurch in June 1918 aged 40.
* Annie Plaskett, daughter of Elizabeth Plaskett (1851-1921) of Fernside, died in 1916 aged 50. Her estate was certified for death duty at £1,762 (equivalent in 2018 to $237,000)
* A Walter Plaskett, Private 60986, youngest son of Elizabeth & the late William Plaskett (-1915) of Fernside, Christchurch, was killed in action on the Somme, 29 March 1918 aged 30
* George Edward Plaskett of Fernside, Christchurch, son of Elizabeth & the late William Plaskett, died Nov 1945 aged 63
* Ivan William Plaskett, son of Arthur 'Stanley' Plaskett & Lillian Muriel Chambers, died at Fernside in 1937 aged 2.11

Elizabeth Fisher Scoon
married William Roy Schdroski in 1935

Eleanor Scoon (1875-1956)
married William Henry Leech (1874-1936) in 1898
their known children
1898 - Anne Elizabeth Leech
1901 - Francis Edward Leech

Elsie Annie Scoon (1901-1976)
married Captain James Matheson Nimmo (1897-1979) in 1928
* born in Oamaru, when Captain enlisted in 1917, he omitted his first Christian name for obvious reasons. He left New Zealand with the 37th Reinforcements in May 1918 and after further training in England he joined the 3rd Battalion, 3rd New Zealand (Rifle) Brigade on 27 Sep 1918. He took part in the final operations and the occupation of Cologne and was repatriated in 1919. He lived in Ngapara until shortly before his death in 1979.
James describes the Le Quesnoy attack, letter written 7 Nov 1918 from 'somewhere in France'

Isabella Scoon (1879-)
married Martin Harold Mauger (1880-) in 1906
* son of Phillip John & Margaret Matilda (1853-1890) Manger

Kathleen Louisa Scoon (1910-1985)
married Alfred Edward Lock (1904-1967) in 1935
* son of William Lock & Esther Georgina Levien

Mary Jane Scoon (1872-1941)
married John Briggs (1864-) in 1893
their known children
1894 - 1976 William Briggs
1896 - 1918 Joseph Briggs
* On 2 Oct 1917, near Passchendaele, Joseph received a gunshot wound to the face and was admitted to No 3 Australian Field Ambulance and later transferred to No 12 General Hospital at Rouen. By 30 Nov he was back with his unit at New Hutting Camp, which was half a mile south of Ypres. In December he had 2½ weeks leave in England before returning to Ypres on 7 February 1918. On 25 Aug during the battle of Bapaume, Joseph’s battalion was involved in the capture of the town and the high ground to the east when he received further gunshot wounds to his neck and a compact fracture of his spine. After a short admittance to the 1st Australian General Hospital at Rouen, he was transferred to England aboard the hospital ship Guildford Castle. He died during the passage aboard ship on 28 Aug 1918... more at his link
1897 - 1955 Elizabeth Joyce Briggs
1899 - 1947 Isabella Briggs
1900 - 1965 Bessie Briggs
1902 - 1985 Robert Harold Briggs
1904 - 1981 John George Briggs
1906 - 2000 Mary Jane Briggs
1908 - 1956 Clifton Lancaster Briggs
1909 - 1998 Emily Ada Briggs
1912 - 1999 Eunice Eleanor Briggs

Roberta Mary Scoon (1912-1969)
married Henry Condor Hitchcock (1905-1963) in 1933

James & Avis Scoon at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Christchurch

the shooting of John Henry Lawrence aged 10

Marlborough Express, 24 April 1906

At the residence of Mr Christopher John Alexander Lawrence, Flaxbourne, yesterday, an inquest was held concerning the death by shooting of John Henry Lawrence, his son, aged 10 years, which occurred on Sunday afternoon. Mr F. M. Foster, J.P., acted as Coroner; and the enquiry was conducted by Constable Southgate.
The following person comprised the jury:- H. W. Elvy (foreman), Wm. Cobeldick junr., John McGregor, John Hoare, Bernard Chapman and A. T. Neugeschwender.
Christopher John Alex. Lawrence, father of the deceased, carpenter, deposed that he last saw his son alive at 2 p.m. on Sunday. At 4 p.m. he was brough back dead by his cousin, Thomas Lawrence. Mrs Lawrence gave evidence as to the latter coming to ask permission for the deceased to go and help him shift some furniture from Hegglun's whare to Chapman's whare.
Thomas Gabriel Lawrence, aged 13 years, cousin of the deceased, was the principal witness.
.. NOTE Thomas was a son of Christopher's brother William Peter Lawrence & Annie Eliza Boxall, see top link ..
He deposed that deceased and he left on Sunday afternoon to go to Chapman's whare. He was going to shift some of his bed things from Hegglun's whare. They each took a load over and were about to go for another load, when deceased found a box of caps and said, "I used to let them off on a nail at Ashburton." Witness told him they were caps for a muzzle-loader. Witness then went for a load, deceased remaining in the whare. When he came back deceased had a gun in his hand and there was a cap on the nipple. Witness, "The gun may be loaded; you had better give me the gun." Deceased gave witness the gun, turned from him and the gun went off in his hands. Deceased fell, rose again and then fell evidently dead. He did not speak. Witness picked him up and carried him to his home. Witness said he did not notice if the gun was cocked,

To the foreman: I do not know if I had my hand upon the trigger.
To a juryman: When the gun went off he (witness) was standing up; deceased was two or three feet from him.

Constable Southgate said he had examined Chapman's whare. He found a double-barrelled muzzle-loading gun upon the floor near the stove. The right barrel had been recently discharged, the hammer being down and a cap on the nipple. The cap looked as if it had recently been put on. The left barrel was still loaded. The gun appeared to have been loaded for some time. An examination of the body showed that there was a wound behind the left shoulder blade. He could find no other marks upon the body. The wound was, in his opinion, quite sufficient to cause death.

The jury gave a verdict that the deceased came to his death by misadventure from a gun-shot wound at the hands of his cousin. A rider was added to the effect that more care should be exercised when leaving loaded guns about dwellings within reach of children.

(also see info at Christopher's link at top)
Christopher John Alexander Lawrence (1871-1939) first married Frances 'Sarah' Batchelor (1875-1907) in 1893 and had 5 children
their children
* 1893 - 1987 Harriet Frances Lawrence
* 1896 - 1906 John Henry Lawrence (the victim)
* 1899 - 1902 Leonard Walter Lawrence (aged 2)
* 1903 - 1974 Leslie Walter Lawrence
* 1905 - 1975 Clement Oliver Lawrence

* The cousin, Thomas Gabriel Lawrence, was born in Invercargill, a son of Christopher's brother William Peter Lawrence, of McLaughlin St., Farnham, Blenheim, (also of Springhead, Seddon, Marlborough).
Thomas went to war in 1915 (just 9 years after the incident), as Private 10/1880. He embarked from Wellington 17 April 1915 with the Wellington Infantry Battalion, 4th Reinforcements. He joined his Battalion at Gallipoli on 9 June 1915. Was admitted to 15th Stationary Hospital, Mudros on 25 June 1915 (with diarrhea); discharged from hospital 30 June 1915 and rejoined his Battalion at Gallipoli on 1 July 1915. A month later, he was sent sick to hospital, 2 Aug 1915; rejoined his Battalion 3 Aug 1915. Five days later, on 8 Aug 1915, he was Killed In Action. He was 25.
His Memorials are at: Chunuk Bair (NZ) Memorial, Chunuk Bair Cemetery, Gallipoli. Marlborough War Memorial, Blenheim and Seddon District War Memorial

Private 10/1880

MAUGER marriages New Zealand

the MAUGER marriages 1898 - 1937
(the name is pronounced 'major')

Journal inspired by the death yesterday of IVAN MAUGER. Ivan Gerald Mauger, MBE was born in Christchurch on 4 Oct 1939. He died 16 April 2018 aged 78, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
* Ivan was 6 times world champion, won 15 world titles, was awarded an MBE in 1976, crowned NZ sportsman of the year 1977 & 1979 and was inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame. He is considered to be the best speedway rider ever and was voted as the "Greatest Rider of the 20th Century".
His achievements are too huge to list here, go to above link
Lots of great photos and a long, dedicated bio

Arthur George Mauger (1911-1986)
married Eva Maud Rundle (1913-1975) in 1937 in Christchurch

Clarence Charles Mauger (1891-1963)
married Jessie Bannerman Mackenzie (1900-1965) in 1922
Otago Daily Times, 19 Feb 1923
MAUGER - MacKENZIE On December 21, at Chalmers Church, by the Rev E. Adams, Clarence Charles, younger son of the late Lieutenant H. T. Mauger, R.N., and Mrs Mauger, St Peters, Guernsey, to Jessie Bannerman, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Mackenzie, Duncan street, Dunedin

Edwin Arthur Mauger (1884-1959)
married Caroline Charlotte Mantell (1886-1927) in 1911
their known children
1911 - 1986 Arthur George Mauger
1913 - 1914 Elaine Annie Mauger (aged 11 months)
1915 - 2000 Stanley Phillip Mauger
1917 - 1944 Harold Edwin Mauger
- Sergeant NZ4312695, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 8 Squadron, died in an accident at Whenuapai aged 27
Press, 10 Jan 1927
Mrs Caroline Mauger, aged 42 years, who resided in Isis street, Woolston, died in St Helens Hospital about 3 o'clock on Friday Morning. At 9am to-day, at the Courthouse, an enquiry into the circumstances concerning the death will be held

Edwin Arthur Mauger (1914-1965)
married Alice Rita Fuller Forscutt (1912-2004) in 1937

Ernest Mauger (1894-1973)
married Doris Eveline Conner (1902-1987) in 1931

Frederick John Mauger (1901-1966)
married Peggy Jean Beale (1908-1995) in 1931

James Mauger (1880-1944)
married Elsie Kate Blackmore (1886-1953) in 1907
their known children
1907 - Alma Elizabeth Mauger
1909 - 1996 Ronald George Mauger
1918 - Thelma Rose Mauger

Philip Timaru Mauger (1896-1978)
married Marion Craven (1899-1965) in 1921

Phillip Roy Mauger
married Mabel Henrietta Ray (1910-1978) in 1936

Ronald George Mauger (1909-1996)
married Jean Dalziel Petrie (1908-1996) in 1932

Stanley Howard Mauger (1899-1978)
married Violet May Blanchard (1898-1970) in 1924

births where marriage not found
(married outside NZ)
Martin Harold (1880-1957) & Isabella (1878-1956) Mauger
1906 - 1946 Marjorie Elizabeth Joyce Mauger
1912 - Avis Emmeline Isabell Mauger

Philip (1855-1945) & Amelia Jane (1874-1948) Mauger
1896 - 1978 Philip Timaru Mauger
1899 - 1978 Stanley Howard Mauger
1905 - Eunice May Mauger

Philip John (1876-1962) & Fanny Elizabeth (1877-1961) Mauger
1900 - 1975 Phyllis Fanny Dora Mauger
1906 - Phillip Roy Mauger
1914 - 1965 Edwin Arthur Mauger
1916 - 2012 Frederick Morton Mauger
* Philip & Fanny are buried in Bromley cemetery, Christchurch

Alma Elizabeth Mauger (1907-1990)
married Reece Frederick Smith (1904-1978) in 1929

Avis Emmeline Isabell Mauger (1912-)
married James Maxwell Scoon (1911-1991) in 1934

Dora Florence Mauger (1887-1982)
married Thomas Francis Chandler (1882-1970) in 1918

Elsie Emelie Mauger (1903-1976)
married Montague Fowler (1905-1975) in 1932

Frances Rose Mauger (1876-1949)
married John William Baker in 1898
their known children
1900 - John William Baker
1902 - Myrtle Rose Baker
1904 - Rosa Baker
1908 - Richard John Baker
1913 - Raymond Baker

Margaret Matilda Mauger (1879-1960)
married Charles Frederick Snook (1875-1962) in 1901
their known children
1902 - Lawrence Charles Frederick Snook
1903 - Ruby Matilda Snook
1904 - Frederick Philip Snook
1909 - John Phillip Snook
1912 - William James Snook
1915 - Eric Charles Edward Snook

Marjorie Elizabeth Joyce Mauger (1907-1946)
married Malcolm Charles Cockburn (1905-1989) in 1934

Martha Blanche Mauger (1875-1947)
married William Stevenson in 1903
their known children
1904 - Andrew Hugh McGregor Stevenson
1905 - William Thomas Ronald Stevenson
1907 - Ninnia Margaret Blanche Stevenson
1909 - Frances Lillian Stevenson
1913 - Walter James Scott Stevenson
1916 - John Kenneth Percival Stevenson

Phyllis Fanny Dora Mauger (1900-1975)
married William Ernest Reeve (1902-1979) in 1927

Shona Nina Alice Mauger (1921-2009)
married Lawrence Allan Watson in 1937

Ivan Mauger. Go to his link at top

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LAWRENCE buried New Plymouth District

LAWRENCE buried New Plymouth 1896-2017

Ada Lawrence
* Ada died 22 Oct 1970 aged 78
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Agnes Alexander Lawrence (nee Watson)
* married Clement Slater Lawrence in 1922
* Agnes died 10 Sep 1985 aged 89
* ashes taken

Alice Lawrence (nee Vosper)
* married Burton Charles Lawrence in 1914 as 2nd wife
* Alice died 28 July 1962 aged 89
* buried: Garden of remembrance

Alice Olive Lawrence (nee Smith)
* married William Burton Lawrence in 1915
* Alice died 11 Oct 1993 aged 96
* buried: Lawn Area, Plot 745 WAITARA

Ann Josephine Lawrence (nee Colesby)
* married Burton Charles Lawrence in 1888
their children
* 1891 - 1918 Amy Josephine Lawrence
* 1894 - 1915 Eric Burton John Lawrence
* Ann died 24 June 1912 aged 57
* buried: Memorial Area, Block 1 Plot 184 WAITARA

Arthur Alexander Lawrence
* Arthur was a Dairy Farmer
* Arthur died 19 March 1950 aged 70
* buried: Alpha Block Row CZ - East Plot 18 TE HENUI

Becket Francis Hassell Lawrence
* Beckett died 9 May 2005 aged 32
* buried: Lawn Area, Plot 797 WAITARA

Beryl Olive Lawrence
* Beryl died 8 Oct 2009 aged 82
* buried: Block 3, Plot 130 AWANUI

Blanche Isabel Lawrence (nee Easthope)
* married Gilbert Jonathan Lawrence in 1907
* Blanche died 24 July 1980 aged 94
* buried: Cremation Area 0 Plot 213 TE HENUI

Burton Charles Lawrence
* Born 20 April 1816 in St Dunstan in the West, London, 1 of 9 children of William Lawrence & Agnes Craig. Arrived into New Plymouth 17 Sep 1853 on the 'Joseph Fletcher' Farmer at Mangorei until 1860, Baker and Confectioner at corner Devon & Brougham Streets, New Plymouth until 1870. Moved to Waitara and opened a business as a Storekeeper/Baker. The business was taken over by his sons, Burton Charles & William Craig Lawrence.
* He married Emily Roberts (1810-1898) in St Marylebone, England 10 Aug 1842
* Burton died 23 July 1895 aged 79
* buried: Memorial Area, Block 3 Plot 140 WAITARA
Taranaki Herald, 24 July 1895
A gentleman who has been in the

Burton Charles Lawrence
* Burton was a Baker & Storekeeper
* Burton died 13 Feb 1928 aged 76
* buried: unknown plot WAITARA

Charles Alfred Lawrence
* Charles died 8 March 2014 aged 86
* ashes taken

Charles Edward Lawrence
* Charlies died 14 Oct 1965 aged 69
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Christian Frederick Lawrence
* Christian died 28 Feb 1978 aged 80
* buried: Cremation Row D1 Plot 1 INGLEWOOD

Cynthia Dale Lawrence
* Cynthia died 1 Sep 1998 aged 69
* ashes taken

David Walter Lawrence
* David died 1 Aug 1977 aged 82
* buried: Block 7, Plot 359 AWANUI

David William James Lawrence
* David died 14 Jan 2005 aged 79
* buried: Block 18, Plot 40 AWANUI

Doris Frances Lawrence (nee Davis)
* married Charles Edward Lawrence in 1917
* Doris died 3 Feb 1966 aged 71
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Doris Una Lawrence
* Doris died 24 May 2001 aged 82
* ashes taken

Dorothy Agnes Lawrence (nee Tipler)
* married David Walker Lawrence in 1924
* Dorothy died 27 May 1985 aged 82
* buried: Block 7, Plot 360 AWANUI

Elliott Bates Lawrence
* Elliott died 8 Nov 1994 aged 71
* ashes taken

Emily Lawrence (nee Roberts)
* married Burton Charles Lawrence 1842 in England (see his bio above)
their known children
* 1845 - 1931 Emily Frances Lawrence
* 1846 - 1927 Agnes Elizabeth Lawrence
* 1847 - 1922 William Craig Lawrence
* 1850 - 1921 Caroline Harriet Lawrence
* 1851 - 1928 Burton Charles Lawrence
* Emily died 21 May 1898 aged 88
* buried: Memorial Area, Block 3 Plot 140 WAITARA

Emma Lawrence (married)
* Emma died 23 Aug 1902 aged 29
* buried: unknown plot TE HENUI

Eric Burton John Lawrence
memorial only see photo
Private 12/952, Auckland Regiment, NZEF. Killed in action at Gallipoli, 25 April 1915. Only son of Ann Josephine & Burton Charles Lawrence. Lone Pine Memorial, Lone Pine Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey. His next of kin was his sister, Amy Josephine (Mrs Norman Denford Jones) in Awakino. Amy died during the Flu Pandemic, Nov 1918 aged 27

Evelyn Maud Lawrence (nee Pragnell)
* married Rowland Hill Lawrence in 1915
* Evelyn died 10 Nov 1975 aged 85
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Freda Johanna Lawrence
* Freda died 19 Oct 2016 aged 93
* buried: Block 18, Plot 41 AWANUI

Geoffrey Thorton Lawrence
* Geoffrey died 14 Jan 1971 aged 76
* ashes taken

Gertrude Janet Lawrence (spinster)
* Gertrude died 12 July 1948 aged 67
* buried: unknown plot TE HENUI

Gilbert Jonathan Lawrence
* Gilbert died 5 Aug 1964 aged 80
* buried: Cremation Area 0 Plot 213 TE HENUI

Gilbert Jonathon Lawrence
* Gilbert died 5 Aug 1964 aged 80
* ashes taken

Gordon James Gulliver Lawrence
* Gordon died 9 Jan 1981 aged 68
* buried: Services Cremation Block E Plot 43 TE HENUI

Gregory Rex Lawrence
* Gregory died 18 April 1977 aged 1
* buried: Childrens Area Block 1 Plot 75 AWANUI

Ian Robert Lawrence
* Ian died 23 Jan 2017 aged 85
* ashes taken

Ida Lawrence
* Ida died 13 Jan 1917 aged 11 hours
* buried: unknown plot WAITARA

Janet Avery Lottie Lawrence (nee Macdonald)
* married Norman Hathaway Lawrence in 1926
* Janet died 6 March 1976 aged 72
* ashes taken

John Lawrence
* John died 27 Oct 1974 aged 40 minutes
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Jonathan Lawrence
* Jonathan was a Baker
* Jonathan died 4 Oct 1926 aged 80
* buried: unknown plot TE HENUI

Joseph Ronald Lawrence
* Joseph died 28 March 1991 aged 83
* ashes taken

Kate Layard Lawrence
* Kate died 22 March 1993 aged 70
* buried: Block 13, Plot 129 AWANUI

Kathleen Maud Lawrence (spinster)
* Kathleen died 31 Oct 1979 aged 79
* ashes taken

Leonard Arthur Lawrence
* Leonard died 22 Sep 2009 aged 82
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Lilian Mary Lawrence (married)
* Lilian died 7 Feb 1934 aged 54
* buried: unknown plot TE HENUI

Lucy Ellen Lawrence (spinster)
* Lucy died 25 Jan 1923 aged 69
* buried: unknown plot WAITARA

Margaret Ann Hardie Lawrence (widow)
* Margaret died 14 June 1993 aged 83
* ashes taken

Margaret Dawn Lawrence
* Margaret died 1 June 2016 aged 78
* ashes taken

Mary Helen Lawrence
* Mary died 18 Dec 1915 aged 3 months
* buried: unknown plot WAITARA

Mary Helen Lawrence (nee Hill)
* married William Craig Lawrence in 1888
* Mary died 19 Oct 1939 aged 79
* buried: Memorial Area, Block 2 Plot 3B WAITARA

Nicola Jane Lawrence
* Nicola died 1 Sep 1961 aged 8 weeks
* buried: Block 02, Plot 444 AWANUI

Norman Hathaway Lawrence
* Norman was a Builder
* He died 8 Aug 1977 aged 71
* ashes taken

Owen Charles Lawrence
* Owen died 2 Sep 1993 aged 62
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Patricia Marguarite Lawrence
* Patricia died 28 May 2017 aged 84
* ashes taken

Paul Dwayne Lawrence (Hoeta)
* Paul died 3 April 2006 aged 22
* buried: Lawn Area, Plot 1789 WAITARA

Ray Arnold Lawrence
* Ray was a Carpenter
* Ray died 9 April 1988 aged 59
* buried: Garden of Remembrance

Rayford James Lawrence
* Rayford was a Garage Proprietor
* Rayford died 5 June 1963 aged 39
* buried: Block 03, Plot 131 AWANUI

Roberta Henderson Lawrence
* Roberta died 17 April 1966 aged 86
* buried: Alpha Block Row CZ - East Plot 19 TE HENUI

Ronald Mason Lawrence
* Ronald died 3 April 1996 aged 65
* buried: Block 16, Plot 132 AWANUI

Rowland Hill Lawrence
* Rowland died 13 Sep 1966 aged 73
* buried: Lawn Area, Plot 240 WAITARA

Thomas Edward Lawrence
* Thomas died 30 Oct 2001 aged 76
* ashes taken

William Burton Lawrence
* William was a Farmer
* William died 21 Sep 1978 aged 88
* buried: Lawn Area, Plot 744 WAITARA

William Craig Lawrence
* William was born in London
* William died 27 July 1922 aged 75
* buried: unknown plot WAITARA

Grave of Ann Josephine & Burton Craig Lawrence
also memorial to Eric Burton John Lawrence who was killed at Gallipoli

LAWRENCE buried ASHBURTON, New Zealand

* Christoper John Alexander Lawrence
* born in NZ, a son of Gabriel How Lawrence (1817-1899) & Charlotte Cheel (1832-1921), both from Kent, died Blenheim (see note below).
* Christopher John Lawrence first married Frances 'Sarah' Batchelor (1875-1907) in 1893 and had 5 children.
their children
* 1893 - 1987 Harriet Frances Lawrence
* 1896 - 1906 John Henry Lawrence (shot aged 10)
* 1899 - 1902 Leonard Walter Lawrence (aged 2)
* 1903 - 1974 Leslie Walter Lawrence
* 1905 - 1975 Clement Oliver Lawrence
* Christopher next married Philomena O'Hanlon (1880-1948) in 1909 and had at least 4 children
* died 14 Oct 1939 aged 68
* occupation: Carpenter
* Plot 3, Area 183
NOTE Gabriel How Lawrence (sometimes recorded as Gabriel William/William Gabriel Lawrence) was a son of Thomas Lawrence (1790-) & Abigail Furrell (1788-1844).
Gabriel arrived in Tasmania as a convict on the 'Coromandel' in June 1838, along with his father Thomas (Thomas's wife Abigail died in Kent 2 years later).
In 1847 Gabriel married Agnes Munroe. In 1849 he was given his ticket of leave and they moved to Melbourne. Unknown what happened to Agnes. About 1852 Gabriel returned to England and married Charlotte Cheel in March 1853. His brother Peter Lawrence (1815-1879) married Charlotte's sister Marie Cheel (1822-1906). They were daughters of Thomas Cheel & Sarah Breeze. Gabriel & Charlotte had 2 children in England, Charlotte Hannah & Robert Gabriel Lawrence. In Aug 1858 they left London on board the 'Indiana' arriving in Lyttleton 23 Nov 1858. They had 9 more children in NZ
their 11 children
* 1855 - 1917 Charlotte Hannah Lawrence
* married James William Baker 1876
* Married Philip Henry Bartlett 1910
* 1857 - 1901 Robert Gabriel Lawrence
* married Elizabeth Jane Wale 1893 (4 children)
* 1860 - Esther Abigail Lawrence
* spouse or death date not yet found
* 1862 - 1903 Amelia Frances Lawrence
* married Charles Morris Weavers 1881 (5 children)
* 1864 - 1961 William Peter Lawrence
* married Annie Eliza Boxall (1866-1923) 1884 (8 children)
* married Verna Adean Hebberd 1926
* 1866 - Emily Jane Lawrence
* spouse or death date not yet found
* 1867 - 1939 George Stephen Lawrence
* married Mary Steel Cockburn 1890
* married Mary Jane Baird
* 1870 - 1964 Agnes Levina Lawrence
* married Donald McIntosh 1888
* 1871 - 1939 Christopher John Lawrence
* married Frances Sarah Batchelor 1892
* married Philomena O'Hanlon 1909
* 1873 - 1951 Charles Frank Lawrence
* married Jane Somerville 1893 (8 children)
* 1876 - 1918 Ruth Emily May Lawrence
* married William Henry Murray 1895 (4 children)

* Desmond James Lawrence
14 March 2008 aged 81
occupation: Civil Servant
Plot 20, Area 316

* Henry 'Harry' Lawrence
16 April 1915 aged 47
occupation: Contractor
Plot 5, Area 74

* Herbert Ormond Lawrence
14 May 1964 aged 65
occupation: Clerk
* Herbert married Maria May Stuart in 1924
Plot 29, Area 164

* Leonard Walter Lawrence
1 of 4 sons & 1 daughter of Christopher John Alexander Lawrence & Frances 'Sarah' Batchelor (1875-1907)
8 Jan 1902 aged 2
Plot 35, Area 59

* Mildred Mary Lawrence (nee Goodwin)
* daughter of James Tom Goodwin & Mary Agatha Quinn
married Alexander Lawrence in 1921
19 March 1988 aged 90
at Methven
Plot 215, Area Anglican

* Samuel 'Charles' Louis Lawrence
11 Sep 1891 aged 58
Plot 7, Area 13
* Samuel was born 1833 in Middlesex, London, the son of Samuel John Lawrence and Maria Lawrence nee Cox. He arrived in New Zealand before April 1866.
He married Harriet Eleanor/Helena Black (1851-1898) at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa on 14 March 1863.
Charles became one of New Zealand's Early Photographers
their known children
* 1866 - 1886 Fanny Maria Lawrence
* Fanny died in Ashburton aged 19 after a long and lingering illness of 6 months
* 1869 - 1928 Samuel 'Charles' Lawrence
* Samuel is buried in Sydenham with his mother
* 1872 - 1854 Harry Louis Lawrence
* dates not verified
* 1876 - 1961 Samuel John Bertrand Lawrence
* Samuel is buried at Gore Cemetery
Ashburton Guardian, 9 Sep 1891
At his residence, Saunders' Buildings, Ashburton, Samuel Charles Louis Lawrence, in his fifty-eighth year. After a long and painful illness
Ashburton Guardian, 16 April 1898
Lawrence.— On April 15, 1898, at York Street, Christchurch, Harriet, widow of the late Charles Lawrence of Ashburton
* Harriet is buried with her son Charles at Sydenham, Christchurch

Grave of Harriet Lawrence & her son Charles at Sydenham. A small stone inscribed "Chas Lawrence 1870-1928" marks the grave

LAWRENCE buried Clareville, Carterton

LAWRENCE buried Clareville, Carterton

21 May 1939 aged 56
Plot 63

* CARL DAVID Lawrence
3 April 1991 aged 19
Plot 1324

2 Dec 2006 aged 80
Plot 668

* FREDERICK Lawrence
7 April 1933 aged 54
Plot 107

19 Nov 1980 aged 91
Plot 64

2 Jan 1932 aged 68
Plot 49

28 Sep 1982 aged 74

* MARY ANN Lawrence
4 May 1899 aged 55
Plot 58

24 June 1992 aged 42
Plot 1374

7 March 2009 aged 93
Plot 463

* WILLIAM Lawrence
30 Dec 1913 aged 79
Plot 59

Grave of John Robertson Lawrence

lower North Island NZ, Justices of the Peace 1920


Johnsonville, Wellington
* This may have been Walter Angell snr (1859-1959), or his son Walter Angell (1891-1969). Both lived in Johnsonville.
* Walter snr was buried in the Methodist Churchyard Cemetery, Johnsonville on 18 Oct 1939. The Cemetery, up Norman Lane, is the last resting place of many early settlers of the northern suburbs. Formerly located behind the Methodist Church, it remains in parish ownership and remained when the church was demolished in 1973 to make way for business premises
* Walter jnr married Margaret Elder in 1915

Frank Wilson ARBON (1864-1928)
Komako, Manawatu
Manawatu Times, 1 Aug 1928
General regret was felt throughout the Manawatu district yesterday, when it became known, that one of the oldest and best known settlers of the Pohangina Valley had passed away, in the person of Mr Frank Wilson Arbon. The late Mr Arbon was a gentleman well known outside his own district, his activities in public life bringing him in contact with many. Particularly his interests lay in Pohangina, for which district he had worked for many years, as one of the best known settler "up the Valley" and also as chairman of the Pohangina County Council.
The deceased gentleman was born in Swanage, England and came to the Dominion 42 years ago, when he commenced farming in the Pohangina Valley. As one of the oldest settlers in that locality, the late Mr Arbon was always to the fore in serving its interests on various local bodies concerned with the district. He was also a life member of the Manawatu and West Coast A. and P. Association, this honour being conferred upon him as some recognition of his services as president of that body in 1911 and in previous and subsequent years, as an energetic committee-man.
The late Mr Arbon had represented the Pohangina district on the Manawatu-Oroua Electric Power Board since the inception of that body and through his death, the district has lost a man who represented it worthily, whenever he was called upon. Deep sympathy will be extended the family in their sad bereavement - a widow and two sons, Messrs Geoffrey and Mervyn Arbon, of Pohangina, are left to mourn their loss
* Frank was also on the Meat Producers' Board. He married Eva Hayns (1870-1954) in 1891 and had the two sons, Geoffrey Henry (1904-1976) & George Mervyn (1900-1945) Arbon- both attended Wanganui Collegiate. Frank & Eva are buried at Terrace End Cemetery

Ralph Fitzroger Bidwill BEETHAM (1880-1957)
'Brancepeth', Masterton, Wairarapa
* Ralph was born at Brancepeth, a son of Hugh Horsley Beetham, a partner in the 'Brancepeth' Estate with 16,000 acres, and of Ruth Bidwill, daughter of Charles Robert Bidwill & Catherine Orbell, owners of one of the earliest New Zealand sheep stations.
Ralph married Mabel Carrington Booth (1879-1941) and had one known son, Ralph Hugh Horsley Beetham (1919-1992)

James Richard BILLS (1868-1924)
Otaki, Kapiti Coast
* James was born 3 March 1868 in Wellington to James Richard Bills () & Louisa Key (). He married Alice Lavina Westbrooke (1874-1943) in London in 1897 and had
six known children in NZ
* 1898 - 1949 Alexander Weatherfield 'Alex' Bills
* 1901 - Alice Maud Bills
* 1903 - 1972 Walter Frederick 'Chappie' Bills
* 1906 - 1970 George Raymond Percival 'Ray' Bills
* 1907 - 1908 Doris Louisa Bills (aged 8 months)
* 1909 - 1997 Eric James Bills
Evening Post, 13 Nov 1924
The death occurred at Otaki on Wednesday of Mr J. R. Bills, who had been in indifferent health for some time. Th late Mr Bills, who was born in Tinakori road, Wellington, 56 years ago, was the third son of the late Mr and Mrs J. Bills, who for many years resided at Otaki. Deceased for some twenty years was chairman of the Otaki State School Committe,e for twenty-four years a member of the Otaki Brass Band, captain of the Fire Brigade for a time, also a life member and a member of the Masonic Lodge

James Poole BRANDON (1861-1937)
Otaki, Kapiti Coast
* James was born in Lyttelton, second of three children of Sidney Griffiths Brandon (1820-1899) and Anna Maria Poole (1833-1861) who died 7 weeks after he was born, she was only 27
NOTES James's uncle (father's brother), Alfred de Bathe Brandon (1810-1886) MLC, married Lucy Poole (1829-1904, who was possibly related to his mother Anna Maria Poole) in 1854 and had 7 children (Alfred's 1st wife, Constance Mary Anne nee Brandon died shortly after arriving in NZ).
* I have written a number of journals on this Brandon family on this site, use search
James's father remarried in 1872 to Catherine Balfour Cowie & had 2 sons
James married Evangeline Fitzgerald (1864-1937) in 1885
their known children
* 1885 - 1916 Rona Brandon
* 1887 - 1972 Maina Brandon
* 1889 - 1890 Fitzgerald Brandon (aged 7 months)
* 1891 - Ruhina Brandon
* 1892 - 1964 Frances Brandon
* 1894 - 1978 Ida May aka Maida Brandon
* 1901 - 1982 Sydney Brandon
Evening Post, 20 Aug 1937
OTAKI This Day. The death occurred this morning after a long illness of Mr James Poole Brandon, J.P., who was for a considerable time Mayor of Otaki. Besides identifying himself with various organisations and all branches of sport, he was well-known right throughout the district and was very popular. The news of his death has caused a shock right throughout this district. Mr Brandon was also well-known through the Wellington, Manawatu and Wairarapa, he being bank manager at Masterton and was also connected with the bank at Palmerston. He was for years secretary of the Fresh Food and Ice Co. The late Mr Brandon was the second son of the late Mr Sidney Brandon and a nephew of the late Hon A. de B. Brandon, M.L.C., of Wellington. He was born in Lyttelton in 1861 and educated at Wellington College. After law and insurance experience in the Empire City he entered the service of the Colonial Bank of New Zealand in 1890 at Wellington. For some time he was manager of the Palmerston North branch of the bank and on the amalgamation with the bank of New Zealand, he joined the staff, being appointed to manager in 1896.
Deceased leaves a widow and grown-up family to mourn their loss. Mrs Higgins (Maina) (now in England), Mrs Reginald Waterland Mander (Frances, 2nd husband) and Mrs Guy Jeffrey Mander (Ida May), both of Auckland, Mrs Mason (Ruhina) (Otaki) and Mrs Herbert de Jersey Clere (Sydney) (Wellington) are daughters. The relatives will have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends.
Evening Post, 27 Dec 1937
BRANDON - On December 26 1937, at her residence, Waerenga Road, Otaki, Evangeline, beloved wife of the late James Poole Brandon; aged 72

Herbert Bowen BRIDGE (1849-1932)
Evening Post, 11 May 1932
BRIDGE - At his residence 186 The Parade, Oriental Bay, 10th May 1932, Herbert Bowen Bridge, aged 83. Interment private. No flowers
.. The many friends of Mr Herbert Bowen Bridge, for many years a well-known personality in journalistic and amateur theatrical circles in Wellington, will regret to learn of his death which took place on Tuesday at the age of 83. The late Mr Bridge was born at Military camp at Wakapu Point, Korarareka (Russell, Bay of Islands), on 31st July 1849. He was the son of the late Colonel Cyprian Bridge, of the 58th Regiment, who took a prominent part in the engagements at Ohaeawai and Okaihau in Hone Heke's war of 1845. He left New Zealand at an early age and was educated at Cheltenham College, England. He returned at the age of 20 and was engaged in various occupations. At one time he was part proprietor and editor of the "Akaroa Mail" and later came to Wellington, where he was subsequently on the staff of the Evening Press, New Zealand Times and Evening Post. He retired after leaving The Post but when the Dominion started he joined its staff.
In his younger days, Mr Bridge was prominent in amateur theatricals. He wrote several plays which were produced. Some of his best efforts were "Gareth and Lynette", "Very Witty Diggings" and "Women's Parliament". Probably his greatest sucess was a comic opera, "Monarch of Utopia" which he wrote in collaboration with Mr F. W. Jones, a well-known local musical identity. Mr Bridge was a prominent Freemason.
A cousin of the late Admiral Sir Cyprian A. G. Bridge, G.C.B., General Sir Charles Bridge, General Dunscombe Bridge and John C. E. Bridge of the English Civil Services, Mr Bridge married in 1874, Leonore Adele St John Graves, daughter of Captain Graves of Akaroa. Mrs Bridge survives him. He had eight sons(sic, 10), five of whom are still living. Two were killed in the war and the eldest, Herbert, died some years ago.
their 10 sons
* 1875 - 1909 Herbert Bridge
* 1877 - 1951 Cyperian Everard Bridge
* 1878 - 1879 Percy De Bohun Bridge (aged 18 months)
* 1880 - 1959 Cecil Dare Bridge
* 1882 - 1948 Gerald Bridge
* 1883 - 1972 Reginald Bridge
* 1885 - 1971 Lionel Septimus Bridge
* 1887 - 1887 Charles Bridge (aged 22 hours)
* 1888 - 1917 Lance Bridge (died of wounds Turkey)
* 1890 - 1918 Hugh Decimus Bridge (killed in action Ypres)

Benjamin George Henry BURN (1863-1943)
Karori, Wellington
Evening Post, 9 Sep 1943
The death has occurred of Mr Benjamin George Henry Burn, a Wellington resident of long standing who had devoted much of his lifetime to serving the interests of the community. Mr Burn, who was 80 years of age, resided in Karori, where his prominent part in district affairs led to his becoming a Wellington city Councillor when the Karori borough became part of the city. Mr Burn was born in Cornwall, England. He was trained as a weaver for four years at Culbert and then sailed from Liverpool for New Zealand, landing in Wellington in 1879, just after the big fire in Manners Street. After two years in the city, he worked for Messrs T. Campbell, of Karori and A, Fitchett of Brooklyn, at farming and dairying, for several years. Later he served with the firms of Messrs W. G. Turnbull and Co and Messrs W. M. Bannatyne and Co., both Wellington firms, with whom he spent 20 years, thereafter starting on his own account as a dairy farmer at South Karori.
After his retirement from business, Mr Burn took an active part in municipal politics. He was elected a member of the Karori Borough Council in 1909 and remained on the council until 1915, when he was elected Mayor of Karori, in which capacity he took an active part in the negotiations leading to the amalgamation of that borough with the city in 1920. Having then been Mayor for five years, he was elected a member of the Wellington City Council and remained a member until he retired in 1931 for health reasons. He took a keen interest in city reserves and besides being chairman of the reserves committee, was a member of the bylaws, lighting, milk and outlying districts committees. For four years he was on the Hospital Board; he was also a member of the Wellington City and Suburban Highways Board. For three years he was a member of the Karori School Committee, acting as chairman for twelve months.
Keen on promoting sports, Mr Burn was for three years president of the Karori Bowling Club and was also president of the Karori Hockey, Ladies Hockey and Tennis Clubs, patron of the Karori ladies Croquet Club, vice-president of the Hockey Association and vice-president of the Karori Rugby Football Club. For some years he was green superintendent of the Karori Bowling Club in which he had taken a very keen interest. Mr Burn is survived by his wife.
* Benjamin married Beatrice Charlotte Lewer (1866-1954). They had a daughter Sophia Zena Burn (1885-1887, died aged 15 months)

Arthur Walter BUTT
* In May 1920 Arthur retired on a pension as manager of the Bank of Australasia in Wellington. Mr W. L. Ward from Wanganui replaced him. They were given a dinner at the Empire Hotel and theatre party afterwards by members of the Australian Club, of which he was the president. He & his wife then made a tour of Australia, the Islands and Europe

William Gavin CALLENDER (1882-1956)
Makomako, Pahiatua
* William married Elizabeth Maud Ellingham (1883-1963) in 1907
* 6th of 13 children of Thomas Ellingham & Mary Anne McCarthy

Moeraki, Featherston, Wairarapa
* Donald was a descendant of Donald Cameron (1832-1900) who arrived in Wellington with his family on the ‘Blenheim’ in 1840. His sons Donald, John and Duncan worked as shepherds on a number of properties including Weld and Vavasour’s Wharekaka. They then established their Pahaua Station in 1846 and bought the freehold of the land in 1866. Many of the descendants of Donald Cameron still farm land in the Wairarapa today

Joseph CASELBERG (1871-1944)
Masterton, Wairarapa
* Joseph was a son of Myer Caselberg(1841-1922) & Frances Marks (1843-1890). His father remarried in 1892 to Rosetta Victoria Keesing (1860-1941)
Joseph was the President of the Masterton Horticultural and Industrial Society, Chairman of the Masterton Chamber of Commerce and on the Wairarapa District Council and was elected Chairman of Directors of the Wairarapa Farmers' Co-operative Association after his father resigned in 1920. His father Myer had been the chairman of directors and managing director since its incorporation in 1892. In Oct 1928 Mr Arthur Bower Knight (1884-1934), as Chairman of the WFCA, stated that "about twelve months ago, it was made apparent to the board that a crisis had been reached and steps were taken to effect an entire change in the management of the association's affairs". Joseph Caselberg then relinquished his position of chairman and managing director and his brothers, David & Alfred Caselberg, retired from the board ... more here on the meeting and outcome. Arthur concluded with .. "In conclusion the directors realise that the association, like several other organisations in New Zealand carrying on similar business, has passed through a crisis and that its interests have suffered severely thereby. The board is of opinion that the interests of the association will best be served by not delving into past mistakes, but by concentrating on future policy and operations. Drastic action has been taken to meet the position and the board looks forward now with confidence to the future. Loyal support of shareholders and firends will assist in quickly restoring the association to a dividend-paying basis"
(Meyer would have turned in his grave)
* Joseph married Beatrice Cohen (1873-1962) and had 2 children, Sybil Augusta Caselberg (1904-) &
Harry Philip Walter Myer Castle (changed from Caselberg, 1905-1982 died Sydney). Joseph died 25 Aug 1944 aged 73 and is buried Plan IX Pioneer, row 11 at Archer Street cemetery with his brother David who died 11 weeks later aged 71, his wife Beatrice, and David's wife Rita. His headstone reads ... Beatrice CASELBERG beloved wife and mother, born Newcastle-on-tyne, England, February 12th, 1873, Died April 30th 1962. In Loving Memory Of Joseph CASELBERG, Aug 23, 1944, of habits simple and ways upright, law of justice always in sight, he glorified the name of Jew and in the love of human kind he grew.

Archibald CLARK
Featherston, Wairarapa

Charles Adolph CROOK
Pukeatua, West Taupo
* Charles married Margaret Sophia Ashby (1885-1969) in 1921. Daughter of William Ashby & Elizabeth Billing

Alexander DONALD
Masterton, Wairarapa

Alfred Kingsley DREW (1882-1953)
Sanson, Manawatu
* Alfred was a son of Alfred Drew & Sarah Younger. He was a clerk to the Manwatu County Council. He married Elsie Gordon Flyger (1883-1982) in 1908
their known children
* 1910 - 1973 Gordon Lionel Kingsley Drew
* 1914 - 1983 Winston Stewart Kingsley Drew

Joseph Charles James EWINGTON (1861-1943)
Masterton, Wairarapa
NZ Herald, 17 Feb 1943
The death occurred at the week-end of one of Masterton's most prominent citizens in Mr Joseph Charles Ewington. He died following a seizure while playing bowls at the Masterton Park Bowling Club. He was 82 years of age and had a lifetime of public service. Mr Ewington was a member of the Masterton Borough Council for 15 years, of the Wairarapa Hospital Board for 30 years; chairman of the Masterton Co-operative Dairy Company Limited, for more than 30 years; a director of the Producers' Co-operative Agency; chairman of the Co-operative Dairy Producers' Freezing Company Limited, Wellington' a director of the Workers' Mutual Benefit Building Society and chairman of the Masterton Unemployment Committee. Mr Ewington was well known in Masonic circles, He leaves a widow, a daughter and two sons
* Joseph married Augusta Schultz (1867-1956) in 1893
their known children
* 1893 - 1972 Joseph James Ewington
* 1897 - Violet Augusta Ewington
* 1904 - 1959 Alfred Charles Ewington

Alfred FORSBERG (1885-1978)
Mauriceville West
* Alfred was a son of Charles Forsberg & Karen Christina Nielson. He married Barbara Linton (1889-1976) in 1919. Daughter of James Linton & Jane Barr

Alexander Edward HALLIGAN (1872-1952)
Aramoho, Wanganui
* Alexander was born 20 March 1872 in Hokitika, 1 of 11 children of Alexander Halligan (1837-1889), born Fermanagh, Ireland & Elizabeth Louisa McCarthy (1847-1919), born Auckland
* Alexander married Harriet Blanchet (1874-1955) 20 June 1900 in Wanganui
their known children
* 1901 - 1901 Thomas William Halligan (aged 7 months)
* 1902 - 1990 Alexia Grace Halligan
* 1906 - 1965 Nancy Halligan
* 1912 - 1984 Jack Halligan

Archer Phillip HOSKING (1870-1956)
Masterton, Wairarapa
* Doctor & Major, Archer Hosking was a NZ born son of the first doctor in Masterton, Dr William Henry Hosking (1841-1917, a pioneer of the use of x-rays and hypnosis in the NZ) and of Christina Sloane Archer (1851-1890). Before the Great War he had worked as a general practitioner and already had a lengthy military career. He was appointed as Medical Officer for the New Zealand Rifles on 11 Dec 1900, a position that he held until 28 Feb 1903 and again from 1 Aug 1905 to 29 Feb 1908. He had a third period of military service with No. 4 Field Ambulance commencing on 6 Dec 1912.
* Archer married Dorothy Bennett on 12 July 1912.
their 3 children
* 1913 - Christina Hosking
* 1915 - 1983 Owen William Hosking
* 1916 - 2011 Lois Hosking
Read the full and interesting bio for Archer

Herbert Augustus Robert HUGGINS (1867-1962)
* Herbert was mentioned a number of times in the London Gazette, 1935, 1940, 1947 .. in the Order of St John, New Zealand, The King has been please to sanction the following .. "As Commanders (Brothers), Herbert Augustus Robert Huggins
* Herbert married Ada Annie Cocking in 1891. They had a daughter
* 1905 - 1991 Ada Lilian Huggins
* In his election campaigns during the 1930s he wrote:
Councillor Huggins, Chairman of two committees- Bylaws and Staff. Has served on Finance, Works, Reserves, Libraries and Milk Committees. Member Victoria 'Varsity College Council. Member Water Board. Hon Treasurer, St John Ambulance. Trustee, Fielden Taylor Men's and Boy's Shelters. Member Social Service Board. On Competitions Society Executive. Vice-president and Trustee, Operatic and Dramatic Society. Founder Hataitai Bowling Club. Retired Chief Accountant, P. and T., and Controller P.O. Savings Bank. A consistent Worker for his Fellow Citizens. Retired and independent. Since retiring he has found a full and busy life a pleasant one. Do you think he is the sort of man to be on the City Council? If you do - Vote For HERBERT A. R. HUGGINS, The Independent Councillor.
* His wife Ada died in Wellington aged 67
Evening Post, 3 Jan 1935
The friends of Mr Herbert A. R. Huggins are invited to attend the funeral of his late beloved wife, Ada Anne, which will leave his residence, 55 Hamilton Road (Hataitai), Tomorrow (Friday) January 4, 1935 at 2.30pm for the Cemetery, Karori
* Herbert died 12 June 1962 aged 95, 27 years after Ada. They are buried together

Charles Silas Sydney KELLY (1881-1923)
Kelburn, Wellington
* Charles married Olive Myrtle Iris Hankins (1885-1973) in 1908. They had a son 1917-1998 Raymond Alwyn Kelly
12 April 1923
SUICIDE AT DAY'S BAY - A tragedy occurred at Day's Bay yesterday and resulted in the death of a well-known business man, named Charles Silas Sydney Kelly, 42 years of age. The unfortunate man was found at his residence in Downes street (Titahi Bay, Porirua) with his throat cut and with a razor lying beside him. He was admitted to the Hospital about 9.45pm., when it was found that he had expired on the journey to town. An inquest is to be held to-morrow ... the widow of the deceased, Olive Myrtle Iris Kelly, said that her late husband was a partner in the firm of Cooper, Kelly and Co. He had financial worries and left witness a letter in which he stated his intention of "finishing all". Witness had one child, a boy six years of age.
* Olive did not remarry

Charles KILSBY (1866-1927)
Otaki, Kapiti Coast
* Charles married Bridget Bourke (1869-1944) in 1893
their known children
* 1895 - Emma Olive Kilsby
* 1899 - Nora Iris Kilsby
* 1902 - Charles Kilsby
* Charles died 1 Oct 1927 aged 61
Evening Post, 16 June 1944
KILSBY - On June 16, 1944, at Palmerston North, Bridget, relict of the late Chas. Kilsby, Mill Rd., Otaki, in her 74th year. R.I.P. Funeral at Palmerston North Saturday
* They are buried together in plot 51, block 50 at Terrace End

Edward Lowry LEEKS (1855-1928)
Ohingaiti, Manawatu
* Edward married Minnie (1861-1936) (maiden name not yet found)
they had 10 children
* 6 of their 8 sons went to war, 3 didn't return
* 1884 - 1960 Frederick Edward Leeks #37831
* 1885 - 1886 Ethel Mary Leeks
* Ethel died aged 7 months and is buried in Carterton
* 1887 - 1960 Ralph Lowry Leeks #22819
* 1889 - 1949 Horace Robert Leeks #34098
* 1890 - 1978 Minnie Ann Leeks
* Minnie lost her husband, Jack Glastonbury and 3 of her brothers in WWI
* 1892 - 1967 Harvey James Leeks
* 1893 - 1916 Ivan Lewis Leeks #8/2441
* 1894 - 1915 Osric Harold Leeks #8/835
* 1896 - 1915 Cedric William Leeks #10/1882
* 1900 - 1978 Conrad Bartley Leeks
Evening Post, 24 March 1928
LEEKS - On the 24th March 1928, Edward Lowry, beloved husband of Minnie Leeks, of 9 Pitt street, Palmerston North; aged 73 years. Peace, Perfect peace
Edward & Minnie are buried plot 18, block 1, area G at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

Harry Norman LIARDET (1861-1922)
* Harry married Effie Fowler Penn in 1887
their known children
1891 - 1916 Leonard Maughan Liardet
* 1895 - 1960 Geoffrey Hellard Liardet
* 1900 - 1981 Marjorie Evelyn Liardet
1906 - 1906 Liardet (aged 10 minutes)
* 1908 - 1997 Norma Doreen Liardet
Evening Post, 16 Nov 1922
The death occurred in Wellington on Tuesday morning of Mr Harry Norman Liardet, general manager in New Zealand of the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited. He had been for some time in a precarious state of health owing to heart trouble and his end was not unexpected. Mr Liardet, who was a son of Captain Liardet, for many years harbourmaster of Liverpool and formerly of the East India Company, went to sea after leaving school and spent several years on vessels trading between Liverpool, Australia and India. About 1881 he took up sheep farming in New South Wales and in 1883 came to New Zealand, acquiring a farm close to Stratford. In 1887 he went into business in that town as an auctioneer, later selling out to Mr Newton King. He was the first Mayor of Stratford, also a member of the first Stratford County Council and of the Stratford Town Board. He took a keen interest in all local matters and in all sports, being one of the first presidents of the Stratford Racing Club. The volunteer movement had his warm support and he was captain of the Stratford Mounted Rifles. Some years ago he was appointed Wellington manager of the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited, for New Zealand. About April last he went Home at the invitation of the directors to attend the company's jubilee celebrations. At that time he was much troubled with a weak heart and on his return a month or two ago his condition became worse. He leaves a widow and family of one son and two daughters, his eldest son, Lieutenant Leonard Liardet, having been killed in the war. The funeral, which tool place yesterday, was largely attended. The Rev A. W. Payne, vicar of St Michael and All Angels, Kelburn, officiated at the graveside

Joseph LINKLATER (1876-1961)
Palmerston North
* one of the campaign ads for the County elections in 1922 .. Mr Joseph Linklater (Manawatu) was born at Stafford, Westland. He has been farming in the Manawatu district for twenty years. For the past six years he has been chairman of the Kairanga County Council, chairman of the Foxton Harbour Board, member of the Manawatu-Oroua Hydro-electric Board, member of the Manawatu Gorge Board of Control and Manawatu River Board, member of the Manawatu A. and P. Committee and is a director of four companies. He is a veteran of the South African War
* He was taken to task by the Mayor

George MARSH (1858-1937)
Egmont Village, Taranaki
* George was born in Te Henui, one of 10 children of Alfred March & Emily Batten of England. He married Ada Olson (1866-1924) in NZ in 1885
their known children
* 1886 - 1956 Ronald George Marsh
* 1888 - 1942 Mabel Constance Marsh
* 1891 - 1979 Gordon Harry Marsh
* 1900 - 1986 Emily Mary Marsh
Stratford Evening Post, 10 Sep 1926
The death of Mrs Marsh, wife of Mr George Marsh, of New Plymouth, occurred yesterday. Mrs Marsh; who was 58 years of age, was a well-known resident of the district. She was a daughter of the late Mr Edward Olson, of Egmont Village and Mrs Olson, now of Avenue road, New Plymouth and she was born at New Plymouth in 1866. Eight years afterwards she moved with her parents to Egmont Village, in which district she lived until two years ago, when with her husband she took up her residence in New Plymouth. Five brothers and two sisters of the dceased are living: Messrs H. H. Olson (New Plymouth). W. Olson, L. Olson (Inglewood), W. Olson (Egmont Village) and P. Olson (Kent road) and Mrs A. Morton (Egmont Village) and Mrs G. Foster (Hawera)

Gladstone, Wairarapa
* Duncan was sworn in as a JP at Masterton in December 1920

Hugh MORRISON (1874-1951)
Awatoitoi, eastern Wairarapa
* Hugh married Muriel Stanley Booth (1881-1980) in 1908. Daughter of William Booth (1837-1903) & Euphemia Rathbone (nee Smith 1844-1934)
their known children
* 1910 - Nancy Jessie Euphemia Morrison
* 1911 - John William Morrison
* 1914 - Muriel Beatrice Morrison
* In July 1920 Hugh's uncle, James Morrison (1840-1920), pioneer settler of the Wairarapa died in Masterton aged 80. He was born in Argyllshire, Scotland, arrived in NZ 1850s, settling at Norison's Bush
* In Nov 1920 two shepherds made a gruesome discovery on Hugh's Awatoitoit Station. They were proceeding over Look-out Hill, about four miles from the station, when they cam across the decomposed body of a man, lying on its back, on the side of the hill. The body was that of a middle-aged, fair, and fully clothed person, except for his hat and boots. They informed the police in Masterton. It was presumed the body was that of a swagger
* In Aug 1921 Hugh resigned the presidency of the Wairarapa Patriotic Association and Mr J. M. Coradine was elected to the position
* In May 1923 Hugh, president of the Wairarapa branch of the Farmers' Union for 12 years, refused nomination for a further term due to his proposed visit to England
* In Sep 1925 Hugh made a very generous offer of 3 acres of land for a school at Awatoitoi, with provision for a teacher's residence. The Education Board gratefully accepted
* In 1935 Hugh, as president of the Farmers' Union chaired a large and representative meeting of farmer to cope with the serious and alarming increase of rabbits in the Wairarapa. He said they were verging on the conditions of 40 and 50 years ago when many sheep farmers were bankrupted by rabbits. It was decided to send a deputation to the Minister of Agriculture to urge the appointment of additional inspectors and the strict enforcement of the Rabbit Act so that every farmer would be compelled to clear his property of rabbits
Hugh died 31 Dec 1951 aged 74
Muriel died 24 Oct 1980 aged 99
* they are buried together at Archer street Masterton

Robert Alten Royds OLDHAM (1869-1921)
Tui, Nelson
Robert married Mabel Beatrice Harris (1882-1917) in 1902
their known children
* 1905 - John Edwin Royds Oldham
* 1910 - Rona May Oldham
* Robert next married Daisy Maud Cowan (1902-) in 1918
Evening Post, 20 Sep 1921
.. OLDHAM - On September 19th, 1921, at Wakefield, accidentally killed, Robert Alton Royds Oldham, fourth son of Mr John Oldham, "Werneth" Nelson, in his 53rd year
.. R. A. B. Oldham, a married man, about fifty years of age, a sheepfarmer at Tui, was driving a motor-car this afternoon, when he collided with a train at Wakefield and was killed. Deceased was a son of Mr John Oldham, an old and well-known resident
.. The funeral of the lare Mr R. A. R. Oldham, who was killed in a motor accident at Wakefield on Monday, took place yesterday afternoon, the cortege leaving the residence of Mr John Oldham, "Werneth" the father of deceased. There was a very large attendance of relatives and friends of the late Mr Oldham. A short service was conducted by the Bishop of Nelson at 'Werneth' before the cortege moved off and the service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev J. A. Rogers. The pall-bearers were Messrs Frank and Claude Hamilton, D. R. Edward, W. F. Curtis, G. Hoby and C. Thorp. The bereaved family have received many expressions of sympathy from all parts of the district and the dominion

Willoughby Ernest PEARCE (1876-1943)
Sanson, Manawatu
* Willoughby married Nellie Anderson (1885-1950) in 1908
their known children
* 1910 - 1943 Kenneth Minifie Pearce (killed in action, Tunisia)
* 1911 - Ella Minifie Pearce
* 1914 - 1990 Maurice Minifie Pearce
* Willoughby & Nellie are buried in Sandon

Willie Davies PIKE (1863-1946)
Blenheim, Marlborough
* Willie married Mary Ann Gifford in 1891
their known children
* 1893 - 1965 Edward Gifford Pike
* 1896 - 1918 Eric Neumann Pike (killed in action Palestine 30 April)
* 1906 - 1991 Marjorie Mary Pike

Charles Joseph PRESTON (1880-1961)
Normanby, Taranaki
* Charles married Isabel Elizabeth Davies in 1904
their known children
* 1895 - Ruby Elizabeth Preston
* 1910 - 1998 Ashley Harvey Preston
* 1913 - Cyril Charles Preston
* Charles & Isabel are buried at Tauranga Cemetery

John Edmond PROCTOR (1885-1966)
Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
* son of George Maitland Proctor (1846-1931) & Eliza Mary Ann Young (1854-1936). He married Ida Mary Derbyshire in 1905
their known children
* 1907 - 1977 John Valentine Proctor
* 1911 - Mary Alice Proctor

George Tuckwell Robins (1869-1952)
Tahunanui, Nelson
Nelson Evening Mail, 3 Feb 1922
The Partnership hitherto existing between George Tuckwell Robins and Andrew Dunn, trading as Robins and Dunn, Builders, Tahunanui, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent
* George's wife Rose died 11 Aug 1937 aged 68
* George died 11 Aug 1952. They are buried at Seaview Rd., Nelson

Patrick John RYAN
Napier, Hawkes Bay
Hastings Standard, 7 Feb 1920
COAL SHORTAGE - With a view of promptly settling local matters connected with the distribution of supplies of coal in the Hawkes Bay provinces, recently sent representatives to Napier to confer with the parties interested. As a result, a local Advisory Committee, consisting of Messrs P. J. Ryan (chairman), T. Barry and C. H. Edwards, together with Mr E. C. Pirie, as hon, secretary, was set up to distribute, under the jurisdiction of the Wellington Committee, all coal coming into the Hawke's Bay district ... more
Hastings Standard, 8 March 1920
Mr P. J. Ryan, of Napier, has received a telegram from Wellington, stating that the Government has decided to entrust all matters relating to the distribution of petrol to a committee consisting of Messrs Preedy (British Imperial Oil Co), Cato (Vacuum Oil Co), P. J. Ryan (Cranby and Co), Longuet (A. S. Patterson and co Ltd), and Cousins (secretary Garage Importers Association). This will be a central committee for the Dominion and will relieve the Board of Trade of a considerable amount of work, which it has not time to attend to properly.

Charles John SHARPE (1879-1944)
* Charles married Lillian Maud 'Lily' Gilberd (1880-1942) in 1903
their known children
* 1904 - 1991 Bernard Rusden Sharpe
* 1905 - 1982 Doreen Lillian Sharpe
* 1907 - 1984 Clarence Charles Sharpe
* 1909 - 1991 Ronald 'Kenneth' Sharpe
* 1910 - Elvie May Sharpe
Evening Post, 3 June 1942
SHARPE - On June 2 1942, at Wanganui, Lilly Maud, beloved wife of Charles John Sharpe and beloved mother of Bernard, Doreen, Clarence, Kenneth, Elvie. A patient sufferer gone to rest
Evening Post, 27 May 1944
SHARPE - On May 27 1944, at his residence, 9 Cambridge St., Gonville, Wanganui, Charles John, beloved husband of the late Lilly Maud Sharpe and loving father of Bernard, Doreen, Clarence, Kenneth and Elvie in his 68th year

John Olive SHORLAND (1865-1946)
Island Bay, Wellington
* John married Edith Sophia Perry (1876-1958) in 1898
their known children
* 1899 - William Perry Shorland
- married Gertrude Olive Cox in March 1931
* 1900 - Jessie Edith Shorland
- married Robert James Ferguson in 1926, lived Hari Hari. Westland
* 1904 - 1904 Eric Shorland (aged 4 weeks)
* 1909 - 1999 Francis Brian Shorland
- married Betty Hunter Purvis in 1938

Maurice Ralph SMITH (1874-1955)
Martinborough, Wairarapa

Sydney George SMITH (1879-1943)
New Plymouth, Taranaki
* Sydney married Elsie Rose Herbert in (1878-1913) 1901.
their known children
* 1902 - Rosa Maud Smith
* 1905 - Ethel Mary Smith
* 1906 - Edward George Smith
Elsie died 3 April 1913 aged 35. Sydney next married Catherine Bint (1892-1975) in 1915.
* Sydney died 21 May 1943 aged 64 & is buried Plot 2, Lot 27, Row 26 at Te Henui with Elsie & Catherine

David Henry SPEEDY (1863-1940)
Flag Creek, Tinui, Wairarapa
* David was 1 of 14 children of Graham Speedy & Emily Groves from Perth WA. He married Matilda Maud Mary Wingate (1870-1896) in 1894. Daughter of John Wingate & Jessie Doig Thomson
their known children
* 1895 - 1944 Nora Annie Speedy
* 1896 - 1969 Maud Wingate Speedy (twin, didn't marry)
* 1896 - 1966 David Henry 'Rewi' Speedy (twin, Private 14690)
* Matilda died 30 Aug 1896 aged 25, 12 days after the birth of the twins. David next married her sister, Annie McArthur Wingate (1865-1957) in 1899
their known children
* 1901 - 1923 Gordon Graham Speedy
* 1902 - 1977 Reginald Gavin Speedy
* 1904 - 1987 Albert Ian Speedy
* 1906 - 1908 Jessie Emily Margaret Speedy (aged 18 months)
* In July 1924, David (or his son David, then aged 28), was awarded a framed certificate for rescuing a man from drowning
* David died 12 Feb 1940. He is buried with his 2nd wife Annie & David's daughter Maud from 1st wife Matilda, at Tinui

Henry Joseph STACE jnr (1878-1958)
Spring Creek, Marlborough
* Son of Henry Joseph Stace (1846-1924) & Helen McRae Mowat (1850-1926). (All but one of his brothers lived to be over 80. His two sisters lived to more than 100. His son Ian was 101). Henry married Jane Chaytor (1877-1940) in 1910
their 4 sons
* 1912 - 1981 Godfrey Harry Stace
* 1914 - 2015 Ian Ormonde Stace
* 1916 - 1995 D'Arcy Clervaux Stace
* 1920 - 2006 Henry John 'Harry' Stace
Press, 20 Feb 1924
OBITUARY of Henry's father BLENHEIM, Henry Joseph Stace, sen., aged 77, died from a chill followed by pneumonia. Mr Stace landed at Nelson in January 1865, and visited Queensland in 1866, returning to New Zealand shortly after. For many years he managed the Starborough Estate and later carried on the boys' school at Robin Hood Bay. In 1918 he retired to Picton, where he has lived ever since

Donald Alexander STEWART
Normanby, Taranaki

John William TAYLOR
Matariki, Nelson
* John was on the Committee and later the vice president of, the Matariki branch of the Farmers' Union
* John married Mary Elizabeth Arnold OR Shepherd ?
and had 12 known children
** please help with Mary's name and verify children ..
* 1884 - 1917 Arthur Julius Taylor
- Private 30990, Auckland Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, killed in action 13 June 1917, the day before his brother Walter, in Belgium, buried at Hainaut, Belgium
* 1886 - William John Taylor
* 1888 - Mary Elizabeth Taylor
* 1890 - 1959 Francis Leonard Taylor
* 1892 - 1917 Walter Frederick Taylor
- Rifleman 26/696 NZ Rifle Brigade, 4th Battalion, died of his Wounds 14 June 1917, the day after his brother Arthur, in Belgium, buried at Bailleul, Nord, France
* 1894 - 1973 Charles Herbert Taylot
* 1896 - 1963 Olive Gertrude Taylor
* 1899 - Robert Victor Taylor
* 1900 - 1902 Wilford Lawrence Taylor (aged 21 months)
* 1902 - 1960 Howard Stanley Taylor
* 1904 - 1980 James Harris George Taylor
* 1909 - 1960 Ernest Roy Taylor

Robert Waring TAYLOR (1865-1938)
Shannon, Manawatu
* Robert married Dorothy Margaret ? (1882-1963)
their known children
* 1911 - 1961 Shirley Margaret Taylor
* 1913 - Hessie Mary Taylor
* 1914 - 2006 Dorothy Waring Taylor
* Robert & Dorothy are buried together at Shannon

Walter Lewis THOMPSON (1863-1940)
Johnsonville, Wellington
* Walter married May Eveline Cook (1875-1961) in 1898
their known children
* 1908 - 2008 Rita Mavis Thompson

Percy James Hoyland WHITE (1874-1942)
New Plymouth, Taranaki
* Percy was born in Lincolnshire, England to Stephen Boothby White (1848-1914) & Annie Maria Hoyland, early settlers of New Plymouth. He married Edith Griffiths (1873-1938) in 1896. Daughter of William Griffiths & Maria Jones
their known children
* 1897 - 1916 Ronald Wentworth White (killed at Somme)
* 1900 - 1994 Enid Myrtle White
* 1903 - 1989 Eric Hoyland White
* 1906 - 1906 Frederick Spencer White (aged 7 weeks)
* 1909 - 1959 Ailsa Griffiths White
* 1910 - 1996 Stanley Marriott White
* 1914 - 1992 Edith Betty Foljambe White
Evening Post, 17 Dec 1942
The death of Mr. Percy James Hoyland White, a prominent New Plymouth business man and educationist, occurred suddenly today when he collapsed while playing bowls. He was born in 1874 at Great Grimsby, England, and on coming to New Zealand he was employed at Auckland until 1896, when he joined his father in the drapery business at New Plymouth. He was president of the New Zealand Drapers' Federation in 1926

Frederick Charles WILLIAMS
Napier, Hawkes Bay

Garrett Edward WILSON (1857-1933)
Stratford, Taranaki
Stratford Evening Post, 10 Aug 1933
.. Reference to the death of the late Mr G. E. Wilson was made at last night's annual meeting of the Stratford Racing Club by the president (Mr D. J. Malone). Mr Malone said that the late Mr Wilson was an estimable citizen and a versatile sportsman and in the early days of racing in the district owned, trained and rode horses. He was a man the club could ill-afford to lose, added Mr Malone in asking members to stand in silence as a mark of respect. Sympathy was expressed with the relatives
.. Reference to the death of the late Mr Garrett E. Wilson, J.P., and the esteem in which he was held was made at last night's quarterly meeting of the Taranaki Justices of the Peace Association

Napier, Hawkes Bay

Doctor Archer Phillip Hosking

HELP please .. James Maurice Pearce & Ada Iris Baker NZ

James Maurice 'Jim' Pearce
* was born about 1900, probably in England

He married Ada Iris Baker in New Zealand on 2 March 1929
* Ada was born 1898 in England, emigrating in 1923 with her sister Catherine Baker
As far as I know Jim & Ada lived in Wellington and Masterton and very possibly Lower Hutt

* Jim died 10 Feb 1952 aged 51
He was cremated in Wellington, New Zealand, his ashes were taken away

Ada moved to Napier and lived there apparently until her death

* Ada died 27 Nov 1970 aged 72
She was cremated in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, her ashes taken away

* Does anyone have any information on this couple please?
* I cannot find birth info for either of them in NZ. Possible they emigrated here
* I don't think they had children but you may know more
* Someone? took their ashes away and maybe they are buried together somewhere or maybe the ashes were scattered. It is also possible Ada took Jim's ashes 'home' to England but she returned to NZ after 1955 as I visited her often in Napier and attended her funeral in 1970

Jim loved to paint. He painted this scene in the late 1940s, of an Island in Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton, from the swing bridge (apparently)

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BUNCE marriages New Zealand

the BUNCE marriages 1865 - 1936

Frank Charles George Bunce (1911-1990)
married Alice Saxon (1909-1985) in 1933

Henry Lion Bunce (1868-1955)
* born in Dunedin
* married Agnes Bruce Meston (1880-1909) in 1903
their known children
1904 - Arthur John Bunce
1906 - Hilda Mary Elsie Bunce
1907 - George James Bunce
1908 - Amelia Matilda Bunce
* married Edith Jane Wilson (1872-1930) in 1918

John Henry Lyon Bunce (1830-1915)
* married Matilda Ann Lecky (1849-1914) in 1865
their known children
1865 - Mary Ann Lecky Bunce
1867 - John Alexander Bunce
1868 - Henry Lyon Bunce
1870 - George Morris Bunce
1871 - Edwin Bunce
1873 - Arthur Albert Bunce
1877 - Matilda Harriet Bunce
1884 - Amelia Mary Lyon Bunce

Reginald Herbert Bunce (1905-1953)
* married Florence Trollop (1903-1991) in 1926

William Charles George Bunce (1879-1962)
* married Elizabeth Knox Magee (1883-1966) in 1923

William Kenmir Bunce (1884-1969)
* married Jane Thompson Jones (1890-1962) in 1911
their known children
1911 - Kenmir Lee Bunce
1914 - Ngaore Whelma Bunce
1916 - Mavis Bunce
1917 - Enid Kenmir Bunce
1921 - George Kenmir Bunce
William & Jane are buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Christchurch (see photo)

Alice Christina Bunce (1870-1923)
* married William Wylie Firman (1868-1946) in 1894
their known children
1897 - Thomas Victor Firman
1900 - Robert Wilkin Firman

Amelia Mary Lyon Bunce (1877-1957)
* married Charles Septimus Kydd (1873-1946) in 1916
their known children
(born in Christchurch)
1905 - 1980 John Corsar Kydd
1905 - 1905 Joseph Lyon Ross Kydd (aged 11 weeks)
1912 - 1944 Gordon Reich Kydd
- Gordon married Violetta Clegg in 1936. He enlisted in WWII from Christchurch. He served as Private 607148, 26 Infantry Battalion. His parents were then in Auckland. He was killed in action 29 March 1944 in Italy

Amelia Matilda Bunce
* married John Valdemar Anderson (1910-1977) in 1933

Ngaore Whilma Bunce (1913-1995)
* married Ernest Arthur Gentry (1909-1989) in 1936

Violet Elsie Bunce (1901-1978)
* married Archibald Edward Louis Rout (1896-1967) in 1922

Winifred Marion Bunce (1902-1979)
* married Roderick Ingle (1902-1990) in 1929

William & Jane Bunce
Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Christchurch

ADSETT buried Feilding, Manawatu

the ADSETT buried at Feilding 1887 - 2007
* born still not included
* some birth dates may be based on recorded age at death
* date may be of death or burial

Albert Adsett
born 1868 in Deptford, England to Henry Adsett & Ellen Brosnahan
married Mary Carmichael in 1889
children see Mary
died 28 Aug 1942 aged 74
New Zealand Herald, 7 Sep 1942
The death has occurred at Aorangi, Feilding, of Mr Albert Adsett, aged 74. Prior to taking up his residence in Feilding in 1929, Mr Adsett, was engaged in sawmilling in the Manawatu district and went to the central King Country in 1910 and successfully milled timber for 19 years. On his retirement from sawmilling he carried on a sheep farming at Reid's Line and Kelvin Grove, Feilding. He was keenly interested in sport and donated many trophies, among them being the Adsett Shield, which is competed for annually in Taumarunui by senior teams in the King Country Rugby Football Union's district. He is survived by his wife, two sons and three daughters. There are ten grandchildren
buried plot 53C, row 4, block 3 with Mary
HEADSTONE In Loving Memory of Albert Adsett died 28th August 1942 aged 74 years. Mary Adsett died 22nd August 1947 aged 80 years
* Albert worked at his brother's sawmill at Pohangina during the 1890s and early 1900s and by 1907 had a mill of his own at Oroua Bridge (now Rangiotu). He later milled in the King Country.

Arthur Adsett
born 1886 to William Adsett (1858-1936) & Emily Margaret Furness (1852-1928) who married in Rotherhithe in, Surrey in 1877 and had 3 sons before emigrating and 5 other children in NZ. They are buried in Levin
died 1 Oct 1887 aged 1
buried plot 965C, row 103, block 2 with Hannah Elizabeth
HEADSTONE unreadable

Delphine Rose 'Dell' Adsett
born 1920 to Walter Adsett & Mildred Rose Barry
did not marry
died 17 March 2007 aged 86
buried plot 33, row 227, block 7 with her sister Louise (McDougall)
HEADSTONE One of Life's Gems Adsett Delphine 'Dell' 31.3.1920 - 17.3.2007 Dearly loved sister of Lulu and Gar

Doris Elizabeth Adsett (nee Walker)
born 14 Sep 1913 to James Walker & Elizabeth Dickie
married Walter Garfield Adsett in 1937
died 15 March 2002 aged 88
buried plot 1309, block 2 with Walter
HEADSTONE see Walter

Ellen Adsett (nee Brosnahan)
born 1843 in Kent, England
married Henry Adsett (1841-1908) and had 10 children
died 20 June 1922 aged 79
buried family plot 242, row 28, block 3 with Henry
NEWSPAPERS of the day
.. ADSETT - On June 17 1922, at her residence, Manchester Farm, Colyton, Ellen, relict of the late Henry Adsett; aged 70 years
.. The death occurred at the Manchester Famy, Colyton, on Saturday last, of an old and respected settler, Mrs Ellen Adsett. The deceased, who was seventy-nine years of age, had resided in the district for over forty years. Her husband, who was a pioneer sawmiller, pre-deceased her fourteen years ago. She leaves a family of five sons and four daughters. The funeral takes place tomorrow afternoon

Ellen Maria Adsett (nee Pawson)
born 1867, Banks Peninsula, 6th of 10 children of John Pawson (1834-1913) & Elisabeth Breitmeyer (1836-1897), both buried Feilding. Sister of Hannah Elizabeth Pawson who married his brother Henry
married George Adsett in 1886
their known children
* 1887 - 1949 George Henry Adsett
* 1894 - 1937 Hannah Louisa Adsett
died 21 Jan 1938 aged 71
buried plot 439A, row 108, block 2 with her daughter Hannah (Ward). Her son-in-law Herbert Erubion Ward (1890-1917), killed in action aged 28, is on the headstone

George Adsett
born 1865 in Surrey, England to Henry Adsett & Ellen Brosnahan
married Ellen Maria Pawson 20 Nov 1886 in Feilding. Sister of Hannah who married his brother Henry
died 13 Nov 1930 aged 65
buried plot 629, row 35, block 3
HEADSTONE In Loving Memory Of George Adsett who died Nov 13 1930 aged 64

George Henry Adsett
born in Manawatu in 1887 to George Adsett & Ellen Maria Pawson
died 17 Dec 1949 aged 62
buried plot 440A, row 108, block 2

Hannah Elizabeth Adsett (nee Pawson)
born 7 July 1861, Banks Peninsula, 3rd of 10 children of John Pawson (1834-1913) & Elisabeth Breitmeyer (1836-1897), both buried Feilding. Sister of Ellen Maria Pawson who married George Adsett
married Henry Adsett (1860-1930) in 1882. Brother of George Adsett who married her sister Ellen
their known children
* 1883 - 1959 John Henry 'Jack' Adsett
died 22 Sep 1887 aged 26
NEWSPAPERS of the day
.. ADSETT On the 22nd September, at Feilding, Hannah, the beloved wife of Henry Adsett, junr., aged 26 years. Deeply regretted. Canterbury papers please copy.
.. We deeply regret to announce the death of Mrs Hannah Adsett, the wife of Mr Henry Adsett, junior, son of Mr Harry Adsett of the Manchester Mills, Taonui, which took place to-day. The deceased had been suffering for about a year from consumption (TB), therefore the end was not unexpected. She was a daughter of Mr John Pawson, a much respected settler who with his family came here from Akaroa, Canterbury, about the time of the foundation of this settlement. She leaves one child. The greatest sympathy is felt for the young husband who thus early loses his wife and for the other relatives left to mourn her loss.
.. The friends of the late Mrs Adsett are requested to note that the funeral procession will leave her late residence Denbigh and Princes street at two o'clock in the afternoon punctually. It will be necessary for them to be in attendance a little earlier to enable the cortege to be marshalled in time.
.. The funeral of the late wife of Mr H. Adsett, junr., took place on Sunday, it being the largest private funeral that has ever taken place in this district. The cortege included a large number of vehicles of every description, and about 170 horsemen. Mr Henry Curran officiated at the grave, assisted by Capt. Needham, of the Salvation Army. The proceedings were very effective and general sympathy was expressed on all sides with the relatives and friends of the deceased
buried plot 965C, row 103, block 2 with Arthur
HEADSTONE In Loving Memory of Hannah Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Henry Adsett, died Sep 22nd 1887, aged 26 years, at rest
* Henry Adsett next married Amy Louisa Streeter (1869-1951) in 1893 and had 5 children. He is buried in Otaki

Harriet Amelia Adsett
born 1881 to Henry Adsett & Ellen Brosnahan
didn't marry
died 20 June 1939 aged 55
buried family plot 243, row 28, block 3

Henry Adsett
born 9 May 1841 in England to George Adsett & Louisa Brooker
married Ellen Brosnahan and had 10 children
died 29 June 1908 aged 67
NEWSPAPERS of the day
.. 23 June 1908, The serious illness of Mr H. Adsett, Colyton, is causing sincere regret amongst a very large circle of friends. Needless to say, widespread sympathy is felt for him and his family and hopes are expressed that he may yet recover.
.. ANSETT - On June 29, at his residence, Manchester farm, Colyton, Henry, beloved husband of Ellen Adsett, aged 67 years
.. The death is announced of Mr H. Adsett, a resident in the Feilding district for about 30 years and who carried on business as a sawmiller with success. He then entered into farming pursuits at Colyton, where he passed away on Monday at the age of 67
.. Mr HENRY ADSETT, who had been laid up for some time lately, died at his residence, Colyton road, at 11 o'clock last night. His death was altogether expected by his family and relatives, who are nevertheless overcome with grief at his departure. The cause of death was cancer, from which he had been suffering for a long time and the most careful medical attention was of no avail against the fell disease. Mr Adsett arrived in Feilding about thirty-five years ago, having been one of the first settlers in the Manchester Block. He first took up his residence in Denbigh street, at the Prince street corner and engaged in sawmilling. This occupation he followed for many years and was a very successful business man. Later on he took up a clock of standing bush on the Taonui road near Colyton and, having cut out the bush, he built a residence on the land and resided there ever since. He owned considerable property in Feilding and Palmerston and had built a number of dwelling houses in various parts of both towns. A great many people will miss the deceased gentleman for his unassuming kindness and generosity. He was never appealed to in vain for help and the settlers in his locality have without exception the best of regards for their departed neighbour. He did good by stealth and never had any desire for the glare of public life. Besides his widow, Mr Adsett leaves five sons and four daughters to mourn the loss of a loving husband and father, The sons are - Harry (now at Levin), Arthur (Dannevirke), George (Main Trunk Line), Albert (Dannevirke) and Walter (at home). The first four sons are married and have always follwed sawmilling pursuits and the youngest has managed the home property. The daughters are - Mrs J. Laing (Colyton) and Misses Louie, Charlotte and Dudu Adsett. With their numerous friends and acquaintances we extend our sympathy to the sorrowing family
.. The remains of the late Mr Henry Adsett, of Colyton, were laid to rest in the Feilding cemetery yesterday afternoon. The cortege was over a mile in length and there were many old friends of deceased from every part of the district present, which bore ample testimony to the very high esteem in which he was held by all who knew him.
The Rev Alan Innes-Jones, of St John's church, conducted the service at the church and subsequently at the grave in a very impressive manner. A number of beautiful wreaths and other tokens of respect were laid on the grave.
A very old resident of Feilding and a personal friend of the late Mr Henry Adsett, supplies the following particulars of the deceased's career. He arrived in Feilding in'74, coming to the colony in the sailing ship Salisbury the Second to visit our shores under charter to the Manchester Colonist and Aid Corporation formed in London by the Duke of Manchester, Colonel Feilding and others. Mr and Mrs Adsett took up their residence in a bark whare known as the barracks, which was erected somewhere in the vicinity of the present Courthouse. Prior to coming to the colony Mr Adsett was an overseer in charge of a shipbuilding yard (department) and shortly after his arrival in Feilding started pit sawing somewhere about Marlborough street in company with Mr Chas. Baker. After about six months at this work he, with a number of others, assisted to make the present Kimbolton road to the Kiwitea river. Then he went to work for Messrs Batholomew and Manson, sawmillers, at Terrace End, in Palmerston and afterwards took the cutting by contract at Malcolm's mill at Sandon and remained there for some years,subsequently returning to Aorangi, where he took the cutting at Bulls' mill by contract and from there he went to Taonui, where he purchased West's and Collins' interests in a small mill and has resided there ever since. Mr and Mrs Adsett were special favourites among the early settlers in the Feilding district and were known far and wide for their kind-hearted disposition and many acts of a generous nature
buried family plot 241, row 28, block 3

Louisa Adsett
born 1871 to Henry Adsett & Ellen Brosnahan
didn't marry
died 17 Nov 1971 aged 100
buried family plot 244, row 28, block 3

Mary Adsett (nee Carmichael)
born 1 Nov 1867 in Antrim, Rasharkin, Ireland, 12th of 17 children (all born Ireland, died NZ) of James Carmichael (1825-1899, died Taranaki) & Elizabeth Ann McLatchie (1827-1904, died Porirua)
married Albert Adsett in 1889
their known children
* 1891 - 1979 Henry William Adsett
* 1892 - 1968 Beatrice Amelia May Adsett
* 1896 - 1970 Ivy Christina Adsett
* 1899 - 1949 Elsie Eileen Adsett
* 1906 - 1974 Verne Albert Melville Adsett
died 24 Aug 1947 in Taumaranui aged 80
buried plot 53C, row 4, block 3 with Albert
HEADSTONE see Albert

Mildred Rose Adsett (nee Barry)
born 1879 to John Barry & Mary Leary
married Walter Adsett in 1911
their known children
* 1912 - 1962 Walter Garfield 'Gar' Adsett
* 1915 - 2002 Louise 'Lulu' Adsett
* 1920 - 2007 Delphine Rose 'Dell' Adsett
died 2 July 1952 aged 72
buried plot 1308, row 74, block 2 with Walter
HEADSTONE see Walter

Verna Margaret Adsett (nee Funnell)
born 1922 to Robert Nealson Funnell (1880-1950) & Elsie Lenore Grinlinton (1900-1967)
married ? Adsett
died 11 March 2000 aged 78
buried plot 656, tow 8, block 3
NOTE Buried with Bernard William 'Bernie' Funnell (1926-1969, her brother), Clive Robert Funnell (1999 aged 72, her brother), Elsie Lenore Funnell (her mother), Douglas Charles Funnell (1930-1951, her brother) & Russell Henry Turner (1923-1988)

Walter Adsett
born 1875 to to Henry Adsett & Ellen Brosnahan
married Mildred Rose Barry in 1911
died 21 Aug 1960 aged 85
buried plot 1308, row 74, block 2 with Mildred
HEADSTONE In loving memory of Mildred Rose dearly loved wife of Walter Adsett Died July 2nd 1952 aged 72 years also Walter Adsett Died August 21st 1960 aged 85 years

Walter Garfield 'Gar' Adsett
born 1912 to Walter Adsett & Mildred Rose Barry
*Walter was a Police Officer
married Doris Elizabeth Walker in 1937
died 20 Aug 1962 aged 50
buried plot 1309, block 2 with wife Doris
HEADSTONE In loving memory of Walter Garfield (Gar) Adsett Died 17th August 1962 aged 50 years Dearly loved husband of Doris Elizabeth Died 11th March 2002 aged 88 years

Family Plot 241 - 244