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My MEADORS/MEADOWS Research (So Far) -- The Virginia Years

It has been a year since I posted, but believe me, I have not been idle. I was able to learn a lot about by MEADORS/MEADOWS line, a little about the other lines. It is a work in progress, but I love it!

In 1636, Thomas MEADOR, Sr. immigrated to Virgina from England. He brought with him is wife Sara. One the same journey, was an Ambrose MEADOR, but it is not yet known the actual relationship between the two. But there WAS a relationship.

Thomas was born in 1612 in England, and as stated above, immigrated to Va. in 1636. He became a tobacco farmer in his new surroundings and at one time was given 300 acres by the above mentioned Ambrose at what is now called Islington Landing in VA. He was my 10th g-grandfather.

Thomas and Sara had a son named Thomas Jr., born in 1638 in Northumberland Co., VA. He married Sarah HOSKINS, the daughter of Bartholomew HOSKINS and Dorcas Anne ISHAM, though Isham may have been the name of her first husband. Thomas, Jr. was also a tobacco farmer. He had 320 acres and was given 300 more by this father, Thomas. He was my 9th g-grandfather.

Thomas Jr, and Sarah's first son was John MEADOR. He was born in 1658 in Lancaster Co., VA. He was first married to Elizabeth STONE and had seven children with her before her death in 1694. He then married Ms. AWBREY or AUBREY. Her given name may have been Mary or Mary Ann. and had several more children. He was also a tobacco planter, and by 1690 had 1095 acres of land in the area now known as Cheatwood Millpond in VA. He died in 1721 in VA. He was my 8th g-grandfather.

John's fourth son, and first with Mary Ann?, was Jonas MEADOR, Sr. He was born about 1698 in Essex Co., VA. He married Frances HUDGENS in about 1720. He died in 1768 in VA. He was my 7th g-grandfather.

Two of his brother's, Jason and Job(e) moved to Anson Co., NC., but that is a whole other research project. More on that later!

Jonas and Frances had several children, one of which was Joel MEADOR. He was born about 1725 in Cumberland Co., VA. He married Susanna Clark, and died in 1798. He was my 6th g-grandfather.

Joel and Susanna had several children, one of which was Isham MEADOR. He was born about 1760 in Bedford Co., va. He was the fourth son of Joel and Susanna. His first marriage was to Obedience "Biddy" BRADSHAW. Records show that he and two of his brothers served in the Revolutionary War. He had a "plantation" and was left 200 additional acres by his father Joel. Sometime after the war, he and Biddy moved the family to Smith Co., TN. His second marriage was to the widow Margaret CRAIGHEAD SULLIVAN. Isham died in 1840 in Smith Co., TN. He was my 5th g-grandfather.

Isham and Biddy had several children, one of which was Pleasant MEADOR. He was born about 1796 in Franklin Co., VA. He married Linnea SHAW, and died after 1860 in Allen Co., KY. He was my 4th g-grandfather.

That takes my line of the family out of Virginia. This is all I have of the Virginia years as yet. It isn't much, but it is a lot more than I had a year ago.

I hope this helps any other "family" members, and as always, "Happy Hunting!"

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More STINSON research

Since my last post, I have found a little more information on the STINSON line of my family. I hope this may help anyone else who may be having the same problems as I was.

The parents of Nancy Jane STINSON MEADOR/MEADOWS (b. 4/20/1879 in Allen Co. KY) were James Wiley (b. 1/14/1858 in Macon Co., TN) and Mary JENT (b. 7/14//1858 in KY).

The parents of James Wiley were John Wesley STINSON (b. 1803 in Barren Co. KY) and Cynthia MEADOR (b. 1821 in Macon Co., TN) (second wife).

Then only parent I have so far for Mary JENT is Jonathon JENT.

The parents of John Wesley were Lovell (or Lovet)(b. abt. 1770 in either VA or NC) and Mary Polly POE (b. abt. 1780 in Randolph or Chatham Co., NC).

The parents of Cynthia MEADOR were Pleasant MEADOR (b. abt. 1796 in Franklin Co., VA) and Linnea SHAW (b. abt. 1802 in Bedford Co., VA).

The parents of Mary Polly POE were Benjamin POE (b. 8/14/1749 in Cuulpepper VA.) and Comfort JOHNSON (b. at. 1751 in Culpepper VA).

I am still researching, but thought this might help someone else in their own research. Hope it will be of help to some one.

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Sally Ann MCCLARD was my great-grandmother, the wife of Hiram Wilson MEADOR, from Allen Co., KY. They are buried in Rough Hill Cemetary, KY, near Holland and Fountain Run, KY.

She was the daughter of George M. MCCLARD (b. April, 1831 in TN) and Rachel HEROLD (b. 1831 in TN.)

George was the son of Thomas MCCLARD (b. about 1798 in VA) and Pethenia (last name unknown) (b. about 1798 in NC).

Thomas was the son of Seth MCCLARD (b. 1771, perhaps in VA) and Isabella (last name unknown) (b. about 1777.) It is possible that they are buried in the William McClard Cemetary.

I am continuing my search for the maiden names of Pethenia and Isabella.

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Real Family Ties

I have found two JENT females in my family. I have not yet researched into their relationship.

My great-grandfather, my grandmother's, (Nancy STINSON) father, James (or Joseph)Wiley STINSON was married to Mary M. JENT. They are both buried at the Bandy Cemeteray on the TN/KY border near Holland, KY.

My gggrandfather, Joel MEADOR, my grandfather and Nancy's husband, William Thompson MEADOR's grandfather, was married to Annie JENT.

The STINSON, JENT, and MEADOR families intermarried quite a bit, as they were close together in the Allen and Barren Co. KY, and Smith and Macon Co. in TN.

It will be interesting to keep looking into these families, as I believe that they all originally lived in VA and WV when they arrived from Europe, and most near to the same timeframe, the early to mid 1600's.

Looking for information on Nancy STINSON, my grandmother. She was married...

Looking for information on Nancy STINSON, my grandmother. She was married to my grandfather, William T. MEADOR(MEADOWS)She may have been born in Allen County, KY. in about 1874. I have no information on her parents or any of her lineage. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Looking for MEADOR of Kentucky

Looking for Pleasant Meador, the father of Joel. Joel married Annie Jent. Their son was Hiram Meador, who married Sally McClard. Their son William T. married Nancy Stinson, who had my father, Ottis Glyn Meadows.

I have found research all the way back to Robert de Medewe in England around 1209. It shows an Ambrose and Thomas (who may be the son of Ambrose) coming to Virginia in 1636.

My problem is that there are about three Pleasants born in the time frame which could be the father of my Joel, and it just stops there.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, and I would answer any questions to the best of my ability.

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