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BRENT buried Dunedin

the BRENT buried in Dunedin as at May 2016
the dates may be of death OR burial

DATE: 8 July 1952
AGED: 74
APPROX BIRTH DATE: 1877 in New Zealand
OCCUPATION: orchardist
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Spottiswoode St., Andersons Bay
BURIED: Ashes scattered

DATE: 27 September 1979
AGED: 88
PARENTS: Spencer BRENT & Margaret Annie LOWES
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Eskvale Street, Dunedin
MARRIED: unmarried
ASHES BURIED: Plot 15, Block 191, Northern Cemetery
* buried with Francis Spencer, Margaret Annie & Marion Bren and Alexandra McOnie

DATE: 5 November 1979
AGED: 79 (database has 59)
APPROX BIRTH DATE: 12 November 1899
PARENTS: Walter Horace BRENT & Constance Julie GUTHRIE
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Ravelston Street, Dunedin

* CATHERINE PETRIE Brent (nee Grant)
DATE: 21 December 1946
AGED: 62
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Royal Crescent, Dunedin
MARRIED: Richard Spencer Brent in 1920
BURIED: Plot 110, Block 67 Andersons Bay
* buried with husband Richard Spencer Brent

* DANIEL Brent
DATE: 11 September 1922 (7 weeks after his wife Emma)
AGED: 85 at Musselburgh
APPROX BIRTH DATE: born 26 April 1837 at Grendon Vicarage, Northamptonshire
PARENTS: eldest son of the Rev Daniel Brent, M.A., D.D. (Oxon)
OCCUPATION: Mathematical Master of the Otago Boys High School for 40 years, the position the the Rev Campbell was to take but he, his wife, children & 2 servants were drowned in the collision mentioned in notes
MARRIED: Emma Spoad in England in 1863
BURIED: Anderson Bay
NOTES: Dunstan Times, 11 September 1922 The death is announced in his 86th year of Mr Daniel Brent, first mathematical teacher at the Otago Boys High School

DATE: 20 April 1980
AGED: 35
PARENTS: unknown
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Cherry Farm, Waikouaiti

*EMMA Brent (nee Snoad)
DATE: 19 July 1922 (7 weeks before her husband)
AGED: 80
APPROX BIRTH DATE: 1841 in Kent, England
PARENTS: Rev Ephraim Snoad, M.A., of Kent
MARRIED: Daniel Brent in England in 1863
EMMIGRATED: 3 July 1863 into Port Chalmers on the 'Matoaka'. They then travelled by road to Dunedin when other passengers took the ferry steamer 4 July, 'Pride of the Yarra' which collided that night with the ss Favourite.
8 KNOWN CHILDREN (5 sons & 3 daughters):
? unknown son
1867 - Florence Emma Brent
1868 - Ernest Edward Brent
1870 - Francis Aubray Brent
1871 - Grace Lillian Brent
1876 - Mabel Iris Brent
1877 - Alfred Vivian Brent
1885 - Charles Daniel Brent
BURIED: Andersons Bay
NOTES: Otago Daily Times, 22 July 1922 BRENT - On July 19, 1922, at Dunedin, Emma, wife of Daniel Brent; in her eighty-first year

DATE: 10 February 1943
AGED: 57
PARENTS: Spencer BRENT & Margaret Annie LOWES
BURIED: Northern Cemetery
* buried with Beatrice Mary & Margaret Annie Brent & Marion Alexandra McOnie

DATE: 31 July 1955
AGED: 70
PARENTS: Septimus Brent & Susanna RIVERS
OCCUPATION: Tallyclerk
MARRIED: Annie Hester BROWNING (1884-1980) in 1913

DATE: 20 September 1984
AGED: 3 days

* HARRIET MARGARET Brent (nee Irvine)
DATE: 22 July 1962
AGED: 77
PARENTS: John Henry IRVINE & Agnes ?
MARRIED: Horace Brent in 1916
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Bay View Rd., Dunedin

* HORACE Brent
DATE: 18 April 1960
AGED: 73
PARENTS: George Herbert BRENT & Sarah Ann NICHOLAS
OCCUPATION: Trustee Officer
MARRIED: Harriet Margaret Irvine in 1916
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Bay View Rd., Dunedin

DATE: 7 July 2004 in Dunstan Hospital, Clyde
AGED: 84
APPROX BIRTH DATE: 1920 in Dunedin
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Elmslie House Rest Home, Wanaka

DATE: 9 May 2001
AGED: 83
BIRTH DATE: 10 Sep 1917
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Upton Street, Wanaka

* MARGARET ANNIE Brent (nee Lowes)
DATE: 13 February 1942
AGED: 78
APPROX BIRTH DATE: 1864 in England
PARENTS: unknown
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Sargood Street, Dunedin
MARRIED: Spencer Brent in 1882
1883 - 1883 Margaret Spencer Brent
1885 - Francis Spencer Brent
1886 - Richard Spencer Brent
1888 - Vernon Spencer Brent
1891 - Beatrice Mary Spencer
1893 - Percival Spencer Brent (Private 2/1757)
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS Sargood Street, Dunedin
BURIED: Plot 15, Block 191 at Northern Cemetery
* buried with Beatrice Mary Spencer & Francis Spencer Brent & Marion Alexandra McConie

DATE: 9 March 1888
PARENTS: Spencer BRENT & Margaret Annie LOWE
BURIED: Plot 14, Block 191 Northern Cemetery
* buried with Spencer Brent & Edward Richard Hardy (1881-1899)

DATE: 30 March 1953
AGED: 66
PARENTS: Spencer BRENT & Margaret Annie LOWE
MARRIED: Catherine Petrie GRANT in 1920
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Royal Crescent, St Kilda, Dunedin
BURIED: Plot 110, Block 67 Andersons Bay

DATE: 26 May 1934 at Dunedin Public Hospital
AGED: 80
OCCUPATION: Bank Manager
MARRIED: Susanna RIVERS on 1 Sep 1881 in the BNZ dwelling house at Alexandra South
1882 - Ruby Brent
1884 - Garnet James Brent
1885 - Pearl Brent
1889 - 1915 Theodore Daniel Brent
-- Theodore served as Trooper 7/312 with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles. His NOK was his father Septimus of 152 London St., Dunedin. He was killed in action at Gallipoli aged 26 and buried Hill 60
1892 - Ada Mary Brent
ASHES BURIED: Plot 127, Block 137 Andersons Bay
NOTES: Otago Daily Times, 10 December 1900 Notice is hereby given that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned SEPTIMUS EDWARD BRENT and CHARLES DANIEL BRENT, carrying on business as Sharebrokers, Accountants and Mining Agents, under the style of firm of Brent and Brent, was, on the 24th day of November 1900, dissolved by mutual consent
* buried with Sussanah Brent

DATE: 10 August 1925
AGED: 83
OCCUPATION: originally with the legal firm Haggitt Bros & Brent
MARRIED: Margaret Annie LOWES in 1882
BURIED: Plot 14, Block 191 Northern Cemetery
* buried with Margaret Spencer Brent & Edward Richard Hardy

DATE: 28 March 1976 in Fairfield
AGED: 49
BIRTH DATE: 22 Oct 1926
PARENTS: unknown
OCCUPATION: Mill House Dyer
BURIED: Plot 62, Block 269A, Andersons Bay

* SUSANNAH Brent (nee Rivers)
DATE: 15 June 1937
AGED: 73
PARENTS: James & Annie Rivers
MARRIED: Septimus Edward Brent 1 Sep 1881 in the BNZ dwelling
BURIED: Andersons Bay
Alexandra Herald and Central Otago Gazette, 16 June 1937 BRENT - At her residence, 664 George Street, Dunedin, Susannah, widow of Septimus Edward Brent and elder daughter of the late James and Annie Rivers, Alexandra

DATE: 12 March 1936
AGED: 48
PARENTS: Spencer BRENT & Margaret Annie LOWES
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Sargood Street, Roslyn
NOTES: Vernon served as Private 46932 with the 25th Reinforcements, Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company. His NOK was his father Septimus Brent, Solicitor of Dunedin

DATE: 17 January 1944 at his home
AGED: 78
PARENTS: Daniel & Emma BRENT
OCCUPATION: Company Manager
MARRIED: Constance Julie GUTHRIE 25 Jan 1899, St Paul's Invercargill (where she was from)
LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Bedford Streetk Dunedin

Plot 127, Block 137 at Andersons Bay

Septimus Edward Brent & Susannah Rivers


the BOND buried Timaru & Temuka as at 5 May 2016
the date may be death OR interment

* Craig Andrew Bond
15 June 1970 aged 3 months
buried plot 855, row 195, Temuka
* with Winston Edward Bond
second son of Maurice & Ann Bond
died 15th June 1970 aged 3 months
R.I.P. An Angel Returned

* Edith Bond
daughter of John & Harriett BOND
26 October 1885 aged 9 months
buried plot 657, row 84, Timaru

* Ellen 'Alice' Bond (nee Cadwallader)
daughter of Thomas CADWALLADER & Mary Ann EDWARDS
married William Henry 'Harry' Bond in 1904
5 May 1905 aged 30
buried plot 525, row 155, Temuka
* with Harry, her parents & others, see photo below
(database has incorrect photo on her record)
Timaru Herald, 6 May 1905 BOND - On May 5th 1905, at Temuka, Alice, the beloved wife of W. H. Bond; aged 30 years. Deeply regretted

* Emily Bond
3 March 1898 aged 19
buried plot 235, row 6, Timaru
* with Harriet
Timaru Herald, 5 March 1898 BOND. On March 3rd, at the Timaru Hospital, Emily, the beloved wife of William J. Bond, aged 19 years. Deeply regretted.
The Friends of Mr William J. Bond junr., are respectfully informed that the Funeral of his late wife will leave his residence, William Street, Attenborough (off Elizabeth Street), tomorrow (Sunday), March 6th, at quarter to three for the Timaru Cemetery

* Florence Alice Bond
28 September 2004 aged 91
buried plot 856, row 195, Temuka
* with Harry Cadwallader Bond

* Harriet Bond
wife of John Bond
they arrived from Cornwall into Lyttelton in 1879 on board the
Northern Monarch with 5 year old William Henry 'Harry' and a daughter, Elizabeth who died on board aged 21 months. They had 3 more children in NZ
died 4 Aug 1918 aged 72
buried plot 235, row 6, Timaru
* with Emily
Timaru Herald, 5 August 1918 BOND - On August 4th, at the Timaru Hospital, Harriet, the beloved wife of John Bond Sen., of Church Street West; aged 72 years. At Rest. The Funeral will leave the Timaru Hospital, not his residence as previously advertised

* Harry Cadwallader Bond
son of William Harry Bond & Alice Cadwallader
30 January 1985 aged 79
buried plot 856, row 195, Temuka
* with Florence Alice Bond
In Loving Memory Of
27 January 1985 aged 70
28 September 2004 aged 91

* Richard Henry Bond
son of John & Harriett BOND
5 January 1883 aged 6 months
buried plot 14, row 92, Timaru
* with Samuel Henry Bond

* Samuel Henry Bond
son of John & Harriett BOND
23 January 1882 aged 17 months (database has years)
buried plot 14, row 92, Timaru
* with Richard Henry Bond

* Thomas John Bond
25 August 1920 aged 74
buried plot 236, row 6, Timaru
Timaru Herald, 27 August 1920 BOND - On August 25th, at the Timaru Hospital, Thomas John Bond, of Church Street West; aged 74 years.
The Friends of the late Thomas John bond are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave the Timaru Hospital on Saturday, August 28th, at 2.30p.m. for the Timaru Cemetery

* William John Bond
24 June 1937 aged 65
buried plot 9, row 104, Timaru
* William John Bond (1872-1937) was Private 6/1798. He was a widow by Feb 1917 (see Emily above). His NOK was his daughter Gladys 'Edith' Bond (1897-1948) of Church Street West, Timaru
* the database has the wrong photo attached. They have ... Great War Veteran, 27303 Pte R. P. Kilgour, Canterbury Regt, died 19-7-1937.
* Robert Pearson Kilgour (1878-1937), was Private 27303. His NOK was his mother Mary Kilgour, 15 Raymond St., Timaru. This was Mary Robertson who married Robert Kilgour in 1876. Robert Pearson Kilgour is buried Plot 10, Row 104 (next plot to William)

* William Henry 'Harry' Bond
son of John & Harriett BOND
married Ellen 'Alice' Cadwallader in 1904
He was in partnership, as a butcher at Cave, with Oliver Allsop
2 August 1906 aged 32
buried plot 523, row 155, Temuka
* with inlaws, see photo below
Timaru Herald, 4 August 1906 BOND - On August 2nd, at the Timaru Hospital, William Henry (Harry) Bond; aged 32 years. Deeply regretted. The Friends of the late Harry Bond are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave the Timaru Hospital on Sunday, August 5th, at 12 noon, for the Temuka Cemetery, arriving at the Post Office at 2p.m. W. J. LISTER, Undertaker
Timaru Herald, 25 August 1906 The National Mortgage and Agency Coy. of N.Z., Ltd., have received instructions to offer by Public Auction, on account of the Exors. of the late W. H. Bond, at Pleasant Point Saleyards, immediately after the Stock Sale on Monday 27th August, L.I.P. of Section 28, Cave Village, Block 9 Pareora Survey District, containing 5 acres 1 Rood 12 Perches, with Improvements thereon. Annual Rental £2 13s 4d; payable half-yearly (equivalent in 2016 to $341)

* Winston Edward Bond
1 March 1964 aged 22
buried plot 855, row 195, Temuka
* with Craig Andrew Bond
second son of
Florence and Harry Bond
died March 1st 1964, aged 22
Result of an accident

Plot 523 - Row 155 at Temuka (see those above)


the KNOX buried as at 2 May 2016 at:
Mt View, Taihape & Turakina cemeteries

* Alleyne 'Allan' Fitzherbert Knox
date: 7 Feb 1975
aged: 81
approx birth: 1893
parents: Robert John KNOX & Rowena FITZHERBERT
grandparents: Robert John KNOX & Mary Marie GLASGOW
brother of: Wallace Haffendun Knox below
occupation: farm hand
plot: ashes 78, R.S.A. block 1, row D
cemetery: at Mt View Cemetery
headstone reads:
Rifleman 25/1055 RFM
A. F. KNOX Rifle Brigade
died 7.2.1975
1st N.Z.E.F.
* 3rd Battalion, A Company, NZ Rifle Brigade
NOTES his mother Rowena Fitzherbert was a daughter of Herbert Haffenden Fitzherbert 1815-1860). Her grandfather was the Rev Alleyne Fitzherbert. Her great grandfather was Sir Henry Fitzherbert, 3rd baronet (1783–1858)

* AMY Knox
date: 2 Oct 1922
aged: 53
approx birth: 1869
parents: unknown
plot: area West, plot 10, section lawn, block 1, row 20
cemetery: at Taihape
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory of our mother
Amy Knox died 2nd October 1922 aged 53 years
The hopes that were lost in life's journey you shall find in the city of rest

* Amy Jane Knox (nee Heron)
date: 18 April 1976
aged: 87
approx birth: 14 May 1888
parents: David HERON & Letitia 'Lottie' BROWNE
married: William Knox in 1923
plot: area West, plot 18, section lawn, block 1, row A
cemetery: at Turakina with husband William
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory of
WILLIAM KNOX died 12 October 1948
and his wife
AMY JANE KNOX died 18 April 1976

date: 19 November 2001
aged: 77
birth: 26 April 1924
parents: unknown - Vermeulen?
last known address: Marton
plot: area New, plot 41, section lawn, block 3, row D
cemetery: at Mt View with husband Charles
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory
beloved wife of Charles
26-4-1924 - 19-11-2001
will be missed by all

date: 15 April 1968
aged: 48
approx birth: 1920
parents: unknown
married: Anita Margaret ?
last known address: Marton
plot: area New, plot 41, section lawn, block 3, row D
cemetery: at Mt View with wife Anita
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory
beloved wife of Charles
26-4-1924 - 19-11-2001
will be missed by all
* 12314, AB C. E. KNOX, R.N.Z.N. 1939-45 war

* DUNCAN HENRY 'Harry' Knox
date: 16 April 1967
aged: 68
approx birth: 8 November 1898
parents: base born to Isabella Knox
grandparents: Robert John KNOX & Mary Marie GLASGOW
plot: area New, plot 20, section rose, block 1, row A
cemetery: at Mt View with his mother
NOTES headstone reads:
Isobella Knox
died 20 Aug 1959 aged 87 years
Duncan H. (Harry) Knox
died 16 April 1967 aged 67(sic) years

* FLORENCE CAROLINE Knox (nee Guddop)
date: 1 July 1986
aged: 85
approx birth: 1901
parents: still researching
grandparents: Wilhelm GUDDOP & Karoline TESCHNER (possibly)
married: Alleyne Fitzherbert Knox in 1923
last known address: Marton
plot: area New, plot 39, section lawn, block 5, row T
cemetery: at Mt View
NOTES headstone reads:
In Loving Memory of
Florence Caroline Knox
loved wife of Alleyne Fitzherbert
died 1st July 1986 aged 85 years
loved mother of Douglas

date: 20 August 1959
aged: 87
approx birth: 1872
parents: Robert John KNOX & Mary Marie GLASGOW
plot: area New, plot 20, section rose, block 1, row A
cemetery: at Mt View with son Harry
NOTES headstone reads:
Isobella(sic) Knox
died 20 Aug 1959 aged 87 years
Duncan H. (Harry) Knox
died 16 April 1967 aged 67 years

* MARY MARIE Knox (nee Glasgow)
date: 7 March 1920
aged: 83
approx birth: 1839
parents: Robert GLASGOW & Mary LAMB (Scotland to NZ)
married: Robert John Knox 25 May 1859 in Turakina
known children:
1860 - Margaret Russell Knox
1862 - 1942 Robert John Knox
1864 - 1934 Frederick Glasgow Knox
1867 - 1869 Thomas Russell Knox
1869 - 1947 Mary Russell Knox
1877 - 1959 Leonard Knox
plot: area West, section lawn, block 1, row A
cemetery: at Turakina with husband John & son Thomas
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory of ROBERT JOHN KNOX
died 21st March 1902 aged 72
also THOMAS KNOX aged 4(sic)
also MARY beloved wife of above died 7th March 1920

date: 21 March 1902
aged: 72
approx birth: 1830
parents: Frederick John KNOX & Margaret RUSSELL
married: Mary Marie Glasgow 25 May 1859 in Turakina
plot: area West, section lawn, block 1, row A
cemetery: at Turakina with wife Mary & son Thomas
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory of ROBERT JOHN KNOX
died 21st March 1902 aged 72
also THOMAS KNOX aged 4(sic)
also MARY beloved wife of above died 7th March 1920

date: 15 May 1914
aged: 45
birth: 21 January 1869
parents: William KNOX & Ann/Annie GIBSON (1845-1880)
married: Bertha Eveline BARNSLEY in 1900
children: 1900 - 1933 Annie Amelia Knox (married Harry Martin 1922)
* Thomas's wife Bertha remarried to Edward James DEVER (1888-1938) 3 months after his death, 10 Aug 1914
plot: 13, block Old (database has W. G. Knox)
cemetery: at Taihape
* Thomas's maternal grandmother Ann Gibson (-1869), was the widow of George Gibson (-1856). George & Ann had arrived into Lyttelton in 1850 on the founding ship the Sir George Seymour. After George's death in 1856, Ann remarried in 1863, to William Harris. William beat her to death 6 years later, in 1869.
* A daughter of George & Ann, Ann Gibson (1845-1880) (Thomas's mother), married in 1863 to William Knox and had 8 sons around Freeman's Bay before she died in 1880 aged 35 at the Provincial Hospital, Auckland.
* William Knox (1844-1922) (Thomas's father) was a son of Fencible Thomas Knox (1806-1880) & of Bridget Mullaly (1813-1898) who married 18 Feb 1833 in Mullinahone, Tipperary and arrived on the Sir Robert Sale, 4 July 1847 into Auckland

date: 20 January 1869
aged: 26 months
birth: 3 November 1866
parents: Robert John KNOX & Mary Marie GLASGOW
plot: 25, Area West, plot 25, section Lawn, block 1, row A,
cemetery: at Turakina cemetery with parents Robert & Mary
NOTES headstone reads:
In loving memory of ROBERT JOHN KNOX
died 21st March 1902 aged 72
also THOMAS KNOX aged 4(sic)
also MARY beloved wife of above died 7th March 1920

* Wallace Haffenden Knox
date: 7 May 1943
aged: 48
birth: 11 March 1895
parents: Robert John KNOX & Rowena FITZHERBERT
grandparents: Robert John KNOX & Mary Marie GLASGOW
brother of: Alleyne Fitzherbert Knox above
occupation: farm hand
plot: area Old, plot 6, section lawn, block 2, row B
cemetery: at Turakina
HEADSTONE READS: 25/1053 Pte W. H. Knox, Medical Corps, died 7th May 1943. N.Z.E.F.
* 3rd Battalion, A Company, NZ Rifle Brigade
There is no written record of plot number, it was assigned based on the sequence of the surrounding plots
NOTES his mother Rowena Fitzherbert was a daughter of Herbert Haffenden Fitzherbert 1815-1860). His grandfather was the Rev Alleyne Fitzherbert. His great grandfather was Sir Henry Fitzherbert, 3rd baronet (1783–1858)

date: 17 August 1920
aged: 63
approx birth: 1857
parents: unknown
plot: area West, plot 2, section lawn, block 1, row 18
cemetery: at Taihape with his stepson John
NOTES headstone reads:
In Loving Memory of
* JOHN (Smart) beloved husband of MARION SMART (nee Maxwell)
died Aug 4 1928 aged 43
also his stepfather WALTER
beloved husband of ELIZABETH KNOX
died Aug 17 1920 aged 53(sic) years
They Will Be Done
* John was killed in a motor accident which occurred on the main road between Foxton & Levin. A lorry owned by Robertson and Slade, contractors of Taihape was on it's way to Wellington with Thomas Slade driving and 4 of his workers. Near Wairokino bridge the lorry's accelerator jammed and they missed the sharp bend, plunging 12 feet over the bank. John Smart, a bricklayer with the firm, was riding in the back with Charles Harding. John was killed immediately. Charles was seriously injured and taken to Palmerston North hospital. The 3 men in the cab, Thomas Slade, Albert Robertson and Fred Chippendale (all residents of Taihape) were uninjured

date: 12 Oct 1948
aged: 73
approx birth: 1875
parents: born Rangitikei to Robert John KNOX & Mary GLASGOW
married: Amy Jane Heron in 1923
plot: area West, plot 18, section lawn, block 1, row A
cemetery: at Turakina with wife Amy
NOTES headstone reads:
In Loving Memory of
WILLIAM KNOX died 12th October 1948
and his wife AMY KNOX died 18th April 1976

headstone of Walter KNOX & his stepson John SMART

plot 2, block 1, row 18 at Taihape Cemetery

James Ashby & Rebecca Freeman, Auckland

James ASHBY (1855-1944)
- born 3 Sep 1855 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England
married Rebecca FREEMAN (1863-1924) March 17 1880 in Auckland
- 3rd of 3 daughters of Josiah FREEMAN & Elizabeth FINDLAY
* they were living at Orere in at least 1908 and still there in 1930

JAMES & REBECCA had 15 known children:
1 1880 - 1961 James 'Jim' Ashby
* born 16 December 1880
* married Lilian Ada Pauline 'Lily' HOGG (1887-1956) 3 July 1911
* daughter of James George Monro 'Jim' HOGG & Sarah Cecilia PAGE
* their known children (possibly others):
* 1912 - 1972 Moira Josephine Ashby
- + James Alexander Scoringe, drainlayer of Petone (1908-2005) in 1933
* 1915 - 1991 Mavis Monica Ashby
- + William Allen Connon (1910-1992) in 1932
* WWI = James Ashby 2nd Reserves, occupation Bridgeman, address 38 Richmond Street Petone, Second Reserves C classification (2 CHILDREN)
* 1919 - 1921 Lilian Rosalie 'Lily' Ashby
- Evening Post, 13 Dec 1921 On the 13th December 1921, at the Wellington Hospital, Lily Ashby, dearly beloved daughter of Lilian and James Ashby of 36 Richmond-street, Petone; aged 2 years. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.
* Lilian died 21 May 1956 aged 69
* James died 29 May 1961 aged 80
* both buried plot 0014, Taita cemetery, Old Section

2 1882 - 1961 Rebecca 'Toddie' Ashby
* married Hugh Kennedy JONES (1878-1950) 29 May 1908
New Zealand Herald, 7 May 1908 Miss Rebecca Ashby, daughter of Mr James Ashby, of Orere, near Kaiawa, was married to Mr Hugh Kennedy Jones, estate agent, and a former settler in the district, on the 29th alt., the Rev T. A. Norrie, of Pokeno, officiating
* Hugh was born Nukuloga, Tonga, later an Estate Agent in Auckland
* Rebecca died 9 Feb 1961 aged 78

3 1884 - 1976 George John 'Dick' Ashby
* George was a builder. He served in WWI as Private 73940 with 40th Reinforcements, A Company, NZEF. Embarked 10 July 1918 on the RMS Tahiti, arrived Devon 10 Sep 1918. His mother Rebecca was next of kin at Orere Point, Auckland

4 1885 - 1968 Henry 'Harry' Ashby

5 1888 - 1961 Alice 'Lala' Ashby
* not married, died aged 74

6 1889 - 1943 Emily Ashby
* born 28 August 1889
* married Archibald LECKIE in Wellington 1909

7 1891 - 1968 Lillian 'Minnie' Ashby
* not married, lived Balmoral, Auckland

8 1894 - 1991 Olive 'Dot' Ashby
* married Frederick William DOUGLAS in 1915

9 1895 - 1975 Alexander 'Sonny' Ashby

10 1897 - 1954 Gladys 'Tui' Ashby
* married Walter Gordon BUCHANAN (1896-1979) in 1927

11 1898 - 1976 Frederick Edwin 'Fred' Ashby
* born
* married Annie Mabel MacDONALD (1895-1980) in 1920
* Frederick died 2 May 1954 aged 61
* Annie died 21 Sep 1980 aged 85
* buried together plot 9 Taita cemetery, Old Section

12 1901 - 1986 Wilbur Walter 'Bill' Ashby
* born 23 March 1901
* married Hazel Winifred HUMBY (1904-1986) in April 1930 at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Kyber Pass, Auckland
* daughter of Tom Humby & Mary Jane WRIGHT
* Wilbur died 9 Sep 1986 & Hazel died 4 days later. They were cremated at Whangarei

13 1902 - 1985 Edward 'Ted' Ashby
* born in Auckland 25 September 1902
* married Catherine Adele 'Dell' GOZAR (1905-1985) in Auckland 1927
* born in Te Arai, Auckland, to George Joseph GOZAR & Elizabeth Wickman RICHARDS
* Ted was a seafarer and scowman. His whole life was intimately involved with the scows and he was the author of the book 'Phantom Fleet'. The NZ Maritime Museum named a ketch-rigged deck scow Ted Ashby after him
* Dell died in May 1985 and Ted died Oct 1985. They were cremated Remuera

14 1905 - 1991 Alfred 'Alf' Ashby

15 1906 - 1993 Muriel Emily 'Mu' Ashby
* born 27 Dec 1906
* married Phillip Douglas McINTOSH (1901-1990) in 1928
* son of Andrew Crawford McINTOSH & Laura BELL of Totara North, Philip died 5 August 1990 in Auckland
* Muriel died 14 Nov 1956 aged 49
James Ashby died 29 Oct 1944 at Oromahoe, Northland

TUCKEY servicemen of New Zealand

the known TUCKEY who served with NZ

ARTHUR Tuckey (1896-1916)
son of Arthur Tuckey & Beatrice Blanche Berkinshaw, of Ohingaiti, Manawatu
brother of James Bryant Tuckey below
occupation Farm hand
served as Corporal 26/34 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade
died 19 July 1916, killed in action at Somme
buried Cite Bonjean (New Zealand) Memorial, Armentieres, Nord, France

HENRY PHELPS Tuckey (1873-1961)
born at Tinakori Road, Wellington 26 Oct 1873
son of Henry Edward Tuckey & Frances Isabella Bryant
brother of Richard Septimus Tuckey below
married Ethel Hendewerk Grierson (1883-1975)
served as 6111 in the Boer War
died 15 Sep 1961 in Kimberley, South Africa aged 88

JAMES BRYANT Tuckey (1893-1977)
son of Arthur Tuckey & Beatrice Blanche Berkinshaw, of Ohingaiti, Manawatu
brother of Arthur Tuckey above
married Edith Eileen Coleman in 1922
served as Private 10/1092
died aged 84

JAMES BUCHANAN Tuckey (1887-1967)
son of Luke Tuckey of Australia & Agnes Stein Lawson of Ireland
married Emily Byron in 1916
occupation hairdresser
served as Private 35332
next of kin Father Luke Tuckey c/o Otago Times Office, Dunedin
died aged 80

JOHN WILLIAM HENRY Tuckey (1882-1921)
born in Lawrence, spent most of his life in Auckland
son of ?
married Ellen Campbell in 1908
occupation Draper
served as Private 24493
next of kin Ellen Tuckey his wife of 70 Haslett St., Eden Terrace, Auckland
died 21 Jan 1921 aged 39 in Tauranga due to ill health resulting from 4 years at war. Proprietor of the Masonic Hotel which he had only taken over 6 months prior

LEONARD CHARLES Tuckey (1897-)
born Westport
son of James Perren Tuckey & Elizabeth Roberts
occupation, Engine Cleaner
served as Private 75071 38th Reinforcements, C Company, NZEF
died ?

RICHARD SEPTIMUS Tuckey (1879-1918)
born 2 April 1879 in Tinakori road, Wellington
son of Henry Edward Tuckey & Frances Isabella Bryant
brother of Henry Phelps Tuckey above
married Eileen Muriel Lake (1891-1918)
Cape Mounted Police 10 years
District Officer in Taihape in 1914
Regimental Sergeant-Major, Otago Regiment 1917
served as Sergeant Major 62750 29th Reinforcements, Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company NZEF
died of his shoulder and abdomen wounds 10 June 1918 in France aged 39
buried III. B. 19., Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, Somme, France

ROBERT Tuckey (1879-1970)
son of Robert Tuckey & Isabella Miller
married Mary Wiley in 1920
occupation Butcher
served as Private 49944 6th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company NZEF
next of kin Isabella Tuckey, his mother, of 49 Park Terrace, Kensington, Dunedin
died aged 90

Eileen Muriel Tuckey
the grave at Paraparaumu Beach of Eileen Tuckey (nee Lake) wife of Sergeant Richard Septimus Tuckey, who died during the Flu Pandemic aged 28, 5 months after he died of his wounds in France

first Bank in NZ was at Port Nicholson 1840

from Hutt City Libraries
... Somewhere in Petone is located the site of the first bank to be established in New Zealand—the Union Bank of Australia. Just where that site is will probably never be known, the only clue is contained in a paragraph in a copy of the New Zealand Gazette, published in May, 1840 (probably May 2nd), which reads: "The Rev. J. Mcfarlane of the Kirk of Scotland will perform" Divine Service at half-past ten o'clock, and the Rev. J. G. Butler "at twelve o'clock, every Sunday, at the Council House, in front "of the Bank."
E. J. Wakefield tells us that the Council House was half-a-mile from Pito-one, i.e., the pa.
The date when the bank opened is fixed by an advertisement in the New Zealand Gazette, establishing the fact that business was commenced on Tuesday, 24th March, 1840. A typical letter in the New Zealand Gazette> reads, "The Bank has arrived and will" relieve us from the inconvenience of barter trade."
In regard to the location, half-a-mile along the beach would give the end of Nelson Street, but it is more than likely that the bank was situated nearer Victoria Street. Elsewhere, reasons are given for believing that Clyde Terrace was somewhere in this locality. We do know that the Rev. J. Mcfarlane lived in Clyde Terrace, and that a letter states that "the houses there are "the best in the colony."
On the arrival of the Glenbervie, by which the "bank" arrived, Captain Mein Smith was living in "a large tent," so that the building of his house must have been after the bank was established.

the following extracts taken from New Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator
used here to try and locate where the Bank premises back then (supposing Petone)

18 April 1840

A PUBLIC MEETING of the inhabitants of Port Nicholson will take place at the residence of Mr Crawford, at twelve o'clock THIS DAY, 18th April, to consider the propriety of establishing a Local Bank.
Port Nicholson, 18th April, 1840

18 April 1840
BRANCH BANK in New Zealand

The Directors of the New Zealand Land Company hereby give notice, that they have effected an arrangement with the Union Bank of Australia, No, 38, Old Broad-street, London, for the establishment of a BRANCH BANK in NEW ZEALAND, through which the business of the New Zealand Land Company will be transacted, The Directors therefore recommend to Colonists the Union Bank of Australia as an establishment possessing their entire confidence and able to provide effectually for the financial wants of the first settlement.
By order of the Board,
JOHN WARD, Secretary
New Zealand Land Company's Office,
1 Adam-street, Adelphi, 27th Aug. 1839

George Fife Angas, Esq.,
Robert Brooks, Esq.,
James John Cummins, Esq.,
Robert Gardner, Esq.,
John Gore, Esq.,
Charles Hindley, Esq., M.P.
Benjamin E. Lindo, Esq.,
Charles Edward Mangles, Esq.,
Christopher Rawson, Esq., Halifox,
Thomas Sands, Esq., Liverpool
James Bogle Smith, Esq.
James Ruddell Todd, Esq.,
George Carr Glynn, Esq
John Gore, Esq.,
James J. Cummins, Esq.,
George Carr Glyn, Esq.,
John Gore, Esq.,
James J. Cummins, Esq.,
Messrs Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co.,
Samuel Jackson, Esq.,
Colonial Inspector
J. C. McLaren, Esq.,

Local Directors: Geo S. Evans, Esq., D.C.L., Edward Betts Hopper, Esq., and George Hunter, Esq.,
Manager: John Smith, Esq., late of the Commercial Bank of England, Manchester
Arrangement having been made for the opening of a Branch in New Zealand, notice is hereby given, that Bills on Sydney, at thirty days' sight, will be issued at this office to the Settlers, for such sums as may be required at a charge of two per cent., redeemable in New Zealand, in the notes of this Bank, with a return of the two percent, thus enabling the colonists to transmit their funds without deduction.
The Directors likewise continue to grant letters of credit, payable at sight, for any sum not exceeding 300 and bills at thirty days' sight, for larger amounts, on their Branches at Sydney, Hobart Town, Launceston and Melbourne, Port Philip,
on the usual terms.
By order of the Board,
The Business of the Branch Bank commenced at Port Nicholson, New Zealand, 24th March, 1840

18 April 1840

Messrs Wallace, White and Wallace respectfully inform the Colonists that they will next week open their Store-house, situate next to the Bank, for the sale of Miscellaneous Goods, all of the best quality and at low prices
April 11, 1840

25 April 1840

A PUBLIC MEETING of the colonists will be held on Tuesday, the 28th., inst at the House of Mr Crawford, on the Beach (he was still living in a tent on the beach), at Port Nicholson, at one o'clock precisely, to consider the Prospectus of this Bank, prepared by the Committee to whom it was referred at the Meeting of the 18th inst.

9 May 1840
Messrs Wallace, White and Wallace

(identifying location of bank)
All parties holding bills of lading by the "Glenbervie" are requested to leave the same, endorsed, at Messrs Wallace, White and Wallace, next door to the Bank, addressed to Capt. Black
Port Nicholson, May 6, 1840

The Capital & Regulations of the Bank

23 May 1840
Mr J. Telford is instructed to offer for sale, at the house of Mr A. Duncan, near the Bank, on Wednesday next, at two o'clock:
An eight-day clock
A barometer
Scotch made iron plough, two set of horse and one set mule harness, riding saddle and bridle, car, mounting wheels and axle, double barreled gun, &c. &c.,
A. SCOTT, Auctioneer
Port Nicholson, May 23, 1840

23 July 1840

The PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE announce that this Bank will be ready to go into operation as soon after the delivery of the Town Lands as possible
June 19, 1840

12 Dec 1840

In conformity with a Resolution passed at a public meeting held at Barrett's-Hotel, Wellington, by adjournment, on Tuesday, the 8th inst., notice is hereby given, that from and agter the 14th inst. Lists will be open to receive the names of persons desirous of becoming Shareholders in this Company, at the following places, viz -
* Barrett's Hotel
* the Durham Arms
* the Lambton Tavern
* the Queen's Head
* the Union Bank of Australia
* Mr Allen's
HENRY St. HILL, Hons. Sec.
Wellington, December 9, 1840

Professions & Trades - Nelson, Marlborough, Westland

the following list, printed in 1906 in the Cyclopaedia of New Zealand is of
* in the Provincial Districts of NELSON, MARLBOROUGH & WESTLAND
* would not be comprehensive
* spelling is written as found

* some links to towns ...
Ahaura -- Barrytown -- Brunnerton -- Dillmanstown -- Kumara -- Hokitika -- Motupiko -- Pangatotara -- Takaka

(* indicates a link above)
Accommodation Houses
Clarence Accommodation House, Clarence Bridge
Biggs, George, *Motupiko
- (his father in law, Thomas Kite, was a victim of the Wairau massacre)
Grassmere Accommodation House, Blind River
Jordan Accommodation House The Awatere
Kanieri Forks Accommodation House, Kanieri Forks
Kekerangu Accommodation House, Kekerangu
Rai Falls, Rai Valley

Aerated Water Manufacturers
Pain, H., Westport 178

Agents. Auctioneers, etc
Bisley Bros, and Co, Nelson
Duncan, Wm., *Hokitika
Dunn, R. W. H. D., Blenheim
Edwards, H., Nelson
Hansen, A. and Co., Westport
McMahon and Lee, Reefton
Moss, G. W. and Co., Greymouth
Munro and Co., Ltd., Westport
Slee, W. T., Westport
Sprot, M. and Co., Greymouth
White, John, Blenheim
Wickes, Ltd., Greymouth

Ale And Porter Bottlers
Pain, H., Westport 178

Bennie, J., Greymouth
Dobson, D., Blenheim
Macfarlane, J. C., *Hokitika
Park, R. G., Blenheim
Roberts, T., Nelson

Artists And Photographers
Brusewitz, H. E. L., Nelson
Harris, Miss E., Nelson
Ring, James (1856-1939), Greymouth (took the photo below)
Tyree, W., Nelson

Armstrong Bros., *Brunnerton
- David & George, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, founded in 1886
Armstrong, George, Cobden
Beyd. C. W., *Takaka
Bradshaw, T. W., Nelson
Collins, A., Kaikoura
Costigan, L. J., Greymouth
Croucher, J. M., Richmond
Curran, Mrs and Sons, Westport
Fairey, F. G., Nelson
Gibson, A., Westport
Hiff, E., Westport
McAlpine, R., Burnett's Face
Powell, J. M. and Sons, Charleston
Robertson, W., Greymouth
Walker Bros., Waimangaroa
Young, W. B., Blenheim

Barristers And Solicitors
Atkinson, P. B., Westport
Baillie, W. G. H., Blenheim
Beare, T., *Hokitika
Byrne, Thomas Vincent (1863-1921), Kumara
Coates, T. E., Greymouth
Easton, L. D., Motueka
Fell and Atkinson, Nelson
Free and Cottrell, Reefton
Free and Cottrell, Westport
Harper, A. P., Greymouth
Kingdom, R. W., Nelson
Lewis, J. B., *Hokitika
Magianity, A. T., Nelson
McCallum, R., Blenheim
McIver, R. D., Kaikoura
Murdoch, J. A., Kumara
Park, J., *Hokitika
Poynter, J., Nelson
Robinson, H. W., Nelson
Rogers, A., Blenheim
Wilson, A. A., Westport

Banks, J., Reefton
Cederman, A., *Hokitika
Corder, J., Nelson
Crumpton, Henry Thompson (1875-1938), Reefton
Davidson, G. and D., Hokitika
Davidson, R., Kumara
Edgar Bros., *Takaka
Garnham, B., Blenheim
Gibson, W., Renwicktown
Gray, J., Kaikoura
Greaney, J., Greymouth
Hartill, J. G., Charleston
Ingram, G., Upper Moutere
Knapp, E. A., Motueka
McGregor, F., *Hokitika
Price, J., Waimea West
Riley, S. and Co., Westport
Robertson, G., Wakefield
Smith, J., Westport
Taylor, J., Junr., Blenheim
Tunniciffe, C., Blenheim
Wimsett and Sons, Nelson

Boarding Houses
Carson's Boarding House, Upper *Takaka
Homewood Station and Tourist Resort, Mary's Bay
Sunny Brae House, Motueka
Warwick House, Westport

Brunsell, C. J., Picton

The Dispatch Foundry Co., Ltd., Greymouth

Boot And Shoe Importers
Fogarty and Williams, Greymouth
Hannah, R. and Co., Greymouth

Jackson and Co., Nelson
King, J., *Hokitika
Parkhouse, G., Westport
Penny, E. H., Blenheim
Scantlebury, E. H., Reefton
Young, W. J., Greymouth

Grigg, H. S., Denniston
Little, A., *Hokitika
Thomas, J., Wakefield
Way, Mrs, Westport

Dodson, J. R. and Sons, Nelson
Duncan, H. R., Nelson
Harley, J. A., Nelson
Hogg, G. and Co., Nelson
Holland, J. H., Nelson
Mandl, J., and Co., Hokitika
Raglan Brewery, Nelson
Wairau Brewery, Blenheim
Westport Brewery, Westport

Panckhurst, D., Reefton

Waimangaroa Brickworks

Builders, Contractors, etc
Bartlett, C. J., Motueka
Bell, T., Greymouth
Brewer, R., Blenheim
Bythell and Co., Blenheim
Cook, W., Kaikoura
Daikee, Henry George (1858-1923), Blenheim
Fawcett, J., Blenheim
Marshall, J., Westport
McMillan and Thompson, *Hokitika
McPherson, J., Wakefield
Miller, A., Motueka
Moore, C. W., Nelson
Scott, J., Nelson
Schwass, F., Seddon
Smith, G. A., Picton
Smith, J., *Takaka
Stringer, J. A., Nelson

Austin and Friend, Granity
Butchery of the Denniston Co-op Soc., Ltd
Dick, J., Reefton
Dixon, J. M., Westport
Elley, R., Westport
Fairey Bros., Nelson
Hannam, W., Greymouth
Hannam, W., *Hokitika
Helslop, J. C., Reefton
Hildebrand, A. and Co., Greymouth
Lamplough, George Robert (1843-1909), Westport
Lamplough, G. R., Granity
Mundy, J., Stafford
Powell, J. M. and Sons, Charleston
Pullar Bros., Burnett's Face
Simmonds, W. P., Havelock
Suisted Bros., Westport
Tapp, W., Renwicktown
Ward, J., Denniston
Way, G. B., Kumara
Wilkie and Co., Nelson

Butter Factories
Arahura Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Arahura
Golden Bay Butter Factory, Ltd. Liability Co., *Takaka
Kaikeura Co.-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Kaikoure
Okaramio Creamery, Okaramio
Riwaka Butter Factory, Riwaka
Totara Flat Dairy Factory
Waitohi Co.-op Dairy Factory, Tua Marina

Cabinet Makers
Fowler, J., Blenheim
Hagedorn, Frederick William (1882-1939), Westport
Page, G., and Sons, Nelson
Shone, A., Nelson

Foxcroft, T., Greymouth

Dunn, W., Reefton
Sloan, W. J., Reefton

Anderson, A., Greymouth
Bevan, W. H., Westport
Billett, J., Reefton
Cruddock Bros., Westport
Dowling, J. F., *Hokitika
Gosling, W. and Son, Blenheim
Grant Bros., Nelson
Green, W., Westport
Jeffries Bros., Picton
Kennedy, J. J., Greymouth
McElwee, J., Westport
Revell, C., Nelson
Rugg, C., Greymouth
Ryan, W., Greymouth
Stopforth, T., *Hokitika
Thompson, W. A., *Hokitika
Tottenham, W., Westport
Upham, W., Westport
Walker, P., *Hokitika
Watson, S., Renwicktown

Burland, B., Kaikoura
Southwick, J. H., Picton
Williams, H., Greymouth

Balme and Co., Nelson
Bradley, G. H., Nelson
Crumpton, H. T., Reefton
Eckmann, F., *Hokitika
Gray, J., Kaikoura
Hartill, J. G., Charleston
Homes and Lane, Blenheim
James, F., Blenheim
Kirby Bros., Blenheim
McGreger, F., *Hokitika
Papps, J. F., Richmond
Raine, G., *Hokitika
Turncliffe, C., Blenheim
Wilson, W. G., Nelson

Coal Companies
Blackball Coal Company
Golden Bay, Motupipi
Paparoa Coal Company, Blackball
Westport Coal Company

Coal Merchants
Burford, J., Nelson
Dowling, J. T., *Hokitika
Green, W., Westport
Jeffries Bros., Picton
Kennedy, J. J., Greymouth
McElwee, J., Westport
Stopforth, T., *Hokitika
Thompson, W. A., *Hokitika
Upham, E., Westport
Williams, W. J., Waimanga'a

Coal Mines
Denniston Mines of the Westport Coal Company
Millerton Colliery, Granity
State Coal Mines, Runanga
State Coal Mines, Seddonville

Commission Agents
Duncan, W., *Hokitika
Dunn, Richard William Harry Dawson (1861-1945
Moss, G. W. and Co., Greymouth
Steele, J., Reefton
White, John, Blenheim
Wickes, Ltd., Greymouth

Collins, A., Kaikoura
Costigan, L. J., Greymouth
Curran, Mrs and Sons, Westport
Gibson, A., Westport
Robertson, W., Greymouth
Virtue, J. E., Westport
Young, W. B., Blenheim

Co-Operative Societies
Denniston Co-Op. Soc., Ltd.
Millerton Co-Op. Society

Cordial Manufacturers
Brunsell, C. J., Picton
Pain, H., Westport

Cycle Dealers And Experts
Barlow and Co., Greymouth
Birch, F., Blenheim
Laugeson, L., Kaikoura
Mercer, J. C., Nelson
Parker's Cycle Depot, Blenheim
Tunnicliffe, H. S., Nelson
Schultze, A., Greymouth
Sunderland, W. J., Reefton

Dairy Farmers
Dimmick, J. M., Keiterangi
Glass, G. R., Koketahi
McMurray, J., Brightwater
Stewart, J., Cobden

Decorators, Painters, etc
Cooke, J. P., Nelson
Holmes Bros., Greymouth
O'Neil, J., Westport
Savage, J. and Son, Nelson

Anderson, H., Picton
Bugge, H. R., Blenheim
Coulson, H. M., *Hokitika
Deck, C. J., Nelson
Greenwood, J., Nelson
Harley, O. C., Reefton
Jackson, H. G.,* Westport
Renton, W. J., *Hokitika
Reynolds, W. E., Greymouth
Sheldon, R. M., Reefton
Squires, W. W., Nelson

Addison, Mrs A., *Hokitika 511
Borltrop, H., Nelson
Bary and Sons, Renwicktown
Carr Bros., Westport
Coleman, G., Seddonville
Finch, G. S. and Co., Waimangaroa
Fogarty and Williams, Greymouth
Girling, W. B. and Co, Blenheim
Mahan, A., *Hokitika
McKay, W. and Son, Greymouth
Mallen, F., Blenheim
Smith, C., Reefton
Smith, C., Westport
Stephens Bros., Nelson Creek
Uren and Co., Motueka
Wells, D. W., Woodstock

Electric Light Company
Reefton Electric Light and Power Co., Ltd., Reefton

Batchelor, H. H., Nelson
Birch, F., Blenheim
Cederman, A., *Hokitika
Davidson, G. and D., Hokitika
Garnham, B., Blenheim
Griffiths and Co., Ltd., Birchfield
Riley, S., and Co., Westport
The Dispatch Foundry Co., Ltd., Greymouth
Tomlinson, F. W., Waimea West

Aberhart, J. H., Spring Creek
Adair, P., Clarence Bridge
Allan, R., Blenheim
Allen, J., Blind River
Avery, H., Blenheim
Baigent, A., Wakefield
Baigent, A., Wakefield
Baigent, J., Wakefield
Baigent, R., Wakefield
Baigent, S., Wakefield
Barnes, F. S., Seddon
Beatson, S., Blenheim
Beauchamp, G., The Grove
Beech, G. O., Kenepuru
Bell, J., Reefton
Bell, R. J., Blenheim
Bishell, G. H., Renwicktown
Black, J. H., North-West B.
Bonnington, H. Wairau Valley
Borck, C. A., Maori Bay
Bragg, N., Koromiko
Bright, T., Wai-ti
Broughan, D., Blenheim
Brydon, J., Renwicktown
Canton, J., Ngatimoti
Chandler J., Wangapeka Valley
Chaytor, J. C., Tua Marina
Ching, W. H., Blenheim
Cracroft, H. L. W., Yneyea Bay
Davies, T. S., Blenheim
De Filippi, S., Three Channel Flat
Des Forges, A., Blenheim
Dick, J. B., Seddon
Dodson, G. L., Spring Creek
Dodson, J. H., Spring Creek
Dodson, T. R., Spring Creek
Dollar, J., Seddon
Douglas, W., Motueka
Elliott, Mrs M. E., Havelock
Farnell, W., Junr., Havelock Suburban
Faulkner, C., Wangapeka Valley
Feary, T., Poerua Settlement
Flett, C. D., Lower Moutere
Folster, H., Onamalutu
Forrest, G. R., Canvastown
Forrest, R., Rai Valley
Fursyth, M. K., Stanley Brook
Fowler, W., Blenheim
Fox, J. T., Cape Foulwind
Fox, W., Cape Foulwind
Francis, T., Seddon
Fry, E., Riwaka
Gifford, A. H., Spring Creek
Gifford, W., Spring Creek
Gillett, J., Motueka
Godsiff, D. H., Waitaria Bay
Goodall, T., Lower Moutere
Goulter, R. F., Blenhem
Greenfield, J., Blenheim
Gregory, T., Spring Creek
Grey, C., Seddon
Guy, J. A., Ngetimoti
Hailes, E., Kaikoura
Hailes, J. M., Kaikoura
Hammerich, C. C. P., Blenheim
Hammond, F., Blenheim
Hammond, H., Blenheim
Harding, T., Blenheim
Harris, G. M., Kenepuru
Hart, H., Koromiko
Hart, J., Koromiko
Harwood, T., Motupipi
Haste, J., Poerua settlement
Heard, G. T., Seddon
Henderson, J. D., Waitaria Bay
Herrick, F. W., Lower Mouture
Higgins, P., Belgrove
Hodges, W., Pokororo
Hodgkinson, R., Tadmor Valley
Hodgkinson, T., Tadmor Valley
Hodgson, W., Okaramio
Holdaway, J., Blenheim
Hughes, J., Canvastown
Inwood, W., *Pangatotara
Jackson, A. W., Blenheim
Johnston, J., Okaramio
Johnston, J., Seddon
Jones, E., Havelock Suburban
Jones, W., Blenheim
Jordan, C. R., Blenheim
Kennington, W., Okaramio
Kenyon, H., Thorpe
Kidson, G. H., Sherry
Kinzett, Frederick Arthur, Wakefield (1872-1947)
Kinzett, T., Wakefield
Kinzett, W. J., Tadmor Valley
Laidlaw, J., Renwicktown
Lankow, J. W. H., Tua Marina
Lash, J. G., Collingwood
Lines, G., Ngatimoti
Lucas, J. S., Blenheim
Lyes, G., Lower Kokatahi
Lyford, F., Kaikoura
Mackley, R., Koiterangi
Maher, J., Renwicktown
Manson, J., *Takaka
Mariell, R., Seddon
Marshall, G. K., Pangatotara
McArthur, A., Koiterangi
McArtney, R., Blenheim
McCallum, A., Blenheim
McCallum, J., Blenheim
McCallum, J., Renwicktown
McCallum, J., Renwicktown
McConnon, W., Lower Kokatahi
McConochic, T. N., Hope Valley
McDonald, J., *Takaka East
McGaveston, J. C., Pokororo
McInnes, J., Clarence Bridge
McIntosh, G. I., South Spit
McMahon, P., Kenepuru
McNab, G., Spring Creek
Meehan, P., Seddon
Mickell, J., Riwaka
Mills, W., Kenepuru
Miskin, A. G., Kaikoura
Morrow, R., Blind River
Mortimer, J., Okaramio
Murdoch, A. G., Blenheim
Murphy, T., Spring Creek
Neal, J. F., Spring Creek
Neal, T. N., Tua Marina
Newman, G., Renwicktown
Nicoll, C., Blenheim
Niven, G., Nikau
O'Beirne, H. G., Wakapuka
O'Connor, M., Renwicktown
O'Donnell, J., Dunganville
O'Donoghue, J., Blenheim
O'Dwyer, C., Spring Creek
Onion Bros., Blenheim
O'Sullivan, T., Havelock Suburban
Psckard, P. B., Motupipi
Packard, R., Motupipi
Palmer, H. T., The Grove
Palmer, R., Hope
Pattie, R., Junr., Riwaka
Pattie, W., Senr., Riwata
Paynter, J. W., Blenheim
Pollard, W., Blenheim
Powell, J. M. and Sons Charleston
Prendergast, J. R., Ik'tua
Prichard, N. T., Spring Creek
Randall, G., Koromiko
Ratcliffe, W., Lower Mokihinui
Reader, H. M., Havelock
Redwoord, J. H., Spring Creek
Reeves, C., Spring Creek
Reilly, J., *Takaka
Rickersten, M., Onamalutu
Rodgerson, J. E., Blind River
Rollet, J. L., Sherry
Rore, A., Spring Creek
Rose, J., Blenheim
Rose, J. F., *Takaka
Rose, J. W., Blenheim
Ross, J. C., Spring Creek
Rowling, E., Riwaka
Russ, G., Waimea West
Salisbury, J. E., Ngatimoti
Satherly, J., Motueka
Schwass Bros., Seddon
Scott, T., *Takaka East
Seymour, G. T., Blenheim
Simpson, A. J. H. P. P., Broughton's Bay
Smart, J., Onamalutu
Smith, C. and J., Motueka
Smith, F., Tua Merina
Smith, J., Koiterangi
Smith, W., Cronadun
Smith, W., Tua Marina
Soper, W., Spring Creek
Staines, J., Koiterangi
Staples, B., *Takaka
Staples, R., Motueka
Strachan, G. C., Ngatimoti
Sutherland, W. A. D., Spring Creek
Tapp, W., Renwicktown
Thomason, E., Tadmor Valley
Thompson, B., The Grove
Thompson, E., Blenheim
Thompson, J., Foxhill
Thomson, A., Murchison
Thomson, J., Blenheim
Thorn, E., Kokatahi
Tiller, C., North-West Bay
Trower, C. T. M., Longford
Trueman, R., Blind River
Tyree, F., Collingwood
Vavasour, H. D., Blenheim
Walker, R., Blenheim
Wallis, R. D., Motueka
Watson, J., Spring Greek
Watson, R. T., Granity
Watson, S., Renwicktown
Wells, G. G., Four Fathom Bay
Wilkins, A. E., Tua Marina
Williams, J. T., Koromiko
Williams, P. G., Blenheim
Wills, J. W., Ngatimoti

Banks, J., Reefton
Crumpton, H. T., Reefton
Edgar Bros., *Takaka
Greaney, J., Greymouth
Price, J., Waimea West
Robertson, G., Wakefield
Taylor, J., Junr., Blenheim
Wimsett and Sons, Nelson

Tapp, S., Blenheim
Westport Fellmongery, Westport

Flower, F. H., Kaikoura
Hillersden Flaxmill, Wairau Valley
Kaikoura Steam Flaxmills

Croucher, J. M., Richmond
Hewetson, J. and Co., Motueka
Painton, E., Wakefield

Fruit Culture
Blackmore, J. C., Nelson

Gibson, W., Renwicktown
Gray, J., Kaikoura
Jennens, J., Nelson
Tunnicliffe, C., Blenheim
Virtue J. E., Westport

Fruit Growers
Grooby Bros, *Pangatotara (Francis, Thomas & George Grooby - also started a sawmill in Murchison 1910)
Marshall, G. K., *Pangatotara
Thomason, H., *Pangatotara

Furniture Dealer
Smale, T., Blenheim

Brimble, J., Greymouth

Gold Mining And Dredging
Al Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Capleston
Alpine Extended Gold Mining Co., Ltd., Lyell
Amikitea Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Murchison
Blackwater River Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Upper Blackwater
Buller Junction Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Inangahua
Consolidated Gold Fields of New Zealand, Ltd., Reefton
Golden Fleece Crushing Mill, Black's Point
Greenstone Creek Dredge, Kumara
Horse Terrace Sluicing Co., Ltd., Horse Terrace
Keep-It-Dark Quartz Gold Mining Co., Ltd., Crushington
King Solomon Mine, Cullensville
Kirwan Roward Gold Mining Co., Ltd., Reefton
Kohi Kohi Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Murchison
Lake Mahinapua Gold Dredging Co., Lake Mahinapua
Mokola Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Three Channel Flat
Ment D'or Gold Mining Co., Ross 534
Nelson Creek Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Nelson Creek
Reduction Works of the Consolidated Goldfields Co. Ltd., of NZ, Crushington
Reeves' Proprietary Dredging Co., Ltd., Capleston
Rocklands Beach Gold Dredgin Co., Ltd.,
The New Feddersen Gold Dredging Co., Ltd., Lyell
The Welcome Dredge, Inangahua
Wheel of Fortune Claim, Stafford
Woodstock Gold Dredging Syndicate. Woodstock

Diedrichs, H. G., Lower Kokatai
Karnbach, H., Kokatahi

Bary and Sons., Renwicktown
Matheson. A., Greymouth
Peitit, T., Nelson
Snodgrass, R., Nelson
Sowman, W. A, Blenheim
Stephens Bros., Nelson Creek
Truscott, J., Greymouth
Wells, E., Nelson

Ayres, G. H., Westport
Deere, J., Greymouth
Lawn, A. H., Reefton
Rhodes, C. A., Westport
Rebeck, C. F. G., *Hokitika
Sutherland, R. A., Reefton

Hematite Company
New Zealand Hematite Co., Collingwood

Hop and General Merchants
Buxton, E. and Co., Nelson
Grooby Bros, *Pangatotara (also see Fruit Growers)

Adelphi Hotel, Kaikoura
All Nation's Hotel, *Barrytown
- only Hotel in town. Was established in 1879 by Thomas Burns from Wicklow, Ireland. Taken over by his wife, (Elizabeth Jane Gilroy) in 1884 after his death (see town link above)
Arnold's Hotel, Lyell
Belgrove Hotel, Belgrove
Brian Bros Hotel, Greymouth
Buck's Head Hotel, *Brunnerton
- Robert Russell Proprietor, 14 rooms (see town link above)
Central Hotel, Nelson
City Hotel, Reefton
City Hotel, Westport
Commercial Hotel, Greymouth
Commercial Hotel, *Hokitika
Commercial Hotel, Murension
Commercial Hotel, Reefton
Criterion Hotel, Millerton
Criterion Hotel, Westport
Empire Hotel, Seddonville
Empire Hotel, Westport
Federal Hotel, Picton
Foxhill Inn, Foxhill
Gilmer Hotel, Greymouth
Gladstone Hotel, Reefton
Gough's Hotel, *Ahaura
- Benjamin Gough, Clifton St., established 1866 (go to link)
Grand Hotel, Westport
Grosvenor Hotel, Blenheim
Inangahua Junction Hotel
Junction Hotel, *Takaka
Kokatahi Hotel, Kokatahi
Kynnersley Hotel, St. Helen's
Longford Hotel, Kokatahi
Mahinapua Hotel, Lake Mahinapua
Mammoth Hotel, Matakitaki
Masonic Hotel, Nelson,
Midland Railway Hotel, Totara Flat
New River Hotel, Dunganville
Ngakawau Hotel, Ngakawau
Occidental Hotel, *Hokitika
Occidental Hotel, Reefton
Okaramio Hotel, Okaramio
Old Digging's Hotel, Berlin's
Oxley's Pier Hotel, Picton
Pelorus Hotel, Canvastown
Pier Hotel, Nelson
Post Office Hotel, Havelock
Post Office Hotel, Lyell
Post Office Hotel, Picton
Post Office Hotel, Waimangaroa
Prince of Wales Hotel, Westport
Q.C.E. Hotel, Westport
Railway Hotel, Granity Creek
Railway Hotel, Richmond
Railway Hotel, Sergeants Hill
Red Lion Hotel, Hekitika
Rogers' Reefers' Hotel, Capleston
Royal Hotel, Denniston
Royal Hotel, Westport
Shamrock Hotel, Addison's
Southern Cross Hotel, Reefton
Southland Hotel, *Hokitika
Starborough Hotel, Seddon
Stevenson's Hotel, Reefton
Temperance Hotel, Westport
Totara Flat Hotel
Trafalgar Hotel, Nelson
Tramway Hotel, Millerton
Travellers' Rest Hotel, Riwaka
Union Hotel, *Ahaura
- Henry James proprietor (), see town link above
Watson's Hotel, Granity

House Furnishers
Girling, W. B. and Co., Blenheim
McKay, W. and Son, Greymouth
Up-to-Date Furnishing Warehouse, Blenheim

Australian Mutual Provident Society. Nelson
Government Life Insurance Office, Greymouth
Government Life Insurance Department, Nelson
New Zealand Insurance Co., Nelson

Iron And Brass Founders
Anchor Foundry, Nelson
Cederman, A., *Hokitika
Davidson, G. and D., *Hokitika
Davidson, R., Kumara
Fairweather, W., Blenheim
Griffiths and Co., Birchfield
The Dispatch Foundry Company, Ltd., Greymouth

Ironmongers, etc
Amberger, P., *Hokitika
Cook, W., Kaikoura
Martin and Co., Westport
Miller and McKay, Blenheim
Struthers, W., Westport
Wilkins and Field Hardware Co., Ltd., Nelson

Jam Manufacturers
Kirkpatrick, S., and Co., Nelson

Brocklehurst, J. G., *Hokitika
Brown and Kerr, Nelson
Harding, R. M., Blenheim
Ingram, W. H., *Hokitika
Moyes, W., Nelson
Sargison, A. S., *Hokitika
Seantlebury, E. J., Reelton

Land And Estate Agent
White, J., Blenheim

Lime And Cement Works
Wellington and Marlborough Lime and Cement Company, Pieton

Livery Stables
Ashton, E., Greymouth
Bevan, W. H., Westport
Cochrrne, W., Reefton
Craddock Bros., Westport
Dowell, B., *Hokitika
Gay, J., Nelson
Green, W., Westport
MeElwee, J., Westport
Newman Bros., Brightwater
Pickering, W., Havelock
Totara Flat Livery Stables
Totteaham, W., Westport

Bailie and Co., Westport
Clouston and Co., Blenheim
Easson and Co., J. W., Greymouth
Greepsill, J. A. R., Picton
Kettle Bros, Greymouth
Langridge, J. J. and Co., *Takaka
Levin and Co., Blenheim
Linaemann, C. J. E., *Hokitika
May, W. R., Richmond
MeNce, R., Murchison
Munro, J. and Co., Ltd., Westport
Paterson, Michel and Co, *Hokitika
Patterson, R., Reefton
Philpotts and Son, Picton
Powell, J. and Co., Westport
Powell, J. M. and Sons, Charleston
Pullar Bros., Burnett's Face
Stevenson, A., *Hokitika
Tacon, Tansey, and Co., Greymouth
White Bros., Tadmor Valley

Annear, W., Reefton
Boyd, W., Rimu
Clifton and Party, Rimu
Egden, J. A., Cobden
Harris, James, *Barrytown
- born in Jersey 1846, worked at his father's trade as a baker for three years, emigrated to Australia landing in Sydney in 1867, left Australia for NZ and worked at Tuapeka and Waipori. Moved to the West Coast, commenced mining operations at Kumara. In 1881 joined Evans and Party at Barrytown, afterwards became a member of Lewis and Party long known as hydraulic sluicers at Lawson's Creek, Barrytown
Harris, J. E., Rimu
Honey, S. R., Callaghan's
Lewis, E. H., *Barrytown
McGrath and Co., *Dillmanstown
Morris, J., Reefton
Neilson, H., Blackball
Powell, J. M. and Sons, Charleston
Willis, G., Reefton

Mining Engineers
Daniel, P. F., Greymouth
Hartill, J. E., Chartston

Monumental Masons
MeMillan and Thompson
Ralife, T. La M., *Hokitika 510

Music Dealers
Parker's Warehouse, Blenhein

Buller Miner 176
Golden Bay News, *Takaka 217
Grey River Argus, Greymouth
Greymonth Evening Star, Greymouth
*Hokitika Guardian and Evening Star
Inanhagna Herald
Inangahua Times
Kaikoura Star
Kumara Times. Dillmans and Goldsborough Advertiser
Motueka Star
Nelson Evening Mail
Ross and Okarito Advocate and West Coast Advert.
The Nelson Colonist
West Coast Times, *Hokitika
Westport News
Westport Times

Nurseryman And Fruiterer
Jennens, Jesse, Nelson

Oil And Colour Merchants
Cooke, J. P., Nelson
Savage, J., and Son, Nelson

Oil Launch Proprietor
Henderson, J. D., Waitaria Bay

Cooke, J. P., Nelson
Holmes Bros., Greymouth
O'Neill, J., Westport

Brusewitz, H. E. L., Nelson
Lane, W., Riwaka
Macey, W. H., Blenheim
Ring, James, Greymouth (took the photo at end)
Sherlock, W., Reefton
Tyree, W., Nelson
Vinsen, W. H., Westport

Physicians And Surgeons
Adams, R., N., *Takaka
Andrew, P. O., Nelson
Bennett, J. F., Blenheim
Conlon, W. A., Reefton
Deck, H. O. B., Motueka
Hudson, J., Nelson
Macandrew, H., *Hokitika
Mackenzie, M., Westport
McBrearty, J., Junr., Greymouth
McBrearty, J., Senr., Greymouth
McKay, W. J., Nelson
Millington, J. P., Creymouth
Morice, C. G. F., Greymouth
Pearless, W. R., Wakefield
Redman, W. R., Picton
Roberts, E. J., Nelson
Scott, E. H., Reefton
Teichelmann, E., *Hokitika

Plumbers, etc
Brimble, J., Greymouth
Burn, D., Wakefield
Debenham, A. J., *Hokitika
Heinz, W., Greymouth
Kater, H., Reefton
McArtney, Estate of Late J. A., Nelson
Shepherd, G. B., Reefton
Wanstall, W., Richmond

Betts, A. G., Nelson

Provision Merchants
Simon, J., Westport

Greymouth Coffee Palace and Tea Rooms, Greymouth

Saddlers And Harness Makers
Dickson, P. J., Nelson
Harris, A. H., Reefton
Jordan, J. B., Motueka
Leaver, A., Westport

Hansen, C., Greymouth

Seed, Grain, And Produce Merchants
Neale and Haddow, Nelson

Franzen, B. and Co., Nelson
Wilson, J. G., Westport

Baigent Bros., *Takaka
Baigent, H. and T., *Takaka
Bainbam Sawmills, Bainham
Baxter Bros., Kokiri
Beach Road Sawmill, Kumara Junction
Bensemann, F., Upper Moutere
Brownlee and Co., Havelock
Bryant Bros., Belgrove
Butler Bros., Kokiri
Cute, W., Blenheim
Coal Creek Sawmill, Greymouth
Fisher Bros., Nelson Creek
Granity Creek Sawmills
Griffiths Bros., Birchfield
Jack Bros., Kotuku
Kotuku Sawmilling Co., Aratika
Lake Brunner Sawmilling Co., Lake Brunner
Larrikins Sawmill Company, *Dillmanstown
Laugesen and Sons, Kaikoura
Lincoln Bros, and Toomey, *Hokitika
Marris, N. and J., Westport
Marshall and Co., Kotuku
Mawheraiti Sawmill
McGrath and Co., *Dillmanstown
Moana Sawmilling Co., Moana
Mountain Camp Sawmill, Canvastown
Mumm's Sawm'l, St. Helens
Nees and McLean, Rai Valley
Ngahere Sawmilling Co., Ngahere
Ngahere Sawmill of Nyberg and Co., Ngahere
Pangatotara Sawmill, *Pangatotara
Railway Station Sawmill, Kumara
Red Jack's Sawmilling Co., Ngahere
Roberts's Mill, Baxter's
Robertson Bros., Ltd, Rai Valley
Seddon's Terrace Sawmill, Rimu
Smart and Lodge, Canvastown
Smith. J., Koiterangi
Stratford, Blair and Co., Ltd., Greymouth
Stuart and Chapman's Waitaha Bluff Sawmill, Ross
The West Coast Timber Trading Co., Greymouth
Thomas Bros., Belgrove
Union Sawmill, *Dillmanstown
Westland Sawmilling Co., Ltd

Stecle, J., Reefton

Sheep Farmers
Andrews, H., Havelock Suburban
Bartlett, E., Havelock Suburban
Bishell, D., Blenheim
Caverhill, C. R., Kaikoura
Cozens, H., Havelock Suburban
Dalton, J. T., Canvastown
Foote, J. D., Wilson's Bay
Foster, F. M., The Awatere
Gonlter, C., Renwicktown
Gunn, G. M., The Awatere
Henderson, W. P., Waitaria Bay
Latter. R., Le C., Clarence Bridge
Leslie, J., Okaramio
Mackley, S. M., Little Grey Junction
Marsden, J, W., Stoke
McRae, A. C., The Awatere
Phillips, W. H., Junr., Sherry
Rutherford, E. S., Kekerangu
Smith, W., Kaikoura
Stace, H. J., Port Underwood
Teschemaker, C. De V. Renwicktown
Trolove, J. W., Kekerangu
Ward, B. R., The Awatere
Wood, C., Kaikoura

New Zealand Shipping Co.
Kaikoura, The s.s.
Kaipara, The s.s.
Paparoa, The s.s.
Rimutaka. The s.s.
Tongariro, The s.s.
Turakina, The s.s.
Waimate, The s.s.
Wakanui, The s.s.
Shaw, Savill and Albion Co.
Athenic, The s.s.
Delphic, The s.s.
Ionic, The s.s.
Maori, The s.s.
Matatua, The s.s.
Tokomaru, The s.s.
Waiwara, The s.s.
Westland, The Barque
Tyser Line
Hawke s Bay, The s.s.
Star of Australia, The s.s.
Star of England, The s.s.
Star of New Zealand, The s.s.
Star of Scotland, The s.s.
Shire Line
Ayrshire, The s.s.
Draytoa Grange, The s.s.
Nairnshire, The s.s.
Union Steamship Co.

Shipping Agents
Wickes, Ltd., Greymouth 567

Soap Manufacturers
Haddew and Pettit, Nelson

Betts, A. G., Nelson
Jackson and Co., Nelson
King, J., *Hokitika
McKeegan, F., Westport
Palmer, Mrs M. H., Reefton
Parkhouse, G., Westport
Penny, E. H., Blenheim
Scantlebury, E. J., Reefton
Whittaker Bros., Greymouth

Allen, J. D., *Hokitika
Arunstrong Bros., *Brunnerton
Armstrong, G., Cobden
Baybutt, D., Totara Flat
Boyd., C. W., *Takaka
Boyes, H. E., Murchison
Brownlee and Co., Havelock
Chandler, J., Wangapeka Valley
Clark, J. A., Seddonville
Cocke, W. and Sons. Blenheim
Corby, T., St. Helens
Daines, W. F., Blenheim
Empire Stere, Kanieri
Flower, F. H., Kaikoura
Fuller, J., Seddon
Garth, Thomas H., *Ahaura
- one of the earliest West Coast Settlers (go to town link above)
Grange, T. N., Reefton
Hansen, P., Woodstock
Harold, J., Reefton
Havill, F. J., Kanieri Forks
Hill, E., Westport
Hodgson, A. and Son, Wakefield
Hodgson, H. J. and Co., Murchison
Holder, B. H., Seddonville
Kirk and Co., *Takaka
Kirk, D. H., Seddon
Lambert, Mrs S. A., Seddon
Lannemann, C. J. E., Stafford
Lynch's Store, Murchison
Matheson, A., Greymouth
McAlpine. R., Burnett's Face
McGrath and Co., *Dillmanstown
- Patrick McGrath (store in photo below)
McLaughlin, Mrs Mary, *Ahaura
- from County Tipperary (see town link above)
O'Donnell, J., Dunganville
Perrett, R. S., Nobles
Powell, G. M., Charleston
Price, W., Havelock
Rhodes, C. H., Reefton
Ryall, John, *Barrytown
- established in 1870 Denis Ryan & taken over by his son John in 1897
Totara Flat Store and Bakery
Truseott, J., Greymouth
Walker Bros., Waimangaroa
Warren, Patrick, *Barrytown
- established 1879. Patrick was born Killarney, County Kerry
Waterhouse, F., Wakefield
Way, G. B., Kumara
Wells, D. W., Woodstock

Bartlett, L., Blenheim
Cohen, J., Greymouth
Evans, C., Hokitika
Feehan, J., Reefton
Girling and Co., W. B., Blenheim
Kyle Bros., Greymouth
Morris, W., Kaikoura
Mullen, F., Blenheim
Richards, E., Nelson
Short, W., and Son
Stanlake, H. J., Kaikoura
Vail, J. K., Blenheim
Williams, J. E., Greymouth

Lightband, O. W., Bright-water

Teachers Of Music
Cheek, M. A., Blenheim
Lucas, Mrs J. P., Blenheim
McCabe, Miss L., Blenheim

Timber Merchants
Brownlee and Co., Havelock
Butler Bros., Kokiri
Bythell and Co., Blenheim
Hewetson, J., and Co., Motueka
Larrikins Sawmilling Co., *Dillmanstown
Laugesen and Sons, Kaikoura
Lincoln Bros and Toomey, *Hokitika
McGrath and Co., *Dillmanstown
Stratford, Blair, and Co., Ltd., Greymouth

Amberger, P., *Hokitika
Brimble, J., Greymouth
Debenham, A. H., *Hokitika
Foxeroft, T., Greymouth
Heinz, W., Greymouth
Heinz, W., *Hokitika

Ayres, G. H., Westport
Deere, J., Greymouth
Lawn, A H., Reefton
Rhodes, C. A., Westport
Hobeck, C. F. G., *Hokitika 512
Sutherland, R. A., Reefton

Fowler, J., Blenheim
Wray, A. G., Richmond

Cock, J. H. and Co., Nelson

Bright, W. G., Westport
Brown and Kerr, Nelson
Hall and Henley, Westport
Harding, R. M., Blenheim
Ingram, W. H., *Hokitika
Moyes, W., Nelson
Sargison, A. S., *Hokitika

Wine And Spirit Merchants
Garth, T. H., *Ahaura
Simon, J., Westport

Wool And Produce Brokers
Clouston and Co., Blenheim
Levin and Co., Blenheim

PHOTO (taken between 1886-1892)

View over the gold mining town of Dillmanstown showing houses, shops and flumes. The business of Patrick McGrath, general storekeeper is centre right. Three men, one upon a horse and carriage, are in the foreground.
Taken by James Ring (1856-1939) of Greytown, above

the Maoriland Worker - 3 Jan 1917

The Maoriland Worker, later called The Standard, was a leading New Zealand labour journal of the early 20th century.
It was launched in 1910 by the Shearers' Union and was initially published monthly (Frank Langstone was involved). It was soon taken over by the New Zealand Federation of Labour and became the official organ of the federation.
The journal ceased publication in 1960. At the time it was called The Standard and was published weekly

some ads from Maoriland Worker on Jan 3 1917
Drapers and Mercers, Greymouth
Wish to announce the arrival of their new Spring and Summer goods. Every line stocked for Ladies' and Gents' wear. A trial solicited. Satisfaction assured

General Storekeepers
Boots, Shoes, Crockery, Ironmongery, Groceries

The World's Best Pictures for Westportians,
The World's Best People

Mawhera Quay, Greymouth
T. O'BRIEN, Proprietor

Tobacconist and Hairdresser, WESTPORT
"Cleanliness, Proficiency and Courtesy" is our motto

D. J. METTRICK, Proprietor
(Late of Denniston)

Morley's Beer
We don't keep good beer - we sell it
T. ELCOCK ...... Proprietor

Drink! The Whisky that is Asked For
GRIFFEN & SMITH, Ltd., Greymouth

Ms H. A. CAMPBELL, proprietress

We are now showing our full range of the Newest Goods for Winter Wear. Our Millinery this season is very smart, the prices low, while there is a distinctive feature about our hats that adds to the pleasure of the wearer.
We cordially invite you to come in and inspect these goods. Clients unable to visit our store may have their hats made up from any illustration they care to send

Tailoring Emporium
Established 1866, Note New Address -
H. E. FERGUSON ...... Proprietor

Best Wines and Spirits kept
Steward's Ale always on tap. Good accommodation
Mrs P. PHELAN ...... Proprietors

REMEMBER! - We own and run our business, therefore can and do sell HIGH-CLASS GOODS from 15 to 20 per cent cheaper than any other West Coast Traders

TAILOR - Mackay Street, Greymouth

A large assortment of Hats, Shirts, Boots, Ties etc, in stock
A well-cut and finished Suit, with excellent wearing qualities, guaranteed

Primest Qualities of BEEF & MUTTON
at Lowest Possible Prices at E. McMahon's

Chemist and Druggist
Proprietor of Mullan's Magic Liniment and Robertson's Cherry Pectoral
* Robert Francis Mullan (1848-1928) married Elizabeth Anne 'Lizzie' Robinson (1855-1933, 1st of 13 children from Dungannon, County Tyrone) in Woolloomooloo, Australia 26 Sep 1876.
Robert was living in Woolloomooloo, late of Westport. Lizzie was living in Woolloomooloo, late of Auckland and signed her name with an x. They arrived into Westport shortly after.
Their 1st born of 5 children, Private 34577, Thomas James Mullan (1876-1918), NZ Machine Gun Battalion, died of pneumonia 12 July 1918 during WWI & buried Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt
Robert & Lizzie are buried in Orawaiti Middle Cemetery, Westport

Corner Russell and Brougham Street, Westport
The last word in a home from home. Absolutely the most modern hotel on the West Coast. Private Box 56. Telephone 20
WM. TODD, Proprietor

Established over 40 years
leaves Westport for Reefton and vice versa daily. Car leaves Westport for Glenhope every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; returning from Glenhope ever Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Newman Bros., Proprietors

Provision and Produce Merchants
Westport. Greymouth

Drapery Emporium
We're growing because we're constantly giving unusual values for the price because our assortment is complete and because we treat our customers right. Are you receiving our service?
PANCKHURST WHITE HOUSE, Palmerston Street, Westport

A large stock of Boots and Shoes, Ironmongery, Crockery Ware and Glassware always on hand

Crown and Local Beers
MICK SHERLOCK ...... Proprietor

Choicest Wines And Spirits, Morley's Beer on Tap
J. FISHER ...... Proprietor

Opposite Railway Station, GREYMOUTH
Best Accommodation, Best Liquors
HAROLD WEBB, Proprietor


Auctioneer, Valuator and Commission Agent, WESTPORT

M. J. FITZGERALD, Proprietor

Central Palmerston St., Westport
FRANK L. BARBER, Proprietor

The above well-known Hotel has been taken over by Mr Sam Paul, late of the Phoenix, Palmerston North and will be run on lines to ensure public confidence and support
The best of Liquors always obtainable
First-class Billiard Tables
Patronised by Lord Ranfurly and suite, Lord Plunket and suite
SAM PAUL ...... Proprietor

Boundary Street, Greymouth
Fish Suppers at all hours
BOB MUNDY, Proprietor

Men's Central Outfitter, News Agent, Fancy Goods Dealer and Stationer
Men's Working Boots a Specialty


Undertaker and Monumental Mason
Albert Street, Greymouth
Funerals conducted in town and country
cemetery work of all kinds done

Exhibitions at - Waimangaroa, Granity, Denniston, Millerton, Burnett's Face, Ngakawau

FEISST marriages New Zealand 1908-1931

the known FEISST marriages in NZ

Frederick Feisst (1900-1976)
married Madge ROBINSON (1904-1955) in 1923

Henry Feisst (1886-1970)
married Margaret WUALTROUGH (1878-1941) in 1908 in Cambridge, Waikato

Joseph Feisst (1892-1968)
married Aelena Theresa Rose KNIGHT (1902-1987) in 1931

Robert Henry Feisst (1889-1976)
married Jeanie Mary LEANING in 1911 in Cambridge, Waikato

William Feisst (1894-1971)
married Helen HASTINGS (1894-1959) in 1916

Also see The CAMBRIDGE New Zealand HOME GUARD Roll

SPEARPOINT Marriages - New Zealand

the known SPEARWOOD Marriages 1894-1935

Charles Edward Spearpoint (1897-1966)
married Dorothy SMITH aka Simpson in 1923

Charles Ingram Spearpoint (1898-1984)
married Kathleen CLEAL in 1921

Charles Thomas Spearpoint (1873-1953)
born Bermondsey, London, 5th of 12 known children of Ingram Robert Spearpoint & Caroline Isabella Cogan
married Catherine SHAW (1875-1953) in 1894
their known children:
* 1895 - Beatrice Catherine Elizabeth Spearpoint
* 1898 - Charles Ingram Spearpoint
* 1902 - Evelyn Priscilla Spearpoint
* 1907 - Violet Caroline Spearpoint
* 1911 - Daisy Adelaide Spearpoint
* 1913 - Frederick Thomas John Spearpoint

Frederick Thomas John Spearpoint (1913-1985)
married Josephine Gladys THOMAS (1912-1990) in 1935

Ingram Robert Spearpoint (1865-1934)
born Bermondsey, London, 1st of 12 known children of Ingram Robert Spearpoint & Caroline Isabella Cogan
married Emily Ann CROSS (1864-1938) in 1913

James Spearpoint
married Norah Ellen SCANLAN in 1907

Beatrice Catherine Elizabeth Spearpoint (1895-1972)
married William Thomas FALLON in 1916

Daisy Adelaide Spearpoint (1911-2004)
married Rule Colin Moate GORDON (1904-1980) in 1927

Elizabeth Ellen Spearpoint (1894-1955)
married William BYERS in 1919

Evelyn Priscilla Spearpoint (1902-1960)
married Leslie Herbert DARNTON (1894-1969) in 1920 (divorced)
partner John MITCHELL & had a son, Jack Desmond Mitchell (1928-2006)
married Samuel REID IN 1931

Violet Caroline Spearpoint (1906-2001)
married Alvin Francis EASTLAKE (1901-1980) in 1924