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My Gt x 5 Grandparents:

Johan Wilhelm Maurer born Emmerzhausen, Germany m Anna Catherina (surname unknown)

My Gt x 4 Grandparents:

Johan Georg Maurer (occupation shepherd) born Emmerzhausen, Germany m Maria Catherine Bender.

My Gt x 3 Grandparents:

Johan Phillip Maurer (known as Phillip) was a protestant, occupation shepherd. He married Susanna Maria Heiduk ( Heidnik, Heidnek)
Their children were:
1. Susanne Marie Heiduk (illegitimate)
2. Catherina Margaret Maurer 23/1/1826 Sulzbach Nassau, Germany
3. Johan (John) Maurer 1/9/1827 Sulzbach Nassau, Germany. See below
4. Johan Nikolaus Maurer 27/6/1832 Sulzbach Nassau, Germany m Katherina Bender.
5. Katherina Carolina 22/5/1834 Sulzbach Nassau, Germany. Ist marriage to Phillip Wode. 2nd marriage to Johan Michael Scheerer.
6. Johan Friedrich Maurer 27/9/1837 Sulzbach Nassau, Germany
7. Susanna Margaret Maurer 13/7/1843 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

My Gt x 2 Grandparents:

Johan (John) Maurer from above married (Magdalena) Helena Quetscher at Wellingrove, NSW on 20/7/1852 in a Catholic ceremony.
Their children were:
1. Joseph Maurer 2/2/1853 Dundee, NSW m Mary Hourigan
2. George Maurer 6/10/1855 Wellingrove NSW m Elizabeth Frances Haley(Halley)
3. Samuel Maurer 19/8/1857 Clarevaux NSW See below
4. John Thomas Augustus Maurer 1/9/1859 Clarevaux NSW m Olive Alice Newman
5. Phillip Maurer 3/6/1861 King?s Plains NSW m Margaret Elizabeth Cameron
6. Helen Maurer 18/4/1863 King?s Plains NSW died of diptheria 3/4/1864
7. Andrew Maurer 25/7/1865 King?s Plains NSW m Alice Elizabeth Graham
8. Cecilia Johanna Maurer 6/6/1868 King?s Plains NSW m Herman Henry Voss
9. Christina Susannah Maurer 2/3/1870 King?s Plains NSW m Thomas Ryan
10.Lydia Elizabeth Maurer 31/1/1877 King?s Plains NSW an invalid. Died 1944
11.Charles Theodore Maurer Maurer 28/6/1879 King?s Plains NSW m Cora May Guppy

My Gt x Grandparents were:

Samuel Maurer from above married Catherine Creer ( b 6/10/1859 Glen Innes) on 19/5/1880 at King?s Plains NSW.
Their children were:
1. Margaret Jane Maurer 19/54/1881 King?s Plains NSW
2. Catherine Helena Maurer 10/1/1883 Glen Innes NSW
3. George Robert Maurer 10/1/1885 Glendon, Glen Innes NSW
4. Chistina Susannah Maurer 17/4/1887 Glendon, Glen Innes NSW
5. Agnes May Maurer 20/5/1889 Glen Innes NSW
6. Christopher Charles Maurer 23/2/1893 Glen Innes NSW
7. Olive Wilhelmina Maurer 12/3/1895 Glen Innes NSW. See below
8. Oliver Samuel Maurer 30/11/1897 Glen Innes NSW
9. Pearl Ivy Maurer 22/3/1900 Glen Innes NSW.

My Grandparents were:

Olive Wilhelmina Maurer from above married Martin Christopher Quirk ( known as Joe b 25/10/1899 Narromine) on 15/3/1924 Dungog NSW
Their children were:
1. William Joseph Quirk
2. Norma Majorie Quirk
3. Allen Richard Quirk
4. Robert John Quirk died as a child
5. Peter Walter Quirk

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My Tuff and Golding descendancy


My gt, gt, gt, gt, gt grandparents

John Touf (Tuff) and Ann Page married 9/8/1766 Newington. John Touf (Tuff) was buried at Newington 29/1/1792
1. Margaret Touf (Tuff) b 23/11/1766. She was confirmed 1782 aged 16 in Newington. She married Edward Chapman from Minster, Sheppey on 4/6/1787.
A Margaret Tuff was buried 30/4/1782 at Newington. She died of a strangulated hernia Was this maybe a base child? Or another Margaret?
2. Elizabeth Ann Touf (Tuff) b 22/11/1767.
3. Ann Tou (Tuff) b abt 1769. She was confirmed in 1782 aged 13. She married Thomas Golding 2/11/1788 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne
4. Charlotte Touf (Tuff) b 2/9/1770 at Newington. She was confirmed 1786 aged 16. She was married 1st to Adam Edmed 28/10/1790 at Newington.Their children were Elizabeth Edmead 10/6/1792, James Edmead 9/9/1832, Cordelia Edmead 4/5/1834 and Marianne Edmead 30/7/1837. They were all baptised at Newington-next-Sittingbourne. Adam Edmead died 16/2/1801 and was buried at Newington 22/2/1801. Charlotte?s second marriage was to Richard Gladish 22/5/1807 at Chatham, Kent. His parents were Richard Gladish and Sarah Akhurst. Charlotte Gladish (nee Tuff) died 23/10/1825. Buried Newington, Sittingbourne 24/10/1825.
NB A Sarah Touf was born 18/4/1773 to parents William and Mary Touf. I wonder if William is John?s brother

My gt, gt, gt gt grandparents
Ann Tuff and Thomas Golding from above

1 William Golding b 22/3/1789 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne married Rebecca Kitchingham 31/2/1822. Witnesses Hezh Golding and Eliz Loone. They had a daughter Ann Golding b 15/2/1824 Newington and maybe a son William b abt 1821.
2 Ann Page Golding b 29/8/1790. at Newington-next-Sittingbourne married at Milton nr Sittingbourne Kent 1/4/1815 to Hezekiah Spittle b 7/2/1790 Borden, Kent. His parents were Charles and Elizabeth Spittle. They had one child Ann Elizabeth b 29/9/1816. Ann Page Spittle (nee Golding) died 1838.
3. Thomas Golding b 2/9/1792 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne married Mary b abt 1806. She was widowed by 1861. Their son Thomas may have inherited Ann and Thomas?s farm at Keyhole Hill, Newington.
Thomas Charles Golding b 1837 Upchurch married Susan Emma (Beeham?) Their children were John Beeham Golding b 7/5/1865, Mary Sarah Golding b 12/7/1868, Florence Fanny Golding b 21/11/1869 and Katrine Emma Golding b 12/11/1871. All born at Newington-next-Sittingbourne.
Jane Ann b Upchurch abt 1840
4. Elizabeth Golding b 24/3/1794 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne married a Thomas Scoones. She was widowed by 1861
5. Hezikah Goulding b 8/2/1801 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne married Susan Ann. Hezikiah Golding was buried 18/7/1877 at Bobbing. He died at Gillingham aged 74. Susan Ann Golding was buried at Bobbing 10/6/1866 aged 58. She died at Chatham.
Hezekiah Tuff Golden b 20/4/1833 at Bobbing. He married twice. Once to Frances Hughes on 20/11/1858. 2nd marriage to Emily btw 1861 and 1871
Edward King Golden b 20/4/1833 Bobbing,
Barbara Ellen Golden b 25/12/1834 Bobbing
Augusta Caroline Eclipse Golden b 14/5/1837 Bobbing married George Potter 26/5/1857. He was b abt 1837 and was a grocer. He was from Tudely cum Capel and his father was George also a grocer
Agnes Constantia Golden 24/11/1839 Bobbing
Keziah Ann Victoria Golden b 6/2/1842 Bobbing
Susan Ann Elizabeth Golden b 23/11/1845 Bobbing
6.Edmund Goulding b 30/3/1806 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne.
He married Sarah Ellis on 8/11/1828 at Gillingham, Kent. Sarah was b 6/1/1805 Lower Halstow to parents John and Elizabeth Ellis. Edmund died DecQ 1838?. Sarah died DecQ 1863?
7.Jemina Golding b 15/5/1808

My gt,gt,gt grandparents
Edmund and Sarah Ellis from above

1. Ann Tuft Golding my gt, gt grandmother b 5/4/1829 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne. She married Henry Swan 12/6/1856 before immigrating to Australia.
Frances Swan b 1858 Vic. She married Alexander Henry Ferguson.
Samuel Swan b 1859 Vic. Died age 5 yrs at Stratford Victoria.
Sarah Jane Swan b 1861 Vic.
Amelia Caroline Swan my gt grandmother b 1864 Vic. She married William John Quirk in Hawthorn, Vic 18/12/1893 before moving to NSW
Jessie Ann Swan b 1867. She married Frederick H Uren in Sydney in 1892
Henry Richard Swan (Harry) b 1869 Vic
Rhoda Swan b 1872. Vic
2. Edmund Golding b abt 1830 Upchurch, Kent. Married Emely Gilbert JuneQ 1860 ?.
Edmund William Golding b 2/6/1861 Lower Halstow
Elizabeth Ann Golding b 12/10/1862 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne.
Alfred Henry Golding b 9/5/1864 at Newington-next-Sittingbourne.
Emma Jane Golding b 14/6/1868 Lower Halstow.
Walter Hezekiah Golding b 15/1/1871 Lower Halstow.
Frederick Horace Golding b 14/3/1875 Lower Halstow.
They were all living in Lower Halstow, Kent in 1871. In Upchurch, Kent in 1881.
3. William Golding abt 1831 Upchurch married Ann from Newington. Their children were Phoebe b 1864 Teynham and Harriet b 1867 Chatham. They were living in Chatham in 1871

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Thomas Northeast and Matilda Westbury

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My Swan Family descendancy

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Eliza Jane Full's descendants


Eliza Jane Full was born 21/3/1839 to parents James Full and Mary Harris who married in Devon 4/11/1823
In 1855 aged 16 she married John Henry Leer (a private in the 22nd Regiment) at Plymouth on 2/10/1855. John Henry Leer was born c 1829 in Lambeth, Surrey. His parents were John Henry Leer and Mary Ann Box who married c 1826.

CHILDREN: From Ist marriage
1.John Henry Leer b 1858 Aldershot
2.Grace Sophia Leer chr 13/3/1859 St Bartholomew, Salford Lancashire. She married Edward Wall JunQ 1876 Plymouth
3.William James Leer ( my gt grandfather) was chr 27/11/1864 at Kingston, Upper Canada, Ontario. He married Annie Dooley 28/9/1892 St Patrick's Sydney, Australia

John Henry Leer died 1864-1867

Eliza Jane Leer?s second marriage was to Thomas Mullins Usher in JuneQ 1868 Plymouth. Thomas was born in Tralee Ireland abt 1829. His 1st wife was Margaret Maloney.

CHILDREN: From second marriage
Step daughter? Margaret Usher b 27/5/1862 in Hazaribagh, India. She married John Cotter SeptQ 1881 Plymouth
1. Mary Jane Usher was b abt DecQ 1868 Plymouth. She died MarQ 1877
2. Maria Ellen Usher was b abt SeptQ 1870 Stoke Damerel
She died SeptQ 1873
3. Jessie Maud Usher was b MarQ 1873 in Stoke Damerel
She married Frances Robert Hopper JunQ 1891 Plymouth
4. Francis Usher (son) was b DecQ 1878 in Plymouth

Thomas Mullins Usher died DecQ 1881 Plymouth aged 52

Eliza Jane Usher (Leer/Full) married a third time to Thomas Ivey in Plymouth MarQ 1882. He was born Gwinear, Cornwall abt 1833 and was a retired publican.
Eliza Jane Ivey (Usher/Leer/Full) died SeptQ 1895 aged 56

Would love to make contact with any of her descendants

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James Dooley (the convict) help!!

James Dooley (the younger) Information from his convict record.
Born abt 1821 Wells St-Oxford St Middlesex. Religion-Protestant. Occupation-Painter,guilder,glazier. Convicted on the 9/7/1845 at Maidstone Q S Kent.Sentence 15 yrs for theft. Transported on the "Joseph Somes" ship to Tasmania(Australia)Arrived 20/5/1846

James Dooley 1799 painter born Cork, Ireland
Ann Walker abt 1800 Lincoln's Inn, Bloomsbury, Middlesex
They may have married 1820 at St George in the Borough, Southwark, Surrey
James senior died 1865 Bromley
Ann died 1870 Bromley

On 21/3/1853 in Launceston,Tasmania James Dooley married Margaret Ryan (a convict from Ireland). She was born 1825 Knockeravella, Templebredon, Ireland, the daughter of William Ryan and Catherine Donohue. They had 7 children James 1855; Annie 1858 (Married William James Leer); Mary Theresa 1860 ( married William Kramer); John 1861 (married Ethel Emily McMullan); William 1863( died in South Africa); Clara 1865( married Tom Hall); and Joseph 1867(died 30/5/1886)in NSW.

Does anyone have any info on James Dooley's birth abt 1821 Middlesex or info on his parents James Dooley born in Ireland 1799 and his wife Ann Walker b abt 1800, Bloomsbury. or info on his descendants in Tasmania or even his death in Australia

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Sarah Bayliss and Samuel Fisher

Sarah Bayliss married Samuel Fisher on 12/4/1773 in Quenington, Gloucestershire.
They had one known child Luke Fisher born in Quenington abt 1774/5/6. Luke married an Elizabeth Compton on 18/10/1804 in Quenington and had one known child Maryanne who was born abt 1809 in Quenington. She married John Page on 24/1/1828 in Quenington and had most of their 11 children in Down Ampney.

Would love to hear from anyone connected to Sarah Bayliss or Samuel Fisher.

Marianne Mann / John Hoar

I know nothing of the ancestry of Marianne Mann
Babt 15/4/1779 Godalming, Surrey, England. She married a John Hoar on 11/4/1818 at Godalming Parish of Surrey, England.
I am related to one of their children -Kezia Hoar Bapt. 30/6/1822 Godalming, Surrey, England
Kezia married a Henry Northeast on 31/3/1850
One of their children was Sarah Northeast Bapt 5/10/1864 at St John's Church Penge, England
Sarah married George Page on 1/11/1885. She died on 6/3/1920 and was buried at Long Ditton. George immigrated to Australia. He was my great grandfather.

Thomas Cantwell and Ellen McGrath

Ellen McGrath (born 8/3/1836 in Mullinahone. Parents William McGrath and Mary Meehan.)married Thomas Cantwell( born 29/3/1827 in Poulacapple, Mullinahone, Tipperary Ireland.Parents John Cantwell and Mary Walsh)
They had two children William bapt 29/1/1865 in Poulacapple Town Mullinahone and Ellen was bapt 28/5/1862
Ellen was widowed and married a second time to Martin Quirke in Mullinahone Tipperary on 7/8/1869 and had a child Bridget bapt 17/9/1870 in Mullinahone and a daughter Annie abt 1871. In March 1871 they immigrated to Victoria Australia on the Ship Cospatrick and had three more children Patrick b 1873, Elizabeth b 1876 and Catherine b 1878. These three children were born in Linton,Victoria. Ellen Quirk died in Victoria in 1898. Martin Quirk in 1916.

I presume Thomas Cantwell Ellen's first husband died 1864-1869 in Tipperary Ireland. I would love to hear from anyone who could confirm Thomas's marriage or death or know of his or Ellen's ancestors.