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BUDD brides New Zealand 1864-1933

the known BUDD marriages in New Zealand 1864 - 1933

Ada Budd (1886-1971)
- married David William Dawson MIDDLETON (1881-1950) in 1908
their known children:
* 1909 - 1987 Eric Calkin Dawson Middleton

Alma Jane Budd (1904-2004)
- married Sidney John HUSTON (1897-1968) in 1933
- son of Richard HUSTON & Isabella BLACK

Anabella Budd
- married Maurice Gerald BROWN in 1910

Beatrice Budd
- married Robert GILBERT in 1922

Beatrice Eliza Budd (1885-1966)
- married Albert Leslie TUCKER (1886-1960) in 1924
- a son of Richard Albert TUCKER & Jane LLOYD of Christchurch

Beatrice Emily Budd (1898-1976)
- married Thomas Ralph VERNON (1899-1972) in 1927
- son of John Edward VERNON & Margaret Davidson SOMERVILLE

Bessie Dorothy Budd (1887-1976)
- born in Upper Plain, Masterton, 8th of 9 children, (& twin with Jessie) of William John BUDD & Francis 'Fanny' HILDER
- married Frank Benjaman SHEARGOLD (1885-1973) in Otaki 1912 & had 5 children
Evening Post, 22 June 1912 At Manakau on Wednesday last (reports our Otaki correspondent), Mr F. B. Sheargold and Miss Budd were married by the Rev R. B. Blackmore. Miss Walker was bridesmaid, and Mr A. Askew best man. Mr J. H. Andrew gave the bride away. A reception was afterwards held
- they owned a store in Wereroa early 1920s
BESSIE & FRANK are buried Plot 29 Q, Section PUBLIC2 at Karori, Wellington with their 3 year old daughter Marjorie Millicent Sheargold (1913-1916) and Frank's 72 year old father, Alfred Sheargold (1849-1921) (his mother Sarah died in Middlesex in 1912 aged 62 & Alfred arrived in Wellington to join his sons in 1913)

Catherine 'Mabel' Budd (1898-1978)
- daughter of James BUDD & Dorothy Williamina Louise LENZ
- married Alexander Alfred Jesse BURLING (1897-1961) in 1920
* great grandson of the early pioneers of Masterton, Henry BURLING & Mary WORSLEY)
CATHERINE & ALEXANDER are buried in Archer St., Masterton

Charlotte Frederika Budd (1854-1936)
- married James Edward FULTON in 1885
their known children:
* 1887 - 1948 Jessie Marion Vera Fulton (m.Frank Horton in 1911)

Dorothy Budd
- married Matthew CARR in 1928

Dorothy Bessie Budd (1895-1957)
- daughter of Frank James BUDD & Mary Ann DEARSLY
- married John Walker WATSON (1898-1967) in 1928
DOROTHY & JOHN are buried Plot 148, Block 24 at Ruru Lawn, Christchurch

Dorothy Rose Budd
- married William George ROWLANDS in 1926

Edith Amelia Budd (1893-1966)
New Zealand Herald, 24 November 1909 In the case Edith Amelia Budd v Francis Carroll, Francis Carroll admitted the paternity of a child and agreed to pay 7s 6d a week for its support
- Edith married Kenneth James FORGIE (1880-1959) in 1911
their known children:
* 1912 - 2008 Freda Isabel Forgie

Edith Evelyn Budd (1887-1941)
- married Silas PALMER (1884-1961) in 1910
- son of Thomas PALMER & Jane JOHNSTONE
their known children:
* 1911 - 1981 Gordon Silas Palmer

Elizabeth Budd (1884-1967)
- born in Upper Plain, Masterton, 7th of 9 children, of William John BUDD & Francis 'Fanny' HILDER
- married Arthur GOODIN in 1901 in Stratford
their known children:
* 1902 - Victor Arthur Goodin
* 1904 - Clarence William Goodin
* 1912 - Sidney James Goodin
* 1913 - Ronald Francis Goodin
* 1914 - Doris Thelma Goodin
* 1916 - Ivy Elizabeth Goodin
ELIZABETH died 20 July 1967 in Hamilton East, Waikato

Elizabeth Lena Budd (1898-1985)
- born 18 July 1898 in Upper Plain Masterton to Henry 'Harry' BUDD & Maria Christina CHRISTIANSEN
* twin sister of Florence Bessie below
- married Fredrick William NORTHCOTT in 1914
- they had 8 children in Aria/Te Kuiti, including Harold Frederick William Northcott
ELIZABETH died 17 Feb 1985 in Hamileon and buried in Te Kuiti

Ellen Budd (1878-1959)
- married William Edward EALES in 1895
their known children:
* 1897 - 1919 Albert Edmund Eales
* 1899 - Lillian Beatrice Eales
* 1901 - 1951 Frederick Laural Eales
* 1903 - Frances Pearl Eveline Ealse
* 1905 - Vennatta Margaret Eales
* 1913 - 2004 George William Eales

Emily Budd (1894-1960)
- married Henry Alfred ROSSITER (1880-1967) in 1915
HENRY is buried at Archer St, Masterton

Esther Budd (1878-1966)
- born in Upper Plain, Masterton, 6th of 9 children, (& twin with Jessie) of William John BUDD & Francis 'Fanny' HILDER
- married Mourits William CHRISTENSEN (1877-1959) on 22 June 1898 in Masterton
- son of Neils Christian CHRISTENSEN & Magdalene LARSEN of Mauriceville
- no children found
ESTHER died 27 March 1966 in St John's Hospital, Auckalnd

Ethel Amelia Budd (1896-1983)
daughter of Henry 'Harry' BUDD & Maria Christina CHRISTIANSEN
* twin with William George (go to Grooms links below)
- married Arthur John ROBINSON in 1918

Ethel Mary Budd (1885-1978)
- married Frederick Charles HAMILTON (1885-1968) in 1912

Fanny Budd (1872-1966)
- born in Ticehurst, Sussex, England, 3rd of 9 children, of William John BUDD & Francis 'Fanny' HILDER
- married John Frederick William LENZ (1863-1946 from Prussia) (see link & photo at that link) 14 July 1895 in Kuripuni, Masterton
- son of Friedrich Henry Christopher LENZ & Katharine Marie WIEBLITZ
(his sister Dorothy married her brother James in 1897 (see grooms)
their known children:
* 1896 - William Frederick Lenz
* 1897 - Eva Mary Lenz
* 1899 - Alfred Charles Henry Lenz
* 1899 - Harold James Lenz
* 1901 - Rupert Joseph Lenz
* 1903 - Millicent Olive Lenz
* 1905 - 1982 Arthur Wieblitz Hilder Lenz
* 1910 - Ivy Myrtle Hilder Lenz
FANNY & JOHN are buried together at Archer St, Masterton

Fanny Louisa Budd (1906-2006)
daughter of Henry 'Harry' BUDD & Maria Christina CHRISTIANSEN
- married Frederick Gordon PROWSE (1898-1978) 21 April 1927 in Aria, Waikato

Florence Bessie 'Florrie' Budd
- born 18 July 1898 in Upper Plain Masterton to Henry 'Harry' BUDD & Maria Christina CHRISTIANSEN
* twin sister of Elizabeth Lena above
Florrie had a son, Eric Arnold Budd (1921-2003)
- she married Charles Frederick DAVENPORT (1902-1963) on 21 Oct 1925 in Aria, Waikato
* Charles was born in Aston, Birmingham, England to Ambrose Edward Davenport & Emma/Emily Jane Hadley. He died near Whatawhata, Waikato
- they had 4 sons in Te Kuiti/Aria areas
* 1926 - 1993 Vernon Charles Davenport
* 1928 - Rex Ambrose Davenport
* 1933 - Terence Hadley Davenport
* 1936 - 1975 Brian Frederick Davenport

Florence Hannah Budd
- married Frederic Henri Devereux FODEN in 1914 in a double wedding with his sister
Timaru Herald, 25 November 1914
... FODEN-BUDD - On 4th November, 1914, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev Archdeacon Jacob, Frederic Henri Devereux, only son of Major and Mrs Foden, to Florence Hannah, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. Budd, Otipua Road, Timaru
... BREMFORD-FODEN - On 4th November, 1914, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon jacob, Albert Edward, third son of the late S. bremford, Christchurch, to Ruby Gwladys, only daughter of Major and MRs Foden, Timaru
* Frederic was claled to service April 1918:-
Foden, Frederic Henri Devereux, cashier, 7 Craighead street, Timaru

Florence May Culver Budd
- married Roy RADCLIFFE (1906-1980) in 1931
ROY & FLORENCE are buried at Archers St, Masterton

Frances Budd
- married Charles MARTIN in 1884
their known children:
* 1885 - Isabella Martin

Frances Amelia Budd
- married William Henry PRINCE in 1891
their known children:
1895 - Lillian Ina Prince
1899 - Arthur James Prince
1901 - Horace William Prince

Gertrude Budd
- married Frank Henry KNOWLES (1893-1968) in 1924

Gladys Hilda Budd (1903-1970)
- married William Leonard READ (1907-1999) in 1932
- son of William READ & Mary Isabella LEWIS

Harriet Jane Budd
- married John Edward DURING (1877-1955) in 1904

Jane Budd (1854-1936)
- married William Amos HORSEFIELD (1850-1926) in 1875
their known children:
* 1876 - William George Horsefield
* 1878 - Arthur James Horsefield
* 1879 - Harry Horsefield
* 1881 - Percy Horsefield
* 1882 - Emily Jane Horsefield
* 1884 - Albert Edward Horsefield
* 1886 - Charles Budd Horsefield
* 1890 - Reuben Jenner Horsefield
* 1891 - Norman Crowley Horsefield
* 1893 - Kathleen Ann Horsefield

Jane Ethel Budd (1892-1959)
- married William John TAPLIN (1877-1965) in 1913
JANE & WILLIAM are buried together at Archer St, Masterton

Jessie Ellen Budd (1887-1977)
- born in Upper Plain, Masterton, 9th of 9 children, (& twin with Bessie) of William John BUDD & Francis 'Fanny' HILDER
- married Oliver Sidney SHUTE (1887-1948) in 1909
8th of at least 12 children of George Henry SHUTE & Charlotte JONES of Masterton
Dominion, 8 February 1909 A wedding, in which considerable local interest was taken, was celebrated at the residence of Mr W. Lenz, Kuripuni, on Wednesday, when Mr Oliver Shute, son of Mr George Shute, of Upper Plain, was married to Miss Jessie Budd, youngest daughter of Mr W. Budd, of Masterton. The bride, who was given away by Mr W. Lenz (her brother-in-law) wore a costume of navy blue and pretty white chiffon hat. The bridesmaids, Miss Eva Lenz, Miss Mabel Budd (nieces of the bride), and Miss Mabel Shute, sister of the bridegroom, wore pretty white silk muslin dresses, with pale blue sashes and hats to match. Mr W, Kemp was best man, and the ceremony was performed by the Rev J. N. Buttle
the known children of JESSIE & OLIVER:
* 1909 - Hilda Charlotte Shute
JESSIE & OLIVER are buried in Archer St, Masterton

Lillian Beatrice Budd
- married Thomas PAGE in 1902
their known children:
* 1903 - Gladys May Beatrice Page
* 1908 - Ellaway Beryl Page

Lillian May Budd
- married William Henry OLIVER in 1933

Lucy Clara Budd
- married James Henry THOMSON in 1911
their known children:
* 1912 - Ailsa Winifred Mary Thomson

Mary Budd
- married Norman Murray DULEY (1881-1949) in 1911

Mary Ellen Budd
- married William Thomas REISIMA in 1913

Mary Louisa Budd
- married Charles Edward WALDEGRAVE in 1882
their known children:
* 1883 - John Frederick Waldegrave
* 1884 - Charles Norman Waldegrave
* 1887 - Margaret Adelisa Waldegrave
* 1889 - William Ernest Waldegrave
* 1891 - Dorothy Isabel Waldegrave
* 1892 - Phyllis Waldegrave

Mary May Budd
- married William Stuart CURRIE in 1929

Muriel Cecilia Mary Budd
- married David William DAVIS in 1925

Nellie Budd (1898-1920)
- married Norman Harris DIXON (1896-1946) on 10 March 1920
- Norman (of Mangere Bridege) enlisted for war in July 1915 and was twice rejected as medically infit
New Zealand Herald, 6 September 1920 DIXON (nee Budd) - On September 5, at her residence, 2 Highwick Avenue, Epsom, Nellie, beloved wife of Norman Harris Dixon. The funeral will leave her late residence at 2 p.m., to-morrow (Tuesday), for Waikaraka Cemetery
NELLIE is buried Area 2 Block Y Lot No 71A at Waikaraka cemetery
- Norman remarried in 1923 to Olive Dorothy HOWARD (1890-1974)
NORMAN died 9 March 1946 & buried COLUMBARIUM NICHE WALL VLT Row Vlt, Plot 3VL, Waikumete

Rebecca Budd
- married Andrew Hewett KENNEDY in 1884
their known children:
* 1885 - Laura Howitt Kennedy
* 1889 - John Boyd Kennedy
* 1891 - Oliver Budd Kennedy
* 1893 - Oswald Benn Kennedy
* 1895 - Alma Isabel Kennedy
* 1897 - Arnold Kennedy
* 1899 - Euphemia Louisa Kennedy
* 1901 - Edward Eccles Kennedy
* 1905 - Ella Gertrude Kennedy

Robina Constance 'Ruby' Budd (1916-2001)
- born 22 Feb 1913 as Dorothy HURCOMB to Louisa Victoria 'Louie' Hurcomb (1887-1983). Louisa was born 3 May 1887, a daughter of William Charles HURCOMB & Minnie Jemima JONES of Christchurch. Louisa married Robert THOW in 1920). Robina's name was registered as Moana Hurcomb. Moana was adopted by Henry 'Harry' BUDD & Maria Christina CHRISTIANSEN and her name became Budd.
- Robina married Reginald Francis COCKING (1906-1986) in Pio Pio in 1932
- they had 6 children

Sarah Elizabeth Budd
- married Richard YOUNG in 1885
their known children:
* 1886 - John Albert Taviant Young
* 1888 - Leslie Victor Young
* 1890 - Emma Louisa Young
* 1892 - William Henry Youngma
* 1894 - Andrew Young
* 1896 - Harold Raymond Young
* 1897 - Richard Arthur Young
* 1900 - Gordon Lancelot Young
* 1902 - Lucy Rosina Young
* 1904 - Hector Lawrence Young
* 1907 - Emily Elizabeth Young
* 1910 - Ivy Irene Young

Sophia Isabella Budd (1865-1928)
- married George Hartopp Eliot WARBURTON (1848-1922) in 1882
their known children:
* 1883 - Charlotte Eliot Warburton
* 1885 - Piers Acton Eliot Warburton
* 1887 - Edward Darien Warburton
* 1896 - Maud Agnes Warburton
* 1898 - Mary Eva Warburton
NOTES also read the comments here

Sybil Rose Symes Budd (1908-1984)
- daughter of Francis Symes BUDD & Nancy Goggan POWER
- married Cecil TORR (1901-1979) in 1931
- son of Walter TORR & Ellen Elizabeth STACEY


wedding photo of Catherine MABEL Budd & Jesse BURLING
Shows the wedding party in a studio portrait - rear from left:
Arthur Edmund Levick; Alexander Alfred 'Jesse' Burling; Catherine 'Mabel' Budd, Clara Olive Melita 'Leta' Budd and Myrtle Lenz (later McGregor)

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Henry DRINKWATER + Sarah FRANKLIN - Dannevirke

was born in Tackley, Oxfordshire

SARAH FRANKLIN (1849-1920)
was born in Milton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire

HENRY & SARAH married 14 March 1874 in Upper Baptist Chapel, Milton, Oxford
they emigrated 4 months later to New Zealand on the Halcione which arrived in Napier in July 1874 (Henry was then 25 & Sarah 24)
- Henry was a Carrier, he also helped establish the Dannevirke Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1895

the known children of HENRY & SARAH
... 1
1874 - 1925 Louisa Ann 'Louie' Drinkwater

- born during the voyage on board ship
- Louie married James Augustine TUTHILL in 1899
Evening Post, 1 February 1899 TUTHILL-DRINKWATER - On 1st February, at St Mary of the Angels, Boulcott-street, James Augustine, youngest son of the late Patrick Tuthill, solicitor, Limerick, Ireland, to Louie, eldest daughter of Henry Drinkwater, of Dannevirke, New Zealand
- they were Hotelkeepers in New Plymouth
LOUISA died aged 51

... 2
1875 - 1923 William Henry Drinkwater

- born in Napier, William was a Boarding House Keeper
- William married Annie Mabel SCAMMELL in 1899
their children were:
* 1899 - Percy Henry Thomas Drinkwater
* 1901 - Sidney Charles Drinkwater
* 1903 - George Drinkwater
* 1905 - Clarice Drinkwater
WILLIAM died 23 May 1923 aged 48
Hawera & Normanby Star, 28 May 1923 The death occurred on Wednesday morning last, at Dannevirke, of Mr W. H. Drinkwater, one of the best-known men in the town. With the exception of a period spent in Taranaki the late Mr Drinkwater had resided in Dannevirke nearly all his life. Keenly interested in football, he was an enthusiastic supporter of the Excelsior Club, and was a member of the management committee of the Dannevirke Rugby Sub-Union. He was also a bowler, and a member of the Dannevirke Bowling Club. Deceased is survived by his widow, three sons, and one daughter
- he is buried Grave 32, Block W at Mangatera Cemetery
- Annie next married his brother Albert Drinkwater on 29 Jan 1924

... 3
1878 - 1923 Beatrice Drinkwater

- Beatrice married John Joseph WALTON in 1902
their known children:
* 1904 - 1904 Beatrice Walton (aged 8 hours)
* 1906 - 1999 Beatrice Marguerite Walton
BEATRICE died 12 Jan 1912 aged 33 in Petone

... 4
1879 - 1966 Walter Drinkwater

- Walter married Mabel Alice ATKINSON in 1904
their known children
* 1905 - Celia May Drinkwater
* 1906 - William Henry Drinkwater
* 1907 - Ivy Drinkwater
* 1908 - Walter John Drinkwater
* 1910 - Florence Drinkwater
* 1912 - Robert Drinkwater
- in 1912 he was a share-milker in Awatuna
MABEL died 23 June 1945 aged 58
WALTER died 31 May 1966 in Rangiotu aged 86
- they are buried Plot 65, Block 4, Area F at Kelvin Grove

... 5
1881 - 1967 Henry 'Harry' Drinkwater

- born in Napier
- Harry married Frances Rebecca RICHARDS (1881-1955) in 1906
their known children:
* 1907 - 1912 Francis Henry Drinkwater
* 1908 - 1990 George Norman Drinkwater
* 1909 - Kenneth Ignatius Drinkwater
HARRY died 31 July 1967 in Palmerston North aged 86
- he is buried Plot 11, Block 2, Area DA at Kelvin Grove

... 6
1883 - 1949 Richard Drinkwater

- born in Napier
- Richard married Alice VIOLICH in 1911

... 7
1883 - 1901 George Drinkwater

- George died aged 17 & buried Settlers cemetery, Dannevirke

... 8
1885 - 1963 Fanny Drinkwater

- born in Dannevirke
- Fanny married James Alder STRATFORD (1885-1958) in 1906
their known children:
* 1907 - James Alder Stratford
* 1908 - Archibald Alexander Stratford
* 1909 - Charles Alfred Stratford
* 1912 - Minnie May Stratford
* 1913 - Henry David Stratford
JAMES died 22 Sep 1958 aged 73
FANNY died 10 Sep 1962 aged 76
- they are buried Plot 18, Block CL at Mangatera cemetery

... 9
1888 - 1957 Robert Drinkwater

- Robert married Myrtle Irene BATTEN in 1912
MYRTLE died 4 May 1941 aged 49
- she is buried Plot 36, Block AF at Mangatera cemetery with Desmond (?-1973)
ROBERT died 17 Jan 1949 aged 65
- he is buried Plot 48, WWI section at Mangatera cemetery

... 10
1890 - 1942 Nellie Drinkwater

- Nellie married John MICHALICK in 1910
their known children:
* 1911 - Gladys May Michalick
* 1912 - George Leonard Michalick
NELLIE died 18 April 1942 in Te Kuiti

... 11
1893 - 1963 Lawrence Drinkwater

- born in Dannevirke
- no spouse found

... 12
1894 - 1974 Albert Drinkwater

- Albert married Annie Mabel Drinkwater (nee Scammell) 1924
- Annie had first been married to his brother Henry above
ANNIE died 7 May 1952 aged 67
- she is buried Plot 19, Block CH at Mangatera cemetery
ALBERT died 14 April 1974 aged 79
- he is buried Plot 191, Block 18 at Mangatera cemetery

... 13
1896 - 1991 Minnie Drinkwater

- born 7 Jan 1896 in Dannevirke, a twin with May
- Minnie married Rupert Ernest DEW in 1921
MINNIE died 10 August 1991 aged 95 Papatoetoe, in Auckland

... 14
1896 - 1993 May Drinkwater

- born 7 Jan 1896, a twin with Minnie
- spouse not found
MAY died 10 August 1993 in Papatoetoe, Auckland Rest Home

... 15
1897 - 1985 Percy Drinkwater

- Percy married Leila Elizabeth HOCKING in 1924
Evening Post, 2 July 1923

HENRY DRINKWATER died 2 Feb 1910 aged 61
Manawatu Standard, 3 February 1910 Mr Henry Drinkwater, one of the oldest residents of Dannevirke, died yesterday, aged 61. Deceased was in business in Dannevirke for many years as a general carrier, and was also captain of the local fire brigade
SARAH DRINKWATER died 9 June 1920 aged 71
- they are buried Grave 50 & 51, Block H at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

GRAVE of Harry Drinkwater
Plot 11, Block 2, Area DA at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

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dedication to MURRAY LYNN (1950-2013) of KiwiCelts

It is with regret I announce that Murray Patrick Lynn (1950-2013), the creator, author and administrator of KiwiCelts, passed away 14 Nov 2013

His family has announced that "KiwiCelts will remain online in it's present form. Decisions about it's future development and maintenance will be made in due course"

In the hope that everyone will go visit his site while it is still available and in honor of all his incredible hard work over the years I submit Murray's site in an abridged form. It includes Cemeteries, Irish maps, Kiwiwiki, Research Links and his Family History from as far back as 1200 and ranges around the world, from Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany to the Argentine, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. You will find it an invaluable site in your genealogy research

Unbelievably, Murray's Genealogy Place Map Index, geneaMap Database, is not only a cemetery database but a link to:

A HUGE site so be patient as it can take a while to load

It is initially sorted at his site by:
Country-Province-District and Name, but you can re-sort it when in there by clicking on the column headings.
Clicking on the Place Name takes you to the geneaMap to see the map location and full details - address, related websites, photos etc

Was unsure the best way to present the data Murray has but finally decided to list it here in alphabetical 'Name of Place' order.
Every name is a searchable link. Visit his site to find all other relevant info

A.... B.... C... D... E.... F.... G.... H... I.... J.... K... L
M... N... O... P... Q... R... S... T... U... V... W... Y-Z

indicates photo & link at end
... A ...
1st Waikato Regiment NZ Wars memorial - New Zealand
4th Battalion Parade Ground - Turkey
7th Field Ambulance - Turkey
57th Regiment NZ Wars memorial - New Zealand
96th Regiment NZ Wars memorial plaque - New Zealand
A. S. Pickering Undertaker - New Zealand
A.I.F. Burial Ground - France
Aabenraa Cemetery - Denmark
Aarestrup Churchyard - Denmark
Abbeville Communal Cemetery - France
Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension - France
Abbotsford / Tauweru Cemetery - New Zealand
Abbotsford Methodist Church - New Zealand
Abel Tasman Memorial Memorial - New Zealand
Academy Funeral Services - New Zealand
Academy Galleries - New Zealand
Achiet-le-Grand Communal Extension - France
Adam Art Gallery - New Zealand
Adanac Military Cemetery - France
Addington (St Andrews Scots) Cemetery - New Zealand
Addington Bible Christian Methodist (Bright's Road Methodist) Church - New Zealand
Addington church memorial gates War Memorial - New Zealand
Addington United Methodist Church - New Zealand
Addisons Flat Cemetery - New Zealand
Addolorata Cemetery - Malta
Adegem Canadian War Cemetery - Belgium
Adelaide (Centennial Park) Cemetery - South Australia
Advent (St. Adwen) Churchyard Cemetery - United Kingdom
Aeroplane Cemetery - Belgium
Affinity Funerals Undertaker - New Zealand
Aghadowey Parish Church (St. Guaires) Cemetery - Northern Ireland
Agricultural Heritage Museum - New Zealand
Ahaura Cemetery - New Zealand
Ahaura Methodist Church - New Zealand
Ahi Ka Marae Marae - New Zealand
Ahikiwi Marae Marae - New Zealand
Ahikiwi station (Donnellys Crossing Line) Railway - New Zealand
Ahipara Cemetery - New Zealand
Ahipara (Ngatotoiti) - New Zealand
Ahuriri urupa Cemetery - New Zealand
Aigantighe Art Gallery Museum - New Zealand
Air Force Museum - New Zealand
Aire Communal Cemetery - France
Airlie Bank / Company Bay Cemetery - New Zealand
Akaroa Anglican Cemetery - New Zealand
Akaroa Catholic Cemetery - New Zealand
Akaroa Dissenters Cemetery - New Zealand
Akaroa French Cemetery - New Zealand
Akaroa Lighthouse - New Zealand
Akaroa Museum - New Zealand
Akaroa war memorial - New Zealand
Akatarawa Cemetery - New Zealand
Akerama Marae - New Zealand
Akitio Cemetery - New Zealand
Akitio - Akitio Station Cemetery - New Zealand
Akitio - Moanaroa Station Cemetery - New Zealand
Akura Cemetery - New Zealand
Akura Marae - New Zealand
Alameda Shipwreck - New Zealand
Alamein Memorial - Egypt
Albany High School war memorial and guardian - New Zealand
Albany Public (Old) - Western Australia
Albany Village (Lucas Creek) Cemetery - New Zealand
Albany war memorial library - New Zealand
Albert Park South African War memorial - New Zealand
Albert Town Cemetery - New Zealand
Albertland & District Museum - New Zealand
Alberton Museum - New Zealand
Alburnia Mine - New Zealand
Albury Cemetery - New Zealand
Albury war memorial - New Zealand
Alcmene Shipwreck - New Zealand
Aldershot Military Cemetery - England
Aldred Methodist Church - New Zealand
Aleppo War Cemetery - Syria
Alexandra (South) (Lower Dunstan, Manuherikia) Cemetery - New Zealand
Alexandra Redoubt Cemetery - New Zealand
Alexandra Redoubt War Memorial - New Zealand
Alexandra station (Central Otago Railway) - New Zealand
Alexandra war memorial - New Zealand
Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Cemetery - Egypt
Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery - Egypt
Alford Forest Cemetery - New Zealand
Alfredton Cemetery - New Zealand
Alfredton Rd Memorial Cemetery - New Zealand
Alfriston-Brookby First World War memorial - New Zealand
All Saints Church Waiau - New Zealand
All Saints Church Ponsonby - New Zealand
All Saints Cemetery Waiorongomai - New Zealand
All Saints Church Waiorongomai - New Zealand
All Saints Cemetery Killinchy - New Zealand
All Saints Cemetery Waituhi Gisborne - New Zealand
All Saints Church Barrytown - New Zealand
All Saints Cemetery Burwood - New Zealand
All Saints Cemetery Howick - New Zealand
All Saints Church Waituhi - New Zealand
All Saints Church Piopio - New Zealand
All Saints Church Ruapuna - New Zealand
All Saints Church Tapanui - New Zealand
All Saints Church Foxton - New Zealand
All Saints Church Mititai Kaipara - New Zealand
All Saints Cemetery Prebbleton - New Zealand
All Saints Church Invercargill - New Zealand
All Saints Church Nelson - New Zealand
All Saints Church Manaia - New Zealand
All Saints Church Howick - New Zealand
All Saints Church Prebbleton - New Zealand
All Saints Church Cave Mackenzie District - New Zealand
All Saints Church Kawhia - New Zealand
All Saints Church Sumner - New Zealand
All Saints Church Burwood Christchurch - New Zealand
All Saints Church Whatuwhiwhi - New Zealand
All Saints Church Uruti New Plymouth - New Zealand
All Saints Church Twizel - New Zealand
All Saints Church Hokitika - New Zealand
All Saints (Rawene Memorial) - New Zealand
All Saints Garrison Church - New Zealand
All Souls Cemetery Clevedon - New Zealand
All Souls Church Clevedon - New Zealand
Allanton (Greytown) Cemetery - New Zealand
Allenton (St David) Church Ashburton - New Zealand
Allery Communal Cemetery - France
Alley Memorial Park Memorial Gate - New Zealand
Allison Home Orphanage - New Zealand
Alma memorial grove War Memorial - New Zealand
Altimarloch Station Cemetery - New Zealand
Alton war memorial - New Zealand
Amberley Methodist Church - New Zealand
Amberley South African War memorial - New Zealand
Amberley war memorial - New Zealand
Ambon War Cemetery - Indonesia
Ambt-Delden Cemetery - Netherlands
Ameland (Nes) General Cemetery - Netherlands
Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery - Netherlands
Amitabha Hospice Service - New Zealand
Amokura (HMS Sparrow (to 1906)) Shipwreck - New Zealand
Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery - Netherlands
Amuri Historical Society Museum - New Zealand
Anawhata (The Packard & Pioneer Museum) - New Zealand
Ancona War Cemetery - Italy
Ancre British Cemetery - France
Anderson Funeral Services Undertaker - New Zealand
Anderson Park Art Gallery - New Zealand
Andersons Bay Orphanage and Day School - New Zealand
Andersons Bay school war memorial - New Zealand
Andover Cemetery - England
Anglican Memorial Home Orphanage - New Zealand
Aniseed Valley School - New Zealand
Aniwaniwa Cemetery - New Zealand
Anjou Shipwreck - New Zealand
Annan Cemetery - Scotland
Annat Methodist Church - New Zealand
Anneux British Cemetery - France
Anzac Cemetery, Sailly-Sur-La-Lys Cemetery - France
Anzegem Communal Cemetery - Belgium
Anzio War Cemetery - Italy
Aokautere war memorial War Memorial - New Zealand
Aoraki Funeral Home - New Zealand
Aoraki-Waimate Funeral Home - New Zealand
Aorangi Marae - New Zealand
Aorangi, Taonui Cemetery - New Zealand
Aotea Shipwreck - New Zealand
Aotea (Moke family) Cemetery - New Zealand
Aotearoa Marae - New Zealand
Aparima Methodist Church - New Zealand
Apeldoorn (Ugchelen-Heidehof) General Cemetery - Netherlands
Aperahama Cemetery - New Zealand
Aperahama Church - New Zealand
Apirana School - New Zealand
Apiti (Oroua Valley) Cemetery - New Zealand
Apiti Domain Cemetery - New Zealand
Apiti Methodist Cemetery - New Zealand
Apiti war memorial - New Zealand
Appleby railway station (Nelson Railway) - New Zealand
Appleby School - New Zealand
Apumoana Marae - New Zealand
Aputerewa Marae - New Zealand
Arahura Cemetery - New Zealand
Arahura Marae - New Zealand
Arai Te Uru Marae - New Zealand
Aramiro Marae - New Zealand
Aranga station (Donnellys Crossing Line) - New Zealand
Aranui Marae - New Zealand
Araparera Marae - New Zealand
Arapawa urupa - New Zealand
Arapawanui Station Cemetery - New Zealand
Arapohue Cemetery - New Zealand
Arapohue WW1 Memorial Gate - New Zealand
Ararata First World War memorial - New Zealand
Ararimu Cemetery - New Zealand
Aratoi Museum Masterton - New Zealand
Arawa war memorial in Rotorua - New Zealand
Arawhata (Neils Beach) Cemetery - New Zealand
Arbroath Western Cemetery - United Kingdom
Archives New Zealand Museum - New Zealand
Ardagh Cemetery - Ireland
Ardglass (St. Nicholas) Church Of Ireland Churchyard - Ireland
Ardgowan School war memorial grove - New Zealand
Ardmore First World War memorial - New Zealand
Arezzo War Cemetery - Italy
Argenta Gap War Cemetery - Italy
Ari Burnu Cemetery - Turkey
Aria Cemetery - New Zealand
Aria School - New Zealand
Ariki School (Newton Flat) - New Zealand
Arneke British Cemetery - France
Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery - Netherlands
Arno - Kapua Methodist Church - New Zealand
Aro Valley war memorial - New Zealand
Arohanui Havelock North Methodist Church - New Zealand
Aropaoanui, Hira/Tawhai families Cemetery - New Zealand
Aropaoanui, Puna family Cemetery - New Zealand
Arowhenua (Whareki) Cemetery - New Zealand
Arowhenua Marae - New Zealand
Arowhenua war memorial - New Zealand
Arras Flying Services Memorial - France
Arras Memorial War Memorial - France
Arrowtown Cemetery - New Zealand
Arrowtown Methodist Church - New Zealand
Arrowtown war memorial War Memorial - New Zealand
Ars-En-Re Communal Cemetery - France
Art Deco Trust Museum Napier - New Zealand
Arthur Dudley Dobson Memorial - New Zealand
Arthur Street (York Pl) Cemetery - New Zealand
Arthur's Stone Memorial - New Zealand
* Arthurs Pass Church - New Zealand
Artillery Wood Cemetery - Belgium
Arts Centre of Christchurch - New Zealand
Artspace Museum Auckland - New Zealand
ArtsPost Museum Hamilton - New Zealand
Artstation Museum Ponsonby - New Zealand
Aruka Marae - New Zealand
Arundel (Rangitata) Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashbourne Cemetery - England
Ashburton Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashburton (old) Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashburton Aviation Museum - New Zealand
Ashburton Legion of Frontiersmen war memorial - New Zealand
Ashburton Museum - New Zealand
Ashburton Museum & Art Gallery - New Zealand
Ashburton South African War memorial - New Zealand
Ashburton Vintage Car Club Museum - New Zealand
Ashburton war memorial War Memorial - New Zealand
Ashby Homestead (Ashby family) Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashcott Station, A'Deane family Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashford Cemetery Cemetery Ashford Kent England United Kingdom
Ashhurst Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashley Clinton Cemetery - New Zealand
Ashley Clinton First World War memorial - New Zealand
Ashley Methodist Church - New Zealand
Ashley Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
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Ashwick Flat war memorial - New Zealand
Assembly of God Church Timaru - New Zealand
Assisi War Cemetery - Italy
Ataturk memorial - New Zealand
Atcham (St. Eata) Churchyard Cemetery - England
Atene Marae (Kakata) - New Zealand
Athenree Homestead Museum - New Zealand
Athenree Urupa Cemetery - New Zealand
Athens Memorial War Memorial - Greece
Athol Cemetery - New Zealand
Aubergenville Communal Cemetery - France
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension - France
Auchinleck Parish Churchyard Cemetery - United Kingdom
Auchonvillers Military Cemetery - France
Auckland Art Gallery - New Zealand
Auckland Buddhist Centre - New Zealand
Auckland Catholic Diocesan Archives Museum - New Zealand
Auckland cenotaph War Memorial - New Zealand
Auckland Grammar School memorial - New Zealand
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Auckland Industrial School - Howe St (Girls) Orphanage - New Zealand
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Auckland Memorial Park Cemetery - New Zealand
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Auckland Provincial Memorial - New Zealand
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Auroa war memorial - New Zealand
Australia Shipwreck off Cape Campbell - New Zealand
Auxi-Le-Chateau Churchyard Cemetery - France
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Avenal Park Funeral Home - New Zealand
Avesnes-Sur-Helpe Communal Cemetery - France
Avoca (Onetea) Cemetery - New Zealand
Avondale RSA memorial - New Zealand
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Avonhead Methodist - New Zealand
Avonhead Park Cemetery - New Zealand
Avonside Methodist Church - New Zealand
Avord Communal Cemetery - France
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Awa Tapu Cemetery - New Zealand
Awahou South school memorial - New Zealand
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Awaroa School - New Zealand
Awarua Cemetery - New Zealand
Awatere / Taylor Pass Cemetery - New Zealand
Awatere Marae - New Zealand
Awatuna Cemetery - New Zealand
Awatuna war memorial - New Zealand
Awhitu (Waipipi) Cemetery - New Zealand
Awhitu Central Cemetery - New Zealand
Awhitu Central Church - New Zealand
Awhitu Central School - New Zealand
Awhitu District School - New Zealand
Awhitu First World War memorial - New Zealand
Awoingt British Cemetery - France
Aylesbury Cemetery - England
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Ayr Cemetery, Ayrshire Cemetery - United Kingdom

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is a township in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand, located in the Selwyn district

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XMAS CARDS & others

taken from our posting HOLLOWAY Road Aro


* the Upokongaro birth, death, marriages
* the Upokongaro Hotel
* the Upokongaro Ferry
In 1866, settler John Kennedy built a hotel and store (later the post office), see above link
A school was built in 1870, known from 1873–1879 as the North Makirikiri or "River Bank" school. The schoolroom functioned for Anglican services in the mid 1870s, but in 1877 St Mary's Anglican Church was built.
this green = North Makirikiri School
this green = River Bank School
this green = Upokongaro School

Wanganui Herald, 24 Feb 1871

The s.s. PIONEER, will leave Bett and Robertson's wharf, on Tuesday, the 28th instant at 5p.m. Return tickets 3s to be had of Bett & Robertson

Wanganui Herald, 29 March 1871
Mrs Morrison's 2nd quarter will commence on Monday the 3rd April 1871
... NOTE
Mary (nee Pearce, 1827-1885) married Walter John Morrison (1830-1874) in New Plymouth in 1855. She opened a 'young ladies' school on the Beach in Patea in 1867 (read Walter's bio below). Mary later opened a similar, Boarding & Day School, at Ashby House, Church Place, Wanganui.
* In 1881 daughter Ada Morrison (1858-1938), resumed her Music Pupils there
* They also had a son, John Edgar Morrison (1856-1857) who died at 8 months
Taranaki Herald, Sep 1874
Obituary for Walter John Morrison
It was but the other day we had to announce the death of an old settler who had left the Province, we have now the same painful task in recording the demise, at Wanganui, of Mr Walter John Morrison, who died on Wednesday morning last, of inflammation of the lungs. Mr Morrison was well known in this Province and before the native outbreak held an office in the Provincial Survey Department. On the war breaking out in 1860, he was appointed a captain of the militia and when the military settlers were raised, had a company given him in that force. On his term of service expiring he settled on his land at Patea, where he remained till the Tito Kowaru outbreak took place in 1868, when, after serving for a short time in a military capacity, he took up his residence at Wanganui, where he was engaged in business to the time of his last illness. Mr Morrison had many friends here, who will read with regret this announcement of his death.
Wanganui Herald, 3 Nov 1885
Obituary for Mary Morrison
On November 1st, at Wicksteed Street, Wanganui, Mary, wife of the late Walter John Morrison, of Taranaki and Wanganui, aged 58 years. Friends are informed that the funeral will leave her late residence, Wicksteed Street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, the 4th instant, at 6.30 o’clock. W. J. Wild, Undertaker.
As we feared would be the case, Mrs Morrison has succumbed to the painful affection from which she had suffered greatly during the last twelve months, ever since about this time last year when she had an operation performed. The deceased lady, who was the widow of the late Captain Morrison, of Taranaki, had been resident in Wanganui for a considerable number of years, having after the death of her husband conducted a successful boarding-school for young ladies. Mrs Morrison was a lady of a high and noble character, who was most esteemed and appreciated by those who knew her best and she will be much missed by those who leaned upon her for advice and counsel. Her daughter and her sister (Mrs Weston) will receive the genuine sympathy of the public in the great loss which they have sustained.
Headstone & burial register, Wanganui Cemetery, Heads Road
(aka Old Public cemetery / Old English cemetery)
"Sacred to the beloved memory of Walter John Morrison late Captain of the Taranaki Military Settlers, he died 23rd September 1874 aged 44 years; also of Mary his wife, died 1 November 1885 aged 58 years."

Wanganui Herald, 9 Jan 1872

Mrs Morrison will re-open River Bank School, Wanganui, on Wednesday, the 17th inst. Mrs Morrison has accommodation for boarders
* This ad ran numerous times a year until 1876 which implies 2 different schools?

Wellington Independent, 3 Feb 1872

Notice has been received at this Office that, at a Meeting held on 18th December last, Mr A. L. CARLYON, was elected Chairman of the School Committee of the above District. HENRY BUNNY, Provincial Secretary

Wanganui Herald, 15 July 1873

The election of a Warden for No 4 Ward Wangaehu Highway District, vice Mr C. Iveson, whose seat became forfeited by non-attendance, will take place at noon on the 25th inst at the Upokongaro school house. We hear of only one candidate, Mr John Piercy, in the field.

Wanganui Chronicle, 19 Aug 1875

Notice is hereby given under the 20th clause of "The Highways Act 1874" that the meetings for the elections of Wardens in the above district will take place as follows and that I have appointed Mr Charles Hart Ashforth as Presiding Officer of said meetings:-
No 1 Ward, at School House, Kaitoke, on Saturday 28th August, at 12 noon
No 2 Ward, at School House, Marangai, on Monday 30th August, at 12.30 p.m.
No 3 Ward, at Gordon's Coach House, Campbeltown, on Tuesday 31st August, at 12 noon
No 4 Ward, at Upokongaro School House, on Wednesday, 1st September, at 1 p.m.
No 5 Ward, at Upokongaro School House, on Wednesday, 1st September, at 2 p.m.
No 6 Ward, at Matanongonga School House, on Thursday, September 2nd, at 2 p.m.
No 7 Ward, at Matarawa School House, on Saturday, September 4th at 1 p.m.

Wanganui Chronicle, 19 April 1876

Before proceeding to detail the progress which has taken place towards the founding of an educational establishment for the benefit of the youth of the Makirikiri (Upokongaro) district, which is to be inaugurated under the affiliated system, it will not be out of place to lay before our readers a brief extract, showing the working of this latest innovation in the programme adopted by the Education Board, from which will be apparent the special advantage thus accruing to remote or sparsely populated districts, where otherwise the establishment of schools would be next to impossible. The following outlines will answer the desired purpose:- AFFILIATED SCHOOLS. Whenever the average number of scholars on the roll of a Board school, taken monthly, shall fall below twenty-five for any six months, such school shall be subsidized as an affiliated school, two half-time schools counting as one school ...
The settlers of Upper Makirikiri, induced chiefly by the repeated representations of two of the settlers, Messrs Parker and Brownlee, forwarded a petition to have their district assisted by the provisions of this affiliated system and a grant of ‎£40 was promised by the Board, the settlers to contribute the balance of the required amount for the purpose of annual endowment, the only provision being that the schoolmaster, who was appointed to the post must be approved of by the Board. A Mrs McDonald is now temporarily conducting school in a room in her own house, but an acre of land having been granted by Mr Brownlee, the erection of the new schoolhouse will be proceeded with immediately. In order to distinguish the school from another of the same name near Marton and out of compliment to the donor of the site and who has been mainly instrumental in bringing the project to its at present stage, the school will in future be known as Brownlee. The distance from Kennedy's is about 6 miles and from 15 to 20 children will be benefited by the establishment of an educational institution in the locality. The timber will be on the ground in a few days and no time will be lost in hastening the completion of the work. A local school committee has been appointed, of which body Mr McClosky has been elected chairman and it is pleasing to observe the unanimity, earnestness and harmony which is the prevailing feature at their meetings.
The Brownlee is the first school which has been established under the affiliated system and the satisfactory working of the Act in this respect, as exemplified in its establishment and progress so far, should act as an inducement to other schools similarly situated, to go and do likewise.
The Upokongaro school will be reopened to-day, so Mrs Corden, the teacher, intimates. In reference to this last-named institution, we learn that when a claim still preferred by Mr Kennedy - and which we are given to understand is a just and legitimate charge - shall have been settled, the present schoolhouse will probably be converted into a dwelling-house and a new and more commodious building for accommodation as a schoolroom will then be erected. It is more than probable that the Board will recommend the payment of this loan, as it is admitted on all sides that this debt ought to be cleared off, so that we may expect to hear before long that the proposed alteration is in course of progress.
It is very reassuring to learn that the settlers in the Upokongaro district are making such praiseworthy efforts in order to secure the benefits of education for their children; and it is equally gratifying to be assured that the member of the Board for the district, Mr John Fleetwood, loses no opportunity of furthering and assisting such beneficial measures by every means in his power. At the meeting of the Board and privately, throughout the district, he is assiduously active in seeing to the necessities of the residents, in matters wherein his office is concerned. We look to this anxiety in matters educational, as one of the most promising features of the district and one of the surest indications that its population will prove self-reliant, energetic, united and progressive.

Evening Post, 29 June 1876

Mr Fleetwood moved "That the River Bank School be built at once, now that the title to the site had been made good" This was agreed to and the Board then adjourned (Tenders were ordered to be called for on 8 July 1876)

Wanganui Herald, 11 Dec 1876

Notice is hereby given, that the election of one member for the Riding of Waipakura, in the County of Wanganui, will be held at the River Bank School, Kennedy's, on Friday, the 22nd instant.
All Candidates must be nominated at the above named school, in the manner prescribed by the 11th clause of "The Regulations of Local Elections Act, 1876" on or before noon of Friday, the 15th instant. JOHN NELSON, Returning Officer

Wanganui Chronicle, 23 Feb 1877
The Country Schools Mr Lee's Report
The River Bank (Upokongaro) - Mr Nelson has only been in charge two months. The late master was thoroughly incompetent. The school promises to do better work.
Brownlee - A small schoolroom has been built and for a time 14 children were schooled by Mrs Macdonald. At the time of my visit, the school was practically closed and since only 4 children are returned on the books. The settlers met me at Upokongaro and explained that it was useless for me to visit the school as they had been dissatisfied with the mistress and had taken away their children. It is a small affiliated school and the whole matter rests in the hands of the settlers who are responsible for stipend and can remove the teacher by giving her due notice. They have, however, failed to comply with the conditions of an affiliated school and do not seem to have understood their responsibility; but they now look to you Board to help them out of the difficulty.

Wanganui Chronicle, 10 March 1877
(To the editor of the Chronicle)
SIR, - In reading over Mr Lee's school report, I find that he says he was met at Upokongaro by the settlers, who were dissatisfied with me as a teacher and that it was useless for him to visit my school on that account. As my name has appeared in print, I think it but justice that the cause of this dissatisfaction should be publicly examined. I am at a loss to know wherein I have failed to give satisfaction, as I have done far more that the duties required of be by the Education Board. In October the Inspector wrote to me to the effect that on or about the 8th of the following month he would come up and see my school if I deemed such a visit of inspection necessary. I replied that I did think it highly necessary and hoped that he would come, not only to examine the children but also to enable him to judge of the condition of the school house and its surroundings. Several papers were forwarded to me from the Board of Education, which were to fill up and make ready for the Inspector's visit. All was duly prepared, the appointed time arrived, day after day and week after week passed, but no appearance of the Inspector. I had, further, prevailed upon my husband to stay at home for two complete weeks, which was a considerable loss to us, as he had only just them met with employment that he was sure of being paid for. Not that alone; but time after time I sent my little boy a distance of several miles in order to get a little butter or milk so that I might at least be able to offer the Inspector something in the way of refreshment when he arrived. So matters went on for a considerable time, no word having been sent to tell me that the Inspector had altered his intention with regard to paying the promised visit. However, the cruelty of two of the crew fully displayed itself. Not content with withholding from me my hard earned money, they actually went down, it appears, to dissuade the Inspector from coming to examine the children and thus give me at least the credit due me as a teacher. The small room referred to has never been finished, furnished of inspected. There is no approach to it, consequently it has never been used as a schoolroom; The decision of the magistrate with regard to payment, on the part of the settlers, has already appeared in your columns. Now, the school report distinctly points out that the settlers are responsible for my stipend. With their vaunted wealth of broad acres and sheep and cattle, surely they will now consent to pay their poor teacher and let her go. I am only waiting here for payment of the few pounds which are due to me, after which I hope to find another sphere of labour, either in Wanganui or in the district.
"l'homme propose et Dieu dispose" (Man proposes and God disposes) I am, &c., J. MACDONALD. Makirikiri North

Wanganui Chronicle, 19 April 1877

Fourth Quarter of this School begins TO-DAY, Wednesday, 18th instant

Wanganui Chronicle, 1 Feb 1879

The children attending the Upokongaro School, with their parents, had a pleasure trip to the Heads on Tuesday in the steamer Irishman. On Thursday the prizes were distributed by Mrs Montgomerie, of Eaglesham; Mrs H. Montgomerie and Mrs Copeland also attended, The prizes were provided by the committee, who also defrayed the expenses of the picnic; £12 was collected from the district settlers, to whom the committee desire to return their thanks. The new committee were elected on Monday evening. Members - Captain A. Montgomerie, Messrs Robertson, Owen, C. Smith, Edward Smith, J. Alland and D. Thurston

Wanganui Herald, 18 April 1879

Revised Tenders wanted for the erection of Schoolhouse at Upokongaro. Plans and specifications may be seen at the offices of the Education Board, Wanganui. Tenders addressed to the Chairman, Upokongaro School Committee, will be received up to 12 noon on Friday, the 25th April.

Wanganui Herald, 5 July 1879

The settlers residing in the above districts are requested to attend a meeting, to be held in the Upokongaro School Room at 5 o'clock on Tuesday Evening, the 8th inst., for the purpose of considering the best means of DEFENDING their districts during the present disturbances at Parihaka

Wanganui Chronicle, 27 Oct 1879

Letter from Mr A. Montgomery, Chairman of Upokongaro School Committee, requesting the Board to form and metal footpath in front of new schoolroom. The Secretary was instructed to reply that the Board have no funds available for the purpose.

Wanganui Chronicle, 19 Dec 1879

The entertainment given some ten days ago at Upokongaro in aid of the funds of the school, was a great success, sufficient money being cleared to enable the Committee to treat the whole of the children to a visit to the Circus, then performing in Wanganui and also leaving a reserve fund wherewith to purchase prizes at the beginning of the year.

Wanganui Herald, 31 Jan 1880

UPOKONGARO - The following report was adopted at the school meeting on Monday last:- The retiring Committee of the Upokongaro School have much pleasure in calling the attention of house-holders to the commodious schoolroom which has been erected during the year and which was opened previous to the Christmas vacation. The Education Board have been applied to for a further grant, to enable your Committee to provide better accommodation in schoolmaster's residence and complete fencing of playground etc. Should the request be complied with, the Upokongaro School will be all that can be desired. On the opening of the schoolroom an amateur entertainment was held. The thanks of the community are due to the ladies and others who very kindly rendered their assistance on this occasion. The proceeds, after paying some necessary expenses, were applied to taking all the children to Chiarini's Circus and the balance has been expended in the purchase of prizes, which have been given to the children. The school is gradually increasing and the average attendance last quarter was 32, being an increase of ten on last year. At the annual examination, held the first week in November, the Inspector expressed himself much pleased with the progress made. Twenty-seven children were up for examination, all of whom passed as follows:- First Standard, 8; 2nd Standard, 2; 5th Standard, 1. In conclusion we beg to express our appreciation of the kindly interest which Mr Nelson always takes in the welfare of the school and we consider the district fortunate in having secured his services. A. MONTGOMERY, Clerk of committee.

Wanganui Herald, 12 Feb 1880

At the R.M. Court to-day before E. Hardcastle, Esq., R.M., the two young men William Moore and Edward Dooley, were brought up on remand, charged with forging a letter, purporting to be written by the Chairman of Upokongaro School Committee. Prisoners had been employed as carpenters to finish the erection of the school, the original contractor having failed. Mr Ross, the architect, refused to pass the work, until certain improvements were carried out and a day or two afterwards the prisoners brought a letter purporting to be signed by Mr Montgomerie, stating that the Committee were satisfied with the additional work. The letter was sent on to the Sec. of the Education Board, who declined to pay the balance of the contract account until he received a certificate from the architect. This was given by Mr Ross, who thought the letter brought by the accused was a genuine one. When the letter was taken back to the Secretary with the certificate, the accused was told that the letter was not in Captain Montogmerie's writing, nor signed by him. On being asked where they got the letter from, Moore replied that he got it from his mate and his mate got it from the school-master Mr Nelson. The Secretary refused to recognise the letter and the Architect finding it was a forgery, tore off his certificate. At this stage the Court adjourned

Wanganui Chronicle, 9 March 1882

For 10 to 12 chains of Post and Rail Fencing for the Upokongaro School Ground. Tenders will be received up to the 31st March 1882. For particulars apply to JOHN KENNEDY

Wanganui Chronicle, 12 April 1882

At a meeting of the Upokongaro School Committee held at the schoolhouse on Saturday last, a purse of twenty sovereigns, accompanied by a very handsome testimonial, was presented to Mr John M. Nelson, the schoolmaster of the district. The testimonial is done in true lawyer's style and is far before many we have seen of a similar nature. It is worded as follows:- "Testimonial to Mr John M. Nelson - We the undersigned residents in the Upokongaro, River Bank and Makirikiri Districts desire to express to you our warm appreciation of your kindness and diligence during your residence for the past five years in our midst. Not only as a schoolmaster of much experience do we esteem you, but as being able to successfully identify yourself with everything that has tended to the advancement of our district. How best to promote the health and happiness of the pupils entrusted to your charge has been you constant study and at the same time you have ever been foremost in encouraging them in all their recreative exercises. We wish you every happiness and prosperity in the new path of life you have lately entered on and in order that you may keep the same in lively memory, we beg you to accept of this testimonial, together with the accompanying present as a small token of the respect and esteem in which we all join in holding you." Here follow the signatures of parents and residents in the district.

Wanganui Chronicle, 10 Dec 1885

The Upokongaro School Committee purpose treating their school children to a picnic and outing to-morrow

Wanganui Chronicle, 11 Aug 1891

of the Upokongaro School was held on Friday last. The percentage of passes on the number examined in Standards, omitting exceptions, was 94.4. The following are the names of those who passed the different Standards:-
STANDARD 1 - James Caldwell, John Church, Noel Robertson, Joseph Slat and Sophia Georgetti
STANDARD II - Alexander Allan, Dudley Brooks, George Church, Augustine Georgetti, John Georgetti, Ernest Randal and Agnes Allcott
STANDARD III - William Taylor, Kate Cullincane and Charlotte Allcott
STANDARD IV - Clara Taylor
STANDARD V - Valentine Meredith

Wanganui Chronicle, 6 Jan 1892

For the vacancy in the Mosstown teachership, the Committee have selected Mr W. McLean, at present master of the Brunswick School and for Patea, Mr Rockell, master of the Upokongaro School. This will leave vacancies for masters at Brunswick and Upokongaro.
... It was decided that Mr Welsh, of the Wanganui Boys' School, keep Upokongaro School open until a teacher is appointed and that Mr McNaught, the relieving teacher, be sent to Foxton temporarily.

Wanganui Chronicle, 24 July 1893

We have been requested to state that the Upokongaro School, which has been closed on account of the measles, will be re-opened on Monday 31st July

Feilding Star, 26 April 1894

Mr A. E. Walsh, of the Upokongaro school, has been selected by the Pohangina School Committee as successor to Mr Woodham, the retiring school teacher.

Wanganui Chronicle, 29 Nov 1894

A letter was received from the Chairman of the Upokongaro School Committee, pressing the necessity for certain urgent repairs to the building, which also requires painting badly. It was decided to instruct the carpenter to undertake the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Wanganui Chronicle, 17 Dec 1894

The Upokongaro School "broke-up" for the Christmas holidays on Friday 14th December. Owing to the unavoidable absence of Mr D. Ross, Chairman of Committee, Miss Richardson distributed the prizes. The following is the prize list:-
STANDARD V - Willie Taylor, 1st
STANDARD IV - Ernest Randal, 1st
STANDARD III - James Caldwell and Charles Humphrey, equal 1st. Herbert Randal 2nd, Willie Ford 3rd
STANDARD II - Charles Taylor 1st, Beatrice Gomez 2nd, Willie Allen 3rd
STANDARD I - Violet Allcock 1st, Colin Campbell 2nd
INFANTS - Mary Gomez 1st, Grace Allcock 2nd, Irene O'Connor 3rd
Janet Caldwell and Walter Randal secured the good conduct prizes kindly presented by Mr Hodges. In the evening the Sunday School children were delighted with the games and tea provided for them by their teacher, Mrs Rowe.

Wanganui Chronicle, 29 April 1896

At the election of the Upokongaro School Committee on Monday evening, Mr D. Ross was elected chairman for the sixth time in succession.

Wanganui Chronicle, 30 Oct 1896

Mr T. D. McCosh, of the Motoua School, near Foxton, who holds an E4 certificate, has been appointed to succeed Mr Richardson as Master of the Upokongaro school.

Wanganui Herald, 30 Sep 1898

The annual examination of the Upokongaro School was held on the 26th inst., and was conducted by Mr Milne, Inspector. The following pupils passed their Standards:-
STANDARD VI - Charles Tylor, Willie Ford
STANDARD V - Claude Smith, Henry AllCock, Jessie Campbell
STANDARD IV - Colin Campbell, Arthur Allen, Rose Philpot, Violet Allcock, Sarah Philpot, May Taylor
STANDARD III - Hector Brooks, Arthur Boby, Grace Allcock
STANDARD II - Henry Church, Ewen Allen, Douglas Broadbent, Flora Philpot
STANDARD I - Bobbie Caldwell, Thomas Philpot, Willie Allcock, Toki Tahana, Wiki Tahana
*ALLCOCK, 4 of 9 children of James Allcock (1847-1908) & Agnes Tait Nicholson (1859-1949):
James 'Henry' Allcock (1883-1965)
- married Lorna Pearl Hogan in 1925
Violet Allcock (1885-1934)
- Violet died in Marton. She is buried Row XII, Block 3, RSA section of Mt View Cemetery. Her headstone reads: In loving memory of VIOLET ALCOCK died 17th November 1934 aged 48 years. Erected by Dr W.S.R. Dick and Mrs Welsh
Grace Allcock (1887-1961)
- married Alfred Old in 1909
William David 'Willie' Allcock (1890-1917)
*PHILPOT, 4 of 12 children of Thomas Gurney Philpot (1856-1951) & Sarah Ann Woolford (1863-1945):
Rose Philpot (1885-1910)
- married Frederick Henry Jenkins in 1905. Died the month after 14 month old daughter Verna Rose Jenkins (1909-1910)
Sarah Ann Philpot (1886-1957)
- married Lewin Lewis in 1910
Flora Woolford Philpot (1888-1936)
- married Bernard Arkwright Staniforth Thompson Cox 1913
Thomas Gurney 'Willie' Philpot (1889-1978)
- married Agnes Kerr-Mills in 1911

Wanganui Herald, 14 Dec 1898

The annual picnic in connection with the Putiki Native School will be held at the Aramoho Tea Gardens on Friday next. The Upokongaro School also intend patronising this popular resort the following Friday.

Wanganui Herald, 16 Dec 1899

The prizes won at the Upokongaro School were presented to the successful pupils in the Schoolroom yesterday by Mrs T. Rowe. The following is the prize list, Inspector's Marks:-
STANDARD IV -Willie Inkpen 1, Bernard Smith 2, Hector Brooks 3
STANDARD III - Douglas Broadbent 1
STANDARD II - Bobbie Caldwell 1, Bella Wilks 2, Willie Allcok 3
STANDARD 1 - Northcott Rowe 1, Hugh Caldwell 2, Jessie Philpott 3
PREPARATORY CLASSES - All the pupils got a prize
The attendance prizes were won by Alfred Allcock and Jessie Philpott

Wanganui Herald, 18 Nov 1902

We are please to see Mr Charles Smith, one of our most respected settlers, back form his six-months' trip round the beautiful Coral Islands of the South Pacific.
The concert and dance, held in the hall on the 14th inst., in aid of the prize fund of the Upokongaro school children, was a great success in every way.
At the annual examination of the Upokongaro school, held on the 12th inst., by Mr Milner, inspector, the following children passed their standards:-
STANDARD VI - Grace Allcock
STANDARD V - Willie Allcock. Fred Freeman, Bella Wilks
STANDARD IV - Hugh Caldwell, Muriel Brooks
STANDARD III - Joshua Wilks, Edith Caldwell, Constance Hodder
STANDARD II - Alfred Allcock, Alfred Barns, Mabel Marshall, Ada Rowland
STANDARD 1 - Charles Allan, Stafford Allen, Samuel Brooks, Leonard Cladwell, D'Arcy Preston, Eva Hodder

Wanganui Chronicle, 4 May 1903

A dance in aid of the Upokongaro School Library is to be held at the Court Theatre, Upokongaro, on Friday, the 15th instant. The music will be supplied by Mrs Lockett.

Wanganui Chronicle, 13 Nov 1903

The Upokongaro School was examined by Mr Gray, Chief Inspector, on Tuesday, November 10. The following pupils passed their respective standards:-
STANDARD V - Muriel A. Brooks (Muriel Alice 1890-1928)
STANDARD IV - Cornelius Crowley, Ferdinand Hodder, Edith Caldwell, Constance Hodder
STANDARD III - Alfred Allcock, Alfred B. Barns (Alfred Balmer Barns 1892-1965), Hannah Crowley, Mable Marshall, Ada Rowland
STANDARD II - Charles Allen, Stafford Allen, Sam Brooks, Leonard Caldwell, D'Arcy Preston, Maggie Hickey, Eva M. Hodder (Eva May 1895-1932)
STANDARD I - Jack Hickey, George Marshall, Ivy G. Allen, Rose Barns, Irene A. Caines (Irene Alice 1893-1971)

Wanganui Herald, 25 Sep 1905

The concert and dance on Friday night last in aid of the Upokongaro School Prize Fund was a great success. The hall was crowded. Mr E. W. Smith made ab able chairman. The programme of concert was food and every item was very much appreciated. The following ladies and gentlemen contributed:- Miss Ross, overture; Miss Stringleman, pianoforte solo; Messrs O'Donnell, Jago and Allcock, recitations; Miss Ashton, Misses Powell (2), Messrs Penhall, De Lahey, Baker and Taylor, songs; tableaux: The Tin Gee-gee; The Runaway Match; Two are Company, three a crowd. A feature of the evening was a descriptive song, which had to be repeated. A dance followed and was kept up till the small hours of the morning. Messrs Baker and Brooks made excellent M.C.'s and Mrs Lockett supplied the music. An excellent supper was supplied by the ladies.

Marlborough Express, 9 March 1907

A sad drowning accident occurred yesterday afternoon.
The children of the Upokongaro school, with their parents and friends, went up the river to Karawhaiki for a picnic. A boy got our of his depth and two ladies - Mrs C. F. Giesen and Miss Kate Campbell - lost their lives in trying to rescue him. The bodies have been recovered. The boy was saved.
From the meagre particulars available it appears that a son of Mrs Giesen's was bathing and got into difficulties. His mother went to his assistance but was unable to save the lad and was drowned. Mr Fred Barns, a cousin of Miss Campbell's, hearing screams, rushed to the spot and succeeded in getting the boy out of the water, but was unable to save the ladies. Mr Giesen, who was at the races, was immediately communicate with and made acquainted with the sad news and with two of his boys, who had come to town for the flower show, left for home immediately. Constable Issell left for the scene of the fatality at 3 o'clock this afternoon, taking dragging apparatus with him for the recovery of the bodies.
later particulars received just as we go to press state that the party to which the unfortunate ladies belonged had gone up-river with the Upokongaro School children in Mr J. Nixon's large oil launch to Kaiwhaiki. The lad was bathing in the river and got out of his depth. His mother went to his assistance and being unable to swim was carried out by the current, as was also Miss Campbell who had also gone to the rescue
* Mrs C. F. Giesen was Sarah Jane nee McCracken (1870-1907) was 37. She had married Charles Frederick Giesen (1865-1841). Charles next married Ellen Caroline McCracken (1874-1947), Sarah's sister?
* Kate Lucy Campbell was 26. Daughter of Robert Campbell & Frances Ellen Woodward.

Wanganui Chronicle, 27 Dec 1907

At the end of a very successful school concert in the Upokongaro Hall on Friday, 20th inst., Mrs T. Rowe distributed the prizes as follows:-
HIGHEST MARKS - D'Arcy Preston, Albert Tasker (Mr Preston's prizes), Ivy E. Allen (Mr Sylvester's prize)
SPELLING - D'Arcy Preston, Alice Caines
NEEDLEWORK - Ada Rowland, Ivy E. Allen (Mrs Ross's prizes), Lucy Caines (Mrs Harper's prize), Mary Allan (Mr Poynter's prize)
Mr J. S. ALLCOCK'S SILVER MEDALS - Alfred Caines, Mary Allan,
Mrs ROWE'S PRIZES - Wilfred Giesen, Rose Barns
ATTENDANCE - Stafford Allen, Albert Tasker, Harold Tasker
STANDARD VI - D'Arcy Preston, Staffird Allen, Eva M Hodder, Ada Rowland
STANDARD V - Ivy E. Allen, Clifford Watson
STANDARD IV - Wilfred Giesen, Alfred Caines, Rose Barns, Irene Caines, Alfred Caines, Rose Barns, Irene Caines, Jack Freeman
STANDARD III - Albert tasker, James Allen, Mary Allan, Fred Allcock, Fred Watson, Lucy Caines, Amelia Freeman
STANDARD II - Edward Allcock, James Wilks, Jessie Allan
STANDARD I - Cyril Giesen, Lovis Giesen, Frank Hodder, Olive Caines
PRIMER CLASSES - Every pupil received a prize

Wanganui Chronicle, 11 Sep 1911

In aid of the Prize Fund of the Upokongaro School, to be held in hte Upokongaro Hall, Friday, September 15, 1911. To commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 2s 6d; Ladies 1s

Wanganui Chronicle, 18 Dec 1911

On Friday afternoon a number of parents assembled in the Upokongaro Schoolroom, when the prizes were given out to the pupils by Mrs H. V. Hammond, The prize-list is:-
ATTENDANCE - James Wilks, Hilda Wilks
HIGHEST MARKS - Hubert Cairnes, Helen Anderson
ARITHMETIC - John Fleming. Hilda Wilks (Mr Forbes' prize)
NEEDLEWORK - Olive Caines, Nellie Clark (Mrs Hammond's prizes), Dulcie Holder, Hilda Wilks (Messrs A. D. Willis and Co's prizes), Maraea Riwi, Helen Anderson, Mary Caines, Olive Johnson, Martha Freeman, Zilah Anderson (Mrs Ross's prizes)
STANDARD V - Spencer Fleming, Chas. Major, Edward Allcock, James Wilks, Olive Caines, Dulcie Holder, Nellie Clarke
STANDARD IV - Laurence Anderson, John Fleming, Harold Tasker
STANDARD III - Ernest Tomsett, Bertie Fleming, Lorrie Major, William Blennerhassett, James Walker, Hilda Wilks, Maraea Riwi, Sylvia Nelson, Wiki Pehi
STANDARD II - Hubert Caines, Arthur Watson, Harold Major, Stanley Tellke, Ellis Garde
STANDARD I - Kenneth Tomsett, Arthur Blennerhassett, Rangi Taumatangi, Frederick Olds, Helen Anderson, Mary Caines, Martha Freeman, Olive Johnson
PRIMER CLASSES - Every pupil received a prize
Most popular boy - Charles Major
Most popular girl - Olive Caines

Wanganui Chronicle, 12 Dec 1912

Mr H. V. Hammond waited on the Board in regard to the site for the Upokongaro School and reported that owners would not sell land. The Board decided to consider the matter and, if necessary, take necessary land under the Public Works Act.

Wanganui Chronicle, 8 Oct 1913

Mr Glenn said that 13 children passed over the ferry every morning to attend the Upokongaro school. The nearest other school was at Aramoho, four miles away. The amount of traffic had shown a reduction this year.

Wanganui Herald, 23 Feb 1914

A meeting of Ladies will be held in the Upokongaro School to-morrow (Tuesday), 24th inst., at 3.30p.m. Business - To raise funds for the Carnival. Mrs SCOTT, Convenor

Wanganui Chronicle, 24 Feb 1914

Miss Dowling, prior to her departure from the Upokongaro School, had the whole of her scholars conveyed into town and treated them to an afternoon's entertainment on Saturday at His Majesty's. A very excellent programme was screened and the pictures were thoroughly enjoyed by old and young alike.

Wanganui Chronicle, 22 Oct 1914

The chairman spoke in terms of appreciation in the way the Upokongaro school was conducted, Referring to the building, he said it was on the boundary, flush on the road line and there was an enormous amount of traffic on the road. It would coast ‎£50 to remove it back. It was decided that this work be done in the Christmas holidays. Speaking of the teacher's residence, which is one of the Board's latest, the chairman said it was quite a treat to go through it and it was a credit to the builder

Wanganui Chronicle, 7 Nov 1914

The Education Board wrote agreeing to pay for the carriage of the school children attending the Upokongaro school across the ferry, but stipulated that the children must be conveyed in the punt and not in a boat.

Wanganui Chronicle, 21 Dec 1917

At the distribution of prizes on Wednesday at the Upokongaro school, the district was well represented by the presence of parents, old pupils and friends of the school. The prizes were given out by Mrs H. V. Hammond, who congratulated the teachers and pupils on the successful work of the year. The following is the prize list:-
ARITHMETIC - Norah Scott, Wilson Anderson
SPELLING - Laura Carde, Henry Newman
WRITING - Ethel Watson, Rangi Taumatangi (Miss Caine's prizes)
NEEDLEWORK - (Mrs D. Ross's prizes) Laura Carde, Ethel Watson; (Mrs H. V. Hammond's prizes), Helen Caines, Ada Tohi, Maggie Keriopa, Milly Patea; (Mrs Poynter's prize) Norah Scott, Margaret Terow, Pearl Andrews, Agnes Nicholson, Alice Nicholson, Grace Watson, Mary Huurinui, Haromi Hawkins
MOST POPULAR BOY - Rangi Taumatangi
STANDARD VI - Rangi Taumatangi
STANDARD V - Laura Carde, Leigh Andrews, Henry Newman, Cecil Watson
STANDARD IV - Wilson Anderson, Ethel Watson, Pearl Andrews
STANDARD III - Ernest caines, Oliver Newman, Morris Watson
STANDARD II - Ethel Cook, Violet Talbot, Ata Tohi, Make Tawaroa, Willie Te Hua
STANDARD I - Norah Scott, Agnes Nicholson, Doris Rowe
PRIMER CLASSES - Every pupil received a book as a present
There were three pleasing presentations at the end; one to Mrs D. Ross who has given prizes in needlework for 20 years, this being presented by Miss Caines on behalf of the old girls and present girls of the school, another to Mr McCosh, head teacher, presented by Miss Laura Carde, on behalf of the pupils and another to Miss McCormick, assistant, given by Master George Anderson

Wanganui Herald, 18 Dec 1919

On Tuesday morning there was a good attendance of parents, when the prizes were given out by Mrs Dunlop.
The following is the prize list:
ATTENDANCE - Reginald Dunlop, Ethel Cook
ARITHMETIC - Willson Anderson, Fay Andrews, George Anderson, James Farley
SPELLING - Reginald Dunlop, Ethel Cook, Eileen Cook
NEEDLEWORK - Pearl Andrews, Olive Chappell, Maharita Sutherland, Irene Chappell, Fay Andrews, Mary Hurinui, Mary Ewart, Marjorie Rutherford, Mavis Wilson, Lucy Rutherford, Mavis Wilson, Lucy Rutherford
MOST POPULAR BOY - Reginald Dunlop
STANDARD VI - Wilson Anderson, Pearl Andrews, Olive Chappell
STANDARD IV - Reginald Dunlop, Ethel Cook, Nellie Beggar, Irene Chappell
STANDARD III - Agnes Nicholson, Makarita Sutherland, Oliver Biggar
STANDARD II - Alice Nicholson, Kathleen Dunlop, George Anderson, Dick Poti
STANDARD I - Eileen Cook, Fay Andrews, Helen Caines, Grace Watson, Mary Hurinui, Kathleen Watson, Doris Waldron, James Farley, William Sutherland, Wi Para, Gwynne lawrence, Hurinui Toss, James Ewart, Pou Patea
PRIMERS - Every pupil received a prize


about 11km upstream from the Wanganui Town bridge, St Mary's Church and the ferry, which crossed the river at that village. The mouth of the Makirikiri stream is on the right near the bottom of the photo
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dedication to MURRAY LYNN (1950-2013) of KiwiCelts B

It is with regret I announce that Murray Patrick Lynn (1950-2013), the creator, author and administrator of KiwiCelts, passed away 14 Nov 2013

His family has announced that "KiwiCelts will remain online in it's present form. Decisions about it's future development and maintenance will be made in due course"

In dedication to Murray and in honor of all his incredible hard work over the years I submit his site in an abridged form. It includes Cemeteries, Irish maps, Kiwiwiki, Research Links and his Family History from as far back as 1200 and ranges around the world, from Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany to the Argentine, the USA, Australia and New Zealand
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Baby 700 Cemetery - Turkey
Babylon station (Donnellys Crossing Line) - New Zealand
Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery - Iraq
Bagneux British Cemetery - France
Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension - France
Bainesse station (Foxton - Longburn Railway) - New Zealand
Bainham Cemetery - New Zealand
Bainham School - New Zealand
Bainham war memorial - New Zealand
Balcairn (Kowhai) - New Zealand
Balclutha (old) (Clutha Ferry) Cemetery - New Zealand
Balclutha lawn Cemetery - New Zealand
Balclutha District War Memorial Hall - New Zealand
Balclutha Methodist Church - New Zealand
Balclutha war memorial - New Zealand
Balfour (Longridge) Cemetery - New Zealand
Balfour RSA War Memorial Plaques - New Zealand
Balfour station (Waimea Plains Railway (Gore-Lumsden) - New Zealand
Ballance Methodist Church - New Zealand
Ballance Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
Ballyhalbert (St. Andrew) Church Of Ireland - Northern Ireland
Balmoral Seventh-Day Adventist School - New Zealand
Banbury Cemetery - Oxfordshire England
Bancourt British Cemetery - France
Bancourt Communal Cemetery - France
Banff Cemetery - Scotland
Bank Street Methodist Church Timaru - New Zealand
Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery - France
Bannockburn Methodist Church - New Zealand
Bannockburn Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
Bannockburn war memorial - New Zealand
Bapaume Communal Cemetery - France
Barastre Communal Cemetery - France
Barbadoes St (Christchurch) Cemetery - New Zealand
Bari War Cemetery Cemetery Bari Puglia Italy
Baring Head Lighthouse - Pencarrow Head, New Zealand
Baring Square Methodist Church - New Zealand
Barkingside Cemetery - Essex England
Barmby-On-The-Moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard - Yorkshire, England
Barnard Street Methodist Church Timaru, New Zealand
Barrhill Cemetery - Ashburton, New Zealand
Barrow-In-Furness Cemetery - Lancashire England
Barrytown Cemetery - New Zealand
Barthomley (St. Bertoline) Churchyard - Cheshire England
Bartletts Cemetery - Gisborne, New Zealand
Basra Memorial War Memorial - Iraq
Basra War Cemetery - Iraq
Bassingbourn Cum Kneesworth Cemetery - Cambrideshire England
Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery - Somerset England
Batley Cemetery - Kaipara, New Zealand
Batley Cemetery - Yorkshire England
Batley family chapel - Moawhango, New Zealand
Batley family chapel - Moawhango, New Zealand
Battersby Funeral Services - Avondale, New Zealand
Battle Hill Cemetery - Pauatahanui, New Zealand
Battle Hill NZ Wars memorial - New Zealand
Bay View war memorial - New Zealand
Bayeux War Cemetery - France
Beach Cemetery - Turkey
Beach Head War Cemetery - Italy
Bean Rock Lighthouse - Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand
Beauchamp Funeral Home - Feilding, New Zealand
Beauchamp Funeral Home - Manawatu, New Zealand
Beaudignies Communal Cemetery - France
Beaulencourt British Cemetery, Ligny-Thilloy - France
Beaumetz Cross Roads Cemetery - France
Beauval Communal Cemetery - France
Beauvois-En-Cambresis Communal Cemetery - France
Beck Row (St. John) Churchyard - Suffolk England
Beckenham Methodist Church - New Zealand
Becklingen War Cemetery - Germany
Becks memorial hall - Central Otago, New Zealand
Bedford Gate Of Heaven Cemetery - Canada
Bedford House Cemetery - Belgium
Beersheba War Cemetery - Israel
Beesd General Cemetery - Netherlands
Beilen General Cemetery - Netherlands
Beirut War Cemetery - Lebanese Republic
Beja War Cemetery - Tunisia
Belfast Cemetery - New Zealand
Belfast (Milltown) Roman Catholic Cemetery - Northern Ireland
Belfast City Cemetery - Northern Ireland
Belfast District Museum - New Zealand
Belfast Methodist Church - New Zealand
Belfast war memorial - New Zealand
Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery - Belgium
Belgrade Cemetery - Belgium
Belgrade War Cemetery - Serbia and Montenegro
Belgrove railway station & windmill (Nelson Railway) - New Zealand
Bell Block Cemetery - New Zealand
Bell Block First World War memorial - New Zealand
Bell Block, Broughton family Cemetery - New Zealand
Bell Block, Falwasser family Cemetery - New Zealand
Bell Block, Skipper family Cemetery - New Zealand
Bell, Lamb & Trotter Funeral Directors - Christchurch New Zealand
Belle Vue British Cemetery - France
Belleknowes Methodist Church Dunedin Dunedin City Otago New Zealand
Bells Junction Cemetery - Rangitikei, New Zealand
Ben Burn Park South African War memorial plaque - Karori, New Zealand
Benghazi War Cemetery - Libya
Benson (Or Bensington) (St. Helen) Churchyard - Oxfordshire England
Bergen (Mollendal) Church Cemetery - Norway
Bergen General Cemetery - Netherlands
Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery - Netherlands
Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery - Netherlands
Bergh (Beek) Roman Catholic Churchyard - Netherlands
Berhampore Childrens Home Orphanage - New Zealand
Berks Cemetery Extension - New Zealand
Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery - Germany
Berlin South-Western Cemetery - Germany
Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban - France
Bertrancourt Communal Cemetery Cemetery - France
Bertrancourt Military Cemetery Cemetery - France
Berwick Street Methodist Church - Christchurch, New Zealand
Berwick war memorial - New Zealand
Bess the horse memorial - Parewanui, New Zealand
Beth Shan Funeral Directors - Napier, New Zealand
Bethencourt Communal Cemetery - France
Bethleem Farm West Cemetery - Belgium
Bethlehem Marae Cemetery - Tauranga, New Zealand
Betts Funeral Services - Timaru, New Zealand
Bezinghem Churchyard Cemetery - France
Biache-St. Vaast Communal Cemetery - France
Bidford-On-Avon Burial Ground - Warwickshire England
Bienvillers Military Cemetery - France
Bievres Communal Churchyard - France
Bilbao British Cemetery - Spain
Bilton (St. Mark) Churchyard - Warwickshire England
Binbrook (St. Mary) Churchyard - Lincolnshire England
Birch Hill Cemetery - Canterbury, New Zealand
Birch Hill Station war memorial - New Zealand
Birchfield Methodist (Griffiths Mill) - New Zealand
Birchwood School - Stoke, New Zealand
Bird Road School war memorial - New Zealand
Birdling's Flat station (Little River Railway) - New Zealand
Birkenhead (Landican) Cemetery - Cheshire England
Birkenhead Anglican (Pompallier) Cemetery - New Zealand
Birkenhead Catholic (Pompallier) Cemetery - New Zealand
Birkenhead war memorial War Memorial - New Zealand
Birmingham (Lodge Hill) Cemetery - Warwickshire England
Birr Cross Roads Cemetery - Belgium
Bishop's School Museum Nelson - New Zealand
Bishop's School School - New Zealand
Bishopdale railway station (Nelson Railway) - New Zealand
Bishops Cemetery - Oaonui, New Zealand
Bishops Corner Cemetery - New Zealand
Bishopscourt (St Barnabas) Church - New Zealand
Black Bourton (Or Burton Abbots) (St. Mary) Churchyard - Oxfordshire England
Blackball Shipwreck - Port Underwood Marlborough, New Zealand
Blackball Cemetery - New Zealand
Blackball 1st Church Church - New Zealand
Blackball Community Church - New Zealand
Blackball Methodist Church - New Zealand
Blackball war memorial - New Zealand
Blackpool Cemetery - Lancashire England
Blacks/Omakau/Ophir Cemetery - New Zealand
Blacks Point Methodist Church - New Zealand
Blacks Point Museum - New Zealand
Blackstone Hill / Hills Creek Cemetery - Oturehua, New Zealand
Blackwood Bay (Tahuahua Bay) Cemetery - New Zealand
Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension - France
Blenheim Assembly of God Church Blenheim, New Zealand
Blenheim Baptist Church - New Zealand
Blenheim Elim Church - New Zealand
Blenheim Seventh Day Adventist Church - New Zealand
Blenheim War Memorial - New Zealand
Blessed Mary MacKillop Church - Balclutha, New Zealand
Blessed Sacrament Church Gore, New Zealand
Blessed Sacrament Church Palmerston, New Zealand
Blessed Sacrament (Cathedral 2nd Church) - Christchurch, New Zealand
Blockhouse Bay school memorial - New Zealand
Blue Cliffs school memorial - New Zealand
Blue Oyster Gallery Museum Dunedin, New Zealand
Blue Spur Methodist Church - Clutha, New Zealand
Bluff (Campbelltown) Cemetery - New Zealand
Bluff Maritime Museum - New Zealand
Bluff Methodist Church - New Zealand
Bluff RSA memorial park War Memorial - New Zealand
Bluff war memorial - New Zealand
Boatmans (Cronadun) Cemetery - Buller, New Zealand
Boer War & Tarrant Memorial - Motueka, New Zealand
Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery Extension - France
Bologna War Cemetery - ItalyItaly
Bolton Bay (Ersike family) Cemetery - Marlborough, New Zealand
Bolton St (Sydney St, Old St Paul's) Cemetery - New Zealand
Bombay Cemetery - New Zealand
Bombay Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
Bombay South African War memorial - New Zealand
Bombay War Memorial Recreation Ground - New Zealand
Bone War Cemetery - Algeria
Bonny Glen (Western Rangitikei) Cemetery - New Zealand
Bordeaux (Rue Judaique) Protestant Cemetery - France
Botany General Cemetery - Sydney, Australia
Bottesford (St. Mary) Churchyard - Leicestershire England
Bottisham Cemetery - Cambridgeshire England
Boulcotts Farm NZ Wars memorial - New Zealand
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery - France
Bourail Memorial War Memorial - New Caledonia
Bourail New Zealand War Cemetery - New Caledonia
Bournemouth East Cemetery - Hampshire England
Bowls New Zealand Museum - New Plymouth, New Zealand
Bowmont Street Home Orphanage - Invercargill, New Zealand
Boyd Shipwreck Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Boyd Shipwreck Whangaroa Harbour, New Zealand
Brackenfield (Brackenbridge) Cemetery - New Zealand
Braeburn Cemetery - Tasman, New Zealand
Bragg Bay (Bench Island) Cemetery - Stewart Island, New Zealand
Brain Watkins House Museum (Tauranga Historical Society) - New Zealand
Bramwell Booth Childrens Home Orphanage - Temuka, New Zealand
Brandesburton (St. Mary) Churchyard - Yorkshire England
Brandhoek New Military No.3 Cemetery - Belgium
Brandon Cemetery, Manitoba Cemetery - Canada
Bransgore (St. Mary) Churchyard Cemetery - Hampshire England
Breinton (St. Michael) Churchyard Cemetery - Herefordshire England
Brent Willetts Funeral Services - Whakatane, New Zealand
Brest (Kerfautras) Cemetery - France
Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery - France
Brewery Orchard Cemetery, Bois-Grenier Cemetery - France
Brian Darth Funeral Services - Stratford, New Zealand
Bridge Street Cemetery - Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Bridgwater (Quantock Rd) Cemetery - Somerset England
Brigg Cemetery Cemetery - Lincolnshire England
Bright Smile/Piako Mine Thames, New Zealand
Brighton (Bear Rd) Borough Cemetery - Sussex England
Brighton Anglican (Tirimoana) Church - Buller, New Zealand
Brighton Catholic (Tirimoana) Church - New Zealand
Brighton General Cemetery - Melbourne, Australia
Brightwater Methodist Church - New Zealand
Brightwater railway station (Nelson Railway) - New Zealand
Brightwater School School - New Zealand
Brinkworth Cemetery - Wiltshire England
Brinns Point Cemetery - Karitane, New Zealand
Bristol (Arnos Vale) Cemetery - Bristol, England
Bristol (Shirehampton) Cemetery - Bristol, England
Britomart transport centre Railway Auckland, New Zealand
Brixton, Nicholas family Cemetery - New Plymouth, New Zealand
Brixton, Waiongana family Cemetery - New Plymouth, New Zealand
Brixton, Watson family Cemetery - New Plymouth, New Zealand
Broad Bay (Dunoon) Cemetery - Otago, New Zealand
Broad Bay Methodist Church - Dunedin, New Zealand
Broadfield Methodist Church - New Zealand
Broadgreen Historic House Museum Stoke, New Zealand
Broadgreen Intermediate School - New Zealand
Broadway Funeral Home - Te Aroha, New Zealand
Broadwood Cemetery - Far North, New Zealand
Brockenhurst (St. Nicholas) Churchyard - Hampshire England
Brockville Community Church - Dunedin, New Zealand
Bromley Cemetery - New Zealand
Brook Street School - Nelson, ew Zealand
Brookby Church - Manukau, New Zealand
Brooklyn School - Tasman, New Zealand
Brooklyn war memorial - Wellington, New Zealand
Brookside Cemetery - New Zealand
Brookside memorial church - New Zealand
Brookside Methodist Church - New Zealand
Brookwood Cemetery - Surrey England
Broomfield war memorial gates - New Zealand
Brothers Island Lighthouse - Brothers Island Marlborough, New Zealand
Browns war memorial - Southland, New Zealand
Bruce Bay (Papakeri) Cemetery - South Westland, New Zealand
Brunner coal mine disaster memorial - New Zealand
Brunner Mine Site Museum - New Zealand
Brunswick Cemetery - New Zealand
Brunswick Methodist (Longbush) Church - New Zealand
Brunswick School - Wanganui, New Zealand
Brunswick War Memorial War Memorial - New Zealand
Brussels Town Cemetery - Belgium
Brydone war memorial - Brydone Southland, New Zealand
* Brynderwyn bus disaster memorial - New Zealand
Bucharest War Cemetery - Romania
Buckland First World War memorial - New Zealand
Buckland Monachorum Cemetery - Devon England
Buckley Cemetery - Tolaga Bay, New Zealand
Budapest War Cemetery - Hungary
Buffalo Cemetery - Coromandel, New Zealand
Buffalo (HMS) (Hindostan) Shipwreck - Mercury Bay, New Zealand
Buller High School - New Zealand
Bulls memorial obelisk War Memorial - New Zealand
Bulls Museum Museum - New Zealand
Bulls Rd Cemetery - France
Bulls war memorial library - New Zealand
Bulls, Maori Cemetery - New Zealand
Bunnythorpe (Mugby Junction) Cemetery - New Zealand
Bunnythorpe Methodist (Mugby Junction) Church - New Zealand
Bunnythorpe war memorial - New Zealand
Buried Village (Museum of Te Wairoa) - New Zealand
Burkes Pass (Clulee, Cabbage Tree Creek) Cemetery - New Zealand
Burnetts Face Methodist Church - Buller, New Zealand
Burnham Cemetery - ew Zealand
Burnham Camp cairn Memorial - ew Zealand
Burnley Cemetery Cemetery - Lancashire England
Burnside Cemetery - New Zealand
Burnside Church - New Zealand
Burscough Bridge (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard - Lancashire England
Burton-Upon-Trent Cemetery - Staffordshire England
Burwood war memorial - Christchurch, New Zealand
Bury Cemetery Cemetery Bury Huntingdonshire England United Kingdom
Busigny Communal Extension - France
Butler Point (Butler family) Cemetery - New Zealand
Butler Point Whaling Museum - Far North, New Zealand
Buttes New British (NZ Memorial), Polygon Wood - Belgium
Buttes New British, Polygon Wood Cemetery - Belgium
Buxton Cemetery Cemetery - Derbyshire England
Byley (St. John) Churchyard Cemetery - Cheshire England

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M... N... O... P... Q... R... S... T... U... V... W... Y-Z

taken from Brynderwyn bus disaster memorial
* also read Brynderwyn tragedy
On February 7 1963, 15 people died after a bus crashed in the Brynderwyn Hills. Fifty years on, families tell of how the tragedy still affects the survivors - and how the driver came so close to averting disaster. They should never have been on the bus. But a mix-up with their booking led to 36 people hopping aboard a dilapidated coach that would become a death-trap ...

MARRIAGE of John MILLER + Alice May MEXTED - Umutaoroa 1901

John MILLER (1878-1947)
married on 20 August 1901 at Umutaoroa, Dannevirke to:
Alice May MEXTED (1881-1939)
- 4th of 6 children of Jessey MEXTED & Nancy THOMPSON

Bush Advocate, 22 August 1901

... The marriage of Mr John Miller and Miss Alice May Mexted was celebrated on Tuesday at the residence of the bride's parents, Highfield, Umutaoroa, in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends.
The Rev. A. Grant officiated.
... The bride, who looked charming, was given away by her father, and was tastefully attired in a dress of ivory satin, with chiffon, white satin ribbon, and pearl trimmings, with wreath of orange blossoms and embroidered tulle veil, and carried a bouquet of white narcissus. The bride was attended by Misses Pearl (Violet Pearl) and Edna (Edna Sarah) Mexted (sisters) and Miss Gracie Hook (niece of the bride) who wore cream dresses with buttercup trimming and sashes, and each carried a bouquet of violets. (Gracie Hook was a daughter of Alice's sister Emma Isabel Mexted & John Thomas Hook)
The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Mr George Miller.
... After the ceremony the 'Wedding March' was played by Mrs Baker, and congratulations being exchanged, the company were entertained by Mr and Mrs Mexted at afternoon tea, who also gave a most enjoyable party in the evening in the Public Hall.

... The following presents were very much admired:-
(listed here in alphabetical order for easier search)
* The bridegroom's gift to the Bride was a handsome gold bangle set with sapphires, and the bridesmaids a pretty gold brooch each
* Mrs Augustine, silver cruet
* Mrs Bargh, cushion
* Mr and Mrs Barry, silver cruet
* Mr and Mrs Brogden (Palmerston North), crystal & gold salad bowl & butter dish
* Mr and Mrs Cordell, glass jam dish and cheese stand
* Mr F. Dittmer, case silver butter knives, tea spoons, jam spoons and sugar tongs
* Mr and Mrs Gilmour, glass salad bowl and trifle dish
* Mr R. Gilmour, ruby water bottle
* Messrs A. L. Gordon and Co., bamboo chair
* Mr and Mrs Graham, pair serviette rings
* Rev. A. Grant, bible
* Miss G. Hook, china candlesticks
* Mr and Mrs Martin, silver and crystal jam dish
* Miss M. McGaughran, silver and crystal butter dish
* Mr and Mrs Mexted, household linen and gypsy table
* Mrs Mexted, afternoon tea set
* Mr H. Mexted, handsome lamp and a half-dozen ruby wine glasses
* Mr J. Mexted, old English china cake dish
* Miss J. Mexted, green glass honey and marmalade dishes
* Misses N. and M. Mexted, dinner service
* Misses P. and E. Mexted, pickle jar
* Mr and Mrs A. Miller, handsome eight day clock
* Mr and Mrs J. Miller, crystal and gold butter dish, cream jug and sugar basin
* Mr T. Miller, kitchen utensils
* Mr and Mrs O'Connor (Dannevirke), green glass cases
* Mr and Mrs Prior, silver cruet
* Mr and Mrs Schmidt, toilet cover
* Mr and Mrs Shannon, pair statuettes
* Mr A. Shilling, pair silver mounted oak salt cellars, and box of cigars and tobacco pouch to the bridegroom
* Miss Shilling, hot water jug
* Miss Simpson (Colyton), pair plated photo frames
* Mr and Mrs Thompson, ruby glass jug and water bottle and butter dish
* Mr and Mrs William Thompson (Wellington), ruby water bottle and pair vases
* Mr and Mrs Walker, fancy afternoon tea pot
* Mrs S. Walker, pair handsome china vases
* Miss Walton, silver pickle fork
* Mr Watson, silver-mounted biscuit barrel

the known children of JOHN & ALICE (as at this date)
1903 - Doris Margretta Miller
1906 - 1972 Harold Rochford Mexted Miller
1912 - 1992 Keir John Lovatt Miller

Alice May Miller died 7 March 1939 aged 58
John Miller died 27 June 1947 aged 69
they are buried together Plot 7, Block T at Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke


Pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church, gave the happy couple a bible
... written c1908, see link ...
The Rev ALEXANDER GRANT, Pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church, was born in Inverness-shire, Scotland, in the year 1846. He was educated in the Free Church of Scotland, and passed through the arts and divinity course in the Aberdeen University. He afterwards laboured for six years in North Ronaldshay, Orkney, and in 1883 came to New Zealand. For seventeen years he had charge of the parish of Waipukurau, and in 1900 received a call to his present church. Mr. Grant is a member of the Hawke's Bay Education Board, and is honorary secretary of the Dannevirke High School Board.

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dedication to MURRAY LYNN (1950-2013) of KiwiCelts C

It is with regret I announce that Murray Patrick Lynn (1950-2013), the creator, author and administrator of KiwiCelts, passed away 14 Nov 2013

His family has announced that "KiwiCelts will remain online in it's present form. Decisions about it's future development and maintenance will be made in due course"

In dedication to Murray and in honor of all his incredible hard work over the years I submit his site in an abridged form. It includes Cemeteries, Irish maps, Kiwiwiki, Research Links and his Family History from as far back as 1200 and ranges around the world, from Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany to the Argentine, the USA, Australia and New Zealand
You will find it an invaluable site in your genealogy research

Unbelievably, Murray's Genealogy Place Map Index, geneaMap Database, is not only a cemetery database but a list of all places:

A HUGE site so be patient as it can take a while to load

It is initially sorted at his site by:
Country-Province-District and Name, but you can re-sort it when in there by clicking on the column headings.
Clicking on the Place Name takes you to the geneaMap to see the map location and full details - address, related websites, photos etc

Was unsure the best way to present the data Murray has but finally decided to list it here in alphabetical 'Name of Place' order.
Every name is a searchable link. Visit his site to find all other relevant info

A.... B.... C... D... E.... F.... G.... H... I.... J.... K... L
M... N... O... P... Q... R... S... T... U... V... W... Y-Z

indicates photo & link at end
... C ...
C. Little & Sons Undertaker - New Zealand
Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez Cemetery - France
Cable Car Museum - New Zealand
Cagnicourt British Cemetery - France
Cairo War Memorial Cemetery - Egypt
Calais Southern Cemetery - France
Calcium / Isla Bank Cemetery - New Zealand
Calcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery - India
Caledonian Mine - Thames, New Zealand
Calgary (Burnsland) Cemetery - Alberta Canada
Cambrai (Route De Solesmes) Communal Cemetery - France
Cambrai East Military Cemetery - France
Cambrians Cemetery - Central Otago, New Zealand
Cambridge Baptist Church - New Zealand
Cambridge City (Newmarket Rd) Cemetery - Cambridgeshire England
Cambridge First World War memorial window - New Zealand
Cambridge Funeral Services - New Zealand
Cambridge Museum - New Zealand
Cambridge School - New Zealand
Cambridge Terrace Methodist Church - Christchurch, New Zealand
Cambridge War Memorial - New Zealand
Cambridge, Hautapu War Memorial - Waikato New Zealand
Cameron Home Orphanage - Invercargill, New Zealand
Camp Bay Cemetery - Lyttelton, New Zealand
Campbell & Sons Funeral Services - Mosgiel, New Zealand
Campbell Grave Cemetery - New Zealand
Campbell Island Cemetery - New Zealand
Campbeltown (Kilkerran) Cemetery - Scotland
Canadian Cemetery No.2, Neuville-St. Vaast - France
Cannington school memorial gates - Mackenzie, New Zealand
Cannock Chase War Cemetery - Staffordshire England
Canterbury Cemetery - Turkey
Canterbury (HMNZS) Shipwreck - Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Canterbury Cemetery - Kent England
Canterbury Centre For Historic Photography & Film - New Zealand
Canterbury Christian Funeral Services - Christchurch, New Zealand
Canterbury Industrial School (Burnham Industrial School) Orphanage - New Zealand
Canterbury Museum - New Zealand
Canterbury Officers Club War Memorial - New Zealand
Canterbury Provincial Memorial - New Zealand
Canvastown (Deep Creek) Cemetery - New Zealand
Canvastown (Hart/Rutland family) Cemetery - Marlborough New Zealand
Canvastown (Te Hora) Cemetery - New Zealand
Canvastown Methodist Church - New Zealand
Cape Brett Lighthouse - Far North, New Zealand
Cape Campbell Lighthouse - Marlborough, New Zealand
Cape Egmont Lighthouse - New Zealand
Cape Foulwind Lighthouse - Buller, New Zealand
Cape Foulwind Methodist Church - New Zealand
Cape Fournier Lighthouse- New Zealand
Cape Helles Memorial - Turkey
Cape Maria van Diemen-Motoupao Is Lighthouse - Cape Rienga, New Zealand
Cape Palliser (Zuleika shipwreck) Cemetery - New Zealand
Cape Palliser Lighthouse - New Zealand
Cape Reinga Lighthouse - New Zealand
Cape Saunders Cemetery - Otago, New Zealand
Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery - South Africa
Cape Town (Plumstead) Cemetery - South Africa
Cape Wanbrow Lighthouse - Otago, New Zealand
Capital City Funeral Services - Porirua, New Zealand
Capital E Museum - Wellington, New Zealand
Captain Cook Memorial - Kopu, New Zealand
Cardiff war memorial - New Zealand
Cardrona Cemetery - Queenstown, New Zealand
Carew (St. Mary) New Churchyard Cemetery - Wales
Carleton-Bennets memorial - Cust, New Zealand
Carleton-Bennetts roll of honour - Cust, New Zealand
Carlisle (Dalston Rd) Cemetery - Cumberland England
Carlisle (Stanwix) Cemetery - Cumberland England
Carluke Methodist Church - Marlborough, New Zealand
Carmelite Monastery Church - Hoon Hay, Christchurch, New Zealand
Carmelite Sisters Cemetery Halswell, New Zealand
Carnmoney Cemetery - Northern Ireland
Carnock New Cemetery - Scotland
Carnoy Military Cemetery - France
Caroline Bay war memorial - Timaru, New Zealand
Carr Villa General Cemetery - Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Carter Observatory - Wellington, New Zealand
Carterton (Clareville or Taratahi) Cemetery - New Zealand
Carterton (Oates Family) Cemetery - New Zealand
Carterton Districts Historical Society Museum - New Zealand
Carterton railway station - New Zealand
Carterton war memorial - New Zealand
Caserta War Cemetery - Italy
Cassino Memorial - Italy
Cassino War Cemetery - Italy
Castaway's Grave Cemetery - Campbell Island Offshore, New Zealand
Castle Point Lighthouse - New Zealand
Castlecliffe School - Wanganui, New Zealand
Castlepoint Urupa - New Zealand
Castor Bay Presbyterian Church - North Shore, New Zealand
Castricum Protestant Churchyard Cemetery - Netherlands
Catania War Cemetery - Italy
Caterpillar Valley (New Zealand) Memorial - France
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery - France
Cathcart Cemetery - Scotland
Cathedral 1st Church - Christchurch, New Zealand
Cathedral of St Patrick and St Joseph Church - Auckland, New Zealand
Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church - Hamilton, New Zealand
Catholic Family Home Orphanage - Blenheim, New Zealand
Catterick Cemetery - Yorkshire England
Caudry British Cemetery - France
Cave (Burnett family) Cemetery - Mackenzie, New Zealand
Cave war memorial stone - Mackenzie, New Zealand
Caversfield (St. Laurence) Churchyard Cemetery - Oxfordshire England
Caversham Baptist Church - Caversham, New Zealand
Caversham Methodist (Kew Methodist) Church - Dunedin, New Zealand
Caversham school war memorial - Dunedin, New Zealand
Celia Whatman Children's Home Orphanage - Masterton, New Zealand
Celle War Cemetery - Germany
Cement House Cemetery - Belgium
Cemetery Island , Preservation Inlet Cemetery - Southland, New Zealand
Central Hawke's Bay Settlers Museum - New Zealand
Central Hawkes Bay Funeral Services - Waipukurau, New Zealand
Central Methodist Church - Invercargill, New Zealand
Central Moutere School - Nelson New Zealand
Central School - Waihi, New Zealand
Central Stories Museum & Art Gallery - Alexandra, New Zealand
Central Takaka School - New Zealand
Centre Hill Cemetery - Mossburn, New Zealand
Centre Island Lighthouse - (Rarotoka) Island, New Zealand
Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) Museum - Christchurch, New Zealand
Cesena War Cemetery - Italy
Ceuta (Santa Catalina) Municipal Cemetery - Spain
Chadderton (St. Matthew) Churchyard - Lancashire England
Chaintreaux Communal Cemetery - France
Chalmers Church - Timaru, New Zealand
Chanak Consular Cemetery - Turkey
Chandrakirti Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre Buddhist - Upper Moutere
Chapel of the Good Shepherd Church - Western Springs, New Zealand
Chapel of the Good Shepherd Cemetery - Halswell, New Zealand
Chapel of the Holy Evangelists Church - Nelson, New Zealand
Charing Cross Methodist Church - New Zealand
Charleroi Communal Cemetery - Belgium
Charles Broughton NZ Wars memorial- New Zealand
Charles Upham memorial War Memorial - Amberley, New Zealand
Charleston (Pahiki) Cemetery - New Zealand
Charleston Methodist Church - New Zealand
Charleston Methodist Church - New Zealand
Charleston Nile Hill Cemetery - New Zealand
Charlotte Museum Trust - Western Springs, New Zealand
Charlton Park Cemetery - Gore, New Zealand
Charlton School war memorial - New Zealand
Chaslands (Heathfield) Cemetery - New Zealand
Chateau-Voue Communal Cemetery - France
Chatham Islands Museum - New Zealand
Chatham Naval Memorial - Kent England
Chatto Creek station (Central Otago Railway) - New Zealand
CHB Settlers Museum - Waipawa, New Zealand
Cheltenham war memorial - New Zealand
Cherbourg Old Communal Cemetery - France
Chertsey Cemetery - Ashburton, New Zealand
Chertsey war memorial - New Zealand
Chester (Blacon) Cemetery - Cheshire England
Chevington Cemetery - Northumberland England
Cheviot Methodist (McKenzie) Church - New Zealand
Cheviot Museum - New Zealand
Cheviot Museum war memorial - New Zealand
Cheviot war memorial - New Zealand
Chichester Cemetery - Sussex England
Chief Huruhuru Monument - Waimate, New Zealand
Chievres Communal Cemetery - Belgium
Chippenham (London Rd) Cemetery - Wiltshire, England
Chittagong War Cemetery - Bangladesh
Cholmondely Orphanage - Governors Bay, New Zealand
Choloy War Cemetery - France
Chorlton Cemetery Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
* Christ Church Taita, Hutt - New Zealand
Christ Church Church Pukehou, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Coromandel, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Russell, New Zealand
Christ Church Cemetery Whangarei, New Zealand
Christ Church Cemetery Raukokore, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Alfriston, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Mangapai, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Taupiri, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Dipton West, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Raukokore, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Wanganui, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Kihikihi, New Zealand
Christ Church Cemetery Russell, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Papakura, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Frasertown, New Zealand
Christ Church Church Clifton, New Zealand
Christ Church Cemetery Alfriston, New Zealand
Christ Church Cathedral Church Nelson, New Zealand
Christ Church Cathedral war memorial - Nelson New Zealand
Christ Church WW2 Memorial - Wanganui, New Zealand
Christ Church, Warkworth - New Zealand
Christ the King Church - Burnside, New Zealand
Christ the King Church - Mataura, New Zealand
Christ the King Church - Owairaka, New Zealand
Christchurch Anzac Avenue memorial - New Zealand
Christchurch Art Gallery - New Zealand
Christchurch bandsmen war memorial - New Zealand
Christchurch Boys High School war memorial - New Zealand
Christchurch Bridge of Remembrance - New Zealand
Christchurch Cathedral Church - New Zealand
Christchurch Cathedral Cemetery - New Zealand
Christchurch Coptic Church - New Zealand
Christchurch Earthquake Memorial - New Zealand
Christchurch Memorial Avenue plaques (NW end) - New Zealand
Christchurch Memorial Avenue plaques (SE end) - New Zealand
Christchurch memorial oak tree - Zealand
Christchurch memorial window - Zealand
Christchurch nurses memorial chapel - New Zealand
Christchurch Railway Station memorial - New Zealand
Christchurch South African War memorial - New Zealand
Christchurch war memorial - Zealand
Christmas Creek station (Central Otago Railway (Taieri Gorge) - New Zealand
Chunuk Bair Cemetery - Turkey
Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial - Turkey
Church (Aputerewa Marae) - Oruaiti Far North, New Zealand
Church (Hinepare Marae) Church Tikitiki, New Zealand
Church (Kakahi Marae) Church Kahikahi, New Zealand
Church (Kauriki Marae) Church Taumaranui, New Zealand
Church (Morehu Marae) Church Pawarenga, New Zealand
Church (Otahuhu Marae) Church Rata, New Zealand
Church (Pateora Marae) Church Te Karae, New Zealand
Church (Pehiaweri Marae) Church Glenbervie, New Zealand
Church (Te Maata Marae) Church Tautoro, New Zealand
Church (Te Paemate Marae) Church Aria, New Zealand
Church (Te Pou o Rongo Marae) Church Ranana, New Zealand
Church (Tini Waitara Marae) Church Turakina, New Zealand
Church (Waihaua Marae) Church Arapaoa, New Zealand
Church (Whakawehi (Poutu) Marae) Church Shannon, New Zealand
Church of Bethlehem Church - Kaipara, New Zealand
Church of Bethlehem Cemetery - Kaipara, New Zealand
Church of Christ Church - Dunedin, New Zealand
Church of Christ Takaka Church - Takaka, New Zealand
Church of Holy Innocents Cemetery - Amberley, New Zealand
Church of Holy Innocents Church - Amberley, New Zealand
Church of Mary Immaculate and the Irish Martyrs Church - Cromwell, New Zealand
Church of the Annunciation Church - Renwick, New Zealand
Church of the Ascension Church - Waikari, New Zealand
Church of the Ascension Church Pukepoto, New Zealand
Church of the Blessed Sacrament (possibly St Stephen) Selwyn, New Zealand
Church of the Epiphany Church Takaka, New Zealand
Church of The Epiphany Cemetery Gebbies Valley, New Zealand
Church of The Epiphany Church - Christchurch, New Zealand
Church of the Epiphany Church Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
Church of the Epiphany (Otara Maori) Church Otara, New Zealand
Church of the Good Shepherd Church Wairau Valley, New Zealand
Church of the Good Shepherd Church Tinui, New Zealand
Church of the Good Shepherd Cemetery Wairau Valley, New Zealand
Church of the Good Shepherd Church OngaOnga, New Zealand
Church of the Holy Innocents Church - Timaru, New Zealand
Church of the Holy Innocents Cemetery Mount Peel, New Zealand
Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Mission Church) Church Torere, New Zealand
Church of the Immaculate Conception Church Tokaanu, New Zealand
Church of the Nativity Church Blenheim - New Zealand
Church of the Reparation Church Lincoln Selwyn, New Zealand
Church of The Resurrection Church Te Hapara, New Zealand
Church of the Resurrection Church Cobden, New Zealand
Church of the Seven Rules of Jehovah Church Riversdale, New Zealand
Church St Bible Chapel Church Timaru, New Zealand
Cirencester Cemetery Cemetery - Gloucestershire England
Cistercian Monastry Cemetery Norsewood, New Zealand
Cite Bonjean (New Zealand) Memorial - France
Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery - France
City Gallery Wellington Museum - New Zealand
City Of London Cemetery And Crematorium - Essex England
Clapham Methodist (Kennington?) Church - Southland, New Zealand
Claphams Clocks Museum - New Zealand
Clarence Bridge Cemetery - Clarence Bridge, New Zealand
Clarence Street Methodist (Lower Riccarton Methodist) - New Zealand
Clarence Valley Cemetery - New Zealand
Clarendon Cemetery - Clutha, New Zealand
Claris Memorial - Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Clarkville Methodist Church - Waimakariri, New Zealand
Clarkville peace hall War Memorial - New Zealand
Classic Flyers Museum - Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
Clayton (Live Oak) Cemetery - California
Cleethorpes Cemetery - Lincolnshire England
Cleggs Funeral Services - Hawera, New Zealand
Clendon House Museum - Far North, New Zealand
Clermont-Ferrand (Des Carmes-Dechaux) Communal Cemetery - France
Clevedon First World War memorial - New Zealand
Cleveland Funeral Home - Wanganui, New Zealand
Clichy Northern Cemetery - France
Clifden Cemetery - Southland, New Zealand
Clifden war memorial - New Zealand
Clifton Cemetery - Bulls, New Zealand
Clifton Cemetery - Tasman, New Zealand
Clifton Methodist Church - Invercargill, New Zealand
Clifton Terrace School - Nelson, New Zealand
Clifton war memorial - New Plymouth, New Zealand
Clifton war memorial gates - New Zealand
Clinton (Popotunoa) - New Zealand
Clinton War Memorial - New Zealand
Clive war memorial - New Zealand
Cliveden War Cemetery - Buckinghamshire England
Cloudy Bay Funeral Services - Blenheim, New Zealand
Clyde Shipwreck - Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
Clyde (Dunstan) Cemetery - New Zealand
Clyde Historical Museum - New Zealand
Clyde Methodist Church - New Zealand
Clyde station (Central Otago Railway) - New Zealand
Clyde Stationary Engine Museum Inc. - New Zealand
Clyde War Memorial - New Zealand
Clydevale war memorial - Clutha, New Zealand
Clyffe Pypard (St. Peter) Churchyard Cemetery - Wiltshire England
Clymping (St. Mary) Churchyard Cemetery - Sussex England
Coach House Museum - Feilding, New Zealand
Coal Creek Flat Methodist Church - Otago, New Zealand
Coaltown Museum - Westport, New Zealand
Coates Memorial Church - Matakohe, New Zealand
Cobblestones Wairarapa Regional Settlers Museum - Greytown, New Zealand
Cobden Cemetery Cobden - New Zealand
Cobden Methodist Church - New Zealand
Codford St. Mary (St. Mary) New Churchyard - England
Colac Bay (Oraka) Cemetery - New Zealand
Colac Bay Methodist Church - New Zealand
Colac Bay war memorial - New Zealand
Coldstream (Studholme family) Cemetery - Ashburton, New Zealand
Coleman's Grave Cemetery - Dunedin, New Zealand
Colerne (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard - Wiltshire England
Colincamps Communal Cemetery - France
Collingwood Cemetery - New Zealand
Collingwood (Old) (Excellent St) Cemetery - New Zealand
Collingwood Area School - New Zealand
Collingwood memorial hall - New Zealand
Collingwood Museum - New Zealand
Collingwood South African War memorial - New Zealand
Collingwood war memorials - New Zealand
Cologne Southern Cemetery - Germany
Colombo (Kanatte) General Cemetery - Sri Lanka
Colonial Cottage Museum - Mt Cook Wellington, New Zealand
Colville (Cabbage Bay) Cemetery - New Zealand
Colyton war memorial - New Zealand
Commemorative Air Force South Pacific Wing Museum - North Shore, New Zealand
Community of the Sacred Name (Orphanage & Nunnery) - Christchurch
Compton Dundon (St. Andrew) Churchyard - Somerset , England
Concarneau Communal Cemetery - France
Conde-Sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery - France
Confederate Air Force, South Pacific Wing Museum - North Shore, New Zealand
Conical Hill station (Tapanui (Waipahi-Edievale) Railway) - New Zealand
Consigny Communal Cemetery - France
Consols Mine - Thames, New Zealand
Conway Flat Cemetery - Hurunui, New Zealand
Copenhagen (Bispebjerg) Cemetery - Denmark
Corbais Communal Cemetery - Belgium
Corban Estate Arts Centre - Henderson, New Zealand
Coriano Ridge War Cemetery - Italy
Cornerstone New Life Church - Invercargill, New Zealand
Cornishman Shipwreck - Otaki Beach, New Zealand
Cornwallis / HMS Orpheus (Kilgour) Cemetery - New Zealand
Coromandel First World War memorial - New Zealand
Coromandel School of Mines & Historical Museum - New Zealand
Corozal American Military Cemetery - Panama
Corriedale sheep memorial - Waitaki, New Zealand
Corstophine Union Church - Dunedin, New Zealand
Cotter Medical History Trust Museum - Christchurch, New Zealand
Cottesmore (St. Nicholas) Churchyard - Rutland England
Couin New British Cemetery - France
Couldrey House Museum - Puhoi, New Zealand
Coulthard and Hall Memorial - New Zealand
Courcelles-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery - France
Courthouse Museum & Waka House (Nga Whare Tao) - Otorohonga
Courtney's and Steel's Post Cemetery - Turkey
Coutts Island war memorial - New Zealand
Coxyde Military Cemetery - Belgium
Cracroft Cemetery - New Zealand
Craighead Chapel - Timaru, New Zealand
Crail Cemetery - Scotland
Cranworth (St. Mary) Churchyard Cemetery - Norfolk England
Crathie Cemetery Cemetery - Aberdeenshire Scotland
Creil Communal Cemetery - France
Croft Funeral Home - Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Croix-Du-Bac British Cemetery - France
Cromwell Methodist Church - New Zealand
Cromwell New Cemetery - New Zealand
Cromwell Old Cemetery - New Zealand
Cromwell station (Central Otago Railway) - New Zealand
Cromwell war memorial - New Zealand
Cronenbourg French National Cemetery - France
Crookston Cemetery - New Zealand
Cross Roads Cemetery - France
Crown Princess/Saxon Mine - Thames, New Zealand
Croydon (Mitcham Rd) Cemetery - Sussex England
Croydon station (Waimea Plains Railway (Gore-Lumsden) - New Zealand
Cuissy-Et-Geny Churchyard - France
Culliane College - Wanganui, New Zealand
Culverden Cemetery - New Zealand
Culverden war memorial gates - New Zealand
Cust and Districts Historical Records Society - New Zealand
Cust Valley Union Chapel - New Zealand
Cust war memorial - New Zealand
Cuvier Island Lighthouse - Cuvier Island, Thames, New Zealand

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M... N... O... P... Q... R... S... T... U... V... W... Y-Z

Christ Church TAITA Cemetery