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GLADWIN marriages New Zealand 1874 - 1924

known GLADWIN marriages New Zealand 1874 - 1924


Albert Edward Gladwin
- married ISabella Anne McPherson in 1909

Thomas James Gladwin
- married Helena Louisa Smitt in 1874

Walter Frederick Gladwin
- married Ethel Maud Cartmill in 1909

William Thomas Gladwin
- married Margaret Angus in 1908


Alice Eleanor Gladwin
- married William Ayling in 1899

Amelia Jane Gladwin
- married Herbert John Nelson in 1909

Emily Louisa Gladwin
- married Joseph Quaintance in 1889

Joyce Gladwin
- married Frederick James Lightoller in 1885

Rosina Maud Gladwin
- married John Percy Coulter in 1924

male SMITT marriages New Zealand 1870 - 1924

known SMITT marriages in New Zealand 1870 - 1924


Charles Smitt
- married Sarah Kent in 1875

Gastav Smitt
- married Christine Ericksen in 1888

George Smitt
- married Ann Crossan in 1889

George Grant Smitt
- married Ann Courtney in 1887

George Thomas Smitt
- married Mary Ann Nortt in 1875

McLeod Henrick Smitt
- married Madeline Margaret Atkinson McLeod in 1924

James Cruickshanks Smitt
- married Elizabeth Henderson in 1870

James Norman Smitt
- married Ellen Bastings in 1880

Aitken John Christie Smitt
- married Margaret Lithgow Aitken in 1878

John Henry Smitt
- married Annie Hunter Shiels in 1872

John Jonah Smitt
- married Margaret Munro in 1887

Corke John Todd Smitt
- married Elizabeth Erskine Corke in 1890

Leonard Smitt
- married Mary Rodger in 1879

Matthew Smitt
- married Elizabeth Hodgetts in 1875

Peter Smitt
- married Agnes Spence in 1875

Robert Job Smitt
- married Mary Ellen White in 1881

Spencer George Hemmings Smitt
- married Sarah McGavin in 1878

Walter Smitt
- married Iabella McLellan in 1878

William Smitt
- married Rachel Hordern in 1882


female SMITT marriages New Zealand 1863 - 1919

known SMITT marriages New Zealand 1863 - 1919


Annie Smitt
- married William Henry White in 1875

Catharine Smitt
- married Robert Brown in 1875

Catherine Smitt
- married James Briggs in 1875

Catherine Smitt
- married George Beddie Dalgerne in 1883

Eliza Smitt
- married George Williamson in 1878

Elizabeth Smitt
- married William Dougherty in 1878

Hannah Smitt
- married James Maxwell in 1889

Helena Louisa Smitt
- married Thomas James Gladwin in 1874

Jane Smitt
- married William George Bullock in 1890

Jane Goring Smitt
- married James Alexander Finley in 1887

Margaret Smitt
- married William Anthony Barrett in 1874

Margaret Mcadam Smitt
- married Henry Matheson in 1881

Mary Smitt
- married ?? in 1863

Mary Smitt
- married Andrew Burns in 1881

Mary Smitt
- married Peter Laughton in 1882

Phoebe Smitt
- married Vincent Victor Barrows in 1919


female BASTINGS marriages New Zealand 1871 - 1926

known BASTINGS marriages New Zealand 1871 - 1926


Alma Isabel Bastings
- married Ernest Pranville St George Tucker in 1920

Annie Bastings
- married Reginald Thompson in 1899

Annie Rita Bastings
- married Norman Leonard Francis Wood in 1921

Charlotte Anne Bastings
- married John Carse Arbuckle in 1871
- the children of Charlotte & John

Doris Elvira Bastings
- married Edward Trezise in 1923

Edna Clarice Bastings
- married Daniel McCulloch in 1923

Ellen Bastings
- married James Norman Smitt in 1880

Ethel Ivy Bastings
- married George Skottowe Webb in 1919

Florence Elizabeth Bastings
- married John James Purvis in 1896

May Theresa Bastings
- married James Cunningham Durie in 1922

Nellie Gladys Bastings
- married Llewellyn Robert Joseph Hamilton in 1914

Phyllis Hilda Bastings
- married Peter Whitfield Savage in 1911

Rosalind Kitty Bastings
- married Armine George Drake in 1900

Tui Vera Bastings
- married Warren Benjamin Franklin in 1926

Veda Iolanthe Bastings
- married Wilfred Frank Kerr in 1921


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male BASTINGS marriages New Zealand 1879 - 1930

known BASTINGS marriages in New Zealand 1879 - 1930:


Arthur Tennis Bastings
- marrried Mabel Grace Hay n 1921

Edgar Bastings
- married Annie Best in 1879

Edgar Bastings
- married jane Mackay in 1897

Edgar Alfred Bastings
- married Jean MacKersy in 1930

Frederick John Bastings
- married Daisy Foster in 1915

Frederick John Bastings
- married Elizabeth Campbell in 1896

Horace Frederick Bastings
- married Alice Speding in 1889

Horace William Bastings
- married Marion Fisher in 1900

Orlando Pervival Bastings
- married Sylvester Letitia Taylor in 1917

Sidney Bastings
- married Nora Halcombe Manning in 1919

William Edgar Bastings
- married Anne Isabella Woodifield in 1889

William Frederick Bastings
- married Margaret Treacy in 1901


CUMBERPATCH marriages New Zealand 1903 - 1929

the known CUMBERPATCH marriages in New Zealand 1903 - 1921:


Albert Daniel Cumberpatch (1898-1975)
- born in New Zealand to Daniel CUMBERPATCH & Edith KEMP (read John below)
- married Thelma Charlotte Ada FAASS (1900-1974) in 1921
- Thelma was a daughter of Henry & Edith FAASS

Arthur Cumberpatch (1889-1975)
- born in New Zealand to Daniel CUMBERPATCH & Edith KEMP
- married Elizabeth Hoffman REAY (1890-1973) in 1911

John Cumberpatch (1875-1935)
- John was born in Northampton, England. He was 8 years old when he arrived in New Zealand with his parents, Daniel CUMBERPATCH (1852-1926) & Edith KEMP (1855-1926, and his baby brother William (below) on the IONIC which left London 26 April 1883 with about 400 pssengers, sone for Wellington, some for Christchurch & others, including the Cumberpatch family were destined for Otago.
- like his father & brother, John was a Bootmaker
- John married Agnes Hannah AYREY (1874-1952) in 1903
- their 2 known children (possibly others):
1904 - 1904 Edith Eileen Cumberpatch
- Edith died aged 3 months, buried Plot 1026C at Addington
1905 - 1997 Clarence John Cumberpatch
- John died 3 April 1935 aged 60. He had been living at 27 Wembley street, Sydenham, Christchurch.
- Agnes was born in Christchurch. She died 10 Aug 1852 aged 77. She was till living in Wembley street
- they are buried together in Plot 63, Block 8D at Sydenham cemetery

William Cumberpatch (1883-1929)
- William was an infant when he arrived in New Zealand with his parents (Daniel CUMBERPATCH & Edith KEMP) and his 8 year old brother John (above)
- like his father & brother, William was a Bootmaker
- he married Alice Thompson KING (1885-1963) in 1907
- Alice was a daughter of Thomas KING & Elizabeth THOMPSON
- 3 known children (possibly others)
1908 - 2006 Irene Alice Cumberpatch
1910 - ? Ethel Edith Cumberpatch
1912 - 1993 William Arthur Cumberpatch
- William died 7 April 1929 aged 46
- he had been living at 80 Harman street, Addington, Christchurch
- Alice died 34 years after him, on 6 March 1963 aged 78
- they are buried together in Plot 62, Block 8D at Sydenham


Irene Alice Cumberpatch (1908-2006)
- born in Christchurch to William CUMBERPATCH & Alice Thompson KING
- Irene married Robert Douglas SALT (1905-1979) in 1929
- Robert was a Cabinetmaker. He was born in Manchester, England
- Robert died 10 Feb 1979 aged 74
- Irene died 13 Dec 2006 aged 98
- the are buried together in Plot 139, Block 11, Memorial Park Christchurch


16 June 1883
... Daniel Cumberpatch was a Bootmaker. He & Edith an their 2 sons arrive in Lyttelton, New Zealand on the IONIC (read above). They were destined for Otago but appear to have spent a lot of time in Christchurch, also buried there

8 Dec 1905
... Daniel Cumberpatch was in default to Black, Beattie and Co., (drapers in Christchurch) and was fined in Court £24 17 4d (this is equivalent to Dec 2011 to $3,800)

30 Oct 1907
... John Cumberpatch was fined 20s and costs for riding his bicyle at night without a light

EDITH CUMBERPATCH died 5 January 1923 aged 67
- they were then living at 172 Antigua street, central Christchurch
DANIEL JOSEPH CUMBERPATCH died 8 August 1926 aged 74
- he had been living at 101 Southampton street, Sydenham, Christchurch
they are buried together in Plot 14, Block 8D at Sydenham cemetery

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New Zealand SOLDIERS in the BOER WAR - from MASTERTON

the following list of soldiers from Pahiatua was taken from the site:
NZ in the BOER WAR

The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendices to the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that some New Zealand soldiers enlisted with British, Australian or South African forces and will therefore not appear on this database

the soldiers from Masterton

soldiers from Pahiatua

- each name is a link (at the above site) to more info

Adams, Robert Allan

Baird, Stuart Macdonald

Barnes, John Joseph

Boddington, H M

Boddington, Adrian Reginald

Boddington, A J

Boddington, Houston Mayor

Broadbent, Harry

Cameron, R A

Campbell, S A

Campbell, Robert Woodward

Church, Arthur

Cook, Alexander

Cornwall, Frederick

Cullen, Thomas William

D'arcy, Thomas Lambton

Dalrymple, John George Wemyss

Dawson, Charles McBeth

Dixon, W D

Dixon, Oscar Clarence

Dixon, Edward Horace Eugene

Donald, Harley Dodgson

Dorset, F E

Duckett, John Edward

Dyer, A A

Gibbons, Patrick

Glennan, John

Grant, Sutherland Mcdonald

Gree,n Walter Gray

Green, Herbert

Harcombe, F A

Holmwood, B

Holmwood, Bernard

Hood, Francis Shaw

Hoskin, G A

Iorns, William Augustus

Lennon, William

Marsh, Alfred Hayes

Marsh, W E

Marsh, A H

Marsh, William Edward

Marsh, Frank

Mccrae, John

Mckay, William John

Mckenzie, John Murdock

Mckenzie, Stanley

Mckenzie, K D

Mckillop, John Charles

Mcrae, J

Miller, Oliver Allan

Munro, Hector

Price, John

Price, J

Reed, Frederick Charles

Reed, W

Reed, William Henry

Renall, A W

Rennall, J

Robins, Williams Edward

Rubick, E

Ryan, James

Scorra,r William Leonard

Seccombe, Frederick William

Taylor, George William

Thompson, John

Trass, Samuel

Wickens, Albert Edward

Williams, Frank Jones

Willoughby, Edgar de Burgh

Wilton, Lewis

Young, Richard Rostron

New Zealand SOLDIERS in the BOER WAR - from PAHIATUA

the following list of soldiers from Pahiatua was taken from the site:
NZ in the BOER WAR

The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendices to the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that some New Zealand soldiers enlisted with British, Australian or South African forces and will therefore not appear on this database

soldiers from Masterton

the soldiers from Pahiatua
- each name is a link (at the above site) to more info

Andrews, Percy George

Baigent, Ivanhoe

Beech, John

Bell, Arthur Hamilton

Boult, Edgar Charles

Brodie, Joseph

Burke, John

Daysh, Norman John

Engstrom, Carl Gothrik

Forbes, Francis Courtenay Sutherland

Garry, G

Garry, W J H

George, James

Gowith, H H

Harding, Francis

Jones, Harold Lancelot

Lewis, Tom

Lewis, Samuel Eldridge

Mctavish, Samuel

Neilson, C

Neilson, Charles

Neilson, Andrew

Parsons, George Alfred

Parsons, Henry Norman

Pearson, Edwin

Puinlan, Andrew jun

Sinclair, Angus

Smith, G D H

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Walter

Stevens, Charles Albert

Tatham, Ernest Edgar

Timms, Rueben

Trengrove, homas

Trengrove, T

Walker, Thomas Alexander

Westmoreland, B E

Whitta, Stephen Edward

Whyte, J B

Williams, R A

Willoughby, Nathaniel Leonard

Willoughby, E

PAHIATUA's POLISH CHILDREN - New Zealand's First Refugees

Tadeusz Wos wrote "A Good Kiwi Life" and it is available to read through NZETC A good Kiwi life
- a truly captivating read which starts ... My earliest memories were of a full and comfortable life in Poland with my mother, father, brother and sister. We lived in a good house on a farm with plenty of open space around us. Who would have known that in only a few short years I would be standing on the decks of the USS General Randall in Wellington, New Zealand, holding my brother Bronislaw's hand and looking at our new home. A home without parents, family or our Polish language and customs.

This strange country had offered us a place to live but would it turn out to be a home? We were the lucky ones. After four years at the Polish Children's Camp in Pahiatua, we became reunited with our father, now a widower, who had come looking for us at the end of World War II. He was very grateful to the New Zealand Government for the opportunity to work here and raise his family. He was given a job as a blacksmith at the Ruakura Research Farm in Hamilton ...

Visit that site for a fascinating look at our first Polish Refugees - there is a huge number of old photos at the site and some of the names mentioned on the photos are:

NOTE not in alphabetical order so names might repeat

Tadeusz Wos
Bronislaw Wos
Jan Wos (Nawalaniec)
Adolf Nawalaniec
Danuta Wos
Jadwiga Leszewicz
Stefania Zawada
Jozef Zawada
Mieczyslaw Zawada
Stefania Nawalaniec
Maria Zazulak
Janina Swierczynska
Rozalia Manterys
Janina Szalkowska
Janina Krystman
Bronislawa Lis
Petronela Ostrowska
Stanislawa Swierczynska
Jadwiga Swierczynska
Maria Wojciechowska
Janina Kornobis
Krystyna Manterys
Janina Labedz
Jadwiga Wasiukiewicz
Stanislawa Markowska
Antonina Wolyncewicz
Leokadia Jackowska
Genowefa Adamczyk
Barbara Szczepanska
Halina Wenckiewicz
Emilia Sordel
Irena Frydrych
Anna Jablonska
Barbara Sprusinska
Alicja Wisniewska
Alicja Glowacka
Jolanta Wenckiewicz
Bronislawa Jasionowicz
Danuta Szysz
Alfreda Kornobis
Olga Sajewicz
Ewa Wierzbicka
Olga Sumicz
Stanislawa Drozdowska
Janina Krystman
Bronislawa Lis
Jozefa Wypych
Janina Szalkowska
Maria Mokrzycka
Helena Szymulska
Aniela Adach
Maria Zazulak
Maria Ambroziewicz
Helena Wenckiewicz
Maria Zielinska
Rozalia Manterys
Stefania Rombel
Zofia Kolodzinska
Stefania Nawalaniec
Maria Mokrzycka
Helena Kasprzyk
Krystyna Bojda
Krystyna Manterys
Zofia Kornobis
Regina Kupis
Jozefa Wypych
Wiktoria Wypych
Helena Kraczko
Helena Swierdlowicz
Jadwiga Walasiewicz
Maria Wozniak
Magdalena Kowalczyk
Wanda Pieszczoch
Irena Iwan
Wladyslawa Wegrzyn
Stefania Pieczonka
Olga Sumicz
Krystyna Siadek
Wanda Plusa
Aniela Gabrysz
Irena Wasiukiewicz
Zofia Dembkowska
Irena Banach
Helena Pilarska
Bronislawa Dziama
Emilia Sondej
Irena Niedumow
Regina Nowacka
Eugenia Sajewicz
Stefania Pracz
Leokadia Glogowska
Stefania Wrotniak
Kazimiera Pruszynska
Janina Dzwiniel
Teresa Sztychmiller
Danuta Jankiewicz
Zofia Pleciak
Maria Jania
Weronika Potem
Zofia Luszczewska
Irena Chaber
Genowefa Lukomska
Irena Szadkowska
Hugh McKinnon
Jadwiga Korszun
Teresa Wypych
Paulina Dybka
Wladyslawa Kubiak
Maria Wysokinska
Wanda Wierzbinska
Maria Buberda
Danuta Debska
Paulina Jania
Maria Depczynska
Teresa Szczepanksa
Czeslawa Wierzbinska
Maria Juchnowicz
Augustyna Aniecka
Jadwiga Gil
Wanda Dejnakowska
Franciszka Wegrzyn
Maria Dac
Felicja Nadolska
Emilia Banas
Aleksandra Kraczko
Izabela Wisniewska
Czeslawa Gazdowicz
Zdzislawa Kolodziej
Genowefa Pekalska
Maria Korczak-Bucewicz
Irena Iwan
Czeslwa Mokrzycka
Genowefa Knap
Olga Piesocka
Helena Sierdlowicz
Janina Smietana
Eleonora Pruszynska
Magdalena Kowalczyk
Renata Kazimierzak
Krystyna Golebiowska
Jadwiga Walasiewicz
Irena Staniszewska
Mary Eising
Irena Tabisz
Irena Zolnowska
Zyta Bak
Danuta Ziolo
Anna Przychodzko
Teresa Ogonowska
Maria Wozniak
Eugenia Pracz
Stefania Serdynska
Wladyslawa Pilarska
Genowefa Apanowicz
Helena Przychodzko
Stefania Mokrzycka
Alicja Tarnowska
Maria Wrotniak
Leokadia Belczacka
Helena Kilian
Jadwiga Jankiewicz
Anna Depa
Salomea Szymczycha
Anna Zazulak
Olga Szulgan
Anastazja (Zofia) Adamczyk
Zofia Pacanowska
Aniela Adach
Stefania Nawalaniec
Jadwiga Swierczynska
Weronika Wozniak
Janina Szalkowska
Katarzyna Piesocka
Stanislawa Swierczynska
Stanislawa Drozdowska
Bronislawa Lis
Helena Kasprzyk
Waleria Merwid
Janina Marchewa
Maria Mokrzycka
Maria Kozyniak
Jozefa Wrotniak
Jadwiga Haptas
Genowefa Dzwiniel
Jadwiga Szczapa
Krystyna Manterys
Maria Tinald
Janina Dabrowska
Antonina Wolyncewicz

.. many more names at site

New Zealand POETS & their poems

Best New Zealand Poems on audio or read

you can click on listen to to hear the poet read their work, or read to link to the poem itself at the above site

this is a list of the available poems & the authors as at June 2011:

Fleur Adcock - Having Sex with the Dead

Johanna Aitchison - Miss Red in Japan

Michele Amas - Daughter

Angela Andrews - White Saris

Tusiata Avia - Shower

Stu Bagby The Boys

Hinemoana Baker - Methods of assessing the likely presence of a
terrorist threat in a remote indigenous community

Peter Bland - X-Ray

Rachel Bush - The Strong Mothers

David Beach - Parachute

Jenny Bornholdt - Fitter Turner

Amy Brown - The Propaganda Poster Girl

James Brown - University Open Day

Alan Brunton - Movie

Kate Camp - Mute Song

Gordon Challis - Walking an imaginary dog

Geoff Cochrane - Seven Unposted Postcards to My Brother

Glenn Colquhoun - To a woman who fainted recently at a poetry reading

Jennifer Compton - The Threepenny Kowhai Stamp Brooch

Mary Cresswell - Golden Weather (Cook Strait)

Lynn Davidson - Before we all hung out in cafes

Stephanie de Montalk - Hawkeye V4

Fiona Farrell - Our Trip to Takaka

Cliff Fell - Ophelia

Sia Figiel Songs of the fat brown woman

Joan Fleming - Theory of Light

Rhian Gallagher - Burial

John Gallas - The Mongolian Women's Orchestra

Paula Green - Waitakere Rain

Bernadette Hall - The History of Europe

Dinah Hawken - 365 x 30

Sam Hunt - Lines for a New Year

Anna Jackson - Spring

Lynn Jenner - Women's Business

Andrew Johnston - The Sunflower

Anne Kennedy - Die die, live live

Michele Leggott - Nice Feijoas

Graham Lindsay big bed

Anna Livesey - Shoeman in Love

Selina Tusitala Marsh - Not Another Nafanua Poem

Karlo Mila - Sacred Pulu

Cilla McQueen - Ripples

Emma Neale - Brooch

James Norcliffe - Yet Another Poem About a Giraffe

Gregory O' Brien - Where I Went

Peter Olds - Disjointed on Wellington Railway Station

Bob Orr - Eternity

Chris Orsman - Making Waves

Vincent O'Sullivan - The Child in the Gardens: Winter

Vivienne Plumb - Goldfish

Chris Price - Rose and fell

Kerrin P. Sharpe - like rain the thunder

Marty Smith - Hat

Elizabeth Smither - Two Security Guards Talking About Jupiter

C.K. Stead - Without

Robert Sullivan - After the UN Rapporteur Supported Maori Customary Rights

Brian Turner - Fear

Tim Upperton - The Starlings

Richard von Sturmer - After Arp

Louise Wallace - The Poi Girls

Ian Wedde - To Death

Sonja Yelich - and-yellow

Ashleigh Young - Certain Trees