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GALLON buried Carterton, Wairarapa

the GALLON buried Clareville cemetery Carterton as at July 2010

ADELAIDE MANGAIO Gallon (nee PARKER) aged 76
daughter of Stanley PARKER & Margaret
married: Stuart Ross St Clair Gallon in 1923
date of death: 12 May 1975
buried: Plot 277, Block SUB 2

BASIL LESLIE Gallon aged 65
date of death: 29 June 1987
buried: Plot 289, Block NEW UNSEC

CLIFFORD STUART Gallon aged 12 days
date of death: 11 August 1923
buried: Plot 349

DOREEN MABEL Gallon aged 12
date of death: 11 December 1928
buried: Plot 233, Block OU NEW SUR

DOYLE Gallon aged 84
date of death: 6 July 2010
buried: Row 1563, Area lawn A

EVA GLADYSS Gallon (nee JAMES) aged 83
married: Leslie Stuart Gallon in 1921
date of death: 20 July 1982
buried: Plot 351

FLORA MAUDE Gallon aged 90
date of death:20 April 1968
buried: Plot 275, Block SUB 2

GLADYS MURIEL Gallon aged 66
date of death: 27 Fed 1998
buried: Plot 289, Block NEW UNSEC

LESLIE STUART Gallon aged 71
son of William Stuart GALLON & Mabel Edith HODDER
date of death: 17 July 1972
buried: Plot 350

MABEL EDITH Gallon aged 41
date of death: 26 November 1918
buried: Plot 234, Block OU NEW SUR

MURRAY GRANT Gallon aged 6 months
date of death: 3 September 1953
buried: Plot 288, Block NEW UNSEC

STUART ROSS ST. CLAIR Gallon aged 84
son of Alexander Cruickshank GALLON & Helen Caroline Edith WELCH
married: Adelaide Mangaio PARKER in 1923
date of death: 7 October 1986
buried: Plot 276, Block sub 2

date of death: 24 January 1978
buried: Plot 698, Block 1, Area LAWN A

WILLIAM STUART Gallon aged 56
date of death: 26 November 1928
buried: Plot 235, Block OU NEW SUR

Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

taken by wenpen 5-7-2012

FOSTER buried Masterton, Wairarapa

the FOSTER buried Masterton, Wairarapa as at July 2012

ALLAN DAVID Foster aged 19
death date: 6 March 1976
buried: Plot 68, Row N, Area Lawn A-X at Archer Street

AUDREY OLIVE Foster aged 45
death date: 27 Sep 1970
buried: Plot 33, Row 7, Area lawn A-X at Arcger Street

DAPHNE PEARL Foster aged 92
death date: 7 Sep 2010
buried: Plot 49, Row B, Area Lawn C at Riverside

DAVID FRANCIS Foster aged 42
death date: 16 March 1994
buried: Plot 4, Row C, Area Lawn C at Riverside

death date: 2 Dec 2003
buried: Plot 67, Row A, Block B, Area Cremation Lawn at Riverside
- with wife Marcia

ELAINE AVIS Foster aged 2 days
daughter of Edward FOSTER & Annie DIXON
death date: 29 Aug 1909
buried: Plot EAF, Row A, Area Old Ground at Archer Street

EMILY IDA Foster (nee COE) aged 91
married: Roy Marryatt Herman Foster in 1924
death date: 24 Sep 1992
buried: Plot EIF, Row 13, Area Ex Servicemen at Archer Street

IRIS EVELYN Foster (nee COMPTON) aged 76
married: Clarence Rayner Foster (1892-1984) in 1927
- (8th of 16 known children of Thomas William FOSTER & Mary Ann GRIX)
they divorced in Auckland in 1949
death date: 26 Oct 1977
buried: Plot IEF, Row 8, Area Plan I at Archer Street

death date: 28 June 2012
buried: Plot 67, Row N, Area Lawn A-X at Archer Street

MARCIA Foster aged 82
death date: 20 Jan 1995
buried: Plot 67, Row B-A, Area Cremation Lawn at Riverside
with husband Douglas David

MERRYL JUNE Foster aged 23
death date: 13 Oct 1973
buried: Plot 85, Row V, Area lawn A-X at Archer Street

son of Pat Leonard Johnston FOSTER & Edith Mabel Cameron BROWNE
death date: 6 Nov 1993
buried: Plot 50, Row B, Area Lawn G at Riverside

PATRICIA MARY Foster aged 83
death date: 31 Oct 2009
buried: Plot 54, Row G, Area Lawn A-X at Archer Street
- next to Husband Thomas William

RAYMOND JAMES Foster aged 82
death date: 21 July 2012
buried: Plot 66, Row N, Area Lawn A-X- at Archer Street

14th of 16 known children of Thomas William FOSTER & Mary Ann GRIX
married: Emily Ida COE (1901-1992) in 1924
death date: 2 March 1975
buried: Plot RHMF, Row 13, Area Ex Servicemen at Archer Street

THOMAS WILLIAM Foster aged 62
death date: 20 Sep 1977
buried: Plot 53, Row G, Area Lawn A-X

WILLIAM Foster aged 84
death date: 11 Aug 1890
Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 August 1890, William Foster, of the Taueru, an old pensioner of the North Wairarapa Benevolent Society, died yesterday morning
buried: Plot EF, Row 3, Area Plan VI at Archer Street

WILLIAM PINDER Foster aged 71
3rd of 16 known children of Thomas William FOSTER & Mary Ann GRIX
death date: 16 Sep 1990
buried: Plot 33, Row T, Area: lawn A-X at Archer Street

Mary Ann Foster died 14 March 1911 aged 49 after a lingering illness
Evening Post, 17 March 1911 CARTERTON - The funeral of the late Mrs T. W. Foster took place at the Clareville cemetery yesterday afternoon, and was largely attended, the cortege including brethren of the Masterton and Carterton Rechabite Lodges. Bros. F. E. Tyler, E. King, W. H. Partridge and W. H. Whyte were the pall-bearers. The Rev C. H. Standage officiated at the graveside
Thomas William FOSTER died 3 April 1915 aged 57
- they are buried together in Plots 113 & 114 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

Archer Street Cemetery
Park Ave entrance

Suicides, New Zealand - January 1923

the known January 1923 suicides, or attempted suicides, in New Zealand
The objective here is to record names and the districts they lived in and to present the facts surrounding their reasons as they were presented at the time (as opposed to notoriously incorrect stories that families have passed down through generations - aka Chinese Whispers).
Please be aware that in those days, unlike today, the newspapers reported the events very graphically, just as they happened. Links have been provided to read the details of such stories. Caution is recommended for those who are sensitive.

As at time of writing Papers Past is experiencing problems loading pages (sometimes due to traffic overload) and the links may take forever to open or not open at all. Try again at a later time

Evening Post, 3 January 1923 at WAIPAWA PA
Puhi MAIHI aged over 50, quarreled with his wife Linda Maihi, aged 22 after he learned she was leaving with a younger man

Evening Post, 3 January 1923 at OTAIO
James MacCORMACK, a blacksmith, about 45 years of age, committed suicide to-day by cutting his throat at Otaio. Deceased, a widower, leaves seven young children
BDM has recorded him as James McCORMACK aged 50

Auckland Star, 5 January 1923 at WARKWORTH
Richard Derwent HOLLINGSWORTH, a young man (1890-1966), was remanded for a week on charges of having attempted suicide at Warkworth and with having unlawfully discharged a loaded firearm at another man

NZ Truth, 6 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Sad and sore with the tribulations of the world, its poverty and hard work, an elderly woman, who was stated to be employed as a cleaner at the G.P.O. threw herself into the harbour last week and was rescued just in the nick of time. After being two days in hospital the unfortunate woman was brought before the Police Court and stood, weeping, in the dock to answer a charge of attempted suicide. She pleaded guilty, when it was stated by the police that she told them she had been greatly worried and so had striven to drown it all in the waters of the Waitemata. She was convicted and discharged, and afterwards conducted to her home in Grey Lynn by the police

Evening Post, 8 January 1923 at DUNEDIN
Andrew CRAIG, 60 years of age (1863-1925), attempted suicide last night by placing a gas tube in his mouth, but, becoming unconscious, he slid from his chair, thus removing the tube. He is now recovering in hospital. He has had poor health for some time.

Evening Post, 8 January 1923 at HOKITIKA
Robert H. HALLIGAN, aged 29 (Robert Henry Halligan aged 36), who had been missing for eight days, was found hanging in the bush. He served at Gallipoli, winning the D.C.M., and was wounded in the head. He leaves a widow and four young children
he married Maude FOSTER in 1919

Auckland Star, 9 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Verdict of suicide by coal-gas poisoning followed death in hospital of Joshua LAZAR, a crippled second-hand dealer of middle age. John HISCOTT, tobacconist, said that the deceased occupied a second-hand shop adjoining his, at 110 Hobson Street. Lazar had talked about suicide for the last five years ...

Auckland Star, 10 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
"I don't know what to do about this case just now" said Sergeant Rowall, "This man, Ernest George BOVIS (1890-1970, married Dorothy Eileen Smith in 1933), is not usually given to drink. He had been keeping company with a young girl, but the girl had decided she would have nothing more to do with him. The man purchased a razor yesterday with the expressed intention of committing suicide because of his rejection. He was found sitting on the side of the road in Belgium Street, weeping and he had this razor in his possession". "Oh! he wants attention," said Mr Poynton, S.M. Accused was remanded for a week for medical observation

Evening Post, 15 January 1923 at MILTON
A man named William David CHEYNE (1863-1923), was found drowned in a well at the back of his residence at Milton this morning. Suicide is suspected

Evening Post, 16 January 1923 at WELLINGTON
The inquest concerning the death of James Duff CRUICKSHANK 67 years of age, (1855-1923, land agent), who was found hanged in his office at 18 Grey street yesterday, was conducted at the magistrate's Court to-day by the Coroner (Mr W. G. Riddell, S.M.) Sergeant O'Neill appeared for the police. Evidence of identification was given by John Gwyneth Stevens, a land agent, who said he had last seen Cruickshank alive a week previous to last Sunday. The deceased owed some money, not a great deal, but this seemed to prey on his mind and depress him. He had mentioned in a general way, that things were not going too well. Sergeant O'Neill stated that he had found a note in the office of the deceased which showed that he was in financial difficulties. Other evidence having been given, the Coroner found that the deceased committed suicide by hanging himself while mentally depressed
James was a son of James Duff Fyfe CRUICKSHANK & Christina MOUAT. He married married Harriet Elizabeth MALCOLM (1865-1905) in 1885. They didn't have children. He was 'from Masterton' when he married Jane Mary MALCOLM 'of Wellington' 17 April 1907. He is buried Plot 217 G, CH ENG2 at Karori

New Zealand Herald, 16 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Distressing circumstances attended the death of Mrs Elsie Rhoda JAMES, aged 43, of Franklin Road, Ponsonby, whose body was found yesterday morning floating near the shore in St Mary's Bay. At an inquest held yesterday afternoon, John Charles James said his wife had been in failing health for about six months, being at times rather strange in her manner. She had periods of rather severe depression. When he awoke at about 6.15 a.m. yesterday he missed her from the room. He went down to St Mary's Bay, in company with Mr P. A. Smith, a motor-engineer, and they found the body of his wife in the water. On January 10 she left home about 9 p.m., and he found her about 1 a.m. the next morning wandering on St Mary's Beach. She said she was watching the moon. She was then in a demented condition. Dr W. H. Horton said he had attended the deceased since the middle of October. She had been mentally depressed, but was not sufficiently ill to be sent to a mental hospital. She was very well taken care of and was improving. The coroner returned a verdict of suicide by drowning while mentally depressed
Elsie Rhoda nee MURRAY, married John Charles JAMES in 1914

Auckland Star, 17 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
James MONTAGUE, an old man, a Niue Islander, who appeared in Court the other day in a weak condition charged with attempted suicide was further remanded to appear again on January 24, Senior-Sergeant Rawle stating that accused was still under medical observation at Mount Eden gaol

Auckland Star, 18 January 1923 at PAHIATUA
Ernest John MEADE, a lorry driver, aged about 45, married, was found this morning hanging on a beam in a storeroom adjacent to the stables where he was employed, The circumstances point to suicide
Ernest married Sara ANDERSEN (1886-1965) in 1908
their known children:
1910 - 1985 Charles Arthur Meade

Auckland Star, 19 January 1923 at GISBORNE
Frederick George CHAPMAN (1871-1923), an inmate of the public hospital was found dead at 2.10 o'clock this morning with his throat cut by a razor. Deceased was a married man with five children, residing at Muriwai
Frederick married Julia Elizabeth ROBERTSON (1876-1955) in 1902
their children were:
1902 - Reginald Herbert Frederick Chapman
1903 - Ivy Ethel Julia Chapman
1905 - Myrtle Catherine Alice Chapman
1908 - Harold Wilfred George Chapman
1912 - Mona Frances Evelyn Chapman

Evening Post, 23 January 1923 at WELLINGTON
An Australian, named Joseph BARDEN, 33 years of age, (1893-1952), who was recently found on the outskirts of Lyall Bay with his throat cut, appeared on a charge of having attempted to commit suicide. On the application of Senior Sergeant Lander, the accused, who pleaded guilty, was remanded until Friday for sentence
he served as Rifleman 15324 with the 9th

Evening Post, 24 January 1923 at FEILDING
A number of suspicious outbreaks of fire have recently been causing concern amongst business men. Last week an attempt was made to set fire to business premises occupied by a Chinese fruiterer. Police investigations resulted in the arrest of Clive Joseph NOBLE, aged 17 (1906-1984), a messenger in the Feilding Fire Brigade. Noble was before the Court this morning, and was remanded till next Thursday. The accused's father applied for bail, and in the course of a speech to the Bench said the boy had admitted to the police having committed the deed which was the subject of the charge. The police opposed the application, partly on the ground that the accused had threatened to commit suicide, and the Magistrate refused to grant bail
Clive married Daisy Irene Linda McEwan (1905-1977) in 1927

New Zealand Herald, 24 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
An elderly man, James G. Cummings, pleaded guilty to a charge of having attempted to commit suicide. According to the police evidence accused had said he was going to commit suicide and had drunk a bottle of chlorodyne. He was taken to the hospital. Accused seemed to have periodic attacks of this kind, and it was feared that one day he would succeed in his suicidal attempts. The magistrate, remarking that liquor was the cause of the trouble, sentenced accused to six months imprisonment

Auckland Star, 24 January 1923 at TAIHAPE
The body of a man named George WISELY, aged 40 (1883-1923), single, a ploughman of Ruanui station, was found floating in a dam a mile from the homestead yesterday. He returned from a holiday on the 13th., and was missed next day. An exhaustive search made failed to locate him till yesterday, when the body was found as stated. At the inquest a verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane was returned

Auckland Star, 25 January 1923 at CHRISTCHURCH
Mr Scott BAKER (John Scott Baker, 1873-1923), a well known commission agent, of Christchurch, shot himself on Mr T. Croft's farm at Onuhi this morning

Auckland Star, 26 January 1923 at AUCKLAND
Frederick BUTCHER, a bluejacket from the New Zealand Squadron, admitted having attempted to commit suicide by cutting his throat. It was stated that the man - a smart-looking young sailor - had been most peculiar and had attempted his life in a sudden fit of dementia. However, he was now apparently normal

Northern Advocate, 1 February 1923 at WELLINGTON
A tragedy occurred at 38 McFarlane Street, yesterday, when Mrs Mary Elizabeth BELLHOUSE, wife of the Rev Harold Bellhouse, leaped from an upstairs window of their residence to the asphalt path below, a distance of about 25 feet. She received such severe injuries that she died before medical aid could be summoned. Deceased was 56 years of age and resided with her husband and family. For four years past she had been mentally depressed and had been attended by Dr Elliott for nervous troubles.
Mary Eliza nee TURNER married Harold Edward Bellhouse in 1898
their children were:
1899 - Geoffrey Turner Bellhouse (see note at end)
1901 - 1985 Lesbia Charlotte Grace Bellhouse
1903 - 1940 Lionel Edward Bellhouse
1906 - 1990 Basil Charles Bellhouse
the Rev Geoffrey Turner Bellhouse was born at Christchurch 21 July 1899 and was educated at Christchurch Boys' High School. He graduated master of arts at Auckland University College and began study for the ministry at Knox College, Dunedin. He went to Edinburgh University to complete the course, graduating bachelor of divinity. He was ordained in 1926 at Regent Square Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, since when he has been at St. Andrew's, Eastbourne. He served a term as moderator of the Presbyterian Church of England, 195859, and has been special preacher on many occasions both in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The Rev. Bellhouse has done a considerable amount of broadcasting and published a number of books, including Thinking it Out, Immortal Longings and These are Thy Wonders

NIKOLAISON marriages New Zealand 1885-1933

the known NIKOLAISON marriages in New Zealand 1885 - 1933

Christian Neal Laurance 'Chris' Nikolaison
married Coral Medusa FOUNTAIN (1899-1959) in 1923
CORAL died 5 Feb 1959 aged 60
CHRIS died 10 March 1981 aged 84
- they are buried Plot 118, Block 1 at Ormondville with his parents

Lewis Enoch Nikolaison (1900-1973)
Gwendoline Winifred MILLWOOD in 1930

Martin Aron Nikolaison (1884-1972)
married Karen 'Carrie' PALLESEN (1887-1983) in 1914
daughter of Jorgen PALLESEN & Karen Marie THOMASEN

Niels Nikolaison (1863-1945)
son of Olaf & Katrina NIKOLAISON who emigrated on the 'Fritz Reuter' into Napier March 1875 from Denmark.
Katrina was an expert butter maker supplying many Ormondville homes from her cottage industry. Niels built a butter factory, Nikolaisons Alpha Butter Factory, which prospered, making around 550lbs (227kg) of butter per day. The butter & cheese factory was later enlarged with butter being railed to Napier to be shipped to London. The Factory later became N. NIKOLAISON & Sons and the store sold a large range of goods including farm tools, hardware, clothes etc. The store closed in the 1930s. The butter & cheese factory closed in 1960
Niels married Laura Mathilde JENSEN (1864-1933) in 1885
their known children:
* 1886 - 1972 Olof Hartvig Nikolaison
* 1887 - 1887 Christian Emil Nikolaison (aged 3 weeks at Norsewood)
* 1889 - 1984 Annie Gydine Matilda Nikolaison
* 1891 - Emily Gydine Christina Nikolaison
* 1897 - 1981 Christian Neal Nikolaison
* 1908 - Dulcie Phyllis Nikolaison
NIELS & LAURA are buried Ormondville cemetery with son Chris & wife Coral
... NOTES ...
On the FRITZ REUTER Passenger List
Olaf and his (then) family are written as:
...Olaf Niklaussen aged 45
...Ane Niklaussen aged 44
...Niels Anton Niklaussen aged 9¾
...Niels Emil Niklaussen aged 7
Hawke's Bay Herald, 14 October 1884

Mr Bowron gave one of his very instructive lectures at Ormondville last evening ...
* the outlay for a butter factory was small, they could have one for about £200 (2013 equivalent of $35,800)
* if he were asked what he thought of New Zealand butter he would answer that some of it was the worst butter in the world, although with proper management it could have been made the best
* the superiority of factory over hand-made butter consisted in all the butter being alike
* the fact was that people in London wanted good butter and were willing to pay a good price for it
* there was only one butter factory in the colony and that was at Edendale
* Mr Wilding advised the formation of a committee to canvas the district for support to the projected undertaking and as a consequence the following gentlemen were elected as a committee: Messrs W. Harker, J. Brabazon, R. R. Groom, J. J. Browne, C. R. Baines, G. Fotherfill, H. Wilding, G. E. Sass, J. Petersen, O. Eriksen, Prescot and Hobson. Mr F. C. Shugar was elected hon. sec.
Bush Advocate, 1 September 1891

(proposed to call it the Bush Farmers' Co-operative Association)
click this link to read the full meeting. Mr Groom, who was voted to the chair... Mr Siddells said he was afraid that in view of the little interest shown by the settlers it would be wiser to let the matter drop... Mr Westall thought that Messrs Ljungqvist, Bai and Nikolaison would be as well to propound the scheme...
Some other names at this meeting: Falconer, Groom, Julius Hensen, Leach, Lochhead, Magnussen, Mortensen, Norbye, Packer, Pedersen, Petterson, Plank, Pastor Ries, Wilson,
Bush Advocate, 2 February 1893

All persons who are interested in the proposal to establish a butter factory at Ormondville will see by an advertisement in another column that they are invited to attend a meeting in the Rechabite Hall on Saturday evening, at 7.30 p.m. We believe that the enterprise has been promised a lot of support, and there is no doubt that the Ormondville settlers will find that a butter factory will materially improve their condition in every way, enabling them to earn larger profits, and improving the value of their holdings. It has been conclusively proved by calculations made by experts and recognised farming authorities, and those calculations are based upon the lowest estimates, that dairying, when a factory is employed so as to make the butter of a uniform quality, and fit for export, will pay on small holdings better than sheep. The farming fraternity throughout the country are recognising and taking advantage of the fact. The province of Taranaki, in particular, has become one huge butter-making district, and it is found that the farmer is better off, and the man or company who run the factory contrive to make a comfortable living. We believe that Mr Smith, who has called this meeting, advocates forming the proposed dairy factory into a co-operative society, in which the milk suppliers will be the shareholders, and will thereby put the whole of the profits, instead of only a portion, direct into their own pockets. Mr Smith estimates that there are ample cows in the Ormondville district to support a factory, and the number is capable of being largely increased. We prognosticate that Mr Smith will have a large and influential meeting, and will meet with unanimous support for his scheme
* some say Niels Nikolaison opened the butter factory in 1891. Some say it opened in 1892. The above says they were still thinking about it in 1893. By 1907 Niels Nikolaison was winning at all the Agricultural Shows with his export quality butter from the Alpha Dairy Company at Ormondville

Olof Hartvig Nikolaison (1886-1972)
Hawke's Bay Herald, 20 December 1900 At the presentations of prizes at the Ormondville school yesterday, Mr Grant, chairman, called Olaf Nikolaison, who has just gained a £50 scholarship, and congratulated him on the high position he had attained in the recent examination, reminding him that at last years examination he came out 38th, owing to having no knowledge of some of the papers, whereas this year, thanks to the unremitting attention of Mr Watson, he had come in a good second.
Olof married Mabel Lillian BISHOP (1892-) in 1911
11th of 13 children of John BISHOP & Mary Sarah BERRY who married in Collingwood, Nelson in Nov 1871 and later moved to Feilding
Olof was a Butter Factory manager in Ormondville when called to war 1918
their known children:
* 1912 - Mabel Ivy Nikolaison
OLOF died 7 June 1972 aged 86 in Levin
MABEL died 4 Oct 1976 aged 84 in Levin
- they are buried Old Levin Cemetery

Peter Aron Nikolaison (1857-1934)
married Mary Ann PALLESEN (1886-1934) in 1908
daughter of Jorgen PALLESON & Karen Marie THOMASEN
their known children:
* 1909 - 1994 Bazel Nikolaison (buried Waikumete)
* 1910 - 1988 Gordon Malcolm Nikolaison (buried Clareville, Carterton)
* 1911 - 1944 Clifford George Nikolaison
* 1914 - 2005 Selwyn Edgar Nikolaison (+ Edna May PECK, buried Mangatera)
Edna was a daughter of Wilfred Norman PECK & Ellen Christina 'Maggie' KENDRICK
PETER died 8 July 1934 aged 77
MARY ANN died 1 September 1934 aged 48
- they are buried Norsewood cemetery

Peter Edwin Nikolaison (1896-1978)
married Annie Maria Thalia PALLESEN in 1922
daughter of Jorgen PALLESEN & Karen Marie THOMASEN
PETER died 13 Feb 1978 aged 81 in Levin
ANNIE died 17 Sep 1985 aged 88 in Levin
- they are buried at the Avenue cemetery, Levin

Annie Gydine Matilda Nikolaison (1889-1984)
married Victor Stagg FOUNTAIN (1886-1968) in 1914
son of Charles William FOUNTAIN & Isabella MANN
a son, Cedric Niel Fountain (1919-1942), Pilot Officer NZ41981, Royal New Zealand Air Force was killed in WWII. At that time Victor & Annie were in Napier
VICTOR died in Palmerston North 27 August 1968 aged 82
ANNIE died in Wellington 24 August 1984 aged 94
- they are buried Plot 75, Block 10, Area Q at Kelvin Grove

Annie Mary Nikolaison (1888-1972)
married Christian Walter MATHIESON (1888-1963) in 1911
son of Louis August MATHIESON & Johanna JENSEN of Norsewood

Dulcie Phyllis Nikolaison (1908-1997)
married George Ashley ARDREY (1909-1994) in 1933

Emily Gydine Christina Nikolaison
married Charles Reginald STEVENS in 1914

Gladys Laura Grace Nikolaison (1904-1941)
married Ian Young BAIN (1903-1983) in 1928
spon of Thomas BAIN & Janet Neil YOUNG

Helen Elizabeth Nikolaison (1893-1982)
married Peter PALLESEN in 1912
son of Jorgen PALLESEN & Karen Marie THOMASEN

Private 35073 Clifford George Nikolaison

from Featherston, Wairarapa

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GOGGIN marriages New Zealand 1864-1928

the known GOGGIN marriages in New Zealand 1864 - 1928

Charles Goggin (1874-1937)
married Lilian CAMERON (1871-1962) in 1906

Francis Michael Goggin (1891-1957)
married Ida Caroline BENTON (1897-1984) in 1916
Francis served WWI as Private 71393. Ida was in Greytown

Harold Edward Goggin (1890-1952)
married Barbara CLEMENS (1890-1987) in 1925
HAROLD died 10 December 1952 in Christchurch aged 62
BARBARA died 18 June 1987 in Christchurch aged 97
- they are buried Plot 19, Block AN24 at Waimairi

James Goggin (1852-1920)
born in Macroom, County Cork, Ireland to Patrick GOGGIN & Kate KELLAHER. His mother died shortly after his birth. He arrived in NZ Dec 1878
married Johannah BUCKLEY (1856-1942) in 1882
their known children: (born Raumati, Dannevirke)
* 1883 - 1980 Catherine 'Kate' Goggin
* 1884 - 1942 Patrick Goggin
* 1886 - 1967 Mary Goggin
* 1888 - 1968 John Mandeville Goggin (Private 41777)
* 1890 - 1957 Francis Michael Goggin
* 1892 - Hannorah Goggin
* 1894 - 1995 Johannah Goggin
* 1896 - Margaret Goggin
* 1897 - 1917 James Goggin Killed in Action Ypres, Belgium
* 1899 - 1978 Richard Daniel Goggin
* 1902 - 1988 Julia Goggin (didn't marry)
JAMES died 2 November 1920 aged 88
JOHANNA died 29 June 1942 aged 86
- buried Plots 9 & 10, Block N at Mangatera, Dannevirke

James Goggin (1866-1947)
married Helen Isabella HARPER (1868-1895) in 1890
their known children:
* 1889 - 1963 Leonard Robert Goggin
* 1890 - 1952 Harold Edward Goggin
* 1895 - 1987 Helen Margaret Goggin
HELEN died 17 August 1895 aged 27
JAMES died 2 June 1947 aged 80
- they are buried Plot 15, Block 37 at Linwood, Christchurch

James Goggin
married Emma INDER (1865-1939 nee KENT) in 1926
Emma first married Charles Inder in 1883 & had:
...1886 - Elsie May Inder
...1888 - Lily Gertrude Inder
...1890 - Walter Kent Inder
...1894 - Gladys Mary Inder

John Goggin (1839-1909)
married Rachael HOUGHAY (1836-1926) in 1864
their known children: (born Christchurch)
* 1866 - 1947 James Goggin
* 1868 - Mary Bridget Goggin
* 1870 - 1931 Arthur Goggin (buried Linwood)
* 1872 - Catherine Goggin
* 1874 - Charles Goggin
* 1876 - Margaret GOggin
JOHN died 29 Nov 1909 aged 70
RACHAEL died 20 Sep 1926 aged 90
- they are buried Plot 130, Block 42 at Linwood

John Mandeville Goggin (1888-1968)
son of James GOGGIN & Hannah BUCKLEY from Raumati, Dannevirke)
married Mary Ellen ADSETT (1893-1967) in 1920
MARY ELLEN died 3 June 1967 aged 74 & is buried Karori, Wellington

Leonard Robert Goggin (1891-1963)
married Evelyn Marie HAUGHEY (1891-1921) in 1911
their known children: (born Christchurch)
* 1912 - 1953 Mary Monica Goggin (didn't marry, buried Linwood)
* 1920 - 1942 Harold Leonard Francis Goggin was Killed in North Africa WWII
EVELYN died 32 August 1921 aged 30 & buried Linwood
he next married Helen Aloysius DORAN (1889-1973) in 1928
HELEN died 30 Jan 1973 aged 83
LEONARD died 20 Feb 1983 aged 73
- they are buried Plots 174 & 175, Block 19 at Bromley

Patrick Goggin (1884-1942)
son of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
married Elizabeth DRAPER (1882-1914) in 1913
Elizabeth was the 4th of 11 known children of Edward DRAPER & Mary De NASH

Richard Daniel Goggin (1899-1978)
son of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
married Mabel VEALE (1903-1985) in 1925
Mabel was a daughter of James VEALE & Hannah Maria Perkins HARRIS
RICHARD died 9 March 1978 aged 78
MABEL died 10 June 1985 aged 82
- they are buried together Plot 40, Block BG at Mangatera, Dannevirke

Cathrine Goggin
married Michael BROSNAHAN in 1910
their only child:
* 1911 - 1994 Charles John Brosnahan

Catherine 'Kate' Goggin (1883-1980)
married John Weekes MANNELL (1872-1938) in 1909
John was born in Penzance, Cornwall to John Weekes MANNELL & Susannah MATTHEWS
Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 April 1909 At St. Patrick's Church, Masterton yesterday, Mr John Weekes Mannell, of Masterton, son of Mr J. Mannell of England, was married to Miss Kate Goggin (newspaper has Doggin), daughter of Mr James Goggin of Hamua. Mr Thomas R. Mannell. brother of the bridegroom, was best man and Miss Nellie O'Leary was bridesmaid. Rev. Father Saunderson was the officiating minister. Mr and Mrs Mannell left by the afternoon train for Wellington
their known children:
* 1915 - 2011 Agnes Monica Mannell
* 1918 - 1985 John Weekes 'Jack' Mannell
* 1922 - 1942 Edward James 'Ted' Mannell (died Whenuapai, aircraft accident)
JOHN died 30 November 1938 aged 57 in Masterton
KATE died 25 May 1980 in Masterton
- they are buried Row 3, Area Plan VII at Archer street cemetery

Ellen Mary Goggin (1866-1952)
married Louis Albert La BROOME (1863-1926) in 1886 Port Ahuriri
their known children:
* 1887 - 1918 William Thomas La Broome Killed in Action Le Cateau, France
* 1889 - Violet May La Broone (+ Michael QUIRK in 1917)
* 1891 - 1940 Albert Louis La Broome (lived Napier)
* 1896 - 1956 Clarence James La Broome
* 1897 - 1897 John Louis La Broome (aged 11 days)
* 1899 - 1952 Eileen May La Broome

Hannorah Goggin
married Gilbert Thomas COLE (1888-1965) in 1915

Helen Margaret Goggin (1895-1987)
married George James GRANT in 1922

Johannah Goggin (1894-1995)
married Clifford Gilbert KENDRICK (1895-1966) in 1918
Clifford was born in Marton, Rangitikei to Charles Alfred KENDRICK (1872-1900) & Henrietta 'Hettie' GILBERT (1872-1944). Hettie next married Charles PECK (1863-1958) in Feilding 16 May 1909 as his 2nd of 3 wives
NOTE Clifford's sister, Ellen Christina Kendrick, married Wilfred PECK (1890-1961) who was a son of Charles Peck (1863-1958, his stepfather), and Charles's first wife, Alexandra THOMSEN (aka Atlantic English)

Jane Goggin
married Thomas Henry MORTON (1855-1903) in 1882
their known children:
* 1891 - 1892 Mabel Frances Morton
* 1893 - 1959 Thomas Henry Morton
* 1895 - 1956 James Herbert Morton
* 1898 - Kathleen Erin Morton
* 1900 - 1957 John Baden Morton
THOMAS HENRY Morton is buried Old Napier cemetery

Kathleen Flora Goggin
married William JACKSON in 1924

Margaret Goggin
married Frederick George ARCHER in 1905
their known children:
* 1905 - Norman Frederick Archer
* 1905 - Humphrey George Archer
* 1906 - Arthur John Archer
* 1908 - Dorothea Mavis Archer
* 1909 - Mary Edna Archer
* 1911 - Phyllis Lucy Archer
* 1913 - Grace Cecilia Archer

Margaret Goggin
married Francis John READ (1901-1979) in 1927

Mary Goggin (1866-1967)
daughter of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
married Frank Herman BAUCKE (1884-1958) in 1912
Dominion, 14 May 1912 WEDDING AT DANNEVIRKE
Last Wednesday, in the Roman Catholic Church, Dannevirke, the marriage took place of Miss GOggin, daughter of Mr James Goggin, of Raumati, and Mr F. Baucke, the Rev Father Cahill officiating. The service was fully choral, and after mass had been celebrated the Wedding March was played by Miss Daly.
The bride wore a gown of cream silk voile trimmed with lace and the customary veil and wreath of orange blossoms. Miss Norah and Miss Hannah Goggin (sisters of the bride) were her bridesmaids, and wore cream silk frocks and black hats, trimmed with pink. Both bride and bridesmaids carried very pretty shower bouquets.
Mr John Goggin was best man. To the bride was given an amethyst and pearl brooch and the bridesmaids received from the bridegroom fold charms with cross pendants. The bride's mother, Mrs Goggin, was in a gown of black silk, with hat to match.
After the ceremony the guests were entertained at the home of the bride's parents, where the usual toasts were honoured. Later the bride and bridegroom left for the north, the bride travelling in a tweed costume, with green facings and pretty hat en suite

Mary Cecilia 'Dolly' Goggin
married Hector John McDONOGH in 1928
Auckland Star, 23 June 1928 McDONOGH - GOGGIN WEDDING
The wedding was celebrated on Wednesday, June 20, at St Mary's Church, Manchester Street, Christchurch, between Mary Cecilia 'Dolly', daughter of Mr James Goggin, Hills Road, Christchurch, and Hector John, son of Mrs McDonogh, Mount Albert, Auckland. The Rev. Father A. Cullen performed the ceremony. Miss Mina Ward presided at the organ.
The bride entered the church on the arm of her father, wearing a model gown of panne velvet with the new draped skirt caught at the side with diamante ornament. The sleeves of georgette of the same shade and neck and sleeves trimmed with fur. Her hat was a fawn velour. She carried a shoer bouquet of white chrysanthemums and maiden-hair fern. Miss Elizabeth Kelly was bridesmaid, wearing a frock of Alice blue crepe de chine and hat to tone. Her bouquet was pink with blue streamers.
Mr Norman Archer carried out the duties of best man. A reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents, where the usual toasts were honoured

Private 23/1391 JAMES GOGGIN

son of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
KILLED IN ACTION Ypres, Belgium 12 Oct 1917

William Nott GOODAY + Emma Harriett HANSON

William Nott GOODAY (1841-1923)
was born Essex, England to:
William GOODAY & Mary Ann NOTT (thanx to Braxted for that edit)
He was a Barrister & Solicitor

Emma Harriett HANSON (1854-1898)
Emma was born in Melbourne, 1 of 2 children to Becher Henry HANSON and Julia Dorothy WADDINGTON. Her parents were from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and died in New Zealand
NOTES on Emma's mother, Julia Dorothy Hanson
The Argus (Melbourne), 1 January 1856 EDUCATIONAL - South Yarra - Belmont House - Mrs. Becher Hanson's School for Young Ladies will be Reopened January 7th. Vacancies for a few boarders and day pupils. English, French, Music, Drawing, and Dancing taught, and the greatest attention paid to the manners and deportment of the pupils. References allowed to the parents of pupils.
The Argus, 5 July 1856 ESSENDON - Mrs. BECHER HANSON having removed her school from South Yarra to Essendon, informs her friends and the public that the duties of the ensuing quarter will commence on Thursday, 10th July French, Music, and Singing taught on the most approved principles. Dancing by a competent master. Mrs. Hanson is also assisted by an accomplished resident governess, and every attention is paid to the health and comfort of pupils committed to her care. Terms moderate
the Argus, 14 February 1857 DIED - On the 10th inst., at Essendon, Martha Julia, the beloved child of Mrs Becher Hanson, aged nine months
The Argus, 1 August 1857 MRS. BECHER HANSON having taken the School at Moonee Ponds recently conducted by Miss Mathison, has Vacancies for a few BOARDERS. The situation affords every facility for the attendance
of Masters from town. Unexceptionable references given. Prospectuses forwarded upon application.
The Argus, 3 January 1859 MRS. BECHER HANSON, having removed to a more commodious residence, in the neighbourhood of Moonee Ponds, has VACANCIES in her establishment for four BOARDERS. References allowed to the parents of pupils. The best Professors in music, French, dancing, &c., attend the school. Prospectuses forwarded on application. The school re-opens January 11, 1859.

WILLIAM & EMMA married in Lawrence (gateway to the goldfields), 1871
Otago Daily Times, 11 November 1871 On the 9th November, 1871, at Trinity Church, Lawrence, by the Rev G. P. Beaumont, A.M., William Nott Gooday, Esq., Solicitor, to Emma Harriet, only daughter of B. H. Hanson, Esq.

WILLIAM & EMMA had 13 children:
... 1
1872 - 1951 George Percy Gooday

In 1892 George & his brother Ernest were rangers and rabbiters of the Gabriels commonage, Lawrence
Tuapeka Times, 17 November 1894 A pair of horses attached to a trap, driven and owned by Mr F. Bentley, hawker, took fright last evening at the top of the Blue Spur hill, at the junction of the Numros and Gabriels Gully roads and raced down the hill at a furious pace. After reaching the foot of the hill, the wheels came off the trap, and Mr Bentley was thrown to the ground, but beyond a few bruises he sustained no injury. The horses wrested the fore-carriage from the body of the vehicle and galloped off with it, but were stopped after they had gone a mile or so by Mr G. P. Gooday. The goods in the trap were scattered about the road, and the trap itself was considerably smashed, but the horses were uninjured
Tuapeka Times, 6 May 1896 An accident happened in Lawrence on Sunday afternoon to Mr G. P. Gooday, who had the misfortune to fall and dislocate his right shoulder, Dr Newell, who was sent for, reduced the dislocation, and Mr Gooday is now getting along as well as circumstances will permit
Otago Daily Times, 18 July 1899 GOLD DREDGING INDUSTRY Mr G. P. Gooday, is dredgemaster of the Empire No 1 dredge and has had a good deal of experience in that line
George married Katherine JOHNSTONE in 1904
their known children:
* 1905 - 1934 Keith Melville Gooday
Auckland Star, 22 February 1934 While working at the State Advances Department Office a few minutes before noon to-day Keith Melville Nott Gooday, aged 28, collapsed and died. Deceased was a single man and an old boy of the Hastings High School. He had been employed in the correspondence department of the State Advances Office for the past 10 years (buried Hastings)
* 1909 - 2004 Guy Graham Nott Gooday
* 1912 - 1975 Leslie Gooday
KATHERINE died 19 July 1928 aged 53
- she is buried Plot 537, Block D at Hastings cemetery
GEORGE died 30 October 1951 aged 79
- he is buried Plot 119, Block Q at Hastings cemetery

... 2
1873 - 1940 Ernest Gooday

In 1892 Ernest & his brother George were rangers and rabbiters of the Gabriels commonage
Ernest married Alice HOLMES (1878-1936) in 1903
Taranaki Herald, 30 March 1903 A very pretty wedding took place in St Luke's (C.E.), Bell Block, on Thursday, March 19th, when Mr Ernest Gooday and Miss Alice Holmes, daughter of Mr John Holmes, sen., were married. The Rev F. A. Bennett officiated. The church was nicely decorated, and was filled with a represntative congregation, whose presence bore testimony to the position the bride's family hold in the regard of the district. The bride looked charming, but the centre of interest were the little bridesmaids, Hilda Holes, sister of the bride, and Daisy Goodwin and Hilda and Dossie Spurdle from Inglewood, who each bore a little basket filled with seasonable flowers. Mr Fred Holmes was groomsman. The Choir and congregation sang Hymn 351, Miss Hoby presided at the organ. After the ceremony the bridal pair with many friends met at the invitation of the bride's parents in the Public Hall where the wedding breakfast was laid. The usual toasts having been honoured, Mr and Mrs Gooday left for Hawera
their known children:
* 1904 - 1960 Dorothy Freda Gooday (+William Stanley BROOKS in 1928)
* 1905 - Vera Gladys Gooday
* 1910 - 1983 Ernest Clifford Gooday
* 1912 - Daisy Marian Gooday
In 1914 the Patea Licensing Committee granted the transfer of the Alton Hotel from Harry Amon to Ernest
In 1920 he sold a House in Hawera to buy a house in New Plymouth

... 3
1875 - Alice May Gooday

In Dec 1886 Alice was in Standard III at Lawrence District High School and came 1st in Knitting
In Oct 1895 she was a 'servant' in Hawera, for Simon & Isabelle Simmons
Alice married Ernest John FOLLETT (1880-1937) in 1905
- Ernest was a son of John FOLLETT & Esther 'Etty' BRACELIN
their known children:
* 1908 - Mavis Thelma Follett
* 1912 - 1987 Kenneth Follett

... 4
1876 - 1876 Emily Ada Gooday

born 9 September 1876 in Lawrence
EMILY died 28 December 1876 aged 16 weeks
buried Plot 18, Block 1, Anglican section, Lawrence cemetery with sister Mabel

... 5
1878 - 1945 Gertrude Gooday

Tuapeka Times, 30 March 1878 GOODAY- At Lawrence, on Tuesday, 26th inst., the wife of mr W. N. Gooday, solicitor, of a daughter
In Dec 1886 Gertrude was in Standard I at Lawrence District High School and came 2nd in Sewing
Gertrude married Charles Joseph JOHNSTON (1872-1947) in 1900
their known children:
* 1901 - Gertrude Dorothy Johnston
* 1903 - Thomas Charles Johnston
* 1905 - 1930 Ernest William Johnston
* 1907 - 1908 Roxanne Amy Johnston
* 1911 - Lillian May Johnston
GERTRUDE died 15 Jan 1945 aged 66 & buried Settlers cemetery, Dannevirke
CHARLES died 26 August 1947 aged 75 and is buried with her

... 6
1881 - 1942 Florence Gooday

Florence married Thomas Nicholson 'Dodd' SAMPSON (1881-1969) in 1906
Thomas was 1 of 4 children of Andrew Eyre SAMPSON (1838-1916) & Mary Josephine MULLOY (1852-1950). He served in the Boer War:
* Surname: Sampson
* Reg No: 5122
* Given Names: Thomas Nicholson
* Rank: private
* Unit: North Island Regiment - A squadron
* Contingent: Eighth
* County/City: Wellington
* Occupation: Engineer
* Ship: surrey 1 February 1902
* Address: Tinakori road Wellington
* Next of Kin: Sampson, Mr Andrew Eyre
* Relationship to Soldier: father
* Next of Kin Address: same
their known children:
* 1907 - Ngaire Adelaide Sampson
Auckland Star, 16 July 1929 Five new companies, one public and four private, were registered in Auckland yesterday. Details are as follows:-
PRIVATE COMPANY - Sampson's Toilet Parlours Ltd., ladies' and gentlemens' hairdressers. Capital: £500 in £1 shares. Subscribers: Thomas Nicholson Sampson and Florence Sampson 249 shares each; Alfred Herman Gyllies 2 shares
Auckland Star, 2 September 1929
Sampson's Toilet Parlours, Ltd., to hearer. Debenture, £500, 7 per cent; charging undertaking and all property, including uncalled capital.
Sampson's Toilet Parlours, Ltd., with A. H. Gyllies (holder). Hypothecating agreement; depositing above debenture with holder to secure amounts due under holder's guarantee of bank account.
FLORENCE Sampson died in Auckland 21 Nov 1942 aged 61
- her ashes were scattered from Waikumete

... 7
1883 - 1960 Rose Gooday

Rose married William Harold MOON (1884-1965) in 1913
- William was born in New Plymouth to William Trenouth MOON & Mary Ann TUNBRIDGE

... 8
1885 - 1948 William Hanson Gooday

Evening Post, 8 December 1916 APPEAL BEFORE THE MILITARY BOARD
... William Hanson Gooday, in his appeal, stated that he had a crippled father (see Timeline Sep 1897), 74 years of age, to support. His ground of appeal was that of undue hardship. He said he was 31 years of age, single, and was a cook by occupation. One brother was at the war and another had been discharged from camp owing to unfitness. Appellant had enlisted, but was turned down. He gave his father £1 per week. (2013 equivalent of $126)
To Captain Walker: If he went into camp he would not give his father any less than was the case now. The appeal was dismissed
WILLIAM died 5 September 1948 aged 63 & was cremated at Karori

... 9
1887 - 1972 Charles Gooday

Charles served in WWI as Driver 5/550 with the Army Service Corps. 8th Reinforcements. He embarked from Wellington 13 Nov 1915 listing his next of kin as his sister Alice Follett of 9 Boston Terrace, Wellington (Te Aro Valley)
Charles married Judith Sarah (nee LEPPER, formerly HARRIS (1882-1948) in 1925
Judith was born in Wellington, a daughter of John Thomas LEPPER & Susannah Elizabeth 'Susan' HARVEY. She first married Henry Lenza Monty 'Len' Harris (1877-1918) of Greytown, on 23 Sep 1903 in Wellington. Henry was a son of James HARRIS & Mary Jane SHEWBRIDGE
- Judith is buried Plot 151 N, PUBLIC2 at Karori

... 10
1889 - 1951 Emma Harriet Gooday

Emma married Robert Heathcote FENTON (1882-1948) in 1910
Evening Post, 16 March 1910 FENTON-GOODAY - On the 12th March, at St James's Church, Adelaide-road, Robert Heathcote, youngest son of the late Robert Denton, of Canterbury, to Emma, youngest daughter of William Nott Gooday, of Finlay-terrace (Mt Cook, Wellington)
their known children:
* 1911 - Dulcie Emma Harriett Fenton

... 11
1891 - 1905 Alfred Lawrence Gooday

ALFRED died in Wellington 16 April 1905 aged 14
Evening Post, 17 April 1905 GOODAY - On the 16th April, at Wellington, Alfred Lawrence, younger son of W. N. Gooday, of 54 Hopper street (Mt Cook, Wellington), aged 14 years, after a long and painful illness
- he is buried Plot 31 V, CH ENG at Karori with her mother

... 12
1893 - 1893 Mabel Gooday

born 21 August 1893
MABEL died aged 4 days
she is buried Plot 18, Block 1, Anglican section with sister Emily

... 13
1895 - 1941 Albert Gooday

In Dec 1908 Albert was in Standard II at Mount Cook Boys school and received an attendance certificate
In Dec 1909 he was in First Class and received an attendance certificate
In 1914 he was fined 7s for failing to attend military parades with the Teritorials
In 1915 he was a Draper in Wellington City when called as a recruit
In 1917 he was charged with obstructing police in their duty
In 1920 he was fined 5s, cost 7s for cycling on the footpath
In 1922 he was charged in Wellington for breaking and entering, along with George Alfred Christie, & they were sentenced to 6 months gaol
ALBERT died 14 October 1941 aged 46
Evening Post, 15 October 1941 GOODAY - The Friends of the late Albert Gooday, of 245 Willis Street and Members of the Waterside Workers Union are invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave the Chapel of E. Morris, jun., Ltd., 25 Kent Terrace, To-morrow (Thursday), October 16, 1941, at the conclusion of service which will commence at 9.30 a.m., for the Cemetery, Karori.
- he is buried Plot 209 E, PUBLIC3 at Karori

Otago Daily Times, 22 March 1872 BANKRUPTCY ACT NOTICE
DEED OF TRUST. William Nott Gooday, barrister and solicitor, Lawrence. Filed, March 20th

Tuapeka Times, 29 April 1876 Mrs HANSON'S CONCERT
NOTE Emma's mother, Julia Hanson, was a piano teacher in Lawrence
Emma sang at many events in the town over the years. See details here of the concert held in the Town Hall in April 1876
* Mrs Gooday and Mrs Needham sang a duet "Flow on, thou shining river"
* Mrs Gooday "Little Sunbeam"
* Mrs Gooday and Mr Towsey sang a duet "I've wandered in dreams"

Tuapeka Times, 19 September 1877 BOROUGH OF LAWRENCE
I, William Nott Gooday, Returning Officer for the Borough of Lawrence, do hereby give notice that the following candidates have this day been duly nominated to fill the Offices of Councillors for the West Ward of the said Borough, viz. -
HAYES, William
AND to fill the Offices of Councillors for the Middle Ward, viz. -
And that as the number of Candidates exceeds the number of Offices to be filled (namely two) at this Election, a Poll will be taken between the hours of nine o'clock in the foremoon and six o'clock in the afternoon on Monday, the 24th day of September, 1877.
The Polling Booth will be situate at the Ovens Store, occupied by Mr Joseph Williams, at the corner of Beaumont Road and Kilmarnock-street, within the said Borough; and the Poll will be declared in front of the Town Hall, in the said Borough, on the 24th day of September 1877, as soon as conveniently may be after the close of the Poll.
Dated this 17th day of September 1877, WM. NOTT GOODAY, Returning Officer

Evening Post, 12 April 1878
A destructive fire broke out at Monaghan's boot and shoe establishment shortly after 12 this morning. The alarm was given almost instantly but before anything could be done the building was destroyed. Gooday's office adjoining was also destroyed. Gooday's losses are heavy, he not having a penny insurance on the property. There is likely to be an inquest at an early date

Clutha Leader, 4 November 1881
Mr W. N. Cooday, solicitor, late of Lawrence, has removed to Tapanui, and Me E. J. Chambers, recent Tapanui lawyer, has departed for Melbourne

Tuapeka Times, 8 September 1894
Mr John Thompson reports having sold on account of Mr W. N. Gooday his freehold property (214 acres) in Block XIX, Tuapeka East, to Mr Alex Campbell for £500 (2013 equivalent of $91,800)

Evening Post, 14 September 1897
Sufficient money has been collected by Mesdames O'Dea and Saxby to procure an artificial leg for Mr Gooday, who had his leg amputated at the Hospital lately. Mr Packer has the order well in hand. The above-named ladies wish to acknowledge the receipt of £10 12s 6d from the officers of the Land Tax and Advances to Settlers Departments, Government Buildings, for the benefit of Mrs Gooday and family

Described by the Crown Prosecutor (Mr P. S. K. Macassey) as a retired solicitor now living at Petone on an old-age pension, William Nott Gooday, almost 80 years of age ...

Emma Harriett Gooday died 17 Nov 1898 aged 44
Tuapeka Times, 23 November 1898 GOODAY - On the 17th November, 1898, at the Wellington Hospital, Emma Harriett, the beloved wife of William Nott Gooday, late of Lawrence, Otago; aged 44 years. Deeply regretted by her family
- she is buried Plot 31 V, CH ENG at Karori cemetery
William Nott Gooday died 2 December 1923 aged 81
Evening Post, 3 December 1923 GOODAY - On the 2nd December, 1923, at his son's residence, St George's road, Hastings, William Nott Gooday; aged 80 years
- he is buried Plot 71, Block M at Havelock North

HEADSTONE at Havelock North
for William Nott Gooday

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WOODVILLE's Historic Gorge Cemetery CONDUCTED TOUR

thanks to barbidoll who sent me a notice today about the upcoming Old Gorge cemetery tour being held this Sunday.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop about these events in the Manawatu Barb

WOODVILLE's Historic Gorge Cemetery CONDUCTED TOUR
visiting the graves and hearing the stories of early settlers and their families, is on this Sunday 29 December 2013 from 2:30pm 4:00pm, rain or shine, and will visit some 28 plots including the graves of one of the early settler families of Woodville Mr. William Elliott and his wife who was reported as being the 4th white woman to reside in Woodville

is located at the western entrance to Woodville near the Manawatu Gorge.
This historic cemetery features graves of pioneers, notable personalities and early settlers of Woodville. Tour guides will tell you stories of the lives and tragedies of some of these early residents.

MAP for Old Gorge Cemetery
Napier Road, Woodville (State Highway 3, Woodville end of the Gorge)

* Further Info at Telephone: 376 5089 or 376 4472

see also:
* Residents of OLD GORGE CEMETERY Woodville
* Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville on Find A Grave
* Descendants of WILLIAM ELLIOTT
* Searchable Cemetery Database
for the following cemeteries in the area:
Alfredton Rd - Eketahuna
Alfredton Memorial
Kaitawa - Pahiatua
Kumeroa - Woodville
Mangaoranga - Eketahuna
Mangatianoka - Pahiatua
Mangatera - Dannevirke
Newman - Eketahuna
Old Gorge - Woodville
Pinfold Rd Lawn - Woodville
RSA Woodville
Settlers - Dannevirke

Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville
is situated 152km from Napier 165km from Wellington on the main line of railway and is 3 miles distant from the Manawatu Gorge. It was formerly a part of the Seventy-mile Bush, but is now a prosperous dairying settlement, with thriving industries established. Woodville is also an important central railway junction as it connects the East and West Coast railroads. The country south of Woodville is flat for some miles, but on all other sides the hills rise close to the town.

s.s. GOTHIC - London to New Zealand 1907

Auckland Star, 24 December 1906 NOTES FROM LONDON
The Shaw-Savill steamer Gothic, which has been completely overhauled and renovated since the recent fire in her interior, left London to-day (16 November) for New Zealand, via South Africa and Hobart; due about 1st January

Evening Post, 27 December 1906 GOTHIC AT HOBART
Cable advice received by the local agents of the Shaw-Savill Company states that the Gothic from London and Capetown, arrived at Hobart at 9 o'clock this morning. The vessel is expected to reach Wellington on Tuesday morning. She will sail at seven in the morning for Wellington. She has twenty passengers for Australia and three hundred for New Zealand

Evening Post, 31 December 1906 DUE AT WELLINGTON
The Shaw-Savill steamer Gothic, from London via Capetown and Hobart, passed Farewell Spit at 12.25 p.m. this afternoon, The vessel is due here about 7.15 to-night

Star, 1 January 1907 ARRIVED IN WELLINGTON
WELLINGTON, arrived, 10.15 p.m., 31st January, the s.s Gothic from London
The Shaw Savill liner Gothic, from London, via Capetown and Hobart, arrived at Wellington on Monday night. Captain BARTLETT, who was in command of the Gothic on her last visit to New Zealand, has been succeeded by Captain W. Finch, R.N.R., late of the San Francisco-Japan liner Doric, and with him are the following officers:-
CHIEF - Mr W. LOBEZ (late of the Doric)
FIRST - Mr G. MORGAN (late of the Corinthic)
PURSER - Mr A. Percy TAYLOR (late of the North Atlantic line)
The Gothic has 6000 tons of general cargo to discharge at Wellington and should arrive at Lyttelton during next week.

Evening Post, 8 January 1907 ARRIVED IN LYTTELTON
Arrived - Gothic, 7.45 a.m. from Wellington. It is understood that on completing discharge of her London cargo, will lay up at Lyttelton for a few weeks.

The Shaw-Savill steamer Gothic, due from London about 1st January, is bringing a total of 281 passengers, 58 being first-class and 223 third class. The largest booking are for Wellington 71, Auckland 59, and Lyttelton 47. The following passengers for New Zealand ports:-
Mr W. ANDERSON (for Auckland)

Mr E. ANDREWS (for Lyttelton)

Miss L. BARKER or BACHER (for Auckland)

Mr S. W. BUCK (for Auckland)
* Mr S. W. Buck and daughter, Miss F. Buck, of Ponsonby, arrived in Wellington by the s.s. Gothc on Monday, from London, and leave for Auckland, via East Coast, per s.s. Waikare on Sunday next.
- Sydney William BUCK (1854-1927) married Grace McKENZIE (1858-1950) in 1880 and had 5 children (4 daughters). Frances Harriett Buck (1885-1951) was their 3rd born and she married William Henry Anderson in 1917

Mr H. H. CHERITON (for Lyttelton)
* Henry Hopping Cheriton

Mr H. M. DALSON probably DALSTON(for Auckland)
* Norman Howard Maxwell Dalston who married fellow passenger (& cousin), Marguerite Maxwell Mason later that year - see Social Notes below
He served as Captain with the Medical Corps WWI at the NZ Military Hospital, Walton, England and was awarded MBE, SSW (Brought to the Notice of the Secretary of State for War)

Mr H. DAVIES (for Auckland)

Mr A. G. DOLDEN (for Wellington)

Mr & Mrs H. EDWARDS (for Oamaru)

Mr G. L. A. FIELD (for Hobart)

Mr F. P. GARNETT (for Auckland)

Miss GERSE (for Wellington)
* Mrs Luxford and Miss Gerse, of Sedgbrook, who have been on a visit to the Old Country and the Continent, returned home this week after a most enjoyable trip.

Mr & Mrs J. GRESHAM and 2 son (for Oamaru)

Dr. T. O. & Mrs GUTHRIE (for Lyttelton)
* Dr T. O. Guthrie, a retired surgeon at one time in practice in Christchurch, and Mrs and Miss Guthrie returned after a trip to England

Mr M. HOLLINS (for New Plymouth)

Sergt-Major & Mrs JONES (for Wellington)
* Staff Sergeant-Major Jones, the newly appointed infantry instructor for this portion of the district will arrive in Nelson this morning to commence his duties. Sergt Major Jones went to England a few months back on account of ill health, but returned to Wellington by the Gothic on New Year's Day.

Miss A. KERR (for Lyttelton)

Mr A. KUCH (for Wellington)

Mr & Mrs J. W. LAMBERT and son (for Auckland)
* Among the passenger will be one of the survivors of the ill-fated ship 'Pitcairn Island' namely, Mr. C. Lambert. His comrade, W. W. Waddilove, has been sent back to the colony by the s.s. Oswestry Grange which sailed from Liverpool this week

Mr C. LINDSAY (for Bluff)

Mr & Mrs W. R. LUNN (for Auckland)

Mrs LUXFORD and son (for Wanganui)
* Mrs Luxford and Miss Gerse, of Sedgbrook, who have been on a visit to the Old Country and the Continent, returned home this week after a most enjoyable trip.

Miss M. M. MASON (for Wellington)
* Marguerite Maxwell Mason who married her fellow passenger (and cousin) later that year, Norman Howard Maxwell Dalston - see Social Notes below

Mr J. & Mrs MASTERS and 2 sons

Miss N. METCALFE (for Auckland)

Rev C. A. MOUNT (for Nelson)
* The Rev. C. A. Mount, of Vancouver, who in touring the world for the benefit of his heart, was a passenger from London by the Gothic

Mr F. E. PEARCE (for Hobart)

Mrs K. PEERS (for Wellington)

Mr and Mrs W. H. PRATT (for Lyttelton)

Mr A. M. RAMSAY (for Lyttelton)

Mr & Mrs W. T. SCOTT (for Port Chalmers)

Mr J. S. SIM (for Lyttelton)

Mr L. E. STRONG (for Bluff)

Miss J. TAYLOR (for Auckland)

Mr TOLLEY (for Lyttelton)

Miss A. W. WHITELAW or WHITLAW (for Auckland)
* Among the saloon passengers in the Gothic the name of Miss A. Whitelaw, M.A., will be noticed. She is on her way to Auckland to enter upon her new scholastic duties. The new headmistress of the Auckland Girls' High School, joined the vessel at Plymouth. She had a great send-off from Wycombe Abbey School, on the staff of which she has been for the past eight years as chief mathematical mistress and house tutor. The headmistress, in her address on Speech Day at Wycombe Abbey, referred to Miss Whitelaw's departure in the following terms: "Sorry as we shall be to lose Miss Whitelaw from this country, we cannot but congratulate her on finding work among her own friends and her own people. I am quite sure it will not be long before we shall hear from the other side of the world how much Miss Whitelaw is appreciated in Auckland." The new headmistress has been the recipient of a great many presents on the occasion of her departure from the country.

Mrs Amy Susanne WOOD (for Wellington)
- Amy Susanne nee Shortt married Reginald Henry Wood in 1904
* Mr W. F. Shortt, of Muritai, received a cable message this morning from his daughter, Mrs R. H. Wood, stating that she arrived at Capetown by the Gothic yesterday (9 Dec 1906) en route to New Zealand. Mrs Wood's husband was chief engineer of H. M. S. Lizard at the time of his marriage, and he is now attached to the Minerva, of the Mediterranean fleet. Mrs Wood will remain in the colony for two years.
* Mrs R. H. Wood, only daughter of Mr W. F. Shortt, arrived from Engalnd on a visit to her father. Her husband, Engineer-Lieutenant Wood, is now with H.M.S. Minerva at Crete.

Mr & Mrs F. J. WRIGLEY (for Auckland)
- Mr and Mrs Wrigley, of Hawera, are returning to the colony by the Gothic. They have had a six months' holiday travelling about the British Isles and on the Continent.

and 226 third-class passengers, including the following for Wellington:-
WOOD (2)

Wellington, January 7 1907 Social Notes
Everyone is too limp to plan entertainments and what amusements there are are only public ones. The Gothic arrived on New Year's Eve, and those who got their first view of New Zealand that evening must have been much impressed. A great yellow harvest moon rose over dim blue hills and the harbor was a sheet of silver, with long golden reflections. The sky was cloudless, and the air was still, and the city with its clustered glow worm lights must have looked beautiful from the big ship's deck. By it arrived, with her uncle Mr Watson, a London solicitor, Miss MASON (Marguerite Maxwell Mason), whose marriage to her cousin Mr Norman DALSTON (Norman Howard Maxwell Dalston), of the New Zealand Times, take place this week. Another passenger was Miss Whitlaw, sister of Mrs J. D. Gray of Wellington, who returned to Auckland, her native city, as Lady Principal of a new college there. Miss Whitlaw studied at Girton, and was a distinguished teacher at Wycombe Abbey College.

NOTES re the arrival of the GOTHIC
* It is understood that Captain W. Finch, formerly of the Atlantic trade, is now in command of the Shaw Savill steamer Gothic

* A number of improvements have been effected in the Shaw Savill steamer Gothic, which arrived from London on Monday evening on her first trip since the disastrous fire which damaged the vessel on her last voyage from New Zealand. The alterations in the passenger accommodation, which were described some time ago, have made a considerable difference in the internal arrangements of the steamer which should now prove more attractive than ever to the travelling public. The vessel brings a total of 301 passengers for New Zealand, 244 being in the third class.

* A third-class passenger by the Gothic from England gave birth to twin daughters during the voyage to Wellington.

* During the voyage a third-class passenger named D. Rodman, booked for Oamaru, died of typhoid fever on Christmas Day. The deceased had been ill for two weeks.

* When the Gothic leaves London she will carry a large party of domestic servants bound for New Zealand, There are between 30 and 40 of them drawn from various parts of the United Kingdom about half of the number being sent out under the auspices of the British Women's Emigration Society. The whole party are receiving the benefit of the reduced fares obtained under the New Zealand Government's immigration scheme - a concession which carries with it the proviso that each assisted immigrant must be approved and passed by the High Commissioner's Department before being allowed to sail. In the 12 months, from June of this year to June of next year, Mr Reeves hopes to send out 250 suitable girls. Though a few domestic servants have been going out to New Zealand a few at a time for some little while past, the present batch is by far the largest which has been despatched. It is hoped that suitable arrangements will be made by the Labour Department for meeting the party on arrival at Wellington, and safeguarding the interests of the girls in their search for employment. Considering the perennial scarcity of domestic servants, there should be no difficulty about finding suitable situations.

* Some dissatisfied Hawke's Bay housewives have been so distressed over their inability to obtain 'helps' that they got in touch with the British Women's Immigration Association and through its agency and the energy of Miss Black, some fifteen young women arrived in Wellington and went on to Hawke's Bay this morning. These girls all come to New Zealand under engagement, and belong principally to the country districts of England, Ireland and Scotland. These girls could be distinguished amongst the swarm of passengers by little knots of purple ribbon worn on the breast, the insignia of the Women's Immigration Associaiton. Altogether there were twenty-seven servant girls on board, 15 for Napier, 6 for Wellington, 2 for Greymouth and 1 each for Auckland, New Plymouth, Lyttelton and Port Chalmers.

* Of the 21 farm labourers who arrived, three are for Auckland, three for Wellington, five for New Plymouth, six for Lyttelton, two for Greymouth, one for Timaru, and one for Port Chalmers.

* A unique ornament is expected to arrive to-morrow by the Gothic in the form of a "bubble fountain" for the Exhibition. It will be worked by gas pressure, and will send up ten thousand bubbles every minute. There is only one other similar fountain in the world. The general manager arranged, through the High Commissioner, to have this one especially for the Exhibition.

* A replica of the sweated industries exhibit prepared by the Daily Mail, and which caused such a stir at Home, has been secured by the High Commissioner (Mr W. P. Reeves) for exhibition in the colony. Advices have been received by the Labour Department that the exhibit will arrive by the Gothic on 1st January. The collection will give a good idea of the great variety of articles manufactured by the sweated labour of women and children. The collection might well be labelled "From Darkest England". It comes from such depths of poverty and misery as only those who know can realise. The proposal is that the articles made by sweated and alien labour shall be exhibited at Christchurch and New Zealand-made articles of the same kind will be shown alongside for purposes of comparison. The exhibit promises to be most interesting and will doubtless attract as much attention in the colony as the original did at Home.

* FOXTON - A pipe organ for All Saints' Church, Foxton, was brought out by the Gothic. Arrangements are being made with a New Zealand expert to erect the instrument. It is hoped that the formal 'opening' may take place about the end of January or early in February.

* GISBORNE - Advice has been received that the material for the new telephone exchange, together with switchboards for the installation of a new system, has arrived in Wellington by the s.s. Gothic. The material is expected to arrive in the course of a few days.

* MASTERTON - Messrs G. Hyde and Co., furnishers and importers, Queen-street, request the public to inspect their window display of bedsteads. They have just unpacked a large parcel per the steamer Gothic and the public are sure of a good deal and value for their money if they make their puchases at this up-to-date shop.

In August last, at the instance of the Inspector of Mines at Dunedin, the Minister of Mines wrote to the High Commissioner in London (the Hon W. P. Reeves), asking him to institute inquiries in Great Britain and on the Continent as to the most efficient life-saving appliances on the market for rescue work in mines, in view of the recent disaster at the Kaitangata mine through foul air. The reply of the High Commissioner to the communication of the Minister makes interesting reading to those concerned in mining operations. Under date November 3 the High Commissioner states that inquiries were made of the Home Office, with a view to eliciting information possessed by that Department, and it was ascertained that the whole matter was now under investigation by the Royal Commission on mines recently appointed for that purpose. The High Commissioner place himself in communication with Messrs Poebe, Gorman and Co., Wallace Bros., Mr R. Cremer, and Mr R. Jacobsen, who were severally asked if they were willing to lend specimens of the appliances for exhibition at Christchurch in the Model Colliery Court. This they all signified their willingness to do if the Government would pay the cost of the transmission to and from the Exhibition, and insurance out and home, and whilst at the Exhibition, as the cost of these appliances is considerable. The High Commissioner accepted the stipulation and the appliances are now on their way to New Zealand by the steamers Ruapehu and Gothic, due here on December 19 and January 1 respectively. The High Commissioner further stated that the above firms were informed that it is possible that the Government may purchase some of the appliances for trial in the New Zealand mines.

NOTES re the return to England of the GOTHIC
The Gothic will leave Wellington for London, via Monte Video, Rio de Janeiro and Teneriffe on February 28 1907 at 10 a.m. Due in London on the 12th April.
(After delays the Gothic sailed from Wellington 6.10 a.m. 2 March 1907 with about 130 passengers)

* There has been more farewelling over the departure of the Gothic. By it went Mrs Fred. Riddiford, her son and two daughters, who, with Mr and Mrs Will BUNNY, have been staying with Mrs Edward Riddiford at the Hutt for the ten days before they sailed. Mrs Riddiford and her family will probably be away three years. Mr and Mrs C. Y. FELL and their two daughters, Mrs F. O'B. LOUGHMAN, and Mr R. R. ABRAHAM were also passengers. Mrs Riddiford's picturesque new house in Hill-street has been taken by Captain Stewart, of the Pateena.

* Mrs WEST and her three daughters left yesterday by the Gothic for England. Mr and Mrs LITTLEJOHN and their two daughters (Annie and Beatrice) were also passengers by the same boat.

* All the second-class accommodation (there is no first) on the White Star liner Gothic (to sail on the 28th inst.) has been taken up. Among the passengers booked for London by this liner are Dr and Mrs Earl of Wanganui and Mr W. E. A. Slack (the well-known breeder of stud stock) of Palmerston North.

* The Rev William Gray Dixon (1854-1928), of Auckland, will leave for London by the steamer Gothic at the end of February with Mrs Gray Dixon, on a visit to the Old Country. Mr Gray Dixon, who has now been out in Australasia for some 22 years, is going Home to renew acquaintance with old friends and places and expects to be absent from the colony for about seven to nine months. It is possible that the Rev T. Goldie, M.A., of Mountain Cross, Peebleshire, Scotland, will act as locum tenens during his absence. Mr and Mrs Dixon are leaving Onehunga by the Rotoiti on Monday next to join the Gothic in Wellington

* Dr Earle of Wanganui, intends leaving for London by the Shaw-Savill steamer Gothic. He will be accompanied by Mrs Earle.

* By the Gothic leave Mrs Fred. Riddiford and her family, Miss Krull of Wanganui and Mr and Mrs Frank Loughman and Miss Richmond.

* The Hon. Captain Baillie and Mrs Baillie are intending to leave tonight from Picton to Wellington en route for England, Captain Baillie's health has not been very satisfactory of late, and his many friends hope that the voyage will do him good. Mr and Mrs John DEEBLE go Home by the same boat. Mr and Mrs Deeble have taken return tickets and expect to be away for a year. Mrs Deeble intends to keep her Picton friends posted up in regard to her doings in the Old Country.

* Mr W. S. GEORGE, son of Mr George of Messrs George and Kersley, will leave for London in the Gothic at the beginning of the year
- George and Kersley Ltds (William Henry Harrison George & Henry Waltor Kersley) Wellington store the Economic (established 1894) appears to have been the first to parade their Santa. In 1905 they invited local boys and girls to come and see Mother and Father Christmas arrive at the railway station. The following year the pair stopped off in the Hutt Valley and Petone en route to the store in Lambton Quay,

* Mr Leslie CHRISTIE, of Wanganui, son of Mr H. F. Christie, sails for London in the Gothic on Thursday. He is going to study medicine at the Edinburgh University
- Allan 'Leslie' Christie (1887-1918) was born in Patea, a son of Henry Flockhart CHRISTIE (1841-1924) & Henrietta Alice BUSH (1855-1940). He served in WWI as Captain 3/2915 with the Medical Corp. His next of kin was listed as his brother Henry Howard Christie of No. 1 N.Z. Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal, Brock­en­hurst, Hamp­shire, Eng­land. Leslie returned to NZ and re­ceived an appointment at Feath­er­ston Camp. He caught in­fluenza there during the Flu Pandemic and died 9 No­v 1918 aged 31. He is buried in Wanganui.

* Mrs F. O'B. & Mr C. A. and Miss Marjorie LOUGHMAN and Miss E. A. HUGHES have booked for the Gothic leaving Wellington 28th February

* Mr and Mrs COLEGROVE and family left by the Rotoiti yesterday to join the Gothic at Wellington

* Mr B. J. FINUCANE of Wellington will leave on a trip to England by the Gothic. He was the recipient of gifts from his fellow employees of Messrs Whitcombe and Tombs and the members of the City Football (Australian) Club, of which he was a vice-president.
- Benjamin James Finucane (1872-1932), popularly known as 'Captain' or 'Cap' was a Printer/Compositor in Wellington. He was a member of St Pat's College first fifteen where he had received most of his education (he was in the Third Class of the Marist Brothers School in 1879). He was the Captain of the Our Boys Football Club in 1890 when they applied for admission into the Rugby Union. After becoming too old to play rugby he took up refereeing and was President of the Referee's Association and of the Working Men's Club. He and his wife Marie/Minna {?} had a son in Wellington, Albert 'Cecil' Finucane (1900-1967). On 1 Aug 1908 they had a son born at Breite Strasse, Stettin, Germany. He died 6 August 1932 aged 60 and is buried Plot 286W, ROM CATH at Karori

* Mr J. FAKE, who has been in the colony for 30 years, fifteen of which have been spent in the Hawera district, is leaving by the Gothic for a trip to the Old Country. The projected visit to extend over twelve months. Mr Fake will be accompanied by his wife. Mr A. J. Fake is to take over his father's business as from the 22nd inst.

* Messrs W. E. A. SLACK and R. P, ABRAHAM of Palmerston North, F. MARSHALL of Feilding and T. ELLERY of Rongotea have booked by the Gothic leaving Wellington on 28th inst.

* Among the passengers on the steamer Gothic, which left Wellington this morning for London were a number of Wanganui-ites including Misses C. ANDERSON, M. KRULL, Mesdames A. BABBAGE, R. C. EARLE, E. MONTGOMERIE, Mr A. L. CHRISTIE and Dr R. C. EARLE

* the s.s. Gothic shipped the following cargo
from Lyttelton
- for London:
9801 carcases of mutton
32,616 carcases of lamb
2031 bales wool
207 casks pelts
270 casks tallow
239 sacks peas
51 casks and kegs casings
31 bales leather
544 boxes butter
1100 boxes kidneys
40 boxes sweetbreads
200 casks premier justice
23 bales skins
6 pkgs sundries
- for Rio:
75 carcases mutton
5 crates hares
1 crate rabbits
- for Monte Video:
40 sacks seed
from Wellington
192 casks tallow
825 bales hemp
1754 bales wool and skins
6416 boxes of butter
1997 crates of cheese
694 cases boned beef
6745 carcases ,utton
6705 carcases land and legs
146 boxes kidneys
182 bags shoulders mutton
38 cases tinned mutton
3 bags legs of mutton
from Patea:
3484 boxes butter
2250 cases cheese
from New Plymouth:
10,526 boxes of butter
1098 cases of cheese
from Dunedin:
40 packages of grass-seed, 4 bags stock food and 2 live sheep for Monte Video & for London 20 boxes butter
from Oamaru:
420 boxes butter for London
from Bluff:
40 boxes butter for London
from Auckland:
3304 boxes butter
90 cases cheese
3 cases furniture
4 boxes gold
An overall total of 24,676 boxes of butter (against 40,000 boxes which were shipped at the same time last year) and 5434 boxes of cheese
The 'Ionic' is bringing 989 cases of apples from Hobart for transhipment to Rio
32 cases of cheese manufactured by the cool cure process under the supervision of Messrs Singleton and Grant, of the Dairying Department, were despatched from the Dalefield factory for shipment by the Gothic. The High Commissioner has been instructed to keep his eye on the consignment and mark its reception in the London market.

death of ANNIE HUNTER 1839-1906

Bush Advocate (Dannevirke), 6 July 1906
(aged 67)

...It is with deep regret we are called upon to record the death of Mrs W. H. Hunter (William Henry), of this town, which occurred at her residence this morning, after a brief illness, the cause of death being heart failure, resulting from an attack of pleurisy.

...The late Mrs Hunter was born in the Isle of Wight in 1839, and two years later arrived in the colony with her father, Mr Thomas Guthrie (1814-1876), in the ship 'Adelaide'
Annie was 4 months old when they emigrated.
The Adelaide left London 18 Sep 1839, arriving in Wellington 7 March 1840

Mr Guthrie having taken up a large block of land at Castlepoint, the subject of this notice was sent to a school in Wellington, where she remained for a number of years, and then joined her parents at Castlepoint.

In 1860 Miss Guthrie was married to Mr William Henry Hunter (1831-1876), brother of the late Mr George Hunter (1821-1880), the well-known merchant, of Wellington. The young couple then took up a run at Porangahau. Here Mrs Hunter remained till 1891 (her husband having died in 1876), when she changed her residence to Dannevirke, where she lived till the date of her death. In the days of her early married life the late Mrs Hunter had to take her full share of all the hardships and dangers incidental to life in the back country, the difficulties of which were greatly increased by the disturbed state of the natives.

Mrs Hunter is survived by four sons:-
W. G. Hunter (William George 1863-1942)
T. H. Hunter (Thomas Henry 1864-)
R. J. Hunter (Robert James 1866-1908)
H. G. Hunter (Harold Graham Hunter 1874-1930)
and two daughters:-
Mrs Campbell Thomson (Helen 1869-1908)
Mrs Ronald Norman Blakiston (Annie Constance 1871-1955)

...The late Mrs Hunter was of a very active disposition, and gave up much time to furthering the Hospital project, which always had her warmest support. She always took a keen interest in volunteering matters, and was prepared to give her assistance to any work with a charitable object.
Her death will be sadly mourned by many residents in Hawkes Bay.
...Mrs Whishaw, of Featherston, a sister of the deceased (Catherine Elizabeth Guthrie), is the only surviving member of Mr Guthrie's family.
...The interment will take place on Sunday afternoon, at 2.30
As a mark of respect to the memory of the late Mrs Hunter, Pastor Ries, as chairman of the Hospital Trustees, asked that the proceedings at the Hospital Fancy Fair be suspended for half an hour this afternoon. In doing so he said that they were all exceedingly sorry to hear of Mrs Hunter's death, as that lady was not only an old and respected resident of the district, but was ever ready to assist in movements such as they were now engaged in. In fact she had been working most assiduously for the bazaar prior to her illness, and as a tribute to her memory he moved that the proceedings of the bazaar be suspended for half an hour.
...This, on being seconded, was agreed to, and the doors were accordingly closed

ANNIE HUNTER is buried Grave, 66, Block G at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

NOTES of interest
* Annie's sister Catherine Elizabeth Guthrie, who married John Henley Whishaw in 1873, had a daughter Ethel Anne Whishaw (1878-1967), who married Charles Douglas Blakiston (1868-1950), a son of Annie's daughter Annie Constance Hunter!
(therefore, Annie's niece married Annie's grandson)

* Annie's daughter, Anne Constance & husband Reginald Norman Blakiston (a Solicitor), had a son, Sir Arthur 'Norman' Hunter Blakiston (1899-1977), a Barrister & Solicitor who succeeded to the 8th Baronet Blakiston of London on 31 Jan 1974 (HIS oldest son is Sir Ferguson Arthur James Blakiston (1963-)
* the 1st Blakiston Baronet was Sir Matthew Blakiston (1702-1774), Lord Mayor of London

* Annie's husband, William Henry Hunter & his brother George Hunter were sons of George Hunter (1788-1843), the first Mayor of Wellington (in fact the first Mayor of New Zealand). A nephew of William's, (son of brother George), became
Sir George Hunter (1859-1930)

* William Marshall (1816-1906), Teacher & Clergyman, was the first schoolmaster in Hawkes Bay. In 1853 he left for Thomas Guthrie's station at Castlepoint, Wairarapa, to teach the Guthrie children.

* William & Annie had 7 children. A son, Arthur Clement Hunter, died aged 18
Poverty Bay Herald, 2 March 1886 HUNTER - On Tuesday, 2nd March, at Mrs Bousefield's, Arthur Clement, fourth son of the late W. H. Hunter of Porangahau; aged 18 years. The funeral will leave Mrs Bousefield's at 4p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday). Friends are invited to attend


Maori name is Rangiwhakaoma, 'where the sky runs'
(the oil fueled light house built c1913, 60 years after Thomas Guthrie arrived)

WAIRARAPA QUOTA for 10th Reinforcements - 1915

Wairarapa Daily Times, 6 November 1915

some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death
number of children are those I have found, there may have been others
All care was taken to research and verify that each soldier was that intended on the list at link above. Use as a guide only for your own research
denotes he died for his country

The following recruits have been selected as the Wairarapa quota of the Tenth Reinforcements, and will proceed to camp on November 16th:-

Ernest Leslie AKEHURST, Masterton
(1888-1967), 1 of 4 children of Thomas AKEHURST & Beatrice Emma Maude MAUNDERS. He was a Farmer. He served as Trooper 11/2288. He married Alice Mary WRIGGLEY in 1910 who was his next of kin c/o W. R. Kemball, South Rd., Masterton

J. G. ARLINGTON, Takapau

Cyril Harold AUGUST, Masterton
(1890-1932), 5th of 8 children of William Henry AUGUST & Elizabeth FROST. He was a Cabinetmaker. He served as Rifleman 24/1931. His next of kin was his mother at 23 Walton's Ave., Masterton

Percy Henry BAILEY, Martinborough
(1896-1966) 2nd of 4 children of George Stephen BAILEY & Julia Catherine TAYLOR. He was a Shepherd. He served as Trooper 11/2297. His next of kin was his mother at 91 Broad St., Palmerston North

Frederick Charles BARBER, Carterton
(1895-1963) son of Frances BARBER. He was a Butcher. He served as Trooper 11/2299. His next of kin was his friend Miss L. Rofe of Carterton

Claude Lawrence Parnell BARNES, Masterton
(1891-1923, 8th of 9 children of William Frederick BARNES & Ellen BOOKER. He was a Motor Mechanic. He served as lance Corporal 24/1933. His next of kin was his mother at Beach Road, Petone

Walter Henry BEST, Masterton
(1885-1959), 2nd of 9 children of George John BEST & Elizabeth GILBERT. He was a Shepherd. He served as Trooper 11/2292. His net of kin was his mother at Kiritaki, Dannevirke

William BETTRIDGE, Pongaroa
He was a Coach-driver. He served as Trooper 11/2301. His next of kin was his father, L. Bettridge in hawera

F. BEVANS, Pongaroa

Arthur Reginald BOYD, Masterton
(1892-1953), son of William & Mary BOYD. He was a Carpenter. He served as Rifleman 24/1943. His next of kin was his mother of 5 Hessy Street, Masterton

A. A. BROWN, Dannevirke

W. H. BUTLER, Dannevirke

J. R. BYRNE, Masterton

Hughie CAMERON, Porangahau
born 1886. He was a Bullock Driver. He served as Rifleman 24/1950. His next of kin was his brother Archibald John Cameron, a Shepherd of Porangahau. Hughie was Killed in Action 13 June 1917 aged 31 in Belgium & buried Strand Military Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium

John CAMPBELL, Wimbledon

M. CLARK, Rakaunui

S. CLARK, Featherston

Douglas Forrester CLARKE, Masterton
born in Australia (1882-1968). He was a Station Manager. He served as Sergeant 11/2305. His next of kin was his friend Miss Gertrude Carrie Webster of 43 Ghuznee St., Wellington. He married Gertrude (1893-1964) in 1917

Blakeman John CLAY, Waipukurau
(1873-1916) born in Radstock, England to Thomas & Ann CLAY of Weston-super-Mare, England. He was a Grocer. He married Agnes Gwendoline RUSSELL in 1902 who was his next of kin at Warren St., Hastings. Blakeman was Killed in Action 16 Sep 1916 aged 43 in Somme, France & buried Caterpillar Valley

Cecil Ernest COLES, Onga Onga
(1897-1982), 2nd of 8 children of Charles Roby COLES & Amelia Elizabeth 'Emily' THODSEN. He was a Bushfeller. He served as Private 10/3859. His next of kin was his mother of Ongaonga, Hawkes Bay. He married Rosanna Maye CHARTERS (1900-1969) in 1923

E. F. C. COLLEN, Waipukurau

T. CONNOLLY, Masterton

C. C. CORLETT, Carterton

Arthur Thomas CRAWFORD, Woodville
(1895-1960), 8th of 9 children of Henry CRAWFORD & Louisa Elizabeth HENRY. He was a Labourer. He served as Private 10/3868. His next of kin was his mother of Ross Street, Woodville

Owen Waldram CROSS, Woodville
(1895-1971), 1st of 7 children of John Waldram CROSS & Ada Susannah COPELAND. He was a Carpenter. He served as Private 10/3867. His next of kin was his father at Fox St., Woodville

James Anderson DAVIDSON, Dannevirke
(1890-1916). He was an Ironmonger. He served as Rifleman 24/1964. His next of kin was his mother Isabella Davidson of Taradale Rd., Dannevirke. James was Killed in Action 8 Nov 1916 in Somme, France aged 26 & buried Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Grenier, Nord, France

Herbert Reginald DICKASON, Masterton
born ?. He was a Clerk. He served as Driver 25/1163. His next of kin was his brother Charles William Dickason (1884-1970) of Solway, Masterton

Spencer Gollan DROWER, Oringi
(1881-1963), 14th of 16 children of Frederick Howe DROWER & Isabella GOLLAN. He was a Farm hand. He served as Private 8/4445. His next of kin was his mother of Dannevirke

A. T. DULEY, Dannevirke

James Thomas DUNGAN, Mangatainoka
(1886-1961), 5th of 7 children of James Joseph DUNGAN & Margaret McTEAGUE. He was a Labourer. He served as Rifleman 24/1975. His next of kin was his mother at Mangatainoka. He married Eva Ellen HUNT in 1918

Geoffrey Frederick ELLIS, Carterton
(1897-). He was a Draper's assistant. He served as Private 8/4447. His next of kin was his mother, Mary Ellis of Moreton Road, Carterton

William James FLYNN, Waipawa
(1879-1959), 3rd of 6 children of Maurice FLYNN & Charlotte DOUGLAS (1855-1886). He was a Storekeeper. He served as Trooper 11/2316. His next of kin was his father of Waipawa, Hawkes Bay. He married Elsie Mary BIGGIN in 1918

R. FREEMAN, Palmerston North

A. FULFORD, Konini

George James GAIN, Featherston
(1894-1981). He was a Dairyman. He served as Private 10/3885. His next of kin was his mother Kate Gain at Donald's Estate, Featherston. He married Eva Annie MURPHY in 1930

Arthur GODFREY, Pongaroa
(1896-1981), 6th of 7 children of Arthur GODFREY & Kate MORGAN. He was a Farm labourer. He served as Private 10/3888. His next of kin was his sister Ruth Gofrey, c/o Nurse Roby's Hospital, Palmerston North

Herbert William GOODIN, Dalefield
(1884-1959), 12th of 13 children of Robert GOODIN & Fanny FRANCIS. He was a Farm hand. He served as Private 75673. His next of kin was his father at Dalefield, Carterton

John Harold GRIFFIN, Masterton
(1888-1943) born in England. He was a Horse driver. He served as Trooper 11/2317. His next of kin was his father, J. Griffin of Fairley, Flaxbourton, Bristol, England. He married Dorothy WILKES in 1920

Walter Enebold HANSEN, Martinborough
(1891-1934), 5th of 9 children of Rasmus Peter HANSEN & Mary KJESTRUP. He was a Labourer. He served as Trooper 11/2323. His next of kin was his father at Mauriceville West, Masterton

S. HARVEY, Masterton

Charles Joseph HAWKE, Martinborough
(1889-1917) born in Greytown, 2nd of 10 children of Charles HAWKE & Mary Mortimore JACKSON, of 113 Bannister St, Masterton, late of Martinborough, late of Greytown. He served as Lance Corporal 24/1999. Charles was Killed in Action 12 Oct 1917 aged 28 in Ypres, Belgium & buried Tyne Cot

Ernest Henry HERBERT, Dannevirke
(1885-1974), 7th of 12 children of William James HERBERT & Emma Jane PERRY. He was a Farm labourer. He served as Rifleman 24/2002. His next of kin was his father at Te Papkuku, Dannevirke

Jonas William HEROD, Greytown
(28 Jan 1896 - 1979), not known where or to whom. He was a Fireman. He served as Rifleman 22985, His next of kin was his aunt Mrs Gertrude Fisher of Mititai, North Auckland. He married Alma Janet THOMPSON (1896-1986) in 1919
Evening Post, 4 June 1941 IRVINE-HEROD - On May 10, 1941, at Christ Church, Papakura, by the Rev. Mr Heath, Dora (1921-1996), only daughter of Mr and Mrs J. W. Herod, Greytown, to Wilfred Davidson (1917-2002), son of Mrs (Daisy Oliana Cedarholm 1880-1956) and the late Mr R. M. (Robert Mitchell Irvine 1872-1930) Irvine, Brightwater, Nelson

John Francis HESLIN, Alfredton
(1891-1962), 5th of 7 children of John HESLIN & Annie CAVANAGH. He was a Carpenter. He served as Sergeatn 10/3904. His next of kin was his father, John Heslin, of Mataura

Robert John HOLMS, Wimbledon
(1888-1929), 1 of 2 sons of James HOLMS & Elizabeth GRANT. He was a Shepherd. He served as Private 10/4119. His next of kin was his brother Archibald Crawford Holms (1886-1969) of Featherston. He married Gertrude Emma HERBERT (1887-1921) in 1920

David Hamua HOPKIRK, Wellington
(1895-1955), 2nd of 8 children of John Brown HOPKIRK & Emily Gertrude PILCHER. He was a Shepherd. He served as Trooper 11/2322. His next of kin was his father of 71 Washington Ave., Brookly, Wellington

Victor Thomas Lawrence HORNER, Hatuma, Hawkes Bay
(1892-1971), son of James William HORNER & Bridgetta Agnes POWER. He was a Farm hand. He served as Rifleman 24/2005. His next of kin was his sister G. Calnan (Gertrude Phyllis Lillian Horner 1889-) of 170 Terrace Road, Hastings. He married Mary Agnes SYME (1899-1959) in 1920

W. F. HOWLETT, Whakataki

William Lewis ILLINGWORTH, Kumeroa
born in Australia. He was a Farmer (presumably in Woodville), He served as Rifleman 24/2010. His next of kin was his mother, Mrs O. Illingworth of Heathcote Valley, Christchurch

W. INNESS, Waipukurau

William Neilson LANKEY, Makairo
born 1877 to James LANKEY & Mary Sophia NEILSON. He was a Labourer. He served as Trooper 11/2339. His next of kin was his sister Sarah Meads of Main Street, Pahiatua

Charles James LANKEY, Makairo
(1878-1916) born in Masterton to James LANKEY & Mary Sophia NEILSON. He was a Bushman. He served as Rifleman 24/2019. His next of kin was his friend Miss Dorothy Maren Pedersen of the Club Hotel, Marton. (he had a brother John Lankey in Dannevirke)Charles died of disease 22 Oct 1916 aged 38. He was wounded in action on 21 Sep near Flers on the Somme with gunshot wounds to the right leg and it was necessary for his leg to be amputated below the knee. Immediate evacuation to England was arranged to No.1 NZGH, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, 28 Sep 1916. He died one month later from a popliteal aneurysm. He is buried Brockenhurst (St Nicholas) Churchyard, Hampshire

Henry LEIGHTON, Puketoi
(1894-1979), born in England, possibly in Burnmoor, to Charles George LEIGHTON & Mary Jane LUMSDEN. He was a Farm hand. His next of kin was his mother of Puketoi, via Pahiatua

Leslie Roy LIMBRICK, Mangatainoka
He was a Farmer. He served as Trooper 11/2337. His next of kin was his sister Miss M. Limbrick of Carlyle Street, Napier

H. LINDSAY, Waipawa

Bertram Victor LIVINGSTON(E), Masterton
(1893-1968) son of Janet Livingston. No war records. He married Ethel Olive Mary COLLINGS in 1934

William Thomas Adair LONGHURST, Wellington
(1894-1926), 3rd of 7 children of George William LONGHURST & Catherine ADAIR. He was a Teacher. He served twice, as Private & Second Lieutenant 1/378. (though not sure that he served with the 10th). His next of kin was his parents at 65 Norway Street, Wellington

George Ernest LYON, Dannevirke
(1887-1917) 7th of 9 children of Sidney John LYON & Mary Elizabeth tulley. He was a Telegraphist. He served a Corporal 24/2029. His next of kin was his mother at 502 George Street, Dunedin. George was Killed In Action in Ypres, Belgium 12 Oct 1917 aged 30 & buried Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

O. MAGNUSSEN, Norsewood

Henry Daniel MAITLAND, Carterton
(1883-1940), possibly born Scotland. He was a Labourer. He served as Rifleman 24/2034. His next of kin was his aunt, Miss L. Maitland of Dargavil, Saint Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland

Ernest George Pain MANLEY, Masterton
(1889-1955), son of William James MANLEY & Elizabeth Mary ELTON. He was a Railway Porter. He served as Corporal 24/2030. He married Jessie Louisa COOK (1892-1965) in 1916. His next of kin was his wife at 3 Brown Street, Wellington.

Raymond Tallack MARTIN, Dannevirke
(1896-1974), son of James MARTIN & Mary Elizabeth COPELAND. He was a Carpenter. He served as Rifleman 24/2003. His next of kin was his father of High Street, Dannevirke

R. M. MAXFIELD, Masterton

C. P. McCLOSKY, Pongaroa

W. McDONALD, Waipukurau

S. K. McGILL, Martinborough

W. McKENZIE, Wimbledon

R. McLAREN, Greytown

Alex. McLEAN, Hastings

Donald Richard McMURCHY, Wanstead
(1889-1959). He was a Ploughman. He married Barbara MACKAY in 1911 & had a son James Gordon McMurchy (1912-1945). He served as Rifleman 25/1178, His next of kin was his wife c/o Mrs J. Ellery, May-Held Post-office, Canterbury

Thomas William MOORBY, Dannevirke
(1884-1918), born in Bradford, England to James & Emma Jane Moorby. He was a Labourer. He served as Private 51053. His next of kin was his mother of 33 Wallace Place, New Plymouth. Thomas was Killed In Action in Bapaume, France 26 Aug 1918 aged 34 & buried Favreuil British Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France

H. F. MOORE, Masterton

U. H. MORRIS, Masterton

Frank Harper MOSS, Eketahuna
(1894-1978) son of Thomas MOSS. He was a Bank Clerk. He served as Corporal 24/2042. His next of kin was his father of Eketahuna (on the Wellington Education Board as a representative of the Wairarapa Board, Chairman of the Newman Chees Company, Chairman of the Eketahuna County Council, Commissioner for the Wellington Military District, Director of the Farmers Dairy Union, Director of the New Zealand Farners' Co-Operative Distribution Company, Ltd., on the Wellington Harbour Board, had land in Masterton. Left for England in 1920 to occupy a seat on the board of directors of the NZ Produce Association, Ltd. Gave up all positions & received a gold watch in 1926)

David MULCAHY, Mangatainoka
(1883-1918) 2nd of 7 children of Patrick Scanlon MULCAHY & Mary ROCHE. He was a Farmer. He served as Rifleman 24/2043. His next of kin was his mother at Mangatainoka. David was Killed in Action 29 April 1918 aged 35 at Somme, France & buried Wytschaete Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

G. S. NEIL, Takapau

D. A. NICOLSON, Pongaroa

P. F. O'NEILL, Masterton

Ernest Bailey OLIVER, Woodville
(1892-1919) born in England to William & Hannah Jane OLIVER. He was a Shepherd. He served as Trooper 12635. His next of kin was his father at Woodville. Ernest was Accidentally Killed on active service by being run over by limber & buried Cairo War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt

William Alfred OTTAWAY, Masterton
(1890-1917) He was an Apiarist. He served as Trooper 11/2351. His next of kin was his father William Alfred Ottaway of Fernside Farm, Featherston. William was Killed In Action in Egypt 9 Jan 1917 aged 21 & buried Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. His parents, William Alfred & Kate Ottaway, were originally from Sussex, England.

Frederick William PALMER, Dannevirke
He was a Labourer. He married Cecilia Agnes MAHER in 1910. He served as Rifleman 24/2068. His next of kin was his wife at Dublin Street, Danevirke

Louth Frederick PETERS, Hamau
(1891-1916) born in Carterton to William Frederick PETERS & Elizabeth Ann WAKELIN. He was a Farm hand. Served as Rifleman 24/2070. His next of kin was his father of Hamua, Louth was Killed In Action on the Somme, France 15 Sep 1916 & buried Caterpillar Valley

H. PHILLIPS, Tawataia

Daniel William PIERCE, Featherston
(1879-1917) born in England to W. C. & Emily Puerce. He was a Ploughman. He served as Rifleman 24/2073. His next of kin was his mother of Ebony, near Ashford, England. Daniel was Killed In Action in Belgium, 7 June 1917 aged 38 & buried Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery, Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen

Hartley Emerson PIKE, Greytown
(1897-1947) born in Australia to Phillip PIKE & . He was a Bank Clerk. He served as Sergeant 10/3980. His next of kin was his father in Eketahuna. He married Gladys Evelyn SMITH of Carterton in 1919, & had 4 children, He was accepted for service at the Defence Office in Masterton

B. PILKINTON, Pahiatua

J. PORTER, Nireaha

William Holditch RADCLIFFE, Kopuaranga
(1897-1916) 3rd of 10 children of William RADCLIFFE & Minnie BRAY. He was a Labourer. He served as Rifleman 24/2078. His next of kin was his mother of Mauriceville West, Masterton. William was Killed In Action Somme, France 15 Sep 1916 aged 18 & buried Caterpillar Valley

A. T. ROBERTS, Masterton

J. C. ROCKDALE, Mangatainoka

Hugh ROSS, Kiritaki

J. RUSSELL, Waipukurau

James Francis SADLER, Featherston
(1893-1971) He was a Farmer. He served as Rifleman 24/2084. His next of kin was his mother Mrs M. J. Sadler at Lowlands, Featherston

H. N. SALISBURY, Parkvale

S. SELLARS, Castlepoint

T. SHEARD, Masterton

Leonard Augustus SIMONSON, Masterton
(1893-1960) 3rd of 6 children of Alexander SIMONSON & Fredereke Minnie VOLHEIM. He was a Cabinetmaker. He served as Rifleman 24/2090. His next of kin was his mother of Albert Street, Masterton

Percy Charles SIRED, Featherston
(1884-1934) He was a Railway Porter. He served as Lance Corporal 24/2092. His next of kin was his sister Mrs Robson of 80 Park Road, Masterton. He married Ethel Edith HENDRA in 1927. They are buried in Karori

D. SMITH, Dannevirke

Patrick SOUTER, Martinborough
(1888-1918) son of John Pearson SOUTER & Margaret 'Maggie' HOULAHAN. He was a Baker. He served as Lance Sergeant 24/2095. His next of kin was his mother at Hokitika. Patrick was Killed in Action 5 April 1918 Somme, France aged 30 & buried Serre Road Cemetery No.1
NOTE Cenotaph has PATRICK Souter (1888-1918). CWGC has PETER Souter brother Peter (1886-1957)

John STANTON, Wallingford

E. W. STRONG, Dannevirke

B. SULLIVAN, Masterton

Francis Claude SUMMERSBY, Dannevirke
(1896-1984), 5th of 18 children of James William SUMMERSBY & Maren Kristina NIELSEN. He was a Plumber. He served as Rifleman 24/2104. His next of kin was his father of London Street, Dannevirke

A. SUTHERLAND, Masterton

John Private SWANNEY, Pahiatua
(1892-1953) son of John & Tomima SWANNEY. He was a Labourer. He served as Private 10/4191. He married Ellen Jean MARSHALL (1896-1986) in 1920. They are all buried in Mangatainoka, Pahiatua

Daniel SWARBRICK, Norsewood
(1875-1959). He was a Farmer. Served as Rifleman 24/2105. He married Elizabeth BATES in 1897. His next of kin was his wife at Norsewood

Eric TAINE, Dannevirke

H. TAVISTOCK, Waipukurau

F. C. TAYLOR, Pahiatua

Charles TERRY, Tirohanga
He was a Slaughterman. He served as Rifleman 24/2107. His next of kin was his father Harry Terry of Matthew Street, Dannevirke


William James THORBURN, Dannevirke
(1895-1970), 4th of 8 children of James THORBURN & Mary YOUNG. He was a Stock Agent. He served as Sapper 4/2009. His next of kin was his mother of Rawhiti Street, Dannevirke

Ernest WARDLE, Pongaroa
He was a Shearer. He served as Trooper 11/2384. His next of kin was his father John Wardle of Pongaroa, via Pahiatua

James Hamilton Walter WILEY, Masterton
(1881-1931), 4th of 10 children of Hamilton James WILEY & Elizabeth Catherine 'Kate' VEENMAN. James was a Labourer. He served as Trooper 11/2385. His next of kin was his father Hamilton of Box 115, Westfield, Logan, Utah, USA (James's father Hamilton, mother Kate and 'some' of his siblings found the Mormon faith whilst in Carterton and left for Utah in 1907).
James married Eileen May WILTON in 1917

Walter John WOODLEY, Carterton
Walter served twice, 13 Nov 1915 & May 1918. Not certain this W. J. Woodley served with the 10th.
There was a Walter John born 1894, 1 of 9 children of Albert WOODLEY & Ann Ethel NEVILLE. Albert was a Taxi Proprietor in Masterton in the 1920s


Killed In Action Ypres, Belgium 1917