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Trying to connect Edward Henry PACKARD, of Vallejo, CA, with his ancestors

My father's mother was Ruth PACKARD, b. Vallejo, CA Oct 1893.

Ruth married Manuel and lived in San Francisco, CA.
They had six living children when Ruth was institutionalized at Stockton State Hospital for the Insane in 1927 and Manuel deserted his children.
Ruth was an inmate from 8 Jan 1927 to 16 Aug 1953, with a short hiatus about 1930.
The children were scattered into foster care, one son later being adopted.
My father was the eldest at 10 years of age when the disaster befell the family.
He did not have much luck with foster care and ran away from all the homes to which he was assigned.

When Ruth was released her family was grown and scattered. She remarried (a Mr. THOMAS I think) and died in 1969, a diabetic double (leg) amputee. A tragic life. I have been unable to access her medical records to determine why she was committed or committed herself. I have found some evidence of mental illness in Ruth's eldest brother Edward PACKARD (Jr), who was arrested for assaulting a sailor with a knife in 1905.

Needless to say all family history was lost to all Ruth's descendents.
I have had a difficult time reconstructing the family tree and history.
I am here asking for some help, especially from those experts in Packard family genealogy.

Ruth's father was Edward Henry PACKARD. He was born Jan 1834 in Maine, USA.
Death 16 Mar 1914 in Vallejo, Solano, California, USA.
Ruth's mother was Minnie GARVEY (GOVIE, GAVIE, GAVEY) b. 1857 in New York. Probably Brooklyn. d. 1902, Vallejo, Solano, California, USA.
Edward and Ruth married in 1878.
I have not yet found a record of their marriage location.
They had the following children, all born in CA (probably Vallejo):

Edward PACKARD (Jr) 1879
Stella PACKARD 1880
Minnie G PACKARD 1881 1949
Augustus Henry PACKARD 1884
Edith A. PACKARD 1884 abt 1930
Hilda M PACKARD 1886 1886
Irene Violet PACKARD 1888 1949
Herbert Henry PACKARD 1889 1959
Ruth PACKARD 1893 1969

The 1900 US Census places the whole family together, except Minnie and Hilda, in Vallejo.

In my search I have managed to contact a few distant cousins, descendents of Ruth's siblings. None have been able to furnish information about the history of the family so far.

My main concern is to connect Edward Henry PACKARD to the correct parents and siblings in Maine, if I can. I would very much appreciate any help others can give.

Looking for Ysabel Velasquez of Mexico b. 1864, m. ? Deras

Ysabel Velasquez was my great grandmother. She was born somewhere in Mexico (possibly Durango area) in 1864.

She married my great grandfather ? Deras in Mexico, year ?

Ysabel and her husband had (at least) three sons: Manuel, b. 1885, Santiago, b. unknown, and Hilario, b. 1897, Velasquez Deras.

Manuel emigrated to San Francisco, Ca, USA at the end of the 19th century (year unknown). I am told that he was working as a shoeshine boy in Mazatlan, and was brought to the US by the son of a San Francisco lumberyard owner.

Manuel sponsored a visit, or immigration, for his mother and brother Hilario in 1905, and met the vessel, which shipped from Guaymas and Way Ports (probably Mazatlan), Mexico.

Thereafter the trail ends. I haven't been able to find any further mention of Ysabel or Santiago or Hilario Velasquez Deras. Manuel stayed, married and raised a family. What happened to the rest of them?

I would also like to be able to track Ysabel and her husband's ancestors in Mexico. So far I have not been able to find them.

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How do you maintain focus on the one individual you are researching?

I find myself jumping from person to person.

I have many dead-ends in my genealogy.

It seems to be so much easier to just go with the flow, but I find my difficult individuals still don't have the answers filled in on my tree.

Any insights are appreciated. Thank you.

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