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My Grandmother emigrated to the USA and may have been a cook to the Roosevelt's

I never knew my Father or his family and while researching that side I was given a news paper article on my Grandmother, which stated that to prevent working in the cotton Mills in Carlisle, she emigrated in 1900 to the US to look after her aunt & uncle's children. On arrival she was told her uncle had died and that the family could pay to keep her so she would have to work in the Cotton Mills in Fall River. After a while she ran away and was taken in by one of the Mill owners who had her trained as a cook.
Whilw in the US she married a Frederick Ormston, who died while she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son who she called Frederick. Her inlaws took charge of the child and sent her back into service. She became a cook for a Boston Boys school and is suposed to have eneded up as a cook for the Roosvelt's. She received a letter from the Inlaws stating that the child had died, so she returned to the UK where she finally married my Grandfather.
I knew the date could not be true as she was in the UK 1901 census with her father & siblings. Then I fould her on a ship from Liverpool heading to Boston and the arrival in Boston age 15 years 10 months with less than 1 in her purse and heading for Fall River.
I found the family she was going to live with in several of the US census records and there was no record of her Uncle after 1900, so that confirmed he could have died, but no sign of my Grandfather in any of the census records.
I also found the Ormston family living in Fall River, which I was sure was the family she married into, but was puzzled that a Frederick Ormston was shown on the 1920.30 & 40 US census, who would have been the right age as my Grandmothers child (is it possable he did not die ?). On being contacted by one of the Ormston line they insisted that Frederick was the son of Elizabeth (Sister of my Grandmothers husband), but they could not provide a birth record to prove it and insisted that they were not the family my Grandmother had married into.

Thanks to the New Familysearch web site, which now has copies of original documents. I found the Marriage, Frederick's death and the birth of the son, which confirmed that my Grandmother had married into that family and that the child on the census records was my Grandmother's. It would appear that this Elizabeth had brought the child up as her son and they had lied about his death.
This just leaves that last part of the story to prove, where did she work? why is she not in the US 1910 census and did she become a cook for the Roosvelt's. I dodn't know if I will ever get an answer to these questions, but could I have cousins in the US as the 1940 census shows Frederick as married and with a daughter.

Looking for Hearsey, Ormston and Sewell living in Fall River between 1904-1914

According to a newspaper article BY Lilian SKELTON, my Paternal grandmother ESTER MARGARET HEARSEY (to avoid working in a cotton mill in Carlisle UK) emigrated to the USA in early 1900's when she was 12 years old, to look after her Aunt & Uncle's children.
Her Uncle WILLIAM SEWELL paid the 10 fare, but on her arrival she was informed that William had died and the family could not afford to keep her so she would have to work in the cotton mills in Fall River, Massachusetts. She did this for a couple of yeras but finally ran away and found work as a domestic servant for a Mill owner who also sent her to school to learn to cook. She married an ORMSTON (we think his name was Frederick) but he was killed in a Mill accident while she was pregnant and when she gave birth to a son Frederick's parents took charge of the child and sent her to work as a cook in a Boston Boys school and eventually became a cook to Presedent ROOSERVELT. Frederick's parents told her that her son had died and as it was the outbreak of WW1 she decided to return home to look after her Father, where she met my Grandfather John SKELTON and married in Carlisle in 1918.
I was not sure how true this story was as Ester is in the 1901 census age 13 with her Father, but searching the passenger lists I have found Esther leaving Liverpool on the ss Cymric on 5 May 1904 and arriving in Boston on 14 May age 15 years 10 months with less than 1 enroute to William Sewell at 312 Palmer Street Fall River, Massachusetts.
I have checked the US census records and found the Sewell's and suspect the Ormstol's that she married into but no sign of Esther. In fact I have been unable to find any record of her after 1904 till she married my Grandfather back in Carlisle in 1918 which states she is now an Ormston and a widow.

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Looking for Emerson/Emmerson's of Norfolk & Skelton's of Cumberland Also Hearsey & Ormston of Fallriver, USA

Skelton & Hearsey of Cumberland UK. The Hearsey's emigrated to Fall River, USA and married into the Ormstion's.

Emerson/Emmerson from Norfolk, South Coast, London & Essex in the UK
Jacobs from Oxfordshire UK