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Wootton BRIDES - New Zealand 1866-1933

known WOOTTON BRIDES in New Zealand 1857 - 1920
names taken from BDM & some spelling may not be correct, use as a guide only
some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

* Agnes Grace Wootton (1888-1959)
- daughter of Richard WOOTTON & Ann TURLEY
married William James WILLIAMS in 1931

* Alberta Franklin Wootton (1907-1968)
- daughter of Albert Edward & Grace Beatrice WOOTTON
married Harry Sydney Charles YEATMAN (1901-1980) Christchurch 1925
...Alberta & Harry divorced in 1930
Alberta next married Robert Ellwood NOYE (1900-1963) in 1932

* Alice Wootton (1876-1970)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married Arthur Vivian BILKEY (1881-1925) in 1906
their known children:
* 1910 - Marjory Evangeline Bilkey

* Alice Florence Wootton (1891-1958)
married Leslie John MAY (1888-1973) in Wellington 1915
- son of John MAY & Ellen CORCORAN
When Leslie served as Sergeant 44504, Alice was at 39 Kent Terrace, Mt Victoria, Wellington
ALICE FLORENCE May died 16 June 1958 aged 67 & was cremated at Karori
LESLIE JOHN May died 12 June 1973 aged 84
- he was buried Plot 6Y/5, Soldiers section, Karori

* Alice Louisa Wootton (1886-)
- daughter of Richard WOOTTON & Ann TURLEY
married William James WILLIAMS in 1921

* Caroline Sarah Wootton (1847-1911)
married Edwin Benjamin Evans TURNER (1843-1935) in Hamilton 26 April 1866
- son of Benjamin Evans TURNER & Zilda Perriman Clayton BURTON
...(Benjamin first married a sister of Hone Heke, Taingarui. She died in 1838)
they had 9 children, 2 sons born in America
- their known children:
* 1867 - Evans Benjamin John Turner
* 1868 - Minnie Ethel Turner (+ Thomas Edward Cargill 1925)
* 1870 - 1872 Alfred Edward Turner (aged 2)
* 1877 - 1877 Benjamin Evans Turner (aged 17 months in Parnell)
* 1880 - 1881 Camelia Caroline Sarah Turner (aged 17 months)
* 1883 - 1930 George Henry Turner (died in Suva, Fiji)
* 1885 - 1950 Charles Stanford Turner
EDWIN EVANS Turner died 28 November 1935 aged 90 in Auckland

* Christina Keziah Wootton (1887-1959)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Ernest Henry DENSE (1884-1949) in 1908
- son of Henry Hemont DENSE from Russia & Helena Ernestyna KLEMPEL
NOTE Christina & Ernest's mothers were sisters, daughters of Johann Martin KLEMPLE (1837-1892 from Poland, died West Coast, NZ) & Zuzanna EINSPORN (1840-1903)
the known children of CHRISTINA & WILLIAM:
* 1908 - 1914 George Alfred Wootton Dense (April 1908)
* 1909 - 1986 Ernest Willian Dense (Aug 1909)
ERNEST HENRY Dense died in Kaiata, West Coast
CHRISTINA KEZIAH Dense died 22 August 1959 in Moana, Westland

* Constance Evelyn 'Connie' Wootton (1908-1996)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT
married Charles James MOWBRAY (1903-) in 1931
- son of William MOWBRAY & Mary GRACE
Evening Post, 29 August 1931 The wedding was celebrated at Paraparaumu recently of Constance Evelyn, youngest daughter of Mr and the late Mrs Wootton, Paraparaurnu, and Charles, second son of Mr and Mrs Wm. Mowbray, Otaihanga. The Rev W. H. Wilson officiated at the ceremony, which was held in St. Paul's Church. The bride who was escorted by her father, wore a graceful frock of ivory satin reaching to the ground, and she carried a bouquet of spring flowers in which violets and freezias predominated. Miss Violet Mowbray was bridesmaid, wearing a maize satin frock, and a drooping panne velvet picture hat. Her bouquet was of brightly-tinted iceland poppies. The little attendant, Thelma Weggery, wore soft blue satin, and carried a bouquet of snowdrops and forget-me-nots. Mr Geo. Mowbray was best man. The reception was held in St. Paul's Schoolroom, where Mr Wootton and his elder daughter, Mrs Weggery (Helen Annie), received a small number of relatives and friends. Mrs. Weggery wore a becoming gown of beige crepe de chine and hat to tone. Mrs Mowbray (mother of the bridegroom) wore a smart navy blue ensemble.
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In loving memory of my dear mother, who died at Paraparaumu on the 24th April, 1919. Sadly missed.
....All you who have a mother
....Love her while you may;
....She will not always linger here,
....Too soon she will pass away.
Inserted by her loving daughter, Connie
Edith Elizabeth Wootton
married William Charles HAWKEN in 1906

* Edith Emily Wootton (1883-1972)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT (butcher in Paraparaumu)
married Seymour Alexander CARTER (1883-1969) in 1908
- son of Charles Henry CARTER & Emily ALLINGTON
their known children:
* 1910 - Constance Gladys Carter
* 1912 - Kenneth Peter Carter
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away on the 24th April 1919
....No one knows the silent heartache
....Only those can tell
....Who have lost their loved ones
....Without saying farewell

....The memory pride is more than gold
....A mother's worth cannot be told;
....Her loved one now who miss her here,
....Will always hold her memory dear.

....Farewell, dear mother,
....It was God's wish it should be so,
....At his command we all must go.
Inserted by her loving daughter, Edith Carter and grandchildren

* Eliza Wootton (1849-1926)
- born in London to John WOOTTON & Caroline JOHNSON
Eliza married Thomas KELLY in Newmarket, Auckland 1 April 1866
their known children:
* 1867 - 1927 Henry Thomas Kelly
* Eliza went to America with Thomas and returned on her own
Eliza next married Alexander DAVIDSON in Newmarket 19 Sep 1868
- they didn't have children
Eliza next married Edward Dewar RICHARDS (1843-1898) in Newmarket 18 Nov 1879
- son of Jane Richards of Chichester, Sussex, England
* In July 1882 Eliza was charged with bigamy but was discharged
Richard was a Butcher, they had 12 children (still researching):
* 1872 - Edward Richard
* 1874 - William Charles Richards
* 1880 - 1938 Percy Arthur Richards (died in Kalgoorlie, WA)
* 1886 - Blanche Elger Richards
* About 1891 Edward & Eliza divorced
Eliza next married Patrick TIERNEY in 1896
(Edward Dewar Richards next married Mary Pannett in 1893. He died at his residence, Kyber Pass Road, Newmarket, 2 Sep 1898)
ELIZA Tierney died 4 December 1926 in Newmarket aged 77

* Elizabeth 'Bessie' Wootton
married Charles Edward FOUCART-SCANLAN in 1897
Evening Post, 26 January 1897 On the 13th inst., at St Peter and Paul R.C. Church, Lower Hutt, by the Rev Father Lane, Charles W. Foucart-Scanlan, M.B., C.M., to Elizabeth (Bessie), eldest daughter of Alfred Wootton Esq., of Fulton House, Cliftonville, Kent, England. Home papers please copy

* Elizabeth Jane Wootton (1876-1958)
- daughter of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & Elizabeth Frances BURNETT
- granddaughter of Richard BURNETT & Sarah Ann IRONMONGER
married Thomas William SCAIFE (1862-1911) in 1899
married William Henry 'Bill' JOHNSTON (1865-1931) in 1916
married Henry 'Harry' WINTER (1869-1955) in 1944

* Ellen Jackson Wootton (1902-)
- daughter of Charles Edward WOOTTON & Mary Steven McKERROW
married Thomas Alexander MacLEAN (1899-1965) in 1933
- son of Thomas MacLEAN & Barbara WILLIAMSON

* Ellen Mary Wootton (1888-1941)
- daughter of William Samuel WOOTTON & Emma Ann PEARCE
(Ellen had a brother, Philip James Wootton, Sergeant 23/34)
married Robert Ernest Bell DIXON (1885-1932) in 1909
- son of Robert DIXON & Ellen Agnes Calder BELL
Star, 10 August 1909 DIXON-WOOTTON - July 20, by the Rev Mr Spence. Robert Ernest Bell Dixon, eldest son of Robert Dixon, Islington, to Ellen Mary, only daughter of W. S. Wootton, Sockburn

* Elsie Franchise Wootton (1893-1963)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON of Wellington
married Richard James Thomas COWLEY (1888-1943) in 1915
RICHARD JAMES Cowley died 2 October 1943 in Wellington aged 55
ELSIE FRANCHISE Cowley died 29 December 1963 in Wellington aged 70
- they were cremated at Karori

* Elsie Isobel Christian Wootton (1894-)
- daughter of Thomas Henry WOOTTON & Marion IKENE
married Robert Francis BROWN (1879-1928) in 1927

* Emilie Sarah Wootton (1896-1980)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Charles Edward SENIOR (1890-1966) 15 July 1914
- son of John & Hannah SENIOR

* Emily Wootton (Aug 1852-1940)
- born in Nelson to Edward Davies WOOTTON & Mary Evelyn 'Ann' POSTON
married Richard DAVIES (May 1852- 1901) 3 Feb 1877 St Paul's, Wellington
their known children:
* 1877 - John Davies
* 1879 - Louisa Davies
* 1882 - Emily Davies
* 1884 - William Davies
* 1886 - Alice Davies
* 1887 - Elsie Davies
* 1889 - Myrtle Davies
* 1891 - Charles Davies
* 1891 - James Davies
* 1893 - Charles Edward Davies
* 1895 - 1915 Fred Davies
1897 - Victoria May Davies
RICHARD is buried Wakapuaka & Emily is buried Karori

* Ettie May Wootton (1892-1985)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON of Wellington
married George Ralph ROGERS (1891-1962) in 1919
- son of James ROGERS & Agnes READ of Mount Cook, Wellington

* Georgina Matilda Wootton (1886-1972)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON (Saddler of Wellington)
married James George FILL (1880-1945) in 1907
- son of Alfred & Susan FILL of Mt Victoria, Wellington
James had a brother, Private 39789, Henry Vant Fill Killed in Ypres
their known children:
* 1909 - 2000 Elsie Olive Fill
* 1911 - 1919 Edith Maud Fill
* 1912 - Helen Ruth Fill

* Gladys Wootton (1894-1974)
- daughter of George Harkus WOOTTON & Emily Charlotte BURGESS
married Thomas Roy SPILLER (1884-1973) in 1915
- 5th of 10 known children of Thomas Robert SPILLER & Flora McKAY

* Gladys Fanny Constance Wootton (1895-1976)
married James GULLAND (1900-1989) in 1926
- son of David GULLAND & Elizabeth 'Eliza' CHIPLIN (originally from Scotland)

* Gladys Transvaal Wootton (1900-1979)
- daughter of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married Bertie Renwick PURVIS (1897-1958) in 1921
- Bertie worked for New Zealand Railways
they had 3 children who lived (at least for a time) in South Africa
* 1921 - Clifford Renwick Purvis
* 1922 - 2010 Rona Gladys Purvis
* 1923 - 2004 Ronald Bruce Purvis (buried Auckland)
BERTIE RENWICK Purvis died 30 August 1958 in Palmerston North aged 61
GLADYS TRANSVALL Purvis died 20 December 1979 aged 79

* Grace Olive Wootton (1888-1957)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT
married Ernest Edwin WILLIAMS (1888-1945) in 1913
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In fond and loving remembrance of our darling mother and grandma, who fell asleep at Paraparaumu on the 24th April, 1919
....For many years our family chain
....Was closely linked together;
....But, ah, that chain is broken now,
....One loving link has gone for ever.

....You are not forgotten, mother dear,
....Nor will you ever be;
....As long as life and memory last,
....We will love and remember thee.
Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law, Grace and Ern. Williams, also her little grandsons, Teddy and Ian

* Hannah Wootton (1864-1946)
married John CARRUTH in 1890
their known children (born in Napier):
* 1891 - 1975 Annie Carruth (+ Francis Alfred Elsmore 1908 of Marlborough)
NOTE see notes under Olive Gwendoline Wootton above

* Helen Annie 'Nellie' Wootton (1893-1988)
- daughter of Peter WOOTTON & Matilda HUNT
married Hubert 'Joe' WEGGERY (1893-1974) in Paraparaumu 1917
Dominion, 6 August 1917 WEDDING AT PARAPARAUMU
A wedding of interest to Manawatu residents was celebrated at the Methodist Church, Paraparaumu, last Wednesday, when Miss Helen A. Wootton, third daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter Wootton, of Paraparaumu, was married to Mr Hubert Weggery, fourth son of Mrs A. Weggery, also of Paraparaumu. The officiating clergyman was the Rev Mr White, assisted by the Rev Mr Cule. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of charmouse satin, with veil and orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of white marcissi. She was attended by three bridesmaids - Miss Alma Weggery (chief), and the little Misses Connie Wootton and Connie Carter. All wore frocks of white silk. Mr Sydney Weggery acted as best man. A reception was subsequently held at the Coronation Hall, after which the bridal party left for Wanganui. Amongst the many presents received was a set of cutlery from the Methodist Church members, the bride having been organist to the church for the past nine years. The bridegroom shortly goes into camp
their known children:
* 1918 - 1979 Gordon Hubert Keith Weggery
* ???? - Thelma Weggery
NOTE Evening Post, 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAM
WOOTTON - In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away at Paraparaumu on the 24th April 1919.
....We cannot clasp your hands, dear mother
....Nor kiss your dear sweet brow;
....For in our aching hearts we know
....We have no mother now.

....A loving mother, true and kind,
....No one on earth like her we find;
....One year has passed, but none can tell
....The loss of a mother we loved so well.
Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law Nellie and Hubert Weggery
HUBERT 'Joe' Weggery died 25 November 1974 aged 81
HELEN ANNIE 'Nellie' Weggery died 17 December 1988 aged 95
- they are buried Plot 201, Block III at Waikanae cemetery

* Ivy Lily Wootton
married James Samuel BURROWS in 1928

* Jessie Wootton
married Percy William Harold SMITH in 1911

* Lilian Rose Wootton (1889-1972)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Matthew BENNIE (1880-1954) 24 August 1909 in Blackball, Westland

* Mabel Ellen Wootton (1905-)
- daughter of Albert Firkin WOOTTON & Jane Ellen GOOLD
married Charles Frederick Haynes CRACK (1902-1965) in 1927
- son of Charles Henry CRACK & Elizabeth KINROSS

* Margaret Wootton (1879-)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married Donald Ewen MORRISON (1878-1939) in 1917

* Margaret Ella Wootton
married Amos Joseph SUTTON (1876-1950) in 1909
- 8th of 13 children of George James SUTTON & Mary Jane PIMLOTT (1845-1922)
NOTE from Pimlott & Massey ... John Massey born in 1842 in Stockport, Cheshire lived in Clive, HB. His mother Maria Jones born in 1814 had a sister Agnes Jones who in 1859 came to NZ with her illegitimate daughter Mary Jane Jones (born 1845 in Stockport). John Massey was a witness at Mary Jane's wedding to George Sutton in 1864 and he was also the Informant at Death to Peter Pimlott's death in 1868. It was thought that Peter Pimlott married Agnes Jones as she arrived in NZ on board the Kinnaird as Agnes Pimlott, but not record of a marriage has ever been found. When Mary Jane Jones married George James Sutton she wrote her name as Mary Jane Jones Pimlott. They all lived in the Taradale/ Clive area of Napier.

* Margaret Etta Wootton (1893-1971)
- daughter of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married Ivan Lindsay McDOWELL (1903-1980) in 1925
- son of John McDOWELL & Agnes Goodall LOCH

* Maria Wootton (1849-1927)
- 1 of 10 children of David WOOTTEN & Mary Evelyn PRESTON
married Isaac CLARK (1850-1927) in 1877
- son of Isaac CLARK & Elizabeth McKNIGHT
their known children:
* 1877 - William Isaac Clark
* 1878 - Percival David Clark
* 1879 - Sydney Mark Clark
* 1881 - Eva May Clark
* 1886 - Hilda Hetty Clark
* 1890 - Constance Ella Clark
Isaac died 20 Jan 1927 - Isaac's OBITUARY
... deep regret will be felt at the death of Mr Isaac Clark, one of Wellington's best known and most highly respected citizens. Mr Clark was in his usual health yesterday; indeed, he tool part in a game of bowls on the Thorndon Club's green in the afternoon and the activity and cheerfulness which were such marked characteristics of his nature were as manifest as ever. In the evening however, he had a heart attach which quickly proved fatal. The late Mr Clark, who was the head of the firm of Isaac Clark and Son, builders and contractors ... (more at his obituary link)
Maria died 15 Dec 1927 - New Zealand Herald, 17 Dec 1927 CLARK - On December 15, at her residence "Waimea" Northland, Wellington, Maria, dearly beloved widow of the late Isaac Clark and mother of Sidney Clark, 11 Brixton Rd., Eden, Auckland, No flowers. Private interment.
There will be many who will regret to hear of the death last evening of Mrs Maria Clark, widow of the late Mr Isaac Clark, The late Mrs Clark was born in the Waimea Valley, Nelson, over seventy-seven years ago, but at an early age came to Wellington and had a close association with the Misses Greenwood, of The Terrace. This contact proved an abiding influence in her life and there are many to-day who will mourn for one who, as opportunity offered, went about doing good. Mr Clark's family consts of Messrs William and Percival of Wellington and Sidney M., of Auckland; and two daughters, Mrs C. F. Lange of Cambridge and miss Constance Clark of Wellington. Many friends will sympathise with them in their bereavement
They are buried Plot 138L, Public, at Karori cemetery
(thank you to Wazanne, for telling me about Maria & Isaac, 11-5-2016)

* Mary Wootton
married James McLEAN in 1885
- James was a Tanner in Christchurch
their known children:
* 1886 - Robert McLean
* 1887 - Ethel Mary McLean (+ John Saxton 1914 in Addington)
* 1889 - Ada Agnes McLean
* 1890 - Matilda Elizabeth McLean
* 1891 - Charles Davidson McLean
* 1894 - Leonard Gordon McLean
* 1896 - Violet Jane McLean
* 1898 - 1976 James Warden McLean

* Mary Jane Wootton (1884-1973)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married John Henry FERGUSON (1880-1949) in 1906
their known children:
* 1908 - 2004 Kenneth John Ivan Ferguson
* 1909 - 2000 Ellen Elizabeth Ferguson

* May Steven Wootton (nee McKERROW 1878-1916)
first married Charles Edward Wootton in 1898
married Arthur BARNSLEY (1876-1948) in 1915

* Matilda Wootton (1871-1950)
- born Walsall, Staffordhire, England, arrived NZ aged about 4
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Phoebe Matilda LYNEX of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
married William PORTER (1851-1912 from Scotland) in Dunedin, 5 February 1892
their known children:
* 1893 - 1893 William Charles Porter (aged 7 months)
* 1894 - 1894 Arthur James Porter (aged 9 months)
* 1895 - 1948 Reuben Porter
* 1896 - 1897 Walter Porter (aged 9 months)
* 1898 - 1968 Violet Irene Jane Porter (+ Henry Cecil Baddock 1925)
* 1901 - Mary Victoria May Porter (+ William Trainor 1925)
* 1903 - Gladys Marion Porter (+ Edward Hankey 1924)
* 1906 - Daisy Muriel Porter (+Stanislaus Edward Paterson 1925)
NOTE William Porter had first married Margaret Alexander (1863-1890) in 1885, the year after she arrived from Scotland
WILLIAM Porter died 13 December 1912 in Prendergast St., Dunedin
* Matilda next married Donald FRASER in 1923
MATILDA Fraser died 19 December 1950 in Dunedin aged 79
William & Matilda are buried Plot 34, Block 145 at Southern Cemetery with:
1890 - Margaret Porter aged 27, William's first wife
1891 - Margaret Victoria Porter aged 4, daughter of William & Margaret
1893 - William Charles Porter aged 7 months (in Sep), son of William & Matilda
1893 - Thomas Porter aged 8 (in Nov), son of William & Margaret
1894 - Arthur James Porter aged 9 months, son of William & Matilda
1897 - Walter Porter aged 9 months, son of William & Matilda

* Matilda Evelyn Wootton (1890-1979)
married Wallace Frederick POPE (1890-1974) in 1920
- son of Frederick Walter POPE & Mary Ann WILLIAMSON

* Matilda Henrietta 'Etti' Wootton (1887-1950)
- daughter of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married James Cameron MacFARLANE (1890-1918) in Dunedin 1914
- son of James MacFARLANE & Allison Grace CAMERON
their known children:
* 1915 - Elsie MacFarland (married in Sale, Victoria, Australia)
James served as Gunner 50223 & died of his wounds in France

* Minnie Blanch Wootton (1890-1962)
- daughter of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & his 2nd wife Fanny Frances KERR
(see 'Grooms' below for more)
married Herbert McCONCHIE (1886-1960) in 1912
- son of William McCONCHIE & Esther Ann STEER

* Myrtle Evelyn Wootton (1903-1974)
- daughter of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married John DEVLIN (1894-1952) 27 August 1924
JOHN Devlin died 4 July 1952 in Christchurch
MYRTLE EVELYN Devlin died 13 August 1974 in Huntly, Waikato aged 71
- she was cremated at Hamilton Park cemetery

* Nancy Wootton (1907-2002) ?
married Lawrence Roland COWPER in 1933

* Olive Gwendoline Wootton (1907-1989)
- daughter of George William WOOTTON + Ariel Lilly Elizabeth HOLLIS
married Frederick Edward Cyril BROOKS (1904-1982) in 1929
- son of William Edward BROOKS & Martha Matilda Rosina ANDRELL
- grandson of James ANDRELL & Martha BAWDEN who married 1861 in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, emigrated on the 'Magna Bono' into Marlborough in 1863 with 2 daughters, & had the Commercial Hotel in Grovetown, Marlborough. Their surname was originally Andrew, but due probably to their broad Cornish accent and their inability to read or write it later became recorded as Andrell
NOTE A sister of Martha Matilda Rosina Andrell, Mary Ann Andrell (1861-1902) married Samuel Elsmore in Grovetonw in 1880. They had a son, Francis Alfred Elsmore (1884-1969) who married Annie Carruth in Napier 1908 (see below)

* Phoebe Lilian Wootton (1889-1964)
- daughter of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married Robert John RICHARDSON in 1913
their known children:
* 1914 - 1998 Gweneth Lilian Wootton

* Phylis Joyce Wootton (1911-1998)
- daughter of Philip Henry WOOTTON & Lillian Doretta HOLLIS
married Philip Newton KERR (1911-1969) in 1930
- son of Leonard KERR & Bertha Dorothy PAHL

* Rena Christian Wootton (1896-1980)
- daughter of Thomas Henry WOOTTON & Marion IKENE
married Joseph Patrick McQUILKIN (1900-1976) in 1925
- son of Joseph Patrick McQUILKIN & Maria Margaret KENNEDY

* Sarah Wootton (1873-1936)
- daughter of Charles WOOTTON & Ellen ANDERTON of Auckland
married George William WAUGH in 1898
their known children:
* 1899 - 1899 Christopher Waugh (aged 1 day)
* 1900 - 1986 Charles Alick Waugh
* 1902 - 1991 Sarah Waugh (+ Kenneth Joseph Dwyer 1927)
* 1903 - 1999 Winifred Waugh
* 1905 - 1973 Philip Waugh
* 1906 - 2003 Ruby Margaret Waugh
* 1908 - Amelia Waugh
* 1910 - 1982 Norman Waugh
* 1912 - Ellen Rosalind Waugh

* Sarah Eliza Wootton (1875-1964)
- born in England, arriving in NZ about 1880
married Joseph Edward EVANS (1876-1928) in 1895
their known children:
* 1899 - Irene Sarah Evans (+George Parker Sise 1923)
* In 1915 (at least), Joseph was a salesman for Messrs Waters, Ritchie and Co., grain, seed and produce merchants of Dunedin
* In 1921 he was a Clerk for Thomas Thompson Ritchie
JOSEPH EDWARD Wootton died 1 February 1928 16 Council St., St Kilda, Dunedin aged 51
SARAH ELIZA Evans died 12 Aug 1964 aged 89 (still living at 16 Council Street)
- they are buried Plot 73, Block 110 at Andersons Bay cemetery

* Una Dolce Wootton (1910-2006)
- daughter of Samuel Eli WOOTTON & Rebecca Robrough FOX
married Frank Henry THOMPSON (1908-1992) in 1933
- son of Frank THOMPSON & Harriet Mary COOK

* Veda Mary Wootton (1901-1972)
- daughter of Charles Edward WOOTTON & May Steven McKERROW
married Alexander William HAY in 1931

* Vera Edith Wootton (1904-)
- daughter of Albert Frederick WOOTTON & Edith Mary PEARCE
- granddaughter of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
In 1925 Vera was living at 67 Forbury Crescent, St Kilda, Dunedin with parents
married James Renton HENDERSON (1896-1955) in 1926

* Violet Irene Wootton (1897-1982)
- daughter of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON of Wellington
married William Charles WELSFORD (1889-1976) in 1919

* Winifred Marion Wootton (1901-)
- daughter of Thomas Henry WOOTTON & Marion IKENE
married Donald Colborne ROBERTSON (1898-1951) in 1927


HEADSTONE of Hubert 'Joe' & Helen Annie 'Nellie' Weggery

Plot 201-203, Block III at Waikanae cemetery

CRON marriages New Zealand 1890-1924

the known CRON marriages in New Zealand 1890 - 1924

Adam Robert George Cron (1882-1960)
married Gwendoline McKenzie CHALK (1883-1911) in 1911
Manawatu Times, 3 June 1911 CRON - On June 2nd, 1911, at Palmerston North, Gwendoline McKenzie Cron, beloved wife of Adam Cron, of Bourke street; aged 28 years
Adam next married Olive Winifred HOLLIS (1894-1973) in 1912

Alfred George Cron
married Elizabeth Alice AVERY in 1898

Herbert Cron (1877-1947)
married Catharine Sowrie REID in 1892 in Oamaru?

John Cron (1872-1953)
married Norah NOLAN in 1899

John Edward Cron (1903-1983)
married Dora Catherine PRENDERGAST (1909-1985) in 1927

Thomas Edward Cron (1883-1929)
married Florence Margaret EWING (1885-1955) in 1912

Thomas Frederick Cron (1895-1961)
married Elsie Olive SCOTT (1897-1965) in 1916

William Edward Cron (1906-2002)
married Sylvia Mona JONES (1904-1982) in 1925

Agnes Cron
married John COWAN in 1890

Catherine Flora Cron
married John NOLAN in 1904

Catherine Mary Cron
married Alan Alfred ALLAN in 1923

Eileen Florence Cron (1901-1953)
married Thomas Leonard de Vere HUNT (1900-1934) in 1924

Elizabeth Ann Cron (1867-1907)
married William ADAIR in 1894

Mary Louisa Cron (1874-1927)
married John CONDON in 1897

GOGGIN marriages New Zealand 1864-1928

the known GOGGIN marriages in New Zealand 1864 - 1928

? Charles Goggin (1874-1937)
married Lilian CAMERON (1871-1962) in 1906

? Francis Michael Goggin (1891-1957)
married Ida Caroline BENTON (1897-1984) in 1916
Francis served WWI as Private 71393. Ida was in Greytown

? Harold Edward Goggin (1890-1952)
married Barbara CLEMENS (1890-1987) in 1925
HAROLD died 10 December 1952 in Christchurch aged 62
BARBARA died 18 June 1987 in Christchurch aged 97
- they are buried Plot 19, Block AN24 at Waimairi

? James Goggin (1852-1920)
born in Macroom, County Cork, Ireland to Patrick GOGGIN & Kate KELLAHER. His mother died shortly after his birth. He arrived in NZ Dec 1878
married Johannah BUCKLEY (1856-1942) in 1882
their known children: (born Raumati, Dannevirke)
* 1883 - 1980 Catherine 'Kate' Goggin
* 1884 - 1942 Patrick Goggin
* 1886 - 1967 Mary Goggin
* 1888 - 1968 John Mandeville Goggin (Private 41777)
* 1890 - 1957 Francis Michael Goggin
* 1892 - Hannorah Goggin
* 1894 - 1995 Johannah Goggin
* 1896 - Margaret Goggin
* 1897 - 1917 James Goggin Killed in Action Ypres, Belgium
* 1899 - 1978 Richard Daniel Goggin
* 1902 - 1988 Julia Goggin (didn't marry)
JAMES died 2 November 1920 aged 88
JOHANNA died 29 June 1942 aged 86
- buried Plots 9 & 10, Block N at Mangatera, Dannevirke

? James Goggin (1866-1947)
married Helen Isabella HARPER (1868-1895) in 1890
their known children:
* 1889 - 1963 Leonard Robert Goggin
* 1890 - 1952 Harold Edward Goggin
* 1895 - 1987 Helen Margaret Goggin
HELEN died 17 August 1895 aged 27
JAMES died 2 June 1947 aged 80
- they are buried Plot 15, Block 37 at Linwood, Christchurch

? James Goggin
married Emma INDER (1865-1939 nee KENT) in 1926
Emma first married Charles Inder in 1883 & had:
...1886 - Elsie May Inder
...1888 - Lily Gertrude Inder
...1890 - Walter Kent Inder
...1894 - Gladys Mary Inder

? John Goggin (1839-1909)
married Rachael HOUGHAY (1836-1926) in 1864
their known children: (born Christchurch)
* 1866 - 1947 James Goggin
* 1868 - Mary Bridget Goggin
* 1870 - 1931 Arthur Goggin (buried Linwood)
* 1872 - Catherine Goggin
* 1874 - Charles Goggin
* 1876 - Margaret GOggin
JOHN died 29 Nov 1909 aged 70
RACHAEL died 20 Sep 1926 aged 90
- they are buried Plot 130, Block 42 at Linwood

? John Mandeville Goggin (1888-1968)
son of James GOGGIN & Hannah BUCKLEY from Raumati, Dannevirke)
married Mary Ellen ADSETT (1893-1967) in 1920
MARY ELLEN died 3 June 1967 aged 74 & is buried Karori, Wellington

? Leonard Robert Goggin (1891-1963)
married Evelyn Marie HAUGHEY (1891-1921) in 1911
their known children: (born Christchurch)
* 1912 - 1953 Mary Monica Goggin (didn't marry, buried Linwood)
* 1920 - 1942 Harold Leonard Francis Goggin was Killed in North Africa WWII
EVELYN died 32 August 1921 aged 30 & buried Linwood
he next married Helen Aloysius DORAN (1889-1973) in 1928
HELEN died 30 Jan 1973 aged 83
LEONARD died 20 Feb 1983 aged 73
- they are buried Plots 174 & 175, Block 19 at Bromley

? Patrick Goggin (1884-1942)
son of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
married Elizabeth DRAPER (1882-1914) in 1913
Elizabeth was the 4th of 11 known children of Edward DRAPER & Mary De NASH

? Richard Daniel Goggin (1899-1978)
son of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
married Mabel VEALE (1903-1985) in 1925
Mabel was a daughter of James VEALE & Hannah Maria Perkins HARRIS
RICHARD died 9 March 1978 aged 78
MABEL died 10 June 1985 aged 82
- they are buried together Plot 40, Block BG at Mangatera, Dannevirke

? Cathrine Goggin
married Michael BROSNAHAN in 1910
their only child:
* 1911 - 1994 Charles John Brosnahan

? Catherine 'Kate' Goggin (1883-1980)
married John Weekes MANNELL (1872-1938) in 1909
John was born in Penzance, Cornwall to John Weekes MANNELL & Susannah MATTHEWS
Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 April 1909 At St. Patrick's Church, Masterton yesterday, Mr John Weekes Mannell, of Masterton, son of Mr J. Mannell of England, was married to Miss Kate Goggin (newspaper has Doggin), daughter of Mr James Goggin of Hamua. Mr Thomas R. Mannell. brother of the bridegroom, was best man and Miss Nellie O'Leary was bridesmaid. Rev. Father Saunderson was the officiating minister. Mr and Mrs Mannell left by the afternoon train for Wellington
their known children:
* 1915 - 2011 Agnes Monica Mannell
* 1918 - 1985 John Weekes 'Jack' Mannell
* 1922 - 1942 Edward James 'Ted' Mannell (died Whenuapai, aircraft accident)
JOHN died 30 November 1938 aged 57 in Masterton
KATE died 25 May 1980 in Masterton
- they are buried Row 3, Area Plan VII at Archer street cemetery

? Ellen Mary Goggin (1866-1952)
married Louis Albert La BROOME (1863-1926) in 1886 Port Ahuriri
their known children:
* 1887 - 1918 William Thomas La Broome Killed in Action Le Cateau, France
* 1889 - Violet May La Broone (+ Michael QUIRK in 1917)
* 1891 - 1940 Albert Louis La Broome (lived Napier)
* 1896 - 1956 Clarence James La Broome
* 1897 - 1897 John Louis La Broome (aged 11 days)
* 1899 - 1952 Eileen May La Broome

? Hannorah Goggin
married Gilbert Thomas COLE (1888-1965) in 1915

? Helen Margaret Goggin (1895-1987)
married George James GRANT in 1922

? Johannah Goggin (1894-1995)
married Clifford Gilbert KENDRICK (1895-1966) in 1918
Clifford was born in Marton, Rangitikei to Charles Alfred KENDRICK (1872-1900) & Henrietta 'Hettie' GILBERT (1872-1944). Hettie next married Charles PECK (1863-1958) in Feilding 16 May 1909 as his 2nd of 3 wives
NOTE Clifford's sister, Ellen Christina Kendrick, married Wilfred PECK (1890-1961) who was a son of Charles Peck (1863-1958, his stepfather), and Charles's first wife, Alexandra THOMSEN (aka Atlantic English)

? Jane Goggin
married Thomas Henry MORTON (1855-1903) in 1882
their known children:
* 1891 - 1892 Mabel Frances Morton
* 1893 - 1959 Thomas Henry Morton
* 1895 - 1956 James Herbert Morton
* 1898 - Kathleen Erin Morton
* 1900 - 1957 John Baden Morton
THOMAS HENRY Morton is buried Old Napier cemetery

? Kathleen Flora Goggin
married William JACKSON in 1924

? Margaret Goggin
married Frederick George ARCHER in 1905
their known children:
* 1905 - Norman Frederick Archer
* 1905 - Humphrey George Archer
* 1906 - Arthur John Archer
* 1908 - Dorothea Mavis Archer
* 1909 - Mary Edna Archer
* 1911 - Phyllis Lucy Archer
* 1913 - Grace Cecilia Archer

? Margaret Goggin
married Francis John READ (1901-1979) in 1927

? Mary Goggin (1866-1967)
daughter of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
married Frank Herman BAUCKE (1884-1958) in 1912
Dominion, 14 May 1912 WEDDING AT DANNEVIRKE
Last Wednesday, in the Roman Catholic Church, Dannevirke, the marriage took place of Miss GOggin, daughter of Mr James Goggin, of Raumati, and Mr F. Baucke, the Rev Father Cahill officiating. The service was fully choral, and after mass had been celebrated the Wedding March was played by Miss Daly.
The bride wore a gown of cream silk voile trimmed with lace and the customary veil and wreath of orange blossoms. Miss Norah and Miss Hannah Goggin (sisters of the bride) were her bridesmaids, and wore cream silk frocks and black hats, trimmed with pink. Both bride and bridesmaids carried very pretty shower bouquets.
Mr John Goggin was best man. To the bride was given an amethyst and pearl brooch and the bridesmaids received from the bridegroom fold charms with cross pendants. The bride's mother, Mrs Goggin, was in a gown of black silk, with hat to match.
After the ceremony the guests were entertained at the home of the bride's parents, where the usual toasts were honoured. Later the bride and bridegroom left for the north, the bride travelling in a tweed costume, with green facings and pretty hat en suite

? Mary Cecilia 'Dolly' Goggin
married Hector John McDONOGH in 1928
Auckland Star, 23 June 1928 McDONOGH - GOGGIN WEDDING
The wedding was celebrated on Wednesday, June 20, at St Mary's Church, Manchester Street, Christchurch, between Mary Cecilia 'Dolly', daughter of Mr James Goggin, Hills Road, Christchurch, and Hector John, son of Mrs McDonogh, Mount Albert, Auckland. The Rev. Father A. Cullen performed the ceremony. Miss Mina Ward presided at the organ.
The bride entered the church on the arm of her father, wearing a model gown of panne velvet with the new draped skirt caught at the side with diamante ornament. The sleeves of georgette of the same shade and neck and sleeves trimmed with fur. Her hat was a fawn velour. She carried a shoer bouquet of white chrysanthemums and maiden-hair fern. Miss Elizabeth Kelly was bridesmaid, wearing a frock of Alice blue crepe de chine and hat to tone. Her bouquet was pink with blue streamers.
Mr Norman Archer carried out the duties of best man. A reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents, where the usual toasts were honoured

Private 23/1391 JAMES GOGGIN

son of James GOGGIN & Johannah BUCKLEY
KILLED IN ACTION Ypres, Belgium 12 Oct 1917

William Nott GOODAY + Emma Harriett HANSON

William Nott GOODAY (1841-1923)
was born Essex, England to:
William GOODAY & Mary Ann NOTT (thanx to Braxted for that edit)
He was a Barrister & Solicitor

Emma Harriett HANSON (1854-1898)
Emma was born in Melbourne, 1 of 2 children to Becher Henry HANSON and Julia Dorothy WADDINGTON. Her parents were from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and died in New Zealand
NOTES on Emma's mother, Julia Dorothy Hanson
The Argus (Melbourne), 1 January 1856 EDUCATIONAL - South Yarra - Belmont House - Mrs. Becher Hanson's School for Young Ladies will be Reopened January 7th. Vacancies for a few boarders and day pupils. English, French, Music, Drawing, and Dancing taught, and the greatest attention paid to the manners and deportment of the pupils. References allowed to the parents of pupils.
The Argus, 5 July 1856 ESSENDON - Mrs. BECHER HANSON having removed her school from South Yarra to Essendon, informs her friends and the public that the duties of the ensuing quarter will commence on Thursday, 10th July French, Music, and Singing taught on the most approved principles. Dancing by a competent master. Mrs. Hanson is also assisted by an accomplished resident governess, and every attention is paid to the health and comfort of pupils committed to her care. Terms moderate
the Argus, 14 February 1857 DIED - On the 10th inst., at Essendon, Martha Julia, the beloved child of Mrs Becher Hanson, aged nine months
The Argus, 1 August 1857 MRS. BECHER HANSON having taken the School at Moonee Ponds recently conducted by Miss Mathison, has Vacancies for a few BOARDERS. The situation affords every facility for the attendance
of Masters from town. Unexceptionable references given. Prospectuses forwarded upon application.
The Argus, 3 January 1859 MRS. BECHER HANSON, having removed to a more commodious residence, in the neighbourhood of Moonee Ponds, has VACANCIES in her establishment for four BOARDERS. References allowed to the parents of pupils. The best Professors in music, French, dancing, &c., attend the school. Prospectuses forwarded on application. The school re-opens January 11, 1859.

WILLIAM & EMMA married in Lawrence (gateway to the goldfields), 1871
Otago Daily Times, 11 November 1871 On the 9th November, 1871, at Trinity Church, Lawrence, by the Rev G. P. Beaumont, A.M., William Nott Gooday, Esq., Solicitor, to Emma Harriet, only daughter of B. H. Hanson, Esq.

WILLIAM & EMMA had 13 children:
... 1
1872 - 1951 George Percy Gooday

In 1892 George & his brother Ernest were rangers and rabbiters of the Gabriels commonage, Lawrence
Tuapeka Times, 17 November 1894 A pair of horses attached to a trap, driven and owned by Mr F. Bentley, hawker, took fright last evening at the top of the Blue Spur hill, at the junction of the Numros and Gabriels Gully roads and raced down the hill at a furious pace. After reaching the foot of the hill, the wheels came off the trap, and Mr Bentley was thrown to the ground, but beyond a few bruises he sustained no injury. The horses wrested the fore-carriage from the body of the vehicle and galloped off with it, but were stopped after they had gone a mile or so by Mr G. P. Gooday. The goods in the trap were scattered about the road, and the trap itself was considerably smashed, but the horses were uninjured
Tuapeka Times, 6 May 1896 An accident happened in Lawrence on Sunday afternoon to Mr G. P. Gooday, who had the misfortune to fall and dislocate his right shoulder, Dr Newell, who was sent for, reduced the dislocation, and Mr Gooday is now getting along as well as circumstances will permit
Otago Daily Times, 18 July 1899 GOLD DREDGING INDUSTRY Mr G. P. Gooday, is dredgemaster of the Empire No 1 dredge and has had a good deal of experience in that line
George married Katherine JOHNSTONE in 1904
their known children:
* 1905 - 1934 Keith Melville Gooday
Auckland Star, 22 February 1934 While working at the State Advances Department Office a few minutes before noon to-day Keith Melville Nott Gooday, aged 28, collapsed and died. Deceased was a single man and an old boy of the Hastings High School. He had been employed in the correspondence department of the State Advances Office for the past 10 years (buried Hastings)
* 1909 - 2004 Guy Graham Nott Gooday
* 1912 - 1975 Leslie Gooday
KATHERINE died 19 July 1928 aged 53
- she is buried Plot 537, Block D at Hastings cemetery
GEORGE died 30 October 1951 aged 79
- he is buried Plot 119, Block Q at Hastings cemetery

... 2
1873 - 1940 Ernest Gooday

In 1892 Ernest & his brother George were rangers and rabbiters of the Gabriels commonage
Ernest married Alice HOLMES (1878-1936) in 1903
Taranaki Herald, 30 March 1903 A very pretty wedding took place in St Luke's (C.E.), Bell Block, on Thursday, March 19th, when Mr Ernest Gooday and Miss Alice Holmes, daughter of Mr John Holmes, sen., were married. The Rev F. A. Bennett officiated. The church was nicely decorated, and was filled with a represntative congregation, whose presence bore testimony to the position the bride's family hold in the regard of the district. The bride looked charming, but the centre of interest were the little bridesmaids, Hilda Holes, sister of the bride, and Daisy Goodwin and Hilda and Dossie Spurdle from Inglewood, who each bore a little basket filled with seasonable flowers. Mr Fred Holmes was groomsman. The Choir and congregation sang Hymn 351, Miss Hoby presided at the organ. After the ceremony the bridal pair with many friends met at the invitation of the bride's parents in the Public Hall where the wedding breakfast was laid. The usual toasts having been honoured, Mr and Mrs Gooday left for Hawera
their known children:
* 1904 - 1960 Dorothy Freda Gooday (+William Stanley BROOKS in 1928)
* 1905 - Vera Gladys Gooday
* 1910 - 1983 Ernest Clifford Gooday
* 1912 - Daisy Marian Gooday
In 1914 the Patea Licensing Committee granted the transfer of the Alton Hotel from Harry Amon to Ernest
In 1920 he sold a House in Hawera to buy a house in New Plymouth

... 3
1875 - Alice May Gooday

In Dec 1886 Alice was in Standard III at Lawrence District High School and came 1st in Knitting
In Oct 1895 she was a 'servant' in Hawera, for Simon & Isabelle Simmons
Alice married Ernest John FOLLETT (1880-1937) in 1905
- Ernest was a son of John FOLLETT & Esther 'Etty' BRACELIN
their known children:
* 1908 - Mavis Thelma Follett
* 1912 - 1987 Kenneth Follett

... 4
1876 - 1876 Emily Ada Gooday

born 9 September 1876 in Lawrence
EMILY died 28 December 1876 aged 16 weeks
buried Plot 18, Block 1, Anglican section, Lawrence cemetery with sister Mabel

... 5
1878 - 1945 Gertrude Gooday

Tuapeka Times, 30 March 1878 GOODAY- At Lawrence, on Tuesday, 26th inst., the wife of mr W. N. Gooday, solicitor, of a daughter
In Dec 1886 Gertrude was in Standard I at Lawrence District High School and came 2nd in Sewing
Gertrude married Charles Joseph JOHNSTON (1872-1947) in 1900
their known children:
* 1901 - Gertrude Dorothy Johnston
* 1903 - Thomas Charles Johnston
* 1905 - 1930 Ernest William Johnston
* 1907 - 1908 Roxanne Amy Johnston
* 1911 - Lillian May Johnston
GERTRUDE died 15 Jan 1945 aged 66 & buried Settlers cemetery, Dannevirke
CHARLES died 26 August 1947 aged 75 and is buried with her

... 6
1881 - 1942 Florence Gooday

Florence married Thomas Nicholson 'Dodd' SAMPSON (1881-1969) in 1906
Thomas was 1 of 4 children of Andrew Eyre SAMPSON (1838-1916) & Mary Josephine MULLOY (1852-1950). He served in the Boer War:
* Surname: Sampson
* Reg No: 5122
* Given Names: Thomas Nicholson
* Rank: private
* Unit: North Island Regiment - A squadron
* Contingent: Eighth
* County/City: Wellington
* Occupation: Engineer
* Ship: surrey 1 February 1902
* Address: Tinakori road Wellington
* Next of Kin: Sampson, Mr Andrew Eyre
* Relationship to Soldier: father
* Next of Kin Address: same
their known children:
* 1907 - Ngaire Adelaide Sampson
Auckland Star, 16 July 1929 Five new companies, one public and four private, were registered in Auckland yesterday. Details are as follows:-
PRIVATE COMPANY - Sampson's Toilet Parlours Ltd., ladies' and gentlemens' hairdressers. Capital: ?500 in ?1 shares. Subscribers: Thomas Nicholson Sampson and Florence Sampson 249 shares each; Alfred Herman Gyllies 2 shares
Auckland Star, 2 September 1929
Sampson's Toilet Parlours, Ltd., to hearer. Debenture, ?500, 7 per cent; charging undertaking and all property, including uncalled capital.
Sampson's Toilet Parlours, Ltd., with A. H. Gyllies (holder). Hypothecating agreement; depositing above debenture with holder to secure amounts due under holder's guarantee of bank account.
FLORENCE Sampson died in Auckland 21 Nov 1942 aged 61
- her ashes were scattered from Waikumete

... 7
1883 - 1960 Rose Gooday

Rose married William Harold MOON (1884-1965) in 1913
- William was born in New Plymouth to William Trenouth MOON & Mary Ann TUNBRIDGE

... 8
1885 - 1948 William Hanson Gooday

Evening Post, 8 December 1916 APPEAL BEFORE THE MILITARY BOARD
... William Hanson Gooday, in his appeal, stated that he had a crippled father (see Timeline Sep 1897), 74 years of age, to support. His ground of appeal was that of undue hardship. He said he was 31 years of age, single, and was a cook by occupation. One brother was at the war and another had been discharged from camp owing to unfitness. Appellant had enlisted, but was turned down. He gave his father ?1 per week. (2013 equivalent of $126)
To Captain Walker: If he went into camp he would not give his father any less than was the case now. The appeal was dismissed
WILLIAM died 5 September 1948 aged 63 & was cremated at Karori

... 9
1887 - 1972 Charles Gooday

Charles served in WWI as Driver 5/550 with the Army Service Corps. 8th Reinforcements. He embarked from Wellington 13 Nov 1915 listing his next of kin as his sister Alice Follett of 9 Boston Terrace, Wellington (Te Aro Valley)
Charles married Judith Sarah (nee LEPPER, formerly HARRIS (1882-1948) in 1925
Judith was born in Wellington, a daughter of John Thomas LEPPER & Susannah Elizabeth 'Susan' HARVEY. She first married Henry Lenza Monty 'Len' Harris (1877-1918) of Greytown, on 23 Sep 1903 in Wellington. Henry was a son of James HARRIS & Mary Jane SHEWBRIDGE
- Judith is buried Plot 151 N, PUBLIC2 at Karori

... 10
1889 - 1951 Emma Harriet Gooday

Emma married Robert Heathcote FENTON (1882-1948) in 1910
Evening Post, 16 March 1910 FENTON-GOODAY - On the 12th March, at St James's Church, Adelaide-road, Robert Heathcote, youngest son of the late Robert Denton, of Canterbury, to Emma, youngest daughter of William Nott Gooday, of Finlay-terrace (Mt Cook, Wellington)
their known children:
* 1911 - Dulcie Emma Harriett Fenton

... 11
1891 - 1905 Alfred Lawrence Gooday

ALFRED died in Wellington 16 April 1905 aged 14
Evening Post, 17 April 1905 GOODAY - On the 16th April, at Wellington, Alfred Lawrence, younger son of W. N. Gooday, of 54 Hopper street (Mt Cook, Wellington), aged 14 years, after a long and painful illness
- he is buried Plot 31 V, CH ENG at Karori with her mother

... 12
1893 - 1893 Mabel Gooday

born 21 August 1893
MABEL died aged 4 days
she is buried Plot 18, Block 1, Anglican section with sister Emily

... 13
1895 - 1941 Albert Gooday

In Dec 1908 Albert was in Standard II at Mount Cook Boys school and received an attendance certificate
In Dec 1909 he was in First Class and received an attendance certificate
In 1914 he was fined 7s for failing to attend military parades with the Teritorials
In 1915 he was a Draper in Wellington City when called as a recruit
In 1917 he was charged with obstructing police in their duty
In 1920 he was fined 5s, cost 7s for cycling on the footpath
In 1922 he was charged in Wellington for breaking and entering, along with George Alfred Christie, & they were sentenced to 6 months gaol
ALBERT died 14 October 1941 aged 46
Evening Post, 15 October 1941 GOODAY - The Friends of the late Albert Gooday, of 245 Willis Street and Members of the Waterside Workers Union are invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave the Chapel of E. Morris, jun., Ltd., 25 Kent Terrace, To-morrow (Thursday), October 16, 1941, at the conclusion of service which will commence at 9.30 a.m., for the Cemetery, Karori.
- he is buried Plot 209 E, PUBLIC3 at Karori

Otago Daily Times, 22 March 1872 BANKRUPTCY ACT NOTICE
DEED OF TRUST. William Nott Gooday, barrister and solicitor, Lawrence. Filed, March 20th

Tuapeka Times, 29 April 1876 Mrs HANSON'S CONCERT
NOTE Emma's mother, Julia Hanson, was a piano teacher in Lawrence
Emma sang at many events in the town over the years. See details here of the concert held in the Town Hall in April 1876
* Mrs Gooday and Mrs Needham sang a duet "Flow on, thou shining river"
* Mrs Gooday "Little Sunbeam"
* Mrs Gooday and Mr Towsey sang a duet "I've wandered in dreams"

Tuapeka Times, 19 September 1877 BOROUGH OF LAWRENCE
I, William Nott Gooday, Returning Officer for the Borough of Lawrence, do hereby give notice that the following candidates have this day been duly nominated to fill the Offices of Councillors for the West Ward of the said Borough, viz. -
HAYES, William
AND to fill the Offices of Councillors for the Middle Ward, viz. -
And that as the number of Candidates exceeds the number of Offices to be filled (namely two) at this Election, a Poll will be taken between the hours of nine o'clock in the foremoon and six o'clock in the afternoon on Monday, the 24th day of September, 1877.
The Polling Booth will be situate at the Ovens Store, occupied by Mr Joseph Williams, at the corner of Beaumont Road and Kilmarnock-street, within the said Borough; and the Poll will be declared in front of the Town Hall, in the said Borough, on the 24th day of September 1877, as soon as conveniently may be after the close of the Poll.
Dated this 17th day of September 1877, WM. NOTT GOODAY, Returning Officer

Evening Post, 12 April 1878
A destructive fire broke out at Monaghan's boot and shoe establishment shortly after 12 this morning. The alarm was given almost instantly but before anything could be done the building was destroyed. Gooday's office adjoining was also destroyed. Gooday's losses are heavy, he not having a penny insurance on the property. There is likely to be an inquest at an early date

Clutha Leader, 4 November 1881
Mr W. N. Cooday, solicitor, late of Lawrence, has removed to Tapanui, and Me E. J. Chambers, recent Tapanui lawyer, has departed for Melbourne

Tuapeka Times, 8 September 1894
Mr John Thompson reports having sold on account of Mr W. N. Gooday his freehold property (214 acres) in Block XIX, Tuapeka East, to Mr Alex Campbell for ?500 (2013 equivalent of $91,800)

Evening Post, 14 September 1897
Sufficient money has been collected by Mesdames O'Dea and Saxby to procure an artificial leg for Mr Gooday, who had his leg amputated at the Hospital lately. Mr Packer has the order well in hand. The above-named ladies wish to acknowledge the receipt of ?10 12s 6d from the officers of the Land Tax and Advances to Settlers Departments, Government Buildings, for the benefit of Mrs Gooday and family

Described by the Crown Prosecutor (Mr P. S. K. Macassey) as a retired solicitor now living at Petone on an old-age pension, William Nott Gooday, almost 80 years of age ...

Emma Harriett Gooday died 17 Nov 1898 aged 44
Tuapeka Times, 23 November 1898 GOODAY - On the 17th November, 1898, at the Wellington Hospital, Emma Harriett, the beloved wife of William Nott Gooday, late of Lawrence, Otago; aged 44 years. Deeply regretted by her family
- she is buried Plot 31 V, CH ENG at Karori cemetery
William Nott Gooday died 2 December 1923 aged 81
Evening Post, 3 December 1923 GOODAY - On the 2nd December, 1923, at his son's residence, St George's road, Hastings, William Nott Gooday; aged 80 years
- he is buried Plot 71, Block M at Havelock North

HEADSTONE at Havelock North
for William Nott Gooday

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WOODVILLE's Historic Gorge Cemetery CONDUCTED TOUR

thanks to barbidoll who sent me a notice today about the upcoming Old Gorge cemetery tour being held this Sunday.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop about these events in the Manawatu Barb

WOODVILLE's Historic Gorge Cemetery CONDUCTED TOUR
visiting the graves and hearing the stories of early settlers and their families, is on this Sunday 29 December 2013 from 2:30pm ? 4:00pm, rain or shine, and will visit some 28 plots including the graves of one of the early settler families of Woodville Mr. William Elliott and his wife who was reported as being the 4th white woman to reside in Woodville

is located at the western entrance to Woodville near the Manawatu Gorge.
This historic cemetery features graves of pioneers, notable personalities and early settlers of Woodville. Tour guides will tell you stories of the lives and tragedies of some of these early residents.

MAP for Old Gorge Cemetery
Napier Road, Woodville (State Highway 3, Woodville end of the Gorge)

* Further Info at Telephone: 376 5089 or 376 4472

see also:
* Residents of OLD GORGE CEMETERY Woodville
* Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville on Find A Grave
* Descendants of WILLIAM ELLIOTT
* Searchable Cemetery Database
for the following cemeteries in the area:
Alfredton Rd - Eketahuna
Alfredton Memorial
Kaitawa - Pahiatua
Kumeroa - Woodville
Mangaoranga - Eketahuna
Mangatianoka - Pahiatua
Mangatera - Dannevirke
Newman - Eketahuna
Old Gorge - Woodville
Pinfold Rd Lawn - Woodville
RSA Woodville
Settlers - Dannevirke

Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville
is situated 152km from Napier 165km from Wellington on the main line of railway and is 3 miles distant from the Manawatu Gorge. It was formerly a part of the Seventy-mile Bush, but is now a prosperous dairying settlement, with thriving industries established. Woodville is also an important central railway junction as it connects the East and West Coast railroads. The country south of Woodville is flat for some miles, but on all other sides the hills rise close to the town.