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Busby Family History in Ellensburg WA and the Blacksmith Roots

Busby History and Legacy

Busbys history can be traced back to the early 1900s. Busby, Inc. was originally started by a man by the name of Alvin C. Busby. In 1912 Alvin moved his blacksmith shop to Ellensburg, Washington from Bakersfield, California. He continued his work shoeing horses, repairing and producing farm tools, and installing rims on buggy wheels. In time Alvins son, Alvin Glenn Busby, joined the family business. He helped diversify it into the manufacturing of automatic coal stokers as they continued to do farm repair. In 1952 Gene Busby, Alvin C. Busbys grandson, was apprenticed into the family business. Business continued to grow, and in 1975 they outgrew their hometown facility, and made the move to Moses Lake, Washington. Busby, Inc. made their home at the former Larson Air Force Base. Busby, Inc. continued to expand, fabricating Snowplows and Equipment for the Department of Transportation, Pony Trailers, Drill Rigs and Substructures for the North Slope. Due to economic hardship Busby, Inc. closed its doors in 1983.

The Legacy Continues.......

In 2005 Gene Busby's Son in law Craig Noreen along with his two sons started up a company called Busby Junk Removal in Issaquah. Success in the junk removal industry was hard fought with tough competition. Scraping by with a small pick up truck, Busby was able to finance a new junk truck. A meager beginning to say the least, but with hard work and perseverance Busby junk removal was able to spread her "Busy Bees" throughout King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County. Busby Junk Removal currently owns two large dump trucks, looking to add a third and has sights on expansion and possible junk removal franchising.