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Jones, and Burns - my brick walls

I've been doing family history research for quite a number of years now. Mostly now for other people because my own just sits there - I'm convinced that my farthest back Jones relative(Micajah Jones) was dropped as a baby in South Carolina in 1797, or he crawled out from under a rock. I can track his descendants, no problem (well, maybe one or two, but I know we came from him and his wife, Genoa Tate), but he is a mystery guy. I see someone posted his parents as Thomas Jones and Martha Poythress - well, if she was like 7 years old when he was born, this is a possibility. Need proof!

So Jones came from under a rock. My Burns relative, Thomas Burns had an interesting life and had very interesting descendants, including one who was on the way to California on a wagon train (age 17!!) that was attacked by Indians somewhere out of Salt Lake City. He ended up WALKING (by himself most of the way) to San Bernardino, CA. That was my great grandfather! His father, Thomas, though, died in Michigan. Where and to whom he was born remains a mystery - documents say Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. Take your pick.

I won't get into the Azores Islands relatives who suddenly appeared in California in about 1847. Can't find how they got here or who their parents were. These are my great grandparents.

Did someone mention DNA testing??? Oh, yeah. FTDNA, Done for me, my kids and my brother (my husband and 2 of his cousins also). So what does this show? My brother's ydna - no matches. Our autosomal dna? Matches abound, but those with close matches won't respond to queries and have no trees, or private trees. Why the heck did they test?????