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Looking for Thomas Shorte from Bodmin, Cornwall in the 1600's.

Hi - Thomas had a daughter, Briget Shorte, baptized on 12th June, 1611.
They lived in Bodmin, Cornwall, England.
They may be related to my GGG grandfather, Jonathan Shortt, who married Jane Mounsteven,
on 20th May, 1799 in Bodmin, Cornwall.
So far, no luck in finding any history on the above.
Thanks - in anticipation !!
Revel Kemp. ( [email protected] )

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Looking for John Kemp of Elmdon, Essex, England

Hi there - this John Kemp was born about 1700 in Elmdon.
He married Sarah Raw on 6 Nov 1718, in Elmdon.
Sarah - born in 1700, died about 1771 (aged 71).
I have a John 1660, John 1621, and George 1590
but not sure if these are correct.
Thanks for any info on earlier Kemp relatives -
Revel Kemp ([email protected])

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Info on Robert Kemp (son George Francis b 12th Mar 1865)

Robert born in early 1840's, I estimate.

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Families of Jonathan Shortt and Jane Mounsteven

Jonathan Shortt - lived and died in Sunday's Well, Cork, Ireland.
Birth date unknown, but estimated about 1774.
Died in either 1817 or 1818.
Married Jane Mounsteven on 20th May 1799 at the Parish Church - Bodmin, Cornwall.

Jane Mounsteven (older version - Maintstephen).
Born 1776. Died 15th May 1879
After husband Jonathan died, she lived with her son, William Henry Shortt in Inverness.
Buried - Greyfriars Cemetery, Inverness.

Jane's father - Thomas Mounsteven, and her mother, Elizabeth ?

Jonathan and Jane's children....

1. Elizabeth Jane Shortt b 1801 Bodmin. Married Robert Samuel Phillips in Bodmin 1821.
2. John Shortt b (Launceston) Nov 1805. Daughter, Lucinda Mary, d 27th Feb 1861 (aged 16).
3. William Henry Shortt b 8th March 1807 d 19th Jan 1861 (age 53).
Married Jane McAndrew 14th Oct 1840. Jane b 1821 d 4th Nov 1841.
They had one daughter, Catharine b 17th Sep 1841 (Leeward Is Ind) d Nov 1873.
Married Emily Farquharson 8th March 1850. Emily b Fife 1828 d 14th Jan 1915.
William and Emily had 7 children...
1. Thomas Mounsteven Shortt b 1st Jan 1851 d 19th July 1938.
2. Charles Shortt b 1852 d ?
3. John Farquharson Shortt b 1855 d ?
4. Emily Shortt b 7th Feb 1856 d 13th Nov 1910.
5. William Henry Shortt b 1858 d (Port Said, Egypt) 1896.
6. Jonathan Shortt b 1st Dec 1859 d 21st Nov 1861.(age 2)
7. Margaret Jane Shortt b 8th Aug 1861 d 14th Sep 1864.(age 3)
4. Jonathan Shortt b 1811 d 20th June 1855 (age 44).
Married Francis Baker 11th Oct 1839. Francis b 22nd Jan 1814 d 20th June 1855 (44)
5. Lucinda Mary Shortt b 1817?
Married Thomas Fraser (solicitor, Inverness) 23rd Dec 1837.

(Note from Revel Kemp)... [email protected]
Jonathan Shortt is my GGG grandfather, and William Henry Shortt, my GG grandfather.
Thomas Mounsteven Shortt is my G grandfather.
My grandfather (on mum's side) is Walter Earnest Shortt b 15th Mar 1884 d 17th Sep 1966.

Please email me with any more family information - thanks, Revel.

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Info about Emily Farquharson....Inverness, Scotland

Married William Henry Shortt in Inverness, Scotland in 1850.
William was my great, great grandfather.
Any info gratefully received, as I can't find anything on Emily.

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Looking for relatives of William Henry Shortt...of Inverness, Scotland

The Shortt Family History - (compiled by Lisa Shortt - my cousin Barry Shortt's daughter at Mildura, Victoria)
Retyped from a photocopied booklet, by Revel Kemp, son of Sylvie Kemp - (who was a Shortt) and father, Mick Kemp (Loxton SA), on 18th May, 2010
William Henry Shortt (my great great grandfather) - born 8th March 1807 (Ireland)....died 19th Jan. 1861
Married - Jane MacAndrew on Oct. 14th 1840. Jane was born in 1821 and died on 4th Nov 1841. They had one daughter, Catharine, who was born 17th Sept 1841 and died in Nov 1873. Like her mother, she died young,
at the age of 32.
William married again 9 years later, to Emily Farquharson on 8th March 1850. (my great great grandma).
Emily was born in Fife, UK in 1828 and died on 14th Jan 1915 - so she lived to 87 - a good age.
William and Emily had 7 children - 2 of them dying very young. I have listed them all here......

1. Thomas Mounsteven - born 1st Jan 1851 (Inverness) - died 19th July 1938 (Adelaide, South Australia) - my great grandfather.
2. Charles - born 1852 - died ?
3. John F. - born 1855 - died ?
4. Emily - born 7th Feb 1856 - died 13th Nov 1910
5. William Henry - born 1858 - died Port Said, Egypt 1896
6. Jonathan - born 1st Dec 1859 - died 21st Nov 1861
7. Margaret Jane - born 8th Aug 1861 - died 14th Sept 1864

Thomas Mounsteven Shortt - ( my great grandfather)
Tommie - as he was known by - was born in Inverness, Scotland, and was baptised on the 23rd Jan 1851 by the Reverend
James McKay in the parish of Inverness. His father, William was then a bank agent for a famous bank called "The British
Linen Company's Bank" situated at 3 Ness Bank right by the River Ness, in Inverness.
Tommie started work under his father, as an accountant at the bank. The family were rather "well-to-do" people, and a king
once stayed at their house, on a visit to Scotland. Tommie, however, did not like indoor work, and wanted to go to Australia
to ride horses. So, going against his parent's wishes, he emigrated to Australia at the young age of 16, on the ship "Chariot
of Fame" in 1867 - probably early in May - arriving at Williamstown (Melbourne) on July 31st 1867, after a 3 month voyage.
It is said he took very good references with him, from the bank - but he deliberately "lost" them on the way over, because he
just wanted to be a Jackeroo - riding horses. So, Tommie headed for the bush, and in the next few years, he worked at various
stations, became a butcher, then while in Albury (New South Wales) he met, and married Harriet Amelia Morgan, who was
born in Yass NSW in 1853. They married on July 23rd 1873, when Tommie was 22 and Harriet was 20.
They faced many hardships in the bush, and at one stage, with 3 children, they pushed a pram, with all their belongings,
while looking for work. They had 13 children - 8 of whom are known, being....William, Thomas, Walter, Ethel, Harriet, Grace
Clara and John. It is claimed that - Thomas Morgan and John Farquharson Shortt, were the first white children born in the
Mildura district of Victoria - an interesting observation. The Shortts were there before the famous Chaffey brothers, from Canada,
who established irrigation schemes at Mildura (Victoria) and Renmark (Sth. Australia).

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Looking for relatives of WILLIAM HENRY SHORTT of Inverness, Scotland

Hi - my name is Revel Kemp, and my 93 y.o. mother was a Shortt.
Last year, I was lucky enough to find the grave, in Inverness,
Scotland, of my great great grandfather, William Henry Shortt, and his wife - maiden name Emily Farquharson.(my great great grandma).
William was previously married to a Jane McAndrew, who died, not long after giving birth to a daughter, Catherine. (died 4th Nov, 1841)
William was born in Ireland, so I believe, on 8th March, 1807 and
died on 19th January, 1861. One of his sons was my great grandfather,
Thomas Mountsteven Shortt, who was born on 1st January, 1851, and
died in Adelaide, South Australia on 19th July, 1938.
I have recently found info on Thomas's brother's son (his brother was
William Henry Shortt) and HIS son was Colonel Henry Edward Shortt - a quite famous man who lived a lot in India - fought in both world wars and was a well-known parasitologist, finding out how malaria was spead and how it incubated in the human body. b 1887 - d 1987.
If anyone else has tracked this family, please contact me on...
[email protected]
Thanks in anticipation !!!!
Cheers and regards - Revel.

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