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GWATKIN marriages New Zealand 1877 - 1931

the known GWATKIN marriages in New Zealand 1877 - 1931


Alfred Frederick Gwatkin (1867-1940)
- married Elizabeth Ann SLEEMAN (1877-1922) in 1896
- their known children:
1898- Elsie Amelia Gwatkin
1899 - 1900 Evelyn Harriet Gwatkin
- 14 March 1900 The friends of Mr Alfred Gwatkin are invited to attend the Funeral of his late daughter, Evelyn, which will leav the residence of his Father-in-law, Mr William Sleeman, Tuam street, This Day (Wednesday), at 4 p.m., for Addington Cemetery
1900 - Alfred Frederick Gwatkin
1901 - Constance Louisa Gwatkin
1902 - Doris Elizabeth Gwatkin
1904 - Esther Maud Gwatkin
1906 - William John Gwatkin
1907 - Lily Myrtle Gwatkin
1908 - Arthur Gordon Gwatkin
1908 - Edward Alexander Gwatkin
1909 - Florence Harriet Gwatkin
1912 - Annie Mabel Gwatkin

Alfred Frederick Gwatkin (1900-1975)
- married Olive Alma BROWN (1904-1992) in 1922 in Christchurch

Cyril Ernest Trevor Gwatkin (1875-1931)
- married Lena Holmwood COTTON (1881-1967) in 1904
- their known children:
1909 - Morva Emily Victoria Gwatkin

Frederick Vere Gwatkin (1882-1962)
- married Ellen Bluett RYDE (1884-1964) in 1907
- their known children:
1907 - Frederick Walter Gwatkin
1909 - Phyllis Marjory Gwatkin
1910 - Hazel Ryde Gwatkin

Herbert John Gwatkin (1880-1947)
- married Elizabeth HALL in 1904
- their known children:
1901 - Edna May Gwatkin
1906 - Reginald William Gwatkin

John Frederick Russell Gwatkin (1854-1942)
- married Sarah BAXTER (1852-1940) in 1877
- their known children:
1880 - Kenneth Russell Gwatkin
1883 - Frecerick Vere Gwatkin

Reginald William Gwatkin (1907-1969)
- marrie Edith Jean BIRSS (1906-1971) in 1927

William John Gwatkin (1905-1979)
- married Eileen May FORD (1913-1998) in 1930 in Christchurch
- had at least 8 children


Constance Louisa Gwatkin (1901-?)
- married William James Steel PATTISON (1902-1951) in 1924

Doris Elizabeth Gwatkin (1902-?)
- marrie Clarence Henry William SMITH (1892-1945) in 1921

Dorothy Elverna Gwatkin (1904-1993)
- married Fred BURGOYNE (1901-1992) in 1929

Elizabeth Louisa Gwatkin (1852-1925)
- married Henry IVEY (1854-1899) in 1877
- their known children:
1882 - Eldred Vivian Ivey
- Elizabeth remarried in 1905 to David MANN

Esther Maud Gwatkin (1904-1987)
- married Ernest George DELL (1901-1978) in 1925

Florence Gwatkin
- married Robert MARSHALL in 1901

Hazel Ryde Gwatkin (1910-2003)
- married Charles Frederick Russen LOVEGROVE (1903-1970) in 1931

Lily Myrtle Gwatkin (1907-?)
- married Malvin Oliver SMITH in 1926

Application for Patents - New Zealand INVENTORS - 1906

the New Zealand inventors were taken out of the list:
Application from Patents of 1 May 1906

to tell you where they lived in 1906 as much as what they invented

W. ANGUS, Opawa - Valve

C. ARCHER, Kyeburn Digging - Boot fastenings

F. ARMSTRONG, Dunedin - Driling teeth

G. T. BENNETT, Addington - Wooden towers

W. BENNETT, Dunedin - Dress fastener

A. J. BORDER, Wellington - Destination indicator

E. BROUGHTON, Auckland - Measuring, &c., for clothing

M. A. BROWNE Christchurch - Cinder sieve

E. S. CALDWIN & H. H. RAYWARD, Wellington - Winch and hoist

O. K. CARLSON, Clydevale - Water tap
O. K. CARLSON, Clydevale - Protecting water pipes from frost

J. CARTER, Christchurch - Game

W. E. CHAMBERLIAN, Feilding - Water supply

B. T. CHAYTOR & T. HANNON, Otamarakau - Uncoiling fencing wire

W. CLARKE, Stronvar & K. Te HUKI, Masterton - Braces

W. S. CLARKE, Auckland - Plastering laths

G. CLAYTON, Christchurch - Building construction

F. H. COOPER, Wellington - Trolley head

B. F. CRANWELL, Henderson & C. F. F. ALLAN & J. H. TRUDGEOR, Acukland - Broadcaster

A. DALE, Timaru - Burglar-proof lock

E. DANE, Remuera - Hydraulic ram

H. W. F. EATON, Christchurch - Aerating machine

T. J. DAVENPORT, Christchurch - Trace book

J. GALT, Mataura - Sleevelinks

W. E. GAREY & F. CASTLE, Grey Lynn - Floor polisher

S. GWATKIN, Christchurch - Seed sower

T. HARKINS, Auckland - Knife cleaner

D. HARTWELL, Wellington - Flax machine

J. L. HECKLER, Mangamahoe - Kicking-strap

W E. HUGHES, Wellington - Bacon curing

C. E. KEEN, Wellington - Westinghouse brake valve

H. A. E. KELLY, Christchurch - Hair comb

W. H. KINVIG, Wellington - Nail

J. MACALISTER, Invercargill - Seed sower

J. J. MACKY, Auckland - Aerated-water bottle

A. MACKAY, Auckland - Safety strap for ladder

J. W. MACKAY, Auckland - Prop clip

J. MARRINER, Christchurch & C. W. DALLASTON, Masterton - Card game

K. MATTHEWS, Auckland - Manufacture of tobacco
K. MATTHEWS, Ackland - Non-refillable bottle

E. R. McCOMBS, Christchurch - Raising and lowering blinds

H. E. McDONALD, Wellington - Spanner
H. E. McDONALD, Wellington - Flax-graders' certificates

D. McKENZIE, Auckland - Easy chair

J. D. McLAURIN, Pohangina - Preventing fraud in hemp &c., trade

A. McLEAN, Ti-tree Point, Motor-car wheel

A. I. & T. M. MURPHY, Hokitika - Printing ferns &c

A. E. NICHOLLS & J. G. SILLY, Christchurch - Goloshes

H. A. NICOLSON & A. E. S. WILSON, Otautau - Food preservative

. R. PARKER, Outram - Ladder

C. PERKINS, Onehunga - Catch for jewel pins

F. E. PERRY, Masterton - Weed-destroying composition

A. POTTER, Masterton - Tobacco cutter

H. QUERTIER, Dunedin - Tram-rail cleaner

H. T. RAWNSLEY, Kaponga - Harness

A. REID, Whangamomona - Coulter for plough

J. REYNOLDS, Hokitika - Saw-set

J. ROBERTSON & F. BLACKBURN, Auckland - Rubber heel

H. S. ROSE, Wellington - Fire alaram

J. S. RYAN, Dunedin - Tram-rail cleaner

F. SEWELL, Okoia - Propelling vessels

A. SMAILL, Dunedin - Teat cup

J. H. SUCKLING, Linwood - Carburetter

E. H. SMITH, Otawhao - Wire strainer

F. W. SMITH, Tangiwahia - Drawing off liquids

A. L. J. TAIT, Dunedin - Treating flax

M. TEASDALE, Thames - Lantern

A. THOMPSON, Dunedin - Horse-cover fastening

C. J. TUCK, Dannevirke - Shackle or link
C. J. TUCK, Dannevirke - Cart-saddle pocket

W. TURNBULL, Wellington - Flushing valve

E. H. WADDINGTON, Masterton - Flax dressing

R. WALKER, Invercargill - Mitre box

WARNOCK Brothers, Auckland - Soap

T. W. WATSON, Wellington - Gas regulator

G. W. WESTROPP & J. G. HARPER, Ashburton - Harness

J. WILSON, Christchurch - Toothache cure
J. WILSON, Christchurch - Door, &c., fastener

W. WILSON, Auckland - Button-hole fitting

J. M. YOUNGSON, Clinton - Swingle-tree

Joseph Hanley CUDD + Ann Matilda SARTEN - Birmingham to New Plymouth

born in Ireland to James CUDD (1816-1852) & Eleanor Helen DIGNAM (1816-1852)

Joseph married 3 Sep 1863 in St Mary's, New Plymouth, to:

- (BDM say she died aged 50 in 1887 which is a birth year of 1837)
- 4th of 12 children of Edmund SARTEN (1817-1860) from Dorsetshire & Lucy Rodd LYE (1814-1898) from Somersetshire, England & buried in New Plymouth, Taranaki
OBITUARY of Lucy Rodd Sarten who died in New Plymouth 1 Dec 1898 aged 85
- (my additions are obvious)
... It is with regret we now note that another of the very earliest settlers of this settlement has passed away in the person of Mrs Lucy Sarten, relict of the late Mr Edmund Sarten, She had, by an unassuming and trustful disposition acquired many friends and will be remembered as one who had undergone, with rare fortitude, the recking vicissisitudes of pioneer life, with the still more poignant fatalities of war.
The deceased had exceeded the allotted term of life by many years. Having been born in Martock, Somersetshire, in 1814; married in 1836; left Plymouth with her husband and her father's family - the late Mr John Lye - in the ship 'William Bryan' in November 1840, arriving at Moturoa on March 30th 1841.
Edmund Sarten, her husband, died in 1860. There were twelve children, two of which died in sick bed. John Edmund, the eldest, was killed at Waitara, during hostilities in 1860, and Joseph met with his death by a Maori ambuscade party at the Te Henui in the same year. Thus there are now left five sons and three daughters to bereave their loss namely,
... Messrs
* Levi Sarten of Tikorangi (1841-1903)
- Levi married Mary Ann Maria MOON (1842-1914) in 1860 & had 14 children
- 21 May 1898 Mr Levi Sarten has publicly announced his intention of contesting the Egmont seat at the next election
* James Edward Sarten of Tikorangi (1848-?)
* William Henry Sarten of New Plymouth (1850-1913)
* Frederick Sarten of Wanganui (1854-?)
* Edward Franklin Gisborne 'Frank' Sarten of Gisborne (1861-1909)
... the three daughters are Mesdames:
* James Revell of Wanganui (m.1862 Mary Sarten 1844-1931)
* George David Thomas of Wanganui (m.1874 Agnes Sarten 1852-1932) & had 8 children
* Frederick Woodridge Revell of Wellington (m.1873 Caroline Sarten 1854-1939) & had 7 children

Joseph & Ann Matilda Cudd
had 8 known children - at least 2 in New Zealand
- your help in building this list would be appreciated

1865 - 1865 Alice Letitia Cudd - New Zealand
- born in New Plymouth, Alice died aged 2 months

1867 - ? John Cudd
- possibly born at sea when his parents return to England

1868 Emma Lucy Cudd - England
- born in Birmingham, England
- Emma married Frederick William THORNE (1855-1939) in 1887 in NZ
- they had at least 14 (possibly 15) children (some born in Taranaki)
- Emma & Frederick died in Auckland

1872 - 1925 George Edward Cudd - England
- born in England
- George married Margared BOYLE in NZ in 1897
- they had 5 children

4 Oct 1873 - 1956 Alice Maud Cudd - England
- born in Birmingham, England
- Alice married Amos WILLIAMSON in 1897 in New Plymouth
- they had at least 9 children:
1898 - 1930 Andrew Barrett Williamson
1900 - 1900 Charles Thomas Williamson (died aged 10 days)
1903 - ? Ethel Isabella Williamson
1905 - 1987 Amos Edward John Williamson
1907 - 1957 James William Williamson
1909 - 1909 Arthur Richard Williamson (died aged 20 minutes)
1911 - ? Alice Charlotte Williamson
1914? - ? May Williamson
1917 - 1993 Walter Claude Williamson

5 Oct 1877 - Taranaki
... On the 5th October, at Devonport, the wife of Joseph Cudd of a daughter, still born

18 June 1879 William Cudd - Taranaki
- William died 19 Nov 1883 aged 4
- he is buried in an unknown location at Te Henui cemetery, New Plymouth

New Zealand TIMELINE

Nov 1875
... Joseph & Ann and their children John aged 8, Emma aged 6, George aged 4 & Alice aged 1 return to New Zealand on the Mataura and settle in Taranaki

24 Dec 1877 - Taranaki
... JOSEPH CUDD, having purchased the apparatus from Mr S. Howell, sen., has commenced business as CHIMNEY SWEEP

30 Jan 1878 - Taranaki
... An accident happened yesterday about 4 o'clock to a man name Joseph Cudd. The man in question was engaged turning a windlass, when by some means the handle struck him on the forehead, severly bruising and discolouring the face and eye

19 Feb 1880 - New Plymouth
... At the Colonial Hospital, on the 19th February, Joseph Cudd, aged 39 years, of disease of the heart.
The funeral will leave the Hospital at 12.30 p.m. to-morrow, when friends are invited to attend
- he is buried in an unknown location at Te Henui cemetegry, New Plymouth

8 Nov 1880 - Taranaki
... On Saturday evening last Mrs Joseph Cudd had a narrow escape from being run over by the train from Inglewood. She had just reached the railway crossing in Devon-street, near Miss Retford's shop, as the train was approaching the crossing, when she stumbled and fell across the rails. Constable Day was on duty at the time, and seeing the accident, he, with great presence of mind, dashed forward and picked Mrs Cudd up off the ground just in time to save her from being run over. This was a most providential escape and great credit is due to Constable Day for the fearless manner in which he went to the rescue at the risk of his own life. As it was, Mrs Cudd sustained several injuries about the face and hands. We think that it is a great mistake for the trains to run down the incline across Devon-street at the rapid pace which they usualy do and it is time instructions were given to apply the break sooner, or some accident will inevitably result. Additional precautions should be observed in giving timely notice of the approach of the train by means of prolonged whistles

from the site New Zealand History online... photo of the Sarten family grave at St Mary's Church, New Plymouth.
Three members of the Sarten family died during the tumultuous year of 1860. John Edmund Sarten had the somewhat dubious distinction of becoming the first official fatality of the Taranaki War when as a member of the mounted volunteers he died from wounds received during the assault on Te Kohia on 17 March. His father Edmund died in August and his brother Joseph was killed in a raid on the village of Henui in December.

Ann Matilda's mother - Lucy Rodd Sarten (nee Lye 1814-1898)
from the site: Kete New Plymouth

Emily Eliza Ann 'Minnie' DAWSON & John ASTON - Tasmania to Wellington

Emily Eliza Ann 'Minnie' DAWSON (1867-1959)
- was born 21 March 1867 in Kentishbury, Tasmania, Australia
- the 4th of 14 children of Ebenezer James DAWSON & Eliza GATELAND who moved to Invercargill

Ebenezer James Dawson was 24 & Eliza Gateland was 17 when they married on 25 April 1861 in Tasania - (thanks to Tonkin for supplying that info)

the 14 CHILDREN were:

* Grace Dawson
Grace married William John HARVEY in 1882

* William C. Dawson
William married Elizabeth Craw? in 1882
- Elizabeth died 21 March 1918 in Launceston

* Ebenezer Dawson
Ebenezer died as an infant.

* 1867 - 1959 Emily Eliza Ann 'Minnie' Dawson
Emily married John ASTON (as above) in 1889

* Cecelia Dawson
Cecilia married Ebenezer BISHOP in 1890

* Amy Dawson
Amy died as an infant

* 1871 - 1952 Eva Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Dawson
Emily was born in Port Sorell, Tasmania
she married David GRINDLAY in 1898

* 1873 - 1955 Henry Oswald Dawson
Henry was born in Port Sorell, Tasmania
he married Caroline Eliza HOPGOOD in 1898

* 1874 - 1946 Gertrude Dawson
Gertrude never married

* 1877 - 1921 Ethel Rose Dawson
Ethel married Alfred Arnold CARSON in 1900

* Blanche Dawson
Blanche married Arthur William COWLEY in 1900

* 1881 - 1913 Euphemia Amy Maud Dawson
Euphemia married Charley IREMONGER (1881-1964) in 1905
- son of Johathan David IREMONGER & his 2nd wife Sophia RENDALL

* Winifred Alice Marion Dawson
Winifred married Harold Humphrey MATTHEWS in 1909

* 1904 - 1972 Basil Frederick Dawson
Basil married Emily Jane ISITT in 1931

Emily Dawosn married
John ASTON (1854-1945) on 11 April 1889 in Invercargill

their 7 known children:

... 1
1890 - ? Stanley Frank Victor Gateland Aston

- Stanley married Evelyn Louisa CHAMBERLAIN in 1912
- possibly died in Australia

... 2
1891 - 1931 Gordon Llewellyn Aston

- Gordon married Gertrude Violet BENNETT in 1915
Gordon served twice in WWI as Sergeant 13/2514 with the Headquarters, Mounted Rifle Brigade
* he embarked from Auckland 27 March 1915 with Samoan Rifle Force
* he embarked from Wellington 13 Nov 1915 with 8th Reinforcement
* his next of kin was his wife Gertrude at 262 Riddiford St, Wellington

... 3
1893 - 1894 Nelson Tuisley/TInsley Aston

- Nelson die aged 8 months

... 4
1893 - ? Stella Coralie Aston

- married Charles SIMMONS after 1937
14 May 1937 ... The engagement is announced of Stella Coralie, only daughter of Mr and Mrs John Aston, of Wellington, to Mr Charles Simmons, of Texas and Los Angeles

... 5
1895 - 1916 Eardley Howard Aston

* Eardley served in WWI as Private 10/1176 with the Wellington Infantry Battalion, 2nd Reinforcements
* His next of kin was his father c/o Box 487, G.P.O., Wellington
* He enlisted from Te Koa, Karo ...more
- he was KILLED IN ACTION Somme, France

... 6
1899 - 1962 George Keith Aston

... 7
1901 - 1873 Clarence Gateland Aston

- married Frances Evelyn May SUNNEX in 1926 in Wellington
- a daughter of Richard John Oliver SUNNEX & Frances 'Annie' BILLINGTON


26 June 1945
... On June 25, 1945, at Wellington, John Aston, J.P., beloved husband of E. E. Aston, 149 Glenmore St., and loving father of Clarence, Keith and Stella; aged 81 years. Funeral Service at Kelburn Presbyterian Church, 1.30 p.m., Tomorrow (Wednesday), June 27, 1945, thereafter to Karori Cemetery. By request, no flowers

... On June 25, 1945, John Aston, J.P., father of the late Stanley Aston and much-loved father-in-law of Evelyn Aston, grandpa of Ngaire and Hylton and great-grandpa of Warwick, Trevor and Yvonne, Maree Bringans

John & Emily are buried in Karori cemetery, Wellington


Eardley Howard Aston (1895-1916)

WELLINGTON 1919 - Theory of Music Examination Passes

RESULTS of THEORY OF MUSIC examinatios - held Wellington 22 February 1919

The theory examinations were held by the Associated Board of the Ryal Academy and the Royal COllege of Music, London, on 22nd February last. Names in brackets are those of the teacher.

Harmony, Intermediate Grade - PASS
CLARK, Elsie L. M. (Mr Robert Parker)

Rudiments of Music - PASS
GRAY, Lillie (Miss N. Gray)
HARVEY, Kathleen E. (Mr H. Muller)
HOPKINSON, Connie C. R. (Miss Fookes)
- Connie Clare Ruahine - married John Charles Gower JAMES in 1928
SANDER, Claude (Miss Greenish)
- Claude Conrad Emil George (1905-1976)
SMITH, Olive (Miss Greenish)
WEBB, Eileen (Mrs E. Mackay)
WOODS, Margaret P. (Convent, Petone)

Grammar of Music - PASS
MATHER, Jean (Mrs Sawden)

BREWER, Ivy K. (Mr H. MulleR)
BROWN, Doris E. (Mr H. Muller)
CASSIN, Vincent (Mrs Sawden)
GITTINGS, Alan R. (Mrs Gilmore)
- Alan Regnald - married Eileen Constance Heathorn COAD in 1929
HAMMER, Hilda G. (Mrs Sawden)
HARRIS, Thora (Mrs Gilmore)
- Thora Daymar - married Albert Leonard PICKETT in 1926
LEONARD, Eileen P. H. (Mrs Sawden)
- Eileen Phoebe Hewlett - married Gerald Sinclair EVATT in 1929
TUNKS, Thelma (Mrs Sawden)
- Thelma Ethel - married Norman Mansfield HALL in 1928

ANDERSON, Dorothy (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
BARCLAY, William C. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
BREEZE, Frances B. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
- Frances Beatrice - married Allan John BARR-BROWN in 1932
BURNS, Jean (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
DIXON, Audrey Z. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
EMDREY, Phyllis M. (Miss L. Morgan L.A.B.)
EVERITT, Ruby (Mrs Sawden)
GAMBY, Ellen (Mrs A. Gilmore)
HARFORD, Iris C. (Mr H. Muller)
JARVIS, Edna (Mrs Gilmore)
- married Walter PYM in 1929
MILLER, Owen L. (Mrs Gilmore)
MUNRO, Winifred M. (Miss L. Morgan)
SHORTT, Erica J. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
- Erica Jean - married Horace Raymond TOMKIES in 1930
TAYLOR, Carlyle I. (Mr H. Muller)
TAYLOR, Frances A. (Nrs Gilmore)
TINGEY, Flora (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
TURNER, Mabel A. (Mrs Sawden)
TURRALL, William H. (Mr H. Muller)
- William Hubert (1906-1920)

George William SHAILER + Septuagesima BIVAND - Manawatu

George William SHAILER (1847-1918)
- married in 1867 in Brentford, Middlesex to
Septuagesima BIVAND (1850-1921)
Septuagesima was born in Brentford, Middlesex to James John BIVAND & Susanna WOODLAND

George & Septuagesima emigrated from England with their 4 daughters in 1874 on the Ocean Mail, arriving in Wellington on 2 Feb 1874
the 15 CHILDREN of George & Septuagesima from 1867 - 1888 were:

... 1
1867 - 1942 Suzannah Elizabeth Shailer

- married John David SMITH (1868-1960)
their known children:
* 1893 - Albert Victor Smith
* 1894 - Lionel David Smith
1895 - Ivy Myrtle Smith
1898 - Rose Elizabeth Smith
1899 - Myrtle Violet Smith
1901 - Violet Rose Smith
* 1902 - 1902 Arthur Leslie Smith (aged 5 months
1908 - Lily May Smith
- in 1918, they were in Palmerston North
Suzannah died 9 June 1925 aged 58. She had been living at Bourke Street
- she is buried Plot 028, Block 056 at Terrace End
John worked for the New Zealand Railways
he died 2 Jan 1960 aged 91. He had been living in the Awapuni Home
- his ashes are buried with Suzannah

... 2
1869 - 1891 Jessie Eleanor Shailer

- Jessie died aged 22
28 Sep 1891 On the 28th September, at the residence of her parents, Main street, Palmerston North, Jessie Eleanor, second daughter of W. G. Shailer, aged 22 years and 8 months
- she is buried Plot 192, Block PO1 at Terrace End, Palmerston North

... 3
*1870 - 1951 Clara Katherine Shailer

married George Thomas WOODROOFE (1874-1936) in 1899
- their known children:
1899 - Eileen Lorma Woodroofe
- in 1918, in Foxton, Manawatu
- George was a Butcher & later a Farmer
8 Jan 1936 The Friends of Mrs C. K. Woodroofe are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of her late husband, George Thomas Woodroofe, which will leave his late residence, Avenue Road, Foxton, Tomorrow (Thusday), January 9, 1936, at 2 p.m., for All Saints' Church, thence to the Foxton Cemetery.
- he is buried Anglican Block 3 Plot 50
- Clara died 21 Dec 1951 aged 81, buried Anglican Block 3 Plot 51 at Foxton

... 4
* 1871 - 1935 Ada Florence Shailer

married David COLLIS (1871-1966) in 1896
- son of Charles COLLIS & Mary Ellen NEILL
Charles's sister Elizabeth Ann married Ada's brother Charles
their known children:
* 1897 - Leonard Charles Collis
* 1899 - Oliver Alfred Collis
* 1902 - Gordon Edward Collis
* 1905 - Frederick David Collis
* 1907 - Raymond Malcolm Collis
1908 - Florence Beatrice Collis
- in 1918 they were in Kairanga, Palmerston North
Ada died 22 July 1935 aged 63
- she is buried Plot 102, Block 006 at Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North
David was a Butcher in Palmerston North. He was also the President to the Manawatu Agricultural and Pastoral Association for many years
he died 17 Feb 1966 aged 94. He had been living at 4 Burfield Place
- he is buried with Ada

... 5
* 1874 - 1964 George Ernest Shailer

married Wilhelmina Tina PERSON (1884-1977) in 1917
- in 1918 they lived in Hawera, Taranaki
In 1901 he had to let, a four-roomed cottage on 3 acres in Hokowhitu, Palmerston North. He lived then in Scandia street, Palmerston North
- from about 1920, George was a Nurseryman. He had the Hawera Nursery at 37 Caledonia Street, Hawera
George died 30 Oct 1964 aged 90
- he is buried (Old Plot 18), New Plot 11117, BLock LXXXIV at Hawera General
- Wilhelmina died 13 years after him on 13 Sep 1977 aged 93 & buried with him

... 6
* 1875 - 1946 Charles Henry Shailer

married Elizabeth Ann COLLIS (1875-1948) in 1900
- daughter of Charles COLLIS & Mary Ellen NEILL
Elizabeth's sister Ada married Charles's brother David
their known children:
* 1901 - Stanley Charles James Shailer
1903 - Roy George Shailer
1904 - Ellen Jessie Shailer
1905 - Florence Ethel Mary Shailer
1906 - Gladys Myrtle Shailer
1908 - Edith Martha Ada May Shailer
1909 - Meta Maud Shailer
- in 1918 they were in Oroua Downs, Palmerston North
Charles was a Farmer. In April 1904 he disposed of his farm at auction including 20 first-class dairy cows in milk and to calve Aug/Sep. 8 weaners, 1 Jersey bull, bred by A. Dermer Esq. 1 Baconer. 14 store porkers, milk cans etc. In 1908 he was in Carnarvon (known called Himatangi) and had section 60 & 65 and part section 61

... 7
* 1877 - 1955 William James Shailer

married Charlotte RICHARDSON (1881-1947) in 1902
7 May 1902 A very pretty wedding was solemnised at the residence of the bridegroom's parents last Wednesday, when Mr William James Shailer, third son of Mr G. W. Shailer, of Hokowhitu, was married to Charlotte, third daughter of *Mr G. T. Richardson, of Hokowhitu. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in cream hailstone muslin, trimmed with insertion and lace. She wore the usual veil and wreath of orange blossoms and carried a handsome bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom's father. The bridesmaids were the Misses Lucy Shailer, sister of the bridegroom. Zillah and Kate Richardson, sisters of the bride and Alice Hartley, niece of the bride. They were attired in white hailstone muslin with insertion and lace and with hats to match. Mr A. J. Shailer supported the bridegroom.
After the ceremony was conducted by the Rev S. Lawry, the relatives and friends of the happy couple sat down to a sumptuous wedding breakfast, fully 70 guests being present. The happy couple subsequently left amid showers of rice, for the north on their honeymoon trip. The bride's travelling dress was a navy blue costume, with cream silk vest and hat to match. The presents received were both numerous and costly. Dancing and songs were indulged in till the early hours of the morning, the music being contributed by Messrs Conlan and Kirtz. The happy events of the day were finally closed by singing "Auld Lang Syne"
- William bred chickens, White Leghorn, Black Minorca, Plymouth Rock etc and won many awards and medals for them at the Wairarapa, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay Agriscultural & Pastoral Shows (as he did with his Collie cattle dogs). In the 1940s he and his son (?) won many awards for their show flowers
the known children of William & Charlotte:
* 1902 - Harold William Shailer
* 1905 - Leslie Charles Shailer
* 1907 - Albert George Frederick Shailer
* Charlotte's parents were: George Thomas RICHARDSON (1849-1915), a Tailor & Alice BARRON (1852-1932) whose children were:
1876 - Charles Frederick Richardson
1876 - Lucinda Mary Richardson
1877 - James Alfred Richardson
1879 - Emily Alice Richardson
1881 - Charlotte Richardson
1883 - Frank Edward Richardson
1884 - Arthur Harold Richardson
1886 - Victoria May Richardson
- Victoria married William's brother Henry James Shailer (see below)
1888 - Ethel Maud Richardson
1889 - Percival Henry Richardson
1891 - Sarah 'Zillah' Richardson
1893 - Catherine 'Kate' Elizabeth Richardson
1897 - Herbert Thomas Barron Richardson
1899 - Walter Sydney Benjamin Richardson

... 8
* 1878 - 1954 Arthur John Shailer

married Alice Maud SOMERS (1884-1968) in 1905
- Alice was a daughter of John Joseph Sones SOMERS (1835-1904) & Eliza Kate CRACKLES (1851-1902)
- (Eliza was from Essex & arrived into Lyttelton 27 Oct 1870 on the 'Merope')
the known children of Arthur & Alice:
* 1909 - Sidney Reginald Arthur Shailer
* 1911 - Cecil John Howard Shailer
- in 1918 they were in Hokowhitu, Palmerston North

... 9
* 1880 -1965 Elizabeth Charlotte Shailer

married Alfred James BULLIMAN (1869-1942) in 1902
- Alfred was a son of Richard BULLIMAN (1828-1907) from Staverton, Northampton & Jane BLUNDY (1831-1911) from Rainham, Kent, who married 1865 in Victoria, Australia, had 6 children in Wellington & are buried in Wainuiomata
-the children of Richard & Jane Bulliman
1867 - Ada Jane Bulliman
1868 - Arthur Richard Bulliman
1869 - Alfred James Bulliman, as above
1871 - Alice Sarah Bulliman
1872 - Eleanor Douglas Bulliman
1874 - Edith Maria Bulliman
- in 1906 Alfred, and his brother Arthur Richard Bulliman (1868-1945), sublet for 8 years, a portion of Block 14 from A. Nathan at Ohinewaurua, Taihape
- in 1908 C. Parker transferred sections 17 and 6, block 13 at Ohinewairau to Alfred
- in 1918 they were in Levin, Manawatu
- in 1932 they were in Waikanae
the known children of Elizabeth & Alfred were:
* 1903 - Lionel Alfred Bulliman
1905 - Florence Elizabeth Bulliman
1906 - Minnie Eveline Bulliman

... 10
* 1881 - 1936 Beatrice Ann Shailer

in 1918 Miss Beatrice Shailer was in Hokiwhitu, Palmerston North
she married Robert Wells PARKINSON (1883-1963) in 1924
- Robert was born in Lancashire, England to Zacharius PARKINSON & Elizabeth BAILEY. He served in WWI as Private 79384 with the NZEF, 40th Reinforcements B Company. He embarked from Wellington 10 July 1918 and his sister at Kaiahi, Main Trunk Line, was his next of kin. This was Margaret Florence 'Flo' Parkinson (1882-1952) who also emigrated to NZ and had married Jack TRAIL in
- Beatrice died 15 Nov 1936 at a Private Hospital in Palmerston North, aged 55. She had been living at 32 Main street, Palmerston North. She is buried Plot 006, Block 004, Area H at Kelvin Grove. Robert was a Well-Borer. He died 27 years after her, on 27 Oct 1963 aged 80. He was living on Pioneer Highway and is buried with Beatrice

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* 1883 - 1883 John Shailer

- John died aged 7 weeks

... 12
* 1884 - 1954 Henry James Shailer

- in July 1903 at the Manawatu Winter Show, Henry won 1st prize for his silage
- in Nov 1903 at the Palmerston North Show, Hebry won a prize for his cows
- in Nov 1904 at the Manawatu Show, his 3 year old bull, Launcelot won him 1st prize
- married Victoria May RICHARDSON (1886-1953) in 1905
- Victoria was a daughter of George Thomas RICHARDSON & Alice BARRON. Her sister Charlotte married Henry's brother William James Shailer (see above)
their known children:
* 1911 - Claude Albert Shailer
* 1913 - Duncan William Shailer
- in 1909 they were living in Pahiatua street, Hokowhitu
- in 1918 they were in Oroua Downs, Palmerston North
- in 1928 H. J. Shailer & Son won a Bronze Medal for their trade exhibit of dahlias

... 13
* 1885 - 1959 Alfred Flatter Bird Shailer

- married Alice MAYO (1890-1956) in 1917
- in 1918 they were in Hokowhitu, Palmerston North

... 14
* 1886 - 1887 Frederick William Shailer

- Frederick died 8 Feb 1887 aged 4 months
- he is buried Plot 101, Block P01 at Terrace End, Palmerston North

... 15
* 1888 - 1986 Lucy Isabel Shailer

- in 1918 Miss Lucy Shailer was in Hokiwhitu, Palmerston North
- she married Ernest DAVENPORT in 1923

From the site Early New Zeland Photographers (includes his photo & written 1885)
... Mr Shailer, Photographer, has adopted the use of electricity in connection with his business, and he finds the saving of labor and time to be really astonishing. The battery is principally used for the work of re-touching negatives. The wire being attached to the re-touching pencil held in the hands of the artist keeps the pencil in a continued rapid movement so that it has merely to be moved quietly over the surface of the negative instead of the old style of marking out separately and slowly every little blemish appearing on the glass. The time alone saved by this method in an ordinary carte de visite is about an hour and three quarters

George William Shailer died 24 Nov 1918 aged 71
- a Fruit Grower in Palmerston North
- he is buried Plot 001, Block 051 at Terrace End
Septuagesima Shailer died 29 Dec 1921 aged 72
- she had been living at 123 Scandia Street, Palmerston North
- she is buried with George Plot 003, Block 051 at Terrace End

OBITUARY of George William Shailer
26 Nov 1918
... Mr George Shailer died in Palmerston yesterday, after a lengthy illness, 71 years of age. He landed in Wellington with his wife and four daughters from the sailing ship Ocean Mail on February 2nd 1874.
Later he travelled from Foxton to Palmerston by train, which in those days was drawn by horses and put up at the corportaion barracks at Terrace End, afterwards proceeding to Feilding by dray, the members of the party having to take a Government tent with them to provide accommodation. At Feilding Mr Shailer engaged in contracting for the erection of houses, some of the first buildings in Feilding being erected by him, while he and three shipmates felled and cleared the bush and bridged Warwick street. He then took up a 40 acres section at Makino, which he successfully farmed until he was obliged, on account of ill health, to relinquish the land and engage in the photographic business in Feilding. Thirty-six years ago he purchased Mr T. Kirkwood's business in Palmerston, which he successflly conducted until 25 years ago, when he retired and took up land at Hokowhitu. Here he engaged in the fruit-growing industry, with which he was connected up to the time of his death.
He leaves a widow and a grown up famly of six sons and six daughters:
Mrs J. D. Smith, Palmerston North
Mrs G. T. Woodroofe, Foxton
Mrs D. Collis, Kairanga
Mrs A. Bulliman, Levin
Miss Beatrice Shailer, Hokowhitu
Miss Lucy Shailer, Hokowhitu
Mr G. E. Shailer, Hawera
Mr C. H. Shailer, Oroua Downs
Mr A. J. Shailer, Hokowhitu
Mr H. J. Shailer, Orous Downs
Mr A. F. Shailer, Hokowhitu
There are also 34 grandchildren and one great-grandchild

GRAVE of George William & Septuagesima Shailer

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