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Looking for help with info on ANDREW SCOTT/CAROLINE WARD

Looking for information on my great great grandparents Andrew SCOTT/Caroline WARD.

I do not know if Andrew Scott and Caroline Ward came to Canada or not.

My Great Grandfather was Charles Ward Scott, born 6 Jul 1845. and died 12 Jan. 1918, Newmarket, York, Ontario, Canada. On his marriage certificate to Mahala Montgomery, his birth place is given as Hull, England. (I was told that Charles had a half brother)

Thank you for your help with this research.

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Looking for information on parents of JANE PIKE

JANE PIKE, born 20 Sept.1855,
Bockley, Witshire, England, died 16 May 1932, Newmarket, York, Ontario, Canada. married HENRY STEPHEN DALEY.

Parents, THOMAS PIKE (Born 1826), MARIA MORGAN (born 1830)

This is all the information I have on her parents and I do not know if her parents came to Canada, or any siblings??

Thank you for your interest and help.

Looking for relatives in California?

Looking for relatives of Thomas Hammond, and Audrey Brown. This couple was married in 1953 in

Los Angles, Ca. Parents of Thomas is Earl Hammond & Flora Eby and Audrey is Irvine Hickey and Alberta Brown.

Thomas died 20 July 1985, San Mateo, California.

If you have any information of anyone living, please contact me privately. Thank you.

Looking for relatives of JAMES/ELIZABETH ROSS---Glasgow, Scotland

Looking for relatives of James Ross/Elizabeth Ross...they had
3 children prior to the death of James Ross Oct.23, 1898, from
typhoid fever.

1) James, died 1967, at 75 years, Lanark, Glasgow.

2) John died in 1979, at 85 yr, Baillieston/Glasgow

3) Alexander, died (Martha St.), in 1975, at 79, Lanark, Glasgow.

If you are not related, but can help with information on this family, I appreciate your help with this.

Thank you for your assistance with this research.

MARYMOONEY born 5 Jul 1895, District of Carlton/Glasgow

lived at 398 Gallowgate, parents Owen Mooney (shoemaker) & Agnes (Ross.Looking for any relatives, cousins, etc. Thank you.

Meekison, Dundee, Angus, Scotland


I am looking for some information for a friend. Thomas Meekison .....married Christina Templeton.

Children...David, 13 Sept. 1867, Robert Templeton, 29 Jul 1869, Thomas 24 Mar 1871, James 18 Jan 1874
all children born in Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Looking for information on parents. Thomas and Christina or any further information on this family
that you may have. She does not have marriages, or deaths of the children.

Thank you for your help and your assistance.

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MONTGOMERY.. looking for living cousins

Hello fellow readers,

Are you a related to Richard Montgomery and Hannah Smith??? Alexander Montgomery & Juda Myers???

If so, I would love to hear from you. The family tree is big, so there has to be alot of cousins out there.

If you wish to connect through email, you can contact me privately.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


opps.....think I deleted a message sent today...re: CHARLES WARD SCOTT/

Sorry to ask, but I thought I saw a reply today regarding

Andrew Scott/Caroline Ward.

If you sent one, could I please ask that you send it again.

Thank you so much.

Optaining a death notice from Lanark, Glasgow paper

Looking on obtaining newspaper death notices for Lanark, Glasgow? One for 1902, and 1930. Could someone inform me the route I can take in finding these as I do not live in this area. Thank you. from Jackie

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PALMER, Adam & Christina.... Newcastle Upon Tyne

This post is for a friend.

Palmer family........ Newcastle Upon Tyne

Adam born 1858, and wife Christina 1858.
Mary 1878, Margaret 1880, Joseph 1882, Adam 1884, Walter 1885, Isabella 1888, Thomas 1890

Found the family on the census records. This family went to Canada 14 Sept. 1912 came to Quebec.

Looking for those that are connected to this family line. Thank you.

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